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tv   MSNBC Live With Katy Tur  MSNBC  September 3, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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we have u.s. resources positioned immediately to help the bahamas right now. but over the course of the next few days, that's going to be thanks for watching. chris jansing picks up our coverage. it's 11:00 a.m. out west, 2:00 p.m. out east. hurricane dorian is on the move towards the u.s. coast. now a category 2 hurricane but still a massive and slow-moving storm. dorian is estimated 100 miles east of florida. the storm is expected to spare florida from a direct hit but batter it with wind, rain and flooding as it moves up the atlantic coastline. the states bracing for possible landfall in the coming days. we're also getting a first real sense of the destruction in the bahamas. five people confirmed dead. thousands of homes in ruins. downtown grand bahama is under
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three feet of water. the prime minister calling the storm an historic tragedy. >> it's happening. we're fighting a war with the enemy having all the weapons at its disposal. the greatest weapons that you can think about, and we have absolutely nothing. we are hopeless. the only thing we have is to ask god. we can pray god. >> do you still have hope after this much destruction? >> i do. i do. >> joining me now, al roker and msnbc correspondent mar anna atencio. al, how confident are we at this hour that we know where this hurricane is headed, when and how powerfully? >> we are getting a better sense right now as we take a look. this is just in from the national hurricane center. you can see right now, we've got a very close to tropical force winds coming onshore from melbourne, west palm beach and miami. this is a wide view.
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and you can see we've got more activity happening. more wet weather coming in from melbourne all the way down to west palm beach. 110-mile-per-hour winds. but we're starting to see the forward speed pick up. now it is northwest at 5. last time at 3 miles per hour. starting to get picked up by this trough we were hoping was going to happen but it's taken awhile for that to happen. look right now. we have hurricane warnings still for west palm beach up to charleston. inland we're looking at tropical storm warnings. and that's because this system has a huge swath of tropical force winds coming out from the center. about 175 miles from the center. so that puts, even though it's 105 miles away, it puts those tropical force winds on shore and causing problems. here's the track we see from the hurricane center.
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thursday, around charleston. by friday, by cape hatteras and continues out toward new england and out into the atlantic. now we're going to put in the european and american model. the american models in blue. the european model in purple. you can see very close they agree. but once we get into north carolina, here's where we have a little bit of wiggle room here. the american model puts a landfall somewhere around wilmington, possibly late thursday, early friday. european model maybe late thursday, early friday, more like friday morning. and then maybe a second landfall in cape hatteras. but whatever happens, even though we're talking about a landfall or not, there's still going to be winds felt. hurricane force winds are 60 miles out from the center. tropical force winds, 175 miles. that brings those onshore winds, daytona beach, melbourne, into tomorrow morning. then wednesday, we're talking about savannah, charleston.
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storm surge with those winds. tropical force winds and then piling that water up along the shoreline. moving into thursday, we've got wilmington and myrtle beach. morehead city just about in play. moving into friday, we've moved into the outer banks. and even norfolk, we could see major storm surge working its way in. let's look at that. the storm surge potential this week. 6 to 9 feet from st. simon's island, charleston, myrtle beach into wilmington and cape hatteras. high tide, and this also extends right back into florida. high tide right around lunchtime. and so that means we are talking about possibility of flooding, especially going inland. and then there's the rain, chris. we're talking about anywhere from 5 to 7 inches of rain from melbourne to cape hatteras. but isolated areas could see upwards of a foot of rain. and the potential, 4 million
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people without power in florida. and west paulm beach up to daytona and savannah and the outer banks. this is going to be a high impact. people should not pay attention to the fact it's down to a category 2. that's not the issue. the issue is going to be storm surge, the winds, the rain. still can have a lot of damage with a category 2 storm. >> i remember vividly, it was over a week ago, when we first started talking about dorian you saying that people spend too much time talking about whether it's a cat 1, cat 2, cat 3. >> a category 5 is a bad thing, but -- >> it doesn't tell the whole story when you're a cat 2. and this storm is getting bigger. >> as it weakens, the wind field spreads out. that's why we see a wind field of 175 miles. tropical force winds, 35 miles or greater, stretching from the center of that storm. so that's a lot of real estate and a lot of population. >> thanks so much, al roker. great to see you in the msnbc studio.
