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tv   Morning Joe  MSNBC  October 28, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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i lieu this one in particular groups like syrian kurds so we know now president trump alongside ayman mohyeldin. "morning joe" starts right now. where bill barr was saying that said very clearly yesterday that because, quite honestly, they left center field. their position had evolved when u.s. troops would have this new back at the wall. don't trust us. one day's episode or cooperation and that's gone. it came to cooperating with a mission of securing oil in syria grand jury -- excuse me, between this white house and the and he talked about the importance of that mission. cooperating with impeachment american intelligence community we now, we've seen the first of investigation to material over those deployments actually move materials to a grand jury. doth not a relationship make. the judge wouldn't have any of what worries me going forward is >> he goes deep. the enemy is still going to be from here into syria, driving there. the question is, will we? towards the region. that's where many of these it. that's what happens. >> i want to ask you, david he let him hit him right in the you get the smackdown by the troops will be based. we don't have a good sense of ignatius, your thoughts over, federal judiciary against the exactly how many there will be. we know they will have some chest. 2-1. the houston astros defeated the attorney general of the united again, let's just look over the light armored vehicles, they past decade or so. washington nationals 7-1 last states, and that's what happens when the president points his you had, of course, al qaeda, night in game five of the world moved in on lightly armored series. they now lead the series three which was considered to be the vehicles that we've seen throughout iraq and afghanistan own to be attorney general. worst of the worst. over the last several years. games to two, after falling behind 2-0 games after the that led to al zachary in iraq they also will have tanks, >> thank you. though, so that indicates that series headed to washington. >> all bets are off. not only are the u.s. military game six is tomorrow night. >> that is what happens when roy back in houston. troops who are going in there are they worried about the and meanwhile, president trump and al qaeda -- had al qaeda potential for some kind of a was at the game last night. writing him letters say, hey, clash with isis, but they're cone is running the justice where he was greeted with boos back off. worried about the potential for when his attendance was department. he humiliates himself and he actually confrontations with you're going too extreme. more heavily armed adversaries. announced during the game. you don't blow up weddings. according to the "washington doesn't care because he has an audience of one. you don't do the type of things in this case, it would likely be post," the crowd sustained it's just past the top of russia or the syrian regime. booing hit almost 100 decibels, the hour on this monday, october you're doing. his death and osama bin laden's both of them border this area and was followed by chants of 28th. death in 9/11 leads to isis. we have mike barnicle, jonathan right along the euphrates river lock him up, and impeach trump, now, of course, we've killed the head of isis. valley so the u.s. military is
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when he was introduced after the i'm wondering, does it fracture? lamere, richard hoss and at least concerned about the possibility of with this new deployment, they could have some third inning. kind of a confrontation. >> the president and the first we also know that this new columnist for "the washington lady of the united states. does the radical islam movement mission will have a smaller post," david ignatius and amon continue to fracture across the footprint than what we've seen with the u.s. troops there for the past several years. with this smaller footprint, of globe? does it become more difficult or do we dare look at the last few course, leads to the possibility that there will be less years and say, you know what, >> good morning. the pace of the attacks are opportunities to gather and welcome to morning joe. down. intelligence on the ground. it is monday, october 28. they certainly are significantly there will be less working with down since 2014-2015. and with us we have msnbc muldean. we'll start the new hour with partners there on the ground, so the raid that we saw over the contributor mark barnacle, white house reporter for the this -- >> tonight i can report to the weekend that killed abu bakr >> i think there are two points associated press, jonathan american people and to the world al-baghdadi, the isis leader, i'd make. things like that will be not that the united states has one, the ability and lamir, president on the council determination of the u.s. using only less likely but much on foreign relations and author conducted an operation that of the book, a world in these extraordinary troops and disarray, richard haas, killed -- tactics to go after our >> abu bakr al baghdadi. riskier for u.s. troops going forward without this presence in columnist and associate editor >> at my direction, the united the country, mika. states launched -- >> courtney, this is david for the "washington post," david >> a dangerous and daring adversaries. in the case of al baghdadi, this ignatius and retired four star nighttime raid. >> a small team of americans is a person who brutally ignacious. if i could just ask you, having murdered three journalists in killed out -- visited that area on some >> their mission in grand style. navy admiral, diplomacy analyst >> over the years i've addition to thousands and earlier trips, i'm curious repeatedly made clear. >> we will continue to pursue thousands of syrians and other whether we're going to be working closely with the syrian for msnbc, and nbc news. the remaining isis terrorists. arabs. we made a vow. kurds who were our allies there it was sort of startling and sad >> may god bless you. we're going to get you. to help them protect the oil and to hear those chants of lock him we're going after you. have that as a bargaining chip up, yesterday from the crowd. >> may god bless america. thank you. or whether we're now in the
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>> yes. we delivered on that fact just bargaining chip business >> you know -- ourselves. >> i didn't take pleasure in as with osama bin laden. do you have any sense of that? any questions? the world sees that and that >> reporter: so, the u.s. that. >> there were many traditions >> the raid that killed bin sign of america's continuing military insists that the u.s. laden was a seminal moment in power is something the world brought about by donald trump and his supporters and people will be partnering with and around him that are un-american. the obama administration. working close lowe with the takes seriously. syrian democrat forces in the even fascist-like. how well baghdadi's death shaped it is haunting to recall that secure the oil mission. the chants of lock her up, send the trump presidency, that's the isis erupted as this new totally this is really their attempt to question we're looking at this salvage what has been two weeks morning. now of headlines about how the >> that is the question we're her back, but the "lock her up" looking at. super toxic movement after the u.s. is abandoning the kurds. of course, richard hoss, the they really want to reinforce that they're going to continue killing of bin laden that didn't about hillary clinton president of the united states seem to have much deter and to work with the sdf. repeatedly, it has become a went on to talk about how one thing that i was really effect on the next wave of isis. struck by and david you know center piece, and that's what this well from your coverage of baghdadi died like a dog, dictators do. i guess the second lesson for me this region and particularly of they take over, and then they syria, i was really struck by start talking about imprisoning the fact that president trump so is, this is not something you coward, whimpering and openly said that the u.s. others. and it's un-american. finish up and walk away from. sniveling. he didn't sound like the military may have to fight for if there's one thing i hope the oil. president trump takes from this, president of the united states. he sounded like saddam hussein that is a steep departure from here, you can hear the chant it's thaw need to stay engaged. what we have heard about u.s. after torturing people, moammar military missions in this region here. >> lock him up. lindsey graham is patting for nearly two decades now. lock him up. himself on the back for having >> so that's what unfortunately, coming up with this idea, let's the u.s. has always maintained say and protect the oil. that the war -- the presence it has been fed, into america's gadhafi after torturing people. here, the conflicts are not well, if that keeps u.s. troops it was deeply un-american, in the region, a modest political system through donald about oil and the people who trump, and last night, it was deeply troubling. contention, you know, okay, if have actually been claiming that turned against him. i'm curious. for years have generally been but again, it's un-american. let's step back from the that's the rationality. the adversaries, al qaeda and but the real point is we need to and the people in the stands whatnot, who claim that the u.s. that were doing it last night president's bungling stage be there to continue to conduct is just coming in here because
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they want to take the region's shouldn't have done it. craft, step back from all of his counterterrorist operations. oil. in fact, you know, they learned, the same argument applies to >> and yes, of course, donald they have learned from donald un-american strongman instincts afghanistan. there's still a lot of people trump. that's what you do, to political and let's just look at the who want to kill americans and trump once again reconfirming geopolitical implications of all of our enemies' worst westerners in afghanistan. opponents. there's got to be some i hope that donald trump, after suspicions about the united states. nbc's courtney kube, thank you seeing that he could be facing what happened yesterday. what are your thoughts, how does capability to deal with them. this throughout his entire so much. >> thank you, courtney. campaign will cut it out. final point that strikes me, coming up on "morning joe," will cut it out. joe, is the president on this because this is, i remember when this shape the fight against john kelly says he issued a rambling 48-minute or whatever warning to president trump before leaving the white house. barack obama was leaving office, isis, the fight against islamic it was, quasi press conference judging by the impeachment a lot of liberals wanted george inquiry in the house, the w. bush tried by some terrorism in the months to come? disclosed more detail about the president chose not to heed that >> once again, it demonstrates advice. that conversation is next on international tribunal. the capability, which is truly "morning joe." versation is nextn i remember us saying don't do "morning joe." ♪ limu emu & doug it, because it will be you on impressive and global, when you operation than i'm aware any the other side of the marry up american soldiers. president or senior official has presidency, and then have to in this case, special operation ever disdisclosed and it made worry about retribution from the person that you follow. the military very uneasy. >> yes. >> and of course, you never soldiers with american some senior military officers intelligence. when we're willing and able to act that way, it's impressive. are shaking their head about think, mike barnicle, nobody that's the clear upside. ever thinks that anybody will details, what was done when they follow them as president of the approached the bunker. you didn't do this, instead you the downside is given the nature did that. united states when they first of the adversary, the phrase you how many helicopters were used. get in, just like donald trump, it's never imagined it. but live by the sword, die by used before, there's no pretty much making clear where the sword, and sure enough, now they were flying from. hour 36 in the stakeout. you have donald trump having battleship missouri day. the initial tweet came at a time you can't decapitate its as soon as the homeowners arrive, barr conduct an outrageous, an we'll inform them that liberty mutual leadership. it's an open-ended struggle. when the site, i'm told, was customizes home insurance, outrajs investigation against we can't do victory dances based still pretty hot. so they'll only pay for what they need. on a day because tomorrow, for your turn to keep watch, limu. all we know, we'll be attacked lots still going on there. wake me up if you see anything.
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barack obama. and donald trump each calling very unwise to have put that somewhere else. just as important, what worries the 44th president of the united [ snoring ] states treasonist. out. so the president's desire, using me is we've unilaterally removed it's like this guy is just not the language that president smart enough to figure out that many of the preconditions of our [ loud squawking and siren blaring ] success. we no longer have t relationshi what goes around comes around, obama said he would never do, to and what he dishes out to others spike the football. will be dished out to him. hey, we got it, does come with only pay for what you need. some costs. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ that's why everybody has to tone >> yeah, so here is the president. and i think as david points out, it down. ♪ stop with the chants. it's important to look at the >> oh, my gosh. ♪ i got that vibe, got that vibe ♪ language that's used and discuss >> stop with the fascist-like why it may or may not have been ♪ got that vibe, yeah, i ain't petty, ♪ not only inappropriate but ♪ looking fly, looking fly, ♪ tactics. and the rhetoric. dangerous and untoward on so ♪ looking fly, yeah, they ain't ready. ♪ it's just un-american. and it's just not right. many levels. ♪ i can shine, i can shine, ♪ >> yes, joe, and you know, if here's the president talking about how baghdadi died. ♪ i can shine. you know this, i mean most ♪ i'mma do what i'm made to do. ♪ >> from the first day i came to office and now we're getting people know this, a lot of ♪ i'mma do what i'm made to do. ♪ people in this country just want close to three years, i would built for excellence. you start from the foundation up. the entire situation calmed down. the excellence is reaching dreams and they want the country to calm down. s chasing them at the same time. they want candidates to calm say, where's al baghdadi? i want al baghdadi. ♪ down. and we would kill terrorist it would be tough to have the chasing them at the same time. crowd last night calm down because they were really into leaders but they were names i it, unfortunately. never heard of, names that you should be mad at airports. but i think it's important going weren't recognizable and they excuse me, where is gate 87? weren't the big names. you should be mad at non-seasoned travelers. forward. especially today, as we talk some good ones, some important about the events that occurred ones but they weren't the big over the weekend, that we take and they took my toothpaste away. the time and the thought to ones. and you should be mad at people who take unnecessary risks. i kept saying, where's al how dare you, he's my emotional support snake.
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separate donald trump and, baghdadi? and a couple weeks ago they were but you're not mad, however you feel about donald because you have e*trade, trump, to separate him and how able to scope him out. he behaves, and how he speaks, whose tech helps you understand you know, these people are very the risk and reward potential on an options trade from the actions of the delta smart. they're not spew the use of cell it's a paste. it's not liquid or a gel. force team, the special and even explore what-if scenarios. phones anymore. operators, who flew in and they're very technically where's gate 87? conducted that mission. brilliant. you know, they use the internet don't get mad. it's two separate things. get e*trade and start trading today. and the best of us, the best of who we are, and what we do almost better than anybody else around the world, and why so - [narrator] forget about vacuuming for up to a month. much of the world still relies in the world, perhaps except shark iq robot deep-cleans and empties itself donald trump. they use the internet incredibly on this, was in operation over well. what they've done with the into a base you can empty once a month. the weekend. internet through recruiting -- and unlike standard robots that bounce around, that's why he died like a dog >> jonathan, you can speak to it cleans row by row. can, he died like hey coward. that, but also last night. if it's not a shark, it's just a robot. >> yes, i mean it is certainly he was whimpering, screaming an american tradition to boo politicians who go to baseball crying. aveeno® with prebiotic striple oat complex frankly, it's something that should be brought out so his games. followers and all these young balances skin's microbiome. kids that want to leave various there's a rich history of the so skin looks like this american presidency and the american past-time, william countries, including the united and you feel like this. howard taft was the first president to throw out a first aveeno® skin relief. states, they should see how he get skin healthy™ pitch. >> i remember that. died. i want to thank the nations of >> and every american president russia, turkey, syria, and iraq, has at some point and this and i also want to thank the president hasn't since taking office and he went last night and i thought the people around syrian kurds for certain support they were able to give us. him were hoping he could be the >> can you tell us what role the part of the victory lap after announcing the death of al kurds play generally in this?
