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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  July 21, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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from the mounted angst to the presidential advisors to the challenging reporters, only one of us this in all of this have done their job correctly. you know what decisive action is and how to respond in this atmosphere. and thank god somebody does. good night. and good luck. quick! everybody back pedal, fast! >> one of the great questions you take away from this is ask all of the questions first. >> the network who made this happen, disavowed, disavowed. >> what was the big hurry for them to condemn her in the first place? i don't get it. >> the saga of shirley sherrod overtakes the news as the country realizes belatedly this shouldn't happen to anyone, they've done this before again and again and again. as we'll see. michael steele has enemies in very conservative places. the latest bit of back stabry
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against the chairúoo the republican party from republican sources. and the liberals shouldn't go for the aluminum siding. >> let's end this secular socialism right now. for the best in siding, windows, and roofing at the very best price, call me. >> and sharon angle's new old pitch to be nevada's next senator. >> government is not the solution to the problem. government is the problem. >> smiles, everyone, smiles. a loaded up part of the problem, rachel maddow show starts right now. do you remember when we enacted the don't ask don't tell comic book, "comics with problems." army comic book in 2001 about how to deal with gay people in the military. we acted it out. >> man, i've been talking to chaplain aers in the last few
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weeks, i may be homosexual. >> stop right there! >> comics with problems. i want to talk about published that don't ask don't tell bizarre row comic. also published another amazing comic from 1960 or 1961. a comic commissioned by george wallace. george wallace, the famous segregationist who four times was the govern of the great state of alabama. >> i say segregation now, segregation tomorrow, and segregation forever. >> 1960, george wallace's campaign commissioned this comic book to get people to vote for george wallace by showing how brave he was in standing up against civil rights. you can see it here in the comic-imagined headlines, wallace fights back -- i won't yield to threat else. wallace stands up for south. judge won't surrender. the comic book isn't an argument in favor of segregation, it's more of a conspiratorial scream about how everybody is out to
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get alabama, alabama, white alabama, george wallace, is just defending themselves. why did washington go out of its way to try to hurt george wallace. they wanted to ruin himç politically. they noted he's a strong segregationist and they'll throw a monkey wrench in their plans to take over the state. wallace pledges to provide alabama for black top roads, pensions for old people, education, and, head right back north, every freedom writer, sit-in, and every other troublemaker backed by the naacp that meddles in our affairs. that's the promise. to remove the threat. the outsider threat to remove white people and the white way of life. the threat by the naacp by the people who want to take over. be afraid, white people. there's a threat to take you over. the black people are coming for you. the naacp they're coming for
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you, coming for you, coming for you. you better ban together to not surrender, to fight back. that's pretty raw in 1960 comic book form, right? here's what it looked like in 1990, right? the same thing. the form of a campaign ad on television. >> you needed that job. you were the best qualified. but they had to give it to a minority because of a racial quota. is that really fair? harvey gan says it is. he supports the racial quota law but makes the color of your skin more important than your qualifications. you wrote on this issue next tuesday. for racial quotas, harvey gan, against it, jesse himself. >> the balled up white fist, the anger at what's being given to black people because it's being taken away from white people. a zero sum. black people are coming for you, coming for the job, coming to get you.
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you better not surrender, fight back against the black people coming for you. after the political success in the south, the politicians like george wallace, who, again, remember, was elected four times in alabama governor, after the political success of politicians like lester maddox, who used as his political symbol when he ran for governor in georgia the pick ax handle he brandished to defend his segrega(ed restaurant from black people. after the civil rights era, the political strategy of terrifying white people about the threat posed by black people -- black people coming to get them, coming to take what's rightfully theirs, coming to t a new name, the southern strategist. in 1970, kevin phillips explained to "the new york times," quote, from now on, republicans are never going to get more than 10% to 20% of the negro vote, they don't need more than that. the republicans would be shortsighted if they weakened enforcement of the voting rights act. meaning they blocked black people from registering the vote. the more negroes who register as
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democrats in the south, the sooner the negro-phobe whites will quit the democrats and become republicans. that's where the votes are. that's where the votes are. that's the way to get white votes, by counting on white people being afraid of black people. make clear where the black people are, politically, and count on what kevin phillips are negro-phobia. locking up all of the white votes on the other side. white people feeling like they're victims of black people. black people are the racists. white people need somebody to stand up for them. good politics. always has been in this country. it still is. >> how do you get promote in a barack obama administration? by hating white people. or even stating that you do -- or that they're not good or put them -- whatever. make white people the new oppressed minority. they're going along with it. they're shutting up. they're moving to the back of the bus.
