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tv   MSNBC Live With Ali Velshi  MSNBC  August 28, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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on social media just about every news item about potential conflicts of interest within the trump administration and the president's flouting of norms is met with some variant of remember when obama wore a tan suit? i do. that wraps up things this hour. ali velshi in his dark suit. >> i have been on the record of saying i not only like that suit, i have one like it. i don't know what everybody got all -- >> can you wear it tomorrow? >> i am tempted to. i like the tan suit. i don't know what the problem. but thank you for reminding us about it. have a good afternoon, chris. >> thank you. it is wednesday, august the 28th. dorian becomes a hurricane near st. thomas and the u.s. virgin islands. as dorian strengthened into a category one hurricane. within four days dorian's wind speeds could reach 115 miles per hour making it a dangerous category 3 storm as it
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approaches the southeast of the united states coast. right now a hurricane watch is in effect for puerto rico just two years after the ravaging of hurricane maria. and fema and all the others are ready. then finishing off with an insult to san juan's mayor. i spoke to the mayor earlier this afternoon -- that's another one, and she made her priorities clear. >> we are on the ground doing what we can. we are fierce, we are courageous, and we honestly have no time for the tweeting of the president of the united states who continues to, rather than do what he's supposed to do, continues to get underway with his divisive and aggressive comments towards the comments of people toward puerto rico. >> it would be diverting more than 270 funds to pay for the
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president's border priorities. let's start with the latest on the storm's track. msnbc news meteorologist michelle grossman. what's the latest? >> i there, ali. well, we have that category one storm. when this all started, it was projected to be a tropical storm towards the u.s. overnight it blossomed, it became stronger. then at the latest it became a category one storm. we do have reports of hurricane-force winds over st. thomas as we go towards the latest stat, 74 miles per hour. that's your line for a category one storm. moving to the northeast at 13 miles per hour. so it still has a pretty good speed to it. >> we are going to see that at least over the next couple of days before we see a slowdown before we see that impact on the u.s. you see these colors here of the hurricane warning, that is your red. so this is where we are seeing the impact right now over the
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next several days though as we follow this track we're going to see it take a northward trajectory. and that was the big difference. we expected to go over parts of hiss panola. that did not happen as of last night. that only allow it's to blossom and get stronger. it takes thaul fuel from the caribbean and strengthens it. as we move here, category two storm by friday, into saturday we are looking at winds anywhere from 105, and then a category 3 storm. it really has all the power it needs. it's not going to hit any land. it's just going to be over the open water and strengthening. now we are really looking at the eastern coast of florida. now keep in mind we have not seen an eastern hit of a major category since 2004. so it's very uncommon for this to happen. and this is the cone of uncertainty. there is a distance where we think that this could end up.
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and we will watch this over the next several days. but this is the thought pattern right now. we are thinking anywhere from southern florida up to southern georgia, even into the carolinas. in addition to that, we do have a new moon. we have a high tide that will hit friday. so that's going to be a double whammy in addition to the category 3 storm coming nrk we have lots of rain. we could see some flash flooding anywhere from 2 to 4 to 6 inches of rain up to 10 inches of rain in isolation along with that new moon, we are going to see some flooding surely along the coast line. so your biggest impacts with hurricane dorian strongest winds, we are going to see the highest winds for eastern parts of puerto rico. we are starting to see that now. we are going to see that over the next several hours and over the florida east coast, high wind threat is on sunday into your labor day weekend it. >> couldn't be any worse timing. 10 inches in some parts where these colors are, the darker colors meaning the higher amounts. so anywhere from 2 to 4 inches of rain, 5 inches in some parts
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and even isolated amounts of 10 inches. the tropics, we are tracking erin now actually a depression. and we are see this move off towards alberta, canada. so we are going to continue to track dorian over the next several days. we've already seen some changes with this system. but we're certainly going to track it. >> is it past the virgin islands right now? >> it's right on top. and zero milds from st. thomas. so they're really getting hit right now. >> we will stay close to you on this one. joining me on the phone right now is congresswoman who represents the u.s. virgin islands. are you in the virgin islands now? >> i am. i am on the island of st. croix right now. >> all right. what's the situation? >> um, we are having -- we've been having since this morning rain that has intensified as
