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tv   Politics Nation With Al Sharpton  MSNBC  August 24, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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instagram, and facebook. now i turn it over to reverend al sharpton and "politicsnation." good evening and welcome to "politicsnation." tonight's lead, chosen. after this week, i'm inclined to begin tonight with the common refrain on the left of what is it going to take? as in what point do patriotic conservatives acknowledge how unsafe, unsettling, and unbecoming president trump's behavior has always been. but in particular this week, what appeared to be him having a mild meltdown, funny if it weren't so troubling because we started twehe week with a possie
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global recession moving, days after a record drop on the stock market. thanks to the phony trade war with china. guess what, we ended the week with another market plunge with the president's fingerprints all over it, this one after he called his own federal reserve chairman a, quote, enemy, and off the top of my he fold up organized businesses to cease commerce with china. in between all of that, he insulted american jews repeatedly and had to explain today again on twitter that he does not believe himself to be a literal messiah. i should hope not, because as a minister, i'm confident jesus approval rating would be higher than the president's.
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62% according to the latest poll from the associated press. chosen because, as the president jokes about a messiah complex, we've seen more signs that at least some republicans are rejecting the gospel of trump. with me, republican consultant and former spokesman for hillary clinton, felipe reince. the president speaking about he was the chosen one as he gazed toward the heavens, we had two serious dips on wall street this week. we have him saying hereby i'm telling american businesses not to trade with china. these are very unsettling times as he now is at the g-7 meetings in france. what can republicans do that
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would make them less nervous being that their facing very serious senate races next year as well as the presidential race? >> well, there's nothing better republicans can do, this is after having conversations with congressional republicans, longtime republican donors, people that i've considered mentors in the republican party as i've come up. nobody seems to have an answer. the people that have an answer, their only answer is to say get behind the president, he's leading us in the right direction. and it's mistifying because this is seeming to be anti-republican. if you look at the history of the party as many people talked about all week long, the party was never this kind of party. there was always a sense we should stand up for america, put america first, as the president said. but the rhetoric, it's very dictatorial in nature. that's where i find republicans scratching their heads saying we
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don't know how long this can it was not we hope the democrats push back. that to me is a profile in cowardice. >> i think that's a good phrase, profile in cowardice. felipe, when you look at the fact, fine, you want to be a strong president, you want to be a bold person, but you're talking about, as she said as a republican, dictatorial, you do what you want how you want, when you want, and you are plunging the economy. if any of the experts and the economists are right, we could be headed toward a global recession, which is a political disaster for incumbent republicans and this president. and he seems to just stir the pot here. is this good for the democrats or are they missing an opportunity to really message this right to the american voters? >> i don't know. i think you have to break that out into a few pieces. first, there's his stirring the
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pot. people who stir the pot, which i have been accused of, tend to do it all the time just for their own entertainment as opposed to doing it for any good reason. that's behind most of donald trump's impulses. he can control his outbursts as much as any of us can control sneezes. if you look at polling over the last few years, trump is found to disapprove across the board on every topic except for two, one is the economy, and two is this notion of being strong. now, the three of us i'm sure have a very different definition of being strong, but his supporters and, frankly, i think even more than his supporters, don't think he is lacking confidence or strength. it might be weakness pretending to be strength, which is what i believe and most believe.
