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tv   Morning Joe  MSNBC  July 22, 2009 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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start developing his own plans in this bill instead of just turning it over to the people further left in the house. >> he's got to do that, joe. at some point you think the people in the house lead ership speaker pelosi specifically, maybe should sit down with an american family who do their budgets on the kitchen table when you have three kids and they end up telling them you can buy "x" but you can't buy "y." affordability. that's what they have to look at, what the president has to look at. we can't afford right now what's on the table coming out of the house. >> in 2009 the government's going to account for 40% of our gdp. 40% of our gdp. we were winning wars. and then you add on top of that all these other bills that are going through. it's a $23 billion bailout. $23 trillion in bailout costs that started with george w. bush
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and continued through this administration. we are having trouble affording doing what nancy pelosi and democrats want to do. the question i put out there, i still don't understand, why has the president turned his agenda over to nancy pelosi and the most liberal people in the house on the stimulus package, on cap and trade and health care. he has said you write the bills. i'm not going to interfere. this is the first time he's talked about getting inside and interfering. sarah palin is in the news. >> you're kidding? >> you're ebb sighted about that? >> we haven't heard from her for a long time. >> i know. she's back. we're going to talk about california. this morning there are new lines being drawn in the battle to reform the nation's health care system, as joe mentioned. president obama is stepping up his push for the program while suggesting criticism is based
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more on politics than policy. republicans continue their assault on a proposal with a major focus on the cost. >> i know there are those in this town who openly declare their intention to block reform. the familiar washington script we've seen many times before. these opponents would rather score political points than offer relief to americans who have seen premiums double and costs grow three times faster than wages. they would maintain a system that works for the insurance and drug companies while becoming increasingly unaffordable for families and business. >> the issue is, look, the health care costs too much, why is it the president is proposing the bill that will spend nearly $2 trillion more? this is not what the american people want. so, mr. president, it's time to scrap this bill. let's start over in a bipartisan way. >> wow. he wants to scrap it. >> that's the president's
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problem. he's arguing we're going to cut costs with this bill and yet there is maybe $1 trillion, $2 trillion price tag. it doesn't square up. >> well, there's some major experts who believe it doesn't. >> the president has to have the congressional budget office say this bill is revenue neutral. >> and i think people are actually looking and counting the money as opposed to maybe a few efforts of the past even before he became president that they allowed stimulus. these things people blindly trusted. i think there's more of a public sentiment. well, let's look at the numbers. >> you get the sense talking to people, people do want something done with health care in america. they want the costs cut. that's the first thing they want done. the second thing they're wary of is increased government spending at a time everyone in this country knows someone who has either lost his or her job or they fear losing their own job. >> that's the difference between the campaigns and the
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presidency. that whole backdrop wasn't there during the campaign. tonight president obama will make his case in a prime time news conference at 8:00 right here on msnbc. the senate judiciary committee is pushing back a vote for supreme court judge nominee judge sonia sotomayor. republicans went to the rule book to force the week delay even as a fourth republican announced their support for the nominee. the white house is celebrating a victory, however, after the senate voted to halt the production of f- 22 fighter jet. it came down to worrying about cuts that could impact jobs in their states. in california lawmakers are threatening to back out of a deal to close the state's $26 billion budget deficit. it comes over the details to cut billions of dollars in education while freeing thousands of prisoners to finish out their jail sentences from home. governor schwarzenegger says the
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plan is likely the state's best bet. >> this is an emergency. we are in a fiscal crisis, an economic crisis, and we did things that needed to be done. the key thing is we got the reforms in this budget that we wanted. we made the state to cut spending and also we did not raise taxes. those are the important things that they wanted to accomplish. >> with just days left in office an independent investigator says alaska governor sarah palin may have violated the law by using her electioned position by personal gain. the report says palin used her alaska fund trust to collect private donations to help cover half a million dollars in legal bills. the governor calls the report inaccurate. >> did you see that poll yesterday that had her fairly close to barack obama? >> yes. that was pretty fascinating. >> after nine months of being savaged almost within the margin
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of error. >> do you get the feeling in alaska they're piling on now? >> oh, maybe just a tad. they're just dropping the hammer. she left office early to go grocery shopping. >> punch the clock. >> don't get me started. and across asia this morning nations plunged into darkness by the century's longest solar eclipse. from india to china millions watched as the moon moved directly between the sun and the earth. in some areas the eclipse lasted more than six minutes. >> i had heard yesterday during an interview and last night i was told some in india thought the world was going to come to an end last night because of the solar eclipse which made me happy because i figured if the world came to an end i wouldn't have to see bill karins this morning. >> now stop it. that is just not nice. why would you say something so hateful? >> unfortunately, i woke up at about 4:30 and peeked outside, looked like the sun was starting to come up over the atlantic.
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>> time for a check on the forecast. be quiet. >> and let alone bill was right there. >> bill karins has a check on the forecast. sorry about him. >> are you going to insult my wife again? >> no, i love your wife. >> that was bad. >> i think i love your wife a little too much. >> here we go. >> see? seriously, that's why i wish the indians had it right. >> this is awkward. >> hey, bill, that red light up top, on the top of the camera -- >> oh, that means we're on? >> that means your mom and dad and family -- >> how about your wife? >> just heard you say that you like my wife too much. >> see, i don't see there's anything wrong with liking someone a lot. >> okay. what's the weather? >> i think you made us all uncomfortable again. >> yeah, let's just chat. as far as the weather goes today, a lot better, a hundred, million times better than yesterday all through new england. we have a nice shot for you of new york city. it's going to be beautiful
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today. 84 degrees and sunny. by the way, the hottest temperatures so far in new york is only 86. so today will feel warm to a lot of people. that's a nice shot coming up over -- must be over the east river. that's probably the hudson from the new jersey side. well, as far as the rest of the country goes today, the problem weather out there in the ohio valley, indianapolis, cincinnati, columbus to louisville is going to -- >> hold on. the east river? >> be nice. >> chris, where is this guy from? dubuque? >> seriously, how many things can he get wrong in one forecast? >> how many things can you screw up in one forecast? >> now that's not nice. >> show him the empire state building and see if he calls it the statue of rib earth. >> is this the east river, bill? >> let's take a look. >> that must be a shot of jersey. it doesn't look nice. >> how about this, bill. >> now he's insulting new jersey. >> houston? los angeles? >> oh, man.
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just go back to the weather. >> what was that? >> let's just finish this up. let's just get this over with. louisville to evansville, bring your umbrella out today. i will show you chicago, 76 degrees today. and just in case you want to know this fact, chicago has never had a july in record keeping that has hit over 86 degrees. >> all right, bill. thanks. >> see you on the east river later. >> good. yeah. >> at the bottom of it. >> maybe you just ought to jump in. >> chicago, is that not the greatest city? >> it is our greatest american city. >> i've always loved chicago and san francisco, two cities with great character. but chicago is just, man, in the summertime it's hard to beat. >> the lakeside. you can go for miles, walk along the lakes, softball fields,
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barbecues, an incredible town. >> and over the past 20 years or so it's cleaned up so much. a lot of times i'm working my wife and daughter will walk down michigan avenue and it's just beautiful. it's wonderful. >> this is the presidential approval. >> presidential approval rating poll. so the gallup poll decided to look at the first six months of all the presidents since world war ii. and their news was barack obama is 10 out of 12, which is sort of stunning to me because he started with such high numbers. >> he still has high numbers. >> but if you will look on that list, number one, harry truman,
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obviously he left office low. bill clinton below barack obama was re-elected but, no, 55%, george w. bush wofs taken 55%. >> would have taken that. >> news from gallup since world war ii president obama ranks 10 out of 12. >> what does it mean that jimmy carter had higher ratings? >> now stop it. >> jimmy carter. >> the bigger point was influence with congress and that is a good point. if he's sitting at 69% he can call evan bayh in and say, evan ishgs won in your state. i won in your state. you need to follow me on 0 health care now. he's now upside-down in indiana. he's upside-down in ohio. he's upside-down in missouri. the president is upside-down in
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these swing states where he's going to need these moderate senators to come onboard. was it wilbur marshall that once said you can indict a grapefr t grapefruit. after he's indicted you can pass anything through the house. it's the senate that matters. >> chris is telling me to shut up. very impolite this early. >> remember wilbur marshall? >> yeah. >> we have a big show this morning. fed chairman bernanke heads back to capitol hill today. >> for the redskins? >> he opened the redskins. >> we'll talk to the host of msnbc's "morning meeting," dylan ratigan. dylan is like hyper before his show. have you seen him? it's like mine that bird in the gate. he is. >> what? >> mine that bird. >> what are you saying? >> mine that bird in the gate. >> let me take it. i have no idea. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius. also virginia governor tim ka e
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but sunday will be a big day for sarah palin. that's the day she plans to go out on her porch and wave good-bye to russia. good-bye, russia. oh, wow. we're back. he's having a field day with
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sarah palin. >> oh, yes, he is. with us now chief political correspondent for politico, mike allen, here with "the morning playbook." mike, good morning. >> press conference day. very excited. >> it is. so are they getting ready for -- you know, i hear the administration now has a plan for when the president is in trouble. what is it? >> mika, i'm so glad they were having this prime time press conference because the president has been invisible a little hard to find. the white house actually has been pulling out the playbook that they used before. seems like every time the president is in trouble they pull out the obama strategy. obama everywhere. dr. nancy snyderman, here on msnbc, was the first to get the love. yesterday you had katie couric. tomorrow abc's terry moran will travel along with the president for a day in the life of the president. and tonight, of course, we'll see him in prime time. at the top of tonight's press conference can the white house views as a conversation with the
6:18 am
country, we'll see the president strongly repeat his promise that his health care plan will not add to the deficit. all i can say is good luck. >> also in the playbook valerie jarrett, the president's best friend. >> robert draper who did that great book about george bush has the cover story of sunday's "new york times" magazine called obama's bff and the cover of "the times" magazine asks what does valerie jarrett really do? she is a senior adviser, one of the roughly five people who really runs the west wing but her role everybody knows what rahm does but her role is the most mysterious. talking to people in the west wing, we can tell you what valerie jarrett does. she came from chicago with the obamas and her role as keeper of the flame. she knows, according to hillary rosen, a good friend of hers, what the president promised, why
6:19 am
he did it, and what mrs. obama's priorities are. an invaluable role. she doesn't have anything she has to do. a pretty good job. >> somebody -- >> i like her. >> that we know on this show very well recommended to the white house you've got to bring somebody close to you, that you trust, somebody who is going to keep you real. and that's what she does. and anybody that's met her knows she's a wonderful person. no airs. these people really are when you meet them they are chicago people. you get a feeling the axelrods and valerie and everybody else, they are here because they have to be here. >> right. >> they are not of washington, d.c. and i like that. i like that they want to get home and see their families. that they don't want to go
6:20 am
around to cocktail parties every night. i may not agree with them politically on a lot of domestic issues but personally they're down-to-ear down-to-earth. they're real. they are chicago. they are not of d.c. >> and it's also important, i think, joe and mike and mika here, kenny o'donnell who served both president kennedy and senator robert kennedy once told me about his roles in the white house and in the robert kennedy for president campaign, that his function, his function was to tell the guy the bad news first. >> so true. >> that's the kind of an aide you really need and who valerie jarrett is. she can tell him the bad news. >> mike, there's an effort by the dnc to get money from young people. how are they doing that? >> we're glad president obama is finally showing up.
