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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  August 28, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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i'll see you tomorrow morning on "today." "andrea mitchell reports" starts now. >> right now on "andrea mitchell reports" the debate of the top ten, including joe biden's first face-off with elizabeth warren. unless a miracle poll turns up before midnight tonight. >> if this holds, one night, one stage, one debate, ten candidates, all going head to head. >> steve kornacki joins us in a moment with the breakdown.
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pardon me. the president reportedly promises pardons to aide whose break the law and help him build that wall before he has to face the voters next year and explain a broken promise. >> would it be appropriate for a member of this administration to break the law to accelerate the construction of the border wall? >> peter, i don't think that any of us in this administration would ever feel it's appropriate to break the law. run silent, run deep. new photos show north korea may be building a submarine capable of launching nuclear tipped missiles. the biggest threat yet to the u.s., despite the president's fondness for chairman kim. >> when they have submarines that can wander the pacific ocean that can get closer to for example guam or hawaii, that puts their missiles, talk in clear tipped missiles in range of u.s. forces and hubs. >> good day everyone.
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i'm andrea mitchell in washington with new reaction as joe biden solidifies a double-digit lead over the next best contender in two new polls released today. that puts to rest an earlier poll this week showing him in third place, clearly an outlier. today's polls do not give billionaire activist tom steyer the boost he needs to qualify for next week's debate. one stage, ten candidates and the long anticipated matchup between biden and withelizabeth warren. joining me is steve kornacki, joel payne, director modia director for hillary clinton's 2016 campaign, msnbc contributor jeremy peters, political reporter at the "new york times" and nbc news correspondent heidi p pryzbola. what did you see in today's polls and what it means for the debate? >> it's a big crunch on the democratic side. various categories, the entire democratic field. the xs, those are the candidates
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who dropped out. the ones in dark shade are candidates who had not coming into today qualified for the next debate in september. coming into today, only ten candidates had qualified. what that meant, they hit a doan why are threshold, raised donations from at least 130,000 people and critically they had hit the polling threshold. these candidates have done it. the suspense coming in to today, it was around these two candidates, tulsi gabbert and tom steyer, both hit the donor threshold. tom steyer had hit that 2% mark in three polls. tulsi gabbert in two. steyer needed one, gabbert needed two more and two new polls coming out this morning, so suspense, would either of them, would both of them qualify, and then cause this to be a two-night debate in september again. first poll that came out this morning, "usa today"/suffolk, biden as you mentioned clearly in first, warren, sanders, but
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what you see, these are all the candidates 2% and above. you don't see tulsi gabbert's name, you don't see tom steyer's name. given she was two polls short the fact that gabbert didn't make 2% effectively that eliminated her. no september debate for tulsi gabbert. the second poll quinnipiac by not hitting in the first, stye her to do it in this poll. all candidates 2% or better, steyer did not hit the threshold in that either so therefore unless i'm looking at the clock, it's noon right now, the official deadline for this thing is 11:59 p.m. east coast time tonight. unless there's a new poll nobody is talking about, it comes out in that time that has steyer at 2%, that will be it. those ten candidates as we said it will be a single night of debati debating. everyone is going to get a shot at everyone else, that is a dynamic we have not yet seen on the democratic side but looks like we will see in september. >> and joel, this really does
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indicate joe biden out in front. we even have an apology in effect from the monmouth poll, a credible poll but says they clearly had an outlier on monday when they came out with that poll that said that he was basically at a virtual tie or coming in third. it's clear they wrote the monmouth university poll published monday is an outlier. this is a product of the uncertainty that is inherent in the polling process. i would point out it's august. august polls are notoriously bad polls. people are not paying attention. >> yes. >> a number of, you know, with such a small sample in that monmouth poll, with a handful of people, someone could slip. tom steyer with something like eight people changing in one of these polls could qualify for the debate stage. >> i think the sample size and the margin of error was always the part -- >> off the charts. >> -- that was completely off the charts and pretty remarkable the polling director had to come
