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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  October 28, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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political opponents. president's trump and zelensky. he talks to the press he was also acting nsa when that aid to ukraine was ultimately incessantly. i think the whole question of released. the other part of this is that rudy giuliani's representation is a bit of a mystery right now. the push to get cupperman before >> as a former white house these house investigators is by counsel, your successors must be and harlarge a proxy fight to g fairly well aggrieved that the john bolton to do the same thing president has this personal lawyer who is freelancing all because they share an attorney. over the place, has business the attorney general for cupperman makes the case that dealings in turkey as well as because the white house is ukraine. we don't even know what else. brookie i >> correct. if you're a white house counsel, blocking his testimony and the one thing you're looking for because the legislative branch is demanding it, cupperman feels even though you're the andrea mitchell reports as if it's not his client's role president's government attorney starts right now. not personal attorney, you're to make a decision. looking for some cohesion and >> and right now, the fallout. he's trying to punt it to a the president's push to pull discipline so the institutioncy american forces out of northern federal judge. we do expect this case to be syria reportedly accelerated the expedited but last we checked this case hasn't even been president's personal interests timetable for the baghdadi raid can be represented. scheduled yet and a judge hasn't and could affect isis plans to been assigned to it. >> jeff bennett, you've covered retaliate. the hill, covered the white today the president is taking adam schiff for his part today house. another victory lap. said they're not going to wait i wanted to also play john >> we killed isis leader al for the courts to come up with kelly, retired general, of some legal recourse. course, former homeland chief the message house democrats are
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sending to the white house is and former white house chief of baghdadi. staff who had a famously bad he was a sick and depraved man ignore us at your own peril. and now he's dead. any stonewalling will be chalked relationship with the president when he tried to discipline up as potentially a new article access to the oval office. of impeachment on obstruction. this was his take about how the >> a lot of focus has been president would choose a he's dead. he's dead as a doornail. placed on rudy giuliani, the successor? >> i said whatever you do, don't president's personal lawyer, his hire a yes man, someone that's i want al baghdadi, that's the embarrassing butt dialing of an nbc reporter just last week, or only one i know now. won't tell you the truth. i want al baghdadi, get him. maybe it was revealed last week. don't do that. but the president today and they got him. because if you do, i believe you'll be impeached. vigorously as he was leaving the no-show. >> and of course, the president washington and joint andrews a central figure in the impeachment inquiry and aide to base, vigorously defending his responded to that with a statement saying that john kelly attorney. former national security advisor let's play that. john bolton was on that july never said that. 25th call refusing to come to jeff, that was, of course, john >> no. kelly talking with karl rove. capitol hill today, taking his i think rudy giuliani is a great crime fighter. congressional subpoena to court. he was the greatest mayor in new >> we are not willing to allow york city history. what is your impression from but he's been a great crime the white house to engage us in fighter. he's always looking for a lengthy game of rope a dope in corruption, which is what more this? >> if john kelly did in fact say people should be doing. that to president trump, john the courts, so we press forward. he's a good man. >> he's a good man. kelly would have been pretty prescient in the sense that in california burning. hurricane force winds fanning bob bower, your take on rudy mick mulvaney he did get a yes the flames, burning tens of
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thousands of acres, sending man. remember, mick mulvaney's entire giuliani? >> i don't know a lawyer in town hundreds of thousands to flee who understands what this their homes. m.o. was to let trump be trump >> what do you tell residents in representation is about. there seems to be a mix both of and that's precisely what he's some loose professional this neighborhood right now? >> look behind me. when you get the evacuation obligation to trump and at the done. we heard comments from john order, go. same time he also seems to be anything is replaceable, your sort of involved in business kelly where he said he regretted having to leave the white house. home, your goods. but the only thing you cannot activities in the same region of replace is your family and your the world in which he's it's also true that one's allegedly helping the president effectiveness as a white house own lives. track down his suspicions about chief of staff is directly what happened toies about his linked to the kind of personal relationship that one has with the president. and good day, everyone. at the time john kelly left the i'm andrea mitchell in white house, he did not enjoy a washington. the president trumpeting the good relationship with president successful raid that right down trump at all. the isis leader al baghdadi and i don't have any independent reporting as to whether or not said he is considering releasing john kelly made that comment to president trump or not, but some of the video of the raid. certainly what he said there but there are a lot of questions while seated next to karl rove about whether mr. trump's tracks with a lot of the things language describing al john kelly was telling reporters baghdadi's death during the news and his allies while he was conference could incite for still in the white house violence from isis followers. military planners had to move up the operation because of the advising president trump. >> stephanie grisham said i president's unexpected announcement weeks ago that he was withdrawing u.s. special
