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tv   First Look  MSNBC  August 26, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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when mohammad zarif showed up. french president said the g7 supported talks but president trump denied discussing a joint. trump said, quote, no comment when he planned to meet with the foreign minister and sent mixed signals over the trade war with china and it all began with this exchange. >> do you have any thoughts on the trade war with china. >> second thoughts? >> might as well. >> do you have second thoughts? >> i have second thoughts about everything. >> watch the chief economic advisor trying to explain that away. >> if i could reinterpret that. actually, what he is intending to say is he always has second thoughts and he had second thoughts about possibly a higher
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tariff response to china. >> okay. when it comes to the latest north korea missile tests, trump and abe are on two different pages. this is what president trump had to say. >> are you concerned at all about north korea conducting more tests? >> i'm not happy about it. but again, he's not in violations of an agreement. >> then the issue of the economy and concerns that the president's trade war with china could lead to a recession. he defended his policy. >> our market is doing great. our country is doing great. everybody is telling me yesterday, people are trying to copy the formula. we cut taxes way down. got rid of regulations. more than any other president. we are doing very well. you people want a recession because you think maybes that
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the way to get trump out. >> president trump tweeted out yesterday, the question i was asked most today by fellow world leaders who think the u.s. is doing so well, mr. president, where does the american media hate your country so much, why are they rooting for it to fail? in hong kong, several officers drew their weapons with one firing a warning shot after they were surrounded by protesters. they use the water cannons. some hurled bricks at officers. some were arrested on the crime of unlawful assembly and assaulting police officers. protests have been running 12 straight weekend. saying beijing has the authority to step in and quell the unrest.
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now a look at the democratic field. bernie sanders called out mitch mcconnell demanding the top republican stop his quote coward as. >> today i say to senator mcconnell, stop stopping legislation from coming to the floor of the senate. you don't have the rights to prevent debate and vote on the most important issue facing the working people of this country. stop your cowardice. have the guts to debate the issues. >> joe biden spent the weekend kris krossing the northeast from a swanky charity event in the hamptons to another state he mixed up what state he was in.
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watch. >> i love this place. look, what is not to like in terms vermont and the beauty and what a neat town. >> okay. also out in new hampshire was mayor pete buttigieg discussing his plan to tackle the mental health and drug addition. touching on one million debts of despair involving suicide over the next few years. joe walsh has announced he will take on president trump for the republican nomination in 2020. >> i'm running against the guy unfit to be president. he lies every time he opens his mouth, a narsist like we've never seen, he's a sexual
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predator. he wakes up and sends out a tweet every morning that insults the average american. when he was elected, i tried to do the good trump, bad trump. praise him when he did something i liked. it became clear that the man basically lies every time he opens his mouth. i think he stokes bigotry and racist. i don't think he's a racist. it is whatever benefits trump is all i care about. >> walsh was admitted as part of the tea party move. he called barack obama a muslim, enemy and trader. during that interview, he apologized for his past criticism of obama. >> i got personal and hateful. i said some ugly things about
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president obama. >> do you really believe he's a muslim? >> god no. that's not easy to do. we have a guy in the white house who has never apologized. i think it is a weakness not to apologize. i helped create trump. i regret that. i'm sorry for that. >> coming up on "morning joe," former congressman will be a guest later this morning. >> and with us this morning, scott wong. let's talk about joe walsh and what his primary challenge means? >> joe walsh is giving voice to a number of critics out there in the republican of president trump of the elected officials, very few have been willing to
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challenge president trump on any issue or to criticize him publicly in fear of retribution. he has shown to take retribution against members of his own party. that is why there has been this devoning criticism. joe walsh is giving a voice these. will he win the gop nomination? no. but he is echoing some of the thoughts being privately said. i'd also keep an eye on joe sanford, another conservative and another who could run as lib tarrian or independent. they could do serious damage in terms of conservative support for president trump heading into the general election.