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well as heavy winds. power has been out for most of the morning on all three of the islands. but we believe that we're really prepared for this. >> all right. this is what i was going to ask you, what are the lessons that you have learned from the last time that the folks in the virgin islands have learned from the last time that are being implemented this time around? >> we have a lot of pre-positioning of materials for, you know, the three islands we have about 250 federal personnel that are here. our governor very early declared a state of emergency. a curfew was instituted that began at noon today and doesn't lift until 6:00 tomorrow morning. we are waiting to see if it's petitioned to the federal government to the white house and fema that they will also declare a state of emergency so that we can have assistance with debris removal as well as public personal assistance. the issue that we're having of course is that we're already in a very fragile compromised state. you know, we have well over 1200
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individuals who still have blue tarps on their roofs and almost 3,000 homes that are still in need of repair. our hospitals of course which were declared more than 50% destroyed in the last two hurricanes we still don't have modular units. so on the island of st. croix where i am, we have one operating room and three triage areas. the questions were such as how do we get dialysis patients in, and get them back to their homes making sure that people are sheltered in place. those who have compromised homes are going to evacuation center or with family who have some sound structures. >> congresswoman, thank you for taking some time to talk to us. we will stay in close touch with you, and our thoughts are with you -- >> our concern is that we don't need the federal government diverting funds right now, particularly during hurricane season. that's demoralizing to us as american citizens and just
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gratef grateful to you all for holding the federal government to path. >> congresswoman stac stacey plaskett. dorian is expected to be a major test for puerto rico's fragile infrastructure. the electrical grid was completely wiped out by hurricane maria in 2017. some areas only regaining full power a year later. msnbc correspondent mariana atencio is in puerto rico where residents are bracing for the worst. what's the situation where you are? >> reporter: ali, every time you and i cover one of these storms, we always talk about the calm before the storm. and that is literally what is happening now here in the eastern part of puerto rico where i am standing now. i have reported from here. i came here about a year and a half ago after maria and power was at 20%. so this is one of those hard-hit
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areas where even the mayor told me the power grid is not as strong as he would like that is now bracing for this category one storm. and, in fact, i had a conversation with him today in this emergency command center that they set up about what concerns him the most is an area that has two shelters right now over just the city over 200 people living under those blue tarps. this is a conversation with the mayor of humacao just before dorian makes its way here. let's listen. >> ironically, maria came in through here. how vulnerable is the city still? >> well, we still have more than 200 people with blue tarps on their houses. so we still have -- and also our electric system, the power system is not powerful. >> reporter: islandwide, ali,
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there is 30,000 people or so that are living under those blue tarps. i did talk to people from the power authority. they told me that they have $141 billion in equipment ready for that power infrastructure to be repaired in the aftermath of a storm if it were to happen. but i'd say that right now what is keeping everyone on their toes is the unpredictability of the storm. just to put it into perspective, last night when our nbc news team came on the ground, we were looking at places in the southwestern part of the island, and now we are in the eastern part of the island as this storm makes its way here. ali? >> thank you. we will stay close to you. let's switch gears now to the 2020 election. voters can expect to see a new democratic debate format come september as long as no other qualifying polls are released by tonight's midnight deadline. the september debate will be one night featuring these ten candidates. former vice president joe biden, senator cory booker, pete buttigieg, julian castro, kamala
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harris, former congresswoman beto o'rourke, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, amy klobuchar and businessman andrew yang. according to the latest polling, biden sustains a healthy lead among democrats while senator warren continues her steady climb now surpassing senator sanders. the latest polling also shows president trump trailing the five top polling democrats. there's a lot in here. joining me now to break it all down is msnbc political correspondent steve kornacki. let's start with the debate. >> what you see on this screen here, you see the ten candidates who made it. >> but that's in context of this enormous democratic presidential field. the x is for those who dropped out. but there is a lot of candidates who didn't qualify. you know the criteria for this debate, this september debate, the dnc raised it. but on paper it sounded modest. you've got to raise 130,000 donations. but 2% in four polls.
