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tv   Morning Joe  MSNBC  July 8, 2009 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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♪ amam if y want to all right. video comiminginin to msnbc, president obama anandisis wife, michelle,, arriving -- beautifu weweatrr inrome. we'l'll veve a repepor from savannah guthrie and chchuctotod on the prerededentvisit there with thth. >> they did d ryry wl in russia and now we'llll see if sililvies
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into any ououbl good morningng. lclcomto "morning joe."" we have a lot to talalababou did you see thehe poll on sasara palin this rnrnin >> there'ss ople in amereric - butt-- t t numbers we e wi g get to. >>correct. real erica. > willll you just-- will y stop sayiying- you say, you sa that and th youet on yoyour chcharrered t to t south of france andnd e your caviar. i i don't thinknk sso. > babarnlele a i,i, we have o live in ral americic i in new yoyo. >> yeyes,yoyou ddo. look at the callllus.. >> oh, yes. was that fr feedingnghehe geons in ctral park? >> i anan wewe live in realal america on the upper westt side and on p pkk avenue andd we get
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abed when you say thehese things.. would you stop, plplsese? >> okay. if you say ss >> will l yo admit the upper wet side is s re america, too? >> no. >> the pulse the cntnt. yoyou stst insulted my people. >> y youlolove people, mike. like them. they are. >> but teyey don't repepsesent america. what do youu mean t theon't reprprest t --o, no, no. > let's go toto t poll,, s s we? > n t. 're going to do the news first. but it takakes-- i'm'm just a believer i indivvsision >> okay. >> we're going t to lklkbout thisis bauausepper west side is real america just as muchh manhattan,kansas, is. >> yeah. just saying, thouough w wn y y criticize someone w wheheheaedly on ann across-the-board l lev i yy t be how p popop in t st of aririca feel. >> this is going to o be a long three hours. here is mika with the news.
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e egg timer? you keep tururnihe t tngng over. >> h herisis mika can the newws. >> time for a look attoday's top stories. wow. we've been t tainin about fofollining etings in rrusa,a, today y prididenobama is in italy fofor the g-8 summitit o worldleaders. it's a pttgenda on iran's clclea ambitions. nbc's chuck todd israveling wiwi the presidenent. he'll join live inusus a f momement meanwhile -- what? i i ve chuhuck >> he's grgrea > chese president hu jintao is a andoning plans to attend the g-8 suit in ordertoto deal wiwi ethnic ununrt in n noheast china. at least 156 people have b bee killed in clasashe b beeen membmbs s of auuim minority ououp d government forces. whilile p psident obama ss talk of anothertitilus p pacgege is premature, ee of hisis oside advisers iss clili for more spdiding
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laaa ton who sitsnn the president's ececonicic recovere adadsory board says the $787 bibiion approved i in fruary s,s, qte, a bit too small. thousands of fans -- >> hold o on there. mean, andndhat's the problel. we were predicting thatat wn't going to workececau it was a a popolicacabill that n nan peleli and barack obobam puttother. itasast a stimulus package. we said th every dayay. we were called rical for saying thatat. we were called rghghwingers, anannow they want to come e ba because theyey g i it ong the fifit t ti and we told them evevy day they were gettining wrong and theyeyanant re money? nono, 's's not g goi to happen. >>y y view, myuuesons are a littlele dfefent but i havave e me concerns ultimately. >>hat are they? >> well, ihihi thestimulus money y fr w wt i'm r read iin have q qststio about whether 's'sctually going to wherere it's supposed to g ganand ing used fefeively. d if it was a big $78787ililli waste. >t was.
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harry reid sa yesterday that only 10% o of the stulus funds at were v vot o o earlrlieave be dispersese which raises the questiononhahat e they doing wiwi the moneney? who is running thhis program?? the other thinin- i don'tknow,, iavav't talked to ther one of u u onhat you've picked up on the book toor butanecdotally wh you pick up going arndnd doininyoyour grocery shohoppgg atat pple wantnt the presesidt tooos exclusively onon the economomy. health care, please. ybe later. >> bee rreastst. t't'set the econony straightened out. >> igrgree with thth.. >> jobs, jjob jobs. that's the issue. >> a a w we hear i it fromeemoas d not ststonservative momocrs. we hear r a acrs the board and the e prididt knows th. the administratatio k kws that. ththeyee the poll numbers anan americans arare ryry concerned about the decit an agn,n, it's'susust liike jfrey id. he pretttty p proesessi economist. hehe said he wawas ououthe only
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onwhwho uld come on and say what we are saying this s ist t going to worork. it's a political b bl l inead of an economic billll an all theye doing is re-creating thbubble. osose e his words not ours. > right. >> and, unfortunately, t theve not effectivelyreated another bble. >> p peapaps not. i'm going to moveonon to the ntt orory. >> go eaead. gogo >> thank y you thousands ofofans are streaming out t of los angegele this mornining following t t publicmemerial servrvicfofor michael jajackn.n. jackson's isis 1-year-old daughthter ppisis, offered a fal emotional trtrutute her father. >> e er since w was born, daddy ha beenen the st father you uld ever imagine. >> are you o oka >> and i justanant say i love hihim much.
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>> nbcnene cnfirms karl rorove has beenen deposed byttorneys fothth house judiciary committee which isnvestigating thfiringof nine.s. atrneys under the bush administration. >>ow long, seriously, araree thy going g to b bther rove? they have had thth g guy inndied for threeeyears. remember evever friday, stay b your ones. he g goi to be indicted this friday. >>those wereuuesonable firings, thghgh. >> you've e tt to stand b b yur phone. >>hehey re. >> i would like to the truth come out with that. >> that is the drip treaeaenent foforararrove. > seriously if y you going to get m,m, get him f.f.ouou'rnot, leave hihim onon again, thihi h has been goininn fofor arar and we would get notices i rerembmbervery fririy. i think it wasas i2020 or 2006, frayay hs going to get indic dict didict.
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stand by youour onon >> althougugh atat sry, i ththin neneedto be flushed t.t. i'mm soy. >etet on with t, you know. dodo it. >> t tey shououl a acrding to veve'sestimony comes of an agreement to avoid ann appeaea fight maintaininggxecutive privilege. and new datata s sho banksare sharply curbingng credit c car lending despipite efforts to bst the mamaetet in t theirst four m mons of 202009 banks issued 38% fewer credit cards t tha this timee lt yearar. the average spending l lim also opped. >> i inonow we have to go reall quickly,y,though, but i enen up a new account in n rk. >> good fr r you. >> p p s sommoney in there. the words ofiire straight, i have a dtiti job. i'm doing all right.t. anand ey kept pushing meme be d yowawa a creredi card? no, iononikik creditcards. finanalljujust so i could getou i sa,, fine,e, ill take a credet card. just got a notice, they y rejected me. >> for the ceded card?
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>> f for the credit rdrd. like $3$3 limit.t. >> i carebobout your credit c cr buttolold thatthought. let's s l live to italy.. president obama isisacacally inin to bebe sppeangngrom theere chucktodd,d, he's spepeakgg now, is joining us now, whe house correspondent and lilical directct w wit us w.w. chchuc what are wexpecting fromom t day-to-o-daanand from e president's cocoments? goodod mnining >> reportete llll the big - od morning. ee big piececeff n new that the obama mimistration wants out of here iss some sortrt of join statement out of the g-8 condemnininghahas going on in iriranboth in the political l front but also having g too o th the nuclclea issusu.. so t thass what they hope to hae toght but there'sgogog to be mo talk aut climate cngnge as he just sd but, of course, at doesn't mean much,frankly, to the unitit s stas u unt you see something gettthrough the u.s. senanate it's hard too temper.
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europeans s ge excited aboutt t 8 8 stements of clate change. asas walallnow the u.s. dodoest partrtipipatuntil congress has a say sosondnd it could be a whi before the u.s. senatete jpsps i guguys >> what does t t prident's schedule l loo l liktoday? >> reporter: well, is lightht he had this leaders only meeting later today,, a t thas supposedly where th're going to d dissssshe iran issue. i want tojump on a point. i think you wwer joe,making fufun the g-88nd ihink rightfully ss it feelsls lkeke a r rel of the 2020th c cenryry in thatthe heh mamar r ecomies r rea aren't represented in t t -8 anymore, right? the'e'no chnana erere'no brazil. there's no india. now they're reprpresteted re withth delegations bthe g-g-20 seemems b be ere realorork is ne these days. ththeg-8 j ju seems be somemethg g ese western european wers want to keeep ound too
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remind themselveves s th they s b be influeuentll orgagazazati. >> hey, canyou, ucuck, let's talk about what's goininonon bk home for thehe psisint. i picked up somehatter yesterday about democrats concerned with rahm emanueuel apparently gng soso on health rere. can you -- i is atatuch ado ababounonothg or can you talk about that? r rorter: yeah. well, i'i' b be curiouso sesee. lolookyou know and iknknow that rahm is at the e ef the day about making a adeal. he wants to getomething on thehe president's dek, a s snnthey can n tao the mididee of amamica both figigurivivel and literally and sayay, y,y, we dii healthcaca efefor but you've got theefeft v ver upt.t. moveon e evesesentut an e-maiai ert yesterday urgrgggheir meererto call theehite house and chastise rahm emanuel forr
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even consisiriring doing cocororomi o heaeahh re atat memehowould delay pubublicc opoponon o acactl that they di't like that he might support this idea of a atrigger. ultimatetelyt't's out trying to get aomomprisen the senatee in order to gegethehe 60 votes.. in order to get someththin passed. think we've l been wondering at this point what wouldld ittae for theeeo start crititicininthe white house? wee seen the left go aftft some democratic sesenarsrshat they'v've enen uet itith,hether it's dianne fefeststei mary landrieu hittining bachus onn iseses but wouldd ere be somometngng ththathey would get upupt about from the white houou a this is ee first time w we' seeing thatat. >> and,chuck, ianant to underline this fact that whatat rahm emanunuertainly derstands a lot of progressives on the hihi j jus don't care aboboutndndhat's the fa t tha this esesent and
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dad d axrod andamam emanuel is seeing a amecacaove to the mile. some wouldld s to the right. you look at ohio, meme quinnipipiacolol have come ouou. the e esident's approval ratitig has plummeted d sie e mathere. and now look, and ts s most structive and what mike barnrnic w wasalking about bere, his approval on the economy. those who approve of whhat the prpresent is doing,g,46%6%. those e odisappppro 48%. chuck,k,ou know tttter than anybody y beususyou've writittea book on ,, ohio i the bellwetherermimidd america, i beeeeen e coasts, getting re and morere ccecern about this prident's economic plan. and rahm u unrsrsod thatat, ghg? >> reporter:r: "a," h hegegets . "b," the mdddd l hasbebeen huinin longer andd wthink it's going to take a wilile to rever the coasts, inn n nw york, on
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the trtrak corridodor, on theet asast. it's going t toake even lngng fofor esese manufacturing statee like ohio and mhihiga and indianana t tn around and s so they'r're papaent on th.. ththes are two sates almost stboboly sitting in thth center/right category y american politics s anthth basicacallgogot fedpp with publicans andththeyidn't move much but enonougofof the midddde enough indepepenntnts ved and said we're goioingo give obabama try. we're e gog g give the democrats a try anandee saw ittn ohio in two s sraight electitis seeing it in indiana and on the congrereioionaand presidential levevel. if they don't s -- they're geing impatientececau for indiana/ohio, it'sbebe a decade that their e ecomom has stunk. >> mike barnicle, you weere tatalkg aboutt t t people you'r piing up on,what we're seeing
6:15 am
