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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  September 4, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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democrats. the world in which he pursues infrastructure is the world he gets above 50%. >> thanks for joining us. that's "all in" this evening. tonight economic uncertainty and daily trashing on twitter and elections 14 months away now. plus, dorian, a slow category two. involing the carolinas as they prepare. >> congress is coming back after their long summer break. the threat that kills the momentum. the fact that 53 people were killed in a single month of mass shootings. do people expect anything from washington anymore? all of it as "the 11th hour" gets underway on this tuesday
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night. >> good evening once again from our nbc news headquarters here in new york. tuesday night puts us at day 957 at this trump administration. a dark ending of summer if you have seen the coverage of the latest mass shooting in texas. the boat friar that killed 34 people in california and the cause in anxiety of nothing else of millions of americans in the area of approaching storm that's already done so much damage. and now two new pieces of journalism that points out the disaster of the summer that was for this president. susan glaser of the new yorker writes. "while trump's performance raised many questions that we can't answer about just what's is going on in his head, it was also revelatory.
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today trump is more overtly confrontational." trump weighed in on dorian and the general report on james comey. while revealing about his reelection. quote, "we are dealing very well with our negotiations with china while i am sure they would love to be dealing with new administration so they could continue their practice of rip off usa." keep in mind a new 15% tariff on
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arrange of chinese imports just went into effect this past sunday. there was also the reviving trump's under going feud with the mayor of london. trump responded with quote ", the incompetent mayor of london says that -- he's a terrible mayor who should stay out of our business. trump's summer included a number of controversies of his own making, phil rucker, our washington post joins us in just a moment noticed that many white house officials cite trump's on lamar washington and the meeting of kim jong-un as major
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achievements. a period of missed opportunity and self-sabotage. in the final lull before the 2020 campaign starts to intensify this fall, trump could have solidify his position and instead his work and action this summer serves to further divide the country to harden public opinion. a reminder of what that sounded like. >> if they're not happy here, they can leave. you know what? i am sure there will be many people that won't miss them. >> the responsibility is people that run baltimore for so many years. obviously had enough by elijah cummings. they run baltimore into the ground. >> we got twice the number
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outside. jay powell should not be cutting rates because every country all over the world is cutting. i am prepared for everything. i don't think we are having a recession. we are doing tremendously well. china has had the worst year in 27 years. i am not ready to make a deal. you vote for a democrat, you are disloyal to israel and the jewish people. >> having president putin in what was the ga. he was a member of the ga. i heard he was a good member of the ga and having him in is as more of an advantage. president putin outsmarted president obama. >> mike pence is staying at trump's hotel while on a trip to ireland. it puts him and his entourage, 181 miles away from where the
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vice president held meetings in dublin where there were a lot of hotels. today pence's chief of staff, mark schwartz explains trump did not request that pence to stay at his hotel but it was a suggestion. here is how the vice president explains his decision to stay at a trump property. >> if you have a chance to do it big, you find it is a small place. the opportunity to stay at trump national to accommodate the unique footprints that come with our security details and other personnel made it logical. >> he worked in the name of the resort. here for our lead off discussion. phillip rucker, annie carney,
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white house reporter with the new york times and john meacham, his latest work "songs of america." well, good evening and welcome to all of you, thank you for coming on. phil, having to put his summer in perspective and we saw on twitter to his great frustration, is there a strategy for fall or is that just folly talking? >> i am not sure there is ever a full seasonal strategy in this white house with this president as you know. he likes to react of things happening in the news of his grievances. president trump wants to make some progress on the trade deal and wants to keep the economy stable as best as he can and wants to focus on that trade deal with china potentially trade war rather. i don't know if there is really much of a strategy. i suspect we are going to see him continue to act the way he
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did all summer which is sort of jerky mode of governing and sure there are important moments and milestones such as the state dinner with the queen and the united kingdom but there are also a ton of self-inflicted wounds that his advisers privately admit that are not helpful for him as he thinks of the reelection campaign. >> annie carney, to the extent that we all are. he's a greater of the environment. he said good-bye to his personal assistant, dni, number one, dni, deputies are gone and ambassadors of russia are gone. his own chief of staff has an acting title. we are coming up the next six months of briefing. is this set to be without guard rail remainder of his term? >> the question is how much of the guard rail preventing. it is a bit unknowable.
