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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  September 24, 2010 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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the money with the assistance of the branch manager, he gave it to the two individuals waiting in the parking lot. he was ordered back into the bank. and the individuals left in a red mustang. >> the robbers fled the scene, leaving the teller with the device still attached to him. the device was safely removed, and he was eventually brought out of the bank. carolyn ryan is with msnbc's miami station wtvj. she's live with the latest. i understand police are investigating this teller. do we know why? >> at this point a lot of details are yet to be determined. you can see police are still on the scene outside of this bank of america. we believe the worst of the situation is over. i'm happy to report no injuries were associated with this situation. and as you mentioned, here's how it all started. the fbi is telling us that earlier today this bank teller
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was kidnapped from his home near kendall by three robbers who strapped a suspected bomb to his chest and brought him here to this bank of america where he works and got money from him. once they got what they needed, they got what they wanted, they took off in a stolen red ford mustang. police are now actively searching for them as we speak. as for the teller, incredibly, tamron, he's okay at this hour. the device was taken off of him. he was led out of the bank at about 11:30 today. at this point police are not releasing his identity, and they are still questioning him because they're not quite ready to say whether he was innocent in all of this or whether he may have been involved in some way. the suspected bomb was left inside the bank, and authorities have deemed it safe. thankfully, nobody was hurt here today, and no other employees here were held hostage. three robbers who strapped a bomb to this bank teller's chest
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and stole money from this bank of america here are still on the loose. pretty intense afternoon here. >> thank you very much. developing now, one o the giant banks that received one of the biggest taxpayer bailouts during the financial crisis, well, they're at it again. documents just released by citigroup show the top 25 executives except for the ceo are getting multi-million dollar salary raises in stock and potentially millions more in bonuses. tx payers still own a 17% share in citigroup, which has still not paid all of the $45 billion it received from the government back. also today, a poll released just minutes ago shows america became a nation divided during the worst recession during the great depression. in the pew research poll, a narrow majority of americans, 55%, say they lost ground suffering hardships, losing their jobs, missing mortgages or
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rent payments and seeing major changes to their lives. the other 45% say they held their own and were largely unaffected by the recession that experts claim ended in june of 2009. joining me now, the host of nbc's "the dylan ratigan show." good to see you. let's start with citigroup. i thought we were done with the big bonuses. >> no you didn't. you didn't think that. >> i did. with the outcry and pitch forks and all that had ruined it. >> we have a system. we all understand the system at this point in which wealthy individuals have political constituencies in order to get the laws most beneficial to those individuals. they do not care if the laws are detrimental to the entire rest of the country. they care the laws are drawn for the benefit of that special interest. well, one of the most powerful special interests in our country is the financial services industry, and they effectively have a tremendous amount of control over the democratic party. i think what confuses people. they think, oh, the republicans are for the rich people. the democrats are against them.
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the democratic party is a vehicle of the wealth of wall street which is being made by manipulating the law ls of investment and the laws of speculation so that they can create gambling parlors for themselves with other people's money. >> and so they can create an opening for them. >> so they can pay themselves. but understand the money is being made not by helping america, not by investing in america, not by lending to america. remember, we give the banks money from the federal reserve. no other business in the world. there's no small or big business that gets access to free money from the government other than a bank. same way we allow police to carry weapons because they're responsible for security. we allow our banks the special privilege of free access to money to lend it to the development of our country. but they're exploiting that fact to get the access, and then