on the bobo tours and in the polls, this is where y y have ththe mocratic house especially thatatssar to the left of whehe middle america is. thth are going t to say we'v've wawaeded othisforever. we're n ngoing t tore m mic non. yet t ee pitical earth isis viving underneaththem. >> he's from chchigo, from a neighborhoodod. he knows the pple he grew u u wi a a he geets the u ultate issue rght now and will be for a lonong time. it is jobs, jobs, jobsbs health care, fine. that can come down t theoaoad. focus momo o o the conomy. geget jobs, jobs, jojobs done o chucuck i would asas off of th given the fact t th white house e extmely well prepared, what's the plan?? perhaps s ee inevitable plan fo when the rubber hits t theoaoad andhey have to chohoos sides tween the rereal w wld of people who areoookg for hi to
6:16 am
imovovthe economy andhehe left ich is w out tere and wants all of this done at oncece. >> reporter: this isisheheret's very h har on the o hand they w wa to get something. yoyou can't get nothing done-- f they fail to g health ca done t ts time, what's urur oblem, democratic ppar? you'veveotot 60 u.s. s sente se, big majority i i the hohous yo ha the presidenen.. t t at if youuetet a compmproseseplan so warered down, they get itt throughghut thaverage amamicican doesn't understand how t tngngs changed and thenen ty'y'll say, o othats one of those washingngnn bureaucracy political spinin things. i didn't t elel like my h hlth ca changed. and that's where thehe debate about the publicic option, i think, i is fascinating because, yes, thehe l lefwants this. th want a p plic plan and i think there's s an a aument tha the middle e nnts to knknowhaha
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ththeyee getting somemethg g w tt politically it'stough, guys. > d, again, t the earth iss shififti r rht now. we'll see maybet changes in a a monthrrtwo. chchk to,, thank you so chch. d,d,y the way, keepp away from lvlv's villa. >> repororte t the is nothing trouble butt there. 16andles, chuck. bl them all out. th i italk about a career-e-eerer. talk about a cceeeer-der. >> apparerelyly n in italy. >> tnk you so o much. >> not yet.t. hold o so youalk about r ralal amereric let me write thisis down, ee reasononwhwhy twititteacacunt is goioing t burn upup mike bniniclis now talking ababt the real wwor. >> i i need toto get mywitter going. > im in ououbl >> yes, y y are. chris, can weust block everybody fromom sending anan el this rnrnin >> already ahead yyou
6:18 am
>> llet go toweweatr forthe re world which includess e per w wes side and washshgtgton d.c. if you dot understandndhahat i'm saying, you guys o out ther please. dd saosos check o on t the latest forececasononceagain. gogoodorning. >> gooood rnrng, guys. 'll have a f fececasfor all of the e re a aricans out there. and evenenusust the visitors. looking good forr all your friendnddodownhere in d..c. joe, forhe mostst parart, clear skies. nsnsne, mid to lower 80s. delaware b bay looking good. heading g tordrdbobostn, some o teteial for some showers a and thunderstorms totoorormutor on this a aftnono. we'll inincle e pridence as well asartford in that. d dhave some showers moveve through overnight.t. your morning commute n notnn issue. cocoulsesesome deysyshanks to a few spotswiwi patatch fog at least right nono wee e no reporting any airlrlin delays. good start withteteeratures inhe 60s. hartrtfo 5 58 re in newewrk. >> a alligig, todd, ththk k yo o much.. >> you knowhahat,hehe worksks w such efficiency. >>precision. unlikekehaha other guguy.
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>> hee wants to always -- >> bill is just horribible >> ihihink he mighttbe diriminating against me whehen d does h forecacast bill. wel l watch. i i ghght ll hr. >> the guys tdd me t.j. andd bibillo outback and drdrk. >> rreay?y? and d thw w das at myy picture? >> during th show. all right,t, cining up, y y imulus dollars at wo or are they? we're going to lklkto congressmanllah cummingsgs. al, pat buchanan will be witith us. yes, yes. a look t t stories politico working on. ################
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well, what a day inmerican culture. what a day for worldwide music lovers, the bi memorl was
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held for michael jackson out ere in los angeles and here in new york and around the world. and many, many tributes i saw one today that i found, i n't know, odd. i thought this was odd. did you see this? >> no. >> take a lo at this one. camen earlier today. ♪ butyou want to be scare ♪ justeat it ♪ beat it ♪ no e wants to beaten >>yeah,on't know. >> younow it was intereing placement of that jackson sto inewspapers we'll talk about in politico. >> a bigference between two major papers. reith us now chief political correspondent for politicomike allen, here th morning with thlaybook." okay top of the list, mike, jacko who? >>well, good morning mika. good morning. >> i think we shld call this segment not soeal world. yesterday really suggled to find some information abo the ael jackson service.
6:24 am
i was hoping to seal the coverage but it was moscow, mosc everywhere i went. but if you were able to get coverage, you saw representate shla jackson-lee, democrat from texas, holding up during the serve in the staples center the 1,500-word resolution, a tribute, that she has for michael jackson cling him a global huanitarian. but thouse of representatives might be the one place in america where jacko is -- they do not wan to passthis. conservative democrats very concerned about the sketchier parts of mhael jackson's especially more recent past. they just d't want toeal with it. but, mika, as y know t congressnal blk caucus is very powerful and the leadership in the white house s him ghnow. so it's a big problem. >> mike, they d a moment of silence for him. >> that's not enough. 1,500 words of white noise.
6:25 am
>> on a radio show yesterday people kept cling in askin why they didn't have a moment of silence for the seven soldiers and marines who died yesterday in afghanian. >> i t the fils are upset. >> i thinkthey probably stuck their neck o enough with the moment of silce. >> yeah, and as you s even during that some democrats went to the cloakroom. they didn't want any parof i what they should have done yesterday would have been buri, nobody would have noticed it. now they're going to bng it up again, have a big debate out it. 's too late. you should have done it befo. >> and who is pushing for this? >> you'l never guess. representative sheila jackson-lee, your favorite. >> i like sheila. >> there we go. all right. >>'s great copy. c agree on that. >> well, i certainly think it's questionable grantg an honor to michael jackson that you don't grant every serviceman. >> they pass resolions all the time, right? >> sure they do. >> that's why they should have
6:26 am
just done itnd gotten it over with. getting ready for the confirmation hearingf sonia sotomayor, whakinds of questions are republicans preparing to ask her, mike? >> yeah, well, republicans are tryi to get their ga faces on. they're war gaming outheir questis. the hearings sta monday. they'll go fr days, maybe five. we're told judge sotomayor is still a little sore. you remember when she brok her ankle or sprained her ankle at laguardia rushing for plane to get down here but shs ready. she's going toportray herself as someone who is very mile of the road, soone who even if you don't agree with her decisions that they were based on law >> mike, what do y put the /under at here 80, 85, 90? how many votes do yo think e's going to get? republicans don't usually what demrats don supreme t hearings. they d't turn them into ideological wars. ruth bader ginsburg got 92,
6:27 am
votes. er i think 89, 90, 91. so how manyo you think she's going to get? >> 87. we put the over/un 85 origally. i think you' right. i think it's going to be pretty high. >>ike allen, thk you very, very much. >> you all have great day. >>hank you, mike. >> for the politico "playbook." >> this is very interesting. >> this isvery intesting. thiss called news jument. >> hold theseup "new york times" put putin once againacting asdisinterested as humanly possible abov the fold but not "the washington post." they put the michael jackson serve above the fold. news jugment, i would personally go with "the new york time decisn. what do thether papers say? was there some subt? >> tnew yorkabloids have really covered it all. there's the daily news. ars for daddy. here "the new york post."
6:28 am
bye, d. >> okay let's go to some of the graphi, "the wall street journal." oil speculators under f >>hiis diculous. >> also in "the washington post," power of stimulus slow to take hold. "houston chronic jackson honored in song and speech. that's a look at the papers from aroundhe couny. we'll have much more ahead coming up. also a first lookt siness liverom london. also the must-read opinion pages, some choe words once again about sarah palin and e economy. >> pat buchanan plus we're going tosk pat about surprisingnew polls out regaing sarah palin. >> yes, again, am i allowed to use the term? >> no. i use every day-- and save even more. so that's what they mean by unbeatable. save money live better. walmt.
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lce back to "morning joe" just after 6:30 on the east ast. time for a quick look at some of today's top stories. president obama continues eras trip this morning t atte the g-8 summit in ital he's set toeet with prim minister berlusni. in a rare appearance day north reaneader kim jong-il, only the second mjorvent the 67-year-old has taken part nche suffered a suspect stroke last year. and the u.s. senate has its newest member,inneso democrat al franken, swornin
6:33 am
yesterday cappg an eight-month recount battle ahough he's being uted as the 60th democr. his first vote was against a white house plan to protect bus from terrorists. noan early look at business with cnbc's geoff cuore live in london this mornin >> reporter: good morning. alcoa is going to be square and the most important story o the markets this morning. we are expectingnoer trd quarterlloss fr this aluminum compan the ceo has been oveight making some more positive coen about sabilization in the business. markets don't rely want to hear it. it is t that great for a strong stt as i think they continue to fret about this story. ofourse it didn'telp the edit card data we have from the united states. a record delinquey number on
6:34 am
crit cards and home equity loans so that's anher negave as we try to work out who is going to go back into the stores and start ending some money here. just onetory to fish with, not a great oneoricrosoft. it sounds like google is coming after themaying they're going to try anduild an operating system for pcs around their chrome browser. ba to you guys onhat. >> goodness. all right. ank you so much. >>eoff cutmore. that could be big news. it could be. >> by the way, i don't know if you knowthis, but i was a tranator at the united nations. >>really? >> just for americans in real america the upper west sid >>hat's that? >> aluminum in america. >> m house is madef that. >> geoff, thank you. we're sorry. >> no, no,'m just saying, th's all.
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can tell you as a memberer of the united ststates coness we understand t the constition. we understand law and we know th peopopleare innocent unti provenen herwise. that is what th constitution stands for. >> o okay 0. with us now polititical lumnist for "neew york magazine" john heilemamann. were you i in los angeles s yesterday? >> yeah, how did it go? >> unfofortunatel i was no >> what >> i thoht you wer a
6:39 am
porter. > yeah. >> i am. >> iwas the news storyry of the decadede. do you not watch ? >> you mustst not b be really interesteded. >> my father lives i in los angegeles so iad to be content with reports phon >> did he take pictures by cell phone ofof the staplesescenter? >> h did. >> transcribeheila lee jackson's speech? >> it was a b event, a seminal event. >> let's do o the op-e-edz. >> it must have ben becausese "the washington postst" put it abovthe fold t. had to be e more important than o our meeti with russiaia on prucing nuclear weaps, strategicic nucle weweapons. all right, op-eds. >> "the washingtgton post,and this i is a question n i've bee very curioious aboutecently. >> w well, iope michael ansrs itit for you. what does he say? >> i i thk he r raises more questions. e stimulus packe hasn'teen very stulating as many econonomists predict. poururing mon into the economy ththrough a thihirsty sponge of federal programs the preferred
6:40 am
methodod of congss is sllow and inefficicient. in retrosct, all of the stulus fund should have been given n to indivuals directly fromhe tap. therere are litical implicatatis of a weak recovery, none of them goodor the presidedent. obama' spending ambitions woulud have been jaw dropping eveven i the best of ececonomic mes. fedelspending is abobout 28% of gross dmestic roduct, a figigure exceeded only when franklinn roosevelt t was f fighting a gl war agagainst germany and japan alg thefiscal p pathbama has chchosen,ccording to the cbo, our nanationalebt will more tn double i in ten yes and will amounto 82% of the entire economy. i guess m my question wld be how w --hat's not kay, is it? y are we d doing it? > the headlinectually we ca debate about whether you stimulate through h tax cutsr spending b but theolitical reality whether you'reon the left or you'ree on the right, e president isapproaching an eberg.