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they're saying i can't use that drinking fountain, okay. i can't use that restroom, okay. >> white people, the black people are coming for you. they're coming to take your rights, everything you have. black people are coming after you so white people need to ban together. >> this president, i think, has exposed himself as a guy over and over and over again, who has a deep-seeded hate red for white people or the white culture. i'm saying he has a problem. he has a -- this guy is, i believe, a racist. >> fox news channel this year has run with a few different stories that they really pushed all on their own. they weren't main stream news stories. they weren't news, really, fox news agenda items. they all followed a very, very similar narrative. the van jones controversy. one, usurping legitimate government power coming to take it away.
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on being a renewable energy policy expert didn't seem scary enough about van jones, politics morphed him to an excon, jailed for racially motivated violence against white people. this is how glenn beck reported it on august 13, 2009. he said, quote, while i don't know ant you, i'm sure glad to know that van jones, the radical, the anarchist, the guy you know, part of the rodney king riots, he has the ear of the president. and august 11, the same guy, here is van jones, a convicted felon -- a guy who spent, i think, six months in prison after the rodney king beating. he was a black nationalist that came out, anarchist and communist. green movement is the new red now he's the new green job czar. why is there so much money for the green movement, fund for public interest. van jones didn't spend six months in prison for the rodney king riots. wille's not a convicted felon. he never served time in prison. he never has been convicted of
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anything. who cares, it worked. white people, the black people are coming for you. violent excons who rivalagainst white people. they're coming for you. more black people are coming for you. acorn -- an almost all minority community organizing group torn apart day after day on fox news because fox news said they were thugs, criminal thugs stealing taxpayer money and stealing elections. >> now, who brought him in to office? the press brought him in. the press was a big factor and so was the -- so was -- they get a lot of help from acorn, this corrupt organization, that there's now under indictment in many states throughout the country for voter -- for voter fraud and registration fraud. and also, by the way, responsible for the stealing of the election of norm coleman in minnesota. >> we keep hearing about this group, acorn. and every single swing state now, there are allegations of voter fraud. you had even said, you use the
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term "stealing the election," are you concerned that that might be happening in this election? >> i join many americans in sharing that concern. >> acorn -- i saw them as a thug organization. i was getting my tax dollars. >> so, michelle, help meç out here. with -- with -- with sciu having a real seat at the table. these are -- this is the thug-ocracy kind of idea. acorn, can you draw the connections between black panthers and sciu? or are these others kind of latching on because they see what direction the country is headed? >> you know, there's both implicit and explicit coordination of this corruption, glenn. >> be afraid, they're coming for you. we have a great fox news crusade of the past year was more black
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people coming for you, the new black panther party. two whack job guys at a polling station during the election. the bush justice department investigated whether those two intimidated voters that day and found they didn't. normal news outlets for most was not a story. on fox, it's reasonable to play footage over and over again of a random wing nut black guy being very threatening, being very threatening to white people. when you run something like four dozen stories on one of your fox news shows as they did, just on this story. four dozen times covering it, each time showing the exact same foot annual age of the exact sa threatening random black guy. it's a good way of getting a message across that random black guys are threatening. they're coming for you, they're coming for you. black people are coming for you to take what's yours. and so it goes. a fox news alert, an obama administration official resigned after a she was caught on tape appearing to tell an audience
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she had used her position to racially discriminate against white farmers. >> no, no she didn't. she didn't use her position as an obama administration official to discriminate against white people, she didn't. it fits the narrative, doesn't it? beautifully. what are the four major fox news stories have in common. the four major stories pressed and pushed on fox over and above the facts as their own ç make-up-the-news-cycle you wish you had narrative to pin on the obama administration. what is the same about the four fox news initiated scandals? van jones, acorn, the new black panther party, and shirley sherrod. what's the same about these four stories. this isn't about racism. this is not a story about picking on black people. this is a story about political outcomes, the tried and true political strategy of not targeting black people, but targeting white people. targeting white people.
