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tv   Morning Joe  MSNBC  September 16, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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? >> this week we're going to coming up, iran denies attacking do it again. watch whether the president from 53% the number who think doubles down and goes even saudi oil facilities while >> now jonathan's question to further with his threat against president trump says the u.s. immigration benefits the country you. let me ask you this. to 65%. has locked and loaded and ready clearly this is part of a iran. to respond. presidential campaign. when the president said locked and loaded, he's used that at his job approval on so he's going there for a reason plus, the president phrase in the past, just a day immigration is lower than his tonight. he has an objective. job approval overall. after secretary pompeo said iran so immigration is hurting. flip-flop o do you fear at all that his and then lastly, he has pushed flip-flops on whether he should was responsible for that attack meet with iran with no conditions and then quotes the fake news of getting it wrong. employment of the usual language in saudi arabia, that was an democrats. and so, while, yes, he has over that he uses on imhe "morning joe" is back in a moment. " is back in a moment inauguration, on the border, do implicit threat by the 90 -- 80% of republicans you have any fear of insightment president. one other key point on that. approving of his performance, he fact that drones was used here of any kind in his appearance is really freaking out people in has over 90% of democrats ( ♪ ) government and business. it's a new vulnerability and disapproving. he has 65% strongly approving only tylenol® rapid release gels we've never seen it do this kind today? his perform an. he what's 80 five% of democrats have laser drilled holes. >> i'm very worried about the of damage. >> we'll is he see if the they release medicine fast, words the president uses. when my mom calls me with fear for fast pain relief. strongly disapproving, the and with concern and with the secretary and the president can tylenol®. words that president uses to it get on the same paged on who is biggest gap we've seen in the will people to go back where behind this. they came from. always a pleasure. polling. he is contoll sol dating words that i've heard said to me we'll be reading axios am for in democrats, driving away republican voters and making the before, joe. so, every day, this is the kind of rhetoric we put our latest technology that terrifies us and now his country more pro government and and unrivaled network to work. more pro immigration. panics have a target on their a little bit. >> that does it for us on this the united states postal service makes more back. we saw sadly the tragedy that monday morning. took place in el paso where >> a question for you. e-commerce deliveries to homes "morning joe" starts right now. the trump campaign's theorist than anyone else in the country. someone drove hundreds of miles case for this coming election, they acknowledge they're going - [woman] with my shark, i deep clean messes like this, to target mexican families and to have a hard time per swagd . good morning and welcome to voters who were opposed to him this, and even this. undocumented people. enough is enough.
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"morning joe." it is monday, september 16th. but i don't have to clean this, last time to join the team this i'm certainly hopeful the time around. because the self-cleaning brush roll president understands the power with us rewith white houwe have they think they can find new of the words and does not do removes hair while i clean. voters, people who didn't come - [announcer] shark, the vacuum that deep cleans anything to insight violence and out in 2016, people who had have make sure that he's being the now cleans itself. leader he should be as opposed a favorable view of the to the coward that he often is. president. do you think there's anything to [horn honks] near, host of msnbc's politics man this is what i feel like when i wear regular shoes, >> congressman, over the weekend nation and president of the that? is there enough of a sliver out cramped and uncomfortable. there was a reaction from a there that particularly in those couple of members of the 2020 key states in the midwest that we can arrange a little upgrade. national action network reverend he needs so badly, does that democratic field. which is why i wear skechers... two of whom are u.s. senators theory work? wide fit shoes. al sharpton. >> it doesn't work. they have extra room throughout. that say bassed on the and, to be honest, even the revelations in "the new york they're like a luxury ride for my feet. try skechers wide fit shoes. times" piece, justice kavanaugh richard haass and senior white theorist case internally that people have been discussing should be impeached. house reporter shannon doesn't apply as well. would you support such an pettypiece joins us this morning. we've got a lot to sergeatart w. because when we run biden tv aas many safety features powas the rx, the new...... inquiry? >> absolutely. against trump a libertarian, the lexus rx has met its match. one thing after another that we continue to find out. after we found out about the first sexual asalt and now there biden against trump, trump is if they're talking about you... is a revelation that has come >> i think rick okasich was a getting 41% of the vote, he gets you must be doing something right. forward, there are definitely questions that deserve answers but i definitely stapd by them 41% of the vote with warren. experience the style, craftsmanship, there is no difference in his boston guy. he passed away. vote. and technology that have made the rx as well. only 2% of democrats vote for we just got reports, he was the trump whether it's biden or the leading luxury suv of all time. i want to make sure we get rid of him. front man of the cars found that warren. and you have about -- between 6% lease the 2019 rx 350 >> all right. finally, the impeachment efforts he passed away last night at 75. for $399 a month for 36 months. with president trump. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. where does that stand? not only was he a great swong where does it need to go? and 10% depending on warren or sanders of republicans pulling how does it play into politics away from him. for 2020? writer, great producer and you've got either democrat what are you concerned about if
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performer, also was the -- was winning by seven points, nine points, but democrats very the producer for wheezer, and anything? >> i joined several colleagues consolidated. and the reason why i don't worry really expected in the music in moving forward with the about the new vote, i think d impeachment process. community. >> and author of a number of there's going to be new voters. it is not something we should be we have a scale we use, one to proud of in the united states of timeless songs, stuff you hear ten, ten being i'm following america. having to investigate the on the radio even now decades president with all of the after they were released. politics very closely. it's the highest in the history allegations, the obstruction of and front man one of the seminal of our polling. we don't have anymore people justice, the conspiracy associated with how the boston bands. that are not likely registered president's says he's innocent i grew up in the area. where we continue to see signs you'd hear their stuff all the time. i don't think we have too many voters. details on his death, but it's a every voter qualifies as likely. of guilt associated with it's gone up ten points since financial transactions, concerns of money laundering and tax the off-year election. maim jur evasion. and that's why i move forward. in every election in the history major loss of him and the community. joe, you were a fan of him and of our polling the interest now i understand that will is a drops, people following it, and different political question wheezer, right? then goes up month by month. that is being asked today. >> absolutely. i follow forward with my we've got a lot to news to we're in a period of time where get to. we'll begin with the overnight the interest has jumped ten constitutional responsibilities. but we need to be mindful of the deputy e development that tens points since the election, plus, fact that mitch mcconnell said of thousands of auto workers he'll do everything he can to you have white working-class officially went on strike exonerate the president. women pulling back from him, so and that's why these against general motors. he's barely winning them. investigations in the house of negotiations set to resume this he's only ahead by under ten morning. points with them. representatives must produce leaders from the united auto so the voters that were workers union told nearly 50,000 facti facts for the american people so workers at 31 gm plants to enthusiastic and a majority of there is a thorough process either walk off the job or stay the white working class are whether it's in the house or women, just aren't there in the moves to the senate.
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home after talks with the same way. >> the book is r.i.p. g.o.p., that way mitch mcconnell can't automaker on a new four-year labor agreement stalled over the be involved and exonerate the weekend. one of the biggest sticking president in two or three short how the new america is dooming points between the two sides is the republican party. days. the company's decision in stanley greenberg, thank you very much. >> all right. thank you very much. november to close four u.s. we want to turn back to now we want to get to polling elizabeth warren's new about last week's democratic (classical music playing throughout) factories. primary debate. the union is also pressing for anticorruption plan. joining us now, editor in chief nbc news political reporter ali higher pay, more job security, of cosmopolitan magazine jessica and better benefits. vitaly joins us now. i want to understand more about pells. you have quite a reach the strategy here and how this new plan directly takes on the especially with younger viewers of the debate through cosmo. again motors which is trying to trump administration, because, i mean, i get it with elizabeth what are the numbers here? cut of costs called the walk-off what is the reach? warren the creator of the >> we're reaching 81 million consumer final protection bureau. i would say a plan like this readers every month. zoipti disappointing saying it put most are millennials and gen z. forth a fair offer. appeals to voters she already this marks the first national has. >> that's right. strike by the union since 2007. >> you found that biden didn't and president trump weighed in you go to thoot theo these rall do so well among younger voters. on the matter on twitter when she says she wants to yesterday encouraging the two but we're also a cancer fighting, >> sanders pulled ahead for us sides to get together and make a overturn citizens united, that's a huge applause line. hiv controlling, in our polling after last week's deal. a lot of jobs on the line. and she is directly taking on joint replacing, debate. >> a lot of jobs on the line and depression relieving company. he is polling for us at 32%. the trump administration in and, jonathan, a lot at stake various ways, but she's taking from the day you're born that is 15% more than his on the way that supreme court for this president who promised justices, members of congress we never stop taking care of you. national average. to bring manufacturing back to and it's because, i believe, the the united states. are able to then interact with we are now, again, it appears the private sector. a few of the main things in the one thing he has that the other plan she wants to clarify, for candidates on that stage don't is exceptional clarity,
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that he wi example, what a thing of value is in campaign finance reform so that we in a manufacturing recession. simplicity and consistency of the financial times and other that opposition research from good morning. message. it's easy to understand what welcome to "morning joe." newspapers, media outlets it is monday, september 16th. he's saying and why he's saying it in a context in which all of dporn governments like what with us, we have white house the other candidates are reporter for the associated blaming donald trump's trade war quarrelling with each other and stepping on each other's toes. press, jonathan lamere, host of with china and here a strike my reader is still weary of his donald skbroo "politics nation" and president over the closing of several u.s. donald junior did with the of the national action network, russians, she wants to make sure ability to beat trump. thaul tax returns are required plants. the stakes for donald trump in for presidential candidates, so reverend al sharpton. but, yes, you're right. the midwest especially, the president of the council on biden did not perform terribly foreign relations and author of there's a not here including the well with millennial that's felt upper midwest could not be the book "a world in disarray," he was meandering and out of fact she doesn't want elected higher. >> first of all, great segue officials and top government richard hass, and senior white touch. >> all right. appointees to ever be able to and also they actually didn't from the cars to general motors, nicely done. become lobbyists and that get to like the debate process as well. >> yes. >> yes, you're right. house reporter joins us this for this president had this is the heart of corruption. morning. wow. we have a lot to start with. was it too many people on the when you talk about her, i know stage? >> it's too many people. she has a plan through that. of his key promises we heard it its too many debates. but throughout outall f these b some sad news. >> yes. millennials want to overhaul the in 2016 90 after nignight afters debate process altogether. i think casic was a boston guy. they feel the vast majority of my readers feel it's not helpful we got reports overnight. in determining who to vote for. she's going to be rallying here going to revive the auto in new york city and this going industry. we know the bailout after to be i think one of the 80% of my audience told me they hallmark speeches that we look wish that there were topical president obama took office back on on elizabeth warren of how she wants to get at debates instead of general corruption and what that means debates. for her as a candidate at large. and it's beyond just being stab he was the lead singer of the unhelpful. the debates could actually be stabilized that, joe biden >> all right. damaging to the candidates in mentioned it on the campaign . he pass add way the a75.
