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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  September 1, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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xfinity delivers gig speeds to more homes than anyone. appreciate you being here, the news continues now. busy afternoon ahead. >> yes, certainly. live at msnbc world headquarters in new york city. we're covering breaking news
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storyinies for you. the state of texas, the site of another mass shooting. it all began when a man went on a shooting spree after he shot a state trooper during a traffic stop. the very latest from odessa just ahead. plus, we or watching dorian. it is now time for the strongest atlantic hurricane on record. the category 5 storm hit land twice. next to be the u.s. coast line. right now the eye of the storm is moving over the northern bahamas and pummelling the island with catastrophic winds and 2 feet of rain. officials saying dorian is the hardest storm to hit the bahamas. as mentioned tide for the strongest in the history of the
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atlant atlantic. winds 175 miles an hour. they continue to batter this island. wind strengths at this stage could take roofs off homes in seconds. three feet of water can knock you off your feet and carry cars away. additional rainfall amounts of 2 feet is a concern there. one witness on the ground calling it total and mass devastation. the president spoke earlier at fema headquarters. take a listen. >> our brave first responders have been working very hard getting gasoline brought in because they've never seen anything like it, the rush to get so much. >> mandatory evacuations were ordered in several florida coastal counties. worried residents have boarded up homes and businesses.
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airbnb opened up a program to provide free housing. >> i should have left. i was a fool to stay. we're looking for a miracle. to have it turn east and go north. >> we're going to go to the bahamas, but first let's go to the weather sender here. bill? >> we've almost never seen a storm like this with an eye this well-defined, this powerful. as far as the records go, mitch was the strongest we measured at 190 mile per hour winds. this is 185. there's been three others with 185. this is tied for second strongest winds we've ever seen in the atlantic. it's rare territory, that's not over water. that's over land. i have seem videos and pictures
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as they went through the eye. it looks like an eft 2 or ef-3 tornado have gone through. we're roughly about 180, 181 miles due east of west palm beach. we're closing in on freeport. it's roughly about 70 miles away from freeport. here's the latest path. the newest is coming out this hour. the stall and slow movement is the story. that's why the destruction is going to be so much worse throughout areas from grand bahama island. tonight and tomorrow in freeport. then we take it along the coast. all the east coast of florida and north of ft. lauderdale is in the cone of uncertainty. computer models are following the hurricane center's path off
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shore. a few of these lines we don't like. they do show landfall in possibly the daytona beach area. for our friends to the north we'll watch the path along the coast line of south carolina and north carolina. this is wednesday, thursday and friday. speaking of the bahamas i was looking at the latest information, in freeport, they have 100 mile per hour plus winds for 30 straight hours starting tonight. >> we'll get another update in about an hour. >> usually they come in around 4:45 to 5:00 p.m. we'll give you the new forecast path and see if it's closer to the coast. >> all right, we'll get back to you bill in a bit. as bill mentioned, the northwestern bahamas are experiencing their strongest
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storm in history. morgan chessky is in the bahamas. >> reporter: i can tell you here in nassau and the central bahamas we're seeing rain and wind. i've seen trees knocked down and light structural damage. even though we're catching the outer bands of dorian there's plenty of damage to go around. nothing in comparison to the devastation that's going to be brought to the northern islands. the prime minister of the islands saying that it's one of the saddest days he had to address the nation. historic storm in all the wrong reasons. record wind speeds, power and storm surge from 8 to 22 feet which can wreak so much havoc. of the 70,000 people in its path in those northern islands only a few hundred took the government
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up on evacuations today. right now all they can do is wait. it's too late to evacuate. also that goes for grand bahama as well which stands to get the next round of dorian as it continues to move to the west, northwest. right now people there making final preparations ahead of its arrival. they're getting a glimpse of how much power it has. there are supplies already in place and able to deploy to the hard-hit areas as soon as the weather clears up. nobody knows when that's going to be because of what a slow moving storm it is. richard? >> morgan, thank you so much for that. tourists on the islands of the bahamas took the advice of island officials and got off the island. i want to bring in the director of bahamas ministry. how have things changed in the
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last 24 hours? we were concerned at the time of about a dozen or less than a dozen folks that you wanted to make sure were able to get out. >> good morning afternoon. in the space of 24 hours we've seen hurricane dorian go from a category 4 hurricane to very powerful category 5 hurricane. so right now our deepest concerns were for the well-being for residents and the visitors. luckily reports are there have been no loss of life. as you reported, the damage to property and infrastructure is monumental. that's where we're going to have to pick up the pieces once dorian passes us. >> as we have seen this particular storm change in the last 24 hours, have you been