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we don't know what he's going to do that people prevented him doing privately. this whole summer, we have seen him operating without guard rails. if they are looking at a reelection strategy. the strategy is they have to win the states they won in 2016. they have all the top women family members out there doing for trump events and comments we have seen dominated the news cycle all summer long shows he's counter acting that work and leading the question of what is the path or narrowing his path for reelection. no guard rails and no clear agenda for the future and no
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obvious broadening of his path to get there either. >> john meacham, he pays no mind of the reelection campaign. have you ever seen this before the absence of a strategy intellectually, he knows it is coming. on a daily bases have him off of that. >> no. i will go on but no. you know for some reason history tends to happen in august. the end of world war ii, beginning of world war i, nixon's resignation of the first gulf war, katrina, sort of on and on and things i don't know whether it is the heat or what it is. but, things do happen and patterns do get set. i think ashley and phil wrote a
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great piece of how this month and many ways is micro-causium. >> looks like we have lost john meacham satellite control feed. john, you have to go on. >> that was the dni cutting in. >> basically patterns get sets in august. phil and ashley wrote a great piece about this. 957 days. nothing is going to change here. i don't think so. will there be guard rails? no. there is a certain poetic irony. in him attacking the mayor of london, he's in a political of a knife fight.
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this is a state of nature. this is his state of nature and the question is going to be will the democratic par the -- party, sent their head which is joe biden or their heart, which is elizabeth warren into this party which is ferocious. >> phil, john brought up a great point. it brings us to the one brand that you wrote earlier this summer. that got through the president. that was racist. was an effort made to counter
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act that or just because of the flaw of daily conversations, are we off of that title, that subject line? >> brian, i don't know if we are off of that subject line because i think for a lot of americans, that moment and i guess it was back in mid july when the president levelled those racist attacks against the four congresswomen of color. i don't think people will forget what happened there over the span of a few weeks where the president went after them. what trump had done now is he's basically trying to say, i am not the puppet, you are the puppet. i am not the racist but these congresswomen are racists. the logic does not connect there. what the president did say in july is plainly racist and a lot of news including "the washington post" called it such.
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>> annie carney, we heard some of our colleague at fox news saying if the president is successful, he'll make the squad the face of the democratic party. the problem with that for the democrats is members of the squad often go onto supply further ammunition to make it self-fulfilling. at some point, the president is going to have an actual proponent with a d after his or her name. do you think that'll focus him further or at all? >> i think it will focus him once he has a clear challenger in the democratic race. the squad is the face of the democratic party and makes the idea that they are running against socialism and these women are progressive members of
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congress. in it is joe biden and he's the democratic front runner, campaign will have a harder time that they are running against a socialist. it is part of their campaign strategy to say this is a fight against socialism and these women are the face of the democratic party. >> john meacham, no one needs to remind you that the last three presidents have been two termers. if life were to change significantly and those three were to sit down with this guy and tell them how to accomplish what they did, what do you think their advice would be? >> that sounds like a "star wars" varsity, does it? a remarkable meeting. none of the three actually would want to give him good advice which is telling an important point.
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president clinton and president bush and president obama all ran campaigns about moving forward. they actually looked ahead. president clinton was articulate about that, the bridge of the 21st century and george w. bush was talking about eliminaing tyranny in the world and president obama wanted to build on the healthcare and push ahead from the recovery and trying to get it moving. they talked about tomorrow. basically president trump is trapped in talking about what's happening, not just today but in this one moment. he just reacts and reacts. that does not tell the kind of narrative that tends to work in presidential politics and in presidential reelections. >> to our guests, phillip rucker and annie karni and john
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meacham, our great thanks in starting off this tuesday night with us. coming up, do you remember the investigation into the president, the ones that were going on before congress left for their summer vacation? well, they're going to be back on. next up the democrats will go after those hush money payments, a democratic member of the house judiciary committee is standing by to talk with us. dorian devastated the bahamas and could still batter the carolinas. bill karins has the latest forecast as "the 11th hour" is just getting started on this tuesday night. ♪
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i can't help but be overwhelmed of how the democrats are investigating this. how have they gotten into a place where they are investigating the president of the united states possibly involved in hush money payment to a pornographic actress and a model and it is boring. they have made headlines from 2016, the focus of their investigation and end up making no progress against the president who has a lot of progress to be made presumably. >> michael steel called boring concerning hush money paid to stormy daniels and mcdougal. a public hearing on the president's role on those payments could come as early as october. ken dilanian reports, democrats believe the hush-money scandal
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is an easier case to present the public. here is what michael cohen told the committee this year. >> i am providing several documents. this includes a copy of a check mr. trump wrote from his personal bank account after he became president to reimburse me for the hush money payment i made to cover up with the affair with the adult film star. >> we should have known that trump and his lawyer deied this. one independent supported the impeachment vote for inquiry against the president. for now, we are happy to be
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joined by ted liu. thank you for coming on. can you convince me taking your summer break was not a complete momentum killer for democrats in the house? if you have to come back and say to the people watching oh no, we are going to tell a different story now, this one is about an adult film star, playboy bunny of hush money. >> thank you, brian. we are going to be talking about these hush money payments, michael cohen, is sitting in prison right now because of these hush money payments. donald trump wrote the check that became the source of funds that are integral for these payments. the only reason the president is not indicted is the department of justice policies prevent us from indicting a sitting
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president. >> what do you call what we are looking at right now. we have jerry nadler going on this network on cnn on a random thursday night in the middle of summer and say it is kind of an impeachment inquiry. what is this we are witnessing exactly? >> thank you, brian. we are in impeachment inquiry. we are holding hearings to decide whether or not we should impeach donald trump. it is clear to me that the president of the united states committed multiple felonies, obstruction of justice and campaign finance and law violations and other felonies. what members of congress do with that information is up to them and their conscious and their districts. speaker pelosi who i greatly respect will make the decision with the house of caucus and i will respect that decision after what's.
