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tv   Politics Nation With Al Sharpton  MSNBC  September 1, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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the coach? >> it's inched a little closer to the outer banks of eastern north carolina and as far as myrtle beach goes, the grand strand area, gorgedotown, south carolina, is the center line which we tell you to tnot to lo at. it's hard not to. 20 to 230 mile 30 miles off th. if the storm was in this position there would be hurricane-strength winds on the coast. yeah, four days of sitting here staring and watching at this and any small shifts, the difference between a multimillion dollar weather disaster and one that's a little less than that. >> we are glad to have you staring that for us, show, bill karins, nbc meteorologist with the very latest, advisory number 34, just came out. thank you so much, bill. that does it for us this week. join me back here next saturday/sunday, 4:00 p.m. eastern. reach out to me on social media, for now, though, i turn it over to reverend al sharpton and "flick " to reverend al sharpton and "flick politicsnation." good evening.
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and welcome to "politicsnation." tonight's lead, here we go again. yesterday at this very hour, as i was interviewing the mayor of dayton, ohio, about her fight to promote gun safety, reports began to trickle in of yet another mass shooting, and yet, again, in texas. the second mass killing the state has had to deal with in less than a month. this time, it ended with eight dead including the alleged shooter and 22 injured. officials say the gunman opened fire as he drove through the west texas cities of midland and odessa. the gunman shot at a state trooper who pulled him over then 4 fled the scene and at some point along the way, he stole a postal truck which he used to
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continue his rampage. police eventually caught up with him in the parking lot of a movie theater, exchanged fire and killed him. police has identified the gunman as a 36-year-old white male named seth atore. officials say he used a rifle to carry out his attack. his motives are not yet clear. however, we do know that he was recently fired from his job. today, the president spoke about the incident but mainly stuck to his talking points on the gun debate. >> we're looking at a lot of different things. we're looking at a lot of different bills, ideas, concepts. it's been going on for a long while. background checks. i will say that for the most part, sadly, if you look at the last four or five, going back even five or six or seven years, for the most part, as strong as you make your background checks, they would not have stopped any of it.
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so it's a big problem. it's a mental problem. it's a big problem. >> the shooting happened just as i was reporting on the air about nearly ten new gun laws in texas that were set to go into effect today. gun laws that loosen restrictions. for example, during natural disasters, gun owners will be permitted to carry concealed without a license for up to a week after it is declared. in schools there will be no limit of the number of armed teachers and staff designated as school marshals. landlords will nott longer be ae to ban tenants from possessing guns in their units. and my favorite, handguns are now allowed to be carried in places of worship. churches. synagogues. mosques. et cetera. hey, texas, is this what you want to do if you want to reduce gun violence? relax the regulations?
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is this really what you want to do? o and now we hear the house judiciary committee which planned to come back early from august recess to meet this wednesday about gun control has postponed it until next week due to hurricane dorian. and so here we go again. another round of debates over gun reform and another round of inaction by lawmakers who represent us. joining me now, texas resident, former mayor of san antonio, and a 2020 presidential candidate, julian castro. he also served as secretary of housing and urban development in the obama administration. mr. mayor, texas, today, started relaxing many of its restrictions and for the life of me i can't understand how four weeks ago, we have el paso, now another shooting and they give
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people more liberty to bear arms, not trying to bring in some kind of regulating where people cannot get at least high-powered or automatic weapons. >> well, i'm right there with you, reverend. i mean, we think about what happened in el paso three weeks ago. you had a and he knew that when he went into that walmart that there were 2,000, 3,000 people, they say, in the state of texas that has open carry, has conceal carry, has campus carry. he knew there were a lot of people that were carrying a weapon and that didn't stop him. >> they sell guns if walmart. it they sell guns in walmart. >> that's right. that's a good point. so, you know, more guns is not the answer and this legislation that took effect today is going to make texas families less safe, not more safe. the answer is common sense gun safety legislation. and so, you know, i mean, mitch mcconnell and the senate needs
