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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  September 15, 2010 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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these are just two reasons why liberty mutual customers know we're a company they can count on, and why 9 out of 10 of our customers would recommend us to a friend. at liberty mutual, we help you move on with your life. so switch today, and get the auto insurance responsible drivers like you deserve. looks really good. call us at... or visit your local liberty mutual office, where an agent can help you find the policy that's right for you. liberty mutual auto insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? i'm tamron hall. right now on msnbc, the party of champions. tea party candidates shake up establishment republicans and primaries across the country and add a new dimension to the november election. what does it mean for the gop, democrats and for our country? and a dream act. could senator harry reid's push
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for an immigration proposal and repeal of don't ask, don't tell mean the end of an arm's bill. what does lady gaga have to do with all of this? drinking and flying, a pi t pilot, listen to this, suspended for having a cocktail before going into the cockpit. were the results would have been different if he was flying from the united states. plus, this -- why this camel is so unhappy. poor guy had to be rescued after a pretty sticky situation. we'll have the details. we begin with the impact of stunning victories and defeats in this final round of big primaries this morning. the buzz is all about delaware. christine o'donnell toppled congressman mike castle who had never lost a race. o'donnell had never won one and if you imagine that she can pull it off last night, but a big turning point when she got endorsements from senator jim dement and sarah palin. this morning, in fact, on
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"today" show with matt lauer o'donnell was asked to rate how important palin's endorsement was to her victory. >> i think it was a ten because what she did was in the middle of all that mudslinging coming out, she came out and endorsed me and it was a vote against the politics of personal destruction and what that did was allow the people who maybe were still on the fence and wondering if this is true, it gave them the opportunity to look beyond that. and to realize, you know, i need to give this candidate a chance and take her up on the opportunity to come out and meet her and i think that's what happened. it certainly was a turning point and she of all people know whauwhat it's like to be hit by the establishment. >> norah o'donnell is nbc chief washington correspondent. so the question a lot of people are asking now. we will see sarah palin in delaware to help get christine oo'donnell through the finish line in november? >> that's a good question.
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we don't know yet. the hopes of an easy win to get joe biden's seat has now been shatter shattered. christine o'donnell is not their dream candidate, she is their nightmare candidate. the chairman of the state republican party in delaware has called her dilutional. has said she couldn't be elected dogcatcher. she's a political neofight who has now won on her third attempt because she was backed by sarah palin and tea party and by jim dement the conservative wing of the republican party and you can bet a number of republican establishment candidates that are just stunned, shocked, deeply worried. in fact, karl rove has said she doesn't have the character to be elected. he called her nutty, in part. christine o'donnell responded to that today and saying republicans had to stop this republican canbleism. this is a big one and now you have republicans like karl rove, otherwise known as bush's brain saying that republicans, of course, had the opportunity to pick up some eight to nine
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senate seats and they need ten to take over the senate and now may be only seven to eight seats they can pick up. a lot of people blaming christine oo'donnell that they may lessen their chances of taking a majority in the senate. that's a big deal. >> that is a big deal. also in new york another tea party candidate did very well. beat rick lazio. what is the inside on that race, norah? >> another tea party favorite rocking rick lazio. it helped that paladino spent $3 million of his own money outspending lazio. he is known for his white hot rhetoric. he will take a baseball bat to albany. that he is mad as hell and i think that probably endeared him to a lot of voters that are also mad as hell. he is not a moderate republican and he has been, of course, blasted for sending, blasted for sending e-mails to friends that have racist jokes and
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pornographic images. >> real quick, charlie rangel pulled out a victory despite the victory swirling around him. and quickly the new hampshire republican senate primary kelly ohot. >> what a night, right? i mean, big news in politics. you're right, new hampshire, another marquise senate race and kelly ayotte holding on to a lead and the future star in the republican party. people i talked to last night and this morning is she may eke out this win over a tea party favorite. interesting, though, ayotte was backed by sarah palin. >> thank you very much, greatly appreciate it. the senate is preparing to vote next. we have a huge defense spending bill that is expected to include two controversial pieces of legislation. first, the bill could contain a provision to repeal the military's don't ask, don't tell policy prohibiting gays and lesbians from openly serving.
