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tv   First Look  MSNBC  August 15, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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again, the good news tonight, all of them have been released from the hospital. that is our broadcast for this wednesday night. thank you so much for being here with us, and good night from our headquarters here in new york. thank you so much. and good night from our headquarters here in new york. >> this morning, the suspect is in custody after an eight-hour stand off with fleece. six officers were wounded. we are going to go live in a moment. >> the dow tumbles 800 points. >> iowa congressman steve king facing new criticism for controversial remarks. even a top congressman is saying it is time for him to go. >> good morning, everyone. it's thursday august 15, i'm
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ayman mohyeldin alongside yasmin vossoughian. an armed suspect in philadelphia surrundered this morning. a suspect was in custody and swat officers were clearing the house where the standoff took place. police said the suspect surrendered without incident and was taken to hospital because tear gasta was used. police went to the house to serve a narcotics warrant. police were in the house when they opened fire. officers took cover and blocked surrounding streets as they were fired upon by the shooter. two officers were trapped upstairs more than five hours before they were safely freed with three civilians. all officers had been released from the hospital adding that
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one officer suffered a graze woundof to the head. police have not said what kind of weapon was fired. global stocks under pressure following a possible recession. asia stocks are in the red. dow suffered the worst performance of the yearor plungg 800 points. s&p 500 and nasdaq also shedding highls numbers. stemming from the bond market sending warnings of a possible recession. warning fell below the three-year treasury yield for the first time since 2007. correctly predicted many past recessions and been the strongest for what is ahead. wordd. that chinese factories i
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slowing at a pace not seen in two decades over the fall out over trump's war. >> trump was on twitter laying the reverse on his fed chairman. tweeting tremendous amounts of money pouring into the united states. people want safety. cut to the final hour of safety when the presidentof fired this tweet. we are winning big time against china companies and jobs are fleeing. prices to us have not gone up, some cases have come down. china is not our problem, though hong kong is not helping. our problem is with the fed. raise too much to fast now too slow to cut. spread is way too much as other countries say thank you to clueless jay powell and the federal reserve. crazy inverted yield curve.
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we should easily be reaping big rewards but the fed is holding us back. we will win. several laters, he twieted, i know president xi very well. he is a great leader. i have zero doubt if president xi wants to quickly solve the hong kong problem, he can do it. personal meeting, question mark. i think he forgot to tag the president of china. >> iowa congressman steve king after making these remarks when talking about anti-abortion rights legislation. >> we know the reasons why there are exceptions because of rape and insist because it is not the baby's fault. i wonder, what if it was okay and went back to all the family trees and pulled those people
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out product of rape and incest. would there be any population left? i can't certify that i'm not a part of a product of that. >> so congressman king did not respond to repeated questions outside of the town hall in iowa nor did his office respond to request for comment. king found himself in hot water earlier this year as well after questioning why white supremacy and white nationalism are offensive. that led to stripping king from assignments. the highest ranking republican woman said king's remarks are, quote, appalling and bizarre. adding this, it is time for him to go. the people of the iowa district deserve better. house gop whip says his comments
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are wrong and offensive. and the thoughts were echoed on fox news. >> i have a great deal of problems with that. this isn't the first time i've had problems with what steve king said. there are things he said i do not believe the party of lincoln stands for. we remove him from the committees insideom congress. this shows why that action was taken. >> the reaction from democrats has been swift. j.d.scholten who is running against him said, yet again, steve king puts his selfish hateful ideology above the needs of the people of iowa. multiple candidates tweeted appeals for donations for his
