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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  September 7, 2019 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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>> some day she'll know about that uncontainable woman who brought joy. marie. >> that's all for this edition of dateline. thanks for watching. good morning, i'm joling kent in new york. it is 6:00 in the east, 3:00 out west. after the land fall, the first steps towards recovery in the u.s. and the cries for help and devastation in the bahamas. >> a new turn in the sharpie map saga and what is being called an unprecedented step. a military stop over. >> and a new lung condition as the cdc is warning people to
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stop vaping. still packing powerful sustained winds up to 85 miles an hour and moving along the u.s. east coast. it should be felt today in massachusetts and maine. this is where dorian made land fall in the u.s. in the north carolina outer banks. everything under water. a combination of about 15 inches of rain and storm surge. much of this region remains without power this morning. one town over, streets and homes are completely submerged. many are dispatched to help. and in the bahamas, ground zero of dorian. new video of people trying to
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leave. the death toll has risen to 43 people. that number is expected to grow. dorian hit the bahamas as a category 5 hurricane and stalled there for 24 hours. it is estimated it dumped 36 inches of rain on the islands. and dorian making its way out to sea leaving a trail of destruction on the east coast. katie beck road out the storm in north carolina and has the details. >> reporter: dorian's path of destruction charging the coast of north carolina. >> the danger right now is the rising storm surge. officials are telling people to get to the highest point in their houses. >> on the island, cars sinking in driveways, boats on roadways. storm surge causing water to
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rise seven feet in two hours. hundreds of residents trapped in need of rescue. finally making land fall on cape hatteras. raging winds in nags head blue the roof off this building. >> did it scare you? >> yes. mostly scarey for my daughter. >> on the outer banks hitting wilmington leaving thousands without power and hunkered down in shelters. farther south, communities are dealing with destruction after more than 20 reported tornadoes blue through. >> nbc's katie beck, thank you for being on the ground. now we want to go to the bahamas. the death toll has risen to 43.
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the prime minister expecting that number will grow. morg morgan chessney has been on the ground. >> reporter: frustration is boiling over. >> we can't stay here another night. home after home is destroyed. i got my two boys, my wife and i. we don't have nothing now. >> everyone i met said help can't come fast enough. >> nothing. our home is gone. everything gone. >> we visited the town in abaco island. >> a little food and water for now. how long is that going to last us? you see. that is the question now. >> in bahamas, the buildings
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have to be built to withstand a category 4 hurricane. a look around, you can see the difference of a category 5 and what they can do. >> the critically injured airlifted to safety. the prime minister pleading for patience. >> we can't move all of you at one time but the boats will be coming in. and aircrafts. >> others pitching in. royal caribbean cruise line turning towards the islands. >> we have to ban together. >> a country coming together to keep their paradise from falling apart. >> thank you.
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two top political stories. new developments in the president's self-made sharpie controversy. for the sixth straight day, the president defended his claim. yesterday, a federal agency came to the president's defense. noaa issued this statement declaring the birmingham national weather service was wrong to dispute the president's warning and stated that the information provided to the president on monday demonstrated that, quote, at least tropical storm forced winds could impact alabama. >> new reporting reigniting the debate on whether the president's properties are profiting on the presidency.
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a air national guard crew made an odd stop at the president's property in scotland. the house oversight committee has been investigating but has not received answers. the committee wants to know whether military spending has helped keep the scottish resort afloat. >> i know it is early, have you heard anything from the white house on this? >> we haven't heard anything yet. a report that the defense department is not cooperating with that investigation. an astonishing story when you consider the fact that there are
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acting military bases. there is no need to go to a private airport for refuelling by experts. you recall the resort was losing money in 2017 and had a turnaround the next year. saying a lot of that has to do with the fortunes of the u.s. military using this airport. the airport has been in financial distress for years. they have been lobbying the trump administration to make more use of it. the fortunes of the turn burry golf course are closely tied to it. we don't have a lot of answers. >> i also wanted to ask you about noaa and the sharpie issue.
