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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  September 22, 2010 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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the price. all right, first off for you. a new book by journalist bob woodward that has washington buzzing this morning. reveals deep divisions at the white house over the war in afghanistan. "obama's wars" top advisors quarrelling with some doubting that the president's strategy will work in the end. this book is due out next week, but portions have already leaked out through the "new york times" and "washington post." we have been looking at that here for you at msnbc. to give you more information on and andy barr reporting for politico a lot has to do with that debate over afghanistan and the number of troops. >> right, i don't think there is any big surprises there was a very contentious debate in the white house on this. what the book offers is more gritty detail on who was saying what, where the positions were and what was being fought over. but, i mean, you heard a lot of this especially from the left very concerned about that
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decision to send more troops in and still a big debate about what is going to happen as that august deadline shows up. >> what does it say about the the way the obama administration is working inside the white house, are they getting along sph. >> of course, you know, what's been highlighted right now is the contention talked to a few white house officials and they look at this as, look, you have to open up, you see on the whole their view is the president comes off well and the president has a lot of advisors that agree and disagree and they're happy, i think, on the net with how the administration comes off of this. >> so, is this about spirited debate within the white house or dysfunctional? i guess that's where i'm driving towards. >> i think the answer is a little bit of both and it depends on what perspective you're carrying on this. obviously, a lot of people who have entrenched opinions on this and we're talking about war here, it's not like something
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most people will want to cave on there. i don't think it shows yet any kind of dysfunction. there are examples, though, where it's clear some of the administration officials do not like each other. >> we have to roll, but from what you've seen in red, what does this tell you about future outcomes or decisions from the white house? >> i don't know what this means for the future? but, certainly, means that they'll have a lot of discussion towards august. >> andy barr from politico, thank you so much. thank a lot for that. president obama facing another major decision meanwhile while it was announced his top economic adviser is leaving. larry summers heading back to harvard and he'll leave by the end of the year. he is the third of the president's top four economic advisors to step down. there you see them, budget director pete orzag and
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christina romer and we're joined now by the host of msnbc "dillon ratgon show." you have been talking about it all morning. what does it mean as we talk about the big advisors from main street? >> this is the most significant change in the economic team of this president since he was elected by this much. lara summers is one of the key people going back to the clinton administration who conceived the idea that the economy would function better if you made it possible for banks to access the pension funds and savings for the middleclass and instead of investing that in the country use that to create debt and credit for poor people. so, the idea was, we'll take the pensions of the americans, the teachers, the judges, all this sg. >> all the states across the country. >> and we'll take that money and make it into credit card loans and home loans and this comes out of in 1999. that's the president financial
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markets and that's when the decisions were made for all the things we talked about since then. larry summers is central to that decision and this will be the most efficient, economic system ever because all that dormant middle class money will be used now in our economy. an interesting idea, the fact of the matter is, it has resulted in the largest transfer of wealth in the history of any country ever from a group of people in the country, all the american taxpayers, to a very small group of wealthy individuals who effectively took control -- >> 1% or 2%. >> less than 1% or 2%. i'm talking about a few hundred, a few thousand people tops who were in a situation where they were in charge of the credit casino that larry summers and bob rubin and bill clinton created and george bush expanded. that credit casino exploded in all of our faces. one in seven americans are now in a state of poverty, as a result of larry summers'
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economic policies. you have a situation where you literally have created a country where one portion of the country is profiting from the destruction of the other portion of the country like a snake eating itself and this is the man that not only created it, was brought in in the obama administration to cover it up and now walks away with one of the worst legacies any policy adviser i have ever seen in my lifetime in -- >> dylan, sounds like you're saying, this is good development is what you're saying. >> what i'm saying is it's unfortunate that he has already had the time to create the architture to cover up everything he has already did. the financial reform bill was simply a way to allow the casino to exist without having to go to congress for money and now go straight to the federal reserve and take it to the back door. they saw the problem, not that it was the credit casino, the problem was when the credit casino blew up they had to go to the american people and ask for money, which is terrible, when you could print it at the federal reserve.