6:41 am
americicans arconcerned about spending the country iseeping back moving b back t the right.t. he hasas som big sues here witih health care and possiblbly send stimulus plan. i meanan, are morate democrats gog to follow him on this? >> i think it's nny. yoyou can se it from either sid. there are obviously y people o the leftft whowould sa and liberaralconomists whoho wld say this is what we wned you abou nineonths ago, t ststimulus was tooo sll. itit shoul have been biggger. if you weree goi to taake thee politicall ri of doing aeally largesstimulu well,why not do one and anoth half a trlion dollllars bigger. i'm not arguing for this popoi. i'm just sayaying it w a huge popolitical sk to begin with. you're going to go alall the way out there,e, make itven biggero it wor. >> your r point is well taken. so a progressive would sasay, pl krugman would d say y're going to get one bite o this apple. spend as much as y you can spen
6:42 am
make it t twiceas big,g, spend all l up front because y you'rn ing to get anonother bite of t e ape. >> if yoyou were the moderate, e stimulusus is too big, toooo bi risk, t's hker down and get throrough. in the way they did they found almost the peect sweetet spotot of bad news b being not enough to turnrn the economomy arounduickly and too big to avoid the e politil risk. >> we talked about this fromay one, theyey turne it overo ncy pelosi. they h their own outline. they had theheir ownan. theyet up summers a and axelr to the h hill and id it out. nanancy pesi and the liberals said no, we're notot goingo do ththis. we're gogoing to do it our way. they create add monrosity of a bi that i dn't think is too muchr not enough momoney, it t s just political bill not a stimulus bill. >> it was a pololiticalbill.
6:43 am
now it's nonot abo what was in the billll. it's a about ere is thehe money? harry reid s said sterday and, mean, i think he mit be right.t. only 10% of the momoney has en spent ouout ther wherere is thimoney? ople are wawaiting to go to work, what is this mney going todo? they don'n't kw how to spenend or where to spspend it. >> again, thisis was fecast, the cbo's picture, we e knew thiwas true. peopleaid only 10% iss going too get spent by thehe d ofhe yearar and the whole thing is not going to get done for ththree or fr years. huge problem. it just was a trickle. show me thehemoney. >> there was a debate thhat we all hahad herend it was betwn conservatives and liberals we refought t the dete over the new de. there was somemething th came out t of that, stimulus spendi takes a long titime thave an impa and even after i it s an
6:44 am
impacton industririalroduction going u uneemployment lags behind and so that'shy we hahad the quote, sevenn years after te new deal arted say i iing we spent, s spent, sent and ununemployme stayed at 20%. even if t p plan turnthings araround, it not going to be in six months a even ifif it tns induststrial proction around o whatever matrtrix we want t to follow, unemploymentnt is gog to lag bebehind. that is all babad news. for e administration. yeah. >> whahat's yo other op-ed? >> is on sarah palin and i i would love for you t to helpe ou with somee polls. >> you have a list of polls you're going to o gloat ov. just reaead it andhen you can gloat. >> "washinington pos" goldrush in alaa. > go aheaead. >> kathleen parker, inside confirm paalin felt she coululd accomplish as muchch as a besied governors she can as a a private citizen workining behi the scenes. while at may be truue, e debar reals the convient nation nal.
6:45 am
the usual rule applies, f follo the money. as a publicic speaker, pan will begolden. other r rumors rculating suggest a telision show, a posossible newspar column, but remember papalin hate the mainstream media,a, and fund-raising gigs where she can retain h hot spot on centerstage. if that is altrum, there's's a lakesidede house in wasla with a fabulo view of rusa you're just going to love. >> was it "the washington posos that had somome polls? >> the " "usa toy"/gallup pol i just thininkhese numbers are interesting. bui love the way they make it soundd dir that shemay have some r really great opporortuni cocoming r waway. do youou know at i'm ying? what? >> well, i thhinkhat k kathlee is saying, yes - -- >> kathleen an many othersrs. >> there a are a l o of reasons why e may ve quit but how
6:46 am
convenient she's going to maka millions and milillions d millioions ofdollars by caringg for the p people alaska. i don't necessarily say tthat. >> loo at this gallup poll. how likely would you be to vot fo palin i in2012? >> ts is what s sarah pan is concerd about right now. >> okay, repuicans. 7171%likely. >> 71%%f repubublicans, ople in my p party, kely. >> b boy, you ve big problblems. wow. likely to vote forarah palin n as predent of the united stes. only 27%7% say ty are not likely. whato you have to say about that, ka, in r real america, ass you say? isis thi real ammerica speaking out? >> to an extent it is.. ere are more sectio of amamerica th i thihink some meers of maybe the mainstreamm memedia liberal people. stop it >> stotop at?
6:47 am
> t mainstream media and sarah papalin, sp it. i mean, she uses -- she has victimized herlf. she s become erica's fafavorite vtim. if you l look a her,, if you lo at her withdrawawal speh lasast week it underlines the pathetically sad judgmenent jo mccain h in puing her on the tiet. >> yeah. that's's all i does. she shou just go away, plea. >> oh,h, she's not going away,y mike. >>hat i is nothappenening. you d don't think -- >> 70 something pernt of americans want her to be president. >> that peopleut thhere in america likeke her or don't lik her? >> my mom. >> i think soome of themeally lilike her. >> i'm sure some do i don't thinink the jority. i i think ifou probe them, they feel badly. >> lete take this, mi, becacause th is what it comomes down to. how was sarah pin treated b by the e pre?
6:48 am
unfairly negagative 53%. unfairirly posive 9%.. about t right, 28 those aphics are s small i cabarely read them, chriris. let me take this to john heilemanfor a second and then you twoan continue your fit. i always said and i'm deaeadly seous, whenever people put ththat "w" s sticker on their c for george w. bu, iwas just a "w i'd always srt of lauaugh because it wasas for a lot of peoplehat put thhat stker on ththe car th was the equivalent of middle america, peoplple not the coast t in red ste america sticki up their middle finger toward elite toward academics, towards -- andi'm very serious "the new york timemes," towas elitists, totowards pele on ows like this. and soso much of george w..bush popupularity resested on resent against e elites whoo, belie you me, mebody who is frfrom middle americ somebody that wasn't't
6:49 am
raraised on ththe coast, we've a lot of reasons t to be restful, lookeded down on. i think sarah palalin, that's exactlwhere sarah pal's popularityty comesrom, this resentment against elitetes. it's the rurule of potics, stri me dodown, mainstream media, you'll l only ke me strong. >> i it'srue and tre's a baase out there for that. there'resentment to elites o on the left and on ththe right. she is among t the onewho are on the right and ve aesentment to theiberal elites. she is ve appling to those peopople. i just -- art from everyrything else, look at t this whe perforormance ov the last weekend. it demonstrtrates mor than anythi to me, and i ieel syathy for her in ter of a lot of thgs she's gone through. a lo of t the ethics ininvestigions. >> i i thoughtost of them wer shams. > or ridiculous. i dot have a problem wit her goining out toake a bunch of moy to pay for legal billsls. but the performance in the back the house ththe oth day s a
6:50 am
performance that no sious personon could havee ven. she is not a pererson you ok at and d think as serious perso you wowould entrust with the seous future of anythining. i don't think. >> why don'n't we put i it thisy so people d don'think we're pickining on sah palin and i didisassocte myself from eveverythinghat's been said around this table. >> wait. >> but seriously, if you had a fortune 500 compapany and you d thehoice of having sah palin run itor mitt r romneyrun it, is ther a questionho you wowould hahave run it? if you have a polital party and u want to beat barack obama in 2012 with the economy the way it t , and i'm deadlyly serious. m not knockingng sarahpalin. but do you wa mitt romney rurunning ainst barack obobama n 2012 or r do you wt sarah palin? and ththat'snot ing itist. i'malking about a repepublica >> and t the answe to the quesestion, think, is obvious
6:51 am
and here'ss the point. >> but is it oious to 71% of republicanans who w want her to their president? >> c clearlynot. but as you know, joe, where national electioions are won ar not among % of anncreasingly republicanan base. it's won in the middle and in this pas election what the obama people und out as you gocloser and closer to election day in theieir focus groups that th were doing all thway up to election dayay was that among swingng voterers, indepeents, people werere almost uniformlmly less likeely to be farably inclined to jhn mccain because they y looked at her and thought she's not seriou and this w was a misista to put herer on t ticket and we're w worried that shemight oe day be presidentnt and ne of thatat has improved sinc then.n >> while yoou are a left-wing elititist fr an area mikaka wou say is s not rl america, what you say is underlineded by ever poll out ere that sah palin
6:52 am
madedewing vots less lely to vote for john mccain. >> a and it hasn't gotte better since en. >> shehenergized the base b shshe lost with ththe same swin voters who, byby the way, are n abdoning barack obama in ohio and other swing votes. >> nothingng has improved her positi with those voters it's only y made it rse. >> all r right. >> john heilemann,n, please ay. >>o you live o on the uppe west side?? >> no. >> don't sayit like it's dirty. ming up next, manny's baback. d he feels bbadly. >> h he feels badly for sarah palin. > he does ve sad. >> f freddie bl game is next. s. ♪ singer: buckle up, everybyby 'cause we're takiking a ridi♪
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6:57 am
manny t happy with a call, dropped his bat, tew his helmet, tossed h protective gear. watch closely as it landed nea the umpire who thr mannyut of the game. dodgers won 8-0. me have gone scoreless in 22 consecutive innings. in tampa, it took 11 innings to dede a wner between the blue jays and the rays. game tied at o pat buehe at left. a two run walkoff mer. taa beat toronto, 3-1, snapping a four-game st. louis losing streak. konerko finish wh sevenbi and the white sox beat the indians 10-6. another huge day for lance armstrong at the toude france. his team wonhe stage four time trials moving seven-time champ moves into second place. accordingto reports mike zyzewski told usa basketball officialhe will remain head coach of the national team. a rmal replacement to be made later this month. great play to show y fm indoor socr. watch as a brazilianlayer flipped the ll over his
6:58 am
shoulder, over theoalie,nd tapped it in wh his head. amazin agai the fancy footworkaught the keeper off guard. one ofhe best goals you will ever see. finally, back to baseball. it was elvis night at the tigers/royals game. one fan wasn't ahook up during a wd play in the fifth. lo at ryan freel's bat go ying and smashed against the dugout roof. a sptator caught the broken bat while talkg on the phone. aming. that is certaiy multitasking. that's your early lot sports on "morningjoe." i'm fred roggi nice catch. savannah guthrie, we'l see her on a rom holiday all right aher nonothg beats walmart'ss unbeatable prices... but now theyey he e neareas whereri i cafind the brands i use every day--- and save even more.. so that's whatathehey an by unbeatable.e. save money. liliveetetr. walmart.