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white voters, or white would-be voters to feel afraid of black people. to feel afraid of african-american people as if they're not fellow americans but rather a threat to what white people have. they're coming for you. a zero sum game. if they get anything, that means you lose something. the message is a political one, clear as a 1960 campaign-funded segregationist comic book. stand up, white people, stand up against the black threat. the shirley sherrod is a racist against a white people story is not true. everyone knows that by now. but it's not now. it's political strategy to stoke fear and racial resentment among white voters, like kevin phillips said in 1970, that's where the votes are. this is a political strategy. advanced not by a news organization, but political activists who use a cable channel as a political outlet. they are pros at this. there's no reason to expect them to stop doing stuff like this. unless it stops working some day. unless some day it stops working.
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promoted a baseless story on monday and tuesday and spent wednesday shrinking away from the scene of the crime. the fox news channel goes with the "who me?" defense. it happens in public and it can be checked. that's coming up. pulitzer prize-winning columnist eugene robinson. please stick around. well check this out... boo-yah! shazam! h2...o! hydrolicious! look what i can do! magic bananas! adios contaminos! introducing the first faucet filter that installs with just one click and removes 99% of lead and microbial cysts. check it out at ♪ a fantastic opportunity to get 0% apr financing on every new 2010 cadillac model. like the cts sport sedan. the most acclaimed vehicle in its class and a "car and driver" 10 best, three years in a row.
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or the all new cadillac srx luxury crossover. and even the most acclaimed luxury suv ever, the cadillac escalade. summer brings out the best in all of us. hurry in to get 0% apr financing on every new 2010 cadillac during cadillac's "summer's best" sales event, going on now at your cadillac dealer. ♪ the shameful and momentarily effective contriveness that is the story of shirley sherrod should not surprise anyone. the conservative movement has targeted the white voters on the
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overwhelming majority of the voting populace with political tactics disguised as stories to scare them. to scare them that voting rights and property rights and educational rights and everything that americans are supposed to be guaranteed that those are a zero sum game. the story goes the elevation of african-americans to the electoral process, politics, business, schools, and the rest of american life will necessarily take those things away from white people. so white people need to defend themselves against it. it's a calculated strategy and it works over and over and over again -- it has until right this second. i wonder if that's ever going to change? columnist and associate editor for "the washington post." hi, jean, nice to see you. >> hi, rashle, good to be here. i haven't heard in many years, negro-phobia.
