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tv   First Look  MSNBC  September 6, 2019 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> good morning. this is friday, september 6. right now, residents on the carolina coast are being told to shelter in place. more than 6 million people are under flood watches. more than 290,000 homes are without power. earlier in the day, hurricane dorian spawned a series of
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tornado. this photo is from north carolina. a lot of destruction. we'll get right to msnbc meteorologist bill karins. >> we may end up with the worst damage from this storm being the tornadoes that happened yesterday morning. the new advisory is 25 miles east of cape. it is amazing how far this storm has traveled along the east coast. it was only about 100 miles from west palm and 50 miles from daytona beach. it is crazy. the heavy rainfall everywhere in yellow. that is the region of concern. we are not so concerned with the winds. minor damage. we have 300,000 people without power. we are thinking it could get somewhere in the millions.
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moving northeast at 14 miles an hour. now it is picking up speed and moving quicker. a lot of 40s and 50s. cape look at and there is 39. you get into very heavy rain with the bands around the eye. nothing significant as far as what we are dealing with -- nothing like knocking roofs or. the forecast from the hurricane center. by 2:00 p.m. well off the coast. mostly concerned with the flooding, guys. we did eliminate people. we had six million before, now down to 4. we are starting to wrap up issues with dorian as it starts to exit the coast. >> let's head over to moorehead
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city. we just got the most recent weather update. ali, i'm sure you heard bill talking about it. give us the on-the-ground perspective at 5:00 a.m. >> reporter: exactly. it's calming for a while and again you get some gusts. it was gustier an hour ago, two hours ago. it does feel like it is diminishing. there is a lot of rain. the expectation is that it might be power outages and flooding. the rain has been continuous it almost feels like a northeaster. it's rough. we are not anywhere close to a
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high tide. we are not getting surge problems here. it is a serious storm that will affect people in terms of flooding. we saw some trees down but ultimately, winds are not particularly heavy here. every now and then you get a wind gust here. it looks like the events has been better for north carolina than expected. >> we had a chance to speak to officials as well as those involved in the rescue operations. have you seen anyone venturing out? what has the response been whether the local city official, national guard or other organizations? have you spotted anyone out there getting help to folks? >> reporter: as we drove up, we saw the staging of some utility
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vehicles. the representative from duke energy told me the one advantage of the slow moving storm is that they have been managing to get resources in from all around the country. you have got 9,000 workers ready to go before winds drop to 30-mile-an-hour to 40-mile-an-hour. of the 9,000 people ready to go into action on electrical work, half of that are from out of state. it is a mutual understanding among power companies where they go in and help each other. you are siege companies from all over the country. fema is here with boats and national guard with high-water vehicles. we arrived late in the night to get here in time for reporting on it this morning. but through the course of the
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last 250 miles. we've been driving longer than that, we started in orlando on saturday. we've seen a lot of staging of rescue operations ready to go. >> making his way along the coast following hurricane dorian from start to finish. >> let's go to wilmington, north carolina now. cal perry, the storm passed you but what are the people wake up to? >> reporter: it seems the worst of it has past. it seems like we got about eight inches of rain but about four inches early and then four inches later in the day. that flooding that was a concern hasn't happened there has been a couple of small structural fires. the fire department is out and
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about. that is a good sign. that means the winds have dropped below 50-mile-an-hour. the damage we expected, it looks like that has happened. that unexpected flooding that swamped the interpreter state that has not happened. we'll wait and see what the beach communities as well. >> as the u.s. continues to breath a sigh of relief. the death toll in bahama is growing. now at 34. the number of people killed there could be, quote, staggering. crews now in the process of going house to house and looking through piles of rubble
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searching for survivors and bodies. >> what did you live through? >> a nightmare. i've lived here all my life. everything is gone. there is nothing left. where we are standing, there is not much left. the structures are some standing. some are completely gone. in the main land, i understand there are hundreds and hundreds of people dead. i still have family members i haven't accounted for yet. >> it is incredible when you hear the personal accounts on the ground as these winds were hitting the islands. we know the bahamas have
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experienced so many hurricanes. individuals that have lived there their whole life and have never seen or experienced anything like this. you can only imagine the fear they had as they saw water lapping up against their windows and homes and getting higher and higher. it is an island. they are isolated. trying to leave the island ahead of the storm is a lot harder than in an area where you have the way out, if you can get on the highway. i know it is not that easy. >> we heard from one of the points earlier. the airport in abaco is very small. it carries planes the size of 6 to 15 people. now trying to get people off the island and in on a smaller scale, extremely difficult. >> i'm hearing that the airspace
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is very crowded because they are leading so much rescue efforts in and out of the island. president trump not backing down from his claim that alabama faced a serious threat. he's tweeted nine times about alabama including several maps. even the white house defended his claim. >> just as i said, alabama was originally expected to be hit. i was with you all the way, alabama. the fake news media was not. not even fox news is standing by him. here is what shep smith had to say yet. >> why would the president of the united states do this? he decries fake news that isn't and disimnates what is.