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able to get the resources you need? >> again, as we've already mentioned the storm is hitting our northwestern islands. of course as it intensified airports have closed and the ports had already closed. it was very difficult to get resources to the island to evacuate people off the island. every effort was made to move people from the keys, on to the mainland and from low lying areas and areas prone to flooding into hurricane shelters and higher ground. when you're dealing with the bahamas, the topography, it's flat. we're at sea level. when you're talking about sea surges, 20 feet -- even a 6 feet
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sea surge there's very little place to us to go to. it's going into the tallest buildings. it taught a lesson. when the warning coming to evacuate, heed that advice. people have realized how dangerous this storm is. >> joy, thank you so much. the director on the islands of the bahamas. thank you so much. we'll have more on hurricane dorian just ahead. we turn to our other top story, another grieving city. nbc news confirming the identity of the shooter. 36-year-old seth atur. he was killed by police during a gun battle. he alleged killed six people saturdays. the victims age range from 15 to
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72 years old. governor greg abbott gave an update on a 17 month old girl. he read a text message from her mother. >> her mouth is bad. it can heal and will be fixed. doesn't seem like her jaw was hit. just lip, teeth and tongue. she's having surgery tomorrow to remove the shrapnel from her chest and to fix her lip and mouth and to get a better look at her tongue. we are thanking god for healing her and appreciate continued prayers. >> nbc news' vonn hillard is in texas. we were listening to the latest briefing from the golf fvernor chief of police what did we
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learn? >> reporter: the 17 month old is anderson davis. she's one of 22 injured in that shooting yesterday. there are seven who were killed. 22 injured, seven killed. we're just learning the names of the individuals. as this conversation unfolds we know the name of the shooter, the 36-year-old white male. at the same time it's individuals like anderson, there's a 15-year-old who was killed. she was a student here at odessa high school. we know the name of the mail carrier here. her name was mary grinado. she was a letter carrier. the u.s. postal service sent out the deepest regards. we have more names.
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rur rudulfo barko was a trucker here in texas. his wife spoke to our colleagues here. she said the reason she wanted to speak out now is because president trump has the power to change this. she went on to say i don't want another little girl without a dad like my little girl. that was the wife of rudulfo. he leaves behind a 3-year-old, 6-year-old and 23-year-old daughter. there are several individuals killed we don't know the names of, including the 22 injured. this was the scene that took place yesterday over the course of two hours. much was unknown as the initial traffic stop in which the gunman's car was pulled over and he began shooting at two deputies. he went on over a period of time injuring more than 30 other
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individuals before finishing here at a theater. i want to play for you an interview this last hour, richard, we spoke with a young woman hayden. she was here. she works at this movie theater behind us where this ended. she was about 90 feet from where that gunman was ultimately taken down by police officers. he told us that it was a police officer who nicked the back end of the gunman's car that led him to crash into another police vehicle and ultimately brought this to an end. she felt that if it weren't for that one police officer that gave the back of the gunman's car a nudge, that the gunman would have likely reached her and 60 other people that evacuated the building. i want to let you hear from her father who you will see in this interview standing next to her. her father and mother were in houston as they were face timing hayden. i want you to hear from her
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father david. >> started to get this phone call from an area code we didn't know. it was to my wife's phone. it went off four times. i told my wife -- i said, look, check the area code. it's unusual to get a call this many times that hangs up. we checked it. it was odessa. i said that's hayden. next thing i know my phone rings. hayden is on the other line. dad, daddy, daddy. she starts describing what is going on. she was describing what was going on as she was messing with the phone. the next thing i know we're looking at the mail truck and the one police car and we're hearing pop, pop, pop, pop. i'm telling hayden be calm, be strong. she's describing what's
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happening. she's scared. imagine what the parents are like on the other end of the phone watching face time and it could be your daughter's last time you see her alive. >> reporter: part of this job, richard, you have the blessing to meet these people. you realize whether it's sutherland springs, to las vegas, to odessa, the fact these things go beyond those killed and injured, but those who experience the traumatic echlve that unfolded here. i asked david what would his message be to the american public? he said action needs to be taken. you hear this a lot from folks like david, you don't expect it to hit home. he doesn't know what it means.
