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tv   AM Joy  MSNBC  August 17, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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pressuring democratic congresswomen. congresswomen tlaib is rejecting their offer on the grounds it is too restrictive. we'll have an update on that in a little bit but all of trump's finger pointing may be to distract from the one thing he was hoping to help his re-election bid. a rocky week which included its worst day of the year. some say trump is worried about signs we are headed for a recession but publicly he is still trying to take credit for any economic success. >> let me tell you, if for some reason i wouldn't have won the election, these markets would have crashed. and that will happen even more so in 2020. see, the bottom line is i know you like me and this room is a
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lovefest. i know that. but you have no choice but to vote for me because you're 401(k)s, down the tubes, everything is going to be down the tubes. so whether you love me or hate me, you got to vote for me. >> all right. one of my next guests points out that the president's tax cuts which he called the biggest reform of all time, they aren't giving the u.s. economy the boost it needs. trump has defended his economic record blaming losses not on himself and not even on president obama believe it or not. but on his federal reserve chair who he appointed. great panel to kick off this volatile week. ron, let me begin with you. we -- you and i actually spoke earlier in the week. we had the trade war in full bloom. we had the president going after the federal reserve and the
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chair jerome powell whom he appointed and the crisis in hong kong. by the end of the week things seemed to have stabilized. why? >> i think we did get some decent economic numbers on retail sales. we saw some earnings reports that came in a little better than expected but still, none of the problems that occurred last week have gone away. we there are concerns that the bond market, the interest rate market both here and abroad are all sending signals of a possibility of a worldwide slowdown if not outright recession. so these concerns are growing. the trade war is growing. it's weakening china which in turn is weakening germany. and we're seeing some signs of slowdown in u.s. manufacturing around the world has slowed to the point of contracting. the consumer in the united states is strong but other parts of the global economy are weakening.
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>> so to that point, as ron there was saying the core issues of the kind of crisis we are saying they have not gone away. it doesn't seem that the president from the statements that he has been making trying to project that the economy is doing well seems to be fully aware of what's at hand although behind the scenes we're getting some reports that he is starting to fret a little bit. despite gyrations in the u.s. stock market and economic slowdowns in other countries officials in the white house at the treasury department and throughout the administration are planning no new steps to attempt to stave off recession. trump's economic advisors have been delivering the president's upbeat and making its stronger than forecasters are making it out to be. are we to believe he's not getting --
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>> when you look at the statement that he made that you just played from that clip, it's complete nonsense when he talks about how everybody's 401(k) would crater. the ffinancial markets grew during president obama's presidency at this point than it has in president trump's. we do have a growing economy. we do have a fundamentally solid economy, but as ron just indicated we are vulnerable to problems in the rest of the world. and we've got a ten-year expansion that may be running out of gas. one of the challenges is that because of the deficit increasing tax cut stimulus, the spending increases and the federal reserve rate cuts there's not a whole lot of ammunition either in a monetary sense or in a fiscal sense for the government to respond if we have a downturn and you've got to also wonder whether the president has a team in place
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that is capable of effectively managing that if we do in fact slip into recession which business economists seem to think is in the 40 to 50% chance range next year as he's running for re-election. >> i wanted to get to that point, john, because our colleagues over at cnbc have been reporting that he's been calling the big ceos. this is the stock market as the stokt market began to plunge. according to one of the people you guys are appointing that executives responded that the consumer is doing well, but that they could be doing better if issues including the china/u.s. trade war were resolved. the president has always touted himself as having delivered the greatest economy in the history of the u.s. that has been the key to his re-election. if that begins to crumble is the president politically vulnerable
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on that issue. >> yes, and to be clear, for him to say that it's the greatest economy in our history is completely false. so we know that to begin with, but he's been able to take advantage, to assume the advantage of a good economy. he hasn't benefitted as much from the good economy as others have because of his behavior. there are a lot of people who think the economy is doing well but don't like the way trump behaves. now he's got to worry about the inverse of that which is people who like him, who like his message on immigration, who like his -- the culture wars that he likes to fight but if they all the sudden especially blue collar women start to worry that the economy is weakening and they're going to be in trouble, he poses the risk of erosion on that end of the spectrum as well. >> this is a president who is taking credit for stock market rallies when things are going well and there is an uptick as we played in that sound bite when he tried to say since
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november the market had been going up, he takes credit for the market when it goes in his favor or when it goes up, but he absolutely lays the blame on everybody else except him when it tanks like we saw this week. >> well, it is a rookie mistake to brag about the stock market because what goes up can come down and we've seen that. we didn't see too much of him on the day the markets dropped 800 points. but this is his own chickens coming home to roost. he had one job, one job only and that was to do nothing that would screw up the economy that he inherited. i don't usually put all the blame or none of the blame on a president for the economic condition. our economy is huge, there's lots of factors but in this case he and to a certain extent boris johnson are directly responsible if we have a recession. they are creating international chaos. this president as ron said doesn't seem to understand that when you hurt our own consumers, when you hurt china, when you
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hurt germany it comes back to us. these are all our customers as well. they're going to buy less stuff from us. when you look at the figures and the cost of the tariffs it is huge and in many cases particularly if you're a consumer who has to buy a dishwasher or a refrigerator, you're paying a huge amount of money, probably more than you saved in those tax cuts on tariffs. he doesn't quite get every once in a while he sort of backtracks but he doesn't understand that yes, in fact, the consumers are paying for that. so we have an economic illiterate as president. we have someone who is i think driving foreign leaders and our investors a little bit coo coo and when that happens, business leaders kind of freeze. they paralyze. why would you make decisions if you don't have to right now. he may be gone and he may do something whacky the next day. once that happens and you don't have investors making smart
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decisions on economic factors you're in trouble. >> so is the president lying when he touts that money is coming into the u.s. that american consumers are not paying the tariffs and that china is losing big time? >> well, american business and american consumers are absolutely paying the consumers. he conceded to that point when he delayed the increase on tariffs when he said he did not want to make it go up before the holiday shopping season. now, with respect to money flowing into the u.s., the reason that long-term interest rates here in the u.s. are going down is that international investors are buying u.s. treasury bonds because the rest of the global economy is so weak and this gets a little bit many the weeds. $16 trillion of overseas government debt has negative yields. in other words, if you want to lend the swiss government money for ten years you'll pay them a full percentage point to hold their money. here in the u.s. our treasury