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>> they gave us not a military baghdadi earlier in the day. that is not the case. role at all but they gave us some information that turned out let us remember, he is deeply to be helpful, the kurds. you may have gingivitis. when you brush, unpopular in the district of and the clock could be ticking towards bad breath, columbia himself. the kurds have worked along he only referred about 4% of the receding gums, and possibly... vote there in 2016. obviously a little bit of a tooth loss. different crowd last night at incredibly with us. help turn back the clock the world series, more in all fairness, it was much on gingivitis easier to deal with the kurds with parodontax. out-of-towners, more corporate leave bleeding gums behind. type, but still, he was going to after they went through three parodontax. get booed and he was. days of fighting. that was a brutal three days. but certainly, it comes at the end of what his administration >> have you notified the feels like was a significant congressional -- water shed day for him. >> we notified some. to be able to make this others are being notified as i speak. we were going to notify them announcement of the death. last night but we decided not to as mike said, you could separate the president, and your feelings do that because washington leaks like i've never seen before. towards him, with what happened the day before, in syria, and this is the leader of isis, there's nothing -- there's no country in the world that leaks like we do. killed, this is the, this gives the president an image he thinks to put alongside president a leak could have cost the death of all of them. obama's announcement of the >> so, you trust zooish wow. death of osama bin laden, and it certainly comes at exactly the >> very interesting. >> where to begin. right time his people feel for >> jonathan, this reminds me of your question in helsinki where him. an undeniable triumph during the the president said he trusted midst of the impeachment inquiry vladimir putin more than he and allows him to defend his trusted the head of the fbi or policy in syria just as so many the head of the cia or the dni republican senators were critical of him. >> right.
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and mika, we will get to that or head of the united states right now, the story, obviously a follow-up from what jonathan, military intel community. a long rich tradition of here he's saying he trusts presidents booed at sporting vladimir putin, the ex-kgb agent events. most of them do. who is saying this morning this >> this was a little different. >> but again, i would speak to never happened. the lock him up chants. he says he trusts him more than again, it is un-american. and it started with donald he trusts the third, fourth, trump. in fact, he's made it a center fifth ranking people in the piece of his campaign rallies. united states government. >> this is a moment where the i said, whatever you do, >> and we find it sickening when president had some praise for the intelligence community. don't hire a yes man, someone it happens in his rallies. you sa you it there. i find it kind of sickening to he felt he could not trust house that's going to tell you -- watch people -- won't tell you the truth. >> sickening, we are americans. don't do that. speaker pelosi and leading because if you do, i believe and we do not do that. democrats. we do not want the world hearing in an extraordinary lack of you'll be impeached. notification to them that this operation was happening. and someone has got to be the us chant, lock him up, to this he'd much rather throw in his guy that tells you that, you lot with vladimir putin. the way he continued to praise president, or to any president, know, you know, you either have turkey. that's what i'm saying, let's we were just talking at the the authority or you don't or, hope, as we move forward, maybe table about sort of the mr. president, you know, don't extraordinary language about the do it because whatever. this is one less fascist tactic kurds. sort of really trying to but don't hire someone that minimize the role they play. he and his supporters use, no military assistance, only a would just, you know, nod and during chants. little intelligence and say, you know, that's a great you are going to actually suggesting they did so after idea, mr. president, because you three days of fighting with the imprison your political turks in which they took will be impeached. countless casualties. >> oh, wow.
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opponents. so let's leave that behind. i mean, it's an extraordinary well, that -- he predicted the >> let's hope he gets it. moment there, praising erdogan >> we'll see if the astros -- future there. >> general nostradamus. >> i don't know if it is and trying to defend -- retro possible. >> if the astros will finish it actively defend his decision to >> where is mick mulvaney? pull those troops out of syria president trump's former chief leading to this blood shed and of staff, john kelly, saying off in houston. make the argument that actually over the weekend that before leaving the white house, he if max can pitch game seven, warned president trump against anything is possible. helped this operation when according to "the new york >> president trump yesterday confirmed the death of isis times" and all other places his hiring a "yes" man. president trump responded in a decision to pull out the troops leader abu bakr al baghdadi made this much, much harder. statement saying, john kelly never said that, he never said following a lead in northwestern and put at risk it could happen anything like that. if he would have said that, i syria by u.s. special operations at all. >> it's a preposterous argument. would have thrown him out of the forces. office. >> whatever. president trump teased the announcement in a tweet on god, this guy. he's actually praising the this guy lies so much. russians and the russians that saturday night, saying something have bombed hospitals in syria they're not even good lies. very big has just happened. nobody believes anymore. and killed ilians. so i don't know why he says it. >> my god. >> i know. he's praising the turks, the >> there's the elephant in the >> they have not confirmed that turks who went in and tried to room. slaughtered the kurds. mick mulvaney. >> where was mick? something big had happened at he's praising all those people the time. >> the "washington post" points and minimizing -- out the white house script on the death of brutal terrorist al also, stephanie grisham also hit >> and reveling in the details back in a statement, saying and minimize what the kurds have baghdadi was short. done when, in fact, they were this. >> oh my. >> saying this. but president trump turned the the most critical allies on the >> oh my. >> of a man who dedicated his ground there in making this somber announcement into a vivid happen. life to serving in the united 40-minute news conference, that states military, sacrificed his included bravado, detailed amon, you look the language he descriptions of military used. he died like a dog, a coward. son, and he was considered one of the great generals of our
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operations, questionable time, and this person at the statements, and self promotion. whimpering, sniveling, crying. >> from the first day i came to white house said, this trump first of all, this sounds so office, and now, we're getting close to three years, i would apologist said, i worked with john kelly and he was totally say where's al baghdadi? much like that so-called phone i want al baghdadi. unequipped to handle the genius of our great president. call from two chinese leaders and we would kill terrorist >> that would be the white that donald trump's people admitted he lied about to try to house "yes" secretary, stephanie leaders, but they were names i calm the markets back in august. grisham. >> and she actually, in that never heard of, they were names statement, she actually makes that weren't recognizable and john kelly's point for him. weren't the big one, some good sounds so much like something he made up because the secretary of >> yes. defense himself who obviously >> when you have people around ones, some important ones but was on the calls more than the you that sound like -- again, this is, again, go back. president said he never heard they weren't the one, and i kept anything like that. saying where is al-baghdadi, and but this language, sniveling, he >> yes man, yes woman. >> go back and look. a couple of weeks ago they were able to scope him out. died like a dog. i'm on "snl" suddenly. these people are very smart. it's ripped straight out of the go back and look at the language they're not into the use of cell phones anymore. they're very technically playbook of saddam hussein, of not "snl" but look at the brilliant. you know, they use the internet language of what north korean better than almost anybody in moammar gadhafi, the worst of spokespeople say about kim jong-un and what they said about the world, perhaps other than the worst strong men. donald trump. but they use the internet >> there's a lot of question as to whether or not that could incredibly well. and what they've done with the have even been physically kim jong il and that's how they internet through recruiting and possible. talk. if you think that abu bakr al that's not now american press everything, and that's why he baghdadi died in a tunnel, how secretaries talk. this white house, by the day, is died like a dog, he died like a exactly was the president able to paint this picture of how he breaking from american coward, he was whim perring, traditions and sounding and
3:10 am
screaming and crying, and died in those final seconds acting more un-american by the unless he had live audio or day. frankly, i think it's something video stream in very close >> joe, when i read that, i that should be brought out, so that his followers and all of these young kids that want to quarters? put that aside and think about first thought it was from the"t what the president is trying to leave various countries, do. he's trying to paint a picture of how this guy died precisely including the united states, they should see how he died. in a way to antagonize his followers or his organization in onion." jonathan, i'm wondering, joe and the way it is trying to recruit. >> no. >> admiral, we'll get to the take yourself out of this for a mika have raised this a couple times already. where is mick mulvaney? moment here and try to imagine you rarely see him. yourself -- if i can, connect strategic importance of what we all the dots of what we're when you do hear from him, he get to, but again, just implicates himself in all sorts talking about here. of impeachable offenses, potentially. picture yourself a young muslim underlining un-american where is he? arab man, protesting the >> he is not been a visible language, and the sound of tire government in baghdad or libya. presence since that rather you have the president of the disastrous news conference in rants, saying he died like a the white house ten days or so united states trying to paint dog, he died like a coward, this picture of who or what isis ago and he has -- he made clear that he was not going to take was, talking about all of the the same approach as john kelly. hateful ideology that it john kelly, for a few months, wimpering and screaming. can you please explain to maybe had some success saying no to espoused. on the other side, if you're a the president, trying to rein in three of donald trump supporters young person who believes in who fist-pump when they hear democracy and reform, thinking that, the down side of that, and the region is going in a some of his more dangerous impulses. why the 44 american presidents different direction, protesting now eventually the president did on the streets with no reform, tune him out and by the end of who preceded him did not talk and you're suddenly drawn into kelly's time in office, they were barely speaking. about casualties on the war, this moment of where do i go, where is the recruitment of an it's unclear when he made these even if they were the most
3:11 am
organization like this go for comments but mulvaney has said heinous casualties like osama the next phase? you talked about how al qaeda from the beginning that he was bin laden, or you name it, or going to handle some of the other operations in the white evolved into al qaeda in iraq, house. japanese opponents, or nazis, you have al qaeda in yemen. he was going to let -- >> he's doing a bang-up job. isis is doing the same thing. why we didn't talk that way? you have isis splinter groups in >> he is going to let trump by north africa, isis splinter trump and we have seen where >> or quadafi in libya, for that has gotten us. groups in afghanistan. coming up on "morning joe," so the killing of al baghdadi example. in every case, joe, the problem from the house democrats himself, while is obviously leadership, iraq war veteran here is there's that internal symbolic, is not necessarily congressman anthony brown joins desire to kind of take a victory tactical in the sense it's going us. plus, the former point to destroy the organization. lap, but it's counterproductive. person in the coalition to and i've said this before, it comes across as defeat isis, brett mcgurk, is bullets and bombs kill un-professional. it's spiking the ball in the end terrorists. our guest. they don't defeat terrorism. "morning joe" is back in a moment. "morning joe" is back in a zone. and here's the real problem. we're losing big picture moment skin sin #17... questions of what are we going it's motivational for the other to do in the region to defeat in ideology or refrain it from side. >> yes. >> some will make the argument, expanding? and i think the president in his it's a deterrent. i don't think so. speech, in his comments, and to the point about the dogs, just i think that that tape will be added more recruitment to the played, particularly that image of the dog in the arab world, is fire because you're going to have a lot of people say this is how this symbolic leader of the well-known as an extremely evock organization died, according to the president, and that's going to be used to generate another tive, negative and that i think will be a recruiting tool that extremists who will be more the islamic state uses on the internet and i think for the vicious not just going after the united states but their proxies
3:12 am
record, they are better than and allies in the region. donald trump managing currently >> when we heard that sort of to conduct global operations talk after 9/11, this will only without owning a shred of too many after-parties. territory, after we took away the caliphate from them, which create more terrorists or more new neutrogena® bright boost with dullness-fighting was another good accomplishment, neoglucosamine. they still conducted a massive boosts cell turnover by 10 times drones will cause more for instantly brighter skin. terrorists, it did. attack in sri lanka, using the bright boost neutrogena®. the terrorists have become more internet to recruit proselytize deadly, more vicious and more (engines rev) and conduct the operation. hard to track down because they they will use this footage to are scattered. the only thing better than horsepower... motivate their follower, to >> the problem of these recruit more, it is really not more horsepower. how we want to play this. terrorist cells going deep or (engines rev) >> well, it is actually, on a much smaller level, it is what underground, having information you call, basically, press from allies that can help us get if we were for everyone, information about where they we'd be for no one. are, that's the heart of the clippings from locker rooms where somebody on the other side with dodge power dollars, says something, you cut out the matter. the amazing thing about more power means more cash allowance. purchase now and get $10 per horsepower. press clippings and put them up president trump's comment about that's $7,970 on the srt challenger hellcat redeye. and use it to inspire other the kurds is they were a key source of information. people. and it is something we don't this information surfaced during want here. the summer. then the president makes this let's go, richard haas, go to seemingly impulsive decision to you, and talk about the impact allow turkey to invade the of the death. kurdish areas and they keep and we'll get into some of the cooperating. they don't try to push back and other things first. say, all right, we're cutting on
3:13 am
of cooperation here. obviously, i remember us being, one other thing i've been celebrating at least, most hearing the last day from u.s. wayfair's got your perfect mattress. whether you're looking for a top-brand at a great price. military officials, the area in americans, when zarkawi was ready to upgrade. which baghdadi was found, idlib, killed i believe it was in 2006, moving in. is an area where to the extent moving on up. 2007, t there's any power that has some or making big moves. really the inspiration for isis, and of course, that just led to deliveries ship free and come with a 100-night free trial. information on the ground is no matter your budget. turkey. more violence, splinter groups there's also talk of continuing or your sleep style. and we of course all celebrated, isis infrastructure in turkey, we have quality options for everyone. and we had our, on the deck of so search and shop. the missouri moment a little logistics, movement of people, save and snooze. bit, when osama bin laden was and rest easy, knowing that we've got your back. literally. and so these are questions. killed in 2011, and we were all that's what you get, when you've got wayfair. cheering, but of course, out of rather than patting turkey on so shop now. that, came the rise of isis, and the back as the president did, time for serious questions as we so i'm wondering, it's obviously learned about baghdadi hiding my moderate to severe i ulcerative out there south of the turkish but i realized something was missing... very important death, but do we border, what have you been me. make the same mistake again, doing? what information can you share the thought of my symptoms returning that we made in '06, that we to eradicate the last cells? was keeping me from being there made in '11, when we think the that's a key thing. for the people and things i love most. i know there's concern about it death of this one man is going in the military. so, i talked to my doctor and learned to end the movement that he was humira can help get, and keep, uc under control so successful in spreading? >> to ayman's point, you've been when other medications haven't worked well enough. >> the short answer, joe, is and it helps people achieve control that lasts yes, there is no such thing as decapitation, when it comes to looking into whether or not this so you could experience few or no symptoms. dealing with terrorists, because
3:14 am
whether you call them network killing dismantles isis and what humira can lower your ability to fight infections, ors movements, they're not the turks can actually do. including tuberculosis. narrow organizations that are serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, highly structured. >> that's right. what i've been hearing from including lymphoma, have happened; we're getting rid of the leadership essentially disables officials, it is, the president as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, does deserve some credit. serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. obviously, u.s. intelligence before treatment, get tested for tb. all the fighters. they will reform. community, u.s. military for a very symbolic and moral victory tell your doctor if you've been to areas they may splinter and so forth. they're very decentralization. where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, their in formality in some ways over baghdadi. is a degree of strength. but the organization of isis are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. so i think we have to keep the doesn't really rely on one accomplishment as meaningful as leader. don't start humira if you have an infection. it is in perspective. he's a very kind of big symbolic and more important, or just as be there for you, and them. leader. as we've been talking about for ask your gastroenterologist about humira. important, you got to take a step back and say are we putting the show, you know, it's a very with humira, control is possible. ourselves in a position where we can do this sort of thing again and again, as we will need to object tuesday organization. you have cells going throughout do. and now, i think the jury is the middle east, africa and out, or you've got to say it is south asia. going to become much more difficult. we are not going to have the forces on the ground collecting baghdadi while important the intelligence. we're not going to have partners symbolically, is not too important to the overall operation of the organization. like the syrian kurds and other so he was the fourth leader of kurds doing so much. al qaeda in iraq. there are still questions about the willingness of this administration to work closely there will be a fifth leader and with its own intelligence community. so again, yesterday was an sixth leader. it's not really dealing with the important day. ideology and that's what but we shouldn't exaggerate it. officials are telling me.
