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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  December 2, 2019 7:00am-8:00am PST

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that wraps up this very busy hour. i'm stephanie ruhl. soming up, more news with hallie jackson. >> president trump is getting ready to hit the road with my colleagues gathered on the south lawn with plenty of questions for the president, like why not send somebody to defend him at wednesday's key public hearing with the judiciary committee? we've got new reaction this morning to the white house taking a pass on participation, calling the hearing a baseless and highly partisan inquiry. and today on capitol hill, lawmakers will meet behind closed doors to get their first look at the house intelligence committee's impeachment. we've got a lot going on, as we wait for that and the president to walk out of the white house. and we've got our team here following all the developments. garrett haake is on capitol
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hill, hans nichols is going to be joining us from london. let me start with you, because you're hearing from republicans and democrats about the president's decision to not participate in wednesday's hearing, although the white house is keeping the door open to maybe doing so down the road if things turn out fairly for them. >> hallie, get ready to shake off the hangover from thanksgiving last week. this would be a week where you would expect to see significant fireworks not from the witnesses themselves, but from the members in the judiciary committee as the judiciary committee gets ready to take the handoff from intel. we're looking ahead to the wednesday hearing where we expect to see constitutional scholars and law professors, we expect to get the actual witnesses announced later today, start talking about the nature of impeachment and what makes an impeachable offense. the real fireworks are going to come from the members themselves. this is the most partisan panel in the house and likewise the same in the senate. a lot of the president's top defenders are on there, and especially with the white house decision not to send their own lawyer, not for the white house
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to participate directly in this hearing or any future hearings, it will fall on the president's defenders to back him up in this fight. and as one of them laid out this morning, they're ready to do so. take a listen. >> we're going to get to use the rules to make sure we all get the full questions and allotment of questions that we have. although they're trying to fiddle with that a little bit. it will be like a stop stick with speck on it trying to put a flat tire. >> that's andy biggs, republican member of the judiciary committee, explaining they're going to fight using procedural tactics, as well as fighting on the facts. there's some historical precedent for this. this is exactly what democrats did during the clinton impeachment. win by losing, essentially making the process look at partisan and one-sided as possible. expect to see quite a bit of that come wednesday. >> we're looking at what's laid out this week with the review, tomorrow the vote on the report, and then wednesday the key impeachment hearing from the judiciary committee.
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hans nichols is live for us in london, because hans, the president as we mentioned is getting ready to leave the white house. we showed a shot of air force one. the president, our colleagues are out on the south lawn now. the president is not. we are waiting for him. we've got our phones handy for updates. plenty of questions for the president, even as the white house is slamming democrats for purposely scheduling this hearing while the president is overseas meeting with world leaders. >> reporter: well, that's the democrats' take. the white house has said they're going to be planned on this trip which has long been in the books. the scheduling, regardless of that, the question here really is can donald trump stay focused on the nato summit. his aides clearly want him tochlt they've indicated to officials throughout the administration that they think that nato is in a much better place and they want the president to use a soft touch here. the challenge with any president, especially with donald trump, is how you stay on topic when the world is somewhat
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in flames. and to that extent, we have a big issue on capitol hill. there are protests in iran. we'll see to what extent trump stays on at least the nato message. clearly if you look at his twitter feed, he's in a different frame of mind. his focus isn't on london, but on what's happening back home. we're going to have a split screen week. they're touting this idea that it's 3-1 in terms of the attorneys that the democrats are going to be offering versus on the republican side. so we'll see to what extent the president is the commentator in chief on the impeachment hearings or whether or not he acts more like one of the partner countries of nato and to what extent he backs nato. >> you're also getting some new reaction from his administration. here's secretary of state mike pompeo just this morning, asked about the white house's decision to not participate, to not cooperate in wednesday's hearing. watch. >> they watched this process be tremendously unfair all the way through. i think they're concerned that this process will continue to be unfair and they've made this decision not to send counsel for
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at least this part of the proceeding. >> secretary of state mike pompeo there. hans nichols in london and garrett haake on capitol hill. this is going to be a busy week. we have two veterans of capitol hill with expert analysis and insight. michael steele served as spokesperson for john berner and we have the staff director from the house intelligence committee and msnbc contributor. we're going now this week and you've got somebody who is deeply involved in the intelligence commit. you know this committee. talk about the report, the way that lawmakers are going to review this. do you think we're going to see some leaks? >> we've seen any time the intelligence committee has done anything is people come out of the room and start talking, members, lawyers. what we have also seen with this is that adam schiff is a very thorough investigator and he will put together a thoughtful report with all the facts that he's gathered over all of these hearings to make the strongest
