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tv   First Look  MSNBC  August 19, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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are pushing back against recession fears. the president is offering an optimistic out look for the economy. >> a polling shows the majority of americans support the new gun laws but the president put the focus on mental health. hundreds of thousands of protesters in hong kong to rally peace fully yesterday.
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good morning. it's monday, all 19. i'm ayman mohyeldin alongside yasmin vossoughian. president trump pushed back concerns of a depression. trump was asked about the likelihood of a recession and whether or not it is looming. >> i don't see a recession. i mean the world is in a recession right now and although that's too big to say. >> a lot of economists say you are preparing for a recession. no presidency is immune. >> i'm prepared for everything. i don't think we are having a recession. our consumers are rich mtd i gave a tremendous tax cut. they are loaded up with money.
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when you analyze a curve. the curve means two years later, that's a long time two years. interest rates are low. i could be helped by the fed. >> i sure don't see a recession. i we had block buster retail sales consumer numbers. block buster numbers. despite a lot of worries with the volatile stock market, most economists on wall street had been marking up their forecast for the third and fourth quarter. that echos our view. what we've got here, consumers are working at higher wages. they are spending at a rapid pace. they are saving while they are spending. that's an ideal situation. i think the second half of the economy is going to be very good in 2019.
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despite this strong talk by the president and aids new reporting suggests concerns within the administration over possible recession and what it could mean for the election. quote, trump advisors fear a weaked economy would hurt him with moderate republicans and independent voters who have been willing to give him a pass. adding this, though he has expressed private worries about wall street, he is also skeptical about some of the weaker economic independent indicators. his skepticism has been reinforced by white house officials who have been long inclined only to show rosie assessments. the "times" writing this, trump has been repeated the claims in
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private discussions. he has been agitated in the discussions of the economy and news media's warning of a possible recession. trump has said forces that do not want him to win have been overstating the damage. several aids agree that the news media is overplaying economic fears. >> president trump's approval rating has fallen two points. his job approval rating sits at 63%. disapproval at 55%. that is up three points. trump slammed fox news after a poll showed him trailing several democratic contenders. >> well fox has always given me -- fox is a lot different than it used to be. i can tell you that. juan williams.
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the wonderful woman that gave hillary clinton the questions. that was a terrible thing. all of a sudden, she's working for fox. what's she doing working for fox? my worst polls have been with fox. i'm not happy with it. >> joining us now from politico. thank you for joining us. we know hannity advises the president. he watches and calls in fox and friends on a regular basis. >> judge judy. >> he's voiced his unhappiness with fox. says he doesn't really know what's going on over there. especially with fox's polling numbers we were looking at with president trump up against some of the top tier 2020 candidates and the fact that he would be losing in many of those races
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against joe biden, sanders and warren. >> i think it is worth noting first off that these polls are not like it is the network saying these are the results. polls are contracted out. nbc does that, fox does that. other networks do that. it is important to know. it just goes to show what president trump expects from fox news, which is unwavering support. if he doesn't get that, he lashes out like he did over the weekend here as he was coming back here to washington. what i would be more interested in seeing is these head-to-head matchups in the key midwestern states like wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania. those states that were critical to president trump's win in 2016. >> andrew, we opened the show with this, the administration is going out on the offensive
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trying to deflect any concerns of a possible recession. the question becomes how could threats of a recession impact the 2020 election cycle as that begins to heat up? >> right, the economy has always been the heel of the president. they stress keep talking about the economy. it is special when he tweets something controversial and it forces them to have to respond to it. the president and his campaign know the incumbents lose when they preside over a recession. especially when their policies contributed to or caused the down turn. that's why you are seeing president trump lash out to the fed and news media to deflect
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blame. he sees if it does happen, he has a foil ready to go for the 2020 campaign. >> it is interesting we haven't necessarily seen these 2020 candidates jump on board with talking more about recession fears, seeing that as an opening for them to talk about a possible economic down turn in the trump administration and how that could work in a positive way for hem. >> yes. it is tough politically. you don't want to cheer on a recession. people lose jobs. there is an economic down turn. when and if it does happen, you'll see democrats start to capitalize it. particularly joe biden because he went through the 2008 recession. he and president obama. >> andrew, thank you. we'll talk again in a bit. iowa congressman steve king held a town hall. two people showed up.
