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tv   Saturday Night Politics with Donny Deutsch  MSNBC  August 10, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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later brian knight is now a captain with southwest airlines and he was the pilot who flew the plane that completed his father's journey home. that's "hardball" for now. thank you for being with us. chris matthews will be back on monday. have a great night. good evening. i'm donny deutsch. thanks for having me home tonight. there are exactly 451 days until the 2020 presidential election. it has been exactly one week since the senseless, hate driven, trump racist rhetoric fueled massacre in el paso and the mass shooting in dayton. what a sad week it's been. it is a moment in time for democrats to rise up with passion, fury, and bold ideas. nothing will change until we get rid of three cancers. trump, mcconnell, and i believe assault weapons. tonight i'll challenge democrats with new ideas and strategy. time for democrats to toughen up and play for keeps at all costs. i used to use a term when running my company. failure is not an option. democrats, it is about passion,
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fury, and ideas. we have all three tonight. lots to cover. this is "saturday night politics." >> sit watching our tvs while some local newscasters tell us we had homicides and violent crimes as if that is the way it's supposed to be. things are worse than bad. they're crazy. i want you to get up now. i want all of you to get up out of your chairs. get up right now and go to the window. open it and stick your head out and yell, i'm as mad as hell and i'm not going to take this anymore! >> we're not going to take it anymore here. i don't want people screaming but i do think the late great peter finch and network kind of sets the tone for me for the, where the democrats have to be, where voters have to be. i also think beto o'rourke
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probably had the biggest sound bite of the entire election so far with a simply what the "f" and i think that is where we are with so many things. it is a big stakes poker game and the democrats have to toughen up. joining me tonight, great pleasure. mark sanford a former republican senator from south carolina and tonight is going to announce he'll run against donald trump. and we have the author of "the washington post" power up newsletter. the reason, i have a great panel tonight and i have a staunch republican conservative, big nra guy, a trump guy. i did that on purpose. >> ex-trump guy. >> but a republican. and i want to get into some great debates and start with guns but take it to a place thai think is going to get us to a bigger strategic place for the democrats. i do think it's time for bold ideas and i want to start with one. it's a little bit out there.
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it's called assault on assault. it would be a step. red flags or background checks, would they have saved lives in dayton? sadly probably not. but if there are no assault weapons research has shown 70% of mass shootings would have been avoided. it is time for an assault on assault weapons. i have an idea. i believe, guys, we're all talking to ourselves with background checks and red flags. we can make ourselves feel better. it is not going to change this. something in our culture, something fundamentally wrong that we produce a product that its basic premise is to kill people. i'm going to put out an idea. i want to put up something called an assault on assault. okay? i'm an ad guy. i do stuff like this. i want to challenge every
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democrat right now. here is an idea. please put the first math up. last year in the 2016 cycle basically the clinton campaign raised $623 million. if you put all the races together, the senates, local, they raised about $2.5 billion. i think this year it will be 30% more so $3 billion raised. and i would like to make a challenge to the democratic candidates. that if you are leaders now, and we have a lot of people who say we should impeach the president even if it is not politically expeditious. if they had a check box on their donations that 10% goes to an assault on assault fund to ban weapons i'll quit my job here and run that. the reality is not only would you raise $330 million, go to the next piece of math also. if you look at total democratic donors, if you break it down, we're at 9.5% of americans will
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donate to democratic, 2020 cycle. and basically if you -- everybody individually also donated $10 that would get another $250,000. we can raise $600 billion by simply saying to democratic voters who are already donating, separately on your own, donate ten bucks and kamala harris and pete buttigieg and all the rest put your money where your mouth is right now. you're not going to become less competitive. i want a democratic candidate to say i am not against banning assault weapons. that's the way things get done. sam, start with you and tell me how insane i am. >> i think if the democrats want to go down this route from a national level it failed in 2016. you had michael bloomberg spend a lot of money. he had a fund. he put up a hundred million dollars and targeted four senators. i believe three republican senators, one re-election, including pat toomey. now, ironically, in pennsylvania pat toomey has proposed
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background checks, red flags. and i think that was one way he was able to get a lot of suburban voters. at this time and i have spoken to a lot of people involved in national politics about this before i came on your show, there is more of -- this isn't something where republicans can suddenly just say, we're not going to do anything. we love the fact that the democrats want to take away everybody's guns and then we'll run on that and run pro sect amendment. apparently within pollings even showing now within suburban where it is going to really change the election, people want action. >> jay, to that point, if you make it a center piece of the democratic party, they're all in together, force them to say, no i'm not. then force the republicans to be the party of assault weapons. not the party of protecting the second amendment, not of gun rights the party of assault weapons. >> it doesn't matter because mitch mcconnell is not going to change anything. there is an electoral part of this an actual legislative part.
