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tv   The Beat With Ari Melber  MSNBC  August 29, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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that you will be a more familiar face. good to see you, sir. >> that's all we got for tonight. we'll be back tomorrow with more "meet the press," eamon is here. >> what's going on brother? >> my friend, have a good one. >> hello everyone, i am in for ari melber. donald trump rattled the economy and democrats calling for new investigations over his part. trump's doj under cut his claims about jamies comey. we'll get to that. the two areas that's most damaging to trump's political fate. politico reporting growing number of republicans are anxious of the trump economy and starting to feel queasy with
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trump's china trade war. they're not just worried about trump's reelection, they're worried about themselves. senate republicans fearing any slow down would make harder for them to keep the senate in their hands. growing signs that they should be worried. in fact a new poll finding more people disaprovering trump. trump takes shots on fox news. we'll have more of that later on in the show. with new scrutiny on the lengths trump is going through in order to fulfill his promise of building the wall. one house democrat saying it is appalling and worthy of further investigation.
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as the judicial committee ongoing investigation into whether or not to recommend impeachment. with me on all of this. reverend al sharpton here on msnbc. our brittany cooper and caddy kay from bbc news. great to have everyone with us. al, let me begin with you if i may. the economy has been one thing that a lot of people will turn a blind eye to president trump. they'll ignore a lot of the racism and rhetoric if the economy is doing well. if these two issues, the economy and immigration begin to falter, does the president have a chance at real reelection? >> i think he's in serious trouble if the economy does stop to falter. when you look at the facts now, you have farmers who are upset with him of the rhetoric around trade deals and they're sitting there not being able to deal with products and not being able to do what in fact what they thought they would do.
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people are now in contractual jobs. a lot of the numbers are being bolstered of people not really employed where are they're getting jobs and benefits. i think he can tell people and call people names and tell people all kinds of promises but when you know you can't pay your bills and make ends meet and he promises you he would -- sm >> people have a hard time accepting the lies. >> you can't lie about the food not on the table. >> is trump in panic mode when you look at the way he's been lashing out. people have been trying to explain his erratic behavior and everyo everyo even at the world's stage. >> he gives us full out rarage n he gets called out. sort of act out, how dare you
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think that i would say that. it is always misdirection. he's doing a little bit of that. one of the things i would challenge the american people would think about is think about how they feel and folks are exhausted and folks are working harder than they ever worked. their quality of life have gone down and even for 20 years ago. we work harder and make less. we know about trump that he has a huge history of doing shady business deals that fall apart. now there is a referendum in the american public that people try to lay it aside in 2016 and it is becoming casualties. this is consistent of the way trump does business. he always over promises and under delivers and that's what's happening. caddy, to that point in washington, d.c. when you hear the committee wanted to launch an investigation possibly hosting the summit in doral next year. how serious are these investigations and the one in to
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possible pardoning those to break the laws to build the wall. how serious those investigations compares to how vulnerable he is on the economic front? >> i think his vulnerability on the economic front is the thing that preoccupies the white house most at the moment. the single most important message from donald trump from the g-7 leaders he met was you are messing with the world's economy. he's seeing the impact on that american growth and on the american economy and stock market. it is all about the trade war. the irony is that it does not need to be happening. give up the economic growth which is the thing that got mr.