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one is reportedly an intern. >> every vote counts. >> the other unknown, it seems. the event came days after king asked if there would be any population of the world left without rape and incest. king found himself in hot water earlier after questioning why white supremacy and nationalism is found offensive. he was stripped of his leadership. the congressman defended his remarks. >> i'm defending innocent unborn human life. i'm the authority of the heartbeat bill. i did not allow exceptions for rape and incest. those babies that are born as a product are as precious as you are or any of my grandchildren
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are. all created in god's image too. this is about compassion. i don't want to see people who are the products of rape and incest think they are less than the rest of us. an ohio man was arrested for making credible threats to a jewish community center. the man self identified as a white nationalist showing him firing a semiautomatic gun calling himself the fictional shooter of the ohio jewish center. police found two ar 15ings, rounds of ammunition and a bullet proof vest. the man has been charged with a aggravation. still ahead with a gun debate raging on capitol hill,
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president trump appears to back away from background checks and is now putting the focus squarely on mental health. >> really not a joke. president trump says it would be interesting to buy greenland. officials in greenland are responding. those stories and a check on the weather. every day, visionaries are creating the future.
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welcome back. in the wake of recent mass shootings in texas and ohio, president trump is putting an emphasis on mental health. speaking to reporters in new jersey yesterday, he appeared to defend current gun control measures saying the u.s. already has a lot of background checks. >> congress is working on that. they have bipartisan committees working on background checks and other things. we'll see, i don't want people to forget that this is a mental health problem. i don't want them to forget
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that. it is a mental health problem. these are people that have to be in institutions for help. i'm not talking about as a form of a prison, i'm saying for help. it is something we have to look at the concept of mental institutions. >> people don't realize, we have very strong background checks right now. you go in to buy a gun, you have to sign up. there are a lot of background checks that have been approved over the years. a lot of people want to see something happen. remember this, big mental problem and we do have a lot of background checks right now. >> sources involved in the talks between the white house and capitol hill tell axios say that if new gun legislation does not pass in september, it will not get done before 2020 election saying it is september or bust. we'll have everything ready for when congress returns, drop it on the floor and vote on it or
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we blow it. >> broad support for gun measures in this country. 89% of americans say they favor congress expanding background checks to all firearm sales and transfers. 76% support red flag laws that support law enforcement taking guns away. and 75% supports a program where the government would buy backfire arms and 62% support the ban of assault firearms. what are the hurdles you could see as congress tries to put forward some is kind of new gun control legislation that could be challenged? >> aside from the political challenge. >> the biggest challenge is always the second amendment. we go back to the heller gase
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which recognized the constitutional right of someone having a hand gun in their home. the supreme court said the second amendment is not absolute and the government can regulate who gets firearms and where they are kept and other things that would ultimately deny ownership of a firearm. we know background checks can be effective but existing law has a loophole. there is no background check at private sales or gun shows. another interesting study of a survey of people in prison in cook county showed about 2% of firearms used in violent crimes are purchased at an actual store. as a criminal defense attorney, i'm surprised the number is as high. it seems to me 100% of guns used illegally are bought at a store. most are obtained illegally for
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a friend or they are holding it for someone. >> two things, the president is saying we already have strong background checks. is that true? >> i had been speaking to senator schumers's on this and they talked about not wanting to pass red flag laws without stronger background checks because of some of these loopholes. >> when the background checks work, they do work because they result in an instant check with the fbi which spits out an answer and tells you whether the person can buy a firearm. that's great. it's the illegal transactions that are conducted illegally. that's the challenge. these red flag laws on the one hand, they can be effective. there are studies that show in terms of preventing suicide, red flag laws can be effective. that's when a family member or police suspect someone has
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mental health issues and they see sent ali seize the firearm temporarily. there is the potential of abuse if a friend or family member just wants to get back at a person. >> you get a sense of how complicated this issue is to address it from all different sides. law enforcement, mental health. >> it is not easy. the supreme court has rarely weighed in on the issue. >> thank you, danny. let's get a check on the weather with bill karins. >> in new york, after four-hour delays. every blue dot shows you where we had wind damage report or high wind report from kansas city, south of minneapolis, chicago, detroit, cleveland, pittsburgh. in all, over 200 severe weather report. a lot of downed trees.