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case that he can. one of the real challenges is we are learning new things about this all the time. >> i've just got to note the president is speaking on the white house south lawn. just to refresh the memories of our viewers who may have taken off during the holidays, we can't actually show that to you live. our colleagues are out there. we're going to get notes from our teams who are in the field. the tape is going to get run back inside and we'll turn it around and play it for you. if i had to bet, president trump is talking impeachment. he's been tweeting already, he's upset with the process. he's got republican defenders and what is going to be interesting is doug collins, ranking member on the house judiciary committee, top republican. >> and apparently the president's choice for a senate seat in georgia. >> and he has been a vocal critic of this process. i want to play what he said on fox this morning. >> is adam schiff going to sit under oath and actually begin to answer questions that he has hid from for a long time while they've had their hidden testimony and their public side
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show? look, the chairman nadler is rushing this and chairman schiff and speaker pelosi are running the committee again because we have no idea. >> so you heard the other congressman this morning on fox as well. is this the republican strategy going into this thing? >> of course, they can't win in the house. the outcome is predetermined in a lot of ways. there's probably going to be a party line vote at the end of this process is pass articles of impeachment, move on to the senate for a trial. what they want to do is throw a lot of dust in the air and a lot of procedural road blocks and talk about the inherent unfairness. >> was it a mistake for the white house to not participate in this hearing or not send a lawyer to represent them? >> i think we've decided that the senate is the ball game. the house is stacked against them, house democrats are dug in on this. and the president likes to defend himself rather than have someone else do it. >> couldn't you play devil's advocate and say if you've done nothing wrong, come on out, tell
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us about it. we want to hear your explanation. >> absolutely. and the president has argued all along that he has done nothing wrong here, that it was totally legitimate. but he and his colleagues have received to participate in this process and they've thrown up all these procedural complaints, closed-door hearings. then we had open hearings. now his lawyers have a chance to participate. every time they have procedural objections, he declines to meet them. >> this is an interesting point. our political team raised this morning there's the substance of what happened in what is being considered by democrats, this impeachable offense. there's also everything else. so first read writes the entire impeachment saga comes down to this question, did the president violate his oath of office and his stewardship of the executive branch by asking a foreign leader to investigate a political rival. but the challenge for democrats here is that there are two different impeachment conversations, the substance, and as you point out, the everything else process piece of this. and right now first read says republicans have succeeded in
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turning the conversation to the latter. >> and that's the transition we're making this week as the intelligence committee lays out the facts. the judiciary committee will determine does this rise to a high crime or disdemeaner. >> i'm being rude and looking at my phone because the president is speaking here. he's talking about nato on the south lawn of the white house. he is talking about the economy. these are issues he often likes to tee up. he was asked a question and said in his view that the radical left democrats decided that when he's going to nato that would be the exact time to call impeachment. put a little reality check on this. yes, the nato trip has been long scheduled, but the house impeachment process by democrats has been moving along on its parallel track anyway. >> and presidents have never shown up in tern during the house process. so whether it's in the country is irrelevant relevant.
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he can watch it on c span. it's not like he's not going to know what's happening here. but the house democrats don't want the president to be able to throw up procedural delays to push this thing out even further. and you've seen that in the ways they've resisted turning over documents and refused to show up. >> i'm wondering, too, the president, now that they are willing to crack the door open a little bit to participation down the road, will mick mulvaney show up? >> he would be a great witness and he would have to answer a lot of questions that i don't know that he wants to answer. >> michael and mika, thank you. i would say good-bye but what knows what we're going to see from the president. he's talking the china trade deal which may be an issue coming up at nato and new comments from the ukrainian president. we're going to talk about that later in the show. we also want to tell you about some big news at the supreme court. for the first time, justices had hearing a hearing on gun rights. the court has gun control
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advocates worried. nbc's pete williams is at the court to explain why. >> reporter: hallie, the biggest surprise is the court is hearing this case at all, because after ruling in 2008 that the second amendment does provide an individual right to have a gun at home for self-defense, the court has repeatedly brushed aside other challenges to gun laws and has not examined the question about what about having guns outside the home, like concealed carry laws orbans on assault weapons or high capacity magazines. this involves a city ordinance in new york that said if you had a permit to have a handgun, you couldn't take it outside the city. and it was challenged by gun owners who wanted to take their guns to shooting ranges or shooting competitions or second homes. they sued, but the lower courts upheld the law and so they appealed to the supreme court. and after the supreme court agreed to hear this case, the city repeeled the law and the state legislature passed a law.