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but it does resonate with a certain group. what's interesting to me is twofold. one, the bit with china and tariffs is self-defeating, i mean, this is get again another unforced error where they were firing comey, charlottesville, on and on. the other thing, everyone says can he win again with his base? how is he going to win again with his base? i think it's important that we all realize he might win again with his base because he won last month with his base. democrats are having the exact same debate. do we need anything beyond our base or do we just rile up his base? while the guy is crazy, what he's doing throwing all the spaghetti on the wall doesn't mean some ontario stick ask some won't benefit him in 2020. >> but when you look at this,
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rana, if the democrats have their base, don't forget they did get 2.8 million more votes than trump did in '16, it's just their base wasn't as strong in three states. and the one driving that out is probably donald trump. i mean, i think that clearly the democrats are going to have to come up with the right candidate, but i don't think anyone is driving the democratic base and the independents that may go democratic more than donald trump because part of what people want in strength is stability, and he's appearing unstable policy wise. this can't speak well to the republicans in terms of their 2020 projections and their election strategies both on the presidential level and the senate level. >> i think for the first time in a long time you're seeing republicans saying let's throw the strategy book out the window. i was part of the famous autopsy
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that took place when mitt romney lost and i was just a friend to the party. was a surrogate at the time for media saying, look, we can have a long-term plan to get minority voters. so what the party did by throwing out the playbook is saying we're going to embrace what trump has really done well and he's capitalized on tribalism. the party will remain with him. they will click for trump again if the economy is not completely down the tubes f there's a sensible option, if somebody is not too far left, somebody palatable. i'm hearing something interesting happen. longtime republicans i've spoken with over the years say elizabeth warren isn't as crazy as we make her out to be. and i find that most fascinating because now we're listening to her, hearing her and saying are
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her policy stances all that's left? we find that elizabeth warren perhaps may be coming to the middle a bit more and that could be more palatable to the republican voter who sees the economy totally tanked by the president they had faith in to do one thing right for republicans. >> or the center may be coming to her because -- let me ask you, as a democrat, felipe, what candidate do you think is the most dangerous to the republican. who in your judgment, given to climate we're in under trump, given his constantly doing things destabilizing for his party and the country, who do you think can put it together best to unseat this president? we keep seeing the polls, joe biden is consistently ahead, elizabeth warren does have momentum. her and bernie sanders are sort of like up and down on who's
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number two. who do you think has the real momentum that could put this together and expand the base of the democratic party or at least turn it out in numbers that would be difficult for the republicans to overcome, including the president? >> well, you know, i'm going to give an answer now that if you had me on 24 hours from now, i'd probably feel differently. anyone standing on their hind legs can run against him. it's a referendum on his chaos and instability and it will be whether or not the circumstances like history and economy are in his favor. remember, it is a lot harder to get this job than it is to lose this job. but on the other hand, that's not how we elect presidents. major candidates poll better than trump, meaning head to head, and i know vice president joe biden polls the best.
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but with elizabeth warren, her numbers are narrower against trump. but remember, she has borne pretty much the full weight of trump's attacks and nonsense. even now trying with his disparaging with her cultural background, that hasn't worked. now, on paper i would answer -- i don't have anything creative. i'm not going to say i think de blasio would do the best. it's one of the top three, four, five. there is on paper and what they're performing. joe biden, who i really like and i know a little bit just from his time in the senate and working for the administration, on paper looks great. he just matches up well, but he's not performing. if he continues this performance at this rate, people are going to say he's not the safe bet
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that we think he is, that he is risky. the person that is performing closest to their resume, the same thing that's appealing about them is elizabeth warren. i think we all agree she's doing really well. will she be the nominee? i don't know. but she's the only candidate that is clicking on every circled. she has been from the beginning of the year. like you just said a few minutes ago. as long as we can resist being pulled too far to the left as a party and more importantly, we can fight back when we are painted as a bunch of stalinists next year, then i think someone like warren has a great shot. i also think, just imagine someone like kamala harris going against him. i think they would make mincemeat out of him. >> rina, you mentioned elizabeth warren not sounding as far left as she used to, so i want to
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pick up on that point. a lot more to talk about. we'll have rina and felipe back later in the show. this week the president accused jewish americans of being, quote, disloyal by voting for democrats. my next guest says the president is, quote, giving oxygen to anti-semimites. we'll hear from senator ben car done from maryland necks. 'll he done from maryland necks fees for brokerage accounts. at fidelity those zeros really add up. ♪ maybe i'll win ♪ saved by zero the first survivor of alzis out there.ase and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. join the fight with the alzheimer's association. what might seem like a small cough can be a big bad problem for your grandchildren.