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>> negro-phobia. >> yeah. >> it's perfect because it's targeting white people to be afraid. it's picking on black people but picking on black people for a presumed white audience to make white people afraid that black people are coming to take what's theirs. the tactic is as old as the son. do you see it that way? >> it is. you see it played out. the black people are just foil in this tactic. it really is aimed at white people. and there's been an evolution of it now, though, because it's not just black people who fullyç participate in american life, it's black people who achieve a certain status and power. and that once they achieve that status and power, they inevitably are going to use it to -- to take revenge against whites somehow. and it's perfectly set up for that sort of thing. the african-american president. there are a lot of african-americans who have
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advanced in every walk of american life. and the nation is moving forward every year to the time where there will not be a racial or ethnic majority in this country, just a bunch of minorities. that freaks people out. so, hence, the evolution of this tactic. but, you know, in a larger sense, it's the same old story. >> you saw it -- it's popped up in ways that seem surprising. i remember being completely befuddled in the fight over health reform, some on the right said the health reform is a stalking horse for reparations for slavery. remember that line from talk radio? >> where did they come from? these things are so random that it takes a few days to register. how in the world do you get from here to there? the things have nothing to do
9:21 pm
with each other. i got to admit that my favorite -- and we're being kind of detached and ironic here. because i do take this stuff seriously. i write about it in a column for tomorrow. it's clearly a tactic, it's -- it is a political tactic that isn't a random kind of thing. it's not just news organizations, these are political pros who know how to do this sort of thing. but the -- but the thing about the new black panther party, you know, this is a couple of guys. you know, the whole organization membership might climb in to the dozens, maybe, on a good day. if you watch fox news, you would think there are kabals and these are such whack jobs the original black panthers are issuing statements disavowing connections with me. they're not good people. but there are only like a handful of them, yet, they've been made into this huge
9:22 pm
national threat. all part of the same -- part of the same game. >> that's the thing. it only makes sense if you recognize the continuing narrative and how it has functioned so well politically over time. i mean, with the new black panther thing, it's not just that there's three random guys wearing sandwich boards and beards which it is. the horrible incident with them happened two years ago. happened in the election. but all of a sudden, there was a need for a new scary black thing in order to make people afraid about voting issues. with acorn gone, what are we going to -- what tape are we going to run? >> we only have three seconds of tape. >> if you play it for longer, it might give dangerous context. you can't allow that. it is -- anyway, so let me ask you specifically about what happened agriculture secretary tim vilsack apologized, offered her a job at usda. that goes some distance to making up for the huge mistake.
9:23 pm
what else does the administration have to do to recover from this? >> well, first of all, i think they have to recognize that they -- they handled this really poorly. i mean, they -- they forced the woman to pull her car over wherever she's driving -- trying to drive home, and resign on the spot rather than be criticized on glenn beck on monday evening. before anybody knew what she had said, even took the time to get her side of the story,
9:24 pm
we're talking about this tonight because the curtain has been pulled back. this was so transapartment, the way that -- that andrew brightbart edited that clip to -- to make it seem as if she were saying something diametrically opposed to what she actually said, and when the truth came out, you could just see -- see it as the tactic that it is. and i think there's -- there have to be ways to capitalize on that. and to push back on that. i think the way you deal with bullies is don't run away from them. confront them, push back. maybe that's a lesson the white house can draw from this too. push back. >> guy who's as amused and horrified by all of this as i am in equal measure. i appreciate it, thank you.
9:25 pm
>> thank you, rachel. great to be here. what the conservative media did to shirley sherrod is if they had been covering hansel and gretel as a news story only they watched the part where they leave the trail of bread crumbs and declared them to be anti-social litterers, just "grim," get it, "grimm"? great. come on in. would you like to see our new police department? yeah, all right. this way. and here it is. completely networked. so, anything happening, suz? she's all good. oh, my gosh. is that my car? [ whirring ] [ female announcer ] the new community. see it. live it. share it. on the human network. cisco. i want to be a volunteer firefighter. i'm going to go there. [ female announcer ] at aarp we believe you're never done growing.