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that has proved for a major stumbling block. so these ten hit that criteria. they are on stage. the expense today, the two who were on the hubble, gabbard and steyer. you see he was one poll short of qualifying. he needed 1 more percent. gabbard, she had hit it in two polls, she needed two more, and there were two new polls that came out today. here was the first one, this was the usa today suffolk poll. you see biden in the lead. but you look for those 2% and above. you didn't see gabbard and you didn't see steyer. so you pretty much knew when this poll came out this morning, looks like tulsi gabbard will not qualify for the debate. you look at everybody 2% or above here. no gabbard. no steyer. so very likely this means no steyer in the september debate again. >> we're couching this because
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we don't always get notice polls are coming out. but these have to be something called qualifying polls. >> they are officially recognized and sanctioned by the dnc. and nothing unexpected comes out between now and midnight, this is it. >> but these polls that you quoted from, they are national polls. a lot of tom steyer's money has been focused on early states. >> steyer has spent $12 million. he was a late entrant too. so he spent $12 million in a really short period of time on this presidential campaign. but you look at these usa today, this is a national poll, not just new hampshire, not just iowa, not just nevada. that 12 million bucks that steyer spent has gone into early states. those are early state polls. so this is sort of luck of the draw. it just so happens that a lot of the polling that's been done has
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been national. and not early state. not individual state. i think it is entirely possible, ali, if it just so happened there was a new new hampshire poll that came out today instead of a new national poll. >> really interesting stuff as always. thank you my friend. steve kornacki. all right. this will be the first time some of these top polling candidates are going to share a debate stage with each other. the the top three candidates, centrist and forerunner joe biden and the more progressive candidates right behind him senators bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. health care is expected to dominate the discussion as the two biggest proponents of medicare for all are going to debate the issue face-to-face with the frontrunner joe biden who opposes it. msnbc's garrett haake is in spartanburg, south carolina, where biden held a townhall and spoke to reporters. how is health care playing out on the campaign trail? biden holds himself up as the guy who was there for obamacare, and that's what he wants to be
12:15 pm
the law of the land. >> reporter: yeah. that's right, ali. it's so interesting. every one of these events i covered, not just with biden, but health care tends to be the issue that comes up most often after the preeminent of beating donald trump. you could have joe biden in the center flanked on either side by bernie sanders and elizabeth warren who both support a medicare for all program that biden does not. this is sort of a two-pronged attack. he really does believe that the best strategy for democrats is to take the affordable care act and build upon it. and it is another issue on which he aligns himself with former president obama, still a toweringly popular figure among democratic primary voters. it helps him in states like south carolina where he has enormous support among african-american voters. now this is also part of the biden strategy here. they want to talk about health care as an issue. they released an ad earlier this
12:16 pm
week in iowa, a very personal ad in which the former vice president links his support to building on obamacare to some of the tragedies that have befallen his family, the death of his son bo of brain cancer. he even tweeted yesterday that it was hard for him to record this ad. and i asked him about that today after this event, the personal nature of it and why they went this route. listen to what he told me. >> i know personally it makes a connection with people, and i was assured it makes a connection with people. people who have gone through what i have gone through or any of the help i've had and worse than i've had. and so there is just an enormous -- this is not hyperbole, there are enormous numbers who get up every morning who put 1 foot in front of the other and i can't imagine doing it without insurance. and what i wanted to make clear
12:17 pm
was it is personal to me. >> ali, this is also the rare political issue in which everyone involved in the debate wants to have this debate. bernie sanders wants to be talking about medicare for all. so does elizabeth warren. so does joe biden. it's the policy debate at the heart of the democratic primary right now. i suspect we are going to be hearing a lot more about it coming up in two weeks. >> one can't argue that joe biden comes by this personally. this is a guy who struggles with the health care system, and his family have been very public or not struggles but the experiences he's had with health care. it'll play itself very interestingly on the debate stage. garrett haake with joe biden in south carolina for us. all right, coming up, democratic presidential hopefuls are in las vegas today are hoping to win the vote for 50 unions. you are watching msnbc. so chantu quit slow turkey.