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trump elected in the first place and this is not going to get better. all the forecast of this, we are heading into a recession and not coming out of a recession. the question for the white house has to be one of timing and they're preparing to take a gamble. >> so do you think he's rattled by all of this and the investigations and the economy and the world economy, is he rattled? >> absolutely. rattle. when you look at his behavior and you look at the fact that he's working overtime attacking everybody and the fed chair, when you have someone that says, is the fed chair of the president of china is the enemy. that's somebody that has left us in terms of being rational. he actually says this. put it in writing. it is not something that somebody takes. he puts it on twitter. he's definitely rattled because
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where does his justification come? if barack obama who he's obsess s obsess -- you are trying to take credit for all of obama's. that's his worst nightmare and he's the one that -- >> the disconcerning thing of the white house is there are not tools in the tool box anymore to turn this economy arnound. there is not much he can do on taxes. payroll taxes are not going to get through congress and there is little he can do. what can he do? it he could try to rectify the trade war with china. he has escalated the trade war
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with china. how is he going to fix this? he's done with the big tax cut. that did juice the economy was the sugar high and that's wearing off. >> speaking of the trade war, let me play you guys this sound byte. trump is being pressed about it by members of his own republican party. watch this. pat toomey who i know you respect republican from pennsylvania says there is no question that trade uncertainty is contributing to slow down in our economy. >> what does he want me to do? you got senator graham also says we got to take a little bit of pain because that's what the president wants. is the president feeling the heat and the pressure from within his own party? >> i am more concerned because this is not a man who retreats
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easily. he pursued a policy of prote protectism. one of the way we got ourselves out of the 1940s was we entered world war ii. the other thing we should begin to watch is military posseterin across the country. trump either wants his wall or ride down on the glory of the economy. if he can't have that, he's willing to start a physical war in order to do it. >> do you think the economy is sinking is frighten. imagine our country at war with him as commander in chief. >> yeah, i don't want to think about that.
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>> the results speak for themselves in the house. if we see this trend continues going into 2020. is he going to be a liability for republicans running up and down the ticket all across the country. >> i think he is and when you see a lot of incumbent republicans already announcing they're not running again. a lot of them say i can't win on a ticket with him and it is getting worse and worse. i think the challenge that democrats have is come up with the candidate that can build the biggest tent and the most consensus and knows how to deal with economic policies. they must be able to answer what trump can't answer. i think brittany was right. the only thing he was successful in his career was "the apprentice," he was never good at business. he could not run his own businesses, how is he going to run the government? if you have somebody understands
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how to deal with the economy and trade relationships with people like china, just standing them on the stage with him would expose how much he does not know which is why he has the name call. >> let me ask you guys about the pardons that the president is allegedly asking people according to the new york times that he's offering pardons in exchange of breaking the law. trump primming pardons is "an abuse of pardon power." how much does this factor into d.c.? >> was he not dpoigoing to pard for manafort. the president likes pardons. i think in this particular case on the issue of the war and the way it just comes up now.
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the white house has said before this was a joke. he said he's going to pardon these people and take the land illegally. please, it was just a joke and the press lost its sense of humor. we hear it repeatedly and we find out reporting a few weeks later it was more than just a joke. it wants something that the president had been interested in trying. i don't take it too seriously. this is probably something that the president has looked at and trying to get this land by force and it will be another thing that democrats if it happens would want to bring up as part of the investigation. the problem for the democrats, the reverend, it is all abo about -- democrats have to find a candidate that could beat trump. investigations going to keep ongoing but so far indications of all the polling those investigations does not sway public opinion one way or another. >> but i do think democrats are
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actually making real head way of the debate of economic anxiety. we have the most rebust conversati rebust -- robust conversations. part of what trump is going to do is spur people in the left. we need democratic party to actually occupy the progressive center again rather than being a center left party. >> last question attacking puer calling it corrupt and at a time the territory could be again facing the hurricane passing through. what is it with this president and the way he at the right time when the territory needs aids and he attacks the territory and diverts money away from fema disaster leave. >> he diverted money.
3:14 pm
now he's taking fema funds. he insults the people of puerto rico and insteends it by saying the best thing that happens to puerto rico. it is insulting and shows the epiphany of theinsensitivity. we felt the hurricane may have been dead on. it is absolute insensitive president that's totally about himself, all he sees, mania is an under statement when it comes to donald trump. >> he's tone deaf to the needs of the people of puerto rico that he can't be empathetic to them in a time of need. >> this is the 14th anniversary of hurricane katrina. that was a fema disaster.
3:15 pm
this is a real misstep and suggests not a tone deaf but disregard of people of color and folks in working class community. >> you saw how he rushed and took care of background checks after el paso. you saw how quickly we got that, right? >> thank you so much for joining us at this hour. >> be sure to watch us at pol " "politics nation." >> a lot ahead, james comey is out. president trump attacking on comey. critics slam trump's policy. i am going to talk to a family pleading for a relief who's getting care of her heart condition and worried of being departed. trump turns on fox news.
