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tv   Politics Nation With Al Sharpton  MSNBC  September 29, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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and sunday at 4:00 p.m. eastern. for now, turn it over to reverend al sharpton and "politics nation." good evening and welcome to "politics nation." live from cleveland, ohio tonight. tonight's lead, he gave us no choice. despite the uncertainty that has and will no doubt define the rest of the trump presidency, two questions was settled this week. one, would there ever be a tipping point in which house speaker nancy pelosi would believe her caucus had enough to cover two impeach president trump and two would rank and file house democrats still mostly divided on this issue until just a few months ago,
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believe it themselves. after arguably the most significant week thus far of his presidency, when we learn that a cia whistle-blower accused the president of accubusing the off for person, political gain, endangerring national security in the process by president doubled down on his own victim hood and going after his biggest imagined enemy, hillary clinton. who called all of this three years ago and this morning. >> for in the democratic primary or whether you're a republican, when the president of the united states who has taken an oath to protect and defend the constitution uses his position to in effect extort a foreign government for his own political purposes, i think that is very much what the founders worried about in high crimes and
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misdemeanors. >> as the president employs past rivals to gin up his base, we heard from house intelligence chair adam schiff this morning. his greatest current threat may be testifying this week before congress. >> that whistle-blower will be allowed to come in and come this without the justice department or the white house to tell the whistle-blower what they can and cannot say. we'll get the unfiltered testimony of that whistle-blower. >> as of this hour, at least 225 house members, a majority are now backing some kind of impeachment measure. of course, the president had his best representatives making the case for contempt on the sunday monday talk shows. >> i wouldn't cooperate with adam schiff. i think he should be removed. if they remove adam schiff, if they put a neutral person in who hasn't pre-judged the case.
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a democrat who hasn't expressed an opinion yet. if i had a judge in case and he already announced i'm going to impeach. if he did a whole false episode, wouldn't i move to recuse that judge. >> never mind, never mind separation of powers. if the boss doesn't like it, we don't do it. let me tell you about the mob mentality that infests this white house. it's no different than the kind of goon behavior i've seen before first hand. where you make the rules as you go. you hold every one else accountable but that doesn't apply to you. you talk about servers and other matters when it's the democratic opponent and then you have secret server or different servers on things that would expose what you are doing whether they are correct or not, and all of that is where we're going to begin.
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goi joining me is the chairman of the american bridge 21 century and michael steel who is a former senior policy adviser for governor jeb bush presidential campaign and a former press secretary for the speaker of the house, john boehner. let me go to you michael, first. you as a republican, we've not seen any republicans indicate yet in the house that they are moving forward impeachment. is this not a very serious kind of situation when you have a cia operative, a cia person that has become a whistle-blower that has laid out a series of events that we're told has been verified that would have the president of the united states asking a president of another nation, in this case, ukraine, to do him a
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favor. meet with the attorney general and his ternl lawyperson lawyer with some matters that would smear his potential rival while holding up almost $400 million in aid that the congress has already voted to give the ukraine. >> yeah, i think one justin amash, republican congressman has indicated he would support an impeachment inquiry although he's distanced himself from the republican conference since then. other than that i think there's definitely a strong case to be made that this is as secretary clinton said in that clip earli earlier, exactly the sort of self-dealing and combining public policy with personal gain that the founders intended when they talked about the test for impeachment. it's complicated. it involves foreign powers. it's the sort of thing that house democrats are going to have to make a compelling public case to the american people on.