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that map is the day the hurricane became a hurricane, eight days ago. it was four days old at the time he said alabama could be hit harder. then, it was fake news defined on a very serious subject. this morning, another statement. what i said is accurate. it wasn't and it isn't. president trump and senator joe manchin met to discuss the range of possible gun-related policy issues. they have long urged such legislation. their own bill failed to pass the senate back in 2016. confirming he and trump met and
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had a, quote, productive discussion. however, another person familiar with the meeting told the journal said trump did not give a clear signal on what he might support. >> joining us now, deputy news editor, david mark. >> good morning. >> do you think this think this meeting between trump and man ch could be seen as positive. >> it could. one thing that may be working in favor of that is that senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said he is basically open to this. it is possible but you never know with this white house until
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something happens or doesn't happen. >> at the risk of sounding that we are talking about it too much. the president, i've lost count of how many times the president has doubled down on sharpie gate as the death toll pummels in the bahamas. what do you make of the president of the united states continuing to defend information that was flatly proven incorrect at the time he gave it. >> he's stubborn. he feels he was right on this map. for whatever reasons, he is going in all the way. it is unfortunate because it has
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to do with where federal resources are deployed, the national guard and the life and death struggle. >> let's see if we can make it through the day without any tweets about alabama and sharpie gate. >> thank you. we'll talk again in a little bit. you in reporting about mounting tensions between trump and mike pence. could trump be thinking about replacing the vp on the 2020 ticket. >> here on set to weigh in on the case of larry nassar. that and a check on the weather when we come back.
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>> welcome back. we want to turn to the latest on hurricane dorian as the storm targets the carolina coast. msnbc meteorologist bill karins is with us. >> i was looking over how much of the effects would be in cape code and nova scotia too. it is a big storm. that huge wind field and rain will move into southern new england later today. as we watch the storm, the center is just off the outer banks. not positive we'll see land fall. if we do, it will be towards hatteras. i haven't seen the gusts in the 70-range. the strongest we saw was 82 in south carolina. the gusts were really only
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hatteras now and this rural portion. we are going to take this big yellow thing and push it off the coast. then it looks like it will head up and barely clip these areas and then be over nova scotia. there is the forecasted path that makes it a category 1 hurricane. it is not going to be a huge or deal but more of an inconvenience with rain and wind as you go overnight tonight and saturday morning. michigan state university has been fined $4.5 million over failing to protect students in the larry nassar case.
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devos describes this a total and complete failure to follow the law and protect students. some of nassar's victims are saying the fine is not enough. saying this, the department of education could have sent a strong and meaningful message that msu's behavior is not acceptable. instead, they sent a message that you will get a slap on the wrist. the university president added this, i'm grateful for the thorough investigations and intend to use them as a blueprint for action. >> joining us on the set, legal analyst. they must go outside the legal vest into who at the university
2:21 am
may have been aware of what larry nassar was doing at some point and didn't do anything to stop it. why is that even significant that this investigation takes place? >> these are the two agreements they entered into with the office of civil rights. they have to hire an outside law firm. they can't be too chummy with this law firm. >> a conflict of interest. >> yes. in a sense too much self-interest. it can't be a law firm they worked with for decades but will conduct an objective, impart al investigation. >> what do you make of the $4.5 million fine? >> fascinating.
