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tv   MSNBC Live With Velshi and Ruhle  MSNBC  October 15, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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that does it for this edition of andrea mitchell reports. debate or baseball? john. follow the show online, facebook and twitter. and here is stefphanie ruhle. >> and i think andrea mitchell is for getting she is a new yorker. >> born but not raised. so -- >> just saying. coming up, new testimony in the plooek. we'll be telling you all about the official being grilled today and what he might know. plus new details into the investigation in rudy giuliani and his dealings in ukraine. and we're watching turkey's attack on syria. the white house has a new strategy to stop the fighting. will it work? we'll hear from ali velshi as he speaks to foreign leaders. and we'll be live in ft. worth, texas where a police officer has
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been charged with murder in the shooting death of a woman inside her own home. what we are learning about that case ahead. questiwe have new developme the impeachment inquiry into president trump. today another key player in the ukraine story, george kent, is testifying under subpoena on capitol hill. so who is this guy? george kent, deputy assistant secretary of state for european and eurasia affairs responsible for, you guessed it, ukranian policy. this man raised red flags in the past about a smear campaign against the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine. meanwhile nbc news has learned that rudy giuliani's involvement with ukraine alarmed former national security adviser john bolton, that is according to fionna hill, a former white house official who testified monday that bolton called giuliani is, quote, hand grenade. the "wall street journal" is reporting that federal
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prosecutors are scrutinizing giuliani's business dealings and finances. and investigators are also looking at his bank records. let's start at the investigation and what we know so far. the three house committees leading the impeachment inquiry have issued a number of subpoenas and request for evidence, including 12 testimonies, two briefings, and 14 sets of documents. to date, they have heard five of those requested testimonies, many sets of documents including from giuliani and the white house are still pending. particularly because the white house is stonewalling them saying they will not comply with this investigation is at all. there will be much more to come with a pa rafd drade of deposit scheduled. joining me, garrett haake, nantz city cook and danny cevallos. garrett, walk us through what we are expecting to hear from george kent today and why did they feel like he is an important player in this mix? >> i think when this is all said
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and done, george kent won't go down as a star witness for the democrats here, but what he does do is he fills in around the edges here this concern that was apparently fairly pervasive within the state department and the white house about what rudy giuliani was up to in ukraine. we know that he was someone who raised concerns about giuliani's efforts to go after the ambassador to ukraine many many months ago and also essentially backs up maria yovanovitch, former ambassador now, and who is being painted by republicans as a more partisan figure. to the degree that kent's testimony lines up with yovanovitch, he backs her up and so that makes him important. but i think later in the week when we get gordon sondland in here and is defense department officials, we'll learn more about the inner workings of the white house. >> will we hear from john bolton? this idea that he referred to rudy giuliani as a hand grenade, we're getting secondhand from fionna hill, john bolton obviously not serving as
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national security adviser to the president anymore. so should we expect him to be on the hill one of these days? >> it is a really interesting question. his name came up for the first time essentially last night when fionna hill left her testimony. we were able to hear some of what she had said. and bolton is pretty explosive in what we learned about him from fionna hill, we learned that he called giuliani a hand grenade, he didn't want any part of his drug deal that giuliani was doing. bolton is interesting because he would be by far the highest ranking person within the white house to have any knowledge of what rudy giuliani was up to other than the president of the united states. and it would be interesting to find out what if anything he did to stop it other than apparently wash his hands of it. that is something that we have not heard directly from the folks who are running the show here, namely adam schiff and the other committee chairs driving the bus. but bomb ton would lton would b
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would be very explosive. >> and helped us understand in the last hour we learned that democratic leadership is reaching out to voters in swing districts to gauge their interest as far as an impeachment goes. what do you know about that? >> not to voters, to the vulnerable members, essentially the folks who have been maybe more nervous about going forward on impeachment in the first place. what you have here is democratic leadership contemplating whether they want to try to remove a talking point from republicans. republicans don't want to cooperate, it is a sham investigation because there has been no formal vote on an impeachment inquiry. the white house like rise has said this is not the kind of thing that they need to cooperate with because there has not been an official vote. there is nothing in the constitution or the rules that says that they have to vote to formally open an inquiry of any kind before but by doing so, democrats might be able to remove that one hurdle, the question is, does having a vote at this stage in the game before there is any kind of formal article of impeachment or