6:21 am
the democrats haven't been raising a lot of money lately so we're happy they found a new way to raise money. democrats in 2012, a story you'll see numerous times in coming years will have more than a billion dollars. if you add everything he raised for the dnc, for the inauguration, he had $900 million. as you well know, he can raise more as president. tomorrow at this big event in chicago, the homecoming fund-raiser for president obama in addition to the head coach of the bears. we have a new group for young college, young professionals, people who came into the campaign, weren't there before. here's a way to keep them in the tent. >> all right, mike allen. >> mike, thanks so much. we appreciate you. speaking of young people, a story young people across america are looking at.
6:22 am
erin andrews was taped through a peep hole in a hotel room completely naked. "the new york post" was so shocked yesterday that they showed all the pictures. >> we should also point out that there's no relationship, there's no correlation between that story joe just pointed out to you and the fact willie isn't here today. >> all i can say is i've talked to willie's lawyer and they have asked that we make no other statements other than your thoughts and prayers in this trying time. >> wait. i have another one. >> set up along the lines of sarah palin in alaska. it's the geist legal defense fund. we'll tell you more about it later. >> the new senator of new york is behind an effort to ban transfats in schools. >> good lord. >> it's a good idea. a very good idea. >> see the picture on "the washington post"? a terrific picture. a young marine with a water
6:23 am
bottle squirting his wife's name tara into the side of the sand dune in afghanistan. >> "the new york times," pakistan objects to u.s. afghanistan in the u.s. war. we'll talk to the president, richard haass. dallas morning news demonstrating improvement. ben bernanke says the economy is finally on the mend but wants to keep the interest rate near zero. the "l.a. times" talks about that opposition to the budget deal that is erupting across sacramento. l.a. county threatens to sue. state workers unions may strike. gop protests relief of prison inmates and then going down to atlanta, "the atlanta journal constitution" how the senate cancels fund for the f-22 fighter jet. mika? >> that's a look at the papers around the country. up next, a first look at business live from london. also the must-read opinion pages all straight ahead on "morning joe." tools are uncomplicated?
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welcome back to "morning joe." it is 6:30 on the east coast. time to take a quick look at top stories. president obama is keeping his focus on health care reform with a prime time news conference scheduled for tonight. it comes as some democrats are calling to slow down the process possibly until after the senate's august recess. majority leader harry reid says the goal is, quote, reform not deadline. secretary of state hillary clinton is warning iran about its nuclear ambitions. speaking in thailand clinton suggested the u.s. could help develop the militaries of allies in the gulf to capture the iranian threat. and a harvard professor arrested outside his own home last week is demanding an apology from the cambridge police. he is apparently taken into custody after a neighbor reported seeing two black men in the area.
6:29 am
the police department calls it -- >> hold on. >> an unfortunate incident. >> was that the call to the cambridge police or is that the way we wrote it? did they say there are two black guys in our neighborhood? come quick? >> here's the deal. a woman who i believe works for harvard called 911. she's passing by that home. it's a nice street, a nice area, called 911 to report -- >> restricted covenants black people can't live in the neighborhood? >> the woman who made the call should undergo counseling. she made the call 911 high noon. it's noontime, joe. he's 58 years of age. he's on his front porch trying to push the front door open wearing a not inexpensive polo shirt, khaki parents, has a limo driver with him wearing limo driver clothes. what did she think? >> give me a break.
6:30 am
>> i want to hear more. i'm confused. seriously. it seems so ridiculous. >> so the police came. he showed his id and they still took him in. >> they started yelling back charges and counter charges about what was said. the cops got exasperated and lugged him. the point is, listen, you can talk all you want about harvard and elitiselitism, no white per high noon would have been dragged off. this would not have happened. >> it is my house. you need me to shimmy open the window? can you do that? i'm going to go out to the back of my car. >> for everybody in cambridge, the police response was immediate. >> seriously, i'm sorry. here we are cambridge, harvard where supposedly one of the most progressive places on the planet and one of the most esteemed scholars in african-american studies is dragged to jail. high noon with his driver.
6:31 am
>> what's wrong with the woman who called it in though? >> yeah, but the police officer who is sitting there with professor gates. again, if it happened to me, hey, you need help? yeah, i'm locked out of my house. okay, dude. >> exactly right. >> we all know that. >> exactly. i'm going to get a longer version of that story. >> 2009. >> let's get to business. >> hold on, it's 2009. >> yes, it is. >> that's happening at harvard at cambridge? >> i want to know more because i feel the same way you do. >> we want to hear both side of the story. maybe gates punched him in the face or did something. we'll get the whole story but, my gosh, that sounds shocking to me. >> on the face of it, stunning.
6:32 am
>> if it were a white guy trying to get into his house at noon in cambridge. >> i hear you. another big batch of earnings reports are due today. >> stunning. >> she doesn't love america. >> chris does. bernanke faces more tough questioning on capitol hill. let's get more on business with cnbc's louisa bojesen. good morning, lovely. >> good morning, lovely, yourself. you're getting used to the director telling you to move on and these guys are still talking. it's madness. i don't care where it happens. bourses lower across the board. which means we're snapping the winning streak for seven days or so. i say lower but we're flattish at the moment. the sector's worst performance being dragged down a little bit by basic resources. bhp bill ton down by 2.5%, the largest miner. they're restocking of
6:33 am
commodities in china is why it may have ended and then of course you have the automobile sector. got a lovely little board here for you showing you the fiat lower by approximately 3%. they've just been out with numbers. this one of the biggest autos we've got on the european side of the planet. the statement on second quarter results shows a second quarter net loss. they are confirming their own targets and tomorrow a really important supervisory meeting. we're following that one closely. >> louisa, thank you very much. up next, the debate continues over the president's birth certificate. okay. i can't wait to see that. i've heard about it. it sound ridiculous. >> they had mike castle, a good guy, the type of guy republicans need to elect if they want to revive this party fashionly, being shouted down in town hall
6:34 am
meeting by people crying and weeping and nashing their teeth over barack obama being president without a birth certificate. silly me. i thought i saw the birth certificate. >> we'll produce it. >> silly me, i thought i saw the honolulu birth announcement of the day he was born. >> "washington post" columnist jonathan capehart and the must-read opinion pages.
6:35 am
6:36 am
6:37 am
>> i have a birth certificate here from the united states of america saying i'm an american citizen with a seal on it signed by doctors with a hospital administrator's name, my
6:38 am
parents, my date of birth, the time and date. i want to know why people are ignoring his birth certificate. >> yeah! >> he is not an american citizen. i am an american. my father fought in world war ii, the greatest generation. i want our kcountry back. >> wow. >> he is a citizen of the united states. >> prove it.