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some 2020 contenders are making their case to thousands of america's union workers today in las vegas at the afl cio constitutional convention. so far we've heard from former hud secretary julian castro and senators cory booker, kamala harris, and amy klobuchar. we are going to hear from new york city mayor bill de blasio later this afternoon while former vice president joe biden is not there because he's in south carolina, a surrogate is going to speak on behalf of his campaign in the next hour. joining me now is richard
12:22 pm
trumka, the president which stands for the american federation of labor and congress industrial organizations. this group is comprised of more than 50 labor unions that collectively represent more than 12.5 million workers. thank you for being with us. >> ali, thanks for having me back on. i appreciate it very much. >> it's been a tricky few years because you have yourself -- you guys have in recent years traditionally backed democratic presidential candidates. but you found yourself on the same side as president trump for some of the things he's done particularly on the trade front. how do you look at presidential elections? are you hearing from anyone or are you planning on endorsing a candidate and is that likely to be a democrat versus donald trump? >> no. we're asking the candidates, all candidates, to meet with our members and understand our members. we're looking for a candidate who actually wants what workers need. we're looking for a candidate
12:23 pm
right now who will make america work for us for workers again to have our countries strengthen our right to protect and bargain collectively so that we can bargain with our employers for better wages and get a fair share of what we produce and to end the employer or the wall street first mentality that dominates our government. so we are asking them to meet with our members, understand them, walk in their shoes a little bit, answer their questions, hear what they have to say, and then we're going to ask our members who they want to endorse. if we get a consensus, then we will endorse a candidate. >> in terms of what you've heard so far from the democratic candidates, whether it's at the event that's going on in las vegas or it is otherwise on the debate stage, unions have been referred to a lot by these democratic candidates. is there anybody who is speaking your language? >> there is a number of candidates that are talking
12:24 pm
about workers and changing the economy and changing the country to work for workers. that's what's most important. we don't want somebody that just talks to unions, talks to us. we want somebody who actually wants what workers need, good jobs, health care, pensions, a school system that works for all of their kids, a tax law that's fair to them, trade laws that helps us create jobs and compete in the world rather than have our jobs taken from us whoever has the lowest standards. so we're encouraging them to do that and we are trying to see that they do it everywhere. not just be at a union event but everywhere across the country. >> at the time we were still, you still felt that donald trump was on the right side of the trade issue. so the pushing wall street off and having all of the influence on wall street is an issue i think most democratic candidates will share with you. the issue of the current trade
12:25 pm
war is not something that all of these democratic candidates would agree with. so at that point you might be at odds because a lot of your member did support what donald trump had been doing. is that still the case? >> i have to sort of disagree with you a little bit, ali. when you come to trade, there's a whole lot of different things. first it's negotiating trade agreement. and we were encouraged that he did or is in the process of renegotiating a trade agreement. but yet it's incomplete and unenforceable as it currently stands. so he hasn't hit the mark for our members or where we can support it. when it comes to china, somebody needs to take china on. but they need to do it the right way. and the right way to take china on is not for one country to go at them but to form a coalition to go at them so that when they form an overcapacity to try to be predatory in the world marketplace, they can't play one country off against another one.
12:26 pm
for instance, we can't have them stop sending steel or aluminum to us directly only to send it through another country, the same steel and the same aluminums that come here. so what needs to be done is a coalition of countries. europe, the united states, australia, all going after china to say, china, you have a right to do what's good for your economy, but you don't have a right to do it in a way that destroys our economy. >> so let me ask you, there are a lot of people, donald trump wasn't one of them, bernie sanders wasn't one of them, hillary clinton wasn't one of them, who said that being part of the transpacific partnership would've given us more influence in the region over china, and by stepping out of that, we sort of gave china more power. some of these trade agreements don't meet your small test. they feel that they've been cheated because of the increase in global trade. do you support the idea though that we may have stepped too far out of the mix to be able to be all that influential with china?