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i think without a doubt ms. sherrod is owed an apology. i would do so on behalf of this administration. >> white house press secretary robert gibbs offering the apologies of the obama administration. the apology offered a few hours later by another apology, her former boss, the person who asked for and accepted her resignation. our nation's agriculture secretary, tom vilsack. >> i had the opportunity to speak with shirley sherrod over the phone. i started out by extending to her my personal and profound apologies for the pain and discomfort that has been caused to her and her family over the course of the last several days. in addition to that, he offered shirley sherrod a new job. ms. sherrod is considering
9:30 pm
whether to accept that offer. one of the amazing things that's happened in the last 24 hours is this political bomb continues to explode, the people who lit the fuse in the first place are trying to pretend they had nothing do oh with it. they're pretending they're shocked, just shocked with the big explosion. we talked about the incredible links that fox news channel went to to hype the scandal after it was broken by the conservative website that fed lots of stuff to fox in the past. breaking news on being caught on tape making racially charged comments to media audience. >> the skin color couldn't decide any assistance. >> an obama administration official resigned a short time ago after she was caught on tape appearing to tell an audience she had used her position to racially discriminate against white farmers. >> none of which is true, except
9:31 pm
for the resignation part. fox news channel jumped on it instantly without having any of the facts straight about what happened. almost like the whole thing was coordinate. a few hours after the original article and videos were posted on that right wing website, an identical version of the story literally just about verbatim appeared on the fox news website under the totally misinformed headline, "caught on tape: obama official discriminates against white farmer." she didn't discriminate against a white farmer. she wasn't a obama official caught on tape doing anything. you did spell everything right, so good job. fox news forced this story like the fake acorn scandal, the fake van jones controversy. fox news cooked it up and sold it out of context as we found out. after having done that, after having lit that fuse, here's the fox news take on the matter. now that the real story has come
9:32 pm
out and the bomb has gone off. this is amazing. >> well, the fallout now is a headache for the white house because they may have -- well, i don't know, they may have acted without knowing the whole story. >> it kind of looks like it. >> do not adjust your tv machine. fox news -- that's -- fox news, not actors portraying fox news in a laughably ridiculous way, actually fox news, condemning other othe others for acting without knowing the whole story. this is the fox news story as the story was unfolding. fox news anchor steve ducy the blond you saw sitting on the left a moment aching. just yesterday. >> outrageous. everybody needs a refresher course of what racism looks like. >> that's exhibit a. >> to do it so publicly as though she's proud of her actions. right. >> right. exhibit a. this is racism, exhibit a. that according to fox news anchor steve ducy yesterday. steve ducy today?
9:33 pm
oh. >> what was the big hurry for them to condemn her in the first place? i don't get it. >> come on -- to condemn -- people are so quick to judge. how about former bush press secretary turned fox news host dana perino. she offered this lecture today to those who got it so wrong. >> her comments cost shirley sherrod her job. did the white house jump the gun before getting the facts. >> you can't fire first and ask questions later. same fox news show, same show one day earlier. this emerging and confirming what people thought about people who burrowed their way in the obama administration about a radical agenda and racist
9:34 pm
sentiment clearly by her. >> people shouldn't jump to conclusions. what's made clear is she was taken out of context, her speech was edited to make it look like the opposite of what it was. fox news had a major bone to pick of anybody guilty of doing that, taking part of her speech out of context and making a judgment about her based on a little snippet. >> she said that i assumed th g things that they -- that the white family came off arrogant and condescending to her and she reacted in a certain way. if you take that when she was described in the way she did act at one point and then left it right there, you would have a different impression of what shirley sherrod was like in doing. >> right. i know. dude, you should totally see what they did on the same show yesterday. really. >> an official from barack obama's united states department of agriculture making a speech to the naacp that sure sounded racist -- listen.
9:35 pm
so i didn't give him the full force of what i could do. >> she admits there that because a farmer was white, she doesn't extend the full helping hand to him. she's touting this in this anecdote as if this is a feather in her cap somehow for her to be congratulated. i mean, it's really a shocking admission. same show. been a striking transformation in the fox news that hype in this story yesterday and the fox news quick to lay blame today. here's how fox described the story yesterday. usda official admitted race. on tape. here's another one, racism caught on tape. that's fox news yesterday. today, look what it is. rush to judgment, jumping the
9:36 pm
gun, a modern-day witch hunt. did they act too fast? fox news trying to put the blame on others now, trying to disavow any responsibility for what they did to shirley sherrod, just like what they did to acorn and van jones and all the rest, telling half the story, distorting the outcome but making sure the story meets their political objectives. if we had to count on fox news to cover the story of the tortoise and the hare, we would think that the tortoise lost. they wouldn't cover the outcome of the race. they would unload on that slow tortoise. with the race 2/3 finished between the tortoise and the hare, fox can project, it's over, america! the hare has won in a laugher. is anyone surprised here? did the so-called tortoise think slow and steady could win a race? while americans paid good money to watch what was hyped as a competitive race, this tortoise
9:37 pm
decided it was perfectly okay to waste our time with slow and steady. why has no one held this tortoise accountable for this outrageous behavior. who's pulling the strings here. is he taking for the short money? or is he just too lazy and full of himself to train for this race? now, as for the hear, he can take a long well-deserved nap and jog to the finish line. this one is over. but as for you, tortoise, it's time for you to hide your head in shame. >> the next day, fox news would be castigating everybody else who counted the tortoise out. castigate them for jumping to conclusions. be a little more cautious next time. get the story straight. the wonder is not that they do this. the wonder of all of this is that anybody falls for it. over and over and over and over and over again. let's go. come on. hurry up.
