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tv   First Look  MSNBC  August 30, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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single edition of the 11th hour. that is our broadcast for this thursday night. thank you for being with us and good night from msnbc headquarters in new york. good morning. it is friday, august 30. ie ie i'm ayman mohyeldin we are looking at hurricane dorian. the storm is getting stronger. it intensified to a category 2 overnight. right now, evacuation orders are in place. the entire state of florida is under a state of emergency. we are going to go live in just a minute. for the latest track, we'll turn to our meteorologist. >> hurricane hunters have been
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flying through the storm overnight. what we are seeing now is a storm that is intensifying. there was initially some drier air that was accepting to sup pre suppress it. we are now seeing an eye form. we are likely to see it become a category 3 or 4 in the days to come. we are seeing 105 miles an hour. that is a strong category 2. we are expecting it to become a category 3 in the next 24 to 48 hours. movement is northwest at 12 miles an hour. it is working its way fairly quickly. we are expecting a slow down. we are expecting -- you can see these numbers are tight together. we are watching for conditions to slow down. once the system slows down, it
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will be a heavy rain maker. it is something we'll watch closely, i'll have more coming up. >> it will be an intense few days. now, more on how residents are preparing. live from cocoa beach. >> good morning. calm here now. officials and first responders urging those to get ready for this storm. we have seen lines outside super markets, home improvement stores. making sure people have supplies, food, water and medicine. they are saying they may need that for seven days or more. they expect quite a punch. that is the big question now. when and where. a lot of people looking at this saying is it going to hit here. are we going to evacuate here.
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it is way too early. we know this storm is hitting at a time where we are at king tide. the most dramatic difference in tide. you'll see a big swing in high to low tie. that could make a difference. >> jay, thank you. >> at the white house, president trump has canceled his trip to poland to monitor hurricane dorian. >> i've spoken to the president in poland and expressed my warmest wishes and the wishes of the american people. the highest priority is the safety and security of the people in the path of the hurricane. i will be rescheduling my trip to poland in the future. >> part of the president's video message about the storm produced
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by the white house. >> we are ready. we have the best people in the world ready. they are going to help. we are shipping food and water. it may be you are going to evacuate. we are waiting. >> the former vice president and 2020 candidate joe biden is defending the central point of a war story he told. claimed that many of the details of his story were wrong. according to the poft, biden, quote, jump belled elements of three events into one story of bravery, passion and regret that never happened. >> young navy captain, up in the mountains of afghanistan, one of his buddies got shot, fell down. four-star general asked me would i go up to the this.
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everyone concerned a vice president going up into this. this guy climbed down the ravine. the general wanted me to pin the silver star on him. god's truth, my word as a biden. he said, sir, i do not want the damn thing. do not do that. he died. he died. >> the report reads like this. in the space of three minutes, biden got the time period, location, the act, type of medal, military branch and rank wrong as well as his own role in the ceremony. according to the report, he visited in afghanistan as a u.s. senator, not a vice president. the service member that performed this rescue was a 20-year-old army specialist. that soldier never had a silver
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star or any other medal pinned on him by biden. >> after that article, he suggested he was telling the story of army staff sargent who did receive a medal in 2011 and didn't believe he deserved it. almost none of the details he offered matched what actually happened to workman. >> i was making the point how courageous these people are. this generation of warriors. the fallen angels we lost. i don't know what the problem is. >> biden defended himself saying the central point is, it is 5:00 absolutely accurate. he did acknowledge, there are two different stories he likes to tell. quote, one related to the
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operating base i went to and the separate one where i went to the streets where a young man pulled a person from a burning hum v. joining us now from "time" magazine. what has the reaction been. this isn't about just mixing up a story. the facts have come out showing the exact opposite of what he said. >> what is most interesting to me is how this whole thing has played into trump's hands in terms of the messaging he's putting out. i interviewed trump in june with some colleagues. at that time, he said, quote, biden is not the same biden. something is going on. you've heard him make similar implications about his mental