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out and say that. it's interesting. i thought that the most fascinating part of that poll was not what happened at the top with those three who we know are sanders, warren and biden, it's what happened at the bottom, and it's what steve just talked about. now you've got a one night debate and i think that this really, really is going to be a challenge for the former vice president, because no longer can he just focus on one of the front-runners. he's got to focus on all of them and that's a lot of pressure on him, it's a lot of oncoming. i'm sure the biden folks feel like they're ready. we're looking at a completely different discussion that will be had in two weeks as opposed to the one you could have had a split field again. >> you can imagine that bernie sanders is going to go after him, clearly they feel that they have some of the same, even though they don't share an ideology, they share sort of a demographic in a lot of other ways in terms of the labor support and others. >> quickly, also tulsi gabbert is not there, which is good news for kamala harris because she landed some pretty significant blows on kamala harris last time
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as well. so interesting things happen at the bottom of those polls also >> heidi, we'll see joe biden and elizabeth warren. that is the first time where we're going to see someone who is as sharply focused as warren and tough as a debater againhat watch, andrea. what we've seen is essentially sanders, but now that warren is on the same debate stage as biden, i do think that the gloves could come off, and especially as we look and we drill down into these polls in iowa, we see how well warren is starting to do, if she can knock him off or even come close in iowa, that is one of the number one ways that the other candidates can really destroy this veneer of electability and that joe biden is so far ahead from everyone else. we're already startling to see rumblings of that in the polling in terms of enthusiasm levels for warren, who has higher enthusiasm levels than biden. >> she's got very big crowds and
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she also has a really impressive ground game this early in nevada, in iowa, which in iowa and caucus state, that's exactly what you need. jere jeremy, the other thing that's so interesting is the quinnipiac poll the head to heads with president trump, where not just joe biden, but all of the candidates are way ahead in any kind of matchup, but joe biden 54-38 against president trump, bernie sanders 53-39. these are enormous gaps with the incumbent president. >> what's more, andrea, these numbers by and large track with what republicans are seeing privately in their own surveys. they know he's in big trouble. the republican national committee, the trump campaign, individual republican congressional districts, where they're looking at this. i spoke with somebody the other day who had alexandria ocasio-cortez running even in a district in the south, that's
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incredible, not a democratic leaning district, this is an evenly split district. president trump is in a lot of trouble, and there's really nothing he's doing to help himself. >> he's in a lot of trouble but can i add because i have this ptsd from 2016 where we looked at the national polls and assumed that hillary had this huge lead. >> electoral. >> that each time we are tempted to look at the polls we remind ourselves we have to look at a handful of state level polls including michigan, wisconsin, iowa, ohio, places like that. >> pennsylvania. >> still closer. >> the national polls are distorted by california and by new york, by the large states with the huge populations. steve kornacki, let's talk about the warning signs perhaps for kamala harris. she has an opportunity now on the debate stage and all of us have pointed out without tulsi gabbert, she may not face those kinds of challenges, but still she's not showing the kind of support in these polls that one
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would have thought she would. >> it's fascinating, too. pardon me, we are here at the end of the summer. use the quinnipiac poll as an example. two things, you mentioned kamala harris, also this biden number, look how far apart they are right now, 32% for biden, kamala harris back at 7%. we've seen this in a few different polls and think back to just two months ago, that first democratic debate here on nbc, you had that showdown, kamala harris went after joe biden, seemed to catch him flat footed. remember, there were polls that came out in the week or two after that debate this had biden support crash into the low 20s, kamala harris surging close to 20%. that happened in the course of the summer, yet here we are at the end of the summer, she has regressed, biden surged back into a lead in this thing in the low 30s. they're back where they started basically. i think it showed you kamala harris obviously in sort of that rehearsed moment she pulled off on the debate stage, she did herself some good. she was not able to follow up on that and again, as you guys were talking about there a minute
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ago, i think that second debate and tulsi gabbert and that exchange might have knocked her back a little bit. >> what about the one percenters? are we going to see other people dropping out? you're not going to see tom steyer dropping out because she's pouring a ton of money into some of the early states. >> he's not going anymowhere. you'll see soul searching with gillibrand, michael bennet, the one percenters. the one percenters or the lower percenters in the debate who qualified, those are where you're going to see most likely people taking shots at some of the front-runners so people like castro, klobuchar, yang. yang probably not, but you know, beto. >> that's not her m.o. >> you have to make some sound here. it's kind of like if you don't make any sound, if you're in the middle of the forest, no one hears you, are you making a sounds? 'a little bit of that kind of situation. >> i think her sound will be against the president. >> possibly.