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basically, he's completed the cover up and now we can go home. >> quickly in 30 seconds, wouldn't you want the architect to fix the problem because you know the problem so well? >> would you want o.j. simpson to be in charge of the investigation of the murders of nicole brown simpson and ron go goldman? when you argue the criminal most familiar with the crime scene, i take issue with that logic when the criminal has covered it up, not solved it. >> more from dylan ratigan at 4:00. three of the nation's top security leaders are appearing before the senate homeland security committee. they are answering questions to keep you safe from terrorists. janet napolitano and michael lighter will each testify today. nbc news justice correspondent pete williams joins us live from washington with more on that. what is home grown versus
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foreign, we talk about terrorist threats, that's one of the issues. >> what they've said is that if you look at what's happened to the threat over time, since 9/11, that the interest and the ability of al qaeda to carry out one of the big set piece style operations like 9/11 was with lots of planning and lots of coordination and lots of people involved, that threat is diminishing. that al qaeda, for several reasons, number one, they say that al qaeda is more on the run operationally now than it has ever been since 9/11. it's very isolated, they say, because of the u.s. and pakistany operations against it. secondly, they say al qaeda has come to realize that it gets almost as much terror result, even from unsuccessful attacks, even by small groups of people using small arms. look, they say, at the mumbai attack with people just with guns. so, that threat is diminished while the threat from individuals or small groups of
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people has greatly increased and they say, as a result, it's much harder to detect these things because fewer people are involved and the planning is over a much more compressed time. so, they say, it's becoming more and more difficult for the u.s. to detect these things. they also say that the influence of foreign organizations on people in the u.s., the home-grown threat that you were talking about is only accelerating and i think the one sort of optimistic note was sounded by michael liter who said the more the u.s. tries to get to the muslim community, for example, in the u.s. and tell them about the dangers of the radicalization to their young people, the dangers of having them travel overseas and come back where they might get training or the dangers of watching these things on the internet, that that is the long-term hope for the u.s. to try to discourage these home-grown threats. so, what they say is that since 9/11, the past year, the past year and a half have brought out
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the largest number of actual and planned attacks since 9/11. a threat picture they say is likely to get worse. >> that from today's hearing and you're watching it for us and nbc justices correspondent pete williams with the latest on what is being discussed so far. a lot of dynamics to that. thank you. >> you bet. a face of new terror threat, officials suspecting that the north african branch of al qaeda may plan a bomb attack on a crowded target. police have increased security, but not raised the national terror alert level as of yet. just last week five french nationals have been abducted and al qaeda have claimed responsibility on that. three iranian detainees shara shourd will give her first tv interview tomorrow. she was held in an iranian pris prison. she returned to the u.s. this past weekend but she says her freedom is incomplete.
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>> my disappointment in not sharing this with shane and josh was crushing and i stand before you today only one-third free. >> okay, alex fattal, josh's brother, who is still in iran, joins me in studio and you have been visiting with us to give us updates. what is the latest that you're hearing right now from officials and any connections that you have? >> first off, i'm alex, my brother is josh. i wish he was out here and free. you know, we are calling for the same compassion that sarah received. all three of them are in the exact same predicament. they should have all left together. as sarah said, my brother said to her, i feel one-third free and they all agree. this is not total freedom until they are all home. >> do you feel your campaigning and your subject dangers the future release of your brother? >> all we do is call for compassion. all we do is call for
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humanitarianism. the u.n. as a symbol of harmony among nations. we're just asking for them to do the right thing. we appreciate his intervention and to gain sarah's release and we are hoping that things will move forward and move forward quickly. >> even saying, alex, we have been hearing many of the family members' parents would like to meet ahmadinejad as he is here to talk at the u.n. if you were able to see him face-to-face, what would you say to him? >> we would say he has made many overtures and calls to the american people. making a distinction between the american government and american citizens and we ask for that distinction between josh and shane. just three families that have been heartbroken and this has gone on for so long. no one would think this could go on for 13 months. the investigation, according to sarah, shane and josh ended almost a year ago. so, they have been sitting in their cells not knowing what is going on. >> the investigation is done. so, you must be concerned about the espionage trial then. >> we know they're totally
