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tv   Politics Nation With Al Sharpton  MSNBC  November 10, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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in just three days, three witnesses who testified behind closed doors in the impeachment inquiry will come before the house intelligence committee for public hearings. on wednesday, the world will hear from the top u.s. envoy to ukraine, and also a state department official. on friday, we'll all listen to testimony from the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine who was fired just six months ago. based on the transcripts of their depositions, the president will certainly be cast in a negative light to say the least. and more importantly, it should become clear and there was quid pro quo with ukraine. and as we ramp up to open hearings, republicans are pulling out all the stops to defend the president. an nbc source close to the
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president says he's watching cable news very closely and doesn't care about the substance of how republicans defend him, but simply about the fact they're on tv doing so. case in point. >> should you be concerned that the president of the united states wanted a foreign government to help investigate a political rival? >> i think you're right, chuck, but i think an equal number of people are upset that hillary clinton hired a british spy to hire russians to get dirt called the steele dossier. >> i believe it is inappropriate for a president to ask a foreign leader to investigate a political rival. i believe it was inappropriate. i do not believe it was impeachable. >> i consider any impeachment in the house that doesn't allow us to know who the whistle-blower is to be invalid. this is not about schiff finding the truth. this is about schiff trying to destroy the trump presidency. >> i don't think any fair-minded person in the milky way believes that speaker pelosi or chairman
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schiff are impartial. >> meanwhile, in the 2020 race, new polling shows that three leading candidates along with the potential newcomer may be able to beat president trump in the general election next november. the survey shows trump losing to elizabeth warren, bernie sanders, joe biden, and also to former new york city mayor billionaire michael bloomberg, who has yet to declare but seems to be testing the waters. despite those numbers, when respondent in the same poll were asked about their top choice among the entire field of 2020 democrats, bloomberg comes in sixth. but first we'll start with what to expect in this week's impeachment inquiry as it goes public. joining me now, from washington, democratic strategist otina
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omara, and sarah longwell, publisher of the bulwark. sarah, the white house seems to have a strategy of trying to shift the focus away from the president. they want to talk about hillary clinton. they want to talk about biden. they even put biden's son on their witness list, the republicans in the house intelligence committee for their list of witnesses. but it is donald trump that they're doing the impeachment inquiry about. if all they are trying to allege has any truth to it, isn't it really immaterial and distracting from whether or not this president abused power in terms of trying to extort or in other terms, quid pro quo with
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ukraine? >> yeah, their goal is to distract. that is why you saw hunter biden show up on the witness list yesterday. they want to make this as much about hunter biden as possible. i've been out in swing states talking to trump voters, asking them what do you think about impeachment, with a would make you change your mind. these voters are very cynical. and they think, you know, all politicians are corrupt. and so the more that president trump and his republican allies can make this, you know, about hunter biden or kick up a lot of dust and make it confusing, the more they'll be able to keep their republican voters with them who just kind of say, yeah, they're all corrupt, this isn't uniquely corrupt. and that really is the democrats' challenge in these hearings this week. what they need to do is demonstrate that there was something uniquely corrupt about what president trump did and that if you don't impeach him, they'll do it again and that would be bad for the country. >> but otina, couldn't this
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backfire on the republican, one, look like their avoiding the issue but also that they don't really put up a defense for the president, so even if someone may think there was something wrong that they want to try to bring into this, you can't say that they were wrong but then president trump was not wrong, especially when you haven't defended that he did not do what those that are testifying are clearly saying he did do? >> yeah, i would actually agree with that, reverend, and i'll agree with sarah about the cynical play. i think the cynical play here is that republicans are really worried about their base, right? and the base is, you know, very much interested in keeping trump in office, at least the republican base is. they're pretty much dragging out every person in the republicans' conspiracy, out of the dark web, the opinion folks on fox news are pulling out.
