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tv   AM Joy  MSNBC  September 1, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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up. "am joy" with joy reid starts right now. i looked over my shoulder and he was there. and he was pointing a gun at our vehicle and my window and i mean he was so close to me i could see him as i accelerated between the two cars. he followed me and he was pulling out again to the side of the back panel of my car. and when i saw him in the mirror i just -- i just was speeding. i was driving extremely fast away from him, and my only thought was i had to get away from him. and this is not right, his eyes were not right. >> good morning and welcome to "am joy." the state of texas is grappling
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with yet another mass shooting. five people were killed and 21 injured as officials say he opened fire. officials say it happened in broad daylight after a traffic stop. they say the gunman shot the state trooper who pulled him over, fled the scene and at some point along the way stole a postal truck which he used to continue his rampage. police eventually caught up with him in the parking lot of a moo movie theater, exchanged fire and killed him. the gunman's motives have not clear. officials say he used a rifle to carry out this attack. it came one day before ten new gun laws go into effect. for example, starting today it's legal for licensed gun owners to carry in places of worship and store weapons and ammunition in locked vehicles at public schools. and clearly the opposite of what you would do if you want to
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actually reduce gun violence. reactions to the seeming state of national paralysis on gun violence have been swift on democrats including a particularly blunt reaction from presidential candidate and texas native beto o'rourke. >> i don't know what the motivation is, do not yet know the firearms that were used or how they acquired them, but we do know this is [ bleep ] up. this has to stop in this country. >> joining me now is beto o'rourke. thank you so much for being here. really appreciate it. >> thank you. thank you for having me. >> you are fed up it's very clear with what's happening. but i think you're reflecting what a vast majority of americans are feeling right now. it is frustrating to keep having to talk about these masds shootings and then we go into a cycle and nothing happens. is that going to change in. >> i was watching and reading the reactions of my fellow americans to this tragedy in west texas, a month removed from what happened in el paso where we lost 22 lives and the rabbi
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came up on my twitter feed and he said profanity is not the f-bomb. what is profane is a 17-month old baby being shot in the face. what is profane is losing the life of a high school student yesterday in that shooting who will not be returning to school tomorrow so let's speak clearly and bluntly and take decisive action. universal background checks, red flag laws, ending the sales of weapons of war and also importantly no place for an ak-47 and ar-15 on the streets of our communities nor should we be able to bring them into a
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church or synagogue or mosque. >> all you said is very popular. the vast majority of people agree with you, agree with me about this issue. 76%, bring back red flag laws to help take guns away from people who have domestic violence, 62% say ban the sale of selected semiautomatic firearms. 22% say ban handguns altogether. what i don't understand is the argument for the other side to be honest. similar cultures, a lot of affinity between the two states. gun culture, okay, that exists in america. at what point did gun culture become i need to have essentially a weapon i need to carry in the middle of a civil war and take it to wal-mart. >> i think that is following the ability of the nra and gun lobby and political action committees
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and gun corporations to buy not only the silence of members but complicity. they literally passed legislation preventing the centers for disease control from studying gun violence lest we learn the answer and be compelled to actually act. i've listened to gun owners and republicans in texas and across this country and they are there with us on this issue. they have kids as well. they know this is not right. they want to see us do better. we had a gun show in conway, arkansas two weeks ago and yet the people at that show, one of them a gun dealer himself said i should not be able to sell at this show. they don't require a background check. if you're 18 years old and have a pulse i sell you the firearm. another person said i voted for donald trump, i have an ar-15, i would gladly give it up if it would save someone's life.
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we defy innra and gun lobby when we start standing up for people, then we're going to save the lives of our fellow americans. >> the thing is, you know, texas just passed a bunch of laws the complete opposite of what you just said. so texas, i'm not going to go through them all but guns and church and mosques and synagogues, this is one i found particularly frightening. house bill 302 prevents landlords from restricting tenants and their guests from carrying firearms in lease agreements and prevents property owner associations from banning storage of guns in rental properties. for god sakes, the people who are committing mass shootings where do you think they're storing their guns, in their apartments, in their homes. what you're saying is if i'm a responsible landlord, i can't say that's guy that's got 15 ar-15s that lives in my place, i can't kick him out, i have to
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let him carry? a lot of this stuff sounds like to be honest and blunt, it makes it easier for mass shooters. >> absolutely. and these are instruments of terror. 22 people killed with the variant of an ak-47. in el paso on august 3rd and the killer's mom when the ak-46 came in called police in texas and says what does my son need with this, and the police said sorry, miami, perfectly legal for thim to do this. and now we've made it permissible to carry a firearm like that into a church or school that has suffered four mass shootings in less than two years. this is absolutely crazy, but the optimism can be found in the people that we're listening to. the politicians in texas are an indicator. republicans, democrats, gun owners and nongun owners alike. and they're going to be heard in this next election.
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they're going to be heard right now. folks are fed up. they've had a enough of this. so i have some confidence that we'll be able to overcome this challenge. not with those ipoffice today but with those who are going to force this issue by taking to the streemts and standing up to their elected official. >> is money what goitsoge it's going to take? when we were in florida people were a little nervous to come to florida, the sunshine state. america is losing tourism and money because other countries are putting warpings to their citizens if you're going to come to the united states you better be careful because you might be shot at the movie theater or mall or wal-mart. >> we're losing any sense that our kids can be confident and courageous and strong about the future. instead they're afraid to go to
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school tomorrow, monday morning. where children are prepared to jump out of a window or how to react when a gunman enters a classroom or that student in santa fe, texas, in the aftermath of that shooting when asked by a reporter were you shocked, were you surprised, she said no, i expected it to happen sooner or later. we've got to shock ourselves out of this complacency and complicity taking place. >> when little kids were killed in sandy hook people thought that's it, these are little kids. but there was still complete resistance from the nra, and you served with these folks. i'm not going to ask you to read the minds of republicans that you served with in congress, but what is their problem? how can they watch these massacres take place and still say, nope, more guns, guns at school, guns in the parking lot at school and now people can store guns in their school
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parking lots so that means armed guards couldn't stop these shootings in schools but some teacher is going to run out to the parking lot and grab an ar and go to war with this shooter? what do tay say to you when you say what you're saying to me? >> if you were toimater a truth serum to any sitting member of congress they'd tell you their number one priority is be re-elected. and in the past they've seen that tied to their interest in the nra. and that has explained otherwise inexplicable outcomes. even passing universal background checks when they are supported by 90% of fellow americans. what issue in public policy is supported by 90% of the country sphb but i really do believe the moms in action, gabby giffards, the march for our lives, that is demonstrating a new political power in this country far more greater, far more compelling in the nra. and we're already seeing that