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>> but not against fellow democrats. >> this is her opportunity. >> she's gone out of her way to make the case she's minnesota nice. >> i think you get to a problem with the context of these debates. the issue has always been they do not provide a lot of new information and even though we're down to ten candidates on that stage right now, it's still going to be another debate with ten people where they have a minute to respond. >> and the format we don't know exactly the format but one hopes it's not the kind of format in the last debate where it was, they were really cut off and not given a chance to finish their thoughts. speaking of finishing our thoughts we'll leave it there for now, steve kornacki, joelpe. coming up, border wall blitz. president trump rushing to build his signature structure along the southern border. what murky moves has he reportedly taken to make that dream a real isn't it you're watching "andrea mitchell reports." stay here with us on msnbc.
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president trump is reportedly taking his aggressive re-election strategy to all new levels. "the washington post" reporting today the president is so eager to complete hundreds of miles of border wall ahead of election day "he's directed aides to fast track billions of dollars' worth of construction contracts, aggressively seize private land and disregard environmental rules" adding the president told worried subordinates he will pardon them of any potential
9:17 am
wrong doing should they have to break laws to get the barriers built quickly. joining me now is nbc news correspondent juliaencely, charlie sykes and msnbc contributor michael steele, former senior adviser to jeb bush and former spokesman for house speaker john boehner. michael steele, seems to me as a republican, property rights are an article of faith. >> property rights are sacred, eminent domain is a sacrilege. he had control of congress the first two years of his first term and didn't take that opportunity to dot right thing to get the wall built if he wanted to build a wall by passing legislation through congress and he's now trying to ram this through executive actions because he failed to act when he had the opportunity. i hope and expect all of those people getting these instructions remember, he's only in a position to issue pardons if he wins.
9:18 am
>> charlie, the whole issue of mexico building the wall, that was a non-starter that poisoned the relationship with mexico in all sorts of ways. mexico has been pressured to do a lot of things, including accepting migrant and asylum applicants on their side of the border and such, but they're not going to pay for the wall. >> no, they're not going to pay for the wall. he's been telling his supporters he's been building a new wall. you have a lie built on top of a lie and a trifecta of awfulness. the president saying take the land, ignore the law, and i will pardon you. so we've had this long debate about the resilience of our institutions. when you have a president who has profound contempt for the institutional norms and for the rule of law, and this story which i think is quite plausible, gives you a sense of what he is prepared to do unless other institutions stand up and push back, but this story, which
9:19 am
you think about the president of the united states telling people, go ahead, break the law. i will pardon you if i get reelected, what right now is the constitutional institutional block check on that kind of power? this is something that this is kind of feels like a wake-up moment about what we have done with the presidency predating trump but what we're going to have to deal with and live with. >> julia, you have reporting you broke that the president is also moving money that had already been appropriated for fema, for disaster relief, we've got the hurricane season, puerto rico and all the rest, and moving that to the border. >> yes, that's right. so in addition to building more detention space for i.c.e., they want to hold 20 50,000 immigrants in i.c.e. detention space, more than the 42,000 appropriated by congress. they're pulling from all over dhs, cyber security, tsa, fema. then they are dipping into specifically fema's disaster relief fund to fund 155 million
9:20 am
for temporary court hearing locations along the border and that is precisely for the immigrants that you just talked about sent back to mexico to wait for their asylum hearing. usually when you have to pull on emergency funding and notify congress and not go through the usual routes, you'll know this better than anyone, you have to show it's because you're protecting the united states, that there could be damage to property or national security risk. this is actually because of a policy that this administration put in place, that is why they are dipping into this 155 million. so again, they get in this place where it's really hard to justify, and you can read through these documents where they have to justify each line, and they say well, absent any catastrophic events. what is the fema relief fund for, except for catastrophic events? >> to take money from cyber security and tsa, seems to me that those are two accounts that are underfunded as it is, or under, you know, recognized.
