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tv   Morning Joe  MSNBC  September 18, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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while i was out here figuring pull off that moment out how to use a rifle. election our next guest is taking a look she did that in the first debate >> you didn't blame little john at the world of disinformation i think where she struggled in the campaign and see this consistently when she has been or meat loaf and the influence operations em hit with something she wasn't necessarily expecting a question she wasn't necessarily expecting you fired gary busick, and these employed by vladimir putin we're back in just a moment. at a town hall or attack from a rival. i think thinking of the second are the kind of decisions that would keep me up at night. debate from gabbert she wasn't >> that's mayor pete channelling necessarily prepared for i think we see her less sure of ( ♪ ) a line from barack obama which was said to get deeply under herself on her feet in those only tylenol® rapid release gels settings and probably came across to voters she was able to pop her poll have laser drilled holes. donald trump's skin back in they release medicine fast, numbers after the first debate tlec 2011 remember that? we have a lot of politics to for fast pain relief. says she has had the opportunity to move the numbers forward but cover this morning including tylenol®. some brand new poll numbers just the ten day window around the out, a lot of movement for elizabeth warren - [woman] with my shark, i deep clean messes like this, first debate the only traction plus, corey lewandowski is backward for her. apparently wants to serve on this, and even this. >> smart talent and experienced capitol hill and made quite a but i don't have to clean this, and likeable how do you plain it? first impression there because the self-cleaning brush roll yesterday. we're going to run through his >> she is like the marco rubio removes hair while i clean. - [announcer] shark, the vacuum that deep cleans of this race and checks off contentious impudent rude now cleans itself. every box and she had to connect with people. hearing in the house. a woman i talked to in georgia plus, benjamin netanyahu is ♪ who said african-american woman fighting for his job in israel professional said what do you ♪ i got that vibe, got that vibe ♪ think of kamala harris and she we'll get the latest results in ♪ got that vibe, yeah, i ain't petty, ♪ that country's very, very close had she remind me of a mixture ♪ looking fly, looking fly, ♪ between meghan markle and
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hillary clinton. elections. good morning, and welcome to ♪ looking fly, yeah, they ain't ready. ♪ she is fashionable and "morning joe." interesting but i don't know if it is wednesday, september 18th. ♪ i can shine, i can shine, ♪ i believe in her i don't know if i trust her joe is off this morning, but ♪ i can shine. along with willie and me we have laughter as people got to know senator ♪ i'mma do what i'm made to do. ♪ senior white house reporter for harris they he thought she was ♪ i'mma do what i'm made to do. ♪ competent but did they think nbc news digital, shannon petty built for excellence. you start from the foundation up. piece, branding and marketing shash could bring crowd of people and expert donny deutsch is here. the excellence is reaching dreams and chasing them at the same time. >> did we agree on an enthusiasm i've met her and seen her speak. introduction ♪ she doesn't have the enthusiasm >> yes level even amongst her >> host emeritus. supporters that elizabeth warren did. >> it's just painful. i think it's this race went on >> no, i think it's celebratory. she was always going to run into the challenge of can you light up that audience the same way is >> now you're just asking me to be mean to you. in the fact she is now behind >> i know how much you care. >> yeah, uh-huh. >> national political pete buttigieg is a major correspondent for nbc news and blowing in her campaign. >> still ahead on "morning joe," msnbc and author of "the red and u.s. senators are responsible, in part, for keeping the white house in check the blue" steve kornacki corey lewandowski apparently a great morning to have steve wants that job on politics and journalism but you wouldn't know it from watching his appearance on professor at morgan state capitol hill we will run through his university and an msnbc political contributor jason contentious testimony next on johnson and senior political "morning joe." correspondent for the washington fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. examiner david druker joins us as well. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... usa today opinion columnist and former senior adviser for the with drivewise.
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house oversight and government it lets you know when you go too fast... reform committee kurt bardella ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. we'll be talking with kurt about urost. corey lewandowski. these poll numbers show elizabeth warren. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. >> elizabeth warren inching closer to joe biden, the former now that you know the truth... vice president sits at 31% are you in good hands? he's up five points since july warren only six points behind at run with us on a john deere 1 series tractor. ♪ 25%. vermont senator bernie sanders a beacuse changing your attachments, distant third with 14% in this should be as easy as... poll, and most notably perhaps 51 past. welcome to "morning joe. what about this? changing your plans. senator kamala harris has fallen joining us now is author of the eight points since july. yeah. run with us. she sits in fifth place with 5% new book entitled "this is not search "john deere 1 series" for more. of the vote. biden reaches almost 50% support propagan propaganda adventure in the war against for adults with moderately to severely active crohn's disease, among black voters, while 28% of stelara® works differently. white voters back warren's run reality. studies showed relief and remission, how the rest of the world is a third of young voters say they with dosing every 8 weeks. support sanders with warren being manipulated by stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections disinformation following as a close second in also with us is former fbi and may increase your risk of infections and cancer. that group, whereas almost 50% special agent and msnbc some serious infections require hospitalization. of voters over 65 back joe contributor clint watts. great to have you both on the before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you have an infection or flu-like biden. liberal democratic voters show tell us about the book symptoms or sores,
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overwhelmingly support the this reality is getting even have had cancer, or develop new skin growths, massachusetts senator's run at more real. or if anyone in your house needs or recently had a vaccine. i think things will get worse 36% for warren while more than and that somewhat you're going to tell us. alert your doctor of new or worsening problems, 40% of moderate and conservative >> actually, i think there are ways of dealing with this kris including headaches, seizures, confusion and vision problems. democrats polled say they back that we are in, but it's an the former vice president. when it comes to the amount of these may be signs of a rare, change democratic voters want to potentially fatal brain condition. some serious allergic reactions and lung inflammation can occur. see, a majority who want to see international krcrisis talk to your doctor today, i see consistent patterns large scale change say they back and learn how janssen can help you warren's run for the white everywhere explore cost support options. house, and of those who prefer we have always had propaganda and always had manipulation but remission can start with stelara®. small scale change 43% support something has changed. biden. these days, leader across the meanwhile, warren holds a world are trying to convince you ten-point lead among her fellow of kind of their truth 2020 candidate when is it comes to enthusiasm among democratic they undermine any kind of primary voters trust, any kind of sense you can steve, there's a ton in there ever find reality that you can obviously. we'll go through all of it conspiracy theories all the time let's start with the top line, and that is elizabeth warren and try to split people and moving up right behind joe biden, although they're growing surround us with so much fake at the same rate information and false he's up six, she's up five. information and misinformation and disinformation >> why is warren up? whatever you want to call it i think there's two things you see happening in that poll people can't true fact from number one is we've talked about warren and sanders, they've been fiction any more sort of battling for second. that is a different approach. >> is technology making this they have similar messages worse? they actually have -- there's clint, you want to take that some pretty significant one? and peter can follow-up. differences in their bases >> it's all about video. i think one thing you're seeing
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video. audio. you can do it multiple medium. in this poll is the areas where the speed at which you can there have been overlap in warren and sanders supporting. create and do it and upload it and share it and imagine warren now starting to get the better of sanders. imagine in the '80s and '90s you - [woman] with my shark, ions. deep clean messes like this, that's one thing to look at going forward. want to do this writing that is there separation, warren many news articles or shares would be impossible. this, and even this. but i don't have to clean this, obtaining separation from so when you kind look at the because the self-cleaning brush roll sanders for second place t technology how this gone down. removes hair while i clean. - [announcer] shark, the vacuum that deep cleans kamala harris back down at 5%. peter, you've been all over the world the last year. now cleans itself. i should add his book was essential to my understanding of warren's clearly been the beneficiary of that dropoff for what russia was doing years ago. (classical music playing throughout) >> wow. >> so when you're going around harris you put that racial split, that the world today what is the one place that scares you maybe the white/black split. worst or gives you a really warren is doing significantly awful feeling when you're there better with white voters than and you're watching what is black vote going on that 13% number she now has wa >> it's always an temptation to think the biggest crisis soois r black voters, that was like 3, 4 5. but america is one example of a that is significant that she is much bigger problem. moving into double-digits there. philippines was very powerful you start to see, when you put for me because there you have a those side to side, you start to see what warren's campaign believes the path is leader who doesn't use the think of the calendar next year, secret police to crush the iowa, new hampshire, 90-plus opposition he uses like online mobs
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percent white states when critics say, hold on, we there's warren leading among are under attack white voters right now doing he says, you can't link this to particularly well among activists, liberal voters, folks me online cyberer militia have who are going to turn out in nothing to do with me. caucus caucuses we have seen this formula before in democratic primaries. these are always concerned joan kerry in 2004 he was running 10% with black voters. leader. he won iowa, new hampshire, next >> so much talk about russia in this country and he wrote a great book that russia is doing thing you know he's won 56% of the black vote she's leading among white clint has explained it to us the to the wait did frowe just win-ners. prouders last two years voters you see a potential path for her what can be done to combat this? everyone uses their phone differently. there. if you can do well, if you can that's why xfinity mobile let's you design breakthrough in iowa and new it feel like knocking down moles hampshire, you can grow that your own data. black support very quickly when another one pops up now you can share it between lines. potentially. >> i think we picked up on the how do you approach a problem this big and this diffusion? mix with unlimited, and switch it up at anytime sam thing, which is joe biden is >> i think we have to think about what we mean by the term so you only pay for what you need. the front runner, still strong, disinformation it's a different kind of wireless network still growing despite shaky designed to save you money. it's really hard to regulate in debate performances. save up to $400 a year on your wireless bill. when you look among plus get $250 back when you buy african-american voters, particularly in south carolina a new samsung note. where he has a commanding lead america. a lot of the campaigns the russians are doing in the united click, call or visit a store today. we have a new poll that shows states wasn't false information. iowa neck in neck. they were just trying to fuel polarization with kind of, you let's say she wins iowa somehow, you'll see those numbers move in know, information neutral concept. south carolina. >> this is the challenge for and fuel that sense of, like, lack of trust.
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so i think how do we tackle bid biden, i think it's potentially the biggest problem. that we are heading towards a new ♪ ♪ what the world needs now his strongest source of support election and we will see the same things play out is african-american voters you've got to think of the south that is very, very worrying. >> lets turn to yesterday's carolina primary there the question is can he survive look i think we have to start to impeachment hearing. to south carolina because look regulate the types of behavior democrats struggle to get answer at the calendar again, if from former trump campaign online so deceptive behavior online manager corey lewandowski. elizabeth warren for that matter you can say bernie sanders or it was contentious as democrats something that seems organic is attempted to get more somebody else, if elizabeth a whole campaign of online blogs information from a key part of warren were to win iowa, it's the mueller report that claims eight days between iowa and new and that has to be addressed hampshire, and elizabeth warren not the content but the in june 2017 meeting in the oval behavior. >> who addresses that? office president told is a next door neighbor senator. is that from facebook or who the track record of does that? lewandowski to instruct then massachusetts candidates winning new hampshire primaries is very attorney general jeff sessions >> well, ideally the companies to announce publicly the good, especially if they come in have really clear terms and standard for behavior. president had done nothing wrong having won the iowa kau kacaucus and the special counsel and, you know, they would enact investigation was unfair the track record of candidates that do we trust them here is how that played out i don't know. >> should we yesterday. who win iowa and new hampshire >> how many times has the president asked you to meet him when they've both been contested >> i think we are moving towards in the white house >> white house directed me not in the modern era basically a point they at least recognize the problem. the problem s however, there is to close any discussions. uncontested. still a black box. >> how long did you meet with you can talk about south we still don't know what happens the president in 2017? carolina as a potential inside the sudden talking the language >> i don't know the answer to firewall, but we have not seen and facebook and twitter are that. >> how many times did you direct in the past southern and south talking the language we don't you to deliver a message to his want to see what they call carolina fire walls hold up when coordinated and authentic candidates have lost both iowa and new hampshire.
