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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  September 30, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> thanks for watching. coming up, more news with hallie jackson. >> as early as today we may hear about new subpoenas from democrats as part of their impeachment push, possibly documents from the president's key attorney. depositions, deadlines, a hearing on the calendar even on a recess week. but you know what's not on the calendar yet? any scheduled hearing with the whistle-blower at the center of it all. intelligence committee chairman adam schiff, who is basically now leading the charge, predicts that's going to happen very
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soon. on the other end of pennsylvania avenue i'm told the white house is ratcheting up their rapid response strategy. our new nbc news team is reporting on the plan top advisers could present to the president this week with one source explaining to me why they think democrats might be vulnerable if the president sticks to the message they want. so far he's sticking it to democrats on twitter, suggesting chairman schiff should be arrested, demanding to meet his accuser as he put it, as the whistle-blower's legal team sounds the alarm. what they are now saying about their client's safety. we've got our team of reporters and experts standing by to break this down, along with the other top stories of the day. i want to start with jeff ben it on capitol hill and hands nichols holding it down at the white house. that's actually kristen welker, my apologize. jeff, let me start with you. walk us through what we can expect to see. this is going to be a busy week with adam schiff suggesting that maybe today or tomorrow you may
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see some new subpoenas coming out. >> that's right, and we're certainly watching for that. and even though congress started it's two-week break, you have the house intelligence committee trying to kickstart their impeachment inquiry this week. i'm speaking to you from an area where the house intelligence committee does a lot of their work. we know starting on wednesday this committee is set to take the deposition of ambassador ya von vich. if you read the whistle-blower complaint, she appears to have been targeted by those and the next day they expect to take the deposition of curt covolker. he resigned and a source tells nbc he believes his resignation will allow him to speak more freely. on friday you have the intelligence community general who is going to testify behind closed doors.
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friday also marks the deadline that house democrats have set for the secretary of state mike pompeo to turn over any related documents. so far he's refused to do that voluntarily. next week you have more depositions set with more state department officials, including one according to the whistle-blower complaint, who listened in on the july 25th call in question between president trump and his ukrainian counterpart. now, you mentioned the whistle-blower at the beginning of the show. adam schiff says he wishes to speak with him or her very soon. the attorney for the whistle-blower is setting expectations. he told us overnight that although the discussions continue, they have not set a formal date or the arrangement for how that would go forward. >> jeff there by the secure room, i know you're going to be posting it up there for much of the week and kristen is on the front lawn. we can see president trump is es skating his attacks frankly on twitter. >> that's right, the white house
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is preparing for an all hands on deck response. you and i have been working our sources throughout the weekend and of course we've been told that the acting chief of staff, the white house counsel prepare to present the president with a plan for essentially what amounts to a rapid response team. hallie, this is going to be a legal npr strategy, so this is going to be big and broad. will the president bring some outside advisers? that remains to be seen. in terms of how they are going to start their messaging, we've seen that play out online from president trump. he's trying to paint democrats as the do-nothing congress. that's been a strategy that we saw during the clinton impeachment. that of course was the strategy that democrats used towards the republican congress. so they're flipping the script. they think that was effective. they think that could work this time around. as you know, president trump thinks he's own best messager. we have seen that play out in
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tweet storms throughout the weekend. he's taking sharp aim at the whistle-blower and adam schiff. the president tweeted adam schiff illegally made up a fake and terrible statement pretended to be mine as the most part part of my call to the ukrainian president and read it aloud to congress and the american people. arrest for treason. so that is some serious language to accuse the house intelligence committee chairman of, hallie, but it underscores the war of words i think we are going to witness moving forward. this is a president who pays close attention to polls and according to the latest cbc news, an online poll, a majority of americans support opening this impeachment inquiry, but we want to just have a huge caveat with that, which is that these are early polls and this is a developing story. so of course those numbers could shift around quite a bit. >> it's something we're going to be asking a key member of one of
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the congressional committees coming up later in the show. thank you. let me bring in now the former u.s. ambassador to russia and former u.s. assistant attorney and senior director for the national security council, all with critical expertise in the areas we're talking about. ambassador, let me start with you because what was really interesting over the last 24 hours is you're starting to see cracks in the armor, if you will, with the president's allies, including somebody i knew when he was homeland security adviser over at the white house, who says he warned the president that this conspiracy theory that ukraine intervened in the 2016 election was just that, a conspiracy theory. watch. >> it's not only a conspiracy theory, it is completely debunked. i am deeply frustrated with what he and the leg team is doing and repeating that debunked theory to the president. it sticks in his mind when he hears it over and over again. >> ambassador, no question in
