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tv   MSNBC Live With Velshi and Ruhle  MSNBC  August 30, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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toward florida. right now, dorian is moving northwest with maximum sustained winds nearing 110-mile-per-hour. a hurricane watch in effect for the bahamas as the storm is expected to maf over the islands this sunday and all signs showing dorian could have a maffe category 4 hurricane by the time it makes landfall in florida next week. today residents in the state high alert. stocking up, governor ron desantis issuing a statewide warning earlier today. >> you're looking at potentially significant water event, you know trout major portions of the state. and so we want resources to be able to navigate that. this is a major event. we still have some degree of uncertainty. we just got to be prepared for all those circumstances. >> the governor adding that he spoke with president trump who has pledged full emergency assistance to florida. the president scheduled to
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travel to poland this weekend but cancelled the trip to monitor the hurricane. we have complete coverage of hurricane doctor yan beginning with nbc news metrologist michelle grossman who joins us. walk us through where the storm is and what's likely to happen once it gets to land. >> hi, there, ali. >> we have a powerful storm even at this moment. winds around 110-mile-per-hour, and we are only going to get stronger from there. still anticipated to be a category 4 storm. let's look at the stats here. it's 660 miles east of west palm beach looking at winds of 110-mile-per-hour. it's moving northwest at 10-mile-per-hour. so ali that was a take away from the last advisory. moving quicker yesterday. it's slowing, drastically slowing down throughout the next couple of days, even down to 4.5-mile-per-hour. a walking pace. that's not good news because it's going to pick up steam and be able to linger over florida a lot longer. let's take you through the track.
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the track is the most uncertainty right now. we're we're confident about the strength but it's where it makes landfall that we look for. over the next few days we will solidify that. right now, category 2 storm. sometime today early saturday morning we'll see it blossom into a category 3 with 125-mile-per-hour winds. those are sustained winds. we'll see gusts higher than that. then it's going to near the northwestern parts of the bahamas at 130-mile-per-hour winds. as it goes into the powerhouse of a category 4 storm by sunday morning. saturday in the bahamas you'll feel the winds peck up. the seas get rougher. but by sunday that's when we feel the effects of dorian. now throughout time here and we approach the coast of florida, again the kwoen is getting smaller, right. we have seen it as large as into southern georgia. but it's getting smaller. we're continuing to see it smaller over the next several days. keep in mind we have four or five days to go. it needs a bit of time.
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category 4 storm into the state of florida we could see life threatening storm surge. we are going to have high tide with the new moon. we'll see flash flooding and destructive winds somewhere along the coast here. and then it's going to linger because it's moving at a snail's pace. and we'll see rain for days, power outages at this point. that could last a week maybe into two weeks. and that's why we want you to be prepared now. things looking god. looking at sunshine right now. this is the time to prepare. now, as we go through the bahamas on sunday, i mentioned that the weather is going to start to change saturday. by sunday that's where we feel the effects because of that we have a hurricane watch already posted for the northwestern bahamas, including free peter, nassau. heed the warnings now. here is the gakts impacts. wind and also flooding. let's look at the winds. catastrophic winds. we don't use that word often. but it's damaging and destructive winds possible for sunday. then by eastern florida we look
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at the gusts lated monday and the brunt will be early on tuesday. ali we are continuing to watch it and we've been watching it for days. it has changed a bit. we're going to continue to watch the next four or five days. we could see change with that. >> michelle let's talk about evacuation. there are people trying to evacuate from florida. the confusion is of course if you go due north you could be going into an area the storm will be or subsequently hit. >> absolutely. so even though that cone is getting smaller we still could see the impact because we are still so far out. even as far north as south carolina. so here is a suggestion. you want to heed the warning of your local officials, watch the forecast over the next several days. it's probably too early to make the call. but over the next several days we'll start to pinpoint where the landfall is and then listen to local authorities. anywhere along the coast from south carolina to florida you want the evacuation plan in place. >> michelle thanks. our meteorologist we'll stay close with he her as this