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it could also include a proposal known as the dream act that would give green cards to young illegal immigrants after they go to college or serve in the military. nbc news senate producer ken strickland is on capitol hill. so, harry reid, obviously, trying to keep promises to the base there. what has been the reaction, ken? >> this is as much about politics as it is about policy. they made the case that the bail these provisions are in, the dream act are what are called and this bill generally sets the policy, the long-term policies and programs for the defense department. even when there is no controversial measures in it, it takes two to three weeks to get it done. republicans say the majority leader reid was in a tough re-election battle of thhis own. important to democrats and important to their base. the defense authorization bill there will be a vote to decide whether or not they can bring the bill to the floor to debate
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it. republicans will force democrats to bring 60 votes and important to ask reid if he had 60 votes and he didn't say he did. more politics remain to be seen if the bill gets to the floor, yet alone pass. >> if it does get to the floor, if it does pass. tell us more about the dream act. what's inside because i'm sure you had some people who will see this as amnesty. >> right, basically here's the way it is described simply. children who arrive in the united states undocumented immigrants, children who arrive in the united states before the age of 16 have been in the country for five years, got a high school degree or the equivalent and then spend two years in college or military service. those individuals would have a path towards citizenship. so, again, you will find out whether or not this could actually get passed until next week. republicans are saying, like i said, politics over policy, according to them. >> before i let you go y have to ask you about lady gaga tweeting. senator reid. gay veterans were my vma dates.
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repeal don't ask, don't tell. call harry reid to schedule senate vote. there is a vote on dadt next week. anyone qualified to serve this country should be allowed to do so. and gaga respond ed thank you very much. you don't see that every day, ken. >> i think it's fair to say that in this political climate democrats are happy to have anybody to pass their priorities. harry reid doesn't strike me as a gaga kind of guy, but stranger things have happened in politics, i'm sure. >> ken strickland live on capitol hill, a lot of reaction to what harry reid has planned. thank you. delta airline pilot has been suspended while the company investigates whether he was about to fly drunk from the netherlands to the united states. so, the pilot was pulled from the cockpit and the flight to newark airport was canceled yesterday after a member of the crew felt that the pilot was just not fit for duty. dutch police arrested that pilot who had been identified but
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authorities say did not give out his name, but he is a 52-year-old man from new jersey. he was fined about $900 and released after he was found to have a blood alcohol level of 0.023. that is, by the way, above the maximum allowed by dutch standards, which are considered tough, but not above the faa standards in the united states. joining me now from washington is mike, an aviation safety expert pilot and former chief litigator pilot for the faa who practices aviation law. mike, thanks for joining us again. >> you're welcome, tamron. >> why isn't there one standard across the board when you think about a pilot being able to fly abroad. why isn't there one zero tolerance to alcohol, for example. >> the regulation in the united states is that you can't have more than 0.04 and there's another regulation that you cannot have any alcoholic beverage of any kind within eight hours before the flight.
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many companies have a 12-hour rule and pilots are very, very strict about enforcing that rule upon themselves. it's a rule among the cult of pilots, as it were. but the europeans, to answer your question, the europeans have always been in regard to driving vehicles, flying airplanes and a much lower tolerance in europe for many, many years. >> do you think they have it right and we have it wrong? >> no, their regulation is what it is. and american pilots understand that when they're flying abroad, they are required by federal aviation regulations here to follow those mandates in foreign countries. >> a delta spokesperson released a statement saying delta's policy is that pilots should not report for duty with any alcohol present in their stem. what do you make of the fact that it was crew members that
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were concerned and turned this pilot in? >> well, you know, you know, usually that's the way it happens. it is because the crew members are most closely associated with the pilot and they can observe what the pilot has done, they usually stay in the same hotels and, so, they kind of monitor it themselves. but, you know, they use the word drunk. i don't know if 0.023 is drunk. i mean 0.04 is the limit here in the united states. under that, they don't consider it drunk. so, using that term, i think, is probably too inclusive. but, nevertheless, he did disobey the dutch rules, he should have known about those dutch rules and if he had the drink within eight hours preceding the flight of any kind of quantity, he disobeyed the federal aviation regulations that would be influenced. >> right now he's suspended pending this investigation. mike, thank you very much. we greatly appreciate it. >> you're welcome.