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>> i'll shift gears to the g7 summit. the big twist was the foreign minister from iran coming to visit. we had the president speaking out saying the french president asked me about it. i gave him his approval. what are your take aways from this weekend? >> looking at the g7 summit, there were obvious parallels between what was happening there and what we saw last month. president trump created utter confusion in france during that summit just like he did back home specifically the most memorable moment had to do with president trump answering three times that he had second
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thoughts about imposing additional tariffs on the chinese. that sent a number of officials scrambling. they were arguing and the president was saying they had second thoughts that the tariffs were not more aggressive. so trump is going to be returning home from this summit with not a whole lot of victories in hand. in fact, has created more confusion. >> thank you, scott. we'll talk again in a little bit. brazilian president has authorized military operations to help combat the raging fires in the amazon rain forest following his lack luster response to the disaster. military planes began dumping water on the fires over the weekend. a few hundred of the troops were deployed into the fire zone. the response comes as a result
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of the g7 leaders expressed grave concern. french president macron said they were nearing a deal. nearly 80,000 fires have been registered across brazil this year. the highest level since 2013. >> still ahead, britain's prince andrew weighs in on his association with the late jeffery epstein. >> and still nothing new has been built. new reporting about what the administration says about that. those stories and a check on the weather when we come right back.
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learned ao play second language applied to college applied for a loan started a business started a blog shared a picture shared a moment turn your wish list into a checklist. learn more. do more. share more. at home, with internet essentials. >> welcome back. britain's prince andrew is
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trying to explain his relationship with jeffery epstein who died by suicide earlier this month. he said he saw him no more than once or twice a year. in a statement, the royal said, quote, at no stage during the limited time i spent with him did i see, witness or suspect any bee lafor of the sort that led to his arrest and conviction. andrew met with epstein in 2010 after he was released from a 13-month prison sentence. andrew called the meeting a mistake and error and added that he has tremendous sympathy for his alleged victims. going to our legal analyst. he is totally under scrutiny. they are hoping this will come
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to an end. what are the implications for those documents released so far? >> legally for prince andrew, nothing. could he even be held liable in an american court or does he have what weigh call head of state immunity. he is not the head of state, that would be queen elizabeth. but in the past, americans have extended this to family of certain rulers. for example the wife of the president of mexico. it is interesting, prince andrew and buckingham palace have been putting out statements distancing the prince from epstein. when push comes to shove, he may not be suable or prosecutable.
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the fascinating thing is that the person or entity is that person who is the head of the brench, who is the president. >> he is now on the record saying he was there, he stayed with him once or twice even staying once after his conviction. could he still be interviewed and make himself available. he said he has empathy and sympathy for the victims of his sexual crimes, could he answer if they say come talk to us and tell us what you know as you already have come out and said. >> that is the main question. what if federal or state prosecutors said, hey, we had like you to come over because we have some questions for you. he is probably not going to do that. could he just say, i'm not
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coming in. could there be any jurisdiction with him being arguably a head of state and not a resident of the united states. the answer may be no. >> you would think he would want to cooperate just to help people seeking information on jeffery epstein's lifestyle. we could see a landmark ruling today whether johnson&johnson could be held responsible for the opioid issue. they aggressively marketed to doctors while down playing the risks. the attorney general is seeking up to $17 billion to cover the cost of treatment, health care and criminal justice bills
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johnso johnson&johnson is denying any responsibility. >> it is interesting. the idea that the company created a nuisance. as we know, opioids have become a serious problem. originally, opioids were marketed as something for acute pain. post surgery. in the late '90s this shifted in a marketing campaign that marketed not acute pain, long-term pain. once they did that. that was one of the factors that led to this addiction problem in the united states. the idea that these were a cure all for lots of kinds of pain made them more risky to be
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released to the world. >> and more on the possible flood gates. >> absolutely. >> let's take a look at the weather now with janessa webb. >> hurricane season starting to pick up now. now we are tracking our next tropical storm. this is our fourth named storm of the season. our 5:00 a.m. update has just come in. we are seeing a change in this pattern. it is starting to strength inhere. we are seeing sustained winds up to 60 miles an hour. the features of the storm are very compact here. it sits in the water where the temperatures are 80s and 90s, that is allowing for this storm to really build. i want to show you the new
2:20 am
track. it has significantly changed here. the cone of uncertainty not really going to impact puerto rico now. we'll see a potential cat 1 hurricane hit hispaniola here by late thursday. really will be watching that system. last time we saw a hurricane in domincan republic in that area was 2008. >> watching that system. >> especially for the people there in puerto rico crossing their fingers tight. thank you. >> it seems the new england patriots will miss a visit to the white house. we'll explain the likely running coming up.