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donald trump's own justice department found no evidence that comey broke the law after two years of attack on trump and doj today. they admit there is no evidence that comey or his attorney released any kinds of information from those memos to the media. they decline to prosecute. no evidence that he did anything illegal. that contradicts years attack of trump's allies. >> he gave it to a friend. he gave it to a friend to leak classified information. it is all classified. it was totally classified. >> his action is improper and could be illegal. >> comey should be prosecuted
3:21 pm
and he's a sly ball. >> comey responding there was no evidence he released classified information and saying while he does not want an apology, a quick message with a sorry we lied about you would be nice. >> joining me now is our former assistant director for counter intelligence, frank, good to have you with us this evening. let me get your thought on the development of today. what did you make of the inspector general's findings? >> it is confirmed for us that first of all comey is not being charged by doj, he didn't commit a crime and perhaps more importa
3:22 pm
importantly, comey was a leaker and he leaked classified. those people should be ashamed of themselves. the american people need to understand that this was thoroughly investigated by the doj and they found a couple of important findings. comey wrote seven memos right after the president's meeting. he took those home and put them in a safe. none of those memos were marked as classified. she shared some of those memos with his attorneys and why did he do all of that? because the inspector general report says comey advised them he no longer trust the president. he was being asked to commit loyalty to the president and he understood the president will continue to lie. he saw the writing on the law. after he was fired, it became clear that comey was right and trying to protect himself. most importantly about these
3:23 pm
memos, oh my god, he took memos home. when he was prepping for the nate hearing on this issue, the senate said to him, excuse me, the fbi says to him, you should take it home to prep for your testimony. that's how important, not really. these memos were sensitive and after all these came out. you need to take these home to prep for your test. >> is the inspector general report came out today and definitively under cut the president's argument and his allies and everyone that's been around him saying that jim comey leaked classified information. >> in the report, right up front. comey did not leak classified information. anything to the contrary is a lie. i think there is a broader issue
3:24 pm
here, what was the fbi director to do when he thinks the president is corrupted and obstructing. the ig refers to his activity as whistle blower-type tifactivity. he could have done that or this. he did what he needed to do at the time. i think the american public needs to understand. >> contacting all of this is going to be loss on the president and his allies as they continue to spin this. frank, thank you very much for joining us. to the new trump policy, i am going to talk to a family fighting this policy to their 14 years old daughter dealing with a heart condition facing deportation. we'll be back in 30 seconds. whah your... partner?
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not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ so, every day, we put our latest technology and unrivaled network to work. the united states postal service makes more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. policy critics are blasting as cruel and heartless. the first report potentially ail effectived immigra affecting immigrants. in a moment i am going to speak with a family ordered to leave
3:26 pm
the united states. a mother and her 14 years old daughter receiving tropical storm hermist treatments. last week the family received this letter ordering them to leave the united states next month. joining us now is the mother and the family's attorney. great to have you all with us. i know it is a difficult conversation to have. why did you come to the united states? >> or serena if you can tell me, go ahead. >> we came to the united states because i have a --
3:27 pm
>> if you can elaborate a little bit for us. >> so serena was born with a heart condition that was very serious. her doctor told conchita that when her daughter was four years old that her daughter may not live beyond 10 or 12 years old. since that time serena and her mom and younger sister had been coming to the united states. 2018, she needs continued medical care and follow-up because it is a very serious
3:28 pm
condition. >> because she's here in the u.s. and because she's here in the u.s., her life has been prolonged. leaving the united states could put her life in jeopardy. >> yes. >> she can get medical care back in spain. they do not have the facility to take care of her condition. >> serena, can you tell us how you felt and how your family feels and when they received the letter telling uh-you you hav, leave the united states.