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7:02 am
ay. welce back. a nice shot over new york city. chopper 4 ving us a vi of ewamp lands. l right. thank you. welcome back, everybody. 7:02. i'm mika brzezini along with joe arborough, mike barnicle and john heileman >> so interleague pla are you sayi it's done for the year? you st do that in the first half of the yr? >> yeah. >> okay. so mny is not gog bac to boston this year? lots to talk about today. >> lucky for him. >> i'd like to ctinue the conversation about sah palin after loing at thoseolls
7:03 am
again. firsto the top stories of e day. lots of front page stories on michael exceptne pap. >> "the new yo times." they have vladimir putin looking as disinterested -- >> you've got to look at his body language. >> heorked hard -- he said, give m my bt slump how do i look as uninterested in wh this guy is saying, you have the president leaning forward. the psident is in italy >> he's in italy? >> yes. >>nd got a t of pollson sah palin and also on the president's appral rating in call it real erica.asou would soe'll talk about that and much more. >> i hope we're not getting mean e-mails. think people understd what i was saying, right? not at l. >> chris? they understand now. >> we are getting flooded with e-mailand they do not getwhat you ar aying. >> allright. >> you cannot calln entire section of america fake amica and expect them to sitack idly
7:04 am
and say nothing. >> ingo. >> you're not welcome to come to brooklyn anytime soon. >> t irony of this is mika i from the partf americandas live her life in tat area. going college at williams college -- don't u have a horsearm in pennsylvania? >> she has a hor farm in pennsylvania. >>eing kidnapped in the south offrance. >> that is tr. th's the one true thing you've sa. >> this is nuts. she ain't dorothy. e hasn't spent a l of time in kan >>hiis so unreal. >> she knows where of she saks when she says ke america. she's card carrying-- >> a book will descri my poli hill billy upbringing. >> blah, bla blah. >> and it will all be very car exactly what you all are not saying about myreality. >> here's mika. >> thank you. i guess you want me just to iet and move n. esident obama- >> chras something to sa
7:05 am
chris? >> yes, chr? >> here is mika wi the news >> i like that. 's in italy for the gth-8 summitof world leaders. talk on the glal economy. savannah guthrie is taveling with t president. she's join ulive in just few minutes. meanwhile, chinese presint hu jintao is abandoning plans to attend the g-8 summit deal with unrestn northst china. at least156 people have been killed in clashes between members of a muslim minority oup and government fors. while prident obama says talk another economic stimulus package is premature, one of his outse advirs is calling for re spending. laa tyson said today that the $787illion approved in february was, quote, a bit too small. >> lots ofuck gettin more. that's just a political relity. thousands ofa are streaming out of los anles this morning following the publicemorial service for
7:06 am
michae jackson. jackson's 11-year-d daughter, paris, offer a final emotional ibute to her father. >> ever nce i was born daddy has been the best father you could ever igine. and i justant to say i love m so much. >> nbc news confirms karl rove has been deposed by atrneys r the house judiciary committee which isnvestigating the fing of nine u.s. atrneys under the bus administration. according to rove's testimony mes asart of an agreement between the oba and sh administrations to avoid an appeals fight while intaining executivprivilege. newscast. yawn during my
7:07 am
i not yawning. i'm groaning. >> okay. you maygroan. and former vice esident al gorecomparing the fight against climate change tthe -- >> huh? >> why now? don't say this. >> go ahead. is this a real ing? back up the prmpter. i'll read it all over again. i'm going to try a read this. and foer vice president al gore is comparing th fight against climate change to the struggle against nazi gmany. >> oh, my god. >> according to the london times, mr. gore ioked winston churchils leadership ring world war ii as the calling against global warming. he also accused politician exploiting ignorance onhe issue to avoid difficult decisions. >> i need to see- i n't ow. i think we've got that out of context. >> iant the full copy. i want the ful copy. >> come on. >> you can imagine him invg urchill. we need to mahal our courage.
7:08 am
>> no way he said it like tht. >> no, i don'thinke did. seously, i want it in context. >> robby, wll you work on that? >> we to show the courage of winston churchill, blah, blah, bla it's another thing to say those who are denying global warming are adolf hitler. >> let's coulde clear. he couldbe saying that global warming poses a threat to the globe, that's the greest threat since nazism, that would be okay. >> it's okay. >> it's notomparing -- >> thawould be harsh. i would say communist chinese killing 50 millionf their own people probably a greater threat. but it's a very different thing. >> why don't we stay awayrom the nversation. we don't think h did. >> no. we don't thinke said that. >> i want the quote. >> i'm going toounter that rert sayingt conttually
7:09 am
inaccurate. >> mad about this plan about the obamadministration wants to go in and they want to control the oil futures market here's what jikram her to say abt that. >> the oil futuresmarket, it's aotal farce. even i,omeone who accepts that however awful it might be, a certain amount of legal manipulation is alwaysoing to be inheren in the gamebecause the regulators almt pury captured thefinancial industry. even i amompletely stunned and outred by e phoniness of this oilutures marke which is a total travesty of a mockery of sham. >> wait a cond. dide -- we didn't get the ole clip there. does he support -- chri does he support -- we're raising more tions than answers in this top of the news. >> i wa't sure --
7:10 am
does he suppt what obamas doing or n good lord. >> between al gore a -- >> do you understand? >> i'm looking at it. >> when oil prices are high, you've got liberals on capitol ll saying, oh, let's change the market. t's change the market. theye corrupt and they're manipulating things andthen whenupply and demand bringhe prices doww, they're all qut. i'm very concerned. even though i hate the wild fluctuations, i'm a l more concerned about politicians on pitol hill and the white house deding they're going to go in an stt fixing markets >> manipulatn of the marke would it be that i buy oil on the market at its low point d then do somethinto make it -- toe the prices jump? is that what it means? >> i guess so t, aga, it's supply andemand and when
7:11 am
goes up high politicians are upset. when it goes down lo they're not. >> i think what the question is and i don thinkny of us are experton what the obama admisttion isroposing or at actually goes on in the oil futures market, what we mit agree about is t notion that there's i think most coervatives are anti-regulation think the id of regulating against speculators is a b idea. >> right. >> that's just pt of the free market specation is sometimes drives wild swings but it's fine. manipulation is a different thing from peculation. >> exactly. >> and what the obama admisttion wants to do is crack down on manipulators as opposed to speculators i think probably even liberal conservatives would all agree would be aood idea. >> we all agree with that. welsogree that american are ing tbe skepcal of the vernment getting more involved, i think, in private markets. let's show these ohio polls. >> oh, we'veot it here and it's the predent's approval rating. >> his approval rating has
7:12 am
taken, i think, a 13-pointum tbl since may. is is in ohio, a bellwether. 49% to 44%. was 62% inmay. let'go, though, their proval/disapproval. handling the economy. he's upsiddown in ohio. 46% appro 48% disapprove. john heilemann, a lot of people in middle america, these people that votedgainst mccain because of palin, they're now concerned that o federal governnt is moving too quickly are they not?reas. i think they are although -- yes. and secondly i think they're also looking at the nemployment ratend they're upset about that. you can track president's approval ratin with respect to their general jobpproval on the omy pretty close to the unemployment rate in lot of ministration ministration's.
7:13 am
a gamble that the obama administration hasngaged in it from the verbeginning. i think ey looked at the economy and i don't think they misread it. i think they looked it and thought wee in some situation very similar to the one rona reagan confrond when he came in. we're gogo have a rough coup years and the qution is whether we start to ce out of at in time for re-election or whhewe're still in the trough 2 1/2 years from now. as you know, joe, reaganad the same problem. when unemploymentot as high as it did in his early -- in the recession that geted him in the early part of his first te, his aroval rating hit the skids, al byhe time 1984 camearound, it was morning in america again and the economic conditions wen't evenhat great and it was ill mog in merica. >> 1982 republicans got absotely destroyed because unemplment rates were coming close to 11%. and,mike, the probl for this administration right nows they're goingafter probably thr most important domestic issue for them and that is health care.
7:14 am
at a time when americans ohio and a lot of other places ar starting to show real skeptism about spendingmore and getting the federal government more involved in the private economy. >> idon't knowhether it's skepticism. i think those numbers g to a point that exists among my families' useholds around the coy. the weight o their own lives, the dilemmas and the problems of average american families are confroing now, they look to washin and obama, no matter w he phrases it, no matter how he talks about there's going to be problems out there, he embodies an optimism they ceptsed i him last fall they voted for him i part because ofit. now theye sayingwhere's the money? where is the stimulus spending? what a they doing withhe money they vote on? my wife lost her j last wee myneighb los his and i'm two months behind my mortgage. what'soing on? >> remember the president saying that if we didt pass the stulus plan the econy would
7:15 am
collapse? yep. >> we, a lot of americans said, okay, you've got your stimulus pla anthe economy is still collapsing and the problem for the president -- if he's lost 13% since may the white house admits, everybody admits,his ecomy isoing to g much, much worse. so whe do those nmbers go? >> and where didhat money go? i'm not sure it cane tracked. there's some moneyhat's not being used thewaytas supposed to. also, what cramer was saying, he wants mor regulation. so he's for more regulation? okay. >>hose approval numbers in ohio, joe, you speak to your health carpoint, that's a bad omen for them because, youknow, th are -- there are a lot of democratwho like the obama administraon. they know thatealth care needs to be a bipartisan thing to some ex. liberals sayam it thrgh on party lines. most demoats -- most democrats who are not at the far edge of theleft say just for reason of
7:16 am
litical behind coverage, they saye need this to be birtisan because we need everyone to get in. >> h o was eva bayh in 1980? th's a good queion. >> evan bayh? >>van bayh in 1980 he was a young man in 1980 when he saw his father swepout of power in the reagan revolution. following barack obamand nay pelosi over the cliff. neither is claire mccaskilin missouri, neither arthe two democrats in arkansas a neither mary landrieu in louisiana. if people think that al franken going to washington, d.c., being the 60th vot is going to magill pass health care, they have no idea how the senate works. >> can i read to you wat al gore really said before we go? >> yes. that would be eat. >> he said winon churchill arouse this had nation in heroic fashion to save civilizaon in world r ii. we have everhing we ed except political will. the political will is a renewable soce. >> is thatll he sd? >> i've go sions of his-
7:17 am
>>e're going to keepeading it. >> i thinkhat's okay. >> and ty say al gore -- the headline here is al gore dws on winston churchilln global warming alert. >> tre was some overstatent in that newscast t.j. wrote. t.j. stick to screwing uphe directing, will yo we he an e-mail about it t.j., don't we, chris? >> fabulous. that's so nice. we're like family. >> if t.j. n punch up the sh. why ist.j. so bad following what mika is sayin that came at 6:0224 moning. >> and now this al gore copy. what are you doing to him? >> actually there's me here. we'll save it for later. he might have- -oh? >> hmight have gone there. wt did hesay? >> you want it now? >> we'llead it later. readt now. readt now. >> okay. al gore e battle with nazis. said the world lacks political
7:18 am
will to act and invoked the spirit of winston urill to fight climate chae and cused politicians of exploiting ignorance about the dangers of global warmg to aid difficult decions. >> ay. >>he same quote i just read before. >> a right. >> al gore is still ok with us. right now the burden i on us. i think we overstated it. we're going to try to get sme more -- we need the text of that entire speech. when we come back, savannah guthrie is live in italy. she's traveling with the president. we're so going to be talking to pat buchanan about sah palin and her high appral ratingn the republican party. pat probably hashe 2012 on ahe president overseas tripnd much more. firswe'll talk to a congressman, boy, hs got -- he's got attack ads already being launcd agnst him on his vote regarding the climate change bl. naing onon ud r.