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fitness seeming to imply he's maybe lost a step. that is the attack line president trump has settled on. i think this episode and biden's campaign will play right into that. >> i want to change topics and talk about ruth bader ginsburg. >> the system already stands ready to replace her should that need arise. they've gone through two supreme court confirmation battles before and president trump has already released his list of judges he would pick. leonard leo who advises trump told me as of now, there aren't
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any plans to update or revise that list. the president could always change his mine but for now, that's still the same list. multiple sources said the president would likely choose a woman but wouldn't necessarily be constrained by that should the time come. a source told me the key judges to watch who would be the top contenders if the ginsburg seat should open would be barrett, bar son, brant and par. those will be the ones to watch if a battle is coming up before the election. >> i know from a confirmation process, this is pretty much in the senate's hand. mcconnell is not going to slow this down. in terms of the washington political landscape, given what we saw with president obama and
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merrick garland, could this be impacted by this election? >> the reality is republicans don't need democrats to get a nominee through. it would be a very ugly fight. one thing a few sources mentioned is that the white house and the senate would be going through this without some key leadership. don mcgahn is no longer white house council and no longer there is the top seat of the judiciary committee. this process would have new people in charge. but i was told the new leadership and judiciary committee would approach this with very similar goals and styles as to mcgahn and grassley. >> for now, it is all
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speculation. the notorious rbg has no plans to retire. we wish her health and speedy recovery. thank you for joining us. still ahead, without any notice, u.s. immigration services has eliminated a deferred action plan and now migrants undergoing care could face deportation. and a fine of comey violated policies but he wouldn't be prosecuted. how he's responding. those stories and another check onle the path of hurricane dorian.
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if you haven't acted, act to make preparations. do not wait. >> that is a stark warning as dorian approaches the sunshine state. so much can happen between now and then but at this rate, really can't take any chances, especially in florida. >> that's right. we have a brand-new track that just came in. i am anticipating the storm to strengthen. you can see an eye is starting to form. this is one indication as this storm will lose some of the stronger wind shear that suppressed it and it becomes more favorable environment for development. that has to do with warmer water deputies not just at the surface but deep below. we are expecting rapid intense
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indication. th -- intensification. it is staying at winds 105 miles an hour as a strong category 2. the movement is northwest at 12. that would be a good clip. we can expect that the storm from monday to wednesday will start to slow down. this is key because you can see because the forecast now is bringing the storm in early tuesday, this slow down is something we have been watching from model run to model run and also that shift to the south. i want to point out, days five and six, there is a wide area of uncertainty. that has to do with an area of high pressure north and east. it is almost a battle between these two systems depending on which one moves stronger. this will help steer where
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dorian makes landfall. this might not seem to affect everyone in florida. we are looking at the potential for a major impact. it has been incredible. if we look at the past three years, we've only see three consecutive years like that in a row. the last time was 1950. this is likely to be a historic, monume monumental storm. trump administration is now rejecting requests to defer deportation for really signature migrants. without making it public, citizenship and immigration services along with the department of homeland security have quietly rejected all requests to defer deportation
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except those made by certain military members and veterans. requests must now be made to immigrations and customs enforcement. the agency responsible for removing people from the country. i.c.e. officials said the department had been been notified in advance. in a statement, they said as for any request for deferred action, i.c.e. reviews each case on its own merits and exercises appropriate discretion after reviewing all facts. candidates are weighing in and slamming the administration over the move. >> seeking to deport sick kids seeking life-saving medical treatment in the united states. like every bully, he's trying to make himself seem stronger by picking on the most vulnerable among us. >> i believe we need to exercise common sense and compassion when it comes to migrants.