9:21 am
>> that's why we have to nuke the hurricanes. we don't have the fema money to deal with it. >> there are guardrails, of course. we have the justice department and we know that the justice department and william barr, the attorney general, the agency that you cover -- >> yes. >> -- that institution is going to protect us from any constitutional violations of the emoluments clause, for instance, michael steele. what about the christmas party that the attorney general is going to have at the trump hotel here in washington for $30,000 or more? >> one would have -- i understand the attorney general may want to get in good favor with his boss but one would have thought he could have found an alternate venue that did not have the name of the president plastered across it. this is a clear failure of judgment and clear disregard for the proper way of dealing with these things. >> i mean, he is in charge of the cases, the challenges on emoluments and he will be whether or not the g7 should as the president has apparently
9:22 am
directed, located at the doral, the trump doral property in miami. >> the bed bug infested doral property. >> the economically challenged doral property. >> so the brazenness of the contempt for the appearance of a conflict of interest is really what's striking here. he doesn't care. he's the attorney general. this is swampy. it's very clear you have the element of sucking up but also it's the kind of practice that you won't find anywhere else in the federal government, people writing out checks for $30,000 to go into the pockets of their bosses. this is exactly the kind in any other context so it's another example of where the president has a rule unto himself that he is above the law, and for the attorney general to actually exploit that loophole, you know, is again one of these okay, where are these guardrails? what is the institutional pushback, and does anybody in this administration frankly give a damn anymore about it? >> and it's not just emoluments.
9:23 am
if the g7 is at doral, it's taking money from foreign accounts directly. >> foreign governments. >> which is another violation of the constitution. marco rubio though fellow booster for florida and florida tourism, this is what we to say to reporters yesterday on c capitol hill. >> it's right down the street from, not far from where i live. it's in florida. i think it's a great idea. >> does it cause any concern? >> yeah, traffic, yeah, a lot of concern. traffic pfrg. it's right around the super bowl potentially. >> any concern though about the president actually pitching his own, i mean profit theoretically? >> yeah, i don't know. i think my sense is that those events probably end up costing more than they make you. its is he not our basel. it's a lot of security costs locally and a lot of traffic so yeah, i'd love to have miami be featured internationally as a great place. >> as julia has pointed out,
9:24 am
karen deyoung of "the washington post" was pointing out last night that airports have to be closed down, so the virtue of it being near miami international is actually a disastrous security risk and traffic risk. >> right, these are all things any administration thinks about. you have advanced teams who try to figure out what else is happening in this particular place. it's not just logistics. it's the appearance of it all. you add all of these things together you have to remember the ongoing cases over the president's emoluments you have to think back to the bar question, wouldn't barr just know better? >> i think we know the answer to that. julia ainsley, thanks so much. another great report from you. charlie great to have you, come often and michael steel you as well always. coming up, under the sea, new photos show north korea is building a submarine that could be capable of launching ballistic missiles. what that means for tracking threats throughout the region. you're watching "andrea mitchell
9:25 am
reports" only on msnbc.
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there's alarming new evidence from satellite photos that north korea may be building a submarine capable of launching
9:29 am
ballistic missile that could make it impossible to denuclearize the peninsula. these satellites appear to show inf infrastructu infrastructure. there's no indication a test is imnent. this according to analysis provided to be inning news by two national security experts. these photos appear to confirm reports from north korea last month showing kim jong-un inspecting what state media then called a newly built submarine. victor cha, former director of asian affairs in president bush's in the security council and who provided nbc with the satellite images and analysis here, and ambassador wendy sherman from undersecretary of affairs and msnbc global contributor. victor, in what you're seeing here is most alarming to you about the advance? >> well for one, it's moving to a new class of threat from north korea. every missile that they have deployed thus far has been from the ground.