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well, it has only happened three times in the past 60 years. two major hurricanes formed at the same time in the same region. in fact, take a look at some of this incredible video of hurricanes igor and julia. this is from nasa and on the other side of the ocean, a new tropical storm is brewing and set to strike mexico. nbc news meteorologist bill karins joins me with what he's watching. what is your update? >> i can up your ante. three times in 60 years. this is the first time since 1926 that we've had two category 4s at the same time. >> wow. show off. look at you. >> yeah. i one up you with my facts. let's go and show you what's happening with these storms. as we mentioned, mexico is getting hit currently by karl. karl formed rapidly yesterday. almost became a hurricane this morning and is now moving through the yucatan and anyone that has been down to canton or bulease, this area is not devastated but a rainy, windy day with minor damage expected.
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what is going to happen once it gets in the gulf of mexico. sometimes these storms can turn up towards texas. but not this one, stay south of texas and become a category one hurricane on its second landful in mexico some time friday night into saturday morning. now we'll show you the computer models because they're all pretty much in agreement. i don't feel there is any chance of this storm heading to texas. galveston southward and corpus christi can breathe a sigh of relief. this is the image i've never seen before two category 4 hurricanes literally bumping up next to each other out in the middle of the atlantic. julia is not a problem. julia will shift well out into the open water and the storm we're going to have to watch is igor and approach bermuda as we go into the weekend. very big in size and intensity and produce a lot of big waves and those will arrive in the east coast. up until this weekend when the waves come, a beautiful forecast out there, tamron. no problems forecast wise, just more of a rare event for those science geeks like myself.
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it's an exciting day. >> thank you very much, bill. keep an eye on those storms. thank you. freed american hiker sarah shourd is appealing to iran to free her fiance and her friend. we have the latest on sarah. plus, a pediatrician who was supposed to take care of children is now accused of being a predator. today the fbi is trying to track this guy down. and avatar set the 3-d world on fire, but movies since that, 3-d movies like that have been a bust. what is the future of 3-d. can i have some ice cream please ?
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welcome back. msnbc is the place for politics. democratic leadership this morning is sent to be sheer happiness for the big victories for the tea party in tuesday's primaries.
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the furthers republican party moves right, the better it is for democrats and the president to draw contrasts in the 2012 elections. still, though, the question remains about how the tea party will fair in a general election. karen hoffman is a tea party activist and founder of d.c. works for us. karen, thanks for joining us today. >> thank you so much for having me. >> let me get your reaction to christine o'donnell's victory. how did you feel last night when those numbers came in in favor of her? >> it was great. because across the nation there was a tremendous amount of outpouring support for her and for her race and who she is and her stance and it was just great to see the results come in and the spread. so t wasn't narrow margin, but a great spread for her. >> on what karl rove had to say on fox news, his reaction quite different from your reaction to christine o'donnell's reaction. here's what he had to say. >> just a lot of nutty things
11:19 am
she has been saying that just don't add up. >> like you don't support her. but i tell you -- >> i'm for the republican, but i have to tell you, we were looking at eight to nine seats in the senate and we're now looking at seven to eight in my opinion. this is not a race we will be able to win. >> what do you make of karl rove saying this is not a race that he will be able to win? >> it's almost like breaking the 11th commandmencommandment. to make a statement like that right after the win is a sad indictment on the establishment of the republican party. you have a victor, you go behind her whole heartedly and we've been looking at primaries throughout the whole nation. you need to come behind the winner of the primary and that's a statement that he'd make nationally. >> interesting you bring up the point of reagan because you had some and, really, what does the tea party stand for because someone like ronald reagan who raised taxes and supported immigration amnesty and maybe
11:20 am
even george w. bush who also wanted immigration reform and certainly heavily criticized for the way he spent or the congress spent under his leadership would not fit into the tea party world today. what do you stand for and would reagan and george w. bush fit into your world now? >> you're looking at the conservative throughout the united states today is firm on lower taxes and bringing back the opening of free market enterprise. if you're lowering the taxes and give breathing room for small businesses and we have a small business ourself. we're looking at the taxes that will come down the pike. we have to protect our business the for what is coming down. we haven't even begun to pay for the legislation that has been paid for in the past year. so, there is a spending spree and nobody has been paying the bill yet. so, we want lower taxes and would like -- >> wouldn't ronald reagan and george w. bush fit into your equation of what the tea party
11:21 am