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i'm surprised they didn't pull out the poor beleag leeleaguere store owner from the 2016 campaign. >> well, stay tuned. >> they may get to that. they want every defense possible to show they at least made an attempt to say, hey, all these people that we think may be trying to take trump down are going to be on this witness list. it has nothing to do really with defending the president but looking like they're defending the president. >> but sarah, a public hearing is different from the private depositions because now you have somebody that has credentials, that have been in government, some directly with the president, that are going to be sitting there on live tv, dealing with the accusations. this is not a transcript. these are live human beings, and even if they're being examined
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by both sides, they're going to be making some serious and clear statements to the public that we have already seen one poll, 52% that thinks the president was inappropriate and should be removed. that may go up when you see live bodies sitting on live television, making these claims that people only saw transcripts up until now. >> yeah, and these are incredibly credible people. when they're out there on tv making the case that there is something uniquely corrupt about running, you know, a shadow foreign policy or that we were withholding aid from a vulnerable ally so that the president could have, you know, the pr help of showing that his political adversary was being investigated, yeah, that could make a difference. i think the question is whether or not you see the polling start
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to move among light-leaning independents and republican voters, because that's where the room is to grow. right now democrats are on board on impeaching, you've seen a big jump in independent numbers. the question is can you chip away at some of those republicans. a lot of these people are republicans who are testifying and there's no reason to doubt their sincerity. that's the big question, can you change the minds of some of these on-the-fence reluctant republican trump voters and will they turn on the president. because if you can get those impeachment numbers up to 62%, that could be the death knell on whether or not the republicans are still willing to defend this president. >> one or two witnesses might jump it 8%. the whole question that lindsey graham keeps raising about we need to know the name of the
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whistle-blower, isn't that really immaterial at this point? first of all, the whistle-blower is supposed to be protected, that's the idea of having a whistle-blower. it sends the wrong signal to all government employees. but isn't it really immaterial when what the whistle-blower alerted everyone on has now been testified to by people under oath, during depositions, that were government officials with backgrounds that have stood all of the vetting and muster that you could put on them. it really doesn't matter who the whistle-blower was, the whistle-blower's information has been confirmed. >> yeah, absolutely. this is senator graham carrying trump's water like the pro that he is on this now. it's all now very much about every single person who has come forward has corroborated what the whistle-blower said, so much so that ambassador sondland had
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to come back with his memory refreshed by the testimony of the other witnesses. so yes, this is very much of a trying to do smoke and mirrors and divert from the fact of what happened. it's immaterial at this point. the public hearings this week are just going to double down on that fact and knock down every gop talking point. >> let me go to some of the politics of this. i said at the beginning of this segment, sarah, polls show six of the democrats could beat president trump in the general election if it were at the time these polls were taken, which is right now, including michael bloomberg, former mayor of new york, who hasn't even declared. now, a lot of people are saying that bloomberg is looking at the centrist lane that vice president, former vice president biden has. i know both these gentlemen pretty well, both were at my
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martin luther king day holiday earlier this year. and how do you read the fact that bloomberg may come in in terms of his danger is the primaries and could he be effective in the general, or do you think he could come in late and really do something in the primaries? >> i don't think that mike bloomberg should get in. i mean, joe biden is leading by a significant amount in most of these national polls. there is a reason president trump was bribing another country to investigate joe biden, it's because he doesn't want to face him in a general election. if mike bloomberg comes in and starts to split voters in the centrist lane, that is a gift to elizabeth warren and bernie sanders who are the kind of democrats who donald trump very much wants to face in a general election, he's desperate to be able to face elizabeth warren, he wants to be able to say
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socialist, socialist, socialist, pocahontas, pocahontas, pocahontas. if mike bloomberg splits the centrist votes, that's bad for the centrist wing of the party and good for the liberal wing of the party. >> do you think, atima -- well, who do you think that president trump and his team are most in fear of, among the group of democrats that are now running, and michael bloomberg who has now announced? you're a republican. who do you think will give the most problems to this president in a general election? >> well, i'm definitely very much a democrat, reverend. >> i'm sorry. i'm sorry. >> i definite think that trump, obviously given this ukraine investigation, he's most concerned with biden. there is some popular thought among trump supporters that he's also a little bit nervous about
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warren because she does have an economic populist appeal among voters who voted for him in the 2016 election. at the end of the day, though, going back to bloomberg getting in, my joke was, i'm not at the point where i'm ready to tax the heck out of the billionaires so they can't self-fund their runs. bloomberg clearly sees an opening because biden isn't doing as well in the polls right now as he thought he should have, which is why he pulled back on run to ning to begin wi so goes the story. going back to trump, i think he definitely fears a biden run. he definitely is probably a little bit nervous about warren, maybe to a lesser extent sanders. but twenty biden and probably bloomberg are a bit of a threat. >> again, i'm sorry for saying you were a republican.
