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tv   MSNBC Live with Kendis Gibson  MSNBC  October 27, 2019 11:00am-1:00pm PDT

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we are out of time here on weekends with alex witt. kendis dpibson is picking up. >> enjoy your day, i'm kendis gibson live. the world's most wanted terrorist dead. >> last night the united states brought the world's number one terrorist leader to justice. abu bakr al baghdadi is dead. >> president trump says the isis leader quote died like a coward, after his controversial decisions in syria, the president's announcement is raising some more questions. will he or won't he have legal proceedings causing questions over the next scheduled deposition in the impeachment inquiry as john bolton's top
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deputy asks a federal court to decide if he must testify on capitol hill tomorrow. and sweeping evacuations and blackouts as wildfires rage in california. residents ordered to flee fire disaster areas like sonoma county and the wine country there. the millions of americans that lose power. we start, though, with the baking news, the leader of isis dead. all of this following a raid by the u.s. military. confirmation this morning from the white house that abu bakr al baghdadi killed himself as u.s. special forces were closing in on him overnight in northwest syria. you see the after math right here of the operation. >> that would be the president making the announcement earlier today. he spoke for just about an hour and u.s. officials tell nbc news the special ops mission included drones, jets and helicopters. well, today, president trump spoke for an hour. this is the location as you can see, just rubble left from all
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of it. let's get to kelly o'donnell who is at the white house for us. kelly is covering this. kelly it's highly unusual we had all of this happen on a sunday. >> reporter: well, the operation dictated the timing, clearly. president trump gave us pun one of the more memorable teases with his tweet saturday fight saying something really big had just happened. then there was the wait to find out what would he deliver in terms of this major event and this morning in an unusual rare for all the obvious reasons statement to the media, he spoke for about ten minutes and then took questions for another 40-plus minutes and part of what was so really compelling about today is that the president went from announcing it in the more prepared matter of fact probably sanctioned words that were probably agreed upon by various agencies and so forth, then in taking the questions as we've seen this president do so often,
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some of the details, some of his own emotion and some of the kind of specifics that we don't often hear, especially when we are talking highly sensitive operations. the president brought that to life with his words in an extensive question and answer period. giving us some insight into his own thinking talking about the nearly three years he's been in office, having this particular isis figure as the top of his own list for wanting to have the u.s. succeed in finding, capturing or killing him and that happened now, he talked in detail about how the operation played out, what he was able to see and hear along with other top officials joined in the situation room. and the president also talked about the time line of the intelligence that they've had over the last few weeks. he described a couple of movements on the part of baghdadi that changed the planning and then some of the confirmations as he described it to give them information that
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led to this operation. he also in a form we don't often see, he extended the thanks and congratulations in some places where we wouldn't typically expect that from him in the domestic political sense. the president who has been waring at times with different agencies of government thanked the intelligence officials. of course, he thanked the bravery and hard work of the military personnel who carried out this mission. talked about the dog that was a part of the operation who was injured and brought back into u.s. custody as well as the larger implications of all of this. saying that he would be making phone calls to the families of americans who had been killed by isis, some of the names we've all come to know over the last several years, including journalist james foley, who was beheaded by isis and others, to reach out to those family members to deliver to them personal will i the news that this operation came about. what was also striking is the
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president acknowledged pretty readily he did not include congressional leaders and typically in operations of this magnitude covert nature and all of the other obvious importance typically presidents would five what's known as the gang of eight. the eight top congressional official was are in leadership and a part of the intelligent committees in both the house and senate of both parties. he did not do that, saying he was concerned about leaks and that notifications to them would come after the news was basically, the operation was done and the news was basically already phone. kendis. >> fact, he only told senators graham and burr about this operation. kelly o'donnell at the white house, thank you. while there are other questions circling around the raid. like why now? how did it play out on the ground? we know this much. this is where the raid took place in northwestern syria, it's called barrisha villa.
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you can see there the wide scale reduction, the u.s. air sight soft suspected isis safehouse to mere rubble after the special forces operation. nbc chief correspondent richard engel joins us live from northern syria. richard, you have been to this particular area where this raid took place. is it surprising to you that this is where al baghdadi may have been hiding? >> reporter: not at all. he was running out of places to go. he once had an isis state he called it the caliphate. >> that isis state was destroyed. it was destroyed over the last five years by the very same u.s. special operations forces that carried out this raid and by their kurdish partners, who have lost 11,000 people in this fight. as the isis caliphate was losing territory and shrinking in size and then it was ultimately defeated in the spring, there was one area left in syria where
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islamic radicals still controlled. it was an area right on the turkish border and right in that area where he was captured in idlib province and a lot of people here say there are still many other isis leaders after baghdadi. and this operation is continuing. just in the last few hours, the kurds have announced that because of this operation they have been following on and that they just launched an operation and successfully killed the isis spokesman. so once you start to pull the string on this sweater, it starts to unravel quickly. so hitting the compound of the isis leader and then immediately trying to follow on with operations is key and the kurds, who got little thanks today despite having lost 11,000 men and women are still continuing even tonight to hunt down other isis leaders in that very same turkish border region. >> nbc news' richard everything
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el in northern syria for us. our thanks, to you, richard. all right, so the president said that he notified russia and turkey. prior to the launching of the attack. but did not tell u.s. lawmakers as kelly alluded to, who would normally be told about this sort of military action. so how unusual is this? let's bring in nbc news' ken delaney, tell me about that because even speaker pelosi was not notified as she's praising the u.s. military now. but how strange is that? >> reporter: that's right. he appears to have notified street senator richard burr, the republican chairman of the intelligence committee. he didn't notify any democrats. i think what's most interesting about this is the reason donald trump gave for not notifying the democrats. he said he was afraid the operation would leak. that's a real slap in the face at these lawmakers. there is a tradition of leaking the so-called gang of eight, which is the leaders of the house and senate on the republican and democratic side and the leaders of the intelligent committees house and senate. the law actually requires them
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to be briefed and kept informed about important intelligence operations. now, this was a military operation but it was built on intelligence, so you can make an argument when the cio located bagdadi, the gang of eight shouldn't have been briefed. the president on this appears to be mix. in the case of the raid that killed osama bin laden cia director leon pennetta looped in people early. it's not clear he got white house permission to do that. i think watt really important here is this is another sign the bipartisanship that's foreign politics in washington has broken down if trump is briefing republicans in advance fought democrats and saying he was aid frayed democrats would leak an operation that would put u.s. troops at risk. that's a great charge, and it's not something democrats will forget. >> even something like this becoming political. what sort of fallout, if any, is the administration getting from fought telling the democrats about this operation?