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not cruelty. i want to take our country in the way of maintaining border security but to do it with compassion and common sense and end this cruelty. still ahead on this friday, jeffery epstein's criminal case has formally been close. what does that mean for his alleged victims? we'll try to work out that answer next. we trust usaa more than any other company out there. they give us excellent customer service, every time. our 18 year old was in an accident. usaa took care of her car rental, and getting her car towed. all i had to take care of was making sure that my daughter was ok. if i met another veteran, and they were with another insurance company, i would tell them, you need to join usaa because they have better rates, and better service. we're the gomez family... we're the rivera family...
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the jeffery epstein case has formally ended the case in light of epstein's death. following the hearings where nearly two dozen victims testified. the end of the criminal case does not effect any criminal cases brought by the estate or the investigation into circumstances of his death by suicide. epstein is accused of relying on an organized network of underlings. those who trained girls wto sexually pleasure him and those who made sure he had a fresh supply of teenaged girls on the ready. the times reports that they are considering charges that include sex trafficking and sex trafficking conspiracy.
2:23 am
good morning to our legal analyst. what does this mean for justice for the families. where does all of that go for them? >> the case against epstein is over at least in terms of the criminal side. civilly, those cases will go on. i would assume those defendants would have preferred defendant. anyone else who was in his circle should be very concerned because the investigation will continue. >> that is of concern here, the people in his orbit. they are going to look into those people, the women around him. the name has come up over and
2:24 am
over, elaine maxwell who allegedly faced for the girls to come and have sex with epstein. >> under conspiracy law, every co-conspirator as long as they agreed to participate can be held as responsible as all the other conspirators even if they didn't commit an act. they can be on the hook. one of the things you read about is that folks in his circle appeared to be very loyal and imtim dated by him. now that he's gone, i wouldn't be surprised if in the future, you see the government go around to all of these folks and do what they do best which is flip people and get people to respond. >> are we going to see that now
2:25 am
that this is closed? >> assuming there is no statute of limitations issue, the government will conduct an investigation at its own terms and pace. they know they have an investigation to complete and they will do it as its own pace. >> based on the evidence you've seen in the public, are you surprised somebody like maxwell so far has not been indicted or at least brought in for questioning? >> no. i'm not surprised. they expect they'll evoke the fifth amendment or that it won't be productive. they may not want to scare a potential target. i'm not saying that's the case but that could be one of several explanations. remember, it wasn't too long ago, they seized a treasure trove of evidence from the epstein home. a single computer can provide a
2:26 am
lot of data. there is a lot to go through. >> ant at the u.s. virgin island home. >> i practiced down there, i started getting text messages from government friends who noticed the government raiding the island. >> what is the risk of flight for these women like maxwell knowing the resources and the money. even just pinpointing where she is right now has been difficult? >> that's a great question. when there is no actually pepding charges, a person is free to go. once arrested, that's the entire essence of bail. number one, is this person a danger and will they appear at trial. before somebody is charged, there is very little the government can do to prevent them from moving about. >> always a pleasure. thanks for breaking it down. >> still ahead, we are
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. >> welcome back everyone. i'm ayman mohyeldin alongside
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frances rivera. the national weather says the storm is approaching florida as a category 4 hurricane. the entire state of florida is under a state of emergency. stating, quote, an increasing chance of dorian to bring a chance of danger to the coast. life threatening storm surge, heavy winds and rains. tropical force storm winds could come as early as saturday evening and prepares everyone to prepare now. first to politics, joe biden is on defense this morning after a report claims he has been repeatedly and inaccurately retelling a war story on the campaign trail. peter alexander has the details. >> a moving war story he has told before. >> this guy climbed down a
2:32 am
ravine. he was in afghanistan as vice pre president when he was asked to pin a silver star on a navy captain. >> he says, do not do it, sir. he died. he died. >> but according to the "washington post," almost every detail appears to be incorrect. he pinned a bronze star on this army staff sergent, chad workman. biden got the time period, location, act, type of medal, branch and rank of recipient wrong as well as his own role in the ceremony. >> it is god's truth. my word as a biden. >> the central point is it is absolutely accurate. he refused the medal.