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that's the challenge for him campaigns online he's got to find a win there. not content but behavior. >> before we move on, i want to >> right. >> but we still don't know get to shannon, jason and donnie i think we need more algorithmic cabinet? >> the white house told me to the tdisclose that. >> did you tell the president on these polls is this a two-person race at this point is this biden and warren transparency and the black boxes of the companies need to be you would deliver the message? what's happening to the rest of opened so wend what they are the field? doing about this problem. >> i can't comment in private >> that's what i'm asking >> i love when the answer to the conversation executive privilege. myself i this entire time thought we question is ah >> i'm sorry were going to see a three-person >> i can read you the exact clint, tell us about your new statement again if you'd like me race we would see an establishment on to. project hamilton 2 plan. the white house has asked that i candidate, biden, the far left >> a couple of years ago we were tracking a group of accounts we not disclose any conversation candidate and then the with the president. >> not stonewall me and my had seen go into the election in questioning! insurgency candidate, maybe 2016 this case, what we have done is >> you felt a little squeamish buttigieg seems to be the only we have taken a step back and we one who's still hanging in have actually gone and we have done multiplatform so we have there. we had three debates now, a lot of hours of debate time. twitter over broadcast in term did delivering that message, of what the kremlin is putting no one seems to be emerging, and right? >> no, sir. >> why take you so long and you it seems instead of that pack out their video broadcast or going to one of the other third never even delivered it? actually being real-time >> correct candidates they are just -- uploaded kamala people are moving to then we have all of those i never delivered the message. warren websites the russians put in >> you chickened out. terms of their news. beto people are moving to widbie can you do all three features within. >> it might be too early to into one face. >> i went on vacation easement >> how do you find it? you put the message in your safe >> at the alliance for securing at home for safe keeping before tell, but elizabeth warren you went on vacation, correct? democracy at the german marshall >> i took my kids to the beach, definitely moving on up she's got some major hurdles.
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fund if you type in hamilton 2.0, congressman. >> didn't you think a little strange the president would sit >> the first major hurdle she down with you one-on-one and ask has is joe biden you'll find it. he's the front runner. >> thank you both. you to do something that you the new book is "this is not knew was against the law did that strike you as strange people still think he's the most electable. he is still the candidate that propaganda adventures in the war is the top second choice for a >> i disagree with the premise lot of people like elizabeth against reality. of your question, congressman. warren, a lot of people like fascinating. thank you so much. bernie sanders ahead, elizabeth warren >> you weren't a policeman here's where her success has >> i didn't think the president come in. narrows the gap with joe biden asked me to do anything illegal. number one, and i've been saying >> you didn't think it would be this for a while, she began with in our latest nbc news/"the wall illegal for you to ask mr. activist black ago street journal" poll and we will sessions to drop the lay out the many dividing line investigation and just go on to and they have drawn more black between the two front-runners. future presidents and admit everything with this president voters to elizabeth warren did president try to get his and say we are starting with the she's been taking away the former campaign manager to next one without ka alloweding with russia? you didn't think that illegal to progressives and activists from the bernie sanders campaign. she won the working families obstruct justice strouk t obstruct the mueller gr, the president endorsement. that was something bernie investigation? we are back tinwo minutes with sanders had locked down in 2016, a packed 8:00 a.m. hour. didn't ask me anything illegal. >> you didn't want to tell the now elizabeth warren has it, and president that you were pa it's a very strong endorsement and they will work for you passipass across the country i she's doing well if she can convince people she ing off his message to someone you knee he wanted you a local is electable, if she can soldier to do it because the convince people -- there's an president trusted you. article in slate that says if you take electability out of it, is that right? >> that's a question for the president, sir. >> the public record your job is elizabeth warren and joe biden are almost tied. to be donald trump's little >> here's a number all the enforcer, correct? >> no.
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i don't believe so. >> let me ask the question candidates will like another way. only 9% of democratic voters say are you the hit man, the bag they've made up their mind man, the lookout or all of the i'm going to ask the mean question, but it's worth asking. above? >> i think i'm the good looking this fall, book two, separate qualifying stays you see elizabeth warren man, actually. >> five hours of that yesterday. at 1:00 a.m., 12:30 a.m. taking ...and earn a free night. there was also this exchange selfies in a line of 20,000 because when your business is rewarding yourself, people every last person her our business is you. between allowen k een do you sk arms in the air, fit, happy, book direct at totally loving it, and biden you barry burke. >> my question to you sir on don't see that is there a concern tuat this pon national television did you you lie about your relationship with that people are looking at the special counsel and whether they sought your interview >> i don't know. >> that would line up with the >> prior to the mueller report enthusiasm number, which to me being published in redacted form is a really important number did you ever misrepresent what it is a two-person race. you did on behalf of the elizabeth warren has clearly established herself as the president? >> i can't think of an instance liberal alternative. it's going to be interesting to see how those numbers change when we get to a binary place. where that would have occurred. >> let me show you an interview the binary place is very, very simple you did on may 14th, 2019. do you go from the instability of trump to something that is >> i don't ever remember the potentially unstable but president ever asking me to get interesting and more proactive and more progressive or do you - [woman] with my shark, i deep clean messes like this, involved with jeff sessions or go from instability to stability this, and even this. the department of justice in any to kind of neutral, if you will? w way, shape or form ever. but i don't have to clean this, >> all right the very thing people put biden so you -- >> did you hear that, sir?
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because the self-cleaning brush roll down about might be the very, removes hair while i clean. that was you saying on msnbc you - [announcer] shark, the vacuum that deep cleans very tonic. >> comfort level. >> people are looking for. don't ever remember the and that's going to be the -- i now cleans itself. president ever asking you to get think we're going to see that involved with jeff sessions or very quickly when it gets down the department of justice in any to two it's a real gutteral thing the riskiest job. way, shape, or form? do i want to go from one side of that wasn't true, was it, sir? the consequences underwater can escalate quickly. >> i heard that. >> and that was not true, was it >> i have no obligation to be the axis to the other side or put me in the middle and we'll honest because they are as regroup. >> let me ask you steve and the next thing i know, she swam off with the camera. jason, the kamala harris dishonest as anybody else. question, a candidate who >> you're admitting you were not it's like, hey, thats mine! being truthful if that clip, excited a lot of people when she announced who did very well in i want to keep doing what i love. that's the retirement plan. the first debate and had a spike with my annuity i know there's a guarantee. correct? >> my interview can be in the polls how do you explain her poll to annuities can provide protected income for life. interrupted any way you like. 5% where she's now sort of in learn more at >> why did you live on national the andrew yang group? television, sir, the president >> think back to that first giving you a message about the debate and what worked for her there. that was a pretty clearly special counsel's investigation? premeditated sort of rehearsed >> i don't recall that moment, and you think about her particular day and my mindset at training as a prosecutor the time so i couldn't answer that. that's somebody who when she can >> a ton to get through there, prepare if it, when she can sno prepare for all the i don't mean reminding a guy shannon. the nut we you what is a corey contingencies and rehearse ahead of time, she can pull off that getting ready for season seven of "the apprentice." lewandowski saying, yes, line, pull off that moment she did that in the first president of the united states >> you didn't blame meatloaf asked me to go to jeff sessions debate i think where she struggled is the attorney general account and when she's been hit with influence the mueller
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investigation and to change the something she wasn't necessarily expecting, a question she wasn't trajectory and have focus on you fired garry busey and these things that came after the 2016 expecting, an attack from a election. >> which at the time the mueller rival, tulsi gabbard in the are the kind of decisions that report came out, that piece second debate, she wasn't cope me up at night. didn't really get as much necessarily preparing for. i think we've seen her a little attention and i remember, at the >> mayor pete channeling a line time, maybe a day or two later less sure of herself on her feet saying to my editors we should in those settings. do a story on corey. under barack obama let's do a corey story so we did clearly she's had the opportunity, the fact she was a separate story on corey. able to pop her poll numbers remember that? we have a lot of ploks to cover we got to the don mcgahn stuff shows she's had the opportunity this morning and brand new poll to move those numbers forward. except for that ten-day window numbers just out and so many shocking pieces in around that first debate, there that volume two that corey core ilewandowski apparently really has been no traction. wants to serve on capitol hill lewandowski piece got lost >> jason, smart, talented, and made quite a first one of the clearest moments experienced, likable, how do you impression there yesterday could be argued is obstruction rel run through his hearing in explain it >> she's kind of the marco rubio because the president was directing lewandowski to go to jeff sessions and tell him to of this race end an investigation and to everyone assumes she'd be more publicly clear him successful but she had to contact with the house. and i'll also note lewandowski people there was a woman i talked to in joe is off this morning. georgia, african-american woman, i said what do you think of along with willie and me senior keeps citing executive privilege kamala harris, she said she kind and bringing up the fact that white house reporter for nbc the white house has asked him of reminds me of a mixture of now to answer questions. digit shannon pettypiece and i cannot find a lawyer, either meghan markle and hillary friendly to the president or clinton. she's fashionable and interesting but i don't know if donnie deutsche is here. unfriendly to the president who i really believe in her. says there is any ground for the i don't know if i really trust white house to be making this her laughter as people got to know senator >> with dwe agree on an executive privilege claim.
3:12 am
introduction >> yes. >> i think it's celebratory. executive privilege protects the harris they always thought she was executive branch >> you're asking me to be mean for you. once information leaves the competence, but did they think >> i know he how much you care executive branch, either the she could bring a level of white house or the justice >> right enthusiasm national political correspondent department, outside the i have met senator harris, i executive branch, so to corey have seen her speak. for nbc news and msnbc and author of "the red and the blue" she doesn't have the enthusiasm lewandowski who is not in the executive branch, then the level as elizabeth warren did. steve kornacki executive privilege claim is gone a great this morning to have him it has now left the executive she was always going to run into on with the news just out. branch, so you can't bring it the challenge can you light up back in and cite executive that audience the same way the fact that she's now behind privilege. there is no ground for that. from morgan state university and pete buttigieg is a major blow so essentially he is not being on her campaign. msnbc political contributor, jason johnson is with us truthful to congress >> david, the big question is senior political correspondent that could be seen as who can beat donald trump. for "the washington examiner" obstruction by the white house i think that question is right instructing him not to answer up against elizabeth warren. if you look at these numbers and david drucker joins us and the questions and they are the voters who are drawn to her, trying to obstruct the house they're not people who are ever former senior adviser for the investigation. going to vote for trump, and house oversight and government even though it seemed like a circus, if people toir get back there are people who have voted and sort of get into the nuts it for trump who might vote for reform committee is pete of, you still see that biden. isn't biden there the resounding obstruction of case being barnde challenger when it comes to barndeli. >> these are new polls from nbc building. >> coming up on "morning joe," beating donald trump >> i think when you talk to news and "the wall street journal" showing elizabeth republican insiders and warren inching closer to joe senator michael bennet joins us. republican voters, i think joe biden, the former vice president biden is clearly the democrat sits at 31%. first, america is being divided he is up five points since july. into hostile tribes, cheering that they fear, and i think a lot of this has to do with the warren only six points behind at fact that elizabeth warren is against each other and threatening our future
3:13 am
the tribalism of american offering a very disruptive politics is our next topic and campaign, and the question is 25%. bernie sanders with 14% a we have a great panel to talk can you beat disruption with distant third and kamala harris about it "morning joe" is coming right disruption and for a lot of voters there's back ♪ ♪ put me on a plane is in fifth place and fallen a question about whether or not hurry hurry before i go insane elizabeth warren can beat trump eight points since july. she has 5% of the vote in the white places. she clearly is going to have a biden reaches almost 50% of vote lot of appeal in left leaning among black voters and 28% of suburbs and even some of the swing suburbs, but in a lot of black voters back warren's run these swing counties in urban a third support sanders with and rural counties where the warren as a close second in that president has been really strong and eaten into what was long a group. almost 50% of voters over 65 ♪ democratic dominated area, does ♪ i got that vibe, got that vibe ♪ back joe biden ♪ got that vibe, yeah, i ain't petty, ♪ she have because of her cultural ♪ looking fly, looking fly, ♪ politics, not so much because of her left wing populism which ♪ looking fly, yeah, they ain't ready. ♪ 36% for warren and more than 40% could have some appeal, but ♪ i can shine, i can shine, ♪ ♪ i can shine. because of her position on cultural issues can she eat into ♪ i'mma do what i'm made to do. ♪ the president's margins here of moderate and conserves back ♪ i'mma do what i'm made to do. ♪ i think there's a huge question mark around that, and somebody the vice president built for excellence. when it comes to change, many you start from the foundation up. like joe biden who because he is the excellence is reaching dreams and not seen as so disruptive but is back warren's run for the white chasing them at the same time. house. of those who prefer small-scaled ♪ seen as somebody who has been around for so long, may be too change, 43% support biden. warren hold a 10-point lead
3:14 am
liberal for me but maybe so, every day, somebody i can deal with that among her fellow 2020 candidates we put our latest technology makes me feel comfortable, and when it comes to enthusiasm and unrivaled network to work. maybe i'm somebody who's not among democratic primary voters. even that comfortable with the steve, there is a ton in there, the united states postal service makes more president's disruption even though i like his issues and e-commerce deliveries to homes obviously. let's start with the top line than anyone else in the country. and that is elizabeth warren biden's a comfortable place to go that's why republicans fear him moving up right behind joe the most, and so i think that's biden, although they are growing e-commerce deliveries to homes "have you lost weight?" the question breath warren has actually at the same right of course i have- he is up 6 and she is up 5. ever since i started renting from national. to answer. i will say this, and this is really important >> why is warren up? i think two things you see because national lets me lose the wait at the counter... when you talk to elizabeth warren's supporters, even though happening in that poll they're not those kind of we have talked about warren and ...and choose any car in the aisle. voters, at least not yet, they and i don't wait when i return, thanks to drop & go. sanders battling for second and really believe in her they have similar messages and electability, and it's a very there is pretty significant at national, i can lose the wait...and keep it off. dangerous thing when you have a differences in their bases but i looking good, patrick. candidate whose voters really think one thing you're seeing in believe that that candidate can the poll is the areas there has been overlap in warren and i know. win. we saw that with president trump, and it was a real killer sander supporting right now at (vo) go national. go like a pro. least in this poll, warren starting to get the better of for him in 2016. >> newscast the problit's a sim sander that is one thing to look at - [woman] with my shark, i deep clean messes like this, she's going to continue along going forward is their saying to 160 million people you this, and even this. can't choose your insurance, separation but i don't have to clean this, she's going to lose. is warren attaining separation she's going to lose. because the self-cleaning brush roll removes hair while i clean. we got to grow up a little bit - [announcer] shark, the vacuum that deep cleans from sanders around here. her policies, she maybe is just kamala harris to 5% and i think now cleans itself. playing a game and once she gets the general election