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campaign. others are all calling for king to resign with both sanders and gill brand calling king a disgrace. >> you would think it would be pretty easy to come out against rapeou and insist and you thinkt would be easy to come out against white nationalism. this is another reason why i think j.d. will be an excellent person for that district. >> it is extremely disturbing. i would think anybody who said soming that extreme would resign. i doubt he'll do it. we'll have to beat him the old fashioned way. i think voters in that district are looking for change. >> joining us now, political reporter for the washington e m
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examiner. great to have you with us. whatwi is up with steve king? what would another potential open seat for the republican party mean heading into 2020 especially in a state like iowa? >> republicans are losing a lot of people in their caucus, putting their chances of winning back the house at risk. but a lot of people don't really like steve king. we've already heard calls from leadership for him to resign. i think they see him as a liability and think they are better offan having an open sea and risking a democrat rather than having steve king in that seat and having democrats and other people appropriating his comments for the entirety of the party. it is a republican-leaning seat. there might be safer with calls
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for him to resign. we'll see. >> i wonder if you have any idea how steve king has survived this long with all the things he's said so far. >> when you boil it down, there are a lot of values his voters identify with. he brought up the comments about rape and insist when it comes to abortion. there are a lot of voters who are very pro life voters. maybe they don't agree with how he said but want to see pro life representatives in congress. that is one reason. another is that a lot of voters just don't think about this stuff until election time, until every four years or every two years. that is perhaps another reason. >> let's turn to the stock markets here. we have major losses yesterday and the president subsequently
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blaming powell, the fed chair. especially with trump's reelection bid. we believe the calling card for the second term in the white house is the economy. >> certainly, they are running on growth, on jobs but not only if there is a recession in the middle of the election. that will certainly be detrimental to republican's chances. even the looming idea of maybe the idea of it coming could be detrimental. democrats could point to the trade war and how this is affecting the global markets and the yield everyone is worried about. even though we haven't dipped into a recession, the idea of it looming out there is an idea republicans have sto deal with.
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>> still ahead, new details about what jeffery especially teen's autopsy is revealing. >> and trump talks with key senators on gun control legislation and what impact these bipartisan meetings might actually have. those stories and more coming up next. grab some pens. would shakespeare have chosen just "some pens?" methinks tul pens would serve m'lady well.
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now to the latest in the jeffery epstein death investigation. revealing his autopsy revealed multiple broken bones in the neck. the exam inner said she needed more information. the post says the medical skoffe did not comment. multiple people briefed telling
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nbc news that suicide remains the presumed cause of death. the judge is still waiting for the conclusions about the first suicide attempt. the ward ant responding that the current investigations would also look at the circumstances around the previous episode. >> we are hearing more from the accuser who filed a lawsuit against his estate. the suit followed a new law that took effect in the state of new york just yesterday. it gives survivors one year to sue their childhood abusers even if the statute of limitations expired. araoz claims epstein sexually assaulted her inside her house when she was 14 and 15 and one
2:16 am
time he raped her. and it is said maxwell assisted with maintaining the sex trafficking ring. she says she will get justice writing, quote, the power structure was stacked against me. his money, influence and connections too important people made me want to hide and stay silent. she writes, quote, i'm angry, he won't have to personally answer to me in the court of law but my quest for justice is just getting started. >> joining us here our legal analyst. let's talk about this new law. the look back law. the one-year window. this is a a win for victims to say the least.
2:17 am
in that same year, you have to come to terms with the fact that you were possibly abused as a child but then you may want to prosecute the person who accused you. >> the modern trend is for states to expand or do away all together the statute of limitations. that is what new york did here. it expanded the statute in criminal cases. you could only bring the charges up to the age of 23, that was expanded to 28. on the civil side, it is longer. now someone can bring a several case against abuser until they are 55 years old. the most dramatic part of the law is that it opens up a one-year window, no statute.