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the eyes of young voters. trail. but those midwest states that we not only was he a great 72% of my readers told me that nbc's alli vitaly, thank you heard time and time again, michigan, ohio, wisconsin, songwriter and producer and they lose respect for a very much. performer, was also a producer candidate who uses the debate pennsylvania, these are so donald trump hoped his manufacturing states that have for weezer. inauguration would be broadened stage to repeat one liners. seen over the last couple years by a superstar like president and really sprekted in the music a decline. despite his promises and three quarters said they really balm had with beyonce and aretha community. >> no question. don't want to see the candidates rhetoric that things are on the and, you know, author of a tear each other apart in that upswing, the evidence doesn't number of timeless songs. back that up from the have been kind of forum. a number of factories close, not franklin. but his top choice declined his stuff you hear on the radio even >> so i take it really castro now, decades after they were just on automobile factories but released. front man of the seminole didn't too do well. other he's well. invitation. he has said that -- we've heard "the new york times" reports >> no. that sir elton john rejected the blossom bands. i grew up in the area there. >> with his kind of really him at the white house suggest you'd hear their stuff all the strange attacks on vice this will be the case for these time. you know, we don't think we have voters to stay with him this president biden. time around. too many details on his death. so finally, what they care voters who traditionally these president's inauguration but it's certainly major loss about. invitation citing h. for the music community. it looks like gun reform for the joe, i know you were a fan of both him and weezer, right? young people is at the top of the list. >> yes, gun reform is a stead white, working mon-class voters lyn creasing priority for young might have gone to other >> yep. absolutely. we have a lot of news to get to voters who it's really important leaders. the rank and file in 2016 tended he is thought of his aims a this morning. we have an overnight development to remember will will make up a to go to him and every time thirdst electorate and a half of that tens of thousands of there's one of these closures it friend. trump has praise praised his autoworkers across the country the population that this future weakens him and weakens his talent. officially went on strike in 2005, trump had arranged for against general motors. president will govern. this is a generation raised argument, particularly in the states he needs the most. negotiations are set to resume bypass shootings for a lot of us >> and reverend al, donald trump john to perform at his third this morning. leaders from the united columbine is the first major news event that we remember. autoworkers union told nearly 50,000 workers at 31 gm plants guns are what we define as wedding to melania. weapons of mass destruction.
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he has affectionately nicknaming to either walk off the job or and between the last debates and his friend kim jong-un little can't play single so month heki stay home after talks with the thursday's, there were four rocket man, a reference to major mass shootings and 45 automaker on a new four year split the baby. i don't know that it's going to john's hit rocket man. labor agreement stalled over the fatalities. so it's no surprise that three play well in wisconsin, but the rejection appears tro to michigan, and pennsylvania, and weekend. one of the biggest sticking quarters of my audience support ohio. he's going to have to choose a have hurt the president. points between the two sides is the removal of ar-15s from recently trump has focussed on side of the workers or he's the company's decision in topping the attendance records going to be seen as another tool and ticket sales of elton john. current owners. november to close four u.s. >> so they were fans of beto of general motors. and last summer trump claimed factories. the union is also pressing for >> you can't split the baby when that he broke the crowd size probably. but confiscation is a huge higher pay, more job security, political issue that could be you helped create the baby. record in an arena in montana and better benefits. when you look at the plant general motors which is trying closings and the things that are to cut costs ahead of an difficult when running against a saying, quote, i have broken more elton john records. he seems to have a lot of anticipated slowdown in the u.s. republican. but, again, 16% of the folks really the imp poe t am possesi auto industry called the walkoff that you polls have known disappointing. saying that it put forward a records and i, bithe wy the wayt have a musical instrument not fair offer. this marks the first national someone or lost someone to gun strike by the union since 2007. violence. this is an incredible organ. elton has an organ and lots of generational shift that i think other people helping. now in, it's because he didn't will perhaps move the meter and president trump waiteighed work for the workers. on the matter yesterday, finally. jessica pells, thank you very you can't run i'm against this no, we've broke ann lot n a lot encouraging the two sides to get together and make a deal. much for the polling results. records. and we look forward to having we've broken virtually every a lot of jobs on the line. you back soon. whole labor party democratic record. >> a lot of jobs on the line. >> thank you. >> the saddest part of this glad to be here. establishment and then look like story was when donald trump jonathan, a lot at stake for and up next, one of the you're on the side opposed to this president who, of course, great singer/song writers cheryl that. asked his staff members had he's in a tough spot. he's trying to have it both ways anybody been writing about the promised to bring manufacturing and i do not think that the elton john attendance records back to the united states.
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we're now, again, it appears that he supposedly broke. that we are in a manufacturing crowe joins "morning joe." our conversation with the uniu they said, no. recession. songwriter next. r conversation songwriter next. union members and workers are and he was angry and upset for fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. going to allow him to do that. the financial times and other >> if you look at the tax cut newspapers media outlets blaming days about that. also claiming that it was one plan, it gave hundreds of more example of how in the trump's trade war with china millions of dollars to general motors and yet they're still immortal words of rodney causing manufacturing to decline across the globe. and here a strike over the shutting down plants across the dangerfield he don't get no. closing of several u.s. plants. midwest. they're still being reckless. >> no respect and no organ, he made that clear in that quote. the stakes for donald trump in in the eyes of the workers. the president has long good a huge fan of elton john. the midwest especially, the they're still not giving them the assurances that they need. you're right. upper midwest, could not be you're right, he had the singer the assurances that donald trump -- you can go back and set up to perform at his higher. great segue from the cars to look at donald trump saying that wedding. no plants were going to close. it was known on the campaign general motors. plane that he was play elton nicely done. >> wow. but allstate helps you. with drivewise. they keep closing. >> you're right. for this president this is his john at eardrum rupturing key promises. there was a gm plant in mccomb we heard it in 2015 and 2016 feedback that helps you drive safer. decibels on the plane, sometimes late at night when staffers were night after night. he was going to revive the and that can lower your cost county a month or two ago that trying to sleep coming back to now that you know the truth... new york late from an event in american manufacturing industry are you in good hands? closed. it keeps happening. and in particular, in the and, again, i just, you know, wisconsin or michigan, wherever it maybe and he would play elton automobile industry as part of (logo whooshes) ♪ (logo chiming) donald trump can try to play it that. we know the bailout in after - [woman] with shark's duoclean, john loudly on the plane because safely in the middle, i think i don't just clean, i deep clean carpets and floors. the workers are going to demand he thinks sleeping is a sign of more than that. >> these are people that are weakness according to staffers barack obama took office, so i got this. stabilized that. that were subjected to tiny joe biden mentioned it time and yep, this too. time again including on this
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dancer again and again and campaign trail. even long hair and pet hair are no problem. going to seet effec the effects this is what the president needed to do. again. and on a personal note as he feels like this was -- those but the one thing i won't have to clean is this. they'll feel them and vote that someone who has covered a lot of midwest states that we heard the campaign and since, the because the shark self-cleaning brush roll way. speaking of 2020, joe biden elton john say major part of a time and time again, you know, certainly michigan and ohio and removes the hair wrap while i clean. wisconsin and pennsylvania, delivered his speech on race nix playlist. but funeral for a friend is one these are manufacturing states - [narrator] shark, the vacuum that deep cleans, that have seen over the last birmingham, alabama, on sunday. song on the playlist i haven't now cleans itself. couple years a real decline. the delivered the keynote gotten tired of. i like it. now available in our new uplight model. and despite his promises, address marking the fife 6th an despite his rhetoric that things >> this is a sad story because are on the upswing, the evidence ( ♪ ) the president clearly has been verse rift deadly both of the doesn't back that up. jilted by elton john and maybe there have been a number of factories closed. 16th street baptist church that they should play candle in the only tylenol® rapid release gels wind because of the end of this killed four young girls. have laser drilled holes. he spoke of a country still grab he has said that we've heard him they release medicine fast, for fast pain relief. relationship. jonathan, you're right. at the white house suggest that joe, you remember the playlist this will be the case for the tylenol®. voters to stay with him this on his rallies always included eling wi time around. gr grappling with racism. multiple elton john songs. he may have gone to other >> you have to grapple with the >> multiple. democratic candidates and original sin of slavery before particular my union members. there can be an american dream. with he know union leadership is brought to these shores over 400 and -- >> it's pathetic. democratic. but the rank and file in 2016 years ago. >> he told him once a week that tend to go to him. and the centuries' long campaign and every time there is one of elton john was the biggest star the closures, it sort of weakens of violence, fear, trauma, in the world without a guitar or him and weakens his argument piano. particularly in the states he brought upon black people in this has been on his mind for a needs the most. this country, the domestic very, very long time going back >> reverend al, he can't play
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to 2015. >> actually remember in 2015 he king solomon here and split the terrorism and white supremacy has been the an taggist tagonis was then mr. trump covering him baby. the president scolding general trying to get an interview and i - [narrator] do you remember that day? motors and scolding the union. that day you met your hero? was sitting in the back of his - ms. bird, do you think i could be a champion like you? highest ordeals since the - of course you can. and you can call me sue. beginning of this country. private plane waiting to go on - [jibber] jibber jabber, coming through! the record with mr. trumpet w. i don't now how that's going to lynch makers, bombers, lone salutations, famous female of orange round ball. play in wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania, and ohio. - would you like an autograph? gunman. he's going to have to choose a as we all now realize, this he was reviewing different articles and there was a live - [jabber] excuse me. side of the workers or he's violence does not live in the concert recording of elton john going to be seeing as another (crowd muttering) past. - [woman] is that paper mache? - it's you. hate only hides, it doesn't go - [woman] wow. away. if you give it oxygen, it comes tool of general motors. - [narrator] jibber jabber ruins everything. - is it? >> you can't split the baby when - [woman] i am confused. out from under the rocks. playing if the w - [narrator] at symetra life insurance company playing. you helped create the baby. we're cutting through it, to help you choose it can be defeated or drowned it was one of the rare times covering him where i did not see when you look at the plant the retirement benefits and life products him watching cable news but he out, but it can never be totally closings and the things that are that work best for you. was relaxing by having a live really the impetus for the whole elton john performance. and that was the atmosphere in strike that we're now in, it is vanquished. but we should also realize that a lot of the economic policies the summer of 2015. but he's someone i've never been that he if not caused certainly the revulttion of hate can able to as a reporter try draw didn't turn around and didn't him out on these issues. deliver for the union workers. you think about his campaign summon us as a nation to do rallies. he always ends it with the you can't run as i'm against rolling stones, you can't always better and bring out the best in get what you want? what's that all about? this whole labor establishment us. and then look like you are on >> reverend al, hate only what does elton john think survives if you give axe agait . the side that is opposed to about? as george bush would say to that. so he's really in a tight spot maureen dowd, i'm not going to
3:10 am