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develops. right now all of florida, 67 counties understand a state of emergency as floridians brace for what could be the most destructive storm the state mass seen since hurricane andrew. particularly residents in south and central florida, as moilss say dorian's slow motion could bring massive amounts of wind and rain to those parts of the state. i want to bring in msnbc's reporter live in palm beach gardens florida. what preparation efforts are you seeing under wade where you are? >> people are not taking this storm lightly, ali. they heard it from the governor of florida. s in a multi-day event. have supplies for seven days at the very least. here along the eastern coast of florida, there is anxiety because people don't foe exactly where the storm is going to hit as we heard from michelle. so in places like balm beach fwardens, 14 miles north of west palm beach residents are making sure they are stocked up and prepared. and i want to bring in the mayor of palm beach garden, mark can
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you tell me -- you just came from a meeting with the folks at eoc how are you preparing. >> we're very prepared. the city went through this a couple years ago with irma. we have plan in place. the police chief, fire chief, all public works are prepared. we've gone through the checklist of what we want to do to make sure we're ready to respond as soon as the storm is over. >> what is the overall sentiment among residents. >> i think a little bit of anxiety. a little bit of nevdsness, frustration we are going through this again. but i think people are ready and prepared and our city is ready too. >> you mentioned irma two years ago. ali and i were here in florida, of course andrew in 1992. tell me about the lessons learned here for the community. >> well the lessons are very clear. we understand how to support the city, how to get around the city after the storm is kmetted. obviously we have to prepare the city in advance of the storm. in ourp city we have six fire stations and a new golf course that has staging a seventh location in the city.
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each station can work independently of each other. if communications are down each station in each area is well defined. and there is fire, police, public works and building departments able to respond within hours of the storm being competed. >> spo everyone is on alert. but we're still a couple days away. tell me about the shelter situation here in palm beach. >> in pauch beam gardens we have one stage at a shelter paup beach gardens high school. we have word from the county that all 15 stations -- 15 shelters around the county are prepared. they haven't quite released details when they'll be open. but they will be opening soon i'm sure. >> as this storm is slow moving, ali, with we heard from michelle, the preparations these are key days and it might take a bit longer. thank you mayor i know you're busy. >> thank you. >> if you see people behind me they are stocking up as you mentioned, water non-perishables, batteries, flashlights of course, canisters for gas. i'd say that the main item that is scarce here is water.
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they're limited the amount to two cases per person and that line this morning the first person there got here at 6:30 in the morning. >> wow. >> ali. >> mariana we'll see you soon. nbc's kathy park more from cape canaveral and the preparations there. kathy. >> ali, good afternoon continue to watch and wait for the weather to turn but the conditions have been favorable which is good because this gives folks a window of opportunity to get ready. as you know a lot of floridians are used to riding out their fair share of hurricanes. while there is concern there is no panic just yet. in the meantime here on the ground, a lot of preparations are happening, a lot of businesses are securing things that may be outside. boats are also being brought in. and home owners are boarding up homes. here in port canaveral the situation still dynamic. but it's still open to
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commercial traffic. and we know that cruises that still leaving both today as well as tomorrow. but the coast guard is closely monitoring the situation. i think everyone here is still in stand buy mode. >> thank you, kathy. we osk have teams all across florida. i'll be joining them in a few hours. our friends in florida are preparing for hurricane dorian. already a capturing 2 that could be a category 4py the time it makes landfall which could happen late monday . the last time florida was hit by that mag nude storm was in 2017. you heard mariana talk about that, irma. that storm is blamed for the deaths of 92 people in the united states and led to the evacuation of 6 million floridians. the category 4 storm before that was in 2004. hurricane charlie led to the deaths of 40 people and forced nearly 2 million people to evacuate florida. now if dorian playbooks landfall as a category 4 storm, with sustained winds of around 130-mile-per-hour, it's going to be the strongest hurricane to
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strike florida's east coast since andrew in 1992. andrew you will recall was a category 5 at landfall, reached maximum sustained winds of 165-mile-per-hour. and blamed por the deaths of 65 people in the united states. should dorian grow to a category 5 -- and that is not anticipated right now -- it would join the likes of last year's october hurricane michael. that grew from a tropical dprergs to a category 5 inside of three days. and was responsible for 59 u.s. deaths. all right. dorian is on track to become the third consecutive hurricane of any size to hit the state of florida. before irma in 2017, the last time a hurricane even touched the state was hurricane wilma in 2005. yoing plea now is the florm direct of florida's division of molden management, brian kunn served in that position from 2011 to 2017. good to talk to you again. although we seem to have never