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so this law may be declared moot, but nonetheless, here is the supreme court looking at this issue of the second amendment right to bear arms outside the home for the first time in almost a decade. now, it only takes four votes to grant a case but five votes to win. so we'll see if the supreme court has five votes to expand second amendment rights. hallie. >> nbc's pete williams over at the supreme court watching that for us. we are also watching the white house. president trump pretty quick q&a session with reporters. he wrapped that up about 35 seconds ago, so we're going to see the tape any minute. we're going to bring it to you after the commercial break as he heads to london to meet with leaders of the nato military alliance. new reporting on what some in the pentagon really think of the commander in chief. and if all of that weren't enough, we're live on the campaign trail with this guy, pete buttigieg, who is hoping to swing through the south and help turn things around with african-american voters.
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>> we are back with breaking news. president trump getting ready to leave the white house on his way to nato. he has spoken with reporters on the white house south lawn. we are just moments away from getting that tape to play back to you. he's talking impeachment, he was asked specifically why not send his lawyers to defend him this coming week when the judiciary committee holds that key public hearing.
7:17 am
the president calling the impeachment process, no surprise here, a hoax. he's also talking the economy and he's talking nato. that's because the president is set to arrive in london tonight to meet with world leaders there, all against the backdrop of torny relations with china, and russia. >> that's not the only controversy ahead, as the president focuses on an international military alliance, there's plenty of focus here on the military back home, with explosive new reporting from "the new york times" on how the president's intervention in the navy seals case tested the pentagon's tolerance. joining me is one of the reporters behind that story. we are thrilled to have her on the show. fresh off the thanksgiving dinner for 18 people. impressive. we are going to play back the president's remarks in just a moment. he talked with impeachment, he talked about nato. and i'm wondering as he heads into this split screen week, key meeting with world leaders, key
7:18 am
hearing back home on impeachment, you've got to wonder about the pentagon's goals here, too. are those goals synced up with what the white house wants to get out of this trip with the president? >> when it comes to nato, the president and pentagon are on completely different plan ets because nato is so central. the pentagon reviews the nato alliance as so central to everything the united states does around the world. and president trump, as you know, you guys have reported again and again, his heart is not that into it. he's not as into alliances as many of the establishment republican foreign policy is. he lost his last defense secretary, jim mattis, in part because of his disenchantment with international alliances. so i think the nato trip is again going to draw into sharp relief just how different the president from his own national security apparatus might be. >> and in that apparatus, the
7:19 am
sources that you're talking to, are they concerned about the way the president might handle this week? >> there's always concern. if you remember, this is not a summit, supposedly. they're calling it a leaders meeting because the brits didn't want to call too much attention to a lot of what is going on, in part because the last summit was a borderline disaster. last summer they had a nato summit in brussels, which was followed by trump's meeting with putin in helsinki when he disa vowed his own intelligence agencies. but also at the last nato summit, president trump's own officials did what they could to sort of carve off the gains and sort of the announcement they were going to make away from the president and make sure that he didn't pay too much attention to it so he couldn't blowup the meeting and they still got out of it thinking that he had blown up the meeting. >> i want to talk about your article and the president's decision to essentially protect eddie gallagher. you've talked to people who said
7:20 am
the president standing up to political correctness, the warriors, the nation wants to protect them. but you also talked to people, including a former sniper who are concerned about this. can you talk about the effect this is having -- you phrase it as tolerance being tested here, the impact this is having at the pentagon. >> well, the weird thing about the pentagon and the american military establishment is traditionally it should be trump's base. it's a kind of red state type of building, you look at the -- they always talk about the crooked smile and you look at the american military from richmond to phoenix and it's sort of very conservative, very republican. but now you're seeing like big cracks starting to show up. >> we are going to go now to the president on the south lawn. thank you. situation for us, because we pay far too much, as you know, the secretary said that we were responsible, i was responsible
7:21 am