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sarah, the republican, was making such a straightforward point, i thought she was the democrat. >> oh, thanks. >> that's the new norm now, when you make sense we automatically you can't be with the trump party. but that's a little bias on my side. thank you both for being with me. coming up, the next democratic debate is just ten days away. colorado senator michael bennet has not yet made the cut and is struggling to pull in more support. i'll ask him how much longer he can stay in the race and about his strategy to drum up more support. but first, my colleague richard lui with today's top stories. richard? >> rev, thank you so much. a couple of stories we're watching this hour, the president of bolivia resigned on sunday after an audit found last month's election could not be validated because of
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irregularities. morales said he was stepping down for the good of the country. president trump is spending this veterans day weekend in his hometown, new york city. tomorrow he'll attend the city's parade where veterans and active duty personnel will march along manhattan's fifth avenue, the first time a sitting president has accepted an invitation to attend the parade. maybe his former hometown as of now. more "politics nation" right after this. n" right after this ♪
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the next democratic presidential debate in atlanta is just ten days away. and we here at msnbc are co-hosting the event with "the washington post." on wednesday, november 20th, 9:00 p.m. eastern, i'll be there front and center to get a good look at the candidate running. just when you think the democratic field would be getting smaller, former new york city mayor michael bloomberg has been hinting that he might throw his hat into the ring. joining me now, senator from colorado and democratic presidential candidate michael bennet. he's a member of the senate intelligence committee. senator, welcome back to "politics nation." >> thanks, rev, happy sunday. >> happy sunday to you. what are you doing to try to drum up enough support? you're not going to be in the november debate. >> yes. >> what is your strategy to try
2:20 pm
to build up enough support to make the december debate and why do you think that support has not been realized so far for your candidacy? >> i think it's a big field, and i'm certainly not the best known candidate in the race. and i knew that when i got in. i think it's really important that we nominate somebody who won into purple state. i'm the only candidate who has won two national races in a swing state, in californn colo. i'm continuing to talk to the voters in iowa and new hampshire. i spent the last three days in western iowa, the rural parts of the state. this week i'm headed to new hampshire to continue a conversation i started last week when i filed my paperwork. i think the field is completely unconsolidated. the undecideds are up again, every time they take a poll more iowans are undecided that they were in the last poll. i'm hearing the same thing in new hampshire as well. so i think it's important to stay in the race as long as i've
2:21 pm
got something important to say about the direction of the country and the democratic party and the need to beat donald trump by running on a set of issues that's not just created in a test tube on the east or west coast but can actually speak to people in the middle of our country. it's the only way we're going to win. >> is that what you're saying to voters distinguishes you from some of the others, you won a purple state, a little subtle shot at the east and west coast candidates that maybe do not understand middle america and you feel that you're going to have to have them if you're going to be successful in defeating a sitting president? >> it's true, i think it's not enough to galvanize the democratic base. we have to galvanize the democratic base but we have to win back some of the 9 million
2:22 pm
people who voted twice for barack obama and once for donald trump. if you look at the state polls that "the new york times" had last week in the swing states, even while the national polls show our leading candidates beating donald trump, those polls show trump either winning or tied with joe biden. and that is very, very concerning to me, because those are the states we lost last time when we should never have lost to donald trump to begin with. i do have a different set of experiences. it's why my health care proposals, my climate proposals, and my proposal to end childhood poverty in this country aren't things i came up with to run for president. they're things i've been working on for the last ten years and i think could galvanize the voters we need to win not just the presidency but the senate as well. >> you were in new hampshire earlier this week filing for the primary. you made this comment about the importance of the impeachment process over and above
2:23 pm
campaigning. listen to this. >> on the constitutional responsibilities for impeachment, we can't let anything interfere with that either. when i say "we" i mean not just me but other candidates in the race as well. we've got a lot on our hands. this is an incredibly important moment in the country's history. >> so you're one of six, senator, in this race now. are you saying you and the other five are to suspend their campaigns if there is a vote for impeachment by the house and there's a trial in the senate, that all of you should be there, it's more important than your campaigns? >> well, it is more important than our campaigns. none of us should suspend our campaigns, but we are going to have to fulfill our constitutional responsibility, there's nobody else to do it. i'm very glad that this week the house is beginning the public process that's going to give the american people the chance to weigh the evidence themselves,
2:24 pm
of the abuse of power that president trump has been engaged in over the last years. and this is an important moment in the country's history. it's important for us to get it right. >> you're on the senate intelligence committee. the house intelligence committee is having the public hearings. but i'm sure you'll be paying attention. what is it that you are going to be listening for and that you would tell viewers that they ought to really be listening for to determine that the president is in fact guilty of abuse of power and it is an impeachable act? >> i think first of all, we're going to listen to see whether the evidence reinforces what the whistle-blower allowed. so far, every single person who testified has reinforced what the whistle-blower said. and by the way, these are not just anti-trumpers, these are republicans working in the trump administration who are saying that the phone call was