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your mind that it is a debunked conspiracy theory, right? >> yes. it's crazy. just to remind everybody, he is asking mr. zelensky, president squa len squee to look into the fact that crowdstrike that uncovered the russian intelligence violation of the dnc and sold the emails is connected to ukraine. it has no validity. tom is not just a national security adviser, he is a cybersecurity expert and i think the president is being poorly served by those that keep putting in front of him these conspiracies that have no basis in fact. >> you also have michael, including a deposition of a man mike volker. the former as of friday special
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representative for ukraine negotiations. one source is telling us that volker's resignation may allow him to be more free in what he says to congress. how important is it that we hear from volker? >> if you're directing that to me, curt volker is critical to this, but i worked with him shoulder to shoulder. he is an honorable person and i have no doubt he will be nothing but truthful. i have a feeling he was trying to be useful in facilitating certain contacts for the president's personal attorney. but look, this is part of the process. i think the house of representatives needs to go through. there are obviously a number of leads embedded in the whistle-blower complaint. curt volker is one of them and i think we need to hear from him soon. and i think that will be -- we'll learn a lot from that. >> somebody else that maebs of
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congress want to hear from is the whistle-blower him or herself with some conflicting accounts that have emerged just in the last day. you have congressman adam schiff saying, yes, we will hear from the whistle-blower very soon, he thinks. the whistle-blower's attorney is telling nbc news that essentially they have serious concerns about his or her safety and no agreement to meet with congress. all of it as the president tweets he wants to meet his accuser. how does this play out? do you think the whistle-blower shows? >> i think the whistle-blower shows. he's a critical witness, because he's the guy, if you will, who discovered the body. and he told everybody, hey, there's a body here and it turns out there is a body there. so they have to talk to him. though he is just one of many witnesses and there will be other witnesses who have more direct testimony. but ensuring his safety is critical. everybody prosecutor wants to ensure the safety of all their key witnesses and his safety has to be secured, so his attorneys are right to make sure that's done before he testifies. >> patrick, you mentioned others that members of congress will
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want to hear from. "the new york times" laid out a list of possibilities here. everybody from rudy giuliani himself, which we know adam schiff is interested in, to the vice president mike pence, to nick mulvaney, cool ver who we mentioned. how likely is it that we'll end up hearing from any of these people sometime in the next couple of months here? >> i think we'll hear from some of them. i think barr and giuliani will fight it. i think others will be brought in and i think there's others. the people who hid that classified -- or put in the classified file, the transcript. i think those people are very important to the obstruction charge, which i think is one of the most critical and, frankly, most viable allegations here. >> michael, adam schiff also says the house intelligence committee wants to know more about the president's calls not just with the leader of ukraine, but with the leader of russia, vladimir putin. is that a risk of muddying the waters here or do you think that's a worthy area of investigation for them?
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>> i think it is going to be something that will muddy the waters. first,let not forget there's executive privilege here, but also when you look back at the mueller report here with the distance of two months, nothing really stuck on the russia chapter of this. obstruction of justice sort of different kettle of fish, but on the russia thing i think people were confused by it. no matter what you really think, it seems to have been largely forgotten. and so if you're trying to import all of that back into the straightforward case nancy pelosi is trying to make on ukraine, i think you run a big risk of losing the case. >> you also have the kremlin this morning just before we came on the air saying washington would need consent from the kremlin to be able to publish any of the contents of these phone calls between president putin and president trump. is that just typical vladimir putin chest thumping here?
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>> it's not typical. that means that they don't want those calls to be published. let's just be clear about that. in the same way that there was nothing to hide if the call with mr. zelensky was perfect, why were they hiding it? this is a clear signal that vladimir putin and president trump talked about things they don't want in the public. whether it helps the case or not, i agree with your other commentators that it may muddy the waters. and i think what is most interesting is that the evidence that we have, the facts came from the president, the white house themselves. you don't need anybody else. you just need to read that transcript. and nobody is disputing that that transcript is accurate. we do need to keep focused on that. but the other things for me, especially somebody i know whoob invoked in some of these private conversations between president trump and putin, i would love to see those calls. >> i bet you would. thank you very much for being with us.