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manipulating the environment so that basically they are a vampire, if you will, that is sucking the money from america. as you see the jobless rate rise, as you see the distress on one-half of the room go up, that's happening directly as a result of the other half of the room using the government to change the laws such that they can access the taxable capital that they can deprive the investment and pay themselves. you have to think of this country suddenly as a snake eating itself, and wall street is the head of that snake, and it is continuing to try to survive at the expense of the balance of the country, the disappointment is the democratic party and the president do not have the strength and resolve as men to stand up to these special interests and tell them no more. >> as men and women. >> but as responsible adults. >> we're talking about the midterm elections now. would any of that change if the predictions are true and the republicans take over the house? >> there's no reason to think that. no. 40% of all the political
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money -- >> it's not democrat/republican. it's a political issue. >> six industries control our government. the republicans are not exactly there advocating. there's money to be made. i can't raise money as a politician to run by advocating for everybody. i have to advocate for certain people. >> i want to switch topics this this poll, this pew research poll that basically shows there was a split. you have 55% people saying they're having a hard time. and a 45% number saying they've been able to make it. what are wie to make of this? >> it's a snake eating itself. you have a portion -- you have this old system that failed. and like a corpse, we decided to keep it alive. citigroup, g.e., all these
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enterprised that were failed. they completely blew themselves up but went to the government to be resurrected. how do i keep something dead alive but for to prevent new businesses and new ideas to come to be? >> but this is a perception beyond the banks. this is what people are looking at their own checkbooks and they believe is happening. 75% of retiree sees say they held their own. the people coming right out of college did not. >> but if you look at the dysfunction driven by the banking and others banking industries control for their survival, those old businesses, that decision to suck those resources out of our government to preserve their existence comes directly at the expense of those that would seek to do something new, and who is more inclined to do something new than the young people in the country. they're just coming out of school. instead of being provided with access to investment, a strong
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educational system, limited complexity in the navigation of the small business and business development systems. we give them an incredibly a asymmetrical education system. great education for the very rich. everybody else can go to hell. we give them no investment or limited investment in an incredibly complex system designed to work to the advantage of the old giant businesses of is this country and to the detriment of the new. >> one more thing with the poll. it's interesting and it says a lot about our neighbors and where they are. people in the east feel they weathered the recession better than those who live in the south, west and midwest. >> makes sense. the banks are here. the money is flying to new york city. they have control over america's checkbook. and they're doing it at the rest of the country's expense. the rest of the country should be irate. >> dylan ratigan, thank you so much. watch dylan at 4:00 p.m. eastern time. he'll be talking more about the winners and losers, it seems, that continue to exist. well, right now lindsay
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lohan is back in jail after a failed drug test. we have new video just into msnbc of lindsay being brought to jail within the last hour. the actress arrived at a beverly hills courthouse this morning with her mother and a team of attorneys hoping she would be released on bail. instead, the 24-year-old was hauled away in handcuffs with no bail set. we are live outside in courthouse in beverly hills, gina, what did lindsay say, if anything? >> lindsay didn't get an opportunity to say anything, tamron. it happened so quickly. now she is here at the lynwood woman's jail. we heard from a spokesperson a few minutes ago who updated us. she's being processed. she's changing from designer cloe clothing into the orange jump suit, getting her mug shot. she'll be kept in isolation until october 22nd. what a big difference a couple of hours makes. at 8:30 this morning pacific time, she walked into court, fairly confident looking, wearing a lot of designer
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clothing, six-inch heels, lots of jewelry, looking fairly confident she wasn't going to land here, and then within about an hour, we heard that the judge remanded her to the sheriff's department, no bail, and no early release this time. she has to stay in jail apparently until october 22nd, which is when her next probation violation hearing will be. >> all right. jinah, thank you very much. a major new plan will soon be in place to revise the newark public school system. the program will be funded by the $100 million donation revealed only yesterday from facebook founder mark zuckerberg. the state will maintain legal control of the school system. details of the agreement were announced today on the oprah winfrey show. >> i committed to starting the startup education foundation whose first project will be $100