7:19 am
7:20 am
7:21 am
weotototatatininci on us cars for everybody anont cfidedence ininin o. caususususlendnds s ve a a a t tcks. ququq n .
7:22 am
undery plan of a cpping trade sysm, elected trity rates would skyrocket. >> that's rit, skyrocket. it wl destroy jobs and cost middle classamilies $800 a year every time u turn on a switch. voting with obama and nancy pelosi over an over. ll and tellim he was wrong to vote for e pelos energy tax. the national republican congressional committee is responsible for the content o this vertisement. >> okay. that was the gop ad attacking virgia's democratic representative tom perriello for his vote on the capping trad bill a local tv station is refuse to go run that ad. and here to talk about the
7:23 am
controversy is congrsman tom perrieo. thank you for g on the how. >> congressman,o you ownthe station or do you have frnds there? that's pretty good. >>t's the thing when you' using verifiably false infoation, that's not the way to have the debate. this is one of the mst exciting ings we have done. we sta investing those doars ba and american jobs back home. i have no doubt the can score some short-term political points th, but ihink over the ng term it a real danger for them because everye knowsow poant it is to get off foreign oil. 9. >> you say the ads are false, veably false. what are republicans saying about e cap and tradell? >> they actually compa prections about gdposs and extrapolate that to a utility bill which is just anpples and oranges comparison. what we know is thers a lot of
7:24 am
private cital ready to be unashed when they know what the system will be. it a bold idea but also a very free market idea, letting them decide the most efcient way to allocate th. >> will resident -- will any residents in yuristrict or across ameri haveigher energy bills because of thi cap and trade bill you suprted? >> most may ve lower bills but me may have higher bills. we're giving them e power to decide. this is going to put tha incentive back on the consumer. here is what choice i don't ha right now. when i go to the gas staon- >> we needlarification because we dn't get itrom the white hous who is going to be paying more? >> well, it depends on your consumptiotterns. at we have now is a chance when i go to the gaspump, i don't have a choice, n matter at, my mon isoing to pet dictators aroundhe world. i don't like thatchoice. what will happennstead the
7:25 am
same dlars will be invesd back here. frm isn't fe. sinc9/11 we've asked evythingf our militar families and asked notng of the rest of us. >> depends on your consumption patterns. break it down fo me. is there a certa amount of energy? and i gover ceai thsholds then i pay more? >>well, e consumer rebates is sed on your iome so most folks will be getting more ba on the consume rebate than they wouldotentially be paying. this is something wheras you knowhe cbo figure the indendt figures that said n more tha $12 a month impact on fami or a postag stam a day doesn't include aything for energy savings so that' really a ceiling or mimum on what we'd b askg of people. >> what district -- forgive me for t knowing thi but we've got a three-ho show and we come in dru before it starts. what district d you represent in virginia? >> it's southern and central
7:26 am
virginia. >> conseative area. >> sure. >> good. glad we ha you on here. are you concerned w the poll numbers in ohio and some oher swing states that suggest americans aretarting to get a li bit concernbout defici -- actually a lot concerned about deficits and how big the governmt's expanng? >> well, no, i tnk it's good ne. i have a lotf concern about the deficits as wel i actual voted against the president's budg and support pago legislation. it's aery real concern. whate're looking at, though, we need to fd gamehangers on the jobs frt. can't ju continue to bed slowly, hemorrhage jobs overseas. we need the game changers that create newompetitive advantage and i think wt you're seeing from theew generation of politicians is being wling to beold and commonsensical at the same tso with climate we are talng about aold transformation but we're ung basic free market principles to
7:27 am
get there. >> congressman, let say, i'm with you i don't kn where theonrn has been over the past eig year it's troubling. >> do you think that we're as off the rail now as we we eight years ag in terms of spending? >>ell, the problem with eight years ago there had finally been the political will to balance thbudget. if we had ne nothing from 2000 to 2008 but kp the existing budget agreement between present clton and the republican congress, we would ve paid off the publicly held debt now. >> are we off the rails now? >> wre in an economic crisis right now. the deficits are huge. we need plem solving not the political games to get there. you voted against the president presidens budget. do you agree the deficits e unsustainable? >> sure. they a unsustainable. thquestion with health care is going toe, is this the keyo closing the fedel deficit or ishis going to blow it wide open? wt do you think? >>t depends how weo it. it could be one of the most important thin we do to reduce the federal deficit. >> will you vote for a health
7:28 am
carelan that didn't have a public option? well,he term public tion to me may not but the issue is wh's in . does it create t kind of competition, does it close the primary care shortage thate have? does it g the kindf move us from siness care toealth care and support th preventive medicine where we kn the real savings are? >> hey, congres, thank you fobeg with us. >> thank you so much. and he's ectly right about our syst. i don't care where you are ideogically,we have sickness. >> yes. >> he's impressive >> he's an impressive guy. >> he is an imesveguy. >> all right, congressman, thanks a lot. up next on "morning joe" live to italy and nbc's savannah guthrie. >> oh, she's good, too. >> yes, she is. fabulo. she's traveling with the prident. sh is in the obamas' color. these days, people e catching on
7:29 am
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sleepwalking, and ting or driving while not fully awake th memory loss for e event as well as abnormal behaviors such as being more outgoi or aggressive than normal, confusion, agitaon and halluciaons may occur. don't take it withlcohol as it may inease these behaviors. allergic reactions such as shortness of breath, swelli of your tongue or thro may occur and in rareases may be fatal. side effects may ilude next-day droess, dizziness, and headache. in patients with depression, worsening of deession, including risk of suicide may occur if you experiee any of these behiors or reons contact your door immediately. wake up ready for your day-ask your healthce prover for 2-layer ambi cr. yesterday president obama met with russian president medvedev. this morning he met with pri minister putin. this afternoon he mewith former pdent mikhail gorbachev. at the e of each meeting h wod twist them their wst and the next smaller leader
7:33 am
would p out. >> that's funny. with us now fr italyhere presidenobama is meeting today with world leaders from thg-8 summit, star andorrespondent savaah guthrie. >> reporter:mika that was funny. we saw a lot of tose rian dolls. yeah, but did you get me my, you know - >> what? >> vodka. vodk did you get m vodka? >>orter: we know what. okay. you'llbe getting something in thmail and it's not illegal to send it. >>h, good. that terrific. we're looking ahe at the g-8 summit. wh can we expect? what are the m issues on the tae and what does the president ho to accolish during the smit? >> reporter: wl, i think a co things. numberone, we wilsee some kind of declaration out iran
7:34 am
from the g-8 leaders, someing th u.s. folks areeally pointing to, something gnificant. what it says, we'll all be in suspense untilhe end of the day. the her issue is the economic isis. the g-2 the full g-20 met in london and talked about stimulusabout regulatory reform there will be anher g-20n ttsburgh for those who are following th geometry. today it's just the g-8 but it will be a progress report some of these leaders like merkel of germany, sarkozy of france, want to bealking about an exit strategy. they seehis financial stimulus. they're very concerned a it. they're concerned abou unsustainable de and so they want to looking forward. wh are wgoing to do an ex strategy? otr leaders say, ye fine we shld be talking aut that but les also recognize that the economy is not out of the woods yet so expect we'lsee significant diussion on those s of topics. one thing i should mention, the more substantive mting the president s goin toave was with president hu, chinaot part o the g-8, buthu went on
7:35 am
home to china because there's all that unrest there, se of that ethnic vlence in the westernart of theountry. and so that meeting is off. mi? >> all right. we're also talking about stimulusnd wheer or not there wi be more money put out there anfed into the sytem. we had, i'm sureou heard yestday the obama economic adviser who said that they may need to have anoth round of stimulus, that first on was o small. what is the talk inside the whithouse,t least the circle you'reravel with, abou these commentsnd alsoabout how they present that to amerins if they had to actuly move in thatirection because there is more and more concern thate're just spendg wildly and the monemay be not going to wre it needs to go to actually stulate the economy? >> reporter: ll, this is one big political hot potato as you might eect and actually ijust was lking with a senior official and theirosition is let's wait and see howhe
7:36 am
stimulus is working. it'stoo early to declare this currenstimulus not a ccs. th'll point out, look, only 25% of it has been oigated that wasy design. that's the way this thing had to ramp up that we'll s a greater impact as the mths and years progress. on the other hand let's face it, unemploynt is already worse than they predicted. u had vice president biden acknowledging quite cndidly that they d, quote, misread some of the signs. the president buish that had in an iview yesterday where he said think it's that we didn't have all of the inrmation and it's true. a lot of econists were surprised by the extent to wch the onomy just went off a clf in the fourt quarter. but this is ve tricky business becae, of course, the wte house, thepresident, will acknledge he'll be judged probably on oer ise more th whether he'sable to create jobs. the stimulus has t create jobs. people are so wored about budget defici so this is very, ry tricky and a source of some concern. >> and there'sertainly some polls bcking up those coerns. savannah uthrie, thank you s
7:37 am
much. good to seeyou. enjoy yr trip there with the presidt. up next pat buchanan weihs in on the presint's trip sarah palin anso much more. nnouncer) we e spk k r. and guess w wt?t? the car listenens. you say c calninina you get nina.. yoyosasay ay puccini, 1212 sy y eakers... play p pucnini. yoyou y y t me to the gagame you get there ststp by step. wi our voice activated ncncechnology, no one e spksksour languguaglilikee do. we speak the 2020 ford fusion. gegeinin..and drive one.e. hahang to go in the ddddlef traffic
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7:40 am
talking abouarah palin d u know what she did. one of thethings you're going to love abo sarah palin after she announces that she's stepping down as governor, she we fishing. she went fishing she said to hec with it i'm going fishing. we have some footage of that here. take alook. sarah palin going shing day earlier. watch th. there she is getting in -- oh, my gosh. you hateo see that. wow. >> okay. here with us now --that's just
7:41 am
mean-spited. a little bit >> given the issues betwe the o. >> he'sheartbroken. he is heabroken. >> no, he's not because he believes. >> prick joseph- >> he bievesin sarah. >> a grand sategy going. the grand strategy is woing. >> the grandstrategy. i don't talk aout my palin bumper stickers, do i? >> no. >> pat bhanan joins us from washington i want you to t note of some polls, today "usa today"/gallup poll likely to vote for palin in 2012, relar voters, very/somewhat likely 43%. not likely, 54%. let's move o down the line to republicans likely to vote for palin in 2012. that's a specific oup.