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up next, we're going inside the democrats playbook for impeachment with new reporting on how they hope to get everybody on the same pr page about it. we're talking about a congressman about how democrats are going to make their case directly to voters. plus he resurrected his attacks just last week. >> frankly, i think that one of the great crimes committed is hillary clinton deleting 33,000 emails. >> now the state department is reviving its investigation into the president's former political rival. we're live with the reporter who broke the story later in the show. so when my windshield broke... >> woman: what?! >> vo: ...i searched for someone who really knew my car. i found the experts at safelite autoglass. >> woman: hi! >> vo: with their exclusive technology, they fixed my windshield... then recalibrated the camera attached to my glass so my safety systems still work. who knew that was a thing?! >> woman: safelite has service i can trust.
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washington. we are now hearing from former national security adviser john bolton for the first time since he left the white house just a few weeks back, talking at a forum in dc. here's part of what he said about his short-ish tenure with president trump and his approach to foreign policy. >> i know that you're restricted in terms of talking about things while you were in government, but i just want to ask you -- >> it's a self-im imposed restriction. >> is so-called bro-mance diplomacy the best way to get to that point? >> i'm not going to comment on that. nice try. >> the bromance was about
7:18 am
president trump and kim jong-un. republicans are charging back and circling the wagons framing it as the latest attack on president trump and a distraction from what voters really care about. >> look, if democrats want to impeach because rudy giuliani talked to a couple of ukrainians, good luck with that. i don't think the american people think that's the appropriate course of action. >> republicans believe this president is being persecuted. they don't love donald trump and the way he does business. >> they're investigating everything, instead of, by the way, we should be moving usmca to get a better trade deal. we should be passing bipartisan legislation to lower drug prices. >> now house democrats are wondering if the inquiry is the right move. and even though polling does show support for impeachment, "the new york times" said voters talked mostly about issues like health care and economy over the weekend. joining me now is a house
7:19 am
democrat, congressman ro khanna who sits on the oversight committee. thank you for being back on the show. >> great to be back on. >> the president's allies according to my reporting and others, very much want to make this about how democrats are front-burning impeachment and back-burning anything else legislative. doesn't that make you vulnerable? >> that's not true. in fact, speaker pelosi has said the first thing we're going to do when we get back from recess is introduce a drug bill. it's mitch mcconnell and the president who aren't signing the legislation. >> so you feel like you had the messaging to be able to fight back against what we know and have already seen has been a push from republicans to point the finger at you and your fellow democrats and say you're simply not doing the work the american people want you to do? >> i do, because the truth is on our side. we've passed over 250 bills. the reality is these bills are dying in the senate. we're doing both. we are holding the president
7:20 am
accountable. that's your constitutional duty. we're speaking about infrastructure, jobs, lowering prescription drugs. >> you're on one of the committees issuing the subpoena for documents to secretary of state mike pompeo, the deadline is friday. what do you put the chances at that you're going to get what you want by then? >> low, because i have been on this committee for over a year and we haven't gotten the administration to cooperate on anything. it's doing them a disservice. i think the more transparency they have and the more documents they share, the better off they will be. >> what is the next step then? >> well, the next step will be the inquiry is headed in adam schiff's committee and he's going to call the whistle-blower, of course, he's going to call other witnesses who have relevant information and we're going to try to piece together the facts based on all of the people who had access or information about the president's call with zelensky. >> speaking of adam schiff, the president i'm sure you saw, and
7:21 am
i know it's early out where you are, but he tweeted this morning that congressman schiff should be arrested for treason, which of course means aiding and providing comfort to u.s. enemies. what does that say to you p the president's state of mind right now? >> he's completely gone unreasonable a unreasonable. this is why you see 23% of republicans supporting an impeachment inquiry. he re-tweeted someone who said it would be a civil war if he were removed. to remove the president would require 20 republicans. so the president is not helping his case and he's hurting himself with many moderate republicans and those kind of attacks on a sitting member of congress who is chair of the intelligence committee are uncalled for. >> we talked earlier in the show, tom bosser came out this weekend and said he was deeply disturbed by the president raising conspiracy theories as
7:22 am
he put them, debunked about ukrainian interference in the 2016 election. again, debunked. are you pleased to see former officials like bosser coming out and speaking out against the president? do you think it's going to make a difference or not? >> i do. he basically contradicted rudy giuliani on the interview right where rudy giuliani was on the set because he has integrity. he can't possibly defend bogus conspiracy theories that somehow ukraine interfered in the election. and i think at some point people are going to put their personal rerp tagzs and integrity over defending lies and conspiracy theories. >> you mentioned giuliani. do you expect more subpoenas against him for documents or system this week? >> i do. rudy giuliani needs to explain why he was conducting american foreign policy with ukraine. he is the president's personal lawyer. he keeps saying that. then why is he meeting with ukraine officials? i've never heard in the past of a president's personal lawyer conducting sensitive foreign policy.