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that vote for a democrat, i think it shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty. thank you very much. >> that was our president this week putting on full display his ignorance on the implicated issue of the relationship between american jews and israe israel. but it extends to his views on all minority americans, pushing a rhetoric that nonwhite and nonchristian americans are probably disloyal to america. joining me now, a grandson of jewish immigrants, democratic senator ben cardin of maryland. senator, as a jewish american and a democrat, how did you respond to this president putting a monolithic view of how american jews ought to engage in their political decisions or
2:18 pm
their party choices? >> well, first of all it's good to be with you. >> good to have you. >> when the president of the united states raises the issue of dual loyalty for american jews, it is extremely offensive and it does give oxygen to anti-semitism. but for the president of the united states, it's outrageous. >> now, when you heard the statements, i'm sure you were outraged. but have you heard enough pushback from others in his party, leaders in the senate that you have to work with that would denounce these kinds of statements? where has been the republican pushback to such an outrageous statement? >> i have not heard the republicans condemn the president's comments to the
2:19 pm
extent that they should. but it's also raising another issue, and that is, the president of the united states is using israel as a partisan political issue, which is not in the united states' best interests or israel's best interests. so he's not only offending the jewish community and giving oxygen to anti-semitism, he's also compromising the bipartisan support for israel, which is critically important. >> when one says you're being disloyal, certainly there's debate in any nation and around the united states' position on which side they may want on any given policy in a given administration or administration. but when you say disloyal as a block of people, doesn't have give an ugly connotation to the independent thinking of people in a given community and a given racial or religious background?
2:20 pm
>> as you pointed out, for any minority to be accused of having dual loyalty to other than the united states is extremely offensive. it's just not true, it's a trope that's been used by anti-semites over a long period of time to challenge jewish people as to where their loyalty rests. our loyalty as americans rests with our country and to suggest otherwise is just offensive and leads to anti-semitism. >> let me raise another point that you certainly are very much a part of, and that is his attack on the city of baltimore two or three weeks ago, and saying no human would want to live in that particular district. as a senator from maryland who
2:21 pm
has, according to any data, enjoyed votes from all segments of the maryland constituency, how do you respond to his almost-dehumanizing citizens in that district that are there saying no humans would want to live there? >> let's be clear. the president of the united states was trying to distract from the appropriate oversight by the united states house of representatives as to the use of his powers and appropriately. i love baltimore. this morning my wife and i walked a part of baltimore city as we do on most weekends. we saw housing developments going up. we saw people enjoying the city. we saw economic activity. this is a great city with an incredible history and has a great future. and the president of the united states, who should be representing all of this country, he showed that he really has little concern for
2:22 pm
our under centers. >> now, we have in any city good and bad areas that need more attention, other areas doing better. but what do you think is the political or partisan objective that the president is trying to achieve both with his position on american jewish voters and by attacking baltimore? or do you think this is just donald trump just shooting from the hip and that he's just a person that just has no problem to pick up the twitter, his twitter and pick up and tweet whatever he wants to offend people just on impulse? >> i think donald trump is appealing to his base. he feels that by dividing us, his base will be stronger. nothing could be further from the truth as to what the president should be doing. he should be uniting us, bringing all of us together.
2:23 pm
instead, i think he looks at baltimore represented by democrats in the house of representatives as a way to try to divide our nation against democrats, against urban centers. he should look at how he can help our urban centers. we need help, there's no question. we need a president that's going to do things to strengthen our cities. but we see his budgets constantly cutting the programs that could help our urban centers. >> you are not going to asked if you've endorsed a democratic candidate yet or not, that's up to you if you want to. but i wanted to ask you what type of candidate do you hope will oppose the president and how should that candidate in many ways personify what the
2:24 pm
presidency ought to represent if they're successful to succeed this president? >> quite frankly i'm very excited about the group of people who are running for president as democrats. i think they all have strengths. i want to see a person who will bring our party together and our nation together and point out how dangerous the trump administration has been for the values of this country. our democratic values are american values , that we respect the rights of all people, that we embrace diversity, and that we're not going to continue down the path of the president of america alone, that america needs to lead with their allies internationally. that's the type of leader we need in our party. that's the type of leader we need for our nation. >> do you think america american businesses should hereby refrain from doing business with china? should we get into this trade war with china as ordered by the president of the united states? >> you know, i heard the
2:25 pm
president say that. he's the one who's created this crisis with this trade war. we all recognize that we want to take tough action against china for its trade infractions, but the best way would be to work with our market economy allies around the world to work with europe, work with canada. instead the president has divided us on trade where america is alone. in that respect, we find that we're in a trade war that's going to really hurt our economy and hurt our consumers. american businesses are going to have to react to these tariffs. they're going to have to do what's right to preserve our economy here in the united states and quite frankly, the president's put them in an extremely difficult position. >> all right. thank you very much, senator ben cardin for being with us tonight. coming up, i will tell you what i think about the chosen one. my memo to president trump is next.