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the big story today is the heat. up to 73 million people with heat advisories or warnings. warning for oklahoma and tulsa. it will be very hot. so humid out there. we are starting off warm already. here is the week ahead in the forecast. starting today, hot and stormy from the new york city area and boston. hit and miss storms in florida. we'd love some rain to cool you off in texas. not the case today. 100 in san antonio, 101 in dallas. by wednesday, we will see a little bit of cooler air down through the great lakes that will set off some storms in the cold front ahead of. >> that stormy afternoon for wednesday for the northeast and ohio valley. typical storms in the southeast. the end of the week, the heat will build through the west. we'll see sunny and nice. this is the air mass you've been
2:21 am
waiting for. looks like a gorgeous weekend friday, saturday, sunday, great lakes to ohio valley. highs will be around 80 degrees. still in the southeast, we'll deal with numerous showers and storms. next weekend plans or time off the end of this week, you chose wisely. looks like gorgeous stuff coming in. >> it is like monday and he's already talking about the weekend. >> he gets you ready. >> bracing for backlash, joe biden praises some lawmakers on the opposite side of the aisle. those new remarks coming up. just scan the sensor with your reader, iphone or android and manage your diabetes. with the freestyle libre 14 day system, a continuous glucose monitor, you can check your glucose levels any time, without fingersticks. ask your doctor to write a prescription for the freestyle libre 14 day system.
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2:24 am the summer of audi sales event get exceptional offers now! . welcome back. democratic presidential front runner joe biden is defending his history of working across the aisle as vice president. it was told to attendees at a fundraiser, quote, there are a lot of good republicans out there. the truth of the matter is every time we ever got in trouble with our administration, remember who got sent to capitol hill to fix it, me because they know i respect the other team. many are being intimidated to act in adherence to president trump. >> in a statement he said this,
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welcome back. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside ayman mohyeldin. let's start with the morning's top stories. president trump is warning chinese leader against a violent response to prodemocracy protesters saying aggressive action could threaten the potential trade deal. >> i think it would be very hard to deal if they do violence. if it's another tianmen square, i think it's a very hard thing to do if there's violence. i support liberty. i support democracy.