9:30 am
what they're now doing is trying to move to an underwater deployment capability. that for the united states is strategically much more complicated than simply dealing with missiles on the ground because it's a much more stealthy deployment. it's hard to track submarines own though north korean submarines are noisy, it's still hard to track them. >> when you track submarines you're trying to find out where they're moving, what they're armed with and also take them out. the whole point is to be able to preemptively take action if you see a launch is coming of something that is so dangerous. >> right. >> you can with land-based we have pretty good intel or better than we used to at least, but a submarine is much more difficult. >> north korean territory is not that large. the pacific ocean is quite large, and you know, i think the concern is that they are trying to build towards launching nuclear tipped missiles from the submarines. that picture you showed of that hull that kim jong-un was standing next to, what's noticeable about that is that it has tubes in it, missile tubes that show a desire to launch
9:31 am
from that capability with that capability, and that's very concerning. it's hard for president trump to decouple from this particular threat, although he's decoupled from the short range ballistic missiles that north korea keeps firing. >> he seems to thinker th they't significant. this was the president monday at the g7 in france. >> i also say that by the way with respect to north korea. kim jong-un who i've gotten to know extremely well, first lady has gotten to know kim jong-un and i think she'd agree with me, he is a man with a country that has tremendous potential. >> wendy sherman, you've negotiated with kim's father, in fact, when we were in pyongyang in 2000 and it's pretty extraordinary that so much has been done since this diplomatic lull started a year ago plus in
9:32 am
singapore, kim jong-un promised he'd start to denuclearize, provide inventory. not a single promise has been kept but advancing with short range missile tests and of course now this submarine. >> indeed, one of the more difficult conversations the president had at the g7 was standing with prime minister abe who sees the short range missile tests as a real threat to japan, even if not a threat to the united states of america, and i'm totally with what victor has said. this is the second leg of what we consider a nuclear triad, which is very critical to both u.s. deterrence and u.s. capability. when a country has more than one way to deliver a nuclear weapon, it's not only a greater deterrence, but it's also a way to react if they are, in fact, struck first. so if and now north korea is on their way to having both an ability for a land-based nuclear
9:33 am
weapon, then a submarine nuclear weapon, the only one they're missing and maybe not so much is on a bomber that could deliver an air-based missile. so this is very concerning, and the president saying that kim is just a wonderful guy and there's a great future, there is no question that kim jong-un has potential. he's showing us every day in the pictures that victor and his colleague shared with us the potential that he has, and is not in the u.s. national security interest. >> and we do have also some first win toe we've really had about jim mattis' resignation aside from his resignation in the "wall street journal" an excerpt from his forthcoming book and he says the former defense secretary said using every skill i had learned during my decades as a marine, i did as well as i could for as long as i could. when my concrete solutions and strategic advice, especially
9:34 am
keeping faith with our allies no longer resonated, it was time to resign." he was speaking about of course the precipitor the withdrawal from syria without notification to allies on the ground but it was also that in singapore the fact that the president unilaterally gave away, said he was suspended the joint exercises with south korea, victor, with no notice to his pentagon chief. >> what i really liked about that excerpt was i think jim mattis said when you go g to a gun fight you bring your friends with guns and that speaks to how important allies are, and with every action that the president has taken on at least the north korea issue, whether it's canceling exercises or decoupling saying short range missile threats are not a problem, only long range ones, it's showing complete disrespect for allied interests, and that's going to deteriorate the overall health of the alliances. >> briefly, wendy, it's also sending a signal to china that
9:35 am
the united states is not reliable. so it's not just allies. it's adversaries. >> absolutely, and to russia as well. jim mattis says that leadership requires collaboration. it's clearly something that donald trump has not learned. >> wendy sherman, as always, thank you so very much and victor, your analysis and your breakthroughs are so profoundly important, thank you. >> thank you. and coming up, dreading dorian, as puerto rico continues to recover, tries to recover from hurricane maria. residents there are now bracing for yet another storm, one that's expected to pick up strength and speed in the next 24 hours. we'll have a live report next. stay with us.
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a new advisory from the national hurricane center says that tropical storm dorian could potentially hit florida on monday as a category 3 hurricane. meanwhile puerto rico now is bracing for a direct hit from the tropical storm which is gaining strength in the caribbean. it's the first major storm it-to-hit the island since the devastation of hurricane maria two years ago. a massive category 4 hurricane that killed some 3,000 people, causing billions of dollars in damages. nearly 30,000 homes still are covered by blue fema tarps, have not been repaired. msnbc's mariana atencio joins me from puerto rico and michelle grossman has the forecast.