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any indication that the white house played a role in the agency's latest statement? >> we see many experts across the country that say they are shocked noaa would rebuke what is an agency within its own agency, the national weather service. there is a very strong statement from the union representing the weather service saying what noaa has done is unconscionable. in that initial tweet rebuking the president on sunday was actually the right call. >> thank you so much. joining me now, politics reporter from "the daily beast." and reporter from the center of public integrity. i want to set up the session with the august job's report.
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adding some 30,000 fewer jobs. now we are seeing warning signs that the president's trade war is affecting the manufacturing sector. how does that fit in to what the president needed. was there a level to distract here? >> i think so. the economy is no doubt a huge part of that. economists predicted 140,000 to 160,000 jobs in august. that number you reported, 130,000 fell short of that. he doesn't quite hit the target, noting that many of those were temporary jobs or don't count as full employment.
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that can raise some alarms that are banking on strong economy. all sorts of other things going on this week. >> i want to talk a little about the president's reelection campaign with the permanent markers branded. it is a routine, repeated bringing this back to the forefront. why? >> we've reached the point where you are almost getting updates from uncle mortgagy watching the weather channel. he seems to be obsessed with weather. you got to look at alabama. back in 2015, probably the
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biggest campaign he had was in mobil, alabama. it was a big deal. in a way, alabama has a very special place in his heart and a political context for him. that he seized on this and won't let it go is not all that surprising. the remnants of hurricane dorian have as much chance of hitting greenland which he has mentioned wanting to buy than hitting alabama. he's going to tweet and talk about what he wants to. that too is nothing new. >> fair enough. in 2017, we saw the scottish property lost $5 million but in 2018, the revenue went up $3 million. wondering whether that is
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because military spending, taxpayer money. >> what do you make of the imma and the numbers here? >> a few questions come to mind. the house oversight committee haven't heard from key players in this. this kind of raises the possibility that the military could have been involved in keeping afloat in the president's personal property and that that would have been an unprecedented move. it raises questions, no doubt. house democrats as we've seen on the trail, they look to make these questions kind of central points being that they are just
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another bullet point and potential corruption within trump administration, properties and taxpayer funding for something that really has no clearances at this point. >> and there is the question why vice president pence took that 180 mile detour to stay in ireland and then looking at dural, his golf resort. it is becoming more difficult for the administration to deny there is enough stuff there to investigate. how is the administration reacting to the longer list, are they continuing to ignore this issue? >> the president stated he didn't want to have conflicts of
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interest. this is something where the president continues to profit. what is the house going to do? congress is going to try to make it as miserable as possible for donald trump going forward. the administration is effectively saying nothing about this being a problem. which has been daily for them ever since he became president. the notion that congress would turn down the heat going the other way. the thought that congress will stop because the president says this is a witch hunt. that is not going to stop house democrats in particular. >> thank you so much for the early morning jolt of politics. headlines read, can jared's millennial "minien me" bring
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>> there are you new claims against the president and possible ee monthliment problems. now the house oversight
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committee has opened an investigation to determine if there was any situation there. >> joining me now, danny, good morning. >> understanding what their purpose is. our framers were almost obsessed with corruption. when you think about it and look at the impeachment clause. the clauses warranting impeachment are not murder or theft, they are corruption and bribery. they inserted the clauses, there are two. foreign and domestic they essentially mean the same thing. no gifts above the salary and no
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gifts or benefits from the united states or federal government. at first blush, this may appear to be a foreign issue because it is happening in another country. but really this is a domestic clause. the question is this, is the government itself giving trump the benefit. the word emolument itself is an outdated word. everything hinges on you how we define the world emoluments in this era. >> while this investigation began, the pentagon is not cooperating. what can congress do to get what they asked for from dod? >> they have a very broad subpoena power.