2:30 am
i understand what is going on very well over there. i'd love to see it worked out in a very human fashion. >> trump's response comes as talks of a prolonged trade war. announcing a new round of trade talks the president's comments indicate he is in no rush to a deal that might contribute to a volatile market. mean while, in hong kong, hundreds of thousands of protesters took to the treats as a measure of popular support. >> american support for free trade with foreign countries reaches a new high. almost two-thirds of americans say they support free trade. a seven-point increase from the last time the question asked in 2017. 27% said they did not support
2:31 am
free trade. thousands of union workers at a pennsylvania shell oil plant were given a choice, show up for president trump's speech or stay home and lose some of their weekly pay. workers who arrived at 7:00 a.m. with their i.d.s scanned would be paid for their time. a memo handed out explicitly said, quote, no scan, no pay. workers who opted against the address had an excuse, unpaid absence but did not qualify for overtime pay. workers were advised that yelling, shouting, protesting or anything viewed as resistance against trump was strictly prohibited. >> republican chair called out
2:32 am
blocking probe into investigation that russians gave to the national rival association. announcing the vote on twitter writing this, the fec does nothing to find out the truth behind one of the most block buster finance allegations. in march of 2018, the fec launched an investigation into allegations that a russian banker and former politician made illegal donations to the nra in an effort to support trump's presidential bid. >> joining us now from washington for politico, andrew, good to have you back with us. even though president trump is continuing to pursue this trade war with china, a new poll 14shs that americans more than ever
2:33 am
favor free trade. what do you make of this support? is this likely to transly into a change of position? >> there was an interesting realignment in 2016 shepparded by donald trump on the right and sanders on the left. both parties had been very pro free trade. i'm old enough to remember when president obama recruited paul ryan's help. of course president trump did away with that partnership. hillary clinton in 2016 opposed it in part with option from bernie sanders. this latest polling shows americans have not moved along with the two political parties on this issue. i think it is a reflection that americans are still feeling ant si about the president's trade policies. >> andrew, you have a piece out this morning on the renewed push
2:34 am
to impeach the president. talk about how democrats have changed their tactics. >> my colleague and i poured through the 53-page grand jury petition that the house judiciary committee sent a couple of weeks back. they are trying to get ahold of the special counsel mueller's testimony. saying that the house committee would be involved because they would have to view sensitive information. despite his optiposition, adam schiff has been heavily involved in crafting the legal strategy in which they have stated they are considering whether to impeach the president. now this presents a major challenge for the house because impeachment processes have essentially in the past been
2:35 am
public airings against the sitting president. the question being what do you do when evidence includes kounlter intelligence information by its nature is classified and cannot be publicly disclosed. a lot goes to the unprecedented nature against the president as we all know this idea that he welcomed russian help in 2016 while he was pursuing a business deal in moscow. those two things are important to note here and during the nixon impeachment proceedings, the house committee didn't even exist. so this is unmapped area. >> thank you, andrew. democrats in congress are reportedly weighing whether to take action against top u.s. and israeli diplomats over the decision to bar top democrats from visiting the country. two sources say about a dozen
2:36 am
lawmakers including senior jewish members are considering issuing a statement of no confidence in israel's ambassador to the u.s. the inspector general investigation could be opened. yesterday, the president fwetwed this, house democrats want to take action against israel because they want to fight against two, maybe four people, that have said unthinkable thinks. she appeals to be able to visit her family. the request was granted but she declined refusing to accept israel's condition including a pledge not to promote boycotts against israel. 63 are dead and 182 are injured following a suicide
2:37 am
bombing at a wedding in afghanistan. the taliban have denied responsibility and condemn the attack but the group cannot absolve themselves of blame. a local isis affiliate claimed responsibility but they have not verified the claim. ongoing peace talks. american's top negotiators reported, quote, excellent progress and said he was hoping for a final deal by september 1. nbc news reported that president trump instructed his advisors to withdrawal all u.s. troops before the election. he had a meeting at his golf course in new jersey. tweeting after, just completed a very good meet eing on afghanistan. many are looking to make a deal, if possible. he addressed the situation
2:38 am
yesterday. >> well we are looking at afghanistan. we are talking to afghanistan, both the government and also to the taliban, having very good discussions. we'll see what happens. we really got it down to probably 13,000 people. we'll be bringing it down a little bit more and we'll decide whether or not we'll be staying longer or not. we are having very good discussions with taliban and with the afghan government. just that we've been there for 19 years, we are like a police force. that's about it, frankly. i think it is very important that we continue intelligence there in all cases because it is some what of a nest for hitting us. >> still ahead, president trump confirms his apparent interest in buying greenland.
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>> nbc news has confirmed president trump has talked about possibly buying greenland. of course he [ bleep ] did. greenland as premier had to issue a statement saying greenland is not for sale. if you had two and a half years in your poll when a w0r8d leader had to tell trump you can't buy a country, you are a winner. >> responding about trump's apparent interest in buying greenland. the president saying it would benefit both denmark and the u.s. but that it is not the number one priority.