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it's much like we heard before they want the president to listen. the texas state legislature doesn't reconvene until 2021 unless governor abbott chooses to hold a special session. governor abbott the republican governor noted the status quo in texas is not enough. they passed several measures that went into effect today that loosened gun restrictions in the state of texas. that conversation will continue to unfold here. the question ahead will be to what extent is federal legislation taken up, but also in the state of texas after four mass shootings? >> vonn, i'm glad you played that sound with david. that brings the story home. we've had unfortunately too many stories to tell.
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i spoke with tiffany prada who had four children in the back of her car. she and her husband decided after they were shot they would try to warn other people even though they had kids in the back seat. it's those folks you hear from that give you that reminder that there's good stuff out there despite what's happening in odessa, texas. i'm glad you played that. thank you for your reporting. we're waiting for another update on the direction of hurricane dorian. new details from the national hurricane center and a live report from north florida where residents brace for impact. i wanted more that's why i've got the power of 1 2 3 medicines with trelegy. the only fda-approved 3-in-1 copd treatment. ♪ trelegy. the power of 1-2-3. ♪ trelegy 1-2-3 trelegy. with trelegy and the power of 1 2 3, i'm breathing better.
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residents in florida are watching closely now as dorian is bringing sustained winds of 185 miles per hour, gusts over 200 miles an hour. parts of florida under hurricane watch as dorian continues slowly moving west at 7 miles an hour. locals expected to feel the effects of dorian late monday with rain, coastal flooding and heavy winds. calls for mandatory evacuations as residents along the path of the storm do whatever they can to get ready. >> it seems to be trending away which is good, but you don't know.
1:23 pm
it seems uncertain. while you can relax a little, you can't fully relax. >> we have plywood we put on our windows. we stocked up on food and water. >> we've reached the point we've done all we can do. >> the plan right now is to stay unless it becomes too bad. if we're told to go, we'll go. >> always prepare for the worse and hope for the best. i've always taken everything in just to make sure. put everything in the garage. >> joining us now nbc 6 reporter julia bag from jacksonville beach, florida. one of the situations is the schools are closed this week i understand? >> reporter: that's right. richard, tomorrow is the holiday. they were going to be closed. now duval county schools are closed through wednesday.
1:24 pm
same in st. augustine, that out of precaution. there's a heightened sense of urgency. the beach behind me was going to be closed tuesday morning. local police now deciding they want to shut it down at midnight tonight. they want nobody in the water. they're asking people to stay out of the intracoastal as well. the mayor was planning to hold a press conference tomorrow morning, but now we're expecting to hear from him within the hour about some decisions. it's the same decisions that families across the jacksonville area are grappling with right now is do they stay or go. many we talked to say they feel safe now. they've been putting up plywood on their homes, covering their
1:25 pm
windows, stocking up on water. they've got generators, some of them. there are also families experiencing a hurricane for the first time. those are folks quite uneasy. they see what's happening in the bahamas. even though who like myself are native floridians, the potential of a historic event is something you take serious. >> julia, do you see many folks behind you? >> reporter: not very many. the surf is getting rough. normally the hotels have plenty of people, not the case tonight. >> nbc 6 reporter julia bag, appreciate that. coming up the northern bahamas in the center of hurricane dorian.
