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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  September 23, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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your time tonight, appreciate it. that's our broadcast tonight. thank you for being with us. good night from nbc news headquarters in new york. happy to have you with us. what a time to be alive. you will always be able to look back at this time in your life, i was alive during that presidency. i remember how crazy it was. the campaign chairman for the sitting president of the united states is currently in jail. spec specifically he's serving a seven plus years sentence for multiple felony convictions while he's awaiting for state trial on similar charges. that's the president's campaign chairman. the president's deputy campaign chairman got happy news from the frar jud federal judge overseeing his
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case. from here on out after today, he no longer needs explicit permission from that judge every time he wants to leave the jurisdiction in which his case is being handled. >> rick gates' case, he's still awaiting sentences on felony charges. the judge in this case trusts him enough now to let him roam around a little bit more. that counts as a happy day for the president's campaign alumni association. the president's political advisor is going on trial. today we got the exhibit list from prosecutors for his trial. a list of evidence that prosecutors plan to use against him during the trial. apparently includes some sort of chunks. number 167 there. a chart showing the number of written communications between the particular adviser and trump
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campaign officials during the 2016 campaign. >> from the right hand column, the list of objections means that the defense is objecting the prosecutors using the evidence on multiple rooms including it being -- we know prosecutors said they want to use that and more than 150 everything. that trial which the president political advisor accused of lying to investigators about his contact with the entity that was posted online, all the democrat documents that was hacked and stolen by russian intelligence. his trial is scheduled november. soon after we are expecting another sensing date for the president's national security advisor who'll be sensed ftence lying to investigators.
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>> the president's long time personal lawyer also sits today in federal prison. >> there is a lot of anticipation that there may also be new state charges brewing relating to the president or his business entity that is derive and provide to lawyers and state prosecutors in new york. in quick succession we recently learned that michael cohen had met with state prosecutors a the federal prison. >> he reportedly spoke to them on that visit under a proper agreement. he was seeking lenience for himself. soon there ever we learn those state prosecutors have issued a subpoena for the president's tax
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returns. not only can the president not be indicted while he's serving in office, the president can also not be in criminal bting investigated for anything, no matter what he does or the alleged crime, he can't be investigated let alone prosecuted. >> so you are alive right now and this is one of the things that's happening during your lifetime. what a time to be alive, right? >> but taking that sort of twirl around the lazy susan and the president indicted and convicted a advi advisor campaign aides. the president is admitting he
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and another lawyer have been pressing the foreign government have start an investigation into the front runner, vice president joe biden. heard him in the general -- this controversy over trump's behavior towards ukraine in helping them to reelect. this controversy have been bubbling for more than a week now. then later emerged and first in "the washington post" that it was the president's behavior related to ukraine that spurred that whistle blower to come forwa forward. still don't know who the whistle blower was and the complaints.
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a lot of this will come out the next few days. the legal ethical bottom line is fairly contested and quite clear. the president once again solicited for his election effort. that's the ethical and the political bottom line here, everyone if republicans decide they don't care about that. this does appear to be bridging any preexisting democratic divisions over the question of whether or not they should pursue impeachment proceedings against trump. >> trump is going to get himself impeached in the house for doing this with ukraine. i will have more of that coming up on the show later tonight. aside from that legal and unethical bottom line and the really big political bottom line is going to change the whole rest of next year goes. here is the other thing where i think it is worth keeping an eye
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on or the center of the frame here. the question of why this is happening specifically in ukraine. a lot of countries around the world and a lot of country who have leadership that's incline towards trump or likes him or at least wants to flatter him. why is this ukraine? why is it that country in particular? go back to the president's campaign chairman. the one that's awaiting for his time. when manafort was hired for the trump campaign, it was an unusual hire. what he was known for was not the thing that would stack you up to be the next presidential campaign chairman. he had been a business partner of roger stone who's going on trial for felony charges in november. >> he was vinvolved in federal housing funds.