3:15 am
and i'm really worried about with the reduction of the going forward, whether we're going to be able to repeat, this footprint, not only the military because we're going to need to. but the u.s. civilian presence, >> well, this foreign policy it just shows this operation, achievement, mika, reportedly, how critical the u.s. is on the almost didn't happen. ground. there's nobody that can do what and it didn't happen because of the u.s. does. to the point of turkey, there's donald trump's witddely criticid a reason that the u.s. did not foreign policy decision. >> the "new york times" is launch this operation from reporting, citing multiple turkey, which is five military and counter-terrorism kilometers, as we've been saying, from where this is all officials quote for months intelligence officials had kept been going on. they did it from iraq. mr. trump apprised of what he that's because they don't trust the turks. had set as a top priority, the hunt for mr. al-baghdadi, the because they are some of the world's most wanted terrorist. militias are -- have relations but mr. trump's abrupt with the turks. this is really what's bothering withdrawal order from northeast syria three weeks ago disrupted officials right now and also to the meticulous planning under the point of the kurds, listen, i'll give you something way, and forced pentagon else. the european nations have been a officials to speed up the plan the kurds could have easily said for the risky night raid before as trump said, they were primed tremendous disappointment because i personally called but their ability to control troops, my people called a lot, take because they were fighting the last three days. spies and reconnaissance your isis fighters. and they didn't want them. they could have turned around and said, we've been fighting aircraft disappeared with the they said, we don't want them. the last three days. pull-out. we have problems of our own. they came from france, they came mr. al-baghdadi's death and the we can't help you out. from germany, they came from the raid on saturday, they said, the americans are very lucky the occurred largely in spite of, uk. they came from a lot of kurds stood by their word and
3:16 am
and not because of, mr. trump's helped the u.s. out. countries. and i actually said to them, you it's very clear that next time don't take them, i'm going to they may not be there. actions. those actions include allowing drop them right on your border >> he died like a dog, crying, and you can have fun capturing them again. the formally u.s. backed kurds to defend for themselves against screaming, whimpering. >> president trump with that the major turkish assault. delta force is the greatest warning to our european allies in his news conference military unit the world knows. however american officials said it shows america's reach. yesterday. joining us now, vice chair of the kurds continued to provide we can go anywhere at any time the house armed services and successfully help democracy committee, democratic information to the cia on mr. congressman anthony brown of and rescue people and kill our maryland. al-baghdadi's information after he is a veteran of the iraq war trump's betrayal and the kurds enemies, but those words uttered by the president of the united and a recipient of the bronze star. provided more intelligence than any single country for the raid. also with us, distinguished in a tweet, the syrian states, talk about a film clip lecturer at stanford university that an 18-year-old, unemployed, democratic forces call it a and nbc news and msnbc senior desperate, hopeless young person foreign affairs analyst, brett in egypt or in saudi arabia or mcgurk. he recently served as special five-month joint operation, in yemen or in iraq and iran president trump thanked the presidential envoy for the kurds after he thanked the global coalition to defeat isis look at what do they think? russians. >> i want to thank the nations you can't defeat an idea with -- at the state department. of russia, turkey, syria, and >> like i said earlier, it's iraq and the syrian kurds for brett, your latest in the going to add fuel to the fire "washington post" is entitled, certain support they were able for recruitment. baghdadi's death underscores i can see it plastered all over what we have lost by abandoning to give us. >> you can tell us what role the kurds played in this generally. the internet. this is john wayne bravado. syria's kurds. >> they gave us not a military i want to ask you what we lost role at all but they gave us reflects a deep insecurity in but also ask you about the some information that turned out impact of his death. to be helpful. donald trump. that insecurity was evidenced in
3:17 am
his comparison of the murder of the kurds. the kurds have worked along >> well, on your second question incredibly with us. but in all fairness it was much baghdadi with osama bin laden. first, it's a landmark day, and easier dealing with the kurds all of this has something to do after they went through three with what he takes -- what he b. really, i was thinking all day days of fighting. yesterday about the victims of because that was a brutal three isis, thousands of victims, baghdadi is a ruthlessly days. >> david ignatius, we will let particularly evil individual. you take it from there. what we heard yesterday, died he kind of institutionalized mass enslavement, mass rape, you obviously know this, you like a dog, is donald trump have been there several times, and you just have to look at mass murder, genocide, so it's a hyperventilating his what happened, and i'm sure you know this better than any of us, masculinity. landmark day and the credit goes the heroes were once again the i'm a man. i'm john wayne with my to our men and women who put these operations together. kurds, who did quite a bit more six-shooters. muslims across the region are and like david ignacious on your delighted. last segment, i spent a lot of than what donald trump said from baghdadi has been killing all reports and also our special muslims on a rampage. time in syria and sieiraq worki forces, our u.s. troops, men and they're happy this man is dead with them. truly remarkable and a tribute women in uniform over there, and in the ground. you've seen them, they are the what we do know is what donald to them and something that i trump did yesterday over 48 hope can bring the country best that there is. together a little bit. minutes will lead to the on the point in the op-ed, these >> well, joe, and mika, let's things don't just happen. this is painstaking years of recruitment of other desperate start there. the soldiers who do these young folk who will be attracted work. to an ideology because the and relationship building. united states is doing what it and developing access into operations, the special operations forces, drawn typically does. plus, he just told them what networks. isis really is a network. primarily from the army, but they're there for is to protect also from other services, are the oil anyway. >> wow. and so, what you want to do when just the best at fighting, the that is for sure. you have a major operation like this is the term of art is you want to bring mass effects to the network. ayman, thank you for being on that means, we're going to best fighting force in the this morning. collect a lot of information off
3:18 am
world. they operate just as a tempo, we'll be watching "first look this site, and we want to immediately be able to follow and locations, that are through on that to just collapse difficult, in a way that nobody whatever remains of the "morning. coming up, president trump foundation of isis. else can. they also work well in other admitted he withheld information and the fact that we have over on the raid from top partner nations which typically the last month basically don't want to be disclosed, but congressional democrats over fears of, quote, leaks. abandoned most of northeast it's been widely reported that ranking member of the homeland syria, the areas that we really france and britain have some security member, democratic helped claw back from isis, forces that have done similar senator gary peters is standing operations. by with his response to that their former caliphate, it will since the beginning of this war, decision. you're watching "morning joe." we'll be right back. make it much more difficult to going back to 2014, our special is your wa. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis, do that and our partnership with operations forces have conducted the syrian democrat forces because we've already left all basically nightly attacks on month after month, the traditional kurdish areas, isis targets. the clock is ticking on irreversible joint damage. they have killed in the they're either in the hands of thousands, probably tens of ongoing pain and stiffness turkey or russia and the assad thousands, using drones, jet are signs of joint erosion. regime as we consolidate in a humira can help stop the clock. fighters overhead, and other remote area near an oil field, it's going to be much harder to means of attack. prescribed for 15 years, sustain those relationships that just steady, relentless humira targets and blocks a source of inflammation allow us to do these things as a degradation of the enemy. that contributes to joint pain and irreversible damage. all along, the effort was to country. >> congressman brown, to you, humira can lower your ability to fight infections. target al-baghdadi the leader. the impact of baghdadi's death. and one of the ironies of the serious and sometimes fatal infections >> yeah, i also agree that this operation that was announced including tuberculosis, and cancers, is a landmark day. it's a very good day in the yesterday by the president is that it had to be speeded up, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, global effort to defeat isis and because of the consequences of serious allergic reactions, i think it demonstrates that u.s. leadership is critical. and new or worsening heart failure.
3:19 am
his, in many people's view, there's no other nation that has tell your doctor if you've been to areas hasty pullout of the u.s. forces where certain fungal infections are common, the will or the ability to bring from syria. i'm told by my sources that it and if you've had tb, together an international was days or weeks that they had hepatitis b, coalition, nor the military to get this done. are prone to infections, capability to reach the way that because we were losing our or have flu-like symptoms or sores. we do, whether it's taking on platforms. don't start humira if you have an infection. high value targets, taking them we were losing our ability to do an operation of this help stop the clock out like al-baghdadi or on further irreversible joint damage. sophistication. so that's one irony. maintaining the pressure that we need to main tan on isis so i a second is that the syrian talk to your rheumatologist. think it's a very good day but kurds, so-called syrian right here. right now. also highlights the point that democratic forces, continued to humira. we need to maintain a presence in syria, need to continue to act in close partnership with work with our partners on the the united states, even after we i'm working to make connections of a different kind. adp helps canyon ranch place the right people ground, in this case, the syrian had announced effectively a kurds, so that we can maintain in the right jobs, so employees like dave maximum pressure on isis. betrayal of them, leaving them can achieve what they're working for. otherwise, you'll see a to their enemies the turk, see reemergence. isis is alike a hydra, cut off you later, charlie, even then, one head and it will replenish, they continued to provide the reconstitute itself so continued kind of intelligence and other support that made this operation pressure is critical in syria possible. and this region of the world. so it's just a rare partnership, >> congressman, it's difficult to separate the skill, courage, you just have to be thankful for people who even when they in and expertise of the assets, effect have gotten kicked still military and intelligence, that are willing to help you out. final point that i would make, we had on the ground in northern syria over the weekend but you made it earlier, but the tone of president trump's president trump seemed to do his remarks, it is a great day for
3:20 am
everybody involved in this raid, best to provide a separation when he used the following and president trump made some tough decisions, hats off to him language, describing the death for that, but to call these of al-baghdadi. he died crying, screaming, whimpering, and he died like a adversaries, and say they died like a dog, and that kind of dog. given your background, given language, it is inflammatory, but it is so in contrast to what your military background, in a close quarters fire fight, given president obama said in his the noise, confusion, and the brief fairly dry nine-minute velocity of the noise in a account of the killing of osama firefight, how do you think it's bin laden. there is a fascinating passage possible that he was able to -- or someone was able to hear the words of al-baghdadi? in a book by ben rhodes, mr. >> sure, look, i agree with the president would you like toe display more footage of osama secretary. it's going to be important to bin laden's body, his burial, et hear the more detailed accounts cetera, and trump turned to him and said, and we are not going that come back from the field to spike the football. and from the combatant used that exact phrase. so in this case, you have more commander. president obama took nine minutes to announce to the world of that taking credit, spiking that we had killed osama bin the football, and it may come laden. president trump took 40 minutes back to hurt us but in all an of basically self-promoting operation where we had this piece is talking yeah?. himself, a lot of bravado and so what do you see? incredible support. >> mike barnicle, you want to i see an unbelievable opportunity. unnecessary and inappropriate follow up on that. language that both i think >> and off of what david said, i see best-in-class platforms and education.