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many different tools on the books to enable them to get information. as we've seen in the last couple of years, it raises the question of what happens. they can say, no. we are not giving you what you want. how does congress enforce these powers? they can take it to the court and sometimes they have. going to the courts is a long process, takes years and years and by the time they get resolved. it is not even the same congress. >> this discussion is really fascinating. while the revelations coming forward alleging potential involvement of the military here
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talking about lining the pockets of his family. this issue goes to a different level. why is that? let's dig into that. >> the question ultimately is whether or not the president is receiving an emolument from the military. that could mean any benefit, no matter how many stages it passes through. if it goes to the hotel and then to the corporation and that pays trump a salary. it doesn't matter. on the other hand, a stricter view means it is for services the president personally provides. meaning unless the president is bringing up the room service, then the emoluments clause is
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evaluated. no court has touched this clause in years. now this is pending in several courts. it is an issue that will get resolved in the near future. >> do you think this plays on the 2020 campaign trail once the democrats have their nominee? >> absolutely. corruption is one area that threatens the presidency. if there is an allegation of corruption, that could absolutely cloud the issue for him approaching the 2020 election. >> thank you for being here. to criminal justice reform. some victims of crime and advocates are saying they are worried their voices are being drowned out.
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lester holt has more on the series, "justice for all." >> how many of you remember the name of the person or persons you killed. >> convicted murders are learning to face their crime. >> talking about victims from the inside. victim's rights advocates fear they are not being talked about on the outside. >> do you think victims have enough of a voice? >> i don't right now. i think for a long time, they were viewed as adversaries and not reformers. we really should be allies. >> one survey found crime victims refer the system focus
3:26 am
on justice system than rehabilitation. >> most acknowledge the way they feel safe is through rehabilitation of their offender. >> in 2015, she was sexually assaulted by her massage therapist. he pled guilty. >> i said if god offers you a path of redemption, i hope you take it. >> in discussion over prison reform. if it really is intentional that we want to do what is right and just for prisoners and victims, there will be open minds. >> life sentences are not just a burdener for the incarcerated but for victims too? >> do you think we talk enough about the lasting impact of
3:27 am
being a victim? >> i don't think anybody unless a victim can understand that. >> lester holt will host a town hall tomorrow at 10:00 eastern here on msnbc. on the campaign trail in new hampshire. this week, could be a make or break moment for nearly all of the candidates.
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>> a look at this morning's headlines. as many as 800 people are stranded on an island on north carolina's outer banks. food and water are being airlifted to the island where many homes and businesses are now under water. now a category 1 storm heading towards nova scotia. in the bahamas, the death toll now at 43 but expected to rise to higher numbers. thousands of people stranded on abaco island and other areas.
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a fifth person has died and the cdc is telling anyone who vapes to stop until researches can find out what is causing this lung disease. new today, candidates are taking on new hampshire. just five months before the first in the nation primary. joining me now from manchester, where the convention is set to kick off. it is already noisy. you've got a lot of biden supporters. >> first of all, i know that you know the state of new hampshire well. i think this is about the
3:33 am
noisiest morning of the year. we are here in manchester. this is the new hampshire state convention. 19 candidates will be speaking. joe biden is up first. this is five months out, this is an opportunity, they have 10 minutes after they enter this arena here. there will be 1,400 delegates representing the party here. the campaigns come out in full force here. you've got ground organizers. i want to introduce us here to a volunteer for joe biden. >> first of all, joe has a great message about optimism. it really struck me.