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to take up universal background checks. they need to take up limiting the capacity of magazines. they need to take up a renewed assault weapons ban. that would actually make a difference. >> now, you've been consistent on this long before you ran for president. and you've been consistent during your race. what will it take, i mean, we've seen schools shot up, i mean, we're talking about little kids shot up in mass killings. we've seen concerts shot up. we've seen houses of worship, synagogues, churches. i mean, what will it take for mitch mcconnell and them to understand that this is a real problem? >> it's going to take the roar of the american people at the ballot box. and, you know, i was encouraged a couple weeks ago one of the most poignant moments in all of the last few weeks on this issue came after what happened in dayton. governor mike dewine of ohio was talking to a crowd, a crowd that was republic and democrat, just ohioans, i'm sure of different
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political stripes, and you may remember that they began to chant, "do something." >> right. >> "do something. do something. do something." the american people are fed up with politicians who are in the pocket of the nra who are unwilling to do something even as 90% of americans demand universal background checks. and this president twice now, after parkland and after el paso and dayton and now, you know, folks listen to that audio a second ago, a third time has said, well, basically, we're going to do something, universal background checks maybe. fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice, shame on me. this president has tole so many lies, and one of the most searing lies has been the lies that he's told -- the lie that he's told on universal background checks. the american people need to repeal and replace donald trump, mitch mcconnell, and all of these politicians who won't do a thing to keep our families safer by passing common sense gun safety legislation. >> now, president trump, again
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today, alluded to it's a mental health problem, but, and i agree that to some degree some of this is mental health, others are motivated by hate and other reasons, but the fact is that if we take the magazines, as you say, if we take the automatic weapons out of people's hands, if we have the background checks, we can deal with the mental or hate or whatever the other factors are, but you first have to disarm them, mr. mayor. >> that's right. and, you know, they use this issue of mental health as an excuse not to get to the issue of guns and to deal with that. it's also ironic because one of the things that happened during the trump administration is they actually made it easier for people who have a mental health issue to get their hands on guns. and in states like texas and states around the country where republicans sit in the
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governor's mansion and control state legislatures, they've actually taken funding away from mental health care and so there's an irony, a cruel irony to all of it, but i would just encourage americans not to get distracted, to continue to push for common sense gun safety legislation because the nra has lost a lot of its fear factor. you know, the walls are going to come crumbling down on their power if the folks behind moms demand action, the parkland students, everyday americans keep pushing and pushing. >> now, the 2018 midterm elections was around a lot of issue, immigration and other issues. do you think that gun reform will be a dominant issue in the 2020 race? you're running for president. you've done very well in the debates. i've been to every debate. do you think this will be one of the dominant issues particularly since we keep seeing these mass shootings occur? >> oh, no doubt. i have no doubt and that's why
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because they keep -- this keeps happening. it's not going to stop happening. unfortunately. even though all of us wish that it would. it's not going to stop happening. it's going to happen over and over and over again until we take action. so it's absolutely going to be an issue in 20 20. i've put out a disarm hate plan to go root out extremism, particularly white supremacy, also pass gun safety legislat n legislation. other candidates have put out their own plans so we're going to keep this at the top of mind. just like the american people will. >> all right. julian castro, there in texas, thank you. >> good to be with you. now i want to bring in my panel, david brock, chairman of american bridge 21st century. a democratic political organization. and noelle erke is a republica strategist and author of the book, "branding america." let me go to you first, noelle. this problem of mass shooting
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and now the repeated occurrence of them all over the country. does this create a problem politically for the president that they seem not to be able to handle this. he comes out after el paso and dayton, 3 1/2, 4 weeks ago and says he's for background checks. he talks to the nra and starts moonwalking on that. you just heard julian castro say it's going to be a big issue. could this be a detrimental issue when americans feel like they are 4 sitting ducks for mass shootings and no one's really doing anything about it? >> yes, reverend al, i do think that the republican party is going to have to pretty much take note and something that may mayor castro said earlier kind of hit home with me. the fact that the nra which used to be -- you know, i'm a