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worked with john kelly. forces from syria because if baghdadi moved again, it would he was totally inequipped to be a lot harder to track him handle the genius of our without u.s. surveillance on the ground. syrian kurds helped provide president. >> i'm not certain that there critical intelligence after the arrest and interrogation of one are many presidents in recent of baghdadi's wives and helped american history who haven't wanted that. they understand that they pinpoint his location. actually have to have a clear today mr. trump is defending his line of advice, independent decision to break precedent by advice. at the end of the day the not briefing house speaker nancy president makes a decision but pelosi and a small circle of over top house and senate has to have an independent base of information, an independent democrats, although republican judgment to evaluate what to do senators were looped in even days before. next. the white house is already a joining me kristin welker, bubble. my former colleague robert gibbs once said working in the white courtney kube in iraq, jeremy house is like working in a bash, former chief of staff at the cia and the pentagon, and submarine. if what the president is getting is alternative realities told to michael rider. both jeremy and michael were in the situation room in part of the planning for the 2011 bin him by advisoradvisors. state of emergency. laden raid. tens of thousands of kristin, first to you. californians forced to evacuate let's talk about the president's as wildfires tear through the victory lap again today in state. and then abandoned, after chicago before the police
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gathering there. helping lead the u.s. to al this clearly is something that he sees as his biggest foreign baghdadi kurds in syria are still being forced to flee their policy legacy? homeland. g forced to flee their >> reporter: he clearly does, homeland andrea. he is taking a victory lap again if your gums bleed when you brush, you may have gingivitis. today. i think it's a preview of things and the clock could be ticking towards bad breath, to come. today he is talking to police receding gums, and possibly... chiefs, but you can bet that tooth loss. help turn back the clock when he heads out on to the on gingivitis with parodontax. campaign trail you're going to leave bleeding gums behind. hear a lot more of the rhetoric parodontax. that we heard today just moments red lobster's endless shrimp is back for just fifteen ninety nine. get all the shrimp you want, ago. this victory does come against any way you want 'em. like new sriracha-honey shrimp... ...savory grilled teriyaki shrimp,... the backdrop of a lot of ...classic shrimp scampi and more! scrutiny of his foreign policy in syria, the fact that he moved red lobster's endless shrimp is fifteen ninety nine. hurry in. to withdraw u.s. troops although saying he was going to leave a residual force in area to man the oil fields. still not saying how many troops are staying there or specifically what hthey are goig to be doing because it is our understanding that it is going to be far more complex than
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manning the oil fields. that's why you have house speaker nancy pelosi demanding a briefing to know not only about the raid but to know what the strategy is specifically moving forward. in speaking with administration officials, today i asked if there have been any discussions around trying to set a date for a briefing trying to make that happen. at this point in time, though, it doesn't seem that briefing is imminent. >> let's talk about the military details from the region. you're in erbil, you're in northern iraq now as well ass r aas e as erbil. given the fact that the president gave so many operational details, given the amount of time they were in the air, it was obviously easy to figure out where they came from. is there concern among the military that he gave too many
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details in that question and answer after his prepared speech on sunday? >> so there's the combination of some of the information that he gave that would have been classified. the one that seems to be getting the most traction is the information about the dog. technically in these kind of missions, in these very specialized missions, the dog and the breed and everything about that dog is classified. we saw that in the bin laden raid. everyone got to know that cairo was the dog that was involved in that. technically that was a classified detail for the bin laden raid as well. the raid was actually launched out of here. president trump didn't say that, but it was pretty easy given the way that he describe the raid at he press conference on sunday nice rock. launched out of. there were a lot of other it's time to drop gold. details that he gave that the go digital. go grayscale. military would call their tactical information. it's the kind of stuff they just
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don't like out there. one is the way that they breach a compound. so he talked about how they blew up a wall because they figured that the front door might have been booby trapped. that's a tactical detail they don't want out there. he talked about how the helicopters fly very, very fast and very, very low. again, something they don't want out there. as you know, andrea, you spent a lot of time with the u.s. military as well. we know when they're moving through a combat zone, that might be the way they fly, but it's not really the kind of detail that the military would want out there. >> in addition, there's a lot of questions being raised about the kind of language he used. we know how president obama in a very brief statement announced the death of bin laden and how sea to avoid further creating a