sit on the couch and reflect, here. he's trying to have it both those kind of things. ways. i do not think that the union what are your thoughts on his >> bob costa, before we go, what speech yesterday? >> i thought it was a very good members and the workers are are you going to be reflect going to allow him to do that. speech. certainly joe biden has had his issues along the way with some of us in the civil rights thong weing >> it's also -- if you look at communities from the '94 crime on this week, other than the the president's tax cut plan, it jilted pop star? bill to his statements on busing >> i'm here on capitol hill and gave hundreds of millions of and he's got a ways go. putting aside all of the elton but the tone he set yesterday, dollars to corporations like john stuff and other stuff particularly in contrast to this that's out there, is the president going to get the usmca general motors. it gave them an extraordinary the retirement benefits and life products panera's new warm grain full of flavor, color,. through this congress or no with wind fall. sitting president, couldn't have been better. and yet, they're still shutting full of- woo! when he said that hate never speaker pelosi and is anything down plants across the midwest. full of good. goes away but it comes back when going to happen on gun control they're still being reckless. so you can be too. you give it oxygen, the whole whether background checks or red try our new warm grain bowls today. nation knew who's been giving it flags? and congress is going to get panera. food as it should be. oxygen. and that's donald trump. into campaign mode for 2020 by they're still not giving them so as much as i call on joe december and january. assurance that's they need. between now and then, is biden to continue to give anything going to happen? tangible ways that he's going to it's going to take political you can say that no plants were deal with problems with policy, capital from this president, from the white house. going to close. i must say in the eight years he >> and so carl had an they keep closing. interesting article in the "new york times" where he talked there is a gm plant in mccomb was vice president he worked about mitch mcconnell doing nothing and just being frozen county a month or two ago that hard at that. and the driving force for many waiting to hear from donald black voters is they want to see trump. and many observers inside of the trump out. he benefits from that and he senate wondering why mitch closed. again, donald trump can try to play it safely in the middle. ben mcconnell was paying such benefits from the most deference to a president, it's i think the workers are going to
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demand more than that. polarizing and bigoted president >> yeah. these are people that are going that we've seen in our lifetime. ironic as mitch mcconnell had to see the effects and they're i think his statement captured told me at the republican going to feel them. the right sensitivity and tone, and they're going to vote that way. speaking of 2020. he just needs to back it up with policy and action. constlaenco all right. joe biden delivered his most we'll have a lot more on 2020 convention that one of the things he liked about president trump if president trump were significant and at times deeply president that they would just coming up. mayor pete versus beto o'rourke personal speech on racism in that was sheryl crowe's new on guns and elizabeth, a couple birmingham, alabama, on sunday. sinned things to be donald tr p the former vice president of the candidates forcalling for delivered the keynote address single "story of everything." the impeachment of a supreme send things to donald trump and he would silent bills. marking the 56th anniversary of that is on "threads," out now, now it's the reverse. court justice. mitch mcconnell has forfeited the deadly bombing to the 16th his article one powers and says street baptist church that wool g killed four young girls. we'll get to that. but we want to turn to iran won't do anything until donald it features collaborations with which is denying the accusation trump gives him permission to do biden spoke of a country still that was behind a series of anything. >> he also knows, joe, in grappling with racism and called industry greats and some on the nation to live up to its drone attacks in saudi arabia. divided government it's very newcomers. different. she is joining us now, also those early morning saturday speaker pelosi and president founding ideals. trump have to come to an >> we must acknowledge that agreement if anything's going to joining us kyle meredith is with attacks targeted a major oil get through there can be no realization of field operated by saudi iranco republican-controlled senate. that's not to say senate us as well. majority leader mitch mcconnell the american dream without couldn't lean in himself and try >> so great to have you here and cut company's liquid natural grappling with the original sin really put something through. especially on the occasion of a but he's focused as ever on the of slavery. great, great album. judiciary nominating these brought to these shores over 400 there is something here for gase and ethane production. conservative judges, that's his everybody that loves music. historical project and years ago. in a century's long campaign of let's talk about the inspiration legislation, he leaves that for oil prices have spiked nearly the most part up to the speaker and the president. and how resist resichrikristoch >> okay. violence, fear, trauma, brought 15% in the aftermath and heating i tell you what, alex core sjus
3:12 am
oil features have both jumped upon black people in this country, the domestic terrorism significantly. yemen's houthi rebels which are and white supremacy has been the was part of this. backed by iran have claimed me, it this was at least a >> yeah, i have known him for the better part of 20 years. responsibility and they said in 66-point appearance for him. a short address on a satellite i think might have done better anning to onni he has been a profound an tag onnist of our highest news channel that the attacks than notre dame this. inspiration for me. >> we'll see. ideals. lynch mobs, arsonists, lone are related to the saudi-led war he is a great america, and i >> but, joe, we have georgia worked with him on recording in yemen which has led to a gunmen and bomb makers. and as we all now realize, this some of his masters and i think catastrophic famine and coming up. sec, i'mer in us. violence does not live in the humanitarian crisis and left >> any time georgia comes to most people know he has been town, that's a great reason to almost 100,000 people dead, be nervous. past. it only hides. including scores of civilians. now, they going to be in southn it doesn't go away. if you give it oxygen, it comes however, secretary of state mike diagnosed with a illness. pompeo tweeted that iran is out from under the rocks. he is not making memories any directly to blame and, quote there is no evidence the attacks athens. >> zbloorks tbetween the hedges it can be defeat order drowneded came from yemen. out but kit never be totally and a senior u.s. official tells >> thank you very much. more, but it is the tether that advantage wished. >> we may have to meet up there. nbc news that the attacks came >> still ahead -- thank you, but we also should realize that brings him back to his memories. bob. still ahead on "morning joe," from the direction of iran. now, the president took to twitter to respond to the when i finished with that weekend's attacks writing in the revoltion of hate can summon our next guestba mak became onef recording education, i called my part, quote, saudi arabia oil producer and i said i want to do us as a nation to do better, to supply was attacked. the few republicans to support a bring out the best in us. more of this. there is reason to believe that i want to have more of those we know the culprit. >> reverend al, hate only are locked and loaded depending authentic connections with gun ban. survives if you give it oxygen. people through music. on verification, however, the we're watching "morning joe." president then continues, we'll be right back. ban. we're watching "morning joe. so we just called people that
3:13 am
we'll be right back. writing the administration is, what are your thoughts on joe have been inspirations with me quote, waiting to hear from the biden's speech on race in since i was a little girl. kingdom as to who they believe birmingham, alabama, yesterday? was the cause of this attack and >> i thought it was a very good jill jill has entresto, and a na heart failure pill under what terms we should -- we >> when you first got into music speech. certainly joe biden has had would proceed. >> that is bizarre. that helped keep people alive >> what? issues along the way. you had to make it through like >> that he -- and out of the hospital. >> he's waiting for word from -- don't take entresto if pregnant; w. many of us in the civil rights community from the '94 it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. one or two a&r agents. >> he needs word from someone -- don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor >> mbs. we thought that was so because or aliskiren or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. crime bill we have a ways to go. >> a dictator. >> to determine whether and horrible. americans are going to go fight and possibly die in another the most serious side effects are angioedema, now it is algorithms. low blood pressure, kidney problems, middle east war. but the tone couldn't have been >> that's pretty much everything or high blood potassium. you need to know. ask your doctor about entresto. president trump has previously better. when he said hate never goes way it is not even people who used the locked and load threat but it comes back when you give where to next? it oxygen, the whole nation knew against north korea and used nearly identical language aimed (logo whooshes) ♪ (logo chiming) who has been giving it oxygen. at raurn earlier this summer. - [woman] with shark's duoclean, and that is donald trump. i don't just clean, i deep clean carpets and floors. woi. >> richard haass, when news so i got this. we have to call on joe bide tone give tangible ways he's going to broke friday night, early yep, this too. deal with problems with policy. saturday morning, i think i got even long hair and pet hair are no problem. a breaking news alert from bbc. but the one thing i won't have to clean is this. and my first reaction was in the he is vice president and he decide. >> yeah, there is a six second because the shark self-cleaning brush roll worked hard at that. i must say that the driving middle of the night looking at this, oh, wait, the red sox lost removes the hair wrap while i clean. force for many black voters are tension line. and this happened. going to be they want to see you have to change the hook. as i was checking my - [narrator] shark, the vacuum that deep cleans, trump out. he benefits from that. that is just not my world and now cleans itself. and he benefits from the most
3:14 am
now available in our new uplight model. notifications. my question was, does yemen that is of the reasons i did polarizing and bigoted president that we've seen in it our really have the capability to (classical music playing throughout) lifetime. so i think his statement yesterday captured the right sensitivity, the right tone. this. a beginning, a middle, an end. strike the saudis two most he just needs to back it up with important oil facilities from policy and action. that distance? coming up, i'll turn to i -- first of all, i find that overseas with a story with major i love that and my most hard to believe. implications. at the same time, richard, give saudi oil fields come under important sopgs are the ones attack and the u.s. is pointing us your insights. at iran. that really spoke to what was would iran be so braze snen we'll have the latest on that. happening and like walmart when but first, let's go to bill karins for a check on the they banned my record because i wou brazen? forecast. would they be so reckless to sfwh bill? >> humberto is a couple hundred actually launch attacks on these miles off the east coast. wrote about guns. it was a close call. i can still have a incredible this storm is going to be a fish ( ♪ ) stormst it will only affect the refineries? knowing that they could expect the name is return if they did? shipping areas as we head to radio career. only tylenol® rapid release gels bermuda and possibly into so i love the tradition of that. >> joe, the fog of war is have laser drilled holes. surfers. fwhut is our third hurricane of the atlantic season. particularly thick this morning. they release medicine fast, i love being able to write the >> yeah. for fast pain relief. as i mentioned, the risk is for >> this the houthis have certain tylenol®. songs and put them out. the high waves from the coast capability largely supplied by from the north carolina beaches iran. one way to think of this is this straight down through areas of florida. the forecast for this week, i'll for is the wild west out there. could be revenge against saudi tell what you, the only area that is going to complain for people get their music in so most part is going to be the many different ways. arabia because of its policy in pacific northwest, a little more yemen, it's high-level bombing people cherry pick and make rain than you'd like, cloudy that's caused all sorts of conditions. their own play list. and i know we would like a break
3:15 am
civilian casualties, years of from the heat and areas of south. it is one of the warmest thank goodness for vinyl some septembers we ever had to start with from texas through the sale of w south. so the monday forecast, maybe a civil war there. the united states has been carrying out economic warfare few sprinkles this afternoon and people are. areas of pennsylvania. we'll be 95 to 100 in many areas of the south. after the st. vincent song came against raurn airan retaliating. i know we have a little break from the humidity in the and iran usually does it behind mid-atlantic. that's something. and sunny and warm through the around, and then you mentioned some militia, they hide their hand. right now i've seen reports this for fast pain relief. panera's new warm grain full of flavor, color,. dakotas. as far as tuesday and wednesday could be drones, cruise missiles full of- woo! goes, a few storms in the plains. johnny cash. you have what, three quarters of full of good. not a huge ordeal. or ballistic missiles. maybe downpours. i've seen the idea it could have so you can be too. tropical moisture in houston. the highwaymen on this record, record highs in the southeast. try our new warm grain bowls today. but that johnny cash zonk was come out of yemen, iraq or iran by the end of the week, we still panera. food as it should be. have sunny and great weather on the east coast. but here comes our change with really interesting. itself. so it's unclear. through the at&t network, edge-to-edge intelligence and the administration hasn't gives you the power to see every corner of your growing business. some stormy weather in the helped because their comments middle of the nation. it traces far back. have been all over the place. summer is going to end. just how it was in the middle, >> yeah, it is very emotional they talk about we know the from using feedback to innovate... hot and humid throughout much of for know even talk about this. culprit, the secretary of state the country. you're watching "morning joe." i regarded this after visiting blames iran. my own sense is iran likely had we'll be right back. to introducing products faster... ♪ the troops in bosnia. a role but exactly what is to managing website inventory... unclear. they seem to be quite forward on what i came saw was deeply and network bandwidth. their skis. the comment you referred to this ♪ affecting me. giving you a nice big edge over your competition. deference to saudi arabia is ♪ i got that vibe, got that vibe ♪ and it was rwanda and the bizarre to say the least. and then our options runs once ♪ got that vibe, yeah, i ain't petty, ♪ that's the power of edge-to-edge intelligence.