2:33 am
it comes as president trump has accused of the democratic front runner of being off his game. >> joe biden has lost his fastball. >> including this claim this week, kim jung-un who i've gotten to know extremely well, first lady has gotten to know. >> the first lady has never met kim. >> for workman, he says eight years later, he still remembers that meeting with biden and felt like the vice president really understood. the department of justice will not charge comey. a watch dog stated he violated fbi rulings by keeping copies of
2:34 am
memos. the report says, quote, the responsibility to protect sensitive law enforensicment information falls in large part to employees of the fbi. former director comey failed to live up to this responsibility and adds that comey sets a dangerous example for other fbi employees and the watch dog found no evidence that the information released was classified which led officials to the discussion not to prosecute. >> shortly after the watch dog release, comey claimed quote, i don't need an apology. he went on to add, all those who spent two years about me going to jail, ask yourselves why you still trust people who gave you bad info for so long including
2:35 am
the president. >> the president spent no time attacking, tweeting, perhaps never in the history of our country has someone been more thoroughly disgraced than james comey in the just released report. the trump administration issued a statement calling comey a proven liar and leaker. words often used about the president himself. also following suit, congressman jordan called the outcome a, quote, disappointing reminder that he put personal position over patateism. represent collins was claimed dishonest about how he handled the material and found the information released was never classified. >> joining us from washington,
2:36 am
senior reporter for the hill. president and gop allies have long alleged wrong doings there. does this report, even though we know it is not classified information, and the not prosecuting, give those claims credence? >> what we are seeing happening, with william barr deciding not to prosecute comey, this is deinvolving into a pr messaging war. you have republicans that will point to this report and say this is further evidence that comey was personally trying to damage the president that once he got fired, he had a ven data against president trump and his actions bare that out. democrats are defending comey. they are hailing him as a patriot and say if it were not
2:37 am
for james comey, then the memos would never have been released to the public, to the press and it never would have led to the appointment of a special prosecutor and the public would never have had the investigation and ultimately the mueller report, the 450-page mueller report that pointed to numerous instances of obstruction or possible obstruction by the president of the united states. >> so take the developments of yesterday especial li with the comey report coming out, put it in context how and where does the house democrats and their push for impeachment go from here? >> that's a good question. you know, i think from here, you know, nadler is -- you know, it is not clear. jerry nadler is trying to rile
2:38 am
up his forces. there still is this internal debate happening within the democratic party and democratic caucus. we have seen a number of democrats over this congressional recess start to move in the direction of impeachment but remember, when you take a step back and look at the grand scheme of things, it is only roughly more than half of the democratic caucus that are in support of impeachment, still a long ways away from that number to actually impeach or force an impeachment vote to 218 votes. right now, it remains to be seen where exactly the cause cucus we in the fall when congress is back in session. >> thank you very much. still ahead, we continue to track hurricane dorian as it
2:39 am
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50% off school backpacks, 50% off in store or online from the advisors at office depot officemax. >> the current forecast cone cover the entire florida peninsula and so does the state of emergency. >> the time to act is now. >> millions in the path of the storm are stockpiling food and water, topping off fuel tanks, filling sand bags and gathering supplies. >> batteries, flashlights, generators, extension cords, anything they can use that are going to give them the survival. >> and testing generators to make sure they are ready. >> so that was part of jay gray's reporting from florida. the state is preparing for hurricane dorian which could hit as a category 4 storm. let's go to our meteorologist
2:43 am
for more. >> good morning. this is now a very powerful category 2 hurricane. dorian continues to churn out well away from florida for the time being. it is moving fairly quickly to the northwest at 12 miles an hour. that is going to change. let's look at the actual satellite. head hurricane hunter aircraft fly through the storm. the rapid intensification expected in the next 24 to 48 hours means we'll see the winds pick up 35 to 45 miles in the next 24 hours. the problem with dorian is that it is going to be coming over a more favorable environment for development. we are going see low wind shear and warm water that is warm quite deeply. notice the changes on monday. we get up to a category 4 storm
2:44 am
and then it slows down. the latest has the storm making land fall on tuesday. it is amazing each time we get one of these, there are changes and shifts. that goes to show you the uncertainty of the longer range forecast. when we look out five days and beyond, there is a 205 track error. we are watching closely to see where this storm will make land fall. >> that is a long time for p emto brace themselves for what is to come. after 18 years of war, the out going chairman says afghan forces still need u.s. support due to the level of violence in the country. the comment came in the shadow of several deadly suicide attacks and one case of a
2:45 am
wedding in kabul. president trump addressed all of that yesterday. >> we are going to keep a presence there. we are reducing that presence and we are always going to have a presence and high intelligence. i have put this boaword out. if they ever did anything from afghanistan, we will come back with a force you've never seen before. >> what is the level of negotiating you have. taliban thinks they are going down to zero. >> no. we are going to 8,600. we are bringing it down. we are not fighting war there. we are just policeman. we could b we could win that war so fast if we wanted to kill millions of people. who knows if it happens.
