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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  September 9, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> that's all right. >> that's going to wrap up this hour. >> right now talking with terrorists. president trump scraps a secret meeting with the taliban at camp david just days before 9/11. now his advisors are left to defend inviting the terror group to a sacred place in american history. >> camp david has a long history, an important history. it's also had an important role in kmcomplex peace negotiations sometimes with some pretty bad actors. the challengers. donald trump faces the biggest primary threat any sitting president has ever faced as a third republican jumps into the 2020 primary race. >> what i would hope to do is break from what he's doing, which is to criticize everybody and everything that is not within his circle and go back to old style politics where we can agree to disagree on occasion,
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but have a real conversation. >> real conversation. and the crown, a revealing look at the behind the scenes competition among the trump children to carry their father's legacy forward. >> i thought ivanka was amazing at the g20. the foreign leaders really liked her a lot. [ inaudible question ] >> i'm not grooming her for office. ♪ good day everybody. i'm yasmin. national security advisor john bolton and vice president mike pence among those opposed to holding such a high level meeting at the presidential sanctuary and to the idea of actually bringing taliban officials into the united states
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for talks just days before the anniversary of the september 11th terror attacks. joining me to talk about this, our panel. courtney, i'm going to start with you. you had a piece on that really digs into the details surrounding this meeting. take us through what happened inside of the situation room and what led to those weekend tweets. >> it was about ten days ago, september 1st in a meeting in the situation room where they discussed the idea of meeting with the taliban and the president of afghanistan, afghanistan's government leaders to talk about a potential peace deal. president trump was the one who we're told by a number of administration and u.s. officials, he was the one who pushed for the idea of doing
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this at camp david. he liked the idea of it being a summit. there was widespread disagreement about doing it there, including people like john bolton, the national security advisor who vehemently pushed back on the idea of the president meeting with the taliban and of doing it at camp david and of the idea they would be doing it only days before the anniversary of 9/11, which comes this week. vice president mike pence also agreed with john bolton and wanted to not have the meeting there. he was concerned about the idea that how would this look for u.s. military members, those who have been fighting the taliban, being wounded in killed in many cases by taliban attacked for the last 18 years in afghanistan. ultimately the meeting was called off. another thing we're told by a number of officials is the president of afghanistan was against this meeting and that he was likely to pull out of it. so that was one of the things that convinced president trump to cancel the meeting. >> you can't help but think was
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this about national security for the president or was this about the leadup to the 2020 elections? as you well know, some of this is pretty textbook trump. i want to read an excerpt. on display were all of the characteristic traits of the trump presidency, the yearning ambition for the grand prize, the endless quest to achieve what no other president has achieved, the willingness to defy convention, the volatile mood swings and the tribal infighting. what is your take on all that has played out with regards to these taliban talks? >> that was a great piece by peter baker. he hits the nail on the head there. part of this is trump trying to fulfill a campaign promise. he vowed as a candidate to withdraw america from these endless foreign wars, to focus on, quote unquote, america first. that included slowly at some point pulling back from afghanistan. so he's looking to make good on
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that promise before the reelection campaign. i think his interest in doing this summit, having these talks at camp david stems from the simple fact that donald trump has always had this supreme confidence in his own ability as a deal maker, that he thinks he has this singular charisma and an ability to bring adversaries to the table, and if he can just talk to them face to face, he can make something magical happen. it's the reason he's done these meetings with kim jong-un and i think it's the reason why he was so eager to have what would have been a historic meeting with the taliban leaders at camp david. >> we saw secretary of state mike pompeo basically making the rounds on every single talk show on sunday trying to safe face once it was revealed that this meeting was going to happen and was subsequently cancelled, the president says by him. let's take a listen to pompeo speaking with chuck on "meet the press". >> when did you know that this meeting wasn't going to happen? >> i'm not going to talk about
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specifics, but we had been working on this meeting for a little while. then after the attack by the taliban with a simple effort to improve their negotiating posture, that was something president trump could never stand for. >> mr. secretary, the taliban have been killing americans throughout these negotiations and some people criticized the united states for participating with the taliban. why now? why wasn't this a problem before? >> it's always a problem any time the taliban conduct terror attacks, certainly when they injure americans or kill americans. so it's always a problem. >> my big question here is, if it's always a problem, why even propose to have the talks in the first place, especially when you dealing with a terrorist organization like the taliban that is using lives to negotiate, who literally have said more lives will be lost because these negotiations are
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no longer? >> listen, afghanistan has proven a very difficult war to end. it's not just for this administration. let's go back to 2009. president obama gives a speech at west point, both announcing an additional sending of troops to afghanistan and a timeline for withdrawal. this is now the second administration that has found it very difficult to come to a discussion with the taliban to figure out a way to end this war. so this is really a situation where you see in afghanistan a mix of relief plus fear at the collapse of these talks, relief in the sense that afghan's felt like they were not part of the process from the beginning, that the taliban had never seen the afghan government as legitimate. and now they always fear that this year which has been so very deadly, 16 service members who have died in action this year as well as hundreds to thousands of afghans just in the past few weeks alone. i mean, you've seen an
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escalation of attacks from the taliban side. there is this whole question of what comes next, but this is not the first administration to face it. >> that big question of what comes next, i'm going to go to you admiral because you know the situation better than anybody. talk to me about what you think is the best strategy going forward? do you think it would have been a good move for president trump to sit down with the taliban at camp david? and what is the real situation on the ground in afghanistan right now? >> i commanded this mission for four years 2009-2013. in those years we were losing 300, 400, 500 americans killed each year. since then, we had withdrawn 90% of our troops. we've come down from 150,000 troops to about 15,000 troops. my point in mentioning all that is we are still putting pressure on the taliban.