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♪ looking fly, looking fly, ♪ repercussions of the decisions ♪ looking fly, yeah, they ain't ready. ♪ that we make. learn about it aren't great. i knew johnny and june. ♪ i can shine, i can shine, ♪ after june passed, johnny's if it's yemen driven, we don't want to get anymore involved in ♪ i can shine. ♪ i'mma do what i'm made to do. ♪ the civil war. we want to dial it down. ♪ i'mma do what i'm made to do. ♪ if iran's involved we're already son-in-law said i gave this to built for excellence. carrying out economic warfare so you start from the foundation up. what's left? if we retaliate militarily, the excellence is reaching dreams and my father, and he wanted to know nobody thinks it would stop chasing them at the same time. there. >> richard, though, but how ♪ reckless that you have the secretary of state and the chasing them at the same time. (logo whooshes) ♪ (logo chiming) - [woman] with shark's duoclean, what smarparts of it meant. president booth i don't just clean, i deep clean carpets and floors. the president saying we're so i got this. he was not for the wars. locked and loaded and if we get yep, this too. confirmation from saudi arabia even long hair and pet hair are no problem. they seem to suggest -- seem to he was for native american suggest they're going to then but the one thing i won't have to clean is this. rights, and just his fully american -- his whole johnny strike iran. because the shark self-cleaning brush roll i just wonder if this -- like cashness to this track was, for removes the hair wrap while i clean. me, one of the most humbling you said, there's the fog of war and i wonder if you look through - [narrator] shark, the vacuum that deep cleans, lielts of my career. the fog it doesn't look like the now cleans itself. he passed away a few months bay of conk and if something now available in our new uplight model. actually happens from this. later so people didn't get to it looks like they're looking for an excuse to go to war with ♪ ♪ hear it. we took his vocal, and i just iran. >> some may be, but on the other played a piano part to it and i hand the entire trump presidency award winning interface. has been premised on the idea of
3:17 am
♪ ♪ winding down wars. put my vocal on it. he uses the phrase fire and and i said this is the last al award winning design. furry, locked and loaded, but ♪ ♪ bum, how do you follow this? award winning engine. the last i checked, other than ♪ ♪ shooting a couple of cruise the volvo xc90. and speaks to the decisions we missiles in syria, we have not our most awarded luxury suv. make throughout history. did beto o'rourke say at this moment we need to sit used military action. ♪ ♪ if we were to use military force something that's playing in the with that and some sobriety and against iran, i don't know hands of republicans? >> yes, right now we have agreement among the american reflect on it and having his anybody in the business who thinks that's the beginning and people for not just universal voice on that hammers him home. end of it. again, you have irania malish background checks, but a majority in favor of red flag shahs, iran itself could do >> talk about your biggest things. this has alls takready taken d laws, high capacity magazines, banning the new sale of assault influence, it's bob dylan. >> before i ever go into record, weapons. this is a golden moment to finally do something because i will sit down with his book of we've been arguing about this as long as i've been alive. these days we're (horn honking) lyrics. there is something about his when our president or mitch i hear you, sister. mcconnell are at least that's why i'm partnering with cigna to remind you cadence and the way he frames know how long. you have the fog of war are to thing that's are so timeless for be blunt, you have the fog of pretending to open to reforms, to go in for your annual check-up. we know we have a moment on our and be open with your doctor hands. me that i love. american foreign policy. let's make the most of it and about anything you feel. and it sets me, i think on a >> it's hard to understand. get these things done. physically, and emotionally. trump also tweeted yesterday, >> that's mayor pete buttigieg course of just being a conduit. quote, the fake news is saying body and mind. weighing in on fellow candidate that i'm willing to meet with that is what it is. iran, no conditions. that san incorrect statement? beto o'rourke's comments last panera's new warm grain full of flavor, color,. >> really? week that the president should i love bob. take away some guns. full of- woo! i wanted to do something with full of good.
3:18 am
>> as usual. o'rourke reacted. so you can be too. >> i thought i swore the bob or for bob, and i reached president said he would do that we'll have that in a home. try our new warm grain bowls today. but that reaction that mayor out and i said send me what you himself. i wish when he some videotape pete has is similar to what panera. food as it should be. think would be a great song for that would clarify this you've been saying. >> i think that most people who me to do. are interested in increased ( ♪ ) knowing he wasn't going to come misunderstanding, this so-called background checks, that would be fake news. >> cue the montage. only tylenol® rapid release gels to nashville and hang out in a >> i would certainly meet with iran if they wanted to meet. 94%, 95% of americans, and have laser drilled holes. >> do you have preconditions people who are interested in they release medicine fast, studio. so he picked out everything is noor meeting? for fast pain relief. >> no preconditions, no. broken. so i called up jasoni isabel. they want to meet, i'll meet. military-style weapons being taken off the streets don't want tylenol®. any time they want. anytime they want. this conversation to move it's good for the country, good and he is just a badass. for them, good for us, and good towards what beto o'rourke said so we recorded this song, for the world. no preconditions. if they want to meet i'll meet. really, as a tribute to bob. >> it one on one talks with you about confis kaftication of gun. ant ayatollah. bob we love you. >> all right, the new album is >> here's what i want, anything that gets you to the result, you that will never happen. all you do is play into the threats and it is out now, want to talk good. otherwise you can have a bad hands of three lobbyists in sheryl crowe, thank you, great economy for the next three to see you. years. >> no preconditions? >> not as far as i'm concerned. no preconditions. >> stephanie raul picks up the washington, d.c. for the gun lobby who will try scare >> i think we've done more everyone across the country to sanctions on iran than anybody try to move them away from coverage now. >> hello, i'm stephanie raul, and it's absolutely working. president has made clear he's universal background checks and move them away from a ban on happy to take a meeting with no preconditions. military-style weapons. >> which, as mayor pete was he -- ruhle. >> for clarity on this, can you for see a meeting between saying, would miss the moment. president trump and the iranian so beto o'rourke reacted to
3:19 am
leader later this month buttigieg tweeting, quote, leaving millions of weapons of surrounding the united nations? >> sure. >> would the president support that and do you support that? war on the streets because trump first, attacks on saudi oil >> the president has made it and mcconnell are at least very clear, he's prepared to meet with no preconditions. pretending to open to reforms >> okay, so we heard it about that calculation and fear is production that have caused what got us here in the first prices it to soar if is also seven times from the president, place. let's have the courage to say weighs on the marketests today. what we believe and fight for and from the president's we'll get to that in a moment, secretary of state. it. meanwhile, house speaker in and but first we're hours into the >> yeah. >> and from the president's senate minority leader chuck largest auto worker strike in schumer spoke to trump by phone yesterday for roughly ten nearly ten years. minutes to discuss expanding 50,000 of them walked off of the treasury secretary that they background checks. would immediate iran with no joining us now, member of the job at midnight. preconditions. let's put that tweet back up house armed services and again. >> let's see here. intelligence committee, >> the president says the fake republican congressman mike news is saying that i'm willing both sides will get back to it, turner of ohio. to meet with iran, no he has come out in support of for fast pain relief. hey. but the longer the strike goes conditions. that is an incorrect statement. on the longer the impact for the you must be steven's phone. okay. employees and the united states so this is -- i don't know. economy. i know that there are a lot of i said it, we have a lot to restricting military style people that are fragile and now you can know who's on your network weapons and high capacity and control who shouldn't be, only with xfinity xfi. cover. ann thompson is in detroit. don't like when the president's called a liar. give us the dell tails from your so i will let you conclude magazines after the mass simple. easy. awesome. shooting in dayton, ohio. and also noah rothman. yourself whether you think the president is a liar or not and >> so, congressman, we just whether he uses fake news to tried to summarize your view on some of these issues that more and more americans, more and cover up his lies, as he's done
3:20 am
more republicans are supporting. why don't we let you actually repeatedly. president just said it was a we want to to iran which is lie. speak for yourself and tell us >> right. >> to suggest that he was going to meet with preseasons. what your views are. denying the united states' i want to run that montage one >> well, thank you. think if you look at the tragedy more time because it's monday that occurred in dayton, ohio, accusation it was behind a series of drone attacks in saudi where you had a mass murderer morning. i'm a little -- arabia. the early morning attacks who passed background checks, targeted a saudi oil processing was age to bble to buy his weap >> we're slow. facility and then major oil >> i'm a little foggy headed, field operated by saudi and cut the red sox swept this weekend after completing background so i got vertigo, so maybe i checks, and where all of the the kingdom's liquified natural normal stories that we hear just didn't understand this. gas and methane production in as denzel washington said in after these e-fentz venvents su. half. it destroyed 5% of the global philadelphia, maybe you need to there were signs where he openly explain it to me like i'm a oil supply. oil prices have spiked more than said he wanted to be a mass fourth grader. explain it to me like i'm a 15% in the aftermath and u.s. shooter and you had also the fourth grader. most perfect of circumstances the president says it's fake -- gasoline futures and heating oil that you had police presence and you believable heroism by the futures have both jumped >> stay with me. >> yeah. >> stay with me, y'all. police who were there and respond immediately. significantly. gem en's rebels which are backed >> we're all with ya. they had the appropriate weapons. he had on armor meant, they had by iran claimed responsibility >> i'm talk touring friends out and a spokesman said in a short there, hey, y'all, you you still armor-piercing bullets. address on the group's satellite they were able to take down the shooter in 32 seconds. news channel that the attacks with me? even in all of those are related to the devastating >> watch your accent. circumstances, nine people died, >> that's my accent. 27 people were injured in 32 so y'all are you still with she? saudi led in yemen which led to because i'm going to show y'all seconds. you can't just say if we arm a catastrophic famine and what the president said in the
3:21 am
everyone this will be addressed humanitarian crisis and left tweet. because the police were there almost 100,000 people dead this was on the twitter. and they immediately took him watch this. can y'all put the twitter up out. you can't just say background including scores of civilians. begin. checks because clearly >> we'll put it up again. background checks in this however, secretary of state mike >> the fake news is saying that instance failed the system. i'm willing to meet with iran no but you do have a situation pompeo tweeted that iran is where someone is identified as a conditions. this is an incorrect statement, directly to blame and there is no evidence the attacks came as usual. >> never said that. threat say loud is allowed to c from yemen. >> wow, he really got the fake and a senior u.s. official tells news, didn't he? into the community and inflict nbc news that the attacks came well, let's see if the president from the direction of iran. unbelievable horror on the and his friends ever said he was community. >> so many permanent talking the president took to twitter to going to meet with iran with no about these red flag laws in david french who certainly has respond to the weekend's attacks right in part that saudi arain preseasons. roll the tape. been a strong advocate for >> i would certainly meet with oil supply was attacked. second amendment rights even there is reason to believe that iran if they wanted to meet. more than me on issues regarding we know the culprit. >> do you have pre conditions background checks and fi our locked and loaded depending for that meeting? >> no preconditions, no. if they want to meet, i'll meet. on verification, however, the president then continues, writing the administration is any time they want. military-style weapons. he talked about these red flag waited to hearing from the any time they want. it's good for the country, good laws. i'm wondering when you're kingdom as to who they believe for them, good for us and good starting to sense among was the cause of the attack and for the world. no preconditions. under what terms we should if they want to meet i'll meet. republicans say shift, a bit of a shift when you look at the proceed. >> is it one on one talks with >> that is bizarre. >> what? the ayatollah? >> here's what i want. anything to get you to the result, you want to talk good, polls. do republican members of that he -- he's waiting for word congress recognize that almost otherwise you can have a bad nine out of ten republicans from a dictator? economy for the next three across the country support >> to determine whether years. americans are going to go fight
3:22 am
>> no preconditions? >> not as far as i'm concerned. expanded background checks, that and possibly die. a majority of americans support a ban on military-style weapons no preconditions. and also, of course, the >> i think you've done more majority of republicans support sanctions on iran than anybody these red flag laws? and it's working. >> well, i think this is a president is happy to take a meeting with no preconditions. bipartisan issue because even >> for clarity on this, can you foresee a meeting between president trump and the iranian leader later this month now yo surrounding the united nations? now you don't see on the >> so richard, when the news >> sure. democratic side they're bringing >> would the president support that and do you support that? broke overnight friday night, early saturday morning, i think >> the president has made it forth this ban. breaking news alert from bbc, very clear, he's prepared to i think the shift that we're and my first reaction was middle meet with no preconditions. >> there it is, i'm confused seeing is a result that we're of the night looking at this, seeing a shift in what's because the president says no wait, red sox lost and this occurring. if you look at it from a horg happened. preconditions. basis, when the original assault as i was checking my ban went into place under bill notifications, my question was shan mont clinton, it went in place does yemen really have the because our police were facing shannon, he says no preconditions, mike pompeo says these weapons and did not have no preconditions, the treasury secretary saying no the appropriate protection. preconditions. they were being outgunned, if capability to strike the saudis' the president sounds fairly you will. that was in place for ten years. two most important oil desperate to meet with the by the time that it expired, the iranians. what happened this week and why facilities from that distance? is he now lying and saying that circumstances had changed, our place had been appropriate first of all, i find that hard he never said he would meet the equipped, and, but people did to believe. at the same time, richard, give iranians with no preconditions? not have the concern that we see us your insights. >> yeah, well, and it's kind of now that these weapons being would iran really be so brazen? used not against our police and
3:23 am