2:18 am
you can file suit. yesterday, somewhere on the order of 400 lawsuits wither filed. it is definitely in the several hundreds. >> does it thick make it easier for individuals who are victims of abuse to go after institutions even if the perpetrators of those crimes, those individuals who may have been there have long passed or are no longer there? >> yes. exactly. >> whether a church or any other organization or institution where those individuals have moved on they are still liable for these actions? >> their liable if they knew about it or took some part. that is going to happen in the next year. you are going to see lawsuits filed that are beyond the 55 age limit where several, maybe five, six decades old where the abuser
2:19 am
is long, long gone and maybe only the institution remains. >> really quickly. i'm curious from a lawyers perspective. how hard is it to prosecute a case decades old? i understand the importance to be able to come forward and say it this. when you legally get into the courts and try to adjudicate, how hard does that become? >> they are all arbitrary and completely drawing an imagery line in the sand that says at this time, evidence is too stale and unfair to ask a defendant to defend itself or institution to defend itself because the evidence is not reliable. it recognizes at some point, defendants are prejudice having to defend themselves.
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>> thank you, danny. still ahead, we are following new reports that job hickenlooper may be ending his campaign. more coming up. ♪ work so hard ♪ give it everything you got ♪ strength of a lioness ♪ tough as a knot ♪ rocking the stage ♪ and we never gonna stop ♪ all strength, no sweat. ♪ just in case you forgot ♪ all strength. ♪ no sweat secret. all strength. no sweat.
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2:23 am
governor. not likely to qualify for the next round of debates in september. polling published by the denver poft shows him holding a huge lead over two other democrats in the colorado senate race. despite hurdles, joe biden continues to maintain his lead among south carolina voters. 36% of south carolina democratic voters say they support the former vice president giving biden his largest lead among early voting states. biden is 19 points ahead of senator warren in second place with 17%. 16% support sanders giving him a six-point boost. meanwhile cory booker sits at sixth place with 4% support among voters.
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let's check on your weather now with nbc meteorologist bill karins. >> good morning. florida is getting so much rain, we have a chance of some flooding today and tomorrow. heavy downpours from areas of tampa northwards. we have a chance of some flash flooding this afternoon with storms expected in areas of miami, west palm beach. this is the area of flood watches and the area of fort lauderdale. again, florida has a sandy soil. it can take a lot of rain. it has been raining so much. even now, that sandy soil is getting saturated. we are going to get drenched. in the central plains, we'll take it over to manhattan.
2:25 am
mostly worried about wind damage and hail. the forecast for today, notice a little cooler. a lot of clouds will be lingering. coastal areas boston to new york city. highs will get to the upper 70s. beautiful day in chicago and lower humidity there. dc may sneak in a shower or storm with the high of 85. texas, this doesn't look as hot because it is not in the hundreds but upper 90s from dallas to san antonio and houston. houston just finished seven days in a row in the hundreds. >> phoenix with a solid 113? >> yesterday was 114. still with heat warnings in the west. >> has it dropped below 100 in phoenix this summer? >> their average is 104 to 105. it is what they sign up for. >> thank you. the latest on what we can expect from wall street after the dow
2:26 am
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welcome back. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside ayman mohyeldin. let's start with the morning's top stories. investors in the u.s. are gearing up for a new trading day after growing concerns of a possible recession.