3:21 am
inspires perhaps future isis inevitably, joe, there is going to be an autopsy, journalistic, i see award-winning service, and a trade desk full of experts, fighters but also may have forensic autopsy of this event disclosed or revealed some available to answer your toughest questions. methods and capabilities of our over the weekend and find out a lot more details about it. and i see it intelligence assets, so that 40 one of the details we're going with zero commissions on online trades. minutes should have been closer to find out about is the president's usage of language to to 9 and he could have i like what you're seeing. eliminated a lot of the language describe how al-baghdadi died, that he did to describe what it's beautiful, isn't it? yeah. crying, wimpering, running, td ameritrade now offers zero commissions on online trades. happened and al-baghdadi dying like a dog. ♪ himself. >> hey, brett, it's jonathan. yesterday in speaking with two people, both with combat two questions. experience in the pentagon, the first to follow up on that idea that he could hear this, or point, what do you make of the president's rather inflammatory that someone told him this, language and what sort of impact given the chaos and the noise could that actually have, and confusion of a close perhaps destabilizing, perhaps quarters firefight, that clearly inspiring future isis members or other terrorists? happened, it's going to be and secondly, you know, it's interesting to find out exactly never been too many moments how he picked out these sounds where republicans in the senate and these words and supposedly have been willing to break with the president, his syria policy uttered by al-baghdadi. was one of them. do you think this success >> i mean jonathan, the yesterday will pacify them or do you think that those complaints secretary of defense was asked will continue? and said no, i didn't hear that, >> you know, jonathan, maybe i had no information on that. >> yes, he tried to cover for because i've been so close to the president. this mission, just my main suggesting that maybe he spoke thbecause with nband after thleague pass on xfinityr. thoughts have been on what's to some of the commanders on the happened over there and our guys ground and was told that way but you can watch the out of market games you want- are doing this and all the all season long. victims of isis.
3:22 am
you're right he did not verify and with the all-new xfinity sports zone, the president's first part of that at all. and to the point, the first few you get everything nba all in one place- the statement, i thought, was minutes of the president's address, you know, sort of even notifications about your favorite teams. okay. obviously, in his question and sounded like one of, one of his answer kind of went all over the watch the dropped dimes, predecessors could have given monster blocks, and showstopping dunks. place, talking about shifting but it wasn't in the nine the entire mission out of minutes that barack obama spoke, plus get instant access to your teams very somberly about osama bin protecting an oil field. i mean, these things have with the power of your voice. broader implications. laden's death, this turned into i helped build the global a 48-minute free-willing news that's simple, easy, awesome. coalition myself, general allen, say nba league pass into your voice remote conference. that felt like any other trump it grew to almost 80 countries. to check out a free preview. that was a coalition that was built on the common effort to event. he took a shot at democrats. don't miss out. fight isis. the minute you shift the mission feeling he couldn't trust them to protecting oil or something else, you're going to lose all not to leak details of the your coalition partners, and operations. he took a shot at the european what's important about the syria allies saying they were not mission and what is so doing enough in the region. unfortunate is that we really the united states had to do it built it learning -- applying the russians are targeting alone. he gave over and over, he gave all the hard lessons learned you. praise to russia for helping, >> the russians don't want me to from the iraq war, the afghanistan war, and they all for their assistance because they let american helicopters be president and trump doesn't kind of get jumbled together but want me to be the nominee. and aircraft go over certain thins are coming across they're not jumbled together. russian-controlled air space. very, very seriously. the mission in syria was small, it was light, it was >> how concerned are you about sustainable. it became an attempt to just we never had more than really unleash more and more foreign interference in this 2,000 americans on the ground at election? grievances, as if he were at a >> i'm very concerned about any given time. rally stage, rather than from until the beginning of this the white house, announcing such foreign interference beyond me. a victory. everybody knows what's going on. year, when president trump and this is something where he ordered our forces to leave and then revisited that decision, we trump doesn't only not want to do anything about it, he's going had only lost two americans killed in action. is so clearly desperate for a out and asking for help. we tragically lost four this victory, his people around him help me, help biden from being year after that announcement was know he is in a very perilous the nominee. political time right now and he made.
3:23 am
is going to try to milk this one >> he's perpetuating. so, it was small. >> how is he perpetuating it? we weren't fighting. for as great as an we weren't taking casualties, we accomplishment as it is, he is weren't spending a lot of going to try to turn it into the >> by encouraging them to get american taxpayer money because involved in our elections. we had a big coalition and i most political win he can. >> but trump says russian think to simply lump that in >> he also took a shot at the interference is a hoax. >> he's an idiot on terms of with the endless war talk as saying that. everybody knows this. kurds, that was so interesting president trump does and to everybody knows it. basically give up that mission nobody doubts it. to me, the group of people who without thinking through the consequences of how you might gave the intelligence on the want to transition some of this ground and suggested that their space, i really think it's been >> a lot of people in foreign cooperation had been brought quite disastrous and it means about because turkish forces had policy community have been that we really cannot follow up concerned about joe biden, whether he's up to the task of attacked them for three days, it effectively after this hugely reduces the odds in the future, running for president of the we have the partner on the successful day in northwestern ground, we're going to need, united states. you've seen him slipping in the syria. so i think i was on the senate. yesterday, it was a victory, but what worries me, it was a bit of i briefed a number of senators a one-off, and it was polls. last week. last night's performance on "60 they really understand the short-lived and we're sowing the complexities of this. minutes" seemed to be very slid it's very thoughtful seeds for problems down the front to back. conversation about what to do. road, because there is no way >> no, absolutely. and they're concerned. that syria, and turkey, and what history suggests, by the and there's very little support russia are going to be way, front-runners when they get for sending u.s. forces in with consistent partners with us attacked but if they somehow a mission just to protect an oil against terrorism in the middle manage to survive it and hang in field. >> congressman brown, this is there, the same forces that led eddie. them to becoming a front-runner i wanted to follow up on east. >> and i was just going to say, precisely what was just said. are still present. so, i think a lot of people have it is, i wanted to ask you been very quick to dismiss vice look, we see the success of the delta force and bringing again, the consequences of these president biden saying that he's things, admiral, where the out of it, it's a question of al-baghdadi to justice in some president notifies the russians, ways. and we juxtapose that with but does not notify the top elizabeth warren or someone else.
3:24 am
that could still be right. president trump's policies in elected leaders in congress, but i think what he showed last syria. and we -- then we hear him talk something that never happened, night that it's way, way in my years of congress, or in following it, over the past premature to count him out. about deploying u.s. troops to just on the substance of what he quarter century. the president notified, or said, joe, this is real. protect the oil. what is the president or the the head of the fbi said what white house's strategy in this region? happened in 2016 and '18 was what can we -- what can we glean from this? is it just confusion, praised the russians first and nothing more than a dress then took a swipe at our allies rehearsal for 2020. incoherence? what do you take to be the the kurds, and of course, it was strategy in this region from so, this question of foreign interference from russia, the -- this white house? the intel community that made potentially china, potentially >> well, i think what we glean this possible, along with the special forces, and the intel north korea, iran and others who from this is there really is no strategy. i mean, you know, the president community that the president has have these capabilities, this is real. if there's a threat to american fluctuates from, you know, vilified since getting into the december of last year talking democracy coming from abroad right now, we spent the morning about drawing down all 2,000 white house. it was a lot of irony yesterday talking about terrorism. coming out of the white house. that's one. u.s. forces in syria. this is another one. a different kind of a threat. he delays it. but just as insidious in its then he implements it. on what was a very good day for way. almost putting into jeopardy we have to take it the u.s. military, and the this mission that occurred on country itself, but once again, saturday night, sunday morning. let me speak to the issue about the president seemingly unaware >> of course the director of national intelligence on the exactly what he is supposed to protecting the oil fields. hill talking about ukraine while i think it is appropriate do as commander in chief and actuallyfact, greater than a to do what we can to deny isis president of the united states. thermonuclear blast from north >> yes, again, all credit to the korea. access to the oil fields, you've also had the because we know that isis as special forces conventional fbi, the cia, you know, military forces who backed them up, the used the revenues that -- generated from the black market intel community, our sensor intel people. sale of oil to fund its systems, and the national you've had everybody -- security agency, and there are a department of homeland security operations, for the president to
3:25 am
lot of heroes. chief all saying that russians suggest that we will invite u.s. i was surprised that we did not interfering in america's democracy in this election is oil companies in, that violates the greatest risk. international law. that oil belongs to the syrian share this with congressional all of those people were leadership. i was supreme allied commander appointed by donald trump. government, whether we like the so, just, fyi. syrian government or not, and for four years, three years it's a very, very barbaric commander of southern command, mike barnicle, curious what your and two years senior military take was on joe biden. government under assad. assistant to the secretary of defense as a three star, you he certainly -- he seemed to be those resources ought to be used focused. know, over ten to 12 years in listen, with everybody talking one day to stabilize and bring this zone, we did this. peace to syria, not to profit about fund-raisers, talking u.s. oil companies. so it's very distasteful and look at leon panetta during the about their concerns with biden, violates international law. the possibility of looking for osama bin laden, he kept just the mere talk of that, as another candidate, the pressure congress informed. people have said earlier on this so i think that strengthens our was on joe biden last night to show, sort of contravenes 20 deliver. certainly from my reading of it, democracy, and certainly there is leaking. years of what we have been i will tell you the pentagon has he did exactly that. fighting against in terms of the a lot of leaks. >> he delivered. image that the u.s. is in the the national security council has a lot of leaks. there is a lot of leaking to go in talking about joe biden and middle east simply to gain around. if you keep it tight, with the his campaign right now, i can access to oil reserves. clearly recall, as you can in actual leadership on the hill, october of 2011, john mccain was in my view, you will be able to >> all right, congressman dead in the water. he's not going to make it. anthony brown, thank you very maintain operational security. he's done. much. brett mcgurk, thank you as well. let's figure out who's going to be the nominee. last point, i want to kind of well, john mccain had the very much. pick up richard's thought, a an upcoming book on james very good one, hey, will the resilience necessary to get the nomination. i think joe's base of support madison's tenure as secretary of gives him the same kind of kurds come back and help us resilience. and to the other point that you defense claims president trump told mattis to, quote, screw again, what is happening in the
3:26 am
middle east, i just want to made, joe, in terms of the amazon out of a $10 billion broad continue and say if you're a south corner this morning, and intelligence agencies, the cloud contract for the pentagon. you see, south korean this intelligence agencies of the united states government, the the joint enterprise defense morning, and you see that the kurds have been kind of kicked nsa, the cia, assets on the infrastructure contract was to the curb, how confident are ground, these are the same awarded to microsoft on friday you in the reliability of the people that the president of the evening, sending its stock up united states has previously united states as an ally? more than 3%. president trump says we're going the contract is capped at $10 billion over the next 10 to looeeave those blood-stained years. demean if it ends up being worth that sands, i get it, we want to get demeaned, implicated of heinous much, it would likely be a bigger deal to microsoft than it out of these endless war, on the other hand if you're hearing would have been to amazon. that and you're a south korean, things these are the same people and same agencies he demeaned in the account was written by you got to ask yourself, is president trump going to be here the last year and a half. mattis's speech writer, in the on the snow-covered peaks of the >> and i think as things get crazier, watching the presidency forthcoming book korean peninsula? if you're in an es stonian, you unfolding and sort of more entitled "holding the line: dictator-like in the language inside trump's pentagon with got to wonder about the commitment of the united states, that is being used by the people secretary mattis." he writes that mattis said he when things get tough, around the president even, i wasn't going to follow through especially if it is russian with the president's demands. think biden's argument that he tanks that end up rolling into this will be done by the book, has the experience and he can run things and he can bring both legally and ethically, estonia. so there is a lot of regional mattis said, according to the things back to normal is going reverberation here. to be even more powerful. book. in a statement, general mattis but i would argue like a stone joining us now, ranking member said he doesn't intend to read in a pond, it goes further and of the homeland security the book and said, quote, m further into the global committee, member of the armed environment, and will haunt us services committee, democratic going into the future. mr. snodgras was a junior senator gary peters of michigan. >> admiral james stadviridis, he's also a former lute ept staffer. he was appointed to a position
3:27 am
commander in the u.s. navy reserve. thank you very much for being on of trust at the deputy of thank you very much, his book "sailing true north" out now. the show this morning. defense and surreptitiously taking notes without first we'd love to hear your authorization for a and still ahead on moon jae-in, we go live to iraq, self-promoting personal project reaction to the way the is a clear violation of that courtney kube has new reporting president rolled out this news trust. he may receive a few brief on the raid that took down the yesterday morning. leader of isis. >> well, certainly the way he moments of attention for this you're watching "morning joe." we'll be right back. rolled it out and going into book, but those moments will be incredible detail about the greatly outweighed by the fact operation surprisingly. that's not something normally that to get them, he surrendered that is put out by a president of the united states. his honor." you know, those are kinds of wow. we'll be talking to the book's details that will come in briefings to us. author and we will ask him about as a member of the armed services committee, many that. briefings are done in a classified setting. all right, we're going to go it's best not to put out to live pictures right now, information that could be used by an adversary to understand president trump talking to how operations are conducted. report e reporters, i believe, at joint base andrews an his way to so, i have real concerns about chicago. let's take a listen. >> stock market. good numbers are being -- area where you may have they're good numbers are concerns. the president said yesterday happening all the time. that he did not notify top we have good numbers happening democratic lawmakers about this that life of the party look all the time. very soon, i guess we're in walk it off look raid as an advance or as it was record territory for stocks, one more mile look ongoing. he did tell some key reply all look republicans, he mentioned own your look... senator lindsey graham, senator that's great for 401(k)s, that's ...with fewer lines. great for everything. there's only one botox® cosmetic. great for jobs. richard burr but he said he felt it's the only one... so, things are going good.