7:42 am
look at that, pat. 71% likely. what are you feelg? >> well, here's the ing, 42% is quite frankly pretty high for someone as contrsial as she has been and itsuggests a very deep -- broad and deep base she's got of supportmong t ameran people. amongrepublicans, the fellow who wrote for "the new york mes" indicated from a poll th heaw earl 48% of americans that d not go to colleg have avery, very high opinion of he i thk what you'vegot here is a lady whom lot of americans say is really one of us out here in middle america a that's w she's being torn to bits. >> this ishe buchanan pitchfork. >> they would love r. >> they would. pat, thugh, t question is, and weere talkingbt george w. bush doing so welln 2000 and 2004 nning against elite agns academics, how far does
7:43 am
this resentment get you, though? you can win your primary but can it get you over 50% ia general election? >> i think sarah palin jt looking at tod woul say she ot get above 50% in national election. i think she'dave a hard time getting above 42% quite frank because of thedemonization that taken plac because o the rception falseor true that she does not have the credentials or th capacy to be president of t united states. so ihink she has to overcome that if she's going to b presidt. joe, you'rcorrect. i uld hate to be o there competing against rin the iowa straw poll becau she would really bur the paint off the walls. e'd have them outf thr chairs they'd love her out there. all thright to lifers, that would be a killer for huckabee. >> sheould mow hi down in wa. she would lo inewhampshire. she could win in south caroli. but let's talk about t general
7:44 am
election. and, again -- >> as of now i don't think she can. >>'mnot get tt go far ahe of myself. i'm tking a general principle for the repubcan party. they've got nominate candid and i'm not saying sarah palin is not that candidate. she doesn't se to be right now that could win ohio, tt could win pennsylvan, make it competitive in chigan, has an outside chancef doing what republicans usedo always do, win onnectut. and i jus don't know it's sarah pan. you talked about how she has been demonized in th press and certainly mikand i will be t first say that sar palin has be treated unfairly fr her launch. but at the same time, pa let's point the finger atarah palin, too. you and i both said after mccain lost she needed to go to alaska, keep her head down, void controversand study up on the issues. has she tha pat? >> welt, no, she didn' do it. in her defense shseen agged into an awful lot o
7:45 am
ises by the daughter and son-in-law or alleged son-inaw, the lettern things, and the controversies over are you going to speak and are you not going to speak? shs not been well handled at all and ite frankly, and she's so been bedeled up there by that -- the democrats up there wi all these ethics charg. half a million bucks she finally said've had it. here is someing republicans need. they've got to find a way to bottle somew what sarah pal was from about august 28th to september 15th whenhe took mccn, quite ankly, a vanilla candidat a lot of ways, and drove him up ahead of barack obama in his prime to where mccain w ahead. something sarah palin represend ere is what middle erica and a majority of americans wanted even against obama. now she lost that what was it? >> why has she lost that? look at these olls, pat, of what sarah palin was?
7:46 am
i would arg that is -- >>looking pty strong right now. >> s's very strong but at tha point she had a majority of americans were in love th r. a clear majity. otherwise mccain would not have gone aheadin the lead. e lost some of it in the current thing, th charlie gi thing and the dss from the rnc and she was torn down but, you're right. when you get le in t campaign, mccn couldn'tet 100 pe out a she get 15,000 coming to see sarah palin. look at joe biden he got 100 peoplep i erie, pennsylvania she has somethin-- >> there is no doubt -- >> tharepublican party really needs. haven'seen in a long time. >> mike barnicle wants in. pat is right. she was a rock star forhe base especially. ,0 people. >> pat has nailed it. that specific time fra from the middle oaugust when she ga her acceptance speecho about september 15thight bere the enomy collapsed,
7:47 am
the reson, i think, she took ch a grip on the american population is peopl looked at her and said i kw her. >> i know her. >> she was still a rock star with a base at thend of the campaignhen she was drawing the biggest crowds. >> she was. but i ink then for different reason not so much as in the beginning. >> but something happened, right, and obviously aotof forcesset her from the outside an some things she screwed up herself. i want to ask pat this queson as a commications professional pat understds themportance of contrling one's public image. so she hadotal control over the sees of event that ocrred last weekend. she decided how she was gointo make this announment in her backya. she put her seches on the website. her announcement of how she was stepping down. pat,ust evaluate this as a litical communications professional. accomplish in termsof h she pu forward this rather important decision, and d she
7:48 am
succeed? accomplishn a limited waywhat shstrying to do in announcing this transition i her li and where she's heading in the future >> the way in which sh did it and how e did it suggestso me no prior planning. i think this was a -- what e d, i ink, was spontaneous and it was authentic a as joe and mika have been talking it was diointed. i thin she finally said, kay, i'm mking the decision, let go out d get this over with. it was theame reaction that we got from nixon who was up in his room, her client who died last wewas going to go out and he's going to mak the statemt and nixon is watching on television. all of a sudden he said, okay, this is it ane walks down d id, look, yore not going to have nin to kick aroundanymore. think of all thfun you'll be missing. it was that kind ofspontaity an frankly, it saks the authenticityhat people see in her. >> i agree and i also wonder if she's kind standing alonon all of this and juoingit
7:49 am
alone and doing her best. and i thought her interview with andrea is whereshe made ve good explanations. >> and i think -- a go point that she's standing alone on is, pat. i know a l of people that like sarah palin ve much, wishes she would have pked u the phone and called somebodyik youefore she went out and made th statement. if sheants to go on the national stage she's notoing to be le to do it with a bunch of fds and famy members. she need some professional pr help. >> we shouldn't nderestimate her, joe. she apparently wiped up the floor wither opponents in alaska. >> she did. >> and i kw she was, trangly, dropped into the middle o -- joe biden has bee 35 years in foreign policy. she may not have won tt deba on points but she sre came off dramatical a every palin admirer was smiling wh it was over. t only that she got through it but there was a lot ofizzazz there. >> fireccker 500. she helder own.
7:50 am
her speech at the her speak was. she is a remarkable woman in many ways. >> she offered the li, do you mind if i call you joe? >> pbuchan,tay th us if you would. and john, thank you f beg th us. >> god bless you. still aad, it has been calledhe fastest sport in erica, but is theecession tting the breaks on naar there is new documentary out on theport for real americans. >> here we go. >> we'll beight back here on "morning joe." ♪ well l i was shopping for a nenew car, ♪
7:51 am
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7:54 am
>> nascarissualopar in the part of america that mika calls real america, but the recession is takingtsolln the sport. a new documentary is out? >> yes, you a ght. and th us right now, the ey nominated sports business reporter. nascar and arica go hnd and hand. >> yes, and no sport relies on corporate dollars more than nascar, and theres a lot o scrutiny on corporate spending.
7:55 am
and the car manufacture, chrysler, general motors, and bankruptcy, these guys are not controlling their own budget. and maybe e winn sunday and buy on monday doesn't workany more. the cars they are driving dot have a passenger seat, doors, d you can me anything you want. at t same ti, th are asking for 10,000 people to show up evy single week. these peoplere showing up on thursday f often a sunday race. >> so the crowds are still coming out. >> the fact is attendanc is down about 10%, and ratings e down 10%, soit's all relative. that bng said, obviously ey are not sure what is going happith the car manucturers, because who is really controlling the budgets? >> what happens to scar, and allf the weekend eventshey have which arehenomenally popular all across america, givenhe fact the ral
7:56 am
government from the president on down i going green, get hybrid car and don'tse as much s. >> they are trying to do as much as they can. the raceca was a toyota hybrid, and they are trying to recycle the track and e oil and the tis. this is not the best sport in terms of going green, but they ar doing their best toay they are doing somethg so everything is not a waste. >> in the dilemma you referred to few moments you ago, how big is it? >> the tck is 10%of their revenu and it comes from the automobile manufactur. and it'sp in the air. that where it's all scary here. they don't kw what is going to haen. n fran, the ceo of nascar,
7:57 am
heas said we have gone to congress and told them it's portanthat t car mafactures stay in business and they have to market, so they have to go with nascar. >> and are sponrs cutting back? a little bit. some of the spoors that we spoke to includg sprint, s ey are extremely happy. sprint pays $75 milln a year to be called the sprint cup. and they are happy. >> how big of a business is this >> tony stert owns his own te now, and businessis out $80 million, and they run on $30 mlion isheir budget. it cost $600,000 to go a race. there is a crew of 21 eople. during a sson, and you know u ba those thingsup, and ey have about 18 cars. let me give you a qick bie.
7:58 am
hio sponsors are office depot andold spice. luckily, they have e sa exact color red. and tha savesth thousands and tusands of dollars because they can pain all the cars and have only one color. >> $60000 to go to a race? those numbers are equivalent to what it costs mika to fly -- >> oh, my osh. thank u so much for coming on the show. you can watch the new special "inside th track, refueing nascar." and that'sat 9:00 p.m., 10:00 p.m., and 1:00 a. nascar. >> they suld hand out pin
7:59 am
calendars and have pat sho up. >> yeah, and she can wave the flag. >> just don't kno what that means. >> that's okay. stay in the dark. upnex your stimulus dollars at work or are they? we will talk abt that next. and then crazy lrenc o'doell stops by. could ite just -- could it just be mow men terry love. >> two angr atholics. >> all right. we'll be rht back. (announcecer) we speak car.