for getting over $130 billion extra from other countries that we protect that weren't paying. they were delinquent. so we'll be talking about that and talking about a lot of things. we are leading the world now in the economy and we have been almost since i became president. but we're substantially ahead of anybody else. nobody is even close. you know that very well. and i look forward to having a number of very, very productive days for our country. we'll be working hard. do you have a question? [ inaudible question ] >> it doesn't make it better, but we'll see what happens. >> are you participating in the impeachment inquiry? >> so the democrats, the radical left democrats, the do-nothing democrats decided when i'm going to nato -- this was set up a year ago, that when i'm going to nato that was the exact time. this is one of the most important journeys that we make
7:22 am
as president. and for them to be doing this and saying this and putting an impeachment on the table, which is a hoax to start off with. if you notice, there was breaking news today, the ukrainian president came out and said very strongly that president trump did absolutely nothing wrong. that should be case over. but he just came out a little while ago and he said president trump did absolutely nothing wrong and that should end everything. but it will never end it, because they want to do what they want to do. they're getting killed in their own districts. i think it's going to be a tremendous boon for the republicans. republicans have never ever been so exited as they are right now, and so united. so it's really a great thing in some ways, but in other ways it's a disgrace. it's a disgrace for our country. [ inaudible question ] >> i loved going to afghanistan, it was a great meeting. we had good meeting with a lot
7:23 am
of people, including ghani, and it was great meeting with him. but my trip to afghanistan was successful and now we're going to london and we're meeting with a lot of countries and they're going to have to do a little more burden sharing. [ inaudible question ] >> say it. [ inaudible question ] >> the chinese are always negotiating. i'm very happy where we are. and frankly, i could be other places that i could do well by myself and be even happier. and you understand what that means. but the chinese want to make a deal. we'll see what happens. [ inaudible question ] >> well, brazil was really discounted -- if you take a look at what's happened with their currency, they're devalued their currency by 10%. argentina also.
7:24 am
and i gave them a big break on tariffs, but now i'm taking the break off because it's very unfair to our manufacturers and very unfair to our farmers. our steel companies will be very happy and our farmers will be very happy with what i do. [ inaudible question ] >> because the whole thing is a hoax. everybody knows it. all you have to do is look at the words of the ukrainian president that he just issued. and you know it's a hoax. it's an absolutely disgrace what they're doing to our country. thank you. >> four minutes from the rainy south lawn as president trump hopped on marine one. the president making several questionable claims on the south lawn. to reality check those, let me
7:25 am
bring in nbc's geoff bennett joining me from the north lawn. you can see a live shot of the president getting ready to board air force one. this is the last time we will see him until he lands in london overseas for the nato summit. we've also got politico white house correspondent with us, back on set michael steele and mika as well. geoff, let me start with you, the president wanting to kind of focus on nato, but clearly one might say distracted or at least thinking about the impeachment proceedings that are happening this week here in washington. >> absolutely, hallie. he's been tweeting about it, he's been talking about it. he stopped in the rain to talk with reporters about impeachment to get a couple of things off his chest. let's do a quick fact check. you heard the president say there all you have to do is look at the words from the ukrainian president, he said i did nothing wrong. what president trump is referring to is a new interview published by time magazine with ukrainian president zelensky and zelensky makes the point that when he had that july 25th call
7:26 am
in question with president trump, in zelensky's words he says i wasn't speaking with president trump from the vantage point of a quid pro quo because i didn't want us to look like beg ars. but that's not all that he said. he went on to say, you have to understand -- this is a direct quote. we're at war, if our strategic partners, zelensky says, then you can't go blocking anything for us. so president trump is really gloming on to what portion of what he says to cast that being exculpatory when the full quote does not make that point t. other point is president makes is that the impeachment inquiry is a hoax. he's said that before. he also says that democrats purposely scheduled wednesday's hearing for a time when he would be out of the country. these things have been moving on parallel tracks. yes, the nato trip has been on the books for a kwiel. but back when the house formalized the impeachment inquiry back in november with the full house vote it laid out in the rules that the judiciary process, when the impeachment process moves to the judiciary committee, that is the point at
7:27 am
which the white house gets to make its own defense, gets to call witnesses, gets to introduce new evidence. so the white house has known all along that this was the time as which if they wanted to, they could participate. but they're clearly not. and one of the reasons why they've not is because they've invested so much in trying to cast this entire enterprise as a partisan witch hunt. so to participate in it now would only validate the process they've been trying to undermine for months. >> the door is open to it. it's interesting, let me bring in anita, because you talk about the quote from the ukrainian president. this is in a new interview with "time" magazine. this is something we heard from the president in a tweet this morning. i think you nailed the quote we wanted to mention here. the ukrainian leader, zelensky, basically saying that in the context of a quid pro quo, he says, how can -- he says i don't want us to look like beggars, baut you have to understand we're at war. if you're a strategic backer,