6:39 am
>> he is a citizen of the united states. [ inaudible ] 1776 to the present time. i think we should all stand up -- [ inaudible ] -- for our freedom. >> all right. >> one nation under dog -- >> where is he speaking? he's in delaware. i've got to say, though, boy, i don't want to be -- i don't want to -- >> you don't want to be on the same level. >> every website. wow. >> okay. first of all, explain. >> there are conspiracy
6:40 am
theorists who believe the united states government blew up its own buildings and killed its own people on september 11th, that we never landed on the moon, that believe that barack obama was not born in the united states. this woman stands up, talks to mike castle, a wonderful guy, a moderate republican who really is a sort of moderate republican that the party need if they want to actually become a majority party again. and she goes through this diatribe, i love my country and i fought for this country. why do we have a president that's not even a citizen here? and mike castle just said, well, he is a citizen. we've seen the birth certificate -- this is what i don't understand about these conspiracy theorists. a birth certificate has been shown. that's not enough. here is the birth certificate that has been shown. this is not enough for people
6:41 am
nor is it enough for these people who should be focusing on policies, focusing on the fact that washington is stealing their money, their children's money and their grandchildren's money, but that's not enough for these people. and it also is not enough for these people that the honolulu newspaper -- bender, what's the newspaper? >> advertiser. >> the "honolulu advertiser" on the day barack obama was born 47 years ago had a birth announcement for barack hussein obama. now that is not enough for these people. they would rather being like sea lions barking at waves. they would rather -- instead of trying to figure out what's happening to their country, the terrible things that are happening economically to their country, they embrace conspiracy
6:42 am
theories and they make themselves just look like cartoon characters. >> it's just not the conversation. >> it looked as if mike castle were addressing people in the day room of a psychiatric clinic. i mean, seriously. it was more than just that one woman. >> i don't know if mike judge is watching this morning, who did "king of the hill." he watches the show from time to time. i have a feeling if he is, that's the audience he was thinking of when he wrote "i had yok's." really. stunning. >> i think it was very cryptic. >> it was more than one woman. >> it was like the 9/11 conspiracy theorists. there is nothing you can do. nothing. remember when rosie o'donnell said that never in the history of the world has ever -- fire
6:43 am
never bends metal. many blacksmiths were horrified by that statement. and i suspect there are others scratching their heads wondering what in the hell is going on in de delaware right now. >> but there were -- >> and across america. >> more than one person there. >> jonathan capehart was there. he still thinks the president was born in a foreign country. >> wow. >> that was really frightening. >> it is. >> i watched it last night on "hardball." i thought chris did a service to the nation by showing the birth certificate in the interview he did with the republican senator who is trying to get through a bill that would require people to prove they're american citizens when they run for president and i'm glad you guys just showed the birth certificate. watching that video reminded me of those mccain/palin campaign rallies in october when you had people in the audience shouting, you know, string them up and all
6:44 am
sorts of really scary things and what that video shows is that sentiment out there during the campaign, this rather seething anger is still there. we have to be mindful and we have to show it every time it rears its ugly head. >> let's be honest, jonathan, there's seething anger on the far left and right. we saw frightening seething anger on the far left and the far right now. what i don't under the numbers are going these people's ways. the numbers are going against this president that they apparently loathe so much that they're going to embrace lies, conspiracy theories. >> they don't care. >> i think maybe they just aren't mentally nimble enough to just debate the issues, to talk about the issues. the issues that really matter.
6:45 am
>> right. or they're so divorceded or alienated from mainstream that they're willing to cling to conspiracy theories and other things that justify their feelings of insecurity and anger. for her to say i want my country back and about how her grandfather fought in world war ii, hello, president obama's grandfather fought in world war ii. she's not seeing that. her american experience and president obama's american experience are part of a common thread. >> i want my party back. we get our party back by electing people in moderate states like mike castle instead of the yahoos screaming at him like they did. >> i'm looking up this story, the boston report, on professor
6:46 am
gates. >> no, no, we can't talk about this, john. >> apparently -- apparently you were nodding your head and chris was saying you were having some reactions on this. you weren't on the air with us yet. this is a shot of the professor, a harvard professor, who was -- >> would you look at him? he looks real dangerous. >> he does. that polo shirt. by the way, that polo shirt is -- i think it's like a gang symbol. if you have a golf striped red and white polo shirt you're sending signals of unrest. so professor gates go home, locked out of his house, he and his chauffeur try to get through the front door. a neighbor calls the police. the police come by and professor gates, we're hearing some people saying he was hostile to the police. but here's my question to you. if me, joe, white guy, is locked
6:47 am
out of my house in cambridge middle of the day and i'm trying to break in, first of all, does anybody call the police? secondly, when the police come and say what's wrong, i say i'm locked out of my house, do they start asking me for id and frisking me? no, no. i'm a white man, i can tell you no. they would ask me how they could help me get in my house. >> what's even worse about this and i was nodding in agreement because barnicle was talking about what was in the police report and giving more detail. skip gates couldn't get in his front door so he went around the back and let himself in the back and the chauffeur was on the other side of the door outside and they were trying to get the door open. professor gates was in his home when the police arrived because the person who called said there were two black men with back packs at this house. probably trying to get in.
6:48 am
gates was in his home when the police officer arrived and the police officer is asking him for id and professor gates is like, excuse me, who are you? what's your name? what's your badge number? perfectly reasonable to ask. you're in your own home and there's this altercation back and forth. he finally produces his id, his driver's license and his harvard id and still the police officer asks him to come outside and he got arrested. arrested after showing his id. >> i'm just clarifying here. the charges were dropped but he was not arrested for breaking into a house. >> no. >> loud and tumultuous behavior. >> okay. >> well, my god, we could all be arrested around this set every morning. >> every morning. >> i mean, if you can arrest somebody for that, i would have been dragged off at 6:20 yesterday. >> okay. it's interesting. >> jonathan, stay with us. what do we have straight ahead, mika? >> the yankees take first place and shocking allegations --
6:49 am
>> thank god which wiillie isn'. >> look at this name, roethlisberger. freddie ball game is next in sports. (announcer) roundup extended control
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6:53 am
good morning. arguably the hottest team in baseball, the phillies are proving why they're the world champs. they have won 10 straight thanks to extra inning heroics. phils hosting the cubs. 1-0 lead after that pitch into the right field seats. chicago quickly tied it. it stayed that way to the 13th. that's when jason wirth stepped in and saved it. three-run walk-off homer for wirth. their longest win streak in 18 years. speaking of streaks, the yanks won five in a row after taking care of the orioles. a two-run short in the fourth. part of a three-run inning. won it 6-4. sole position in the east after boston lost to texas. gary mullen. scary moment, second inning. ryan deep to the gap. gutierrez looking to make a play but crashed into the scoreboard. he was on the ground in obvious pain. he wasn't able to walk off the field. injuring his left elbow and knee. seattle lost, 9-7.
6:54 am
now to los angeles. dodgers hosting the reds. ramirez forced to leave in the third. he was hit in his left hand by bailey. manny ramirez later sent to a hospital for precautionary x-rays which were negative. he's day to day. trouble news for ben ro roethlisberger, accused of raining a woman last summer in lake tahoe. the woman worked at harrah's casino and filed a lawsuit seeking at least $390,000 in damages. roethlisberger's attorney denies any wrongdoing. 16th stage of the tour de france. germany's voigt took a nasty spill out of nowhere. he lost consciousness. had to be helicoptered to a local hospital. his team manager said he should be okay, but his tour is likely over. lance armstrong still in second place behind contador. big news after the race, lance posted on twitter he found a new american sponsor next year. he will likely ride again in 2010.
6:55 am
that's your shot of sports on "morning joe." i'm fred roggin. the yankees are in first, do you know who is in second? >> got to be the sox. >> what are you smiling for? >> i love them because they're going to be okay, mike. they're the best. virginia governor tim kaine. keep it here on "morning joe." at 155 miles per hour, andy roddick has the fastest serve in the history of professional tennis.
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6:59 am
okay. we've got a lot going on. welcome back, everybody. i'm mika brzezinski along with your host, joe scarborough. also on the set with us foreign policy adviser for the bush administration, dan senor. good to talk to you in just a bit. we have to get to news, though. we have a lot coming up. >> we do and we also have apparently chris matthews last night talked to one of these conspiracy theorists saying barack obama wasn't born in america despite the birth certificate and the birth announcement. we have matthews going after somebody. >> it's quite something. >> and we're going to play that. we have dan who is going to be taking the side that barack obama is not an american citizen. >> the future of our party, joe. >> oh, no. >> did you see mike castle -- >> i watched it. >> you and i both, we're conservative guys. we don't go with some of mike
7:00 am
castle's more moderate positions on economics but at the same time we both agree that's the type of guy republicans need to win elections to be a national party again. >> right. if we have any shot of winning in places like delaware -- >> right. >> you need mike castle to run. >> you're comfortable with yourself. i love the way you said that. i was getting my make yum done. as if -- >> well, i don't normally get my makeup done. i was in there and on the tv they played the mike castle trip. >> this guy seriously when he's not on tv looks like david bowie. >> he still puts on his makeup. >> mike barnicle on the set. >> let's talk news. time for a look at today's top stories. new lines being drawn in the battle to reform the nation's health care system. president obama is stepping up his push for the program while suggesting criticism is based more on politics rather than policy. meanwhile, top republicans continue their assault on the
7:01 am
proposal with a major focus on the cost. >> i know that there are those in this town who openly declare their intention to block reform, the familiar washington script that we've seen many times before. these opponents of reform would rather score political points than offer relief to americans who have seen premiums double and costs grow three times faster than wages. they would maintain a system that works for the insurance and the drug companies while becoming increasingly unaffordable for families and for business. >> if the number one issue is, look, the health care costs too much, why is it the president is proposing a bill that will spend nearly $2 trillion more? this is not what the american people want. so, mr. president, it's time to scrap this bill. let's start over in a bipartisan way. >> you know what democrats are in trouble? >> when? >> when john boehner is leader of the republican party.
7:02 am
i like john but do you remember how much he stumbled early on? dan, it's the truth. every time you see him, huh, he's getting the better of the president. you realize the earth that is shifted underfoot. >> obama is having a problem with democrats. it makes him look like he's leading a unified front. >> we have the cbo saying this is going to add to the deficit at the same time the president says it's not. and you have the mayo clinic. the president doesn't have a good hand right now. i think he needs to reshuffle the cards. he needs to take control of health care reform back from nancy pelosi and the house and develop it in the white house. >> they know that. that's why they're speaking out. they know that. >> what will happen tonight, president obama will make his case in a prime time news conference at 8:00. you can see that right here on
7:03 am
msnbc. >> also on fox. >> no, that's "so you think you can dance." >> what? >> "so you think you can dance." >> fox network? >> they're playing that. >> at 8:00? >> yes. >> that's fx but fox network is showing the president -- >> "so you think you can dance." >> they're not showing the press conference? what are they showing? >> "so you think you can dance. ". >> i can't. >> no, then you should watch it. >> that's the show? >> it's healthy dancing, that's why they're showing that instead of the president talking about the economy? >> the senate judiciary committee is pushing back a scheduled vote for supreme court nominee judge sonia sotomayor. >> what's this about? >> republicans went to the rule books to force the week delay even as a fourth republican announced support for the nominee. i have no idea what that is about. >> they should just move forward. the reality is the republican votes are there for it. she has tremendous support. there is angst among the hard right, federal society and
7:04 am
others who think republicans should not just give this a clean, clear path, there should be somewhat of a fight, a debate, and they don't want to see this move through expeditiously. >> i only try to work two, two and a half days a week, so maybe i haven't followed this closely enough. actually i'm animated about supreme court nominees like no one else. i'm a very, very conservative guy. i have yet to hear, though, one case of sotomayor where as a lawyer i said that really was out of left field. people talk about the firefighters case. it was 5-4 at the supreme court. she was following a lower court decision. she was actually upholding a legislative government, body's decision. i don't agree with her but i have seen nothing radical in this lady's record. >> also look at who she is replacing. it's not like it's going to be a big sea change.