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special charge against the president that they are ready to say is in and of itself a specifically impeachable offense, is that politically dangerous. whether the political risk is worth to clear the road of this talking point that republicans have been using against this inquiry. >> and nancy, take us inside this administration. thus far the president and his staff are calling the inquiry into ukraine the whole thing is a big scam, a big sham. is that what it really looks like inside? because based on what the hill is reporting from fionna hilg's testimony, she is not just talking about what john bolton said about rudy giuliani, you've got mick mulvaney, you have rick perry, a number of people involved. are you seeing any fractures inside the white house? >> i think that there is a lot of fracturing and disagreement in the white house in general other than the best strategy to invite the impeachment. but i think one key thing that we are seeing is more and more top white house aides being implicated in this. mick mulvaney is acting chief of
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staff, a very key figure. his national security adviser robert blair was on that july 25th call. he came up in fionna hill's testimony yesterday. hill's testimony also brought up the fact that john bolton was her boss and would have known about this. so what we're seeing is a wider and wider circle of aides from the white house being brought into this. at the same time internally there is a lot of disagreement, a lot of different factions in the white house fighting over who should control that impeachment strategy and what the messaging should be. and it is just sort of chaos. and they haven't been able to settle on a coordinated message yet. i know a lot of trump advisers outside of the white house and conservatives feel very frustrated by that, and the president meanwhile sort of is acting like he can fight this himself through twitter and through his own aggressive doubling down on it. >> danny, when you look at all of the evidence, in terms of do they have enough to make a real case for impeachment? >> they do.
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and there is a strong argument that they don't need to really keep pursuing this subpoena avenue or any of the additional information because -- >> why not? >> there is a solid argument that contained in the four corners of that transcript or memorandum or whatever you want to call it that we saw weeks ago, that the impeachable offense lies therein in the text. and since trump has adopted that statement, anything in there is attributable to him. so if the impeachment grounds, if the article of impeachment is just that he used his influence with ukraine to try to get something in return, namely a benefit to his campaign, then arguably the house has what it needs already. they can continue to investigate, but as time rolls on, they may lose steam. >> let's talk rudy giuliani for reuters is reporting that he may have been paid half a million bucks from the firm that
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the two ukranians who got arrested last week founded. if that is the case and at the same time we're hearing this new narrative that it was a shadow foreign policy agenda that rudy giuliani was working on, all that will come out okay, no big deal? >> no, that would be a very big deal. the real question ultimately, what is rudy giuliani? is he acting as a diplomat, is he a private businessman, is he a lawyer? but if he is a lawyer, to whom is he providing legal services, is he providing them to the president or these two gentlemen, is he their criminal defense attorney or pre-indictment type criminal defense attorney? and if he is their attorney, the fact that he may have had knowledge of some bad activities is pretty common for criminal defense activities like me. the key, and the crux of whether or not he has any liability is whether or not he participated in or assisted clients to commit criminal activity. and that is what the government will look at, the money and the payments and what he received
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and for what services. >> let's say that he did. thus far he is standing in lock step with the president, wouldn't the president just pardon him? >> it is possible. but if you look at history so far, the president has not pardoned his attorneys in the past, he hasn't pardoned people close to him, he hasn't pardoned people that he likes a lot. the president realizes that politically a pardon is a very dangerous thing. and in fact keep in mind if the president really wanted to pardon rudy giuliani, he could do it today. you don't need to have an actual indictment. the case can be at the investigation phase and the pardon is still affect difference. the only time limitation on a pardon is that the conduct must have already he occurred. and that is the case with rudy giuliani, whatever it is he may have done. >> nancy, before we go, you say this week is going to be huge on the hill. is it going to be huge based on the information you believe we're going to get from these testimonies, or will it be huge because now that congress is back in session these republicans are going to be peppered nonstop every time they