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they can't just shuffle memos and have a vote and think this will be successful. they will need to hold hearings. they will need to illustrate and educate to the american people why this is so far out of bounds. >> david, you at first were saying the democrats should not go for impeachment but you've had a change of mind. explain what changed your mind. >> for some of us involved in the clinton impeachment back in the late 1990s, i think there was a lot of skepticism. i had that myself. in part because the politics didn't work out so well for the republicans last time. this is a totally different situation. it's completely apples and oranges. on a couple of different levels. the magnitude of the offense here that's alleged is so much greater than what bill clinton was impeached for which after all was lying about a consensual
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affair. i think there was a debate going on in the democratic party between the purists who said you have to do the right thing and others who said you also have to consider the politics because you don't want to do anything that's going to backfire on your own party. now the two are aligned. doing the right thing is pretty clear based on the facts we know to date. the politics, i think, are aligning so that there's not a significant downside for democrats to move forward on the political front. >> now talking about the down side on a political front, michael, a new abc poll shows just 17% of americans were surprised to hear president trump encouraged ukraine president zelensky to investigate joe biden and his son. 83% were not surprised. another poll from abc finds that nearly two-thirds of americans
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think the allegations against the president over ukraine to be somewhat to very serious. that politically says there's been a major shift in the american public. wouldn't that endanger some of the president's own party members who are running for re-election in their senate seats? >> yeah. i think the key numbers will be where inspedependents and republicans have shifted. i think it will take a larger number before republicans start feeling political pressure. right now all of the onnous is on house democrats to present a compelling case. i don't think while concern is rising and we're getting the facts out, i don't think yet think you have convinced the president's core supporters this is anything out of the ordinary and part of the problem with trump, is there's a baked in asu assumption this is how he operates and the american people knew that before he was elected in 2016. >> well when you look at, david,
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the fact that the president clearly and has been indicated they did hold up the approved $391 million, almost $400 million in aid to ukraine on military aid to ukraine. when you look at the fact the president in his own summation that was released by the white house said that he did ask for a favor, isn't it going step by step toward a real situation that is going to be difficult for the president and the white house to explain how that was not dealing in his own political interest and using approved military aid as a leverage to in many ways threaten or whatever term you want to use. the president of ukraine to play ball with me for my own political purposes. >> yeah. i think so. i think we have seen in the last ten days or so that the white
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house that been caught flat footed and surprised by these alleges. unlike the mueller report they were quite ready for. trump and the attorney general and others had their spin ready and to some extent that prevailed in the news cycles in those early days. i think that really hurt the democrats who were kind of flat footed. this time democrats are owning the news cycles. the white house doesn't seem to know what to do. the people they are putting out there, whether they are putting rudy giuliani out there or he's going on himself, they aren't compelling defenses here. we're hearing about the deep state. we're hearing about hearsay evidence but at the end of the day, as you just said, it's the president's own words that have come back to haunt him. we have that. we don't really need much else. >> when i look at the donald trump that some of us that knew of in new york whether we were battling him or not, he appeared to be a little caught off guard
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here, if not rattled. his initial press conference he was very subdued. we didn't have the bombastic trump we're used to which showed me he was a little rattled. there seemed to be no strategy. then he comes out the next day talking to some of the united states employees and volunteers that helped at the u.n. and even said that the whistle-blower was getting information from a spy and you know in the old days what we used to do to spies which is really off color for a sitting president. we're told he called nancy pelosi and say what can we do about all of this. this appears to not be the donald trump that is saying bring it on in the past. seems like they were caught off guard and he was possibly even rattled by this. >> i think that's exactly right. i think that the -- you see his allies attacking joe biden. attacking adam schiff because
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they can't defend the president and can't defend the president because he admitted the first half of this charge. he has not admitted the quid pro quo but he's admitted asking for a favor from this foreign leader. another problem for this white house is that congressional republicans with the exsengs of really hard core fans don't want to defend this and so much seems to have been cooked up on calls between the president and rudy giuliani that no one outside of the two of them were really privy to. it's very difficult to put together a coordinated add m administratiad administration wide response bringing in the campaign folks if no one outside those two men knows the facts. >> david, if the house does vote to impeach, i'm out of time but i want you to quickly answer this. and mitch mcconnell tries to not
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have a trial. will that hurt the president even more or will this move on and people say he's just impeached and it didn't lead to a conviction? >> i think mitch mcconnell has no good choices here. i think handful, at least of his senators, are in real jeopardy of losing their re-election because if they alienate the swing voters by going in all in for trump, that's bad. if they distance themselves from trump and start to lose trump's base that's also bad. mcconnell is in the worst position of anybody here. >> all right. thank you very much. coming up, will impeachment proceedings define the 2020 election and who will it help more? republicans or democrats. we'll ask presidential candidate and intel committee member senator michael bennett, next. first, my colleague with