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martyr out of bin laden. take a listen to some of the words the president used just and right now in california yesterday. >> he died after running into a firefighters are battling major dead end tunnel, whimpering and blazes in both northern and southern california. crying and screaming all the evacuations are underway on the west side of los angeles as the way. he died like a dog, he died like getty fire threatens more than a coward. he was whimpering, screaming and 10,000 structures. this comes as l.a. county crying. and frankly i think it's firefighters pushed to contain something that should be brought the flames from the tick fire out. >> you mentioned whimpering. which started last week. in northern california, almost could you hear that on your video lookup? 200,000 people were forced to >> i don't want to talk about evacuate. two firefighters were injured as hurricane force winds nearly it, but he was screaming, crying doubled the size of the kincade and whimpering. fire. sarah harmon joins us now where >> you headed the counter terrorism center. the kincade fire is burning. you spent countless hours in is there any progress at all in that center looking at realtime getting these fires under video and in the situation room control? >> reporter: well, andrea, this with the bin laden raid. how likely is it that he was fire is just 5% contained at hearing audio? this point. >> this is why you don't want and daylight has revealed fresh your president talking about operational details. devastation here in sonoma i think the likelihood of that county. 100 structures have now been is extremely low.
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and just overall the tenor of destroyed by the kincade fire, many of them homes. the president, let's face it as you can see, this is very president obama and president much an active situation. trump are very different in how overnight the fire moved into they speak about these things. this neighborhood of windsor. president trump was focused on as late as yesterday afternoon, his role on al baghdadi, because deputies were going door to door trying to pull people out who in his view that was what this were defying the evacuation was all about. i think what he has missed in order. doing so is there's a much but even those who did evacuate broader effort that has to are having a tough time. happen here and it has to involve allies in the region and the evacuation centers, many of has to make sure people want to them were at capacity. help the u.s. and support the u.s. overnight we talked to people i think there's a really open sleeping in their cars in the question as to whether that parking lot outside of these centers, mothers with children, language helps or hurts that cause. in my view, especially in the middle east, this sort of graphic description is not teenagers, evacuate wees and helpful in that longer strategic firefighters alike are having a really tough time in sonoma fight. >> a general said he's concerned county. about isis retaliation against >> thank you very much. what a dreadful situation up european targets, particularly there. around the holiday season, those meanwhile, the operation christmas markets. against the isis leader al that's the kind of thing european leaders and diplomats baghdadi was named after one of his victims. are talking to me about, not kayla mueller, a 26-year-old aid
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just with this raid but with the whole withdrawal from syria and worker from arizona whose parents say she was forced to the abandonment of the syrian become one of baghdadi's brides, kurds. >> isis is a ruthless raped, tortured before she was organization. murdered on his orders. i agree with mike that the best >> our innocent daughter, held posture for a public official to her for 18 months. be in after an important counterterrorism takedown is to she was tortured, she was held be restrained, to be not spiking in solitary confinement. the football and to sort of paint the larger picture of our ultimately she was taken as al strategic interests in the region. baghdadi's bride not be her own i would have liked to hear the president talk about what his will, raped and ultimately syria strategy is, what his counter isis strategy is now. killed by either baghdadi or because with our withdrawal of the support of the kurds, they someone in his organization. that's the question that we're were the on the ground defeat trying to get answered. force against isis. they were manning the prisons. if our support has now been >> joining me is brett mcgurk. withdrawn, it's going to make it a lot harder to keep isis thank you for being with us. i'm not sure how familiar you contained. are with kayla mueller's >> the other thing is as you both well know, the assets that situation and the fact that her we have on the ground, they were parents are so desperate to get human sources here. her remains, but for the