7:28 am
you can't block anything from us. the president seizing on something a little different than what zelensky has to say. the complaint from the president is that dems are moving forward even while he's out of the country, despite, as jeff points out, these things have been moving on parallel tracks. >> you're exactly right and there's no sense that the president is going to go to congress, to capitol hill. he has lots of aides, he has attorneys. some of those people obviously are not going to nato with him. so there's plenty of people if he wanted to participate. but look, he has been tempted, you have seen him on twitter, you have seen him talk about this just now. he wants to get his side of the story out. he is getting his side of the story. but you have his aides and allies, campaign allies telling him, no, don't do it because that legitimizes this entire process and you have to act as if this is fake, a hoax. so they're sort of pulling him back. if you remember a couple of weeks ago, he tweeted that he might even testify. a lot of people have been saying to him, no, you cannot do that.
7:29 am
i don't know if he was serious or not. but even the idea of him doing that, they want to pull him back from that. >> michael. >> i mean, the president has got a good story to tell. the economy is humming along, our nato allies are contributing more to the common defense. but he is obsessed with the impeachment inquiry. can't get over the fact that his legacy is being stained this way and he can't let it go and do the things that execute the bill clinton playbook, talk about being commander in chief and talk about doing his day job rather than what the democrats are doing in the house. >> meanwhile, nancy pelosi is herself overseas. she's at a climate change event in madrid, in spain, and she was asked about the impeachment inquiry back home and she actually took a pass on it. she said when we travel abroad, we don't talk about the president in a negative way. we save that for home. but they went on to say we are doing many more things in congress as evidenced by the fact they said she was at this climate change summit doing more more things than simply
7:30 am
reviewing impeaching the president. that is the message she has been trying to send for weeks now. >> and she has really tried to show they can walk and chew gum at the same time. they've been focusing on health care and other things, working on trade deals, working on climate. she's showing that there are a lot of people in the house and they can do a lot of things, including hold the president accountable. and that is a message they're going to continue to push. >> thank you all for playing with us. as we heard from the president now, he heads to london for the nato summit. appreciate it. we're turning to 2020 as well, because even if all eyes on iowa, one candidate is turning his attention elsewhere. how mayor pete buttigieg hopes a southern swing can help him turn things around with a key democratic demographic. but first, check this out. after weeks of demonstrations in iran we're getting new information about what is being called the deadliest political unrest in that country is 40 years. people hit the streets, they were protesting this gas price increase that sparked days of intense violence. an internet blackout is now
7:31 am
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we are taking you live now to south carolina where pete buttigieg is about to kick off day two of his three-state southern swing after first stopping in north carolina sunday. look at this, he attended services at a church founded by former slaves and pastored by civil rights leader rev rand willi william barber. reverend barber says first he needs to show up. >> i'm not so interested if someone runs from the south, if they will run to the south. >> has he done that? >> he's here today. >> you've got to show up and you've got to show up in places that maybe haven't heard from campaigns in a while. >> yavaughn hillyard is on the
7:36 am
road. what is his strategy here? what is he trying to do? >> reporter: it's places like this that pete buttigieg is going to be over the next several days. of course that was north carolina, the church service he attended yet with reverend barber. he then made his way up to charleston last night. he'll be in south carolina the next few days before making his way over to his first stop in alabama as a presidential candidate. when you are looking at polling here in this race, sure, pete buttigieg is atop the polls in iowa, doing well in new hampshire. but then you look at the likes of south carolina and you see joe biden holding a 33% share of the vote in south carolina, compared to just 4% for pete buttigieg. and then you look nationwide, among black voters, joe biden is the story line yet again. 43% support him. pete buttigieg, frankly struggling to gain traction among communities of color. and so that's where pete buttigieg is here. he is the second candidate after tom steyer going on to
7:37 am