our police being outgunned, but would iran really be so a cryptic tweet, i don't know just our ordinary citizens. what no conditions in caps and reckless? that shift, that concern of what a country that survived since quotes actually means. is happening to american values that an individual could use a 1979 that actually launch we'll ask him at departure weapon against people that they attacks on these refineries do not know and cause today, we'll all be on the south lawn and i'll try to get an unbelievably horrific damage and knowing that they could expect the same in return if they did? unbelievable impact to a update on what he's thinking. what i can tell you from inside community, i think that's what's >> joe, the thought of war is the white house there's a lot of causing the shift and think it's uncertainty about what the appropriate. >> congressman, dayton is in president's policy on iran is your district. two questions. particularly thick this morning. going to be because it seems the president doesn't know what his they have certain capabilities, next step should be on iran. first, give us an update. largely supplied by iran. and it seems that he is a bit what's the healing process after and one way to think of this is a tragedy like this? this could be revenge against torn between macron, who really sort of put the pressure on him >> whatever this happens to a saudi arabia. community, the entire community because of its policy in yemen. at the g7 to sit down to try to feels it. this was our entertainment negotiate with iran, to try to district, our historic area. it's high level bombing that get some sort of talks moving to so there were thousands of caused all sorts of civilian people that were down there, include my own daughter. and so if you think of the casualties, years of civil war get an iran nuclear deal that there. that's one potential context. the other is the united states the u.s. is involved in back on the table. but at the same time he's had has been carrying out economic multipla occasion of tmult warfare against iran. and this could be iran multiplication of the stories of people that were touched there and then the community itself where it impacts the spirit of retaliating. netanyahu who he mewes views vif the community, i got to give and iran wouldn't do it directly most likely. dave chapelle credit, he hosted when they want to act, they do his closest allies pushing him a concert, 20,000 people it behind someone, usually behind some militia. on iran. claimed, we reclaimed the space netanyahu is facing his own they hide their hand. issues back in israel. and the area as a community. right now i've seen reports this
3:24 am
but with any community that goes could be drones, cruise missiles and now having bolton no longer through this, they feel it or ballistic missiles. deeply, it certainly hits the i have seen the idea it could at the table throws a lot of spirit of the community. have come out of yemen, out i've >> congressman, maybe you allay confusion about where everyone rack, a militia there or out of some concerns about universal iran itself. so the answer is, it's really stands on. background checks. py i would not be surprised if the president doesn't know where unclear. and the administration hasn't helped their comments, as you what his next steps are going to you sait a silver suggest, have been all over the place. be. they're fumbling around to they talk about we know the culprit. the secretary of state blames figure out who to blame for the bullet and if a sale goes to a iran. my own sense is iran likely had saudi attack although it's a private individual who you know a role but exactly what is unclear. time you should be quiet. they seem to be quite forward on but the president doesn't want it's not advertised online nor print you can go ahead with that their skis. to engage in any attacks but he sale without registering as a the comment you referred to, there is defrns to saudi arabia can't look soft on raurn and he federal seller. still has his biggest allies to force that to become a like netanyahu out there is bizarre to say the least. pressuring him to take some sort federal seller, a lot of those sales would go through absent and then our options, once we of action on iran and to not learn about it, aren't great. look like he is going soft the check and then you have a lot more weapons in the there. population than you had before. is that the principal problem >> well, that is a great point. with that? if it's yemen driven, what are >> i think people are for we going to do there? we don't want to get involved any more than we are in the civil war. jonathan, obviously netanyahu increased background checks, we want to dial it back f iran certainly closing the gun show is involved, we're carrying out was throwing everything at the loophole looking at internet economic warfare. wall that he can. he's talked about occupying so what's left? sales. i think the legislation as and if we retaliate militarily, everything short of kansas city. you've indicated that people nobody thinks it would stop he does these things before have concern is where it goes transactions between individuals elections trying to, again, there. >> richard though, i mean, how trying to get as many hard-right where they noknow the individua reckless that you have the
3:25 am
secretary of state and the president both already blaming voters on his side before he personally, family members. but in this instance it's going goes to the ballot box. iran and the president saying to take the president to step in could it be that donald trump is we're locked and loaded. and he's going apparently this if we get confirmation from weekend indicate what he's going saudi arabia then we're going simply taking a harder line this to support. because people don't want to week on iran because of the keep sending legislation through attacks but also because he that doesn't have a chance for to -- they seem to suggest, seem passage. to suggest they're going to then this is a time where i think the wants to help netanyahu win american people have a grave strike iran. enough votes to be able to i just wonder if this, like you concern bes aboabout what's hap cobble together a ruling coalition in israel? said, there is the fog of war. >> netanyahu's fate is certainly in their communities. if you look through the fog, it and if the president says what he's willing to support, then doesn't look like the bay if very important to the president, arguably his closest legislation can be fashioned that becomes law and not merely something actually happens from international ally and one he's this. it looks like they're looking tried to back up time and time for an excuse to go to war with again. but he hadn't really fallen for iran. >> some may be. the idea of meeting with partisan debates and lobbying but on the other hand, the president rouhani in the is bills. >> i think the fact that dayton entire trump presidency has been has shown a model for healing is something we've seen him prize something all of us salute. prem this personal diplomacy and but think we also need to come premised on the idea of locked there was real movement here to and loaded and the last i try to meet with president with a consensus, as you said, checked, joe, they're shooting a of where we can bat this witle couple of cruise missiles in rescue na hah rouhani in new york next week. sear yach syria. together. from a civil rights point of we issued military action. even if we were to use military force against iran, dmoint iranian news saying the meeting you, you start kick indoors i'm going to get 500 complaints a anybo i is off. at this point is the president don't know anybody in iran that
3:26 am
even able to meet with rouhani week that i was profiled. thinks that's the beginning and so what can we do to move your evident it. in the u.n. and secondly what you have iranian militia that's sort of message is this sending, party and the president towards this sort of fog that we're some kind of mid ground to deal can do all sorts of things. this has already taken for how getting conflicting messages with this? from the president and his staff because americans of all long, what, 6% of the world's backgrounds are concerned. oil off the market. i don't think we need to go to the extreme, but we need to do one can imagine there is growing and the secretary, what do our something and something right saudi arabia is congenitally allies think but how is this away. >> i think his comments were vulnerable. playing in tehran? so i also have the fog of war to >> i think that's why he concerning. i support the second amendment backtracked on that tweet, we and even with the second amendment we've recognized there be perfectly blunt, you have the want the meeting too much. are limitations to the second fog of american foreign policy. amendment. coming up on "morning joe," if diplomacy is not on the you can't have a tank or a president trump wanted to meet machine gun, it's a technology issue. the taliban until he didn't. where are we going to have the debate as to where that limit he wanted to meet iran with no table, then it leaves you with military force. occurs? and think now that we're having preconditions. >> he said repeatedly. in civil society these mass and they don't want us to use >> -- until he didn't. another day of whiplash in murders that we need to address foreign policy. also the mental issue and how do that's next on "morning joe." military force. israel on the even of an election or right after an we identify these issues, what ♪ election when they're trying to johnson & johnson is a baby company. form a government, they don't want all sorts of rockets happens in the virtual world where they're clearly receiving falling on northern israeli training, they're all behaving in a manner that's similar when settlements and villages and you watch the videos. my daughter said watch the videos, they are all behaving in towns. everybody's talking tough, nobody wants to act tough. what this does is it reinforces the same manner. clearly it's happening in the virtual world. but it's both parties. there's not legislation passing
3:27 am
from in on mill stare-tiitary-t the fence th but we're also a cancer fighting, the offense that we shouldn't go to war. we make all threats that we hiv controlling, don't act open. represents weapons. joint replacing, are we willing to talk to rauir and depression relieving company. i hope the president will say from the day you're born we never stop taking care of you. what with can he dwoe ono on a or not. imagine you're an american ally? bipartisan basis and let's do it right away. you get up and how do you know >> i think what the reverend al what you can depend on. said, exactly right. but you've made the choice to there needs to be a middle ground in this approach where, depend on the united states. because as reverend al said, we've become not only the most it's not just republicans that would be upset if the police disruptive country but the most started kicking down doors. unpredictive. you can't be a successful great reverend al would be hearing about it and a lot of leaders power and be unreliable and you would be hearing from it too. predictable and that's what we're increasingly becoming. so going back to what bets toe >> it's fascinating, mika, you have -- donald trump was h beto had suggests, i think mayor desperate to meet with the pete understands just won't taliban in camp david. and then he learned the taliban work, that's not the middle ground approach that we're are bad people. looking for. thank you so much for being with right? us. know that our thoughts and our then the president has grown prayers are with you and your increasingly desperate to meet with the iranians. and now he awakens to find that family and community in this
3:28 am
time of hearing. up next, we'll talk to senator gary peters of michigan the iranians air disruptire a i after auto workers went on ...depend® silhouette™ briefs feature maximum absorbency, with trusted protection for all out confidence... from the day you're born strike against gm overnight. beautiful colors and an improved fit "morning joe" is back in a for a sleek design and personal style. moment. gm overnight. "morning joe" is back in a moment ♪ (dramatic orchestra) life's better when you're in it. force in the middle east. be there with depend®. >> is he just discovering this? >> the president desperate to meet with and strike a deal with the president of north korean performance comes in lots of flavors. despite the fact that kim jong-un make him look like a fool every week with his missile there's the amped-up, over-tuned, tests every week which will feeding-frenzy-of sheet-metal-kind. it's something we take personally, increase his ability to strike the united states in a couple and believe in passionately. years with nuclear warheads. and then there's performance that this foreign policy disturbing because he not only insults just leaves you feeling better as a result. it's the idea that if our mothers democratic allies across europe, that's the kind lincoln's about. were diagnosed with cancer, how would we want them to be treated? ♪ he also continues to embrace -- that's exactly how we care for you. >> cozy up. with answers and actions. >> -- for some reason and cozy up to the worst regimes across panera's new warm grain full of flavor, color,. to hear your concerns, quiet your fears, full of- woo! the planet. lift your spirits. >> we follow it. full of good. so you can be too. still ahead, barack obama with teams of cancer experts and specialists,
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♪ i wish we had videotape that would qualify this fake news. it's an honor to tell you that [ applause ] thank you. >> i would meet with iran if liberty mutual customizes your car insurance they want to meet. >> do you have preconditions for so you only pay for what you need. that meeting? >> no. if they want to meet, i'll meet. i love you! any time they want. only pay for what you need. any time they want. it's good for the country, good ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ for them. good for us. and good for the world. no preconditions. if they want to meet, i'll meet. this fall, book two, separate qualifying stays >> it is one-on-one talks with at ...and earn a free night. the ayatollah? >> here's what i want. anything that gets you to the because when your business is rewarding yourself, result. you want to talk good, our business is you. otherwise, you're going to have book direct at a bad economy. >> no preconditions? >> not as far as i'm concerned. no preconditions. >> i think you know we've done woman: (on phone) discover. hi. do you have a travel card? yep. our miles card. more sanction onz iran than earn unlimited 1.5 miles and we'll match it at the end of your first year. anybody. and it's absolutely working. nice! i'm thinking about a scuba diving trip. now the president has made clear woman: ooh! he is happy to take a meeting (gasp) or not. you okay? with no preconditions. yeah, no, i'm good. >> secretary pompeo, can you earn miles. we'll match 'em at the end of your first year. foresee a meeting between president trump and the iranian leader later this month but we're also a cancer fighting, surrounding the united nations? >> sure. >> would the president support hiv controlling, that and do you support that? joint replacing, >> the president's made very and depression relieving company. clear, he is prepared to meet
3:32 am
with no preconditions. from the day you're born we never stop taking care of you. >> okay. so we heard it about seven times from the day you're born welcome to fowler, indiana. from the president and for the president's secretary of state. one of the windiest places in america. >> yeah. >> and from the president's treasury secretary. and home to three bp wind farms. ♪ >> check. >> that they would meet iran and in the off-chance the wind ever stops blowing here... all right. welcome back to "morning joe." their leaders with no 42 past the hour. the lights can keep on shining. joining us now, ranking member thanks to our natural gas. of the homeland security preconditions. let's put that tweet back up a smart partner to renewable energy. committee, member of the armed again. services committee, democratic >> let's see here. it's always ready when needed. >> what is -- the president says senator, gary peters of or... not. the fake news is saying that i'm michigan. good to have you on the show willing to meet with iran no this morning. at bp, we see possibilities everywhere. a lot going non michigan. >> a lot going on. conditions. that is an incorrect statement. to help the world keep advancing. okay. so this is -- i don't know. what's going on? let's talk about the strike i know that there are a lot of first and the showdown between people that are fragile and they the uaw and general motors what don't like when the president's request you tell us about it? called a liar. >> first off, i stabbed nd? so i will let you conclude yourself whether you think the president is a liar or not and solidarity with the workers who whether he uses fake news to are coming forward and say they cover up his lies. sacrificed a great deal as general motors went through a the president just said it was a tough period. lie to suggest that he was going to meet with preconditions. they've now entered a very i want to run that montage one
3:33 am