stands for? you brought up reagan. >> yeah, reagan, honestly, depends on what aspect of his, with his, when he was in office is because there is a point when it was a highly democratic congress. when you're looking at reducing the taxes, that is the key part of it. when you reduce the taxes, that's when the economy flourishes. when you increase the taxes, bottom line, that is when we're restrained from what we're able to do. the bottom line is who is better decisionmaker on your personal finances. is the government who's able to pull from your paycheck better steward of your money or are we as individuals? >> karen, quickly get you to respond to people who say there is a civil war now between the tea party and moderate republicans. give me a quick answer on that. is there civil war in. >> there's accountability. we want to hold establishment accountable. we'd like them to come on board to the conservative movement. if the republicans run as
11:22 am
moderates, they're going to lose whole heartedly, but they can actually win if they go towards, goes towards the right. moderates will lose and if you go into the right you'll have a huge support. >> karin, thank you very much. the tea party has been awakened and six victories in the gop primaries. huge night. >> huge night. >> greatly appreciate it, thank you. >> thank you. very thankful sarah shourd spending her first full day of freedom resting in the nation that helped negotiate her release from iran. she is one of the three american hikers that was detained in iran for more than a year for spying. she was reunite would her mother yesterday and now says she'sed shane bauer and their friend josh fattal released. how that country assisted and maybe providing the bail and help for sarah shourd to get out
11:23 am
of iran? >> well, tamron, there has been very little information surrounding the conditions of the bail. in fact, little information at all on the three hikers' whereabouts here in iran since the emotional reunion with her mother on the air field yesterday. there have been multiple reports today that she planned to receive a medical examination today spending part of her first full day of freedom being examined. but there's nothing to suggest or a confirmation of this to suggest that it would be tied to the health problems her mother has said her daughter has been suffering from in prison or just be, in fact, a routine medical examination after spending over a year. >> chapman, do we have any word on when she might leave for the united states to be reunited with other family members here in the states? >> no, tamron. no confirmation on when she plans to travel back to the united states.
11:24 am
as she said, now she wishes more than anything to devote her time to freeing her two friends or fiance and friend shane bauer and friend josh fattal. the government here, i'm sorry, there's just no confirmation yet. she wants to devote her time to this and her friends and family are also echoing. >> thank you vry much, chapman bell live with the latest on shara shourd. chilling testimony at the trial of a suspect. the only we'd like to know what you think of any of the stories that we're covering today. ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪
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. bp ceo getting grilled today. the latest on what he's saying. oprah's season premiere. her final season doing the show. will it make a splash in the headlines but how is oprah doing in the ratings? a dispute over oprah. that's next in scoop. [ woman ] nine iron, it's almost tee-time... time to face the pollen that used to make me sneeze... my eyes water. but now zyrtec®, the fastest 24-hour allergy relief, comes in a liquid gel. zyrtec® liquid gels work fast, so i can love the air®. aren't absorbed properly unless taken with food. he recommended citracal. it's different -- it's calcium citrate, so it can be absorbed with or without food. also available in small, easy-to-swallow petites. citracal.
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[ announcer ] when you're not worried about potential dangers, the world can be a far less threatening place. take the scary out of life with travelers insurance... and see the world in a different light. police and fire officials will take the stand today in the man accused of murdering a connecticut woman and her two daughters during a brutal home invasion. dr. william petit the sole survivor of that terrible attack. he described the night of horror that his family went through. nbc jeff rossen is live outside the courthouse in new haven and, jeff, what are we hearing already today. >> dr. william petit arrived here in court with his relatives. they walked right in and he is there to watch all of this
11:32 am
unfold after his day of griming, emotional testimony yesterday. this morning so far two police officials have been on the stand. a police official is actually on the stand right now from cheshire. as i mentioned, really, the most emotional part of this came yesterday when dr. william petit spoke about his final moments with his family on the stand. he was incredibly brave with the man accused of killing his family right in front of him. dr. petit spoke on how he heard his family, his wife and two daughters. one is 11 in this family picture you can see, michaela and the other 17 years old, hayley, all being tortured in a section of the house. he was tied up with rope downstairs in the basement. he was tied to a pole and virtually helpless to help his family and he miraculously was
11:33 am
able to break free and get out of the house and went to a neighbor's house for help and he said it was too late, because the suspects, according to prosecutors, burned the house down. killing his two daughters after they already strangled his wife to death. and, so, you saw some of those photos. there is a picture of the fireball that was their home. prosecutors said they doused the entire place with gasoline. that is some of the money on your screen that jennifer hawke-petit took out to try to pay off the men that held them hostage. they said they would let them go, but, clearly, that wasn't the case. the prosecutor said, yes, my client did commit these crimes, but he should not be put to death. the defense said this was a robbery that got out of control. he should get life in prison with no chance of parole, but not the death penalty. prosecutors won't take that deal. they want the death penalty. this is a capital case, tamron.