3:15 am
warren is a point for that tv aas many safety features powas the rx, the new...... if she's running on her policies, and she seems to be the lexus rx has met its match. someone who's a little more drop-o drop-off the split up there, warren is doing significantly better with if they're talking about you... authentic. she will lose and we'll get four white voters than she is with more years of donald trump. you must be doing something right. black voters >> she's already on the record however that 13% number she now and has sponsored a bill experience the style, craftsmanship, she can't run away from that. has with black voters, that was like three, four, five a couple and technology that have made the rx >> we'll come back to these of months ago so that is polls. let's turn to yesterday's house the leading luxury suv of all time. substantial. i think significant i should say. she is moving into double digits judiciary committee, as lease the 2019 rx 350 democrats struggle to get there. you start to see when you put -- answers from corey lewandowski on the screen there when you put for $399 a month for 36 months. the hearing lasted more than those side-to-side, you start to experience amazing at your lexus dealer. five hours and was contentious see what warren's campaign believes the path is because as democrats attempted to get think of the calendar next year. more information on a key part of the mueller report that claims in a june 2017 meeting in iowa, new hampshire. 90 plus percent white states the oval office the president there is warren leading among told lewandowski to instruct white voters right now doing then attorney general jeff sessions to announce publicly particularly well among folks the president had done nothing that are turn out in caucuses wrong and that the special next year. counsel investigation was we have seen this formula unfair here's how that played out before i remember john kerry won iowa yesterday. >> how many times has the president asked you to meet him in the white house and new hampshire and next thing >> the white house has directed you know he has won 56% of the me not to disclose the black vote the fact warren is getting traction with black voters and discussions. >> how many times did you meet with the president in 2017 leading among white voters
3:16 am
>> i don't know the answer to you see a potential path for her if you can do well and break na. >> how many times did he direct through in iowa and new hampshire you can grow that you to -- a member of his cabinet. black support very quickly. >> any discussions with the >> i think we picked up on the president. >> did he ever discuss with you any concerns that he may have same thing there which is joe committed a criminal offense >> the white house has directed biden is the front-runner and me not to disclose the substance still strong and growing despite shaky debate performances three of any discussions with the president or his adviser the. now. >> did you tell the president when you look at african-american voters in south you were going to deliver the carolina where he has a message? >> i can't comment on private conversations with the president to preserve executive privilege. commanding lead. new poll showing iowa neck and >> i'm sorry >> i could readout the exact neck between warren and biden. statement again if you'd like me if you game it out and say she to the white house has directed i wins iowa somehow you'll see the not disclose any discussions with the president or his numbers move in south carolina. >> this is the challenge for biden. advisers. >> you're not going to stone i think potentially the biggest problem for him. wall me in my questioning. his strongest source of support you say is african-american >> you felt a little squeamish voters you got to think about the south about delivering that message, carolina primary there the question is can he survive correct? >> no, sir >> well, why didn't you -- why to south carolina? did it take you so long and because look at the calendar you'd never even delivered it? again. if elizabeth warren, for that >> correct, i never delivered matter you can say bernie the message. >> you chickened out. >> i went on vacation. sander if elizabeth warren were to win >> you went on vacation. iowa eight days between iowa and and so you put the message in new hampshire and elizabeth warren is a next door neighbor the safe in your safe in your senator. the track record of
3:17 am
home for safe keeping, correct, massachusetts candidates winning new hampshire primaries is very before you went on vacation? good, especially if they come in >> i took my kids to the beach, i don't think we have a having won the iowa caucuses problem today that suddenly the track record of candidates who win both iowa and new congressman. >> didn't you think it was a little strange that the president would sit down with mushroomed into our observation you one on one and ask you to do hampshire when they have both and what we are seeing here in been contested in the modern era something that you knew was the last six months, last two against the law? basically undefeated when that did that strike you as strange happens. the question is, sure, biden years, or last five years. >> i disagree with the premise of your question, congressman. right now extremely strong i think this is a growing >> you weren't a policeman support with black voters. problem inside america that positions him very well in >> i didn't think the president we have lost a fundamental asked me to do anything illegal. south carolina you can talk about south friendliness with one another. we have lost a sense of >> you didn't think it would have been illegal for you to ask fairness we really believe, in some mr. sessions to drop the carolina as a potential fire cases, there are people who wall but not seen in the past investigation and to just go on believe i'm right about southern and fire walls hold up everything and that guy is wrong to future presidents and omit about everything when candidates have both lost and if we don't wake up to the everything with this president and go we're going to start with idea that the people we disagree iowa and havenew hampshire. the next one about colluding with are fellow americans, if we with russia? that is the challenge. you didn't think that was don't understand that once in a >> i want to get on the polls quickly. shannon is this a two-person while the people we disagree illegal to obstruct justice? with are actually right and if race at this particular time is this biden and warren we don't roll up our sleeves and >> congressman the president what is happening to the rest of start working together, then we didn't ask me to do anything the candidates >> i was asking that mice. are going to have a problem in illegal. >> you didn't want to tell the i thought we would see a this experiment. president you were passing off three-person race and >> former secretary of defense his message to someone else, did established candidate biden and see the sort of far left wing jim mattis on "morning joe" you? you knew he wanted you, someone earlier this month on the rise he had described as his with sander or a warren and have of political tribalism in enforcer, a loyal soldier to do it because the president trusted the insurgency candidate america. it's the topic of a new
3:18 am
you, isn't that right? the youthful new voice in the >> that's a question for the symposium tomorrow entitled "our president, sir. >> it's in the public record, your job is to be donald trump's political enforcer, correct? tribal nature tribalism and party. maybe buttigieg is the only one politics and evolution." >> no, i don't believe so. hanging in there a lot of hours of debate time >> let me ask the question hosted by our next guest another way. and no one seems to be emerging sebastian younger and with us are you the hit man, the bag and instead of that pact gong to man, the lookout or all of the one of the other third candidates they are, as you had, above? >> i think i'm the good looking from "the washington examiner" tim carney they are moving to warren and and senior correspondent at man actually. >> five hours of that yesterday. biden and we are seeing them go >> there was also this exchange to the top tier. wbur-boston and msnbc between lewandowski and house >> down to two and might be too contributor kimberly atkins is early to tell. with us as well. judiciary counsel barry burke. jason, elizabeth warren thank you all. sebastian, tell us about the >> my question to you sir on definitely moving on up but she has got some major hurdles symposium. what are you hoping to national television did you lie about your relationship with the can she overcome them? accomplish >> well, the human inclination special counsel and whether they what are they? sought your interview? >> the first major hurdle she >> i don't know. >> prior to the mueller report has is joe biden has deep evolutionary roots and being published in redacted adaptive and helped keep us safe form, did you ever misrepresent ivenlt obvious in a dangerous world against >> obviously >> he is still the candidate the top second choice for a lot of what you did on behalf of the people like elizabeth warren and unknown outsider who might hurt us the downside for modernization a lot of people like bernie sander here is her success come in. is we don't live in groups of 20 president? >> i can't think of an instance or 50 people we live in a nation of hundreds where that would have occurred. >> let me show you an interview she began with activist black of millions. the conference really is about you did on may 14th, 2019. this -- that sort of >> i don't ever remember the women and they have brawn more
3:19 am
president ever asking me to get women to elizabeth warren which contradiction how do you maintain the good of tribalism involved with jeff sessions or is helpful the department of justice in any way, shape, or form ever. next taking away the bernie and overcome the negative of it sanders campaign she just won a working family the size of the united states. >> i'll let you take the next >> did you hear that, sir? party endorsement this week and that was you saying on msnbc you something bernie sanders locked question, ker. down in 2016 and now elizabeth tribalism as you saw the former don't ever remember the warren has it and strong president ever asking you to get endorsement of working class secretary of defense jim mattis involved with jeff sessions or people and they work for you across the country the department of justice in an? talking about it, hard not to she is doing well. if they can convince people she avoid that sort of the scenario, is electable and convince people the example he was putting out there is exactly the way his >> i heard that. and recent polls an article said >> and that was not true, was if you take electability out of it former boss acts every day. >> i have no obligation to be it elizabeth warren and joe >> yeah. honest to the media because biden are almost tied and if she he seems to -- the president they're just as dishonest as can make this argument thrives on this type of us nationally this is a two-person anybody else. >> so you're admitting, sir, you against them sort of way of race. >> here is a number the candidates will like speaking in a way that really were not being truthful in that clip, correct? 9% of democratic voters have fuels that type of tribalism >> my interview with ari medi l made up their mind that is good i thought that it was striking donnie deutsche, the mean even at his rally in new mexico, question you see elizabeth warren 1:00 that was supposed to be a pitch medical -- a.m., 12:30 a.m. taking selfies >> about the special counsel's investigation? >> i don't recall that in a line of 20,000 people to hispanic voter. he talked in terms of who are particular day and my mind-set every last person her arm is in you with are you with the country or are at the time so i couldn't answer the air and fit and happy and that. >> the beat with ari melber totally loving it. you with hispanics biden you don't see that everything is an us versus them getting some air play inside is there a concern at this point sort of mentality even when congress yesterday that people are looking at or is you're talking about people he'll be with us coming up at this just in the media the top of the hour. you're allegedly trying to pitch
3:20 am
there's a ton to get through >> line up with the enthusiasm to tribalism isn't new. number which is important number it's certainly not new in po there. the nut of what we saw yesterday which goes to -- look. was corey lewandowski saying it is a two-person race. effectively, yes, the president we have to stop lumping elizabeth warren and bernie politics but added fuel through of the united states did ask me social media right now that is to go to the attorney general sander in the same place making it feel so much more jeff sessions at the time and elizabeth warren has clearly intense, so much more angry and influence in some way the established herself as the mueller report, the mueller liberal alternative and antagonistic than we have seen investigation and to change the interests to see the numbers change when the get to a binary trajectory and have a focus on in the past. >> tim your excellent book gets things that came after the 2016 place and that is simple do you go from the instability toppling too i guess the question are we as election. >> which at the time the mueller report came out, that piece of trump to something unstable divided? didn't really get as much attention, and i remember at the but interest and more proactive are we as tribal as it appears and more progressive on social media? time maybe a day or two later as it appears we are on cable saying to my editors we should or do you go from instability to news every day or is this just the most extreme really do a story on corey stability to kind of -- we finally did a separate story version of what is happening in >> right, right. >> the very thing people put the country but not to such a on corey i think we were all reading biden down about is might be the harsh extent as we see it through it we got to the don mcgahn stuff publicly very tonic. >> well, i think we have to be there were so many shocking >> comfort level. >> people are looking for. careful to not use tribal as a pieces in that volume two that that is going to be -- i think this corey lewandowski piece got we will see that very quickly bad word is half of the point of when it gets counsel to two and lost that's really one of the it's a real gut thing. sebastian's book and my book is clearest moments that could be we are tribal by nature, but the argued as obstruction because question is what is the nature of those tribes? the president was actually do i want one side to the other man is a political animal and we side or in the middle and regroup? >> let me ask you about the cam are supposed to belong to thing. directing lun dough kewandowski ma la harris question. there is always going to be an jeff sessions and publicly clear us versus them a candidate who excited a lot of if the us is 47% of the entire people when she announced and
3:21 am
him. lewandowski keeps citing executive privilege here and did very well in the first keeps bringing up the fact that u.s. electorate against the debate and spike in the polls. other 47%, then it's going to be the white house has asked him how do you explain the fall to not to answer questions. i cannot find a lawyer either 5% >> i think think back to the first debate and what worked for really heighten the animosity friendly to the president or her there. and nobody can really accomplish unfriendly to the president who that was a pretty clearly anything on that massive level says there's any grounds for the white house to be making this we are supposed to try to shape premeditated, you know, the world around us and what rehearsed moment and you think ex executi about her training as ulpull ofd tribes enable us to do executive privilege claim. when you look at social media executive privilege protects the and if the only way you participate in politics is executi executive branch through twitter, flame wars and what you see on either fox or once information leaves the executive branch the white house or justice department, so to msnbc, then that is when it corey lewandowski, then the really goes head-to-head executive privilege claim is gone but as you're suggesting, if you it has now left the executive get down to a local level to branch you can't bring it back in and more human level tribes like a cite executive privilege swim club, like a church there's no grounds for that. so essentially he is not being truthful to congress that could be seen as congregation when you have obstruction by the white house conflicts it's more likely to be instructing him not to answer resolved in a peaceful way these questions. because these are people you they are now trying to obstruct live with. the house investigation so a everything is relational and more long term than in a number of pieces here that i think even though this seemed massive, you know, millions like a circus, if people were to versus millions tribal war fare. >> you know, sebastian, tim is get back and get into the nuts of it, you still see that absolutely correct we are and always have been a
3:22 am