television airwaves here in south carolina and i want you to hear a little bit of the ad. >> in our white house you won't have to shake your head and ask yourself whatever happened to iowa's hungry and you fed me. the hope of an american experience defined not by exclusion, but by belonging. >> reporter: hallie, these television commercials are important for pete buttigieg, because frankly, i know we're just two months away from south carolina, but he still has a lot of introduction to do here. i called ms. williams who i first met over the summer, a kind led. and i called her up. at the time she was looking at joe biden and kamala harris and i said last night over the phone, what are you looking at now. she said she's still eyeing joe biden. i asked her what about other candidates, she rolled through bernie sanders and elizabeth warren, but no mention of pete
7:38 am
buttigieg. when i asked her about the mayor, to put it frankly, she didn't even know he was from indiana. there's much work for pete buttigieg to do here in the south and he's trying to do it now. >> vaughn hillyard live for us there. thank you. democratic strategist joins me how. he led the national campaign strategy in the southern states tore president obama's re-election campaign in 2012, along the executive director of black pack, focused on mobilizing black voters. thank you for being with us. "the new york times" really highlights just how important we're talking about this voting demographic here. the last democratic candidate to win the nomination without winning a majority of black voters was michael dukakis back in 1988, and somebody who ran a successful campaign back in 2012, do you think pete buttigieg is on the right track here? >> i think it's a start and i think that the african-american vote is essential to anybody running to be the democratic nominee. i think the one thing that mayor
7:39 am
pete buttigieg is showing you is that he wants to spend time there physically. also, he's put his money where his mouth is. it's one thing to be on the debate stage and talk about issues that matter to african-american voters, but to spend time there personally and also to invest is another step. but he's got a long way to go. if you look at the support that former vice president joe biden has amongst african-americans, it is because we know uncle joe and we've spent a lot of time with him. so i think that this shows that the fundraising that mayor pete buttigieg has been able to do in the last few months and his leads in the iowa polls and new hampshire polls, gives him an opportunity to introduce himself to southern voters. >> let's talk short-term, long-term. what do you want to see from pete buttigieg this week, and more importantly, moving forward long-term? >> i agree with that point. i mean, showing up is important. speaking to the issues that black voters care about is important. i've been surprised at the last couple of democratic debates where mayor hasn't talked about
7:40 am
his plan. i think the challenge for him obviously is that he doesn't really have a national profile. certainly with black voters. and that's been problematic for him. certainly when we've been doing sort of informal focus groups around the country and talking to black voters and doing straw polls with them, similar to the voter in south carolina that was mentioned, folks talk about the candidates that they're open to, the candidates that they really like, and buttigieg just isn't on the list, mostly because they don't know who he is. they don't understand what issues he is focused on. they don't know his name. they may know that he's from south bend, indiana. but that doesn't say he can speak to the issues and concerns of black voters. >> that's a good point. to your point, the woman that vaughn interviewed said i didn't even know he was from indiana. there was a memorable moment when reverend barber really
7:41 am
pushed back against the sort of narrative that's been out there that there's anti-gay hostility in the black community. i want to play for you specifically what reverend barber had to say. >> stop all that stuff about this. i told you all this riff, that ain't to data behind that, that there's some riff between black folk and gay folk. stop putting that on black folk. there's some phobia among all folks. >> and that argument seemed to resonate with a black state representative of north carolina who tells the "washington post" not a lot of white men know what it's like to be discriminated against, but buttigieg brings to the table experiences that would be beneficial. is that what you want to see him talk more about on the campaign tail? >> i think his personal narrative is important here. i think that black voters want to hear what folks' lives have been like, whether or not there's something personally that they can relate to in that candidate, in their lived experience. it may not be exactly the same, but i do think that it's
7:42 am
important for them to try and articulate the ways in which they understand challenges that black voters might face. again, part of the challenge for mayor buttigieg is that when he has gotten a national profile for the spotlight has been on him, it's largely been for controversies and they play into a narrative that is starting to get a little bit baked in in terms of a set of controversies that he really needs to spend this time, this swing that he's doing through southern states, but also his time on the trail, really trying to counter this narrative about his inability to connect with black voters and telling his story, helping folks understand the challenges that he's faced and how they may relate, without oversimplifying the challenges that black voters face will be important for him. >> so as buttigieg is in south carolina and i think he heads to alabama this week as well, and you've got joe biden who is really put ago lot of eggs in the basket in iowa this week. he started his no malarky bus tour has he called it. he's hitting a whole bunch of