7:05 am
john roberts got about 20 or 22 of 44 democrats voting for him versus alito who got 40 out of 44 voting against him. why did roberts do well and alito poorly? the reason is roberts at the end of the day was replacing rehnquist. it wasn't viewed as a big ideological shift. same thing here. sotomayor is not a big ideological shift. >> in some cases, and i could be wrong, but just looking at the record, in some cases she may be a bit more restrained than david souter. >> the irony there. souter was a bush appointee. >> i have a question for the two of you. why is it the republicans have a wheelhouse issue, it would seem to me, the cost of health care, that concerns so many people regardless of political affiliation? why aren't you dealing with this? >> i'm just saying politically this is a home run.
7:06 am
the president said we're out of money. now he wants to nationalize health care. talking pure politics, not policy. if i were the republicans, i would clear the deck. i'd say you want a referendum on health care, you want a referendum on the federal government running the health care system, great. clear the deck. pass her. get everything off the stage and talk about this one issue. you're exactly right. it's stupid for keeping sonia sotomayor. >> i would like to engage on this but chris has been yelling in my ear to stop engaging. >> you need to talk less. a harvard professor arrested -- >> oh, i have something to say about this. >> i do, too. i'd be careful. we don't know everything here. >> we do. >> he's demanding an apology from cambridge police. henry gates jr. was taken into custody after police responded to a neighbor's call that two black men were seen pushing on the front door. gates said he had been locked out.
7:07 am
according to police the professor was exhibiting loud behavior after police asked him for id. the department calls it a regrettable and unfortunate incident. it's not clear if an apology will be issues. >> let me tell you something. if i were a black man, and i know a lot of people think i am, but if i were a black man and i were inside my house -- >> this is where chris said don't engage. >> and i had endured -- and i had endured the type of racism that professor gates has endured his life, some very subtle as, jonathan capehart, you know, and some of it being very blatant, and i get in my house and a police officer asking me for id with pictures of myself and family all around there, i would tell the police officer to go straight to hell. i really will. you will get my id inside the prison and i would challenge
7:08 am
him, would you do this to a white man? we all know around this table as white people this would never happen to a white man. >> and that is exactly what happened. >> jonathan, isn't, though, part of the story that it was him and his driver trying to get in, looking at windows because they were locked out. then the professor went around back, got into his house and then the driver was still trying to get -- push open the front door. is there any possibility -- >> it was stuck. >> is there any possibility that could be misconstrued as a potential robbery in progress? >> sure. the only person is the person who called the police said there's two black men with backpacks. the driver was dressed as a driver, you know, cap and blazer and everything and as we saw, as we have been showing the picture, professor gates is in sort of a burgundy polo and gray trousers and a black belt. >> jonathan, let's pick up on
7:09 am
your point. gates was inside his house. so what would have happened if a white guy were inside his house? the cops would come. they would say, hey, there's a black guy that's dressed like a chauffeur trying to get in your house. yeah, that's because the door is stuck and i'm the white guy inside my house. okay, thanks a lot. just checking. >> exactly. it would have been explained away and the offense here of all the offenses is the cop, even though he got gates' driver's license, even though he got gate's harvard id and it has the address of the home, he's still arrested. professor gates, i believe, was rightfully angry in asking the police officer for his name and his badge number for what was going on and he still got arrested. >> he was arrested -- >> at his own home. >> he was arrested for disorderly conduct not for breaking and entering. >> not for breaking and entering but can you -- >> i'm not taking a position. >> can you understand why
7:10 am
professor gates was angry? >> absolutely. >> challenged in his own home and not believed. that's what i said from the very beginning, what he's endured and what african-american men, especially his age, have endured throughout the '50s, '60s, and even in 2009 when we're supposedly so progressive that a black man could be inside his house in cambridge. i swear to god i wouldn't show my id. look at my picture. this is one of the most recognizable african-american men in the country, a world renowned scholar not just of african-americans but american studies. this is the guy who shouldn't be unfamiliar especially to the folks in cambridge. a colleague of mine said cambridge is the berkeley of the east. how is this possible this is happening in 2009 in berkeley?
7:11 am
i'm sorry, in cambridge. >> massachusetts, cambridge, it is still not very racially diverse. >> the governor? >> this thing begins -- this thing begins with the paranoia of race that is rampant throughout america. this begins with a woman at high noon on a brilliant, sunny, summer day seeing two guys, one a black guy, trying to push open a front door on a busy street and she calls 911. hello. >> you know, this actually -- if this happens in cambridge, this explains why bill russell says i didn't play for the city of boston. >> yeah. >> i played for the celtics. >> let it's talk about a man who not only plays for the state of virginia, he plays for america. he's the democratic governor of virginia and chairman of the national committee, tim kaine. hey, governor kaine, we will be looking closely at what's happening in virginia and what's happening in new jersey.
7:12 am
2009 may be an indicator of how 2010 goes. you were elected governor in your state, also up in new jersey, and new jersey republicans are doing very well. what's it look like in your home state? >> right now in virginia the race between deeds, my friend and i hope to be my successor, and bob mcdonald was a dead heat. the two public polls show it as a dead heat and that makes me actually feel pretty good because four years ago when i was running, i was down seven or eight points now. deeds is a great candidate. i think it is going to be a very close race. but when i was running four years ago i had a governor, mark warner, to help me. the white house was campaigning against me. now it's flipped and creed has a lot of folks out in the field for him. it will be a close race. we're excited. >> there's a bush white house running against you. that is a plus in some areas. >> a lot of resources.
7:13 am
>> tell me in your state, other swing states, the president's numbers are upside-down. why is that? >> well, the president is still popular. we've seen numbers come down off the honeymoon. that's not surprising. he's still quite popular in virginia and in the states where i'm looking at polling. obviously we're doing some heavy lifting and health care is one of those areas where i'm not even sure even a committee has passed a bill before to do reform though every president since truman has said that it was something that needed to happen. so we're kind of in the birth pangs process of this but it is something that i think the american public strongly believes there is a need for reform. the polling i'm seeing says 7 out of 10 americans think that the reforms should include a public option that can compete with private insurance and put some healthy competition back into the system to benefit consumers. but this is tough stuff, heavy lifting as the president says. we're doing all we can to
7:14 am
energize citizens who strongly believe reform is imperative. >> hey, governor, governor ts make decisions about cutting costs on your budget. what does health care costs do to your job, your effectiveness as governor of virginia and what would you do to cut health care costs as the bill right before the house right now? what would you do? >> well, you're right. i guess that's mike asking. i'm not looking at a monitor. you're right. a lot of our budget is health care and an awful lot of it is increased health care costs for the uninsured, for indigent care. we have a lot at stake in this in virginia 7.5 million people, 1.1 million or more are uninsured and they put big costs on both the state government and private insurers. so what do you do on the federal side with the health care bill? well, you make significant technology investments. that's really important. the stimulus started that.
7:15 am
that needs to be part of the health care reform because with the electronic records you reduce medical error and you reduce improper prescriptions and treatments that are appropriate. second, you try and i think this would be very helpful in creating this public option, make sure that the public option is heavily focused on preventive care and catastrophic care. >> all right. >> i think the system we have in the country, we -- the payment is all around the managing of illness rather than on the promotion of health. we create a -- >> governor, we have dan senor here. we're running short on time. >> real quick, governor, how does the president win over democra democrats? it seems now his problem is with democrats that are splintering. it's not with boehner and the republicans. if you look at the cap and trade bill one in five congressional democrats voted against the cap and trade bill and you are seeing momentum build with that
7:16 am
and an outright revolt. what does he do to speak to democrats to keep them in the tent? >> well, democrats definitely want reform. they have different ideas about what reform is. that's one of the things i love about my party. i think the president just reminds folks that, look, this is tough but we are in a debate we've never gotten this far before. we have the chance to do something historic. and inaction isn't really an option. i saw a statistic the other day that i came out of a small business background. in the early '90s over 60% of small businesses offer health insurance to their employees. today it's 38% and it's dropping like a stone. we can't just say, no, we're going to be a party and not do any reform without continuing to see coverage to have uninsured go up at the same time we're spending more. it's one-sixth of the economy now. there is an urgency about this. it's been kicking around for an
7:17 am
awful long time. we have historic opportunity to act. both houses will pass bills. they'll likely be different and then a lot of work with both parties and the president to put him together. we have a historic opportunity here. >> we'll see how the president takes that tonight at 8:00 in prime time news conference. governor tim kaine, thank you very much. >> hey, thanks, governor. >> great to be with you guys. >> dan senor and jonathan capehart. stay with us if you can. coming up, the host of msnbc's "morning meeting." dylan ratigan. >> hide the crack. >> strap yourselves in. >> also a preview of the president's prime time news conference with secretary of health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius. plus, savannah guthrie with the latest headlines out of the white house. ♪ well i was shopping for a new car, ♪
7:18 am
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7:20 am
who can question the fact that we're in a health care delivery crisis? but republicans aren't interested in working with democrats to fix this problem. that's pretty clear.