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welcome back. we're still following hurricane dorian. we're looking forward to this forecast. you have much to cover. >> about 15 minutes or so, maybe as long as 25 minutes we'll get new information in. we don't expect many changes. we'll wait to see if the path -- every mile counts -- if they inch it close toward the east coast of florida. >> if you're in the southeast of the united states, what do you want to tell them? >> we'll look at some of the latest information. this is the current wind field. these are the hurricane force winds. we're getting close enough to have our weather computers tell us what it's going to look like in the future. let me take you to the winds in the next 48 hours. here's daytona beach down to west palm beach and ft. lauderdale. we go through tonight and 6:00
1:31 pm
a.m. monday. this is when the 100 mile an hour plus winds will begin. you don't start to lose power until 50, 60, 70. then we go to tuesday and that's when we're projecting the highest winds. we get into the 40 mile per hour range in west palm beach. this is where we could get minor proble problems. then during the day tuesday this is when we get the closest winds. they're still only in the 40 mile per hour range. that's why we're saying it's a close call for the beaches of florida. it doesn't look devastating. we haven't been saying how about the european model. why haven't we been doing that? they're in agreement, both of them. this is 8:00 a.m. tuesday. this is 8:00 a.m. wednesday. they're in pretty good agreement
1:32 pm
with the path. for that reason, richard, i'm not thinking the hurricane center is going to make much of a shift. we have two other models, hurricane specific models. that does make a landfall. they'll keep the east coast of florida in the cone, but i don't expect the line to move too much. >> the changes in the last 24 hours better or worse if you're a resident of the southeast? >> if i'm a resident of carolina to the wilmington area, your forecast is worse. better chance you'll go through hurricane conditions most likely thursday into friday. south carolina, about the same. i would say maybe 50%, 60%. same for georgia. it hasn't changed a lot as far as the path. it got more intense than anticipated today. it will weaken from here too. i don't want to say weaken. it won't be as strong.
1:33 pm
consider a category 4 which is over 130 mile per hour winds. that's catastrophic. by the time it will get close to daytona beach, jacksonville, up to brunswick, georgia, savannah, hopefully by then it will be down to a category 3 which is still a major hurricane, still a huge ordeal, but not what it is now. >> at those speeds homes wiped off their foundations. >> at what it is now. category 3 significant damage. >> stick around here, bill. i want to go to ed fields in the bahamas. head joins us now. sir, what are you seeing? is there concern here of the safety of those who might be still close to your resort? >> hi, thanks. we're not experiencing anywhere
1:34 pm
near -- in fact things are very, very calm here on paradise island. our thoughts are now with our brothers and sisters in grand bahama where we're hearing it's not very good. >> when you look out the windows right now, what do you see, ed? >> when i look out my window it's very calm actually. we're very grateful for that. the bahamas goes 500 something miles from west palm beach down to cuba. it's a blessing in that we can then be in a position to help our brothers and sisters on those other islands. we're in a position to be spread out enough so it isn't impacting all the economic centers and all the tourist centers throughout the country. we're focused on how we can best
1:35 pm
start to gear up to help our brothers and sisters. we're working with jose andreas and the world central kitchen and the red cross so we can mobilize as quickly as possible going into freeport and grand bahama. >> thank you so much, sir. ed fields senior vice president of public affairs at pair paradise island. we'll be right back. has 20 grams of protein, along with 26 essential vitamins and minerals. boost® high protein. be up for life.
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welcome back. it's a week until congress returns to work and guns are now going to be front and center as they return to d.c. the politics of guns started aye typically the day of the shooting yesterday in odessa. historically a waiting period happens after a shooting. not this time and not during a year that americans have seen 283 mass shootings. that is year to date. the president said today the texas mass shooting hasn't changed anything about how law makers plan to tackle gun control legislation. >> a lot of senators, we've been speaking to a lot of house members, a lot of republicans, a lot of democrats. people want to do something. we'll see. this hasn't changed anything. we're doing a package. we'll see what it -- how it comes about. it's coming about right now. a lot of people are talking
1:40 pm
about it. that's irrespective of what happened yesterday in texas. >> meanwhile, 2020 democratic candidates criticized republicans for being, quote, intimidated by the nra. >> don't know what the motivation is. we don't know this is [ bleep ] up. >> the american people are signature and tired and horrified of the never-ending mass shootings we've seen virtually every week. we have a republican party that ignores what the american people want and simply is intimidated by the nra. >> the last few weeks have pointed out anything, what happened in el paso, midland and odessa, more guns are not the answer. more guns don't make us safer. >> the attack on odessa was the second highest mass shooting within weeks.
1:41 pm
it happened within one day after legislation was passed to make it easier to get guns. thank you both for being here. i think what we're seeing is this question. there's two sides. one, there is enough energy for something to happen when congress returns. the other side is nothing is going to be any different. erin, which side? >> i've been talking to sources on the hill. i've heard both sides. i've heard people say i don't think this issue is going forward. it's all up to mitch mcconnell. we've seen time and time again he's stubborn about these issues. then others say this will be on the top of the list for democrats coming back from recess. they're very positive about it. they think they can make change and pelosi could come out strong on this and things could fall into place. >> she's already commented.
