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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  May 4, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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of course, faisal shahzad was the person who purchased that vehicle. evidently telling authorities he purchased that vehicle, and authorities learning that through the registered owner. and they say that they tracked that vehicle's vin number down to the registered owner andécñ, able to find out that shahzad had purchased that vehicle through the vin number and also tracing him through craigslist e-mail account. that led them to a connecticut house in bridgeport where they're collecting even more evidence. contessa. >> michelle, can you describe the scene there outside of the courthouse? how tight is security? >> reporter: well, you certainly feel a presence here. and you also get a sense that there is some relief from people either walking by or that they know that police may have caught the prime suspect in this case. so there is just a sense of relief here. but it's also a little bit chaotic with the media as well being out here and also everyone just waiting, perhaps, to get a
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visual of this suspect. >> michelle, thank you very much. shahzad was in a plane that was in line to take off from jfk airport in new york when the pilots got the message to turn around and head back to the gate. here's the audio transmission of that conversation as it happened. >> actually, i have a message for you to go back to the gate immediately. so make the left turn when able. >> emirates 202 make the left turn on to echo left alpha back to the ramp. i don't know exactly why. you can call your company for the reason. >> once the plane was safely back at the terminal, authorities took shahzad into custody. here's what we know about him. he's been identified as faisal shahzad. he's 30 years old. a pakistani born american with addresses in bridgeport and shelton, connecticut. sources say he recently returned home from a five-month trip to pakistan and claims to investigators that in this case he was acting alone. attorney general eric holder today said officials are not
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through questioning shahzad. >> he has been and continues to be questioned by federal agents. as a result of those communications, shahzad has provided useful information to authorities. we anticipate charges him with an act of terrorism transcending national borders, attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction, use of a destructive device during the commission of another crime as well as assorted explosives charges. >> roger cressey is an nbc news terrorism analyst and president of good harbor consulting which advices clients on counterterrorism. put this investigation into perspective, will you? here we are 48 hours or so after the suv in times square first came to investigators' attention. and they have a suspect in custody here plus five in custody in pakistan. >> contessa, it's pretty remarkable when you think we started in a place saturday night where we had no idea who
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this suspect was. we had no idea where he was living. and here we are now. he's about to be arraigned. that is incredibly fast work. you have to thank nypd and the fbi's join terrorism task force for that. i think the next big issue here is how does he relate to what happened -- people in pakistan, what type of organization was supporting him or was there an organization? was it a group of like minded individuals or was he working with a known terrorist organization? department of homeland security played a big role in this as well with the customs and border police at the very end of this. again, federal, state and local work extremely well together. there's going to be an after action report about how can you do things better. but by and large you have to be pretty thankful we've had this type of episode. >> it may have been if they had been even an hour or two later that here was a guy who could have escaped into his native country and just blended back in with the people that he knew in
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pakistan. what do you make of the rumors that nbc news producers on the ground in pakistan were reporting that faisal had actually been to military training camps, militant training camps there outside of peshawar? >> right. just to back up on your last point, this emirates flight is a 13-hour nonstop to dubai. even if it had taken off, there would have been ample opportunity to work out procedures to apprehend him on the other side. that would not have been ideal but it would not have been catastroph catastrophic. i think to the issue of who he was operating with, did he go to training camps, what he learned in those training camps if that's what happened, either he's a really bad student as we've talked about before or the trade craft that they're now teaching now is incredibly poor. we shouldn't lose sight that -- of what attorney general holder said, which is true. this was a very serious attempt. but his capability was lacking. so either all the operations we've been taking inside pakistan, predator operations as well as the pakistani military,