8:00 am
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8:03 am
startiting out with los ananles foyou, wherehe sun has notome up. >> yesterday was e michael jackson memorialservivice. me of em may go to l. looking beauful also this morning. and let's gogo to dalals. that's anice shot of philadelphia.. and washingngton, d.c and then t to new york. real america.. a beaiful shotot looking sout totowards e fininancial dirict. >> i sensns t-shirt. >> yh, i sense a t-shirt coming.. >> real america? >> you can wr it in northeast
8:04 am
harbor, maine. > you arere both two of the biggestt hypocrites i haveever met t in m lilife. >> i am talking -- her than you insulting h hf of middle amererica, mika. the president i is meeng withth the prime minist. and weave palin andlawren o'nnell's girlfriends well.l. and lawrence o'donnelll i quivering inis air looooking crazy. and we alsoso have pat buchanann washingtonon, d.c. and d 's new r reality sw thatt will be onravo thisall caed "twowo angry tholics." make sureoheck your local listing toto s when i it comes . >>here is one catholic and reasonable gu
8:05 am
>> really quickly aa teaser. lawrence o'dononnell, you mett sararah alin, in thihis ve buililding. it was aeligious experience for you. you fellll inove imdiately. we h have be showing polls this morning showinghe is ry populawith republicans sll. what iss goingng on. >> well, i i agr, joe, withth yo originalal asessment that i head on friday. thisis is n n daescrible inny popolitical terms. my b at ththe moment t isshe is getting g out, a she is lookokg at bill clinton's s lif and she is saying which version of this do i want? do i wan the onenehere they are investigating me 24 4 hours a d, ororthe big poff versrsn, or the income tax returns they fid eir first ar out of ththe preresidency. i think shehes loing for the
8:06 am
clinton life after office, a a sayingng this not going t tbe easy supportrting thh familyly the length oftime that she is going g to have do it, andnd ts is thehe moment. e is never ever going toe more popopar than today. she lost30 points in popupularity and th is the cash-in moment. >> i agr with you. when you haveve 15thics mplaints, and a lot of them filed by s suspect people with bigger political causes, and it costs you $5000000, anthe complaints keep coming, en iff you gett them dismisse it't's nt right. >> it'shat she spends h her day dog. it s sounds to ike this is n fun a anymore, d i a outut of here. and there isis no way thaha shec survive politicallll going intoa
8:07 am
campaign w wh t these guys who d not ququit. thee quitter ththing willlle an popular thing carar into a mpaign. >e willhow you polls th suggts otherwise th repuicans. >> i if the campapan was ld today. >> yeah. >> itt not. >> it's time forlook today's to storieses. leadads are gathering in itatal for the -8 submi for indudustrializ nation. ey will look at the global economy and iran's clear amambition and presidident obam arrived ths moing for talks in moscow and meananwhile, chinese p prese
8:08 am
isis abandoninglans to a attend th summit. at least 156 people have been killed in clashes beten member of a minororityroup and government forceces. >> ththat's a realal probl for e chinese e vernme right now. yourather saaid yesterday, islamic unrest here, andt's growing. how many people have died there? >> 159. >> 159? yes, a at least we will f followthat, andnd at least the lead is takng note and not going to thehe 8. obama tks aout another stim stimimus pacge premature. and somebody on the board said the $787 billllion was a bit to all. >> ilways had respect for
8:09 am
lalaa tysonven when i did n n age with the administraration's economicicpproach on thth front but i undersrsnd wh she is saying ass an economists, but look at the numbers, and poliliticallthat will be a hard ll in america, is it not? >> t that's t onlyoing to be a hard sell. i think thee health carehing wiwi be a hard sl, especiallll if they a are talkingg aut imposingtaxesbasically on the healthenefit that corporations givive t indivivials. that violates n only obama's commitment, but thth is a hmer blow to the economy. i think all of ththe spendingax programs of obama a now ununder a cloududecause of what hahapped lasteek in the economy,, joe. i think theare. and m michael of thee washingto st has a great opop adadd. we are concernedd about the
8:10 am
spending, but polically i think the presesents heading wards iceburg. amerans in ohioand other states growingg skeptical aboutt the spending in washington. there are moretories comingng out showing th stimulul money is not b being used what i i wa allocateted forreingused rrectly. >lawrence oonnell, talk abt this, i you will. th has com at a bad time for the obama administration. health care r rorm has bee the ho holy g gil. >> thehe dyymics are identical o 15 years ago. 's as difficulul as it was15 yes ago. u can't have a a singlele- theh exrience shows you nnot ha aa single bump on theoad to t way to legegislatingealth care
8:11 am
reform. at makes sense ababt the stimulus, did it wo and did it nowork, and by t the way, we will neverernowow it works. >>ou never do. >> the unemployment raa is now x, and it cocould ha been x plus 2.2. you can nevever prpre it, you c just argue it. > we are ill debating t new de. let's c compare it to '93. >> rememberer thereas a ti, a fewwonths ago when stulus was useded as part o of the argumenr health c care form. we wil pump money intnt that system and by t way, that's real. wewere in nw york city right w, and there are f people in new york city that can t tell y what the nber onene industryin new york city is. everybododthinkst'sall stet, but it's heeth care. thth's sectctor, very big sector, of t this economy. >> that's goingto be a hard se in m middleameri. anand thiss -- lawrenence is exactly riright. ifou want to ge health ce,
8:12 am
thiss a memo to future progressive libel presint. youuetter d do it firsrs bill c clinto passed t t big ta increa and spenng bill in '9'93,nd by the t timehe got ound thealth care there was a revolt. anobama spent a lot o o money in the last six months, and now the americans aree exhausted before thehe healt care fight picks uup. >> yeah, an i thought thhe was an excellelent column today. theederal governmnmts spendi 28% of b instead of 21%. and earket to which pots is gog backdown. and al the taxes theyeyregoing to put on th americann businesses and corrations, how will you compete witith the chinese that will n do any of that. he really iss headedd for the iceberg.g.
8:13 am
>> yeah, i w w talking to his administration -- >> what dodo w meanany headededr th iceberg in this discusussion? i ca arguehat t heal care thin i going produrally well at this point. >> i was talng toto a oicial last week, and i i was talking about all of t tse things, anan lking about the pollll and i said you guyss a going to have to thread ththe needle or youou not going to get health ca, and ere is a general feelining. thth are going too have to. because proceduralally, it willo well. theyey will get what th want out of the house. you ar going g have get l. louisiana, and twowo arkansas senators, and claiaire maskill, and ben n nelso ooard. i don't e getng any of thosese peopople onbod, and unnless thh moveve away from n nancy pesi's position. >> well, i don't hearany
8:14 am
nonoe -- the kennedy bill w wil be irrelevant whenenou gett t the floor thathis they ledge slate on e left. can't d do it u keep your eye on max'ss finance commimittee, d yesterday themajorityleader, harry reid, he ordered ththe finance commite chairman to do sometng, he orordered stophinking abouou taxing health care befits t t pay for this. just don't go there, becausese that's sometething that you can get, they think, few repupublican ves on,ut y you willllose 13 democric voes. the problem m always with healt care, , nopopula way to finance the solution of healthth carr they mit endup worse ff.
8:15 am
>> and the proem, o,is let's just face it, mike barnicle,eople in missouri, claire mccaskill's statate, the n't care what ogressives in washingtonon want health care, ey want their jobobsback and the economy revved up. if they e this as a a didistrac straction, they are agaiainst it. >> theought many line is thaha bs, jobs, job that'she prinple thing going onn amica. and the k k element of tthe healthare debe this year, and th o obstacl this yar are thee same as they werere 16 yea ago. thee politital question is why? why after 16 yrs are we stil dealing and h have not confnfnt or solv t most -- > health re is theost expensive thing you can n do in the e american government. mber two, ththis is a real problem if you wan to call it
8:16 am
th, in l legislang reform, a a signicant mjority ofof current health care policycyholders are sasatisfied th at they have. have to geet upver 60% didiatisfaion in current health care policy holders before youet real strong montumo change. >> and you alsoave the past. five or six nths, andd perhaps the esident could have passed is easililynfebruary. pat chanan, we sa ronald reagan g slaughterered in the mid ter inin 1982, and it could happen again. anit comes down to jobobs, joubjoububs, jobs, ist it jojoe, don't see thee sign all the money s slaushinground out ere wi work. what t the europeans are afraid of, whenou get ignitioion, you ll get inflation. i am talking abou a real
8:17 am
possibility of a debacle for the oba aadministrion, not to juststefeat the house in 2010, but if this isot gone, 2012 could be in ouble. >> well, clinton d did notass heal ce and had no proems getting reelected. >> yeah,, and that'ss because t publicans did not get reelected. >> we wiped the democratiting o in '68. i don't think k 's thabig of a nner once you get itit. >> the a arc of itit, ande alal said it around the table, and thisisi hav been sayi it a couple weeks, remminds me of 93. you ha democrs of pitol hillll, and ineenablers in the who all love the ididea of tionalized health care, and theyet the parade downn main street, andnd everybody is like
8:18 am
follow us, f follow usus and th u get on mn street andou notice people aretarting to walklk away. ey haveo do this jus right. >here ione difference. anthat's baracobama. i sunningthe finance commtee at that time, a i d to round up democratat votes. iill nevorget a a conversation with kent, and he says bill cnton came third on m state, behind rooss perot. and tquestion is can obama really w win the pridency, and clinton nevever had hat. caca oba do it? height be ableto. the deba at the s senate a herereafter e first 50 people you confrontnt on e siewalk, 90% will say it's okay. ththat's the ons. >> do yoyou trustheovernment to make a uple adjujustment
8:19 am
>> nono. >> a a theeal problem is, ty likeheir health care plan, becausehey c can get 15at scans onon their elbow.. and going back to job csts --- >> how manan have you had? >> jobs, jobs, jobs. remember in the lossss of jobs, ththothe thing you lo that day when you lose your job is the healtlt care. and that's one of f the things that i helping to imulate the talk for heaealth care. >> you cannotot ram i i through. >> yeah, you cannot r ram it thugh. > now, bususinesses needs a affofordable hlth care plan becacause th are losing jojo a econic advantage to otherr countries. >> theother giant difference, almosts different as barack obama, senator al franken, the 60th votete that changes the gae. lawrence, sy withus we arere still waiting for a fight. when we come baba, we wiill g to
8:20 am
los angeles wherourtney hazlzlett tes us throug the jacksoson morial. d then also, representatative cummings is coming up. kikind of cocoider myself a robinhnhood the directcting d. buick enencle th finest luxury crossover ever. i ne s some zen time with this model thank you.
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lcome back.. good mornrng,g, joe. i thought maybeeouou ha engh. i cocoulbebewrong, tugh. >> ththat hurtful. all moing, irereesent real america. >>eah, you do, don't ouou. >> i idon't. >no, you don'n't. >> rural america i where thth
8:24 am
peoplelearar not where the mountainins e.e. this is s whe e th people are.e. >> mika, t thiisis hateful. >> , i think the wayouou aracterize me is so absolutely incocoecect. >> for some ason, you u ee bashing yoyour own, and tatat s me.. >> i am not. d with us now, meer of the jojot economic cocommtetee, congressman congressman cuings. i w wan to t tal about stimulul money. >>basically, what warare trying to do. wewe he e a lot o off people lo their homeshroughout our country, and it's bebeususe what we have seen in our atate of ryryla is that a lot o o p pelee arareoosi their jobs, and th -- so evenenhen theyey try to momodi their loloa,,hey stil
8:25 am
have ppblems. at this would do o u useome ofhehe.a.r.p. funds, some of th money the banks e giving back after they claim weade th well, usesoso of thatt ney to give peoplpl temporary loans overththe course of 1 18 months, and h hel tmm in the fo o oa loan and itt would be paidirirecy to the mortgaga mpany. and d th wld aow peeop to get a job as theeconomic efeffos s ofhe present work,ndnd ioo think they will al work despite what youou hee been saying this mororngng, and that will low mortgage companies to get their mmon, and communities to remain intact and i will allowweoeoe to statay in their homes, whichch ivevery siificant. people have toiive mmewre. >> yyes ty do. >> e ejaja -- by the e waway, w
8:26 am
apologize fo lawrence o'o'nnnnel he iss a right-wing tool. but anywway,, we hoo things turn arnd. and ononofof t questions at we ve beenringing up thth second stimulus plpl.. harrrrrereidaid only 1010% of t stimulus money h been enen wh do we write anotheheheck enen 90% ofof t money has notot be s snt frorothth first go ararndnd? >> that's my poinin this s smulus billwawa signed 13135ayayagago. wewe sllll have a long w to go with t t money. i dodo bieie that we will see the turn ararou.. and it's retail spending i up. and that s a otot. andd it's the fstst time itt ha been up p inmonths.. and i think somomebyy on your panel said a a f f minunute ago,
8:27 am
thrp ta they were talkining ouout alth carereanand said it over dd over agagain joe, peopp unundeststate babackck obama. ey underestimatededhhis prpresenen over and over againi. >> yeah, lawrence o'donnell.l. i am with you, elijah. why do youou hate thee president why do you hatee america?a? >> i am afraid i have not been in the u unrestimating sisiss. >>xplain some o ofhe p pblems e stimululu f fun -- we,, the problems in t tss of the money going g ereret's supposed to g dodoouou aggre that therere ee ititch and the money ot beingssedrrerly in ma cas? >> this morning, ll be holding a hearinginin oversigig anand vevernnt reform wherere im a seninior member. we wilill talk about some of th poposslelelitches t takg place. the fact ,, i t thi t stimulus momone is being spent anand isis r rig oncourse. our statate maryland,d,we have done a terrific jobbnn that
8:28 am
rerega. and we have did a od job of gegettg the money out. there werere myy projectss read to ro.. soso s stas are behiind with regard shovevel-adady project. but we ve to keep in mind this isis a situation our country ha not f fadd in any recent time. and so itind of an -- it's an emergencycysuation. were moving rward. ththin a are goioi to -- teyeyr geing better a and they will g t better. yohave theleader on thehe rereblblic side going arounund ying heanan't find j job in his didiririctand then wee put out at there are jobs right in his backckrdrd. and they are being createdd because of the sttululus money.. i can show you article aerer articlcl a aft article ofof js being rorodud. mike is looking att an articic nono >> i am looking at anan ad by jj morgan.