2:25 pm
political, the phone call was unseemly. the other question is, is it an impeachable offense. and i believe that this is exactly the kind of thing that the founders had in mind when they wrote impeachment into the constitution. it's not about figuring out whether the president committed a crime or not, although he may have. it's about whether it's a high crime and misdemeanor in the sense that he has committed a political crime. and when you consider a notion that we have a president who tried to get a foreign leader to investigate his political rival joe biden for his own political benefit, and threatened to hold aid that ukraine desperately needed to fight back against russia, it raises a real question whether or not he should continue as president of the united states. so let's hear what the evidence says, but if it corroborates what we've heard so far, i think it's very likely that he's going to find himself impeached and it
2:26 pm
would then come over to the senate for a vote. >> all right, senator michael bennet, thank you for being with us this evening. >> thanks, rev. coming up, a woman who loss her job for flipping president trump the bird now has an even better one than before. details on that, in a moment. coughing
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for this week's "gotcha," we're zeroing in on the republican party and what i like to call the trump slump. and i'm not talking about his unfortunate posture. republicans had a rough night on tuesday, losing the governor's race in kentucky. kentucky! even after the president made a point to campaign there for his candidate and in true trump fashion, he made the election all about him. >> if you lose, they're going to say trump suffered the great defeat in the history of the world. this was the greatest. you can't let that happen to me. >> well, that did happen to you, mr. president. but the bad news for you didn't
2:31 pm
stop there. there was another upset just a few miles north in vice president pence's hometown, columbus, indiana, where the city council flipped to democratic control for the first time in nearly 40 years. perhaps the biggest blow to republicans took place in trump's backyard. democrats in virginia successfully flipped both chambers of the state legislature, giving them full control of the statehouse for the first time in two decades. and speaking of flipping, you may remember this woman, julie briskman who flipped the bird to the president's motorcade last year and lost her job after the photo went viral. well, don't worry about miss briskman, because she's got a brand-new career in public service. on tuesday, she was elected to the loudoun county board of supervisors, flipping that seat from red to blue in the process.
2:32 pm
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this is a very simple, straightforward act. the president broke the law. >> i consider any impeachment in the house that doesn't allow us to know who the whistle-blower is to be invalid because without the whistle-blower complaint, we wouldn't be talking about any of this. >> democrats and republicans in congress remained at odds over the impeachment inquiry into president trump. and with the public hearings set to begin in just three days, transcripts from officials already interviewed privately by the democrats have put pressure on the democrats. joining me now is one of the committee members who will ask questions this week, democratic congresswoman val demings of
2:37 pm
florida. >> reverend sharpton, it's good to be back with you. >> you have heard the private testimonies and the depositions taken. what do you think the impact will be of these public hearings that you will be sitting on the panel and also engaging in some of the questions that will start wednesday of this week? >> well, let me say this. you know, this is a very solemn and very somber time for our country. i've said it many times before. when i rattled off a list of reasons why i wanted to run for congress, i did not run for congress to impeach the president. but the times have found us, and i do believe we have a direct responsibility to uphold the constitution, the rule of law, and hold those engaged in wrongdoing accountable. i have watched and witnessed and listened to several career foreign service officers come before our committee and give
2:38 pm
their testimony. those who were involved, for example like ambassador taylor who has been involved for over 50 years, ambassador yovanovitch and others, i've heard their testimony, which is pretty overwhelming, pretty clear and convincing, that the president engaged in wrongdoing. and i want the american people to hear directly from them, to hear their testimony and why they felt the need to sound the alarm, in spite of the white house's efforts to keep them silent. >> so you're saying based on what you've already heard in private testimony that you're talking about foreign service people, ambassadors, many of whom are republican and part of the trump administration, have clearly testified enough for you to say you feel this president abused the offices and it rises to the level of impeachment? >> reverend sharpton, when you listen to their testimony, and in a few days you will hear directly from them, and when the
2:39 pm
american people hear from these people who have gone about doing their jobs for years without regard for political party, of politics, but only concerned about the national security of our country, only concerned about the relationship with our strategic partners, really talk about, from those directly involved in the call, likely lieutenant colonel vindman, when you hear directly from him and why he felt the need, you clearly understand that the president tried to use his power to coerce a foreign power for political gain. you will clearly hear from several others when they give their testimony that they were concerned about the president's question of, i need you to do me a favor though, and then withholding critical military
2:40 pm
aid from a strategic partner for political gain, and then directly asking president zelensky to investigate his political rival joe biden, and his son. >> now, the republicans on the committee have tried to distract from this, saying that they want hunter biden, joe biden's son, called in, and other names, and they've even made the unusual adjustment of putting down in the committee jim jordan, for example, who is now all of a sudden going to be put on the committee. do you feel like they're there to really deal with the evidence, deal with the testimonies, or are they there to distract and try in some way to confuse the public that will be watching this, and if so, how will you and other democrats keep this on course? >> well, reverend sharpton, let me say this.