9:40 am
michelle, first tell us what is the track, is there a division between the european model and the american model. where do we think this thing is headed? >> hi there. the american model toward the carolinas, the european southern georgia and the eastern coast of florida. we had big time changes since 11:00 advisory. now forecasted to be a major hurricane, a category 3 storm hitting either anywhere from southern florida to georgia. this is where it stands right now, looking at the satellite affecting parts of the lesser antilles in to puerto rico. we expect it to increase to a category 1 storm overnight into thursday. so taking a look at the track here, we are looking at 25 miles southeast of st. croix. winds at 70 miles per hour. that was a big jump at the 11:00 advisory. we were at 60 and we've jumped up to 70. we're looking at gusts higher than that and a category 1 storm is 74 mile perhour winds. northwest at 13 miles per hour. we're going to move it quickly
9:41 am
over the eastern part of the island but dropping two to four inches of rain, maybe up to six, isolated amounts up to ten. this is what we have in terms of watches and warnings. we have a hurricane watch that is in the pink because we do expect some hurricane conditions, whether it passes over as a tropical storm or a hurricane, most likely a tropical storm at that point. we will see hurricane-like conditions. for parts of the dominican republic we have a tropical storm watch. let's take a look at the path here, because this is a big story where we will see eventually it nearing the u.s. coast as a category 3 storm. we will be watching this all day long. next advisory comes out at 2:00. >> thank you so much, michelle. mariana, what are you hearing from residents? how are they preparing as they brace for this storm now? >> reporter: what i'm hearing and what i'm feeling also andrea, we're starting to feel these outer bands start to hit the easternmost cone of puerto rico. it is tropical storm dorian and it's changing path.
9:42 am
it's unpredictable path that has a lot of locals here on edge. a lot of people telling me they did not expect the storm to come in this way. i'm in the city 50 minutes southeast of san juan. it is exactly the same path that maria took, and you can imagine a lot of people here are still traumatized from what happened two years ago. the mayor of umacau telling me he's taking no chances. they opened up two shelters, prepared for what he called the worst case scenario. there's concern about the power grid not being as strong and the flooding and the rainfall. andrea, i want to leave your audience with this picture here behind me. right now from umacau on a regular day you'd be able to see the satellite islands on the other side but all you can see now are these dark clouds from dorian making their way here. landfall is expected in just a few hours. andrea? >> stay safe there, mariana. thank you so much and michelle
9:43 am
grossman of course, thanks for all of your insights, and coming up next, in our next hour, ali velshi with speak with the mayor of san juan. coming up, pandemonium. could the president's trade war with china jeopardize the giant panda's stay in washington at the zoo? you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. rs. but what i do count on... is staying happy and healthy. so, i add protein, vitamins and minerals to my diet with boost®. boost® high protein nutritional drink has 20 grams of protein, along with 26 essential vitamins and minerals your body needs. all with guaranteed great taste. and now try new boost® peaches and creme natural flavor. with 27 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein. boost®. be up for life™.
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sales of soybeans, pork and wheat evaporating as china switches to other markets. ohio's soy bean farmer kristopher gibbs expressed his frustration to chris hayes last night. >> losing money on soy bean and corn as well. the administration has put forth the bailouts, i call it hush money to keep farmers sedated but they put together dollars from the taxpayer, let's be clear those dollars do not come from china, no matter how many times the president says it, those dollars come out of the treasury, right from the american taxpayer. >> joining me is's tilltill aus
9:48 am
goolsbee, it is great to see you. >> great to see you, andrea. >> in a farmer is a better economist than the president of the united states who does not understand tariffs are taxes, but what are you seeing with the trade war and the effect on the overall economy, and the markets? >> well, look, 100% you're right, out here in illinois we're the biggest soy bean grower in the nation and it has been a pretty tough blow on the farmers of the country, and you've added the chinese retaliation has added a second wrinkle, which is it's not just that they stopped buying from the u.s. they've also been cutting tariffs on our competitor nations, and buying the products from others. so brazil is seeing a huge increase in demand, so even if they can back away from this escalation, it's not clear that
9:49 am
this thing is a temporary phenomena. they might have found new sources of where to buy this. the impact on the market is obvious. every time the words trade war, retaliation or any of those come out of the president's mouth, the stock market plunges, and that's because you can't have a full-blown trade war between the two biggest economies of the world and not have a recession in both of those economies in my opinion, so i think people should be nervous about this. >> and it's also sort of the ups and downs of all this, the volatility of the president saying and the president just saying the other day in france that there was a call from the chinese and they were relenting and wanted a deal, and then no one could establish because the foreign ministry in beijing said there had been no such call so there's a lot of concern about the information that's coming from washington. >> yes, that's a nice way to put it, you know, concern about the information. what does it mean when the