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>> reporter: so as i talked to sources today, the message i'm get secretary they're not going to make a big deal out of this that's not good optics for them. a terrible terrorist has been killed and a great victory for the united states of america. they don't want to whine about the process here. they will make sure people at the cia and dod, that they expect to be notified about these specific operations. >> our thanks to you, ken. all right, so all the raid on psaosama bin laden's compoun was carried auto by seal team 6, this particular raid was carried out by another arm of the joint special operations command, the delta force. joining me no you to talk more on that is msnbc military analyst, retired u.s. army four star general mccaffrey. thank you for being here. so al baghdadi was targeted in idlib province, what's the significance of that, that he was found there?
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>> well, it was a shrinking yeah, he thought he was safe in, it's unusual. in theory, the al nuzra group is hostile to isis. in addition this guy is an iraqi born and raised. he normally felt more comfortable being in iraq. again it's a comment on the fact his options were running out and this really spectacular operation starting with cia, nsa surveillance that located him, apparently was significant to help the iraqis. then this incredibly effective no casualties raid, i think it's made a substantial contribution to knocking isis in the head. and there are 15,000 of them still out there fighting, but this is a major blow against isis. >> a major blow, you say, how intricate was this operation? we do know drones were used, helicopters as well as planes. it seems as if a lot of
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different moving parts had to come together to make this work out. >> well, you know, i look at jsoc every time i go inside and out of afghanistan and iraq. i've watched them for years, they are simply incredible. they're an air/ground team. they have the inner agency intelligence group with them in the field. they have their own helicopter 160 a special operations aviation regimen. their ability to carry out complex operations at night with no casualties or low casualties is just unprecedented. again the attorney general scott howell the jsoc commander an air force 3 star and the elements of jsoc are a major contribution to the fact that we haven't had a dozen 9/11s in the country's history. >> jsoc the special joint
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command miles away where all of this is playing out thousands of miles away, doing so it strategically. general mccaffrey, the president alerted turkey and russia to this happening. did he need to? >> well, that may have been somewhat overstated. you know i think certainly they didn't want the aviation regimen being fired on as they moved into position. it was a long, apparently it was launched out of iraq. it may have been as far as a 700 mile flight each way, low level, nighttime. they didn't want to run into an air defense problem with the russians or the turks. the turks would have seen the particularly the air force cover and noticed something was going on. so, yeah, they had to notify them. but again, this was a u.s. unilateral operation, probably launched out of iraq with incredible technical capability that did knock in the head a
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significant part of these compartmented command and control elements of isis. so they're going to take some time now to try and sort out who's in charge, rediscover you know their contacts with one another. it was a remarkable operation. and he should take pride in his part of it. >> absolutely. what does it do to isis going forward? was al baghdadi still controlling many of the fighters out there? >> well, most of the sources i read and listen to suggest he wasn't a day-to-day operational commander. he's been hiding fighting for his life five years now. no telephones, moving safehouse to safehouse. so there have been other operational decentralized commands keeping isis going. they are definitely in a tremendous trouble. not only have they lost the caliphate, they've lost a lot of their funding. they have 10,000 of their fighters still hopefully being
11:15 am
retained by the kurds. so isis is really a much truncated operation. it has gone international, though, it's in yemen. it's in africa. it's in other locations. >> all right. general, we'll leave it there with you, saying it's a truncated operation and isis, a big blow today, no doubt. there is a lot of breaking news we are following on this sunday, including the search that is under way right now for a gunman who opened fire at a college party in north texas. the shooting killing at least two people and injuring more than a dozen before the shooter got away. the details coming up. thus, questions over how to proceed in the impeachment inquiry. the court decision that could have a big impact on who lawmakers could question next. to lawmakers could question next.
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we are following a lot of major developments this wicked in the impeachment inquiry including a stern warning from democrats to a security official scheduled to appear tomorrow. they're saying show up or else. he filed a lawsuit asking a federal judge whether he had to comply with a congressional subpoena. democrats maintain tomorrow's deposition will begin on time and kupperman's absence could serve as everyday in a contempt proceeding and cause committees to draw quote adverse inference against the president.
11:20 am
in the meantime, house investigators added two more names for scheduled depositions, this on the heels of a rare and lengthy testimony from a top state department official about the ousting of the u.s. ambassador to the ukraine. like i said, there's a lot happening with the inquiry. i'm joined by a legal team. kim whaly a law professor and former assistant u.s. attorney, she was an associate independent counsel in the white house investigation and the author how to read the constitution and more importantly why. cynthia oxney, legal analyst and former ambassador. will kupperman testify come tomorrow morning? >> it looks like he's filed an action with the courts to ask for essentially what we might call a protective order responding whether he's required to testify or fought. i would expect that given that legal action is pending,
11:21 am
congress isn't in a posture to take some kind of contempt or adverse inference action against him, because, frankly, he's doing the right thing. his lawyers are saying, listen, there is only by butties, the o --biguitieambiguities. give us guidance and that's exactly what the courts are there for. there is a process for expedited review. we have to see how the courts, how quickly the court moves. i expectation is the notion that there is blanket immunity for anyone responding to congress will get a big fat no from the federal court. >> this the a really big deal, this lawsuit. and a lot hangs in the balance based on this decision. >> well, i agree that they won't do anything to him because of the lawsuits here. the great thing about it is it is going to provide some clarity. we have so many witnesses in this exact device. the white house is saying nobody
11:22 am
can cooperate. they have no legal basis for saying that. they aren't already pre tending. and the congress is subpoenaing them. these people need some clarity, so a lot hangs in this lawsuit. i think you are right, because it will be the guiding star for everybody else in the same situation. >> everybody else including his former boss, john bolton right there at the nsa. >> exactly. they share a lawyer. also coming up this week is this guy morrison, who is a very important witness. we hope we get some kind of ruling in time or he shows up to testify. he's very important because when bill taylor testified, much of his testimony included and i told morrison this and morrisson told me that and there are several instances where they're intertwined, their conversations, so it's important that morrisson comes and we find out whether or not he is financial to corroborate taylor. that's the most important thing for the week when he testifies,
11:23 am