2:30 am
the dow shed 800 points. its worse performance of the year. s&p 500 and nasdaq lost nearly 3% each sending signals of a possible recession as the yield of the 10-year treasury fell below the key marker since 2007. good morning to you from london. anticipating what took place today. what exactly is an inverted yield curve and why does it matter to the market so much? >> remember, a couple of days ago, you were asking whether or not we'd see a volatile equity. we saw an 800-point drop. the catalyst was the yield point inversion. let me explain that. the u.s. treasury issues bonds at a yield level. it has a whole difference of
2:31 am
maturities. two-year, five-year, 30-year. the two-year yield is higher than the 10-year yield. typically what that means and has meant since 1956 is that we have seen a recession follow shortly afterwards. the average time period for that to happen is around 17 months if you go back to 1956. it varies situation to situation and is a function of what the federal reserve does in response to that. the market is placing a lot of pressure on the federal reserve's next moves. pricing in three further cuts to help with stablization. i would caution that the president's tweets have not been very helpful. it is scaring some investors off alluding to the federal chair powell as clueless saying that
2:32 am
the fed has been holding back. it helps baring in mind the dow is down 5.5 percentage points. a lot are trading lower after those tariff tweets. so still a lot of volatility to come. >> you have the situation in hong kong, trade in china and the russia and the president tweeting against his own u.s. federal reserve. what do you anticipate happening on what you are seeing overseas? is. >> what we are seeing is the dow futures are opening relatively flattish. they were seen opening up higher. since then, we had comments out of china commerce saying if the u.s. were to apply extra tariffs in december, they would have to pursue counter measures. we are still seeing strong push back. as that rhetoric deteriorates,
2:33 am
that is not a strong session from the market. >> if saying 17 months from now is a recession. >> 17 months? >> that lands us at the tale end of the election period, which will be interesting to see. thank you. some of trump administration top aids are urging the president to voice support of the hong kong prodemocracy protesters. trump has so far refused to do that. trump is only concerned with finalizing a trade deal and ask not want to criticize chinese leader. he wrote yesterday, he is a great leader who very much has the respect of his people. he is a good man. i have zero doubt that if president xi wants to stop the
2:34 am
unrest, he will do it. senator minority leader wrote, it is unacceptable that donald trump is not standing up to beijing as it intensifies the crackdown on human rights in hong kong. he needs to make it clear to the people of hong kong who want freedom. >> following the recent mass shootings in el paso and dayton. he had conversations with one of the leading gun reform advocates and authors of the bipartisan background check that failed to pass in the wake of the sandy hook elementary shooting. a seen onior official saying th white house is looking to model a bill after a legislation and it believes it has a good policy
2:35 am
framework. that same official says the white house is not considering to ask the congress to pass a federal red flag law but is focused on a sem 3we8ing a framework for states to follow if they choose to put in place their own such laws. >> republican senator martha mcsally drafted legislation that would make domestic terrorism a distinct crime. trying to close a loophole that prevents federal authorities from specifically punishing domestic terrorism and would criminalize the domestic violence. currently, authorities normally charge domestic terrorism suspects with other offenses. in a statement, she who is an air force veteran said for too long, we have allowed those who commit han us acts of domestic
2:36 am
terrorism to be charged with related crimes. that stops with my bill. >> joining us washington reporter, some would say this was a long-time coming. this proposal from senator mcsally. what is being made of this bill and how might this impact her 2020 senate race? >> we are expecting a lot of senators to sign on to this and become co-sponsors for it. interestingly, i think it is a big deal for mcsally and her reelection race. she is running against mark kelly who is the husband of gabby giffords, former representative that was tragically shot. i think martha mcsally having a strong stance on the domestic terrorism will be very important for her and her race.
2:37 am
>> let's talk about another hot topic issue which can is gun control. president trump seems to be having gun legislation talks of his own. how could these bipartisan meetings change the dynamic over the gun debate in america? >> there is an appetite to revive some of the legislation. another aspect is that their legislation doesn't go as far -- their 2013 version does not go as far as what house democrats passed and are asking mitch mcconnell to put on the senate floor. it will be interesting to see if something gets through the senate if it will be strict enough for democrats and also whether mitch mcconnell will bring up any background check legislation at all. he's expressed reluctance to support any measures like that. i think that's going to be the
2:38 am
biggest question and hurdle going into it. >> it is obvious any gun reform legislation will rely heavily on what the perfect easy decides to do. the big question is why now? why should it be any different than after parkland when the president also supported red flag and background checks and had a conversation with the nra and walked back both of those. >> one part is that the nra is a little bit a mess right now so there might not be as many strong voices coming from that wing of the conservative movement. another issue is that there were two mass shootings in one weekend. we've already seen a lot of these shootings sort of inspired by white nationalism. that is also a very concerning aspect for donald trump and his presidency too and a lot of
2:39 am
people in the white house were a little bit rattled by that. not only that, it is election time. he is facing some pressure to do something on this. i think that would be a pretty good feather for had imin his cap for him to say as a republican he was able to get some bipartisan gun reform too. >> as two families begin to burry their loved ones in the wake of the el paso massacre, he lost his wife. he said they met 22 years ago in omaha wand moved to el paso nine years ago with no family but each other. he was concerned no one would show up. the funeral home posted this message saying he welcomes anyone who would like to attend. the response was so overwhelming and will be held in a larger
2:40 am
venue. hundreds are expected to attend. >> when i saw this, i thought i know for sure el paso will do this thing and support this man in his time of sadness. >> always speaks to the power of community there how everyone comes together. that really captures that. >> still ahead, the moves of the trump administration working to give immigration officials more money money and ongoing crack downs. nancy pelosi jumps on the moscow mitch bandwagon. >> her new comments and a looks at the forecast. your first look at "morning joe" is back in a moment. moment. to plump skin cells so it bounces back... neutrogena® and try our hydrating makeup.