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million challenge grant. >> $100 million! >> mark zuckerberg has an estimated net worth of $6.9 million there. and matt lauer sits down for an interview with president obama. nbc's look at the state of education in america. that starts at 8:00 a.m. eastern time. you can submit questions for the president at now to the hot topic of the day. comedian stevphen colbert took his show on the road, you could say, and it's set off a big debate. he was on hand for a house hearing on undocumented farm workers. using satire, he lent his support for the workers to get a legal status in the country. appearing in character, colbert spoke about his recent experience picking vegetables on a farm in new york. he also mocked critics who
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exclaimed immigrants are taking the jobs away from american citizens. >> this is america. i don't want a tomato picked by a mexican. i want it picked by an american, then sliced by a guatamalan and served by -- >> also on msnbc crib tor, michael smerconish. he was funny. but did the humor outshadow, overshadow the message he wanted to get to the public 124? >> boy, did they look uncomfortable. i don't think anybody has said to congress, let me tell you about the the time i got a brazilian from a chilean. >> i don't think anybody has said that to anybody. that's an awful thing. >> you know, the mood is out there and very angry, and i can only imagine that many americans are looking at this past the laugh lines. i think the guy is a stitch. i kind of love it. but i think many americans are looking at this and saying don't
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they have anything better to do with their time than listen to colbert. yes, other celebrities have testified. elmo has testified. but colbert was testifying in character. i've never seen anything like that before. i guess the best that can be said of it is on a day when we would otherwise not be discussing illegal immigration, we are talking about that very real problem. >> are we talking about that, or are we talking about the controversy with him being in character? >> the latter of the two. we're talking about the controversy. and it gets caught up in it. the net effect is probably zero. it was a funny thing. i'm surprised they sat there and allowed him to do so. congressman john conyers didn't want it to go forward. there was a moment it was very strange. apparently he was invited in by the chairperson of the committee and it moved forward. tamron, it sets the stage for what's to come. october 30th, this rally where jon stewart and stephen colbert get together, the angry middle of the country, who knows what
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lies around the bend. >> i want to read what a republican out of utah said about colbert testifying. what a joke. all the serious issues we have and we have colbert as an expert witness. >> very predictable. i'm sure many are hearing you read the words and saying hell yes. me, i laughed when i heard them. it was a very well done routine. it was five minutes. on your job when somebody shows up with a balloon or a stripper because it's somebody's birthday -- >> where do you work? >> huh? >> where do you work? >> msnbc. it was a moment of levity for the congress. let them have one. >> i want to play another clip from colbert e testifying at the hearing. let's play it. >> do you think it was appropriate that he testified today? >> of course, i think it's appropriate. >> congresswoman asked me to share my vast experience spending one day as a migrant farm worker. i am happy to use hi celebrity draw attention to this important complicated issue, and i
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certainly hope my star power can bump this hearing all the the way up to c-span 1. >> it was funny. you point out something very well. the lawmakers, their reaction was priceless. some of them were laughing. others looked stone face ad him, michael. >> no doubt. as if something had gone awry many church. one of those moments. >> he joins a long list of celebrities, including elmo. some people were making the argument if elmo can testify, then stephen colbert can do his thing. >> a lot of people get their news from colbert and stewart. indeed. >> well, thank you very much, michael. good to see you. have a good weekend. what do you think? should stephen colbert have been allowed to testify in character? let me know. ready to talk. the pastor at an atlanta
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mega church will break his silence this sunday about his sex scandal that is swirling. but should he speak out sooner? and starbucks new strategy, the coffee giant has a plan to attract young and tech savvy customers. this is msnbc. [ female announcer ] you use the healing power of touch every day. ♪ now the healing power of touch just got more powerful. introducing precise from the makers of tylenol. precise pain relieving heat patch activates sensory receptors. it helps block pain signals for deep penetrating relief you can feel precisely where you need it most.