7:21 am
the party of no is hoping that we'll trip and fall. and they're saying it publicly. >> okay. >> that party of no line was a great line -- >> until you became it? >> the party of no was a great line -- >> so you have congressional democrats. >> that's what i'm saying. >> until you have the head of the congressional budget office appointed by a democratic congress. >> right. >> saying no. >> and then you have the mayo clinic which the president of the united states has held up. >> also saying no. >> the may joe clinic saying, quote, the losers in this health care plan are americans. suddenly it's not about the party of no, it's about a very bad bill and this, i think, is a great opportunity for the president of the united states to tell nancy pelosi, okay, i've let you run the stimulus. i've let you run cap and trade, everything -- >> we're going to roll up our sleeves and do it from the white house. >> nancy, we have to take over
7:22 am
now because you have us in a colossal mess. >> it sounds like something is going on with it. with us now savannah guthrie. good morning. great to have you on. >> reporter: good morning. >> what is the word from the white house? the president obviously getting ready for a news conference tonight on most networks. what is the strategy? >> reporter: well, again, it's all obama all the time. they think he does well at these news conferences even though the questions aren't planned. he doesn't foe what they're going to be about. he manages to shift the topic and get his talking points out. he'll have an opening statement, at last check 8 1/2 minutes. what an opportunity to reach this prime time audience on most networks and to drive home this health care message. there's some acknowledgement even here in the building they need to do a better job getting that message out and explaining to people were health care reform really isn't optional from their perspective.
7:23 am
i think there's a perception some folks wonder what am i getting out of this? if i have insurance and about 90% of voters do have insurance, they're wondering why am i paying more taxes then? what is this going to get me? they want to have the president sharpen that message. what he said yesterday, he's been out every single day with the health care message and it seems he's striking a more populous tone and in a campaign running against washington saying washington doesn't want to get health care reform done. they want to talk this thing to death. don't do it. i want to see change. i think the president was quite forceful in his message. >> mike barnicle? >> savannah, can you tell us or give us what the sense might be within the white house especially in the chief of staff's office, rahm emanuel, towards the speaker of the house and the bill that's in the house when the white house is pushing the line that, as you just indicated, everyone in america wants health care reform. everyone is invested in health care reform.
7:24 am
you have the speaker of the house seemingly going out of her way to say but only a very small percentage of people in the country, the very wealthy, are going to pay for part of it. is there a level of tension between the white house and the speaker? >> reporter: well, look, president obama has said time and time again, as have top aides, he doesn't want to raise taxes in any way, shape or form. no equivocation on folks making less than $250,000 a year. so speaker pelosi doesn't want these taxes to touch middle class voters, i think they're on all fours on that one. i think they're together on that one. it's interesting. i've heard joe talk about this idea which certainly was the case of the stimulus where the white house is letting congress write the bills and that's true and publicly it's a hands-off approach mostly for the president. he's not weighing in on individual legislative measures or ideas, not really. sometimes indicating a presence but not taking a strong stand.
7:25 am
privately i think there's a little bit more involvement by the white house. i think they do let their preferences known. we stand for this proposition and then have it fail and then they've got egg on their face. >> savannah, let me ask you a quick question, a personal question but relevant and jermaine, do you dance? >> reporter: what? >> do you dance? >> do you think you can dance? >> reporter: do i think i can dance? >> yeah. >> reporter: i'm actually a pretty good dancer. >> she doesn't need to watch. >> she should. you will be interested in watching fox network's "so you think you can dance" airing tonight -- >> how many could answer? >> reporter: i'll be here so i'm going to miss that. >> you never got that from irving r.levine. >> reporter: if i don't say it, you're not going to say it. >> that's right, savannah. up next, kathleen sebelius.
7:26 am
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welcome back to "morning joe." that's getting rowdy. the secretary of the department of health and human services kathleen sebelius. >> and she came in just in time because also in the studio most of msnbc's "morning meeting" dylan ratigan. i'm going to ask about the effect of long-term crack abuse. >> the secretary of health and human services. >> i just smoke whatever they're selling. >> stop it. >> is that not good? >> you can't talk that way. >> that's bad advice? >> by the way, madam secretary -- >> that's not a healthy trend. >> that's not a healthy trend. >> and the secretary wanted to know where willie was. willie is under the weather. >> allegedly. he's allegedly under the weather. i have two kids under 2. i know what it's like to be
7:31 am
under the weather. >> no sleep with babies, it's a tough deal. >> and shuttling back and forth from newark to vegas every other day, it wears you out. >> with a newborn on your arm. >> so, by the way -- i was misguided. >> secretary sebelius, the health care numbers seem to be going down especially independents, now only 40% of independents support the president's health care plan. what do you need to do to turn it around? >> well, i think we need to make it clear to the american public that, first of all, there's a huge cost of doing nothing. currently 12,000 people a day are losing their health coverage. small business owners are becoming less competitive each and every day because they can't keep their great employees who go down the street to work for somebody who's got health insurance. we know the government can't sustain medicare past 2017. it's going to be broke.
7:32 am
they can't pay for medicaid so we have a real problem on our hands and when we talk about costs, doing nothing has a huge economic and personal cost for each and every american. so it's great news that five committees in congress are at the table working hard each and every day trying to get this right, trying to make sure we lower costs, provide higher quality, give americans some choice in competition and begin to shift this system to a wellness prevention system away from a sickness system. >> madam secretary, i saw you on "meet the press" saying this was a work in progress. we understand that. however, touting the costs of doing nothing as an argument to push it through, it doesn't seem to fit if this is going to cost us ultimately in terms of the impact on the economy. how will the president try and square that with the american public tonight? >> well, there are five different committees working on bills, mika, and each bill has a variation, but they have some
7:33 am
common ground. over half the dollars to provide a new system for health care is already money we're spending. we're spending it each and every day in our $2.5 trillion a year and it's money that isn't going to health care. it's not providing for a healthier america. it's not paying for doctor services. it's waste and fraud and abuse. it's paying for things that don't work very well. so we've got to start there that we are actually now spending money that we want to redirect to a system that works. we also want to make sure that americans have affordable health care in the future, that insurance companies who currently pick and choose who gets coverage, who, if you have a sick child, if you're recovering heart attack victim, if you have a cancer incident, often you're locked out, priced out of the marketplace. that system need to change. >> we have dan senor with us. >> madam secretary --
7:34 am
>> hi, dan. >> president obama said the other day on a conference call with liberal bloggers, the time for talk is over. that we have to move very quickly on this. why is the time for talk over? wouldn't there be benefits letting members of congress go back to their district in august? we're asking constituents and voters to swallow a pretty big pill on the price side, pardon the metaphor. why not let members of congress and senators go home and engage on this? >> i think they are engaged and they're hearing from their constituents. we've been hearing about this for five decades and i think that there's no great new news out there. we've got to get a handle on a complicated issue and ask congress to stay and get it right. i think what happens too often is things get hard and people say, well, we'll put that off to the side or we won't do it now. people have been saying that since the beginning of the president's administration that maybe we should wait a year, two years or three years.
7:35 am
he has said and i think he's abc a luteally right that we won't fix the economy. we won't get america back on track unless we really tackle health care. it's hard. it's complicated. we have to get it right. >> i know you have to go, madam secretary, but at the same time, yes, we've been talking about health care reform for ages but this is a new bill. this is a new time, there are new challenges and the president while blogging didn't even know portions of the bill out there that he's saying let's pass now. >> again, i think, joe, there are five different variations of the bill and if i understand correctly there was some assertion that individuals would no longer be able to keep their personal coverage and that's just not accurate. it's not in any version of the house bill. it's not in the senate bill. so we want -- we want to get it right. this is not a beat the clock. it's an effort to do some comprehensive reform of a system fundamentally broken and it's bankrupting governments and families. >> what time do you wake up in the morning?
7:36 am
i know you say you get up, watch "morning joe" on your exercise -- >> i usually come back from my run and then watch "morning joe." >> maybe you could run to a studio at 5:30 and be on willie's show. i know you're excited to get up even earlier to start watching willie, right? >> absolutely. will the baby be there? >> george w. >> george w., yeah. willie's wife just got angry at us again. madam secretary, thank you so much for being with us and good luck. >> great to be with you. we do need health care reform in one shape or another. >> thanks very much. dylan? >> yes? >> we need health care reform. but there's a rush. push the button. ready, set, and they're off to the races, go. >> the republicans are in trouble if they show up and say we can't do this again. in other words if the republicans, in my opinion, the republicans are simply there to
7:37 am
represent the entrenched interests of health insurance which has made a small fortune and continues to make a small fortune in the health business. if you want to know where the money is, i don't know where the money is, with the health insurance companies, in charge of rationing and in charge of what's going on. we need to see a health care plan that turns our program from something that is equivalent to something mike barnicle and i were discussing, the new york knicks where they spend more money than anybody could ever spend on their team and they cannot make the playoffs. that is health care in america right now. we spend -- >> why is that? >> the health insurance companies are in a for profit structure and the way they make profit is by denying care, be right? i have a battle -- i have so many missile lined self-interests as opposed to patient aligned self-interests with employer self-interests with government self-interests. i have constantly misaligned self-interest whether it's the insurance company and the doctor, the doctor and the patient, the patient and the insurance company, the insurance
7:38 am
company and the corporation. all of those interests are structured where i'm trying to get more out of you and you're trying to get more out of me as opposeded to a mutually aligned self-interest. and that's how you get more efficiency. >> a sickness system instead of a wellness system -- i have a story. i won't go into graphic details like i did yesterday. >> no. >> on the radio, i went to the emergency room this weekend, saturday night, early sunday morning at 2:30. and what happened to me explains part of the problem. >> okay 0. >> big-time television tease. >> i'm not sure i want to explain what happened. dylan, stay with us. coming up -- >> all i know is i woke up and there were monkeys exploding on the wall and walter mondale was walking out of the room. i passed out after that. >> and i'm the one smoking crack. >> you admit it had finally. >> richard haass and fallout from the california budget deal.