8:29 am
theyrere approving t tri mortgagege modificicatnsns. we pvevent 565,000 foclosures. this i is anan ad byjmmorgan. do youou tnknk the banks are dog enough to work inoonct with mogaga modification, can they do mmor >> i tnk thebabankare doing lot. it's surprises me to beeabab to say ththat t weadad a mororagage foreclososur p pveventn evtt i diststctct. thth banks came tough tremendoususly the problem is t t bananks are lilitt bit slow in hiring peononl to actctuayy take thth callsrromeople who are trying modifyththeiloans. so basicical w wt we did in ltltime, we were ableoo bring ee bankstoto the school in our district. anand had severalpepele come out, and wewe wee abletoto help 6060or700of thosepepele stay
8:30 am
inheir hheses. we a are having another onee on ptember 12th. ifif iere president i wulul sh the banks tourur upndnd staff upanan get to thth people trying to stay their homes. >>eaea babaicicle >> benice. >> he needs --- h he i am fifititinghe two right ease. thank you, ijah, for being hehere >> nice to behere. mypleasure. pat buanan, i know you have to go, bu a clloshohoug abouout atat rahm emanuel trying totruggle right no liberals on c capol hill will want everythining with t thi heh re bill, andnd a white hohoee undedersndnd they h hav a totou roroado hoe withth middle ameri. i i think obama andahm are two tough pragmatic ggs. ifhey has toto compromisee o o health care e get half a oaoaf,
8:31 am
i thinknkhehey w wl do itt in a hetbeat, because they are very, vevery concerned aboututh we are t talngng about, thehe iceberg that's pretty far a aad ght now, bututhey are closing in onit. >> andndththe are two modelslsh whe house has to follow. you get the '93-'94 model w whe yoyou yyo get heall care and you fail dd you tt wiped ou andhhen youavave the '655-' mol, where you gethhatou want and get more, ann you really g get wipepe ouou anand it's's a a lose-l-los des ththe factyoyou can't findnd a republican now tat uldn't undo what hapappedd in'65. >> lawrence iss all wet on pali fofothis reason. lookok this isotot billl clinto terms of value. she has f fveve kids. grand d. ey have toto take care of the downynyndre kid.d.
8:32 am
she willllaa m mon on the speaeakircrcui but shsheii lose thehe popopurity, that cotrtrersy, and the charisma fofor the pupublan paart in2010. ahah, my bet is the c crlie chchri phone call for her was can n yo helpee with thth coconsvative party?y? shsh will be valuable ththat it makes no sense atat thh p po to t thi she w wirun for office agn.n. she has elimininathahat possibility.y. >> maybe for202. not forr 2016. >> she cacaotot give up a a say am notot running foror presiden the uned atat, because her value would then demiminu i iue dr dramatically. yeah, she has to keepep that
8:33 am
iviv >> all righght, when wewe come back -- pat, thk you soso much. >>e e e going live t to itity.y. stay right thther cmeme on, get ppy,tt's cnbc'saark haines. that's next on "mornrninjojoe. (noun we speak car. sure, but do w speak hybrid? yes, we do.
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elelco back toto "morning joe." are e a allood hehere >> we aree good. >> lawrwren,, are you okay? >> just finene. i i vevehehe cocoff. i d d a a lot of michaelel jack homework f forheheshow. i am hostingng "hardbdbalthis week, and we are dodoing chchl ckckso throughoutut t show t tht >> we are not d doingthis hher > n clips? >> nono, ware d dog the news. >> 9:0101 we will give it to yo. >> telell us what ixxcted to take p pcece at the summit? >eporter:wewe a here in italy. and this was supppposed t t b b summit in a anky totown, but
8:38 am
afafte the earthquake it, t tey veveit here. one e ofhehe leaders will do toy is t tou the earththquak damage. they are still hviving after shocks re. d d th just hadad a pretty sisignicant after shockck is weweekhich led thtataan ththories toacknowledge thahat th d do ve an evacuauati plan for world l lders should t the rsrse ppen. soarar we h hav beenn on s slid ground. no problem there. for the substance ott meetings, the economic crisis ll be front andndcenter. expect theeaders tocomeupup wi a a joint ststamement >> before youou lose your tetelle here, i i unrstand there are pitital after shococks to the prime m misisteand going to a 17-yearar-old's's birthday papart how is hehe doi over there? is he weathering t the storm?? >> so far. he is obviously s survor in
8:39 am
is countntry. but he has gotten criticism acalallybecauseofof all off the sex s scaals athome, h heasas nt beoncentrating euugh on thehe g-8, andnd then allll of which e denies.. and there was a r reptt i onee paper that he basicalllly id to the italian press, yoou know, kindff layoff a all of the stories, you know, because w hahave t w wle w wldld w wching ee g-g-8 susuitit,o he is weatathengng t storm, b b it's not retty. > butinince he owns all the nenewspepers i am sure the edororare listening toto him. >> thank you, savannah.. >> she is great,so chch better thth chuck tododd. she isis a shining tatar. >>eporter: when i ce , you lelee.e. >> i am rere now. >> reporter: thahat's true. i s hurt.
8:40 am
>> i am sosorr ii wl be here next time. >> reporter: wtt happpps is chris says it's savannah coming up, and d th he says, i havave go and m mee arozen pizza. >> i am sorry,savannah. that's not watat happens. adoresyou,nd i do, too. she is a shining starar here. wewe jtt lost the saellite. les check business before the bell withccc's mark haines.. >> i stay here for haines. that's my m crush. >> youou doheheame thing t me that you do too saannah. >> here, have to . yeah, take c care of it. >> let's get to thehe market. it okoks like mht open up slightly --- havave to tell yo apapogogiz to mike bbarcle, thee stock maet ran into a road
8:41 am
mp, a speed bumphere. peoplele startedo worry again about whether the economy iss really recovering. certainly nott mme,ike. but pepelele a. anand toyy we are seing more evidence of tht. i i staring p,p,y the way, because i hee aboboar by the way,ususover the cmera with all sorts s of data on it.. i am seeeein oils nowown another bubuc atat'sreat news for thosef you who needednenerg which is everybody, but it incates to investors s that ybe th e enoy is weak. less demandfor e eney y mes weaker economy. that's t the way thh think. sothat mindset isisind of crcrpipingn to the market right now,w, n necessarily into the ececomomy,though. i saw data yesrdrd aboutt loan dedeliuencies, and how eerybody was ringingheheands becaususe
8:42 am
total ln delininenenci has risen, andnd nodody istopping to say tt means 96.77% are n n denqnquent. we t ten to focus on theegative inin t markets, and soweweare. the thingththat might get u u going herertotodais alcoa. i am c cating herendnd looking at the wires a waitingngfor eir rnings. they kickoff earnings season every quarter alphabetetalally their first,t, and then the earning seson. werere waiting for alc's's earnings, and m mbebe that will give us aa lift, but right n, bi picturure, people wrying abt t ether the r recerery is for real. > t key thingg youu said,mar, is 97%%f the people, ty are not late on their papaenents % % e optimisisc c abt the country the way y are, my frfrie.. >> yeh, imean, i undersrsta, ,
8:43 am
you know,w, delinquencies a a rising. but it's impmporta that i t thk forrll ofs to bear i in mind ththat maybe 6 6% of the mortga e in tuble, and that means 94% are nn. 3.5% of ththloloanare delinquent, and atateans .5% of the loans are jt fine. ii just loveve facts.s. >> joe e scboboroh came ack? no, you areretill he. >> m mar haines,hahankou very much. >> coming g up nt,t, courtney hazlett tells us whwh it was keke inside thehe staples ntnte yesterery y ding themichael skrak sun memororia wel be rigig back with m more "morning joe." geo vo: geico's the thd-largest
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♪ ♪ ♪ we must bring salvation back ♪ where there is love ♪ i'll there's courtney hazlett . she n the staples cter yesterday during the mchael jackson memorial. it'sarly in the moning, and you were therell day yestery. what didou think, kid? >>eporter: i have been here for nine days or something like that. sterday was fstic. i wanted play mariah carey, because she was getting criticism fo not hittingnotes. she was the only performer that did not get a chanceo rehearse prior to the memorial rvice. and that is counter to
8:48 am
everything youre taught in how-to-be singer school. i tnk it's fantastic that she did this. that speaks to why the people that stood othe stage stoo on at stage. they wanted to there for michae jackson. when you were there, you did sense thatou were part of something thatas notoing to happen again in yr fetime. michael jsonhas been relent since the '70s on the cutting ed of every sor of technologicaor music notion. he washere for the right time for cassette tapes, and d.s, and when it waskay to do a commercial for something like pepsi. the story is going to take on a totally different tone starting today. >> the question is now is where is the story? how long is the story going to go on? i think one indicat of that i do you yet have a return flight
8:49 am
to new york booked from l.a.? >> reporter: funn you mention th. i do n, lawrence o'donnell. i think the story is just bennin on augustrd, we go ba to court -- i say weike i am part of this. they go back to court o the custody iss. there omething to be said do you give three young children over to 79-year-old woman for perment custody. let's not fort about the financial story here. we have not begun to see where all the money is gog, and have you to consider more 100 songs stting there wting fob marketed. and aeg started to ta all the london shows begni in march. and there is a gold mine there as well. and the big elephantin the room, 's the tocogy report. i predict it will be out late ne week or the week after. and we are talking about
8:50 am
criminal chaes for a lot of people. 's a very tgled web. we all know that. i think yesterday was fantastic cause it washuman. it show h was not just a celebrity's celebrity. for 90 minutes, we ralized he was a dad and a brotr and friend, and a gat short of punctuatioto that seence. >> there is an acalco restaurant, and we want yo to go over there and takeout food. up next,what,f anything, did w learn today? we wl find that out and be right back. ( crack of b, , cg )
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seriously, he is walking back - -- dyn ratigan, th craze, i lo hhim i love him.
8:59 am
give him kiss a and tell h wi be oka > again? >> do it again. whatat didouou learn? >> i learned governorr palin ner called. d d we g get the kiss ovever there? >> yeyeah t t cheheek >> whatat did you lrn today?y? >> the michael jackson storyry will go onnforever, bcause cotney hazlett will neverer cocomeack mme. itit's michchae j jkskson tonig andd sarah ppin, and thahat the show tonight.t. >> iilil watch half the show tonight. w wha have you learned? >> when i a am back frrommy vacationonii wl have a t-s-srtr atatays real ereric.


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