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i ain't going anywhere. i'm here. every time something happens, people say, you should step
9:41 pm
down, you should step down. the reality is, that's not happening. stop the noise on that. >> michael steele is speaking earlier this month about the plans to definitely resign as chairman of the republican party, despite the umpteenth rounds of calls for his resignation. you can make it umpteenth plus one. the treasurer of the rnc has accused of hiding michael steele of hiding $7 million in debt to make the republican party to be in better financial state than it is. it's the newspaper of choice, ""the washington times,"" which underlined the seriousness of the allegations against mr. steele by pointedly knowing that simply misreporting the numbers to the fec can result in criminal fines and criminal charges can be levied if it's to be intentional. so much was broke bin the particular conservative newspaper is not a coincidence. it's not just "washington times"
9:42 pm
readers, they're also "washington times" sources. if you want to know how badly the republican establishment wants michael steel to go away, take a look at "the washington times" where you will find that reporting dirt on michael steele has become a beat all its own. back in april of last year, just months after being elected chairman of the rnc, "the washington times" published an exclusive on efforts of the rnc to limit how much control mr. steele would have over the party's cash. they followed up that reporting with another exclusive about a week later, noting that mr. steele had, in fact, been forced to sign a secret pact agreeing to restrain somehow how he spends the party's money. "washington times" reported, again, exclusively, on a new controversy on mr. steele's associates paying substantially more than what the predecessors made. to former rnc chairman went to "the washington times," exclusively, with their criticism of michael steele's habit for personally taking
9:43 pm
money for speaking engagements. in january of this year, "the washington times" reported that michael steele was driving away big republican party donors. a number of major contributors some declined to state their claims on the record have nmr. steele had not made personal calls as others have. white house officials demand that mr. steele call off the national book tour followed by "the washington times" also exclusive reporting on preparations for the post-rnc chair that the state party chairman was quitting his job in preparation for a possible challenge to mr. steele. that's a sampling of the reporting on the head of the republican party from washington's very own daily conservative newspaper. it's actually hard to think of a nongaffe-related michael steele scandal that wasn't broken or superaggressively reported on by the washington times. the only exception, perhaps, should be the reporting on michael steele's desire for a private jet and the rnc's
9:44 pm
bankrolling of bondage-themed nightclub outings. that story was broken by a conservative website called "the daily caller" which is the on-line answer to the washington times. joining me now is john stanton, reporter for "roll call" newspaper. thank you for joining us. niles to see you. >> good to see you. >> couldened help but notice how many scandals were unearthed by this one conservative paper. should the fact that the reporting is coming from "the washington times" be seen as a sign that there is a specific group of conservatives that are out to get him? >> to a certain degree, yeah, you can draw that conclusion. the times has long had very good relationships with members of the conservative movement, particularly within the republican party. they're well known for having a lot of sources within the rnc members and the states and stuff like that. so, this is not just a few
9:45 pm
members of congress or the senate that have problems with mr. steele. >> the name randy poulin comes up a lot. he's the rnc treasurer making the allegations that michael steele was trying to hide rnc debt. is he a wannabe replacement for michael steele? does he have credibility issues on his own? >> i'm not sure if he wants to replace michael steele. i do know that he has a -- he's long been sort of rumored to be the source of some of these stories that "the washington times" and others have written. he's made no sort of secret of his unhappiness with chairman steele and his tenure. there are some questions raised by the steele supporters saying he was involved in the questionable money issues with the arizona republican party. so, you know, they're trying to throw a little mud back, i think. but he definitely -- his motive, i take it, is pretty clear he's
9:46 pm