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(scary) hey, we're sorry! [man screams] [scary screams] (burke) quite the circus. but we covered it. at farmers, we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ >> welcome back. less than two weeks before the nfl season kicks off. what would be the second straight year without having the super bowl winning team going to the white house, now a report that both the team and administration said it is not due to politics but rather a conflict of schedule. shortly after trump took office in 2017, at least two dozen players skipped that event. a spokesman said, we will
2:24 am
welcome them to the white house in the future should a date work out. >> golfer rory mcilroy won the single largest pay out at the fedex cup with a $15 million prize. the total doubles his earnings for the year as he joins tiger woods as the game's only two-time tournament winners. the indianapolis colts in question as andrew luck announced his retirement. we have the details. >> this is not an easy decision. it is the hardest of my life. >> a brutal sport has lost a warrior. >> the only way for me is to remove myself from football. >> after injury sidelines him for long stretches including the entire 2017 season. he announced he's quitting at
2:25 am
age 29. >> it has taken away some of joy joy. >> the news not immediately welcomed by home fans who booed. >> one fan taking off his jersey. >> i'd be lying if i said i didn't hear the reaction. >> to take as many hits as he has repeatedly over seven straight years, i can't imagine what he's going through. >> luck who played at stanford was the number one pick of the draft but was be set by injuries. ribs, abs, kidney, recently his ankle. >> i'm in pain. for me to move forward in my life the way i want to, it doesn't involve football.
2:26 am
>> giving up the sport that paid him well yet cost him so much. >> thank you for that report. we've been following news throughout the day of president trump's meetings. we want to cross over now to france to listen to a meeting with the german chancellor angela merkel. let's take a listen. >> i think we'll be coming out with a statement to that effect from the g7. everyone agrees we can't let iran have nuclear weapons. [ inaudible question ] [speaking non-english ]
2:27 am
>> i can only repeat that together all the seven members have said any kind of situation is something we want through negotiations. we had very productive talks on this issue as well. but it is still moving as an issue. it is slowly moving forward but there is still a long way to go. >> mr. president, what are your thoughts in terms of the climate? >> i think way have had unity. there has been a lot of fake news saying no unity. there has been unity with all seven of the countries. it has been really good. it is not quite over yet. i will tell you we've had great
2:28 am
unity, even with iran. a lot of progress made with iran. we've come to a conclusion. they can't have nuclear weapons. they can have a successful g7. you had a report where i was in the plane. i hadn't even landed yet. you said i was in a dispute. i hasn't landed yet. the other thing, the united states, as you know, is doing very, very well. talks are going on with china at a very high level. steve, you want to mention what was said. it was reported in bloomberg and others, market watch that china just put out a statement. >> we appreciate vice premier, his comments he came out with. we look forward to continuing
2:29 am
our discussions, mr. lighthizer and i will expect to continue those shortly. [ inaudible question ] >> reporter: do you think the eu treats china worse with regard to trade? >> i think they are as tough as china. i really do. i think they are very tough. the united states has not been treated particularly well over the years. i'm not saying that because -- it should have been the other way around. it wasn't. i congratulate you. the european union are tough, very tough. the united states has lost tremendous amounts of money over the years with the european union. i don't hold that against the european union. i hold it against our presidents and administration that did not a good job. i respect the european union. i respect china for what they've
2:30 am
been able to do over the years. you look at a guy like sleepy joe biden and obama to allow them sto do what they did do us. what i did to china should have happened 25 years ago. not just obama, push and clinton, they should have done this. they are taking out hundreds of billions a year. it is not right. somebody should have done it. i'm not blaming china. i'm blaming our representatives and leadership for doing a bad job. >> mr. president, will you delay the next round of tariffs? >> [speaking non-english ].
