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tv   AM Joy  MSNBC  August 3, 2019 7:00am-8:59am PDT

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of a disease. ten thoughts about things he generations of americans have where the president has caught a could have done differently, responded with a simple creed he's not the entirety of the tlfrresources, lot of flak for eliciting a disease but i fully agree with better, 12 years after he there was food, and there is that sums up the spirit of the you that it's an emergency. chant of "send her back" which this flare up of symptoms is an i think what has happened, and i is a terrible racist chant, but people. said yesterday, primaries are nothing like this. emergency, but i don't think collective therapy. the reality is thousands of yes, we can. donald trump is possible without i don't think you can move people are being sent back every multiple overlapping system forw day in our name because of the yes, we can. grappling with what do we do in policy decisions of this >> the religious rite are failures in the economy, the the past that's still working politics, the institutions, the framing their policies around yes, we can. media of this country. for us, what do we do in the administration. christianity, and yet you said a lot of things had to not work past that's not working for us you were there with faith leaders from many different at the same time to get that. then or now, and i think that's yes, we can. faiths. what would you say back to them good morning, and welcome to and so the question then healthy to have that be part of in light of what you have becomes, if you are running to the mix. witnessed? "am joy", the last democrat to >> and if barack obama was at >> we have to stop using their win both an overwhelming popular end the emergency, are you doing this table right now, he would >> and these people who say terminology. they call themselves religious vote majority and a huge a loosy football situation where have the luxury of saying that they're christians seem not to you're just proposing to take us because he wouldn't be part of trying to end the emergency. rite. care. >> yeah, and they live in this back to one minute before that's my argument. they're the religious wrong. what they're doing is not lining electoral victory was that guy, i like disagreeing with you. barack obama, and democrats up with jesus, the profits. running to be the next midnight when donald trump got i don't want to disagreeing with bubble, this vacuum of not democratic president could make there, which is, i think, the in fact, the scriptures say to understanding history. religion has a long history in learn a little something from him. joe biden theory of the case or this country. but have they? are you also saying that y treat strangers and immigrants there were times when germans, actually, we will keep getting you. >> we love to model how like this is a cursed thing. like the trump family, were not during this week's primary debates about half a dozen trump like figures and the next americans should debate in this what's amazing is how loud they viable candidates and a bunch of country. are against immigrants, how loud one might be semiliterate. >> your hair is better than me. >> i don't think so. they are against gay people, how seen like the anglos that were if we don't, at the same time, >> we disagree on that. people who frankly should run >> it's always so much fun loud they are for guns, how loud talking to you. here. we've done it to chinese people, for the united states senate instead faced off for hours and attack him and talk about thank you very much. they are for this president, and coming up, we're going to hours of cnn spiked schoolyard addressing some of the disease. expand on this conversation with yet how quiet they are in the polish people and others. my political campaign expert what i don't understand is in and i think the other part of it face of children having to drin this modern day, here are people fights. >> they're running on telling is, you want to -- donald trump team. half the country that your we're going to see what they from guatemala, joy, and they've coming from south america trying is full of negative electricity, experience our most advanced safety technologyto to return to land that years ago have to say about us and whose been abused there.
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health insurance is illegal, it all right. they may have to prove they've america stole. says it right in the bill. he makes people feel some'sn ob. on our full line vehicles. that's a whole other history and side they take on hair, et now at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. been abused in mexico again to >> in this discussion, we have cetera. next. desi they take on hair, et trying to do it the legal way. talked about taking private cetera next here, it all starts with a simple... then get access. lease the 2019 es 350 for $379 a month for 36 months and we'll think about it, in texas 12 mil america has signed all of these health insurance away from union agreements in the past about how members. >> second of all, maybe you did he makes people feel something make your first month payment. we would treat people seeking that and maybe money off health experience amazing. asylum, and yet they're being and he makes people care, but our job is running not demonized, yet they're being for profit health care. >> if we're going to force uses terrible awful things to make people feel something. americans to make radical you can't counter that with people. there are 4 million uninsured in changes, they're not going to go other-ized. along. sobriety, just reason. cornell west had an article throw your hands up. >> i will. and i loved your, yes, we can texas. the religious rite don't say called the deniggerization of >> you haven't implemented the reference. anything about that. they're so loud on the things plans. i think you have to counter >> the senator has had several that jesus was so silent about people where you want to make plans so far, and anytime negative electricity with and so quiet on the things that positive electricity s so the black people the problem. someone tells you you're going question then becomes, i think jesus was so loud about. they're doing this because to get something good in ten years, you should wonder why it this is an important discussion and we must challenge this. they're not solving the other is that relatively light on takes ten years. this is a form of religious >> your plan, by contrast, policy, just something like yes, issues of health care. leaves out almost 10 million we can, and maybe that's right or is it, you know, something americans, so i think that you hypocrisy. i don't believe it among most of should really think about what like medicare for all of these the people. this is not about having open other things where you're it's the leaders, though, that you're saying but be reflective are misleading their people and borders, it's about having just countering the wall, which is and understand that the people giving them so much false of america want access to health borders. it's about having borders that information and allowing them to are rooted in justice and love simple, electric, terrible, makes people feel something, be on the side of modern day and not the kind of hellish care. >> perfect. with the idea of never having to >> so let's get back to barack worry about health care again, oppression, modern day slavery. situations we're seeing in our obama for a moment. which i also think can tickle name. that's why, joy, black and white when he gave his yes, we can i saw situations that are worse than how i treat dogs. and brown and native people came speech, when he had just lost the reptile brain in a positive together. the democratic primary, a lot of way, and counter trumpism with i have animals and i make sure i want folks to understand that it's not this broad people were actually kind of an inspiring kind of bizarre my animals' teeth are brushed.