2:22 am
it is a record fine but can seem very inadequate when you consider the hundreds of victims involved. >> 200 plus victims, i believe. >> yes. a fine like this may be a record may be not that significant compared to other fines levees against places like google for very different kinds of infractions. on the whole, it doesn't seem that high. a fine isn't the same as restitutions. the fine is owned to the government. >> danny, thank you. still ahead, boris johnson doesn't want to delay brexit past october 31 deadline. the latest on the chaos overseas. that is coming up next so, every day,
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. >> boris johnson is a proponent of a no-deal exit and doesn't want to delaney further. he said he would, quote, rather be dead in a ditch than ask the eu for further extension. he may not have any options. a bill could pass forcing him to seek a delay, which appears
2:26 am
increasingly likely. johnson did not answer if he would resign but did reiterate the call for early election. >> the government has announced there will be another vote just before parliament is suspended. boris's brother joe is resigning saying he has been, quote, torn between family loyalty and interests. house lay makers are voting to prepare for a government shut down later this month. those stories and more coming up.
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>> welcome back. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside ayman mohyeldin. hurricane dorian is still battering the carolina coast. want to go first to nbc meteorologist bill karins with the report. >> the winds haven't really been producing strong enough gusts
2:31 am
for the damage. you look at this radar image, this is the eye. a good portion of the band is over land. the rest of it is here heading out towards hatteras. they're get the hardest rain and winds in the next hour. about an hour and a half, two hours, that will arrive in hatteras. it may be a landfall or not. it will quickly move off shore. the biggest concern for life and profit right now is the rain. we are mostly focused only in extreme eastern north carolina. we've taken away the flood watches. all the way up to norfolk and virginia beach. all these maroon counties.
2:32 am
computers are really just pinpointing around the sound and areas around virginia beach. another three to five miles possible. this will head out to the open water and head for nova scotia on saturday. >> let's go live to david gura standing by. that eye headed right in your direction. talk us through what you are seeing on the ground right now. >> reporter: waiting to see what happens with that. the wind and the rain has died down. we have intense wind a couple hours back. it has been a bit calmer here. we'll add a bit of color to places we were talking about. hatteras and the barrier islands
2:33 am
are isolated, you have to get there by ferry. it has been evacuated for days. i spoke to folks there this said they were hunkering down. that has been the concern there and in hatteras. what water is going to do to those communities. as bill was saying. the wind hasn't been as bad. it is water they are princeablely concerned with susceptible to surf and sand as well. things are moving faster. it does feel like it is moving
2:34 am
northeasterly at a faster pace. >> let's head over to ali in moore head. >> there was a map that showed about two inches of rain and that it was part of the red zone. that is consistent with what you've been saying and seeing on the ground. >> reporter: i'm getting a sense of the gusting winds right now. just to see, you can see it is registering about 22.5 miles an hour. that's the gusts. that's the range in which we are operating. it is not enough wind to take roofs off. it is enough wind to effect trees and power lines and
2:35 am
things. a lot of movement and rain we are on the intercoastal side. it does feel like it has died down a little over the last couple of hours. it sounded more forceful, that constant freight train sound, it is now feeling like a big rain storm with a lot of wind. >> ali, thank you. >> tensions reportedly running high between president trump and vice president mike pence as uncertainty over 2020 is growing. a report that as recently as last month, the president asked aids about their thoughts about pence remaining on the ticket. the author of a forth coming
2:36 am
buyography. rumors that kushner and jared trump want to find a replacement and specifically want to look for a woman to win back the suburbs. trump asked the campaign manager to include a polling question on the vice president's faf year blt. aids later found out that pence's favorability had been tested in 14 states and reportedly came back higher than the president's. a report held by trump and pence and the white house has not commented on the report and spokes people for the trump campaign and pence did not return the repeated request or comment. >> back with us again, david mark. what do you make of this reported divide between trump
2:37 am
and pence's camp and how might this impact the potential working relationship. it is unlikely that president trump remains quiet as this story makes its way to the media. >> it has always been a marriage of convenience between president trump and vice president pence. they could not be more different. former governor pence, more religious. but they need each other. trying to drop a vice president is really tough. you are admitting you made a mistake the first time around. trump could try to spin that. there is no way he could say, yeah, i messed up in 2016. >> you recently wrote on the
2:38 am
forth coming biography of the vice president. walk us through the relationship between these two. >> it has always been transactional. president trump thought he needed a vice presidential running meat that could help with religious conservatives. governor pence at the time was having his own reelection in indiana. he sought to hitch a ride on the trump ticket. he did. they came together and they won and got to the white house. now they are kind of stuck together. >> it seems like an odd couple personality sense. thank you very much. still ahead, we are still tracking hurricane dorian. and the latest from the bahamas
2:39 am
as more and more survivors tell their story. your first look at morning joe is coming back in a moment. every day, visionaries are creating the future.