12:27 pm
>> well, first of all, ali, it's not just my members. 70% of the american public believe the trade negotiation hasn't been good nr this country. so it's more than just saying the trade agreements for our members. >> richard, good to talk to you as always. thank you for joining me. >> thanks, ali. have me back on. i appreciate it. >> we'll continue this conversation very soon, i hope. richard trumka is the president of the afl-cio. coming up, president trump looks to reverse decades old protection in alaska's national forest opening the world's largest temperate rainforest for potential mining and logging projects. but first the latest on hurricane dorian now a category one storm with puerto rico in its path. you are watching msnbc.
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hi. we continue to track hurricane dorian which is over the u.s. virgin islands right now. joining me by phone is the
12:32 pm
governor of the u.s. virgin islands. grks thank you for joining me. have you had a chance to get any reports of what the situation is in the virgin islands? >> good afternoon, ali. as a matter of fact, it's kind of like a tale of two cities. i just took a drive from christianson to fredrickson. a couple of downed branches. but we seem okay in st. thomas. the eye of the storm seemed to have reform somewhere between st. thomas and st. croix. we have been taking quite a lashing for the last hour from torrential rain. they have recorded gusts of up to 111 miles on the island. >> we were talking to congresswoman plaskett recently a few minutes ago. she said that was fine. however, as we know in the case of st. thomas, until this has passed and crews have been able to go out and get a sense of what's going on, we won't know what the damage is.
12:33 pm
what state was st. thomas in given the damage from the last hurricane? >> well, you know, st. thomas is moving steadily towards recovery at this .2 years later it's mostly our tourism that was impaired. but our hospitals are intact and other infrastructures right in there. we have flights landing into st. thomas as late as 1:00 today. this storm has just been erratic in terms of its tracking. we really didn't expect this type of storm over there. but we should do all right. we are expecting to hear of some damage. but it is a category one storm. as you know, we have we had two category 5s within the last few years. are you in touch with everybody you need to be in touch with at the federal level and fema to be what needs to be done on the other side of this? >> we've had tremendous support from gainer over at fema.
12:34 pm
everybody's on the ground here. we have other support agencies in puerto rico. we've also had tremendous support from the white house. so we've been pretty much been getting everything that we need in order to keep the people safe and keep the economy going. >> governor, good to talk to you. please stay safe, and our wishes and thoughts to the citizens of the virgin islands. governor albert brian jr. joining me now is nbc news meteorologist michelle. he thinks the storm might've reformed between st. john and st. croix. the. >> yeah. you just love hearing those real reports. that he is he is out there and seeing it. that storm is right over st. thomas. we are looking at-battering winds, lashing water and that's what we're going to see over the next couple of hours before it starts its track. so let's take a look at where it is right now and where governor brian was talking about where you see those torrential downpours. they are going to have to deal with that for just a little bit
12:35 pm
longer. the good news is this storm is moving fast right now. so here is puerto rico and there are the u.s. virgin islands. as we look at the latest stats, we are looking at a category one storm. governor brian also mentioned this has been an erratic storm. it's sort of doing everything we expected it not to do. it got its power over the ocean to collect its fuel and become stronger. winds at 75 miles per hour but certainly gusting higher than that. and we are looking at that movement of 13 miles per hour. we do have the watches and warnings in place as expected. here is puerto rico. we have a hurricane watch but a tropical storm warning. we also have the hurricane warning right mr. governor brian is situated with st. croix and also st. thomas. so let's track it for you because this is going to be very important over the next several days. we could see some changes but it seems solid in terms of moving to the north not interacting with any land and actually strengthening. category storm right now, one. that's 75 miles per hour is where it's at.