2:46 am
you know my attitude. it is what i do for a living. >> president trump's personal assistant abruptly resigned after serving as the president's gate keeper. the unexpected departure came after trump learned she shared with reporters intimate details about his family and some oval office operations. according to one of the people familiar said she was now considered a, quote, separated employee and would not be allowed to return. a former rnc aid reportedly cried because she was upset over trump's victory. the president first viewed her as quote a late convert who could not be trusted. >> the president's roll out of methane regulations that some oil and gas companies say it is extreme. we'll discuss that next.
2:47 am
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>> to the latest on the trump's administration's efforts to reverse more and more obama era regulations. on facilities to monitor for methane leaks. a gas considered more potent than cashon dioxide. several major oil and gas
2:50 am
companies have come out against it including royal dutch shell which encouraged trump to do more. trump tweeted out, quote, the farmers are going to be so however, that is not the reaction coming from many of america's farmers who have already been hard hit because of trump's trade war. the trump epa recently exempted 31 small oil refineries from rules that require them to blend ethanol into their fuel supply issuing 85 total exemptions since trump took office. ethanol comes from corn grown by american farmers who have facing lost revenue from wasted crops and depressed corn price which have fallen 11% due to the waivers. ethanol prices have dropped 12% resulting in more than a dozen plants shutting down or halting operations in the u.s. this year, resulting in more than 2,500 lost jobs. and the stocks jumped as
2:51 am
china says it will not retaliate against the newest u.s. tariffs at least for now. cnbc's julianna tatelbaum is joining us live. does this mean that china really is ready to negotiate as the president has been publicly claiming? >> well, it remains to be seen. so far, signals do suggest that both sides are looking to resume with face-to-face talks in september. remember, we are approaching the september 1st date when new tariffs are due to come into effect so it's not winding down just yet. but the markets are reacting to the positive signal that this sends, that china's commerce ministry wants to continue negotiations with a calm attitude. so certainly no escalation at this stage, but we are going to have to wait and see. but at this point, positive momentum coming through in stocks and that's due to continue today on the final day of trade of the month. now, one other thing i want to highlight for you. i know you guys are focused on hurricane dorian bracing for it
2:52 am
to hit in florida. an update on what we're hearing from the airlines. american and southwest are allowing travelers to change their florida flights ahead of the storm. they haven't canceled flights just yet. because the path of the storm, the exact path is still unclear. one to keep an eye on if you're traveling in that area this weekend. >> it will be a tough one for everybody. especially with the long holiday weekend. julianna, thank you for that. i appreciate it. all right. up next, mike allen of axios has a look at "1 big thing." coming up on "morning joe" the latest from hurricane dorian as it threatens to come ashore. plus, a campaign misstep for a democratic front-runner, joe biden. this time for telling a war story that didn't actually happen the way he says. "morning joe" is just moments away. ♪ ♪ introducing a razor that works differently.