2:41 pm
as a former law enforcement officer, former police chief, i have been engaged in numerous investigations. i've always been in search of the truth. at the end of the day, it is the truth that leads us to the necessary action. we either press charges, make an arrest, or exonerate. it has been extremely disappointing to me that my colleagues on the other side of the aisle seem to have zero interest in getting to the truth, zero interest in upholding the reputation of these career foreign service employees, and would actually do anything and everything to destroy their careers and to protect the president. look, if the republican leadership wants to add jim jordan to the committee to get to the bottom of the truth and hold those engaged in wrongdoing accountable, we welcome him to the committee. if their goal, though, is to just have a circus, i would say
2:42 pm
shame on them, but we on the democratic side are going to stay very focused. we're going to interview witnesses who have direct knowledge or something to add that clearly pertains to this investigation. and we're not entertaining any foolishness that the republican party wants to present. >> as you said, you were in law enforcement when i first met you, you were a very good person in law enforcement. and i'm sure that you handled cases where people called 911 to report a crime, and once the officers would go to the person or to the place they were directed to, if they saw a crime that was being committed or had been committed and they would make an arrest, have you ever heard the defense in court say, well, unless you tell me who called 911, you can't prosecute the crime? that's how i look at this when
2:43 pm
lindsey graham says, we need to know the identity of the whistle-blower for it to be valid. if the crime was committed, it doesn't matter who called in the crime if in fact there was a crime. >> reverend sharpton, lindsey graham, again, another disappointment. we're talking about someone who when his best friend, john mccain, was under attack, he refused to defend him. as a law enforcement officer we frequently observed calls from people who observed a crime being committed or suspicious behavior and wanted to remain anonymous. we arrived on the scene, observed with our own eyes, heard with our own ears the crime being committed and took necessary action. so yet again, lindsey graham has perhaps served his usefulness because the evidence against the president is overwhelming. the only question that still
2:44 pm
remains is that what is it that we want to do about the wrongdoing and the violations of law from this president. >> all right, congresswoman val demings, as you for being with us this evening. >> thank you. up next, looks like kansas city, missouri, certainly turned back the block. i'll explain when we come back. free shipping. you get everything you need for your home at a great price, the way it works best for you, i'll take that. wait honey, no. when you want it. you get a delivery experience you can always count on. you get your perfect find at a price to match, on your own schedule. you get fast and free shipping on the things that make your home feel like you. that's what you get when you've got wayfair. so shop now! more exciting than than getting a lexus... giving one. this is unbelievable! >>it really is. the lexus december to rembember sales event
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welcome back. in kansas city, missouri, voters overwhelmingly approved removing martin luther king's name from a boulevard, 70% voted for the removal. the move has been highly divisive. supporters of retaining the name have called the opposition racist while those backing the new name say the city leaders were pushing for it. joining me, emanuel cleaver.
2:49 pm
congressman cleaver, this vote, and the reason i wanted to focus in on this is because we're dealing with such racial polarization nationally, i don't think it was even imagined by most that a city would vote to remove the name of martin luther king on a street that was voted on and put there. and now all of a sudden removed. and at one point the believe that wanted his name removed actually came into a black church where you were present and had a silent protest about this. >> it was awful, reverend. as you and i both know as clergymen in the black experience that doesn't happen. even the klan never marched into a church where the sclc that i was involved with was holding a rally. the national action network, the same thing, it doesn't happen. i was there at the church and
2:50 pm
said, hey, i know some of you probably don't understand church and so forth, but you don't do this in a church, i never did it in a church and you can't pay me to do it in a church. the thing was confusing because on the ballot, a no vote meant yes, a yes vote meant know. in other words, if you were for reduci removing the sign, vote yes. if you want to keep the sign, you vote no. and so i think there was some confusion there. i think the fact that we had some also pushed against it, created some confusion. and the turnout was abysmal from everyone because it was an issues election. no candidates on the ballot, just issues about selling parkland. and so it's an embarrassment. we're the largest city in the country that does not have a tribute to martin luther king by naming a street.