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play out in elections across this country. the ballot box in this great democracy is going to be our salvation. getting their friends, family, classmates, coworkers out to the ballot box, that's how we do this. in 2019 in the commonwealth of virginia where we're deciding these house of delegate and commonwealth senate seats and across the country forcluding for the white house we once again put the lives of fellow oamericans over the nra, over corporations and packs and live up to our promises. >> is this what you're running on? is gun violence going to be the issue that tips the 2020 election in your view? regardless of who's the nominee is this what you're running on at this point? >> what else could i talk about at this point? 22 people killed in el paso, yesterday four murdered including a student, many mer injured including a 17-month old
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baby shot in the face. if this is not making us angry, if we don't respond with the urgency it depends, then we are in part to blame. this is a government of, by and for the people, it's everyone one of responsibilities to get this right and i take that incredibly seriously. >> it's clear you care more about this than being president which i think is important for politicians to understand. you have to care about a thing if you're running -- it's caring about something more than being the power of the president -- >> that's right. i think we've been constrained by polls and focus group tests. put all that out of mind and focus on those kids and family and our fellow americans who need us right now. that is all you need to run a campaign the right way and i trust in the wisdom of my fellow americans. they're going to decide this one way or another for the better,
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bring this country together again and get it right including on gun violence. >> there is life after congress. >> you have to live with yourself for the rest of your life. your kids are going to have to inherit your legacy. you'll be judged forever after. >> thank you so much for being here. thank you for speaking up and speaking truth to power and even to the media. we need it sometimes, too. we'll have much more on this story next. and a little later this hour the latest on hurricane dorian. yes, there is more going on today. now it is a category 5 storm. more "am joy" after the break. alice loves the smell of gain so much, she wished it came in a fabric softener too. [throat clears] say hello to your fairy godmother, alice. oh and look they got gain scent beads and dryer sheets too! it's been a long time since andrew dusted off his dancing shoes. luckily denture breath
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he gets out and starts shooting at us. my husband thought he started shooting at us and we got onto the median. we saw him coming closer and i was looking in the mirror looking back and i could see him like loading up a gun and it looked like a long locked gun. and high husband got on the right side of the median and we got off and we turned off on the service road and he shot at us again when he passed us. >> the shooting in odessa, texas, comes as congress prepares to return from recess when it will once again have the
7:18 am
opportunity to confront gun violence. in fact the house judiciary committee had planned to come back from summer recess early but it postponed it until next week because of hurricane dorian. joining me now is msnbc legal analyst glen kergsner and gun reform advocate. i noted one of the things you're involved in is a new initiative to try to curb gun violence. just describe what that is for us briefly. >> very quickly, we're a group where we feel strongly if we're going to actually curb gun violence we have to start with solutions and we have a very simple proposal that focuses on three points. the first is the idea if you're going to be a firearm owner you
7:19 am
should demonstrate some proficiency in the use of that firearm and there should be firearm licensing. the second thing is this idea the loophole if i buy a gun today i can do so without registering that sale, that transaction. the idea that washington state if you sell or give a gun to someone, you need to be able to go through a federally licensed firearms dealer, that sale is recorded and there's a background check. and there's an atf tip line. we want to make sure if people see something, that they can say something. we believe the atf tip line should be better funded so if you see something and you're concerned, that there is a place to call. and tease are three things we're very much focused onto really try to -- if this was just a gun problem and there was no violence associated with it we
7:20 am
wouldn't be talking about it. we want to focus on practical ways to curb gun violence. >> the challenge is what's happening is the opposite of that. so texas is doing the opposite of that. what they're doing is these laws that are set to go into effect actually today include allowing people to carry in church -- this is the one that has floored me is saying lanlords cannot restrict their tenants from housing lots of guns inside their leased apartments, the exact way lots of gunmen have carried guns to shoot-up -- the la landlord can't stop you though it's their property. allowing foster homes to store gun and ammunition in a foster home, saying you can arm up and walk around with your ar if
7:21 am
there's a natural disaster and adding increased defenses for people who unknowingly enter a establishment that prohibits firearms as long as they leave. so basically you can walk in with an ar and as long as they ask you to leave, you've gotten in legally. these don't make sense. >> no. there's no persuasive argument that more guns make us safer. easier access to guns makes us safer. in fact, joy, i don't think there's a rational argument never mind a persuasive argument that more guns make us safer. there are good guys and good gals over texas and look at what we have to go through over and over again. as a federal prosecutor i was involved in the investigation into the navy yard in 2013 who goes into a building that is protected, secure and full of people, good people with guns and he kills 13 people. he injures multiple other people. and the good people with guns
7:22 am
couldn't get their quickly enough to put it stop to it. more guns is not going to help. and anybody who is being honest about where we are as a country will acknowledge that. what will help is legislation. how about universal background checks, legislation passed in february in the house that mitch mcconnell has sat on and wouldn't even send to committee. joy, and spent 30 years in courtrooms. i never called anybody names and i'm not going to start now. but when i hear the president of the united states use a term like enemy of the people, usually referring to the press which we know is hyperbolic hogwash that comes out of his mouth and his twitter feed, i think if somebody is thwarting the will of the people, not on substances but on process, the people deserve to have legislation debated and voted on, and there's one person who is stopping it, and it's anti-democratic. and if you crack a dictionary and could look up a picture of
7:23 am
who really is the enemy of the people, it's the person who is thwarting the process designed to address these problems. >> the person and the people you worked for. you worked in federal government, you worked in that sphere. you had a president who takes orders from him, mitch mcconnell who's the head of the senate who won't touch any rational legislation on guns, all of which are extremely popular. we essentially have a president of the united states. it's the guy who's the president of the nra. we've never had that before, where an outside entity, a lobby is actually the one that rules this country. >> i i'm very clear mitch mcconnell needs to do his job. 300 people getting shot every day. 21 kids are getting shot every day, and 97% of the folks across our country say they're in support of background checks.
7:24 am
so evidently there's a disconnect between what the people are asking for and what mitch mcconnell and the president are doing to move forward. when they talk about arming folks during natural disasters. i remember during katrina and remember when those brothers and sisters were trying to go across that bridge and were getting stopped. we're going to give these people guns and put them in more volatile situations -- >> we have these two conquering disasters happening at the same time. you have this spate of white nationalism and violent white nationalism at the same time you have even more easy access to guns and an encouragement of it at least at the state level and federal level. so you briefed members of congress. is there any level you've been able to detect but is it the republicans saying no? >> i think that's exactly right. i think there isn't a will unfortunately amongst -- there
7:25 am
might be one privately but that doesn't amount to anything if they're not willing to do anything publicly. when you join the military you're not given a weapon day one. you have to go through a background check, be trained, demonstrate proficiency. a lot of people might be surprised to learn the barrier to get a weapon in the military is far harder. this is definition of what this country has become that, you know, the access to firearms and the ability to just, joy, when the president talks about chicago what drives me nuts and i'm sure mustaffo can speak about this all you have to do is drive 20 miles outside of chicago and buy a weapon which has straer strick laws and come back and sell it in chicago. when they talk about felons, felons aren't going to gun manufacturers, what they're doing is buying it from someone and the laws are such once that person legally purchases a weapon, they can give it or sell it to anyone they want.