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there have been some gains by the taliban. on the other hand, the taliban have suffered some losses as well. i'll tell you three things we need to focus on the we're going to land this thing diplomatically. we all want a negotiated end to this thing. number one, the taliban have got to adhere to a cease fire for some set period of time before we can seriously consider withdrawing u.s. troops. secondly, we have to have ghani involved in the conversation. thirdly, as much as we all want to get out of afghanistan, we're going to have to continue to put pressure on the taliban. if we do all these things, this thing will not end like vietnam did with helicopters pulling people off the roof of the embassy. it will end the way colombia has more or less ended. the rebels came in from the jungle. they stacked their weapons. they're now in the peace
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process. we've still got a long way to go in afghanistan. trying to do it as an artificial timeline will not create what we need here. >> i can't help but think, who's to say any of the parties involved in these negotiations would agree to anything you just laid out? isn't that the real problem here? when you want a cease fire from the taliban, they already said they won't agree to a cease fire. when you want ghani to get involved, he won't speak to the taliban directly. then you want to remain pressure on the taliban, which it seems like has been happening but that's really gotten us nowhere. >> i would argue that we have an excellent negotiator driving this process right now, former u.s. ambassador to afghanistan, to iraq and to the united nations. he's a very skilled negotiator. i think he can land this thing, but it's not going to be a swing for the fences moment at camp
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david. there's got to be more discussion and more agreement at a lower level before this thing steps up. and i think that despite what the taliban will tell you, that we have all the watches, they have all the time, the taliban are feeling the pressure as well right now. i think there is means for an outcome here. >> can you trust the taliban, admiral, throughout this process? >> we need to recall that there are several taliban here. the ones that are in the negotiating process, i think they can be trusted if they show the willingness to go to cease fire. there will be elements in the taliban that cannot be trusted. it's not a homogeneous movement. at the end of the day, reagan used to say trust and verify. here we've got to verify before we can trust. i still there's potential here to negotiate a conclusion to
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this. >> if this is about national security, if this is about actually getting something done in afghanistan to bring peace to the region, to pulling as many troops out of that region as possible, why not continue these talks? why not land the plane in doha where these negotiations were originally taking place? >> this seems to be president trump who wanted this at camp david. you could make the assumption based on his past speeches, based on the book he wrote about negotiating, that it has something to do with bringing people onto his own turf. he thinks he can get someone into a room and negotiate with them and all of a sudden all of the impasses will suddenly be broken down and he will make an agreement. admiral is spot on with what he was saying about the need for some kind of a cease fire before there is any kind of troop withdrawal. i don't know that we will see that, though. i don't have any indications that there will be an agreement of a cease fire before u.s. troops will leave.