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other stories we're watching this hour. >> a new york city police officer has been shot and killed in the bronx. he was shot widuring a struggle with a 27-year-old after midnight. he died a the scene. a man accused of driving an suv through a chicago shopping mall is being charged with terrorism despite police saying no motive has been determined. javier garcia was arrested after plowing through the mall and crashing into a clothing store. nobody was seriously hurt. british prime minister boris johnson is denying any wrong doing over his links to an american businesswoman who allegedly received money and favorable treatment does of their friendship during his time as mayor of london. that matter is under investigation. more politics nation right after the break. ♪ (music plays throughout)
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as a formal impeachment inquiry moves forward in the house, a bipartisan effort is under way by the senate intelligence committee looking into the ukraine whistle-blower complai complaint. in a closed door meeting they heard from the inspector general and the director of national intelligence. according to the committee's republican chairman, richard bu burr of north carolina interviews will continue to be
2:19 pm
conducted as part of an ongoing inquiry, not an investigation. joining me is michael bennett of colorado. he's a member of the senate intelligence committee and a 2020 presidential candidate. senator, thank you for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> thank you again. before i go to the presidential race. let me ask you what can you share with us about the senate intelligence committee hearing from these two this week. maybe? terms of tone or whether or not you felt there was reason for more alarm than we might have expected. >> well, i can't talk about what we heard but i can tell you that the committee, the intelligence committee in the senate is beginning inquiry in a very serious minded way. almost everybody on the committee, i think, sees it as our responsibility to try in a
2:20 pm
bipartisan way to get the facts as they are and build toward some sort of decision to get prepared. we have a lot of responsibility for the rest of the senate who is entitled to listen to this intelligence yet. it's our opportunity to do that. i think the tone was one of seriousness and understanding that we have a responsibility to the senate and the nation to do this properly. >> now, if the house of representatives does vote to impeach and sends it to the senate, one, is it your feeling that there are some of your colleagues on the republican side if there are serious enough charges that may not support the president in this and secondly, do you think there's a even the possibility that mitch mcconnell will try and not hold a senate trial? >> on the first part i'd say it
2:21 pm
is possible there are republican senators if they conclude the evidence supports conviction that in the end they might be willing to vote to convict. i know that sounds farfetched to a lot of people but i think we have to see how it plays out in the house and then reach our decisions. the second part, i think it is possible that mitch mcconnell might try to keep it off the floor the way he kept merritt garland off the floor all those many movanths. if he is allowed to do this here, i think one wonders should ask what is left of our democratic institutions in washington, d.c. and it's going to be the american people, i think, who are going to make their will known here and one way or another, i think mcconnell, in the end, will have to respond to that. we believe that would happen with merritt garland and it
2:22 pm
didn't happen which is a reminder to all of us how much harder we're going to have to push here. >> if mitch mcconnell did the garland act he did that successfully stalled the supreme court justice from being put before the senate and confirmed or not confirmed being nominated by president obama, if he does this this time, do you think the american public will punish republicans in the senate at polls if they don't stand up and demand a trial? >> i absolutely do. if they believe that a trial is in order. i don't want to jump to conclusions here about any of this because it's so early. we have a series of interaks the president had with foreign leaders he's confessed to. he's proud to have said he was engaged in. i think it's going to turn out those are the behaviors that the
2:23 pm
american people won't stand for. we have to go through a process. the house has to go through its impeachment process. we need to bring the american people along. that's the other thing. i was thinking about this this morning, about my kids. remember back to watergate, that was a dark period in american history. we had watergate going on and we had the vietnam war going on. it turned tout be an incredible moment. our leadership came together. they did their work. people came together, put the country's interest ahead of our political interest. even at a terrible time in american history. maybe this is one of those opportunities to when we can begin to rebuild and restore our democracy. >> now, i'm in cleveland, ohio
2:24 pm
today. there's been a weekend of meetings of national action mid work midwest leadership and activists from several states. the concern is that will the democratic primaries, the deb e debat debates, the presidential primaries that you are a candidate, will they be so into the impeachment that they also will not give the proper attention and give the proper policies and the congress the right move on legislations around health care and around the economy and around criminal justice. can the democrats and the democratic candidates show they can walk and chew gum at the same time? >> that's what i was going to say. we're going to have to walk and chew gum at the same time. it's going to require a better game from everybody. we're going to have to make sure that the american people know that we're not politicizing this impeachment for political gain or political purposes and we're going to have to continue to be
2:25 pm
focused on the issue of an economy are 90% of americans haven't seen a pay raise over the last 40 years but they can afford housing, health care, higher education or early childhood education. the state of our urban school districts in this country. thing needs need to be shs continue to be front and center as we work our way through the work that we got to do in washington. that's what we got to do. we just got to find way to do both at the same time. >> now, senator cory booker announced today he's brought in enough contributors to make the november debate. he already qualified for the debate october 15th. you've not qualified for the october 15th or november debate. he set marker saying if he didn't get a certain amount by a
2:26 pm
certain time hooee'd pull out. are you saying you have a set a mark that would lead to your pulling out or you in this no matter what? >> i'm saying in it. i think we need more voices. i'm concerned about some of the positions that some of the leading candidates have taken that i think will make it very hard for us to win purple states. they will allow us to win the presidency and the senate as well. where i am on health care, i think it's where mainstream democratic voters. if i get to a point where i think there's no shot for me to win, i won't keep running. i don't think we're there. i'm glad cory booker made the debate stage.