does he corroborate taylor? >> and morrisson has indicated he plans to testify. we'll see how it all plays out. >> right. >> i'm curious about the kupperman case, where does the law stand when it comes to this? does congress have the right to subpoena them and get them to be deposed? >> so, we have a case under the nixon administration in which the supreme court said that the president, himself, was required to respond to what was a trial subpoena. so that came out essentially the justice department or arm of the justice department. here we have congress issuing a subpoena. there is a lower court bates the you in the government you have to comply, of course that's a lower court decision. we don't have a supreme court decision. the theory here and there is supreme court law for this that congress in legislating and here
11:24 am
engaging in impeachment process has to be about it gather facts. it's important for the american people to have the process unfold based on facts. if congress has no power to gather facts, then the impeachment process can't function. we saw the week judge barrel howard, a federal district court in washington basically said the trump administration does have to turn over rule 60 grand jury material underlying the mueller report. and in that decision, the judge said impeachment is a legitimate inquiry by congress. of course as we all know, this is plain in the constitution. this is not an area of ambiguity. it's not a grey area. it's black and white. you don't have to read the tea leaves. it's plain english in the constitution. >> you can read that ruling from the judge on friday. cynthia, i'm curious about this. we learned that the diplomat there on capitol hill for seven or eight hours yesterday that he detailed efforts to push out the
11:25 am
former ukraine ambassador and that allies were blocked from supporting her as a fake narrative and that was circulated. how significant was his corroboration of the previous testimony? >> i think eighth part of the puzzle. what happened to ambassador i don't know yovanovitch, the rudy guiliani frik and frack club were spreading false rumors. there was a packet september to the white house saying terrible things that weren't true. we don't know who said that. when she got recalled, he wanted secretary of state pompeo to issue a statement in support of her and ran up against a brick wall. pompeo refused to do that. and it has a lot to do with the manner in withty ambassador and other state department employees
11:26 am
have been treated by this team. so to the -- on the impeachment question, it probably doesn't weigh in. but it does fill in the whole picture. you know it doesn't go to did the president ask someone to try and dirty up joe biden in return for the arms. it doesn't go to that question. it does fill in and corroborate taylor about what was happening. >> and creates a little more of a narrative how they were getting that ambassador out of there. >> thank you. the most wanted terrorist dead during a u.s. raid, the leader of isis committed suicide following an overnight raid in the part of syria he is found is well known for terrorist groups that are rivals of isis. so why was he there? our political correspondent who knows the area well joins me next. correspondent who knows the area well joins me next (burke) at farmers insurance,
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welcome back, everyone, and major breaking news we are following right now. the white house confirming the death of the world's most wanted terrorist abu bakr al baghdadi. earlier president trump giving
11:31 am
unprecedented details about how it all went down. >> he died after running into a dead end tunnel, wlimp whimpering and crying and screaming all the way is there this was the aftermath where the special forces took place in northwestern syria, a suspected isis safehouse reduced now to rubble. nbc news correspondent matt bradley joins me from a few hundred males away in beirut, lebanon, matt, what is the significance of this area where the operation took place? >> reporter: well, it's just unusual, because, of course, this is an area of idlib. and idlib was kind of the depository of many different rebel groups squished there by the regime, backed by the russian, also by islamic state and other militants. they all moved there, with tear families. you know all of these truce and cease-fires, a lot of them saw militants who were leaving who were allowed to retreat to
11:32 am
retreat to idlib. so a lot was the rejects, the criminal elements, the jihadis. it would not have been a safe place for abu bakr al baghdadi, islamic states fought against these groups. this town barrisha may have been a play for people moving in and out of the area, it might have been possible he was trying to smuggle out of the country to turk why i to escape. the president said he was trying to reform his caliphate. it's impossible to know. there is a lot of confusion how abu bakr al baghdadi would have ended up in the nest of his enemies. >> you can hear the echoes, the sounds of i'm going protests there in the background in beirut. thank you. breaking news back here at home from north texas and an urgent manhunt for the person responsible for a mass shooting near keej campus.
11:33 am
in fact, it happened at a homecoming party near greenville about an hour north of dallas. 16 injured and two people dead, they are urging people with information to come forward as they struggle to pin down a description of the gunman. >> i really begged them two children to give us information about this shooter. we need to get him off the street as soon as possible and we have very, very little to go on right now. >> and police maintain that they're looking for a single shooter and said they do not believe the public is in any danger. there is big breaking news and it's just come down within the last few minutes. the governor of california gavin newsom has declared a state wide emergency due to the unprecedented high wind events that are taking place which have resulted in the sort of fires you are seeing right there. a state wide emergency declared
11:34 am
in california moments ago by gavin newsom. the massive kincaid fire is burning in the north and quickly spreading, forcing more than 180,000 people to evacuate. look at the mandatory evacuation zone. it is stretching to the coast. the fire is only 10% contained. no change from this time yesterday. they hope to contain the fire by november 7th. so far, some 30,000 acres have been burned. more than 31,000 structures, though, are threatened. many of them have already been destroyed. there are no reported fatalities from up north. let's go to sonoma county and wine country to geyserville, california, an year that's been hard hit and is under evacuation orders. nbc sam brock is there for us. i guess the wind conditions continue to be a threat. as such we have the state wide emergency. >> reporter: good afternoon. the wind conditions were leal that last night.
11:35 am
at some point 80-mile-per-hour, 90-mile-per-hour wind gusts with sustained winds in the 50 to 60-mile-per-hour range. >> that has come down, still very much an issue, because it will be a red flag warning until monday. behind me, look at the homes. you have to imagine, there are people living here. families living here, who in the last day or two, left their homes, that look very different from what you are seeing right now, went down highway 28 north of the area and out 101 out of the bay area to at least keep what's going on, in fact, they will return to something like this total charred homes, trees down, total life possessions. it's not this one lot right here. i think you mentioned some 80 homes destroyed all up and down the street. if you just what you can with me down this way, what you will find is you move down the road, are probably in the neighborhood of 15 to 20 homes that look like this, down this road right here will you see a number of fire
11:36 am
crews, cal fire, the state fire agency out here right now trying to go through hot spots and make sure embers don't get carried into other properties and start new spot fires. will you see them down there, at the very edge of this street, there was a development with probably 15 homes all leveled. you look down that street, you see nothing but rubble. unfortunately, there will be so many evaing wees that return at some point in the next week or two weeks and find that. >> sam, you can see the sky is pretty much very ominous and some 3,000 state, local, federal personnel right there on the ground, one of them right there behind you. >> that is state wide emergency declared in california. the impeachment inquiry. perhaps exposing some cracks among the republican party as mitt romney and john kelly speak out. next, a look at the republican strategy as we move into another week and legal ruling that's having an impact under plans. having an impact under plans and.