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he was known as a gun for hire who would represent the most dictators in the world, a guy that others in washington woild be ashamed to be associated with. he could have a reputation. it was not the typical resume for a campaign chairman. he was a strange choice to come in and run not just a presidential campaign but the presidential campaign for the de facto nominee of the republican party which trump was at the time that manafort came on board and part because of his background and he has not been working in washington at all for more than a decade at the time trump picked him. >> manafort had been working in ukraine. he was the political brains behind the pro-russia and putin ballot cal party called the party of regions. manafort took the leader of that party who was known to be the
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th t thugish guy. paul manafort cave yanukovych an extreme makeover. he remade this guy in his own image and he built this pro-putin under yanukovych. eventually manafort would get kicked off the trump campaign after the new york times reported documents discovered shows that manafort being paid more than $12 billion off the boo books. but, even then like from there on out, it was clear he was going to leave a trail behind him. even long after manafort was
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long in the campaign, before manafort was indicted, his ties to ukraine were still making national news for this country. it was weird that manafort got picked to be running a presidential campaign in the united states in 2016. the ukraine ties, after he was fired, they did seem like real liabilities for somebody who is brought in and led alone one resulted and putting a candidate in the white house. there was this article. the new york times, july 2017 by mike mcintire. he was in debt to business entities linked to two kremlins, linked to two oligarchs. one was a russian oligarch that's close to putin,
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deripaska. he entered into the contract for manafort. over the course of the russia scandal and the open source reporting around that. it would emerge that manafort tried to use his position on the trump campaign to quote, get hold with darapaska. he offered him private readings during the course of the campaign. as the mueller report laid out, manafort repeatedly used encrypted apps to send detailed polling data from the trump campai
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campaign. the gru was also indicted by robert mueller, the man in the blue shirt there. he has not been arrested. he's believed to be in hiding or evading u.s. justice in russia. >> so one of the kremlins led the oligarchs, darapaska has been denied a visa to visit the united states because of what the u.s. government believes to be his ties to be international organized crimes. he was sanctioned by the u.s. government in response to the russian attack in the 2016 election. thanks to the intergeneration of leader mcconnell, deripaska was released. the other guy was this guy. guy with the three-piece suit there with a nice red tie.
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his name he's rich almost beyond believe because putin made him so. for years, kremlin insisted their guys to be given a cut of every cubic inch of natural gas that russia pumped through ukraine on its way to europe. ukraine is full of prep lines that start from the east. to explain russia has a hold in european energy policies because they are suppliers to some country in terms of their gas supplies. a lot of that gas transits through ukraine and he got a cut of every inch of it. >> he did not do anything to earn that money. he was just the artificially
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installed middleman who got paid billions of dollars a year in pure profit just at the kremlin's direction. you will have dimetri taking a cut of that. he was making billions of dollars a year. thank you for that arrangement. he in turns use some of his money to prompt up pro-russia political party and pro-kremlin party in you know craukraine an to pay foreman fort. manafort owes millions of dollars to those two guys. the reason he owed them money because of various business entangleme entanglement. he got separate business deals with each of them. there were one deal they had in common. a plan to spend a billion dollars turning a park avenue
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hotel site into a new botanical tower in new york city. that would involve manafort and both of those kremlins connected oligarchs, jackpot. the scene was basically away and hundreds of millions of dollars through new york city real estate. >> but, as with deripaska it is not just the money or the kremlin connection to trump's campaign share. it is also the mob side. it is also the organized crime. after manafort was fired, he fled first to eastern crukraine and to moscow. three weeks after yanukovych,
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demitri was arrested. the fbi wants him arrested for investment and bribery. authorities in vienna were not ill withi able to request him. >> first thing they did was let him out on bail. guess what he paid his bail? he paid $174 million as his bail. and you got it, why not? literally wrote a check, $174 million. that $174 million bail payment kept him out of jail for five years now. but, they also have sent him abroad to face trial. he's been fighting his extradition with the most
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expensive lawyers that money can buy. if you got the money to spend, why not spend it on that? 2017, around the time the new york times reporting manafort's mysterious financial ties. federal prosecutors argued in court why it is so important to get their hands-on the cash. why they needed to have an extradited to the united states and why he needed to go on trial in this country and their climbs to the court in the summer of 2018 including this startling assertion from prosecutors. firtash has been identified by united states law enforcement as two upper-echelon associates of russian organized crime. their prosecution will disrupt this organized crime group.