11:34 am
>> thanks, jeff rossen, the latest on that trial happening in new haven, connecticut. right now in london outgoing bp ceo tony hayward is testifying about the gulf oil disaster. back in june he insisted he had little knowledge of decisions that contributed to the explosion aboard the deepwater horizon oil rig that killed 11 workers and, of course, triggered the massive oil spill we all watched play out. he also made this infamous comment. back in may. >> there's no one who wants this thing over more than i do. i want my life back. >> well, joining me now from london, daisy mcandrew of our british partner itn. i understand we already know this is going to be less aggressive than the congressional committee in the united states, but they're still hoping to get answers from mr. hayward. what answers are they looking for? >> you're absolutely right.
11:35 am
nonetheless, the men and women from british parliament are quizzing mr. hayward and they are specifically looking for lessons that can be learned from the american experience that can be brought to the north sea where, of course, our oil wells are currently working. matter of fact, some controversy here in london because two newspapers today have revealed a secret, excuse me, secret documents that seem to show that the safety record of bp in those north sea oil platforms is something to be desired. in fact, a couple of them saying that training and exercises, safety training and safety exercises have not been completed. he has been quizzed about that and he is quizzed about his company's relationship with the american government. he seemed to tell the committee that that relationship was a really excellent one. well, i tried to thank what a really bad relationship would be like in mr. hayward's books. he also went on to say that he found the whole experience personally devastating, perhaps slightly echoing some of the
11:36 am
more comments he made in the past. >> daisy, thank you very much with our british partner, itn. thank you, daisy. a man who led the government's response to the gulf oil disaster this morning said he was stepping down as national incident commander. thad allen says he'll leave on october 1st barring any major disruptions in the response effort. concerns are rising after a so-called super bug is causing people in the states to get sick. now, the bug is resistant, according to the doctors, to nearly all antibiotics. so far cases have been reported in three states. you're looking at them. illinois, california and massachusetts and joining me now is infectious disease specialist from the university hospital case center. thanks for joining us. >> good to be here, tamron. >> how concerned should we be about these reports. cases in three different states. is it a big worry for you doctors and should it be a big worry for us? >> a special worry for us but because these bacteria have a
11:37 am
tendency to spread around the world. the main focus an area around the world right now that has a lot of this bacteria is in india and we certainly know that india has a lot of international travel, both to and from that country. so, we do expect that this bug will spread, yes. >> there have been cases outside of the states. you bring up india, australia, the uk, canada, japan. is this the result of people taking antibiotics when we don't know need them and then our bodies, when we finally do need them have somehow built up a defense against the drugs meant to help us? >> well, this particular bug has developed such a resistance because of, basically, frivolous use of antibiotics in certain areas of the world. when you, when they have this kind of selective pressure, that means they just have to become more and more resistant in order to survive. so, they will. >> what is your advice to people out there concerned about this or even the next time we're sick and we ask our doctor for a z pack or any other antibiotic. >> i tell you right now, this gene does not necessarily make the bacteria more aggressive or
11:38 am
mean or more vicious. the bacteria is the same. it's only when these bacteria that have this gene cause an infection. it basically makes it our ability to treat this infection is a lot more limited than we would like. we can't can treat it. >> we understand those three cases that we talked about, the patients recovered well and we'll keep an eye on it. thank you for your time today. greatly appreciate it. >> great, happy to be here. oprah's ratings are in her season premiere. let's get the scoop from tod >> so much talk about oprah winfrey's season premiere. the big trip to australia her audience members received. a lot of numbers had oprah winfrey's numbers being down compared to 2009's season premiere. i can record that that those
11:39 am
numbers aren't exactly accurate. oprah's ratings were up 3% over the 2009 season premiere. it's actually pretty remarkable, real accomplishment because all summer she only had repeats. fans didn't have anything to really hang their hat on while she was gone. the number two slot, she beat by almost -- that was filled by dr. phil and oz. she has created some competition for herself. but at the end oof the day, she did pretty well, all things considered since she was gone for the entire summer. the other thing everyone is talking about. reggie bush returning his heisman. i think there is a lot of conflict over this because, number one, he is the first player to ever do this. number two, it's not like the person who came in second place that year got it. vince young. he's not getting it. >> he said he would accept it if given. he said if he was given the
11:40 am