3:28 am
...fda approved... democrats couldn't keep the temporarily make frown lines... secret. if he told them, the matter do you have any questions? ...crow's feet... ...and forehead lines... >> video footage of the raid? ...look better. could leak and could endanger the effects of botox® cosmetic, the mission itself. >> we're thinking about it. may spread hours to weeks after injection, causing serious symptoms. what's your reaction? >> that's outrageous. we may, yeah. the question was, am i there's no question. alert your doctor right away considering releasing video as difficulty swallowing, everyone should have been notified. footage of the raid, and we may speaking, breathing, chairman of the intelligence eye problems, or muscle weakness committee, the speaker should may be a sign of a life-threatening condition. take tern parts of it and have been notified. that's how a normal government do not receive botox® cosmetic release it, yes. if you have a skin infection. acts and i think it just continues to show that president >> do you think -- side effects may include allergic reactions, trump doesn't understand that >> i think rudy giuliani's a great crime fighter. injection site pain, headache, eyebrow, eyelid drooping, he was the greatest mayor in new congress is a vital part of the and eyelid swelling. york city history. governing of this country and but he's been a great crime tell your doctor about your medical history, has to be done in a bipartisan muscle or nerve conditions, fighter. he's always looking for way. and medications including botulinum toxins specifically when it comes to national security. corruption, which is what more as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. when national security is people should be doing. he's a good man. involved we all have to be >> mr. president, are you on so, give that just saw a puppy look. together as americans and understand the threat. pace to sign the phase one deal we all understand the threat of and whatever that look is. with china when you go to chile. isis and the need to take out look like you... key leaders. with fewer lines. also to take the fight not just >> we are looking probably to be to key leaders, but to be on the ahead of schedule to sign a very see results at ground in a very comprehensive big portion of the china deal, way dealing with this rogue and we'll call it phase one but asbut when your team is always dealing with device setups, ideology as well as a growing it's a very big portion. app updates, and support calls... threat. isis hasn't been eliminated with that would take care of the the action, although that action farmers. you can never seem to get anywhere. was incredibly important. it would take care of some of that's why dell technologies created unified workspace, we have to go after what are the other things. it will also take care of a lot of the banking needs. thousands of isis fighters now so we're about, i would say, a powered by vmware.
3:29 am
spread all across parts of syria little bit ahead of schedule, maybe a lot ahead of schedule. ♪ and iraq, plus this is a very a revolutionary solution that lets you deploy, manage, support probably we'll sign it. ganization. they use the internet and tools i imagine the meeting is scheduled for chile. and secure all your devices from the cloud. of social media to inspire i know they have some difficulties right now in chile, violence around the world and so you can stop going in circles, other places. but i know the people in chile the fight isn't over. this was a good step. and i'm sure they'll be able to and start moving forward. work it out. i'll certainly say that. there's no question about that. >> mr. president -- >> why did you have such an but we have to stay focused on aggressive response to john if you have moderate to thsevere rheumatoid arthritis, kelly's comments over the it and that's going to take the weekend? >> oh, i don't think it's month after month, whole of government approach to aggressive at all. the clock is ticking on irreversible joint damage. do. >> senator, that's what i was i would be surprised if he made going to ask you. obviously a lot of questions those comments in a negative from republicans, independents, way, but i don't think the ongoing pain and stiffness are signs of joint erosion. response would be if he actually democrats, reporters on exactly said that, if he actually meant humira can help stop the clock. how the president rolled it out, how he didn't notify democrats, that, i said what i would do and prescribed for 15 years, that, i mean. humira targets and blocks a source of inflammation how he used the words of saddam >> mr. president, are you hussein and moammar gadhafi. concerned that nancy pelosi and that contributes to joint pain and irreversible damage. others can't be trusted with this kindnformation? but, all of that aside, is >> well, i guess the only thing humira can lower your ability to fight infections. america safer today because the is they were talking about why didn't i give the information to serious and sometimes fatal infections head of isis was killed? adam schiff and his committee, including tuberculosis, and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; do u.s. troops, if they have to and the answer is because i as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, think adam schiff is the biggest leaker in washington. re-engage in that region down you know that. serious allergic reactions, the road, is their fight a more i know that. and new or worsening heart failure. we all know that. i've watched adam schiff leak. tell your doctor if you've been to areas manageable one because this he's a corrupt politician. where certain fungal infections are common, he's a leaker like nobody's ever and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, heinous terrorist has been seen before. are prone to infections, killed? >> well, there's no question the we had a very good conversation
3:30 am
world is better off with him or have flu-like symptoms or sores. with the ukrainian president. being killed. i think that is clear. don't start humira if you have an infection. however, i think we've really the conversation was perfect. they don't ever talk about the help stop the clock missed a real opportunity here conversation. on further irreversible joint damage. because our forces have moved it started with a whistle-blower. now they don't want the out of that area. i think we could have pursued a talk to your rheumatologist. more aggressive path to really whistle-blower. then they had a second whistle-blower. right here. right now. take on isis. now they don't want the second whistle-blower. the reason is that when the it's certainly clear our forces were able to get an awful lot of humira. thbecause with nband after thleague pass on xfinityr. whistle-blower, when they saw intelligence information in that what the whistle-blower wrote you can watch the out of market games you want- and then when i released the all season long. raid. they will process that and with the all-new xfinity sports zone, information. they can act very quickly. conversation, which bore no you get everything nba all in one place- but in order to act quickly, you relationship to what the even notifications about your favorite teams. need to have forces in the whistle-blower saw, they said region to actually do that. their case was out the window. watch the dropped dimes, and i think it's a disgrace. monster blocks, and showstopping dunks. and frankly, i told republicans had this happened two weeks ago, plus get instant access to your teams three weeks ago before the who are really being taken president took this very advantage of, they're really with the power of your voice. impulsive action of pulling that's simple, easy, awesome. people out of northern syria, being maligned and i think it's this raid would have been even a horrible thing. say nba league pass into your voice remote more effective because it would they're really looking to hurt have allowed us to follow up on to check out a free preview. the republican party. don't miss out. that intelligence in a much more and it's turning out to be just the opposite. robust way than we're going to be able to do right now because so, one thing i said. we pulled our forces out. >> so, say a little more about i'd rather go into the details of the case rather than process. this. i mean, how do you understand -- i mean, donald trump -- process is wonderful. we already have process. president trump stood up and took credit for this. he was donald trump in taking credit for it in interesting sorts of ways. then we get this idea of
3:31 am
we had 50 of 53 republicans sign redeploying troops to protect the oil. how do it you understand his up but property access is good, strategy, the strategy of the white house in this region, even and the case is simple and though baghdadi is dead? quick. i had a great conversation with what do we make of what they're up to in this moment? >> well, i think that's a good the ukrainian president. point. we don't know what the strategy i had another conversation with is. we don't have a strategy. him, also, i think before that just pulling out troops in a that was the same thing. very abrupt way and the images it was nothing. they tried to take that people saw of us leaving quickly, destroying equipment, conversation and make it into a big scandal. blowing up the equipment, that's not an image any number of the the problem was we had it u.s. armed forces wants to see. turkey for the next 200 years. then you hear about the president talking about oil and transcribed. an exact transcription of the they've been fighting for he talked about how much money hundreds of years. we're out. but we are leaving soldiers to is involved. this is not about money. this is not about oil. secure the oil. it's about making sure that isis and we may have to fight for the doesn't reconstitute itself. oil. it's okay, maybe somebody else conversation. wants the oil, in which case that shouldn't be the focus. they didn't think i would it shouldn't be about protecting release the conversation. when i release the conversation they have a hell of a fight but an i'll site that isis may there is massive amounts of oil. capture at some point in the again, somebody else may claim future. it should be about preventing isis in the first place from i blew up schiff's act. it but either we'll negotiate a reconstituting so it's not a deal with whoever is claiming it threat to the oil field and not if we think it is fair or we a threat to the united states of will militarily them very america. quickly. we have tremendous power in that part of the world. >> richard, this attack had to flofs statement there was no
3:32 am
>> joining us now, live from be launched from iraq instead of anything, and the foreign turkey, even though that would minister of ukraine made a irbil iraq, nbc news and have been safer, far more statement, there was absolutely national security and military convenient for our troops, more no pressure put on -- they correspondent courtney kube. effective logistically, but we didn't even know what we were courtney, in his announcement, couldn't trust the turks. president trump also talked a talking about and just to finish it off, adam schiff went up lot about the region's oil and how much longer do we keep before congress and he made up you have some new reporting this turkey as a member of nato? morning on u.s. troop movements my words. even if they stay a member of in the area. tell us about it. nato, why do we continue calling them our ally when they seem to >> reporter: that's right, mika, no one thought i would release be anything but our ally right so we know now, president trump the conversation. said very clearly yesterday, now? when we can't even trust them to i got the approval from ukraine. that u.s. troops would have this new mission of securing oil in once i released the launch an attack from their conversation, this thing all syria and talked about the importance of that mission. country because they will reveal died and that's what they should be looking -- and adam schiff we now have seen the first of to the head of isis that we're went before congress and adam those deployments move here from on our way. >> i think it's important to recall and never to forget with schiff, what he did, will never here in irbil in syria driving turkey that their principle be forgotten. toward the region where many of he made up a conversation that opponent here are the kurds. was a phoney fabrication, it was the troops will be based. not isis. we don't have a sense of exactly and that is just the beginning a fraud, and people should not how many there will be. and the end of it. we know there will be some light look, turkey's an ally and name, be allowed to get away. they say he has immunity because armored vehicles. joe. formally still a member of nato they moved in on lightly armed he is a member of congress. but not an ally in practice. vehicles that we've seen we simply don't have the overlap people should not be allowed to throughout iraq and afghanistan in the last several years. do that. they also will have tanks, that is a criminal act. of interests, we don't have the though. so that indicates that not only assumption of cooperation in sir
3:33 am
are the u.s. military troops who kra. are going in there, are they with russia they're busy buying worried about the potential for some kind of a clash with isis, air defense systems. but they're worried about the we've learned historically we can't count on them to provide potential for actually access to our bases. the president is setting down confrontations with more heavily nato, the treaty, does not have armed adversaries. a mechanism for kicking a some markerings eers of what ho in this case, it would likely be russia or the syrian regime. country out. be covered today. on saturday i was honored to both of them border this area, i don't think that's the answer. i think what we really need to speak to an amazing group of do is approach turkey not as an women at austin text at the ally, not with the assumption right along the euphrates river they're going to protect our valley. interests. so it proves in fact the u.s. but, rather, that we -- just the military is at least concerned about the possibility of this empowering you summit. new deployment they could have opposite. we have to narrow the and yesterday, our very own some kind of a confrontation. we also know that this new relationship. one day think about the whole mission will have a smaller footprint than what we've seen nuclear relationship with turkey. but the idea we would allow with the u.s. troops there, for the past several years. american lives to depend upon daniel with this smaller footprint of danielle pierre bravo spoke at course, leads to the possibility turkish cooperation, that seems that there will be less to be reached. senator, i don't know how you opportunities to gather feel about that, but what is the under 30 summit in detroit. intelligence on the ground. there will be less working with s she talked about how millennials it -- you know, other than partners there on the ground. sanctions, what do you think you can own their financial power. so the raid that we saw over the and your colleagues on the hill and a special tip for women only are prepared to do about this relationship? at weekend, that killed abu bakr can you imagine a narrowing of today's monday motivation, learn the u.s./turkish relationship? to press reset, women are great >> i can see that. al-baghdadi, the isis leader, you're right, we do have to at it, women struggle with it things like that will not only be less likely but much riskier approach our relationship with constantly. why it is so important to shake turkey in a careful way.