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mariana, you're in cocoa beach where they're still bracing for dorian. i can just see having talked to you over the course of the last couple of days you're already starting to feel some signs of the storm. >> that's right, chris. we've been caught in the rain bands throughout the morning. i'm in one of the barrier islands north of west palm beach that al roker was referring to. this is still under hurricane warning. i'm going to step out and give my cameraman dan the opportunity to show you just how these waves are picking up that storm surge, the rip current. it's those winds that you were talking about. you also saw a couple people walking the beach. that's what authorities do not want to see. we have spoken to the mayor this morning, as well as the city manager. they are telling people now is the time to really hunker down. here in brevard county, 14 shelters that have been opened for people but they're on the mainland. so if you did not make preparations to leave the
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barrier island with your family, now is really the time to make sure that you have everything you need because we know that later on this afternoon, this evening, and into tomorrow morning, we'll start getting the bad weather coming here that is now, as al said, hitting miami, hitting the west palm beach area coming to the more northeastern part of florida. chris? >> thanks so much, mariana. i want to turn to morgan chesky who is in the bahamas where we saw the worst of the storm. morgan? >> we're here in nassau because the weather conditions have finally cleared up, we're getting a true sense of the search and rescue mission for abaco island. four coast guard choppers are making nonstop runs going to abaco, picking up the injured and bringing them back here where they can get in these ambulances and get much-needed medical treatment. one of the officials described the injuries as what you'd expect. trauma to the body. cuts, broken bones in some instances, and we're also told
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there were several pregnant women who sheltered in a clinic in marsh harbor on abaco island who were able to get here safely to make sure they're okay. dorian has dumped feet of water in grand bahama where flooding is a serious concern. the airport there still under water. and that means relief efforts through airplanes not going to be able to reach them meaning either boats or helicopters having to go in there to help those people try to move on from this as dorian continues to inch its way from this island chain. the prime minister told me he did have a chance to fly over abaco island today to witness the devastation firsthand and hopefully begin that long process of recovery that will no doubt take years. >> morgan chesky and mariana atencio, putting in incredibly long hours under difficult conditions. joining me from the bahamas is the resident and radio show host for bahamas radio station hot 97, christopher wells. it's good to talk to you again. you and i were on the phone in
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the early morning hours. i think it wasn't long after midnight. and you were waiting for daylight to see and hear more. what can you tell us both about where you are, how things are, and your family members who are elsewhere? >> yeah, the -- it was great. such a relief to actually see sunlight today. it's incredible having to go through a hurricane, even though you have shutters up, your windows are pounding and knocking against each other. it's just the unknown. there's flooding happening all around you and not having an idea if it's going to affect you. but my house has held up extremely well. no flooding luckily in my area, but all around us there's severe flooding. you can't get anywhere outside of my neighborhood at this point. >> we're looking at video that you sent us. and we can see the water that
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came in. and i want to tell people because, again, you and i had this conversation last night that you have rebuilt, you had rebuilt from the last big hurricane, right? >> yes. so hurricane matthew pretty much did a serious number on my roof. i had water damage inside my home. and we've only just now putting the last laps of paint two years later on the house. it was very nerve-racking, but the house held up extremely well. we didn't lose any of the shingles that we have on the house. so it was a blessing for me but seeing the destruction around me is very sad. >> and terrifying as well. it's dark out. you're hearing the wind whipping and the rain coming down. but there were members of your family who, i think we can say, are lucky to be alive. they were actually in a structure that collapsed on them? >> yeah. both of my sisters and sister's