obstruction of justice case being built. nation of tribes, different >> it was a circus, throughout the day he was a mini trump. tribes, different geographies. but, somehow -- i don't know when, i don't know that anybody you can speak to corey knows when -- over the last 20 lewandowski in real life and often you can see someone who or 25 years perhaps, something doesn't seem like trump. has happened to the definition in front of the cameras he was playing for an audience of one of tribe and there has been an he was rude. incitement by some public people he was insolent. and public institutions to he was stone walling and ultimately being revealed to be inflame specific tribes against one another and i don't know what you do about that. >> yeah, i think about it like a liar after showing he was on a tv show, and he chose to lie to this several hundred firemen and the american people. that's what we discovered policemen died into the twin yesterday, it was a circus, but we learned something about corey towers to save people didn't personally know because they saw lewandowski and his ability to those people as part of our lie to the american public for the president of the united states my question to you is at one community worth risking their lives for. point since this is a reality that is tribes show and since that's the game in a negative aspect what some politicians have done and that the trump republicans are decided certain secretaries of the electorate are the enemy playing, why wouldn't oversight, why wouldn't any of these not people with a different committees file -- charge him opinion but they are actually enemies of the state with contempt? when you advance the tribal these levers are there rhetoric to that level you why not force some answers from
3:23 am
some of these people who refuse jeopardize the nation. it's almost a national security to give them and are using quite issue. this country is too powerful for frankly, fake reasons not to another country to defeat. give them? the only country that can defeat >> this was what was so america is america and it will frustrating to me watching the be with word, not bullets, but hearing unfold yesterday as someone who used to spend with word like that. years of my life helping >> yeah. choreograph hearings like this, >> tim, you know, in terms of i can tell you back in the r.n. combating the issue, it's a little difficult right now when you look at, for example, one days -- republican days if we had thing that happened in had a witness who was this washington yesterday hostile, who was down right let's take the hearings with corey lewandowski. disrespectful, we would have held him in contempt of five i mean, there was so much going minutes of that proceeding. on there that plays into this >> in realtime. topic. >> no. exactly right. >> i really don't understand what house democrats are doing at this point. we're nine months into this new y to the majority it seems to me they are caught president, his only job up offguard when they have a there. and then impeachment proceedings hostile witness from the trump administration who's unwilling to be cooperative to their whole world is about democrats trying to make sure that they investigation. hang on to the loyalty of their thai they're sitting up there own thing. perplexed that the guy's not but this is exactly where -- answering their questions. we know about the trump people, they lie, whether you're the again, the problem isn't that white house press secretary, whether you're kellyanne conway, washington should behave better. it's that washington should they lie so the idea that somehow the matter less.
3:24 am
that in our tribes, where we biggest revelation coming out of know the other people, if -- or this hearing is that corey lewandowski went on msnbc and if it's rooting for our high lied, if that's the biggest school against, you know, revelation this hearing was a complete failure because their job was to try to get new pellham against east chester a tribalism that can resolve information to bring to life the peacefully and something we are mueller report, and they weren't engaged on a human level and no able to do that because they other people if the only way you engage in were unprepared for the level of politic is trying to push the hostility that they're getting from corey i don't know why they were unprepared for that. needle on national politics it >> david druker final word, what will be so much more combative are we missing here? because so much more at stake and we have so much less >> i don't think we're missing anything i think this is the problem with ability. so the problem, again, isn't members of the house of representatives conducting these necessarily that washington doesn't play nice enough sort of hearings they're never as prepared as it's how washington matters too u.s. senators. i'm not sure why that is much and people need to have there's a lot of grand standing. more things closer to themselves we heard a lot of one liners, on a human level where they can and i think there is always a exercise that political muscle. lack -- we've seen this with republicans under the obama >> sebastian, your book talks administration and now democrats under trump, a lack of strategic about veterans of war who have come back and assimilate or do focus in going into these not and why they do or don't hearings knowing what it is you want to find, knowing what it is i want to ask you about there is to find, so when the afghanistan. you mentioned 9/11 subject of the haearing rejects we just passed the 18-year the line of inquiry you already anniversary. you recorded that war so closely
3:25 am
know where you're going and you and it was about your reporting can at least present the picture and your documentary of competence and success. where are we it's possible democrats are it's a question we could have asked for 18 straight years. laying the foundation for future hearings in a way that will help what is the objective and what better make their case is the most likely outcome here but all it was yesterday is as we approach 20 years since really performance art by corey the beginning that have war? lewandowski and it made >> boy, you're asking me to predict the future of democrats look like they didn't afghanistan, a tough one i mean, our concern is that they really come up with that much. that impacts public opinion and the problem they're having with afghanistan doesn't become a host country to al qaeda again so they can attack us. impeachment is not neszcessaril that is our national concern it's not justified, you do not second to that, i think it's have enough political support in just basically a human interest the country to go forward with this and come out successfully of not having afghanistan fall on the other side, especially into chaos and where, you know, with an election that is just barely a little more than a year hundreds of thousands of people away. >> to your point about an audience of one, corey got the and their lives are at jeopardy. only think he wanted yesterday, obviously, war is not -- fighting the taliban is not an approving tweet from the going to work. so there is going to be some of president. >> tweeting something about his political accommodation. maybe it won't happen undtrump upcoming senate campaign what a joke. >> thank you very much at some point there is an agreement to disagree, but stop and still ahead on "morning joe." fighting i don't know when that will >> i think the public has a kind of a primitive image of these come a lot of things at play right
3:26 am
now. guys sitting with, you know, i'm guessing it could take a little while. >> sebastian younger and tim earphones listening. >> and writing it down carney, thank you. kimberly, stay with us up next, president trump mrs. marco said it was a nice wants to stamp out homelessness. day outside. apparently not so much for the they're not, what they're doing people living in poverty and who is they're kind of engaging are homeless but, rather, for sweeping activity, which is the people in office buildings who are forced to bear witness designed to track certain key to it. words or names or numbers and that's right keep it here on "morning joe." tremfya® helps adults with moderate establish any keconnectivity between them and some others in effect, i doubt very much that anyone being listened to in any degree of intensity except unless specifically targeted that's my estimate i'm not sure about that. >> you talked about ms. merkel what about foreign leaders. >> foreign leaders exactly, they're the ones we should be listening to. >> oh, my gosh, so great to hear his voice, one of the many conversations we enjoyed on "morning joe" with cokie roberts and my dad we'll talk about cokie's life and legacy and what she meant to
3:27 am
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3:30 am
new york city and san francisco and los angeles, they have got a major problem. >> very sad. >> with filth. >> very sad. >> why is that >> it's a phenomenon that started two years ago and it's disgraceful and we may be -- you know, i had a situation when i first became president, we had certain areas of washington, d.c. where that was starting to
3:31 am
happen and i ended it very quickly. i said you can't do that >> that was president trump over the summer disparaging certain american cities and on board air it's 31 past the hour, a force one yesterday, the beautiful shot of washington, d.c. as the sun comes up this president had harsh words about morning. california's homeless now to israel's general election population he focused less on the people living in poverty and those who were actually homeless and with the latest unofficial focused more on those who have results and exit polls show a to bear witness to it. virtual dead heat and too close quote. to call. it's a rerun of the april elections in which prime minister benjamin netanyahu won by failed to form a majority government under a deadline. israel's parliament dissolved itself soon after prompting the unprecedented new election the administration sent officials to california earlier this month to look into the netanyahu's right wing likud issue there. party has fallen short with a while trump, yesterday, parliamentary majority with his mentioned the creation of an individual task force. nationalist allies joining us now msnbc however, he says he is not conceding. in just two weeks, netanyahu is correspondent jacob soberoff set to appear in court for a
3:32 am
pretrial hearing on a slew of you've been covering the homeless situation for years what have you found out? corruption, bribery, and fraud >> reporter: we have a krcrisis charges brought by israel's attorney general netanyahu has denied any here in the united states. california has almost 50% of the wrongdoing sounds so familiar people unhoused who sleep on the joining us now the president of the council on foreign relations streets like the one i'm and author of the book "a world standing right now in los in disarray" richard haass angeles in the entire united states this morning, just like frus we're going to get to iran in president of the united states who is waking up in los angeles just a moment. is there any pathway, any 60 other thousand people waking possibility looking at the way up in los angeles who sleep on things look now that netanyahu can form a government? streets like this one whether in >> we've learned not to rule him a tent or rv or a car. out. he's the longest serving prime if the president thinks as is minister it's hard to see a path if you reported rounding up homeless people and moving them to take him and his political a another location is a solution to the problem, he has not been watching what is going on on out allies they just don't get to 61 votes, in california very closely in fact, he should watch this. which is what you need in take a althoulook israel that cle i've been covering the link of said it's not clear there's a path for the blue and white party. they too might fall short. you've never had an arab list of rising cost of living and homelessness in california parties as part of a government i met lily who moved to majority so what we're now seeing is the possibility of a quote, unquote
3:33 am
california and left the girls national unity government with from their father. >> it's hard missing the fresh likud, with so the called blue cooking and warm food. >> it's like a smaller house but and white party, with another you can just roll it. party led by someone from the soviet union who runs a secular >> reporter: that is carly who is 12 and taking home school right wing nationalist party classes. the next day we met her sister the question is if you had a national unity government i working as a lifeguard at the think netanyahu could be the prime minister of it others will say we won't make it happen if he is prime minister ymca to help her family. dot people where you work at at the moment he's hanging by a know you live in an rv thread. >> amidst all this the charges >> only my manager does. against him. i don't know if a good idea to what is he looking at here, and tell them. >> reporter: how come? can it impact him while he's serving? >> people these days are so >> only if he's serving as prime minister does he have immunity judgmental. >> reporter: we met up with hannah again and students get that's why this is so important food support as they struggle to to him get by. >> they are helping me get with e fo we form a government, you through my hardships in the rv. protect me >> this dovetails a bit with the >> reporter: this week we checked in on the family again iran story we've been talking but their rv what the county about the last couple of days. we know that the pentagon has says is 1 of 10,000 vehicles presented president trump with used as housing wasn't parked military options, some of them direct actions, some of them where i saw them last. that sign says you can't park aiding with intelligence and
3:34 am
between 11:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. arms saudi arabia if they decide >> where do you go to respond to the attacks on their oil fields where are we right now in this >> reporter: they go to bed bath conversation john bolton is out of the conversation as of last week and beyond or the parking lot it might be a different one if beyond it. there is the rv that is he were in the room. different than i first met them. where is the united states vis-a-vis iran is it harder to deal with the >> where we are is where we were essentially we put all this pressure on iran we essentially were waging cops on the street >> it's harder the neighborhood would see us on economic war against iran, and their street and then they would what iran did in retaliation was complain to the cops and the cops are like we have to kick wage physical war, tankers, now you out. >> there are so many rvs now and againsted saudi arabia the question is what do we do? a lot of people that also live and this is a real good -- this in a tent, a lot of them are is a textbook example. people always talk about harvard actually used to live in rv. >> reporter: the people living in tents business school case studies >> yeah. this will be a kennedy school >> reporter: you're saying a lot case study of people are losing their rvs before you start doing >> yeah. they either go to work and come something, think just think for a moment where back and the rv is gone. it's taking you, what options it >> reporter: last i saw you was will have. right now we're in a corner. at college how are you doing? if we don't respond to iran >> doing good at college. >> reporter: are you >> yes i have to balance school and i militarily some people like lindsey graham are saying we have to balance work and i have look weak. to balance family and friend if we do respond, iran will retalia and coming home is kind of like retaliate. they could take out more saudi oil production we've already removed most a burden because, you know, you
3:35 am
iranian oil from the market, we don't know where your home is could hurt their military. going to be. i still have to make my bed. this is my bed right here. >> reporter: you slept here last they could attack forces in night? iraq this is a perfect example of >> yes. >> yes. >> like waking up is also like a where, you know, i think the half you know president was told let's just i don't know where the rv is put the screws to iran and the going to be in the morning government will fall or the so i have to wake up earlier so government will say uncle. i can actually get to school on anyone who knows the first thing about iran would have said time that's not going to happen, so it's hard. this is a real textbook example >> reporter: lily and her girls aren't alone where the administration went after homelessness trended far down a path, didn't think it sharply upward earlier this through, didn't think about plan b, plan c, and essentially decade in 2018 l.a. official that's where we are. spent 619 million dollars to get >> the administration sort of has one move, sanctions. people off the street. but this year, it's up again sanction venezuela, let's sanction iran, let's sanction hannah isn't waiting for someone's help north korea. she is banking on herself. nay put t ultimately it doesn't what they put the screws on, sanction anybody does, this is your plan them to death. because this president things money motivates anyone to end homelessness? he doesn't see the ideological >> this is my plan to end my motive that keeps so many of these authoritarian leaders homelessness at least. >> reporter: to come to school propped up they put the sanctions on and then nothing works >> yeah. >> reporter: she is incredible venezuela, they don't see maduro there is a lot of stigma out fall and they're kind of there. the president seems to subscribe
3:36 am
scratching their head as to why this would be, but they don't that homelessness people with see these underlying movements mental health disorder and that keep these leaders, not to mention the military or substance abuse disorder are the authoritarian power they have. ones that are the primary victims. the reality in los angeles half the people on the streets and they are now at a stopping point where they've taken sanctions as something that the mayor here far as they can dgo. told us, half of the people in >> sanctions work better against iran's economy than many of us homelessness in los angeles are thought. too poor to afford to survive sanctions don't really accomplish big decisive things like hanna and carly and her over time other countries start undermining them mom. it's closing the income gap and we've seen it with north korea, with venezuela with iran sanctions are not going to solve making sure people have jobs and a place to stay. the problem. this is not a one size fits all plus we so overuse them, it's a solution they are working very hard on it longer conversation. the day will come when the here in los angeles. united states and the dollar will not be nearly as central to it doesn't sound like the president understands that. the world because we're going to find that the rest of the world >> jacob, thank you so much for is tired of us weaponizing putting some humanity into this story. that was an amazing piece and american foreign policy. that hannah is a winner! >> pompeo meeting with mbs, saudi arabia, what do we expect? thank you so much. >> we used to say the saudi shannon, i mean, this is the thing. the president seems to reduce defense strategy was essentially everything to something very you want to hold our coat.