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have had an impact on( ability of those organizations out there to plan and train, or the quality of recruits they're now bringing in simply is not the same caliber as it's been in the past. if those two things are true, then that is a positive development in how we're dealing with this potential threat. >> why do you think this guy would have gone through the trouble of becoming a u.s. citizen? >> it's entirely possible he didn't get radicalized until after he became a u.s. citizen. or the other theory could be he was radicalized and planned to do it all along and wanted to go through the naturalization process to further blend in and assimilate into u.s. society. if he is affiliated with a known terrorist group, then he becomes really the poster child for they're looking for in terms of a clean passport, someone who can blend into the united states and has knowledge, direct knowledge of living here. the fact of the matter is, he turned out to be a very bad operative and did not know how to put together his explosive device right. we can be really thankful for
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that. >> roger, thank you for keeping tabs on this and lending your expeer tees to the conversation. appreciate that. much more ahead this hour. i'll be joined in my coverage by peter alexander reporting outside faisal shahzad's home. then how this bust went down. it took authorities just two days to nab the suspect. i'll talk with congressman mike rogers about how all these agencies worked together. plus, we'll learn more abou9 faisal's potential ties to terrorist groups in pakistan. turning to other news now, engineers for bp oil are trying everything they say they can think of to contain the massive oil spill off the gulf coast. but it may be hitting land. today we got new pictures from gulfport near cat island, mississippi. it shows what appears to be dark pools of oil washing ashore. bp is working on a so-called relief well. the new well is intended to cut off the flow from the damaged well head. the company is also deploys never before used containment domes. today bp's ceo tony hayward told
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reporters while there are no guarantees, the dome could have the spill under control by early next week. >> reporter: contessa, a lot of the elements here around this oil spill, oil leak is very imprecise. that's why a lot of the officials with bp especially have been hesitant to give out estimates. for now bp is expecting to move what they're calling a 65-ton coffer dam into place over the major leak in about six days. they're hoping to have that in place within six day. it's basically a 65-ton concrete and steel surface dome that will go over this major leak and then it will have a pipe running up to the top to a boat. they'll pump the oil from there, that way it controls and contains the oil coming from the sea floor. meantime, the efforts to boom and contain this spill are
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continuing. the weather here is finally cooperating after a couple of rough days of weather, rough seas as well. that's allowing for boats to go out and skim, and that's pulling in and they're trying to continue to pull the oil spill, the oil sheen, into an area that they can hopefully ignite a control burn which they did last week. so because of the weather, it's now cooperating, they can move forward with that. meantime, there's a lot of frustration with a lot of the fishermen here. the federal government has now cut off and basically banned fishing east of the mississippi river for at least ten days. that's leaving a lot of fishermen who are idle. they're hoping to work with bp so they can actually put their boats in themselves to use. because right now they don't have a means to make a living. that spans from here all the way to florida as well.1$÷ contessa? >> thank you very much. in just three minutes peter alexander will have more on the time square bomb investigation. live from the suspect's connecticut home. also, tragedy on campus just weeks before graduation. a college athlete murdered and police say it was at the hands
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of her ex-boyfriend. plus, new details on a rocker's health crisis. bret michael's doctors holding a news conference. the latest on his condition. [ crowd cheering ] [ male announcer ] competition... it pushes us to work harder. to be better. to win. but sometimes even rivals realize they share a common goal. america's beverage companies have removed full-calorie soft drinks from schools, reducing beverage calories by 88%.