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step foot into the hall, questions surrounding the president's phone call with the leader of the ukraine, questions around what is going on in syria, questions they may not want to answer? >> i think that this week will be pivotal because it will show us what the sentiment is among republicans. republicans just got back from a two week congressional recess and i think that tell be put on the record much more about what they think and they are trying to get instructions from the white house about how they should respond to that, but i think thats are also very much watching the polling and how quickly it is moving in terms of the majority of americans for an impeachment inquiry. we've seen an uptick in women, in independent voters of supporting it. and so i think that it is not necessarily the individual testimony from the hill, although fionna hill's testimony yesterday seemed fairly explosive based on what we know. i think it will be the white house trying to gauge where they are at right now. >> all right. garrett, nancy, danny, thank you
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saul so muc all so much. breaking news in the college admissions scandal. if a police city huffman has reported to the federal correctional institution in dublin, california. she is set to serve 14 years and then will have one year of supervised release, pay a $30,000 fine and perform 250 hours of community service. her representative says that the actress is, quote, prepared to serve the term of imprisonment as well as the conditions of her supervised release. this spring of course huffman pleaded guilty for con pispirino pay $15,000 to an organization that would cheat when her daughter took the s.a.t.s. and we're just hours from the fourth democratic debate. next, we'll go live to ohio where 12 candidates will take the stage. we'll look at new questions surrounding joe biden as his son speaks out about his work in ukraine. plus joining us, someone who knows ohio well, former ohio governor and presidential candidate republican john kasich.
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welcome back. i'm stephanie ruhle. tonight 12 democrats will take the big stage in ohio for the fourth democratic presidential debate. this is the first debate since the impeachment inquiry into president trump was announced. thrusting joe biden and the
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business dealings of his son hunter into the spotlight. this morning hunter biden spoke out about it taking a position on the board of a ukranian oil and gas company. >> you never thought, this might not look right? >> you know what, i'm a human. you know what, did i make a mistake? well, maybe in the grand scheme of things, yeah. but did i make a mistake based upon some unethical lanpse? absolutely not. >> joining me is mike memoli. you've spent years with the biden team, with the biden cam p scam pa campaign. how are they feeling about hunter's appearance ahead of the debate? >> and we should be clear what the biden campaign was hoping that the discussion would be around at tonight's debate is the former vice president's interests in drawing shaner contrasts with the person who is the co-frontrunner, elizabeth warren. we've seen biden on the campaign
10:18 am
trail just last week for instance talking about how this is not an election for a planner, this is an election about somebody who can get things done in the oval office. but obviously the last three weeks have been com natured by the questions surrounding the former vice president and his son hunter, particularly his business dealings overseas. and i think the campaign is happy that hunter came forward with this interview. let's me read from a statement, the campaign manager says hunter spoke out after an unprecedented smear cam pin by the president who is engulfed in a scandal of his own making. hunter was forceful and spoke with conviction calling out the illegal acts donald trump and rudy giuliani carried out to exploit him and his father. donald trump is targeting biden because he is terrified of facing him in a general election. but you raise the most important point, now that unit her has come forward and we've heard from the vice president also this weekend about when he would do as president to avoid the perception of conflict of interest involving his family, what do those other 11 candidates on stage do if and of
10:19 am
course we have to assume when they get asked good this issue? do they come to the have not's defen -- vice president's defense or draw contrasts on what policies they will run. >> mike memoli, thank you so much. this morning i spoke with kentucky senator rand paul about hunter biden and all the focus on hunter has taken the focus off the bigger swamp in washington. please take a look. >> most americans think that making $50,000 a month for a young man that has had no experience in international relations is really unusual. his dad went to ukraine 13 times. and he is making 50 grand a month? that is a lot of money. most americans say that doesn't pass the smell test. >> most americans would also say it is strange that bill barr's son? law works at the white house, that rudy giuliani's son woe works at the white house, that the president's daughter and son-in-law work at the white house. and that bill barr's daughter works at the treasury. >> the president's family is not
10:20 am