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any other reason to talk. what should floridians be doing right now if ner not evacuating? >> right now, they should be using the time that they have to make sure that their family their businesses, community are as ready as they can be for the arrival of the storm this weekend. reviewing insurance policies, making sure they have food, water, medicines all the things they need to be -- to be safe during this storm. they use this time right now to take care of those. >> what are the things happening afterwards that you as somebody responsible for emergency management were saying wsh gosh, i wish people had done this beforehand it would be make it easier afterwards? >> well, again taking care of themselves is the primary thing to do. >> right. >> there is 20 plus residents in the state of florida. but not all of them can take care of themselves to the same degree. the government officials, first responders, charitable organizations really want to focus on those who aren't able to take care of themselves, either financially or medically.
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that's who we want to focus on. if those who can can take care of themselves can make sure they're safe. that allows us to take care of the needy citizens from florida. >> from a rescue point of view or recovery point of view after a storm what's the most serious to you, storm surge? wind? people stuck in-houses? is it power because we may be out of power with a storm of this magnitude hitting a populated area, it may be days. >> storm surge is a big issue on this storm. but i think one of the issues that probably may be bigger given the slow nature of the sform is going to be the inland flooding. we'll see tremendous rain up and down the peninsula. inland flooding will be a bigger issue potentially than storm surgeon this. i think power restoration will be problematic. the power companies do a terrific job. our systems are hardens we have great poles and transmission systems and continue to do better every year. however the crews can't go out
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until after the storm. and we are seeing 24 to 36 hours of tropical storm force winds in a single area. the outages will be longer than normally. >> i just saw a report from somebody heading north out of florida that power trucks are starting to -- they're seeing them on the other side of the highway going south toward florida. this is always tricky. because that storm we don't know where it goes after it goes to florida with whether it hits further north into georgia. how does staging work when- for things like supplies, things like power trucks, the khmerry pickers? how do you think about that when you don't know where the storm is going? >> well, utility companies do a terrific job on trying to understand where they have places they can put the vehicles near going to be safe. they have teams of meteorologists on call. and they'll find the locations that try to get them out of the areas of greatest impact and allow them to get as quickly as possible. the mutual aid system crass the power companies to be able to respond to storms like this is frankly second to none.
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ner closely watching the storm as much as anybody else is. >> the two things that are of major concern in local areas are the number of senior citizens and homes in which they live in florida. and of course dialysis patients. we obviously have seen failures from hurricane irma in florida with respect to seniors' homes the the governor said nursing homes will be getting site visits to ensure the generates are in place we saw 12 people die in a rae tab center after irma in 2017. are there good things put in place for people needing emergency medical care or are vulnerable? >> tlf. and that storm was a real eye opener. those facilities have done a much better job i think in understanding that they need in place in terms of cooling, air-conditioning, jennerer units. what kind ever plans they need, and mutual aid they need in place if they need to cooperate with a facility somewhere in the
10:15 am
state to transport. so i think irma, although highly unfortunate, really shown pennsylvania light again on the most vulnerable citizens and really improved the readiness of those systems to take care of them. >> brian, thanks for talking to me. i think we might be in touch over the course of the next few days. brayen coon is the director of emergency management in florida from 2011 to 2017. coming up next new information coming to light on how jeffrey epstein recruited young girls. rather than simplify the story, the answers and the alleged recruiters may complicate it further. you're watching velshi and ruhle live on msnbc. guy a promotion. you should be mad at forced camaraderie. and you should be mad at tech that makes things worse. but you're not mad, because you have e*trade, who's tech makes life easier by automatically adding technical patterns on charts
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welcome back to velshi and ruhle. weeks after his suicide, jeffrey epstein's sex trafficking criminal case is now closed. but a new report highlights the people who may be replacing him as a focus of the federal investigation. a "new york times" review of lawsuits, court documents and news interviews is revealing more about epstein's inner circle of girlfriends and employees and other associates who recruited girls for him and act the as coconspiratorers in his widely criticized plea bargain in florida. including sarah kellen whom the times calls the lieutenant and like an assistant to epstein's longtime friend elaine maxwell. one alleged epstein victim equalled her out in court saying jeffrey is no longer here and the woman that helped him -- dsh the women that helped him are.