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so that seems like a remarkable thing in american politics. once again, you are alive now. you will always be able to tell the story. here is the campaign chairman for u.s. presidential candidate who's actually the nominee of the republican party for president of the united states. that will campaign chairman revealed to have extensive and unresolved financial liabilities to two different oligarchs. both are assessed by the government to be tied toz international organized crime. both are financially connected to the kremlin. at the same time this guy brings all that baggage over here with him from ukraine to start running a u.s. presidential campaign. at that same time, the kremlin starts intervening to help the candidate to elect the president of the united states. how does it work out in the end
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for all of these guys? >> one of them goes to jail. manafort is in jail in part for not paying taxes on any of these secret payments that he received for party of the region. one of the kremlin connected oligarchs got himself sanctioned by the u.s. government which looks like it may be financially devastating from him. he was rescued by mitch mcconnell of kentucky where deripaska, building a aluminum plant in mitch mcconnell's home safe. >> firtash is still fighting extradition in the united states. he does not want to face federal prosecutors who have said formally in writing to the court they believed him to be an upper
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echelon. >> in june of this year, firtash could be extradited in the u.s. now in the midst of this whole boiling of a scandal about trump and whatever he's doing with ukraine. now today in the middle of all that, we got words firtash, t manafort's business partner. he spent indicted and wanted by law enforcement. firtash have hired new lawyers. they are very different than his expensive a-list lawyers. they are these people mowho are
9:21 pm
husband and wife and they are fixture at the fox channel. i don't mean to be rude and i did not mean it. demitri firtash is the richest dude in crew ukraine. he accomplished shameless u.s. lawyers. he does not need a representation in that regard. the only reason you would need the people from tv is these particularly new lawyers to not add to your intellectual fire power. the only reason you would need lawyers on tv is to get the attention of the president, presumably having favorable statement on "fox and friends." part of what's going on here is that the manafort part of our lives, the sort of scummy
9:22 pm
manafort universe that came into view to run that presidential campaign and ultimately conspire from the campaign and through the prosecution of manafort that put him in federal prison as i speak. the scummy universe of paul manafort appears to be awkwardness here. there is a lot of attention. i think rightfully being paid to the fact that the president and his personal lawyer have told ukraine they need to produce some sort of dirt on joe biden for the president's 2020 reelection campaign. rudy giuliani is not asking for dirt on biden. he's telling that ukraine needs to open an investigation into what happened to good old man for. >> they need you to investigate revelation from those off the books post-ga books payments. which again, not only resulted
9:23 pm
from getting fired in the trump campaign. the president has waited deeply into impeachment liability here by seeking foreign assistance to help him try to win the next election, too. part of what's going on here is some sort of effort to undo the downfall of manafort, to rehabilitate or resurrect for all his political work in ukraine. there are not serious questions whether or not manafort took millions of dollars. that shows his payments to him was authenticated by journalists and the united states. it was also further validated when those post-games were cited. why on earth would the president and his personal lawyer going back to manafort? right? should they be saying oh,
9:24 pm
manafo manafort, we had no idea how he dealt these stuff before he went on the campaign. sorry that that. >> they're going back to manafort now or at least muddy the water whether or not manafort did in ukraine was illegal and bad for that country. why would they be going back to the case of manafort here? >> we don't know yet. a lot of the stories may come out. whether manafort is going to spend the rest of his days in prison. what happened around the time that manafort was the donald trump campaign in 2016. the trump campaign was hiring a guy like manafort to come from ukraine and come back to the u.s. and work on the political campaign here. what he brought with him were contacts and business partners and secret funders and organized crime links and kremlin connections in ukraine. that was the baggage that paul manafort brought with him for
9:25 pm
trump in 2016 out of time when the creme line wanted to use a lot of different levels of power to try to get disrupt elected. four years later for the reelect, trump is going back to ukraine asking for their help against their likely democratic opponent and making clear that are as far as they are concerned, looks like manafort may have gotten a raw deal. trying to make it seem like maybe it was a bunch of illegal post-games and a massive corruption scandal. maybe manafort got a raw deal or he was all right. maybe the whole scheme that was not a scandal at all? deripaska is getting his sanctions relieved and now he got his trump warrior. it is working out for everybody.
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it's a different kind of wireless network designed to save you money. save up to $400 a year on your wireless bill. plus get $250 back when you buy a new samsung note. click, call or visit a store today. we have breaking news in the past few minutes. "the washington post" posted this opt-ed.
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these are seven democrats, each of them is as veteran of the military. this is seven freshmen democrats speaking in one voice in the short new opt-ed that's posted about this scandal of trump seeking assistance for his election campaign. we call on our colleagues and congress consider the use of all congressional authorities available to us including the power of contempt and impeachment hearing to address these new allegations and find the truth and protect our national security. one of the sire of this opt-ed calling for impeachment is going to be joining us here live in the studio. we have learned before we got on the air that nancy pelosi tomorrow called a meeting for a full democratic caucus for
9:31 pm
4:00 p.m. southeaste 4:00 p.m. eastern time. this is a meeting of all the democrats in the house to focus in part on their response to this ongoing scandal. there is a lot happening. before we end up talking about the potential scandal for the president. i want to talk about the substance of what's being alleged here. joining us now to help us is michael mcfall. mr. ambassador, thank you very much for being here. >> sure, thank you for having me rachel. one of the reasons i want to talk to you tonight as i laid out in the top of the show, i feel like we are seeing something that feels a little bit like a rerun or like not just the same type of misbehavior in terms o of -- enlisting a foreign government affecting our election but going back to some of the same characters and entities. do you feel it is like deja vu.