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and they were with another insurance company, i would tell them, you need to join usaa because they have better rates, and better service. we're the gomez family... we're the rivera family... we're the kirby family, and we are usaa members for life. get your auto insurance quote today. all right. welcome back. from washington, d.c. with a look at axios a.m., cofounder mike allen. what is "1 big thing"?
2:56 am
>> well, first things first, happy get away friday. happy holiday friday. >> happy get away friday to you. >> so the axios "1 big thing" is america's worker desert. so there are a number of states that are so short of workers they are being called worker deserts and why it matters, a number of these are swing states in the 2020 elections including iowa, new hampshire, those early states and of course the ultimate swing state of florida. what's happening here? we're talking to small businesses who are finding they can't get enough workers to meet up with their customers' demand. kourtnei brown talked to a firm in iowa that had moved several other locations, opened in other states just trying to find workers. we talked to companies where they are bringing back retirees on contracts. they're bringing in more interns and they're asking people to work on assembly lines on weekends because they can't keep up with the jobs, a million more
2:57 am
jobs opened around the country than there are workers to fill them. >> so bottom line, help wanted, especially in those crucial swing states, mike. how could this job market boost impact president trump's hard line immigration message? are we going to see him shift at all because of that? >> well, you make a great point, that's a point of contention, because business which might be with the republican candidate is sounding the alarm on immigration saying we need more workers. a loosened immigration policy would help us with that and kourtnei brown scoops on wednesday, the biggest businesses in iowa are going to come up with a pro immigration plan. the first time that this big business group in iowa has taken a stand on the issue. >> let me ask you about elizabeth warren really quickly because she has an unexpected advantage. how could this impact her performance into next month's debate and what is that unexpected advantage? >> so we're calling the warren wave. you can feel it, you can see it in the coverage. you can see it in the big
2:58 am
crowds. the axios 2020 attention tracker where our neil rothschild gets exclusive data finds that posts about elizabeth warren, articles about elizabeth warren are going further online than any other candidate. so we look at interaction. retweets, shares, and likes. and if you take out critical articles there's republican media has been feasting on this 2020 field, but if you take out critical articles and just look at straight news articles, elizabeth warren has a massive advantage. there's a couple reasons for this. one is her for policies she is getting coverage on it. on the left, bernie insulates her from the criticism she'll get for liberal policies and look at the headlines, the top articles. the you were in one from a "new york times," why i want to live in elizabeth warren's america. "the new york times" magazine profile, elizabeth warren is
2:59 am
completely serious. a play on her policy details. the kind of coverage you can't buy and that's really giving her that online advantage. >> all right. mike on a friday, in our lightning paced super fast political news, g7 seems so forever ago. but now axios is learning new details about how one world leader was trying to get president trump on the phone during sunday's g7 summit. what's behind that scramble? >> this is a fun scoop from jonathan swan. the israeli prime minister bibi netanyahu wanted to get trump on the phone. they're friendly and he insists the president not meet with the iranian foreign minister who made the surprise trip into the summit. of course the president didn't. but bibi is desperately calling the white house, and the president is in back-to-back meetings either couldn't or wouldn't -- we don't know which one, take the call. that meeting wound up not happening but it showed a scramble that can happen even
3:00 am
between two friends. >> he could have sent him a dm on twitter. might have been faster given the president's -- on twitter. >> he definitely have the cell phone number. >> have a great holiday. >> thank you. of course we'll be reading axios a.m. in a bit. you can sign up for the newsletter at >> that does it for us on a friday americaning. i'm frances rivera with ayman mohyeldin. "morning joe" starts right now. hurricane dorian slammed into the caribbean, flooding streets, toppling trees and capsizing boats but spared the islands from major disaster. now, the storm has its eye on florida and is expected to hit the state as a dangerous category 4. the governor issuing the blunt warning. >> the time to act is now. if you haven't acted, act to make preparations. do not wait until it's too late. >> hurricane dorian is getting


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