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>> in bahama, you've sign hurricanes before. but this one? >> it was different. it came past and carried everything. i really don't understand. i almost lost my life. all of those big trailers were flying over our head. ply roof, everything flying over our head. >> the water was like 15 feet. we were in the water. it destroyed everything. it actually did. >> some are equating it to generational destruction. >> you hear what he said, every single person's life was
2:43 am
affected. >> you can see from him, people are in absolute shock. that was one of the survivors in the bahamas. search and rescue are continuing. ways to help these individuals through the red crosby going to and giv salvation and team usa at >> it is a good reminder. when we say all of these categories, a five is not five times worse than a one. a five is like 1,400 times worse than a category 1. we have a category 1 right now in north carolina. it is like downed power lines and downed trees. then you see a category 5, it is
2:44 am
much worse. the center is located almost over the outer banks. the real issue is all the bright yellows, we have a lot of heavy rain that will continue for another six. still windy even in areas farther norjs gusts around 60 miles an hour are enough to knockdown trees and power outages. jacksonville, 55. we don't have the extreme winds. a lot of areas it is still very windy. just stay in doors at least the first half of the day before you venture outside there still could be falling trees. you can see the center of the storm with that western eye wall. we'll continue to watch but so far, so good.
2:45 am
it has been underachieving. that's fantastic for north carolina. with the house returning from summer recess. lawmakers plan to vote to keep the government open past september 30. in a letter, senate majority leader says he expects the chamber to take up, a quote, clean stopgap bill. politi politico points out it is unclear whether republicans are willing to accept a stopgap which would include the funding for the border wall. it will leave the session to take up the bill or propose the alternative to the potential third government shut down since president trump took office. and ahead, vice president
2:46 am
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we continue to follow the crisis in london. parliament passed a bill this week requiring prime minister to seek a delay if there is no deal in place before october 31. johnson said, quote, he would rather die in a ditch before
2:49 am
asking for another extension. we'll go live now. talk to us about where you see things going from here. >> it is a pretty complex situation as you outline there. as of today, the upper chamber in the parliament, the house of lords should sign off on this legislation to prevent the no-deal brexit. people say that would be economically damaging and perhaps chaotic. at that point, what the government wants to see is a second vote in less than a week on the concept of having a snap general election here in the uk. the option party is not so thrilled. they want to see this written into law and an extension for brexit once again pushed through with the europeans agreeing before they allow people to go to the polls in the uk. necessity wonder if johnson will
2:50 am
campaign on the fact that he and he alone can take brexit out. there is a huge amount of frustration among ordinary people here. lawmakers are very concerned about what this what a no deal brexit will bring. >> let's talk about another story making headlines coming out of the united kingdom. vice president mike pence met with boris johnson, the prime minister, yesterday. how did that meeting go? >> well, a few hundred yards from here in 10 downing street, and what johnson's office said they talked about some of the big geopolitical issues there you'd expect like iran and hong kong. mr. pence had a message he said from his boss as well. >> he told me this morning, he said you tell my friend, prime minister boris johnson, they ready to go to work on the free trade agreement as soon as
2:51 am
you're ready and to make it clear to you that the united states supports the uk's decision to leave the eu. >> and that was the subject that made things a little awkward because boris johnson referenced something that across the uk people use the shorthand for what a u.s./uk trade deal could look like the idea that chickens would be chlorinated and the people here in the uk hate that idea and that's what a u.s. trade deal would mean. he made reference to chlorinated chickens in his remarks to president pence. it's an insult he has been hurling at jeremy corbyn here because he has been unwilling to call that snap election. >> subtlety of british parliaments, chlorinated chickens. >> cnbc's willem marx, thank you. good talking to you. jason greenblatt, the trump administration's envoy for brokering a myself peace deal is stepping down. greenblatt is president trump's former business attorney and had
2:52 am