3:29 pm
>> do you at all worry that you may have to leave the united states if this policy is implemented and now that they have sent that letter to you? >> yes. >> um -- can you tell us about where this case stand in terms of how you are trying to fight this policy in that letter they received? >> yes, we are looking at all options. >> we are looking at a reasonable and sound fashion. how can you tell families like this to pick up and leave and basically issuing your child a death sentence. we are looking at all options possible and have teams looking at potential litigation and we are not going to sit-by and let this happen. >> shei want to bring in daniel
3:30 pm
the host of a radio show. >> your reaction first of all? >> that's horrific. donald trump says he was going after criminals and rapists and murderers and get them out of the united states. what threat does she post? what threat do six children required intensive medicare care. what threat do they post to the united states? the idea here is really him showing exactly what it is he wants. he does not want people of color. he does not want to find a pathway to citizenship. he's a person who decided he wants america to be white and the way to do that is to get rid of anybody that does not fit that model. this is just figure evil.
3:31 pm
telling their families that they have 30 day to pack up and go home. the country that they're going to does not have the capability to care for their child. it is a death sentence. it is a death sentence. this country now is known for putting children in cages and create death sentence for them. that's not the america that i know. >> let me ask you your thoughts of what democrats are doing here. >> this is a new low of tcp, this administration is now deporting kids with cancer. >> your thoughts on the senator's comment. >> democrats continue to giver strongly worded statements. the fact the matter is donald trump needs to be removed from office. they can tweet and say strongly worded things.
3:32 pm
this is unprecedented or un-american. until they decide to take action against this president, things like this will continue to happen. yes, sure, hold town hall meetings or tweet if you like. you have the power to actually move further with impeachment. this is horrific. what are you go i think to do about it? >> serena, you said you were scared of the possibility of having to leave the united states, can you describe for us a little bit of the treatment and the care that received, what has it been like to be treated in the united states and the people that have been treating you for the past several years? >> well, in spain i don't have
3:33 pm
any possibility of treatment s t but here in the u.s., i can. >> and the team? >> they have been very nice and welcoming. >> it is good to hear that. danielle, your final thought on this because we are talking about what is it in part of in term oss of a larger picture an policy here? >> do you think this is for political reasons or what? >> a few days after the shooting in el paso, this administration did a raid in mississippi and picked up 200 undocumented workers. right after, the community is
3:34 pm
rer reeling they have been a target of this country because of his rhetoric. you are picking people in corners and sticking them in cages. you need to provide sanitary products and a safe living environment for these people. they're not criminals. it is not guantánamo. this next step of deporting sick kids and i can't imagine anyone. even of his supporters, oh, look at his children and say, i would be okay to pick up and move away knowing weeks and months and in a year from now that our child can't be here, not because of some unfortunate accident but because an administration made it clear that their lives did not matter. >> can i ask you from your perspective quickly why you
3:35 pm
think this policy was implemented? somebody on the front line protecting the vulnerable that's going to be kicked out of this country or deported? why do you think this policy was put in place? >> yes, i think this administration has demonstrated they have no empathy for immigration no matter who it is. going after sick children and u.s. military service people is a demonstration that this administration is really racist towards and bigotry behind and all of their actions. how can you tell people they must leave the country and they're trying so show fear and panic among immigrants and d dissuade people from coming
3:36 pm
here. >> thank you. >> reportevery much, apologize for mispronouncing your name. thank you very much to serena and conchita as well. we'll be reich back. eosinophils are a key cause of severe asthma. fasenra is designed to target and remove these cells. fasenra is an add-on injection for people 12 and up with asthma driven by eosinophils. fasenra is not a rescue medicine or for other eosinophilic conditions. fasenra is proven to help prevent severe asthma attacks, improve breathing, and can lower oral steroid use. fasenra may cause allergic reactions. get help right away if you have swelling of your face, mouth, and tongue, or trouble breathing. don't stop your asthma treatments unless your doctor tells you to. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection or your asthma worsens. headache and sore throat may occur. haven't you missed enough? ask an asthma specialist about fasenra. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help.