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in fact, i'm reading a post on remaining hostages, how much are defense one by gale lamon. they at risk without the syrian kurds on the ground being able to help us going forward? she's doing a book on the isis women and the syrian kurdish >> well that's very powerful women. testimony from kayla's father. and she has been talking to some of the people whom she's it just reveals just how profiled in this book in the uniquely barbaric and truly evil last 24 hours. they were deeply involved in the baghdadi was. intelligence gathering, the this is an individual responsible for tens of women. >> absolutely. the u.s. is the only country on thousands of death, for genocide earth who could pull off this against christians, shia raid. the intelligence community, the military and the president deserve credit for that in this muslims, and enslavement and case. but the question is, how do we maintain the pressure on what is no longer a hierarchical rape of innocent women. nothing can take away from the land mark day on sand that our caliphate. will the kurds actually be heroic special forces and positioned to support the future raids that we need to take intelligence analysts were able advantage of this death. to pull off. i think after the past two it's a great day for the united weeks, that's really open to states and the entire civilized world. the reason we were able to do question. not to mention the free rein this, it's really painstaking
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that turkey and russia now have work over a period of years and in key parts of syria will make networks that have been built up in syria by our special forces our ability to operate freely much more difficult. and by the syrians that we're on both collecting intelligence working with on ground. and operating militarily we're they provide the information, in a tougher position today than the intelligence, the access. much of that has now been lost. we were three weeks ago. >> jeremy, you were a staff so the follow-up from this member at house intelligence, i operation, i think, will be think chief of staff. extremely difficult, which is >> chief counsel. unfortunate. >> now, we've been told that the >> there has usually been a president acknowledged that he had been briefed for months in presidential briefing before the the leadup to this. public announcement, not before he had to be aware of the syrian the op necessarily. it's not required by law, but by kurds' cooperation and the practice. for the disparaging things the disparaging way that he spoke about them after his phone call president said about nancy to erdogan and the fact that he pelosi, who is a senior member of house intelligence for years barely thanked them or before she became speaker in acknowledged their cooperation. they provided key intelligence 2006, to talk about the leaks here and he was thanking vladimir putin and the russians from her and suggest that she more than the syrian kurds. could not be trusted, she's a >> what he said yesterday was that he learned about this about two weeks ago, which would mean that it came after his call with cob erdogan and after he made a constitutional figure, third in line. >> the bin laden case was an decision that basically unravelled the entire position that we had across northeast
9:13 am
intelligence operation from the syria. he's also called for the mass migration of kurds out of their get-go. traditional areas into a desert we briefed them in the months region, an oil field. leading up to the operation. it's really not well thought as the operation was happening out, let's put it that way. we kind of told them that this was underway. i think the reason to do that tragically since the turkish and the reason to do that in a forces came across the border to case like this isn't necessarily attack the syrian democratic what the law says. it's because if something goes forces, we've had 200,000 wrong, if heaven forbid the target isn't there or worse, we displaced people moving into suffer casualties because it's a very dangerous mission. northern iraq. you really have a destabilizing you want to have some people on the hill who have your back. situation as u.s. forces are moving into a remote oil region. you want them to say, yes, this was well thought out, it was the kurdish areas in well planned, it was well northeastern syria that we have been influencing are now resourced. controlled either by turkey and if there had been a tragedy, the first wave of criticism would turkish backed extremist forces have come from those members of congress you didn't brief. >> having covered the jimmy or by putin and assad under a carter failed rescue mission in deal that putin reached last iran, i know exactly. week. that's the situation now that we confront. i can't recall exactly whether it limits our options. they had been briefed but that what you want to do after was a political and obviously a enormous success like this, with
9:14 am
human tragedy. >> i think there's another all the information taken off the site, the term-of-art is reason. the reason that jeremy and i and mass effects. you want to take that others like us went into information and act upon it to national security, it used to be that politics ended at the basically totally uproot the remnants of isis cells and water's edge. once you're involved in these networks across particularly sort of operations this was about america's national iraq and syria but really around security, not parties. the world. our ability to do that great successes like this are an effectively is really limited opportunity to make it a because we've given up so much national celebration and a of northeast syria and we had national victory rather than a been established there in a partisan one. the first people that president decent way, particularly through obama called after bin laden the end of last year when were president bush and president clinton. president trump said get out, we >> that's right. >> to thank them for the work cut the force in half. that limited our ability to have they did in saying we have now all had an american victory. leverage. nothing takes away from the that's a pretty stark ju success we had this weekend. it's a tremendous success. juxtaposition from what trump i'm thinking of all the victims did this weekend. >> i called general hayden and of isis, i'm thinking of our men said before this is announced and women who helped pull this off. it's extraordinary. it's something only the united states of america can do, but it publicly, director panetta wants takes years of evideffort, alli you to know we are standing on all your shoulders.