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>> can you see looking back that we try to point out many times on this broadcast perhaps the mueller report failed in its lack of a story teller or writer cohesion and on this day and age that we are living in quoting two or three lines on twitter. by the same account, would you agree democrats in the house of representatives suffered for a lack of telling a cohesive story to the american people. >> one reason of the difficulty because of the mass destruction that the white house is engaged in. if you look at what mueller said, he's not going to get an emmy award for his performance. he did say yes and generally accurate and true to a whole
1:26 am
boat load of very damming facts about the president of the united states. robert mueller established the crime of obstruction of justice being committed by the president. that was his testimony before the summer recess. ted lieu, will you be content of all we get is this kind of rolling hearing all the way up to the next presidential election. the ball does not move into the majority democrats, the overwhelming support as the speaker name as her ceiling for calling this an impeachment. do you think we'll do enough to remind the american people and even if you regard them to be high crimes and misdemeanor. violations of the president's oath we took at his inauguration, will that be enough for you congressman of a standard to keep the story before the people. >> it is important for us to hold these hearings of the
1:27 am
actual crime donald trump committed. the house democratic caucus is going to have to make decisions as to whether or not we'll go forward. again, whatever that decision is, i am going to respect. in the meantime, we'll hold hearings to continue to highlight these crimes by the president of the united states to the american people. >> it will be interesting to watch. we'll watch it here along with you. congressman ted lieu, thank you so much for your time and coming on our broadcast live. >> thank you. >> democrats are demanding it, mitch mcconnell is punting on it. donald trump's opinion changes constantly on it. a look at how walmart has decided to move ahead with the kind of form of gun control of its own. so i can buy from enterprise car sales and you'll take any trade-in? that's right! great!
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this project, they did an incredible job under the circumstances. i want to thank everybody involved. always as you say, as bad as it was, it could have been worse. it could have been bad. this has not changed anything. >> the president of the united states said nothing about the victims. congress is due back to washington next week.
1:32 am
while the white house promised the response of these mass shootings. it is unclear what the president will support in anything in the end. it happens again this past weekend, again in texas, seven more people dead and 23 more injured. the new york times gave us this perspective, 53 people died in mass shootings along in august. "the washington post" will include mitch mcconnell directed with mcconnell of the names of the victims wanting him to do something. he's not sticking his neck out unless the president -- >> 2020 candidates are weighing
1:33 am
in on the campaign trail. former texas congressman beto o'rourke took aim at mcconnell on social media. "what's the point of your office and branch of government if you have to wait for permission from the president to act? this is not leadership, it is cowardice." >> is there any compromise to be made? >> none. i think there is no compromise. this is one that we have to push and push. i work with mitch mcconnell where we can agree. on this one he's not going to he's where the president is so we have to flat out beat them. the nation's largest cooperation made a major move today. walmart announced it will halt sales of ammunition.
1:34 am
here with us for more. we welcome wanda back on this tuesday night. we learn the gunman failed his background checks and bought his gun at a private gun sale. is it conceivable that a loophole most democrats want to close and want to solve. that one right there is something that mitch mcconnell is ever going to put on the senate floor? >> that's a great question. it goes of what you say. mcconnell says he'll bring to the floor and debate something he believes the president will support. the problem here being is that what the president is after his support. we heard him in the wake of the
1:35 am
shootings in august that killed many people, talking about being open to background checks reform and the shooting over the week, we hear him talking about mental health and not talking about background checks. it is not clear where he stands on this issue and given on the number of republican lawmakers who are weary of defending against gun lobby. i don't think it is likely. >> here we are again with the issue of democrats never knowing how to talk about guns. i mention this earlier, joe biden over the weekend talked about how we need to ban magazines that can hold multiple bullets. that just known as a magazine, every police officer in this country has one and most handgun owners like a nine millimeters have a magazine.