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tim ryan can take a caravan of victims to mitch mcconnell's front door, wave bloody flags, show all the children who have died. legislatively it is not going to move. >> it will move if you give me $600 million and a lot of media savvy to change a lot of voters and a lot of minds. >> i actually don't think your idea is far fetched at all. >> thank you. we need millennials. they believe. >> it comes down to the women vote. i think the effect the assault weapons ban had was greatly over exaggerated. >> 25 years ago. same sex marriage. how would that have worked 25 years ago, okay? >> secondly, contrary to what trump has been saying there is a political appetite for an assault weapons ban. there was a poll that came out that said 70% -- 7 in 10 voters including 54% of republican voters are actually in favor.
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>> i was supposed to start with that. 70%. 85% of democrats. 70%. so what are we so afraid of? >> and we've seen that it's not enough -- thaes maese mass shoo which happened time and time again, las vegas, texas, the sutherland church in texas, it hasn't been nauf to be a tipping point. what is would be a complete political wipe out. if that happens in 2020 mitch mcconnell has no choice but to bring up and pass legislations and republicans' hands will be forced. >> governor, you're a conservative guy. >> yes. >> an nra guy. i don't say that critically. talk to me about my ideas. talk to me about why it is either do-able, not do-able and am i on the wrong track? >> again, i'm not of this school but those who would like to see more in the way of gun control legislation are on the winning side of the argument right now. >> obviously. >> when you're on the winning side don't impede the winning side. i think if you go off on another
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tangent and say, you know, this is the issue when, in fact, you know, it's a breakthrough moment. it is almost like a nixon goes to china moment in that many gun owners out there trust trump. trump is going to step up given the fact he is a new yorker and at the end of the day and doesn't have a particular ideological fix toward guns. >> he doesn't have an ideological fix toward anything. >> fair enough. but i think you'll see some gun legislation move that hadn't moved in years. i think you begin to take -- take the eye off the ball and the nature of an incumbency race is the incumbency issue. you begin to take him out of the spotlight as the issue and you make guns the issue. >> just real quick. >> look, if a beautiful marketing campaign doesn't work because it didn't work last year when we had parkland. we had a whole bunch of well-spoken, eloquent, white kids. >> it did work. parkland had an effect in 2018. it had a tangible election effect in 2018. >> we did not get the full ban.
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>> but it helped democrats take back the house. >> the democrats were going to take back the house anyway. that is not really an issue. it was beneficial because it got the issue out there. if you are talking about actually solving the problem as opposed to making people feel good it won't be enough unless the democrats take control of the senate and that is not going to happen in 2020. >> i think and i want to move into the next topic, of course it is related to this, i see the word assault and assault weapons as a symbol to use. speaking of assault, the very word may be the strategic key for democrats taking back the wh white house and maybe even the senate. if i say to any woman, any mother the word assault, okay, let's make the republican party the party of assault. we can end on assault weapons. put up something i'm talking about. something about we start the fight on assault weapons but it is the party of assault. assault on healthcare for all. assault on smart gun control, assault on the truth, assault on fair wages, assault on the
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nonrich. assault on safe elections. assault on the constitution. assault on racial equality. assault on a free press, on our allies, on the planet, our safety, on women, a fair system, assault. make it the party of assault. start the fight on assault weapons but stick them with that word. on the flip side, put up the democrats. because i think this is a primal election. it is good versus evil. it's safe/unsafe. the democrats are the party of protection. same things. they are protection for healthcare for all, protection of fair wages, protection of races. protection of the nonrich. protection of assault weapons. what i am trying to do for the democrats where they go all in on the assault weapons, become the party of protection. weave kitchen table issues like healthcare for everybody, free wages. we are the protectors. they are the assaulters. and i think you can use an assault weapon. we used to have a term in marketing. a halo. as a way of saying, that's the party you're unsafe with and we are the safe party.