paid. i think giuliani's son probably makes less than $100,000 a year. >> joining me now former governor of ohio former congressman and 2016 republican presidential candidate john kasich who has a new book out today called "it is up to us." 10 ways to bring about big change. and we'll talk about the book, but i want to talk about that first. hunter biden defending his position, rand paul pointing the finger at hunter biden when sort of ignoring the fact that the swamp is all around us. so what do we do? get rid of everybody in washington and startoff? >> honestly when it comes to all these personal attacks, and i've been criticizing the president even before he was elected, i try never to go into personal intentions. you heard the list, did you a great job of saying what about there person, that person. >> that is not a personal attack. >> but what i'm saying to you is
10:21 am
can't we just talk about the things that people care about? their health care costs are going through the roof even with insurance. or what do they do when they lose their job or their job disappears. these are the things that people really care about. so biden this and -- look, with donald trump, the issue there is really simple. he made an outrageous phone call to the president of another country and asked him to dig up dirt on his political opponent. all the rest of these things pale in comparison to that. and so look, all this thing an hunter biden and all that, i don't think it has affected joe biden that much. we'll see how he does tonight on the stage. >> and the teen caphone call heo a foreign leader, what should the consequence be? >> i believe a full investigation and impeachment inquiry. i've been amazed that republicans have been unwilling to even say that that call was inappropriate or wrong. it was flat out wrong. it was outrageous. and there should be this inquiry. and we'll see where it leads.
10:22 am
i would say that the democrats, it is important to have a vote on the impeachment inquiry. your previous segment talked about the back and forth and who has the right and who doesn't and what are the rights for the minority and all those things. just have a vote. call the vote in the house, give rights to the minority, proceed and let the facts determine the outcome. >> when you go to the people of ohio, the people who might be watching the debate tonight -- >> from my hometown. >> your hometown, your home state. what is it that they care so much about? because when you say kitchen table issues to me, and when the president says democrats are just a bunch of obstructionists, i think about the 250 bills that the house has passed sitting on mitch mcconnell's desk. so if america cares about kitchen table issues, who is not delivering to them? >> i'm just saying that tonight if you are running for president, my opinion, you have to talk about things that people care about. and the back and forth, you need
10:23 am
to break through and touch people's hearts. that is what i tried do when i ran. i didn't win obviously, but i did pretty well out there. and in my opinion, the people in that auditorium are different than the ones at home. >> fair point. >> but the ones living in westerville are thinking about -- i'll give an example. my health care costs even if i had it are going through the roof. they are hurting my family. or my wages are stuck. what am i going to do to make more, how am i going to send kids to college even at otterbein it is a pretty good deal out there and i hope they talk about that. these are the things that people care about. they don't like what donald trump has done and i think that they want an inquiry. i don't think that they are sold on impeachment, but sold on the need to investigate and get to the bottom. >> but those same people are -- some are being criticized because the president will say you want socialism? socialism is a disaster. but those people who want their health care costs covered, they want to afford to send their
10:24 am
kids to school therks don't care wh what you call it, they can't sfoord the afford their prescriptions or college. so what does it bhaer what the new brands are being labeled when no politicians are coming up with real solutions? >> there are solutions. if you were to tell my father who was a life long democrat that we'll take your -- he actually worked for the government so it is not exactly a fair comparison. but we're going to take your private health care insurance away and we'll give you this great government program? you're not going to win on that. if you say to them that there are people taking advantage that we need to have a system that encourages our doctors to treat people to keep them healthy rather than making money, if they continue to administer all the tests, now you are hitting home. but the rising cost the health care, insurance, co-pays and deductibles, it is making it hard for people. i don't know how some people are making it. and then if they can pay the
10:25 am
bill, then they have people coming after them and all they did was get sick. this is a major issue. but if you are telling people that you are in a private company, you've got health insurance, i'm going to take it were and replace it with the government? what do you think they are going to think? no, no, no, i don't trust that. the other problem of course is the wages. and the problem the gap between the rich and the poor. how do we constructively engage that. how do we make some you are that when the kids go to college it is not going to -- kids won't have to spend the rest 6 their lives paying off their college bills. good you get to that. plus bring in the notion of what trump has done. how about what he is doing worldwide. we're we're beginning to see turkey move into a place where people are being slaughtered because the president -- to fill a campaign promise? people are noticing this. we were killing isis, we were stopping them and now they are back on the field?