7:43 am
states, crisscrossing through 18 iowa counties this week. this is a new pace of campaigning for biden. do you think it will make a difference for him in iowa or do you think it might not? >> well, we know that when people have one-on-one experiences with joe biden, they usually walk away feeling better about their interaction and relationship with him. and largely iowa voters make up their mind kind of late. so i think the strategy from the biden campaign to really sort of triple down on their resources and time and effort there with the candidate is absolutely the right thing to do. because if he doesn't win iowa, he needs to place very high iowa to try to get the momentum going to new hampshire. i think he's in -- he's solidified his position in south carolina. i mean, the polling numbers that you guys shared shows that he has a sizable lead there and he's strong with the african-american voters. but with mayor pete buttigieg is able to do, because he's raised so much money, he's spent a lot of time in iowa. he's currently leading in the polls. i agree with adrian that he's
7:44 am
got to continue to do the southern swing. and we know that if you look at how hillary clinton beat bernie sanders back in 2016 in the primary, it was when she got to the southern states. and the southern states is a very broad coalition of different voters, but african-american, particularly african-american women, dominate that vote. so i think that he's got a long way to go. but he's definitely putting his money where his mouth is and i want to see more from his campaign. >> thank you both for being with us this hour. appreciate it. we're sticking with some 2020 talk of the break. elizabeth warren in iowa gets choked up on the campaign trail at a town hall. >> i was wondering if there was ever a time in your life where somebody you really looked up to maybe didn't accept you as much. >> her very personal response next. than rheumatoid arthritis or psoriatic arthritis. when considering another treatment, ask about xeljanz xr,
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7:49 am
and ultimately released later in the week. meanwhile the work of gov eng goes on. nancy pelosi is in sfan leading a delegation to a climate conference in madrid where she is trying her best to not talk about the impeachment inquiry. take a listen. >> we aren't here to talk about impeachment or the president of the united states. we're here to talk about -- i have a rule that when we travel abroad, we don't talk about the president in a negative way. and we save that for home. >> reporter: the speaker likes to be on message at events here and overseas. she's been pretty clear about not talking about the president abroad. but hallie, it speaks to the parallel lives everyone in washington is living right now and the entire city obsessed with impeachment. but the politics are such that both for democrats in the house and for the president, it's very important to look like you are still doing the business of governi governing everywhere else that
7:50 am
you go. >> thank you, my african. we're talking about an emotional moment on the campaign trail. watch this exchange with elizabeth warren over night. >> i was wondering if there was ever a time in your life where somebody you looked up to maybe didn't accept you as much and how you dealt with that. >> yeah. my mother and i had very different views of how to build a future. she wanted me to marry well, and i really tried. and it just didn't work sometim do what's right inside.
7:51 am
and hope that maybe the rest of the world will come around to it. >> warren has been making the rounds in iowa with another event set there this afternoon. she's looking to claw back that front-runner status, even with a new poll out from iowa state university now showing pete buttigieg with a seven-point lead. joining me now is chelsea jane, reporter for "the washington post," and christina reynolds, vice president of communications for emily's list. she previously worked for hillary clinton's campaign. katrina, let me talk to you. i've got to get your input on that emotional moment we just watched, because it caught the eye of a lot of reporters who covered warren for a while here. >> i think that warren -- and we see this with kamala and with amy as well, but warren has really powerful story. and she's talked a lot and she gets a lot of press around the policy and she's got a plan for everything. but it comes from her story and being able to tell that and being able to connect with that young woman on such a personal level, i think, is really powerful for voters to see.
7:52 am
voters want to connect with their presidential candidates. and warren just gave them a really good reason to do that. >> what's your read on why buttigieg seems to be overtakinging her in the polls? >> i think that buttigieg is certainly doing a lot of work, he's gotten a ton of press and a ton of attention. and people are trying a lot of things out. i will say this. i worked for john edwards in 2004. we were a surprise second. the surprise first in iowa there was john kerry, who at this point in the race was polling sixth in iowa. we've got a lot of ground to make up here. >> axios is reporting on this news of this 2020 chaos theory, with democrats saying a very realistic scenario could be pete buttigieg winning iowa, warren taking new hampshire, biden winning south carolina, bernie sanders winning nevada. how do you see this going down to convention or no. or is that the worst-case scenario. >> i think we'll see what happens. i think we have so much time left and momentum matters. but obviously, we have time left. we still have candidates getting in the race.