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fund-raiser, a national fund-raiser and the nra used to be one of the biggest powerhouse as far as getting money to politicians and raising them money so that they can get their messages out. right now, wohen you've got a lt of people running for congress, people running for u.s. senate, that may be a bad play because they may get a lot of pushback from, you know, mothers and, you know, people that have children in school and just overall people that are concerned and tired of all the mass shootings that we're seeing. they may have some ramifications in the election by taking money from the nra which tells me if they are going to pay a price for taking that money from the nra, it might kind of push back, as mayor castro said, push back the nra -- >> very interesting. >> -- and weaken their power. >> very interesting. david, do you think that that kind of pushing back, making the
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nra support and fund-raising toxic, will also affect what legislation and give some kind of backbone to those in the senate and the congress to do something? i mean, do something definitively. not just release statements. >> well, look, we have 5% of the world population and 31% of mass shootings. and, you know, donald trump has a lot of problems with the truth, but one thing he did say today that i think is right is he said this doesn't really change anything. so what i'd like to see the fra push back on its heels and it does have some problems, it's almost bankrupt, the fact of the matter is the gun lobby still makes this a political issue when it shouldn't be a political issue. you've got 89% of people including gun owners who want some common sense reform. and the problem is the president's seeking re-election, mitch mcconnell wants to keep his republican majority and the house has passed a landmark piece of legislation back in february for universal background checks and mcconnell
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won't move it, so i don't think the republicans are going to do anything as long as that money is still there, the gun lobby pressure is still there, and it's really unacceptable and it's not just at the federal level, as you opened your broadcast with, it's at the state level, too. we really need change and the only way to change it is to vote these folks out. >> noelle, you know, when you talk about the fact that mayor castro said here about people kind of -- political people are politicianing runni inin ins ru have to weigh how they deal with the nra now. i work with a lot of groups that are anti-violence, moms against violence and others that work with us through national action network. and do you see an opportunity here for a real across-the-board kind of coalition around this issue? because you're talking about suburban moms, you're talking about people that are not necessarily used to working
2:15 pm
together that seem to really be committed and kind of coming together on this, if not forward with the embrace, they're backing into each other, but enough is enough and people are saying, we're going after who they consider the bad guys. >> absolutely. reverend al, what you just described is pretty much a grassroots effort. that's pretty much where the change is going to come because the politicians in washington, d.c., can't work together and can't get something done, leave it to some of the, you know, the rural areas and the local areas to get together and say, enough is enough. and have those people back people that do things that are going to be better as far as get a grip on what's going on with the mass shootings, so, you know, what you said, it will evoke a change, and we've got to take the politics out of it. i know it's hard, but we got to because this really is not a right or a left.
2:16 pm
>> and david -- >> this is common sense. >> david, this is also, as you said, on a state level because it could not only affect senate and congress nationally, but state legislate churs which are very important here. >> absolutely. and, you know, as you said, i mean, texas is loosening restrictions in the wake of el paso. so this is not just a federal issue. it's a state issue. and i agree that there's a lot of grassroots activism in the last few years that is makeing difference. we're not at a tipping point yet where the republicans can wake up and start to feel the heat. that's what we need to see. i think as we go into 2020 with many, many ambitious plans on the democratic side, you're going to see more conversation about this issue and you're going to see, i think, a reaction in november 2020 that's going to redound to the d detriment to the republicans on this issue finally. >> all right. we'll have more with david and noelle later in the show. coming up, the chair of the democratic caution, new york
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after yet another deadly mass shooting in texas, today, democratic congressional leaders are sounding alarm bells to pass gun control legislation. senate minority leader
2:21 pm