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that's primal and that's the way women vote. >> millennial, help me. >> no, i mean, i think obviously there is this really important 20% of swing voters that are going to be crucial to trump's election and there has been a confluence to trump losing the election. you know, there is this 35% of voters who are fixed trump voters. 45% who are opposed to trump no matter what. and the swing voters consist of a lot of women, the suburban women who have already been rekoilg at a lot of trump's language, his attacks, racist attacks on the squad and a lot of his language. and i think this further ameliorates his standing with them. >> we are in such a weak position that we have to worry about suburban women. >> one of our producers told me she was in times square last week when the car backed up and people thought it was -- that's the way we're living now. democrats need to hit that nerve. that is a bigger driver than
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single payor insurance. >> it always has been. you had some people, elizabeth warren sort of talked about this the last debate. the republicans are trying to take this from you. that was a good move. whoever ends up being the democratic nominee is pretty much going to take this message you're talking about but we are not there yet and we have to see which person, because it is not just about protection. protection sounds good but i got to believe you'll protect me. do i believe people will protect me? do i believe you will protect me the same way joe biden will? right now 53% of white women think donald trump who grab women in the advantage ina and brags about it will still protect them from black lives matter and people at the border and queers. that is what we're still dealing with, that gutteral anger and fear that the country is being takenway from white folks. donald trump so long as he can tell white america i will protect you from these changes he will still be a greater protector in their minds than any democrat who is running. >> i think you're on to something. i wouldn't grab my wallet. when you talk about protection
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and assault the $94,000 question for a lot of voters particularly on the republican side, yeah, there are a lot of proposals with regards to protection on the democratic side but how do you pay for them? >> that is my problem if i say to a voter i'm going to protect you, they're assaulting your healthcare. >> you're reversing the argument. >> yes. >> that's smart. >> you make them the party of assault. you start with assault weapons and with my grand idea which is probably too out there but you put the lapel, assault is a bigger word than hate and racism. donald mcconnell. yes i just said it. message to democrats the ticket you should be running against is not trump/pence but donald/mcconnell. put a fun video up. oh, kids. you ran. rate there. now i do that, i know, guys, i'm sorry. that is going to be tough to swallow. i do that not in jest in that another interesting democratic strategy is to tie those guys
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together. i mean, mitch mcconnell is with democratic voters has a 9% approval rating, 36% approval rating with his open own folks. he stands for everything that is wrong in washington. so you like trump but he is washington. and whether it's not standing up for free elections, not protecting us from russia, put those guys together. they are one and the same. mark, what do we think? >> again, i think an interesting marketing idea because you're a great marketing mind. >> everything in politics is marketing. >> yeah. but at the end of the day why waste a lot of time on mcconnell when you already got a villain? in terms of raw politics you've got a villain. most folks out there believe it or not still don't know who in the world mcconnell is. >> exactly. >> that is a guy in the senate. who is it exactly? >> it kind of weakens trump. oh, wait. you got a partner in this? trump do is have a visceral appeal to people where mcconnell