10:20 am
my experience was maxwell and sarah kellen -- and they definitely need to be held accountable for helping him help themselves almost like a system. but perhaps the most shocking part according to the "new york times" two of the women in the circle may have started as epstein's victims themselves. joining me now is one of the reporters of that "new york times" story, amy julia harris. good to see you thank you for being with zblaus thank you for having me. >> your report calls it a ring of women and refers a organized network of under willings those training girls to sexually pleasure epstein. recruiters who ensured he always had a fresh supply of teenage girls at the ready. a number of viewers will know about the woman on the right in the picture. maxwell. with you you swroused other people, four other women who you call coconspiratorers in the controversial 2008 plea deal. explain why those were granted immunity to your understanding in that deal.
10:21 am
>> i think what we understand from the plea deal is that four epstein associates were named. sarah kellen who was called a high ranking lieutenant in jeffrey epstein's world, leslie graffe, a long-term epstein assistant. adriana ross accused in court documents of -- of wiping the palm beach mansion of computers. and then also nadia marsinkova who was alleged to have had sex with underage girls. what we know from reviewing civil suits and palm beach police records is that some of the women were accused of being instrumental in the trafficking organization or handling all of the logistics for jeffrey epstein, recruiting girls. and what was clear, i think, from that in our review was that jeffrey epstein did not act alone. he relied on this whole network of women to help enable all of this to go on.
10:22 am
>> is there a distinction in these five women that -- is there some way to distinguish those who knew what they were involved in versus those who were perhaps more junior and just following instructions and were not clearly ware of it. >> we have spoken to leslie graffa lawyers. >> one of the assistants. >> right executive assistant. she said she was not involved in any sort of misconduct and was a scheduler and sort of you know handled all of his meetings was not aware of some of what was going on. i think what's clear from our review is that these other women seemed to be instrumentally involved. sarah kellen, for instance, multiple women told pauch palm beach police she was the one when they arrived at the mansion who would lead them upstairs to the massage rum. and lay out the table and say here are the oils you'll use on jeffrey epstein. she seemed to be much more involved.
10:23 am
another person is hailey robson, a 16-year-old when she was recruited. she said in a deposition that she would get $200 oh for every new girl from high school she would recruit. she said she brought dozens of girls to the palm beach mansion over the years. so i think what's interesting about all the women is that they seem to be aware at least to some degree of what was going on, according to the civil routes and police records. but i think we're diagnose to just see what happens with the investigation. >> you mention the hailey robson, another woman, nadia manchin kova. seemed to be inside the system in some fashion helping it, working, helping sustain whatever you call this ring. but those two is it clear or is it presumed they may have started as victims? >> i think for both of them what's clear from police records and court documents is that in the case of nadia marsinkova,
10:24 am
palm beach police had indications from other girls she might have been a victim herself. one girl said she was jeffrey epstein's sex slave. so palm beach police had indications she might have been underage. we don't know. hailey robson in a deposition said she was 16 when she was recruited in jeffrey epstein's world to give him a massage that she did massage where she was topless. and seemed to be a victim herself but then transformed into a recruiter after the fact, which seemed to be a pattern with a lot of -- a lot of the young girls who jeffrey epstein lured into his web. it was people often started asset victims and then would recruit classmates and this was how he ensured he had this web of underage girls at the ready always there. >> you tried to contact everybody in the story.