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one of the things i've heard from a number of u.s. military officials and u.s. officials is that the afghan government is very frustrated by the fact they've been taking out of these negotiations and that's only emboldening the taliban by delegitimizing the government. another point that we should make is the notion that there had been this quieting of tensions or fighting between the u.s. forces, the nato forces and the taliban is absolutely wrong. the u.s. has been fighting the taliban very hard. since the last time i was in afghanistan self-montveral mont i was hearing about the number of taliban the u.s. has taken out. >> it was news of the air force launching an investigation after we learned that a military crew
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was flying from alaska to kuwait, stopped off in scotland and stayed overnight at a resort owned by the president. officials are saying that no regulations were violated, but there are concerns about taxpayer money. and then the president tweeting this morning this, i know nothing about an air force plane landing at an airport which i do not own and have nothing to do with near turnberry resort, which i do own in scotland and filling up with fuel with the crew staying overnight at turnberry. they have good taste. nothing to do with me. what is your reaction to this? >> hard to know where to start. in 30 seconds, i'll just say that every time we fly a military aircraft in a civilian transit like that, they are absolutely required to do it at the best cost and the lowest cost for taxpayers. i think the optics of this at a minimum are terrible. of course, it raises the endless red flags of enrichment of the
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trump empire at government cost. so the air force is going to have to look at this very hard. they will. they'll lay it out. i think we'll find some really bad judgment involved at the air force level on this one. bad move. >> thank you all. appreciate it, guys. coming up, running man. former republican representative mark sanford announces his bid for the white house. will gop voters get behind his challenge to president trump? you should be mad at tech that's unnecessarily complicated.
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i think the party would be made stronger. i think the eventual nominee would be made stronger by a robust debate of ideas rather than saying we picked our horse, we're sticking with it and we'll see what happens come next november. >> a republican presidential primary fight is brewing as mark sanford adds his name to a growing list of gop challengers trying to take on president trump in a long shot bid for the republican nomination. the president, of course, taking aim today at his challengers, calling them, quote, the three sto stooges. four states including sanford's home state of south carolina moving to block any challenge to president trump by cancelling their presidential primaries.
9:20 am
jeremy, i'm going to start with you on this one. we well know cancelling primaries, it is not necessarily unheard of for incumbent parties. in 2004 you had ten states cancelling their nominating contests to support george w. bush. what are the implications here of the president being challenged by so many inside of his own party? >> i think the implications are that it becomes harder for really there to be any type of delegate revolt or organized challenge to president trump that can be successful. one of the things they did very well in the 2016 convention was lock down the delegates so there was no threat to trump's nomination. they've started doing that again in a very sophisticated way, going to state parties in crucial states from michigan to massachusetts and making sure that the organizational
9:21 am
structure of the party is loyal to the president, because frankly the last thing trump can afford is a fight within his own party when he is already facing such a difficult reelection challenge. >> what does it do for sanford to challenge the president here? does it degrade him within his own party? could it weaken him going into the general? >> it's hard to say, especially because we have these primaries being cancelled. most of the people i talked to, republicans and democrats, say this is really up to the president to inflict wounds on his own political campaign. he has largely been his own worst enemy when it comes to scandals and misinformation. in a lot of ways it's the president's race to lose in the eyes of many republicans i talked to. will mark sanford be able to make people second guess the president? possibly. with these primaries being
9:22 am
cancelled across the country, he's not really going to have a place to be publicly challenging the president. there's not going to be a debate. >> sanford has not categorically said he's going to not vote for trump if in fact he loses. what is the point of running against the president if you can't go so far as to say you won't vote for him in the general? >> i don't quite understand that myself. i think what sanford is trying to do here is really difficult. he's trying to capture the attention of republicans who are saying we've had enough of this guy, enough is enough. the problem is there aren't that many republicans who have had enough or at least are willing to say that they have. this president has consistently had ratings in the high 80s when it comes to his approval among republicans. that's a smaller piece of the overall country than it used to be, those who identify as
9:23 am
republicans, but it's still extraordinarily high. so i think, again, bill weld, joe walsh, mark sanford really have an uphill battle in more ways than one, not just organizationally, but emotionally. the republican voter is just really not ready to say we've had enough of trump. >> thank you both. coming up, back to work. with a renewed focus on gun control, will congress deliver on their promise to do something? i switched to miralax for my constipation.