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is just an unappealing dude, period. >> the irony is they don't like each other personally. >> right. you don't need to educate people. nancy pelosi worked when it was pelosi and obama because you had certain voters who just hate powerful women. ah, pelosi is trying to ruin things for you. and also san francisco. she is from the bay, out there. right? you don't have to add mitch mcconnell. donald trump is bad nauf. if you say darth vader you don't have to say and you know he works for the emperor. it's just darth vader. >> the thing trump has and mcconnell doesn't. he has a charisma. i mean he is vulgar. he has an entertainment quality. mcconnell is the embodiment of swamp. so you're putting the swamp thing with the swamp and let them separate each other from each other. >> the issue is, is he already there? you saw it in the congressional district i used to represent. suburban moms turned out in droves based on trump. so i don't think you need a new
5:17 pm
villain. >> mcconnell was mentioned far more than pence during the last two democratic debates. there is a clear synergy there. trump's agenda wouldn't exist without mcconnell. where it is more important really is trying to convince some of the democratic candidates their time would be better spent in running for the senate because if democrats do take back the house how much can they actually get passed if the grim reaper is still in office? >> that is part of it. you make mcconnell the face of every senate race by putting it up there as part of the presidential race. >> to bring down republican senator candidates. >> you guys are slow. you get there eventually. >> that would be good. >> look, i joked about this with some friends. it would be amazing to me. we want a viral moment. if beto makes it to the debate in houston and walks on stage, i'm out. running for the senate. just drops the mic. everybody would think it was amazing and obnoxious but he could march right in. >> a great move. >> if he decided to run for the senate texas would have been
5:18 pm
from the very beginning -- >> that is a brilliant idea if he stood up as a patriot and said to anybody else running -- the democrats have got to get together. >> you have to wonder if this shooting has changed beto's mind. he has clearly been really emotional and really raw and really angry. i mean, i don't know if his campaign has come to grips with reality yet that he's not really registering in the polls but that seems like it would be the wise move here. it's not just beto. it's hickenlooper, steve bullock. it is a lot of people. it is not beating mitch mcconnell in kentucky. it's taking all the other swing states. >> jay, you earned your sandwich with that one. still ahead, the ross manifesto. billionaire steve ross's defense of hosting a trump fundraiser to apiece protesting of customers on his business is the same thing. it is time we call swing trump voters out on this. plus this. >> he has been calling mexican immigrants rapists and criminals. i don't know like members of the press what the --? >> passion and compassion.
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welcome back. "saturday night politics." i'm still donny deutsch. that was funny.
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joining the group is the senior adviser to the hillary clinton campaign and leading democratic strategist. let's get back to the wall. the ross manifesto. stephen ross billionaire real estate developer and owner of miami dolphins and equinox gyms held a fundraiser for trump yesterday. after the backlash of many ross owned companies his response is the sickening rationale for every trump voter who sells their soul for a dollar. this, to me, is on a personal level the most galling response i get from trump voters. i want to put up the stephen ross response. this is not about how you'll change billionaires. whenever you talk to a voter and not talking about somebody who makes 40,000 a year and blaevs trump is putting food on the table. the difference between someone making $800,000 and $830,000. and they go i've known donald trump for 40 years. while we agree on some issues we
5:24 pm
strongly disagree with many others. a reason for my engagement with our leaders is my deep concern for growing jobs and our country's economy. i have always been an outspoken champion of racial equality. shut up. you don't get the luxury anymore if you eare an educated voter with money, you can, but you have to look in the mirror and know what you are doing. you are voting for the other stuff also. you own it all. how do democrats turn that into a message? >> reiterating you cannot have it both ways. that's what i think you've seen with so many republicans time and time again. back in 2016 we saw it with some voters who said i'm going to throw away my vote on hillary clinton because there is something about her i don't like so i'll vote for jill stein. you can almost apply the same theory here. there are so many people who they don't like trump's tweets, they don't like his behavior, his racist, xenophobic comments.