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nervous about this idea of positive reality. they're not making sure. trusting america to elect a >> here's the thing is that the i have animals that i make sure evangelicalism. we had blacks and whites inspiring positive reality is have decent housing, doesn't black candidate named barack that we're going to go back and together, many of them together saying no. i still am old enough to religious leaders are going back food a -- because we cannot let this remember the hell of passing decent food and even a decent place to relieve themselves. stand. >> indeed. nine out of ten of the poor hussein obama. obamacare. he lost new hampshire to hillary what democrats are now doing, and yet we're doing this under states in the united states are rather than saying -- and i'm red states that voted for donald clint clinton, and people didn't know not saying common sobriety, i'm trump. among them are mitch mcconnell's what to think. which one was electable. saying the house is literal lir children's names and itt that reignited obama mania, it my panel is back with you. burning to the ground -- change. >> literally burning to the ground state, lindsey graham's state restored people's hope and right now, and democrats are argue a little bit that nobody is doing it. and texas is one that has big propelled obama into north saying we're going to go back this is not an endorsement. senator from louisiana, lindsey and redo health care, we're i'm not any of these people carolina, yes, we can. side, i'm neutral in it. graham, trying to break the law it was not a policy speech. going to start all over again, it was a leadership speech. and we're going to go where i feel like elizabeth warren is problems. >> he can fix this and that's you remember the money line but doing that in a sense. that says you can't hold kids when i hear elizabeth warren say longer than 20 days in why we're going to the border. i doubt you remember many of the president obama, speaker nancy i have a plan, which is the only details of obama's health care we're putting a lot of pressure one that's got a brand. detention. he would like it to be 100 days. plan, other than it would be pelosi and president obama had she has a brand to her campaign, on him. to drag literally health care >> thank you, william barber and universal, ensure universal barely over the line with no what i don't hear is all the from what you saw on the border, coverage, fulfill a hundred years of democratic dreams and republican support, with the tea individual policy items. is there any equipment or partiers burning him in effigy, i hear she can fix my life. facilities to be able to house she will fix it. goals, barack obama did not get right, so passing the affordable children for more days when it elected because of the detail of that is what she's doing that i doesn't seem like they're care act was not like easy don't think anybody else is letting go of what they have. his health care plan. i worked on that campaign. doing. your thoughts. they seem to be building up the >> i agree with you, and i think trust me, nobody in florida who peasy, this was really hard so numbers, almost displaying them i talked to, and talking about warren had probably one of the rather than even deporting them. for democrats to be saying, what mes best moments in the first wilson-hartgrove. don't miss "politics nation" obama was literal my job. >> we talked to former border today at 5:00 eastern when al we need to be focused on is to night's debate, why are you people running if you don't have asked about the details. remake the health care plans, big ideas. they liked him. remake i think she made that point. patrol agents who were with us the yes, we can, speech was so the issue is we have to see if down there who made it very sharpton will interview bernie clear that this is not a sanders and cory booker. effective. it actually became a song. elizabeth warren can make that but first, the latest trumper to obviously speeches is where you argument against the epitome of capacity issue.
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message is, i don't care what the moderation which would be we've had more people come in fall. trumper to fall define yourself, and debates you ask me, moderator, don't get the past. you're stuck with what you get, this is an issue that's been and it really shows. me to try to fight with her or joe biden and then can she with all that usaa offers hello! -hi! translate that to a general him, i'm going to tell you created by an administration why go with anybody else? just a few minutes to talk about much as you can are very very how can i help? election. we don't know any of that. we know their rates are good, donald trump is an emergency. when you get any democrat in a data plan for everyone. i don't know that i see anyone that is very clear that it wants we know that they're different things. everyone? to push people out, not because always going to take care of us. the formula for how president's everyone. that can make that pivot yet. it was an instant savings and there, democrats can fight with let's send to everyone! [ camera clicking ] we've got a long time to go. we don't have the capacity to i should have changed a long time ago. get elected is the same. each other, decide how they want she may be in the best position tell us what the other party has welcome them, but because we it was funny because when we would call to remake health care but job to do so. have demonized them. another insurance company, i think rhetorically beto done wrong and how you'll fix one is get him out. that's why i think it's hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" >> yes, but. wifi up there? -ahhh.not? o'rourke can make those it. that's especially true when incredibly important that we we're the webber family. you're running against an i am obsessed personally with argumentings. make a connection between the we're the tenney's i think bernie sanders has the demonization ofaround here in n we're the hayles, how'd he get out?! ability to make those arguments. and we're usaa members for life. the donald trump emergency. incumbent president. a camera might figure it out. whether or not they can do it to ♪ americans elect people that they i have been obsessed since 2016 a general election argument, we get your usaa auto insurance quote today. want to be led by, and i ththey that was easy! don't know. life simple. easy. awesome. e >> cory booker can make any ♪ with the threat to our with tough food, your dentures may slip and fall. trust memory to get the detail so come ask, shop, discover at your xfinity store today. right. like it or not, and sad though institutions he represents. i have some humility to this argument. tara. the marketing aspect of it. fixodent ultra-max hold it is, a majority of white because every time i travel to do democrats in your view gives you the strongest hold ever voters trusted donald trump, not places not where i live, places because you're a marketer and a to lock your dentures. in spite of, but in many ways in the middle of the country, i political consultant. do democrats understand so now you can eat tough food without worry. out of the ways that he blew mag and sales? notice that other people's interest in the constitutional through social enormous about racism and sexism. >> i think democrats are getting fixodent and forget it. they trusted him to do whatever existential republic emergency that consumes me is frankly less a lot better at marketing and he had to do to help people like than mine. sales. i think in the first debate on that's my general observation, and that people's anxiety about the other network when -- them. now, democrats, and i mean this things like health care is as tough love, fighting with greater than mine. >> the jake tapper fight night. each other about the details of i'm lucky to have good health >> where bernie took on jake tapper. in that first debate, the your health care plans is not care, and so my sense is, yeah, going to help you beat donald i talk about the emergency every democrats were not responding day. but i think a lot of people out within the republican frames. trump. mayor pete is right that trump they were calling out the and his party are going to call
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framing of the questions. all of your health care bills they were calling out the framing of elizabeth warren was socialism, they're going to call there intu it if you're not calling out the framing of the all of your open borders attacks against her, and not inspiring a different vision of communist. keep your eyes on the job. a humane america that works in arguing in that frame. the house is on fire. so i think democrats are getting these various ways, you're not tell us what this president has matching him toe-to-toe. done to set this house on fire, >> you don't have to match him. and how you are going to put it the reality is if you go back a lot better at not arguing in the frame set up by the media, out. and the frame set up by the when the house is on fire, you and you look at the way, look, republican party and sometimes those are one in the same. don't discuss what kind of incumbents are different in >> you're more hopeful than me. begonia's you're going to plant having, you know, worked a bit that's good. in the wind sill because the somebody hopeful needs to be at house is on fire. on the '04 campaign as well. the table. tell us what trump has broken cornell, if you were advising an incumbent is a different the democratic candidates, thank and what you are going to do to down the cut down seems to be fix it. situation. coming, fewer of them, hopefully this isn't even hard. he's making it easy for you. barack obama was running for a jump ball election, it was a >> the democrat party is now throw up in the air. warren and biden on the same stage. do you advise people to do the being led by four left wing you can each present your vision, this is my vision, this is his vision. extremists who reject everything we're talking about an '04 or '9 gingrich, when you get a that we hold dear. question about your opponent, it situation where you're trying you turn the question on trump. look at los angeles with the you do a demonstration of here's tents and the horrible horrible so i have proposed a wealth to oust somebody who's there. the job is to explain to people tax. how i hit him? disgusting conditions. it's now time to do that. why what you've got is to go. >> medicare for all is >> if i were consulting any of look at san francisco, the homicide rate in baltimore is comprehensive, it covers all them, i would tell them to turn presidents almost always get health care needs. >> i'm not going to support any the question about them because truth of the matter is, joy, plan that rips away quality significantly higher than el reelected, the idea of saying even when you look at someone you have to get rid of this health care from individuals. >> if you cross the border like senator harris or even thing that you've got, most salvador, honduras, guatemala. ,. people don't want to do that. booker, the truth of the matter you've got to, and the illegally, you should be able to be sent back. is to the broader audience successful campaigns that have ousted a president say this man it's a crime s. they're not that well known. is unqualified because donald they have heard their name but