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welcome back. congress goes back to work today and both houses face long to-do lists including gun legislation, funding the government and a possible push by house democrats to impeach the president. joining me is democratic senator chris van holland of maryland. thank you so much for joining us today. >> good to be with you. thanks. >> talk to me about your to-do list. what is top of mind for you? what do you think is possible to get done on this first day back? >> you just hit an issue that
9:28 am
there's no excuse for the senate not to act on. that's to take up the universal background check gun safety legislation. this is a bill that passed the house of representatives months ago. it would close the so-called gun show loophole, the private sale loophole, which is how the shooter in west texas was able to get a gun because of this loophole. and there's absolutely no excuse for senator mitch mcconnell not to bring this up. inaction is complicity in the bloodshed. he keeps pointing to donald trump and saying he's not going to allow the senate to vote unless donald trump comes on board. well, donald trump should come on board. he said he would and then he gets a call from the nra and backs off. that's still no excuse for mitch mcconnell not to do his job and allow a vote in the united states senate. >> do you think leader mcconnell will be bringing up gun legislation at this point if there's enough pressure from the
9:29 am
democrats? >> there's got to be pressure not just from democrats in congress, but he has to be hearing from people throughout the country. we know from a poll that just came out, the abc "washington post" poll, that 89% of the american people, republicans, democrats, independents, support the universal criminal background check legislation, the legislation that the house passed that is sitting in the senate. so this is the moment for people to be calling their senators and mitch mcconnell and demanding a vote. if mitch mcconnell wants to vote against something that is supported by 90% of the american public that's his choice, but he shouldn't block the senate from acting. >> you had speaker pelosi and senator schumer sending a letter to the president urging him to support this background checks act. will it get a senate vote? >> well, what mitch mcconnell
9:30 am
has said is if president trump endorses the house bill or a background check bill, that he'll allow for a vote. so we have two people right now who are totally shirking their responsibilities. one is the president, who after these awful shootings makes believe on television that he wants to do something about it. he even said he was going to support a background check bill last time. but then he gets the phone call from the gun lobby and he goes running for cover. meanwhile, mitch mcconnell is just pointing fingers at the white house saying, hey, you know, i'd like to do this, but i'm only going to do it if president trump signs on, which is again a total abdication of responsibility and complicity in ongoing bloodshed. the american people, this is a moment where everybody needs to be calling their senators and demanding action. >> before i move on, though, i just quickly want to ask what here needs to be done?
9:31 am
how do you get gun legislation reform through if you are getting so much pushback not only from leader mcconnell but also from the president and really not knowing where the president stands on all of this. before he went on vacation in august, he said he was supporting background checks and that the nra would get on board. that didn't happen and it seems like everybody's back at square one. >> that's right. there are some police chiefs at the white house today. police chiefs have been among the most vocal advocates for common sense gun safety legislation. look, this has got to be a moment where the president and mitch mcconnell and republicans are more worried about 90% of the american public that supports this than they are scared of the gun lobby and the nra. that's the bottom line. the bottom line is, as you head toward the next elections, do they conclude that 90% of the
9:32 am
american people who support these common sense safety measures are going to get out and vote on these issues. if they believe that will happen, then they'll be willing to take action. >> i want to talk about something else on this very long to-do list. the house judiciary committee is going to vote on thursday on impeachment procedures. is it a mistake for democrats to take this up? >> no, i don't think it's a mistake for them to take this next step, which is to vote on the procedures, to formalize the proceedings. it may give them an advantage in certain ways in getting some of the documents they need for the various investigations. i think this strengthens their hand. obviously they'll have another decision and it will have to come relatively soon about whether to fully proceed. but i do think the step that the judiciary committee is taking is the appropriate step. >> thank you.
9:33 am
welcome to work. >> thank you. elizabeth warren gets a huge reception in new hampshire as a new poll shows her surging with democratic voters. steve kornacki breaks down the latest for us next. they're america's biopharmaceutical researchers. pursuing life-changing cures in a country that fosters innovation here, they find breakthroughs... like a way to fight cancer by arming a patient's own t-cells... because it's not just about the next breakthrough... it's all the ones after that.
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welcome back. with just three days to go until all the top democratic presidential contenders meet on
9:37 am
one debate stage, new polls show the primary fight is a three-way race at the top between joe biden, bernie sanders and elizabeth warren, who is solidifying her place as a top contender, attracting massive crowds at campaign stops across the country including over the weekend at the new hampshire democratic state convention where warren was a huge hit with the audience, the massachusetts senator receiving a nearly two-minute standing ovation. joining me is steve kornacki at the big board. take us through some of these new polls that we're seeing, especially with this momentum from elizabeth warren. >> the candidates were busy this weekend. the pollsters were busy this weekend. a bunch of new polling data we can take you through. here's a new national poll from abc news and the "washington post." again, joe biden continuing to lead this race again. we've seen this high 20s, low 30s. he's been consistently in front of this race, but not exactly running away with it.