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president trump, i'm going to do
2:30 pm
the unchristian thing for once and pile on. because in the midst of our your week, you retweeted a right-wing radio host wednesday morning who likened you to the king of israel, insisting an israeli jews love you like you're the second coming of god and castigating american jews who don't support you as not knowing any better. apparently the praise left you even higher on yourself an usual, because while answer ago question about trade of all things, that afternoon you said this. >> somebody had to do it. i am the chosen one. somebody had to do it, so i'm taking on china. >> never mind the conversation was about your trade war with china, never mind that unlike every other business imaginable
2:31 pm
trump and church have never gone together. and never mind that most people calling themselves the chosen one while looking up to the sky would be given a wide berth on the street because in response to this story, you tweeted this morning that you were, quote, kidding, being sarcastic and just having fun with the chosen one talk, which we in the fake news businesses couldn't be trusted to report fairly. the fact that people have to wonder whether you were joking or not, mr. president, or to make you understand how erratic and impulsive and disturbing your behavior is. and the fact that you retweeted someone saying you may be looked upon by some in israel as the second coming makes one say, well, were you being sarcastic when you retweeted it? i mean, if you are looking for
2:32 pm
someone who is responsible for looking at the outrage of you calling yourself the chosen one, look at your twitter account. we'll be right back. that helped keep people alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. where to next?
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(vo) snap and sort your expenses to save over $4,600 at tax time. quickbooks. backing you. . as house democrats prepare to return from august recess, one of their main priorities will likely be the potential impeachment of president trump. right now a majority of democrats, about 55% of them,
2:36 pm
are in support of at least opening an impeachment inquiry. in just the past week, seven dems have come out in favor, bringing the grand total to 133 in the house, including former republican turned independent justin amash. joining me now is one of those democrats calling for impeachment, california congresswoman barbara lee. congresswoman lee, first, thank you for being with us. tell me why you think we are seeing this list grow? it was a few at first and now we have over half of the democrats in congress in support of either impeachment inquiry or outright impeachment proceedings. >> happy to be with you, reverend al, and thank you for that question. you know, i believe that when you look at what has taken place as it relates to the mueller
2:37 pm
report and his presentation, that really was a tipping point. i think members really also see, as we move forward with the investigations and the subpoenas and the litigation, which i think is the absolute correct strategy, they're seeing how the white house is stonewalling every move that would require us or that would help us do our constitutional job. no person is above the law. we have a system of checks and balances, and this president, this trump administration has totally eroded our system. in fact, i think more members are beginning to see that what else is left. we're doing everything we can do to hold them accountable. i went to congresswoman rashida tlaib's inquiry resolution early on, the inquiry that could lead to impeachment, and i think chairman nadler and the judiciary committee and all of the committees of jurisdiction are doing their job in moving forward.
2:38 pm
enough is enough and we've got to do our jobs as members of congress and make sure the constitution is upheld and our system of checks and balances remains intact. >> what do you think it will take to get a majority of the house to vote toward going forward with at least an impeachment inquiry? >> i think it's going to be the public weighing in and really understanding how we are at that critical moment now. we have to make sure that we educate the public and the public understands the constitutional requirements of their members of congress. again, as we say, public sentiment is everything, so it's going to be the voices of the people, the power of the people to weigh in with their members of congress and say, once again, enough is enough. no one is above the law and we have to uphold our constitution. >> at a critical point was the term you used. what was the critical point thank you will most drive this nail through wood to the minds
2:39 pm
of the public to really insist that their representatives get on board with you and the majority of democrats? was it the mueller report? was it a combination of things? what are the factors you think the american public hasn't grasped yet? >> i think members of congress really want to see this president to be held accountable and have said over and over again no one is above the law. but we also believe it's important that the facts be laid out, that the investigations continue, and that the litigation moves forward. and we've seen at every step of the way the white house refusing to comply. so i think most members of congress now and the public are beginning to see that our democracy is at stake. people are concerned with living, their everyday jobs,
2:40 pm