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>> we've got to fill the don't really understand sort of factories that in detroit and who they are. i would talk about me and my trump is not unkwiqualified bece youngstown, used to make cars >> democrats, you are running and steel, we need to fill them values and why my values connect we don't have medicare for all. to my policies, the last quick against that, not against the making electric vehicles, presidency or the record of barack obama. joining me now is msnbc he is unqualified because he has batteries, charging stations. thing is we got spoiled by >> 2020 democrats share their barack obama, and barack obama political analyst, aman, the destroyed the moral value of the american presidency, and if visions for the future with a wasn't right now in 2007. lot of talk about policy. people who aren't talking about it could happen. >> he's a rare talent. you don't get that many barack author of "winners take all" and that in the country, you know and in a jump ball election with disagrees with me on this today. whose job that is, the obamas in politics. >> it was an inevitable it was no incumbent and a typical >> and i want to say this, as democrats, it's their job to painful as that debate was to going to happen. >> it had to happeno explain people. politician on the other side, watch, the last debate, those i don't like the tweets, i think maybe that would be a-ok. debates are important to have might be the end of the world, those type of painful debates and it literally might be he's foul, i don't like the idea and the reason is because that's because my theory is that this donald trump is the incumbent, the 2020 election should be on how you hone your skills. is an him and trumpism. the way to get better at trumpism is not this inherently about xyz, you have to shake something is by doing it over people out of that, and telling normal political system. and over again, and the best emergency, and democrats don't it's an emotional almost have the luxury of going back people i'm going to remake time as a consultant, i can tell health care is way beside the and s a symptom religious movement. you, to get your candidate to point. any democrat will give you it's not rooted in politics or kind of take the advice that you better health care. people need to understand why he logic but rage about the get, and once they have taken a has to go. changing face of america. punch in the face and get >> i think we agree democrats should be saying those things. knocked out. >> that punch in the face will ♪ when you have nausea, heartburn, ♪ i think where we disagree is i'm as tim wise told me last week, wake you up. ♪ indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea ♪ how the policies differ from >> and there were a lot of suggesting they should be saying another set of things, and part punches in a lot of faces that try new pepto liquicaps for fast relief and ultra-coating. of where this conversation began is the reappraisal of the obama night, and i think you're going trump's or obama's only serves to see people come back stronger and better. ♪ nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea ♪ to normalize him. >> there were a couple of years that you're starting to >> they're bringing spreadsheets people, i think jason johnson see. get powerful relief with new pepto bismol liquicaps. >> and reappraising obama when to gunfight, debate evidence to a gunfight, rather than you think about african-american voters who are devoted to barack understanding this is about said that a body was caught.
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obama, do you think going back, he didn't do it good enough, >> black power rankings this values, the values we care about as a country, as opposed to the we're going to redo health care week, cory booker probably had again, that's not an argument. the most enthusiastic overall >> if barack obama were the values trumpism recommends me. third person at one of the >> joining me is tara dell, night, elizabeth warren caught a jayson johnson, and democratic body, took delaney out of the smartest people pollster, cornell belcher, party. the enthuse yhas to be there. author of black man in the white house. i don't know if you agree with me or anand, he makes a compelling case, but tara, i up next, a reality check on have to go back to the few the trump economy. that is next. a reality check o the trump economy. that is next but only a select few of the very safest vehicles are awarded number of people who have been able to unseat an incumbent. a top safety pick plus. here's somebody who did it. the highest level of safety possible. this is bill clinton in 1992. i'm not saying run a 1992 how many 2019 top safety pick plus-winning campaign. things are different. vehicles does your brand have? here's how he did it. let's play part one of what i one. two. how about eight? think people should do. tell us why the incumbent should subaru has more 2019 top safety pick plus awards not be president anymore. here it is. than honda and toyota brands combined. >> remember? >> if you elect me president, there's safe, and then there's subaru safe. you will be better off four the person who learned the years from now, than you are most about the mueller report during wednesday's hearings was today. >> average family income down $1,600 in two years. robert mueller. >> you will be better off four and that's sad but true. and really what it meant is that years from now than you are the mueller report and its today. >> family health care costs up conclusions weren't from robert
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$1,800 in four years. >> you will be better off four mueller, they were written by what a lot of people believe years from now. were hillary clinton's de facto >> the second biggest tax increase in history. >> if you elect me president, legal team, people that had supported her. you will be better off four >> texas congressman john years from now than you are today. >> it's four years later. ratcliffe hawked conspiracy theories hours before donald how are you doing. trump nominated him to be the >> that's c-span reel of all of most powerful intelligence chief his ads, why the guy in there in the country. on friday that plan was should no longer be there. scuttled. ratcliffe is no longer the pick part two, tell me how you are to be the new director of going to do it better. national intelligence. and yet the short-lived here it is. >> bill clinton's economic plan, nomination revealed once again a disturbing trend in trump's america. endorsed by 600 economists, trump's quest to hire unqualified, highly partisan including ten noble prize winners, more than 400 of america's most respected business leaders say the clinton plan will create jobs. flacks into office who will do a panel of independent experts his bidding. convened by "time" magazine ratcliffe was caught lying on concludes that clinton's plan has the best solutions to our economic problems, and now even his application, his background the author of ross perot's plan has endorsed bill clinton for did not check out. president. let's get our economy moving they fact-checked his background again. >> tara, my political consultant saying he worked for immigrants
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friend. those were very effective and at poultry farms in 2008, and a yet, bill clinton squeaked past closer look found that it the incumbent. he was not popular, george conflicted with actual records, et cetera, et cetera. herbert walker bush, taxes went how dangerous was it that that up. bill clinton managed to win 43% guy got close to being in the of the vote and a pretty big dni? and explain to folks what is the importance of the dni? electoral college route, but, you know, he didn't >> the director of national overwhelmingly beat bush even with that, and really only beat him because ross perot was in intelligence thfris was a post there. he was very successful, smart created after 9/11, and it was created because we is a enough to say hit him on why breakdown in the intelligence he's wrong. community. so the creation of dni is nothing specific, just endorsements of me, noble laws k incredibly important. as an intelligence officer, i recently left the navy but i was lucky enough to attend dni schools and they focused on i'm smart. >> i agree with you and anand, analysis and training across the inc. you have to have someone who is democrats need to spell a positive and aspirational not just prosecuted, terrorist or national security issues, but vision, and purposely sell. someone who understands what that's what you're doing. you're selling to voters. i do think they need to do it in intelligence analysis is, otherwise it brings no absolute the context of how you have proposed, first, you attack credibility. this guy has no background on
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this and he would have been just trump. and outline the danger that he laughed at. poses to this country, and not >> i believe the law requires the person to have an just about his rhetoric, there intelligence background which he did not. needs to be more time spent on sue gordon, who is sitting there the devastating policy actions as number two, let me play a that he's taken, what he's doing little bit of donald trump talking about her. to our environment, which gets >> i like sue gordon, and sue very little attention, so democrats need to hit him on those things that are right to gordon is there now and i like her very much. hit him on. i've always liked sue gordon. pivot to their positives certainly she will be considered for the acting, and that could aspirational message of what happen. we'll probably be talking about they would do to differently it either later today or next than what he's doing now to draw week. that contrast. >> does it need to be like i'm >> okay. she's considered to be actually going to do x, y and z to qualified. do you think there is any chance that this president will allow a completely remake health care or is it more of a general, we're qualified person who would tell him the truth about russia's going to be there to make sure you have health care. we're going to protect the attacks on our country and our health care you already have. elections to have the job? we're the ones who are going to >> in a word, no. roll back those trade tariffs look, he would have had a perfect candidate in will hurd who are hurting. does it have to be so specific? >> i don't think it can be that who recently announced he is retiring. will hurd is a former cia specific because the debate formats don't allow for that, so officer who not only has a you have to be able to provide your message to offer your message in a way that is very dearth of intelligence, he was concise and compelling. one of the biggest myths of i don't think the formats allow also in the house.