2:27 pm
he's a good friend of mine. i think his voice is important. >> i've got to go. you're saying there's some policies that you think will not be good in a general election if they are the nominee? >> right. let me give you one quick example. i think we can finish the job of the affordable care act by having a public option cover everybody in three years. that's a lot better than spending a ten-year battle trying to put medicare for all in which i don't think the american people will accept and i don't think it will allow us to win purple seats. >> all right. thank you for being here. coming up, will the trump impeachment inquiry be pivotal in the 2020 democratic primary fight? be right back. ic primary fight? be right back.
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with impeachment investigations under way, one major unknown is how all of this will affect the presidential prospects of current 2020 polling leader joe biden. president trump continues to push the false narrative of the biden ukraine connection. this morning former trump
2:32 pm
homeland security adviser tom bossert said the ukraine story is completely false and had no validity. he said he and others told the president exactly that. trump fixer, rudy giuliani, continued to push the bogus story. joining me now is a biden surrogate, democratic congressman g.k. butterfield. he's also the chief deputy whip in the house and a member of the house administration committee which oversees federal elections. thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> as a supporter of joe biden, how do you think this has impacted the presidential campaign. has it smeared him, caused him any trouble or has it enhanced him and made people feel trump
2:33 pm
is afriday aid of him. how do you see this impacting your choice for the democratic nomination? >> without question, the eyes of the nation, indeed the eyes of the world are focused on the impeachment inquiry that we launched this past week. i'm chief deputy whip in the house of representatives. a few days ago we have launched a full scale investigation. we call it an impeachment inquiry. six house committees are engaged in collecting the evidence and the facts. not just the admission by the president and the transcript of the phone call and all of the other things we know so far, but we're looking at witnesses and other evidence that will lead us to a conclusion. there's no question that the president has been a very disappointing president since he's taken office. vice president biden has said time and time again that he's very disappointed in the president. he has shown reckless behavior and he needs to subject himself
2:34 pm
to a full scale investigation of his conduct. his telephone call to the president of ukraine on july 25th is just absolutely beyond the pail. it's an abuse of power by any definition. we're going to collect the evidence. we're going to collect the evidence and be taking a vote within weeks perhaps as to whether or not articles of impeachment should be voted upon and we can then pass it over the senate and let the senate conduct a trial. >> now, how will so far has it affected your candidate joe biden? >> well, vice president biden served in the senate for many years. he served add vice president under president obama for eight years. he knows the legislative process. the process is for the house of representatives to launch an impeachment inquiry and later refer it to the judiciary committee for articles of impeachment and what vice president biden wants is for the american people to know the truth and to get the evidence in
2:35 pm
front of the american people. this is an abuse of power. the american people need to know it. vice president biden is keenly aware of the danger that is posed by having a president who has his hand on the red button every day, all day. vice president biden wants a full investigation. i want a full investigations. democrats want the same. i would hope republicans will come around. republicans need to join in with us us. this is about national security and our elections. >> with all the accusations, have you seen any evidence of it
2:36 pm
increasing or decreasing his political race for president? how has this impacted the politics of the 2020 presidential race? >> i just completed a telephone call a few minutes ago with the house democratic caucus and all of us agree this is not a political impeachment. we should not conflate the 2020 presidential elections with the impeachment inquiry. these are two separate conversations to be had. yes i'm a surrogate for vice president biden and yes he's keenly aware of the challenges we're facing but he wants a full throated investigation of president trump and his behavior over the last two and a half years but particularly the telephone call on july 25th to the president of ukraine asking the president of ukraine to give dirt on vice president biden and his family so that the president can influence the 2020 elections. that is a violation of the law.