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husband were in a building in abaco. and it basically imploded and fell in on them. and they had to climb out. drive themselves out of this building and find themselves at someone's house. no idea who this person is just to seek shelter. had to walk through four-foot high water in the middle of the hurricane in abaco leaving behind, both of my sisters are animal lovers. they literally could not even take the animals with them. they had to go back and look for the animals yesterday, and they were able to find one of the cats but some of the animals they can't find. >> wow. you know, we can just now starting to get more and more of the video. a local lawmaker shared some video of grand bahama airport. you can't even see the runways or the terminals for that matter. and you were telling me last night that your wife is a doctor in a local hospital and had to
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be evacuated. what are the ongoing concerns as the storm moves out, but the devastation, obviously, is left behind? >> i think one of the major issues with the hospital itself is that there was no place for -- no place for them to evacuate to. the one attempt they did make to evacuate some newborn babies failed. the ambulance ended up under water and they had to seek shelter, again, some place else. they just had to get to the closest place that they could. and i think up to this morning, they were trying to get rescued from that facility where they were at because the roof was failing there again as well. the long-term issue is with that hospital, depending on the level of flooding in the hospital and damage. where are we going to put the
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patients that have everyday needs and needs after the hurricane. >> and people who we may not know yet who have been injured in this hurricane but have not been able to make their way to get help. i was thinking after we talked last night, you and your family now have i guess we'll call it the dubious distinction of having lived through one of the strongest storms ever on record in the atlantic. and i know you've been through others. it's got to be so wearying. are you having thoughts about whether to stay and raise a family when the storm threats are so frequent? >> we have both said last night, my wife being a medical doctor, we working in media here, we're very tied to the community. we love freeport. we love the city, the island of grand bahama. we probably both could move to other places and make a pretty good living, but this is where our heart is. it could basically tear our heart out to have to leave. and especially in a time like
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this where so many of our friends and families are going through what they're going through. i just went out just now to go and look for a friend of mine's family members they were not able to hear from. so it's those kind of things. you're prepared to do anything just so people can have peace of mind because they see and hear the destruction and they just want to know that their family is okay. i couldn't imagine not being here and having the family and friends i have here and wondering what's going on with them. >> obviously, we have a very clear connection on the phone, but to your knowledge, are there still a lot of communication problems? people, friends of yours, neighbors trying to reach folks and just can't get through? >> yeah. so there's two major telecoms here in the country. one of them is completely down. and by some act of god, i'm not sure how, but the other telecom is still able to receive calls, and some of the data is also
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working. you're able to get messages out on social media and what have you. but it's surprising. i can tell you that. i'm sure a major effort on their part to be able to keep people connected. it's so important at this point. >> christopher wells, i'm glad to hear from you again today. wishing you and your family and, of course, all the residents of the bahamas all the best. you have a long road ahead. thanks for talking with us again. >> thank you. still ahead -- a new and urgentical for action after another shooting in texas. seven more dead. in and 2020 democrats clearly set up, but how do they plan to make change happen. first, breaking news. the death toll rises from the horrific boat fire off the coast. the search for survivors now over. we're live near the scene as crews work to recover victims and determine a cause. every day, visionaries are creating the future.