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he won't speak in person until sunday, but today for the first time we hear directly from that georgia bishop involved in a sex scandal. three men accuse bishop eddie long, leader of a mega church of sexual coercion. he says he will address his congregation of about 25,000 people at the sunday service, but though through his lawyer he has said the allegations are not true. today bishop long took to his twitter page telling his supporte
2:20 pm
supporters, quote, thanks for all your prayers and support. love you all. margaret is founder of the britto agency here. thanks for joining us. what do you make of this strategy? days have passed without bishop long saying anything. he sends out this tweet. is that the advice you would give him at this point? >> not at all. at this point the silence is alarming. the fact he has not come forth and tried to deflect the gravity building. it's really a going to be harder for him to recover from the public perception no matter what the end result will be. >> what do you make of people dealing with damage control and issues through twitter. lindsay lohan tweeted she failed a drug test before she went to court. now this bishop taking to twitter to get the message out. >> high profile figures are looking at twitter to be their voice. the problem is in this situation it needs a larger platform. we need to hear from the bishop in a clear way. and going to twitter and saying
2:21 pm
pray for more or support me is not going to effectively combat the issues and allegations being leveed against him. >> some of pictures release leased by the attorney representing two of the men has made the internet. the bishop posed in a tight-fitted outfit in a bathroom. does he have to explain that forecast. it's just a photograph. what does he need to do to address these specific things that are out there? including this photograph that according to the attorney was sent to a young men. >> religious leaders are held to a higher standard. the picture, there could be a clear context for the picture, but it needs to be explained. >> they're held to a higher standard because of the position he chose. he's been very oe vocal about homosexuality, saying it's wrong. is it because he put himself in that situation? >> absolutely. religious leaders put themselves in the situation where they are really expected to live a moral an ethical way of life. the same way of life they preach
2:22 pm
from the pulpit. so he can't show, you know, a hypocrite call lifestyle by saying one thing and living another. >> you're one of the best at p.r. can he survive this? >> he can survive it, but we need to hear from the bishop. he has supporters. he's not perfect, of course. >> can he survive if he admits the allegations are true? we don't know what he's going to say. >> religious is rooted in forgiveness. so i think at the very fabric of who he is, he will ask for forgiveness in some way when he does come forward. i think we are all immortal and imperfect living in an imperfect society. hopefully he can get past this, but it's going to be a difficult journey. >> through his attorney he has denied the allegations and we'll see what he says. no one knows at this point. thank you very much. great to see you. we'll be back after this. ♪ when it's planes in the sky ♪ ♪ for a chain of supply, that's logistics ♪ ♪ when the parts for the line ♪
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welcome back. we have a lot of tweets regarding stephen colbert. one person said if you were paying attention to his message instead of the idea he was in character, his point was made and brought national attention. another person wrote, write on, colbert. congress has accomplished nothing but arguments. some people disagree with this. one person wrote me, colbert is not a journalist, he is a joke. his disrespect of president obama yesterday was disgusting. another person said, heck yes, colbert should testify. ever seen a tea party rally? let me see your thoughts. go to you can tweet us on any subject throughout the hour. handcuffed and taken back to jail. more on the judge's decision regarding lindsay lohan's freedom. is her career over? courtney joins me with that and the school. and drug giveback. why the feds want you to turn in your expired and unused prescription drugs this weekend.
2:27 pm
it could save a life. and gop chairman michael steele says he's done with the political back biting and nitpicking. he's not talking about the democrats. this is msnbc. my name is vonetta, and i suffer from allergies. [ male announcer ] we asked zyrtec® users what they love about their allergy relief, and what it lets them do. the thing i love most about zyrtec® is that it allows me to be outside. [ male announcer ] we bet you'll love zyrtec®, too -- or it's free. [ vonetta ] it is countdown to marshmallow time. [ woman laughs ]
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welcome back. prescription drug abuse has surged by 400% in the last decade. now the nation's drug enforcement agency is asking the public to take a step that could save lives. the dea is setting up more than 4,000 locations across the country tomorrow for people to drop off their unused and expired prescriptions. nbc's pete williams is live in washington, d.c. pete, it is stunning how many young people especially are abusing prescription drugs they're finding in the parents' medicine cabinet or a neighbor or friend's. >> now ranked second only to marijuana in terms of drugged used to get high. it says the majority of overdose
2:31 pm
deaths involve prescription drugs. so what the dea says, don't just flush your drugs down the drain, because that pollutes the water supply. don't just throw them away because they can be recovered from the garbage. go to the dea website., click on the website. it gives you this form you can use to fill out. put your zip code. it will show you where one of 4,000 sites is across the country that you can use to take your old drugs. now, you may think, well, who is going to take the trouble to do this? consider this, tamron. last year they tried this experiment in new jersey. in one day they got 9,000 pounds of prescription drugs. that's 3.5 million pills. so they're quite optimistic people will use this opportunity to get rid of their old, outdated, unused prescriptions. get them out of the medicine cabinet. give them to the drug enforcement administration to dispose of them in a safe way