11:37 am
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it is day 33 of the impeachment inquiry and it appears the republican party is trying to figure out a strategy in how to deal with the proceedings and a familiar face is back in the fray. >> i said you got to wake up to this process that nancy pelosi is running. she has the votes. as sure as the turning of the earth, in a couple of weeks, nancy pelosi is going to bring two charges in front of the house and they will vote to impeach trump and pass it to the
11:41 am
senate. >> so how will the republicans wake up to a winning strategy against impeachment? i am joined by a former communications director for jeb bush's 2016 campaign and contributor at bullwork and craig bardella for the house oversight committee. welcome, gentleman, tim, what are you expecting from republicans? this week we have a lot of depositions planned. we didn't expect all that theatrics that took place on wednesday. do we have any idea what's coming up? >> look i think the trump white house and the trump campaign was expressing some frustrations with the republicans on the hill that they were not defending the president more vigorously. a part of the problem is, there aren't a lot of good facts to use to defend the president with on the ukraine issue, the quid pro quo is extremely evident. it was admitted to by the chief of staff and the president so instead what they've done to kick senators and house members on the hill into gear is to complain about the process so i think what you will hear is i'm
11:42 am
here in zen denver where senator cory gardner said we need to have a vote, open the process, the president deserves due process. we need to make sure the minority has rights, which they already do in the house. i think knit picking these issues, attacking the people that testify as a part of the deep state has to be the strategy they settle on, the facts aren't on their side. >> how will the republicans be able to argue the inquiry is not legitimate especially after friday's federal court ruling? >> i really don't think republican versus a leg to stand on, partly because i was there all of those years during the obama presidency when they did exactly what the presidents are doing now, republican trey gowdy kicked out my former bass darrell issa because he wasn't a member of the proceedings. all these theatrics, these
11:43 am
stupts, they are publicity stunts aimed at an audience of one, that's donald trump all of these things won't work. at the end of the day there is a steady stream about the testimony. that what distinguishes this from the mueller investigation. the playbook trump is using to discredit this is what he did with mueller. the difference is with the mueller probe we had months we didn't have information. we were up here speculating. we are getting a daily stream of new information in real time advancing this story. >> the president was noted that the stunt last wednesday was going to happen. let's talk about mitt romney for a moment here. according to npc news count, utah senator is only one of three republican senators who refuse to sign on to lindsey graham and mitch mcconnell's bipartisan bill there or bill resolution condemning the inquiry. but you have this the landscape
11:44 am
in utah, where the political trend survey shows that only about 34% of voters in that state believe there is sficht evidence to launch -- sufficient evidence to launch impeachment against trump. could romney hurt him in that state? >> the resolution is the key word. there is no binding action. as far as romney is concerned the politics of utah are complicated. right? it's a very republican state, on balance as you said the numbers are pointed against impeachment. on the other hand, donald trump is weaker there than in any other red states in the country. he performed poorly there in the primary and the general election as far as compared to past republican nominees and, obviously, mitt romney has the stature and the name i.d. that other senators don't have. so i think he has a lot of leadway to let this process play out if the facts are there, which i certainly think they r.
11:45 am
i think romney could be in position to be alone or with lisa murkowski in voting for impeachment on the senate. those votes are important. it will not remove donald trump, of course, ensuring this is a bipartisan vote, it has historical importance, i think that mitt right now is thinking about legacy more than short-term political consequences, which makes him very different from most everybody else in the senate. >> a lot of utah voters interviewed by nbc say it's a personal issue between mitt romney and the president. curt, in your new piece for the atlantic, you compare the republicans and their current behavior how they treated hillary clinton and the benghazi administration, you were calming it astounding hypocrisy and why? >> republicans had no problem with whistle blowers when they were the ones using them to attack the obama administration. they have no problems conducting
11:46 am
them during benghazi proceedings, they had no problem conducting 33 hearings in two years. all of a sudden to hear these republicans people like mark meadows, jim jordan, and secretary of state mike pompeo, all whom defended their allegations at the time saying things like the american people have a right to know what's going on, talking about congressional oversight authority, how the executive needs to cooperate with the congress. now to watch them completely abandon all of those principles, defend executive branches, complete obstruction of congress and making excuses to defend donald trump every day, it flies completely in the face of everything that they zay said they stood for when obama was president and somebody that was there and worked with them. it's a huge betrayal for everybody to believe in those principles and check and balance to watch those same very people do the compact opposite. >> it sound like washington on any given day. thank you, guys.
11:47 am
presidential candidates are speaking at a forum on criminal justice in south carolina. but it is this exchange from for bernie sanders that is drawing a lot of attention today. >> i would do my best to identify who that police officer is in a polite way, ask him or her for their name. i would respect what they are doing so that you deep get shot in the back of the head back ofa fine, no one leaves the table until your finished. fine, we'll sleep here. ♪ it's the easiest because it's the cheesiest. kraft. for the win win.
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this is a big weekend in south carolina. the criminal justice reform, the focus for many 2020 hopefuls. kamala harris and bernie sanders among those who made headlines there today. a today you have tulsi gabbard and elizabeth warren and as well as julian castro wrapping up the three day event. leigh ann caldwell is in south carolina's capital city for us. what was gabbard's message? a lot of people are trying to figure out how it weighs against the other contenders from this weekend. >> reporter: well gabbard had a
11:52 am
similar message as all of the rest, and that is that there is a two tiered criminal justice system, one for the rich and one for the poor. but she also had a different message as well, she talked about bipartisan saying that the only way to deal with the issue of criminal justice is to work across the aisle. the roeason that is significant how is that the president spoke at the same forum friday night and that actually caused a lot of drama here, kamala harris withdraw from the forum for a minute, she ended up speaking. but there was presidential candidates that were not happy that he was here. a lot of the candidates used the stage to attack the president even though the president was instrumental in the first step act which is criminal justice legislation that he signed into law last year. so tulsi gabbard, we know that her campaign is in trouble. we know that she's been trying to appeal to some people in the right. and so her message because different in that respect,
11:53 am
really highlighting bipartisan shipsh ship. >> and what are we do make from that bernie sanders moment? he has drawn criticism over a statement he made when a black student asked how he would handle getting pulled over by an officer. here is a listen. >> if i'm your son, what advice would you give me the next time i would be pulled over by a police officer? >> pulled over by a police officer? i would do my best to identify who that police officer is in a polite way, ask him or her for their name, i would respect what they are doing so that you don't get shot in the back of the head. >> a lot of people reach acting to that saying that it sounds like -- it sounded outdated.act to that saying that it sounds like -- it sounded outdated.
11:54 am
is his campaign reacting at all? >> reporter: they haven't yet. you can get what he was trying to say, it was inartful in saying it, but the fact -- people have been complaining the fact that he said that you have to respect the police so that you don't get shot by the police. you know, it shows a big divide and kind of a lack of awareness of the issue of what african-americans have been dealing with in this country. it is not about a lack of respect while people are getting shot. the fact that people are still getting shot by the police unarmed and there has been so many instances of this. and so that wasn't an aunnswer that was completely satisfactory to a lot of people. so we'll see how bernie sanders tries to walk that back or to clarify in the coming days, kendis. >> yeah, there have been a lot of black men, too many, who have been unarmed and running away from police officers and have gotten shot in the back.
11:55 am
and many of them who are out there respecting the officers. so basically what has been the overall message from many of these candidates there, that there is an overall bad relationship with law enforcement in this country right now? >> reporter: yeah, they have talked about that. but actually it has really been only a small portion of the many things, the many issues that have been discussed a criminal justice reform. they are talking about a litany of issues. every single person almost has come to this stage saying that the for about-profit prison system needs to end, that it should be run by the government and that there should not be a monetary incentive to send people to prison. a lot of people are talking about not only the legalization of marijuana, but also the decriminalization of marijuana as well. so while there are some differences between these candidates throughout this weekend, there is a lot of similarities as well where these democratic presidential primary
11:56 am
candidates are coming out strongly on this issue. and saying that it is a real problem in this country that there are so many people still behind bars. >> leigh ann caldwell for us in south carolina where the three day summit is wrapping up right now. plenty of headlines coming out of there. thank you. next, new details on the breaking news, the world's most wanted terrorist is dead, president trump says the leader of isis is dead in a u.s. raid. what this major development means for the u.s. fight in syria. ria. with tough food, your dentures may slip and fall. fixodent ultra-max hold gives you the strongest hold ever to lock your dentures. so now you can eat tough food without worry. fixodent and forget it.