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we have breaking news out of california where officials have now confirmed the worst case scenario in that boat fire off santa barbara. 34 people are presumed dead, and the coast guard is calling off its search today. divers so far unable to reach the bodies of 4 to 6 victims still in the wreckage. everyone will need to be identified with dna testing. but the coast guard is rejecting reports that anyone was trapped below deck. that's what a coast guard dispatcher suggested on the mayday call early yesterday morning. >> mayday, mayday. >> roger, are you on board? >> roger, 36 people on board the
11:20 am
vessel that's on fire? they can't get off. >> are they locked inside the boat? can you get back on board and unlock the door so they can get off? >> roger, there's no escape hatch for any of the people on board. >> joining me from california, nbc news correspondent blayne alexander who has been following this throughout. i heard a coast guard captain say today there was a lot of adrenaline and confusion during that and the radio dispatcher was just trying to get information by asking about locked doors. but that there were none. >> correct. that's absolutely right. so certainly a lot of questions and that was really one of the biggest questions asked during that news conference. there's also been reports as you heard, were those areas locked? one of the officials today actually knocked that down. said this is an open sleeping space. i believe that we have a little bit of that sounds too how they responded to that. and then we'll talk on the other side. >> there are no locked doors in
11:21 am
accommodation space. it's open birthing. the only privacy that you have and i'm sure that you've seen because it's on the vessel's website are curtains. that's it. >> they were trapped by the flames on top? >> i would suspect. >> so you heard him say there are no locked doors aboard that vessel. that's an important thing and key thing for people to know. there have been a number of questions as to why those five crew members were able to get to safety and get off. they were above the deck. they happened to be out already and were able to jump to safety. used a small boat and made it to the good samaritan boat. the official was asked why they didn't try and help anyone else. and the response was they don't have any further information on that. but as you can see, those flames were all-consuming. they seemed to take up the entire deck, according to witnesses. and the two exits would have led up to the deck. certainly seemed it would have been difficult if not completely
11:22 am
impossible to get out. >> search and rescue is over. what's next in the recovery process? >> well, now divers have the very difficult task of trying to go inside and get those victims who are still inside. we saw some dive teams leave earlier today. they're out there on the water right now. keep in mind, there's several factors that make this very difficult. the boat is under water. it's in 62 feet of water, submerged. it's upside down. and it's also very unstable. that makes it even more difficult. divers said they were able to see some of the victims inside. some remains. but they weren't able to get to them last night. that's what they're trying to do today. >> blayne alexander, thank you for that update. and tragedy strikes texas again. seven lives taken by gun violence. a short time ago, breaking news from america's largest retailer announcing it will take a stand at its stores across the country. let's see, aleve is proven better on pain
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retail giant walmart is leaping head first into the politically fraught gun control debate today. they just announced a brand-new policy to discontinue sales of certain types of ammunition used in handguns and military style weapons. the company also call for background checks and a debate
11:27 am
on the effectiveness of bringing back the assault weapons ban. that's more progress than has been made in washington. although there's word today that the gun legislation package the president talked about after saturday's tragic mass shooting in odessa, texas, could be on his desk as soon as next week with republican leaders waiting to hear what the president will actually support. because president trump said, you'll remember, saturday's shooting that killed seven people hasn't changed anything, which follows his about-face on background checks. he supported them after the el paso and dayton shootings. now he says it's all about mental health. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, who has been burned by trump before, said he's waiting on the president to lead the way. >> the administration is in the process of studying what they are prepared to support, if anything. and i expect to get an answer next week. if the president is in favor of a number of things that he has discussed openly and publicly,
11:28 am
and i know that we pass it, it will become law. i'll put it on the floor. >> of course, until now and this predates the trump administration, calls for action have not been met with any tangible results. greg abbott says texas is working on a legislative package, too, to prevent mass shootings after his state suffered two in the span of one month. but the specifics of that package are lacking and it comes just days after a series of new laws easing gun regulations went into effect in texas. and abbott, like the president, and mitch mcconnell, are also reassuring voters they won't do anything that infringes on their second amendment rights. so our big question today is, will republican leaders ever come to the table for meaningful gun reform? joining me, "dallas morning news" todd gilman, jake sherman and "washington post" opinion writer and msnbc contributor jonathan capehart. so good to see all of you. i want to start with walmart
11:29 am
because when i read their press release, it occurred to me this is a company that has such a broad swath of america that shops there. they are making a pretty bold stand about what they think needs to be done. do you think it is reflective of america and their customer base and washington might actually take notice of that? >> well, the first part of your question, yes, it is doing something that is reflective of the american people and probably most certainly its customer base. it's the largest retailer in the country, if not the world. and as we know, as we've been talking about since the first mass shooting in august, that 95% of the american people support background checks. a majority of the american people want something done about gun violence. so when you have a retail ewhen you have a business, a
11:30 am
corporation like walmart stepping in and taking a stand, that says something about the company, about its values, about what it thinks its customers value and what it thinks its employees value. here's the other thing. i think the reason we keep talking about corporations like walmart, like dick's sporting goods which also took a step after another mass shooting. the reason why they now feel compelled to step in there is because the lack of leadership and a lack of moral courage and moral leadership on this issue. and so business and folks like walmart and dick's sporting goods and others are stepping in to the void. >> yeah, and i think, todd, the reason your state is so interesting in the middle of all this debate is because texas in some ways represents, in microcosm, the national gun debate. governor abbott says more must be done but he won't call a special legislative session to do it.