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>> welcome back. the federal government is reportedly trying to give more funding to immigration. a statement from politico saying
2:44 am
it is unclear. a statement saying, quote, i.c.e. is not going to win an award in the caucus for charity. we cannot see taking money from other programs and putting it into i.c.e. i can assure you there would not be support for adding additional money. the request comes after homeland security transferred $200 million last year into i.c.e. and follows the raids in mississippi that resulted in 680 arrests. defending the controversial remarks about the poem etched on the statue of liberty after comments. >> one of the things getting a lot of comments is your statement about the statue of liberty. you've been accused of
2:45 am
distorting the message. what you meant by that. >> you'll find public charge laws in the books all the way to the clonal era. this is part and parcel to america's immigration history. we want people to come here. we are the most generous nation in the history of the world but we do expect people to stand on their own two feet, to care for themselves and not to come here to be what has been called a historic charge or a burden on the government. >> let's take a look at the weather with bill. >> this could be one of the hottest summer days of the season in the west. 28 million people are impacted from phoenix to tucson. in death valley it could get above 120. the forecast for today, phoenix
2:46 am
about 113, yuma at 116. vegas, 110. these are hot by anyone's standards. as we head towards the weekend forecast, it slowly gets back to normal. phoenix normal at 105. vegas, same for you. significant cooling in areas of sacramento around 101 to 87. beautiful day. enjoy the lower humidity levels. unfortunately down along the gulf coast, we'll deal with a lot of rain and storms. let's get into the weekend forecast. get away day on saturday. along the southeast coastal areas from wilmington southward, on and off showers and storms. we have added a couple of showers. perhaps a stray thunderstorm in
2:47 am
northern new england. by the time we get to sunday, the southeast is looking at stormy weather. d.c. at 95. the mid-atlantic region looks like a good beach weekend for you. still ahead, a former top democrat called for al franken to return to office and what they are saying about the multiple calls of sexual assault allegations against him. we'll be right back. relievin. from the day you're born we never stop taking care of you.
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welcome back.
2:50 am
rapper asap rocky was found guilty of assault by a swedish court. the court found the june 30th incident between
2:51 am
imagine describing yourself as the grim reaper, he's going to burying all of this legislation. we have news for him. all this legislation is live and well in the general public. we must have gun violence preventio prevention legislation. every day we lose lives. gun violence prevention. so we need to do that and we need to do it soon. i don't talk very much about the person down the street, but i will say this. that we take an oath of office to protect our country from all enemies, foreign and domestic, and we will do so. and we will do so. no one is above the law. >> who's the person down the street? >> no idea. no idea. >> in a recently released interview with harry reid, he said he wishes al franken would run for office again. reed said i wish he could but i don't think he will. he just feels hurt and was a
2:52 am
good senator. >> he also said that franken who resigned after sexual misconduct, quote, got a bad deal pe deal. he served from 2011 to 2016. coming up on "morning joe," the global markets are on edge as signals of a possible recession are growing. >> a live report on how markets are shaping up after the dramatic plunge over potential economic troubles ahead as president trump plays the blame on the federal reserve chairman that he picked. plus, democratic congresswoman fudge joins the show. "morning joe" is just moments away. show "morning joe" is just moments away hiv controlling, joint replacing, and depression relieving company. from the day you're born we never stop taking care of you.