9:15 am
and partners. >> there's some confusion about when the president knew. he may have known two weeks ago >> you delayed your honeymoon? they haded a location, >> i did. it made for an extra sweet but he knew about the hunt because this was months in the making. briefly, his focus on oil and honeymoon. >> it was an extraordinary success and it was an securing the oil is dissonant to extraordinary achievement for our military and our intelligence. some. >> well, he seems to see this as jeremy and michael, seeing you a game of risk where you kind of in the situation room that day move your plastic soldier here reminds me of how much we value to there and it doesn't make your expertise here. that much of a difference in other areas. kristin welker, courtney kube as the thing is our partners are a well. checking the record, why the syrian kurdish led force of u.s. ambassador to the eu 60,000 syrians. returned to capitol hill today while another impeachment we have left all of the inquiry witness was a no-show. traditional kurdish areas of and lock him up. syria and we're consolidating president trump booed and jeered around the remote oil field. at last night's world series when the president says our game just hours after announcing mission is to protect the oil the death of isis leader baghdadi. announcing the death of isis leader baghdadi ♪ born to be wild... field, it will be very difficult to have allies and partners to share some of the bird of that ♪
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mission. i helped build the coalition. ♪ ♪ born to be wild... it's very difficult. the only reason we're there is isis. i know this issue fairly well. it will be very difficult legally to exploit those resources. so i'm not quite sure what the president has in mind, but it doesn't seem to make a great deal of sense. >> brett mcgurk, thank you. we're expecting to hear from the defense secretary mark esper and from the joint chiefs chairman as well in the coming hour. coming up, stepping down. freshman democrat katie hill resigning from congress amid an ethics investigation into her relationship with a staffer. tio relationship with a staffer. johnsbut we're also a cancer fighting, for adults with moderately to severely active crohn's disease, ♪ hiv controlling, joint replacing, stelara® works differently. studies showed relief and remission, and depression relieving company. with dosing every 8 weeks. from the day you're born stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections we never stop taking care of you. and may increase your risk of infections and cancer. ♪ spread a little love today some serious infections require hospitalization. ♪ spread a little love my-y way ♪ before treatment, get tested for tb.
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9:20 am
that challenged his recollections? >> reporter: i don't have that level of detail, but a source familiar tells me he returned to the hill to review the transcript of his eight or nine hour long testimony. we've seen a number of previous witnesses return here to do just that, to include kurt volker. i don't know if he's coming back because he was concerned about of revelatory things we california congresswoman learned about his testimony. katie hill resigned after we do know charles cupperman who scandalous allegations she had has emerged as a key witness an affair with a staff member. hill is the first woman member because house investigators to have to resign other sex be in question between charges in the me too era. house speaker nancy pelosi issued a statement saying in part that the congresswoman has acknowledged errors in judgment that made her continued service as a member untenable. joining us kimberly atkins.
9:21 am
margaret, this is a pretty shocking turn of events. she was such a star. she was on house oversight. she was on leadership in the conference. >> yeah. she was a rising star. there's no doubt she was one of the named ones that we know about. >> for the big blue wave. >> yes. it's a loss, but i think there's a double double standard on the hill, which is one is that womea man. and democrats are following the strictures of the ethics committee and others on sexual misconduct more strongly than republicans are. more democrats. i mean, our president gets away with so much more than katie hill. here we have a really, really abusive husband calling her to account. nancy pelosi is doing the right
9:22 am
thing, but it's still something of a tragedy. and i'm sure that she also feels as al franken did at the time, which is if you're losing support of the leadership, the best thing you can do is get out of the way. it's a sacrifice for her but she did it. >> she could have hung in until the ethics investigation, but the fact that pictures were out of her on the internet thanks to her husband apparently. this is a contested divorce. we're not taking sides here, but it's a mess. >> the difference between this situation and one like al franken is under the laws of the united states is that the leaking of these photographs of her could be considered a crime. on the one hand she is the subject of this ethics investigation. she's also purportedly a victim of a crime. there is bipartisan legislation to federalize revenge porn, make that a federal crime as well.