7:23 am
and he owes the american public and congress an explanation. >> before i let you go, timeline, there are some democrats who want this wrapped up by thanksgiving, some who say end of the year. some say let's not put an end time on it. where are you? >> i think we need to wrap this up faster than letting it drag on. partly because the facts are there. we need to make a decision and then we need to focus on the work that the american people elected us to do. so i hope we can get it done before the end of the year. >> congressman ro khanna of california. thank you for being with me. coming up the clock ticking down for 2020 democrats, the key deadline a few hours ago and why it might be do or die for some of the contenders. in pain settr a restless night's sleep. there's a better choice. aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid and the 12-hour pain-relieving strength of aleve. that dares to last into the morning. so you feel refreshed. aleve pm. there's a better choice.
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7:28 am
reached a self-appointed goal of raising $1.7 before tonight's deadline. we have msnbc road warriors, garrett haake. so garrett, we're talking about sort of the fund-raising numbers, this deadline, but it's tough to talk about the 2020 field without also talking about joe biden, frankly. the former vice president, you've been covering him, talk through how you see his campaign handling these ukraine allegations, the attacks from president trump. >> well, biden's campaign has been very aggressive in pushing back against the allegations made by the president over time, while biden himself is trying to continue to run his race and stay focused on the issues that he thinks will define the race should he be the nominee come next november as opposed to fighting over the impeachment issues now. he's also been heavily focused on fund-raising as we get toward the end of the quarter and told donors in california late last week what would be impressive numbers, depending on the
7:29 am
context. he said he's got 350 don't is and he suggested he may have raised $30 million. whether that's for the quarter, or total, which would mean his numbers are fallen off by half could be a big difference. because you've got bernie sanders who also announced he's got 1 million donors. so a lot of this is about expectations management and the top four or five will have plenty of money. toward the bottom, the folks who are still on the debate stage, this is do or die. you mentioned cory booker. he said if he didn't reach the total, he will drop out. likewise julian castro has said he will drop out. over the weekend i asked beto o'rourke about this kind of brinksmanship and listen to what he told me. >> you know, it's kind of raising the ante or the bar for how we compete for those
7:30 am
dollars. i mean, i could maybe do a facebook live stream with a kitten and say, you know, now we don't want anything to happen to the kitten. [ laughter ] >> so send your $5 or $10 or $15 in now and, you know, the cat will be fine. >> i want to clarify no small animals were harmed during the making of the segment. jokes aside, he's up against the wall here. this quarter he went back to el paso for two weeks and was essentially off the campaign trail. his number will be another one of those we're watching very closely as we start to find out more over the next 24 hours or so. >> meantime, you're at a campaign event for bernie sanders who is not really having money issues. but when you look at the wind in his sales as far as polling and those kind of numbers, it's a little bit of a different story. what are you hearing from people inside the campaign and what are folks in new hampshire telling you? >> i spoke to an aide this morning and they considered this part of the normal shifts of the
7:31 am
long extended presidential campaign. what you see with senator sanders who is behind ne campaigning right now, he's doing a college campus tour in new hampshire. you're seeing a candidate who is trying to show he's the most progressive. this morning he released the income inequality tax plan which pen lies companies with pay gaps between ceos and workers, it targets companies like mcdonald's and american airlines and will pay for his plan to eliminate all medical debt, for example. and that's another policy that you don't see from other candidates. and when i talked to voters on the campaign trail, what you hear are people who still like senator sanders. they know this candidate and like his message, but they're open to other candidates in the field and i think that's what's been reflected in the polling. what you're seeing from senator sanders as he goes on these college tours and continues on the campaign trail, you're seeing a candidate trying to recapture and hold onto the
7:32 am
energy, hold onto the support, young support especially, and hope that that delivers him to victory and that builds his momentum coming in these next couple of weeks and months. >> thanks to the both of you. let me bring in now democratic strategist joel payne, a veteran of hillary clinton's 2016 campaign and stephanie, that you both for being with us. >> joel, let me start with you. house speaker nancy pelosi is specifically, according to sources familiar with the call that happened just yesterday, referencing the idea that some polling is changing drastically when it comes to the issue of impeachment and where voters are. this cbc news poll shows 55% of americans approve of the impeachment inquiry. this is an online poll and this is really early. this is like the second or third poll. is it too early to start looking at these numbers and if you're a democrat saying i know we're moving in the right drekds?