profitable time for general motors and workers are saying we need the benefit. more time. we need to have fair wages and it's monday morning. i'm a little foggy headed. the red sox swept this weekend. negotiate for benefits as a result of the success of general and so i really am -- again, i motors. >> i'm just wondering and of course i'm sure you like me, i have vertigo. so maybe i just -- maybe i won't general motors succeed because if they succeed that didn't understand this. means working-class americans succeed. that said, they had a massive and as denzel washington said in windfall over the past several "philadelphia," maybe you need years. had a massive windfall with to explain it to me like a donald trump's tax cut. fourth grader. and yet despite all of donald xpl explain it to me like i'm a fourth grader. trump's promises about keeping >> you still with me, y'all? manufacturing jobs here, the >> we're with you. plants keep shutting down. >> talking to our friends out we, of course, had the mccomb there. hey y'all, are y'all still with county plant, gm plant shut me. >> what is the accent? >> it's my accent. down. why -- why does gm keep cutting >> let's just get to the point. costs when they've been receiving these wind falls over so, y'all, are you still with live shot of capitol hill at the past several months? >> well, certainly that's a big me? because i'm going to show y'all part of what the negotiation is 6:33 in the morning. what the president said in the several 2020 democrats are from the workers in the uaw. calling for supreme court and you talk about plants being tweet. this is on the twitter. justice brett kavanaugh to be closed, we had several plants watch. this the president says, can y'all put the twitter up again? closed in this country. impeached after another in fact, the new chevy blazer's this is what the president said. misconduct also was published on
3:34 am
he would tag fake news. saturday in the "new york being built in mexico, not in the united states. i'm willing to meet with iran times." that's certainly a very sore the essay in the paper's opinion "no conditions," this is an section was adapted from an point for workers. incorrect statement as usual. if there's excess capacity in wow. upcoming book by two "new york the united states, you should be he really gapped the fake news. times" reporters. filling that capacity in the the authors note they had found united states with no product lines. that's going to be a central let's see if the president and part of this negotiation to keep new corroboration for accusations that kavanaugh those jobs in the united states. his friends ever say he was exposed himself to deborah >> but, senator, wasn't the going to meet with iran with no ramirez, a classmate at yale. president -- didn't donald trump preconditions. say on the campaign trail we roll the tape. weren't going to lose any of >> i would certainly meet with these jobs and none of these iran if they want to meet. nbc news has not verified that manufacturing plants were going >> do you have preconditions for to close down, that he was going that meeting? reporting. the book also uncovered a new to keep them out of mexico? >> no preconditions. didn't the president say that? no. they want to meet, i'll meet. accusation citing two officials. and did he do anything to try to any time they want. in i time they want. the reporters said that former stop that plant from m good for the country. yale classmate max steyer told good for them good us and good senators and the fbi about a keep the mccomb county plant for the world number open? did he do anything specifically preconditions. if they want to meet, i'll meet. different episode of alleged sexual misconduct. >> one-on-one talks with the to save those michigan workers' ayatollah or -- >> here's what i want. two people with first hand jocks? anything that gets you to the >> no. the assistance no the at the did knowledge confirmed to nbc news result. you want to talk, good. not. it's clear that this otherwise, you're going to have that the fbi was notified of administration doesn't have a a bad economy. manufacturing policy whatsoever. >> no preconditions? steyer's claim. >> not as far as i'm concerned, the fbi was made aware of the there's no strategy to keep jobs no preconditions. in the united states. that's why i propose a national >> i think you know we've done more sanctions on iran than allegation during the first few institute of manufacturing that we can actually focus on the anybody. days of the supplemental and it's absolutelyorking.
3:35 am
idea that in order to be a great now the president has made investigation the bureau was country you need to make things. clear, he is happy to take a asked to conduct during the and as the manufacturing sector meeting with no preconditions. >> for clarity on this, can you has changed, we actually have an opportunity to be bringing jobs foresee a meeting between president trump and another the contentious confirmation back from overseas. hearing, according to two people the manufacturing process is highly aud automated the you iranian leader later? familiar with the allegations. >> sure zblment do you support that? >> the president's made very steyer declined a request to clear. he's prepared to meet with no preconditions. comment from nbc news. need a strategy to make sure you're closing the skills gap >> so there you have it. it's said in the book that the and we have the right workers to i'm confused. fill these jobs in the future. again, the president says no founding president and ceo of we're not seeing any of that talk from president trump. preconditions. shannon, the president snows we're not seeing any the partnership for public preconditions. he's been saying no service sorchd president bill comprehensive strategy. we see an occasional tweet, and preconditions. clinton's legal team during the mike pompeo says no that does not substitute for monica lewinsky investigation. preconditions. you have the treasury secretary kavanaugh himself was working substantive manufacturing policy that we're lacking in this saying no preconditions. country. >> we will certainly be for ken starr at the time. following this story. that the president sounds fairly you're introducing a bill today more than a day after the desperate to meet with the article was published, the times also pertaining to president iranians. what happened this weekend? updated the argument to include trump. why is he now lying and saying a key element of the book's and taxpayer dollars being used account that were quote, the at trump properties. that he never said he would meet tell us about it. female student declined to be the iranians with no interviewed and friends say she >> i'm pro tro dutiintroducing t preconditions? >> yeah. does not recall the episode. well, it's kind of cryptic which will prohibit federal per tweet. i don't know what "no diem being spent at a probtd reached through the supreme conditions" in caps and quotes court kavanaugh declined to comment to nbc news. owned by a high-government actually means h we'll ask him.
3:36 am
he delivered a forceful denial official whether vice president, president, cabinet officials. of misconduct during his we'll all be out on the south we are the principal oversight confirmation hearing last yeah. lawn and i'll try to get an committee for the united states update on what he is thinking. what i can tell you from inside >> year. senate and we can't have a the white house is it that there is a lot of uncertainty about >> first of all, jonathan situation where folks are going props are properties to curry lemire, let's talk about this what the president's policy on iran is going to be. favor with the president. it seems the president doesn't article in the "new york times." everybody makes mistakes, we the president should be lining his pockets with taxpayer money know what his next step should make mistakes every day in in the is about accountability be on iran. and it seems he is a bit torn talking about mika and me, cour and ensuring the taxpayer money is being used the way it should. between macron who really put >> so let's clear up one thing reproach. the pressure on him at the g 7 >> yeah. >> but everybody makes mistakes. that you just alluded to. in addition to mexico not paying to sit down, to try to negotiate but, you know, we were on the with iran, to try and get some for the wall, mexico is now phone yesterday and asking each building the chevy blazer? sort of talks moving to get iran >> that's correct. other, wait a second, a woman >> did the president of the united states attempt to nuclear deal that the u.s. is involved in back on the table. intervene in this? did he say anything about it? but the same time, he had who steyer claims was abused by did he fight for it to be built netanyahu, who he views as one kavanaugh, has she denied this? in michigan? >> i'm not aware of anything he of his closest international did other than perhaps a tweet has she claimed this happened? allies, this entire time pushing may have gone pout. why -- why is there this glare but that doesn't substitute for him for a tough stance on iran. what is necessary to make sure now netanyahu's facing his own that manufacturing jobs stay in omission in "the new york times" this country and actually bring story in there were molly domestic politics issues back in manufacturing jobs back to this israel. he has that voice in his ear hemingway and others on twitter country that. is possible. were saying that, in fact, she >> here in new york, you know, too. and now having bolton no longer everybody talks about the stock at the table who is the biggest had no recollection of this market, the dow support, the dow hawk on iran, throws a lot of happening and her friends were is down and everything. saying the same thing. but manufacturing base in this confusion about where everyone and i could not believe "the new stands on this. i would not be surprised if the
3:37 am
country has been most affected by a weakening economy, has it president himself doesn't know york times" would write this what his next steps are going to not? >> it has. be. doesn't know where to stand, piece without that information there's no question about that where to go. he obviously as you're pointing and that's why you need to be contained in it. out on the saudi attack, they're are you surprised 24 hours -- is focused on kind of all the inputs that go into it as well. fumbling around trying to figure you know, what i mentioned out who to blame for this even it 24 hours went by before they earlier was that the skills gap is important. we're not training folks the way though it is a time he should be clarified that fact? and let me just ask also our qui and the wait for more information to come out. but the president obviously producers just put in there that doesn't want to engage in any we need to make sure they can attacks. he can't look soft on iran. this max steyer may be take advantage of these new he certainly has biggest allies respected, but was it not technologies. that takes leadership at the national level. >> i want to take advantage of like netanyahu still out there relevant to note that he was your background. pressuring had imto take some sort of action on iran and to united states navy and your opposing counsel for the other position son the homeland not look like he is going soft security committee. side of brett kavanaugh in the were you at all alarmed by monica lewinsky legal yesterday's attack on the saudi there. hnch still ahead, assistant proceedings? i don't understand why they didn't put this information in oil enterprises? speaker congressman ben ray >> it was a long range drone lujan joins the conversation the article? next on "morning joe." did that strike you as strange? >> yeah, that's certainly good that eluded any missile capacity ♪ all i want to do t to do ♪ context being provided here about steyer. we were talking about this that saudi arabia may have had. yesterday and were puzzled and that's pretty dangerous stuff. >> that's the biggest takeaway. remain so that if the woman involved is saying that she we're look at major changes in didn't remember, that raises technology that are going to change the face of warfare questions about the piece. "the new york times" has made dramatically in the years ahead. their own editorial judgments here we have a drone that was
3:38 am
about what should be included. likely very low cost and yet was but just taking a step back able to evade. that changes the whole equation beyond this one article, it of legacy weapon systems when an underscores what a flash point the kavanaugh hearings were and adversary could use a low-cost remain and will be going weapon and create the kind of forward. it's sort of a real defining damage that these weapons created in the is not are the issue for not just 2018 as it turned out, really juicing last time we're going to see drone attacks being used against republican enthusiasm there at the end, although it didn't of very sensitive targets around course help them retain the the world. >> shifting back home, michigan house. it may have? of course, the state that some senate sooets seats feats, president trump won in 2016 and his campaign is betting heavily man 1 vo: proof of less joint pain woman 1 oc: this is my body of proof. again this time around. and clearer skin. over the summer before the first man 2 vo: proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis... democratic debate in detroit you it's going to kaef ovcarry over wrote a letter to the democratic woman 2 vo: ...with humira. candidates suggesting that they woman 3 vo: humira targets and blocks 2020. what could be next if we were to focus on kitchen table issues, that the idea of building some a specific source of inflammation sort of consensus to defeat facer in confirmation hearing that contributes to both joint donald trump, have you seen and skin symptoms. and another supreme court this? have they listened or are you it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further irreversible joint damage, justice seat were to open up in seeing instead sort of a the year ahead, which would squabble between the moderate and clear skin in many adults. and liberal wings of the party? invoke the merit garland >> i'd certainly like to see humira is the number one prescribed biologic negotiations, thanks to senate more focus on those for psoriatic arthritis. kitchen-table issues. majority leader mcconnell, but there's no question about it. avo: humira can lower your ability to fight infections. this real cultural fight that i think the skills gap that the democrats and republicans we've talked about is critical. serious and sometimes fatal infections, are going to have about the certainly when you look at the including tuberculosis, and cancers, supreme court seat and how up fact that 65, 70% of folks in including lymphoma, have happened, until this moment how little as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, michigan will not have a discussion there's been from the four-year college degree but serious allergic reactions,
3:39 am
still need to have and new or worsening heart failure. supreme dprort thecourt from th tell your doctor if you've been to areas opportunities, still need skills where certain fungal infections are common candidates. training, we have to focus on it's not a regular piece of the and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, campaign trail, but it's argue are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. strils skil don't start humira if you have an infection. skills training. we put a lot of money into man 3 vo: ask your rheumatologist about humira. nable four-year degrees and we arguably one of the bigger underinvest in the skills things on the line. i'm wondering if that's going to training to give everybody a woman 4 vo: go to to see proof in action. decent shot at being in the change. >> i remember claire mccaskill middle class and pursue their version of the american dream, coming on the show talking about however they define it. the problems of the kavanaugh >> briefly back to the middle hearings. and i remember you talking about this and you kept talking about east, american officials have said there's some discrepancy of whether these attacks originated due process. from yemen or the houthis here we have another incident with blasey ford, though i think operating in yemen said it involved ten drones. everybody saw her to be an that's a very sophisticated "have you lost weight?" incredible witness not attack. of course i have- corroborating witness there's, the people that she all named, is there any doubt in your mind ever since i started renting from national. none came forward and that iran was the pro generator because national lets me lose the wait at the counter... of it? ...and choose any car in the aisle. >> drone technology is very collaborat and i don't wait when i return, thanks to drop & go. collaborated. ramirez was calling even before different. "the new yorker" piece went i'll have to wait to see on saying she didn't remember that. you can be a nonconventional whether it happened and asked at national, i can lose the wait...and keep it off. other that were there do they remember it happening? actor to use these types of no collaborating information. looking good, patrick. and then michael avenatti, weapons. that's the scary to launch pret i know.