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innocent. we heard a trial is imminent going back to a year ago when president ahmadinejad was in town at the u.n. general assembly meetings and ask the judiciary to treat the kids and still nothing has happened. we're calling for movement and calling for further humanitarian gestures. >> alex fattal, brother of josh fattal, thank you for giving us the latest. let's bring in nbc news tehran bureau chief ali who joins us here in studio. ali, as we look at some of the responses that we are hearing from alex and the trial that's going forward, what might we expect here in the espionage trial going forward? >> it's very open at this stanl. the chief judiciary in iran says the three of them are going to face espionage charges. that their file has been sent to the revolutionary court to deal with this. let's not forget, she's out on $500,000 bail. but things are predictability
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unpredictable in iran. we had other american and iranians and other americans arrested in iran and they were released on bail and let go. they've been, you know, there was an iranian american journalist who was arrested in iran and she was given a very lengthy sentence and released after four years. so, everything is up in the air right now and we won't know earn until these guys actually go to trial in two months' time. >> this all fits in what has been characterized, the leader of iran ahmadinejad the ultimate negotiator and one of those parts of what he does is give speeches. he was at the u.n., he was, he will be speaking, again. what did he say? he had a very strong warning in the his latest speech. >> he has been quite defiant, but not as defiant as he has in past years. the united states, if they were to attack iran, it would be a war like they've never seen before, afghanistan, vietnam and
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even the second world war would pa pale in comparison. he is open for negotiations in talks and thinks it is very unlikely that the united states would attack iran. he is being defiant as usual and defending his nuclear program as we expected he would. >> as well as the lack of effect of economic sanks on the country and consistent with previous speeches and languages, language, rather, and words that he has used in previous times with israel and consistent, as you're saying, as what he has done in the past. ali, thank you so much. still ahead, president obama will speak about health care reform. we have live coverage of that, plus, republicans are angry over alaska senator lisa murkowski's decision to mount a write-in campaign. you'll hear how she's defending her actions this morning. and then japan pulls the welcome mat out from under paris
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welcome back to msnbc, the place for politics. alaska senator lisa murkowski under fire for launching a write-in campaign to save her job. she lost the republican primaries and the tea party candidate joe miller on "daily rundown" just this morning she is a sore loser in all of this. >> i just remind my colleagues back there in washington that is really alaska. 85% of the people in selecting the two nominees going forward.
11:19 am
the democrat scott mcadams, a nice guy, but really unelectable. joe miller represents some views that here in alaska most people feel are outside main stream. >> well, today murkowski's republican colleagues will decide to strip her post for the ranking republican on the senate energy committee. first she lost her home and now washington, d.c. woman's possessions are outside on the sidewalk for everyone to see here. diaz tells nbc station wrc in washington that she was evicted tuesday morning because she could no longer pay her rent. so, her belongings, all of them, you can see them right here on the sidewalk. let's go to wrc reporter tracy wilkins who joins us live right now. we heard a lot of these situations before. what makes this one different for us, tracy? >> well, what makes this different is the scale of this eviction. four to five blocks worth of
11:20 am
space, that's how much sidewalk her possessions took up. you can see here, some of the stuff here. this is on both sides of the street for this entire street takes up about three blocks and also the street around the corner here takes up about another two blocks. a lot of stuff that she has accumulated. she is here from venezuela and has been in america for 22 years and has lived in her home for 15 of those years and while she was in the house, collected a lot of stuff. now, she was a domestic worker and had worked here without issue. but when this economic downturn hit, she, like many americans, just could not find work. work started to dry up and then so did the rent money. so, she was put out yesterday morning at 9:30 in the morning. now, what was extraordinary about this is that the city told her, you have until tomorrow morning to get all of that stuff out. so, by 10:00 a.m. today this stuff had to we out of the sidewalk or the trash trucks were going to come and take it
11:21 am
to the dump. so, she had this timeline that she had to deal with. the good news is, good folks have come out here and donated services to move her stuff. j.k. moving and storage out of virginia and also had people come up and say, we want to give you a job and some place to live. people have come up to her on the street and given her money. what was a very sad situation has definitely turned around here in northwest washington. back to you in the studio. >> really good to hear, especially seeing all that stuff that was on the streets, you were saying, is what makes this truly different. a staggering amount there. thank you. developing news for you right now, eight city officials from bell, california, expected to be arraigned on corruption charges. just minutes from now that guy paying himself hundreds of thousands of dollars. . i'm nattily morales at the san jose mine in chile. this week, new hopes as progress is being made in their rescue. a live report coming up.