2:32 pm
where they can no longer by any harm. >> that's a stunning number from new jersey. they're telling people, listen, this is anonymous. you don't have to worry about us asking did you get this from your doctor or what. just ditch the stuff and go. >> and this is only for prescription drugs. there's no kind of amnesty if you're taking something illegal. >> thank you for the clarification, pete. greatly appreciated. enjoy your weekend. >> you bet. at this hour president obama is attending a luncheon with southeast asian leaders gathered here in new york for the unit nations general assembly. he'll complete a few bilateral meetings before he leaves for the white house. thursday the president spoke to the general assembly and urged world leaders to support the mideast peace efforts. also on raising the value of currency, which americans say has been undervalued. president obama says comments made by iran's president about the 9/11 attacks are offensive and hateful. during his speech at the united
2:33 pm
nations, mahmoud ahmadinejad suggested it's worth investigating allegations the u.s. government orchestrated the attacks in a bid to aid israel. his remarks prompted a walkout by the u.s. delegation. in an interview, president obama responded to ahmadinejad's comments. >> well, it was offensive. it was hateful. and particularly for him to make the statement here in manhattan just a little north of ground zero where families lost their loved ones, people of all faiths, all ethnicities, who see this as the seminole tragedy of this generation if. for him to make a statement like that was inexcusable. >> the president also called on the iranian regime to abide by
2:34 pm
international rules for the nuclear program. and freed american hiker sarah shourd is speaking out about her ordeal in an iranian prison. she was released two days ago after being held for 14 months and accused of spying. this morning on "today" she called for iran to release her fiance shane bauer and their friend josh fattal. she talked about being held in solitary confinement and seeing her fellow americans one hour a day. >> that was my lifeline. my whole day was centered around waiting for that moment. it was my only, my only human contact, my only time. and as the hours grew nearer to my time outside, i would pace the room wringing my hands often. just tears streaming down my face. seeing them was my only relief. >> shourd says she still hopes to meet with iranian president ahmadinejad today in new york to ask him to release her fiance and her friend. ahmadinejad said he would have no problem meeting with sarah
2:35 pm
shourd. so far no indication if or when that meeting will take place. and more bad news about the housing market today. sales of new homes had the second worst month on record in august. sales fell 29% in august from a year earlier. starbucks announced it's raising prices of drinks. now the coffee giant has a new strategy to go after more afly-by-night young customers. jane welles joins me live now. this is interesting. we just looked at a new pew research poll that said most people in their 20s or many people in their 20s feel like they are struggling and getting the short end of the stick with this economy, and now starbucks is going after the young affluent customers that are supposed to be out there. >> reporter: well, maybe because the coffee is going to cost more, but you get the wi-fi for free. good luck trying to find a seat in there. in this current fiscal quarter,
2:36 pm
starbucks launched this wi-fi. they decided to make it free. some coffee bars are unplugging and it's standing room only. they're saying come on in. make it a ritual. stay as long as you want. the stores are more crowded. does that mean more sales? are they making more money off it? starbucks won't reveal those figures. but it did tell us how long people are staying. the average laptop user stays an hour and 20 minutes at starbucks. we don't know. this is the first time they started releasie ining tracking numbers. cell phone users stay 10 to 15 minutes. starbucks wants to get people in because they're starting a digital network where they can access exclusive congretent. we talk to customers. some said no. they just come for the wi-fi. others say they come for the wi-fi and buy coffee because
2:37 pm
they want to keep it free. it used to cost $3.99 per customer for two hours. they're getting zero for that. that's the cost of an extra caramel macchiato. and it makes them the place to go, as opposed to mcdonald's which has free wi-fi. and they have smoothies now. there's intense competition there. >> all right, jane. we're having trouble with our shot there. thank you very much. it's interesting what their doing. lindsay lohan is locked up. it could be a big weekend at the box office. could. new shows in the fall lineup premiering this weekend. let's get the school from courtney. >> in case you missed it, lindsay lohan was sent directly to jail as they say she showed up in court this morning, 8:30 dm beverly hills. >> very fashionable. >> which seems to suggest maybe she didn't think she was going to be sent to jail. why put on all the jewelry if
2:38 pm
you're going to take it back off. >> unless you have a reality show in the works or something? >> well, there's always that. her mother has been shopping around such things. so she goes to jail. she's not expected to be released from jail until a hearing is scheduled for october 22nd. this will be her third but longest stint in jail if she goes until october 22nd. she went from the courtroom to jail. there was an unmarked police car two took her straight away. she was shocked. her family was shocked. people close to them said they didn't think this was going to be the outcome. i don't understand why. maybe because she gets away with everything else. there you have it. this weekend at the box office, ha lot of big movies coming out. the first one, wall street, the sequel. money never sleeps. we've been waiting for this for years. michael douglas stars in it. so does shia labeouf.