5:25 pm
they like the tax cuts so they try to excuse it. stephen ross is raising millions and millions of dollars for donald trump. >> i'm talking about a lot of these are my friends and i am embarrassed and it actually changes the way i feel about them. once again if you are somebody you believe he is going to put food on your table, but you know better. we just came off a week where the exact words he used were used in a manifesto of somebody who killed, who had a mass slaughter. you got to own that. you got to say i'm okay with that then. >> here is the thing. now, this is not my journalist hat but my political science professor hat. >> thank god. >> so i've always been doubtful of swing voters. you have a certain slice of voters in our electorate who as you mention i like the tax cuts. okay. it comes with a little side of racism. the side of racism is now becoming a problem because it is leading to terrorism. right? it is leading to terrorist action in our lives in our communities in ways that are
5:26 pm
touching us and touching white people, black people, brown people, tan people in locations we thought were safe. walmarts are supposed to be safe. synagogues are supposed to be safe. the garlic festival is supposed to be safe. that is what's happening. i think democrats have a wonderful opportunity here when they say this stuff, you've seen people say it this week, this is domestic terrorism. the president is leading to domestic terrorism. the president is taking safety from you. those tax cuts don't mean anything if you're getting shot down in the middle of walmart during christmas shopping. that is the argument they are starting to make. can they be passionate about it and will they say it to the audiences who don't want to hear it? >> there is a lot of frustration with trump voters this week. what we wanted was the president to go on a twitter tear and say look, this psychopath, these sick racists doing this, they are not part of us, not part of this movement. he is constitutionally incapable of that. now he sees the argument on the second amendment and i think he is in a weaker position that
5:27 pm
will hurt him not only with female voters in the suburbs but also rural voters. if he is seen as going weak on the second amendment, not protecting that, you'll see his number will be even lower than it was in 2016. >> look, the democrats won 40 seats with kitchen table issues. one of the reasons they won also is a lot of trump voters the first time around were able to say we'll give it away. maybe he is just saying these things to get elected. you don't have that out anymore. i can't figure out the exact way to do the shame strategy. you look at a grown man or grown woman, a mother or father and say, look. yeah he is better for your pocketbook but here's the deal. he is the beginning of nazi germany in the '30s. you have blood on your hands. are you okay with that? i want everybody out there one-on-one to talk to the trump swing voters. that is a gutteral appeal. >> it is, donny.
5:28 pm
i'm glad you raise this point. here's the bottom line. we know from polls in 2016 that a lot of people who said they're not going to vote for donald trump actually did because i think they were embarrassed and ashamed to actually say that to a pollster. but looking forward we actually have to have a real conversation about this. i think democratic candidates have to go out and make the case to voters in the way we've seen this past week. >> passion and compassion. one sound bite from one democratic candidate cut through this past week, cut through more than anything i've seen in the entire election process. it is the secret to defeating republicans in 2020. it was not about single payor insurance. >> is there anything in your mind that the president can do now to make this any better? >> what do you think? you know the -- he's been saying. he's been calling mexican immigrants rapists and criminals. i don't know, like members of the press, what the --? hold on a second. you know, it's these questions that you know the answers to.
5:29 pm
i mean, connect the dots about what he's been doing in this country. he is not tolerating racism. he is promoting racism. >> governor, we've had thousands and thousands of sound bites in this election cycle about climate control, about universal healthcare, about everything. nothing has cut through like that. that is what voters want. i know it in my gut. once again you can't walk away from the kitchen table issues. you have to wrap them up in a bigger place. this is good versus evil. the democrats have never been the party of constructive rage. that was always republicans. democrats have got to learn from the eight second sound bite. >> well, i'm not in to constructive rage. dial it back just a couple notches. what i'd say is there is something that does appeal to the soccer mom out there or the swing voter, go down the list, and that is, fundamentally what
5:30 pm