11:31 am
and i guess the question really is, what does it mean when he or others say we're going to protect the second amendment because that means different things to different people, right? >> right. whatever governor abbott or donald trump or any other high rated by the nra politician does, they're going to say it protects the second amendment. when we talk about things like universal background checks or red flag laws, there has been an ebb and flow in the argument about whether those things would infringe on the second amendment. and in order to get there, to get the political consensus, there would have to be an acceptance that this is okay and it really isn't crossing that red line. what the intromade clear is that there is no consensus yet. we don't know, as mcconnell said. we don't know what president trump is willing to do at this point. he's been on both sides of
11:32 am
background checks. governor abbott has said that everything is on the table, but it's hard to imagine that he really believes that everything, including such things as mandatory gun buybacks, which we've heard from the democratic field, specifically from beto o'rourke, whose hometown is el paso was hit by this walmart massacre a month ago, has called for mandatory federal buybacks which second amendment advocates call confiscation. the debate is exactly where it has been, regardless of all of the bloodshed. the battle lines are still drawn pretty hard. >> yeah. >> some people want more restrictions and some people are going to resist any restrictions. >> the one thing i heard governor abbott say that he definitely was looking at was expedited executions for mass murderers, not addressing the gun issue at all. so, jake, do we have any clue at all what might be included in this package that mitch mcconnell talked about that he might present to the president?
11:33 am
>> mcconnell said he's looking forward to hearing from the president, what the president might support. mcconnell didn't suggest that he was going to cobble together any package and give it to the president. that was not my understanding of his remarks, and that's not what his staff believes and what his staff has told me. what mcconnell was saying is what you and i have talked about on this air so many times which is, this is in the president's court. if the president wants gun control, some sort of tightening of gun laws in this country, he needs to say what he wants to do and then gather support around those principles. so we're now -- >> and give cover presumably to some republicans who are running in 2020. >> yeah, give cover. i mean, articulate a clear set of principles, as both of the guests have said. articulate a clear set of principles and say this is what i'm for. i'd like a divided congress to go craft legislation and pass it so i can sign it.