2:39 pm
there's really early oscar buzz from some people. everyone right now is so excited to have some good movies to watch. another big movie, anybody who has gone to the movies with a kid lately, walk past the teaser poster in theaters, it's called legend of the guardians. >> it looks great. >> yes. an owl who leaves home to save the world. it is animated. it is 3d. it's kid friendly. it's based on a series of books. those always mean box office gold. >> the animation is spectacular. >> it's fantastic. i think adults will enjoy it as well. i expect that to do quite well. another thing we've been buzzing about so much with our education series coming up. waiting superman. >> it's amazing. >> in theaters this weekend. if you haven't heard of it yet, check it out. go see it. it's a dpoumtry about our public school system and the struggles kids go through just to get a decent education. >> it is so powerful to see.
2:40 pm
some people assume you have to be an adult. kids can go in as well and see this. i left there crying. but it's a good one to see. >> if you're not going to the movies, you're going to be in front of your television set trying to empty room in your dvr from all the shows on this week. mine is pretty full. what should you watch this weekend, though? first pick, dexter. returns sunday night. it's a fantastic show. it has a legion of fans if you haven't seen dexter yet, talk to one person who is a fan of the show, you'll get a sense of the following it has. it's not a show for everyone. not for kids. not for the same crowd as the owl movie. but definitely worth watching. also "sister wives" on tlc. i interviewed them for a piece going up. >> four wives, 16 children and one husband.
2:41 pm
>> i took them to starbucks. to know a polygamist family is to try to take them all to starbucks. it's a fantastic look at the the way they live their lives. they're really being brave in coming out, not living in secret anymore. it's about them going out in the community. >> he's only legally married to one. it is illegal. >> but it's just a fascinating series. it will be well worth your time. >> nice lineup there. thank you very much. for the latest news, log onto sh textbook ban. one school board votes on whether to ban books they believe are too muslim. first, confronting a killer, a mother's jailhouse conversation with a man who killed her daughter. keith morrison will join me live with a preview. great indoors ♪ ♪ friskies indoor delights.
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in today's true crime,
2:45 pm
confronting a killer. in february of 200914-year-old amber du bois never returned home from school. while shorts were investigating the murder of chelsea king, the suspect in there led them to amber's remains. john gardner pleaded guilty to both murders in a plea deal where he avoided the death penalty. both families confronted gardner as a sentencing hearing. amber's mother went one step further. the story of both murders is the focus of tonight's two hour date line season premier. "in broad daylight." no parent could ever imagine losing a child this way and then confronting the child's killer. >> this is one of the most dramatic moments in a story that gripped a san diego area for, you know, quite a while now. but that afternoon was extraordinary. it happened in front of a san diego jail.
2:46 pm
you don't know how a parent will retact to the killer of the child or what they will want to know or not know about the last moment's of their child's life. what happened to them? it's an awful thing to know. yet, kerry had to know. watch what happens outside the san diego jail. >> i think if you're a parent you want to know what happened. you want to know how they took your child. if a lesson can be learned from amber, then i want it out there. >> and so early in may she tried to schedule a visit, was told none was available. so kerry had a bold idea. why not ask the mother to give up one of her visits with her son? so one afternoon she waited outside the jail as gardner's mother approached. it didn't go well. i just want to visit your son. >> excuse me. >> don't touch me, i'll hit you. i'm not. stay away from her. i'm not here to harass you. i want to talk to your son.