7:33 am
>> i think it's too early but clearly the trend lines are moving in the right direction. it's very obvious that democrats have finally found the right message on impeachment. i think that the mueller report that became so shrouded in a lot of complicated conversations with russians and this and that. this is a really simple case for democrats to make to the public. the president used the power of his office to lean on an ally to harm a political foe. that's a really easy case for democrats to make. they're doing a good job of keeping it simple. i think speed is the other thing that's really important for democrats as well. >> do they run the risk of moving too fast? >> no, i think this is just completely changed in the last week. when you saw those -- what i consider just really brave members of congress who came out to make this about national security, it was no longer politics. this is about something larger and congresswomen all stepping up and saying --
7:34 am
>> they're from more vulnerable districts. >> these are the kinds of leaders we just elected. it's not about politics. it is about governing. and when they saw a president who seems to be abusing his power and making this a threat to our national security, you saw these folks step out. and i think the rest of the country, as they see this type of leadership, could very likely line up. they've got to do it right and they've got to make sure -- this is serious. this isn't just politics. this is serious. you've got to do it right at whatever time makes sense. >> but it's not something that joe biden, as garrett haake has pointed out, is talking about much on the campaign trail and one of his top campaign folks, managers, was out discussing exactly that. i want to play for you what she had to say a little bit earlier. >> we're going to keep focused on the issues that matter to people in their lives. we're out talking about health care and climate. we're not just going to play on donald trump's playing field. >> joel, is that enough?
7:35 am
>> well, i think that's the smart approach. i know kate and i've worked with her before. she and the folks there at the biden campaign understand they can't let the president dictate how they're going to run their campaign. the president would love to sit every day and talk on tv about hunter biden, joe biden, make wild erroneous accusations. i think the biden campaign has to focus on their proactive message. and i think the other democrats in the field also have a responsibility to make sure that when they are pushed and prodded to talk about some of these erroneous accusations, they need to redirect and understand this is about the president and his misdeeds and misactions and not about joe biden. >> it's going to come up on the october debate stage. one has to imagine that this is going to be an issue and there's going to be a lot of people wondering how will these democrats respond when joe biden presumably is the stage standing next to some of them. >> the attacks on joe biden by the president have been completely debunked and joel is exactly right.
7:36 am
this is about president trump. this is about what he has done. and honestly, you're also in a situation with all the presidential candidates, they're still trying to make their case to the democratic primary voters why they should be the nominee. and the issues that voters care about in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, they're talking about health care, the economy, a climate change. those are the conversations that are going to continue on the ground, and i hope that the debate can still focus on that. the question is, will the moderators allow that to happen. i certainly hope so, because that's what the voters are looking for. >> thanks to the both of you. appreciate you being on. up next, everything old is becoming new again, despite some eye rolling from democrats. we're talking about a reporter who broke a story as well as a former state department official about how it's freaking out folks in the diplomatic world. my grandfather was born in a shack in pennsylvania,
7:37 am
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because time is a flat circle, some inside the trump administration are again asking but wa about her emails? yeah, the thing that dogged hillary clinton's 2016 presidential campaign is now driving a revived state department investigation. nbc's andrea mitchell has more. >> hillary clinton's emails are being attacked by president trump against his former oh poen. >> she did a lot of bad things,
7:41 am
folks. 33,000 emails. >> a charge he made again just last week. >> frankly, i think that one of the great crimes committed is hillary clinton deleting 33,000 emails after congress sends her a subpoena. >> now state department investigators are intensifying their probe into email records of at least 130 senior state department officials. both past and present. their messages ended up in then secretary of state clinton's private email server, according to several former diplomats involved who spoke to nbc news. the story first reported by the "washington post." the diplomats were told their emails, some from a decade ago, have been retroactively classified. the department first reached out to them 18 months ago, but then notified them in august that it is now examining more emails from that same period of time. one of those involved, former assistant secretary of state of state, who left the state
7:42 am
department in 2012, told nbc news i would like to think this is routine but something strange is going on. another former state department official telling nbc they've now expanded the investigation beyond clinton' aides to career diplomats who would lose their jobs or never get confirmed for another post. clinton lashing out at the president on cbc sunday morning. >> he knows he's an ill legitimate president. he knows that there were a bunch of different reasons why the election turned out the way it did. and so of course he's obsessed with me. and i believe that it's a guilty conscience in so much as he has one. >> andrea mitchell, nbc news washington. >> let's turn to one of the reporters who joke the story, national security correspondent at the "washington post." i also want to bring in diplomacy and public affairs, richard stengle. also the former managing editor of "time" magazine.