9:32 pm
>> you are right, they're all the same players. i don't remember what rudy giuliani played in 2016. it is the same technique and leading on people to help. but, this time it is the president of the united states doing it. it is not just candidate trump. he's doing so at the expense of american national security interest. that's the one piece that's different. he's letting his narrow private interest, the public interests and the one that he took an oath of office to protect just like those seven members of congress you just mentioned. >> how do you think it is going to end? there are process questions here involving congress. it feels like a ground search for democrats in terms of thinking quite differently. there are questions about whether or not the acting national intelligence will provide any useful information on thursday.
9:33 pm
there were demands the president should release his transcript with the ukrainian president, how do you imagine this may unfold? >> well, i would like for it to unfold with the complaint given over to u.s. congress like the law says. i got to remind you something else that's deja vu for me. mr. snow came and mr. snowden should have used the whistle blower to do this the right way. now when this whistle blower is not allowed to use those procedures and laws the right way, i feel it is going to come out of super information. what else can happen? what other recourse does the whistle blower have? it should be done according to the law but i think it is suggest to others that the whistle blower and the system
9:34 pm
does not work. i think that's a long-term unintended consequences. my prediction is that's where we are going to end. i do not believe by the way this one phone call mattis the whole story. i can't believe someone going through all the trouble filing a complaint. i think there are more of this story to come. >> do you think it matters if there is a public release of the transcript of the call or do you feel the whistle blower's complaint is the only way to put it into context. >> i am 100% for releasing those transcripts. that's a really bad president. but, i am 100% for the rule of law being implemented here and the whistle blower's complaint being transferred. i like the rule of law. it is a good idea and good for our country but second my
9:35 pm
prediction is that whistle blower's complaint will have much more material in it than simply the transcript. >> michael mcfaul. thank you for your time tonight. >> thanks for having me. >> "the washington post" established the opt-ed of seven democrats all of whom are intelligence veterans, they're calling for impeachment in one voice and including more members who have not called for that before. one of the coauthor of that opt-ed never called for impeachment, he's going to be joining us live, stay with us. s joining us live, stay with us. i'm introducing them to crab. crab!? they love it. so, you mentioned that that money we set aside. yeah. the kids and i want to build our own crab shack. ♪ ♪ ahhh, you're finally building that outdoor kitchen. yup - with room for the whole gang. ♪ ♪
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last year a republican congressman, scott taylor, who was running for a second term. one of his staffers were indicted on election charges. he was a republican in ccumbent. why does he want a third party on the ballot? i think it was an act of desperation. i think if there is a liber liberal -- on the chances of the democrats who's running against him. one of scott taylor's campaign staffer is going to prison because of that scam. it reflects how much of a long shot they're willing to take to
9:40 pm
try to get him reelected, this c seems like it would not be worth it. you can see why scott taylor may have been nervous. the second district in virginia, a democratic dominated by president of the u.s. navy. it got taylor and the vet reran himself. look at what he's running against. >> i was one of the first women to serve in my ship i am elaine luria, congress can learn a thing or two in the sea. i aprprove this message because it will take leaders way outside washington to bring a sea change to congress. >> you and i can't make that
9:41 pm
claim. she earned it. she became an engineer running nuclear reactors, in charge of carriers. she commanded 400 sellers, an accomplished military veteran. elaine luria goes on and beats scott taylor. she served longer in the military duty than anybody else. it was a big deal. there is a lot of interesting people that just took over. elaine luria stands up for a lot of reason. she represents a democratic that not just went for trump but romney before that. she got national security shops. literally nobody else is in
9:42 pm
congress right now. in the midst of the national security crisis, admitting he pressed a foreign leader to dig up dirt on his political opponent while withholding military aide to that leader in the meantime is making people sit up and take notice that elaine luria has joined her fellow democrats to call that action, quote "impeachable offense." >> they write tonight, we call on our colleagues and congress to consider these of all congressional authorities available to us including the power of inherit on attempt and impeachment hearings. find the truth and protect our national security. joining us now is congressman elaine. thank you so much for being here. >> thank you, rachel. >> it is weird to talk about you right next to you. social awkwardness. >> this is a serious step though. this opt-ed that you written with your colleagues, can you tell me of your thinking
9:43 pm
process? >> if this particular instance that happens, the president of the united states enlisting a foreign leader to kuk conduct ie investigation that smears and damages the upcoming election, in the process of doing that potentially with help of foreign aide of that country, if this is not impeachable then what is? i feel this is a clear and concise instance of the american people can understand where the president of the united states is trying to list foreign influence in our election process and also threaten our national security. this is a game changer. >> threatening national security, can you expand? when you are talking about foreign relations and military aide or potential private interests trumping the republican interests in terms of our national relations, given your background, how do you
9:44 pm
think this is dangerous to us? >> in your earlier segment, you spent a lot of time talking about the background of ukraine and the position of 2014 and crimea. congress has appropriated funds of $250 million specifically to the security assistance. that money -- i believe the president and leadership of ukraine would understand in the case of tease demands that this money meant to coerce their reaction. this case is different. his lawyer rudy giuliani stated yes, he said this during the competition. we asked a foreign leader to investigate the political candidate in the united states. their attempt could have been nothing to smear him and find him and align him and influence
9:45 pm
t the upcoming. >> the mueller report and all tl revelations of the president's behavior and him inviting russian interference, that was proourch proven by the president. i know you only say this is a clear and concise in terms of w president have done here. do you worry of the political congresses of you endorsing impeachment and proceedings over this. you are a narrowly republican. >> yes. i spent 20 years, my entire career in a position that's non partisan. if you think of the feedback that is operating and we are simultaneously conducting strikes and i am supervising.