2:43 am
>> greenland, it got released. it is something we talked about. denmark essentially owns it. we are very good allies. we protect denmark like large portions of the world. the concept came up. i said certainly, we'd be interested but we'll talk to them a little bit. it is not number one on the burner. >> it would have been great if he said, i sent my credit card number. >> do you go through a real estate agent with a transaction like that. >> greenland's ministry of foreign affairs got a lot of heat and they had to put out this statement. >> greenland is rich in valuable resources such as minerals, purest water sources, ice and sea food. we are open for business, not for sale. >> the president going for a meeting with denmark later in
2:44 am
the fall. we'll see if this comes up. president trump returned to washington yesterday after spending 10 days at his new jersey golf club. >> i don't care, look, i like golf. it is fine. it is unimportant to me. usually i play with senators and people that can help. golf is not important other than it is a little form of exercise. that's not bad. >> i don't think he walks the 18 holes. something tells me the secret service doesn't want that. >> not to criticize anybody who play golf. a lot of great golf players out there. i know we are going to get criticized out there. >> maybe he's ahead of us with climate change. maybe he'll put golf courses in greenland. >> too much credit. >> 73 million people are
2:45 am
included in heat alerts and warnings. another round of afternoon storms in the northeast and southeast. as far as the dangerous heat, oklahoma city, tulsa, tucson. heat advisories for philadelphia and new jersey. a few chances of record highs. philadelphia a chance, new york city and bridge port and boston, you'll be within about one or two degrees. new york, 92 in central park. boston, 91. washington, d.c., record high is 98. you'll be a little shy of that around 95 or 96. close to record highs from areas of west texas to colorado. denver will be close too today. record high of 97. we are thinking we'll break that record today. the forecast as far as travel goes, we'll get some airport delays late this afternoon with
2:46 am
storms around philadelphia and new york city. beautiful weather in minneapolis. hot in the west from phoenix to salt lake city and denver, billings. tomorrow, not a lot changes until wednesday or thursday when we see cooler and nicer weather in areas especially the northeast. typical mid-august summer time weather. >> you got a handful of states with summer time weather. >> one thing we haven't talked about is we are two weeks away from the peek of hurricane season and it is still as quiet as it can be. >> along. >> global markets are starting the week off on ea higher note. we'll go to london to see if
2:47 am
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>> welcome back, stocks around the world are kicking the week off on a strong note fuelled by trade wars and fears of recession. joining us live from london. good morning to you. what are you expecting from markets? >> in asia, it closed higher today. in europe, over the last couple of hours of trading, we've seen
2:50 am
the major stock markets in germany, france, italy and the uk have raised all the markets they saw last week. it looks like a positive start in new of course. we have had some upbeat assessments from members of the white house over the course of the weekend saying that they're not concerned about a slowdown. they have seen the strong economic numbers in terms of things like consumer spending in the u.s. and we have heard from the chinese central bank, they're encouraging the banks to support some of the chinese businesses that have struggled in the trade war and here in europe we have had interesting news out of germany this weekend. that's one of the economies that's really exposed to the trade conflict because they export and manufacture so many products and their government is saying if there is any kind of recession, any challenge to the economy they're willing to spend 50 billion euros to support the economy and that has a lot of
2:51 am
people optimistic. >> i want to ask you about the porsche you're trying to sell apparently. you're trying to sell part of your rare collection. there was a technical glitch that left a controversial race car that was supposed to sell for $20 million without an owner by the end of the night. tell us about that. joking aside, but what happened here? >> well, you spend a lot of places in monterrey where you have the vintage car auctions and this is where this was taking place. you had this car with the reserve price of $20 million. if you don't meet that reserve price during an auction typically the product is taken away and the auctioneer tries to sell it later. the auctioneer was dutch and he had a thick dutch accent so unlike me you can struggle to understand him. he was rising the price up from $13 million to begin with. the screen operator there with this auction display screen was