not happy with chairman steele so -- >> the main question i have about this, the reason i want to talk to you about it is i feel like there's this beltway common wisdom it's not feasible to get rid of michael steele. it's way too disruptive. they can't get rid of him. if that's the case, why is there there keep being these leap stories against him. the conservativeses s s ascribe that too. michael steele could be gotten rid of? >> in theory, yes, i guess. in reality for republicans, it would be a terrible situation. it would take weeks to get rid of him, assuming that he wouldn't just go quietly, which he made clear he won't. and to do that would take the focus off of the obama administration and the democrats right up to the close to the elections. most republicans are resigned to him being around. that being said this, is washington, and leaking is the, you know, favored sport of members of the dysfunctional relationship. and, so, they decide that they want to take it out on him some
9:47 pm
way because they're frustrated or upset or whatever, and they decide to start throwing these kinds of tidbits to the press. you get a circular fire squad where they end up hurting each other. >> john stanton of "roll call", thank you for your reporting and your time, john. good to see you. >> good to see you. come ing up on "countdown," keith's amazing special comment on the right-wing smear job against shirley sherrod and the left wing reaction as well. on this show, something important from oklahoma about aluminum siding. it's very important. hold on -- coming up in a second.
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d big surprise of the election year is republican candidates for senate in this year's elections are turning out to be super fun to cover. mark kirk exaggerating his own military record at least ten different times. mike lee in utah who wants to change the constitution so people won't be able to vote for who is their senator anymore. seriously. rand paul who thinks if woolworths wants to have a segregated lunch counter in the south, that is their private business. sharron angle who says
9:53 pm
conservatives should be expected to use guns to pursue their political aims if the elections don't go their way this year. she is amazing. the most amazing thing about covering sharron angle's campaign is watching the professional, the political pros put a shine of reasonableness on the real sharron angle. >> you and i have an opportunity right now to change the direction of our country. government is not the solution to the problem. government is the problem. we, the people, are the solution. >> government is the problem like reagan said and i want you to send me to washington to run the problem. put me in charge of the problem. say it with a smile. smiles, everyone, smiles. it is less scary that way. theoretically. pation... why am i constipation? ...he's diarrhea. and our special fiber helps our probiotics
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9:57 pm
it was something that i thought was somewhat newsworthy but really didn't pursue, but when i saw the naacp last week was going to reassert the falsehood, the provable falsehood that the "n" word was hurled by tea party people as part of the resolution to condemn the tea party. this is about politics and tarring the american tea party with false racism. >> that is the man behind the race baiting shirley sherrod fake scandal. why now? the third week in july, 2010, to post a clip in a months old speech before a naacp audience which taken in audience is an
9:58 pm
inspiring story about one woman's personal growth on race and shown without context, well, you know how it played out. an electronic hit job on a completely innocent person. a conservative website said they had this video for months but no run to unleash it until the naacp joined the right wing in battle. last week the naacp passed a resolution asking the tea party movement to repudiate overtly racist groups associated themselves with the tea party movement as well as the occasionally racist signs that have happened at tea party events. by his own admission, the purvey investor of the tape was using the tape and shirley sherrod as a direct reply of the naacp's condemnation of the overtly racist tea party.
9:59 pm
i will see you resolution and raise you a 24-year-old story that will make it seem the black people are the hot headed. charging in that wind is the tea party caucus. representative michele bachmann posted the names of the 29 members. whoa. 29. for a while. a few hours later a new list was posted listing the names of the 25 members. four members names disappeared and three others were added. some of the confusion may be because ms. bachmann may vt no explained the public list. it is one thing to pledge your loyalty to the tea party, it is another to get your name in the paper for doing it. we continues "you lie" joe


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