7:39 am
threats of protests, lawsuits and strikes. a live report from sacramento. [ thud ] [ woman sighs ] [ horn honks ] [ sigh ] a lot goes through your mind after an accident.
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i just want to say thanks very much for all the great help you've given me. we talked about cuts in the budget, getting rid of the state's costs and then all of a sudden you come up with the great ideas why not just sign and let the governor sign for more money. love your ideas. give me more of those ideas. we need it. >> all right. the terminator twets. that was governor arnold schwarzenegger on his twitter feed to get ideas to raise money for california.
7:43 am
lawmakers are threatening to back out of a deal to close the budget deficit. we go live to sacramento with the stare. miguel? >> reporter: on that twitter feed the governor was talking about signing some of the fleet cars and then auctioning them off to the public as one way to raise money. of course as you mentioned the state faces a budget deficit. you'll recall this has been going on for months and as each day has passed the state has fallen deeper and deeper into debt. weeks of sleepless nights as they tried to hammer out a deal and then we got what state lawmakers say appears to be an early deal that includes some $15 billion in cuts, many of those cuts will come from health care and the prison system. that's the controversial cut. we'll talk about that in just a second. another major cut that will happen here in california is education. monday night the big five,
7:44 am
california's big five, top political leaders in the state came out. they held a press conference. they said, look, we've been going over this budget for weeks now and finally have an agreement. yesterday a monkey wrench was thrown into the whole deal. some key republicans leaders say, wait, we may torpedo this because they're unhappy about prison cuts that could put 27,000 inmates out of prison early am there's still some political wrangling at the capitol behind me, mika. >> all right, miguel. thank you very much. that's a big story. >> that is a big story. >> coming up -- >> by the way, we got an e-mail from phil griffin. he's watching at home right now. he usually doesn't come to the office until 11:30. so willie's busted. but he is watching today on channel 714, the 700 channels in new york are hd. he's watching. we start hd on time warner 7/14. >> am i fired?
7:45 am
>> if willie cared about his new show, he'd be here. >> oh, leave him alone. newborn and sick. >> and a son named george w. life is not easy. >> that's true. so i get this hd we'll be hearing your gross story coming up. also coming up -- >> it's not a gross story. >> i just heard it actually. it's not. >> he just needs to tweak, to edit. >> what's so gross about bodily functions? >> coming up, the president's council on foreign relations. we're sorry. richard haass. (announcer) illness doesn't care where you live... ...or if you're already sick...
7:46 am
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gentlemen, you booked your hotels on orbitz. well, the price went down, so you're all getting a check thanks. for the difference. except for you -- you didn't book with orbitz, so you're not getting a check. well, i think we've all learned a valuable lesson today. good day, gentlemen. thanks a lot. thank you. introducing hotel price assurance, where if another orbitz customer books the same hotel for less, we send you a check for the difference, automatically. with us now, as we look at a beautiful shot of st. louis, we have richard haass, and he is the author of "wharf necessity." let's talk iraq. what is going on there? >> one of the most interesting political statements of our time. the fact that he came out and essentially reopened the debate
7:50 am
in iran, and delegitimized not simply mahmoud ahmadinejads, but the supreme leader, and he said i was there at the founding of the islamic -- >> you can't do that. >> this would be a split after the founding of the united states among the founding fathers. this is the iranian split. what you have is a challenge for the soul, if you will, and the future course of the islamic revolution. i don't think it will mean massive change now, and the real challenge to the united states is we will still have the realities of the iran's nuclear program to deal with. >> explain robinson johnny to people that don't understand. is this the moderate bud was looking for back then? >> well, the degrees of
7:51 am
radicalism. >> we have been looking for moderates for a long time, have we not? >> yeah, and we have to be careful about that. the debate takes place within a spectrum, shall we say. but right now he emerged as saying the direction of the supreme leader and mahmoud ahmadinejads are taking iran is wrong. he is worried about the fact that the guys with clubs have gained the upper hand, and the clerics are following behind them. he is raising basic questions. and in the long run he is sewing the seeds of change. >> they have 5,000 central funlgs. >> yeah, the center funlg time
7:52 am
line doesn't work. even if the quote unquote better guys emerge on top of iran, we still have iran that wants to develop a weapon. we will still -- the administration will still face the fundamental challenges about what to do with iran who is on the verge of a program. >> does israel have the patience to deal with what is down the road from now? >> well, my hunch is if they only enrich terrainam to the level of concentration they are at now it's okay, but if they enrich it to the level to a
7:53 am
nuclear level, then they will not be tolerant. they need to make them a reasonable offer, and if they accept it great, and if not it sets the stage for other things. >> stay with us, richard haass. what else do we have at the top of the hour? >> stephen pearlstein will be here. you are watching "morning joe." . ♪ singer: buckle up, everybody 'cause we're taking a ride ♪
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welcome back. almost 8:00 on the east coast, and 5:00 out west, where we start at lax. and las vegas, where willie geist usually goes to recover. and then the next is st. louis -- that's dallas, actually. the big d. and now st. louis, the gateway
7:58 am
to the west. and washington, d.c., a little hazy over 14th street bridge, looking at the jefferson memorial. and then it looks coming up. >> welcome back to "morning joe." we have a "hardball" clip on the birth certificate. is that going to go away? >> well, it's a type of thinking out there that is very troubling, i have to say. >> we showed poor mike castle, and conservatives should be rallying behind if they want to senate elections next year instead of getting pounded again, and are the e-mailers, since we talked about the announcement, is it a done deal, do people understand it's a conspiracy theory? >> no. there is a lot of e-mailers saying that it's a birth announcement, or a live birth,
7:59 am
not a birth certificate, etc., etc. >> so they are suggesting -- first of all, where is this guy supposed to have been born? >> they don't care. >> let's say he was born in indonesia, is somebody suggesting that a single mother in enindonesia would say, you know, my son, 46 years from now may be president of the united states, so i will have a birth announcement in the honolulu newspaper? >> exactly, that's a good idea, because i would think of that. >> some of the more sane e-mailers are saying it's racists, and this is about racism. >> that's when i said at the top, it represents a type of thinking out there in this country that is troubling. >> i don't get that. how is that racists? you have just -- sometimes you have shear stupid tea without a suggestion of racism.
8:00 am
>> those two things overlap. stupidity and racism. >> well, there were theories that george w. bush ran drugs in -- >> okay. >> hold on. it goes on both sides. and then there was stories that george bush was l.a. there were stups going on both sides. and we showed a clip of mike castle, a guy who, if he ran s. a moderate republican and could probably win in delaware, and this guy is getting pounded. >> you would think there was enough real issues out there. >> that's my point. you can talk about deficits and debt and a rush to national health care and a cap and trade
8:01 am
bill, and a stimulus bill that democrats did not read and the sagging economy. you have so much to talk about, and they are clinging to conspiracy. >> dylan and i never believed there was a moon landing, but we do know that barack obama was born -- >> yeah, and we are meeting elvis after the show. >> did you see what he has got on? >> he is looking fit. >> we like whoopi goldberg, a great lady, but i understand yesterday she questioned the moon landing? that's why we need willie geist here. >> i know whoopy -- >> barbara almost jumped out of her chair. >> can't be, no. >> you want to check into that. >> yeah, we will have to cover
8:02 am
that. >> give us a call in and let us know, willie, whether that's true or not. >> yes, that would be great, because we could get clarification. >> willie is trying to deal with a sick -- >> i have 47 kids, okay, and so cry me a river. barnicle has more than me. >> yeah, 620 kids. as a result, i have chosen not to reproduce. >> that's a good thing. that's the best news i have heard all day. it's time now for a look at today's top stories. this morning new lines are being drawn to form the nation's new health care system. and earlier on nbc's "today," matt lauer asked senator demint about the president's plan.
8:03 am
>> if we were able to stop the president on this it will be his waterloo. are you rallying conservatives to the cause of breaking the president? >> we need to put the breaks on the president because he has been on a spending spree since he took office. and the president voted against every proposal that would have made health insurance more available and more affordable to people. his goal seems to be a government takeover, and not making insurance more available. >> we will have him on the radio show tomorrow. tonight, president obama will make his case in a primetime news conference. you can see that right here on msnbc. the senate judiciary committee is scaling back the vote for sotomayor.
8:04 am
republicans went to the rule book to force the delay, and even though they plan on supporting her. why? a harvard professor arrested outside his own home for disorderly conduct is demanding an apology from the police. he says he has been locked out, and was trying to get into his house with the help of his driver. the professor was exhibiting loud behavior after police asked him for i.d. >> and that's racism, by the way. >> the police asking for i.d. while he was in his own home. >> i said it yesterday, i would be tumultuous and loud, and it's
8:05 am
racism. i am always tumultuous and loud, i guess. >> we want to know more. >> maybe we can get him on the show. >> let's get somebody from cambridge police department. >> i want to watch the coverage. >> last night on "hardball," chris matthews took on an elected official that wants to pass a law that requires every presidential candidate to show their birth certificate. >> this is john campbell of california, and chris matthews. >> all right. let's watch it. >> what is going on where so many americans doubt the obvious, that barack obama is a citizen to the point that you felt it necessary to cosponsor this crazy proposal? >> first of all, chris, we'll get to the proposal in a minute. the proposal is not crazy. >> what you are doing is appeasing the nut cases.