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donald trump is reaching for the remote control. the love affair between trump and fox news. trump called into fox's radio show to say this. >> among my worst polls always is fox. >> i used the say you were a solid six or seven but you are getting better. trump lashed out on twitter saying that fox news is not working anymore. his administration maintains a revolving door with the fox's
3:40 pm
screen room. all remaining defenders of this president, the last several weeks, some hosts and guests have criticized trump setting him off. watch. >> he seems to at this point to be the odd man out on a lot of issues there whether it is iran or climate change and fact some people are calling it the g-6 plus one. >> most of the kancandidates on head to head would be donald trump. >> the president also says in a tweet that the wall is going up rapidly. it is not. as we just reported there is no new wall. >> i am joined by progressive activist and author jeremy cohn. how do you look at this? >> he's taking shots. it is kind of a head and
3:41 pm
shoulder. oh, we do journalist and we are not propaganda. this is much more detailed and ferocious now. you start to wonder if he's in a thick bubble and paranoia insecure bubble that he believes fox news is after him. it may be the latest example of his decent into madness if he thinks everyone for 24 hours should sound like sean hannity. this is interesting. i don't know where he's going to turn. no one else gives him that god-like coverage like fox news. if he's going to turn on fox news, there is nothing else for him to watch. >> is this a change for fox towards president trump? it is always a few pockets of independence if you want to call it with chris wallace. overall is this a change for fox news position towards trump? >> i was a fox news commentator
3:42 pm
for a couple of years. i happen to be a proud of those pockets of independence. they have threw out both campaigns and during this administration. there is something about this moment and why he's choosing now. i think it has to do with two things really. one is he is just throwing darts at everything he can find to try to distract from the economy. the fact that he's sinking the economy and predictions of a recession and his trade war and reckless and immature back and forth and we are seeing press across the board that groups have been conventionally with him and strong supporters are no longer. he wants to distract from that story. second, the other piece under here, especially if you see him attacking around the polling numbers is he's pissed that it
3:43 pm
did not look like he's going to win reelection and he does not want anyone telling that story. this is him in full freak-out mode and it is fun to watch. >> trump is sensitive about pol polls, take a listen at this. >> fox has changed and my worst polls have always been from fox. something is going on at fox and i am not happy with it. >> i don't believe it. i don't believe it. >> what is going on there? what do you make of that? >> she's right. the polling that's his bread and butter. he lives and dies with that. he was 38% verses every democrat. if you are the incumbent and sitting at 38%. you should find other plans in a year or so. >> simple things like that and the numbers really throw him off. the other thing that must be so confusing for the fox news
3:44 pm
viewers. you watch fox news and hard core viewers have eight or ten or twelve hours a day. it is non-stop worship for trump and you read his tweets and he's saying fox news is out to get him. >> he has sean hannity and one of his biggest judge on saturday night. can this president realistically win reelection if he does not have fox news in his corner? >> i stop making predictions. the first thing is what's true. this president can not, he cannot win reelection if he continues to destroy the economy because of his reckless and ill advised economic policies is an insult to the word economic and
3:45 pm
policy. that's the first case. if he continues to try to distract from his increasingly reckless economic policies with more and more policies of hate and demeaning and dehumanizing such as what you were discussing of your last segment. that'll curve out of those three to ten swing voters in this country. he's on a path, he already h had -- he's making his path harder. what he's trying to do here is literally shoot the messenger and hope that the people don't believe him. >> we'll have to wait to see how plays out. thank you for joining us. >> why big energy companies are actually calling trump out on it. l step ♪ ♪ along the byway ♪ much more ♪ much more than this
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after the hottest month on record for the planet, the trump administration is throwing a new punch at obama era climate regulations. the epa today announcing it will scale back regulations on methane, which is a significant contributor to the world's greenhouse gas emissions. the new rule would undo requirements that oil and gas companies install technology to identify methane leaks. it is sparking backlash from democrats and activists alike as well as some in the oil and gas industry. exxon, shell and bp are officially opposing the rollback. some other industry leaders support the move. trump's action comes a week after trump skipped a key
3:51 pm
climate crisis meeting at the g7 summit. later that day, he made this boast. >> i think i know more about the environment than most people. i want clean air. i want clean water. i want a wealthy country. >> now trump might say he knows about the environment than most people. that's fine. he can say that. but most people say they want the government to do more to protect the environment, not less. 62% according to a recent poll that is the highest it has been in 12 years. next, nikki sixx of motley crue with his battle with heroin addiction and news on the battle of the opioid crisis. ...she loved it. her son loves it. and her husband loves it too. and the delivery woman... ...awkward.