7:26 am
that's crazy. >> your response? >> he's exactly right. you know, this emergency we currently have going on is one that is man made and we're the only ones that can make the change. when you look at gun violence that's happening inside of inner cities we can trace back to where those guns are coming from from just a few of the manufacturers, a few of the sellers there. some of the of the things going on in addition to these mass shootings, you've got to have the red flags, the background checks and also the basics. >> and the first person that this shooter who's now seven people plus the shooter are dead, the first person he shot was a law enforcement officer. where is law enforcement on demanding -- cop killer bullets were out there at one point. you've got easy access to better firepower than most police have. why are law enforcement agencies not screening to have better
7:27 am
protection? the first person that was killed -- as you said was a good guy with a gun to be shot. >> most likely he was with a partner so maybe you have two guys with a gun who can't stop one bad guy with a gun at a traffic stop and look where this ended up. mitch mcconnell has to do his job but for 22 years i was in the homicide practice right here in washington, d.c. we had women and women, generally young men and women of color killed every week to every day and you know what, people considered those no-profile or low profile cases so we didn't talk about those every day. in our nation's capitol we have kids being killed with guns every day. we shouldn't be just focused on when there's a mass shooting. >> they should be a bit more
7:28 am
afraid of people who have got weapons of war walking up and down the street killing people. very important to have this conversation. coming up, the latest on hurricane dorian. then, he laid on a serta and realized his life was only just sorta comfortable. i've been living a lie. (laughs) the serta icomfort hybrid mattress. not just sorta comfortable, serta comfortable.
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hurricane dorian is now a category 5 storm with sustained winds of 160 miles an hour. the national hurricane center is calling dorian catastrophic as it threatens the northwestern bahamas today and a wide swath of the north eastern united states later this week. joining me now for the latest on the storm's path. >> good morning, joy. we have a life threatening situation here for the bahamas. we have that eye wall that is currently making its way across the northern edge of the bahamas right now. we're getting reports here of sustained wind speeds picking up to 200 miles per hour here. now, the national hurricane service in their last update reporting 175-mile an hour wind
7:33 am
speeds here. but as that eye continues to make its way through you're going to see the calm here, but it's that outer band that we're seeing mass destruction right now. let's take a look at our current radar. currently seeing that storm system swiping through that area here, and we're going to continue to see the storm surge really being an issue. now, the national hurricane center going to be updating hourly now, and they have just put out that they're going to see up to 20 inches of rain. now, the high tide doesn't come in until about 4:00 here. you incorporate those two, and you are definitely dealing with this massive storm surge in that area. these hurricane warnings will continue here for at least the next six hours but the center of that storm continues to swipe across the northern edge of the bahamas. now, we do have tropical storm watches and warnings for parts
7:34 am
of south florida. you can see we still have a major hurricane. as it goes over the bahamas here, it's starting to lose just a little bit of force here but still gradually gaining steam here. and unfortunately we're still going to be talking about the flooding potential for florida, the carolinas, south carolina, south carolina, in that situation as well. but this is currently a destructive situation, life threatening for the bahamas. watching it very closely. joy? >> thank you very much. junessa webb. appreciate it. more "am joy" after the break. at fidelity, we believe your money
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it's extraordinarily concerning to have that level, that length of an event, to have that many people injured and five killed at this point, it's devastating and it's 300 miles from el paso. it's a region that's really felt the impact of mass attacks in recent weeks. >> there have been more than 50 people killed in mass shootings this month alone. >> right. >> should we consider these shootings a homeland security threat? >> they absolutely are a homeland security threat. >> the death toll from the shooting in odessa, texas, last night has now risen to seven. here we go again, yet another round of debate over gun reform that's part of our national cycle of debate, nothing, violence, debate, no action. joining me now is julian castro. and secretary castro, thank you very much for being here. you, sir, were a former mayor
7:39 am
and so you know sort at the very close end of governance for some of these laws to have a local impact on people. what do you make of the idea your state, texas, has enacted a bunch of laws that go into effect today including allow people to hold guns in their apartments and not letting their landlords say no, allowing people to car ein churches, put guns in the parking lot in their car at schools. what do you make of these kinds of laws passing in a place that is already experiencing so much gun massacre, gun murder? >> these laws are a mistake. if the last few weeks have pointed out anything what happened in el paso, what happened in midland and odessa last night is that more guns are not the answer. more guns don't make us safer. you think about what happened in el paso a few weeks ago. that shooter drove ten hours and went into a wal-mart in texas
7:40 am
that has open carry, concealed carry, campus carry. he knew -- he must have known there would be many, many people who were armed in that wal-mart. it didn't make a bit of difference. this idea that a good guy with a gun is going to stop a bad guy with a gun, it doesn't work that way. the answer is not more guns. it's actually common sense gun safety legislation. so yesterday governor greg abbot, texas governor, put out some happy worlds about what we need to do to make sure we're safer but the laws he signed actually make our families in texas less safe. and one of the most poignant moments of the last couple of weeks is right after dayton happened ohio governor mike dewine was addressing a crowd of people from different backgrounds chime sure there were republicans and democrats there, and all of a sudden they
7:41 am
started to chant back at him, do something, do something, do something. that's the message that our politicians have to get is that it's time to do something. >> well, you've also you ran the department of housing and urban development. can you try to explain to people on the other side of the aisle who are absolutely beholden to gun manufacturers, they are absolutely obedient in every way including the president of the united states obedient to the nra. what does it mean to have open carry forced upon essentially a landlord that cannot prevent somebody from stockpiling a weapon they can easily buy at a gun show and take to a place for a mass shooting? can you splow explain to the other side why that is not a
7:42 am
good idea. >> i think there's somehow an illusion this is going to make people safer and i think this is going to be quite the opposite. i think campus carry is making our colleges and universities less safe, not more safe. and what we need to do in this country is we need to pass universal background checks, limit the capacity of magazines, we need a renewed assault weapons ban. we need a longer -- we need a waiting period of seven days on purchasing a firearm, and we also need these extreme risk protection orders or red flag laws to make sure if somebody presents harm to themselves or somebody else, they're not able to get a weapon. but making these weapons more available to more people is not the answer. and the good news is that the people of this country have had enough, they are fed up. there are more and more even
7:43 am
republicans -- you know, moderate republicans but people in a lot of swing states and suburbs that are going to be key to electing congressional representatives in the next term. and they've had it. and on the democratic side what you see is that so many more democratic politicians now are willing to speak out against the nra. the nra has lost a lot of its fear factor. and in politics that's important because they used to scare a lot of people against speaking out. on the democratic side i think that that's mostly gone, and that's starting to creep over into the republican side for people in volinabulnerable dist. so that's important. so what i would say to people out there is even though you have not seen the fruits of this yet, keep it up to moms demand action, to parkland students, to every day people in our country who are pushing their elected officials to do something on guns. keep it up because the day is
7:44 am
coming sooner rather than later when this legislation is going to happen. >> the house judiciary committee, the democrats are going to come back and consider a few different ideas. banning high capacity magazines, topping high risk individuals from buying guns, stopping those convicted of hate crimes from buying firearms. in your view can any of that pass the senate? is any of that ever going to become law? >> look, i'd be lying if i said i believe mitch mcconnell right now as things stand to going to pass this legislation. we can always push. i should they should push, they are going to push perhaps on something like universal background checks. the problem is that you have a president now after parkland and after el paso and dayton that has said he's for universal background checks and then he talks to the nra that basically have him in their pocket and he changes his mind. and i don't think that mitch muc
7:45 am
kaunl mitch mcconnell is going to do anything better than that. but i believe we're going to have a democratic president, a democratic house and a democratic senate. and if i have to choose between sticking to a 60-vote filibuster rule that's nowhere in the constitution and that mitch mcconnell is very willing to violate now or getting common sense gun safety legislation done with at a minimum 50 votes plus the vice president, i would choose common sense gun safety legislation and make our families safer in this country. >> what you're saying is you believe if democrats win back the senate they should end the filibuster for legislation so that gun reform safety which is incredibly popular can pass? >> absolutely, yes i do. polls show that 89%, 90% of americans, that's people of all stripes believe in common sense gun safety legislation, specifically universal background checks. i believe we need to do that and a number of other things that
7:46 am
you mentioned. >> julian castro, presidential candidate and texan, thank you very much for being here. more "am joy" after the break. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase relieves your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances. most pills only block one. flonase.