8:06 am
as you just pointed out this won't prove or disprove whether or not he is a citizen. and that's his certificate. you are feeding the whacko wing of your party. do you believe he is a native american or not? >> that's not what the bill is about. >> what do you think? >> as far as i know, yeah. >> i am showing you his birth certificate? >> i am looking at a camera. say it now, he is the president of the united states and he was born in the country. >> he is the president of the united states. >> was he born in this country? >> yes, i believe so. >> wow. okay. do you need to say anymore? seriously. let's talk about a real issue
8:07 am
instead of talking about this. let's talk about the budget plan that the ceo says will cripple the economy. the health care reform plan that the mayo clinic said that will make all of us losers. have you so many legitimate issues to tackle, and you only make yourself and your political movement look stupid. god! >> you just named domestic issues. it's been the deadliest month in afghanistan, and iran, pakistan, and what is the deal? >> understand what it is. dylan ratigan, what is it about american politics -- >> i love that you ask me like i know. but i will give you my point of view. >> it happens on the rise. >> here is my belief.
8:08 am
i believe that it is easier to accumulate power by arguing about things like hookers, pot, ga marriage, and things that can create division about, i need a division to accumulate power. it's difficult to hold the american peoples' attention when addressing health care, energy resource management, and defense resource management -- i will back that defense management out. and everybody in america wants and needs and is in favor of, but those issues do not make it easy for those to accumulate power, and it easier to wave gay rights, and marriage, and birth certificates.
8:09 am
>> it's human nature. >> well, the american people and the taxpayer, and they are saying we are putting dollars in and getting pennies out. >> steven pearlstein, it's like sadly more americans are going to die. >> yeah, and the fact that the president promised several months ago, we will take the war to the taliban to the south and east of the country, and it automatically went there would be greater numbers of american casualties. the bad news is the afghan government is still not rising to the occasion. the whole idea was to buy time in space so the afghans would do more. i don't see that necessarily happening. and secondhand, the pakistanis again are not proving to be the partners we want and need. we are pushing more taliban in
8:10 am
pakistan, and the pakistanis are not happy. >> they are not doing anything. >> again, the only thing more difficult in foreign policy than taking on your enemies is dealing with your so-called friends. we have that problem in afghanistan and in pakistan, so what do you do? and this barack obama is big, because this is -- to use my favorite phrase, this is the whawar of choice. >> let's go to the business columnists, steve pearlstein. and this is a general consensus that these are reforms that will finally bend the curve of spending.
8:11 am
>> i have been hearing the talk back and fourth about the cost of health care and democrats complaining they are not calculating in the cost savings later on, it sounds like '95 and '96, when gingrich was upset because they would not look at his tax cuts and what might magically happen down the road. the cbo has been a thorn insides for years, hasn't it? >> yeah, they are doing the job how they need to do it. they should say they know things when they know and say they don't know when they don't know. and they do do that. the truth is, you cannot write a bill that makes them know exactly what year and how much
8:12 am
these savings are going to come. this requires politicians to have their own judgment and take a leap, because otherwise you can't do this. you cannot do it. >> let me ask you a question. i read yesterday somewhere that the bailouts are now coming in at a price tag of around $23 trillion. two-part question here. can you get your arms around what $23 trillion in debt will do to this country in the coming years? that's part one. and the second part of the question is, do we need another stimulus plan to revive the economy despite a $23 trillion price tag to the bailout culture? >> joe, mika, help me here. joe, that $23 trillion is a meaningless nonsense number. it assumes that everything that
8:13 am
was paid out will never be repaid. everything that was lent will never be repaid. it's not going to happen, joe. let's not use numbers like that. that's what gets people cynical. so far all of the bank money has been paid back by the banks. this is still much to go. some of the big ones have been paid. >> you know what i am going to do is go to the beach in the next week and not worry about anything. don't worry, be happy, right? >> if that was your big worry, joe, you should go to the beach. >> are you telling me i don't have a reason to worry when the president passes budgeets that the ceo says are unsustainable. we don't know how much will be repaid. you sit there and smirk about
8:14 am
the $23 trillion number, and give me a number. what do you see it as? >> maybe there are things that you don't know, and you just have to make judgments -- >> $10 trillion. 15 trillion? what do you think? >> i suspect it's going to be a lot less than $1 trillion. >> less than $1 trillion? >> a lot less. >> we go from $23 trillion to less than $1 trillion. i hope so. i will do a jig if that happens. that's exciting. let me ask you this, steve, i want to read your lead today for the people who have not read the "washington post." there is one that is sure to raise taxes and swell the federal deficit and leave more americans without insurance and guarantee that wages will remain stagnant, and that's the option of doing nothing.
8:15 am
so my question to you is, you know, 25, 30 years ago, it seems like when ever particular pieces of controversial legislation arrived on the floor of the house and senate, there seemed to be more of a willingness to get together and get things done. now it seems both sides are tied to idealogy rather than pragmatism more than anytime in our political past. how is any health care bill going to come out of this? >> well, you know, mike, that is the $23 trillion question, not the other. and i, you know, i don't know, it requires real leadership not only on the president's part, and i think this is what has really been missing, leadership on the part of the speaker and the majority of the house. they have not reigned in the left wing of their own party to get a more centrist bill.
8:16 am
i am not saying the centrists are right about this, but they need a bill that some of the members of the own left wing won't vote for frankly. >> how does a president move in that direction? in other words, what could the president, because he is so influential, and how does he force the extremities of both parties to engage more the way mike suggests? >> the best single way that i know of, to be very specific, dylan, is for him to say, you know, we need to get some of the winners from the current system and some of the winners from reform, which are people who have insurance and have very good insurance programs, we need to get them to help pay -- to insure everybody else. that's where the money is. and that means the doctors and the hospitals have to give you money, but also people who now get full exclusion of taxes from
8:17 am
all of the health benefits. that's the best way to oppose money. i know i will make the members of the labor unions mad, but i would do that, and that would send a signal to everybody that he is really serious about this and give political cover to the leadership of both sides on both houses to say no those special interests. >> steven, richard haass has a question for you. >> maybe you should take it out of the political process and set up a commission. it worked with social security and military base closings, and why not take some of the issues which quite honestly politics are too powerful for and set up a commission, and after the commission comes up with a real plan bring it back in the political process? >> there is -- the white house is now working on just such a proposal. now there is a group that runs medicare and medicaid, and they
8:18 am
advise medicare and medicaid. they want the create a super med pack that would make a lot of the detailed technical decisions that would allow reform to go on, just establish it and give it powers and let it go. and here is a good example. if you do that, and you say we whop want you to do something, like make medicine more like the cleveland clinic. and let med pack do it. but to go back to joe's point, the cbo would not score any savings for that, because they would say i don't know what that med pack is going to do and i don't know when they are going to do it, and i can't score any savings. and therefore the thing is not budget neutral. maybe that's the right thing to do is to have faith in people and faith in the process. once you set it up in a good
8:19 am
way. but let's not get technically tied down by the budget projections. >> are you suggesting that i should not worry about the long term of the bailouts over the last few years? >> the big problem, which you should worry about and you do worry about correctly is the long term deficit projections. >> so don't worry about the bailouts? >> we created a system where we need bailouts. >> i just want to claire clarify, though, you have said this morning that you think in the end-all of these bailouts combined may end up costing us
8:20 am
less than a trillion dollars, which would be extraordinary, and i hope that's the case, and you are concerned, despite the fact that you are saying don't worry about all of the cbo estimates, you are concerned about the long-term deficit projections and the long-term debt projections, right? i just want to nail that down. >> absolutely. and guess what the number one issue on that is, joe, it's rising health care cost, and you have to bend that curve. >> no, you don't. >> it's changing the way health care is paid for and provided. >> yeah, medicare and medicaid goes bankrupt, both of them because of rising health care cost, and it cripples our health care system, and we have to reduce cost in the health care system. >> stephen pearlstein, thank you. >> and, thank you for the good news. if the bailouts cost us more
8:21 am
than a trillion dollars, that's great. do you have an article about that? seriously? >> no. not yet. >> i would love to read that article, because i think it could be inlightning to a lot f folks. >> the difference between $10 billion and $23 trillion are two orders of magnitude. >> oh, my god, no doubt about it. i would take $1 trillion and run. >> and we could pay ourselves for it and then as long as we pay it back we are good. >> i have no idea what you said, but i love it. >> just don't reproduce and i will be happy. >> a billion a year on the taxpayers's back. >> when we come back, we will
8:22 am
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i have been listening to the litany of where are the jobs? i have been here long enough, mr. pence, and you supported -- you supposed the program in 1993. let me tell you something, we have lost 200,000 less jobs per month than bush lost in his last three months in office. is that where we want to be? it is not. but it's 200,000 better than your last three months in your
8:26 am
administration. >> the leader, i know it was unintentional, misstated my record. >> wow, and here is the man on the other end of that, congressman mike pence. >> getting tough down there on the floor. the peoples' house. >> mike is pushing for a delay in the time line in health care reform, which you could argue makes sense. >> yeah, it makes sense but upsets stiny hoyer. >>
8:27 am
passed the national energy tax, and now they want to pass a government takeover of health care with nearly a trillion dollars tax increase. and we want to just get the economy moving again. >> mike barnicle always says the issues are jobs, jobs and jobs. but you did not expect the stimulus bill to create jobs this quickly, did you? that's not realistic. >> we don't expect the stimulus to work in the broadest possible terms. borrowing a trillion dollars from china and spreading it around the economy in the next couple years, will probably have short-term positive effect on the margins. but joe, you know, kennedy know, and reagan knew, and you know how it gets the economy moving and that's fiscal discipline in washington, d.c., and that's the