10:26 am
this is a bigger issue. possibly an emerging issue that ought to be talked about tonight. i would. >> it doesn't sound like you are talking about a book about being better and smarter. you didn't ask me about the book. >> are you running for president? >> no, just slighted to delighe with you. i'm not going to go into a political campaign where came win. right now you got 85% of republicans supporting him. there is no way to get there. and trying to raise money to run an effective campaign at this point in time won't work and i'm about to start taking a greyhound bus to new hampshire. >> so till us aboell us about t. you've had a view from the top for years and years and almost sounds like you are saying maybe it is not happening at the top. >> it has never happened at the t top. once in a while, but america changes from the bottom up. civil rights, it wasn't the politicians in washington.
10:27 am
it was martin luther king,s whom the bottom up. look how long it took women to get the right to vote. african-american had to struggle even longer, but they got it. >> so we can't demand more from the leaders? >> we should, but people can march, protest, they should be bloating everywhere for reasonable gun control which we're not hearing enough from them. but this book is not just about politics. it is about living a life bigger than yourself where you live. it is about a guy who was a shoe shine man who raised 2$200,000 n tip money to give to a children's hospital fund to help the parents pay for their kids' bills. it is about people that are able to live bigger and martin luther king says if you can't do big things, do little things in a big way. lead bigger life. there is never anybody like you, never going to be anybody like
10:28 am
that again. so you have a gift. use it. that is what life is about. that is what america is about. not about the president or the congress. it is about what we do where we live. >> so let's talk about a shining star in your home state. this description you just gave me makes me think lebron james, the king. a guy from akron, ohio who became one of the highest paid most well-known men in sport who went beyond back asketball and been a tremendous philanthropist in the city of akron. he came out and made a statement today which undermined one could say what the gm of the rockets did in showing his support for the peaceful protestors in hong kong. and what was the result of that? rockets lost all their sponsor ships, the nba went through the wringer. it might be even worse for the nba. >> i mean, i'm just crying over this. this is so sad. >> and lebron james has come out and made a statement saying it
10:29 am
was the gm from the rockets who didn't get it. he didn't realize the ramification of what he was going to do. what do you think of this? because i'm guessing lebron james, ohio guy, he has to be a hero to you. >> lebron has done lot of good. but he just missed this one. he missed his shot big time. and let's think about the hong kongers by the way. they really could be represented in this book. these are simple people who show up. think about this, stephanie. they show up in the streets and here come the police and military and they still go out in the streets and dedefreedom. they are not leaders, they just show up. and showing up is changing the world because we're all hong kongers, aren't we? we all love freedom. we should. we love freedom more than profit. and i think that lebron missed this one and it is a terrible mistake, but he will recover. >> i appreciate you showing up and speaking with me today. governor kasich, the new book
10:30 am
"it's up to us." and tonight after the debate, be sure to watch msnbc for our expert analysis. coverage starts immediately following the debate. but next, the shocking claims in ronan farrow's new book catch and kill about an alleged coverup here at nbc news. what matt lauer's attorney and nbc news executives are now saying in response. heading into retirement you want to follow your passions
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit welcome back. new allegations today in ronan farrow's new book "catch & ki " kill." he writes matt lauer exposed himself to a former "today" show producer back in 2010 and she was ultimately paid a six figure sum when she left nbc news. >> reporter: a new allegation of sexual misconduct is rae vealed involving matt lauer. in the new book "catch & kill," ronan farrow writes lauer exposed himself to mamelissa lo.