no previous diplomatic experience. the move is being viewed as the latest sign that the administration's long awaited and much delayed peace plan may be in more trouble than publicly known. >> deal of the century. >> the plan has two distinct parts, an economic plan which was released in june to almost no fanfare in either the united states or the middle east. and the more vital political plan which also remains unreleased. a long term aide to jared kushner is set to replace greenblatt. and work more closely with kushner as the administration's iran policy increasingly merges with kushner's peace plan. and hook has been in the news after paying several million dollars to the captain of an iranian oil tanker to pilot the
2:53 am
vessel to the country that would impound the ship on behalf of the united states. all right, now to the latest repercussions for the unilateral decision to reimpose and add new hard-hitting sanctions on iran. tehran has announced it's seizing all of its commitment in the deal in the field of nuclear research and development. iranian president rouhani said they'll develop centrifuges and do whatever is needed to enrich uranium. we'll continue to track the hurricane dorian as the storm continues to move up the east coast. plus, president trump is still trying to prove that he was right when he made the false claim that alabama was in the hurricane's path. "morning joe," just moments away. you wouldn't do only half of your daily routine. so why treat your mouth any differently? listerine® completes the job
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joining us from washington, d.c. with a look at axios a.m., mr. mike allen. good morning. what is axios' "1 big thing"? >> good morning. thanks for a great week and happy friday. the first friday of fall. >> oh, wow, i didn't know that. thanks. >> maybe not technically. >> dropping the knowledge. okay. >> so the axios "1 big thing" is a scoop. it's how world schultz' next move. you are getting a first look on "first look." the former starbucks ceo, who on june put his presidential exploratory campaign on hold is going to tell supporters later this morning he's pulling out. he's dropping his bid for president. this will go out to hundreds of thousands of supporters in a letter later this morning that axios just posted. howard schultz will continue to play in the public space. he wants to talk about political reform, ways to fix or broken
2:58 am
system. here's what's interesting. howard schultz plan to spend north of $100 million out of his presidential race and he'll spend it on issues that include helping struggling youths, helping post 9/11 veterans and do it over a longer period of time. >> what is this signaling about the crowded -- still pretty crowded democratic field? >> yeah, this is the axios between the lines. howard schultz didn't want to be a spoiler if joe biden wound up as the nominee. so in this letter from howard schultz that will be going out to supporters later this morning that ends on onward howard, in this letter he says that he didn't want to be on the ballot in the democratic nominee wound up being a moderate and they'd have to start locking down their ballot access in february. and it might not be clear by
2:59 am
then who the democratic nominee is going to be and that's why howard schultz along with a back injury that cut back his travel is stepping aside from 2020. >> so before this week's #sharpie gate, president trump has been a long time fan of sharpies, i want to listen to what he told you back in november. >> so i called up the folks at sharpie, i said, do me a favor. can you make the pen in black, make it look rich and he said not only can we do that, we can put your signature on it. that's your signature right there. >> all right. walk us how that moment came back and what does it mean when he says make it look rich? >> this is president trump an axios on hbo. in our interview talking about how he commissioned a special sharpie. he didn't want just a cheap sharpie. he wanted a special presidential sharpie. and why it matters is that this bold signature has been part of
3:00 am
president trump's repertoire back in the trump tower he used to sign clippings to people with a sharpie. he still uses it to mark up things he wants to send around. his staff takes an iphone picture of it and sends it. a new way of sending that document on axios on hbo show. >> here's the next investigative piece to launch, was that the sharpie that was used? >> live in washington, thank you, mike allen. of course we'll be reading axios a.m. in a bit. you can sign up for that newsletter at >> that does it for us this friday morning. i'm yasmin vossoughian with ayman mohyeldin. "morning joe" starts right now. where were you? >> i was by my cousin's house and that was the only roof in the neighborhood that stayed on. it was like 80 people there. and then my grandma we had to get her out of the house because her roof came off.
3:01 am
it was just -- the pressure, the tornados, it was awful.


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