2:52 am
showing $30 million. he went to 14, the screen went to 40. he went to 17 -- >> quite a glitch. >> the screen flashed 70. the crowd is going crazy. when he explained there was a problem they started booing. sotheby's said they'll try to sell it later and because it don't meet the reserve price they had to pull it. >> the two of you -- >> i don't think i would fit in that car. just looking at it. not made for people my size. >> why else do you think i'm trying to sell it? i'm too tall. >> willem marx, thank you. >> thanks. coming up axios's mike allen has a look at "1 big thing." and president trump tries to calm the fears of a recession. more on those defending the strength of the u.s. economy. the a.p.'s jonathan lemire will have more on the mounting worries within the white house that economic troubles may be looming ahead of the election
2:53 am
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welcome back. joining us from washington with a looks at axios a.m., the cofounder of axios, mike allen. good morning to you. >> hey. >> happy monday. >> talk to us walk -- about axios a.m. today. >> so this is breaking news. the business roundtable of the biggest ceo this morning is out with a new statement of a purpose of a corporation. after decades of explicitly saying that shareholders were the highest end of a corporation, there's a new statement this morning and this was spear headed by jamie dimon, the ceo of jpmorgan chase, the duties to the customers, to
2:57 am
their suppliers, to their employers, to their communities and then they get to their shareholders. a massive change. why does this matter? this is a reflection of the new pressure on companies and ceos from millennial employees who really care what their companies stand for. from consumers who are making purchasing decisions based on the values of the companies that we send our money to and of course ceos know now they can be in a seat -- in a social media storm any time. >> let me switch gears here for a moment to talk about the president because you guys have some interesting reporting. he's obviously always positioned -- at least president trump has and his obsession with tariffs. that's not anything playerly new. he coined himself as tariff man after all. but you have an interesting new report about his obsession with calling himself now naval blockcade man after the policy
2:58 am
change on venezuela. >> i think you coined a couple of halloween costumes, everyone talked about going as the inverted yield curve. >> everybody? >> tariff man or as blockade man. this is a scoop by jonathan swan. this is his interest in a naval blockade of venezuela. axios has learned behind the scenes the president who has been frustrated by the inability of the united states to enact change there has talked about a naval embargo to try to physically block commerce with venezuela. of course, there's a few problems with this. one person who talked to jonathan swan said that the president who's talked about this a lot behind the scenes may be thinking -- is thinking of cuban embargo, cuban's island is easier to embargo. even even has a very long coast line. >> all right. mike allen, always a pleasure. thank you very much. >> thanks. >> we'll be reading axios a.m.
2:59 am
in a bit. you can go to >> i'm yasmin vossoughian, alongside ayman mohyeldin. "morning joe" starts right now. i think the economy is in a very risky place right now. and every day that goes by donald trump makes it worse. >> i don't think we're having a recession, we're doing tremendously well. our consumers are rich. i gave a tremendous tax cut and they're loaded up with money. >> well, okay then, it's the economy, it's jobs. it's the 2020 election. good morning, everyone. and welcome to "morning joe." this monday, august 19th. we have white house reporter for the associated press jonathan lemire. also with us professor at princeton university eddie glaude jr. national political correspondent for nbc news and msnbc and author of the red and the blue, steve kornacki. former chief of staff to the
3:00 am
dccc, adrienne elrod is with us. historian and author of "the soul of america" and rogers presidency at vanderbilt university jon meacham is with us. he's an nbc news and msnbc contributor. great to have you all on board with us this morning. >> well, mika, i spent -- i had a couple of days off last week and i spent those days pushing myself. seeing how many big mac's and how many orders of popeyes fried chicken -- >> you worked really hard. >> i could have. i drove to west texas to get a whataburger. oh, that was good. but you did something a little different. tell us how you spent -- >> it was the longest we have been apart, i think. i went up mt. kilimanjaro with my daughter. it was hairy. we did the six day instead of the two week, and


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