schumer is calling on his chamber to act on hr-8, the bipartisan bill on background checks which the house passed way back in february. but one man will decide if that bill ever makes it to the floor. mitch mcconnell. the senate majority leader has foiled most efforts by democrats to pass common sense legislation. the phrase, massacre mitch, is even trending on twitter. so what can democrats do to enact tighter gun laws while only controlling one chamber of congress? well, joining me to answer that question, new york congressman and chair of the democratic caucus, hakeem jeffries. mr. chairman, what can the democrats do? >> well, we have to continue to keep the pressure on mitch mcconnell and senate republicans. as you indicated, rev, the house back in february passed hr-8. universal criminal background check legislation. supported by the overwhelming
2:22 pm
majority of the american people. democrats, republicans, independents, and gun owners support making sure that if someone's going to get access to some weapon that can do great harm to the american people, we need to make sure, as comprehensively as possible, that they have no criminality in their background. and so that's the first step, and we can't allow mitch mcconnell to bob and weave and evade responsibility for doing his duty. i think after that, we have to look at other things like red flag laws that have had some success. >> because i understand even graham, senator lindsey graham, is talking about red flag laws. there may be something there that can be bipartisan. >> it's been some indication there. we also need to deal with limiting high-capacity magazine clips. because as we saw particularly in dayton and el paso -- >> right. >> -- you had a level of lethal
2:23 pm
destruction that occurred in such a short period of time because of the high-capacity magazines. and at the end of the day, you have weapons of war in the hands of individuals determined to do harm to the american people. these aren't weapons that are used to hunt deer. these are weapons that are used to hunt human beings and we got to limit their availability in the united states of america as well. >> now, many senate seats and this time the republicans have some very critical seats that are up, when you look at this graph we just put up, let me put it back up and see what the american public is, 89% supporting expanding background checks. 76% backing red flag laws which you just referred to. 75% support voluntary gun ba back -- buyback program. when you see those kinds of numbers and trying to hold on to some very iffy seats, will this also put pressure on mcconnell and the republicans in the senate that, wait a minute, this
2:24 pm
is overwhelmingly going another way, so even if i don't have the moral decency of dealing with this stuff, i've got the political expediency that requires i look at this. >> yes, and that's going to be important and we need to make sure the senate republican majority is imperiled if they don't act because the senate needs to either change its behavior and start doing the right thing by the american people or need to change the individuals who are in the united states senate. starting in maine and in colorado and then looking at arizona, iowa, north carolina. those are five seats that are in play. the nra, although it continues to appear to be a legend in donald trump's mind, if you look at the results of the 2018 midterm election we defeated in the house 19 nra-backed republican candidates. >> 19. >> 19. which was a substantial part of our majority which we seized. and we can do the same thing in the united states senate and we
2:25 pm
need to. we need to do it on a whole host of other issues that they're blocking us on such as trying to protect people with pre-existing conditions, driving down the high cost of life-saving prescription drugs. the senate has become a legislative graveyard under mitch mcconnell's leadership. donald trump is an accomplice in that regard. we need to hold both of them politically accountable. >> now, the congress comes back now after recess, in fact, you're in the house judiciary committee. you'll come back earlier but because of dorian, you're postponing a week. what are going to be the priorities for the democratic caucus and the congress and the democrats on the judiciary committee? >> well, from a judiciary committee standpoint, chairman nadler as you indicated was going to hold a hearing and a markup for some pieces of legislation this upcoming week. he's pushing that back by a week but we have the urgency of dealing with the day-to-day violence we see in communities in parts of urban area including some neighborhoods that i represent as well as the mass
2:26 pm
shootings that are becoming ever more frequent. you know, we don't have this problem in western europe. >> right. >> we don't have this problem in canada. we don't have this problem in japan. so we have to do something to defeat this gun culture in the united states of america and we intend to do everything possible to make sure we get that done. >> what are the priorities of the democratic caucus that are really the majority now in the house coming back after recess? >> well, there are two areas we've identified that we want to focus on as part of our "for the people" agenda. one, we want to deal with driving down the high cost of life-saving prescription drugs. the people of this country pay more more medication than any other country in the world. that's because big pharma is running a racket and the american people are suffering. we need to break their anti-competitive practices. give medicare the ability to negotiate lower drug prices on behalf of the american people. we're going to make that a high priority coming back after recess. the other thing we need to do is to fix our crumbling infrastructure.