3:34 am
i think if we look at their it off and why it will cost you with u.s. troops going forward money if you don't. without this presence in the actions, for example, in country. >> if i could just ask, having purchasing anti-aircraft missiles from the russians at all at if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, the same time they'll be prakt the f-35 advanced for nato and visited that area on various trip, i'm curious if we're going little things can be a big deal. to be working closely with the our allies, it creates real syrian kurds who are our allies tension and raises real that's why there's otezla. there to help them protect the questions as to what sort of otezla is not a cream. oil and have that as a ally are they really? it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. bargaining chip, or whether >> senator gary peters, thank you very much for being on the show this morning. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. we're now in the bargaining chip business ourselves. >> thank you. do you have any sense of that? coming up, the revenge of don't use if you're allergic to otezla. >> reporter: so the u.s. the state department, the latest it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, military insists that the u.s. diplomat to testify in the will be partnering with and or vomiting. otezla is associated with... working closely with the syrian impeachment inquiry. increased risk of depression. democratic forces in the secure that is ahead on "morning joe." tell your doctor if you have a history of depression unpredictable crohn's symptoms following you? the oil mission, this is really or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop. they're tempt to salvage what has been two weeks now of some people taking otezla reported weight loss. headlines about how the u.s. is for adults with moderately to severely active crohn's disease, your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment upper respiratory tract infection abandoning the kurds. they really want to reinforce stelara® works differently. and headache may occur. they will continue to work with studies showed relief and remission, tell your doctor about your medicines and if you're pregnant the sdf. one thing i was struck by and with dosing every 8 weeks. or planning to be. david, you know this as well in stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections otezla. your coverage of this region and particularly syria, i was struck and may increase your risk of infections and cancer. show more of you. ♪ by the fact that president trump some serious infections require hospitalization. so hopely said that the u.s. military may have to fight for before treatment, get tested for tb. the oil.
3:35 am
that is a steep departure from tell your doctor if you have an infection or flu-like symptoms or sores, rather than worry about how to pay for long-term care. what we have heard about u.s. military missions in this region have had cancer, or develop new skin growths, or if anyone in your house needs for two, nearly two decades now. or recently had a vaccine. brighthouse smartcare℠ is a hybrid life insurance and alert your doctor of new or worsening problems, the u.s. has always maintained including headaches, seizures, long-term care product. that the war, that the presence confusion and vision problems. here, the conflicts, are not it protects your family these may be signs of a rare, about oil, and the people who potentially fatal brain condition. while providing long-term care coverage, have actually been claiming that should you need it. some serious allergic reactions for years have generally been and lung inflammation can occur. so you can explore all the amazing things ahead. the adversaries. talk to your doctor today, and learn how janssen can help you talk to your advisor about brighthouse smartcare. al qaeda and what not. who claim that the u.s. is just explore cost support options. coming in here because they want remission can start with stelara®. to take the region's oil. brighthouse financial. build for what's ahead℠ >> and yes, of course, donald trump, once again, reconfirming (engines rev) brighthouse financial. all of our enemy's worst the only thing better than horsepower... johnsbut we're also a cancer fighting, suspicions about the united more horsepower. hiv controlling, states. (engines rev) joint replacing, courtney, thank you very much. and depression relieving company. we appreciate it. so richard, here we have from the day you're born we never stop taking care of you. if we were for everyone, donald trump's obsession with we'd be for no one. the oil and you know, we come on our show and say i'm going to go with dodge power dollars, into this country, or that more power means more cash allowance. (engines rev) country, and we're going to keep purchase now and get $10 per horsepower. the only thing better than horsepower... the oil, and of course, that's $7,970 on the srt challenger hellcat redeye. everything he was saying was in more horsepower. violation of the geneva accords, (engines rev) but of course, donald trump doesn't care about that, but but dad, you've got allstate. here you have donald trump's if we were for everyone, with accident forgiveness we'd be for no one.
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3:37 am
mcdonald's is committing 150 million dollars policy, and other things, that's in tuition assistance, the common thread. education, and career advising programs... so this is not a strategic approach fighting terrorism, prof: maria ramirez mom and dad: maria ramirez!!! fighting proliferation, helping to help more employees achieve their dreams. allies, and so forth. rather, it's a very narrow lens, or prism, through which to view i'm happy to give you the tour, mom ani lohey jay. it.irez!!! jay? charlotte! oh hi. our interests in the region. and the world. he helped me set up my watch lists. and as you say, it gives oh, he's terrific. excellent tennis player. ammunition to our enemies bye-bye. i recognize that voice. annie? because they say, you know, our yeah! interests are not something she helped me find the right bonds for my income strategy. larger, we're only after taking you're very popular around here. there's a birthday going on. things that are not ours. karl! he took care of my 401k rollover. so it makes no sense wow, you call a lot. strategically. yeah, well it's my money we're talking about here. and like a lot of other things we've seen in the last 24 hours, joining us for karaoke later? it is probably ah, i'd love to, but people get really emotional when i sing. counter-productive. >> well, and talk about help from a team that will exceed your expectations. jonathan, the contradiction, ♪ when the president is talking about ripping our forces out of syria, 2000 or so forces in syria, holding back the russian, holding back the turks, the thbecause with nband after thleague pass on xfinityr. syrians, the iranians, isis, you can watch the out of market games you want- doing an extraordinary job a
3:38 am
all season long. brian, tell us about the eu small footprint but with massive and with the all-new xfinity sports zone, positive ramifications for u.s. you get everything nba all in one place- this morning passing a third foreign policy. even notifications about your favorite teams. but donald trump saying no, i want to end endless wars and watch the dropped dimes, brexit extension. bringing the troops home. monster blocks, and showstopping dunks. >> we're officially into next these kids need to be home. year. happy new year. and that was the argument that plus get instant access to your teams let me be the first you wish you republicans said, well, trump with the power of your voice. that. that's simple, easy, awesome. this has been the story that say nba league pass into your voice remote keeping on going in the news said, and here we see a couple of weeks later, donald trump, is to check out a free preview. tykele. don't miss out. here is the one it was supposed going to keep troops there. to be a hard brex sit. not bring them home. they called it do or die by to, one, defend oil. october 31st. and two, instead of our allies, they're going to extend it now defend oil and not our allies, hello and hello, new mexico, to jan uary 31st, but there is n and two, to go to saudi arabia, by far my favorite new mexico. where they are going to be in so great to be here in the great exception. they said okay, you can wait until january 3 1st, but if you effect paid pemercenaries which city of albacore, tuna capital can come to a deal before then of the yas. we'll let you go. i came back for a surprise rally if you don't do it by 391st, really expands upon what richard haas just said, again, as we always say, if you want to because i heard they're building that's your hard deadline, we understand donald trump's foreign policy, you need to look a wall on the border of colorado really mean it this time, but if at his bottom line. to keep the mexicans out. you can come to a deal you can can we bring up the bad place? his own personal bottom line. do it between now and then. not even the bottom line of the as you can see, most of america the hope among many is that is good. except for the parts that are there will be a new general
3:39 am
united states. bad or lakes. election, that boris johnson he brags about the hundreds of thank you, raquel. will put his legacy on the line. millions of dollars that the raquel is a former miss teen usa saudis have given him. and here you have donald trump we can be cycling through prime doing what? and our current secretary of energy. ministers here in the uk at a taking troops out of syria, and record peace. right now there is a little replacing them and putting them >> oy. down into saudi arabia. reprieve, again, for the eu, uk, career diplomat philip reeker the kids aren't coming home. they're protecting oil in syria, and brexit negotiations. testified saturday behind closed doors that the former u.s. >> brian sullivan, thank you and they're protecting the very much. saudis' oil. ambassador to ukraine, before we close today, eddie >> that's right. and because the saudis will pay for it. ambassador marie yovanovitch, wanted to take a few moments to and these other american troops, talk about the passing of john they aren't coming home, they was fired by the direction of have been shifted and either staying in syria to protect the president trump at the oil fields and some have gone, recommendation of trump's personal lawyer rudy giuliani. moved to iraq but they're not sources familiar with his coming home despite the president's promises, despite deposition tell nbc news that him claiming that he is keeping reeker said he and his one of his campaign pledges. colleagues in the european conyers. bureau at the state department that's not what is going on but for the majority of his tried to put out a statement in here. the president and the white career, representative john house will try to use the success yesterday to sell their support of yovanovitch but were syria policy. conyers was a star on liberal to sell the movement, the told no by under-secretary david withdrawal of the troops from hale. issues. if it wasn't for him we would reeker also reportedly testified most of syria, and try to get not have the martin luther king support from republican senators that he knew nearly $400 million who really are opposed to. of military aid was being holiday. he has been put on the just a >> it the same republican second for questions of senators mind you who would hold the president's fate in their withheld from ukraine in july reparations. he fought on the front lines for
3:40 am
hands, will they get to an after a meeting with ambassador bill taylor but did not know questions of vietnam. impeachment trial sometime next why. year but i think that is a hard reeker also testified that he was a towering giant. argument to make and i would former special envoy for his career is a example of who simply say "the new york times" sub-head on the main story and what he today for. today, is simply this. we lost a giant today. president knew of hunt. ukraine, ambassador kurt volker, his syria withdrawal made it >> the interesting thing too, was communicating with giuliani. harder. and i think that that is where reeker, who began his post in eddie, is if you look at a guy we are right now. is that there is still, this is certainly a victory here, in the march, spent his first week short term, but they're going to reacting to what he called a like john conyers, he had be long-term ramifications and fake narrative being spread it does not, i think, will not about yovanovitch, which silence the questions about what previous witnesses have the president's foreign policy testified was run by giuliani. is in the middle east. notoriety, but the tirelessness of this man and so many others. reeker said he expressed his >> and i think we'll have to coming up, president trump's concerns over these falsehoods look to see if the president former chief of staff john kelly salutes his passing in any way, says before leaving the to hail and ulrich brechbuhl, administration, he warned the shape, or form. president about the possibility closer adviser to secretary of of impeachment. state mike pompeo. but trump is hitting back, saying it didn't happen. these career diplomats, these foreign policy experts, these he did eventually to elijah last that back and forth and where folks in the state department, things stand with the the ones that do have jobs impeachment inquiry, ahead, on "morning joe." ♪ (dramatic orchestra) because there's a lot of vacancies that the president week. never filled, but having said >> really a measure of a man with all of the people that that, you know, they have showed up for elijah's funeral. different priorities than president trump. it appears the truth is coming >> hello, i'm kris jansing and out in resounding fashion as it is monday, october 28th here
3:41 am
performance comes in lots of flavors. they testify. is what is happening. >> right, mika. house democrats are hoping that today is the day they will get we'll get to phil reeker in a there's the amped-up, over-tuned, minute. i think on this show maybe we answers from john bolton's right feeding-frenzy-of sheet-metal-kind. could start a trend and flip the idea of what the deep state is. hand man. and then there's performance that you know, it's been used as this a key witness surrounding the dirty word by president trump. just leaves you feeling better as a result. decisions regarding ukraine nap and ironically, maybe richard is if he decides to show up for that's the kind lincoln's about. his scheduled deposition which, could catch me, i think it was ♪ the turks who coined this term right now, is still an open of the deep state. question. but president trump considers he asked the courts to decide if the deep state anybody who's not personally loyal to him. he should answer questions. but i think most americans feel the other big question this morning, leaders demanding that's not a bad thing. that's a good thing. answers about why they weren't these people are deeply loyal to the state, the united states of america. and so, i've known phil reeker notified abo for 20 years. i met him when he was working corrupt president in our nation's history. during the clinton when i called for his impeachment administration through the bush two years ago, washington insiders administration, through the and every candidate for president obama administration. he was a deputy spokesman. said it was too soon. but i believed then, as i do now, then he was ambassador to that doing the right thing was more macedonia as a real expert in the balkans and now the top important than political calculations. official for europe. and over eight million people agreed. this is a career diplomat. i don't even know what his we proved that there is no challenge
3:42 am
that americans can't meet when we work together. i'm tom steyer, and i approve this message. politics are because he doesn't wear them. there's always been this assumption that the president, the commander in chief, that i need all the breaks as athat i can get.or, their following is working on at liberty butchemel... behalf of america's best cut. liberty mu... line? interest. and what the state department cut. was doing with ambassador liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. yovanovitch, they call her masha, she's beloved in the cut. liberty m... state department, is stick up for theyed that she was doing tt am i allowed to riff? what if i come out of the water? liberty biberty... cut. we'll dub it. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance no statement. but david hale's hurting, too. so you only pay for what you need. these diplomats wanted only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ yovanovitch to stay in her job because she was just doing what she took the oath as a foreign service officer to do, which is wyou can see, connections. represent the united states to patterns. the best ability that she has. you can see what others can't. >> on that note, ambassador ♪ taylor, of course, who testified so powerfully in the last week or so, served under both but we're also a company that controls hiv, republicans and democrats. he was appointed to the position
3:43 am
of envoy to ukraine by secretary fights cancer, repairs shattered bones, pompeo, one of the president's relieves depression, closest advisers. a lot has been made of the restores heart rhythms, ramifications of yesterday with helps you back from strokes, this attack, the killing of and keeps you healthy your whole life. baghdadi and of course people close to the president feel like it could offer him insurance from the day you're born against impeachment, it may steady some of the republican we never stop taking care of you. senators who were willing to criticize him about syria and, perhaps, would be leaning to vote for his removal if we get to a trial some time next year. what are you seeing, though, connecting these dots both what we saw yesterday with the raid and also this talk of impeachment and focused particularly on the republican senators, do you see what happened yesterday moving the needle at all? do you see this changing the equation as we seem to be hurdling towards impeachment? >> president trump appeared in the role of commander in chief. you can't take away from the fact that this is a bold decision to fly that far, to conduct this operation, to approve it. those are hard decisions for presidents to make.