9:38 am
certainly striking distance here for both sanders and warren, also striking the fact in a race with more than 20 candidates, only three right now, only three candidates are over double digits in this democratic race. there were a couple versions of this abc news "washington post" poll released. what you see here, there are some slight differences between them. this is the version that takes all adults, not just registered voters. the dnc has said they will use this version of the poll to decide who's eligible for debate this is fall. this poll actually counts toward that october debate. these polls, by the way, cbs news, these are the early state polls. they also count 2014 toward deb qualifying. this is one of the best showings
9:39 am
sanders has had in an iowa poll. tom steyer by hitting 2% in this poll, 2% is the threshold. you've got to hit 2% in four polls. with this poll right here tom steyer hits four polls at 2%. doesn't mean he's going to be in this week, but this does mean he will be in in october. new hampshire, this one getting attention too. warren from next door massachusetts leading biden by a point here in this poll. sanders right behind him. again, nobody else in double digit passenges digits. nevada, biden, warren big gap there to kamala harris at 6. south carolina yet another poll that shows joe biden's strongest early state by far is south carolina. he is bolstered by very strong african-american support this. 60% of the democratic electorate
9:40 am
in south carolina we think will be african-american next year. basically if biden can be viable getting into south carolina, right now it's setting up as a fire wall for him. the question is, can he get through those earlier contests before south carolina to take advantage of this initial report. >> what do you make of this back and forth between sanders and warren that we're seeing a lot of? the "washington post" is calling them frenemies. >> if you go back to this national poll here, again, there are two candidates kind of within striking distance of biden. ideologically they're very similar. if you put their positions on paper, it would be hard to tell which is which sometimes. but they are drawing from slightly different constituencies. warren voters tend to be more college educated, higher income. she has some support among black voters but sanders is doing better than warren with
9:41 am
non-white voters, with non-college educated. so there is a little bit of a difference demographically between who they're appealing to. i think each has the hope that the other, sort of a battle of survival in these early states, each has the hope they will outlast the other and inherit the supporters of the other. >> i quickly want you to weigh in on the sanford thing. sanford saying he's going to challenge the president. historically what type of precedent do we have for this? how is this going to affect the president? >> they get three republicans right knnow who stepped forwardo challenge the president, sanford, weld, joe walsh, the former congressman from illinois. among republican voters, donald trump's approval rating sits at
9:42 am
89% right now. the bottom line is when you look at past presidents who have gotten into trouble in primary compares, their support with their own party has been lower, significantly lower than that. so it's an interesting situation. trump is clearly vulnerable in a general election. you look at his overall approval rating. this is a vulnerable incumbent. in terms of winning his party's nomination to go for a second term, it's hard to look at that approval rating and see big trouble with him despite the fact that there are three challengers now. coming up, threeing th ifly destruction. the latest from abaco island next.
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i feel happy that we're leaving the island because everything is destroyed. >> she'll never remember this, but what will you tell her? >> i probably wouldn't tell her about it. she doesn't need to know about it. >> it was that bad? >> it was bad. >> it was bad. so families are leaving the
9:47 am
devastation in the abaco islands behind. at least 44 people were killed when hurricane dorian pummelled the bahamas, destroying entire communities and generations. ali velshi is in the bahamas and joining me now. i know it's been difficult getting there in the first place. it's important for people to see what is happening on the islands down there. you have covered a lot of these things and i can only imagine what you are seeing on the ground right now. >> reporter: i've covered hurricanes, i've covered tornados, i've covered earthquakes and i've covered things that have been bombed. this is a combination of all of them. you can't really capture it very well on camera in any given place. this is a boat that was brought in on the surge and then dumped here. you see there are two vehicles strapped to that boat. we're at a port. what happened here is a number of containers came off the port
9:48 am
ships and in the 180 miles an hour winds were just scouring this area. there is nothing, nothing untouched. there are houses entirely flattened as if they've gone through a woodchiper or shredder. there's nothing untouched. this storm sat over the bahamas for two days at cat 5 hurricane strength for most of it. that's the kind of destruction we've seen. there is an entire area behind me that's been reduced to rubble. it's called the mud. it's were a lot of haitians lived. they're of a lower economic station on this island so it's like a shantytown. that has been flattened and destroyed. there's a church there destroyed. there are all sorts of search and rescue teams going through the rubble there.