8:28 am
kind of stimulus that we need to pass. not this massive government give away -- for heaven's sake, let's not raise taxes on the heels of a national energy tax, and not pay for it with a government takeover of health care. >> i am not an economists, and not many people watching the show may believe that i am one, but mike, even i know you don't raise taxes on energy or small business while the economy is in free fall. >> my wife does not allow me to have a checking account, and i know that. >> i don't think raising taxes is ever a good idea. but for heaven's sakes, in the worse recession in the last 25 years, a national energy tax? and now, did you see what charlie rangel said this morning? >> what is that? >> he said nobody -- it's in the
8:29 am
drudge report. he said nobody wants to tell the speaker that she is moving too fast, and nobody wants to blankety blank tell the president they are raising taxes too fast. >> every time people talk about health care reform legislation in the house and in the senate, they talk about we have to eliminate the waste and the fraud and dulup law indication. now, where have been the people who have been charged with investigating the waste and fraud? what have they been doing? sleeping at the switch? >> probably. it's probably a fair critique. i don't think we need near enough in the area of oversight while there was a problem president in the white house. and the waste and fraud and
8:30 am
abuse occurs mostly in the public systems of medicaid in particular. we see billion dollars of fraud, and now the president is insisting on a new government-run insurance option for all americans, and the reality is, if you think we have waste, fraud and abuse now in medicaid, wait until we expend a medicaid style system in ever american, it will be mind boggling. >> it's getting interesting on capitol hill. good luck. >> thank you, guys. >> you know what is interesting? the spy thriller. some say a new novel could be his best. we will have him next. keep it right here on "morning joe." something new is happening at ethan allen with special savings on select fabrics on all frames
8:31 am
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8:34 am
i am a fan of the movie cap corn one, and it says, it is a hollywood movie, and it kinds of put in question whether it happened, whether the moon walk happened. i like the movie because i think it's fun to watch, but there are a couple questions that i do have from time to time. who shot the footage? because you see the two astronauts, and you never see -- you would think the third guy
8:35 am
would turn around and have gone like this so we knew it was him. >> that was funny. she was just being funny. i am glad that we clarified that. >> i don't think that she -- >> it's not like they had a flip cam. >> what is not to like about whoopi goldberg. >> tj? >> it was not tj's grandfather, because he would have missed the shot. >> that was in burbank, california. >> that was a good movie. >> yeah, it was. >> i am sure whoopi believes that mantelly walked on the moon. i am glad that we cleared that up. where were you barnicle, when armstrong walked on the moon? >> i was at a cookout. >> really? >> yeah, it was a cookout
8:36 am
planned around that event. >> really? >> yeah. >> were the conspiracy theorists say they were not walking on the moon? >> no, they said armstrong was not born in the united states. >> or on earth. >> was it another issue like that? >> yeah. you go into the businesses and see where somebody frames their first dollar bill, and you know what i am talking about? we are going to frame morning joe's first -- all of you out there that hate me and watch the show, and watch every day so you can e-mail me and tell me how much you hate me and the show, we have the guy that can you blame. here was our first fan. >> yeah, we should put a picture on him on the wall framed -- >> i want to frame him. when it's time to write a best-selling book, you break the glass and bring him out. coming up next, the author of a
8:37 am
new spy novel, daniel silva. >> i was talking about the energy bill, but then i forgot. i have a delicious cream pie that i just baked and wanted it to cool. let me put it in front of me while i tell you about the energy bill. the government sets a cap for carbon emissions for a company, say, 100 metrick tons per year. if you reduce emissions, you can sell the remaining cap -- - whoa. hi, i'm john. all: hi, john! going to college and need a laptop. what do you got? you, in the top corner. our next class laptops could be perfect for you. we got student feedback and designed them specifically for college. are they legit brands, though?
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we are talking about a
8:41 am
e-mail, pdfs. >> yeah, and it was at, and you can read the thing. >> you can send me your book that is in its final gallies in a pdf -- we won't have you do it, we will have louis do it, and e-mail it. >> yeah, and send it back. let's bring in internationally acclaimed best-selling author, daniel silva. you can get everything that he writes on kendall as well. his new book is out in book stores now, and he brought some swag -- >> what? >> you are credited "morning joe" to make your book number one. >> i look forward to that. >> you know, you said the first fan. i was there for you guys in the beginning. and i watched the growth and the
8:42 am
progress of the show. i always felt that it just missed that one certain thing. not you, because -- >> not you. >> i wore a tie today. >> so you want me to wear a tie, right? >> excellent. >> it's going to look horrific. >> why did you give me one? >> well, it's for willie. >> all right. we will untie my tie -- >> it doesn't go with the shirt at all. at all! >> i will do a full windsor, if possible. >> gabriel, in that book, brought down one of the world's most dangerous men, a russian arms stealer, who was named ivan. and he made one mistake in that
8:43 am
book. he left eivan alive. and that tie goes perfectly with the pink glasses. and a pink shirt. that's a guy who is tv-ready, and he can tie a perfect not. you did it without a mirror. >> i am reading the book and thinking, my god, this reminds me for some reason of the fonz, henry winkler. i bet you he inspired the book. >> henry is a dear friend. not only -- obviously a talented actor, but a very talented writer. he writes fantastic children's fiction, and a great producer as well. he knows something about story. he gave me a piece of advice for this book. he said i love gabriel, but sometimes he is a little too cool or calculated.
8:44 am
sometimes i want you to do something that will make him really mad. i took that advice to heart. that's what i did in the book. >> let's talk about russia. obviously you are focused so much on russia. what do you think about the russians telling america to stay out of the backyard, and then the joke biden goes over and immediately invites the ukraine into nato. >> there was an interesting subtext to that meeting in moscow, as soon as president obama left russia, the eastern european countries really sent out a plea, don't abandon us, and don't turn your back on us, because you want to improve relations with the russians. don't sell us out. i think that biden going to the ukraine right away and making clear that if the ukraine wants to join nato, you can. it's sending a signal that we will stand by you. while it's easy to talk about
8:45 am
improving relations with the russians right now it's going to be much harder to do it in practice. the russians have an agenda, and they want us to but out of their business, and what they refer to as the near abroad, the old republicics and eastern europe. and it will be very, very difficult. >> daniel, you are a "morning joe" fan. you watch every morning from 6:00 a.m. on, and -- >> it leaves me little time for writing, but -- >> let's go down the checklist. do you think willie is really sick today? >> no, i am really concerned about the erin andrews situation. somehow willie is implicated in this, which comes as a shock to me. you know him much better than i do. >> that's why it doesn't shock me. >> and so it's obviously not good for the show if we lose
8:46 am
willie to an criminal indictment. >> is willie a natural born u.s. citizen? have you ever seen willie's birth certificate? >> no, i have seen the announcement of willie's birth in his local newspaper, so i believe willie is a citizen, and therefore he can be a cohost to the show. >> whoopi goldberg, does she believe that the moon landing was staged? >> can i answer that quite seriously. i was shocked by that little segment on "the view" the other day that she would say something like that. i know you guys spent time this morning on the passport issue, and when you are not a novelists, people send you these things. over the e-mail, and they send you all of the crazy theories about things like this, and i was quite shocked to hear her say that. >> she was kidding. >> you do think she was kidding?
8:47 am
>> well, we are covering for a friend. >> let me ask you, do i have permission to start wearing ties on this show? >> not that combination! >> well, of course not. but i am wearing a pink -- i have to wear it as president. would you like to see me -- for instance, maybe i could just wear ties on friday. >> you have such a clean, all-american look. >> uhhh. >> yeah, it does. you look good in a tie. you have the anchor man thing. >> can i start wearing a tie? >> only if i can, too. >> no. no. >> all right. >> stay with us, when we come back, we will talk about what we learned today. >> the book is called "the defector," and a great follow-up to "moscow rules," and inspired by henry winkler. we'll be right back. undefeated professional boxer floyd "money" mayweather
8:48 am
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. the ras bare
8:56 am
okay. it's the part of the show when we tell you what we have learned today. >> willie is probably not sick and looking for his birth certificate. >> after tonight's primetime news conference, i think fewer democrats will be supporting it. >> really? >> yeah. >> and what have you learned? >> she looks better in a tie than you do. it's the pink shirt. >> well, i learned that we have absolutely nothing to worry about with the bailout culture. the $23 trillion number that economic experts were talking about yesterday, we are going to make money, nothing to worry about. and i learned your new book,
8:57 am
inspired by fonzie. >> it's time now for the "morning meeting" with dylan. good morning to you. nice to see you. nice to see you as well. good morning. this is the "morning meeting." topping the agenda today, the president is holding a primetime press conference tonight. blue dog, republics, and democrats, and obama, everybody has a plan, but how do we get u mutually aligned self interests? and who is watching our money? a battle brewing in conference between fed chair bernanke, and ron paul, who will be our guest
8:58 am
later today. who is resisting the obvious need to audit the federal reserve, who now caries trillions of dollars of risk on behalf of the u.s. taxpayer to support the banking system, and they still feel no reason to disclose what they are holding. why would you resist a piece of legislation like that? and california on the new budget deal. as we discussed today, it has plans indeed of off-shore oil drilling for the first time in decades on the agenda, on the west coast. and dramatic pictures, and a dramatic story. who were the people involved in the rescue of a 4-year-old boy from a burning car? and which role would you have employed if you stumbled on to the scene? country comes to a very different white house, and is this one even a racial divide
8:59 am
even the president cannot cross? it's 9:00 a.m. and time to get to work. the "morning meeting" starts now. welcome to health care conversation in our country escalating. as we speak, more tension and more people getting vested in the conversation, assuming they are trying to turn the new york knicks that are our health care, nobody spends more and gets less, trying to make them into a winning team. the conversation should not be just who is going to pay, but how are we going to get more out of what we spend. obama, the headliner, the president in primetime. he is not alone. everybody has a voice at this point, if they can get one. savannah guthrie on the beat


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