3:34 am
his message of optimism really hit me. also, i know cancer is personal with him. i have terminal cancer. i know that he can help us win the battle. >> is this your first state convention? >> yes, it is. >> i want to bring one moreover here. next to the joe biden coalition, we have the andrew yang coalition. you are sort of a volunteer. you live in california. what brought you here? >> i was road tripping from l.a. to new york city. i heard there was an event. i've seen a lot about andrew yang that i like. >> why andrew yang? >> what i like is that he's not political. what i want is solutions for the
3:35 am
future. a good idea is only good if it can be executed. he looks like a serious person. >> thank you. the math coalition. john delany's bus just drove by. this is new hampshire five months out. >> you and i have both been there. it is usually the place where candidates widle down in january or february. what do you think will be that key issue in say the next few weeks for candidates to survive or drop out? >> exactly. if you look at the end of september, that is the next fundraising quarter. you'll see which campaigns
3:36 am
really have the resources to last the next five months. running campaigns are expensive. you've got iowa that is the first state. i will deal with much of that c. you've got nevada and south carolina. of course bernie sanders is from vermont and to the east is warren from massachusetts. if you look at 2016, sanders won the state handily setting himself up for a run against clinton. it will be critical again. >> i know exactly where you are standing on elm street. thank you for bringing all of that to us live. good luck today at the
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tell your doctor if you have an infection... ...or symptoms such as fevers,... ...sweats, chills, muscle aches or coughs... ...or if you plan to or recently received a vaccine. i feel free to bare my skin. visit >> developing this morning, violence is escalating. two nato service members including an american were among
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10 people killed after a taliban car bomb exploded in kabul on thursday. a negotiator said he reached a deal in principal with a terror group. joining us now world news editor from the daily beast. good to have you here in person. >> i want to talk to you about some of the new reporting. you say the taliban scoff at trump's peace bluff. >> is what is happening is a word summed up. they don't say it is about peace but evacuation of the u.s. forces. basically, a surrender by the united states after now 18 years of war. and the admission it could have
3:42 am
nothing more to accomplish. denying entry or support to this world. >> saying that this surge gives them a stronger negotiating position? >> it does. we are talking about the taliban. the u.s. has stepped more. that goes up reported because it is down in the province and down from the capital. >> we are supposed to see that next week in washington to discuss the u.s. and taliban talks. is this a bad sign? it seems like a bad sign.
3:43 am
>> look, i think americans want out of afghanistan. it seems like a good deal. that is essentially the bottom line. they are selling the government we've supported for years, they are selling it down the river. the soldiers we have trained, a lot will flip. it will be a disaster for afghanistan. that is par for the course for the trump administration. >> do you think there is a possible solution for the trump administration to achieve a better outcome than what you are forecasting? >> i don't think so. conceivably, the government will hold together. nothing we have seen leads us to believe that. they continue to lead the air
3:44 am
support. none of that can continue. >> there is an art call that says berkowitz elevation is an even more trumpian story. is this accurate? >> that's pretty accurate. berkowitz is going to be the new chief or whatever of middle east negotiations. he has zero experience or background. his predecessor had no background but at least he was an accomplished real estate lawyer. he's hugely unqualified. the nonpeace process is always going to be still born because it doesn't rely on the basic
3:45 am
principal of building peace which is a two-state solution. that has been thrown out by the trump admin operation. it will be a demand for surrender from the palestines with the idea that they get more money. people are not going to sell out to promises by the trump administration which we know doesn't keep promises anyway. >> you are saying they are not going to take process seriously? >> they are trying to win votes and the evangelical. you remember trump saying how disloyal many jews are but evangelicals do vote for him. they eventually want all jews to
3:46 am
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on to the campaign trail in 2020. there is a new poll trump by nine points in the wisconsin match-up. marquette university poll also has bernie sanders coming out for you points ahead. and so we're going to talk about this with the department representative and senior adviser to hillary clinton campaign and attorney and conservative radio talk show host. good morning, guys. >> good morning. >> these numbers especially if you look at those biden numbers, nine points. >> it's not a problem at all for president trump. it's very early. you got a situation where the democrats are really focusing on wisconsin right now. they've indicated they will have their convention there. so, of course, a lot of
3:51 am