3:37 am
different, something with no saudi arabia doesn't have serious ground forces. humanity. >> yes when he talked about this yesterday on air force one, he their air forces, they bomb from brought up, for example, saying high altitudes that he has been hearing from they've caused all sorts of humanitarian problems in yemen foreigners who have moved to saudi arabia almost like us, america and california wealthy they want to talk tough with foreigners for the prestige of iran they're happy with us to fight living here and how they want to around they themselves are vulnerable there's nothing stopping iran lead the country now because -- from knocking out the rest of leave the country because tents and homeless people outside of saudi arabia's oil capabilities. it's not clear to me what we're their luxury accommodations. going to gain from news he used the word prestige saying consultations. maybe we could do something with that, you know, people buy cyber. maybe there's another sanction, expensive real estate, some of but to go down the path of our most beautiful buildings and then you have someone sleeping military retaliation, this could outside of it and it destroy the be costly for saudi arabia, for prestige of the building is israel, and for the united essentially what he was saying he made no mention to the states again, don't do foreign policy suffering that people like this without playing chess. we're not even playing checkers. family go through, people who are either chronically homeless and that's what's happened. >> it's more like dominos. richard haass thank you very much coming up, our next guest or interprhomeless for a short takes on what he calls joe of time. so many people struggling after biden's tap dance between america's middle and wealthy class. "morning joe" will be right back the financial krcrisis ♪ i know people who lost their homes during the financial
3:38 am
crisis' not able to get back on their feet all of the issues the president didn't dress when he had the opportunity yesterday when asked about this atkins, your thoughts. >> one thing the president is doing and focusing on homelessness as a nuisance as opposed to an urgent economic problem happening in the country, is because it plays to a key talking point among conservatives which is when democrats are in control, as a lot of these cities where you see homelessness on a very physical level tend to have democratic mayors, city councils and state official, that is what will happen if democrats take over it's really a 20/20 message that is warning people you need to support republicans or else your city is going to fall apart. and that is why he is attacking ( ♪ ) this issue as something that requires policing or rounding only tylenol® rapid release gels these people up as opposed to have laser drilled holes. getting to the crux of the issue they release medicine fast, which is lack of affordable for fast pain relief.
3:39 am
tylenol®. housing, an economy still has people barely making end's meet and a lot of the not making - [woman] with my shark, i deep clean messes like this, end's meet with its inequality this, and even this. the fact he is talking about but i don't have to clean this, this prestige usa properties is because the self-cleaning brush roll removes hair while i clean. only underscoring the fact that - [announcer] shark, the vacuum that deep cleans housing is unaffordable for so now cleans itself. many people including places like new york city where his trump tower sits. (classical music playing throughout) >> kimberly atkins, thank you very much very much. next, afte qualify for last week's democratic debate, senator michael bennet is doubling down on his 2020 campaign push in the state of iowa. the colorado democrat joins the conversation next on "morning joe. we call it the mother standard of care. it's how we care for our cancer patients- like job. when he was diagnosed with cancer, his team at ctca created a personalized care plan to treat his cancer and side effects. so job could continue to work and stay strong for his family. this is how we inspire hope. this is how we heal. we love you, daddy. good night.
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♪ the "the register" says caucusgoers should pay attention to michael bennet. bennet pounds some truth into the campaign. >> the truth is, a health care plan that starts by kicking people off their coverage makes no sense we all know it before we go and blow up everything, let's try this -- give families a choice, keep your health care or join a public option. it's that simple, and it's the fastest way to cover everybody i'm michael bennet, and i approve this message >> that was one of two new tv ads launched in the state of iowa yesterday by democratic presidential hopeful senator michael bennet of colorado "the des moines register" says it's part of a seven-figure tv and digital ad strategy to play out over the next couple of
3:42 am
weeks. will it work senator bennet joins us now to joining us now senior talk about that. senator, thanks for being on the washington correspondent at "the show. >> thank you for having me. >> are some of the top-tier wall street journal," jake schlesinger. he's out with a new piece candidates not being honest entitled "nobody has to be about health care and how their punished, joe biden's economic plans actually could work and tap dance. get paid for >> i actually think the only one tell us more about it. what's the dance who is being honest is bernie >> basically what the story lays sanders, who is honest out that i did with my colleague and as bernie says, he wrote the ken thomas, you know, in damn plan on medicare for all. i wrote the damn plan on the contrast with senator elizabeth warren, senator bernie sanders public option. who in some ways get a lot more and bernie's been clear. he's been clear that it's going attention for their big ytsidea, to cost new taxes of over $30 big structural change, biden is trillion he's clear that he's going to trying to in some ways tap into make illegal all private insurance in the country, except the progressive energy that both sanders and warren clearly have cosmetic insurance i do not think the american people are going to accept a exercised and energized, but plan where they have to pay $33 trillion or $31 trillion in also, you know, still preserving his appeal to the middle partly taxes for the privilege of losing their private insurance, because he believes and his which is what that plan calls people believe that that's an for. i think they'd be much happier important -- perhaps a more important constituency and also with a public option that gives making a virtue of necessity everybody in america the chance to make a choice for themselves as a senator, as a former vice
3:43 am
and for their families president he's hardly someone i think we could cover everybody who's going to make a break with within three years, and i think the establishment and the recent history of democratic economic the alternative is spending ten policy the way sanders and years fighting a losing battle warren can. >> jason johnson has a question. on bernie's plan instead of jason. >> jacob, what's interesting dealing with climate, dealing with the significant economic about this, and i understand issues you were just talking this notion of a tap dance, especially during a primary about in your last piece season is there any historical that's what we should be focused on >> senator, it's willie geist. precedent over this? when i look back over the last 30 or 40 years, i've never seen good to see you. >> hi, willie. the guy who says stay the course >> let's just say you believe end up winning the primary, let you'll be the nominee and hope you will be the nominee, but for alone win the general election argument's sake, elizabeth warren becomes the nominee and how do biden's people think slow donald trump can stand next to and steady is going to win in a race against a president who her on the stage and say she offered radical change and is wants to take away health care, she wants to take away health delivering it whether or not we care from 150 million of you agree with it? >> i guess i'd say a couple of she's on the record, she's things as you well know biden's appeal supported a bill that says that. how much does that concern you politically is very much that in a general election? the radical change we've had is >> it deeply concerns me, too radical, and so perhaps when you're looking for precedent you particularly since we passed the go back to warren harding and a affordable care act. i was there. i voted. i was the most vulnerable return to normalcy, not to democrat in the senate when i suggest that joe biden is a voted for it warren harding candidate and then we were on defense for almost ten years as the is not unusual for a vice republicans attacked us and tried to repeal the affordable
3:44 am
presidential candidate or a vptd care act, tried to repeal the who's running for president to affordable care act. and then they failed to do it. say i'm offering a third term, and for one blessed week, whether it was george bush for ronald reagan, al gore for bill democrats were on offense on health care, and then bernie clinton and hillary clinton in a way for barack obama, and so you introduced medicare for all, six know, i think there is precedent candidates got on, including for that, and i think the elizabeth on that bill, and question is whether that's we've been playing defense ever since. donald trump is the first adequate to satisfy the base president in american history to i think the biden calculation is in part that trump has been so actually take insurance away from millions of americans radical that people perhaps don't want quite as much we should make it very clear radical. i'd say the other thing is when that democrats are actually for you look at the ideas of a senator warren or a senator universal coverage he's taking their health sanders without passing judgment insurance away and i think medicare for all, on what's right or wrong, on a unfortunately, muddies that message because it does make historical squcale they would ph the envelope pretty far out there. illegal insurance for 180 i think the question is whether million americans. i mean, that's true. that is too far even for most and that's not a republican democrats and that's the biden talking point, by the way. that's bernie's talking point. calculation. >> kurt bardella. >> senator bennet, there's a >> jacob, you know, we haven't book out currently, and it really seen this conflict coming includes an allegation that to a head yet in terms of how justice kavanaugh was alleged to the other main candidates, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren have conducted or behaved in a are positioning themselves to lewd and perverted way when he
3:45 am
juxtapose with biden was 18 or 19 years of age. as we see biden try to make this and as soon as the excerpts were released, several of your tap dance and the decisions he's colleagues running for the making is how he spends his presidency of the united states indicated that they wanted to time this week he's instead going to impeach him. be going to illinois to do a big i'm wondering, what's your fundraiser rather than attitude toward their desire to participate in a climate forum impeach him and what do you here in d.c. that msnbc is going think the average voter thinks of another impeachment to be sponsoring, do you expect >> i think the average voter is thinking about the fact that that sanders and warren are they can't afford some going to highlight that, biden's combination of housing, health going to have it both wasd and care, college, and early childhood education. that's not going to work. i think that's what they're thinking about, and i think >> we haven't seen direct that's what we need to be focused on we've had an economy that for 40 engagement you saw it flare-up at last week's debate on fiscal policy years -- you know, all the benefit of the growth has gone and spending where the question to the wealthiest people in this was put directly to biden as to country, and we've got an whether he thought his main education system that's rivals were too liberal. reinforcing our economic he didn't answer it directly but inequality that is what people are focused went on to attack their spending on, and in iowa, in new ways and contrast his focus and hampshire and south carolina, what they're trying to figure he says more on things should be out is who among us is the best paid for, so far elizabeth warren seems to have largely positioned to beat donald trump, avoided taking on biden. and i think that's the right question for them to be asking because as long as we have this bernie sanders, at least his
3:46 am