1:36 am
how often does this come up in your coverage of politics in 2019? you got a former, a governor of montana, a blue politician who won in a red state who's fluent on guns but not that many other candidates. >> this is an issue that's going to resonate with voters and industrial where gun owners are more common than not in places when democrats need to win over in the election. when you talk about democrats, democrats have more in common than they have what separates them on issues of guns. all of them agree there has to be new gun control legislations former vice president suggested he does not see space for
1:37 am
compromise and senator warren suggesting openness to this issue. they all say this is an issue and it is urgent and must be tackled. juana, i know you have been dropping in and covering kamala harris. do most people trace her drop in the polls to debate performances of what people saw or wish they had seen? >> it is interesting. they contend it is early and the support she has, other top tiers of candidates which she would include herself in. they don't feel, so it is natural that you see these edges and flows through the summer. it is still in the early stage. i was out with her in iowa and
1:38 am
new hampshire this week where they are building grass root support and galvanizing volunteers. when i talk people at her rallies, many are curious about her and want to hear more. they like what she's saying. and democratic voters are trying to figure out who near neighbors are going to vote for. >> one of the more powerful by lines covering this campaign. juana summers, thank you for returning to the broadcast. always a pleasure. >> coming up, the state of the storm at this hour. the latest on hurricane dorian's path and intensity. the 11:00 update is out. our meteorologist bill karins has it. - in the last year, there were three victims of cybercrime every second. when a criminal has your personal information,
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more damage than you can imagine being batted of 180 to 200 miles per hour. that's almost two days, that can be very devastating >> we are finally getting a good look of powerful hurricane dorian have left behind in the bahamas. here it is. the view from above shows what it is expected to be billions of dollars of damage across the abaco island. this is the population of marsh harbor are a debris field. thousands of buildings, homes flatten, gone all together. this is careers of infrastructure repairs. the before and after satellite
1:43 am
images of grand bahamas island are striking. in so many places, the water are occupying what was land. seven people confirmed dead and the death toll will go much higher in the bahamas. the next move is up to this storm. the latest update as we mention from the national hurricane center has been posted a few minutes ago, we are so happy to be joined by our meteorologist bill karins who has been on duty all weekend long looking at this. any changes at 11:00 eastern. >> we are getting more concerns for our friends in the carolinas. year after year we had one portion of the atlantic base at the islands and puerto rico and now northern bahamas. total destruction. it is incredible. we have another humanitarian
1:44 am
disaster right off the florida east coast. tomorrow is the first day in grand bahamas island where they can get in there. today they got in there to assess because the winds were so high. hopefully it is a mass rescue effort going in. they need it. let's get into what's happening now. tropical storm conditions on florida. schools are cancelled for a good reason and evacuations for a good reason. it is not going to be all that bad as far as damages are concerned. we are still going through the high tides cycle. it is still 110 miles per hour. if this was like any other storms approaching, it would be a huge deal. it feels like there is a new void now because it is so horrendous in the bahamas. no one wants to go through almost a category three hurricane.
1:45 am
that could happen very easily about 36 or 48 hours. here is the path for the hurricane center. they don't have it intensify but they don't have it weakening. click backup to category three? sure. it easily could. this is the critical period here, so tomorrow is still in the same motion. you are not going to see too many reports. as we get into wednesday and evening, that's when the northern half of the storm begins to approach south carolina. georgetown, myrtle beach and all the way up to camp lagoon there. the storm is flying as it goes through. the best chance of landfall is thursday afternoon and evening. the problems we'll see high tides, this is as we go through on high tides on wednesday afternoon.