1:42 pm
>> exactly. they're waiting for the play. top resources from the hill, they're both split on whether things can change. >> the vice president yesterday as he was embarking off to europe did make a statement, a head nod to the politics of gun ownership. what was said by kelly o'donnell at the white house is we're seeing a change in the cycle, the timing in the cycle where we'll discuss the politics of gun ownership very early after an attack. >> we're well past the thoughts and prayers. >> as has been said. >> we go right into the politics after one of these shootings. the politics have changed, richard. it used to be that democrats were always on the defensive. they were worried the nra was going to destroy them in their districts. now the nra is basically bankrupt. they're losing members. michael bloomberg and others involved in gun safety efforts
1:43 pm
are dramatically out spending them even in kentucky. when mitch mcconnell goes home, he sees these ads. they're very effective. all they're asking is for a vote on assault weapons, not to make mitch mcconnell be in favor of a ban, but just to allow a vote. that can be a very hard thing for him to resist. that doesn't mean there will be any real legislation, but it means he may have to allow some votes to put some people on record voting for or against this. the other thing i think is coming into view is that this argument that let's just deal with mental illness or video games, this is not playing anymore. most people understand that if you look abroad it's not like the united states has more mental illness or more people playing video games than the rest of the world. they all have the same level of
1:44 pm
mental illness and the same level of people playing video games. why do they not have all these shootings? they're not awash in guns. >> moderates on the right, erin, are saying consider mental illness, but consider red flag laws as well. as we look at those considerations, if nothing happens in d.c. might we see more action -- we saw this in texas. eight new laws that loosen restrictions of gun ownership. oregon is the opposite. they passed a red flag law. in the first 18 months of their law over 100 red flag petitions were filed in that state. are we going to see the energy throughout all the unfortunate 283 mass shootings this year, yes, look at the states. are the states doing much? >> i think so.
1:45 pm
it's about whether or not the momentum from these states how that transfers to the federal level and whether republicans will come back and say let's open the door a little more. let's take a look at some other data and issues here. i think that's what people are waiting for, to see how the two shootings in texas transfers over a post recess and whether or not republicans will come back and say let's take another look. for the president -- the president has said over and over this is a mental issue. he keeps repeating that. >> that's right. >> i think republicans latch on to that because the president is saying it. now when they come back, are they going to take a broader look at the issue including red flag laws. some republicans have said quite publicly they're interested in pursuing that legislation. as you were saying, it's no longer a mental issue. it's much broader than that. >> jonathan, quickly, what's the
1:46 pm
lever that's going to be pulled that gets them to change their minds, the minds that have not changed so far? >> i don't think anything happens in a really significant way until the next election unless their poling is telling them momentum has shifted. it may be. if these republicans see they may lose votes or lose their seats if they don't show flexibility, they will change. >> you're saying watch the polls? >> i wish reporters would ask the politicians talking about mental illness are you saying we have much more mental illness in our country than the rest of the world? that's the implication you're saying. the rest of the world doesn't have this problem and they have just as much mental illness as we do. >> all right, thank you both for being here on this tough topic. we'll be right back. almost ever, so we know how to cover almost anything.
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1:51 pm
this week as it moves in. the beach in tivy island. joining us by phone, tourism of visit savannah. the storm keeps moving. how are things looking in the area of savannah, in the area of tibey island? >> well, like everybody else we're keeping a real close eye on everything. minute by by minute. hour by hour. staying in close communication with all of our leadership and our community. >> win you see the pictures that have come in from the bahamas you must be thinking as well as there as we're showing right now in moments ago, you must be quite concerned about the area of savannah. >> well, of course, we're concerned. the last couple years we've been through hurricane matthew which brought some pretty big destruction to the area, then we had hurricane irma, which caused some coastal flooding.