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good day, everyone. i'm contessa brewer reporting live from new york. and i'm joined by peter alexander for more on the suspect in the attempted car bomb attack in times square. peter? >> reporter: contessa, good day to you. what we want to do is give you a little scene setter. for the first time a live picture right now of what is 202 sheridan street. this, the home where faisal shahzad and his family were said to have lived until now. for at least the last year they were reportedly living here according to authorities who have left this site within the last 45 minutes to an hour. officers allowed me to walk with
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them behind the building, literally almost everything that had been on the ground was taken away. they have taken away everything they can. it's possible evidence. all i saw beside this home was one small children's bike which leads to more information we're learning about the family of this 30-year-old suspect. faisal shahzad. he was an american citizen who was naturalized here, born in pakistan. he had another home where he had lived for about the past three or four years, according to neighbors. it's about seven miles away from here in a town known as shelton, about a 20 minute drive. according to the neighbor at that home shahzad lived with his wife as well as two young children, a son and daughter. better idea of who he was, filling in the blanks, if you will, saying he was odd, he was quiet, in her words that he was strange. that he often wore blackgpç and went jogging late at night after dark. things that she found to be quite curious. she also indicated this man, faisal shahzad, had told her and her husband that he worked on wall street. and this afternoon there are
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some reports that he, in fact, had worked if not now but in the past as a junior financial analyst at a firm not far away from hereo+s in stanford, connecticut. at this point, the neighbors in this area say they really didn't know him very well. but the neighbors elsewhere say they got a good chance to get to know him over the course of the last several year. it's not just the neighbors here who are giving us more detail about the life of faisal shahzad, but authorities are hoping to gather more information about him from family members and other acquaintances, facilitators as they've been described, in pakistan. new information today of at least five arrests. nbc news now reporting as many as seven to eight arrests happening in pakistan today. my colleague, our producer in islamabad, carol grisanti, has been keeping a close eye on that for the course of this day. carol, give us a sense of who these people are and how authorities believe they know faisal shahzad? >> yes, i'm here. >> carol, if you hear me, give me a sense of how faisal shahzad
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knew these people who have been arrested today across pakistan. >> well, we're hearing that there's even been more arrests now, perhaps at least ten, maybe even 12. intelligence agencies are rounding up friends and associates of faisal shahzad. we believe that the pakistanis have gotten all of these names from faisal shahzad's cell phone. most likely shared with them by u.s. officials. most of the arrests have been made from karachi and peshawar. and one of those was, we believe, his good friend, mohammed rahan. now suspected to be a militant leader. the two of them drove together to peshawar when faisal shahzad arrived in karachi from the u.s. in july last year. now, a source privy to the investigation, the ongoing investigation, told nbc news that they are also investigating faisal shahzad's possible link with an outlaw group. this group is the so-called -- one of the so-called punjabi
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groups. little by little we're learning more about faisal shahzad's pakistani roots. earlier today we sent a local reporter to a small village outside of peshawar. locals there said shahzad's family originates from this little village. but the family moved to peshawar some time ago. local tv channels went to this family house in peshawar this evening and showed -- and they're showing pictures of family and friends arriving and leaving. in a3ûum way you could say it's condoling with family members, so to speak, which would be according to local custom here. no one has seen his parents. we're not sure where they may be tonight. there are reports they may be hiding in islamabad where it is rumored they have another home. >> carol, is there any reporting about where faisal shahzad's
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family itself, his wife and two children, may be right now? from this end we've had no opportunity to see them. there were three other people pulled off that plane today. no indication whether those people were his family members or who they may have been. they have not been charged in connection with any of this. it appears at this point that connection is still unclear. is there any reporting from pakistan today that they may, in fact, be in that country or is it too soon to tell? >> i think it's too soon to tell. we've heard nothing about a wife or children. nothing yet. >> carol grisanti is our producer in islamabad, pakistan, with these new details. nbc news now hearing that as many as ten arrests have been made in connection with this case in that country. when we come back with more of our live coverage from new york and bridgeport, connecticut, we'll have the latest on the investigation. the arraignment is scheduled to happen in the words of the federal authorities later this afternoon. when that happens we'll head back down to lower manhattan, live. since arthur's been eating purina one, he has blossomed...
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in the words of the attorney general, eric holder, this was a terrorist plot that was aimed at murdering americans in one of the busiest sites1z%gc of the e country. times square. with thousands of people saturday night, there was a bomb that pulled up inside a nissan pathfinder and now 53 hours and 20 minutes later, in the words of the police commissioner ray kelly of new york, an arrest has been made. a suspect has been found in this case. i'm peter alexander in bridgeport, connecticut. it was roughly hour 54 that they arrived here at this home, 202 sheridan street. this is the home where faisal shahzad, the 30-year-old naturalized american citizen, a pakistani born man, had been living with his family, according to authorities. coming up in the course of this next hour we're going to havmzio several interviews. we're going to speak to the representative from roger. he's a former fbi agent. we're going to ask him a bit more about how the team work played into this, the joint terrorism task force, fbi and local police from new york all teaming up to make this arrest in such short order.