10:25 am
miss marskov. nadia, the lawyers said she had been severely traumaticized and she needs to make sense of what she has been through before being able to speak out. here is my question. everything you laid out in your story leads me to believe that there was a road map in there that prosecutors probably know about. and would be pursuing. where -- the story stops short of what happens next. >> i think we're waiting to see that. i mean, what our new reporting found was that we at least know for the first time that these are among the women who prosecutors are looking at. i think the decision of whether to charge any of the women is something that we have to see. what we do know is that prosecutors are eyeing charges of sex trafficking conspiracy, and sex trafficking. we no that sex trafficking conspiracy doesn't have a statute of limitations. so i think we'll have to wait and sfwlee what does the law
10:26 am
typically make of the two women we were talking about who may have started off as victims and subsequently became some kind of -- they played a role in it? is that mitigating? are they mostly victims or mostly perpetrators? how does one think about that. >> we talked to sex trafficking experts about this. what they said is that these cases are thorny to prosecutor and there are a lot of legal and ethical issues you have to think about if women are committing crimes but they were only committing crimes because they were coerced themselves into doing this, that it becomes very complicated. but some of the attorneys for the victims who we spoke to have said, look, at some point there has to be some accountability. so even if women were lured into in web when they were girls and then were committing crimes as adults that that should be something that's considered as sentencing rather than in charging them in the first place. >> well, it's complicated. and you worked through it very
10:27 am
well in the story. thank you very much. amy julia harris is a reporter with "the new york times." before we go i want to know that adriana ross did not respond to amy julia harris's request for comment or "the new york times." leslie graffe aechlt lawyer said she worked as a part of a professional staff but at to time during her employment did she engage in misconduct and never knowingly made travel arrangements for anyone under 18. coming up next as floridians prepare for the worst we get the latest on the hurricane's path live from the hurricane center. you are watching "velshi and ruhle live" on msnbc. get ready crab fans 'cause crabfest is on at red lobster. with nine craveable crab creations. like our new crab imperial. now just $15.99. or crack into a pound of wild-caught snow crab. now only $19.99. grab your crab crew. crabfest ends september 1st.
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welcome back to velshi and ruhle. right now we are closely monitoring hurricane dorian. the storm gaining momentum up the caribbean toward florida. today all 67 counties in florida are under a state of emergency. dorian is expected to make landfall in florida as a category 4 storm early next week. joining me now director of the national hurricane center, ken graham. ken, good to see you again. you're another person i don't get to talk to unless there is a hurricane coming. that's bad news.
10:32 am
talk to me about what dorian is doing. >> i'll tell you, the last couple of satellite images we have we see strengthening because we see the eye becoming visible. also in the upper levels of the hurricane you start seeing more of the structure of getting some of the air come in and the air come out. what that spells is it's gaining strength. the last reading we had 110 miles an hour. we are forecasting this to become stronger with time. >> we know that puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands were spared. talk to me about the bahamas. it looks like it's going to skirt over the northern end of the bahamas. how badly could they get hit. >> think about this. we have the hurricane watch out for portions of the bhauchls, northern part, sfrong winds looking at some of the raegs now becoming a major hurricane. by the time we make landfall, 140 miles an hour, if you back that up towards the bahamas they could see right around the core of the hurricane around the eye easily 120, 130 miles an hour winds. pretty devastating. >> ken, is there something in this storm's path that could cause to not get more powerful
10:33 am
or to even weaken? >> really not seeing it. i mean, that satellite image shows it's gaining strength. if you think about this all this is extremely warm water process. we have the warm water the model aren't indicating sheer. and the slow movement is is not helping at all. when you move slow that's just more time over the warm water. so slow is never our friend when it comes to a hurricane. in fact look at this. these are 24 plots of the hysteric just slow as it makes the turn into florida. that's longer time to produce the rainfall. longer time to have the wind over the saturated soil. not good news when it comes to slow movement. >> that cone of uncertainty has narrowed somewhat. in fact it seems most of that barring some unforeseen change is within the state of florida now. have you got a better sense of who on the east coast of florida should be thinking about this more seriously than whom else? >> i think that's what we've been talking about quite a bit and trying to lack at the