12:36 pm
we are going to go to the north. we are not interacting with land. it's over those very warm waters. we don't have a whole lot of wind sheer. we have some dry air keeping it kind of stable. but then it really is using that fuel to strengthen. so between friday and saturday we're going to see that oomph. we are going to strengthening to a category 2 storm with winds around 105 miles per hour. these are sustained winds, they are not gusts so we have to take gusts into account. then it's going to north into the bahamas. then we are expecting it to make landfall along the eastern coast of florida, maybe even southern georgia. we could see it turn to the carolinas. we are going to watch this track definitely over the next several days. but it has been since 2004 we have seen a major hurricane land on the eastern side of florida. >> so the variables are whether or not anything interferes with that storm, wind sheer or land. there is nothing in the way.
12:37 pm
the temperature of the water which is warm and the speed of the storm at 13 miles per hour, that's a good clip. it's when they slow down if they slow down and gather ahead of steam is when we start to get very worried. >> and, ali, we do expect it to slow down towards the weekend. so that's good news. we are just going to see it strengthening as it gets closer to florida. >> michelle grossman for us. all right. we will continue to monitor the situation in the u.s. virgin islands thanks to this earth cam we bring you the news as it breaks. critics of brilzan president jair bolsonaro. that many call the planet's lungs. here in the united states president trump is pushing to allow new logging in a rainforest in alaska. "the washington post" reports that trump has instructed agriculture secretary sunny purdue to exempt the tongass national forest from logging restrictions that were imposed nearly 20 years ago. now, tongass is in the alaskan
12:38 pm
panhandle, that part there. it's near the state capital of juneau. it's part of the world's largest temperate intact. alaskans including republican governor and republican senator lisa murkowski have urged the president to exempt the state from a rule that banz commercia ability to have a year-round ta this is joulet who co-wrote the papers on this article. what has changed? 20 years ago it was deemed that this is not supposed to be a place for commercial logging. what's changed? >> what's really changed is the occupant of the oval office because alaskans had had concerns about this all along.
12:39 pm
they did not like this when nearly 20 years ago president clinton protected a huge portion of this forest more than half of it at 9.5 million acres. but what's happened is that there has been a tourism economy that's grown over time. timber has been phased out. it now represents just 1% of the economy in southeastern alaska as opposed to, say, seafood, which is at 8%, and tourism and visitors which is at 17%. but now republicans in alaska see a real opportunity because the president is very interested in the issue of logging. it's something that's kind of near and dear to his heart. they see this as a moment where they could change and open up this forest yet again to logging. >> so if timber is such a small part of the alaskan economy in terms of such a big part, why is this so interesting to donald
12:40 pm
trump? >> well, he has supported kind of resource extraction on a range of issues, whether it's logging, mining, oil and gas drilling. and for some reason he has talked a lot with aides. they say he's very focused on increasing logging in the united states and forestry. he obviously has argued that if we had more timber activity, we wouldn't have the kind of wildfires that we see out west. so he was inclined to be open to this. alaskans have taken advantage of it. the governor talked to him during a refueling stop in late june aboard air force one and the governor who actually issued a statement in response to our article just recently said that, you know, it's a resource-oriented state with among the highest unemployment in the country. and as a result it really sees the renewabl of logging.