2:27 pm
fix our bridges, roads, tunnels, airports, mass transportation system, our crumbling public housing development. we want to invest at least a trillion dollars. we think we can create 16 million good-paying jobs but we need partners in the white ho e house, we need partners in the senate, to do the business of the american people. >> talking about the white house, impeachment, is that going to be on the table both with the democratic caucus and with the judiciary committee? where are we at? >> well, with respect to the judiciary committee, chairman nadler made clear we're in the midst of an impeachment investigation. i serve on the judiciary committee has you pointed out. i support chairman nadler's efforts to continue to bring life before the american people to the obstruction of justice that we believe has occurred. the abuse of power. the culture of corruption that exists. now, for us to ultimately make the strongest possible case as a caucus to the american people, we need fact witnesses and we need documents. >> so are we talking about bringing people in like mccabe and others before the judiciary committee to testify?
2:28 pm
>> well, absolutely. we want to make sure that we have the former white house counsel mcgahn, that we have corey lewandowski, we have hope hicks, that we have people who can shed light on the criminality that we believe exists coming out of 1600 pennsylvania avenue and before that, the campaign. but the white house is engaging in unprecedented stonewalling as you know, rev. that's why we're battling it out in court. we've won in the southern district of new york. we won in d.c. district court. we've got cases pending right now before the 2nd circuit in new york and before the d.c. circuit. ultimately this may get resolved by the supreme court. we're confident that we'll win. >> congressman hakeem jeffries. thank you very much for being with us. coming up, monster hurricane dorian is now a category 5. pummeling the bahamas as we spe speak. an update on its projected path of destruction. next. truecar is great for finding new cars.
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welcome back to "politicsnation." a quick update regarding hurricane dorian, which is now a monster category 5 storm that just made landfall in the bahamas with winds as strong as
2:33 pm
180 miles per hour. however, there's still a bit of uncertainty about the future of its path as it gets ready to make landfall in the united states. let's go to nbc news meteorologist bill karins for the latest on the storm. bill? >> thank you, reverend. we know the northern bahama island chain has been devastated. we've seen pictures and imagery out of there that looks like a tornado went through. that's what you'd expect. i want to show you this picture. this is from the hurricane hunters. this was issued by garrett black. he just sent this out. what you're looking at, you see the propeller on the plane, bottom left, obviously the sun, and what you're looking at is what they call the stadium effect. that's the ring of thunderstorms that surrounds the eye. so when the hurricane hunters are in the center of the storm, they can see the blue skies above and they're surrounded by this incredibly tall mass of extremely fast-moving thunderstorms. and for the people that were in marsh harbour, they reported
2:34 pm
seeing the same exact thing. they went through the eye for about three hours earlier today. so it can look beautiful, but if you're on the ground, one of the scariest things you'll ever live through. right now see it went from marsh harbour, going through the eastern eye wall right now. they're finally starting to get out of it. all of a sudden now we're watching the freeport area, where it's going to head throughout the night tonight. this is all the 5k update. no changes with intensity. look at this. crawling. it's a walking speed now at 5 miles per hour. that's how long and painful this is going to be. that's why, you know, we're saying the island, grand bahama, great abaco, are never going to look the same. storm, one of the strongest we've ever recorded on the planet, walking through the island, northern island chain here. as far as florida goes, hurricane warnings are now up from south of ft. pierce up to the kennedy space center. we do think that means we can get hurricane-strength winds. that does mean the potential for power outages. storm surge issues, too. so even though we're not expecting this direct hit from the hurricane center, we have a
2:35 pm
chance for a storm surge of 4 to 7 feet in this area. that's still going to cause problems especially during the high tide cycles. in case you missed it, here is the new path from the national hurricane center. again, the cone of uncertainty still over much of the east coast of florida. we hope for a path as far out as possible but most likely it's going to be a close call and a close shave right along the coast. maybe 30 to 40 miles off the shore. and that still could bring very rough conditions to the beaches and then our friends to the north, even though the storm will be weaker instead of a category -- should go down to a 4 tomorrow hopefully, then a 3, possibly a 2, as we go along the georgia/south carolina coast. and maybe even weakening down to a 1 by the time we get to the outer banks. you get the picture here, reverend, we have four days to go watching this tomorrow. any little slight wiggle or w wobble could put it closer to harm's way for our friends on the east coast. >> bill karins, thank you very much. joining me on the phone is a mayor whose city will likely be affected by the storm.