2:31 am
>> this doesn't sound good. >> at any rate, we wanted to talk about these now. we said we wanted to come as quickly as possible. this is obviously an issue as well to us to enhance the trade relations between the trade union and united states we want to bring this to a successful solution. we want to work it successfully. >> right. you know we made a big deal yesterday with japan with prime minister abe. we hope to have a deal with the european union too. >> mr. president, were you able
2:32 am
to attend the working session on climate and oceans? >> a little later. [ inaudible question ] [speaking non-english ] >> reporter: the question was, is the new dream team of g7 now president trump and president macron? the answer now is the dream team of the g7 is the g7. >> that is a good answer. we've had very good contributions from all of the countries. >> you got to compromise on digital taxation. >> we are getting close. we'll see if we can make a deal. getting close. >> [speaking non-english ].
2:33 am
>> translator: we have said we have the intention to find a solution for each and every one by 2020. that will be an enormous breakthrough then to the benefit of everyone. >> correct. >> reporter: is germany working to take back isis fighters in syria? >> we are talking about that now. i think we'll work something out. >> [speaking non-english ]. >> translator: first, i should say we have already 5accepted a number of family members and children. second, we have committed ourselves as european union countries to work together and
2:34 am
to try and find a solution here and work together with the united states on this one. we want to find a solution together but it is certainly not an issue. >> i think we've done a really great job. we've defeated them and took over 100%. not 99, or 98. i was criticized when i said 98%. i said, we'll stay and do 100. we did a very good job and had a number of talks. it is not fair for the united states to have these people. we want to give them to the areas where they came from. that includes not just germany but france, uk. we have a lot from france, uk, a lot of different countries and for the most part all of europe. >> reporter: on china, is it possible talks could advance and you could reach a deal and delay
2:35 am
or cancel the planned tariff increases you announced? >> anything is possible. we are having talks. at least for the time. we are doing very well. china is a great country. i consider president xi to be a great leader. you do also. he is a great leader. they are losing millions of jobs going to other countries. if i was them, they'd want to make a deal. they are losing billions and billions. there has been no inflation. most products have not gone all, china is able to manipulate and put cash into the system. it wouldn't be a competitive product. they've lost a lot of jobs it is
2:36 am
a really good chance. i think we are probably in a much better position now of a negotiation and something meaningful. maybe i'm wrong, i think we are probably in a stronger position now to do a deal, a fair deal for everybody. we are having very meaningful talks. >> reporter: is the chancellor pressuring you to deescalate the trade war with china? >> no. she'd like to see it work out because it is good for everybody. she's a brilliant woman. she understands where everything is i think before most people. she'd like to see it worked out. >> [speaking non-english ].
2:37 am
>> reporter: of course, we are all somehow linked together. we all have every interest to come to a solution. we'll be very glad if an agreement could be found between china and the united states. that is in our own vested interest. >> reporter: you are hosting g7 next year, who will be the surprise guest? >> i don't think there will be any surprises. i think we'll have a successful g7. it will probably be in miami. zbr great location. instead of driving hours and
2:38 am
hours to get to locations. you'll only have a five minute drive. we can learn from what took place here. they did a great job. even the way the rooms were set up and designed. we got some good ideas from this g7. there won't be any surprises. >>. [ inaudible question ] >> we'll see, i think russia, we had a talk. no vote or anything. we had a talk. >> any inclination is to say yes. other people don't. there are some who agree with me 100%. others don't. we had a talk about russia. some think it is advantageous. maybe at this time without being specific. we'll see what happens. [ inaudible question ] we just set up the best.