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bonds have a positive yield so as a flight to safety money is coming to the u.s. treasury bond but it's not because people believe we're strengthening, it's the belief that maybe the u.s. economy would be weakening. that's why you buy bonds. he's shading that, the real measure of confidence the u.s. if there were foreign direct investment into building new plant and equipment that would be a statement of confidence. buying bonds is certainly not one. >> let's go back to the point that the president has put his hat on the economy. trump's approval rating begins to slip according to that poll. job performance in july 46%, down in august by 3% to 43%. again, this is fox news poll that the president has increasingly become i would say like he's starting to sour a little bit on some of those fox news polls. how significant of that 3% drop in just the course of a month as the economy begins to tank a little bit? >> well, i don't think it's that
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significant. this president's moved in a very narrow range in polling. he's in the low 40s and that's been pretty consistent. if you average all the polls together he's around 42%. so i wouldn't put all that much stock in that particular drop. i do think it's worth pointing out the fox news poll is an outstanding poll. the president doesn't like polls that don't reflect well on him. that's not -- has nothing to do with the quality of the poll. there are good researchers who conduct that fox poll but the president's got to worry even in an environment where he's -- his level of support has been stable, it's been stable at a low level and he can't afford to drop much more when you look to 2020. he is a significantly underwater in a number of states that he won in 2016 so he's got a lot of problems and the more consumers begin to worry and we did have a decline in consumer confidence as measured this week. that is a -- an increasing
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problem for him in trying to organize his re-election campaign. >> and to that point is there a window here for democrats to seize on this momentum with the economy starting to soften a little bit if you want to use that for better lack of expression, excuse me. let me compare obama. obama created 6.61 million jobs. trump has created 5.74 jobs. more or less roughly around the same period. is there a window here for democrats to seize on the economy? >> well, i think the window has been opened in a lot of ways. to begin with, he's already in very bad shape. that same poll showed four democrats all beating him. three of those outside the margin of error. it showed a huge deficit for him in white women, college educated women. he cannot win with those groups so although the top number was not as dire, if you look within
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the body of the poll, it's pretty bad. but yes, i actually think the democrats have quite not made enough of this. he made a lot of promises coming in. we were going to have a super duper health care plan, every worker was going to get $4,000 more in wages. everyone was going to have 3% growth or more. he hasn't delivered. >> what about the infrastructure plan? >> exactly. infrastructure weak. >> and we're growing about 2% this year, so that looks like we're going back to trend line growth. the hiring component of the u.s. economy was just as strong. >> you guys are going to be back later in this hour. stay with us. coming up, more horrifying stories surfacing about america's immigration crisis. that's next. america's immigration crisis that's next.
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all right. this week you heard there the acting head of citizenship and immigration services misquoted the statue of liberty poem while
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touting the trump administration's new rule making it harder for low income legal immigrants to stay in the united states. in fact, this comes as the federal government is apparently using a new tactic to track and arrest undocumented workers. ice used gps data from immigrant's ankle monitors earlier this month. joining me is d-- danny, help u understand what exactly this means. you and i spoke a little bit earlier this week when we started getting this this week. help us understand. >> they're attaching gps ankle bracelets which are exonly used in the context of pretrial when you send somebody out and you don't hold them in custody. it allows the government to track where that person is.
7:19 am
especially if you have concerns about that person showing up for court. it's also used on the other end for parolees, folks who get out of prison and it saves the government a lot of money so instead of housing people you can use gps, you can use advancing technology increasingly. you can tell the difference between someone being in their living room and on their front porch so that helps the government monitor where folks are. the key is are they using it to make sure they show up for court or are they using it to build evidence in new criminal cases and courts including the supreme court have treated those differently. >> so put on your lawyer hat and tell me, what is the concern that lawyers like yourself human rights organizations or civil advocacy groups might have about this tactic. >> there's a huge concern because there's one thing to track the movements of folks who are accused of a crime. in the case of asylum seekers who have committed no crime, the
7:20 am
installation of an ankle monitor actually creates two searches under the 4th amendment. the second and justice ale do have observed this. the continuing monitoring is a search under the 4th amendment and it has to be really scrutinized if you're going to conduct a search like that without probable cause and for ongoing law enforcement investigative purposes. the courts haven't really dealt with the issue of asylum seekers and ankle monitors, but if you apply what the courts have said about pretrial detainees or those charged with a crime or parolees, then there's an even stronger case that this is an n unconstitutional search. >> to that point, let me share with you this from california according to the washington post here. they're essentially saying california stay with the largest population of immigrants filed a federal lawsuit friday hoping to derail the trump administration hoping to deny green cards to
7:21 am
foreign nationals who use medicaid or other public assistance. in reference to that sound bite we played from ken and the defense he has made that this was on the books through the public charge law. what do you make of the administration's attempt to try and deny those in this country a path forward and even staying here if they're relying on government assistance? >> let's call it what it is. these are not good faith immigration policies that are being done to tackle a issue of national concern or crisis. this is a white supremacist domestic terror campaign that is targeting people of color in the united states under the name of the united states government where the casualties are now children and families. it is shameful, it is unacceptable and it is un-american and more importantly, ammon, from the perspective of public opinion, this is not at all what the american people want.
7:22 am
if you look at survey of survey, poll after poll, that's the trade i work in, these are deeply unpopular positions. very few americans support this approach and i think we're seeing the consequences as we have a more radicalized overheated rhetoric all throughout the united states now resulting in the loss of life but these zen phobic natives taking this to the extreme. >> let me take you to my colleague and here's what he has to say about the president's new policies. >> i think the point that needs to be asked is why is donald trump so interested in cutting off this generation of immigrants and it goes back to what he's displayed from the beginning of his political career to the way he started his campaign, to those comments about the mexican american judge to his comments about omar and her colleagues. he wants a whiter, wealthier
7:23 am
nation. >> and put this in perspective for us the way the presidential candidate there has said, is this part of a larger broader policy by this trump administration that fits that narrative, you think? >> absolutely. listen, look at who actually really reacts and cares about undocumented immigrants and their welfare and safety and who are the people who start foaming at the mouth when we start talking about illegals. people along the border. those communities are actually not the ones who are talking about building a wall. in fact, congressman bill hurt said he can no longer run for congress as a republican because his community is so integrated and diverse and they're not interested in these hard line tactics. this is a rhetoric that plays to fears and racial anxieties in the midwest and places where people don't have to interact with undocumented or people -- undocumented people or people of color very much and now it's at the point where the trump administration is saying that silent part out loud.