10:34 am
impacts. right now we are looking at the tropical storm force winds extending 100 miles from the center. what's happening even if we see a shift in the track it's not going to change all the impacts. you'll still have winds, pro longed winds. the storm surge a typical cat 4 this this situation can produce 10 foot of storm surge. we will run mod willing in the next couple days to narrow it down. even with the movement you'll see all the impacts. we're trying to get folks to understand it's not just coastal, the inland and the entire state could see impacts. >> and a weird turn possibly if it gets inland you may think you didn't get the worse of it because you weren't exactly where the storm came ashore. but that may not matter. ken when people talk about urk hads and categories we often talk about the speeds, the wind speed in the hurricane. but there are two other matters as the storm approaches land. the temperature in that water and the speed at which it moves over the water, correct? >> oh, absolutely. when you think about the forecast we're always talking about the track, the wind speed. but here is one we never talk as
10:35 am
much. it's the forward speed. and that makes all the difference in the world. slow movement means more time to churn things up, get it stronger. but also the slow movement means more rainfall. so that's another pragmatic. we calm it the along track speed. driving down the road, the longer you are out there you experience more things. in this case warm water and strengthening. >> thank you for joining us we'll be talking a lot over the next few days. ken is the director of the nation noaa hurricane center. >> the dnc rejecting the plan to for virtual caucus z. steve cornery here to explain that. and explain what's the big deal with iowa? why do we talk about this so much? you're watching "velshi and ruhle live" on msnbc. i mean, if you haven't thought about switching to geico, frankly, you're missing out. uh... the mobile app makes it easy to manage your policy, even way out here. your marshmallow's... get digital id cards, emergency roadside service, even file a... whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa!
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can't imagine doing it any other way. this is caitlin dickerson from the new york times. this isn't the only case. very little documentation. lo que yo quiero estar con mi hijo. i know that's not true. and the shelters really don't know what to do with them. i just got another person at d.h.s. to confirm this. i have this number. we're going to publish the story.
10:38 am
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and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines and if you're pregnant or planning to be. otezla. show more of you. ruhle. in five months we are watching the all important iowa caucuses. one of the most important days of the 2020 presidential campaign. and some people's mind maybe the most important day. iowa's democratic party wanted to do is differently with a so-called virtual caucus. allowing iowans to participate in the hourslong process by telephone. but now sources tell nbc news the committee is planning to knicks that idea. joining me is steve kornacki. steve, how will this work and why is the party fallout interested. >> it's unclear if they work at all. so much of this grows out of the complaints that i think a group particularly pronounced in the
10:40 am
2016 primary process complaints from democrats that caucuses as opposed to to primaries are not as representative for what you just said you have to be there. you have to give up a night. you have to give up hours. full saturday on the weekends. >> right. >> so the idea was to take folks who maybe have jobs, maybe disabilities, whatever it is and give them an avenue to participate in the caucuses. the plan that they had come up with basically involved telephone voting. >> right. >> and it was going to be i think a six-day window in advance of the caucuses. you were going to be able to call in. not just say hue vote for but rank them. remember in caucuses they do the rounds of voting where, very complicated according to the reporting out there. dnc members grew concerned about what's another major issue in the news, hacking? >> right. >> and you have a process prone to that. there were other concerns raised too about well you're going to have the virtual caucuses, they're also part of the plan apparently that not every vote would count as a single vote. maybe 0.8 of a vote.