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12:00 pm
i'm ken disbegdis gibson. breaking news and tough words there president trump after death of the world's most wanted terrorist. >> baghdadi was vicious and violent and he died in a vicious and violent way, as a coward running and crying. >> words of the president right there. isis leader abu balr al-baghdadi is dead following a u.s. raid. what this big development means for the fight against isis, plus we're just hours away from the next impeachment deposition, but we still don't know if a key witness will actually show up. new details on the legal battle with democrats. and more breaking news, a massive manhattunt is under way
12:01 pm
texas, the gunman escaping after opening fire and killing at least two people at a homecoming party. but we begin with the breaking news that we got the word, the world's most wanted terrorist is dead after u.s. special ops raid. the white house confirms the leader of isis abu balr al-baghdadi killed himself with a suicide vest as forces were closing in on him and two of his wives. the mission taking place last night in northwestern syria near the turkish border. and take a look here, you can see what is left and what is believed to be an isis safehouse, now he reduced to rubble. officials say that the mission involved drone, jets and helicopters. and wrich arrestrichard engel i grounds for us in northern syria. and richard, give us a sense, because a lot of people had even forgotten that al-baghdadi was still alive. who was he and do we know how this operation was carried out?
12:02 pm
>> reporter: we know a lot about who he was and we're learning a lot more about how it was carried out. the president frankly laid out the best details that you could possibly have and we're hearing that the description he laid out of the raid and the dogs and the tunnel and capturing baghdadi is more or less accurate. there may have been some color added, but generally the framework is correct. that helicopters came in carrying about 100 troops, they circled the compound, they landed on the ground, they were there for two hours. they corn e there for two hours. they corn red baghdadi who was hiding in a dead end tunnel, that he had children with them and he blew up, he either blew himself up or the device exploded during the confrontation. so that is what we know about what happened. witnesses in this village as well confirm the generalities. they obviously weren't in the compound, people in the village
12:03 pm
that we've spoken to were in their homes, maybe some of them were firing guns. is this not this is avil village full of i islamic extremist, but they confirm that there was a helicopter raid and that during the raid u.s. troops landed on the ground and carried out the assault and that it lasted about two hours. the big question now is when did u.s. officials actually know that he was in this area. because the timing is important. there were political ramifications. when did the u.s. know and did president trump decide to pull the trigger on this for his own political motivations. and here where i am in northern syria, multiple kurdish officials say that they had repeatedly told the americans that baghdadi was in this area, they had been tracking him. and what's more, they had a source. they had a rat. they had an informant inside baghdadi's inner circle and that
12:04 pm
they were able to help the americans track him down. and they believe that they are not only not just getting the credit for it, because it is not just a case here in northern syria of the kurds saying why not us, why didn't we get a bigger shout out, not only did they not get much yesterday for thfor -- credit for this prarks they are saying while this is taking place, they are being ethnically cleansed. so it hurts much more than insult that president trump didn't give them much credit. >> and the president making sure to thank russia and as well as turkey and syria before thanking any of our allies the kurds. april arrest richard ensgel for gel for us, you. we'll have more on that in a moment, but let's move on to 2020 mole tikpolitics and the c justice forum in south carolina. the candidates are speaking
12:05 pm
there and including tulsi gabbard as i mentioned last hour. leea leigh ann caldwell is there for us. >> reporter: [ inaudible ] -- are forum to finish speaking about criminal justice, as a veteran, what is your reaction to the death of baghdadi? >> this is obviously good news. this is something that i'm learning about and looking forward to getting more information, hopefully get a believing on once we get back to washington. but this is positive news. and furthering us closer towards the defeat of isis. >> and what is your reaction to the fact that no democrat was notified about this mission ahead of time? the president indicated that he was worried about leaks. what is your reaction to that? >> i think that is unfortunate and i think that the hyper part is an tensi tensions should not
12:06 pm
the way of working towards the objection of keeping the americans safe.n the way of wor the objection of keeping the americans safe. >> and what do you think about the president's latest move regarding syria, that he removed all the sanctions from turkey, do you think that this was a victory and what is your reaction? >> absolutely not. it is a victory for turkey. it is a victory for guy who is going in and conducting an ethnic cleansing of the syrian kurds. but certainly not a victory for anyone else to add insult to injury, president trump saying that he will deploy more of our troops including mechanized arremor and other military equipment to protect syrian oilfields is a disservice to my brothers and sisters in uniform. we swear to protect and uphold
12:07 pm
our koconstitution. we support and protect the american people. and our country. his further use of our troops to go and protect oilfields in syria has nothing to do with our national security. in fact it further undermines it. he is doing this as a continuation of this long-standing regime change effort in syria that began in 2011, further withholding and blocking the sear january people from getting the benefits of their own resources within their own country, causing more suffering, more pain, and taking away their ability to begin to rebuild their own country, rebuild their homes and rebuild their communities. it is atrocious. >> i want to get to criminal justice. you just spoke, you were the last candidate to speak at this forum. you talked about bipartisanship, which is really interesting because the president was here friday night, a lot of democrats stood on that stage criticizing the president and what he has
12:08 pm
done regarding african-americans specifically. so with was that subtle jab at competitors? >> no, it was talking about the need for bipartisanship because that is the reality. we can agree to disagree and i disagree with a lot of actions that the trump administration and president trump himself is taking. but the fact is, the first step act only passed because there was support from both democrats and republicans in the house, two of my friends in congress, hakim jeffries in new york who is very progressive, doug collins from georgia who is very conservative, working together including with partnerships in the administration ultimately president trump signing that legislation into law. thousands of people are free today as a result of it. it is positive. it is a stephe direction. we have so much more do but we have to do it in bipartisan way
12:09 pm
otherwise more and more continue to suffer. >> reporter: appreciate it. so kendis, criminal justice reform three day forum has finally ended. you just heard from congresswoman gabbard. back to you. >> leeann coldwell there, thank you. back to our breaking news story. death of the isis chief al-baghdadi, we first learned that something had taken place when the president issued a very vague tweet saying something very big has just happened. and then trump this morning making the ten minute announcement followed by free wheeling 40 minutes. kelly o'donnell is joining us now from the white house where it has been a busy sunday. so take us inside the decision on making and launching this strike, at least right now. >> reporter: well, the president outlined today that over the three years nearly three years that he's been in office, al-baghdadi was his top target for trying to deal with terrorism and the president who has been pretty heavily focused on isis throughout his time as
12:10 pm
commander in chief. so he gave us that sort of big picture view and then said in the last few weeks there was intelligence that was coming together and there was an ability of the u.s. to track where they believed baghdadi was located. without giving us all the specifics on sources and methods there, which of course would be while interesting certainly classified. but the president was unusually descriptive. but there are so many things about this president where he goes in to more detail than perhaps his presentdecessors wo do. and he talked about how the information began it narrow and that there were a couple of attempts, we don't know if that meant a plan to take action, something begun and then pulled back, but he gave us a sense that it was not a straight line to get to this operation. but when the go signal was given as commander in chief, then he described how he was able to watch all of this unfold in real time as the operation was taking place, here in the situation room along with some of his top
12:11 pm
officials. so this was a decision that of course is always generated by what being aable intelligence exists, what partner nations and he thanked some of them from russia to iraq to turkey, the kurds who provided helpful information, and of course the many agencies of the u.s. government from intelligence to everyone at the department of defense. and those sorts of overlays of how big an operation this is and in its final hours how it has narrowed to a certain group on the ground and they have got to carry it out and the president watching from here. and of course this is a big win for the president, an important accomplishment for the military and potentially one of the higher points of his time in office. >> and the president saying that it is something that he has wanted to do for all three years of his presidency. kelly o'donnell at the white house, thank you. many congressional leaders on capitol hill were not given a head's up about the raid. but russia and turkey were notified.