7:24 am
ken in an interview earlier said well, the statue of liberty was about european immigration. well, the fact is hlazarus and she would not qualify to come into the united states and they're being for more direct about calling people illegal and using these terms of legality to figure out how they can change the demographic makeup of the united states. >> you wanted to jump in on that real quick. >> oi understand the concerns, but the public charge rule has been around since 1882. it's been statutorily completely unchanged. the idea that we don't want folks to come here if they're completely reliant on government assistance. >> but that's where it gets confusing to people and i think it's a very easy way to say public charge means you're entirely dependent on
7:25 am
government. when you look at say income and equality and you know that the walmart family is making $4 million an hour but walmart associates are making $11 an hour, that is working poor. they might have children who are u.s. citizens who need that extra hand out to get by. so it's people who are poor -- >> i want to give danny a chance to finish his thought. >> totally respect what you're saying but the public charge rule is not about targeting the poor. it's about focusing on self-sufficienty. one can be poor and self-sufficient so my question is what about this change to the public charge rule makes it improper now where as all those hundreds of years before when we had the public charge rule under administrations it was acceptab acceptable. >> it's all about interpretat n interpretation. administrative law ends up being heavy based on discretion.
7:26 am
it's the interpretation of how you look at this and putting out rules that now if you even apply as a family, that is a problem because now you're affecting citizens and children who are here and have paid taxes into getting those ben fits. >> last word to you. >> just quickly, i mean, she's right on the money. i mean, this is idea of selective enforcement of legal precedent. we're not talking about again about a good faith administration trying to tackle a problem. this is a regime that is shown over and over again. they are wearing their racism on their sleeve and i speak to danny's point. i mean, look, i'm coming to this conversation from miami. my entire family, cuban americans that came in the 50s, 60s to the present day, they started off relying on government services in order to be able to make a contribution to this country. in the process that wave of immigrants transformed and made miami one of the world class
7:27 am
cities. that phenomenon is happening all over the country so to pretend there is a legal concern here is ridiculous. >> it's been proven that the first generation of immigrants who do come into this country even if they do receive assistance their offspring have contributed much more to the economy of this country beyond that first generation. we should not ever lose sight of that. thank you very much to both of you, you'll be back with us a little bit later in the program. and fox news poll that donald trump doesn't like. more on that next. more on that next. ♪ limu emu & doug
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. i will not in any scenario run for the united states senate. i'm running for president. i'm running for this country. i'm taking this fight directly to donald trump and that's what i'm focused on doing right now. >> beto o'rourke doubled down on his run for president. another democratic candidate stepped out of the race. john hickenlooper ended his bid for president at the same time saying he will give a senate run serious thought. stacey abrams also ended all speculation of a presidential run this week saying she will
7:32 am
insteed fighting on voter suppression efforts. she's launching her new initiative fair fight 2020 in georgia later today. john, so let me start off by reading you this poll. again, this is another fox news poll on 2020 matchups against trump and any of the leading democratic candidates. you've got joe biden. 50%. trump at 38%. elizabeth warren 46 to 39. kamala harris, 45% to 39. every single top tier democrat all beating president trump. i'd say pretty convincingly with those matchups. that's got to be cause of concern for the president. >> yes, and even additional cause of concern is the president didn't even reach 40% in those polls. that's a very low number. you know, the president can win with under 50% of the vote. he did that in 2016 and of course we've seen that before depending on what third party
7:33 am
candidates we have, but when you're talking about 38 or 39% that is a dangerously low level. the president started with a relatively small base in historical terms. he's not expanded on that base. there is evidence that he's lost some of it especially white college edge katsed voters and some noncollege white women. those are pieces of erosion from his base that are very, very dangerous for 2020. >> let me talk a little bit about joe biden and we'll work our way through some of these candidates in this matchup. you've got joe biden and according to the "new york times," there's some growing concern about some of his gaps in fact the hill is reporting -- not the "new york times," the hill is reporting that biden allies are floating back. we've already seen the president jump on some of these gaps calling him sleepy joe and making fun of some of these
7:34 am
comments. is he vulnerable with some of these gaps he keeps making? >> he's old in the context of presidential campaign -- the ages of candidates who have succeeded. he has run twice before the 2020 campaign, did not do well in those campaigns. he does trip over his tongue on occasion. he has assets, we know that. he is a reassuring figure to a significant chunk of democratic voters especially african american voters who won a safe bet going against donald trump but there's no question that elizabeth warren, bernie sanders, kamala harris, pete buttgieg, they have room so grow and joe biden has weaknesses and he shows them on a regular basis. he has strengths as well but that's why they run the campaign. >> you talked about growing a little bit. it's often said that bernie
7:35 am
sanders, elizabeth warren sometimes compete for the same voters. it's interesting to see little bit lately in the polls. bernie sanders has been holding steady, sometimes dropping in so since july. what do you attribute to bernie sanders' lack of surge? >> first of all, bernie sanders is not a democrat and he struggled among registered democrats in the 2016 campaign. that's first of all. second of all he's a self-identified socialist. that is something that is off putting to some voters. he is old and sort of dishevelled kind of candidate who isn't as polished as some others. elizabeth warren has been a very polished candidate. she has been very disciplined and aggressive in rolling out policies so she's kind of a -- a more refined and more specific
7:36 am
democratic candidate with the ability to appeal to a broader swath of democrats especially white voters but she like every other challenger has got to make some in roads with african americans to block them off. up next, even republicans are condemning steve king for his latest comments. we'll remind them what he hasn't said about the current occupant of the white house. stay with us. te house stay with us tailored recommendations, tax-efficient investing strategies, and a dedicated advisor to help you grow and protect your wealth. fidelity wealth management.