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are dead after a shooting in odessa, texas, saturday, four weeks to the day after 22 people were killed in el paso, texas. the 281st reading that right? we'll discuss it after the break. ♪ corey is living with metastatic breast cancer, which is breast cancer that has spread to other parts of her body. she's also taking ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor, which is for postmenopausal women or for men with hr+ / her2- metastatic breast cancer as the first hormonal based therapy. ibrance plus letrozole was significantly more effective at delaying disease progression versus letrozole. patients taking ibrance can develop low white blood cell counts, which may cause serious infections that can lead to death. before taking ibrance, tell your doctor if you have fever, chills, or other signs of infection, liver or kidney problems, are pregnant, breastfeeding,
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he dpets out and starts shooting at us. my husband saw him start shooting at us, and we got on to
7:54 am
the median. i saw my husband coming closer like do we need to get off the interstate? my husband got on the right side and we got off. we turned back on the surface road, and he shot at us again when he passed us. thankfully he didn't hit us or anything. >> yet another mass shooting. the second in texas in less than a month. the death toll has risen to seven with 21' others injuries. the suspect shot a state trooper and fled the scene. the shooter then went on a shooting spree in odessa and hijacked a postl truck. he may have used an ar-15 style rifle. the suspect was killed in a gunfire exchange in the parking lot of a movie theater. officials don't know a clear
7:55 am
motive. we'll expect an update later on today. garrett haake is with us from odessa, texas. >> reporter: yeah. i'm standing in that movie theater parking lot. you can see the mail truck the suspect hijacked that ended this scene here and this drama. the last place we know shoot og cured. no word from the police or city about who the suspect is or his motive. we have only the barest details about the suspect or the shooter in this case. white male in his 30s. matches the profile of so many other shooters in so many other cases we've covered. the fact that this started with a traffic stop. anyone who used routine traffic stop should be fined. police say there's no such thing as a routine traffic stop. officers approached this car and the man was apparently shooting out the back window at them. the first person shot in this case was a police officer. you have a rambled shootout scenario down the highway
7:56 am
between midland and odessa that ended here with a shootout with police. we're several hundred miles from any major city here which means some of the assets pledged to help in this investigation are just arriving. we have atf agents on the scene this morning scouring this scene. the final shootout, multiple crime scenes up and down the highway. trying to put the pieces together. we're waiting on a news conference this morning. we're hoping at noon texas time. with state and local officials including the governor about what we've learned specifically about this case, and frankly, what we're learning in texas if anything that the state government here is going to do about these shootings. remember, after el paso the governor put a commission together to study the acts of mass shootings. he's waiting on recommendations from them about steps that the state of texas could take in lieu of the federal government doing anything. it's not something that's going to happen any time in the near future.
7:57 am
garrett haake, thank you. really appreciate it. thank you. with con dwregressional democrat to return to d.c., we have an opportunity to do something about gun violence. the president is taking phone calls and orders from the nra. joining me now is political strategist, dnc communications director. tiffany cross of the beat d.c. jonathan capehart and shannon watts. and i'm going to start with shannon. what would you like to see done? we've seen kids shot, people shot at walmart, in church, people shot at school. i mean, everywhere. nothing has been done. what would you like to see done differently this time? >> well, we have to remember that 100 americans are shot and killed in this country every single day whether it's gun
7:58 am
homicides or suicides in rural communities. all of it matters. we know it is senseless and preventable and with action it can be shopped. it is shameful the senate's inaction comes with a body count. every american needs to reach out to their senator. you can do it by texting the word checks to 64433 and tell them you demand they work on live saving laws in other states like a background check on every gun sale. >> those are things that are popular. jonathan, our man in d.c., earlier i stumbled over the tease. it's 281 mass shootings so far. i thought that must have been a typo. 281 shootings in one year. two in texas in less than a month. the house of judiciary committee is going to come back and consider a few things, banning high capacity magazines. stopping high risk individuals
7:59 am
from buying guns, stopping those convicted of hate crimes from owning guns. 84 -- 62% favor banning sale of semi automatic firearms. people are generally for gun reform. what are the chances that congress will actually be able to pass something which mitch mcconnell is still sitting around there? >> zero. and that's the key. the majority of the american people as you just recited, support all of these things. what was that, 95% support background checks and yet one man from kentucky, the senate majority leader from kentucky mitch mcconnell is the one who is standing in the way of any of this stuff being considered. it's not like this is a political risk for anyone on
8:00 am
capitol hill. the american people overwhelmingly support it, but mitch mcconnell won't do it. even though democrats are controlling the house and all these things can sweep through there in an afternoon, they'll go to the senate, and they will die. it is until people in these -- in those ruby red districts take their 95% support and go to those district offices or go to washington and protest at mitch mcconnell's office in the capital that these -- their voices will not be heard because in the other ear with a gigantic megaphone and cash is the nra. and the nra, even though it's had a lot of problems that have been documented this past spring and summer, they still hold enormous power. i think as you mentioned before, one day the president says he's for background checks, and then a phone call with the nra and the president backs off in is completely singing from the nra hymn book. nothing to going to change until
8:01 am
there's a change in the leadership and the senate. >> quick, onthat be, you recently interviewed joe biden. he seems to think he can somehow work with mitch mcconnell if he's president of the united states. does he still think that? given the fact as you've mentioned the complete obedience that the republican party has to the nra, the complete obedience donald trump has, they are obedient. that's the appropriate word to the relationship with their bosses, the people who run the nra. how does biden think he can work with a guy like that? >> that was one specific question i wasn't able to ask him, because he has made -- it's one of his signature issues, i'm able to reach across the aisle. i did it while i was the vice president. i've been on the hill a long time. i have all these relationships but as we have discussed, basically since 2010, the kinds of republicans that vice president biden was used to working with, they are a different breed of cat than the ones on capitol hill now.