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maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. welcome back, everyone. joining us now from washington, d.c. are the look at axios and the cofounder mike allen. what is axios's one big thing for today. >> the axios one big thing and the world's big thing say synchronized global swamp. for the last two years, the
2:56 am
united states and the world have enjoyed something that's super rare, and that is a synchronized global prosperity and a global bump in the economy. but around the world there are signs of trouble. it's not just the u.s. where there are all those recession indicators flashing red. you look around the world to japan, china, germany, italy, uk, they're all showing signs of trouble. just months after around the world you had all ten of the biggest economies rising up at once. >> it highlights how much of our economies have become interconnected, the global economies -- >> one starts to fall and the others do as well. amidst all these market troubles, what is axios hearing about the trump administration's concerns over this? >> yeah. so the president running out of tools, a person very close to president trump told jonathan
2:57 am
swann something remarkable. this person said without the narrative on the economy, the president can't win in 2020. the president is convinced of it. he needs a strong economy in 2020. the people around the president are very concerned, not just about these economic indicators, but their own dow jones. and that's polls out of pennsylvania, wisconsin, michigan, all of them showing worrisome signs. the president is running out of tools. the tax cut's kicked in, the regulatory reform has kicked in and that's why there's so many worries, that the president may not be able to change this. >> what is the calculation that the president is going after the federal reserve and jerome powell, the man that he picked? what are you hearing from people who are saying the president -- he always likes a foil when it comes to any of the issues that he is trying to make front and center his reaction. but what's the strategy going
2:58 am
after jerome powell? >> you can boil it down to two words and those words are not me. they see the kind of coverage that msnbc has had and voters look at it and get worried, see that there are signs of trouble at home, trouble around the world, and the president wants to offload that blame because the economy has been one of the best stories he has to tell. and, of course, the one way that he has any shot of breaking out of his base, his own voters, if there are people around the country who say i'm better off, i don't like a lot of the stuff that he tweets, but my business doing better, i'm doing better, that's very powerful. if going into the election like all the signs are the ones that we're hearing today, the conversation is like the ones they're hearing today, the president knows that's big trouble. so that's why he's saying to the -- it's all about the fed, even though, of course, it's his pick. >> the irony of it all is when the stock market is doing well
2:59 am
the president takes all the credit for it saying jobs are down, it's because of me. and suddenly it's the fed, the china trade war, it's everything but him. >> it's obvious this is a tragic but it seems like it works with his base, they buy it. >> he has been saying this. people have worked in other white houses, previous presidents will tell you that rookie mistake is taking credit for the stock market. because, of course, the stock market in particular those daily moves don't mean a lot. that's what we've seen with the kifr rage. t coverage. the indicators do mean a lot, the longer term indicators. fuels people's fears and fears of recession can be as dangerous to the company. >> people say this is just a popular road, it will be back. this is seeming like it will be
3:00 am
much more long term. >> thanks, mike. >> thank you very much. we'll be reading axios in just a minute. you can sign up for the newsletter. >> that does it for us on this thursday morning. i'm yasmin alongside ahmed. "morning joe" starts right now. >>. welcome to "morning joe." good morning, i'm willie geist, it is thursday, august the 15th. we have washington anchor caddie kaye, white house reporter for "the associated press" jonathan meer, and contributor to time magazine and former aide to the george w. bush and state department elise jordan. and roger's professor of the vanderbilt university jon meacham. he's also an maple contributor and a roadietor tim mcgraw. we'll get into that


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