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>> what if we pulled those people out that were products of rape and incest. would there be any population of the world left if we did that n inconsidering all the wars and the rape and i know they're not a product of that. >> that's steve king's latest offensive comments. today's kmentss are apolling and bizarre. it is time for him to go. the people of iowa's fourth congressional district deserve better. she was joined by kevin mccarthy who had this to say. >> this isn't the first time i've had concerns with what steve king has said. earlier in this congress there are things that steve king said that i do not believe the party of lincoln would stand for and as a united conference we
7:41 am
actually removed steve king from his committees inside congress and i think it continues to show why that action was taken. >> all right. so i guess it's maybe a little bit easier to go after a member of congress whose commit tease responsibilities have been stripped but these are the same folks who failed to condemn feints like this from their own leader. >> if you go back into the four congresswomen, the things they've said about our country are terrible. >> i believe they hate our country, okay? i believe they hate our country. >> but if you're not happy in the u.s., if you're complaining all the time, very simply, you can leave. you can leave right now. >> all right. joining us now is former republican congressman david jolly who is no longer with the party. great to have you with us on this morning. is there a little bit of a hypocrisy from liz cheney, mccarthy condemning the comments made by steve king who had a long history of racist comments
7:42 am
as well as those coming out of those from the president? >> oh, sure, if kevin mccarthy and liz cheney were honest with themselves that what we hear from steve king is largely indiswishable from what we hear from the president of the united states. and the context is even more troubling when we hear it from the president. we hear him waxing about western civilization when there was obviously the predominant white culture before diversity had immerged. we hear him talk about it in those terms. donald trump puts a contemporary framing around it. a 2019 framing as a way of stoking division among american people when he talks about immigrants, when he talks about rapists and thugs and immigrants. when he makes comments on american citizens saying go back where you came from. it's much more powerful and
7:43 am
divisive what we're hearing from the united states. the republicans were right to strip king of his assignments. i think you'll see supporters to remove steve king and be able to compete in what would be a competitive election. >> i was going to play this matchup of some of mccarthy's comments with the president's comments. >> it was a small group off to the side. he moved on to make them stop in the process. you want to dislike the president so much you're trying to accuse him of something he did not do sf h. >> if they don't love it tell him to leave it. >> the president did not name the individual. >> tlaib, alexandria osas owe cortez. presley, is she related in any
7:44 am
way to elvis? >> so what do you make of ken mccarthy's position on these? is he so blinded by his loyalty that he did not see that or is he simply defending the president to the tilt because he doesn't believe the president's comments are as racist as others have criticized them to be? >> ammon, i probably can't say what i really think on live tv. what i would say is kevin mccarthy doesn't deserve the title leader. that is not a leader what we just heard there. that is spineless, that is making accommodation to a president that he knows is failing, not just on a policy level, on a leadership level but also on a personal level. the type of leadership that we try to hide our own children from. look, we know there's a double standard here. we know kevin mccarthy and republican leaders are catering to the president. they have chosen to take on steve king frankly as a way to suggest they really do have conviction even though we know they don't.
7:45 am
we will see more moments between kevin mechanccarthy and donald and voter will have an opportunity to weigh that contrast between trump and the democratic nominee. >> as many others have pointed out this president is reshaping the republican party in his own image. you'll be back with us next hour. don't go too far, my friend. more a.m. joy after the break. d. more a.m. joy after the break. so i know there's a big need for new gas-x maximum strength. it relieves pressure, bloating and discomfort fast. so no one needs to know you've got gas. gas-x.
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i'm going to continue to fight back and demand that they provide access for me and any of my colleagues to come to israel into the areas and be able to listen to people. but yeah, it's a disservice to all of us who want to see peace there. >> congresswoman tlaib will not be visiting israel after all. to congresswoman ilhan omar to make a visit to the affected areas, only to relent to allow her to visit her grandmother in the west bank. tlaib, though, said she would not visit due to oppressed
7:54 am
circumstances, saying she promised not to promote details during her trip. the president was wondering if her demand, quote, was a setup. there are ways to look at it, humanitarian perspectives. if you look at it from a political perspective, everyone seems to have won a the bit. you have a president and someone who has been tough on two members of the senate. and you have a president not allowing them to visit their territories. you have a president saying, do it once again and this time
7:55 am
invoke one of the congresswoman's grandmothers. and you have the congresswoman rashida tlaib which, over the course of the past several days, highlighted the plight of the palestinian people and anyone who a who have descendants abroad who simply want to go visit their grandmother and they need permission from the israeli military to access one of the territories. but there is a calculation in this, and that is some of the losers. most importantly, people have begun to question the u.s.-israel special relationship. you know you're going into different waters when apac, members of the jewish community, leaders of some of the republican party's allies in israel have come out to criticize the u.s. government for not letting in two members of the american congress. and more importantly in all of this, the amount of news
7:56 am
attention that has now been given to what the israeli government had tried to prevent from happening, and that is the topic of bds, boycott divestment and sanctions as well as the israeli territory. all of this could have been avoided if the israeli government had allowed these two to go in. it may not have gotten the sort of media attention it has gotten now. but keep this in mind. the israeli government didn't want two advocates of bds and take center stage to advocate for bds while they were there. bds and the hash taking boyco
7:57 am
#boycottisrael has gotten attention. jennifer rubin of the "washington post," david jolly is also with us and the leader of the state department is back. i kind of laid out the parameters of what we want to talk about here. there are so many levels and we'll get to the politics of it in just a moment, but i wanted to begin with a statement from senator hoyer, who after tlaib was not allowed to enter and then she was put on certain limits if she wanted to go to humanitarian ground. he said rk, the israeli governm required her to sign a letter in some very limiting her actions while in israel and/or the west bank. to my knowledge, no member --
7:58 am
what do you think of this backlash? >> he said he didn't want to let them into that nation. you have to look at the politics of israel, too, with netanyahu and the right wing there, too. but if you look at the majority of the population there, they don't support him jurks like the majority of the population here does not support what donald trump does. it's the same dynamic where if anyone goes against him, or there's someone he deems almost an enemy of the state, where when he went after "the squad," he called them anti-american, and those are dangerous terms because you're basically calling
7:59 am
them a traitor. that is so dangerous at this point in time. >> i really disagree that netanyahu is a winner in any respect. he looks weak. he first had made the decision to let them in. the israeli ambassador to the united states announced them. he then jumped like a little poodle dog. that's a sign of weakness. it's had a huge blow to his credibility and now they are deciding how to express their displeasure with them and how to do his job anymore since he isn't well taken. back in israel, his best argument is i have the secret sauce with getting along with the united states. i know how to manipulate them, i have the best u.s.-israel relationship. he has just created a mess in the u.s.-israel relationship