10:41 am
all kinds of concerns. but the bottom line is that iowa has that a leadoff role and new hampshire second. and both existed because they claimed something different. iowa always kamd kramd to be a caucus and new hampshire a braer. and they existwood this other. the pressure from the dnc to make the caucuses democratic. the risk for iowa if you make it democratic it's a primary. and new hampshire has a state law that allows it to move ahead. it's a delicate balance they are trying to pull off. >> i'm asking my executive producer. the dnc just said something about this. the iowa dnc said the plan will not go forward. so there it is. >> the iowa democratic party is going to -- >> right. my dad was in town last week and a big fan of yours and said why does iowa matter so much? why does so much energy go into iowa? is it just that it's the first or is it differently influential than other primaries and
10:42 am
caucuses. >> we can show you at the board. but this is the calendar next year. and in modern times the last few rounds this is what the democratic calendar roughly looked like. the sequence here, iowa a big it's important because it's the first. you have the national polls sometimes where one candidate is way out in front. but somebody else wins iowa. if somebody else wins iowa suddenly they get a flood of attention. suddenly considered a legitimate threat to win the nomination, they can get money and supporters. we have seen the most famous of this was barack obama. barack obama was losing nationally to hillary clinton in 2008. losing to her by 15, 20, 25 points in national polls. he was losing in a place like south carolina, a state that was going to be very important in the campaign. but he went to iowa, came in first place, got 38% in iowa. hillary clinton actually in 2008 came in third place. it totally reordered the race. obama's poll numbers jumped up. of course clinton able to hold him off in new hampshire and nevada. but what it did is turned
10:43 am
obama's poll numbers around in south carolina. it looks like a lot of voters in south carolina looked at obama's ability to win iowa and made the judgment, okay, this guy is for real. >> yes. >> this guy can win a state. and what really put him on course in 2008 was that he cleaned hillary clinton's clokt in south carolina. almost a 30-point victory. that sets the stage for a lot to come. iowa is one if you can win there, it tells people you're for real. >> it's about momentum, if you have the wind in your sails and goes to iowa and it goes well, then things could be good for you. if you are looking for change. if people say you're not making it, cutting it, all of a sudden it looks good in iowa it puts winds in your salts and allows you to fight another day. >> other examples, 2004, john kerry was no where. he won iowa then he won new hampshire and just about everywhere else. . you can see it there. in fact this is the one-two punch, the iowa new hampshire, one-two punch.
10:44 am
if you win bye and new hampshire not everyone puts it together. those who do do, kerry, gore, carter. carter technically a candidate called uncommitted. pacically if you can win the first two, that puts you on -- so far history says unstoppable course to win the nomination. >> thank you for the explanation. and my father thanks you as well. >> and i thank him. >> steve kornacki is our national political correspondent, my go-to for all the questions i can't answer when my dad asks. coming up next, texas changing gun laws weeks after the devastating the shooting in el paso but it's how the law changes that will raise eyebrows. we'll have that when we come back on velshi and ruhle 3 $9.95 at my age?