2:39 am
we haven't made a final decision but right next to the airport there. it is a great place and has tremendous acreage. hundreds of acres so we could handle whatever happens. people are really liking it. it has buildings that have 50 to 70 units so each delegation could have their own buildings. and they could have buildings for the press. we are thinking about it. they love the location of the hotel and the fact that it is right next to the airport and it is miami. it is a great area. [ inaudible question ] >> we haven't found anything that could even come close to competing. especially when you look at the locate being right next to the
2:40 am
airport. so many other places, the drive is so long. you need helicopters and other things. this is something you can be there within a matter of minutes. i think they'll appreciate it. >> reporter: kons lochancellor,u tell us your views on russia? >> [speaking non-english ]. >> translator: in our talks here, i want to see a talk between the ukrainian president, the new ukrainian president and
2:41 am
the russian president. we wish to see progress on the agreement we already made. we saw small progress with them and we have to try to bring this forward in the few months to come. i have every interest in this solution. it is a big problem and we have enough problems in the world as it is. i think we ought to make progress on this one. >> reporter: mr. president, the g7 is about to lose its only fee fail leader, are you considered the world isn't doing enough to promote female leaders around the world? >> i'm still here. >> she may surprise you. i don't know that you are right about that at all. >> reporter: speaking of female leaders, are you signing on to any of the partnerships as well
2:42 am
as the african partnerships? >> we had really good meetings, very productive. something we are looking at seriously as a country. yes. >> reporter: have you touched on any policy with these lieders? >> not too much rchlts we haven't had that meeting yet. it is a big thing. very big. >> and fiscal policy? >> and fiscal. >> reporter: did you invite the leader to berlin and what was the answer? >> translator: i've invited the president on previous occasions and you have heard his answer. >> we'll be there. i'm very honored by the
2:43 am
invitation. it is true. i have german in my blood. i'll be there. >> reporter: would you make a stop on the way to poland for example? >> we haven't thought of that. it is a little soon. we'll be in poland i believe next week. it is a little too soon. but we'll be there very soon in germany. okay. thank you all very much. thank you. >> you are watching there the final minutes in the conclusion of the by lateral meeting there. the president took a host of
2:44 am
questions. most pressing you get a ses is the trade war with china discussing the chinese leader saying they are making some progress on those trade wars. i think they described it as the most meaningful talks they've had. the president taking some questions about the future g7 meeting, the president saying it will be held in miami, florida where the president did not mention whether it will be held at a country. the progress with them describing great unity between iran and the united states that this has been a successful and friendly g7. over and over again. describing it as the strongest
2:45 am
position we've been in. >> and the president calling it fake news. for all of this and more, let's head over to scott wong about what we just saw there. against the back drop of what has been reported. the disunity, the surprise visit from iran leader. what was your take? >> as i was listening to the president talk to reporters there. the president described president xi of china as a great leader. just three days ago, he referred to the china he'd leader as an enemy. we are seeing from over the
2:46 am
weekend, they are looking for some kind of consistency and stability. they are looking for a response about the president's irratic behavior on guns and greenland. so i think heading into this coming week, a lot of people are looking for some consistency. >> i thought it was interesting, he was asked whether he would invite russia to the next g7. he was surprised. and angela merkel was putting
2:47 am
her conditions with hopes for talks. >> obviously the 2020 g7 is a ways away. it has been suggested that the president would like somebody like vladimir putin who would raise concerns in the u.s. the other take away that i thought was interesting was the president's discussion that g7 next year would be held or could be held in miami where the president certainly has his durrerl property, that will praise howls from the democrats who have been investigating the
2:48 am
president about his ability to make money or raise money from his hotels and resorts including the trump hotel right here in washington, d.c. >> wish we had more time to ask you about it. during that bilateral meeting with the german chancellor, he sent out two tweets. >> raising question about who is really tweeting for the president. >> still ahead, more on his comments about saying that china wants to come back to the bargaining table. >> we'll look at how the response to that is coming next. to reveal younger looking skin.