8:00 am
that may takes years to mend. i don't think he benefits from this at all. >> we'll talk about that in just a second, but i want to say the prime minister has been shifted in the last couple years, israeli politics has shifted from the left to the right. he is actually making the argument that he is simply enforcing the law. i don't want to make it sound -- hold on one second. i just want to say this point real quickly. i don't want to make it sound like the prime minister simply fell under the pressure and the tweet of the president, these are israeli policies that he -- >> no, he already had announced he would let them in. that's what's so backwards about this. they already made very clear, in fact, the words of the israeli ambassador of the united states were, out of respect for the united states and the institution of congress, we're going to let these people in. they had never done this before. in fact, he reversed himself. if he had come out initially from this position and taken this hard line, maybe that would
8:01 am
be a legitimate argument. but it's so patently in reaction to trump that i don't see how this is a sign of strength in the least. >> let me actually read you guys this tweet. this is from the israeli minister of the interior who responded yesterday after congresswoman tlaib said she would not be visiting. he writes, i approved her request as a gesture of goodwill on a humanitarian basis but it was just a provocative request, aimed at bashing the state of israel. apparently her hate for israel overco overcomes her love for her grandmother. putting a palestinian and a member of congress in this choice to be able to speak freely, her responsibility to see where tax dollars are going, and choosing to see her grandmother? >> at some level, meramerica ne to see a snapshot of what palestinians are like. it's like the weather. they don't know what they can do
8:02 am
from one day to the next. they don't know if they can go to the doctor tomorrow because the israeli military might close the checkpoint to them. so the world is seeing firsthand what the life on a small, small level, it's much more insidious to the palestinians who live there to not get approval to go see doctors, to go to jerusalem, is part and parcel netanyahu. netanyahu said in 2015 and again in the last election, there will not be palestinians on their watch. this is the man who said there would not be a palestinian state. you say there should not be a jewish state, that's anti-semitic. if you say there should not be a palestinian state, i think the media should be held accountable for that. usually christians and muslims
8:03 am
do not deserve it. netanyahu teamed up with a jewish power, a small right wing group. this is a group tied to the kahani terrorists. ayman who walked into a mosque in 1924 killed over 20 muslims praying. that's his very fine people? just like trump has his very fine people. they're cut from the misbigoted cloth. >> it's very rare to see criticism of israel across both political parties. you had kevin mccarthy saying these congresswomen should have been let in. this apac tweet says, we disagree with representatives omar and tlaib's support for the anti-israel and anti-peace bds movement, along with representative tlaib's calls for a one-state solution. we also believe every member of
8:04 am
congress should be able to visit and experience our democratic ally israel firsthand. as a former member of congress, do you see this as a rift in the u.s.-israel relationship that we hadn't seen before? >> a rift, yes, because look, i think the takeaway for your media-intensive american voters should be this. the president of the united states, any president of the united states, should be standing up for rashida tlaib and ilhan omar, not standing up for b.b. netanyahu. b.b. netanyahu invoked a 1927 law that allowed him to do this. it is wrong, and our democracy says this is not the type of values we stand for, what we're seeing in israel right now. we often question this president in three years in moments of outrage. this is different. this one tears at who we are as the fabric of a country, because they are capable of mustering up
8:05 am
dissent in a freedom of democracy and show israel that we do, in fact, defend those principa principles. instead he took an apac position when rubio stood up and said, no, this is wrong. the president has suggested that quieting dissent is okay. the foreign policy of these two members is con trar yan between both major parties and the congress. congress has not seen this level of elevation, if you will, of this foreign policy perspective, but it is exactly the foundation of our constitution and our country. why those views are at least allowed at the table to be debated when in the long run they will lose in american politics. >> i want to bring you into the conversation as well. they made a visit to the house
8:06 am
of representatives back in 2015 during the obama era when the jc pa was being discussed. a lot of people thought that was disrespectful not only to congress but to the sitting president at the time, president obama. and i wanted to pick up on that point. should the u.s.-israel special relationship that has been the cornerstone of policy in the middle east for decades now, should it be, as bernie sanders said, questioned in terms of the aid that we are giving to israel? >> well, listen, we're clearly at a point where lots of u.s. relationships are being evaluated for better or worse, and that's because of donald trump's behavior. the country that has stood by the israel nation has turned into donald trump, and netanyahu
8:07 am
having caved to trump only shows the spotlight of how the u.s. fits in the broader context of history. omar's history is the same history of the black member of congress not allowed. that whole narrative of apartheid state and what's happening with palestinians versus israelis has only become more highlighted instead of being resolved, and unfortunately, i think it's only going to get more emotional before we see any type of resolution for a two-state solution. >> one of the points i was making earlier, jennifer, the israeli government, had they allowed these two to come in, probably would not have drawn the kind of attention it did this week. you even heard tlaib's grandmother saying she's proud of her granddaughter, the highlights on the ground this week. has the opinion of the israeli government backfired? >> i think it's horrendous.
8:08 am
it's being talked about all over the world. it's on the front page. think of the worst scenario that you possibly could, that she goes to the west bank to visit her grandmother. she had other stops including stops in israel and she makes some statements about bds or she makes some negative statements. she looks churrilous, she looks ungratef ungrateful, she looks like she's got representation in the united states well. there is no cry to defend her but now she has become a martyr, in some ways rightly so, because she has been victimized by this incessant view that netanyahu has to please trump at every turn. and, listen, the other thing that is so bizarre about this is not only were the israelis objecting to her stops in the west bank, they were actively dissuading israeli groups in israel proper from meeting with her. so even though she might have been willing to learn something about israel, she might have
8:09 am
been willing to perhaps re-evaluate some of her views, they were discouraging that. this is the quintessential cutting off your nose to spite your face. i got to say this is really one of the most bone-headed moves i've seen the israeli prime minister make. >> i disagree a little bit with what jennifer said, because i think a lot of people did support rashida and a lot of people actually do support the bds movement both here and in the united states and on the international stage, and we don't see enough coverage of that, right? at the end of the day, these congresswomen were trying to go there to show the plight of palestinians, to humanize them, to show the dire straits they live under. if you're an open democratic society, let the world see what's going on, let them see what's taking place there. to your point earlier, ayman, i believe it was an economist poll that came out that said especially young people support in israel has diminished between the ages of 18 and 29.