3:22 pm
we'll also visit with bob windrem. he's going to have the latest on the time line and how we got to this point, including questions still being answered today, about how this man who paid for his flight in cash and purchased it at the airport or on the way to the airport mere hours before he was arrested was even allowed to board that flight before it had to taxi and return to the gate before he was arrested. >> those details coming in fast and furious today, peter. some of the other headlines today, a lawyer for a university of virginia la crosse team member george huguely now charged with murdering his ex-girlfriend says the death was a tragic accident. >> we are confident ms. love's death was not intended, but an accident with a tragic outcome. in the meantime, george is withdrawing from the university of virginia and remains in the custody of the authorities. >> yeardley love's body was found in her off campus apartment monday morning. police quickly determined she'd
3:23 pm
been murdered. and the focus turned to her former boyfriend. >> there's no reported history of violence to the police. we're obviously talking to friends and teammates to see what might have history -- might have taken place over the past several weeks or months. we know there was a romantic relationship between the two. i don't know what the status of that relationship was just two days ago. >> nbc's norah o'donnell had more from the university of virginia campus in charlottesville. >> reporter: this is a tragic story. two seniors just 22 years old, weeks away from graduating. they were stars on their la crosse teams. now one is dead and the other one is behind bars. we have now heard from the attorney for george huguely who's been charged with first-degree murder. his attorney saying that this was unintended, that it was an accident. that happened earlier this morning at a bond hearing. bond was not set. that was pushed back until june, until more evidence is uncovered. an autopsy already under way for
3:24 pm
22-year-old yeardley love who police say was murdered in her bedroom. her roommates found her, thought that it was alcohol poisoning, called 911. when the police arrived they say that they turned her over and that there were obvious and serious signs of trauma. within hours they were able to focus their investigation on her former boyfriend, george huguely. he was then arrested. he is now, of course, behind bars, in jail awaiting bond and of course his lawyer saying it was an accident. as far as this community here at uva, it is a tight-knit community. they are in shock. and according to a spokesperson for uva, teammates for yeardley love are mourning mightily. back to you. >> norah o'donnell reporting. time to go across the usa first to tennessee where the death toll is expected to rise after a torrential rains over the weekend triggered widespread flooding. at least 29 people have died in tennessee, kentucky and mississippi. tennessee is the hardest hit. emergency workers expect more deaths as floodwaters recede.
3:25 pm
we'll have a live report from tennessee later in the broadcast. next to new york where a former cbs news producer who admitted to trying to blackmail david letterman over an office affair has been sentenced to six months in prison. robert halderman pled guilty to attempted grand larceny in march. he'll also serve 1,000 hours of community service. finally to washington, d.c., where a fourth person has been arrested now in connection with the killing of brian betts, a popular middle school principal. 18-year-old gray was charged with first-degree murder and armed robbery just a day after two other teens were charged with murder in the case. the mother of one teen is also in custody charged with two counts of credit card misuse. police say betts was set up for a robbery that turned into murder. it pushes us to work . to be better. to win. but sometimes even rivals realize they share a common goal. america's beverage companies have removed full-calorie soft drinks from schools, reducing beverage calories by 88%.