we're getting at and what beto was getting at is wait a minute. you guys know the answer to a lot of this. what we were just talking about with regard to the ross fundraiser, again, is america a transaction? i get a good tax cut and a couple other things and my 401(k) is doing okay. or is it a deeper set of values that are commonly shared that we come -- >> let me ask you a question. when you were watching the debates and going back and forth. guess what? the answer is we're all for protecting your healthcare and here is the bigger issue. not getting it. they're tone deaf. >> they don't have to get it yet. remember this is still a primary. you're still going to figure out who is going to get the job. the thing that is really key here and you cannot forget this, no matter how many times people are screaming and debating, going after swing voters is a waste of damn time and especially now. >> a suburban mom is a waste of time? >> no. what i'm saying is hillary clinton had a 3 million vote lead. okay? any democrat who is not hillary clinton who a lot of people hated is coming into this thing
5:31 pm
with a 3 million vote lead. historically speaking the president never gained voters. >> what did she have? >> she didn't have passion, people didn't like her or trust her which isn't a problem anyone else has. rather than running around chasing swing voters, why don't you focus on the people who already turned out? do something about voter protection, something about black and latino voters who can't vote in georgia. that is a smarter move by democrats than running after suburban soccer moms. >> i have to break. i think it's all in the same. everybody is feeling that rage. and so whether you are somebody who feels you won't be able to vote the way you're supposed to, somebody who feels your healthcare is going to be taken, afraid to take your kid to the mall, that is not black, not white, not muslim, that's who we are. that's where you transcend that stuff. still ahead don't take this the wrong way, guys. this election is about women. if after this week the democrats haven't figured that out we need more women in charge. plus, back to the future. new playbook for the media. it's time for a different kind of media coverage.
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welcome back to "saturday nate politics." let's get back to the wall. moms, daughters, and sisters. this past week should remind democrats more than ever there is a simple path to the white house and it goes through women. >> i looked down the sidewalk and just see a row of, just a row of bodies, people shot. some alive some not. >> it's got to stop. it's just got to stop. how many more of us have to die? >> i'm broken. not only was she my daughter. we were friends, best friends. hug your kids and love them. because you don't know in america now when they leave they may not come back. >> governments, please put your heart.
5:37 pm
let my parent be free. i need my dad. my dad didn't do nothing. he's not a criminal. >> this is a person. and they're in prison. and they're children. okay? they didn't harm anybody. they're not going to come and bombard you or anything like that. they're children. >> guys, this is not who we are. and i don't care where your politics are. i've always said women are stronger and smarter than men. they'll figure it out before us. and unless i'm crazy, jackie, you put kids in cages, with the i.c.e. raids, with the mass slaughters, with roe v. wade versus possibly taking care, healthcare from people, these are issues that as moms hit you in the gut. i've sat on so many of these panels and i watched the men react and the women react. and you just see the faces on the women. it cuts deeper. and to me if the democrats do not, for lack of a better word, take advantage of that, i think
5:38 pm
that should supersede everything else. >> i don't even know if they need to take advantage of it. i think -- >> i want to find the right word. to understand then. let me correct myself. >> but just women paying attention to trump's twitter feed and women listening to the news on a consistent basis. they're repelled by his language, his narcissism, you know, especially not just swing female voters but these republican suburban moderates who i think your campaign was initially hoping to pick up in 2016. >> more than we did, right. >> and this time around they are going to be crucial. >> i go to my theory of the party of protection versus the party of assault. and you hit those nerves. because moms, it's about protection to them. and i think, once again, it is not even about the, all the gross, important graphporno gra says. it is about your kids and our
5:39 pm