9:23 am
she says she's going to focus now on the work of that. yes, i think it definitely shows the difference between how republicans and democrats have handled -- you have other republicans like duncan hunter who have been accused of impropriety and he refused to step down. >> and spending campaign money on his affairs. >> let's talk about the president at the nats world series game, booed and jeered with "lock him up." look at who's with him. so he brought with him the republicans including we've fgo a shot of matt gaetz. >> the world series could have been a bipartisan moment. he could have invited a token democrat or two, but he chose not to. i think everything we know about that moment is in his face. it's like the raggedy ann doll
9:24 am
smiling on one side and then he completely shuts down. >> it's rare for this president to ever hear protests or jeers because he goes to these rallies where all of his supporters are. that was probably an uncomfortable situation for him. >> yeah. it's an example of particularly in washi this microcosm where you have a lot of his supporters in t oppose him. this was one of those moments captured in realtime with the president there and is very different, yeah, from his rallies where he's surrounded by supporters. coming up next, defense counsel -- the attorney general is the defense counsel in this case. bill barr rejecting criticism over the justice department's criminal inquiry into the origins of the 2016 russia probe. the 2016 russia probe. does your broker offer more than just free trades? fidelity has zero commissions for online u.s. equity trades and etfs,
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tuattorney general william barr is defending the criminal investigation into the russia probe's origin. the u.s. attorney leading the examination and former intelligence officials. >> i understand we are making great process. he's a 35-year veteran of the department, great reputation for
9:29 am
n non-partisanship. i think they all know john durham's reputation. you know john durham and feel that he's a stand up guy. of this conspiracy theory of ukraine that totally discredited are discomforting to people who would like to respect the attorney general but frankly don't because of the way he handled the mulleller investigation. >> you are right, i knew him and i liked him and trusted him and respected him. let's put this aside. the way this attorney general mischaracterized the mueller report was deeply disturbing to me. i am not worried of john durham,
9:30 am
i am worried of what happens to it and how this characterized this attorney general. >> what kind of effect could this investigation have? analysts and the cias are having to lawyer up. the investigation was accounted to counter intelligence with russia. >> you would want john durham to have all the tools. if there is a grand jury subpoena issued to you then you are compel. that's the benign view in the world. in a n they were unanimous and strongly so about russian interference
9:31 am
sso so i hope it is not a strategy. i hope that they're not targeting the people for the views. >> but what makes it troubling is the president keeps repeating that ukraine was responsible for the investigation, for the election with clinton and democrats were tampering with the election when it is just indic indisputable. >> i don't know what the criminal investigation is predicated on. i don't know what facts it may have. one person made a false statement some where in the process. i don't know that. but you know again to my first point while i trust john durham i saw what bill bar dr did and
9:32 am
hope john is giving us the opportunity for freedom to work the case that he believes it needs to be worked. if it is political interference it is deeply troubling. the republican chairman came out with a bipartisan report confirming the original intelligence that it was russia. what about the attorney general himself going to italy and other capitals leaders. >> what attorney generals have always play the liaison role. there is a benign view of the world where you are trying to help your procesecutors gather information, this is one of the things you do. it would be unusual to put it mild for the attorney general to be deeply involved in a case. that i have not seen. >> chuck roseburg, thank you so much. make sure to listen to the latest episode of "the oath" ."
9:33 am
listen for free where ever you get your broadcast. coming up, a brief on the pentagon on the operation that killed abu bakr al-baghdadi. stay with us right here on msnbc. stay with us right here on msnbc.
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edition of "andrea mitchell reports." follow us online and on facebook. here is ayman. >> hello everyone, i am in for "velshi & ruhle." any moments we aring expect are get new details of the abu bakr al-baghdadi raid. we'll tell you who refused to testify and why. a state of emergency had been declared in california, fast moving fires forcing 200,000 people evacuating from their homes. we are live from the ground with that update.
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