campaign less so his campaign has been explicit circus in the white house, none of the issues that we need to about going after biden and some of his actions including his contend with as americans are going to be addressed or solved, meetings with -- his holding whether it's the economic issues fundraise or the climate issues or the gun fundraisers. as this field narrows and i think you were talking about that a little bit in the earlier issues that mitch mcconnell won't even let us have a vote on segment, the contrast and the conflict is going to get a lot the floor to address >> i wanted to ask you about the sharper. >> "the wall street journal"'s jake schlesinger, thank you so gun issue. much for being on the show this the republicans and democrats need to come together to get morning. >> my pleasure. something through the senate mitch mcconnell says the senate is in a holding pattern if republicans and the president come up with a piece of on gun legislation, and democrats are just not having legislation that does not go as far as democrats would like it to go -- let's say it's maybe a it we'll show you some of what they bit more watered-down version of had to say to the majority leader, and the republican party last night "morning joe" is back in a moment background checks, it's the toomey manchin bill versus the house bill that democrats have -- would you be willing to go along with passing some type of gun legislation, even if it doesn't go as far as you would like and do you think other democrats should do the same >> you know, it's not about what i would like almost 90% of the american people support background checks the background checks that the house passed, they're the same
3:47 am
background checks that colorado, my state, a western state, a second amendment state, passed almost 20 years ago. ♪ so, i think it's pathetic that these guys won't bring this bill ♪ i got that vibe, got that vibe ♪ to the floor, this background ♪ got that vibe, yeah, i ain't petty, ♪ check bill to the floor. and let's see who -- let's put ♪ looking fly, looking fly, ♪ it on there and see who wants to ♪ looking fly, yeah, they ain't ready. ♪ vote against something that almost 90% of the american ♪ i can shine, i can shine, ♪ people support and that colorado ♪ i can shine. ♪ i'mma do what i'm made to do. ♪ passed almost 20 years ago let's see them vote against a ♪ i'mma do what i'm made to do. ♪ built for excellence. bill that's resulted in murders you start from the foundation up. the excellence is reaching dreams and and domestic abusers and chasing them at the same time. convicted felons not being able ♪ to get firearms in my western state. they can't defend their i like to make my life easy. chasing them at the same time. ( ♪ ) position what they're looking for is an romo mode. (beep) excuse, a way to get out of this (bang) good luck with that one. so that they can avoid the anger yes! of the nra, and i think that that's why i wear skechers slip-ons. we've got to either get them to they're effortless. just slip them right on and off. put this on the floor or we need to make it a voting issue going into this election in november >> so, senator michael bennet, but we're also a cancer fighting,
3:48 am
hiv controlling, you tell the truth joint replacing, you've got really strong policy and depression relieving company. platform like him, right? from the day you're born >> yeah. he's the real deal >> but you know what i think we never stop taking care of you. your, like, your best campaign, like, strategy should be is your promise for a boring presidency. >> yes. >> like, you could bore us to death. that's what we want to see so, keep that promise coming, because, i'm telling you, we're tired! i think voters are tired. >> it's true, they are and you know what, they should expect this circus to be done with, and they should expect a president who does their job this president -- you look at the foreign policy stuff, all he has done since he's been - [woman] with my shark, i deep clean messes like this, from the day you're born president is take bad situations and make them worse. >> he's a wrecking ball. this, and even this. >> he is a wrecking ball he is a wrecking ball. but i don't have to clean this, and people should be able to because the self-cleaning brush roll live their lives and expect that removes hair while i clean. the president is actually trying - [announcer] shark, the vacuum that deep cleans to make things better for the now cleans itself. american people, rather than make things worse. >> i'm excited about being liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, hmm. exactly. bored. senator michael bennet -- so you only pay for what you need. >> thanks for having me. nice. but, uh... >> thank you very much
3:49 am
always good to see you. what's up with your... partner? >> thanks, senator. >> take care all right, lots of fun not again. limu that's your reflection. great show today only pay for what you need. willie, final thought. ten seconds or less. >> okay, nbc poll, fascinating ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ biden and warren getting some separation, closer together. also the iowa poll that came out showing them tied in that state. >> yeah, biden -- sorry, mike. >> michael. >> barnacle? >> your senior moment? >> yes, totally. >> pay more attention to people like mike bennet. >> exactly shannon. don't bore me. >> i'm still fixated on guns we're still expecting something soon out of the white house. there could be members of congress in the next day or two that get a fuller briefing from the white house about what they're going to do moving forward. >> keep us posted. that does it for us this morning. stephanie ruhle picks up the coverage right now. >> thanks so much, mika. hi, there. i'm stephanie ruhle. it is wednesday, september 18th, and we've got breaking news. president trump tweeting moments ago that he's instructed secretary steve mnuchin to substantially increase sanctions on iran. time really is money. we're going to get to all of that in a moment but first this morning, we are so, don't wait to get the internet also seeing the first glimpse of your business really needs. where the 2020 race stands after
3:50 am
switch to comcast business today last week's democratic debate in for a special offer on the services you need to make your business boom. houston, and it seems like the like speed to power all your devices, front-runners have solidie more complete internet reliability. and an advanced voice solution. it's time to make the switch to comcast business and take your business beyond fast. don't miss out on this limited time offer. call 1-800-501-6000 today. i want to know what the president supports it's not unimportant to my members. >> which yat i would like to kns
3:51 am
what he thinks would make some progress and he would sign, and until we get that kind of guidance, we're in a holding pattern so to speak. >> a holding pattern that was majority leader mitch mcconnell yesterday on waiting for the president before taking any action on gun legislation. dozens of senate democrats took to the floor last night to respond. >> the last i checked the constitution, it's our responsibility here in the senate and house to act, not to hide behind the skirts of the president, and the president we know has been spineless. >> it's wild to me how the republican leadership is so eager to advertise that the senate will do nothing unless president trump gives it permission. >> we all have a responsibility to do the right thing and stand up to the nra and stand up to the greed and corruption that is in this country today that makes
3:52 am
every decision about whether we have a vote on common sense gun reforms. >> the least we can do -- this isn't hard, guys -- is debate and vote debate and vote. is that hard >> i have two grandsons and a granddaughter that are now in school, and the first new question that was asked when buying their backpacks was do you want a bullet proof backpack >> i can tell you this, our kids can't do this. they should not be asked to try to figure out how to stop these mass shootings in this country. >> politicians offering their thoughts and prayers just doesn't cut it anymore it's put up or shut up leader mcconnell, senate republicans, what will you do? >> shannon you've been covering this guns issue very closely these shootings follow a familiar pattern, in the
3:53 am
immediate aftermatt president will come out and say we're look -- he gets a call from the nra, he backs away from it this was during the august rece recess, so it was sort of evaporated to some extent. you get back to washington and mitch mcconnell says we don't do anything that the president doesn't tell us to do. >> congress takes its instructions from the white house, according to mitch mcconnell on this. to mcconnell's point, donald trump is the most popular person in the republican party. many of the members feel like if he can get behind something he will give them covern election that is genuinely important that the president comes out and backs something to give the republicans cover. of course, yes, the nra has conditioned their members and this pro-second amendment crowd that any gun regulation is bad it's a slippery slope that's going to lead to all sorts of, you know, eventually gun confiscation things at the white house are
3:54 am
still going on and at a big pace, and there was a definite shift in august after the el paso and the ohio shootings. that was a definite shift in the white house. there is a team that meets, i believe, almost every morning to discuss this issue the attorney general was on the hill with the white house head of legislative affairs yesterday. he met with senator ted cruz, i believe some other members as well still trying to thread this needle, though, and they need bipartisan support to get something passed they need to get 60 votes in the senate to avoid a filibuster, so they have to get democrats and republicans on board that's what they're trying to come out with. that is obviously incredibly difficult as every president for the past 20 years, even longer has tried to figure out ways we can get gun legislation. >> are they talking about background checks or what are they discussing as something that might be attainable as we said a thousand times a majority of republicans and gun owners are for background checks. >> background checks are still
3:55 am
on the table, and i think republicans and democrats both want to see the background checks you get into things like recordkeeping and republicans conservatives concerned that paper records being kept, a permanent record could lead to a gun registry you get into topics like this that even republicans would like to see background checks it's the process. >> when i see that tape of mcconnell, a message to democrats, run against trump, mcconnell. he's the most unappealing politician i've ever seen in my life you don't want four more years of trump and mcconnell that's his running mate. >> kurt, your thoughts, kurt bardel bardella >> this is one of the few areas where we actually have a rather large consensus between republicans, democrats and the american people i'm talking about here who want aggressive reform, who are tired of waking up to headlines of their kids being shot at their schools, their sons and daughters being shot at that nightclub, going to country concerts, going through mass shootings, and i just don't understand why policymakers are
3:56 am
so behind the ball here. at the end of the day, if they keep doing nothing and these shootings keep happening they're going to pay a political price with their jobs. the american people are already there, they've long since been there. as long as mitch mcconnell keeps holding this up in the senate there's going to be huge pressure on the members going up for re-election, and i think they're going to pay a large political price for doing nothing. >> kurt bardella thank you so much for being on this morning. coming up, there's a lot to discuss in our latest nbc news wall street journal poll as elizabeth warren pulls away from bernie sanders and inches closer to the front runner, joe biden former senator claire mccaskill joins the conversation for that, and msnbc's ari melber joins he made a surprise peernappearaa yesterday's impeachment hearing in the house we'll be right back. every day, visionaries are creating the future.
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with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? are you refusing to answer mr. lewandowski? >> as i explained in a letter dated to the white house -- to my attorney. >> mr. lewandowski -- >> mr. lewandowski's conversation with the president and with senior advisers to the president protected from disclosure. >> can we stop the clock again for this obstruction of behavior. >> i not disclose the discussion with the president, the white house has directed i not disclose the discussion with the president. >> i can read you the exact statement again. the white house has directed i not disclose the discussion with the president.
4:01 am
i can't discuss a private conversation with the president. the white house has directed me i not disclose the substance of any discussions with the president. again, at the advice of white house counsel i can't answer questions that would be privileged and i respect that privilege. >> that was pretty much what house judiciary committee democrats got from former trump campaign manager corey lewandowski in yesterday's impeachment hearing. welcome back to "morning joe." we have branding and marketing expert donny deutsch, host of "the beat on msnbc, ari melber is with us, politics and journali journalism professor at morgan state university, and an msnbc political contributor jason johnson, and former u.s. senator now an nbc news and msnbc political analyst claire mccaskill.