10:35 am
she has not responded to a request for comment. farrow says that she told multiple colleagues that back in 2010, lauer invited her to his office after a party. once they arrived, farrow says that lauer closed the door behind them and asked the producer to sit down on a couch. she later tells colleagues that lauer then unzipped his pants exposing himself to her. farrow adding that she nervously joked about not wanting to be intimate in his office because everyone else has done it. according to the book, sources telling farrow that lauer made lewd gestures but never exposed himself. after the incident farrow writes that she allegedly confided in ann curry who tell us farrow that it was as close as you could get to a woman just melting in front of you in pain. according to the book, curry allegedly told two senior executives that they should keep an eye on lauer. nbc news president addressing the new allegation monday in a
10:36 am
memo to nbc staffers. at the time of the employee's exit three years later she still had made no complaint about lauer, was paid 22 week of severance based on years of service and asked to sign a separation agreement standard at the time. going on to say that standard confidentiality sclaclause was drafted to prevent an employee from reporting misconduct. >> stephanie gosk is joining us. and she has been reporting on the matt lauer story since it broke two years ago. what is matt lauer saying about this latest accusation? >> he hasn't personally responded to this. his attorney is responding this week to this writing ronan farrow continues his attempt to monetize the "me too" movement using salacious allegations as promotional trinkets to sell his
10:37 am
book. matt never exposed himself to anyone. this ridiculous story has been shopped around for years. >> all right. it is more than that. the book is not just about matt lauer. this morning ronan farrow said in a conversation, it is about a bigger picture. it is the culture of forced silence in large companies. and that is something that so many people connect to. i want to share that. >> it is bigger than matt lauer, bigger than one network. it is important to note that the reason we're having this conversation is not just then s seriousness of any one story, it is about the patterns that prevent brave people who want to come forward from doing as to. it is not just an nbc problem. i reported on similar situation to cbs that use payouts to sweep problems under the rug. the women are still terrified to speak. because they are locked up in these contracts. >> what is nbc saying about
10:38 am
these agreements reached with women about matt lauer? >> it is important to sort of get at what ronan farrow is alleging and that is that there is this pattern of peck difference -- executives being aware of the claims and then binding women in agreements when they leave the company not to talk about them. and nbc has been very forceful in their response, they have described these agreements, you've heard in our piece i know oppenheim saying that they were standard, but i want to read to you another statement. as we said a year ago, we have reviewed all available records and there is still no evidence of any claims or settlements related to matt lauer's misconduct that redate hpredate. the few examples that farrow cites with any detail involve employees who by their own admission made no formal complaint and whose departures were completely routine. farrow cites who other examples of hush payments that were -- we
10:39 am
are told by nbc universal very typical separation agreements and that they were not to be -- that these people were not being bound not to tell stories of sexual harassment. >> farrow also makes allegations about the way nbc executives handled the harvey weinstein story, ronan worked here he when he was working on that story, ultimately he left and told that story with another news organization. what is nbc's response? >> so look, it is important to point out that this book, the very large majority of it, is about what happened. and it would be impossible in the time that we have to adjudicate all elements of it. but i'm going to highlight a couple of them and one of them is the allegation made by farrow that the company, quote, spiked this story because weinstein was threatening to reveal allegations through the "national enquirer" about matt lauer. that on top of phone calls and emails personally from harvey
10:40 am
weinstein led to the story being spiked or slow walked and leading to going out the door. nbc news has been very strong in respondi responding. they say weinstein was threatening to reveal the things about matt lauer, but the company says that never happened. but says even if it had, it would be laughable to say that that forced their hand. all for all of these calls, there were at least 10 perhaps more emails to various levels of management, very personally from harvey weinstein, those calls are described as very typical and that that is the kind of thing that on a regular basis our teams here deflect in the pursuit of a story. it is also worth noting that at some point, and it is not disputed, at some point nbc news decided that it was better for this reporting to leave and walk
10:41 am
out the door with ronan farrow instead of being reported and taken over the finish line regardless of where it stood when it left here at this news organization instead of another one. >> stephanie gosk, thank you so much. credit to my colleague. is this a really hard story to report on for people who work here. and stephanie has done it since day one. bravo to you. next, president trump is reversing his stance on turkey's invasion of syria. now threatening to destroy turkey's economy if military action continues. will the white house strategy work? and our own ali velshi joins us with new reporting overhe as with the foreign of qatar. rust usaa more than any other company out there. they give us excellent customer service, every time. our 18 year old was in an accident. usaa took care of her car rental, and getting her car towed. all i had to take care of was making sure that my daughter was ok.