3:44 am
i don't know that anything that donald trump has done goes to the issues that we're going to be facing as the impeachment inquiry deepens. let's just take one problem for the president going forward, and that's testimony from john bolton, his former national security adviser. john bolton was deeply skeptical of what president trump was trying to do in ukraine. you know, he called it a drug deal, muttered that policy was out of control. there's going to be a real effort to get john bolton to te and if the president tries to stop that. >> that should be fascinating. >> i think he works against all the imagery he'd like to promote of himself as a strong commander in chief so i think we jump right back into the impeachment i said whatever you do, debate with probably quite don't hire a yes man. someone that is going to tell limited follow on impact of the you, won't tell you the truth. don't do that. because if you do, i believe baghdadi mission as powerful as you'll be impeached. it was. >> it should be fascinating to and someone has got to be the hear if we do what john bolton
3:45 am
guy that tells you that, you has to say. know, that, you know, you either thank you so much. have the authority or you don't, still to come, humanitarian or mr. president, don't do it, workers in syria have been evacuating the region amid because, whatever, you know, but safety risks, leaving many civilians worried about getting don't hire someone that would basic necessities. just, you know, nod and say, it's a great idea, mr. dr. dave campbell reports on the president, because you will be dire situation next on "morning joe." we're back in two minutes. "mor impeached. >> oh, wow. joe. we're back itwn o minutes. when you shop for your home at wayfair, well, that, he predicted the future there. >> general nostradamus. >> former chief of staff john kelly saying over the weekend, before leaving the white house, he warned president trump against hiring a yes man. president trump responded in a statement, saying, quote, john kelly never said that, he never said anything like that, if he would have said that, i would have thrown him out of the office. >> whatever. >> this guy, this guy lies so much. >> and they're not even good you get more than free shipping. lies. nobody believes him. you get everything you need for your home at a great price, i don't know why he says that. >> the elephant in the room, the way it works best for you, mick mulvaney. >> where was mick? i'll take that. wait honey, no.
3:46 am
>> and mike barnicle, the white when you want it. you get a delivery experience house press secretary, stephanie you can always count on. grisham hit back in a statement, you get your perfect find at a price to match, saying this. >> oh, my. >> saying this of a man who on your own schedule. you get fast and free shipping on the things that dedicated his life to serving make your home feel like you. the united states military, that's what you get sacrificed his son, and was when you've got wayfair. considered one of the great so shop now! generals of our time, and this person, at the white house, said, this trump apologist said i worked with john kelly and he was totally unequipped to handle the genius of our great president. >> that would be the white house yes secretary stephanie grisham. >> and she actually in that statement, she actually makes john kelly's point for him. >> yes. >> when you have people around you that sound like, again, this is again, go back -- >> yes man, yes woman. >> go back and look, i'm on snl suddenly, go back and look at
3:47 am
the language of not snl but look at the language of what north korean spokes people say about kim jong-un, and what they said about kim jong il, and that's how they talk. that's not how american press secretaries talk. this white house, by the day, is breaking from american traditions, and sounding and acting more unamerican by the day. >> joe, when i read that, i ♪ first thought it was from the onion. i actually did not believe that thousands of civilians in it was uttered by the press northeastern syria are trying to secretary to the president of evacuate the area due to the united states. and jonathan, i'm wondering, joe and mika have raised this a security concerns and lack of medical supplies. couple of times this morning "morning joe" medical contributor dr. dave campbell already, where is mick mulvaney. you never see him, and when you has been looking into the do hear from him, he implicates situation which has intensified himself and impeachable offenses since the u.s. troops pulled out potentially. of the region. where is he? dr. dave, give us a sense of the >> he is not been a visible scope of this. presence since that rather what are the numbers? disastrous news conference in how many people had used the white house ten days or so northern syria as a place of ago. and he made clear, that he was not going to take the same
3:48 am
refuge? approach as john kelly. >> there have been hundreds of thousands using northern syria kelly for a few months had some as a refuge against incursions success, saying no to the president, trying to rein in by turkey, isis, and in fact, some of his more dangerous impulses. eventually the president did it's the syrian kurds who have tune him out. been our allies in support of and by the end of kelly's time the fight against isis. in office, they were barely so, what we now see as of today speaking. so it's unclear whether or not when kelly made those comments when that would have happened, since al baghdadi has been right at the end perhaps but killed is the commander of the mulvaney said from the beginning, he wasn't going to do that, he was going to handle syrian defense forces having some of the other operations in the white house, he was going to let trump be trump. he was going to let trump be grave concern about revenge trump. and we have seen where that has gotten us i suppose. killings by isis of the kurds as >> it is really incredible. they are fleeing this so-called safe zone. things have changed on the john kelly made those comments at a political conference hosted ground dramatically just in the last 24 hours. by the "washington examiner" and >> you're talking about hundreds of thousands of people. joining us now, senior political correspondent for the washington so, for humanitarian workers and examiner, david drugger, also a nongovernmental organizational staff working on this, it's got contributing writer at "vanity to be much more challenging. fair" and also with us editor in what are their options at this point? chief of law fair, benjamin, and >> there are two broad groups of workers right now, those that in his latest piece lawfare, the
3:49 am
are international or westerners and those that are local. collapse of the president's the locals have been able to defense. and we also have with is state stay and provide necessary attorney for palm beach county, humanitarian care, medicines, medical equipment, blood. dave. and joe, it is hard not to see the humor in some of these words there's a grave shortage of that john kelly put out in the blood transfusions right now. but westerners, they've all been president's, and the president's withdrawn. reaction, but you're very write the doctors without borders, the about stephanie grisham's save the children, groups that statement. it's a little frightening. would normally have boots on the >> well -- ground providing humanitarian >> that the white house press aid, they have had to withdraw secretary would release a their workers because it is statement about the genius of the president. gravely unsafe. >> this is what has happened. jonathan wrote a piece back in >> all right. late july, early august, about and obviously, the health issues the insanity inside the white house, that even with people there are extremely dire. i want to jump quickly, before understanding how unmoared and we go to pakistan, what can you how unbalanced this president tell us about a very different was emotionally and politically problem there, an hiv outbreak have the very beginning, that it somehow has gotten worse, gotten in pakistan affecting children. worse this summer, he called jay >> you know, this is -- we powell, europe, an enemy of the people, you know, an enemy of learned just last week but it's the people, only because the fed the second outbreak of hiv chairman did what every respectable economist said, and infections that have started to which he basically said, it's
3:50 am
not a good idea to have all of decimate the small rural areas these trade wars in time and jay in southern pakistan. powell is exactly right because now we're seeing there is a 900 children have now tested positive for hiv and the belief global manufacturing recession is that one or more doctors in large part because of the president's trade the president. around the same time he started using syringes and needles and iv bags over and over again talking about, you know, greenland and he wanted to buy where patients go to clinics in greenland. it's just -- he's gone off the these rural areas and pay about 20 cents for the equivalent of a side of a cliff. it's gotten even worse. visit with the doctor, they're very poor, impoverished areas of i want to go -- david drucker, pakistan and this is the result. i spoke to one of my colleagues in pakistan just this morning, and he believes that there is medical illiteracy fueling this washington xmenner, on friday we heard from kellyanne conway who dressed down and berate and with those local pakistanis who tried to humiliate a reporter just don't know basics. for actually doing her job, >> and dr. dave, from where reporting. you're sitting, you're now and then, of course, this john headed to the bahamas next at kelly comment. this moment. you're going to go back and see which, of course, kelly was where things stand in the wake of hurricane dorian so we look exactly right. we did see how bad things turned forward to your reporting with
3:51 am
worse when there was nobody like that. dr. dave campbell, thank you. kelly or mattis around to check and you can read dr. dave's piece on the humanitarian crisis the president's worst instincts. in syria on our website, >> yeah, it was really and coming up, more from interesting to hear from general yesterday's extraordinary news kelly because he had conference in which president complimentary things to say about the president throughout trump announced the leader of the conversation. he talked about the fact that the president is a lot smarter isis, al-baghdadi is dead. than his opponents give him credit for. this morning, military and that his china policy, while it congressional leaders say there can be dicey at times is is still work to be done in the war on terror. something that's necessary. china has to be confronted. trump's former special envoy for he also believes the president had learned somewhat on matters the coalition to counter the of foreign policy from some of islamic state, brett mcgurk, his initial instincts to sort of joins us. "morning joe" is back in a moment. joins us "morning joe" is back in a withdraw the united states from moment (logo whooshes) (logo chiming) the world. notwithstanding the fact that in a second interview that weekend he referred to the president's syria pullout as a catastrophically bad idea, quote/unquote. the comments that registered, ♪ obviously, were about - [woman] with shark's duoclean, impeachment and his belief the i don't just clean, i deep clean carpets and floors. president is not being well served in the white house. according to him, as they were so i got this. yep, this too.
3:52 am
having a conversation in his final days as chief of staff, he even long hair and pet hair are no problem. was telling the president, you but the one thing i won't have to clean is this. need somebody who's willing to tell you no. you need somebody who's willing because the shark self-cleaning brush roll to stand up to you and who can removes the hair wrap while i clean. channel your best instincts and not just give you a blank check. - [narrator] shark, the vacuum that deep cleans, now cleans itself. and he never mentioned mick now available in our new uplight model. mulvaney by name but the implications is the white house is not getting it done. as we know, this comes at a time -- general yell's comments come at a time when a lot of republicans on capitol hill have been very upset with how the white house has been handling the impeachment inquiry. they don't believe that the president is serving his own best interest by running things through his twitter feed. and they want to see more organization and more focus. it will be interesting to see how the events of the weekend change republican perspective, if at all. >> you know, he's run events since john kelly has left through his twitter feed, through rambling statements.
3:53 am
and it's -- it's gone -- it's gone terribly. and also rudy giuliani. i mean, rudy giuliani has been running around and probably incriminating himself, but also making it impossible for state department officials to do their job across the world. benjamin, just to confirm what i felt i couldn't be john kelly said, you talk about at my best for my family. in only 8 weeks with mavyret, how all of the president's i was cured and left those doubts behind. i faced reminders of my hep c every day. impeachment offenses are but in only 8 weeks with mavyret, crumbling. my favorite is hacks about i was cured. even hanging with friends i worried about my hep c. donald trump still talking about but in only 8 weeks with mavyret, the whistle-blower, as if the i was cured. mavyret is the only 8-week cure whistle-blower said something through, quote, hearsay, that for all common types of hep c. was not confirmed a thousand before starting mavyret your doctor will test times over since we first heard if you've had hepatitis b which may flare up that report. and cause serious liver problems during and after treatment. everything the whistle-blower said, we have now confirmed in tell your doctor if you've had hepatitis b, texts. we now have confirmed in phone a liver or kidney transplant, other liver problems, calls. we now have confirmed in hiv-1, or other medical conditions, and all medicines you take including herbal supplements. testimony.