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all right, weeks after the shooting massacre in el paso, texas, gun laws changing there. starting sunday, september 1st, a number of new gun laws go into effect. it's easier to carry and store guns in texas. let's go through a few ways. during national disasters texans with hongs will be permitted to carry concealed weapon without a license for a week after a state of natural disaster is declared
10:49 am
or if a person is evacuating from or returning to a disaster. in addition disaster shelters will be allowed to give evacuees firearms. in relation to schools, there will be no limit on the number of armed school teachers and staff designated as school marshalls. school districts can't regulate how a teacher stores the ammunition or firearm in the car in the parking lot. the law loosens restrictions around keeping guns at home. homeowner i association also not be allowed to restrict possession or transportation or storage of firearms ors ammunition. landlords will not be able to ban guns in units. protections extended to gunowners unknowingly enter places prohibiting guns. those other thanes will no longer be charged with trespassing as long as they leave the area after being asked. under the updated law, handguns will be allowed to carried into places of worship such as
10:50 am
churches or synagogue. it's up to the place of worship as to whether they stop them. remember some of the deadliest mass shootings in u.s. history happened in texas, including thes el paso massacre leaving 22 people dead. massacre left 22 people dead, a mass shooting at the santa fe high school last year, and the sutherland springs church shooting when 26 people were shot. over 3500 people in texas were killed by firearms since 2007. joining me now is david gifford. good to see you again, david, talk to me about these changes, it seems that texas doesn't have a lot of restrictions on using, buying, and carrying guns in the first place. it is like a clean up job to say the first few that we have we will get rid of. >> the governor sees more people and more places is good public
10:51 am
policy. i think it is something good for gun sellers and horrible for public safety. >> who are the people pushing for these gun laws, they might limit the number of people and places and places you may have a gun. but are there organization that's lobby for these kind of things, but is this just a straight up nra type of thing. i think their nra is a group that would lobby for this and other state based organizations. i think the real problem up here is often gun violence prevention organizations are forced to explain how to explain how their policies would have prevented the recent attack. i don't see how they would have prechbt prevented the attack in el paso. they support a myth that a good guy with a gun is the only thing
10:52 am
necessary to prevent gun violence and we know that is not true. >> they have policy recommendations including them to enact the gun laws and that is not something they're allowed to do in texas. >> that is right, it is very interesting that the local government, they can't regulate how they store a gun in your car. most local chiefs are faced with a fact that as more local gun owners are carrying guns they are getting stolen and used against the people carrying them in the first place. he would start by making sure that you cannot buy guns on the internet without a background check and without paper work. right now there are 3,000 guns for sale in texas that criminals can buy and use against the people who are arming themselves
10:53 am
to fight criminals. >> anything in the changes that have occurred in texas that are benign or that don't really matter versus those that really, you already give texas, you give texan f on your gun law score card, does this make it worse? can you get worse than an f? >>. >> there are things that can be done. there are other states that don't have the same record of gun violence, and texas as a legacy of this and a good guy with a gun myth, texans know is wrong, the cops being shot, and they know that they are trying to respond to an asas assassin g to kill them, and philly police were held at bay for the entire night. until they start to pass reasonable gun laws that keep
10:54 am
criminals from getting gun laws in the first place, that is not working. >> thank you for joining me as always. >> coming up next, the latest from hong kong as activists are arrested, what it means for a stand off with china. you're watching velshi and ruhl live.
10:55 am
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welcome back. police in hong kong arrested several prodemocracy activities a activists and they have been jailed. wong summarized their plans a
10:58 am
few weeks ago here on the program. joining me now live from hong kong is chris, this feels like an escalation. i notice activists who are arrested and positions that china seems to be taking to strengthen their hand in hong kong. >> that is right, if this comes across as conspicuous timing just a day before massive protests, it didn't go down well with demonstrators vowing to turn out regardless. the city is on edge right now with hong kongers bracing themselves for a face off between police and protestors. >> we just played a sound bite from joshua wong. he says he was released with
10:59 am
those activists, what is supposed supposed to come out of those arrests. >> we don't really know the reasons why. many people suspect that china is influencing the decisions that are going down here in hong kong. that is one of the reasons that many of property testers have taken to the streets. they see themselves as fighting for the livelyhood of this city, that yes, is part of china, and it is a little different, they have experienced civil liberties to a greater degree that the rest of china has never experienced. they don't want to see those things come to an end. they know that just around the corner is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's republic of choina. they have prepared to stage massive celebrations for that day, a day in which they hope to project an image of power and
11:00 am
instability throughout china. hong kong, one of their major financial hubs, have protestors out in the streets questioning authority in a way that we have not seen since 1989. >> chris, thank you very much, we're just hours away from dielt in hong kong and we'll watch closely for what the development wills be. thank you for watching. i'll see you back here at 3:00 p.m. eastern here and i'll be going to florida all next week for our live coverage of hurricane dorian. >> be careful out there. >> good afternoon, i'm chris ka. a new update on hurricane dorian. the storm is, indeed, slowing down and gaining strength. heavy rain and wins topping 110 miles per hour. th


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