7:10 am
for that. where people have an opportunity the trump presidency is he got the economy on a roll. that would have been a perfect to do that is at their rallies, nominati at their events when they meet jobs numbers remain good with nomination. i think the reason he was with different constituents and leaving is because he was passed over for dni. that's what they are doing in 164,000 jobs in july. certain types of ads like you the unemployment rate remains i don't think he'll take sue steady at 3.7%. gordon because she's far too tube ads where you can go a minute, so that's where of course the man famous for qualified, and trump has shown democrats have the opportunity putting his name on other time and time again that he to do that, but on that debate people's properties wants you to seeks to put people in positions stage, i think that it needs to believe that he should get the in the ic and law department praise for that. be much more of drawing that but as this chart by steve that frankly are trump sharp contrast, outlining how bannon from rachel maddow loyalists. dangerous, trump, his rhetoric those. somehow makes clear, trump's >> give us the worst-case and policies are for this country, what they would do economy is literally just ar data that's differently in a concise manner, tagging along behind obama's and one other point i want to eight years of solid job growth make. democrats need to own the after he rescued the economy from free fall, and trump knows mistakes that they have made with their records. that, rather than run for they need to say i think how i reelection on the economy, trump is just doing the racist would -- if i was coaching them, i would say look, here's how you want to make your point, have i razzle-dazzle. >> look at los angeles with the made some mistakes, of course i tents and the horrible horrible did. i've had a long career in disgusting conditions, look at politics but i've learned from those mistakes and here's what san francisco, look at some of your other cities, the homicide i'm going to do differently, and the other thing is to talk about rate in baltimore is the fact i have done a lot of things right, and i am proud of significantly higher than el those things i've done right. i have done this, this and this, salvador, honduras, guatemala. and i think when they run into
7:11 am
problems, when they try to i believe it's higher than, give defend things that really aren't me a place that you think is very defensible at this stage. pretty bad, give me a place. >> the other thing, cornell bell, i'm going to you on this, my numbers guy here, it's not >> joining me now is economist and author, dr. julian malvo. clear to me that -- i can see always great to see you. >> thanks, joy. the up side of saying i've made mistakes and here's what i'm >> donald trump wants us to believe he created an economic going to do differently. i don't see here's the mistakes miracle. under donald trump, the unemployment rate dropped from obama made and i'm going to 4.7 to 3.7% but under president overdo health care. obama, it dropped from 7.8 to obama's health care, that ain't working, we got to change it. 4.7 and that's having gone way here they are. >> vice president biden, i up because of the great didn't hear your response when recession up to 10%. the issue came up with all of let's look at job growth, president obama created those deportations, you were vice president of the united states. >> mr. vice president, it looks 6.61 million jobs between august of 2014 and january 2017, trump like one of us has learned the lessons of the past and one of us hasn't. 5.74 between february 2017 and >> did you say the deportations are a good idea or go to the every metric president obama did president and say this is a better. your thoughts? >> president obama is basically mistake. >> i was vice president, i'm not the wind behind this economic the president. i keep my recommendations to him engine. in private. >> you can't have it both ways. 45 has simply tagged along. not only has he tagged along but you invoke president obama more
7:12 am
than anybody in this campaign. you can't do it when it's he basically runs the risk of convenient and dodge it when it's not. slowing us down because of some >> cornell, i get that -- i of the actions that he's taken. the issue of tariffs as an mean, i agree that you need to disqualify the sitting president. i just don't think you need to example, joy is something that's going to cost people more money. disqualify the sitting president that was your president that was already, 10%, another 10% in in your party who ain't president no more. >> well, joy, there's a lot to september. apparel, school supplies, unpack here, and understand, consumer electronics, those things are things that are coming out of people's pockets, frame of reference, i'm an obama guy. the other thing that we have i worked on both his campaigns from the very beginning to the seen in this labor market is we primaries, so i'm going to get have seen job growth but not wage growth. to that. a couple of things we need to that's commensurate. unpack. i agree with you that anand while we have more jobs, jobs are out there, but people are not making the kind of money giridharadas' hair is fabulous. that people make which is why >> to be fair, yours is too, in it's still so important to increase the minimum wage to similar ways. $15, and of course that movement >> but i'm going to disagree with you that democrats can has slowed with people now talking about going six years as opposed to five. criticize and make a critique of in addition, the fact that the trump while also talking about fed increased the interest rate health care and other policy just this week, excuse me, issues because i do think it's decreased the interest rate just important. but i also want to step back this week, decreased it after further than that. look, it's a primary, and a
7:13 am
ten years of not decreasing it, primary audiences are very speaks to their trepidation different from a general election audience so there's different things that they have about 45's tariffs. to do, you know, to win the he keeps crowing about what he's primary and pivot to the general done. the fact that he shifted to racial rhetoric suggests he's election not trying to gin his base up by election. if you're trying to win the democratic primary, for better talking about what he did to the or worse, you're talking to nerd economy, he's ginning his base up with racism. nation. you better be talking about farmers are complaining because policy. of the tariffs. democratic voters dislike trump coal people are out there enormously. there's only so much more you because of the tariffs. the very people he promised can say about how much you dislike trump, and you do have economic good things to make to, in fact, i've seen it in america great again, he hasn't done. >> yeah, and i mean, if you look focus groups, you have to pivot to policy for the narrow cast of to your very point, 300 billion voters voting in primaries and more dollars in tariffs on china that he just did the day after caucuses. i do get that. on the general election, i worry the fed cut the rate. cutting the interest rate means about this, joy, i do worry that you're worried about a recession. that's the layman's term for it, all thele lessons of the obama and tariffs are taxes on you. years where we won back-to-back that means $300 million more on majorities, tell me the last taxes you pay at walmart. time a democrat did that or that's what that means. let's talk about the fact that republican, won back-to-back what donald trump is doing is majorities, our play book was some numbers games. we're now hearing that they want to change the way poverty is about building a movement. calculated so they can look like
7:14 am