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a developing story on msnbc. eight current and former officials from bell, california, which is a city in los angeles county will be arraigned before a and city coughers say the money straight into their own wallets. the mayor, ex-city manager and six former and current officials from a los angeles suburb were arrested tuesday. these are people you should trust, right? nbc george lewis joins us from burbank and, george, it was described by one official as corruption on steroids. just the outlandish accusations that are out there. >> they are accused ofluding the city treasury to the tune of $5.5 million. the principal actor in this
11:26 am
drama robert rizzo is said to have taken $3.4 million just by himself. rizzo and the seven others hauled before a judge and the district attorney is asking that bail for rizzo be set at $3.2 million, lesser amounts for the other city officials, kind of an unprecedented case in california where you've got city council swept up and hauled off to jail and the city is operating under an administrator who said he's going to try to press forward, but now a call by the county board of supervisors in los angeles to appoint a temporary administrator to run the day-to-day business of bell while city officials fight all these legal charges. >> george, i can imagine the folks of bell, california, not necessarily a welty community like beverly hills cannot be happy when they are hearing about these accusations. >> they are happy that people were hauled off to jail.
11:27 am
>> no doubt. there may be a bernie madoff uprising. george lewis, thank you. president obama is heading to falls church, virginia, today to talk to legal residents about health care reform. we expect that in just about 20 minutes. we have our eyes and our cameras on that backyard, so, stick around for that. plus, democrats plan to tap the popularity of the first lady for the first time. heading towards the mid-term elections. what's that secret weapon there? "american idol" getting ready to officially unveil their brand spanking new panel of judges after those who were leaving. expect that more than an hour from now. we will try to get the early details next in "the scoop." my name is vonetta, and i suffer from allergies. [ male announcer ] we asked zyrtec® users
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so, we are talking about on msnpc all morning. here are some twists and turns in one of the most compelling midterm election battles.
11:31 am
one if volves first lady michelle obama will will hit the campaign trail for the first time since her husband's election. another involves an announcement by christine o'donnell, the tea party candidate who shocked everyone by winning delaware's republican primary for senate. nbc news capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell is live in washington with the latest on all of this and more. hey, kelly. >> hi, richard. christine o'donnell is sort of trying to rein in all the media attention. that's hard for the candidate in the spotlight to do. she will back away from doing national media to focus on delaware, a stratgethat some republicans will say that will work for her and improve her chances in delaware but democrats really want to look to first lady michelle obama needing her appeal, her popularity especially in states where there are senate states in trouble. they want to see michelle obama hitting the road. soon adding her voice to mid-term politics -- >> thank you. >> reporter: the white house announced tuesday that michelle
11:32 am
obama will campaign in six states where several senate democrats are in trouble. >> i think she will go out and make a forceful and positive case for what this administration has done. >> reporter: tuesday, senate democrats tried and failed to deliver on two issues that motivate liberal voters ending the don't ask, don't tell policy. >> we've got thousands of americans who are patriotic, who want to serve, who happen to be gay or lesbian and we're telling them, you can't. >> reporter: democrats also tried to pass a narrow immigration reform, where children brought here illegally could qualify for green cards by completing education. >> one can only draw the conclusion that this is all about elections. >> reporter: democrats tied both gays in the military and immigration to a big military spending package, but republicans called it a ploy. >> a transparent attempt to show their special interest groups
11:33 am
that they haven't forgotten about them ahead of the election. >> reporter: and voted no. >> the motion is not agreed to. >> reporter: disappointed democrat al franken choked up with emotion, remembering troops he entertained as a comedian. >> i'll always have this from doing uso tours, but seeing soldiers with their arms around each other. >> reporter: franken used humor to protest don't ask, don't tell and said some soldiers confided in him. >> later those wounded came up to me and said, we're gay. >> reporter: the saying goes, politics makes strange bad fellows. that's al franken back in the '90s before he was a senator on the same tv show with christine o'donnell, now a delaware tea party senate candidate. o'donnell appeared on fox news tuesday night saying she would talk issues and try to avoid more controversy. >> i'm not going to do any more national media because this is my focus. delaware is my focus. >> reporter: that, she says, is advice given to her by sarah