12:41 pm
the effects of climate change are being felt across the planet, but nowhere is it happening more quickly than in the arctic. temperatures in the northern most parts of the earth are rising several times faster than the global average causing glaciers and ice caps to rise. bodo, norway, is home to a strategic military base being used by nato. and that's where we find nbc's kevin tibles. >> reporter: i am here in boda, norway, north of the arctic circle, and it is some 80 degrees farenheit. people here say temperatures are about 10 degrees hotter than they usually are at this time of year. and fall and the long winter are right around the corner. scientists say that the climate change is happening here faster than it is anywhere else on earth. and many of them say that those who live in the southern hemispheres most of the world's population should start getting
12:42 pm
prepared now because the changes that are going to be happening here are starting to happen there. we have just returned from the high arctic where the glacier melt is happening faster than anyone seems to have expected. people up there, those who operate dog sled operations are already noticing that big change is coming to this part of the world. where's it going to go from here? well, of course people here don't really know, but what they're saying is they have to prepare not only for the melting ice but also strategically, what happens to this part of the world when the northwest passage or the northern passage become open to shipping? all of a sudden then we're going to be seeing a lot more traffic in the high arctic. we are going to see a lot more shipping and commerce. when we talk strategically or militarily, people are expecting a lot of other nations to start coming up here into this part of
12:43 pm
the world that when we were all younger was seen as a dark, frozen forbidding sort of place. all of a sudden there seems to be competition of people trying to up up these northern passages, perhaps people starting to do more and more business up here. when we're talking about people in the arctic, we are also talking about russia. russia is now starting to go further and more forward into the arctic than they have in the past. and of course for organizations such as nato the north atlantic treaty organization, this starts to become a concern. so now the temperature is rising here, and so are the tensions. >> kevin for us in bodo, norway. and msnbc is cleeming up with climate change. september 19th and 20th. chris hayes and i will host and moderate a two-day climate forum with the 2020 presidential candidates. up next an eye-opening look at how our insurance companies
12:44 pm
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there's a major weakness in america's cybersecurity preparedness. it's creating a huge problem for governments and business as like. we are talking about ransomware in which hackers block access by encrypting files until they receive a sum of money, often in a crypto currency. they have targeted atlanta and baltimore and 22 towns in texas just this month. hackers have also hit school districts and hospitals and security experts say we're going to see more headlines like the ones you are looking at now. attacks have potentially deadly consequences as they force towns and cities to scramble to get basic services like police, fire, and 9-1-1 back online. that's why many of these towns choose the ransom and resolve the problem quickly. security experts say these huge payments are helping to make the problem worse. and then there is the insurance industry. according to a new report from propublica, it is now a 7 to $8 billion industry in the
12:49 pm
united states. the report finds that insurers often urge their clients to pay up instead of trying to recover files on their own. joining us now is the author of that report propublica senior tech reporter renee dudley. thanks for joining me. some multifaceted multi-layered problem in which seems remote until you are a victim of it, until it's your town, your hospital, someone with your records, in which case you want it settled and want the computers unlocked, whatever it takes. tell me the potential here of paying versus not paying the ransom. >> for a lot of these victims they have insurance. when it comes to backups, sometimes restoring from backups can be a long and arduous process that costs a lot of money, takes a lot of time. there are uncertainties with it. and especially when victims are going through their insurers, sometimes they will have the insurer say, you know, we'll cover the ransom, we'll get you back on your feet quickly and do
12:50 pm
so, you know, in the most cost-effective manner possible. and the victim is happy to do this generally because they are happy to get back on thoir feet too. and for the insurer they are keeping costs down. but on the other side and on the of it, they're paying out this six and seven-figure ransoms and that's getting ransom ware developers and authors and people who proliferate the stuff more interested in it and proliferate the rise and spread of ransom ware that were attacking and entities we see in the news lately. >> the issue is the trajectory's growing. for now insurance companies are fine because they're making money. they're going more in premiums than they are paying out in claims. but if this continues, that could be an unsustainable issue. should the issue be on the insurance and claims side or should these municipality ies
12:51 pm