the first time i sat down with there are fewer poor people, and senator obama, he talked about they want to try to find a way building a movement, a movement to knock 3 million people off of is not just about politics or food stamps so they can say policy. a movement is spiritual, about fewer people are on food stamps. culture and expanding that elect these are numbers games that rate. when you look at 2008, 11% of will hurt people but at the same the electorate were new voters. time he'll be able to tell his base, things are better. when you look at 2012, we >> to take 3 million families expanded it even greater by winning, at the same time, off food stamps because they may winning less white voters than we did in 2008, and in 2008, we have some small improvement, temporary improvement in their won the same amount of white income situation is really voters as john kerry when he cruel. in addition, joy, the more poverty we have, the more drag lost. so democrats, i'm fearful they we have on our economy, and so will try to run the clinton campaign all over again and it fail to go improve poverty, not will be disaster. >> and i agree with you. i put that caveat there, jason play numbers games but improve that they should not run the poverty by increasing, let's clinton campaign. say, the number of food stamps it's not the 90s but the out there for people who have elements of the clinton campaign that made sense, disqualify the been persistently poor. sitting president. what goes up must come down. in terms of the people that we have had a ten-year you're out there, you know, watching happen out in the world, are any of them in your expansion. the big question is when do we, view building a movement? if not crash, slow down. >> no, none of them are, joy. we're already seeing a slow down. consumer spending fuels economic and some of this is about raw talent. i love that we have a expansion. consultant, pollster, political rich people don't spend that
7:15 am
scientist, this is the smartest much money. hour on tv. the bottom are the ones that the other thing i'm going to add spend money. is this, some is about raw he has paid no attention to the people at the bottom, except to penalize them. talent. we can't expect anybody else to the new food stamp shell game, be barack obama, just like we can't expect anybody else to be the what it really does is donald trump who has a 20 year disadvantages people but it also puts a drag on the economy. history of being on television. >> meanwhile, they're not those are unique talent sets prosecuting bankers, not doing that you can't recreate because anything to deal with white people are unhappy with the sitting president. i can say this, this is collar crime. it's an interesting world for important for democrats to the rich versus poor. understand. this is an emotional election. always great to talk to you. right, numbers are for nerds, and during the primary, you're thank you so much. >> thank you so much, joy. talking to a bunch of nerds, you've got to look at the >> more "am joy" after the break. , joy. >> more "am joy" after the candidate who's going to be break. emotionally get everybody else to invest when you get to a general election. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. kwho who's going to get people angry, excited, willing to run through cake in the conference room! a darn wall on their behalf and showing 'em you're ready... to be your own boss. one of the things i always say, that's the beauty of your smile. it's very simple political crest's three dimensional whitening... science term, it's directional ...removes stains,... theory and it's the idea that a ...whitens in-between teeth... ...and protects from future stains. president is often a bit to the right or a bit to the left of crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life. the median voter and they drag people with them. the intensity with which they
7:16 am
stand for their positions, that guy is enthusiastic about that. you were talking about the policy versus attacking obama, the moderate middle of the road thing is not going to work against trump. you need to have someone who is equally extreme and enthusiastic on the democratic side. that's the only way they can win. >> let's argue about whether or not nobody is doing that. i'm not sure i agree nobody is doing that. we're going to come back, and i'm going to debate this political scientist. the panel is so good. we'll be right back. get some coffee. we'll be right back. back. get some coffee. we'll be right back.
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coming up, mitch mcconnell is slowly, slowly trying to crawl away from the moscow mitch label that was stuck firmly on his shell. that's next. his shell. that's next. it's show time.
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♪ welcome back to "am joy." that little ditty is by rock musician ben foles. it makes fun of mitch mcconnell. mitch mcconnell has had lots of nicknames, most of which are embraced with good humor. on the accusation that drugs were found on elaine chow's boat. his campaign even moved t-shirts that appeared to be dusted with cocaine and urge d his supportes to join the, quote, team mitch
7:24 am
cartel for just $35 a pop. then there was the name grim reaper, a name which only seemed to embolden him. >> for the first time i agree with nancy pelosi. the grim reaper when it comes to the social agenda they've been drumming up at the house. >> and over three years ago when outrage ensued for mitch mcconnell refusing to allow president obama getting a hearing, stealing a democratic nomination from the president. mitch mcconnell didn't seem to feel too bad about it. >> one of my proudest moments is when i looked barack obama in the eye, and i said, mr. president, you will not fail this agency. >> but this one really seems to have gotten under his shell. >> i want to tell you about
7:25 am
moscow mitch. moscow mitch says it's a hoax. how can moscow mitch so willingly turn a blind eye? moscow mitch won't even let the senate take a vote on it. that is unamerican. he's moscow mitch. >> he said it five times. that was our own joe scarborough skewerring mcconnell last week after mcconnell blocked two bipartisan senate bills that would have helped to secure our elections against ongoing russian attacks. mcconnell's determined blocking of the bills even got him labeled a russian asset by a friend of the show dana milbank in his "washington post" column. mcconnell was to the floor to express his umbrage and to cry out against mccarthyism. >> i was called unpatriotic, unamerican, and essentially treasonous by a couple left wing
7:26 am
pundits on the basis of bold-faced lies. i was accused of aiding and a betting the very man i've singled out as an adversary and opposed for 20 years, vladimir putin. >> why so mad, mitch? "morning joe" wasn't even the first to coin the phrase moscow mitch. that honor goes to murray ward from kentucky in a local paper called the murray ledger and times on april 24. ward wrote that moscow mitch is benefiting from his direct and indirect ties to putin and russian oligarchs which guided his vote to lift russian sanctions in january 2019. now, he was referring to mcconnell and kentucky republican governor matt bevins' relationship with brady industries, a kentucky mill, that he said had state funding
7:27 am
and tracked a putin-led company that could only function in the u.s. after mcconnell and the republican-led senate lifted sanctions in january. one of the investors is len blavatnik, a putin businessman who gave mcconnell's gop fund between $30 between 2016 and 2017. it turns out, according to politico this week, two former top staffers to mcconnell have lobbied on a russian-backed deal. this comes as the trump administration is pushing russo's $2 million investment concerned that it will hurt the investment department and critical of stopping the
7:28 am
investment. huh. in his moscow mitch article back in april, mr. ward concluded that, quote, evidently the republican agenda is all about party raising money before country. ouch. no wonder mcconnell hates the nickname moscow mitch. joining me now is dean obadalla, and author of "to catch a russian spy." natasha beltrand of politico and malcolm nance, author of "the plot to destroy democracy." let's go t'ona tao natasha beca do write for politico. this story bubbled up months ago and now it's back in the paper because there is an investigation going on about the deal. is this part of the reason in your reporting that mitch mcconnell is so sensitive, or is he just a bad sport all of a sudden?