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welcome back, everyone. new british prime minister johnson isn't worried about the deal. the uk can easily cope with a new deal brexit adding that if that occurred it's because of the stub bourneness of the european union hour that's not the opinion leaked obtained by the sunday times. that details the way they're trying to avert a catastrophic collapse in the infrastructure and which warned of gridlock at ports, a hard border with ireland and significant
2:52 am
shortages of water and fresh food. he said the food shortages were highly unlikely and vowed that patients would have continued access to medicine. in france prime minister johnson promised not to pay the $39 billion fee which would be owed by the uk to the eu in the event of a no deal divorce. still to come, axios' mike allen has a look at "1 big thing." and president trump faces deep divisions on the world stage. >> much more as he finds himself isolated on climate change, tariffs. we'll have the very latest as president trump tried to paint a rosier picture on his talks with the world leaders. and congressman joe walsh will discuss his bid to take on the president in the 2020 nomination. "morning joe" is just moments away. "morning joe" is just mome away know how to cover almost anything.
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joining us from washington, d.c., to look at axios a.m., the cofounder, mr. mike allen. good to have you with us. what may be for a first for president trump he's actually tweeting about axios' "1 big thing." congrats, you have made it to the president's twitters of fear. >> thank you, mr. president. so it's the wildest idea we heard about it earlier on this show. the president getting a national security briefing about a hurricane coming across the atlantic and the president said as reported by jonathan swan numerous sources confirming the president talked about this repeatedly, the president said i got it, i got it. why don't we drop a nuclear bomb into the hurricane and disrupt it and the briefer there said something to the effect of, well, we'll look into that, sir. well, it turns of it that the national security homeland security apparatus actually did a memo on this.
2:57 am
recording the president's thoughts because when the president talks, when the president throws out an idea, there's a big machine that then has to respond to it. well, turns out this isn't a new idea. the idea of disrupting the convection currents of the hurricane with a nuke. it goes back to the eisenhower administration. national geographic posted something said that nuking hurricanes the surprising history of a really bad idea. noaa has details about this, cyclone myths and here's the bottom line, the why it matters. if you nuked a hurricane the problem is that the nuclear fallout would go with the trade winds and go to land. >> let me ask you this. you have the scientists going bad idea. not going to work. why does it resurface and the president is tweeting about it
2:58 am
this morning about the "1 big thing" while have been a bilateral with angela merkel? >> numerous people talked about this and this is the president's style. he'll float an idea. remember, he said when notre dame cathedral was burning that we should water bomb it and the structural scientists said no, if you did that, the cathedral will collapse. the president has ideas. one of the things we hear again and again from the people around him that one of their jobs is to try to defuse ideas, to try to get at what he really wants as opposed to his immediate solution. and hopefully sometimes he'll forget the ideas or someone will come in and offer him something else. >> let's switch gears for a moment because i want to get your thoughts on another piece of reporting at axios. some insight into that's weird
2:59 am
happening at conservative media outlets while trump is in office. what are you observing? >> this is is a surprise. conservative media is thriving under a republican president and this reverses the history. rush limbaugh of course rose under president clinton. became famous, fox news founded during the clinton years. on the other side of the spectrum, huffington post and daily kos rose under president bush. but now they're expanding their staff and part is they're taking the internet for what it is and talking about more topics. so you'll find what we're -- what were right wing sites talking more and more about the stories of the day and that could be entertainment and we're finding new conservative voices rising on podcasts. and of course across the web a big conservative voice ones t t that -- that want to be
3:00 am
anti-trump that's proved to be a tough business model in this era. >> all right. mike allen, great to have you with us, especially on that landmark tweet from the president on the active -- you know, "1 big thing." >> the tweet tease. >> we'll be reading it in a little bit. you can sign up at >> all right. that does it for us on a monday morning. i'm ayman mohyeldin with frances rivera. "morning joe" starts right now. good morning. welcome to "morning joe." it is monday, august 26th. with us we have msnbc political analyst and former chairman of the republican national committee michael steele. washington anchor for bbc world news america katty kay. columnist and associate editor for "the washington post" david ignatius. and "mor


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