across the country say let's invest on something where this doesn't happen? >> it could be a little bit of both. i spoke to a regulator who said prevention will come from the insurance carriers. as you point out, this is an unsustainable trajectory and they're going to want to prevent ransom ware from happening all together. and that may happen through more cyber audits before policies are issued, ensuring that the policyholders will have proper cybersecurity, fire call and most importantly backups so wince they hit, they can be taken care of quickly. >> not having a report is second issue issue from not being paralyzed. a lot of place that's got hit are places they never thought were on a list to hit with
12:52 pm
ransom ware. thank you very much, renee dudley, propublica senior reporter. coming up how 2020 candidates can reach latino voters, what a large and comprehensive study shows next. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ i like to make my life easy. ( ♪ ) romo mode. (beep) (bang) good luck with that one. yes! that's why i wear skechers slip-ons. they're effortless. just slip them right on and off. skechers slip-ons, with air-cooled memory foam. you get more than yourfree, you get everything you need for your home at a great price, the way it works best for you, i'll take that. wait honey, no. when you want it. you get a delivery experience you can always count on. you get your perfect find at a price to match,
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[ sigh ] introducing an easier way to move with xfinity. it's just another way we're working to make your life simple, easy, awesome. go to to get started. a new progressive group is taking a closer look at a key voting bloc that showed up in 2018. they released the largest and
12:56 pm
most comprehensive service of its kind. they say it's a prove to motivate democrats to get support from the largest group of nonwhite voters. we are learning where they are being competitive. new numbers reveal the president is underwater with that group in all ten battleground states. joining me is my old friend ray suarez, co-host of "world affairs" that airs on tv and online and a journalist for voting patterns for decades. is there any takeaway for you, not just the poll, but anything going on with the latinx, other than the x at the end, that our viewers don't know about? >> one of the data points, ali, is the big difference between motivation and excitement. if you don't follow this stuff closely, you might think they're
12:57 pm
kind of the same thing, aren't they? motivation means you may vote yourself and follow the issues closely and intend to head to the polling place on election day. excitement means that you're more likely to talk about these issues in chatrooms, on social media, more likely to enter trust networks among your friends and co-workers and talk up the election. more likely to fall back, more likely to volunteer. a difference between motivation and excitement could be critical. another data point that jump out, the wide variation in the feeling about whether they feel the call to come out next election. what the research found is some are so turned off by the tone of the national debate about immigration that instead of being fired up and saying i got to get to that polling place, they're afraid many people might say i'm just bailing out.
12:58 pm
instead of fired up, they're saying i'm mad as hell and i'm just staying home. >> what's the takeaway from that then? if you have the difference between motivation and excitement, you have the idea some people are turned off rather than motivated to do something about it, where is the opportunity? >> you see the issues that are identified by these voters as critical to making their decisions. immigration is in there, of course, but also health care. also education, and also the economy because this is a young voting block which means they are far more likely to have trouble paying their bills, far more likely to be in student debt, far less likely to be earning a big salary. they're just not at that point in their life yet. so if you stress those issues and have some kind of answer about what to do, that turns somebody who's merely engaged into something who says oh, this is something i have to get involved in, in order to change
12:59 pm
my life using the ballot box. >> we got 30 seconds left, ray, but is there some sense the democrats have their finger on this pulse and will do something about that in the upcoming election? >> you know, it's open to interpretation. they're not, for instance, in central florida where the new influx of puerto rican voters making the kind of effort some political pros say they should be making. so identify, locate, register and then get out that vote on election day 2020. it costs more money to do all of that work per head than it does for a regular voter. activists have been discouraged in previous cycles that the democrats are not spending the money they need to, to get out that latino vote. >> ray, you're a pro, man. that was 30 seconds, kind of incredible. my old friend who really is a pro, co-host of "world affairs" and author of the book "latino
1:00 pm
that shaped a nation" and one of the smartest guys i know. that wraps thing up for me. i will be back here at 1:00 p.m. eastern and 3:00 p.m. eastern. you can tune in on and apple tv app and all over social media. thank you for watching. "deadline: white house" with nicolle wallace starts right now. hi, eaveryone, it's 4:00 in the new york. it turns out there is something worse for donald trump's political brand than the mueller probe, which he described as a cloud hanging over his presidency. it turns out being under investigation for including with russia is more popular than wittingly or unwittingly tanking the economy with loose and erratic tweets about a trade war with china and public displays of behavior ranging from weird to brutish in what "the washington post" aaron blake described as donald trump's worst poll, the brand-new quinnipiac poll shows donald trump getting wiped out in a
1:01 pm
head-to-head rac


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