2:47 pm
and find out why he murdered my daughter. >> the next day there was a phone call from the jailer. >> can you be here in a half hour? >> somehow the time was found for her talk with gardner. what was it like to walk in there and know you were going to talk to the guy who killed your daughter? >> i was real nervous until until i got there. going in there and talking with them just didn't have any feelings with me. to me it was just a person talking. >> he was already sitting behind the partition when she arrived. >> i think maybe i glanced at him once. >> where were you looking? >> just down. just not at him. i had no desire to look at him. >> why not? >> i didn't want to get angry or
2:48 pm
ups upset. i wanted to stay focused. to stay focused a looked down and doodled on paper, whatever. i wanted to stay in the mindset where i didn't start crying or get upset. >> so what did you ask him? >> walk me through your day. >> and now kerry would finally learn what happened to amber in the last hours of her life. >> this is the amazing thing, because she did ask all those questions. she forced him. he kepting back off. i don't want to tell you. are you sure you want to know? she forced him to tell her everything. right down to the last moments. >> it's incredible. it takes your breath away. i have goose bumps. i know gardener's case resulted in a change of the law in california. >> right. probably some changes that will be helpful. people are always trying to prevent this sort of thick from happening. it's always going to happen again. that's the problem. but i think the effort now is to try to keep track of sex
2:49 pm
offenders on parole. >> keith, we'll be watching. it's the season premier of dateline in broad daylight. that's tonight at 7:00 eastern time, 8 central. busted by twitter. megan mccain plays hookey from her book tour is is caught by her own tweet. we thought you should know. before rogaine, my solution to the problem was to go ahead and wear hats. i was always the hat guy. i can't even tell you how much it's changed my life. [ male announcer ] only rogaine is proven to regrow hair in 85% of guys.
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here's some things we thought you should know. bristol palin has launch ad facebook fan page. she's using the page to promote her appearance on "dancing with the stars." as of this morning, nearly 1,500 fans had joined the page. onto another political daughter. megan mccain plays hookey from her book tour is is caught because of a tweet. she scheduled an appearance at a
2:53 pm
college citing unforeseen professional responsibilities. then she tweeted she was on her way to vegas to hang out with friends. and gop chairman michael steele says he's fed up with back biting and nitpicking within the republican party after heated primaries this year. steele made the comments as he tried to rally a group of activists during a stop in arkansas republican party headquarters. he wants cooler heads to prevail and stay unified to help win the midterm elections. and crossing the line? you tell me. within the past hour the texas board of education voted 7-6 to approve a resolution limiting references to islam in future textbooks. some board members argued they should be barred from school because they contained an anti-christian slant. >> i am try be patient. but we do have important business. and this is not a trial.
2:54 pm
>> nbc's charles hadlock joins us from texas. aust austin, texas, he's on the phone. 7-6 they approve the resolution. what does it mean? will somebody now count the number of times islam is mentioned as opposed to christianity? >> that's what the writer of the resolution did. he went through the textbooks and counted the number of times that islam was mentioned and counted the times that christian was mentioned. he looked at what kind of light was painted by the publisher. this is called the balance dream of religious groups in texas. it accuses publishers of dedicating too much space and sugar coating islam over christianity. the vote was very close. some members were concerned about the accuracy of this resolution. they wanted the texas education agency to vet it. that was voted down. instead they passed this one,
2:55 pm
which will shoot a bullet across the bow of publishers watching this very close ly, what texas s concerned about and how they are presented in textbooks, tamron. >> and i think we have more sound from the hearing. listen. >> there is no reference whatsoever to the significance of christianity during this time frame. however, there's a complete section on the trading empires that goes into great detail describing islams, muslims. those are the vocabulary words. it is ill served when they use limited meeting time to discuss and vote on discriminatory measures that further undermine the reputation of texas's public education system. >> so, charles, did we get an official statement from the book publishers? >>. >> no official statements for the publishers.
2:56 pm
but several were in the crowd today. it has the effect of letting the publishers know that texas will be watching what goes in the textbooks. that's very important. texas is the largest buyer of textbooks. what goes into a texas textbook will show up in other parts of the country as well. publishers are watching closely what texas wants. >> charles hadlock, thank you. well, crossing the line? you tell me? did my home state go too far with this one? go to to vote. that wraps up this hour. i'm tamron hall. chris jansing will pick up coverage after the break.
2:57 pm
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