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welcome back to "velshi & ruhle." as u.s. forces pull back from northern syria, a new country is patrolling the area. russia. images show the russian flag flying from vehicles and above buildings in a town just 20 miles from the border with turkey. a sign moscow is moving into fill the vacuum left by the american withdrawal. the trump administration imposed sanctions on two turkish government agencies and three senior officials in response to the country's military operation in syria. nancy pelosi slammed the sanctions as falling short of
10:46 am
reversing that humanitarian disaster. joining me now, keir simmons. and you are on the ground. these sanctions, are they impacting turkey moving forward? >> reporter: we've spent the day watching turkey bombard a syrian town with artillery and shells. and you rightly point out one of the crucial aspects of all of this, which is that the russians moving in supporting syrian forces loyal to damascus in a town here where we are told by the russians that their military police are policing the line between those syrian forces and turkish forces. so it is president putin who is calling the shots if you like in many, many ways. at the same time you have nato sect gener
10:47 am
secretary-general saying they aren't supporting this, but that is just garbage. clearly turkish forces are -- american forces in nato, they are in full retreat effectively, so that is the kind of mess that this situation has created and of course that kind mess, that kind of embarrassment for nato and splitting of nato is another aspect that president putin will be enjoying. >> keir simmons, thank you so much. you've certainly had a long day. i want to bring in ali velshi live from doha. just spoke with the prime minister there. what is his take on the turki turkish-backed phone sif? >> reporter: and qatar is surrounded by saudi arabia, and if you recall back this is 2017, seemingly with the blessing of the trump administration, they blockaded this country. so qatar can't get food, can't get oil out, its gas out, through saudi arabia or any of these countries. and turkey and iran came to the
10:48 am
rescue of this tiny little state. so qatar which had had, you know, problematic relationships with iran over time, but a very strong relationship with the united states, had to deal with the fact that it is now in the middle of two major conflagrations between the united states in iran and the united states in turkey. qatar has a base here with 10,000 u.s. troops, a forward operating base for evecentcom o s., a base that the u.s. would use. and it also has a turkish base here. so they are now a little bit concerned that the united states taking hostile action toward iran and now announcing the sanctions against turkey, that had the deputy prime minister who happens to be the foreign minister a little bit concerned. and this is what he told me he is trying to do about the tensions that are rising between the u.s. and turkey. >> first of all, we don't want to see tension between turkey and any other nation. not only with the united states.
10:49 am
and we don't want to see also turkey security compromised because of the threat being represented to them from syria. what we are trying to do is really to listen to the turks and their concerns, trying to convey the right message for our other allies and partners like the united states and others in europe. in fact i'm planning to go to turkey in the come can go few days days to see how we can find the common ground that we can sgrou the assurances of turkey, that the concerns of the united states will be addressed. >> reporter: so this is one of those concerns that qatar has because turkey and iran really
10:50 am
helped this country out of a blind, that block and i had still exists. saudi arabia, the emirates, they don't do business with qatar anymore.exists. saudi arabia, the emirates, they don't do business with qatar anymore. if you get on to do would be to through saudi air faspace, can' do that. turkey supplies them with produce, supplies. they've got a lot of concerns they have to deal with and as you heard from the foreign minister, the clock ticking. he feels like he can use some of the influence that country has with united states, influence that is weaker than it was a few years ago, but they have been trying to keep it strong to try and solve this problem. they are very, very concerned about both these fights going on in the region. >> all right, my partner joining me from qatar. coming up, we're going to take you to fort worth, texas, where a police officer has been cha e charged with murder in the death of this woman. what is next for the officer and for jefferson's family? fficer ad for jefferson's family it's tough to quit smoking cold turkey.