3:40 am
remember him talking about the devastating attacks. (vo) go national. go like a pro. factory rape rooms in washington and so that's something we have to adapt. high school parties, of course it's something we have to be no collaborating information focused on. and we better be ready to deal there. and here we have, again, a "new with this situation in the york times" piece where brett future. >> all right. senator gary peters, thank you kavanaugh is accused of very much for coming on the show something and, again, the very this morning. we'll be watching the strike situation. woman who was the alleged victim coming up, we'll talk to one of the house democrats in the in this alleged incident is this fall, book two, separate qualifying stays house, ben ray lujan. saying she doesn't recall it at ...and earn a free night. and as we go to break, take a because when your business is rewarding yourself, look at our business is you. happening. and so i'm -- which has there is a also a piece on katie book direct at cautioned democrats to call claire mccaskill and talk to her and ask her how that worked for tur. ( ♪ ) she did an enpassioned plea for her. >> yeah. >> and other democratic senate only tylenol® rapid release gels paid leave. and great liz bentley takes a have laser drilled holes. candidates in 2018. look at your leadership style. they release medicine fast, you were warning all along there are was going to hurt the what is it and how does it work? for fast pain relief. tylenol®. it's all there at knowyourval democratic senate battles. >> this is three signs here as for fast pain relief. face buried in your phone. everybody moves forward. stop! look up. look both ways. this is an issue for journalism, y knowyourval y i get it all the time. let's start looking out for each other again. for the law, and for politics. it's a busy world out there. and we're all in it together. and for journalism, you know,
3:41 am
both sides of the story are go safely, california. valid and we don't have all the information. in terms of the law, both sides do process, both sides of the story are valid and we don't look at and we don't have all the information. and in terms of the politics, this may have been an important story to cover and to watch and to feel deeply billion during the kristine blasey ford face buried in your phone. stop! look up. look both ways. let's start looking out for each other again. hearings. some have called them him to be it's a busy world out there. and we're all in it together. impeached and some called for further investigation. go safely, california. that's where i think they should be. we don't have all the information. buttigieg told cnn if he doesn't resign she you be impeached. there hasn't been any new information since the times
3:42 am
updated the story overnight that "have you lost weight?" the female student declined to of course i have- be interviewed and friends say ever since i started renting from national. president trump is set to she does not recall the episode. hold a rally in new mexico it seems like there are, shannon because national lets me lose the wait at the counter... today. assistant speaker of the house democratic congressman ben ray pettypiece, so many unanswered ...and choose any car in the aisle. lujan of new mexico. questions here, i'm just so and i don't wait when i return, thanks to drop & go. he is the highest ranking surprised that candidates are hispanic in congress and making conclusions here that are at national, i can lose the wait...and keep it off. candidate for the u.s. senate. impossible to maken. looking good, patrick. i know. >> tmake again. (vo) go national. go like a pro. >> they could continue talking >> does he have the ability to about brett kavanaugh's private make end roads in new mexico? parts, which many americans are but allstate actually helps you drive safely... >> mika, good morning. tired of hearing about or or with drivewise. first of all, he's at one of his they could use this to get the it lets you know when you go too fast... situation to the supreme court weakest times in his presidency. and motivate voters to come out that says a lot. ...and brake too hard. in new mexico, his net and let democrats and the presidency and the house and the senate to help get a democrat on with feedback to help you drive safer. favorability dropped by 34 the supreme court the next time giving you the power to actually lower your cost. there's an opening. points and among latinos, he is and it has been surprising to a lot of people, i've been at a 22% approval rating. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. speaking to, that the democrats i'm not certain why he's coming already haven't been raising the to new mexico. supreme court as an issue. now that you know the truth... maybe to pedal a few more lies. but he's convinced that he can because there's obviously an aging population on the liberal are you in good hands? put five states on the map in side of the bench and conservatives have so 2020 to be able to find the 27 effectively been able to use the
3:43 am
court to motivate their voters but we're also a cancer fighting, to come out and vote for them. hiv controlling, that's one of the number one joint replacing, 270 issues for conservative voters. and depression relieving company. electoral votes to win the and the democrats really haven't election. even been raising that on the from the day you're born we never stop taking care of you. campaign trail yet. so they could be seizing this as a moment to say let's further >> is there any possibility that trum cop do that in new mexico? look into brett kavanaugh and >> certainly the congressman is right. it's one the few states that the put these issues aside and figure out what we're going to trump campaign feels like they do to get a supreme court can put in play. justice that we want on the it's going to be a re-election campaign plain defense and hold bench. they're still not doing this and on to what they did last time this is a real moment for that instead of going back into the around. choices to expand the map are weeds of brett kavanaugh. sparse. it's virginia maybe. >> reverend al, every time i i doubt it. minnesota and new mexico seem a hear the democrats sounding like little more likely. let me put to you what they're technokratz conspiracy telling reporters, congressman. the president's el paso rally in particular a few months back, you know, as standard campaign practice, they track and come in and by your e-mail address and technokratz, i think of one thing. if democrat is re-elected zip code and such. president, that donald trump and they found a huge number of mitch mcconnell will determine people from new mexico. they feel like the president's the shape of the united states hard line immigration rhetoric, supreme court and the federal they feel plays well there. judiciary for the next half century, it's that simple. do you think that is none
3:44 am
and why -- why democrats aren't focussing on that, why candidates who are not doing well running for president and nonsensical? >> it is nonsensical. aren't going to be able to win number two, the numbers speak for themselves. as president aren't being i know the president doesn't like to confuse himself with the facts of the case. but in new mexico, the pressured and pushed and aren't considering runs for the united president's lies have caught up with him. states senate where democrats he's been guilty of one cover-up can win in red states, it is after another. the president promised middle beyond me. it's one of the great mysteries class families across new mexico that they would benefit from the of the 2019 politics. tax cut when only the most wealthy in the country >> it is stunning. benefited. the president lied to the people i was at all three debates and i of new mexico and said that the was sitting in houston the other mexican government would pay for his wall and now president night and i was absolutely taken donald trump is stealing from aback the supreme court never military families including two important investments in new came up. mexico to build his vanity wall. we're talking about the fact so again, it's one lie after that this court could reverse another. the people of new mexico are going to hold him accountable. all of the last half century of civil rights, women rights, we need to make sure we lgbtq rights, progress that has been made. understand the urgency of this i mean, i pray every night for ruth bader ginsberg along with my family, she's like a cousin
3:45 am
of mine because we're a ginsberg away from losing a lot of the things that people like me marched and went to jail for. and we should not look like welcome back. we're waiting on a scandal, it's 54 past the hour. in what could possibly boost whatever this ends up being with prime minister benjamin netanyahu's re-election bid kavanaugh, to address supreme ahead of tomorrow's election in court situations. we ought to be talking about the israel? president trump said he has makeup of the court, we ought to spoken with netanyahu about a potential new defense agreement be talking about how you take between the two nations. the senate and remind people trump on saturday tweeted, "i what moscow mike did in terms of stalling the nomination of a had a call today with prime minister benjamin netanyahu to sitting president. discuss the possibility of moving forward with a mutual this is the stunt that the drive voters out and understand what's defense treaty between the u.s. at stake in this election, not and israel that would further whether or not somebody did anchor the tremendous alliance." something several years ago. i'm not dismissing it, it is trump added that he looked forward to continuing those discussions later this month interesting, but it needs to be investigated. when the two leaders meet at the but before you jump over a united nations general assembly potential scandal that has later been you dated in the "new york session in new york. times," you ought to be dealing with the fact that we are look at a half a century reverse in basic rights for people in this country. >> totally agree.
3:46 am
well put. we will revisit this. we want to get to the big development overnight recording purdue pharma, the drug manufacturer known for selling the prescription painkiller oxycontin. it filed for bankruptcy late last night after reaching a settlement with thousands of litigants. under terms announced last week, more that be 2,000 small government plaintiffs and 24 states have agreed to a potential deal valued at 10 to $12 billion. however, a number of states have not signed on to the proposals. according to the associated press, several of those states plan to object to the settlement in bankruptcy court and continue litigation in other courts against members of the sackler family which owns the company. new york and several other states called the sackler family's proposed minimal contribution of $3 million far
3:47 am
too lenient and says they have a number of trusts and investment firms that should be made available to plaintiffs. the sackler family issued a statement last night calling ba both the settlement and bankruptcy -- for both the medical and legal implications of this development, let's bring in dr. dave campbell and state attorney for palm beach county, dave ehrenberg. >> dave, you've been covering this for some time. you also you're on the front lines of this battle. tell me, what is your reaction to the settlement and also the bankruptcy? what are the legal implications of both of those? >> i don't think the settlement is enough. we're talking about 10 to $12 billion for an epidemic that kills about 130 people in the united states every day. there's not even a statement of responsibility in the proposed settlement agreement.