8:02 am
even the ones who are on capitol hill now are even different and more dug in than the ones who came in during the tea party revolution of 2010. i don't think that -- i don't think the vice president fully understands that the days of fritz hallings and all of those guys who had a reverence for the constitution and a reverence for the institutions in which they served, those folks are gone. so how you work with people who are enthralled to the president of the united states and enthralled to special interests like the nra, how do you get them to work with you? i'm not sure how you do that, and that's why i think a lot of people you've discussed it a lot on this show, that perhaps the only a way to get things done is to not only have democrats in the house, but and to win back the white house, imperative that democrats retake control of the
8:03 am
senate. >> yeah. and according to castro, also get rid of the filibuster. . if you put mcconnell in the minority, he's going to filibuster. let's go in studio here. i'm glad you're here. i want to talk about the official democratic position on some of this stuff. democrats have been making a big deal out of all the things they're doing in the house. we're going to talk about the house a little bit. let's say they pass all of this stuff. then what? what does the party -- what is the party prepared to do politically to take advantage of the fact that for sure mitch mcconnell's obedience to the nra will continue. >> they passed background checks. the problem is mitch mcconnell is donald trump's puppet, and he's not going to do anything unless trump says bring a bill to my desk. i was able to put my baby to bed last night, but there was someone who wasn't because her child was shot in the face. i heard garrett talk about there
8:04 am
isn't necessarily the political will for republicans to do something nationally so they're banking on the state. today, september 1st, texas has more lacks gun laws. that means you can have them in schools. that also means that there was just a man in austin, texas which went unnoticed a few weeks ago. he was in a park with an ar-15. he had a warrant out for his arrest. he was still able to buy a gun. at some point, you know what? if texas lawmakers aren't going to do anything, it's the president's responsibility to do something, and you're right. democrats will do something in the house, but we can't get anything done without the american people speaking out, calling mitch mcconnell, calling their elected leaders and the republicans and making it an electoral issue. that's why you have beto o'roarke, castro, and a bunch of democrats making this an electoral issue. we have a debate in texas in a
8:05 am
few weeks. this will be a huge issue and all the democrats on the stage will want to do something about this. >> yes. i know you through the obama campaign. >> that's right. >> and so president obama had, i think, the most openly emotional reaction to a mass shooting i've ever seen. it was moving when the little kids at sandy hook were murdered. and everyone thought surely now in this era when you have a compassionate president at the point of weeping thinking of his own children when the little kids were killed. nothing happened. nothing. it doesn't matter. so is now the idea that maybe somebody needs to call the nra since apparently they're the boss and apparently the president of the united states actually works at the nra, not 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >> we have candidates out there right now who have said they're going to take on the nra. we have elizabeth warren who said she's going to take on the nra, that she in her first 100
8:06 am
days in office is going to by executive order pass gun reform because we can't rely on congress to do their job. we can't rely on mitch mcconnell who decided he's going to be the grim reaper for everything that's decent that we need in this country. we have candidates like elizabeth warren and kamala harris saying in their first 100 days they will pass these gun reform measures, the recollections we need and they'll take on the nra with executive order. i think that's the way that we're going to have to go unless the democrats win the senate back. and we have candidates that are in some states that are in play including georgia. including colorado. we've got folks that are prepared to take on the gun lobby, but we first need to get the electoral map back. >> two of the candidates, julian castro said he would be in favor of the filibuster in order to
8:07 am
pass gun reform legislation. and let me play beto o'roarke for you. this is now what he's about. and i said to him, and i think it's true. i think it's obvious. he cares more about this issue than being president. he cares about this the most. here he is from this morning. is this what you're running on at this point? >> what else could i talk about right now? we've been constrained by polls and group tests and our fortunes in the next election. put that out of mind and focus on the kids and families and our fellow americans who need us right now. that is all that you need to run a campaign the right way. >> there's so much for democrats to run on. it sounds like one of the principal issues for 2020 is gun reform. >> it has to be, and let me put meat on this bone about what jonathan was talking about with the nra. mcconnell has gotten over $1 million from the nra. not including the $10 million they spent on lobbying republicans to table bills.
8:08 am
$9 million they spent on tv advertising and 4 million they spent on opposing democrats. we have to remind people, they do not represent gun owners. they represent gun manufacturers. you embarrass matt gets when he was on your show last year. you asked him, you represent florida. how many floridians are members of the nra? he had some ridiculous number. you said no, it's not a fraction of that. we heard about the profile of the shooter. a white male shooter. that's a big part of the problem. when you go to the gun rallies and see all these white people in fatigues, saying over my dead body, you'll never take my guns. imagine if there were a bunch of black and brown people holding up guns saying over my dead body. how quickly would we have gun laws. the laws came about in the 70s because the black panthers armed themselves and ronald reagan reversed the gun laws because they were nervous black and brown people were arming themselves. we have to address these rules
8:09 am
come about again under a system of white supremacy and violent white rule. this is why the profile shooters happen repeatedly. imagine if television it was an undocumented immigrant or muslim or black person. the time line would be littered with how important gun rules are. we've never going to see that. >> i want to see rashad robinson earlier said something important. mitch mcconnell and donald trump don't care about the kids getting shot because it's not their kids. it doesn't matter if they're black or white or latinos. they're not their privileged children, and that's part of the reason why -- >> mitch mcconnell was on a robocall talking about how democrats and barack obama want to steal their guns who months after we lost 20 children and six educators. >> the mayor of texas in 2015 was tweeting about how texas needs to catch up because they've fallen behind on the place that sold the most guns.