4:02 am
also with us jim messina he served as white house deputy chief of staff to president obama and ran his 2012 re-election campaign great to have you all on board this hour. we have some very interesting 2020 poll numbers to get to in just a moment. but we will start with yesterday's hearing, which lasted for more than five hours. it was contentious as democrats struggled to get more information on a key part of the mueller report that claims in a june 2017 meeting in the oval office, the president told lewandowski to instruct then attorney general jeff sessions to announce publicly that the president had done nothing wrong and the special counsel investigation was unfair since we have ari here, let's play this key exchange between corey lewandowski and house judiciary counsel barry burke. >> my question to you, sir, is on national television did you lie about your relationship with
4:03 am
the special counsel and whether they sought your interview >> i don't know. >> prior to the mueller report being published in redacted form, did you ever misrepresent what you did on behalf of the president? >> i can't think of an instance where that would have occurred. >> let me show you an interview that you did on may 14th, 2019. >> i don't ever remember the president ever asking me to get involved with jeff sessions or the department of justice in any way, shape, or form ever. >> did you hear that, sir? that was you saying on msnbc you don't ever remember the president ever asking you to get involved with jeff sessions or the department of justice in any way, shape, or form. that wasn't true, was it, sir? >> i heard that. >> and that was not true, was it >> i have no obligation to be honest to the media because they're just as dishonest as
4:04 am
anybody else. >> so you're admitting, sir, you were not being truthful in that clip, correct? >> my interview with ari melber? >> yes. >> can be interpreted any way you like. >> why did you lie on national television about the president giving you a message >> i don't recall that particular day and my mind-set at the time. >> ari, i can only think of wun way to interpret that, especially after seeing what happened in washington yesterday. he lied, and he was caught in his tracks you could see actually his momentum completely fall flat when they played that tape, and then he couldn't get out of it a lot of people, ari say democrats didn't get anything. what did they show i feel like they showed a lot because nancy pelosi says this is about moving public opinion everybody's in the corner they're in we want to show the public what we believe happened, and we want to expose it and call it out his attitude, his behavior, his flipness towards the process, his rudeness
4:05 am
he didn't take anything seriously and ultimately it was proven he lied before a national audience on your show. isn't that part of the process here as we take certain steps towards impeachment, if that's what you're going for? >> i think that's absolutely part of the process, mika. a lot oaf what we saw yesterday is if you have nothing to hide, why are you hiding if you didn't do anything wrong, why are you lying? if the story you have to tell about your own action or how the trump white house works is positive, why won't you tell it. we're dealing with someone let's not forget, the president operates like a chief content operator he wants to tweet, he wants to talk, thoepts tehe wants to tell why does corey lewandowski under oath suddenly go quiet as for the moment you just showed, that's what it looks like when someone is cross examined by a skilled lawyer mr. burke, and that's what it looks like when someone corey lewandowski admits under oath they were lying, and to make it about the press is, of course, a side note and a trick. forget corey lewandowski who as i've mentioned before i had on
4:06 am
the show and put the questions to him, and i'd love to have him back on and interview him again. forget the press and him and me. mr. lewandowski was speaking on television to his own supporters, to the maga crowd, to the public, to america, and he was saying he didn't remember he claimed this never occurred, that there was any attempt by the president to get him to k e kneecap the probe to jeff sessions why did corey lewandowski not even want to tell his own supporters the truth o'about that at the end of the day that incident looks very bad. >> shannon brought this up in the last segment, this hocus pocus about executive privilege. her point is that is within kind of the white house once you go outside of it, there's no legal expert that stands behind that so how come the democrats don't use that what lever can they use as an automatic to just take that little stupid piece of paper away >> you don't need to be an expert to know white house privilege applies more to people at the white house than everyone
4:07 am
else, just like attorney/client privilege. the claim works better if you invoke it with your attorney than your waiter no matter how much you trust your waiter >> what do they do about it? >> the congress has to decide on the democratic side whether they want to hold him in contempt. >> what's the decision >> no-brainer. >> go ahead, willie. >> well, i mean, when you look at the core issue that came up when they played your clip, it is whether or not corey lewandowski took this directive from the president of the united states to the attorney general lewandowski effectively said i took the meeting i had a meeting with the president of the united states, so he was, in fact, directing corey lewandowski to do this he said, but he instead went on vacation the mueller report says, in fact, that corey lewandowski tried to set up a meeting with the attorney general the attorney general backed out of the meeting was that -- even though the meeting didn't take place, is not the admission that the president of the united states directed corey lewandowski to somehow influence the special counsel's investigation an admission of obstruction at some point? >> it's an admission
4:08 am
the way the lawyers would say, it's an admission of an element of obstruction the element of obstruction goes to the president that's why corey lewandowski was in such a pickle yesterday on the one hand, in fairness to him, and we've reported this before, the way he conducted himself may have been dishonest and according to many law enforcement officials dishonorable, but bob mueller's investigators never found that mr. lewandowski came close to committing a felony. they didn't charge him with that let alone convict him of that. what they found was he was pulled into basically -- if you want to put a fine point on it -- attempted felonies by the sitting president, and he actually at times are tried to get out from under that. that's why we're talking about the safe, on my show he talked about how he didn't remember this he was on his way to dunkin' donuts all these details. >> vacation. >> it all amounts to corey lewandowski saying i know i was really near the bad thing. i actually didn't help do it i kind of walked away from it. mueller's investigators found that credible with regard to
4:09 am
lewandowski, but bad for the president. that's why they use the term substantial evidence of crime by the president in the report. >> there's another core issue here i would submit, and it is this yesterday's appearance corey lewandowski appearance could have been anyone it was a total clown show. i mean, you lose the entire country when you put something like that on television with rare exception, barry burke, a skilled prosecutor asking questions of a defendant why they allow various members of congress their five minutes of time on television to ask inane and ludicrous leading questions of corey lewandowski or anyone else and not stick, not just in that hearing, but other contentious hearings with a skilled, knowledgeable prosecutor you know this. you've seen trials where prosecutors skilled at cross
4:10 am
examination can extract almost anything from a defendant on the witness stand. why they don't do that is beyond me >> yeah, i mean, i think you make a great point because this is one of those things where the people at this table, the people watching, we follow this up pretty closely we're talking about what the first dmkts did and the first wave, when they're fighting over lewandowski, i don't have the report, then the second wave, we're talking about the burke questioning. the overall take away for the american public, i think, was certainly a mixed decision yesterday, and as the democrats move forward getting less time with politicians, sort of getting their five minutes and more time of serious questioning earlier in the hearing might have been to their benefit. >> the one element of corey lewandowski transit during the request from the president to corey to obstruct justice, lets be frank, was go down and see jeff sessions and tell him to end this mueller investigation corey lewandowski was skillful enough to know that if he had
4:11 am
gone to justice and in the building he would have had to sign in. there would have been a video record of him being there. there would have been a paper record and he would have been ensnared in the thing. a skilled prosecutor could have gotten that out of him. >> wow, i wonder if we had a skilled knowledgeable prosecutor that we could talk to. claire, i wanted to actually get to you but the nbc wall street journal polls, but any thoughts about corey's performance yesterday? >> yeah, listen, first of all, it's unrealistic that the people in congress are not going to try to grab the microphone in a congressional hearing. i get the point you're making about skilled prosecutors and believe me, i've sat through long hearings where i wanted to muzzle some of my colleagues, but that's just not realistic. secondly, corey lewandowski did exactly what he wanted to do yesterday. he had an audience of one. >> right >> he was talking directly to donald trump and what he was trying to do is become donald trump's candidate for the u.s. senate in new hampshire. he needs donald trump in order to have any chance to take that
4:12 am
republican nomination in new hampshire, so all of this yesterday was all about him proving to donald trump that he can be just as defiant, just as insulting, just as childish and, frankly, just as good of a liar as the president. >> so why not charge him with contempt what are the -- what more would it take at this point? i mean, don't the democrats need to go a step further to get some information? >> well, they are, and ari can speak to this, too they are in the middle of a lot of legal fights right now. >> right >> because what this white house has done is unprecedented. they have basically shut down the side of congress by refusing -- you know, this absolutely manipulation of executive privilege, the refusal to present documents to congress so they're fighting in the courts, but the problem is that's not easy to cover in a dramatic day by day fashion. so it gets lost in the public that there is this legal battle
4:13 am
going on, but eventually these fights are going to come to a head, and we're going to make precedent as to whether or not this white house is going to be a new normal in terms of giving the stiff arm to congress. >> there you go. let's turn now to the new nbc news wall street journal poll which shows elizabeth warren inching closer to joe biden. the former vice president sits at 31%, up five points since july warren is only six pounts behind at 25% vermont senator bernie sanders is at a distant third with 14% senator kamala harris has fallen eight points since july. she sits in fifth place with 5%. biden reaches almost 50% of support among black voters while 28% of white voters back warren's run and warren holds a ten-point advantage among her fellow 2020 candidates when it comes to enthusiasm among democratic primary voters i want to bring in jim messina and then go back to claire
4:14 am
jim, is it a two-person race at this point is this elizabeth warren and joe biden? >> no, not yet if you look at the states, iowa, new hampshire, you still see the top three candidates, biden, bernie and elizabeth all kind of clustered together the good thing is you and i have been talking since the spring, saying democrats need consolidation in the race. that's exactly what we're geg getting. a top tier of three candidates who command the national polls and the state polls and candidates like kamala and mayor pete who had good springs have sort of receded back into a second tier, and so you're really seeing this consolidation of the race. i think you'll see more candidates get out as the fall continues. >> claire mccaskill, talk to me about elizabeth warren and joe biden. i'm seeing some clear differences. elizabeth warren has some huge hurdles in terms of comfort level with certain voters that joe biden holds onto strong. at the same time, she is showing
4:15 am
an energetic, flexible, acrobatic campaign taking pictures until one in the morning in new york city, flying all over the country, on the phone all the time, constantly interacting with voters. i'm not seeing an effort to do that with biden, and i everyone see perhaps a hesitation >> i don't know about that i think what's interesting about this poll is that both of them got a bump up, and that is consolidation. for biden to go up five or six and elizabeth to go up five or six. bernie is the one that's out of the circle at this point in terms of this particular poll. make no mistake about it, bernie is not going to give up. bernie is going to stand and fight and i would predict knowing bernie like i do that he would fight all the way to the convention, so, you know, that's what's frustrating for elizabeth is she is not going near going after bernie because she is very hopeful that those votes come to
4:16 am
her eventually but others will be beginning to go after her now, and especially, i think, some of those candidates trying to get into the circle of five, and i think this fight over whether or not she can pay for what she's trying to do or whether she can even accomplish what she's promising is going to become more in focus. >> so jim, we have a new poll also out from iowa this morning that shows a dead heat between joe biden and elizabeth warren, the first votes will be cast there. joe biden's up actually eight points and that poll is with warren up about three points they're in a statistical tie in that state i'm interested to hear from you on this, a lot of people have drawn a parallel for elizabeth warren to barack obama in 2008 in terms of her lack of support in places like south carolina and how much that changed for barack obama when he won iowa in 2008 how critical is the state of iowa, not just this time but always in determining the trajectory for candidates who
4:17 am
previously may have been farther down the list? >> yeah, it's a great point. look, momentum matters, right? and you can look at this, you've got to move in iowa and new hampshire to kind of move in south carolina south carolinians are not immune to the national trends, and they're going to look at this and say who's moving in iowa, new hampshire. democratic primaries tend to be very late breaking, and that's why i think some of these national polls are less important than the poll you just showed in iowa you know, it's really a contrasting basis, right joe biden has exactly what you'd want he's the most loyal democratic primary voters, which are senior and african-americans. whereas elizabeth has younger voters, and she has incredible enthusiasm among the progressive base, and those two different bases are why you're seeing this consolidation going forward here you know, vice president biden has an additional issue. if there is -- if elizabeth could win in iowa and then go into new hampshire and win that, too, suddenly she's got real
4:18 am
momentum and got a chance to move in south carolina and move in texas and california in a way that would make being the front runner very dangerous for him. so both of them need a big night in iowa, and we're going to watch it really, really closely. that's more important than the national polls. >> we'll get to that we'll also look at this new poll right now out of arizona this morni morning, which shows joe biden narrowly ahead the former vice president leads the 2020 democrats by five points at 29% followed by senator elizabeth warren at 24%. in third place senator bernie sanders with 18% of arizona democrats' support president trump is in a statistical dead heat against warren, biden, and senator kamala harris, while he leads against sanders in the latest 2020 matchup in that state meanwhile, in the arizona senate race, former senator john mccain's seat, democrat and
4:19 am
former astronaut mark kelly and republican senator martha mcsally are now tied at 42%. mike barnicle. >> again to, to reinforce what e just heard, state polls and what happens in states are far more important at this stage of the campaign than the national stuff. but jason, with regard to bernie sanders poll standings in any state, iowa, new hampshire, i don't care, anyone who has ever covered bernie sanders or knows bernie sanders or watches bernie sanders knows that, a, he is not going away, and he is certainly not going to allow this to continue without a fight so at what point and what happens negatively or positively if he decides to go after elizabeth warren >> that's already been happening online the sanders campaign, you've had surrogates criticize the working family party's endorsement you've had many of them remind people of elizabeth warren's long and questionable relationship with native american communities in the
4:20 am
united states. here's where bernie sanders is going to have difficulty there's no conspiracy here there's no hillary clinton this year there's no candidate that's received 30 years of sexism and whose ethics and things have been questioned. at the end of the day, if bernie sanders can't start winning some of these primaries as we go into next year, he's not going to be able to claim the system is rigged if he loses to three or four people. that's the big challenge he's going to have. i don't think this year -- and we saw this in some of the angry reactions to how the democrats handled the hearing yesterday and before -- there is such a frustration amongst democratic voters at this point, you're not going to see the splits of 2016. you're not going to see the splits of 2018 people are going to rally around whoever the candidate is whether it's elizabeth warren or joe biden. >> with all due respect, though, you mentioned he's already doing that online. online is different than the sidewalks in new hampshire, and des moines, iowa, and ames, iowa that's what i'm talking about. bernie himself, not online, bernie himself taking it to elizabeth warren, what happens