7:29 am
>> yeah, so my colleague and i spotted a lobbying disclosure earlier this week that essentially revealed that two of mitch mcconnell's former top advisers, one of whom is his former chief of staff have actually been lobbying congress and the department in ken since the end of may, roughly. so while they weren't exactly lobbying on the lifting of sanctions that would have allowed this aluminum project to move forward, they have been pushing more more members of congress and the treasury department to essentially be on board with this massive, billion-dollar project that's really going to serve as a boon to kentucky's economy. and of course a lot of it is coming from russia because they're supplying all the aluminum that's going to be used. so one of the things that mitch mcconnell is so sensitive about, i think, is the fact that he did, in fact, block legislation that would have prevented the
7:30 am
lifting of sanctions that then would have stopped this project from moving forward. so now what we're seeing is the kentucky project is hiring, and this is what i reported yesterday, they hired this massive pr firm in kentucky that actually has its own ties to mitch mcconnell. the founder scott jennings was former top adviser to mitch mcconnell's superpac, in order to give the project a pr boost that it obviously so badly needs right now. >> very interesting. it's probably also bothering mcconnell that since a nickname started, it's actually spreading. democrats are using a more aggressive way of talking about it. they want more aggressive legislation to protect america's elections after warner's warning about russian interference, and he's not doing it, so that's exacerbating it, so now he's moscow mitch at home. should americans be concerned
7:31 am
that the senate majority leader is not only in hoc to the president, he's now gotten a fellow republican pushed in to be the u.n. ambassador, who is not qualified. now this guy has given a ton of money not just to mcconnell but to the fund, he's given to marco rubio. efls on twitter getting dragged. leningrad, lindsey and moscow -- i don't know what they were saying, but they both got dragged on twitter as well. should the bigger concern here be that we're starting to see this money creeping in and starting to affect national security policy? >> yes. and that is the biggest concern that i have. look, i've said over and over on your show, joy, that my concern
7:32 am
about 2016 is that it showed americans were helping the russians. that might have been directly or indirectly. let's talk about this deal and what it might mean for national security. it's not about they'll sell aluminum to the department of defense, it's that this country is going to operate the united states to satisfy lifting sanctions and maybe it classifies an american company. that means u.s. intelligence cannotse it falls under a u.s. purview. it becomes a laundering service to get russian money to conduct intelligence operations in the united states. this is not a company that's independently owned. it's not boeing, it's not gm. this is a country that has ties to russia even though deripaska has resigned. it's not a win satisfied on paper to release the sanctions. if you get to this company and
7:33 am
they start hiring pr firms and they start writing checks to pacs, that is a company that has ties to russian intelligence, that may very well be acting under the direction of putin and russian intelligence to potentially come in and shape our elections. that is terribly worrisome. it is something that i cannot for the love of god understand that we lifted the sanctions and allowed a russian company into our country. >> the democratic party is having a lot of fun with this. they've got the casa cat for sale, they've got cups, they've got shirts. the challenge for mitch mcconnell now is that he's been exposed, right, as someone who is either willing to look the other way and not push through these bills that will actually help secure our country from foreign elections, or he's very interested in seeing lots of money come in to companies that are tied to his former aides that are lobbying for it.
7:34 am
either way it's not good and it doesn't sound like good news for our national security at all, michael nance. >> no, it's a national security nightmare we're involved with. i don't find it funny but i do find that moscow mitch is absolutely appropriate here. mitch mcconnell was the man who stopped in august 2016 any reference to the russians attacking our election when barack obama wanted to warn the nation. he said he would not sign off on that. then he helps lift the sanctions on russian companies. then that russian company and its russian subsidiaries throw money into kentucky. in the old days there used to be a message of the insidious clause coming into the party of the usa. that doesn't exist anymore. it's the same people, ex-communists, former soviet intelligence agents and their
7:35 am
oligarchs who now act like guys at a strip club throwing $100 bills out, and the republicans are there to take every one of those bills. we are being infiltrated through a global oligarchy that views money as the most definitive way to destroy american democracy. >> and the thing is, dean, you know, mcconnell is framing his opposition to pushing through these bills as that it's purely political. he's saying the democrats are playing politics, but there is a piece in the "new york times" that says he's never been for campaign finance elections, he wants it to be open money, which is dangerous when open money is filtering through agencies that are not in our national interest. but he's concerned if he welcomes any kind of a bill, he's concerned it could open up disclosure requirements. he's leery of even entering into litigation that could touch on fundraising and campaign spending.
7:36 am
meaning he wants the door open. >> he absolutely wants the door open and i love moscow mitch's theme -- dude, where's my neck is trending on twitter sometimes. i'm not kidding, i bought the show that says, just say mick, and i'll wear it on this show. let's not lose sight of one thing. this is to help donald trump. this is the ungame to get donald trump reelected. look what's going on now. just yesterday donald trump defending north korea in the u.n. resolution violations and he says, that's not a violation in my view. he wants north korea and russia to help him in this election.
7:37 am
it's north korea, russia, trump and mitch mcconnell. that's what the deal is. he'll never mccarthyism, mitch mcconnell, it's called patriotism, and we're fighting for you just to secure our election, because if we have the votes, we win. >> it is sort of bizarre, right? we've had presidents quit office, you know, over a watergate break-in. now what it looks like, and you have the tom barrett situation on whether or not he was passing scripts of trump's speeches by the uae and selling influence to that region of the world. you have this where you've got foreign entities buying their way into the leader of the senate's state through the governor and through the senate majority leader. i don't understand, you know, how there is not more of an alarm going off. it's great to do the funny stuff, but this actually is quite scary. we've already had the nra ridden
7:38 am
through with russian money. where do we go from here? jill. >> i think it's very serious, although it's funny and the billboards in kentucky are growing. my favorite happens to be putin's mitch. i like that wone the best. what we need to focus on here is the power of mitch mcconnell. he has total control over what the senate will consider. he has blocked common sense legislation to protect our elections, simple things that include spending more money and allowing paper ballot backups. that's essential for the security of our election in 2016, and he's doing the bidding of the president and not letting that go forward. >> yeah. >> that's a serious problem. it's the same thing when he wouldn't let a vote happen on merrick garland. this is something that the power of that office should not
7:39 am