11:34 am
palin. who released a new video tribute to the tea party and notably palin never used the word republican. >> this party that he calls the tea party is the future of politics and i am proud to get to be here today. >> reporter: well, christine o'donnell was talking to some degree about the sunday morning political shows which are often a grilling for candidates, it will be hard for her to shutout national media, especially when she's agreed to do a debate with chris coons that will be moderated by wolf blitzer of cnn. some national attention there, as well. aids say she will not use the same sort of political language the president has, you know, the analogy about republicans and got the economy in the ditch, some of that more red meat kind of reticric that she will talk about programs more, accomplishments and a different tone in the way that she campaigns and she won't be going out on weekends so that she can
11:35 am
be the first mom, as well. >> lots of twists and turns, 41 days to go. you'll be very busy, my friend. kelly o'donnell on capitol hill. in less than an hour a house hearing on the salmonella outbreak in washington will get under way. the owner of an iowa egg company will apologize. jack decoster owns wright county egg operators and his son, peter, is the chief operatering officer and both are expected to attend this hearing. as many as 1,600 people have been sickened by those eggs and we'll have the latest for you. day 49 for those 33 miners trapped underground in chile. their rescue is getting closer. a third drill, plan c, is what they're calling it, began drilling this week. natalie morales is live and what a story this has been. what is the latest chapter you
11:36 am
have for us, my friend? >> it certainly is, richard, an incredible story. 49 days now. if you can imagine that these 33 miners have been trapped there. meanwhile, their familiallies here continue to keep their vigil. for them a very emotional, very difficult time. but this week, finally, it seems that camp hope is offering them some new hope, as we heard a lot of progress being made. you can hear the drills going behind me. there are now three, count them three drills actively working 24/7 now to try to get those miners out, to build or to dig a tunnel that will be used as a rescue hatch. those drills are plan a, plan b and as you mentioned, richard, plan c. they have each reached successfully a couple hundred feet in depth, but they still, keep in mind, 200 feet to go. these miners are trapped a half mile below all the rock and surface here. the planned oil sea rig just went online on monday and they
11:37 am
have already been making a lot of progress. perhaps the most promising of the drill. you can see it over my left. the huge oil rig and i'm told by the engineers it can drill anywhere from 60 to about 100 feet a day, depending, of course, on the circumstances and the rock as they keep going down on the surface. meanwhile, the plan b drill is operated by an american drilling company called center rock inc. based in berlin, pennsylvania. probably the most promising because it was the first to break through late last friday into that chamber where the miners are. and when the miners heard that sweet noise of the drill breaking through, they actually stayed up all night as they heard the drill approaching. there was a huge amount of celebration going on here. so, a lot of progress being made, a lot of hope and we're told that officials are now cautiously optimistic that that date, initially they were saying it probably wouldn't be until christmas that they would get the miners out and now they are saying the very beginning of
11:38 am
november, richard. hopefully some good news coming. >> natalie, as serious and urgent as this is, we watch the pictures as you were giving a report of them underground, happy. we've had developments of them getting cigarettes and doing exercises. this is going to be a lifetime movie we are talking about. what a story this has been. we do hope that they get out of there earlier rather than later. thanks. big bonuses for teachers do not produce big results with students. that's the latest finding of a nu new study out of vanderbilt. students' test scores did not improve in classes with teachers eligible for bonuses up to $15,000. 300 teachers volunteered for that study and some advocates of performance say the study was too narrow to be conclusive. matt lauer will sit down for a one-on-one interview with president obama for education in america. it kicks off nbc education
11:39 am