9:49 am
when you drive around, there is a smell of death here. that death toll, i think, is likely to rise just based on what we've seen this morning. but the destruction is absolute. there's a shortage of fuel. we're just here at the port where a shipment of diesel came in from fort lauderdale. they don't have a customs official to clear the shipment. you can't get gas ease hieasily. there are very few working cars. this is one of the better ones i've seen. but there are cars that are entirely destroyed, flipped over on top of each other. that's the kind of destruction. and we have just been here a few hours to get some sense of it. there are search and rescue teams. i was with a former green beret and navy saeal with their cadavr dog. they came across three bodies this morning. they say but for fuel, they would be doing more. that's the state here. it's serious, it's devastating.
9:50 am
one woman told me this morning it's apocalyptic. >> i've been there on vacation. the people such an incredible people.apocalyptic. >> ali, i know the government is moving people to nassau, what happens then? >> reporter: everybody is trying to get to nassau or most people are trying to get there. i get the sense anybody who could leave on this island did. you go down this way and i am going to ask jim to point his camera down to the port area. it is a little out of sight. people just drove their cars there and abandoned them so they can get on some kind of boat and get to nassau. everybody we are talking to is still trying to get to gnnassau. some are trying to get from nassau to florida where they may have families. but that's where people are
9:51 am
going. people at abaco say they can't rebuild without help. their immediate need is cash and gasoline. this is the entire thing. we can go down to home depot to start to rebuild your house. it is going to need a lot of outside interventions. >> ali will have much more coming up in the 1:00 p.m. hour along with the 3:00 p.m. hour as well. thank you, ali, good talking to you. off the coast of georgia, the u.s. coast guards confirmed all four crew members from the golden ray are alive. the massive cargo ship which capsized and caught on fire yesterday, their conditions are unknown. response crew will drill holes to the river supply for them. we'll continue to monitor the situation and bring you the latest as we get it. the four aboard that capsized
9:52 am
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that's simple, easy, awesome. add the sports entertainment package for nfl redzone. click, call, or visit a store today to learn more. welcome back, a family feud is brewing between president trump's children as they avised to become the next generation of their father's political dynasty.
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while the president writes his chapter in history. the next generation waits in the wings jockeying for position and knowing only one of them can be the heir. an incredible story. there is a lot to learn here. i have so much to absorb to say the least. it is basically like the family "the apprentice." donald trump chosen ivanka to feature prominently during his campaign. you write that she's been groomed for years and she was beautiful and golden child and in possession of that most important family trait, a compulsive image consciousness, ivanka soaked up this spotlight, don was consigned to the margins of the campaign that long had been a study in contrast where
9:57 am
she whispers and he was careful and reckless, unlike ivanka who could not wait to follow her dad into real estate. ivanka was the chosen child here and president trump thought she would be the one to carry the dynasty. as how did he change his mind? >> the reality is that the president may be confronting now is he does not have control over who succeeds now. when is empire was built on business. he can choose who he wanted to take over by appointing that heir to the important job in the company and eventually making her ceo. in politics you don't have the same control. a lot of it is up to the voters and political process. and what happens is while ivanka
9:58 am
has been in the white house toying away and gaining power and status and sometimes flailing and don jr. has been out in the campaign trail building up his own grass root future ca fan base whether the president likes it or not. >> why does it seem like don jr. is resonating more than the president's daughter? >> well, part of it is ideology in politics. don jr. is somebody who could come to a conservative world view long before the rest of the family. he liked hunting and believed in gun rights and immerse himself in the conservative world view. and also though his style is much closer to his father than
9:59 am
ivanka is. ivanka is cautious and polished and concerned of approvals and respectable people. don jr. is noisy and brash and a lot like his father. you can see him morphing into his father. in a lot of ways, he's a natural fit for this kind of magna politics that donald trump is changing. you also write about the meeting of trump tower. the russian lawyer and don jr. was basically buying the approval of his father in that very meeting. >> that's right, this came at a period when corey lewandowski
10:00 am
was on his way out of the campaign. don jr. was effectively taken control of the campaign. he was somebody who wanted win over his father's approval and show him that he was confidence enough at the trump tower meeting. >> mckay, thank you so much. >> that's it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." here is stephanie ruhle for "velshi & ruhle." >> thank so much, it is the trump dynasty. hello everyone, i am stephanie ruhle. the devastation from hurricane dorian is almost too much to fath fathom. the search for survivors underway as some aides arrived on the island. my colleague, ali velshi is looif live. president trump called off talks with the taliban that's


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