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i'm julia boorstin with your cnbc market wrap. here's a look at how stocks are trading today. stocks taking a sharp dive in the afternoon with the dow
3:29 pm
dropping nearly 250 points to its lowest level in a month. now the dow is down over 230 points. s&p 500 down about 29 points. all of this amid new concerns about europe's debt crisis. europe agreed to a bailout package for greece, but there are worries it would have a tougher time rescuing a larger country like spain which may also need a bailout. a sign the housing market may be improve ing. the national association of realtors says pending home sales were up 5.3% in march. a tax credit to first time home buyers provided a big boost. that's it from cnbc first in business worldwide. peter, back to you. julia boorstin from cnbc. julia, thank you very much for that. i'm peter alexander out in bridgeport, connecticut. we're outside the home of faisal shahzad. 202 sheridan street. our first chance to bring you live and in person. we were allowed to walk around the back a short time ago and saw really very little if anything left. just one bicycle belonging to a
3:30 pm
child. this 30-year-old suspect in the attempted bombing in times square saturday night. the man there said to have a wife and two young children.dgdñ as we learn more information about him, we also know about the new charges today. he will be charged with an act of terrorism when he is arraigned in court a short time from now. we will give you the latest on that coming up. also today this has already become a political hot topic. the senate minority leader mitch mcconnell weighing in on this arrest a little bit earlier today. let's take a listen to him. >> it's my understanding the suspect, a naturalized american citizen is a native of pakistan and that he traveled there at some point in the past year. hopefully the appropriate officials are using this opportunity to exploit as much intelligence as he may have about his overseas connections and any other plots against americans, either here or abroad. >> that is a reference to december 25th christmas of 2009 when authorities mirandized the
3:31 pm
suspect in that underwear bombing after only about an hour. according to many republicans, that was not enough time tof&dz out all the information they'd need. today we learned from authorities speaking a short time ago at the justice department led by the attorney general eric holder that they did gather information from this suspect. that he was cooperative. then they read him his miranda rights and he continued to be cooperative, providing them some new information. weighing in on this topic for us is the representative from michigan, the republican, mike rogers, who's joining me live. representative, congressman, i appreciate your time. you note a pattern in recent cases here. specifically nidal hasan, the ft. hood shooter. abdulmutallab, the underwear bomber. and now faisal shahzad. can you explain what that is? >> one of the things we're going to spend a lo of time worried about, should we do more surveillance cameras on the corner to catch them after the fact. we ought to really be debating what is the pattern that happened in all three of these
3:32 pm
cases that we expect to see more of. and you saw that they were very aggressive about trying to find people that have either u.s. passports or somebody had access to the united states by -- with easy transport across the border that could do a less spectacular event but a pretty incredible event, blow up the plane. which almost was successful. matter of fact, it was a successful event according to al qaeda because they got on the plane. this was a successful event. it was an intelligence failure that allowed somebody to conspire to do it, bring all the materials together and get the vehicle downtown in times square. what is allowing this high success rate? and i would argue it's because we've changed from a preventive intelligence perspective to a law enforcement perspective. and all of that has consequences. i think you're seeing the fruits of those consequences happen. >> representative rogers, we should note for our audience that you are a former fbi agent. if you can in part take us behind the scenes of this investigation. it was only a short77 time ago that the nypd commissioner ray
3:33 pm
kelly noted, i think relishing the fact, that his troops, his guys on the streets were able to make this arrest. as he said, 53 hours and 20 minutes, while jack bauer on the show "24" does it, he said 53 hours ain't bad. what did they do right and what are they doing right now? >> we by no means should slight the investigative work after it was discovered down in times square. it was fantastic. they used every technique that they had available to them as investigators and pursued it with vigor. everything from any type of forensic evidence they may have found inside the car, a fingerprint, some dna evidence, other things, to tracking down the disposable cell phone -- >> what are they doing right now? what are they doing right now? >> now they're trying to piece it all back. they'd like to find out who else was involved. it's incredibly important. there are certainly suggestions that others in pakistan have been involved. we need to clearly understand that picture. from the new york city's
3:34 pm