their waging, and health care. we have to work for the people. and so i believe that it's up to us as members of congress to do the heavy lifting because people expect us to do that. but they also expect us to do what we've done, such as pass legislation. we passed dozens of bills, reverend al, that are sitting on mitch mcconnell's desk. and i just have to say right here that we have our gun violence and gun safety bill sitting on his desk. our background check bill. >> including background checks, yes. >> yes, and the charlott. while we continue to move forward with our investigations and the inquiries, it's important for the public to understand that we are doing our job for the american people and let mitch mcconnell know he's got to move forward, especially now on passing these gun safety measures. >> as you sit there and you've been a progressive since you were in the state legislature
2:41 pm
before the tame became popular, you heard the president talk about voter i.d., that we need people that need government photo i.d. to vote, but ducking background checks on having things like ar15s. i mean, how does mitch mcconnell get away with something as simple as background checks when they want all kinds of checks for people to be able to even exercise their right to vote? but you have the right to have weapons that you can do mass shootings? >> sure. senator mcconnell gets away with it because of the national rifle association and the money and because of the fact that many members of the senate really are beholden to the nra. we have to break that up. so it's going to be the voices of the people that's going to break that up. people in kentucky need to let senator mcconnell know that he's got to move forward with the bills that are on his desk. but i have to just say, we also have passed h.r. 1, which really
2:42 pm
protecting our democracy, the mueller report demonstrated and mueller testified the russians are interfering in our elections. we have voter suppression as we speak. this president is denying this, so democrats have to continue to work to make sure we uphold the democracy, our democracy, not only for democrats but for the republicans and for the sake of the country. >> i'm out of time, but i noticed you're wearing a button for kamala harris for president, who you are supporting. does it trouble you and other supporters of her that a lot is being made that she's dropped double digits in some of the polls? how do you respond to that? and does that in any way bother some of her key supporters like you? >> absolutely not. she's in the top tier of candidates. let me tell you, i've been a surrogate for senator harris. he's been to south carolina nine times. he was in iowa five times. i've been around the country on
2:43 pm
her behalf. she is expanding the base. people are excited about her candidacy. when people know her and hear her, her 3:00 a.m. agenda, working for the people, making sure we increase teachers pay by $13,000 at least, all of the issues that she stands for and what she's talking about will bring people together in a coalition and we're moving forward to win this primary. reverend al, black women, you know me, i got involved in politics through the first election and campaign of congresswoman shirley which i see am in 1972. black women have always been the most loyal and most consistent voters in the democratic party. now it's time to be in the white house and to be the commander in chief of this great nation. >> i've known you since those days in the '70s. we went to south africa together when the election was going on. you've been consistent and you've been there. thank you for being with us this evening.
2:44 pm
congresswoman barbara lee. >> thank you again. up next, two down, 19 presidential candidates still standing. but who will make the cut for the next presidential debate? we'll be right back. cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management. this inot this john smith smith. or this john smith. or any of the other hundreds of john smiths that are humana medicare advantage members. no, it's this john smith, who met with humana to create a personalized care plan. at humana, we have more ways to care for your health,
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a lot of action this week in the 2020 presidential race. the large field of democratic candidates shrank by two. with jay inslee and massachusetts congressman seth moulton dropped out, and former candidate john hickenlooper announced he's jumping into the u.s. senate race in colorado. the former governor becomes the favorite to take on republican cory gardener next november. all that as nearly a dozen candidates are looking to qualify for the next debate stage. the deadline being just four days away. my panel is back. republican consultant, rina shah, and philippe reines. let me go to you, rina. the republicans, who do you think would be the one that is giving them the most concern as we see the numbers dwindle.
2:49 pm
we may end up only with one night debate if one more does not qualify. as it dwindles down, who do you hear or think in republican circles causes them the most concern? >> i think it's still very squarely biden because of his name i.d., because of the fact that we're still so early on. it is in a moment where that name i.d. is serving him well. he's also hackearkening an era where we're like, gosh, can't we have someone decent around. the president becomes more and more indecent every day. now, let's not forget that's a part of the his brand and that plays with his base. they wanted a disrupter. >> he'd be the first president to win re-election and never had 50% in the polls. >> so that's the worry, right?