7:53 am
on a day when multiple candidates are dropping out, we also have candidates who have newly gotten in. we have a lot of time left. the momentum will make a big difference. so a candidate parlaying a win into momentum, particularly when super tuesday has so many states on one day, parlaying that win into excitement in some of those states, i think, will make a huge difference. >> chelsea, one of the people not mentioned in that chooaos theory sort of suggestion there is senator kamala harris. and she is a candidate you have been writing about in "the washington post," one of two big reports that we're breaking over these last couple of days, saying that harris has often displayed a desire to be everything to everyone, that has instead left voters with questions about who she is, what she believes, and what her priorities and convictions would be as president. "the new york times," as you know, laid out what appears to be a mini implosion inside her campaign with that very strongly worded letter from a staffer who has since resigned. how she does move forward from here? what are you hearing from your sources? >> well, i think that everyone in that campaign, you know, is
7:54 am
banking on what you were just speaking about. sort of the fluidity of this race. and hoping that, you know, that you can kind of pull off that carrie-esque climb. but that's difficult for sort of the most functional and cohesive campaigns. and obviously, they're having a lot of trouble right now. their finances are not where they want them. they have a new ad they love that they can't get up on tv in iowa. they've gotten it up on digital. but just things like that when you looked at senator harris' campaign from the start, you didn't expect to see happening in november or december. you thought this was going to be a campaign in it for the long haul and perhaps it still will be. but there's a lot of internal strife right now and i think harris' message for whatever reason just really hasn't, you know, coalesced the kind of support that some of her competitors has. >> so what is your sense? what is your read for the reporting you've been doing, chelsea, on how the candidate herself, how the senator herself is handling i think by what most accounts was a tough weekend for her, to say the least, with these reports coming out about her campaign struggling?
7:55 am
sometimes that can be difficult to overcome? >> yeah, there's no doubt. i think one of the things that people have continued to say to me is that while, of course, we all know that now that, you know, they're having a lot of trouble internally, she continues to see, you know, fairly enthusiastic crowds on the road. and i think that's something i can attest to personally. she's not walking into rooms and having people walk out. there are -- people still very much like her, they're just not choosing her as their first choice. so i think in some ways, maybe less so after the last few days, i think she's a little bit insulated from it, because she's walking into rooms where people like her, where people offer her advice, where people are giving her hugs and have those emotional moments and she's not walking these totally dead rooms. >> final thoughts? >> we know there's a lot of time left. we also know this week, kamala harris got two endorsements from congressional democrats. she's got precinct chairs all over iowa. she is still seeing those crowds. so we may see a shift here.
7:56 am
>> christina jones, thank you for walking us through that. coming up next, the supreme court takes up the hot-button issue of gun rights for the first time in nearly a decade. we're talking with the executive director of the giffords law center to prevent gun violence and about what's at stake. t gune and about what's at stake. so, you bought those "good enough" paper towels? [daughter laughs] not such a bargain. there's only one quicker picker upper. bounty, the quicker picker upper. (grandson) wow... (grandfather) that was me, seventy years ago. (vo) some things are worth preserving.
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wednesdays are for outback. some things are too important to do yourself. ♪ get customized security with 24/7 monitoring from xfinity home. awarded the best professionally installed system by cnet. simple. easy. awesome. call, click or visit a store today. that does it for us this hour of msnbc live. i'm headed over to the white house and i'll see you there this afternoon and for "nbc nightly news," but for now, much more here with my colleague
8:00 am
craig melvin in new york. hey, pal. >> good to is see you, hallie jackson. we'll see you in just a bit from the white house. craig melvin here. msnbc headquarters in new york city. just a few moments ago, president trump was in battle mode as he left washington, bound for the nato summit in london as he heads overseas. impeachment clearly on his mind. he took the chance to lash out at democrats over how they're handling the impeachment process. >> the radical left democrats the do-nothing democrats, decided when i'm going to nato, this was set up a year ago, that when i'm going to nato, that was the exact time. this is one of the most important journeys that we make as president. and for them to be doing this and saying this and putting an impeachment on the table, which is a hoax, to start off with, but it will never end, because they want to do what they want to do. >> also at this hour, a battle between the top two 2020 democrats. any minute now, joe biden and pete buttigieg are taking their


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