nation week. the interview airs at 8:00 a.m. on "today" show. don't miss that. paris' trouble in japan, the hoff is off and who's going to judge "american idol"? what are we talking about? let's get the scoop from pop culture columnist courtney hazlett. let's talk about the hoff first. >> no, let's put paris first. so, paris hilton yesterday was held in japan at the airport by custom officials who were pretty upset about her recent drug charges. she did plead guilty the other day to possessing drugs and lying to a police officer. while at the end of the day after more than six hours of questioning and almost all in two days in japan, not being allowed out of her hotel room, she was told she wasn't allowed to enter into the country and she had to turn around and go back home. paris hilton was there because she was promoting her fashion line and also making stops in
11:40 am
malaysia and indonesiana and she has to cancel those trips, too. celebrities had a hard time getting into japan if they had drug charges before. this is nothing knew. >> must have eat a lot of raman, great raman, real japanese raman. >> when you take a private jet you eat raman, i think you call that a net loss. >> what isn't the real stuff is the dancing from the hoff, not real. >> last night was the day that, sadly, the music died for fan favorite for some, but not enough, david hasselhoff. his popularity ebbs and flows more than just about any other celebrity out there. he kind of gets this very kitsch following, but where were the people last night that abandoned him? i think maybe what the hoff does seems a little tired and quite creepy. it's a little slow, a little awkward, a little uncomfortable and, so, the people have voted and the hoff is the first contestant to go home on "dancing with the stars" the
11:41 am
isseason. >> tell me, courtney, were you thinking it was going to be hoff or the situation, who was pretty horrible himself? >> given how many people tune in to watch the situation every week, even if a fraction of them voted for him on "dancing with the stars" even if he didn't pick up any new fans, he was pretty much safe. sad to see the hoff go, i'm sure there is another reality show willing to take him. >> "american idol" maybe. >> maybe "american idol," hopefully not. no, "american idol" will finally after so much tension and wait on the edge of our seats, you roll your eyes. >> we heard so much about it. >> who the judges will be today at a press conference at 1:00 p.m. eastern time. live streaming on americanid not a single person out there with an internet connection has an excuse. randy jackson finally came to an agreement with the show. talk about waiting until the last minute. that agreement hadn't been paid for by mid-day yesterday.
11:42 am
this has been a long protracted process for fox. i think everybody is happy just to get some judges in place and we'll probably end up seeing after 1:00 that steven tyler and jennifer lopez are also going to be joining him at the table. >> do you like j.lo, do you think she'll be good? >> i think steven tyler is an interesting choice. so, we'll see. interesting mix. very, very different. >> tyler, you'll hear a lot of screaming, my friend. all right, courtney hazlett, thank you so much. that was my attempt, i'm sorry, very poor. for the latest entertainment news logon to i will not try to do that any more. some things considered news in this world, but only a few stories that make us say -- >> no way! >> -- yeah. start off with this. are pigeons faster than the internet? people released pigeons carrying a memory chip of a five-minute
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11:47 am
health-related crimes, resuming today, jennifer petit and her two young daughters were killed brutally in a home invasion. that was some three years ago. last week jurors heard some heartbreaking testimony from the man on the left, the sole survivor of the attack, that is jennifer's husband, william and the father of the two victims, as well. well, court ended early last thursday after the defendant you see here, stephen he stephen ha seizure-like symptoms. with the details of the case so horrific, what is going to happen going forward now? >> a bizarre case to say the least, from beginning to end. right now there is a police sergeant on the stand who is
11:48 am
testifying more about exactly what happened inside of that house and, most importantly, the evidence it recovered to tie these two men, stephen hayes and joshua komisarjevsky to the crime. the older of the two suspects is being tried first and the other suspect, who will be tried after him. as many legal experts point out, this is not so much a trial about guilt or innocence, as we normally see where the defense is, of course, trying to prove that their client is not guilty. in this case, the defense attorney for steven hayes admitted from the very beginning committed this crime and admitted to the killing, as well. he said, look, don't put my client to death. just give oslife sentence. basically calling this a robbery that got out of control. late last week in a very surprise move they pointed the finger at police, basically saying they didn't respond fast enough. so, this trial is really
11:49 am