9:46 pm
we have a mission to accomplish. i think that idea of you know it is not a partisan issue. it is an issue of doing the thing that's right. i understand from my point. i came to congress to do all this right, people in my democratic sent me into washington and make hard choices? >> they did that in part because i have been making hard choices in my career in the navy. >> i did six diplomats and weapon systems. there are a lot o f hard choices that had to be named during my career and that background that's why the voters of my district sucked me to washington. i am doing this because i think it is right. it really does not need to be a political situation. >> there is not for me. >> it does feel like things are different to see your name on this opt-ed. the names of the others who
9:47 pm
signed on with this with you. >> to see people who have been resonant on this issue and not willing to be out ahead of other people on this, taking a moderate line on this. it feels different. it does feel like something is broken and the democrats are going to move forward. >> does it feel that way to you? >> yes, it definitely does. i quickly consulted my colleagues who i found we are all on the same page, you can see seven of us came together with a national security background and shared our thoughts as to why we made the decision we made. >> i can't speak for every colleague within the house. but, i just definitely feel the tide is changing. for those of us sign on this opt-ed, we took an oath many
9:48 pm
times. it is important to defend the constitution of the united states. i took that oath when i was 17 years old. i took it again every promotion during my 20 years native career. i that i can it very seriously. i think all of this comes in that perspective that we are send there to uphold the constitution and this is clear and concise. we need to take the next step to follow through. >> elaine luria, thank you so much for coming into talk to me about this. all right, we'll be right back. >> thank you. ck >> thank you
9:49 pm
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9:52 pm
now involves this is it in 2015. when the president's body guard punched a protesters outside the presidential campaign. i am going to say allegedly but there it is. after that incident, a few of the protesters filed a lawsuit against the president's body guard and they sued donald trump personally bins san francis personally since it was released from him. as part of the lawsuit, president trump has just ordered by a judge to deliver a sworn deposition on camera. i kid you not. his lawyer just got this note about it. defendant donald trump has been ordered to appear prior commencement of trial. please advise date time. >> it was in that sworn
9:53 pm
deposition where the president just lied about his relationship with the house intern and we know how that turned out. there are some procedurals here. the president told the judge they'll be in court tomorrow at 2:30 p.m. eastern. seeking an emergency halt to his decision. the president is running out of time to fight this thing. the judge's order which is operatable. the trial starts on thursday. so, stick a pin in this. this is about to light up. stay with us.
9:54 pm
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today the democratic national committee announced new criteria for its candidates to make it into the november presidential debate. the number of donors and criteria is going to be more strategic for criteria for any debate thus far. tomorrow night on this show, i am going to interview one of the ka candidates who qualified easily. this is a candidate whom i have never spoken before and never
9:58 pm
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lease the 2019 rx 350 for $399 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. tomorrow evening my guest here in studio will be andrew yang. we will have him live in studio. this will be my first opportunity to interview him one-on-one. i have never spoken with him before. the only time i've ever been anywhere near him before was at the debate with msnbc and telemundo moderated. i saw him across the stage. he's 44 years old. he was a confounding candidate for much of the beltway press from the outset. he is turning out to be a slow and steady climber and a solid performer in the democratic presidential field. i am totally looking forward to that interview tomorrow. andrew yang here live. i will see you then. that does it for us tonight. now it's time for "the last word" with lawrence o'donnell


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