3:48 am
purdue pharma helped produce this epidemic by producing the drug oxycontin in 1996 tlabling as safe and nonaddictive. this has led to such carnage and think they need to have their day of reckoning. i'm disappointed in this settlement at this point because it doesn't include what needs to be done. this is a company that has take then aggressive approach to settling this case as they did with the marketing of their product saying if you don't settle we're going to declare chapter 11 bankruptcy. as far as the bankruptcy filing, what this does is creates an automatic stay of litigation. and so the governments that are suing are seeing that their lawsuit is being postponed. but there is an exception to the bankruptcy code that allows governments if they can show that they're exercising their police or laeger regulatory pow move ahead woman investigatioit
3:49 am
investigation, if they can rin on that, that puts bankruptcy at risk. >> let's talk about the argument that's being made here because people say addiction say choice, it's human behavior. how could a company be held liable for the behavior of consumers. explain the link or the way consumers might have been misguided to become addicted. >> i'll be happy to since it wasn't just consumers, mika, it was physicians across the country. let me read to you what the fda allowed purdue pharma to put into their product labeling back about 15 years ago. delayed absorption as provided by oxycontin tab shreds believed to refuse the abuse liability of the drug. that is what we heard. that is what we read. and that is the information that shifted an entire era of
3:50 am
physicians to believing that chronic pain was to be treated with medications and these delayed long-acting drugs were less likely or unlikely to cause addiction. that wasn't true. but once the jean nie jeanie ges out of bost will, we see the results of that 15 years later. >> isn't that the same as the cigarette companies saying smoking cigarettes was good for your circulation? >> joe, remember the commercials when you have physicians touting the health benefits of cigarettes. now move forward, here we are, we have a vaping crisis so all along it's the message that is allowed to come out that leads to major health problems across the country. we have to keep relearning these lessons over and over again. >> so dave ehrenberg, the sackler family, if they've made
3:51 am
millions upon millions on this they have to decide why wouldn't that money be excess accessible to the people suing them or how is that parse eled out to where they think it doesn't apply? >> the sackler has offered 3 billion of their own money but i don't think it's enough. it's reported that they want to continue control over the international pharma company that continues to exploit our opioid crisis overseas. that's something that the attorneys general do not want. they want this family out of the business entirely in the is one of the richest families in the united states worth over $13 billion. now you have allegations that they have engaged possibly in fraudulent conveyances, meaning fraudulently transferring money fought of purdue pharma to swiss banks back into shell companies which now may be the subject of additional lawsuits 'they can find that money tied to purdue
3:52 am
pharma in these companies. >> all right. dr. dave campbell and dave ehrenberg, thank you bong. we'll be certainly revisiting this conversation soon. thank you. richard haass, before you go, what are you looking at this week? is the sawed i have/iranian crisis at the top of mind? >> for sure. and what kind of evidence comes forward and then the whole question of what's left of the interagency process inside of the u.s. government, what it is we decide to say or do. then secondly tomorrow, joe, is the israeli elections. united states, as you commented before, is doing everything it conceivably can and then some to bring about another victory by the prime minister netanyahu who is all ready the longest serving israeli prime minister and he's articulated all sorts of plans for unilateral annexation of places where, you know, the west bank and so forth where -- which
3:53 am
would bring to an end what little chance there is for a two-state solution. here we are yet again, the middle east, what has been, is, and continues to be the least successful, most turbulent part of the world and it's grabbing center stage even though everything from china to venezuela to the rest continues to churn. but i think eyes will be on the middle east and also the oil issue because that will have all sorts of implications for global markets. >> obviously oil skyrocketing. richard vir to ask you, what are your thoughts about marianne going to the white house getting a presidential medal of freedom from president trump? he's a big trump fan? >> i'm at the point now that anything that is not about the new york giants is almost welcome development. so it's -- we're already talking draft choices and it's only the second week of the season. >> i'm sorry, i'm not following the nfl this year. lemire, what happened to the
3:54 am
giants yesterday? >> they started a rather uninspiring 0-two so far this year and, go, you and i baseball, baseball is first for us. but i admit to being a patriots fan and therefore i'm not going to be upset if the giants suffer. sorry, richard. >> okay, richard. thank you. coming up, our next guest has been an adviser to president's prime ministers and ceos and is now making a compelling case to support his latest prediction that donald trump will lead the republican party off a cliff in 2020. best selling author stanley groo greenbergi greenberg joins us next on "morning joe." g joins us next on "morning joe." every day, visionaries are creating the future.
3:55 am
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3:58 am
larry noble, the former general counsel of the election commission told cnn that what you're proposing would not be legal. it's not legal to give those
3:59 am
families $10,000 from your campaign to use however they want. are you sure you're on solid legal ground? >> yeah, we have an arm of lawyers who signed off on it and we're sure this is perfectly legal. >> welcome back to "morning joe." >> there's still a chance we could be big winners. >> a lot of young people really like him. we have the white house reporter to the associated press jonathan lemire. >> he's young. >> yeah. >> he likes andy. >> host of msnbc politics nation and reverend al sharpton joining the conversation. yes, msnbc contributor mike barnicle. >> he's a major yang supporter. >> get off my lawn. >> get off my lawn. and political reporter for "the washington post" and msnbc political analyst robert costa. he's the made ratetor on pbs.
4:00 am
>> let's start, bob, with your notre dame report. how did the eirish do this weekend? >> they scored too many points. they scored 66 points, it was a little much, but go irish. >> i don't even know thousand respond to that. >> we're going to sthaart with 2020. joe biden's allies are suggesting that elizabeth warren poses the weakest chance to win the white house in 2020 even though warren won re-election easily in 2018, biden supporters are pointing to her performance among independent and blue-collar voters as evidence she'll fail to appeal to voters in the rust belt like hillary clinton did in 2016. meanwhile, after thursday's democratic debate, congressman gonzalez of texas changed his
4:01 am
20 2020 endorsement from julian castro to biden. in a statement released yesterday morning by bide en's campaign, gonzalez said the former vp demonstrated the values and characters i know and respect and that voters are looking for in their candidate for president. gonzalez who endorsed castro back in march now gives biden the most texas congressional endorsements. as for senator warren, she's just released her plan to take on government corruption. the 15-page plan which warren describes as the most sweeping reform since watergate lays out nearly 100 ways to fix corporation in washington. the plan includes the roading out corporation in the white house, congress, the supreme court, and in federal agencies. it also takes aim as fixing the resolving door between the public and private sector. >> mike barnicle, obviously
4:02 am
caulk in democratic circles seems talk in democratic circles seems to center around joe biden and elizabeth warren. many people believe in the end that's what this race will boil down to. you hear biden's people saying that elizabeth warren will be the least elect abable. are they starting to feel the heat from elizabeth warren and worry that the massachusetts senator could overtake them? >> i think they're feeling the heat from her campaign. she's run a terrific campaign. but the further this goes, i don't know, i might be in the minority, but one of these candidates has to stake out where we're going, where they want to take this country in the next very few months. they've got to do that. it's one thing to go back and forth between joe biden and elizabeth warren. elizabeth warren has had the blessing of receiving very, very favorable coverage, jonathan, i would think in the initial
4:03 am
stages of her campaign. she has not been touched up at all. the issue arose during the debate last week when joe biden sed basically said how much is this going to zmoft and elizabeth warren was reluctant to go there. that's going to be an issue. but the biden campaign senses the obvious. elizabeth warren's campaign is very professional, very well organized, very substantive, and she's not going to go away. bernie sanders might go away before anyone else. >> certainly senator warren stum blingd o stumabled out of the gate. but she's run a near perfect campaign and she has received very positive media coverage. reverend al, were you surprised that thursday night was the first time warren and bind were on the debate stage for the first time but there were very fireworks between them.
4:04 am
do you think that will change? >> i think it shows that the biden people are beginning to set up for a battle with elizabeth warren. i came to the houston debate waiting for the showdown that never happened. and i think that when giuliani julian castro do his number with biden, you notice warren kind of stepped back and said, okay, y'all go ata it a it and she di get in it at all. and for part of the debate she packed backed up altogether, which was smart. and a lot of the support for joe biden, according to the polls, has come from black voters. elizabeth warren has consciously started going off chipping that away. we've done a lot of coverage about how joe biden went to birmingham and rightfully so for the 16th street baptist anniversary.
4:05 am
elizabeth warren has he with 5,000 black elected officials from around the country, the biggest political event in black america, stayed all night. she's beginning to chip away. if she can erode some of his solid black support and latino support even under radar, he will be in in trouble because she's almost like a boxer saying i'm going to get you with body punches rather than going for the head shot. >> you know, it's very interesting mike was talking about the back and forth. joe biden started to go back and forth on the cost of elizabeth warren's plans. i've been surprised, really surprised that none of the moderators in the first three debates have done a tim russert who you know would have gone right in and bore right in on bernie sanders and would have gone right in on elizabeth warren, saying, okay, you want to give medicare for all to everybody in america, how are you going to pay for it? how much is it going to dmofcos?
4:06 am
because the numbers, just as math and numbers, do not adds up. bernie's been able to get away with it by saying i wrote the damn bill. i would guess, first of all, are you surprised they haven't been pushed more there? and secondly, do you think this is something that the trump campaign is focusing on as real vulnerabilities if they face either warren or sanders in the general election? >> when you talk to trump campaign advisers and other democratic consultants, they say that the details do matter about senator warren's economic plan. at its core she's making an argument for economic populism, taxing the wealthiest of the wealthy to pay for medicare for all. they see in snore warren a candidate who has strange echoes of president trump's own 2016 campaign in the sense that she's calling for radical change. and she's calling for an
4:07 am
overhaul of the way politics is done. and so while vice president biden is taking his shots as his aides say, that she could gain mow pent tim momentum, while the economy is doing well, people still feel frustrated about their own opportunities. >> we're going to get to ali vitaly and the anticorruption plan in a moment, but we want to talk about a new book that predicts the defeat of president trump and the republican party according to author stanley greenberg, the new america we live in as formed a democratic party made of women, bread winners, millennial voters and will be the reason donald trump won't be elected in 2020. joining us now, stanley greenberg, his new book, left in
4:08 am
peace gop. how it current president is dooming the republicans. the republican party is all ready dead. >> so, stanley, you -- you could have fooled a lot of democrats -- >> right. >> -- who seem worried every day that donald trump is going to get re-elected. they shocked him -- or he shocked them once. they are certain donald trump will shock them again. why are they wrong? >> you know, they're very wrong. in fact, everything i'm looking says the trends that i've talked about in this book are accelerating. i actually may have underestimated, you know, the scale of what's happening. so let me talk about what happened here. what i realized right after the election and after the women's march, you know, i went back every, you know, writing every day because what i believe is that donald trump representing the last throw of an evangelical
4:09 am
tea party, dominated party led by donald trump that was going to both make it a minority party, make people conscious of their values, and create the resistance. and what i -- what i -- to be honest, what i missed, and i describe it in the book, all this was happening, but what you have seen is first a change in the party. he has made the party very quickly into a party that's tea party, evangelical and the religious observant only. they are now 70% of his base and he dominates the party that's antigovernment, anti-immigration observant party but the what's happened as a result is, first, he's driven -- he's driven out the mccain republicans and moderates. they used to be 40% of the party, now they're 30%. like a ten point dprop last
4:10 am
year's leyea year's election. >> he's pushed up are the question of government must do more. after a tea immigration, he's p
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