8:10 am
it's only about 20% of young people believe israel is an ally. that says a lot in and of histories itself. >> there is a growing concern among young israeli. let's talk about stopping bds in this country or even on a congressional level. is that the right move here for defenders and supporters of israel who criticize bds, saying it is anti-semitic for targeting israel. as a former member of congress, do you think that's a smart move or will it trigger more backlash like we're seeing this week? >> to your point, you're seeing is it in some states. the state of florida just took over air b&b in some of their regions. there are a number of people who support the bds movement, there are more voices speaking to it, but statistically it is a real minority within both parties. the long hi-held geopolitical
8:11 am
national security view among the united states and republicans and democrats is that israel is our ally in the region and it promotes national security, regional security, geopolitical security. there really is no waning of that. what we're seeing is different, though, and it's really important for us as a nation to have this moment. on the issue of rashida tlaib and ilhan omar, they are not speaking to the beliefs. you're seeing the quiet pushback from nancy pelosi and steny hoyer as well, saying, no, this doesn't have a place in the united states. tlaib and omar will more than likely continue to lose this debate, but their presence is important, they are allowed to express that. they should have been allowed into israel and come back hopefully with some lessons learned. >> do you want to respond to that? >> i read an article where
8:12 am
donald trump and netanyahu were the greatest recruiters for bds, and that was before this moment. if you want to get involved in the palestinian cause -- bds has been shown as anti-israel, but to them it's a pro-palestinian human rights movement. it's about elevating the discussion -- >> no, it's not. >> we'll give you a second to respond to it in just a second. >> here's the thing, jennifer, and this is my question. for years we were told where is the palestinians gone? even though i'm not part of it, i defend it. it's unamerican to silence americans who want to use boycott as a sign of expression. but the point is i ask for those who don't like bds, what are we allowed to say about netanyahu? what are we allowed to criticize? we can't use boycott that peacefully denounces violence. please tell me what we politically say because my
8:13 am
family is born, lives and dies in an occupation movement simply because of their heritage and background. my grandmother's house was taken and turned into a settlement. we can't use peaceful means like a boycott. tell me what we can use so we can try that. >> first of all, the palestinians could have accepted one of many offers over time for their own state under president bush, under president carter. it's not like the israelis haven't offered their state at various junctures. one, they could have had better negotiators. but the issue is this. bds seeks, and it is virulently anti-semitic. if you look at the language, if you look at the people they hang out with, it is anti-semitic, and their goal is to destroy israel, not simply to create a just outcome. listen, i'm in favor of the two-state solution. i'm very, very concerned and, frankly, quite negative on this
8:14 am
point about b.b. netanyahu because i think he's doing great damage. but the answer to your problem, of course, is to have a u.s. president who has some sense of his role as an international broker. it's to have a palestinian authority that is interested in making a deal. right now they have an aging individual, a boss who is in no position to make a deal, and to have an israeli government that is actually interested in this. netanyahu has made all of this much worse. i'm going to give you that. but the solution is not to destroy the state of israel. they have set back collectively, both netanyahu and trump have collectively sat back because of u.s.-israel, because of the u.s.-israel relationship, and that's why you see pro groups in the united states tearing their hair out. grave error on their part. >> that's why i think this trip would have been really important, because unfortunately there are communities that don't understand what anti-semitism looks like and what it sounds
8:15 am
like in the same way there are communities who don't understand the rising tide of islamophobia. that intersection would have been really important for people to hear and feel olt groun the and understand, because b.b. has now played into that idea that jewish people have different loyalties. this is important for the american party and why it's important to stand up for democracy, freedom of speech and rule of law. >> i agree with dean. i'm not a member of bds, either, but i don't agree with jennifer that their goal is to destroy israel at all. it's important to remember that netanyahu and his government also invested about $15 million since 2015 to basically push anti-bds movements and legislation. you see that here where you have so many states in the u.s. that have cut back -- sorry, have pushed anti-bds legislation and all of this is part of that effort. if you're investing $15 million to squash this, that's why you see legislators across the country falling in line and doing that, too. >> as you can see, emotions
8:16 am
always run high when we have these conversations, but they're important to have. thank you to jennifer rubin, noda, dean. a rally is being organized in portland by what's called the proud boys. they are designate as a hate group in this country. they are to be met by counter-protesters. the proud boys say the purpose of the event is to oppose an anti-fascist, what some have labeled latiantifa. donald trump said, antifa was named as an organization of
8:17 am
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we will get to the bottom of what happened and there will be accountability. but let me assure you that this case will continue on against anyone who was complicit with epstein. any co-conspirators should not rest easy. the victims deserve justice and they will get it. >> that was attorney general
8:21 am
william barr. he is vowing justice, as you heard there, for the victim of sex trafficker jeffrey epstein wh whose death has now been ruled a suicide. the medical examiner says he hanged himself last week. now questions mount on the whereabouts of his long-time associate ghislaine maxwell. she has been accused of helping him over the years but has not been charged with a crime. there is a new lawsuit that names ghislaine maxwell. araoz says she was raped by epstein when she was just 14. we have jill winebanks, msnbc
8:22 am
contributor and prosecutor. i want to start with you, which is the medical examiner saying this was a suicide by hanging. it's going to be tough for a lot of people, perhaps, to accept that, but where and how does that change any dynamic for the investigation going forward? >> so, you know, we have two separate cases going forward. we now have the investigation of epstein's death because of the circumstances surrounding it. that's not the conspiracy theories that have been swirling around, it's just a question at this point of looking into whether there was a failure at mcc, which is part of the bureau of prisons, and seeing whether that sort of a problem is widespread and what the fix is. >> and jill, i wanted to get your thoughts on this, because obviously one of the points that has been made a lot about this entire case is the plea deal that was agreed to several years ago in which the co-conspirators
8:23 am
would be part of it. jeffrey epstein, there would be no criminal charges brought against him. that was in the district of florida, i believe. does that plea deal still stand with anything that gets revealed by the attorney general of new york? >> it depends on what the district of new york finds. obviously no new evidence would be barred, but i don't know the exact terms of the plea deal, and it's a very unusual plea deal. that's why acosta is no longer in the cabinet of donald trump, because he's the one who agreed to this outrageous agreement, allowing jeffrey epstein to really basically go free and to let all of his co-conspirators go free. there are so many coincidences in this case that make it suspicious. jeffrey epstein's relationship with attorney general barr's father where he taught at the school that he was headmaster at, the relationship between
8:24 am
attorney general barr and the department of prisons that allowed him, assuming that this is suicide, their negligence allowed it to happen. that kind of neglect, we owe the victims of jeffrey epstein to protect a prisoner like that, and to all the unnamed victims who have not come forward who might have been discovered if jeffrey epstein had cooperated. but with his death, that goes away. there are still civil suits in addition to the criminal case in the southern district. so there is still a way to get facts out, and that's what we need. >> so, glen, let me pick up on the key word there. too many coincidences, as jill wine-banks has eloquently said. is it safe to say now with the medical examiner's report coming out essentially saying that the cause of death was hanging, suicide, that at least that part of it, that part of it can be closed, or do you not have a lot of confidence in that? >> i think the answer to your