perspective, they're going to try to make sure that they have a case on this individual and is there anyone else involved, are there any other plots in sequence that they can try to disrupt. that's their main focus. from an intelligence perspective, we should look at the international role in how we prevent these kind of attacks. >> and representative, acknowledging that nbc news is now learning of what may be as many as ten arrests in pakistan already today, so there may be some international ties, obviously proven to be some, this man was born in pakistan, the suspect, was said to be returning back to pakistan through dubai to islamabad today. give us a better sense of how on the streets of the united states there has not been a bombing at home since the oklahoma city bombing, but right now there have been a series of near misses on streets including one vehicle that was left abandoned in new york on december 30th. some fear that could easily have proved to be a terrorist attack. how do we stop what could be a lone wolf either from this country or from elsewhere parking a car in a major metropolitan area and detonating
3:35 pm
it? >> if it's a lone wolf, it's very difficult. you have to understand in these other cases they were not lone wolf cases. everyone5rrtn runs out and said was just one person. he admitted he was only one person. clearly he's trying to deceive investigators to the full extent of the operation. these are not lone wolf operations. this is a new technique being used by al qaeda. here's what's so concerning, peter. if we really want to stop these things there are collection activities we were doing 24 months ago that we are not doing today. that is because we've changed from an intelligence perspective to a law enforcement perspective. i think that's wrong. i think it's put us on a more dangerous footing. so let's not argue about more surveillance cameras. let's argue about how do we get those activities back in place so we catch him when he's in connecticut, not when he's in times square? >> representative mike rogers of michigan, the republican, a former fbi agent, we appreciate you spending time and giving us some of your insight today. thank you. >> thanks, peter. contessa, we're going to toss it back to you by saying
3:36 pm
that the investigation at this site has finish. they have now cleared the scene at this home where faisal shahzad had been living up until now. right now the investigation is hardly complete. they have now taken several trucks filled with possible evidence so they can examine that for any new details. authorities telling nbc news it was a very, very fruitful process today, finding some evidence here that was part of the same evidence used to build that bomb in times square. >> and i should mention for our viewers as well, we're waiting to hear from the white house. the press secretary robert gibbs is expected to speak momentarily. there's a live picture right now. when we see that, we're expecting some questions, of course, about this terror investigation. so we'll stay on top of that. we have a lot of news to get to and only three minutes to do it. it's the faster three minutes in news. we go down to the wire with a shocking encounter for a man and speidi to the rescue and hit the clock. it's official. sully did the right thing. an ntsb safety panel find while captain chezly sullenberger
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could just barely made it back to the airport in january 2009, ditching the plane in the hudson river was the right call. the 155 people on board who survived would no doubt agree. april showers bring may snowstorms? maybe just in oregon where a spring snowstorm is making its way across the state. up to a foot of snow falling in parts of mount hood leaving some to take advantage of the opportunity to ski in may. a 12-year-old boy facing serious charges after leading texas police on a high speed chase overnight. the video shows the car glide past stop signs. police say the chase reached 90 miles an hour. at one point it lasted for seven miles. nobody was hurt here. police found two middle schoolboys in the car. both were arrested. one would be thief picked the wrong store to rob. he had no idea spiderman was waiting for him. take a look at the surveillance video. the comic bookstore owner was wearing a spiderman costume for promotion when he spotted the man trying to steal a valuable x
3:38 pm
man comic book. if you're going to get caught, you might as well get caught by super heroes. a fan got more than he bargained for when he jumped on the field in philadelphia. you can see the guy getting chased at the phillies game. the pictures tell the story of what happened when he got caught. a police officer using a taser to subdue the teenager. there it is. philadelphia police say a preliminary investigation finds the officer acted appropriately. ready for this joke? two deer walked into a bar. or rather came crashing through the front windows. security cameras captured the animals dashing into the ale house. they were capture and released back into the wild. it seems to have happened sunday afternoon while the milwaukee bucks basketball game was on tv. katie perry lit up the red carpet in manhattan. literally. stealing the show in a dress lit
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there are organized terrorist networks that are targeting us. there are lone terrorists at home and abroad that are targeting us. as months even years go by without a successful terrorist attack, the most dangerous lesson is a false impression this danger no longer exists. >> those are the words of justice department attorney general eric holder speaking a short time ago about this situation regarding the attempted bomb attack in times square saturday night. less than two days later, exactly 53 hours later, they were able to make an arrest. the suspect, faisal shahzad, living at this home in bridgeport, connecticut. we are learning some new details about his past history. we learned according to "the wall street journal" that he had been going to southeastern