12:12 pm
ken dilanian is live for us in washington. what are we learning about the timing of when congress learned about all of this? >> it appears that congressional democrats were not told about this raid until hours if not a day after it occurred. not right in the moment that it happened, which is often the tradition in these kinds of matters or slightly before. it also appears that some republicans including richard burr did get a head's up. and when asked why he didn't give for example nancy pelosi advanced warning of this, he said that he was worried that it would leak. that is being seen by democrats as a grave insult, the idea that they couldn't keep a secret about a very sensitive military operation. and this is not in keeping with past practice. generally in these kinds of matters, the gang of eight, which is the leaders of congress and the heads of the intelligence committee, gets some kind of heads up about an intelligence-related pragts lop like this.
12:13 pm
the law does require that the gang of 8 be kept informed including any anticipated significant intelligence activities. so you could make an argument that when the cia located baghdadi, then they should have reported that to the gang of eight. but because this was a military operation, there is some legal gray area about whether congress had to be informed in advance. nonetheless, the way this was handled is causing a lot of bag feelings among congressional democrats. >> all right, ken dilanian, thank you. news of the raid is making headlines around the world today. "newsweek" broke the story late last night, and one of the writers is joining me now, and he is former fbi officer and the author of how to catch a russian spy. thanks for being here. i saw your byline. how did you find out about this? >> well, we have well placed
12:14 pm
sources and look, we've been hearing quite a bit of chatter about something significant happening. and as i'm sure a lot of people who are on twitter saw, there were videos of u.s. helicopters in syria. and we were able to luckily have some good sources and get this story out first. and look, while we were breaking this, you know, we're also trying to look at the larger picture which is again now that baghdadi is gone, what does this really do to isis, what does it do to terrorism and to the region. these are the questions that we're now -- now that we've moved on from the tactical factual explanation, let's look at the strategic part of this. >> and what do you know of this province in northwestern syria, the significance of this? >> the significance is that it is actually rolled by one of baghdadi's competitors who was originally supposed to be his named successor are. thousand, again, talking to both iraqi and kurdish intelligence officials, there is a lot of emphasis on the u.s. that people
12:15 pm
belong to one sector, belong to isis and al qaeda, but the reality is that what we're seeing now with them in retreat for several year, there may be some level of cooperation. so it may not have been that strange to find baghdadi in a province controlled by a former adversary. he didn't have too many other places to go. >> and the president in his length city pre press conference kind of ale looted that this was a bigger deal than the raid that killed osama bin laden. is it? >> i don't know how to qualify that. as a vets man myse a veteran, is this a big deal. and the question remain, how much of the operational planning was baghdadi involved in. we know bin laden for example
12:16 pm
towards the end, he was locked up, he was not really able to communicate in real time. he was more of a figure head in that regard. it still had a really big impact in taking him out and i'm sure it will with baghdadi, but i don't want to speak too quickly and say this will be the death knell of isis. i think they expected that baghdadi would not retire to boca raton. they expect the at some point his check was going to get punched. >> all right. thank you. and what was already a dire situation has gotten worse. right now, nearly a quarter million americans are under evacuation orders. and even those that aren't directly affected by the california wildfires will be impacted as officials say nearly 3 million people will lose power. the strong winds fueling the fires, the new information on
12:17 pm
where things stand. plus questions on capitol hill, why a key impeachment witness might not show up for his appearance tomorrow and what it could mean for other witnesses who are called to testify. to t. moving in. moving on up. or making big moves. deliveries ship free and come with a 100-night free trial. no matter your budget. or your sleep style. we have quality options for everyone. so search and shop. save and snooze. and rest easy, knowing that we've got your back. literally. that's what you get, when you've got wayfair. so shop now.
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12:20 pm
another key impeachment witness is on the docket for tomorrow, but it is not clear if that witness will even show up. democrats subpoenaed a former security adviser under john
12:21 pm
bolton. but in football speak, he is kind of punting asking a federal judge to decide if he has to speak to congress. and congressional democrats, here is what they are saying. his suit is without merit and warn that there will be consequences if he is a no-sho come monday. so how is all of this going to play out? i have joyce vance with me and also daniel there. eineihsuaer. any idea on a time line of a judgment are here? >> we don't know anything about the time line yet. but ultimately this issue of who has to testify particularly current employees of the administration was always goog to going to be decided in the courts. it is interesting that it is teed up by lawyer chuck cooper.
12:22 pm
the democrats allege that it is just another effort by this white house to interfere with their ability to take testimony. if the judge who this lawsuit is assigned follows practice we have seen with other court, we can expect some sort of an expedited schedule here. but we didn't know for certain that that will happen or exactly what it looks like. >> or if it will happen before come monday morning. before he is set to testify there. somebody did testify yesterday. you had philip reeker there, a top diplomat. what are we learning from what he told lawmakers? >> republicans are seizing on reeker's testimony because he said that he did not know anything about the ukranian -- or the effort to pressure ukraine. and they say this vindicates trump or goes some way towards doing that because here is somebody who would be in a position to know but didn't corroborate the information that democrats are trying to seek. now, on the other hand, he did
12:23 pm
say that he was aware of the efforts of figures within the trump administration to discredit maria yovanovitch, the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine. so while he didn't really go so far as corroborating what democrats wanted to find out with regard to ukraine and the effort to pressure them or anything like a quid pro quo, he did layout some important evidence in the run up to that. democrats are trying to set up a time line and it sort of starts with yovanovitch getting pushed out and discredited because she was uncomfortable with what they were trying to do. >> and let's talk about that time line, because there were added witnesses who were set now to be deposed in this week. who are they and what is the significance of them? >> as to i'm really focusing on al al al alex vindman and tim more writes son. they worked closely with bolton.