1:46 am
orange is the possibility of 6 to 9 feet of water. that's normal. some of those spots set all time highs. we could have power outages that lasts days without a week or two. our friends in the carolinas, you have about 24 or 36 hour to prepare. >> bill karins. thanks for your hours of coverage of the storm over the weekend as it has approached. coming up, live drama for our closest allies since the second world war. the game doesn't end after a spectacular touchdown grab
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order! order. the ayes to the right, 328. the nos to the left, 301. >> not a good start, boris. >> it was a drama-filled day in the house of commons where british prime minister boris johnson suffered a major defeat in his plans for brexit, which is why he's in office. lawmakers used an obscure procedural motion to take control of parliament away from the government. it came after a member of bo-jo's own party deflected to the opposition, walking across the chamber floor right in front of johnson to sit with the liberal democrats. that move right there meant johnson's government had lost the majority in the house of
1:51 am
commons. today's vote clears the way for members of parliament to introduce a bill that would seek to prevent britain from crashing out of the european union without a deal october 31st. the bill is expected to come up for a vote tomorrow. it's likely to pass. if that happens, brexit could be delayed until next year or not happen at all. after today's vote bo-jo addressed parliament in another drama-filled moment. >> we are going to have to make a choice, mr. speaker. i don't want an election. the public don't want an election. i don't believe the gentleman wants an election. but if the house votes for this bill tomorrow, the public will have to choose who goes to brussels on october the 17th to sort this out and take this country forward. everybody knows that if he is the prime minister he will go to brussels and beg for an extension. he will accept -- you will accept -- you will accept whatever brussels demands. and we will have years' more
1:52 am
arguments over brexit. >> that's kind of how today went. parliament would have to approve johnson's request for a new general election. here's how bad it is there. "the new york times" reports tonight, "there is so little trust in british politics that mr. johnson's opponents fear that he might request an election for october 14th but then switch the date until after october 31st as part of a move to lock in a no-deal withdrawal." "times" also reports, "opponents of a no-deal brexit argue that mr. johnson's promise to leave the block would be catastrophic. many experts say it could lead to shortages of food, fuel, and medicine and wreak havoc on parts of the manufacturing sector that rely on the seamless flow of goods across the english channel. so in plain english, it's a mess over there. coming up, another one of those things that our president insists has never happened
1:53 am
before. when we come back.
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last thing here before we go tonight. it's been theorized, including a time or two on this broadcast, that the reason some of your so-called political and media and coastal elites are amazed over and over again at this president's desire to promote his family business is because
1:57 am
they never watched "the apprentice." did they somehow think they were above it? 14 seasons of the show. produced by this network. sent out of this building. and it was watched by an audience of millions, later known as trump's base. so when the trump suggests his doral golf resort as a logical next venue for the g7 meeting, when he suggests that mike pence stay at his resort in ireland, and then when mike pence does just that, no one should be surprised. this president is so brand loyal he spent 295 days of his presidency thus far at a trump-branded property. that includes the time spent golfing this weekend, even though he'd canceled an official trip to poland, saying his time was needed to monitor the approaching hurricane. donald trump came to the presidency having run a family business and having starred in a reality show.
1:58 am
to his base that was the point of donald trump. but about the presidency, having done none of the reading, lacking the intellectual curiosity of others, the echth, the institutional knowledge that past presidents have had, there are aspects of the job as it affects our world that seem to mystify this president. and if something is new to him, he often goes on to assume or project upon us that it must be new to us as well. take, for instance, category 5 hurricanes. there have been a bunch of them, with names like hugo and andrew and rita and katrina. when dorian reached category 5 status early on in its life, it was the fourth category 5 storm of donald trump's presidency. but the idea of a category 5 hurricane remains new to him seemingly every time.
1:59 am
>> i'm not sure -- i'm not sure that i've ever even heard of a category 5. >> a category 5 is something that i don't know that i've ever even heard the term. >> they've never seen a category like this coming because it came in really at 5. >> it was a category 5. i never even knew a category 5 existed. >> it hit as a 5. category 5 storm. which literally never happens. >> and it actually touched down as a category 5. people have never seen anything like that. >> this has been a category 5, which few people have ever even heard of. >> a category 5. nobody's ever heard of a 5 hitting land. >> category 5 hurricane. category 5. never heard about category 5s before. category 5 is big stuff. >> and for the record, since it's all about the numbers, having started life at a 5, dorian is tonight a category 2. maximum sustained winds 110 miles per hour. that is our broadcast for tonight. with thanks to steve kornacki
2:00 am
and ali velshi for filling in, thank you so much for being here with us this tuesday evening. good night from our nbc news headquarters here in new york. ♪ this morning, total destruction in the bahamas. aerial video is giving us a look of what was left behind after hurricane dorian slammed the island for nearly two straight days. plus, new details about the mass shooting in odessa, texas. investigators are looking into who sold the gun to the gunman. it was listed as a private seller which doesn't require a background check. and boris johnson lost a key vote in parliament yesterday. and now brexit may be delayed once again. ♪ good morning, everybody. it is wednesday september 4th


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