3:44 pm
university. a university in the washington, d.c., area. that he got his degree in computer science among other things from the university of bridgeport here in connecticut in 2000. then a master's degree he received in 2005. and more recently, we know he was working for a corporation, a company in stamford, connecticut, as a junior financial analyst. that company named finian. just how deep the tentacles of this, of faisal shahzad reached into the terrorism world, the business of terrorism, if you will. our investigative producer from nbc news is bob windrem who's joining us now. we're trying to get beater understanding of how well connected he was perhaps to the taliban, to al qaeda, others in pakistan. as many as ten arrests made now today. when we spoke we said a lot of his training because of the amateurishness of this bomb appeared to be online. what are we learning right now? >> first of all, it's very
3:45 pm
difficult at this point to determine whether those arrests or people taken into custody in pakistan are related to this. this may very well be just round of the the usual suspects. we're getting conflicting information on that. we have one confirmation of an arrest. but the numbers beyond that, it's uncertain as to how many and also whether they're directly connected. as to how he was trained, there are some who believe in the intelligence community that it's possible that he was trained online. and as anyone can tell you who's ever done training online versus training in the field, the training in the field is much better. and certainly a lot of the mistakes he made were errors of omission. forgetting to do things. >> bob, at what point does this become -- obviously it's a political issue at this point. but this was an american citizen which may change the circumstances of this. but obviously it puts some stress on the relationship between the u.s. and pakistan right now, given the fact that there may be these international ties. he was, in fact, trying to fly back to dubai and ultimately
3:46 pm
islamabad just yesterday. >> well, certainly we've seen some evidence of that today. the pakistani ambassador put out a statement today disassociating himself from this. we've also seen a number of aggressive stands by pakistani diplomats today, letting us know at nbc news similar feelings. so i think what's going on here is the pakistani government wants people to understand that they are very much committed to the war on terror or whatever it's currently being called. and they are very committed to going after the various jihad j type. they are not going to be doing anything to essentially represent this man. because as you point out, he is no longer a pakistani citizen. he is a u.s. citizen. >> a naturalized american citizen. our investigative producer is bob windrem. thank you very much for your time. for our audience watching us live, we want to give you a
3:47 pm
little update and make sure you're aware the arraignment for faisal shahzad has not yet happened. it's supposed to happen in lower manhattan. when it does happen we'll give you the very latest. our michelle grafranzen is on t scene there. if the guys at goldman sachs thought they might end up in jail do you think it would have curbed their risky deal making? the company is facing a civil suit but no criminal charges on government claims it cheated clients and helped fuel the mortgage meltdown. is too big to fail also too big for jail? that's the question posed to a senate panel today. >> would you say they had a duty as you characterize it to act in the best interest of the customer? >> i think they had a moral duty to do that. but i don't think they necessarily had a legal duty because of a basic gap in our current laws. >> barry knows a little bit about the laws. he spent time in prison for white collar crimes. now he helps capture crooks as cofounder of the fraud discovery institute. joins me from san diego.
3:48 pm
barry, are fines enough of an obstacle -- we're having trouble with the signal there. can you hear me? no. unfortunately, barry can't. let's see if we can fix that signal. we'll get back to it. let me give you an update on another story we've been following today. doctors say that rocker and reality star bret michaels has now left rocker reality star bret michaels has left the hospital. >> at this point, we want to tell you he has been discharged. i can't tell you where, i can't tell you when. federal privacy laws prevent me from saying that. but he's been recently discharged. and he continues to receive therapies and we continue to monitor his laboratories daily and we're adjusting his medications and he is making a good recovery. >> michael suffered a severe hemorrhage a week ago and also died. he faces at least six more weeks
3:49 pm
of recovery and rehabilitation at an undisclosed location. when your eyes are smiling... you're smiling. and when they're laughing... you're laughing. be kind to your eyes... with transitions lenses. transitions adapt to changing light so you see your whole day comfortably... and conveniently while protecting your eyes from the sun. ask your eyecare professional which transitions lenses are right for you.