9:50 am
president of the united states is issuing statements and the best that can be said of the statement is well, pay no attention to what the president is saying. i mean, as you know, we have gone through many, many white h of the upmost expense on the words of the president to preserve the credibility of the nation and of the president if we get to a crisis that they would be taken seriously. things like this undermines it. things like the president of the united states gets up on twitter, i here by order all private companies in the united states to stop doing business with china. it is bonkers. it is totally unhinged. nothing like that has ever happened. >> this could get serious. "the washington post" has an article today that china could retaliate by not extending the ten-year lease that would expire next year for those giant
9:51 am
pandas. >> we have come from the sub prime to the ridiculous. look, the fact is it is going to be in everything. if you get a full-blown trade war, it is steel, your car is going to be expensive. farmers are going to be suffering and you will go to the zoo. you are not going to see the air. it is going to affect foods and parts and suppliers. the world of economy is so interconnected that if you announce with no warning that we are going to stop all imports and try to boycott a nation as large as china, as i said, i don't see how you can avoid creating recessions of both countries. it is hundreds of billions of dollars tax on american consumer. i think this is a dangerous space to be in and hopefully they'll find some ways to avoid a full melt down. >> avoid a melt down and a
9:52 am
recession, save those pandas. thank you, austin, good to see you. thanks very much. coming up next, wave of the future, an exclusive first look at new poll voters showing teen voters could affect the president's chances. you are watching "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. aleve pm. there's a better choice. so, every day, we put our latest technology and unrivaled network to work. the united states postal service makes more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. and now for their servicees to the community, we present limu emu & doug with this key to the city. [ applause ] it's an honor to tell you that liberty mutual customizes your car insurance
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voters came out in record
9:56 am
number. today we have an exclusive first look taking a deep dive in where latino voters are leading in key swing states. stephanie valencia is the president and cofounder at latinx. >> thank you for having me. >> latinos will be the x factor in 2020. we did this poll and 11 states pulled 8100 of registered latino voters. places like texas, arizona and michigan and colorado, new mexico and arizona and nevada. what we are able to understand is who is latino voters heading into 2020 and what do they care about and what are the issues and are they motivated or excited? really this is the beginning
9:57 am
part of a long-term of longitudinal study that we'll be doing at 2020. nothing of this size is open lo longitudal have been done before. >> what are you starting to see? >> a couple of things. north carolina and texas really start to erode. he's under foeperforming his 20 exit poll today at the end of july. we start to see issues of healthcare immigration and hard tone he's taken on those issues. what's great about this study is we'll be able to see how this shifts overtime. it will not be a snapshot of the summer. this poll taken pre-el paso and the pre-mississippi raids. we'll see how sentiment changes and how excited in the latino
9:58 am
community starts to shift changes and we'll get more clarity of who'll be the democratic nominee. >> which candidates seemed to be favorite by the voters you survey. >> we have not surveyed on democratic primary issues. >> healthcare immigration are really clear. the economy is one we want to continue to watch as well. you know there has been trends of support on the economy overtime within this community. you are starting to see some of that again because of the strong tact and negative tact on immigration and healthcare. what we did see, we ask question of medicare for all, obamacare for all. what voters want are access for affordable healthcare. we are eager to support the policy position of medicare for all as we see where latinos support is. in places where you expect to be
9:59 am
more conservative support on key voters. they support pri surprisingly in places like florida. >> there are more millennial latino voters who are enthusiastic and focusing on the election. >> one gender and age are both important factors that we need to pay attention to. young people under 45 and women are going to be important constituencies to communicate with. >> it is great to meet you stephanie. >> nice to meet you. >> this is very exciting. solving for x. >> big breakthrough. >> thank you. >> we'll be tracking this throughout the campaign. that does it for today for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." follow the show online and on twitter @mitchell reports. here is ali vel sshi.
10:00 am
>> solving for x, that's an interesting discussion. hello everyone, i am ali velshi. coming up, tropical storm dorian. it could hit florida as a category three hurricane. we are live there. deadline qualifying for the next democratic debate. we got to brand new polling. we'll break down the numbers and we'll take the stage just over two weeks. president trump is willing to use any means necessary to get his border wall before the election. we'll look at the many ways he's acting like he's above the law. right now all eyes are on puerto rico as what could be another severe natural disaster less than two years after hurricane maria left that island in ruins. tropical storm dorian is forecasted to be come a hurricane soon. the u.s. virgin islands and the british virgin islands.


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