12:24 pm
and democrats want bolton to testify. we can throw around the name, but the american people probably don't know who they are. and i think a lot of people do know who john billion ton isolt. and if you can get him to testify maybe even publicly one day, he could talk about his specific questions that he posed to president trump why, he was count uncomfortable with in whole arrangement. and that would be key for the public sentiment of it. this is somebody who has been a key figure in republican foreign policy for a long time. and if he could in some way implicate the president, this would be really important for democrats. >> and bolton and cupperman with the same lawyer. and there is a ruling to order on the administration to provide the impeachment inquiry -- all
12:25 pm
the redacted information from the mueller report. so what kind of legal challenge could the doj mount ahead of wednesday's deadline? >> there is an interesting process point. the judge gave the government five days to comply with its order to turn over redacted information in the mueller report that stems from grand jury proceedings. but typically the government gets in a case like this 60 days in which to file an appeal. so we may not get a substantive decision on how it looks going forward this week. the government may try to reclaim some of its time and ask the court for additional days in which for assess whether or not it intends to file an appeal. but the outcome seems mayor wri meritorious. it is not unusual for investigators to share
12:26 pm
information obtained in a grand jury from one investigation to another. in fact, the most surprising point in all of this to me has always been that doj did not go to court to get an order from the judge permitting them to turn over this material to other investigative bodies. that would have been the outcome were this a normal a situation. >> and daniel, how is this playing beyond the beltway. it does seem to us that voters on both sides of the aisle are still pli still split on the impeachment inquiry. >> just in terms of what he's done in this small instance, i don't feel like he should be president anymore. >> i would be against it right now, but i'm all for holding the president accountable. >> i think that there is lots of grounds for him to be impeached, but i think the process has to
12:27 pm
go to its conclusion. >> and it does seem as if most follow being are split. only t9% of republicans support impeachment. what will move the needle. >> i think more public testimony by public figures. but let's be clear, i mean 50/50 on whether he should be thrown out of office is not really a good position for trump to be in. if 50% of americans thought that you should be thrown off the air, yyou wouldn't be happy wit that result. and we so that the needle keeps moving in that direction. if you drill into the numbers even further, independentskroet voters by a larger share do think that the president should be impeached. and even more across the board think that this impeachment inquiry should go on. so what this result shows me is that democrats have still a case to make. they are in the early stages of the investigation, in the early stages of getting the public
12:28 pm
sentiment out there. so they have a lot of work to do to bring the american people along, but i think that they should be pretty happy with these results and confident in where they are at at this stage. >> and maybe the sentiment will change once the testimonies become public which the democrats have said will happen in mid november. joyce, daniel, thank you both. a massive manhunt is under way right now in north texas for the gunman who opened fire at a college party killing two and injuring more than a dozen. we're live with the new details. .
12:29 pm
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we're back with blreaking news. there is a manhunt under way in north texas. the shooter opened fire at an off campus homecoming party shortly after midnight last night and killing two people and injuring more than a dozen others. and hire is a b here is a big problem. authorities haven't been able to pin down the sdwripgun wn the d gunman despite enter about vi v more than 20 witnesses. >> we need information. we need to get him off the street as soon as possible.
12:33 pm
we have little to go on right now. >> and morgan chesky is in the town of greenville about an hour north of dallas. and from that press conference, they know that the shooter is still at large, but they are saying that residents should not be on guard. any idea why? >> reporter: yeah, we're having a little communication issue out here, but i can tell you that one of the big concerns from law enforcement when i spoke with them is that they know so little about this gunman . they believe that he was alone when he walked in to the homecoming party. and even more frurs trastrating not having lead, whenever investigators tried to gather evidence, there was costume weapons and costume ammunition on the ground which initially caused confusion for investigators on the scene
12:34 pm
before they were able to hone in on the weapon that was used and they say that it was a single hand gun that was taken inside from a rear entrance by the gunman and he started to open fire into the crowd killing two and wounding a dozen more. two people were injured in the shear pandemonium that ensued. and this building is not very large, but there were hundreds inside. people tried to get out however they could, so that meant breaking window, kicking open doors, some getting trampled as they tried to get to safety. we know law enforcement has established a perimeter around this building, they fwlobroughta dog specially trained in hopes to gathering leads. but again, no suspect at this point in time. and three who were shot are in a nearby hospital in critical condition. no word on the others at this point. but we do an tis pay the an
12:35 pm
update hopefully before this evening. >> must have been quite a scene in north texas. a big night for many people dressed up for halloween many fake guns were there. morgan chesky, thank you. how to california and the big breaking news that we heard within the last hour, the governor there gavin newsom has declared a statewide emergency. take a look. nearly 3 million californians will lose power before the weekend is out. the kincade fire in wine country has burned at least 30,000 acres so far. emergency crews say it is only 10% contained. and it is not getting better anytime soon. and the tick fire has burned through more than 4600 acres and
12:36 pm
is now 65% contained. some 40,000 people there told to swrak eig evacuate. sam b sam brock is live for us in geyserville. and they say that the weather conditions may die down later this afternoon. how do they stand now? >> reporte >> reporter: the last that we heard is that the peak conditions were earlier today, but it is still an issue because the red flag warning lasts into tomorrow. so definitely something to keep an eye on. just mind boggling numbers. you mentioned 180,000 people swrak eighte evacuated. can you imagine if i told you that some folks had to be coaxed in to leaving this morning because it is true, when we wrifed on scene around 3:30 this morning, we were told that they had just taken people door to door out of their homes. everything is charred down to
12:37 pm
the roots. and i use the word roots. this tree just fell, it almost hit us. we were across the street thankfully. but you see that the smoke is still coming out from the stump. trees are still falling. trees are an issue, power lines are an issue, structural in-telliin-tetelling gr integrity of the neighborhoods is an issue. so they are trying to deal with the winds. and all it takes is one embetter to kick the spot from one spot to another and it can turn into a monstrous fire just like thato kick the spot from one spot to another and it can turn into a monstrous fire just like that. >> and thus why the governor declared a state of emergency there. sam brock, thank you. president trump giving thanks for a mission completed. >> i want to thank the nations of russia, turkey, syria and
12:38 pm
iraq and i also want to thank the syrian kurds for certain support they were able to give us. sxwlu hea >> you heard it there, the announcement of the raid that ended with al-baghdadi's death. he thanked russia and turkey before thanks u.s. forces. and that was not the only time that he thanked russia. we'll bring it down coming up. so i can buy from enterprise car sales and you'll take any trade-in?
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we're back with prooeimpeac and those three words quid pro quo, a latin phrase mentioned daily. but what is it and quid pro quo actually illegal? danny cevallos breaks it down. >> quid pro quo. >> quid pro quo. >> quid pro quo. >> quid pro quo. it is actually three latin words that translates literally to this for that. in anti-corruption laws, quid pro quo is usually defined as an exchange. where somebody on one side gives a thing of value often to a government official who then abuses his or her official power. an example might be a contractor who gives a bag of cash to a government official and then that government official steers government business to that contractor.