8:10 am
there was a study after the previous massacres after the one in walmart. they've signed into law ten different pieces of legislation that as of today mean that an apartment owner can't tell their tenant that they can't have that stockpile of ar-15s that they're keeping in their apartment. they can't say no to it. a business has to let people walk into their business with whatever war weapon they want. they can't say no. what if instead of leaving they pull a mass shooting. there's nothing they can do. i wonder if even with presidential candidates fixating on this. if you wind out with a calcified republican party that maybe stains the obedience to the nra no matter what. >> there are similar laws in georgia. you can take guns in churches now. i want to add in texas -- >> and bars. >> and bars. right. drinking and guns go hand in hand. but even worse, you look at these new texas laws, you're now
8:11 am
allowed to keep guns in foster care. you can bring guns and sit in the parking lot of a high school with a gun. and worse, new piece of legislation says if you take a gun into a place where guns are not allowed and you didn't know, it protects you from prosecution. that's how bad this is. and if you look at mike conway, the member of congress, he votes with trump 98% of the time. these are his kids. this is odessa. this is his district. he doesn't care. i hate to be sort of anigh list about this, but if cousins of white kids can be murdered in a elementary, that was the end of the gun debate. the only way this changes is if democrats and we saw beginning in 2018 if democrats become as intense about gun issues as republicans are. because right now you've got a situation where the vast majority of the country is like
8:12 am
we should have common sense gun reform, but the people who want to keep can their guns, that's the only thing they care about, and democrats have to operate in a space where this is our single issue. they've got to go on a crusade and say this needs to be the only thing we care about. only then will you see the kind of action not just in congress but congress saying we will stop everything. we'll do a government shutdown if the senate doesn't do anything about that. unless that changes, we'll continue to see the violence probably every other weekend until the election. >> shannon, over to you. can that happen? moc moms in action have been active. there has been movement at the state level. is it possible to move the democratic party nationally to fixate on this to remove republicans from power who will not comply with the majority of americans? >> we have been working on this issue almost seven years in a bipartisan way. we passed stronger gun laws in 20 states in 2018.
8:13 am
nine signed by republican governors. so much has happened since sandy hook. to say nothing has happen second down cynical and dangerous. we are making huge progress. this is showing to be the number one issue particularly for women as they go into elections. we've played defense at a federal level. the nra should have passed the priority legislation with a republican congress and they couldn't because the gun violence prevention movement has become so strong. and we need every american to use their voice. again, i would ask people to text the word checks to 64433 and tell your senator we need action now. >> alaina, is there a republican that's going to lose because of the gun issue in 20 20? >> is there a republican that's going to lose? >> is there a republican you can name that's going to lose? >> mitch mcconnell -- >> i mean -- >> honestly, the short answer is no. the short answer is no.
8:14 am
>> senator gardener? >> me. was john hickenlooper is going to win no matter what. he's brilliant. he was brilliant in his city and for his state. i don't know if the republicans are going to lose on this issue unless the democrats make this their primary issue, and are reaching out to the voter who is are caring about this and say we are going to make this the basis for whether or not someone can stay in office. for example, jen forward is a millennial survey of black and brown millennials primarily, and after criminal justice, gun reform is the next issue. this is the issue that you are speaking to. >> i want to give you the last word. you're representing a party. this is the challenge. democrats don't focus on the senate which is critical. they don't focus on guns. they don't focus on things except when they're on defense, health care when they're in defense of it. can democrats craft a message
8:15 am
that makes it simple? law enforcement is terrified of individual black drivers for having a traffic stop out. shouldn't they be more afraid of american war lords who have got an ar that can shoot out the back of a car? we have a completely wrong debate happening when we have both violence against individual african americans for nothing, and people who are able to freely walk around like war lords from the 1980s in a third world country. accou can the democrats get that together? >> this will not only be one of the main issues for presidential campaigns in a primary. i hope they use it against trump. never doubt the power of nancy pelosi. she is someone who is going to go in there and bring about change. she understands the importance of this and already has with backgrounds checks. i have no doubt she'll continue to talk about this, and a lot of people never expected for
8:16 am
democrats to pick up so many seats as they did in 2018. i think if you have republicans who continue to stick by donald trump, not only on guns but on health care in every issue, they will lose and you'll see even more gains in 2020. >> is she going to impeach them? being in the -- taking private orders from a private entity, that sounds like an article. >> she's doing everything she can to have the investigation move forward. she doesn't want to politicize this. she's doing the right thing. we'll see in a few months what she decides. >> we were going to talk about how you broke fox news. they're still tweaking it with wrenches trying to put it back together. we'll have you back to talk about that. welcome to the show, all of our great new guests. tiffany, jonathan, and jason
8:17 am
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8:20 am
going down, hearing gunshots, took cover. still try and drive and scary moment. i don't know if i was going to be able to see my son again or not. >> the world is watching.
8:21 am
it's a cliche at this point. following the second major mass shooting in texas in less than a month, it's what's happen. the united states stands alone among rich countries when it comes to the level of gun violence and death and gun massacres. we're alone when it comes to easy access to gun with a higher rate of civilian gun ownership than any other country. the u.s. civilian population has more than 120 firearms for every 100 residents. yes, the world is watching and likely horrified. joining me now is christopher dickie and christopher will kerrson. thank you for being here. colonel first on the orders of rank. you worked in the state department for secretary powell. he's greatly respected around the world. how would one in the state department today explain the united states to the rest of humanity given the fact that we're having 281 massacres in a
8:22 am
year? >> it's called diplomacy in the parlance of the state department. it's trying to convince the rest of the world that they have a reason to deal with you whether in diplomacy or -- >> woucould you do that now. >> it's difficult. i get telephone calls from berlin, tokyo, seoul, almost daily now asking me what's wrong with my country. it's the gun situation, but it's also the president of the united states and the disdain for diplomacy and disdain for what you might call the decency of relations of nations. st everything we're doing today that's magnifying our position in the world which is turning negative. >> yeah. to put it in more blunt language, we appear to be mad, i think. at least people -- relatives of mine from overseas think we're insane. >> this goes way back. my last book was about the leadup to the american civil yar. you have people like charles tickens coming here.
8:23 am
he looked at the violence in american society and gun ownership, and he tied it directly to the violence of owning slaves, and the environment that created n the combination of brutality and fear that was deeply embedded in american society and has never left american society even after the civil war and, in fact, the second amendment is very much tied to the idea of repressing slaves because clearly you weren't going to let black people have guns. only white people in the south could have guns. they would be part of a well-organized militia that would keep everything orderly in societies where happen the population was treated as human chatl. it goes way back. now if you read the french paper today or the republic in italy, they write about the french talk about the ump tooent mass shooting in the united states.