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officials in tennessee are expecting the worst as widespread floodwaters triggered by torrential rain begin to recede. at least 29 deaths are now blamed on the floods in tennessee, mississippi and kentucky. and the death toll is expected to rise, as muddy waters begin to ebb. nbc's ron mto is live from one of the hordest-hit areas in nashville, tennessee. ron, bring us up to date there. >> reporter: it's a beautiful day above us, not so much down on the ground. i want to show you the cumberland river behind me, she's fortunately making her way back home, but she's still well outside her banks, 100 feet from here. the current is movinged a a good clip. one of the concerns that officials have is as the waters recede we may find more victims. the death toll here in tennessee
3:53 pm
alone is 18. about ten of those here in nashville. now earlier this afternoon, we paid a visit over to one of the hard-hit eastside neighborhoods to take a look at the damage there. we can tell you some homeowners there were in tears, still unable to get in a their homes because their neighborhood is only accessible by kayaks and boats. but probably by tomorrow they'll be able to take a look. some of those homes had water five or six feet high in them and probably total losses inside. we spoke to one gentleman who was able to walk through water to get to his house. he said everything is gone there, no flood insurance. >> let's go back out now to bridgeport, connecticut and peetder alexander and the latest into the suspect and the latest on the times square bombing attempt. >> reporter: for much of today, investigators have been at this site, gathering as much evidence as they could about this suspect, faisal shahzad, they were here before dawn this morning, waiting, when a raid took place. we saw them in the evidence-gathering process for
3:54 pm
much of the day. now they've completed it. right now they're processing the evidence at another site. and the man accused of trying to blow up a bomb in times square. there is an arraignment scheduled for later this afternoon. msnbc will keep you up to date on that. that's going to do it from me here in bridgeport, connecticut. coming up next, the "dylan ratigan show." his guest, the senator, the republican, judd gregg. boss: so word's gettin' out that geico can help people save in even more ways - on motorcycle insurance, rv, camper, boat insurance. nice work, everyone.
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3:57 pm
well good afternoon to you, i'm dylan ratigan and the times square bomber under arrest and telling his story. how we got him, how he also got away and the debate over he ought to be treated from here. and also, the gulf coast oil spill, millions of people at the mercy of the winds and the tides. not to mention 25% of our nation's wetlands, as the political rhetoric heat up. plus, our live interview with one of the most important voices in the financial reform debate -- senator judd gregg of new hampshire, our special guest. the show starts right now.
3:58 pm
all right. good tuesday afternoon to you. in america today it's extraordinarily busy news day. we start with the accused times square bomb he. he is talking and painting a terrifying picture of his plot to bring a deadly fireball to the crossroads of the world. faisal shahzad will be arraigned shortly in new york courtroom. he was arrested last night at jfk airport after investigators linked together shahzad's cell phone records, emails and previous trips to pakistan. this time, shahzad was on a plane bound for dubai, making it through security after an updated no-fly list with his name on it hadn't yet made the rounds. clearly hadn't made it to the gate. the airport tower transmission showing just how close this man was to getting out of this country. his flight had already backed off the gate.
3:59 pm
>> actually, i have a message for you to go back to the gate immediately, so make the left turn when able. >> we're trying to figure out what's going on here right now. >> we are learning of five of shahzad's alleged associates in pakistan, all of them apparently have been taken into custody. and the "associated press" is reporting that he trained at a terror camp in pakistan. still, officials here at home are warning it is too earl will i to jump to any definitive conclusions. for his part, shahzad telling the feds, he acted alone and we're learning that our own intelligence officials had no idea about this man's existence until the wheels of his plot were already in motion. saturday evening in times square. in fact, he was granted u.s. citizenship just last year. investigators now combing through his application for any clues about the plot. the president today insisting shahzad's arrest is proof the system works. >> justice will be done. and we will continue to do everything in our power to protect the ameri


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