11:34 am
right now he has said everything. he has not taken a position, a consistent position, which is what you would need to do on something so complex and so charged. and i understand that public sentiment is firmly behind tightening gun laws. no question about that. polls consistently show it. congress, though, is frequently on the wrong side of public sentiment and has been on a lot of issues. immigration reform, gun laws, a whole host of things. so again, if theset of principl share with people that are consistent for more than an hour, more than a day, more than a week, then there might -- >> isn't that essentially what mitch mcconnell said? >> that's precisely what he's saying. he's saying if the president has a preference and wants something passed, let him know and he'll put it on the floor. he was completely clear. there's no ambiguity here. whether it will pass or not we'll have to see but so far the president has not said clearly and consistently what he much thes so everybody just throws
11:35 am
their hands up and says, we don't know what to do. >> we only have a minute left. after last month's shootings, i remember you wrote that congress should keep the flags at half-staff until they do something on guns. i think they could be at half-staff for a very long time. what do you think the chances are that the president of the united states is going to do something that is clear and consistent that he can present to mitch mcconnell and say, i'll get behind this? >> zero percent. we've been down this road before. we've seen this movie before. this is, what, like halloween part 14. the president can say something at 9:00 in the morning, and by 10:30 change his mind, 12:30 change his mind. his inability to be consistent is the problem here. >> okay. todd gilman, jake sherman, thank you. jonathan capehart will be back in a couple of minutes. the vice president's euro trip prompting new questions about conflicts of interest between the white house and
11:36 am
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this is not just a headache. this is not just a fever. this is not just the flu. it's meningitis b... and you're not there to help. while meningitis b is uncommon... once symptoms appear, they can progress quickly and can be fatal... sometimes within 24 hours. before you send your teen to college... make sure you help protect them. talk to your teen's doctor... about meningitis b vaccination. i understand political attacks by democrats, but if you have a chance to get here, you'll find it's a fairly small place, and the opportunity to stay at trump national in dune bay, to accommodate the unique footprint of it comes with our
11:40 am
security detail and other personnel made it logical. >> so the vice president deflecting new questions about conflicts of interest between the presidency and trump businesses. even as he stays at a trump property while on an official trim to ireland. mike pence and his entourage are staying at trump international golf links. seemingly odd choice given the majority of the meetings being held more than a hundred miles away, a plane ride away in dublin. a top aide to the vp confirmed that pence is staying there at the president's suggestion. but, still, pence's team insists the trump resort was chosen because it could accommodate the vp's big delegation. and they say the state department approved the choice of hotel before the trip. back with me, "washington post" opinion writer jonathan capehart, charlie sikes. both are msnbc contributors. charlie, i guess there's no
11:41 am
place in ireland that's closer than 100 miles from dublin, maybe even in dublin itself that could accommodate the vp's entourage. >> the grip never ends here. they're almost not pretending anymore. bill barr, mike pence. clearly eager to curry favor with the president, enriching the president's business and his family's by saying this explanation you would think they would have had a better -- at least a better story or a better response other than to say, yeah, the president suggested it and there's no place in dublin. by the way, dublin is kind of a big city. a lot of hotels there. a lot going on. i think he could have done this. you'll stick the taxpayers, the american taxpayers with the cost of shuttling him back and forth from the trump properties. but again -- >> we don't know. maybe he got a friends and family rate at the hotel. >> well, he may have. but you know, when you think
11:42 am
about it, in a different world, this ongoing self-dealing, the president of the united states using his power to enrich himself, his underlings eagerly going along with it would be as. in the trump era, it barely makes the top ten. >> jonathan, your paper estimated that trump has name dropped his property 70 times plus since becoming president. he suggested, of course, that he would host the g7 at trump doral, as was just pointed out by our colleague charlie, there is a big christmas party that's going to be held in washington because, again, we're in a situation where there were no other hotels apparently in washington that could accommodate the kind of party that bill barr wanted to throw for only $30,000. and yet, you know, these allegations the president is violating the emoluments clause are going nowhere, jonathan. >> yes, because he's not being held accountable.