7:43 am
>> greg, to you, why now? >> the trump administration and state department's line is that they've been at this for three and a half years, that there were millions of emails that are just getting through them all. as to why now, it's really hard. i don't think we quite know and i think as you quoted assistant secretary feltman, that's part of why it's suspicious to him that we just don't know. >> rick, hillary clinton just as we actually were in the last commercial break, tweeted about this. you saw her response, part of her discussion on sunday morning. she said, and i don't have it in front of me, the president is a corrupt human tornado. not a surprising response, i assume, right? >> i think he'll regard that as a compliment, probably. here's what i would say about the emails. it's a ridiculous distraction. it's a waste of taxpayer money. i spoke to someone last night, a career person in the state department who spent yoo years examining secretary clinton's email. they had gone through all of
7:44 am
them and they had been classified and reclassified before the trump administration came in. it was all the job that the diplomatic security needed to do. but i just want to make one point about this. all of these officials who are being investigated were sending emails in good faith and it was only because secretary clinton was using a private server that they're even being looked at. the other thing that people don't realize that greg certainly knows, there was a high side and a low side in the state department email system. these were all emails on the low unclassified side. it's ridiculous that they would be reclassified as classified. americans should protest this. it's a waste of their taxpayer dollars. >> and greg, i want to go back to you and be clear for our viewers. rick, you're on with us because you know the state department well. i want to know the facts of what you found out, because it's interesting that the state department said, i believe to you, essentially and i'm paraphrasing, we would be doing
7:45 am
this no matter who was in the oval office, right? can you explain some of that there? >> it is hard to explain. you know, these emails on their face just having looked at some of the emails that are being reclassified, they don't look to me to include sensitive stuff. so in some ways this almost strikes me as like a diplomatic stop and frisk kind of operation. just kind of low-level harassment is a little bit what it feels like to the people who are going through it and having looked at the emails, i can understand why they feel that way. >> the "washington post" reports that republicans like senator grassley, has been pressing secretary of state mike pompeo to complete this ongoing review. as you can see from some of the graphics that we have up. but "the new york times" notes and you talk about pompeo's role, this he may actually be closer to this. he was among those who aggressively questioned clinton during the benghazi hearings. >> i wouldn't ascribe something
7:46 am
to him that i have no knowledge of. i would simply say there are probably 1,000 things that the state department should be doing before this. this certainly seems like a distraction from all of the accusations being made, not only about secretary pompeo but the state department assisting donald trump black mailing an ally into getting political dirt on his opponent. it's a pathetic distraction, and that's my opinion. that's not the facts that greg knows about. >> thank you much for being on to talk to me. i appreciate you bringing us your reporting as well, thanks. we want to bring you breaking news that's just in to us. new action by the trump administration against russia. so just in the last couple of minutes the treasury department has announced they're now targeting russian actors that they say tried to influence the 2018 midterm elections, including one person sort of known as putin's chef. he's already under indictment for his interference in the 2016
7:47 am
presidential election. they say they're also safeguarding the democratic processes from other places like iran and china that may be seeking to influence the upcoming 2020 election. that just into the news room. we also have more coming up, including new protests, just one day before china celebrates 70 years of communist role. hong kong police warn the city is in extreme danger. at 4 monts after just 2 doses. skyrizi may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. before treatment your doctor should check you for infections and tuberculosis. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms such as fevers, sweats, chills, muscle aches or coughs, or if you plan to or recently received a vaccine. ♪ nothing is everything ask your dermatologist about skyrizi.