2:36 pm
keith james of west palm beach, florida. mr. mayor, thank you for being with us. tell us what -- >> reverend, thank you for having me. >> okay. tell us what preparations are being made and what are you hearing might be coming your way as far as those that can really kind of read and predict more accurately? >> well, reverend sharpton, we activated our emergency operations center. i'm here now. i will be here through the duration of the storm. even the aftermath. we have -- through the county, we have announced some evacuation zones. we've opened up several shelters. we have gone into full emergency activation mode. we're expecting tropical-storm-force winds beginning as early as tonight and lasting until wednesday. and for even a part of that period, probably having some
2:37 pm
hurricane-force winds maybe beginning as early as late tomorrow night. >> now, even if the hurricane doesn't hit your city or the land directly in florida, it can still bring a lot of destruction. that is why you are in this kind of real act of emergency and trying to get people warned. is that correct? >> absolutely, sir. we will probably have a lot of flooding. this is a very slow-moving storm so it's going to bring a lot of rain, and those tropical-storm-force winds in and of themselves can cause a lot of damage. we're probably going to have a number of homes without power for a number of days. this is a significant weather event, and it will have a negative impact and people are going to be uncomfortable for several days after the storm passes. >> now, are people cooperating?
2:38 pm
because i've seen some telecasts in other cities, not yours, people saying, i don't want to go, i've been here for years. how are the people in west palm beach, are they cooperating with your requests? >> well, i mean, so far it appears to be the case, but it's still early. the shelters opened at 1:00. the -- the evacuation orders went out at noon so it's still relatively early. hopefully people are abiding by that. i think the coverage by your network and others, they're seeing how serious of a storm this is. and this is nothing to play with. >> all right. mayor of west palm beach, florida, keith james, thank withdr you. >> thank you very much. up next, will the gun control debate become the mayor through line in the 2020 campaign? we'll discuss it next. be right back. is boost® delicious boost® high protein nutritional drink has 20 grams of protein, along with 26 essential vitamins and minerals.
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still ahead on this show, will yesterday's mass shooting in west texas reignite the gun control debate in the 2020 campaign? stick with us. more "politicsnation" after these messages. entresto, a heart failure pill that helped keep people alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema,
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memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. we know what happened there. we have seen too many times. we saw it in el paso. we saw it in dayton. and what we saw was ordinary people doing extraordinary things. the courage that we need to see in the u.s. senate when it comes to passing gun safety laws and election protection laws has to match the courage of the ordinary people in this country. you know where those bills are right now? does anyone know?
2:47 pm
they are on mitch mcconnell's doorstep. >> yesterday, the dnc announced that the fourth democratic presidential debate will take place on october 15th in a yet to be announced site in the state of ohio. the deadline to qualify for that debate is midnight on october 1st. the ten candidates who already qualified for the september debate in less than two weeks automatically qualify for the october event. after such a rash of mass shootings, will the issue of guns come front and center in the debate? and, perhaps, for the rest of the 2020 campaign? back with me, david brock, chairman of the american bridge 21st century, a democratic political organization. and noelle nikpour, a republican strategist. david, will the gun control debate dominate -- and we talked
2:48 pm
about this earlier -- but will it dominate the 2020 race, and if so, which democratic candidates are most well suited to personify or be the one that can carry that torch? >> well, it's going to be a signature issue because democrats are making it a signature issue for a few factors. one, democratic voters are energized around this issue like they never have been before. two, democratic money is being mobilized around this issue to match the money of the nra in places like mayor bloomberg's organization. and then three, and we're going to see this in ohio, our candidates are stepping up and which candidates? well, cory booker stood up and said we need federal licensing for gun ownership and five others followed suit. kamala harris in her 100 day executive action plan believes that there are certain executive actions that can be taken on common sense gun restrictions. senator warren wants to spend
2:49 pm