11:43 am
during a function, if we had a functioning government, congress would be in full throttle investigating this administration. but because one of the houses of congress is in control of -- by the president's party, you think senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is going to step out there and investigate his own president when he has judgeships and supreme court seats and more tax cuts and budget things they want to get through, long-held republican and conservative majorities? they are looking the other way. that's why the president has been able to get away with what he's getting away with. and i want to point out one thing. jonathan at new york magazine has a terrific column because he makes this observation. that it's potentially not just the president lining his pockets by pushing vice president pence to stay in his resort on the other side of ireland, but what monsters do and what folks in the mob do is in order to make
11:44 am
underlings complicit, they get them to be a part of the wrongdoing. and so jonathan's argument is, by getting pence to stay at his resort, donald trump is, in essence, putting vice president pence in his pocket. he has vice president pence has now bought his own loyalty to the president. and now the president feels that pence is loyal. >> and also, charlie, can you imagine the reverse of that, that he suggests to mike pence, the vice president, by the way, some rumors out there that maybe he'd be replaced on the ticket, although the president has denied that. maybe you should stay at my place. mike pence saying that's probably not a good idea. it might not look good. >> yeah, mike pence isn't going to do that. remember one of fdr's vice presidents once described the vice presidency as not worth a bucket of warm spit, although i don't think he said spit. mike pence is determined to
11:45 am
prove that point and prove there is going to be no daylight between himself and donald trump. there is no chance that mike pence is going to allow any difference of opinion between him. and so he's -- it's worth degrading himself. it's worth doing what jonathan just described, becoming complicit in even this petty sort of grip. and there was probably a time when mike pence had a certain amount of self-respect, but that seems a long time ago now. >> jonathan capehart, thank you, charlie sykes, you'll be back in a couple of minutes. after another shooting in texas, 2020 democrats are renewing calls for congress to act on guns. but how can any of them turn their words and promises into action? and we're continuing to track hurricane dorian as it moves toward the u.s. coast. waves kicking up in florida this afternoon. we'll keep our eye on it for you so stay with msnbc. then, over time, receding gums.
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2020 democrats all support some form of action on gun control, but they differ on the logistics. the why and the how. as well as how much, if at all, they should reach out to congressional republicans during the process. >> do you see a compromise being made short of expanded background checks? >> [ inaudible ]. >> well, something so -- >> they agree to do some things but not that one? that's part of what --
11:50 am
>> is there any compromise to be made with -- >> none. i thinkpush, and push. >> back with me charlie sykes, joel payne. look. we know what the democrats are up against in terms of mitch mcconnell and president trump. who's right here? this sort of division about whether or not between now and election day something could actually be worked out, joel, between the democrats and the republicans. or is that possible or is joe biden right? no, it's not happening. let's not pretend it's happening. >> i tend to be a little more bullish on this in reading the tea leaves here. the president did something after parkland. he did something on bump stocks. it wasn't the entire moon shot, but it was something. this has become a losing issue for republicans. i've been saying this a lot. democrats and progressives have won the culture war on guns.
11:51 am
i think what that means is you're going to start to see republicans on the defense about it. you've already seen 15 house republicans retire or resign, you know, in the last few weeks and months. you've seen a lot of republicans have more moderate positions on gun control, you know, recently. so i think we're entering a different phase here. i think the pivot point for me was parkland. the way those young people turn their hurt and anger into activism i think has really transformed this entire movement. >> yeah. kids and moms for sure have done that. the democrats do agree on one thing and that is the nra is the biggest part. i want you to listen to both bernie sanders and beto o'rourke who talked about this yesterday. >> you might ask -- you might ask if the american people want that to happen, why isn't it happening? and the answer is i think all of you know. it is the power of the nra to
11:52 am
intimidate donald trump and the republican leadership. so let me be very clear. as president of the united states, the nra will not intimidate me. >> we have put profits in industrial, political action committees ahead of the lives of our fellow human beings. and our fellow human beings regardless of party affiliation, regardless of whether or not they own a gun, regardless of geography are fed up with it. >> it's one thing to say swb charlie, we need to move past money, the kind of corporate pac money we need to not worry about all this other stuff. what does that look like? what's really standing up to the nra look like? can a democrat do that? >> yeah, i'm a little bit more bearish on the prospects of getting anything done. public opinion has definitely