8:24 am
they talk about the inability of the united states to control this to deal with it in any way. and they just sort of throw up their hands and say well, that's the united states. they also blame trump. but they also see it as a deeper pathology in american society. >> right. ke colonel, even gun reform during the 70s and 80s was about controlling black people and have having them not be armed. it's been racialized. >> look at the murders in police, and the police in chicago who still to this day torture people in their prisons. there's a book out about unc chapel hill historian about this. it's documented in there. in chicago, in los angeles, we still torture, and we still torture mostly blacks. >> here's the question. as a military man, a society -- i mean, the second amendment is not supposed to be a suicide pact. but we as no other suicide allows civilian ownership at the level of what war lords would have in the 80s version of a
8:25 am
sort of totalitarian state. can a country function when the civilian population is armed better than the police? >> that's a good question. i take it back to 2002 briefing that some members of the state department and i had after the tragic i vents of 9/11 at fort brag. one of the things the individuals there who were conversing with the situation in the world with regard to terrorism that alarmed them and us majorly. this is as the ruins are still smoldering from 9/11. their pronouncement that domestic terrorists warned them more than foreign terrorists. they said we only know about these people when the carnage is around us. we know about the international terrorists. we know about their intent, their capabilities. we can track them. the nsa can listen to their phone calls, but these people just show up in oklahoma city
8:26 am
and killed people with bombs and guns, and that gave them greater concern than international terrorists. >> christopher, there is the time phenomenon of growing white nationalism and far right -- we have a creep toward authoritarian authoritarian. it's happening everywhere. we're the only country where it's married to consistent mass shootings with a consistently similar perpetrator domestic terrorism like this is only happening here. that is notable as somebody -- >> it's notable, because the fire power that's available to people is so much greater here than any place else. sure, it can have examples of people who identified with al qaeda or isis carrying out violence here in the united states, and certainly in europe. we shouldn't dilute ourselves with the fact that there's no guns in europe.
8:27 am
there are, but there aren't guns everywhere in europe. the delusion here is by people carrying more guns, they defend themselves better. but every mass shootings, we don't see the good guys with guns triumphing. we see the police doing their jobs but not good guys with guns who happen to have open carry guns on their hips. >> the first person shot in this texas shooting was a cop. the cop was the first to get shot. we just earlier today talked about issuing at a naval facility. it was full of people in the navy who clearly have guns and know how to use them. it doesn't make any difference to have lots of people have guns. >> the idea that a lot of people with guns in the audience is going to deter it is nonsense. think about it. my son-in-law is a policeman. think about it from the perspective of that policeman.
8:28 am
he's talked to me about this a lot. you are in the room, and you see two people with guns. you take them both down. you've taken the guy down who was going to take the bad guy down. >> exactly. you think you're going to stop an sprintruder, they're going t take the gun and shoot you. thank you both. there's more a.m. joy after the break. [ applause ] thank you.
8:29 am
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8:32 am
under the circumstances, it's another very sick person. so i just want to thank everybody involved. and always say as bad as it was, it could have been worse. but it was certainly bad. a very sad situation. also i'd like to introduce admiral brown of the u.s. coast guard. highly respected man. we spent two days at camp david going over a lot of different things having to do with the hurricane. the admiral informed me through all the different choices that he has which he can pretty much get it on television, admiral. this is now a category 5. it seems to be one of the biggest hurricanes we've ever seen. and that's a problem. that's a problem. i think a lot of -- we have a
8:33 am
lot of great people working right now. we don't know where it's going to hit, but we have an idea. probably a little bit different than the original course. the original course was dead into florida. now it seems to be going toward north carolina and south carolina. georgia is going to get hit. alabama is going to get a piece of it. it can change its course again and go more toward back florida. we'll be learning over the next probably less than 24 hours. it's a very powerful hurricane. >> we're looking at the same things. we're in the process of dealing with democrats, republicans. they've been working hard on it. they're coming back very soon we have a lot of groups working on it.
8:34 am
i've been speaking to them. they've been speaking to a lot of senators and house members. a lot of republicans. a lot of democrats. and people want to do something. we're going to see this really hasn't changed anything. we're doing a package, and we'll see what -- how it comes about. it's coming about right now. and a lot of people are talking about it. and that's irrespective of what happened yesterday in texas. [ inaudible question ] . >> we're looking at a lot of different things, bills, ideas, concepts. background checks. i will say that for the most part, sadly, if you look at the last four or five going back even five or six or seven years, for the most part as strong as you make your background checks,
8:35 am
they would not have stopped any of it. so it's a big problem. it's a mental problem. it's a big problem. [ inaudible question ] . >> china is moving along. we're doing very well. it was brought out very strongly today by a number of great economists that because china has devalued their currency so much, that, in fact, they are actually paying for all the tariffs. we have in addition to that as you know, they're pouring money into their economy. so those two things, they are paying for their tariffs. as you know, some new tariffs get on. we're taking in tens of billions of dollars. we're giving some of the money to the farmers. making farmers whole. we're buying, i'm taking a piece of the massive amount of tariffs. we're giving them to the
8:36 am
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visit your local chase branch. this is absolutely crazy. but the optimism can be found in the people that we're listening to. the politicians in texas are lagging indicators. the people are there. republicans, democrats, gun owners, and nongun owners alike. they're going to be heard in the next election. they're going to be heard right now.
8:40 am
folks are fed up. they've had enough of this. i have some confidence that we'll be able to overcome this challenge, not with those in office today. >> right. >> but with those who are going to force with issue by standing up to their elected officials and taking to the streets. a mass shooting in texas that killed seven people is resz than a month after people killed people in dayton, ohio and el paso, texas. beto o'roarke came this morning to offer the ant ek dote to thoughts and prayers. we heard donald trump had thoughts. do you have any thoughts on his thoughts? >> i don't. i doubt the people watching have any thoughts on his thoughts. nobody wants to hear what this president has to say anymore. it's reflected in ratings. every time he comes on tv to talk, you hear remote controls changing the channel across the country. people are exhausted. when you elect a clown, you get a circus. people are tired to the circus act. he said nothing worthwhile,
8:41 am
talking about -- he talks out of the side of his neck. that's part of the problem with the echo chamber. when we constantly give him -- children crave attention. he craves attention. he gets it even though he introduces nothing intellectual to the situation. people are forced to come back and recount what he said and defend truth. it's just a waste of time, and all the stories that never get covered because we spend so much time covering hip. it's exhausting. the audience is exhausted. i'm exhausted of talking about him. i really have nothing to say about what the clown and chief has said. i want to talk to you about what beto o'roarke and castro said. i want to make one point with jonathan. even back during my days, we talked all the time about what a president is. because president obama kind of made us have that conversation about what a president means. what it means to have a president. and i think to tiffany's point, we are living through an an
8:42 am
sense of a president. we don't essentially have a president of the united states. donald trump is the star of a reality show that he produces for all of us in media. and he's the president of his base who are the only people he has any concern about and the very wealthy people that he keeps handing all of our tax money to. he's the president of a small group of people in the star of a show. but there is something about not having a president that kind of matters. because what normally is supposed to happen is that when these tragedies take place, the country turns to the one leader who is supposed to represent everyone. the country turned to the one person who is not the head of a district or a state or a legislature or a city council. they're the one day. there's only one guy that's supposed to represent everyone, and with trump you can't. he doesn't say anything. he doesn't say anything of substance. he just talks about himself. i'm surprised he didn't talk about his ratings or something. he doesn't do the job. does it matter anymore that we don't have a president? does it matter anymore?