$100 million on gun violence research, which is super important. and joe biden, of course, was the original author of the assault weapons ban which reduced the number of mass shootings in this country over the ten years when it was in effect. so our candidates are stepping up. the only cautionary note i have is on the senate side, we can't take our eye off the ball that we need the senate majority back -- >> right. >> -- because mitch mcconnell can stop all the great plans our candidates have. >> now, noelle, the presidency in terms of the race against donald trump is one thing, but as david just said, the senate races is going to be very interesting, particularly if gun reform is a dominant issue across the board because a lot of that's going to vary according to the states that have a senate race. >> yes, al, reverend al, you're exactly right. and once again, this brings it
2:50 pm
back to a state level because, after all, united states senate races, although they're federal, they are contained to a certain state. so and what people's spots are all around the nation, i thinking it keeps it front and center. >> now, david the polls have been pretty consistent that joe
2:51 pm
biden is pretty much ahead in most polls. i think there was one out liar had him go down to two. and there seems to be a consistent pattern of elizabeth warren having some momentum. how are you reading the race for president and the states vulnerable for republicans to maintain theirsont seats some >> i think it's still early. but it does look like you've got three front runners, biden, warren and sanders still in the race. as i said it's still early and it's it's a significant margin except on the one poll you mentioned and warren is on the upswing. i think rutsit's going to be interesting to see all the candidates on the cage for the first time and warren may out
2:52 pm
debate joe biden. but vee to see if that registers in the pols. as far as the sept races go, we're looking at maine, colorado, you look at a place like arizona where the democrats have a good chance of unseating the incumbent and then you're into ohio and north carolina. and lelt let's not forget mitch mcconnell has a race. >> who is the candidate that republicans feel will give the presidents his worse nightmare? >> only one and that's joe biden. and the reason i say that is because i've talked to a lot oof people who are republicans and the only name they say that they would even considerer crossing over and voting for is joe biden. and that is, if you look at some of the states, r reverend al th
2:53 pm
went from blue to red and voted for obama last time, those are your working man sfats, pennsylvanias and states we never thought we would get. theyunse again will be unplay. and roll up your sleeve and working joe. that's one guy that real a could communicate and connect to the working man. >> thank you, david and noel. up next my final thoughts. with all day comfort for all day fun... depend® fit-flex underwear features maximum absorbency, ultra soft fabric and new beautiful designs for your best comfort and protection guaranteed. life's better when you're in it. be there with depend®. but super poligrip gives him a tight seal. snacking can mean that pieces get stuck under mike's denture. to help block out food particles. so he can enjoy the game. super poligrip.
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good, how are you? >> this is like a serious production here. look at that. feel like -- do you charge by the hour or? feel like i'm in a lawyer's office. how are you doing everybody? so sgan minutes. i got more votes to get. >> let's go. >> that was president obama in 2016 giving his last cable news interview to "politics nation" before t before election days away. this is the eighth anverse nive with "politics nation" and we've had the president, presidential candidates, heads of state and
2:58 pm
we've had grass roots organizers. we'ver had mothers who lost their children. to violence or to bad policing. we've had the span of people even republicans and people that adamantly disagree with me because if has been our intngz to bring it real and to bring it to you so you can have the information and make your own judgment. people know i have an opinion but what we need is information and learn how we can talk and disagree without being disagreeable. i have had a great team here for eight years and moving forward in even greater team. and we've had a lot of support and the ones i really want to thank is you, the viewers that have consistently watched.
2:59 pm
even if you watched to say you don't like what i'm going to say, you partis it pated, you with were in. people thought the show wouldn't last thirty-two months when we started and we're going to keep going. we're going to dpiv you the it biggest and the best from the grass roots to the white house because you deserve to know what's really going on in the world. what's really going on in the nation and in the community and oo errr go doing our best to keep that coming. that does it for me. krl rr see you back here next saturday 5:00 p.m. eastern. and our continuing coverage of hurricane dorian. and thank you, reverend al sharpton and can uncan gradilations from all of us. our coverage of two major news
3:00 pm
stories that continue this hour. we now know the identity of the it gunman killed by police and we're learning more about the seven killed. the latest from odessa just ahead live. right now pumalling with life threatening storm surge. we now know as i was mentioning the identity of the gunman responsible for it mass shooting rampage. they say seth ator gunned down seven before he auz shot and killed by police. they range in age from 15 years to 57 years old. 22 others were wounded including three officers.


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