2:37 pm
this president since the day he took the oath of office has demonstrated he feels he's above the law. we're going to make it clear that the president must comply with all the subpoenas and deposition notices to find the truth. that's what vice president wants and that's what the democrats in congress want. >> all right. representative butterfield. thank you for being with us tonight. now joining me is democrat congressman connor of california. he's a member of the oversight committee and co-chair of the bernie sanders campaign. thank you for being with us congressman. let me ask you, in your opinion, does this impact the political race for 2020 for the presidential nomination.
2:38 pm
you've been a surrogate for bernie sanders and even though we understand from congressman butterfield, the inquiry is certainly not politically motivated by those members of congress that have come forward and said why they come forward. the ramifications of it, do you feel also could play into the 2020 race? how will it affect joe biden one way or another since he has been the one in the eye of the storm in terms of the accusations made against him by this sitting president? >> the blatant abuse of donald trump has raised the stakes. it's going to unify the party behind whoever the nominee is. it will mobilize the party. the sneers are one that every
2:39 pm
presidential candidate should call out. they distractions by a president who is trying to cover up his abuse of office. there's plenty of areas where he will disagree but he will not engage in smearing the vice president or accepting any of the president or rudy giuliani's ridiculous assertions. >> do you feel that the president, in the regard, president trump, signal out these tactics against joe biden because he thinks that will be the democratic nominee? >> i think he's just trying to ta tarnish any candidate. every american should be
2:40 pm
appalled by it. >> now you worked diligently around issues like criminal justice and health care and other issues. do you feel the congress will be able to continue to put the right amount of focus on these issues while they deal with this impeachment inquiry? tost sucking up a lot of oxygen in terms of media time. there's serious issues, many of which you worked on that needs to be dealt with at the same time. how is that going to happen? >> we're going to do both. er p introduce a bill that will lower drug costs. i worked with representative lay to change the standards of force of police brutality. the house is going to do our
2:41 pm
work. we're going to have investigations and continue to pass legislations. it's mitch mcconnell and the white house who are being obstructionists. >> in the two weeks off, and some of us are saying we wish they hasn't taken it off. do you expect a lot of the constituents that will see their congress people, we assume some will be doing town halls or going to events in their district and tell them we want to see this impeachment inquiry move forward but we don't want to see you forget about our health care and our education matters. it could be an area in which the constituents could put more heat on members of congress. >> i agree with you that we shouldn't have taken the recess. i called public for us to cancel the recess so we could deal with moving impeachment forward and
2:42 pm
dealing with gun violence. i do think when members go home, they will hear an urgency from constituents saying let's get this done. let's hold this president accountable but don't forget that we still want our health care and premium costs to come down. we still want wages to go up. we still want infrastructure and i think what we need to do is get this done before thanksgiving so that we can move onto issues that are going to improve people's lives. >> all right. california congressman thank you for being with us. up next, dramatic testimony in the murder trial of a white dallas police officer who shot and killed an innocent black man. an update in just a moment. an update in just a moment >> woman: what's my safelite story?
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still to come. the murder trial continue offense a white police officer who shot and killed an innocent unarmed black man in his own home. we'll have an update on the court case, next. later tonight on msnbc, senator doug jones of alabama joins kasie dc. jones is one of the handfuls of democrats in trump won states whose vulnerability could come to the floor as impeachment
2:47 pm
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and i'm sorry. i have to live with that every day. this is not about hate. it's about being scared. >> the murder trial of former dallas police officer amber greg guyger will reconvene tomorrow after she took the stand friday to give her version of the events that ledz to the shooting death of bothm jeanne last send. when guyger opened fire on the man, who was unarmed, after allegedly mistaking his apartment for her own, claiming work fatigue led to the fatal error. guyger was fired from the dallas police department shortly after the shooting and if convicted faces a maximum sentence of life in prison. and baathham would have been 28 years old today. his birthday.