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. china's leader is laying flowers ahead of china's national day, marking 70 years of communist rule in that country. at the same time it's quite the split screen, students skriektr in hong kong after officials wouldn't let them do a pro-democracy march. after another weekend of violent clashes. janis mackey frayer has been there since monday night. what's happening? >> yesterday, was a seething sunday, hallie, police using hundreds of canisters of tear gas, firing hundreds of rubber bullets, water cannons, sponge
7:52 am
grenades and pepper spray used against protesters who were lobbing fire bombs, vandalizing metro stations. and at some points actually tearing up the sidewalks to use the bricks to throw at police. after 17 straight weekends of protests it was the most violent yet, more than 140 people were arrested yesterday alone, which is a sign that police are showing no tolerance because we have to consider the timing of this. tomorrow is china's national day. and there will be huge celebrations in beijing, with that parade that will go through the square, and the s-- kraecre the split screen for the world to show this display of power, while there is this great challenge to that power here in
7:53 am
hong kong. there is the expectation that tomorrow will be tense, it will be violent, even the police are suggesting that it could be a dangerous day. there are a lot of rumors circulating on social media. but police cautioning protesters against engaging in violence. they've banned most of the protests. protesters are still going to turn out into the streets but it's still unclear exactly how violent it could be. hallie? >> janis mackey frayer in hong kong live for us. new reporting from our teams on the growing concern that joe biden may not be ready to weather president trump's volly of attacks on his family about ukraine. we'll have more on that later and we'll be back with what our sources are saying. but first, a trio of astronauts from three different countries blasted off yesterday, we got a special look at the launch seen from the international space station. this picture was tweeted out
7:54 am
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more breaking news for you this hour as we follow news of another retirement from capitol hill, another texas republican,
7:58 am
congressman mack thornbury saying he's not going to run for reelection. he's the top republican -- he writes it's been a great honor to serve the people of his 13th district but he goes on to say that this is going to be his last term in congress. we're following that story and we're following what sources are saying. joining us now, nbc ben collins, sifting through the dark underbelly of the internet and emerging for air on this show. ben, what do you got? what are you hearing from sources? >> the dark underbelly of the internet has become the white house party line recently. that's what's happening here. if you hear rudy giuliani talk about this stuff on fox news over the weekend and you wonder what he's talking about, because it doesn't make sense, congratulations, you are on the right track. the white house party line is to combine a couple conspiracy theories that started on 4 chan, about this company called crowd strike, released by the white house with ukraine.
7:59 am
the idea is that crowd strike forged documents, basically, that implicated russia in hacking the dnc. now, why would they do this? they're a $3 billion company that also works with the trump campaign. they were about to ipo at the time. why would they do this? there's no real answer for this. the going theory on the internet is that the ceo of the company is ukrainian. he is not. now, they are combining this with the hunter biden scandal. they believe that the fired prosecutor you keep hearing about was fired because he would have found out that crowd strike were the people who framed the dnc, or sorry, framed russia for hacking the dnc when really the dnc hacked itself as part of what's known as the insurance policy. does this sound completely bonkers? it is. that's what the problem is here. >> so -- >> and that is the much larger issue. this does not make sense. it's a big conspiracy soup, and it just doesn't make sense when you put it all together. >> so the tldr version of the ban is there's a couple conspiracy theories out there,
8:00 am
people on the internet are conflating both of them and now the president's personal attorney has it in his head too, am i understanding you correctly? the point is to absolve russia and implicate ukrainians. complicated, but you're right. >> you have interest beep-ins, collins. thank you, pal, appreciate it. good luck the rest of your morning and right now i'm also wishing good luck to craig melvin, on a monday, doesn't feel like one. real busy today. >> hallie jackson, good to see you, craig melvin, msnbc headquarters in new york city. president trump and his allies are trying to figure out how to answer a simple question. why did he ask the president of ukraine for a favor while they were talking about u.s. military aid? it's the question at the center of the greatest political threat to his presidency so far. we've got some great new reporting that takes us inside the white


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