legislation being considered. right now it would take a majority, or i think almost unanimous senate, to have a bill come up if mitch mcconnell doesn't permit it to happen, and that's something that we need to focus on. it's not funny. >> barbara mcquade, can the public sue? there is a possibility that voters in this country who are at risk of being disenfranchised by foreign governments, is there a class action lawsuit that people could file demanding that the government protect us? >> really, you would require some sort of cause of action and some sort of statute. i think the recourse that voters have and citizens have is at the ballot box. of course, if russians have their way, we're going to lose our power there as well. i think we need to take very seriously the threat that robert mueller says is happening as we sit here. russia is attacking our elections, and mitch mcconnell is working with president trump to diminish that threat. i think it comes from a place
7:40 am
not necessarily out of partnership with russia, but of blinded by self-interest. you know, i actually don't love the phrase moscow mitch because i think it resorts to the same low-grade discourse that president trump engages in, and i also think that it undermines the seriousness of the issue. and the issue is an attack on our democracy, the very existence. it's an existential threat and we need people like mitch mcconnell to take it seriously. and if he won't, he needs to be removed by someone who will. >> there is a thing called impeachment, but it doesn't look like the democrats will do that, so when they go low, i guess they need to go lower. nav naveed, you and i have talked about this. you do have the saudis, you have other countries trying to buy their way in. >> yeah, people look at others and say, perhaps this is a mechanism we can use to advance
7:41 am
our interest. we talk about the interest of voters and the potential of changing votes. but we back away, and what mitch mcconnell doesn't want to discuss is the manipulation of the candidate themselves. the best way to manipulate a presidential candidate is with money. if you have ways, sophisticated laundering schemes that are more akin to white collar crime to get money to a u.s. person, and that u.s. person can write a check to a superpac or the candidate themselves, that candidate is not above the law from accepting that check from the superpac, bstt the expense . just look at saudi arabia, the fact that we're within a io wa which i believe is in part what the saudis did up to the election. it's shocking. as barbara said, i think moscow mitch is funny but we lose sight of how serious this is. president obama, on the eve of
7:42 am
the 26th election, called vladimir putin and said if he interfered in our election, he would consider it an act of war. 2020, who is going to be manning that ship? who is going to make that call? who is going to stand up to the bully and protect our democracy? no one. that is terrifying. >> it is. and natasha, at the same time, as much as people are saying, you're right, it isn't funny, but it's the one thing that's gotten under this guy's shell, skin, whatever. he didn't care when he was likened to a cocaine dealer. that didn't bother him. it didn't bother him that he stole a supreme court seat and was caught. but this bothers him. you can tell from your reporting, natasha, there is a possibility that he'so incensedy it that he might actually be willing to move on legislation, but even if it isn't perfect, maybe it would go some way to protect our elections. is that rumor or true. >> we're seeing a little bit of that. he said recently that he would be willing to consider certain
7:43 am
election security measures that might be taken up by the congress. it's just this one thing he seems to be very adamant about blocking, which is the democrats' version of the bill which would supply a lot more money to the states as needed in order to fortify their defenses ahead of 2020. so we don't exactly know what he's willing to do here. but i immediately noticed how irked he seemed to be about this nickname. when i was reporting out the story about his former staffers that are now lobbyists for this russian-backed project, his office was very, very -- they were very engaged, we'll put it that way, with our -- you know, the fact that we were going to report this out. they were really sensitive about the moscow mitch thing, and it wasn't quite clear to them how we were tying the russia-backed project in kentucky to the moscow mitch handle. they were really kind of irked by that. the fact of the matter is that
7:44 am
none of this looks good for someone who has said that his entire career has been one of the chief pillars of it has been opposition to the kremlin. if that's the case, then he's not really showing it at the most pivotal moment right before the 2020 election. >> and malcolm, really quickly, if he will not stand up for the country and do something, it's hard to believe that he's not less dangerous to the national security of the country than donald trump. >> no, he's even more dangerous because he has the ability to make sure all defenses of all major legislation are stopped. donald trump is actually setting the strategic narrative for moscow. i'm surprised we haven't given him kremlin don. the only way this can proliferate the truth down to
7:45 am
the voters is, by the way, this is a military joke technique and you have to insult that guy and you have to make it so his followers laugh at your joke. that is what is irking all of them, leningrad, moscow mitch, kremlin don, you have to make sure they arebeholden to the people. >> and donald trump with the republicans love the voter i.d. laws because it depresses our side, but they won't secure the election in russia or north korea because they believe it will help their side, and i believe the democrats, except for julian castro, didn't bring this up in the debate. polls show 80% of americans show the election to be secure. why would you not secure the election for 2020.
7:46 am
>> very quick, what's your pin, jill? >> the jill's pin today is a picture of moscow for moscow mitch. >> see how it works out? see how we close and open? you see? dean obdalah, well played, brash mcquade, natasha bertrand, jill wine-banks, you're all a great panel. panel. introducing zero account fees for brokerage accounts. and zero minimums to open an account. at fidelity, those zeros really add up. ♪ maybe i'll win, saved by zero ♪ at fidelity, those zeros really add up. ♪
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7:50 am
to hear trump say people in baltimore are living in hell, how does that make you feel? >> it makes me feel bad. sure, we have our problems. who don't? >> he should be here and he wouldn't have to hear it from the news. he can be here himself. >> why do you think the president keeps attacking elijah cummings? >> because he's from this city and he has subpoenaed his relatives. >> do you think president trump is racist? >> yeah, no doubt. the way he treats black people in general, the way he looks at us, period. >> the president attacked both the city of baltimore and congressman elijah cummings who
7:51 am
lives in baltimore and has part of the city. he donald trump called elijah cummings racist and laugh believe and a did you say gusting rat and rodent-infested mess. >> the crime is higher in baltimore than in ohala. give me a place? the guy said afghanistan. i believe it's higher than afghanistan. >> pat tore wright is running for office in 2020. pastor, thank you for being here. i guess my question would be if you look at the polling, a vast majority of democrats who know donald trump is racist,
7:52 am
quinnipiac says 80% say donald trump is racist. how challenging would it be to run as a republican with the republican moniker knowing that the top of your party is viewed as racists, but mostly black people? >> baltimore is a challenge in itself right now. they have infrastructure, education issues. that's ain't n-- not a new issu. do you believe donald trump is racist? >> let me tell you something, racist meant you could see a cross burning on your yard. there were only three black folks in my class. you saw a shenoose in a tree.