11:53 am
changed, but i don't think the politics have changed. i think it's very unlikely that donald trump is ever going to cross the nra. but again, keep in mind that the nra is not just about money. and they're definitely weakened. there are a lot of hard core second amendment supporters out there. and donald trump is running a base-only election. and he still thinks that this issue even with public opinion strongly against him that gun rights still play very strongly with that hard core base in places like rural pennsylvania, michigan, ohio, and wisconsin. so i don't think that you're going to see any compromise on this. and i think that frankly there's a risk. there's no question about it that this poses a threat to a lot of republicans running in suburban districts. keep in mind, if democrats double down on mandatory gun buybacks, that will be characterized i think correctly as gun confiscation. that plays into the nra hands and into the republican party's
11:54 am
hands and trump's hands. >> chris, just real quickly. i think if mitch mcconnell realizes that corey gardner, susan collins, folks like that are vulnerable because of this issue, you'll see movement. they're starting to see republicans -- i hear they're seeing the dam breaking on that. >> joel payne, charlie sykes, great talking to both of you. up next, we'll have an update on hurricane dorian. the category 2 hurricane moving towards the east coast. we'll have the latest. stay with us. we'll have the latest. stay with us mptoms following yo? for adults with moderately to severely active crohn's disease, stelara® works differently. studies showed relief and remission, with dosing every 8 weeks. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and may increase your risk of infections and cancer. some serious infections require hospitalization. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you have an infection or flu-like symptoms or sores, have had cancer, or develop new skin growths, or if anyone in your house needs or recently had a vaccine.
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we're back with a live look at the coast in daytona, florida, where the rain and the waves are picking up this afternoon. one of the many cities bracing for hurricane dorian as a category 2 storm moves toward the coast. joining me simone boyce. this has taken so long to figure out what might happen. what are you hearing from residents there and how's it feeling outside? >> reporter: that storm fatigue is so real. especially among cynical floridians who have weathered so many storms in the past. hurricane dorian has been super powerful and stalled out for hours bringing tons of uncertainty to this area. take a look at the massive waves behind us. you can still see the effects of this category 2 hurricane.
11:58 am
these waves reaching about 15 feet in height and this is not even high tide right now. you can still see the power and the might of this storm. i've been talking to residents here on palm beach island. an area that has been ordered to mandatorily evacuate. we are finally starting to see some residents return to this area. police check points are still in place, but they are allowing some residents to return back here. and this community is really hoping to get back to normal within the next few days although officials are warning to keep an eye on this storm surge. we know that storm surge accounts for 50% of fatalities in tropical weather events like this. especially here in a community that deals are routine flooding all the time. now, one thing to note. palm beach international airport was hoping to reopen later today. they said according to advisories that they had seen today, they decided to recant
11:59 am
that decision and they are hoping to reopen tomorrow. stores might be reopening in this area tomorrow. and i'm starting to see some residents here removing sandbags from businesses. so a couple of signs here that things might be getting back to normalcy within the next few days. and for the most part, residents just thankful that they have avoided most of hurricane dorian's wrath. >> yeah, there is something to be thankful for there. simone boyce in west palm beach, florida. thank you. that's going to wrap things up this hour. look who's over in the weather center. meteorologist ali velshi. >> i will never pretend to be as skilled as they are as these things. but we'll have al roker coming up. chris, are you back again? >> it's all up to you now. >> thanks. it's tuesday september 3rd. hurricane dorian is picking up speed. it's moving towards the united states where it's going to get
12:00 pm
dangerously close to the coast later today. that's according to the latest national hurricane service advisory. the bahamas will see hurricane conditions through the night after the storm was parked over that island for hours. even once it starts moving, there's still a tail to this thing. dorian is being blamed for at least five deaths there. i want to show you how devastating dorian has been. this is imagery of grand bahama island before the storm. marked with the red locater. take a look at the bottom. this is an image of the same area. everything outlined in yellow was land. it's now completely under water. when you hear the airport is under water, it doesn't mean it's flooded. it's actually under water. the latest statistics on the red cross show that more than


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