2:52 pm
joining me now from dallas with the latest is mitch mitchell, reporter from the ft. worth star telegram. mitch, tell us what has happened so far in the trial. >> thank you for having me, reverend sharpton. yesterday was really interesting. the judge tammy kemp had scheduled a day that started 9:00 and ended 4:00. the session yesterday ended around -- ended before lunch. there was one witness. and it was a witness that people had heard from, the jury had heard from before. who is a lead investigator. he said earlier during the week that he believed that ms. guyger was reasonable in her actions of shooting bothham jean, but she, the judge has limited that testimony.
2:53 pm
the jury did not hear that testimony. as a matter of fact, there was a -- >> the jury did not hear that, but let me ask you something. what is the rationale guyger is using? she's a police officer. she went in the wrong house, she said she felt she saw something and she was in danger, but she's a police woman. shouldn't she know her own house? shouldn't she know the makeup of the complex she lived in? >> that will be one of the things for the jury to consider. whether or not it was reasonable for her to enter that house with everything that she should have noticed that was different about coming to her own house and coming to, you know, a stranger's house. one of the other things that they will be asked to consider is whether or not it was reasonable for her to enter without calling for backup or
2:54 pm
calling for some sort of further investigation into the situation after she heard noises in her apartment that she felt shouldn't have been coming from there. >> and isn't there evidence she was texting another officer who she had a relationship with while she was in the apartment and they questioned why she didn't do more to try and help the victim after she shot him, that these text messages were going on while he was laying there dying? >> yes, the prosecutor asked her, she had battle gauze in her backpack that she said she never applied. she said she was giving compressions to a bleeding bothham jean as he was lying on the floor after being shot. while she was talking to 911. and she characterized, i believe, as she gave him a little bit of first aid.
2:55 pm
but those are one of the questions that the jury will have to deal with. >> we'll be watch for how this trial unfolds. thank you, mitch mitchell. up next, my final thoughts. stay with us. i used to book my hotel room on those travel sites but there was always a catch. like somehow you wind up getting less. but now that i book at, and i get all these great perks. i got to select my room from the floor plan... very nice... i know, i'm good at picking stuff. free wi-fi... laptop by the pool is a bold choice... and the price match guarantee. how do you know all of this? are you like some magical hilton fairy? it's just here on the hilton app. just available to the public, so... book at and get the hilton price match guarantee. if you find a lower rate, we match it and give you 25% off that stay.
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action network as president, a group i founded 28 years ago, and expand my advocacy on my media platforms, radio, and television. and dedicate to building a state of the art civil rights and human rights museum in harlem, but the board of national action network say you have to stay two to three more years bah everything we have fought for and you have fought for in you life from voting rights to health care to criminal justice reform is at stake, and we worked out my continuing the fight, which is why i'm in cleveland. yes, i'll celebrate my birthday this week, but i will not stop fighting. i will not stop being on the front line as i have since i was a child. and leave work undone. that's why even at my -- going into my mid 60s, i get up and work out every morning, because i'm not getting ready for a fight. i'm in one. and i intend to fight until
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america doesn't need fighters like me to do what we do anymore. that's my next chapter and the chapter that i'm still in. that does it for me this weekend. thanks for watching. i'll see you back here next saturday at 5:00 p.m. eastern. up next, "meet the press" with chuck todd. this sunday, the impeachment debate. >> betrayal of his oath of office. betrayal of our national security, and betrayal of the integrity of our elections. >> speaker nancy pelosi announces a formal impeachment inquiry as details emerge from a whistleblower about president trump's july phone call with ukraine's president. >> hard to imagine a more serious set of allegation than those in the complaint. >> the president saying i would like you to do us a favor, though, and urging an investigation of joe biden as he wreld military aid. >> another witch hunt. >> democrats go on the attack. >> it's very


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