8:25 am
question, ayman, is no. that part of this sad episode should not be viewed as closed. why do i say that? the medical examiner for new york city, barbara sampson, i'm sure is a fine forensic pathologist, but what she has just offered the american people is a summary conclusion. she has ruled that the cause of death was hanging and that the manner of death was suicide. that's a summary conclusion just like bill barr gave us a summary conclusion of the mueller report which said no obstruction, no collusion, which was untrue. i'm not impuning the integrity of the chief medical examiner from new york, but what we now need is the supporting evidence and documentation that will confirm her conclusion. we need to see the toxicology results of the blood and tissue sample tests run on epstein to see if he had any drugs, any
8:26 am
paralytic drugs in particular, in his body. we need to see the dna testing from underneath epstein's fin r fingernails to see if he had perhaps been involved in a struggle, scraped his fingernails and dna was transferred underneath his fingernails. i can't tell you how many times i've had that as a prosecutor. there is no more probative evidence of an assailant than having the dna of the assailant under his fingernails. there are more questions than answers, and the medical examiner's summary conclusion does nothing yet to my satisfaction. >> to your point, glenn, epstein's lawyers have also said they're not satisfied with autopsy results and will conduct their own investigation. joyce, there are two more alleged epstein victims that are suing his estate for $100 million. the recruiter's identity not
8:27 am
known to plaintiffs but believed to be an employee of epstein's according to the report. it is said that ghislaine maxwell is in the state. is she in danger right now? >> i believe she is. she is a defendant in at least added to the others. the big question is if she has exposure in the criminal case. jeffrey berman, the u.s. attorney, was very clear following epstein's death that that conspiracy investigation was ongoing and that they would be looking at other people who were involved, and she would have to be, i think, at the top of any list. so the question is whether she's been cooperating with prosecutors all along, has that been the reason she's been so hard to find, or is she really out in the dark waiting. >> so, jill, let me pose those
8:28 am
questions to you. with her name that's been bounced around a lot, why wouldn't she come forward with these charges, at least with her attorney? >> we often talk about consciousness of guilt, and that may explain why she hasn't come forward. we think, from reporting in the newspapers, that she is in america, that she has a house that she is resident in, living a very quiet lifestyle right now. we can ask her right now, come forward and talk. maybe you can even get a good plea deal. >> all right. we're going to have to leave it at that. jill wine-banks, glenn kirschner, joyce vance, thank you for being here this morning. we're going to have a debate you don't want to miss. to miss
8:29 am
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within one decade, the age epidemic in the united states will be gone. think about it. did you ever think you were going to hear that? did you ever think you were going to hear that? the work they've done on aids is incredible. it's an incredible thing. when they told me that, it breaks your heart what's happened, but think of it. in ten years the aids epidemic
8:37 am
will be eradicated. so great. >> this week the log cabin representatives who endorse conservatives in this country endorsed donald trump for 2020. it was a surprising move for a group that declined to endorse him back in 2016. in a "washington post" op-ed, the group's leaders wrote that trump has taken, quote, bold actions that benefit the lgbtq community, including ending the spread of aids. they also credited trump with removing gay rights as a wedge issue from the old republican playbook. joining me now is charles moran, a spokesman for the republicans and charles. great to have you both with us. charles, if i may start with you, make the case for us -- i think a lot of people might be watching this with a little surprise, but make the case for us why you think president trump
8:38 am
and his administration have been good for advancing the rights of the lgbtq community in this country. >> thank you so much for having me on this morning. i won't get into his record which was clearly lgbtq supportive when he was a businessman and ifphilanthropis in new york. but since becoming president, donald trump has protected the rights of gays and lesbians throughout this country. he's kept in place a number of policies that have prevented discrimination that were signed by previous presidents. in addition, he has tackled the twin issues of ending the spread of hiv in ten years which he referenced in his speech from the other night, but also by advancing a cause to end the criminalization of homosexuality internationally. this is so bold because he's using the weight of the united states government and our commitment to democracy, peace and freedom throughout the world to prevent our lgbtq brothers and sisters from facing prosecution which exists in over 71 countries across the globe.
8:39 am
>> ijim, i'm going to give you time to response to that. what do you make of the case just made there? >> since trump became president, he's done, established, rule made or promulgated rules were met with virulently homophobic leaders in the white house 123 times. not 100 times, not 23 times, 123 times. and, in fact, in the first year of his presidency, he did it 159 times. that ramped off in 2018. he since ramped it back up. in fact, yesterday the trump department of justice sent an amicus brief to the office of the united states saying genders should not be an issue.
8:40 am
i am glad president trump is trying to decriminalize gender hate in the united states. i cannot go and adopt a child in south carolina where i currently am as we speak because the president of the united states granted a waiver to south carolina back in january of this year saying that adoption agencies in the state can say no to gay people trying to adopt. so i don't want to hear any b.s. crap about the fact the president is skimming aids and making the gay community look like something wonderful when here in the states, he has declared war on the lgbtq community. >> chuck, let's go through some of these specific things. trump opposes federal lgbtq bill as poison pills. the bill was introduced in march. president trump opposes the bill
8:41 am
that would end sexual discrimination to prevent discrimination against gay, lesbian and queer people. the lgbtq community changes dramatically at state borders. at least 20 states have enacted lgbtq discrimination protections. i ev you even had the ceo of the advocacy group glad say that trump's opposition cements the legislation as being the most anti-lgbtq administration in this country. it's hard to say he's for lgbtq rights when he denied that bill. >> the media that's trying to trump this when you have people like bill clinton who signs the
8:42 am
defensive marriage act, who signs don't ask don't tell. even people like president bush who is pushing a federal ban on gay marriage and tried to eliminate marriage equality. this revisionist history is simply not true. >> with all due respect -- hold on, hold on, this isn't about what-aboutism -- >> you said in the setup and it was referencing an article saying he was the most anti-lgbtq president in history, and that is clearly not the case. that is simply not true. >> answer the specifics i just laid out for you. just one second, i'm going to give you a chance in just a second, but go ahead, charles, answer the specifics about why he will not support the equality bill. >> because the equality bill contains a number of clauses and provisions that are violating of other areas of the constitution, and that's part of the problem, is the democrats ramrodded this equality bill through without any kind of input from republicans. they were just trying to push forward a piece of legislation that they knew had no chance,
8:43 am
that there was no discussion with republicans, there was no consultation, and a result of that was just part of the continued grandstanding of nancy pelosi and chuck schumer in the house and the senate where it really didn't actually try to address some of the problems. employment nondiscrimination is something we need to continually address. president obama was not able to get it done. nothing we've seen in legislation introduced is going to rectify that situation. in some of the issues that you just addressed, in a lot of them, especially with specifically the case of the laborer announcement that came out two or three days ago, the proposed rules change, again, it does nothing to actually repeal any existing protections that the lgbtq community currently enjoys under law. >> that's a lie. >> it's not a lie. >> that's a lie. guys, just one second. >> here's what we're going to do, charles.