wisconsin voters are probably focused on the democratic candidates right now. biden is the most moderate of all the candidates and i think it signifies that voters are screaming for a moderate candidate. but when you get right down to it, in the general election i think trump is going to look like the more moderate candidate because of his more pro capitalist policies, his, you know, not wanting to recognize some of these crazy ideas that southeast democratic candidates have floated about forgiving student loans and medicare for all. >> a few things. my friend on this good saturday morning has forgotten the fact that democrats ran the table in wisconsin in the 2018 mid-terms and that was not because of any other reason other than the rejection of the donald trump political agenda for the state and for the country. i think you also tried to paint
3:52 am
this picture that somehow the democratic platform is so out of touch with america when you just look at the raw numbers you will know that millennials are hungry and thirsty for a policy agenda that speaks to college debt and college tuition, lowering college tuition. for you to say that this is some policy agenda does not work for people of wisconsin, i think is just -- i think it's bad politics on your part. >> go ahead respond to that. >> the thing about wisconsin is it used to be a very strong democratic state. >> it still is. we won in 2018. every statewide office in the state is now under the democrats umbrella. >> yes, but governor scott walker controlled the state for eight years and he was able to g gut organized labor. they no longer have a strong
3:53 am
hold. you have more white voters in wisconsin than other battle ground states like pen and michigan. wisconsin is very much in play for the republicans. even though they did win the governor's race in 2018 by a very narrow major they lost the supreme court race. >> the margin of error in this poll is plus or minus 3.9 points. we're talking about a margin of error situation with sanders, a little better situation if you're on team biden for him with that nine-point lead in the head-to-head. i want to get your take on i had performance at the climate town hall cnn. he was described as fumbling and on defense. could this add to some democrats concerns about whether he is the right nominee for 2020? >> every time the media and those in the beltway paint this picture of joe biden somehow or another the picture they paint is the right picture, he tends to come out stronger than he was
3:54 am
before. i don't think this example will be any different. look, it was vice president joe biden under president barack obama who led the charge when it came to making climate change a real conversation in this country with all the work they did for eight successful years. this idea that people who would never be for joe biden want to paint a picture every time he speaks in public, i think it doesn't do anything for the long term health of this primary process. look, joe biden, he's already baked into why people support him. we need to get back to focusing on what the real issues are and that is the fact that whatever democrats tend to talk about, it is a healthy alternative to what the republicans want to have a conversation about. >> let's talk about some real issues about the economy. we have new numbers that could be tough for trump in re-election. u.s. adding only 130,000 jobs in august. much lower than expected.
3:55 am
this chart here shows the larger trend of jobs growth over time. you can see that decline, especially year-over-year. the hill headline says slowing job growth raises 2020 stakes for trump. so, what does the president need to do here to make sure the economic picture is strong because the fundamentals of the economy right now are showing signs of weakness regardless of which party you're coming from. >> these are the normal fluctuations in economic indicators and all of the experts agree on that. you're not going to have continuous growth in an economy. you'll have ups and downs and fluctuation as. >> fair. what i want to know is yes you have fluctuations in the economy but you have a president who is hanging his hat on the economy. and what we're starting to see is not only more fluctuations but we're talking about global volatility, manufacturing and
3:56 am
recession. i mean these are just numbers that matter. so what would you advise the president to do looking ahead thinking okay we may be looking at a weaker economic picture here, maybe. >> i think that he would like to see the fed reduce interest rates. >> which they probably will do. >> there's no inflation, no reason for them not to do that. i think that he would like the to see continued pressure on china. so that we bring manufacturing back to this country and we stop manufacturing everything in china and then allowing them to rip us off with their tariffs and their policies over there. so i think he's doing the right thing. he's not checking the polls every day like maybe the democratic candidates are. >> antoan i want to give the last word. >> this president and the republicans have put all their
3:57 am
stock not necessarily in the economy but in the stock market and now we have seen that start to come back and bite them. i'll remind you as i doverry week there's such a thing as a working poor in this country because of donald trump and his reckless economic policies. >> all right, always a good debate. thank you so much. there's a party going on right now in new hampshire and it's on the streets. you got live pictures there of the cory booker team campaigning at the democratic state convention. we'll bring you everything live coming up next.
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