heisman in default -- >> but wouldn't that be a heisman with an asterisk. no, it's my heisman. i think it's also interesting that reggie bush tweeted yesterday to his millions of fans, never allow your faults or mistakes to define you. interesting, too, he hasn't spoken very publicly about those mistakes. >> it is better to give it back than have it taken away. >> yes i think it is better but i also feel it's something of an empty gesture, too, unless you address the mistakes and faults were. if he did do something like that, turn into an insane lebron james espn specials that we would all walk away with a bad taste in our mouth with. more super bowl wins for the saints and definitely interesting story and i tink it will have to change the course of college sports because this really had nuthing to do with how he played. he will still be remembered for having an amazing season and it's about the rules and how college football works and really where there's a smoke,
11:41 am
there's a fire. it's not just college football. >> we know there is a fire blazing in college football world when it comes to these things. well, i think that's the last thing on your list today. >> i'll be back in the afternoon with more. >> for the very latest entertainment news logon to to see all of the entertainment news that courtney has uncovered. there are some things that are considered news in the world and stories around this time of the morning that make us say -- >> no way! >> -- a vermont company is now selling, hold on, a jesus toaster. yes. the toaster burns, look, images of what's believed to be, i guess, what they think jesus christ would look like on a slice of toast. they plan to add more religiouses theme toasters in the near future. the virgin mary toaster and the star david toaster. by the way, the same company offers nonreligious toasters and they offer a hemp leaf toaster and a peace sign. there you have it.
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it isn't real performance unless it's wielded with precision.
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in today's true crime a child pediatrician aaccused of distributing pornography is now on the run. he was released last week and ordered to wear a monitoring device. authorities say he cut the device off his ankle and he's vanished. the fbi says thousands of files of child pornography shared from his computer. michelle suguna joins us live from d.c. do they have any idea where this man could be? >> i spoke with the fbi and they think he could possibly be hiding out in illinois, texas or across the bordner to mexico. that's where he's originally from. he came to the states to illinois many years ago and actually obtained his doctor
11:47 am
degree and then was able to move forward to become a pediatrician. >> the federal grand jury indicted luna on five counts of child porn. he abandoned his car and i want to play what the fbi agent had to say about the search for him. >> we want to try to find him and bring him back, whether he be in mexo or perhaps hiding some place in the united states locally. court's got a difficult job. they're armed with a bunch of people who come before them on a daily basis. they are given the information that the fbi and others provide and with that they have to make a decision. >> michelle, he cut this monitoring device off his ankle and any concern there was a flight risk with this guy or when you think about the charges, perhaps his being free would put the lives of children in jeopardy or in danger of some sort? >> good question, tamron. he doesn't have a past criminal history at all. this was a surprise to investigators and his family. he is a caretaker for his
11:48 am
elderly parents. he does live in a condo with them in arizona. he purchased the condo for them. they are in their 80s, especially his father who really needs a lot of care. so, they thought that maybe by being home with them that he would, obviously, continue to help looking after them and then on sunday, just over the weekend, he did have permission to go to the church and that is where he cut off his device and his left his vehicle there. who knows if he was picked up in the area. i asked fbi agents if there were surveillance videos and anything to try to figure out where he could have taken off to or what kind of vehicle he could be in. they said they don't have anything as of this time. but if you out there, anyone listening has any information, the fbi is accepting your tips. they will go out on them right away and, obviously, this is someone who knows a lot about children and is supposed to take care of our children. >> all right, investigative reporter michelle sigona, thanks, michelle. >> thanks, tamron. the fbi having trouble deciding who gets the $10,000
11:49 am
reward for helping capture the so-called barefoot bandit. at least six people have come forward staking claim to the money. he led police on a two-year international manhunt that ended with his arrest in the bahamas this past summer. he is accused of stealing boats and airplanes. why are american troops there saying they're still in danger? we're discussing this issue next on msnbc. gecko water bottle... notebook... chamois... gecko: sir, i feel a little bit uncomfortable with all... you know... with all this. i mean, it's not about me. should be about how geico's the third-largest car insurance company in the nation. things like that. boss: oh, of course! we're not gonna get carried away. gecko: uh...yeah... all right as long as we don't overdo it. vo: geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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welcome back. we want to take you to washington where roberts gibbs is giving the daily press briefing and talking about the middle class tax cuts and may comment on the primaries yesterday. let's listen in. >> the president has been clear about where his position is. look. we are a -- we are a big party and i'm -- don't doubt there