2:50 pm
that's why it squarely rests on biden's shoulders. warren is somebody that's becoming palatable. as she continues with this consistency, this is really incredible. warren could be acontender. and i also think that booker is seeing some degree of, you know, leveling in a way that warren has as well. he's continuing the steady march. that can also be worrisome. kamala harris, what's happened at the dnc summer meet, that doesn't really trouble republicans as much as we heard about last month. her staffers were reportedly rocking out when bernie was speaking. so there is a sense that the infighting will continue to have these folks consume each other. and there's really not too much of a worry right now because trump can still knock down anyone last minute. that's what i still hear republican staffers from the national committee think and say. so i don't know that it's really anybody but biden we should be sorely worried about right now. >> that's an interesting strategy to depend on to knock
2:51 pm
down the last minute. >> yeah, that's true. >> but, phillipe, what about the walkout we're hearing in the dnc summer meeting. does this cause the problems we saw some of in '16 where if my person is not the winner that we're going to see some defections? how does the dnc and the democrats manage this? >> well, you have to divide it. >> i mean, the criticisms that the clinton campaign and myself as someone who worked for hillary for more than a decade and a half is what senator sanders did or didn't do after the convention. i don't think what's happening pretty much 11 months before the convention can be called infighting. i mean, it's competing. this is a nomination process. people are supposed to be showing contrast, and if it gets a little heated, it gets a little heated. now that doesn't mean that someone should go from highlighting the difference between their positions on medicare for all to bringing out
2:52 pm
photos that they took of someone in their backyard hitting their dog. i mean, you want to keep it clean, but you also -- this is a foot race. >> but walkouts, don't that begin to build an undercurrent that could lead to some problems down the road if it is not handled particularly by the candidate? >> well, to me the model is 2008. look, in 2008, hillary clinton, the clinton team, clinton supporters, which you can't get a closer nomination fight than you did in 2007 and '08. we didn't want barack obama to beat her. we were upset that she wasn't the nominee. but hillary said -- she set the tone. she from the convention on said it is time to put it down. she killed herself basically campaigning for him. i remember at one point seeing a newspaper article that hillary campaign for then-senator obama
2:53 pm
more than governor palin did for john mccain, her own top of the ticket. >> i understand your point. >> as long as we all come together, that's fine. we just have to come together no later than the convention. >> i worry that won't happen, phillipe. as somebody who doesn't support trump, i just worry that the party won't be able to get it together. as of right now, ten people have qualified for the next debate. but ten is still ten too many. >> let me ask you this. does any of them really stand a chance to get this president in a bind because the problem on the republican side is donald trump represents one thing one minute, another, another minute. it's hard to debate a guy that you don't know where he stands, and he's the president. >> yeah. it's very troublesome in that way is that you don't really know who's coming to the gun fight, frankly or what kind of
2:54 pm
gunther bring. and i think that's what's worrisome to democrats. because republicans are saying he will get re-elected because the power of the incouple by any chancy is so great, we are going to have to have a really smoking gun to take him down. and frankly the moment is the democrats seem to not want to coalesce behind just a few people. it's still so fragmented. >> the problem is i think the biggest campaign for the democrats is coming from donald trump. he is the chairman of the democratic campaign. >> sure. >> thank you, rina, and thank you, phillipe. and a quick programming note, tonight i will speak with new jersey governor phil murphy and mayor ras baraka about the newark water crisis. again, 5:00 p.m. eastern right here on "politicsnation." up next, my final thoughts. stay with us.
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last night we learned that a jury in clearwater, florida, convicted michael draker for the shooting death of markeis magloton. last year he shot the unarmed magloton after an argument in a gas station parking lot claiming that he feared for his life. drako invoked florida's stand your ground law in his defense. immediately those that were on
2:59 pm
his side said they just did this because al sharpton and attorney ben crump and activists came down to florida and put pressure on. same this week, we saw the police commissioner in new york terminate the one officer of mr. pan tailo who was responsible for the chokehold that killed eric garner. first of all, if the jury convict convicted draker and if this judge said that this policeman in new york should've been terminated, then the activist including yours truly should write this should go to trial. we didn't say what the outcome would be. we said that it needed to be tried. it's a shame the system does not
3:00 pm
operate fairly without people raising issues. due process should be available to everyone and they shouldn't have to protest in order to get a fair day in court no matter what the decision. that does it for me. thank you for watching. i'll see you back here tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. eastern for a new live edition of "politicsnation." up next, "the beat" with ari melber. this impeachment caucus you've heard about is actually growing. also donald trump in this downward spiral about the economy. stocks now shaking, plummeting with him lashing out at china and his own fed chief. a serious story with some hereby elements. and later i.c.e. shutting down a hotline because it was featured apparently with a shoutout of a netflix show. we will explain.


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