kids' health and safety and who are we as people at stake. that to me is a message that should resonate with everyone but particularly with women voters. >> absolutely, donny. we know gun safety legislation is the most important issue to a lot of these college, suburban, educated moms. >> that is my point. it's not just guns. >> it's everything. exactly. but all of these issues collectively, they work in the favor of democrats because donald trump single handedly opposes every single one of these issues. this week it was insane, donny. we had kids, parents that were taken away in i.c.e. raids, children who were abandoned. you just showed that segment. then also we had two mass shootings with targeting hispanics and african americans. it is not rocket science to figure out how to put all of this together and make sure people remember this next november when they go out and vote. i do worry, donny, that sometimes americans have a short attention span just like i addressed in the last segment. >> my next segment will answer that. >> democrats have got to keep
5:40 pm
reminding voters because voters aren't just going to remember this on their own. right? democratic candidates and whomever the nominee is have to keep reminding voters what we just saw this past week and, sadly, what we will continue to see under trump's presidency. >> i want to use that as a good lead to the next segment. that is really important. back to the wall. back to the future. memo to the media. a different kind of president merits a different kind of media coverage. stop always talking about today. focus on yesterday and tomorrow and just get him to say what we all know he wants to say. >> now you're thinking get him to just say it? >> i think he wants to say it. i need to shake him. put him on the defensive and lead him right where he is dying to go. >> you want answers. >> i want the truth. >> you can't handle the truth. >> did you order the code red? >> you're -- right i did. >> for our younger viewers that is jack nicholson. jay, i think there is a future
5:41 pm
and a back strategy. the future strategy, authoritarians tell you what they want to do. he has already told us. there is nothing wrong with journalists saying to him, mr. president, do you think if a reporter speaks the wrong way he should be in jail? mr. president do you think you should -- he wants to do it. don't just talk about the story today. i think it is okay for the media to step out a little bit. >> they should. we've had these sorts of arguments this week about the "new york times" headlines and how much so many people were hedging about calling the president a racist. but i think this is a very important thing for anybody running next year. it's about the america you're going to bring me. i don't want to talk about the past. we have to move away from this notion of this is not who we are. this country has always been this way. this is always what this country has been. yesterday was the fave-year anniversary of the shooting of mike brown. i was in ferguson. okay? i grew up around that area. i saw that violence. i got tear gassed. i've been pulled over by those kinds of police. you want to talk about the important women?
5:42 pm
the most important women of the democratic party are black women. you have to be able to speak about what the future is and this is what this country has always been. now more people are experiencing it. this is my plan to change it. if you can sell that message you can win the white house. >> i think it is a future, make people terrified. ask him. tell us your plans. he wants to tell you like jack nicholson. as far as the past, every week, every day, every news show, on every show i am doing here there will be a video where you just basically see trump speeches about invasion. you know, mentioning, where is my "usa today," basically they lay out it is so stunning that 64 rallies trump has held use the word invasion 19 times, used animal 34 times. he uses the word killer a dozen times. he's used the word get the hell out of our country 43 times. used words like predator, alien, killer more than 500 times. show him saying that and show the manifesto and then show the killing and we don't have to walk away from it. media needs to go back and look forward. >> just a quick message for my
5:43 pm
fellow reporters because i'm not in the press room anymore but the most effective questions for trump are questions not tied to the news cycle. >> amen. >> do you think that undocumented immigrants are invaders? do you think that every woman who has accused you of sexual assault is lying? what is the definition of hamas? just the most basic things. >> thank you. >> to hold him accountable regardless of whatever is going on that day. our biggest mistake after parkland was not asking sarah huckabee sanders or the president every opportunity we got what are you going to do about this mass shooting. >> it is so important. guys, i'm not a real media guy. i know there is this kind of code. we're playing in a different world now. we really are. you have to cover this guy differently. nobody is saying make things up. ask him about the past. ask him about the future. up next, tucker's field of dreams. the fox news host down playing it. if you build the space they will come. hey will come wednesdays. at outback, they're for steak and beer.