4:21 am
>> well, he can't be as effective. here's the thing, i say this all the time as somebody who gets text messages from ohio and georgia and north carolina and iowa, the places that i go and spend a lot of time. we have to remember that the online universe is still where 50% of people are getting their news and information the 55-year-old mom, mother of had three in iowa and des moines she's still going on facebook and talking about things we can't act like these are separate universes bernie sanders has been known to attack everybody, but his attacks only work if a person is already fundamentally weak the reason you've seen him lose 3, 4, 5% of the vote and elizabeth warren increase her lead over him is because a lot of sanders supporters are saying look, bernie sanders i love you to death, but you have a ceiling. there's a point at which certain african-american, latino voters are not going to support you if i can get 80% of bernie sanders policies a little bit more enthusiasm and slightly more electability with elizabeth warren, that's where i'm going to go. that's what we're going to see the next time these candidates debate if he ends up going heavily
4:22 am
after elizabeth warren, it's almost an admission that it is a top two tier race and he's the guy running in a distant third. >> claire had an interesting take in the last hour about this, i want to ask you because she is your former senator colleague, kamala harris in this latest nbc news poll she's down eight points to 5% in a statistical tie with andrew yang somewhere below mayor pete buttigieg. how do you explain where she is in this race right now >> i think she has got a real challenge going forward because, you know, joe biden has really jealously guarded his dominance in the african-american vote, and kamala talk about iowa, i mean, if you really want to draw a parallel to what barack obama did, barack obama surprised black voters in iowa they could no longer say i'm not sure i don't want my heartbroken. i don't think a black man can win after he won iowa, and that's why you had such a coalesce ens around his
4:23 am
candidacy in the black community after iowa i don't -- if kamala doesn't do well in iowa, it will be hard for her in south carolina, and if she can't do well against joe biden in south carolina, that's trouble. >> and that's the iowa poll to underline claire's point, kamala harris since july is down 13 points in the state of iowa. >> all right, we're watching the numbers, claire mccaskill, jim messina, and jason johnson thank you all for being on this morning. still ahead on emotion"morng joe," gun violence, opioid, and vaping ma america is grappling with a series of health issues right now. we'll talk to one congress member on the front lines of all of this next on "morning joe." ♪ ♪ award winning interface. ♪ ♪
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welcome back to "morning joe. that's a beautiful live picture of the empire state building 7:27 in the morning on the east coast. a little baseball for you, giant outfielder mike the grandson of red sox hall of famer carl stremske made his debut last night. >> gets a fastball here that he can hit. he does. high into center field, it is out of here! unbelievable number 20 here at fenway park for mike ustremsky. >> the grandson of the great yaz hits a solo home run, earns him a standing ovation from the boston crowd at the park where his grandfather called home for 23 years his 20th home run of the season and the 238th by ustremski
4:29 am
a great story, a kid from massachusetts, grew up a red sox fan, originally drafted by the red sox before he starred at vanderbilt university, and now playing for the giants. >> it's a heartwarming story, actually, tragic circumstances around his family. his dad died tragically almost inexplicably after having a hip replacement surgery. his grandfather, of course, hall of famer, a truly heartwarming story. a great call by an epic broadcaster, dwayne kuiper he crushed that pitch, a 98 miles an hour fastball the best thing about him, he said, carl said he's a nice boy. >> mm-hmm. >> joining us now member of the house oversight and intelligence committees, democratic congressman ra sha krishna mor thi of illinois, thank you very much for being on the show,
4:30 am
congressman. ari melber has the first kwer f question for you. >> you talked about how we're getting to a point where the impeachment process is necessary. when you look at corey lewandowski's performance yesterday, does that actually undercut the argument that you need to hear from a lot more witnesses before moving towards potential articles of impeachment? a lot of viewers thought, well, he's not cooperating that much how many more new facts do you learn on a day like yesterday? >> sure, i think that obviously it was a combative hearing, but i think that -- i think the investigation needs to continue, especially with regard to other important fact witnesses don mcgahn, i think, is at the top of the list. obviously that's in litigation right now before he comes before capitol hill i think the investigation needs to proceed. >> congressman, donny deutsch nice to talk to you. what's the game plan going
4:31 am
forwar forward? how do you kind of put this mosaic together so it's a very single minded thing that we'll cut through for voters >> i think that there are various lines of investigation right now. as you know i'm on the house intelligence committee, and there i think we are basicallyes other members of thengthat we learned is that mr. mueller did not really get into assessing the counter intelligence risks associated with those financial ties and really didn't get into those financial ties at all. that's potentially something that has to be surfaced and looked at very closely going forward. i think that would be very new information to decide whether or not to proceed with impeachment. >> so congressman, there are some critics who say that nothing was revealed by corey
4:32 am
lewandowski in the hearings yesterday. what do you think was accomplished yesterday in those hearings >> well, i think it's one of those things where obviously mr. lewandowski came with a game plan to not answer any questions. i think that mr. nadler is considering citing him for contempt, but that being said, i think there are a lot more witnesses that have to be talked to and more everyday to be gathered. >> willie. >> congressman, let me ask you about a different topic. you have over the course of the summer, in fact, been at the leading edge of an investigation into youth e-cigarettes and the epidemic that's now taken hold in this country. where do we stand with that? do you support, for example, the new york state ban that went into effect yesterday of flavored e-cigarettes that clearly target and market toward young kids >> yes, i do your viewers may already know this, but there's a national epidemic of youth vaping underway 25% of high schoolers are vaping, and 5% of middle
4:33 am
schoolers are vaping this is alarming my wife and i are parents of both a high schooler and a middle schooler. the reason why it's so dangerous is that even according to the current surgeon general, vaping is dangerous for the brain development of young people. now we're seeing mystery illnesses, respiratory illnesses and deaths mainly among young people throughout the country. i believe that these bans on flavored e-cigarettes both which the trump administration's proposing but also states, is really essential because those flavors are what really attract youth, and we have to make sure that they stay away from vaping. they are not for sale as far as i'm concerned with regard to the e-cigarette industry. >> and i know you've threatened, for example, executives at the company juul with a subpoena because they refused to answer your questions what would you like to ask them? >> well, we had a two-day hearing in the summer, which in
4:34 am
part was the impetus according to the trump administration for its recent proposals to regulate e-cigarettes however, following up on that hearing, we had various questiond requests for documents, and those documents have not been produced i'll just describe one category of documents that we're very interested in. it turned out during the hearing that we learned that juul actually paid various school districts to go into schools, to conduct anti-vaping seminars now, when we questioned students at those seminars about what was said, they said, for instance, that juul representatives claimed that e-cigarettes were, quote, unquote, totally safe and made other claims, which as you know, don't appear to be true. but in any case, at the same time that they're supposed to be combatting youth vaping, they're encouraging youth vaping by making those types of statements. >> it's ridiculous congressman, thank you very much >> thank you
4:35 am
>> adults -- coming from the ad business, i would never take a cigarette account, go to work every day and use their skit skills and crafts to sell a product that they know hurt children. >> is it a surprise? >> didn't they see this coming after what we went through sfwrets, these came on the market. >> how do humans get up and do that in the morning? >> are you surprised by that do you read the business pages the lust for profits >> you can work in a lot of different businesses, and i don't know a human being personally frankly that would go and work at one of these companies and put their energies and their talents, i just don't know how you live as a human being doing that it's what i do for a living, i sell this stuff to kids that's going to hurt them. >> mika, you probably feel this way. i have a 12-year-old daughter, it is incredibly frustrating with how far this culture and society has come with cigarettes and combatting cigarette use, now this has been introduced as a new option for kids to get
4:36 am
nicotine into their bodies. >> i see so much of it i have kids in college and beyond, all teens, they all have juuls, they all vape oh, it's safe. this is completely just completely delved into the population of young people they are now doing this, and now we're finding people are dying big surprise >> big shocker >> ari, the people have raised the legal question though is how can you ban, let's say the state of new york ban flavored e-cigarettes and not ban cigarettes, which are infinitely more dangerous you know what i mean, there's the question of we're going to target this but not that. >> a lot of this comes under the health rules of okay, what do we know to do the regulation and states do it sometimes differently than the feds, but we're learning as the congressman was saying that a lot of this stuff hasn't been fully tested out, when you see that with the malfunctions let alone how the normal flavored ones are working. >> before you tease out, i think for every congressional hearing going forward they should show a
4:37 am
clip of ari melber even if it has not to do with what's going on. >> just think about it, you could be talking to a rapper, it's just a little bit of a break in terms of five hours. >> one of those words, like you, bill kristol and fat joe >> at least in the lawyer section. >> you get people to come on your show and lie like a rug we'll be watching "the beat" to see that coming up on "morning joe." >> there's been a special responsibility for female journalists and reporters to talk about how public policy affects women, how women in public office behave, how women voters are different from men voters that's been something i've done throughout my career i'd like to be remembered as a mother and a wife and friend of people that i love very, very much
4:38 am
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roberts passed away yesterday due to complications from breast cancer she was one of the first trail
4:42 am
blazing female reporters to cover the highest levels of u.s. government in addition to her abc news career, roberts was among the first female reporters at national public radio often called one of the founding mothers of npr even with her busy life in front of the camera, roberts found time to be a prolific author writing books on the role of women in u.s. history. we were blessed to have her on "morning joe" throughout the years, and here's a look at the analysis and sharp questions that she brought to the table. >> there have been incidents of white kids at basketball games holding up signs to teams which have hispanic kids on them saying we're going to build a wall to keep you out are you proud of that? is that something you've done in american political and social discourse that you're proud of >> well, i think your question's a very nasty question, and i'm not proud of it because i didn't
4:43 am
even hear of it, okay, and i certainly do not like it at all when i hear about it you're the first one that's told me about that. we either have a country or we don't. i talk about deporting people who are here illegally. >> what about the effect on children >> cokie, i also talk about building a wall and oftentimes i'll say there's going to be a big beautiful door in that wall and people are going to come into our country because we want people to come in -- >> but what about the children, mr. trump? what about what the children are hearing from you and how they are responding to it >> well, i think people are responding very positively -- >> children i asked. >> he exits the stage, what is the lasting impact on the paul ryans and the marco rubio's and the rudy giuliani's and the entire republican party? >> they're morally tainted there's no question about that you can't say he's a racist and what he said was textbook racism, but i support him because he's the nominee of my
4:44 am
party. have you been somewhat outflanked on the, i don't know, rudeness quotient or the guy who's willing to tell it like it is, place? >> thank you, cokie for the characterization of the rudeness quotient i appreciate that. >> i could literally watch for hours. let's bring in author and nbc news presidential historian michael bes losh, and michael try to put the legacy of cokie roberts into words. >> well, you saw she was tough on an awful lot of political leaders, presidents and presidential candidates, and i think maybe the legacy, mika, is not only as a path breaker, which she sure was for women beginning with that stellar career at npr finally winding up at abc, but really as an historian because she wrote these books. you know, you've read them we've talked about them, founding mothers and others about early america. and before cokie, a lot of times
4:45 am
when largely male authors not only would write about people like dolly madison and early women in the history of this country they would be described as sort of peripheral figures, sometimes, you know, mainly social sort of frivolous, and because of cokie, she showed that we wouldn't have this country, and particularly early america, without them s substanti substantively. and the other thing was this was not unusual because she really came out of american history she was descended from william claiborne who was the governor of louisiana in the 1810s, believe it or not, had to do with the louisiana purchase. her father famously was hale bogs the democratic house leader who tragically perished in a plane crash in alaska 1972 lbj and lady bird johnson were at her wedding, and when her father passed, he was succeeded by wonderful person, i'm sure
4:46 am
you knew, lindy boggs, so she now not only wrote about history, but she really had that close family exposure to it. >> she was history, yes. >> yes >> and she would come on the set and so nice, but i would immediately get nervous. i'd be like oh, my gosh, cokie roberts is here. she made you think how can i be betteri be smarter because cokie roberts is here. >> she was a mentor to so many washington journalists and i didn't realize, i never met her but i was at the white house yesterday when this news broke, and it was such a somber moment, and a lot of colleagues, you know, went into each other's work space and offered their condolence you know, i know john carl posted something really touching and moving about her experience, and i saw reporters going in and sort of offering their condolences to him, and other reporters calling other people they knew who had been touched with her and people she had been kind with. i was there with kristen welker and peter alexander in our work
4:47 am
space, and both of them talking about what a mentor and role model she was for them and then just sort of looking around at the white house and seeing that, you know, we are that group that is pickle up this mantle from so many of these great legendary journalists before us, and sort of hoping that we are doing -- you know, we are carrying that on we are picking that up and mind you, it was a moment to remind ourselves that we are the next ones going to carry that. >> these women who really paved the trail for us. >> right we have a big responsibility there. >> i posted something on mike. >> you know what's kind of interesting to me, perhaps to others about her passing and all the eulogies and describing relationships with her and who she was, this is a business like many other businesses filled with people throwing elbows all day long to get ahead. cokie roberts never had elbows to throw
4:48 am
all she had was her talent, her intellect, and her heart at the end of the day, she was just simply a really nice woman, a really nice woman. >> i didn't know her well, mika, except when she came on the show, i've always had great respect for her. but watching abc yesterday when this news broke and just reporter after reporter, anchor after anchor from george stephanopoulos to martha radd z raddatz, to john carl, to sam donaldson, the reverence they had in their voice reminds me of when tim russert died, the way people talk about about him as they did cokie roberts and from a young reporter who would get a nice e-mail from cokie roberts. she thought i did a good job or she criticized my reporting, let met get better she left such an imprint not just at abc. >> she was sharp and witty, but really subtle. >> subtle she was, and you know,
4:49 am
you know that sort of smile. you saw this even on the program when she was here, and our thoughts, all of us are with her husband steve. >> absolutely. >> michael beschloss thank you very much. we appreciate it, cokie roberts way too soon 75 years old, mplicati interfer0
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