7:53 am
this is absolutely unnecessary, but what needs to happen is shed a light on the situation and come up with solutions. could he have used better words? absolutely. >> you don't think he's racist, in your view? >> i think donald trump needs some help. i will put it like that. >> what kind of help? >> all sorts of help. i think he needs to understand cultural diversity. i think he needs to understand not just black people but brown people and everyone in between. specifically when we talk about issues in urban areas, there are so many issues that i would rather get past who called what to womb and said what and talk about the actual issues in the city of baltimore. yes, there are roaches, yes, there are rats, yes, there are some areas that are off the charts. the question is not who said what, it's what we're going to do about it. >> donald trump grew up in
7:54 am
queens and he also understands baltimore and he understands what slum lording looks like because his father was served an arrest warrant in the 1970s for running a housing complex in baltimore that was so bad and so dangerous that people served him an arrest warrant, and his son-in-law currently is considered by many of the tenants, low-income tenants, who lived in these buildings to be a slum lord. he was called a slum lord, jared kushner was, by speaker of the house. he's been a landlord in baltimore. so if there are problems and you're saying racism is treating people who are struggling poorly and giving them poor housing, donald trump has done that. >> there's a lot more at stake with the issues in baltimore. >> do you think it would be racist of the president of the united states to treat low-income housing people poorly by housing them in conditions that are inhuman, because that's what he is accusing is happening in baltimore, but he's done it. >> i think we're talking about a lot more isms, and all sorts of
7:55 am
things, not just that. you're talking about classes and whether the money speaks to the issues and whether or not there needs to be a voice at the table. i don't think we're talking about just one issue when it comes to that. i think we're talking about classism. i think we're talking about elitism. >> so you think donald trump is an elitist? >> yes. mr. trump does not understand the everyday working folks. but i also believe that many of the other elected do not, either, including congressman cummings. >> let's talk about congressman cummings. i actually know around where he lives. i was there around the uprisings of the freddie gray killing. everywhere we went, we talked to people, old, young, rich, poor, who really loved elijah cummings mings. they called him elijah, not even congressman cummings. he was one people who called on people to go home during the curfew, people really listened to him. he's almost like a mayor of the city. people really do love and
7:56 am
respect him. do you think attacking by someone who is respected and well loved inside his own city is a way to endear yourself to the people of baltimore and a sign that you want to help them if you are president? >> i don't think attacking is a part of fixing anything across any issue. it needs to be more about solutions, not tearing anybody down to stand on anybody across the board. there are folks in this city that may for some reason still have a fondness for congressman cummings, but there are a lot of folks that don't. but again, that's personality, that's not the issue. the issue is who is going to do what to fix the issues in baltimore city, and that's where the conversation needs to go. >> let's talk about some of the solutions that are out there, because we know -- 22% poverty in the city of baltimore. that's severe, but it's not that much lower than it is mick mulvaney's district in ohio. re the state as well. donald trump is looking to cut 3
7:57 am
million people off of food stamps, off of snap. he's looking to refigure the way poverty is indexed so people can be involved in poverty programs. if you were mayor of the city of baltimore, would you advise him not to do those things? >> if i was mayor of the city of baltimore, which i intend to be, i would advise people in the city to figure out how to do more with less. which means we actually have to understand audits and accountability so you can do what you need to do with what you have. that's what's been missing. >> you would rather audit -- what you're saying to me is if your constituents were to get less money to eat, you would advise the city to simply do an audit to figure out how people can eat with less money? >> no, what i'm saying is, when you're at home and you run your family, you spend what you have. and we need to understand how to maximize the resources that the city has, and that has not been happening. >> and you don't believe the
7:58 am
city -- wait a minute, if the city is struggling, you don't believe your city that you want to be mayor of deserves more federal money, more federal help? >> i didn't say that. i said we need to be good stewards of what we have and then be able to ask for more to meet those needs. but until we are good stewards, we cannot say that we have not been able to meet the need based on what we have if we're not being a good steward of what we have. and that has not happened in baltimore. >> please keep up with us and let us know how you're going. you are carrying this president around with you, whether you like it or not, when you go in your community and talk to them about issues as a republican. i really appreciate you being here today. thank you for your time. >> that is shannon wright who is running to be baltimore pay or. coming up, a closer look at the morality of caging asylum seekers. that is next. lity of caging asy seekers. that is next this was me before liberty mutucustomized
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coming up, what's really happening at the border.
8:03 am
a reporter tried entering at the border. he will tell us what happened, coming up. border he will tell us what happened, coming up. - choosing to foster a child
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is choosing to nurture and emotionally support children in urgent need. it's not just about opening up your home; it is also about opening up your heart. consider fostering. as we call for -- i want you to hear the full hearings, full congressional hearings. we want republicans and democrats here. we dare them to see what we've seen and hear what we've heard and to still be callous in their heart. and if they are, it will tell us really who they are. we demand an end to the evil and the injustice and the inhumanity that we are seeing taking place on our border in our name. no longer will it happen with our silence.
8:07 am
>> in el paso, texas on monday, they tried to enter an i.c.e. detention center but were turned away. members prayed with migrants on both sides of the border. with me, co-chairman of the campaign and author of "revive us again." and george hargrove. both of you were part of the religious leaders that went to the border. bishop barber, what did you see, and you and yourself and the other members of various faiths that went there, what did you see that's different from what we're hearing? what we're hearing from the religious rite and the republicans on this side is everything is housed just fine. >> that's certainly a lie. what we've seen, juiews, muslim
8:08 am
christians, a group of us went to juarez. we found a five-year-old citizen of this country whose mother is not allowed to apply for asylum so they were staying in a camp. we saw places they were living that looked like they were bombed out because of this so-called back to mexico program. we had a service about young people who are taking the shoelasho shoelaces out of their shoes trying to hang themselves because they are so traumatized. they are cutting themselves. we're hearing about hunger strikes going on inside the detention center. and joy, when we were actually willing and prepared to put our bodies on the line, and we found out that now the attorney general's office from our lawyers, we found out are taking steps that if you approach the detention center, they're talking about a felony and a six-year penalty for doing so. but clergy and others, we're going back, because this must be exposed what's really happening
8:09 am
and what's being done in our name. >> the idea of a resting clergy for protest iing on behalf of om the aclu that 900 migrant children were separated from parents just in the last year, so they haven't stopped taking children. what did you see, sir, that you can tell us about? >> i think it's incredibly important for people to understand what's happening on the other side of the border. on sunday we visited this makeshift refugee camp that had to be set up because of this remain in mexico program. there are tens of thousands of people who have applied for asylum under our laws, and in defiance of existing law, this administration is sending them back and there are no resources there that have been set up to care for people. i immediately remembered coming out of iraq. i was a christian peacemaker in iraq in03 when the war
8:10 am
started there, and we were welcomed into a refugee camp me
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associated with him? >> yeah. look, the dni sits in a position that -- i don't want to say the seven other intelligence agencies don't have support of that, but they have the ability of budget, they have the ability of all sorts of levers to influence the direction of things. i really believe what donald trump is doing is he wants to shut off the investigation because there is a lot of dirt there. and one of the problems, joy, that we've had and what i saw with mueller is that just because something doesn't rise
8:53 am
to the lefvel of criminality doesn't mean an action of civil action doesn't approach. the dni would be in a position to perhaps help legislators bring laws up to date. and i don't think that either mitch mcconnell or donald trump want us to see that happen. >> they just want to win again. tom barretea berrick, let's swi again. someone took a whole lot of money, nobody knows where it went. talk about tom berrick. >> we talked about superpac that raised $26 million and nobody seems to know what they spent it on other than salaries and travel. there is no actual evidence that they did on-the-ground sort of campaigning other than memes they posted on the internet. he sat on the inauguration committee where they raised 700 milli million. i look at these things, and i feel very concerned about this, that what we're seeing with russia and what we're seeing with other countries is that
8:54 am
they are seeking to get money into the united states, and they're seeking to get that money to fund intelligence operations against us. and again, going back to dni, that's why i think it's important to have the right person there. the game has changed. the game has changed in that they're using this sort of gray area of campaign funding and finance and business, and global business, to move money. tom berrick very much has his fingers in it. >> navid jamali, thank you so much for sticking around. we'll be back after the break j much for sticking around. we'll be back after the brea jah for sticking around. we'll be back after the breae j much for sticking around. we'll be back after the breae j much for sticking around. we'll be back after the bread j
8:55 am
much for sticking around. we'll be back after the break.
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that's our show for today. up next, alex witt has the latest. hello, alex. >> can i tell you how much i love our conversations during the commercial? >> i do, too. they're the best. >> we'll show you guys one day maybe. >> maybe. >> a good day to all of you from msnbc headquarters in new york. hi here in the east. just about 9:00 a.m. out west. welcome to "weekends with alex wi witt." the democrats head back into the spotlight after the latest debate. who will and won't make it to the next stage? also obama's speechwriter talks about how the former president's record could backfire. a stampede of republicans heading for the exodus, including some big names. what this means now and in the future. has the impeachment tide turned?
8:59 am
will it continue this direction? we have answer ahead. but
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