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they are debating process with don't take mavyret with atazanavir or rifampin, the facts are laid on the table. or if you've had certain liver problems. as you say, it just completely common side effects include headache and tiredness. with hep c behind me, i feel free... obliterates the president's ...fearless... defense. >> yeah, i mean, there were a ...and there's no looking back, because i am cured. list of things we were told. talk to your doctor about mavyret. we were told there was no quid pro quo. well, there was a quid pro quo. we were told, well, it was the good kind of quid pro quo, the but we're also a company that controls hiv, good kind that happens all the fights cancer, time during foreign policy. repairs shattered bones, it turns out it wasn't about relieves depression, that. it wasn't all about corruption. restores heart rhythms, we were told it was a malicious helps you back from strokes, whistle-blower. everything the whistle-blower and keeps you healthy your whole life. has said is now confirmed by from the day you're born other people with firsthand or we never stop taking care of you. at least direct knowledge of what happened. and so the factual predicate of the president's defense is sort of gone at this point. what do you do when you're trying to defend against an
3:55 am
impeachment and kind of all of the defenses have disappeared. and the answer is, well, you scream about process, you yell about adam schiff and you shout a lot of insults at people. and that's basically what terrorists who oppress and murder innocent people should they're doing at this point. never sleep soundly knowing that and i'm not in the business of giving strategic advice to the we will completely destroy them. president, but it's not working. and, you know, they're going to need to figure out a different these savage monsters will not escape their fate, and they will not escape the final judgment of god. way of addressing it if only by >> welcome back to "morning joe." that was president trump either doing what bill clinton yesterday confirming the death did, which is to say, hey, i'm of isis leader abu bakr really sorry. al-baghdadi following a raid i shouldn't have done this. over the weekend in northwestern it doesn't rise to the level of syria by u.s. special operations forces. president trump teased the impeachable offense, please announcement in a tweet on forgive me, which is hard to saturday night, writing, "something very big has imagine having donald trump the just happened." >> my god. discipline to do or to come up >> i know. >> by the way, they had not with, this is harder for me to confirmed something big had
3:56 am
happened at the time. imagine, some actual defense >> it gets worse. >> it's a clown show. that is compelling and can stand >> and as "the washington post" up for more than a day and a points out, the white house half. script on the death of brutal >> on friday a federal judge ruled that the -- some grand terrorist, abu bakr al-baghdadi, was short, but president trump jury transcripts from the turned the somber announcement mueller investigation had to be handed over to the house of into a vivid 40-minute news representatives. this is not the first time this has happened. conference that included the same thing was ruled during bravado, detailed descriptions the nixon administration. of military operations, where does the trump questionable statements, and self-promotion. administration go from here other than an obvious appeal? >> from the first day i came to >> mike, the trump lawyers are office, and now we're getting close to three years, i would clearly not tired of winning. they've got the win/loss record say where's al-baghdadi? of a certain washington sports i want al-baghdadi. team. i'm not even talking about the washington nationals or even the and we would kill terrorist washington redskins. i mean, the washington generals, the team that used to lose to leaders but they were names i the harlem globe trotters every never heard of, they were names that weren't recognizable, they weren't the big names, some good night. the judge in a 75-page ruling ones, important ones but they slammed the trump administration for stonewalling and for weren't the big names. i kept saying, where's inventing legal arguments like, al-baghdadi? you need to have a full vote of and a couple of weeks ago, they were able to scope him out. the u.s. house before you can you know, these people are very start an impeachment inquiry. that's not found anywhere in e smart. they're not into the use of cell
3:57 am
phones anymore. they're not -- they're very technically brilliant. you know, they use the internet better than almost anybody in the world, perhaps other than donald trump. the -- eliminated one of the president's arguments to keep but they use the internet his federal employees from testifying. incredibly well and what they've as far as where it goes next, it's going to go to the d.c. done with the internet through recruiting and everything, and circuit court of appeals. that's why he died like a dog, guess who the chief judge is he died like a coward. he was whimpering, screaming, there? and crying, and frankly, i think merrick garland. it's something that should be brought out so that his despite these perilous times, followers and all of these young kids that want to leave various it's not dead. >> not dead at all. countries, including the united david drucker, what are you states, they should see how he died. looking at this week? big events over the weekend but >> no. still everyone will be talking about impeachment. >> admiral, we'll get to the -- >> i think impeachment is going to take over. it will be interesting to see if the death of baghdadi is able to the strategic importance of what quell some of the unrest among we get to, but again, just senate republicans who have been more upset about the president's policy in the middle east than underlining un-american language they have about impeachment. and the sound of tyrants. notwithstanding their concerns >> just where do you begin? about strategy. >> he died like a dog, he died
3:58 am
it will also be interesting to like a coward, whimpering and see, how house democrats continue to push the inquiry and screaming. it's just -- can you please if we're getting to a point explain to maybe three of donald where this is going to come out and we're going to start to see trump's supporters who fist pump more public hearings and public when they hear that, the downside of that and why the 44 interviews. >> david, thanks. american presidents who preceded we can't wait to see what burst him did not talk about comes forth from "the washington casualties on the war, even if examiner" over the next 24 to 48 they were the most heinous casualties like osama bin laden hours. you're on fire. or you name it. thanks, david. greatly appreciate it. our japanese opponents or our jonathan, you have a question for the panel? >> yes. i have a question for benjamin. nazis, why we didn't talk that we've seen, it's been a nonstop parade of witnesses and way. >> or qaddafi in libya, for officials testifying before congress the last couple of example. in every case, joe, the problem weeks. that's going to continue in the coming days. what in particular are you is there's that internal desire to take a victory lap but it's looking for here? you've mentioned that so many of counterproductive. it comes across as the president's defenses have unprofessional. it's spiking the ball in the end crumbled. what sort of testimony could we zone. and here's the real problem. see this week that could wound him even further? it's motivational for the other >> two key questions. side. >> yes, yes. >> some will make an argument the first is, when do witnesses that, oh, it's a deterrent. i don't think so.
3:59 am
i think that that tape will be start testifying in public? played, particularly that image that is, when do we go from the of the dog in the arab world is stage of private depositions so well known as an extremely the stage of public hearings or the release of those evocative, negative, and i think depositions? that will become a recruiting i do think that pivot is coming tool that the islamic state uses relatively soon. on the internet and for the probably not this week. record, i would say they're i'm confident not this week, but better than donald trump. they're managing currently to that's a key shift when it happens. the second thing is the -- you conduct global operations without owning a shred of know, do we hear from territory in ester, after we mr. cooperman and john bolton? took away the caliphate from them, which was another good those are questions that involve accomplishment, they still conducted a massive attack in both the willingness of the individuals to testify but also, sri lanka using the internet to you know, how effectively the white house is able to shut down recruit, proselytize and conduct the operation. they will use this footage to motivate their followers, to recruit more. the testimony of senior as well it's really not how we want to play this. >> well, it is actually on a as white house officials, and much smaller level, it's what state department officials who you call basically press seem willing to buck the
4:00 am
president's order not to clippings from -- for locker rooms where somebody on the other side says something, you cut out the press clippings, you cooperate. put it up and you use it to if we start seeing those people inspire other people. actually give depositions, that and it's something we don't want will be a very important moment. >> and i wanteded to ask dave here. let's go, richard haas, go to about william barr, attorney you and talk about the impact of general obviously has been doing the death. everything he can to cover up for the president of the united and we'll get into some of the states, to drag his feet. other things first. he's conducting extraordinarily obviously, i remember us improper investigations across the globe based on conspiracy being -- celebrating, at least, most americans when zarkowi was theori killed, i believe it was 2006, theories. he's humiliating himself. i'm just curious, how 2007, thinking that the guy that embarrassing was it for barr, how much egg is on barr's face really was the inspiration for isis and of course that just led after this federal judge's to more violent splinter groups. we, of course, all celebrated. ruling? we had our -- on the deck of the >> plenty. missouri moment a little bit calling the doj's arguments a when osama bin laden was killed, farce. they went so far, the judge did, and 2011, and we were all to question the department of justice's internal policy cheering but of course out of that came the rise of isis. against indicting a sitting president. and so, i'm wondering, it's saying that that policy has
4:01 am
never been adopted or approved by any court ever. obviously very important death, that's the get out of jail free but do we make the same mistake card that may have saved the president during the mueller investigation. again that we made in '06, that we made in '11, when we think so, the judge used unusually the death of this one man is going to end the movement that he was so successful in strong. spreading. >> the short answer, joe, is yes. there's no such thing as decapitation when it comes to dealing with terrorists because when whether you call them networks or movements, they're not narrow organizations that are highly structured. we're getting rid of the leadership essentially disables all the fighters. they'll reform. they may splinter. they're very decentralization. they're informality in some ways is a degree of strength. so, i think we've got to keep the accomplishment as meaningful as it is in perspective and more important or just as important, we've got to take a step back and say, are we putting ourselves in a position where we can do this sort of thing again and again as we will need to do and there, i think, the jury's
4:02 am
out or you've got to say it's going to become much more difficult. we're not going to have the forces on the ground collecting the intelligence. we're not going to have partners like the syrian kurds and other kurds who were doing so much. there's still questions about the willingness of this administration to work closely with its own intelligence community. so, again, yesterday was an important day, but we shouldn't exaggerate it and i'm really worried about going forward whether we're going to be able to repeat this because we're going to need to. >> well, this foreign policy achievement, mika, reportedly, almost didn't happen, and it didn't happen because of donald trump's widely criticized foreign policy decision. >> "the new york times" is reporting, citing multiple military and counterterrorism officials, for months, intelligence officials had kept mr. trump apprised of what he had set as a top priority, the hunt for mr. al-baghdadi, the world's most wanted terrorist. but mr. trump's abrupt withdrawal order from the
4:03 am
northeast syria three weeks ago disrupted the meticulous planning under way and forced pentagon officials to speed up the plan for the risky night raid before their ability to control troops, spies, and reconnaissance aircraft disappeared with the pullout. mr. al-baghdadi's death in the raid on saturday, they said, occurred largely in spite of and not because of mr. trump's actions. those actions include allowing the formerly u.s. backed kurds to fend for themselves against the major turkish assault. however, u.s. officials tell e paper that the kurds continue to provide information to the cia on baghdadi's location even after trump's betrayal and the kurds provided more intelligence for the raid than any single country. in a tweet, the kurdish syrian democratic forces call it a five-month joint operation. president trump thanked the kurds after he thanked the
4:04 am
russians. >> i want to thank the nations of russia, turkey, syria, and iraq and i also want to thank the syrian kurds for certain support they were able to give us. >> can you say what role the kurds played in this, generally? >> they gave us not a military role at all but they gave us some information that turned out to be helpful. the kurds. the kurds have worked along incredibly with us but in all fairness, it was much easier dealing with the kurds after they went through three days of fighting because that was a brutal three days. >> david ignacious, we'll let you take it from there. i mean, you obviously know this region. you've been there several times. and you just have to look at what happened and i'm sure you know this better than any of us, that heroes were once again the kurds who did quite a bit more than what donald trump said from all reports, and also our special forces, our u.s. troops, men and women in uniform over there. you've seen them.
4:05 am
they are the best that there is. >> well, joe, mika, let's start there. the soldiers who do these operations, the special operations forces drawn primarily from the army but also from other services, are just the best fighting force in the world. they operate just at a tempo in locations that are difficult in a way that nobody else can. they also work well with other partner nations, which typically don't want to be disclosed, but it's been widely reported that france and britain have some forces that have done similar operations. since the beginning of this war, going back to 2014, our special operations forces have conducted basically nightly attacks on isis targets. they have killed in the thousands, probably tens of thousands, using drones, jet fighters overhead, other means
4:06 am
of attack, just steady, relentless degradation of this enemy. all along, the effort was to target al-baghdadi, the leader, and one of the ironies of the operation that was announced yesterday by the president is it had to be speeded up because of the consequences of his, in many people's view, hasty pullout of u.s. forces from syria. i'm told by my forces it was days or weeks that they had to get this done because we were losing our platforms. we were losing our ability to do an operation of this sophistication. so, you know, that's one irony. a second is, the syrian kurds, so-called syrian democratic forces, continued to act in close partnership with the united states even after we had announced effectively a betrayal of them, leaving them to their enemies, the turks, see you later, charlie. even then, they continued to
4:07 am
provide the kind of intelligence and other support that made this operation possible. so, it's just a rare partnership. you just have to be thankful for people who even when they have, in effect, gotten kicked, still are willing to help you out. final point that i would make and you made it earlier, but the tone of president trump's remarks, this is a great day for everybody involved in this raid, and president trump made some tough decisions, hats off to him for that, but to call his adversaries and say they died like a dog, that kind of language, it is inflammatory but it's so in contrast to what president obama said in his brief, fairly dry nine-minute account of the killing of is a ma -- osama bin laden. there's a fascinating passage in a book by ben rhodes in which ben asked, would you like to display more footage of bin
4:08 am
laden's body, his burial, et cetera, and he turned to him and said, we are not going to spike the football. used the exact phrase. so in this case you had more of that taking credit, spiking the football, it may come back to hurt us, but in all, this was an operation where we had incredible support. >> still ahead on "morning joe," we've heard some of the reaction from washington, but what's the response in iraq to the death of the isis leader? nbc's courtney is there and joins us with her reporting next on "morning joe." us with her ret on "morning joe. i'm your cat. ever since you brought me home, that day. i've been plotting to destroy you. sizing you up... calculating your every move. you think this is love? this is a billion years of tiger dna just ready to pounce.
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here, hello! starts with -hi!mple... how can i help? a data plan for everyone. everyone? everyone. let's send to everyone! [ camera clicking ] wifi up there? -ahhh. sure, why not? how'd he get out?! a camera might figure it out. that was easy! glad i could help. at xfinity, we're here to make life simple. easy. awesome. so come ask, shop, discover at your xfinity store today. we don't want to keep soldiers between syria and turkey for the next 200 years. they've been fighting for hundreds of years. we're out. but we are leaving soldiers to secure the oil. now, we may have to fight for the oil. it's okay. maybe somebody else wants the oil, in which case they have a hell of a fight. but there's massive amounts of oil. again, somebody else may claim
4:13 am
it, but either we'll negotiate a deal with whoever's claiming it, if we think it's fair, or we will militarily stop them very quickly. we have tremendous power in that part of the world. >> joining us now live from iraq, nbc news and national security and military correspondent courtney kube. courtney, in his announcement, president trump also talked a r you have some new reporting this morning on u.s. troop mika.
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