10:51 am
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10:54 am
welcome back to velshi and ruhle. the former texas police officer accused of shooting and killing
10:55 am
a woman inside her home is now facing a murder charge. police say aaron dean shot atatiana jefferson shortly after arriving at her home early saturday morning. the neighbor called the police for a welfare check, concerned jefferson's door was left open. body cam video shows dean walking around the house silently shining a flashlight around before firing in a window. in a news conference today, fort worth police chief ed crouse got emotional when talking about how u this is affecting his force. >> the officers, they try hard every day to try to make this city better. i likened it yesterday to some of our officers out there every weekend and most weeknights that they're out there trying to build these relationships and i likened it to a bunch of ants building an ant hill and if somebody comes with a hose and washes it way way, they have to start from scratch and it over. i think that's going to be all. thank you. >> joining us now, gabe gutierrez and joyce vance.
10:56 am
gabe, what's the latest on the investigation and what's the family saying? >> hi there, stephanie. you heard from the police chief. that was an abrupt end to that news conference. emotions are still raw here in fort worth and local authorities had been saying that what happened here was just unacceptable. that leading to the murder charge for aaron dean, the former fort worth police officer. he is now out on bond. but i should point out that earlier today, police released the arrest warrant in this case and we got some new information about the investigation. police say that the interview the 8-year-old nephew of atatiana jefferson whom she was baby sitting and playing video games, sadly, that 8-year-old boy saw this all unfolding. he told investigators she had gone to her purse and gotten a gun and pointed it at the window. now we should be clear, local authorities said this is irrelevant. so has the victim's family
10:57 am
because she had every right to protect herself. remember the officer did not identify himself as a cop when he went into the property. now we also heard from amber carr, the victim's sister today, react iing to this murder charg and described the relationship between the victim and her 8-year-old nephew. take a listen. >> my son and atatiana were best friends. she was like second mom you know what i mean? when you see her, you see him. and most people thought that he was hers. it's very common because they do things that -- interested in like video games. it's really amazing how zion is encouraging. he's not seeking it. he's really strong. he's like here with us. >> the family is calling for
10:58 am
reforms within the fort worth police department. there have been six deadly officer involved shootings so far this year. as for the officer, aaron dean, he again is out on bail. $200,000 bail and so far, he has not responded to our request for comment. >> joyce, you've investigated police involved shootings. does the body camera cal footage tell you? >> so, body cam footage is incredibly help fful in getting the best direct evidence that you can get of what actually took place. this is why most dmts require that their officers flip the camera on at the start of the day and keep it on until the end of the day. sometimes you'll see it turning on and off as they approach specific instances and it can miss part of the important evidence but here it sounds like there's full body cam footage and it will tell us for instance it will confirm details like the fact that the police officers did not identify themselves as police. that the officer who shot did
10:59 am
not make that self-identification, which will be a key piece of evidence here. >> joyce, what does it say that the chief moved so quickly to charge the officer with murder? this isn't something we've seen. you know, years past, we wouldn't have seen something liquite like this. >> i think the country has had a real mood shift and a real awareness in this regard, stephanie, and it's important i think always in these situations to not get too far ahead of the evidence. because we want to be fair to everyone. the victim's family deserves the community's support. we also have to be careful not to engage in some sort of mob rule and condemn the officer before we hear all of the evidence, but here, it looks like he acted completely out of policy like the it was a completely unjustified shooting. and so what will be important going forward will be to get our u a arms around all the fact. obviously local prosecutors believe there was sufficient
11:00 am
evidence to prove that the officer knowingly and intentionally killed this victim when he fired his gun and that's what has resulted in this very quick filing of charges. >> joyce, thank you so much r for helping us understand this case that is unfolding. thank you for watching this bu hour. i'll see you at 9:00 a.m. right now, katy tur picks up coverage down in d.c. >> thank you. it's 11:00 out west and 2:00 p.m. here in washington where my capitol hill colleagues say democrats believe they know the what that president trump pressure ukraine and they know the why to get them to investigate the bidens and 2016. now they're zeroing in on the how. it is 22 day 22 of the impeachm inquiry and here's what's happening. george kent, the former second ranking diplomat in ukraine is


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