8:43 am
>> yes, it does matter. and, in fact, i'm glad you brought up what you brought up. the notes i took from the audio, the video that you showed say no expression of sympathy for the victims, the families or the state of texas. but a normal president does when they step before the cameras, particularly if they're doing so from the white house after a tragedy that has captured the national attention is to walk up to those microphones and say, my deepest condolences to the five families who have been ripped apart by gun violence, to the people of odessa, to the people of texas. we mourn with those families. we stand by them. we will do everything to help them, and we must do something about the scourge of gun violence or something that lets the american people know that the president of the united
8:44 am
states is mindful, is paying attention to the emotional needs of the country, and instead we have a president of the united states who walks out in a baseball cap emblazoned with usa, and then basically gives glib mention to the mass shooting before moving onto another big story which is the hurricane that even then just says what he normally says about anything which is this is the biggest thing ever. no one's ever seen anything like this before. to tiffany's point, he says a lot of things that in the end ends up saying nothing. and in the process, reminding all of us to your point, joy, we do not have a president of the united states. >> you know, jonathan, i'm sorry, let me go to jason. i want to revise what i just said. you know, donald trump isn't even president of his base either to be blunt. i mean, he's taken their farms.
8:45 am
he's redestroying their businesses. he's probably going to win texas and florida. florida is essentially a read state. texas is a red state. this is his constituents. the only people he supposedly cares about are red state people. he doesn't have anything to say about them. it's the people they would like to eliminate from government altogether, the democrats and blue state people who are the only people expressing concern. can i play in the red stater in the donald trump mode? rick scott, bought the governorship of florida with $70 million of his own money, and got re-elected. here he is with meet the press earlier today doing his version of what donald trump did earlier. >> we've got young men for whatever reason, different than when i was growing up. no one thought about doing a mass shooting. young men today, for whatever reason, have this in their mind set. we have to figure this out and figure out how to get guns away
8:46 am
from people who want to harm themselves and others. >> do you think we have too many guns in circulation, and if you do, how do we get them out of circulation? >> i believe in the second amendment. i want to focus on the people with mental illness. that's my focus. >> they're all wearing hats. none of them have anything to say about guns. by the way in texas, i think they passed a law that allows people to bring guns into mental institutions. none of it makes any sense. you blaming people who have mental illness. people have mental illness all over the world. they're not massacring people all over the world. why don't you blame video games. they don't want to address it. your thoughts, jason? >> several things. first and foremost, i mean, unless they're about to qualify, unless they're about issue i don't know the american psychological association, unless they're about to say that white nationalism is a mental illness problem, i don't think anything is going to happen.
8:47 am
it would take a lot of people including people that we all know and members of congress and members of the congress would all be considered mentally ill. it's white privilege and anger and rage. it's one of the reasons why background checks and other things aren't working. many of the angry white men are basically ticking time bombs. they're going to use whatever excuses they can to strike back at a world that didn't give them all the cookies they thought they were supposed to get because of their color of their skin and gender. i want to go back to the key point you mentioned earlier about what a president is supposed to do and the fact that trump isn't doing this for his base. i know trump supporters. i talked to them down here. donald trump doesn't even provide comfort for his supporters. it's not just his policies. they don't expect him to make them feel good. we have had tons of presidents that i can remember in my lifetime. tiffany doesn't remember. she's too young. but there were people who didn't
8:48 am
like reagan like my parents are like okay, he said something nice. bill clinton, george bush who i think was a terrible president occasionally sounded vaguely sincere in the face of tragedtr. this president doesn't provide that emotional support for everybody. his supporters don't care. they don't need a president to support them. they need one who is going to strike back at people they hate. >> ban muslims, get the brown people out, build a wall. make women birth as many as we want them to have. they don't care. >> and it's not mental illness. >> the guy who shot up the people, that's not -- do we ever call it mental illness when black people are shooting people. it's ridiculous. >> everybody is coming back. thank you guys very much. actually, coming up, my final thoughts on gun violence are next. ♪
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8:53 am
complete data is available. that figure is by far the highest of any wealthy country. and it's been that way for a long, long time. while many identify the 1966 university of texas tower shooting as the first mass shooting in america, mass gun killing in this country goes back a lot longer. as ut researcher writes, quote, in march 18, '91 a man with a double barrelled shotgun fired upon a crowd of students and faculty attending a exhibition in mississippi. the perpetrator wounded over 14 people, mostly children with several seriously wounded. this is perhaps one of the earliest school mass shooting reported in a country. same year, a shooter went inside a parochial school in new york
8:54 am
opened fire. the trauma left a footprint that hard to forget. it was over time forgotten. mass shootings continued throughout the twentieth century. eight killed by a shooter hiding in a boardinghouse in 1948. exmilitary man killed 13 and wounded five others in new jersey in 1949 and on and on and on. through the 1966 tea shooting. in sandy hook, and charleston, and orlando, and pittsburgh and el paso, and dayton. and now in texas. again. what are we doing about it? america is not the only country with violent bad people. we're not the only country with video games or depression or domestic violence. we are the only country in the
8:55 am
world with a powerful lobby dedicated to making it as easy as possible for mass shooters to kill as many people as possible whenever they want to with guns they can acquire perfectly legally. easier than you can buy a car. the nra wasn't always this way. throughout most of our history of mass shootings, they were for gun control. particularly when ronald reagan was governor of california and backed a law designed to disarm the black panthers who were openly carrying in california. but now the nra backs laws that make it easier to carry guns everywhere. in schools, bars, even at church. they just celebrated passing a bunch of the laws in texas and they specialize in pushing laws like stand your ground that let people use their guns on other people with legal impunity. america is a nation full of guns, and where one political party is completely beholden and obedient to the gun dealers, but we do not have to be.
8:56 am
at some point we have to decide which we love more, the guns, or our lives. the guns, or our freedom to be in public or at school or at church or synagogue or at mosque without feeling constantly terrified. the guns or our kids? we don't have to keep living like this. his life is... pretty comfortable. rick blomquist thought he had comfort all figured out. but then, he laid on a serta and realized his life was only just sorta comfortable. i've been living a lie. [laughs] the serta icomfort hybrid mattress. not just sorta comfortable, serta comfortable. get a free motion base upgrade or get up to $900 off select icomfort sets. (burke) at farmers insurance, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even a "three-ring fender bender."
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thank you for watching. a.m. joy is up next saturday. alex, a tough day for news. >> it is. i want to thank you for what you said. it was almost like being in church listening to you preach. we're a nation that's been traumatized by gun violence whether as individuals we have it or we have fear that one day we may be affected by it. that and 180 miles per hour winds bearing down on the bahamas. it's a lot. but thank you very much for what you were saying. >> thank you. i'm glad you're here. you're just the person i want to listen to to get through the news. you're a trusted voice. >> thank you. >> take it from here. >> i've got it. here we go. a good day from world head quarters in new york. welcome, everyone, to weekends with alex. the two big breaking stories this hour. monster storm. hurricane dorian a category 5 sweeping developments this hour that targets the bahamas. a look at the devastation and


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