12:43 pm
but quid pro quo has a number of very innocent meanings in everyday life. almost every business transaction involves something exchanged for something else. mick mulvaney was recently trying to make the point that quid pro quos appear in foreign policy all the time. >> i have news for everybody, get over it. there is going to be political influence in foreign policy. >> that is true. foreign policy is often founded on a demand of another country in exchange for something of value from the united states. however, an improper quid pro quo is demanding that another country do something that benefits a government official personally. bill taylor's testimony is crucial because it connects the dots between president trump's supposed withholding of aid and a request to ukraine's president to publicly state that he was investigating hunter biden and burisma holdings. so far no evidence of legal wrongdoing by hunter biden. and that is important because if
12:44 pm
it was a legitimate investigation, it might have a purpose. but if there is no pump to investigate the bidens or anything associated with the bidens, that is probably an unlawful quid pro quo. congress has to determine more than just whether 24rthere was quid pro quo, a this for that, mick mulvaney is kind of right, quid pro quos happen all the time in foreign policy. congress has to determine more. if there was a quid pro quo, was it for a corrupt or improper purpose. >> no doubt the words of this year are. that was danny cevallos reporting. up next, the good, the bad and the ugly. the halloween display that is sparking controversy but first, chance the rapper showing his support for the chicago's teachers union who are still striking while hosting "saturday night live," he wore a red chicago teachers shirt during his monologue.
12:45 pm
>> last time i was here, i gave $1 million to chicago public schools. and i'm happy to say that it completely fixed everything. no, honestly, to the teachers in chicago, i know you are on strike, i fully support you. >> pretty cool. this as negotiations between the unions and the city continue today. negotiations broke off last night after a marathon 14 hour day. the union president says teachers will continue to strike until they have a clear win. if a deal isn't reached, monday will mark the eighth missed school day for some 300,000 students. go to hilton instead of a travel site and you'll experience a whole new range of emotions like... the relaxing feeling of knowing you're getting the best price. these'll work. the utter delight of free wi-fi... . oh man this is the best part. isn't that you?
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so the world series will be of note tonight. for one thing. yes, it is now down to a best of three series with the astros and nationals and the nationals are my team so sad to see them lose the last couple games. but the real rivalry is before those teams start. president trump will attend tonight's game five of the world series in d.c. where the astros will take on the nats. the series is tied 2-2.
12:50 pm
instead of the commander in chief throwing out the first pitch though will be a celebrity chef. and it could either up for another jewel because jose is one of the president's biggest critics. in fact president trump actually sued him after he pulled out of a restaurant deal at his d.c. hotel. so we'll be watching the first pitch and also be listening to see what sort of d.c. greetings president gets. lrt. t all right. the good, the bad and ugly. did you have your favorite or lea least favorite make the headlines? and joining me is our
12:51 pm
ala alexandra pettrey. and danielle hoodie mills. let's talk about your good. it has to do with trying to collect some money? >> far, far away and taking all of my money. but, yeah, to me the good news in a week that was sort of sparse with good news is there is a new trailer out for the rise of skywalker. i have no idea what is going on in this trailer full disclosure, there is rain, force appears to be used. so i'm just excited. i have no idea what is going on, but i'm game for as much force as possible. >> can we take it full screen to take a look? there was a lot of -- >> we have water, you love a water planet. >> and didn't we have like flying horses? >> yeah, people on horses which in space you think maybe they have moved beyond this that
12:52 pm
technology, but maybe they are getting back to their roots. >> there were no flying horses in the original. so got nothing for you, bro. and no ewoks in that trailer. so we'll wait to see that come out. and danielle, this week was -- >> it was a mixed bag. it is a mixed bag if my good because i was trying link strugd something good. but nothing unites the country more than when you lose a states man. and we worked the funeral of elijah countryings who was public servant for more than 30 years. and so my good was finally listening to a real president, two of them. and secretary of state. so remind us what states people
12:53 pm
are supposed to sound like. so barack obama, bill clinton, hillary clinton's eulogies were beautiful and remind us what leadership and full sentences stand like. >> and also nancy pelosi's was beautiful to her friend. and cummings widow mentioned an interesting thing two nights before he died, he had them wheel him up to the rooftop of the hospital there, johns hop kin, and so that he could see the sunset one last time. and he said, boy, i've come a long way. your bad for the week. >> we've managed while everything else was going on to confirm another lifetime appoint a fifth judge rated unqualified by the american bar association. so that is fun and cool.
12:54 pm
and you may remember him from his defense of brett kavanaugh. >> and justin walker, he is 37 years old. and a lifetime appointment. and the bar association took note of him because they were pointing out that he has never tried a case. >> details action details. >> why do you care about facts, kendis? we live in the twilight zone. that is totally okay. >> what was your bad? >> my bad was this brooklyn, a brooklyn artist dani rosa decided that it would be a great idea do cutouts of brown children hanging from nooses and hang them up in her window which is across the street from a public school in clinton hill brooklyn where young black and brown children go in every day.
12:55 pm
so she got to walk past images of them being lynched. >> that sounded pretty ugly. >> yeah that is deeply ugly. and my ugly, some people would view it as good news, but for me they are teaching rats how to drive. and this is helping decrease the rat stress, but not really helping decrease my stress. i also thought rats were sort of committed subway commuters. like that is their mode of transit. if we are putting them in cars, then think of the outcome. >> good news is that pizza rat means he will be able to deliver in new york tonight enough. and your ugly. >> my you go pli cougly comes f. robert drake, an umpire, tweeted that he will buy an ar-15 because if you impeach my president, you are going to start another civil war. fantastic. >> and of course major league baseball was not happy about that. do you have a team for tonight?
12:56 pm
>> no. >> go nats. >> go nats. alexandra, danielle, thank you. up next, new detail on the breaking news story that we're continuing to follow, the world's most wanted terrorist dead. but why were congressional leaders kept in the dark about the u.s. raid? cologuard: colon cancer screening for people 50 and older at average risk. i've heard a lot of excuses to avoid screening for colon cancer. i'm not worried. it doesn't run in my family. i can do it next year. no rush. cologuard is the noninvasive option that finds 92% of colon cancers. you just get the kit in the mail, go to the bathroom, collect your sample, then ship it to the lab.
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that will do it for me.
1:00 pm
thanks for watching. i'll be back next saturday at 2:00 p.m. eastern and you can follow me online all the time. the news continues with richard lui. >> thanks so much, kendis. have a good weekend. good afternoon to all of you. thanks for being with us. i'm richard lui. so much unfolding in the past 24 hours. we'll start with the breaking news for you. the breaking news that we're following, the world's most wanted terrorist dead. isis leader abu balr al-baghdadi died overnight during a military raid by u.s. special forces in northwest syria. >> last night the united states brought the word's number old's terrorist leader to justice. abu balr al-baghdadi is dead. he died after running into a dead end tunnel whimpering and crying and screaming all the way. he reached the end


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