8:44 am
since you think what-aboutism is okay. what about the president more than a decade ago was for gay marriage? then when he met with the president, it said on the christian broadcast network, he said it was a bad decision and should be left to the states, and he would go to supreme court justices that would overturn roe and handle traditional marriage in the proper way. what did he do? he appointed two supreme court justices that were able to do that. so i don't want to hear any crap about president obama and george washington. they aren't president. this guy is president and he's a racist, homophobic bigot, and the fact you're supporting him is just shameful. >> let me read a little bit of this "washington post" op-ed where they talk about the economic impact that has been had on the community by this president. the administration's aggressive negotiations on trade deals have preserved lgbtq jobs. his hard line on foreign policy
8:45 am
has protected lgbtq lives. what benefits all americans benefits the lgbtq community as we cross every racial, socioeconomic, religious and cultural divide. they also say the president's tax cuts have helped put and keep food on the table for lgbtq families. do you disagree with that? >> let me talk about that. let me talk about that. i appreciate the president cut my taxes. and i appreciate that when i was a senate staffer for almost seven years, i passed a lot of those same trade bills that made goods coming into america a lot cheaper for americans. none of that matters to me if i don't have a job because i've been fired. i cannot pay taxes if i don't have a job. i cannot pay less taxes or more taxes if i don't have a job because i live in a state where it's okay to fire me for being gay. and it is in south carolina. i cannot afford cheap underwear or a nice tv in south carolina if i don't have a job to pay for those things. i don't want to hear about the tax cut helping gays, i don't want to hear about trade bills
8:46 am
affecting and helping gays. i want to know why i can be fired in my state for being gay and the guy opposite me, charles, thinks it's something we don't need to worry about. it's, what's the big deal? it's a big deal if you get fired for from your job. >> i just said that the lgbtq community needs to be part of a bigger bill. >> and you rejected the house bill. >> i apologize because we're running out of time, but this is an important discussion. thank you both very much. coming up, jay-z teams up with the nfl. that's next. p with the nfl that's next. for your grandchild. babies too young to be vaccinated against whooping cough are the most at risk for severe illness. help prevent this! talk to your doctor or pharmacist today about getting vaccinated against whooping cough. talk to your doctor or pharmacist today red dress on the first day - bold move. same red dress today - even bolder.
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by funding scientific breakthroughs, advancing public policy, and providing local support to those living with the disease and their caregivers. but we won't get there without you. join the fight with the alzheimer's association. i think we passed kneeling. i think it's time to go to actionable items. if protests on the field are necessary, then protests on the field. b but if you can speak to the masses and educate at the same time, tell people what's going on so they're not controlling your narrative. >> the week of football officially kicks off.
8:51 am
jay-z has announced his entertainer rock nation is going to sound off. not long ago jay-z was throwing jabs at the nfl saying, quote, i said no to the super bowl. you need me, i don't need you. joining me now is sports commentator and also the rolling stone. this is a head scratcher for me. i think we all know the reason why. you heard in that sound bite jay-z saying, we are past kneeling. what do you think of that concept alone, forgetting the partnership for a moment, jay-z saying we are past kneeling. do you think that's true? >> no question. this is one of those sports versions of a geopolitical agreement that's a little clumsy but necessary, and here's the thing that needs to be said. in the grand scheme of keeping
8:52 am
the world universe, nobody is pure here. you just talked about j.c. a few minutes ago. let's bring in the nfl. they're making a big deal about donating 80 to $100,000. this is the same nfl that made 15 billion, with a b, dollars last year. for them that's a pittance. you got eric reed blasting this thing, the guy who signed a contract for $23 million, supposedly one of kaepernick's best friends. earlier this year you had eric reed who kaepernick who were involved in this very solid lawsuit with the nfl about collusion, them keeping kaepernick behind the nfl. they settled for $10 million, which was nothing and barely covered attorney fees.
8:53 am
>> just read this quote very quickly. jay-z has given the nfl what they wanted, guilt-free access to black audiences, culture, entertainers.caper nick complety out of the mix, jay-z is now com complicit. >> i think in partnering with jay-z they got a black shield in the three-year anniversary of kaepernick taking a knee in the pre-season game. got someone to be their front man for their efforts to essentially have a corporate sort of nod at social justice. i think that terence is correct. they are throwing a pittance at
8:54 am
what is a major, major issue that they could -- nafrin fact, they wanted to, could make a serious dent in. but what we don't know is a lot. we don't know what they're currently doing with their social justice effort. we don't know the details of the jay-z social justice effort with the nfl. there is so much we don't know, but we do know that colin kaepernick did not take a knee so they could have more half-time shows and better corporate partnerships with the nfl. that is certainly not what they d. >> so, terence, you brought upper i can reed and we also have this tweet from colin kaepernick. he writes, today marks the three-year anniversary that i protested systemic oppression. i continue to work and stand with the people in our fight for liberation. here's eric reid. >> what does he mean we're past
8:55 am
kneeling? yes, he's done a lot of great social justice work, but for you to get paid to go into the nfl press conference and say we're past kneeling? again, asinine. players coalition 2.10. he got paid to take the bullets he's taking now, because we're not having it. >> some strong words there from eric reid. what do you make of it? is it worse for jay-z the businessman to partner with the nfl? he's close to being worth a billion dollars. he doesn't need the money, so what is he getting out of this reputationally to partner with the nfl? >> he's getting an awful lot. if you take what tmz is reporting, that the nfl has offered him a significant stake in an nfl ownership, then that's pretty huge. as a matter of fact, think about this. walter peyton back in the mid- 9 mid-1950s wanted to be the first minority franchise. that didn't work out for many
8:56 am
reasons. here we are years later, and whether you like jay-z or not, he has a chance to be part of the political picture. he and beyonce just bought something like an $88 million mansion in bel air. it helps the profile of both of them. it helps both entitieentities. >> terence moore and jamil smith, i'm going to have to leave it here. after the break. leave it here. after the break. now back to my creamy heinz mayonnaise". heinz mayonnaise, unforgettably creamy.
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that is our show for today. "am joy" will be back tomorrow at 10:00 eastern. alex witt is next. >> aren't you back tomorrow? >> i am. >> i'm used to waking up early with you. lov love to see you here today, too. it's high noon in the east. pro-trump versus tlaib, versus israel. there is news that he may become involved now. the how and why of that is sparking controversy. the last days of jeffrey epstein. what went on when the millionaire found himself behind bars. what president obama reportedly told


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