11:53 am
will be differing viewpoints just as -- well, republican party appears to have some differing viewpoints, as well, on a whole host of issues but, look, i think the president has laid out where he is. whether or not this gets solved in the next couple of weeks, during this session, whether it's kicked over to lame duck, i don't know the answer to that. i will say this. i think there's enough overlap in -- and as the president said enough -- if there's a willingness to provide the very type of certainty that we hear many republicans would like to provide, we can move forward on the middle class tax cuts and i think that's what the president believes we should do. >> on the consumer protection agency, there have been -- there's been talk about the possibility of appointing elizabeth warren as interim head of the agency and senators on the hill including senator dodd said in doing so you would
11:54 am
delegitimatize the post. does that change the administration's thinking? >> no. i think the president spoke clearly and has over the past several weeks about how he views elizabeth warren. obviously, this was the concept of a consumer office is something that she created. i think, obviously, she is among the people that the president is looking at to implement the provisions of the legislation that congress passed. i don't have any personal announcements. the president doesn't have personnel announcements. they could come later this week. >> the head is still an option on the table? >> look. i won't get ahead of any announcements the president may or may not make until he does. yes, ma'am? >> also, on warren, with these reports that she might be made an interim head or she might be made a counselor to the treasury secretary, are you worried that that would be seen as some kind
11:55 am
of a half measure, especially given she is endorsed by groups like the national organization of women? >> i'm not going to play hypothetical until there's a personnel announcement. i think that as i said a minute ago as the president has said over the course of many weeks i think she is based on the work she's done over the course of her career, the fact that she, again, this is an idea that was born largely by her, i think it's the president's right to consider her for a role in implementing what the congress has passed. >> can i just ask a couple of currencies questions. >> what questions? >> currencies. >> oh, let me save you the time and point you over to treasury so i do not -- >> no comment on -- >> no. i -- i -- if you want to borrow five bucks, i could probably do
11:56 am
that but i will leave the yen and everything else to my good friends at the department of treasury. yes, sir? >> christine o'donnell who won the delaware senatorial primary for the republicans in 2008 said that then senator obama was so liberal that he's anti-american. does the white house have any comment on that? >> i just saw a couple of clips on that right before i came down. if i'm not mistaken what was probably an election -- she was at that time running for the position he reasons for now. right? >> i'm not sure a candidate or a pundit. >> well, i think she -- maybe both. if i'm not mistaken she ran in 2008 against then senator joe biden and i think lost fairly handily, close to two to one. i think -- look. i think last night showed that there is a very vociferous
11:57 am
debate going on inside the republican party for the hearts an minds of republican voters. i think if you look at what people like karl rove or people like the state gop chairman have said, the republicans in delaware nominated somebody they don't believe can win i believe in the words of the state party chair couldn't be elected dogcatcher. i think comments like that probably what led to her losing two to one in delaware in 2008 and i think -- i think obviously is why you have people in the republican party structure in delaware saying that she will be hard to elect because the views are outside the mainstream of what people in delaware think now. >> is the white house concerned of a lot of voter anger that republican incumbents have
11:58 am
generally been feeling will now be directed at democratic incumbents now that other than hawaii the primaries are over and general election time and this enthusiasm and this energy and anger is focused on the democratic incumbents? >> let me take this two ways. one, i think -- i think you have to look at the practical implications of the anger that you just spoke about. i think there is no doubt and i don't think anybody would disagree that that intraparty republican anger has changed the complex iron of a number of races at a state and a district level and has real world practical implications for the outcome of what happens in november. again, last night i think is a pretty good example both in a congressional race and in a senate race in delaware that makes winning those races for the republicans a fundamentally
11:59 am
harder task. i will say this, jake. i have said this -- >> the white houhouse race -- >> delaware, yes. i have said this for about two years. there is -- there is -- there was two years ago, not just because of the collapse of something like lehman two years ago today but a frustration in the electorate of the frustration and that frustration i think in many ways is till in the electorate. it was -- i spoke about this after massachusetts. i think that same type of frustration was there and i have no doubt that it continues today. we'll see what that produces in november. i remain confident as i have said on election night we'll retain control of both the house and the senate but i don't think anybody would tell you there's a frustration particularly


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