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i hope members of congress particularly the leadership recognizes open hearings before the cameras are really, really important for the country in terms of dealing with even the most controversial issues. in terms of airing out complex stuff and stuff we're fighting about as citizens and partisans and independents and voters and nonvoters. airing it out having us all have the same information enables us all to be better citizens. welcome back. "saturday night politics." back to the wall. tucker's field of dreams. fox host tucker carlson out did himself with his disdainful claim along with russian interference, white supremacy is merely a hoax. his logic? you could probably fit all the white supremacists in this country in one state. imagine that. by the way, even that is certainly one too many. >> the majority of the domestic
5:48 pm
terrorism cases that we've investigated are motivated bay some version of what you might call white supremacists, violence. >> the fbi director. by the way, even if it was only 60,000 can you imagine 60,000 white supremacists in giants stadium? i would add a lot more on to that. i guess what i want to say to tucker carlson and this is not oh, that tucker carlson, his advertisers should be leaving. it is almost sometimes we get caught up in the media, we're all playing to our audiences. tucker carlson has four kids and he used to work here. my only suggestion to him is just stop it. like, you know, you don't have to go there. i mean, it is like kind of like we all lose our way a little bit. once again, you have a job to do. there is theater to this. but i would not say oh, take him off the air. it's bad business for you. it's bad business for your
5:49 pm
network. it's hurtful to the country. just move on. am i smoking something? >> yeah. you might be. here's the thing. >> by the way his advertisers are leaving. that will wake him up. i am not here to call on a boycott. i am here to say, dude, we're all dads. you know this is a problem. you know better. >> but it is what he believes. >> no he doesn't. that's where i disagree. i think it is theater. >> what tucker carlson is saying, for people who live in the regular world on a regular basis, i don't care what is in his heart. this is what he says. what i think is key also because whether he believes it or not it is what he is saying on tv. most people don't have the chance to talk with him in the real world. under these circumstances certainly this week and what we've seen in this country the line between white supremacy and white nationalism is this thin. okay? it is this thin. it's the blood on the ground. it's the manifestos coming out online. you can't play this game anymore where you spout these white supremacist notions and don't realize or take responsibility for the fact people are going to go out and act on them. >> the frustration he wants to hit into is the frustration of a
5:50 pm
lot of trump supporters which is we're not white supremacists. >> my final words to tucker just stop it, man. you know better. come on. dad to dad. the white nationalist problem, white supremacist problem. you're from south carolina. obviously there is a problem. i'd love to just kind of hear in 30 seconds your simple take on it. >> one, obviously it is a problem. particularly in my hometown charleston, south carolina. when somebody gets in a car, drives down to our state and goes and kills nine parishioners and his words were i am a white supremacist. so i don't think you can be discounted. it needs to be discarded in every way possible. i think one of the problems that consistently whether republican or democrat that has irked us about the president is he gives people license. i am not saying he is a white supremacist or endorses it. >> i'll say it. >> but what i am saying is the degree to which he can say crazy things gives people license. >> we saw that in el paso. before we lose you are you going to primary him? >> i don't know.
5:51 pm
i'm struggling over the next two weeks. >> i think you absolutely should and more importantly should run as a third-party candidate. >> well, we'll see. >> either way. >> you'd be an american hero. not to everybody but about 60% of this country. >> i think you need something a little sexier than running on the deficit. >> people care more about the deficit. come on. just run as a conservative. that's what the republicans need. just what sam says is important. it's the theme of the show you need to understand. that is the republicans. they were the ones that put gary johnson in there. please. run as a third party. >> i don't know that theory is necessarily true but we'll go with it. again, i think gary johnson -- >> don't go anywhere. i have your trump moment of the week next. of the week next. great riches will find you when liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need.
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5:56 pm
him. inside the hospital he was talking about crowd size and his competition. that is sociopathic behavior. that is the inability to feel, to empathize, then sent out, said i'm not going to publicize it all. you couldn't see the worse in a human being demonstrated than what donald trump did right there. i want to thank my amazing panel. great panel tonight, guys. former congressman mark sanford and the rest of my panel. that does it for us tonight. watch the show again if you want on "sunday night politics." i'll be back next week at 8:00 p.m. eastern. follow me on social media. visit our show page on see you next week. be safe. and we switched saved money on our boat insurance. how could it get any better than this? dad, i just caught a goldfish! there's no goldfish in this lake.
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good to have you here. happy friday. pulitzer prize winner reporter david fahrenthold will be here tonight with another jaw dropping scoop in what has been a couple years of jaw dropping scoops from him, particularly about this president and the president's business record. it's always amazing about david fahrenthold's series of scoops about president trump and bad behavior and misbehavior in the president's business it is whatever he newly reports about, whatever it is, and there have been a long series of these stories, whatever it is, the president's business, the president's family, the white house, itself, theyev


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