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3:56 pm
treatment efforts. after finding the company intentionally played down risks of addiction. now the makers of oxycontin are also in talks to offer $10 billion to $12 billion to settle more than 2,000 lawsuits. it comes at a time when over 2.6 million americans are addicted to poipds. nikki sixx founded the legendary rock ban motley crue. he is calling for a stronger government response. it is a fight he knows intimately. in 1987, he was declared clinically dead for two minutes after overdosing on heroin, a scene graphically memorialized in the netflix movie "the dirt." >> we just received unconfirmed reports that motley crue basis nikki sixx has died in hollywood this evening of an apparent drug overdose. >> no. >> nikki sixx, he is not dying from this. >> nikki sixx joins me now. thank you so much for being here for us. i want to start off by getting your opinion on this ruling,
3:57 pm
because this ruling has by some accounts been an inflection point. and i'm curious to get your thoughts if you see it as well as an inflection point, a sign that people are beginning to wake up to the scale of this crisis. >> yeah. i mean, we've been talking a lot about it being an epidemic, which makes me really happy because it's getting the attention, and now some of the big pharmaceutical companies are being held accountable. this is a fantastic ruling in my opinion. but question is what's going to happen with the money. and i hope that it's used to for organizations to help with treatment facilities, and to help also to erase the stigma of addiction, of opiate addiction. why people got into the addiction, they backed into it. they were overprescribed by doctors. that was being supported by the pharmaceutical companies. now what happens once we get them into treatment and we reenter them into society.
3:58 pm
and i think that's something we need to focus on the money, what to do with the money. what's going to happen with the addicts, with the thousands and thousands of addicts? because of the opiate companies overprescribing through doctors, what's going to happen? these people need to be able to get into rehab facilities. they need to be able to get treatment. they need to be able to be helped to get jobs, to get reentered into society so they can live a healthy life. >> do you see the narrative beginning to change around blaming drug users and addicts more so than it was over the past couple of years? >> yeah, i do. people are talking about it, and they're not hiding in the shadows anymore. addiction is horrible, but suffering in silence is even worse. >> what is the primary public health issue that needs to be addressed in order to deal with this epidemic?
3:59 pm
>> well, it's awareness, isn't it? i mean that's the number one thing. this is what's happening with some of these rulings right now. and i'm hoping that it spreads state to state. we're talking about oklahoma right now. but we're hoping that we go state to state, it becomes federal, and that mandates are put on these companies so that they can't over -- well, they just need to be honest about what these drugs are for, and i know that there is a purpose for them. i just had my right shoulder reconstructed from years of performing, and for six days, i had to take pain medication to get through that. so i was prescribed that. i took it for the right reasons, and then i got off of it. the reason that i say that is there are purposes for, but if doctors are overprescribing and they keep giving and giving, and the pharmaceutical companies aren't being honest about how addictive these pills are, this epidemic is going to keep getting worse and worse and worse.
4:00 pm
so i think oklahoma is really just a drop in the bucket to be honest with you. and, again, we need to focus on the addicts. >> nikki sixx, i appreciate you sharing your story and your opinions with us. thank you very much. >> thank you. irvelg of course, you can read more about nikki in his book "the heroin diaries." that it's for me. "hardball" with chris matthews is next. trump the avenger. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. donald trump wants the entire russia and impeachment drive burnt by its own flames. he wants the world to know the entire probe, which began just months after his inauguration was a criminal plot, started and carried out by his enemies on an innocent man. well, the biggest target of the turning of the tables is former fbi director james comey. and tod


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