becoming a barometer of the death penalty in connecticut. both suspects have offered to plead guilty if prosecutors would take the death penalty off the table. prosecutors denied that request and said, no, we feel like we have an air tight case, the evidence is there. this is a capital case and we're going after it. so, this jury, after deciding guilt or innocence, will decide whether it's life in prison without parole or the death penalty, richard. >> so, jeff, we only have time for one question, but i wanted to ask you, i'm thinking about william petit, the doctor, the survivor here. how much longer will he go through this? when will we get a verdict? >> it could be weeks or even longer. you think a trial with a defense attorney comes right out and says in the opening statement my client did it, it would be a shorter trial, but it hasn't been because remember the defense is trying to sort of say the reason the petit family went through all of this and the reason they were killed in the
11:50 am
end by my client is because bec others, and so that's what we're spending their time doing trying to get the death penalty off the table. it could be weeks, we're told he's not doing well, sitting there watching evidence pictures, gruesome pictures of his kids' burned clothes. it's awful. >> jeff he has to relive it as he goes through it. jeff rossen on top of the story, msnbc news in new haven, connecticut. thanks for that. keeping our eye on falls church, virginia. president obama will be getting ready to hold a backyard discussion on health care reform in this backyard in just a half an hour from now. live coverage coming up. [ rattling ] [ gasps ] [ rattling ] [ laughing ] [ announcer ] close enough just isn't good enough. - if your car is in an accident, - [ laughing continues ] make sure it's repaired with the right replacement parts. take the scary out of life with travelers.
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11:52 local time. miami, florida, watching the end of a car chase, this ended only about two minutes ago as we were in commercial, you can see the car in the center there with the bent rear trunk area, that was the car that was being spursued.
11:54 am
we don't know why. the pursuing vehicle, the police vehicle on the bottom right-hand corner of your screen at the moment. we saw in this video from a chopper cam from our affiliate three men being pulled out of the vehicle, two on the left-hand side, you can see one on his face on the lower side. you can also see one perhaps in the middle of the screen as they scan to the right and a third person there to the right of the vehicle, refocus, could be four. we are just watching this video coming in to us from wsvn, affiliate in the chopper cam. we did want to get you this video, happened two minutes ago, police chase, the end of it happening two minutes ago. we'll get you updates as we get more information where relevant. a mistake of titanic portions a new book spills new details about the fateful night the ship sunk in the atlantic. the book's author says that her grandfather was an officer on that ship, and followed the wrong directions steering the world's largest sealiner at that time directly into the iceberg
11:55 am
by accident. just a month ago kerry sanders embarked on an impressive expedition to see the sunk. ship and joins us live now. you know this story, my friend, steered the wrong way? >> it sounds so confusing. let's set the scene. first of all we have to enter a world that was 1912, not 2010, okay? so at the time, in the maritime industry, the second officer and others all new this, which was when you're on a vessel and you turn to the right. >> right. >> you actually went to the left. you'll scratch your head this doesn't make any sense. this is a crude example. if you're on a boat, don't have a steering wheel but you have a tiller and the rudder. when you push it like that the resistance on the rudder causes you to turn. so that's what they used to do, when they transitioned to the
11:56 am
steering wheel on the vessels, they continued with that. so when they would say turn hard to starboard they would turn the wheel to the starboard but it's not like a car. it wouldn't take to you the right, it would take you to the left. louise patton, the granddaughter of charles litohler was saying there was confusion, that by turning the wheel the wrong direction at the time, the man who was at the helm said hard to starboard, he turned it the wrong direction. this has been discussed before but this is the first time this family secret apparently has been let out like this. >> now coming out on this day. thank you very much, kery sanders, the master of steering boats with cardboard, thank you for the latest on that. that was really great, my friend. all right, talk to you soon. that does it for me this hour, hour, richard lui in for tamron hall. contessa brewer, now.
11:57 am
falls church, virginia, president obama is talking about the six-month anniversary of the health care reform bill. he's trying to make it more palatable so democrats can use it as a campaign trail issue. we'll be watching for the president's words here, quick break and we'll be right back. maybe you want school kids to have more exposure to the arts. maybe you want to provide meals for the needy. or maybe you want to help when the unexpected happens. whatever you want to do, members project from american express can help you take the first step. vote, volunteer, or donate for the causes you believe in at take charge of making a difference. [ male announcer ] ever have morning pain slow you down?
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