2:51 pm
>> you fought to get the street named in the first place. it's a major street. we're not talking about some street that is not a significant street. and now, all of a sudden, itver voted down. again, people coming, mostly white, into a black church to protest and stand for we want to see martin luther king's name down. this is a real symbol of where we are in race relations, with a president who just had his black outreach meeting in atlanta, it's absolutely startling. >> well, when i spoke to the group of people, i said look, put the name change aside. do you guys understand what you're doing? you know, the constitution guarantees the right to freedom of worship. i have two relatives who were black panthers, eldridge cleaver, and pete o'neal, who is still in tanzania, can't come back to the u.s. pete was arrested in the linwood
2:52 pm
united methodist church in 1972 for doing the same thing. going into a church. you can't do that. i mean, but whether you're arrested or not in the black experience, i mean, we couldn't even walk across the grass. my mother and father would still be beating on me as i'm doing this interview if they had caught me walking across the grass or eating in church or as you know, any number of other things. that's just the way we grew up. this, i have not been able to get over it. there were african-americans with them. you know, there was some race involved, i'm sure, but i'm not sure that the whole thing was racial. there's always going to be some racial component to everything in the country, but when you have -- we had african-americans who, i don't understand all of the problems, but i was with one of the former mayors on saturday. and neither of us can ever remember even having an election on a street change. the preseau, which was changed by the mayor city council, is
2:53 pm
probably the second most beautiful street in our community. it's a park, a boulevard. wide and it's got beautiful flowers in the spring and summer. and it was, i think, the kind of street we would like to name after martin luther king instead of some rundown street with a lot of vacant buildings. we were very proud of having martin luther king perhaps on one of the most beautiful streets in the nation, but some people said, well, but you know, preseau, this has been named this way for 75, 80 years, and we got the name from a boulevard in mexico city, and so they organized. and the group who wanted to preserve it had very little money. the 13 churches, african-american churches on the boulevard, all of them supported it. and you know, i don't know, there were public hearings and the whole bit. but i'm in washington so i didn't attend any of the meetings.
2:54 pm
but people are embarrassed here in kansas city. >> is there going to be any move to try to change it back? >> yes, and i think we're going to try to do that some time soon. but i would like to do it where there's not a city election. i would like for it to be done like we do most of the street names. that is the city council votes to approve a name, and it's over. >> that's the normal procedure. >> that's the normal procedure in kansas city. i was mayor eight years and one of my predecessors who said the same thing was mayor for 12 years. >> wow. >> so it hasn't happened in that period of time. >> you were former mayor, now a nationally known congressman, and a great preacher, too. congressman emanuel cleaver, we appreciate your time tonight. >> up next, my final thoughts. stay with us.
2:55 pm
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2:59 pm
appreciate that sacrifice. in my life, i have, as a kid, marched against the vietnam war all the way up to the iraq war. but i never held anything but the greatest appreciation for the veterans that stood there and fought for what this country stood for. we should also, then, honor them be not cutting the funds they need for health care and not dealing with the condition of veterans hospitals and veterans services. and things that give veterans the kind of life that we show that they stood when others wouldn't. i have relatives who were in the services when they had to serve in segregated conditions. it's one thing to love a country, but to love a country when it doesn't show love for you, that's super veterans. but super whatever kind of veteran, we ought to appreciate
3:00 pm
them tomorrow. and we ought to uphold this country to live up to what we send them to defend, and that is equality and justice for all. that should not just be rhetoric. that should be reality. or we should stop sending people to defend it if we're not going to live up to it. that does it for me. thanks for watching. i'll see you back here next saturday alt 5:p.m. eastern. up next, "meet the press" with chuck todd. this sunday, mounting pressure on pt.. on impeachment. more evidence military aid to ukraine was held up. >> no doubt there was a quid pro quo here. >> pending investigations that president trump demanded and now the public will get to hear testimony directly. >> we will begin our opening hearings in the impeachment inquiry next week. >> but the republicans insist mr. trump did nothing wrong. >> show me where there was a quid pro quo.


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