1:52 pm
so, you know, our head's in the game. this community is not complacent. we have terrific leadership from the city level, police department, county level, of course, governor brian kemp's office is monitoring everything from atlanta. a lot of collaboration and communication and cooperation that keeps the pieces together, but it will be a couple of days of anxiety, that's for sure. >> yeah, hey, joseph, what is the biggest worry you've got right now, the thing that's keeping you up at night? >> well, you know, just the uncertainty. that's the thing. you know, it's -- you know, we have our citizens that we care for first and foremost. and if there's an evacuation plan that gets put out by governor kemp's office, then we have to deal with that. and then, of course, we have our visitors and convention attendees that are in town for the week. so it's really monitoring the storm and making sure that we're prepared because if we have to evacuate -- evacuate, that means the staff that -- >> yeah.
1:53 pm
>> -- that services our visit s visitors, you know, have to l f leave, too. >> joseph, quickly, what is the value of your annual revenue in terms of tourism there in the savannah area? >> well, for tourism to savannah, about $3 billion annually, so -- >> okay. >> -- labor day weekend has a big impact for us. >> that's a big number. and that is of concern, no doubt, along with those who are there. the people that is involved and do work in this tourism industry in savannah. joseph marinelli, pst of visit savannah, a great place to visit, but not now. thank you so much. we're just moments away, by way, from the next official update speaking of dorian from the national hurricane center. bill karens has that for us. coming up, 20 20 presidential candidate julian castro of texas joins reverend al sharpton to talk about gun control in the wake of another mass shooting in his home state. as soon as the homeowners arrive, we'll inform them that liberty mutual customizes home insurance,
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1:57 pm
well, welcome back. the latest advisory, number 34, just came from the national hurricane center on hurricane dorian. let's go straight to nbc meteorologist bill karins. bill, when you look through it, what's changed if anything? >> yeah, i'm going to go through it with you. it came in seconds ago. my graphics automatically upgrade and update. we're going to watch this. no changes with the max wind speed. incredibly strong wind, one of the strongest you'll ever see. crawling at 7 miles per hour. none of that has changed. it's currently located over
1:58 pm
great abaco island and going to head over grand bahama island as we go throughout the night tonight. that part hasn't changed. they still have it a good safe distance off the florida coastline. earlier it was 30 miles off the coast just by quick eyeballing it, may have inched it maybe a mile or two. in other words, the path for about the first 36 to 72 hours unchanged. not closer to west palm. still in the cone of uncertainty, though. they're still leaving the risk and the potential there. and very close to even a category 4 storm as we go through tuesday night into wednesday morning. near areas here of the south. now let's talk about our friends up in areas of south carolina, georgia, and further to the north, to see what the hurricane center did. here comes the storm. they did not have landfall over north carolina. it's very close here to atlantic beach, the moorhead city area, the southern half of the keys. you know, again, that's the center line and four to five days -- four days from now. we're not going to pay too much attention to that. we're still all in the cone of uncertainty. they even got the cone of uncertainty now in areas of new
1:59 pm
jersey here. hugging the coast is still the most likely outcome. as far as intensity goes going from a major hurricane wednesday to most likely a category 2 on tuesday. so for our friends in charleston to have ssavannah, close to maj hurricane strength, category 2 strength near you, wednesday afternoon/wednesday evening. the bottom line, not a lot of changes. we didn't think there would be. this storm will slowly, slowly begin to lose its maximum wind speeds over the next three to four days. still an extremely close call. a shift of 30 to 50 miles within the next 5 days could mine the difference between a lot of destruction and hardly any at all. so, we know we're going to get, richard, we know we're going to have beach -- horrible waves, beach erosion, that sort of thing. as far as structural damage goes and thedepend on shifts close te the coast. >> the thursday/friday part of
2:00 pm
the lines did it get close tore the coach? >> it's inched a little closer to the outer banks of eastern north carolina and as far as myrtle beach goes, the grand strand area, gorgedotown, south carolina, is the center line which we tell you to tnot to lo at. it's hard not to. 20 to 230 mile 30 miles off th. if the storm was in this position there would be hurricane-strength winds on the coast. yeah, four days of sitting here staring and watching at this and any small shifts, the difference between a multimillion dollar weather disaster and one that's a little less than that. >> we are glad to have you staring that for us, show, bill karins, nbc meteorologist with the very latest, advisory number 34, just came out. thank you so much, bill. that does it for us this week. join me back here next saturday/sunday, 4:00 p.m. eastern. reach out to me on social media, for now, though, i turn it over to reverend al sharpton and "flick " to reverend al sharpton and "flick politicsnation."


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