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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  September 27, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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long term care insurance underwritten by genworth life insurance company, and in new york, genworth life insurance company of new york. call now or go online for free information. violence in the classroom. for some kids the stress of school goes way beyond the books. solutions to getting gangs off your kids' campus. and your blackberry or facebook county. the government wants to make it easier to wiretap those and the interpret. what you need to know. plus emergency exit. why gloria stephan makes a great escape from her suite at a dolphins game. good day, everyone. i'm richard lui in for chris jansing on this monday. 500,000 jobs. begin with that number. it's a law that promises just that. president obama signed the $42 billion law today. but before signing it he
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explained how small business jobs act would help. >> right now there's a waiting list for loans more than 1,400 names long. these are people who are dead toy di to hire and expand, who have been approved by their banks, but who have been waiting for this legislation to pass. well, when i sign this bill, their wait will be over. >> all right, cnbc's john harwood joins me live from washington. john, good day to you. 500,000 jobs sounds pretty good. but how long is it going to take? >> well, it's not going to come quickly, richard. anything the administration can do now is going to have a phase-in time, a lead time. this bill is principally about creating a loan fund so community banks can lend money to small businesses to hire. but that doesn't happen overnight. you can't just flip a switch. they're counting on the near
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term benefit. it's not going to be about the actual job creation. >> from what you know, what kind of jobs are we talks about for the future then? >> well, we're talking about small businesses. this is very targeted. one of the problems we've had in the slow economic recovery we've had is that small businesses have been unable to get credit. so the president talked about that waiting list at the sba. this is designed to put another $30 billion on the table for community banks to this lend. now that depends on community banks being willing to participate. and republicans have attacked this as a baby t.a.r.p. program and said some banks will not want to participate because there will be a stigma of government aid. we'll see if that is reality. >> tell me what you're seeing on this one. gop senator warren hatch said this one. he says the problem is, quote, they're going about it the wrong way. when he says that, what does he mean? what might be the right way?
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>> republicans want an approach less geared towards government involvement through a lending fun. there are tax cuts and tax incentives for the businesses, about $15 billion over ten years. but the republicans are looking more much brooder cuts in corporate taxes. they want to oppose the expiration of the bush tax cuts because they say it affects small business. many are talking about a payroll tax holiday. >> john harwood on the small business jobs act. thank you. >> you bet. >> all right, now to nbc's national conversation about our children's future in america's school systems. we're just getting started with our week long special education nation. rockefeller plaza, as you see in these live pictures, has been transformed into an interactive learning laboratory. if you can get down to that to see what's happening all week. we'll hear from the most influential educators for across the country. today @ obama sitting down for a one-on-one interview at the
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white house with today's matt lauer to answer questions from educators. >> at some level no matter how good the teacher, if the kid is coming home are from school and the parents aren't checking to see if they do their home work or watch tv, that's going to be a problem. and that's by the way, true in the white house. i have great kids, and they're great students. but if you gave them a choice, they would be happy to sit in front of the tv all night long. every night. at some point you have to say, your job right now, kid, is to learn. and i'm going to check with your teachers. and i'm going to make sure you're doing your homework, and you're not doing anything else until you've done your homework. that kind of attitude, i think, makes a huge difference at every level. >> so where do we fit in the world's 30 developed economies? well, u.s. students ranked 24th in matt, 17th in science. and number 10 in literacy. 77% of americans give public
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schools a grade of "c" or lower. 58% believe major changes or a complete overhaul is needed. arne duncan weighed in today on andrea mitchell reports. >> somewhere along the line in the country, we lost our way. the teaching profession has been beaten down. sometimes it's been stigmatized. we have to recruit the next generation of extraordinary talent who wants to come in and has the courage to challenge the status quo and give every child in the country a chance for the great education they deserve. >> one of the dynamics to the statistic es we just gave is one of the biggest problems that many students face in the classroom, and sometimes outside from the schoolyard to restroom stalls. in some schools there's little escapes from threatens of violence and drugs. there's ha national survey out of columbia university that shows more than one in four students, age 12 to 17, attend schools which are both gang and drug dominated.
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let's bring in blair taylor. how does this affect not only the gang members, but also the students in the school that may not be members? >> if you're a young student walking to school and you're held up on your way to school. then somebody asks you to sit in a classroom and learn, it's almost an impossibility. the worth part may not be you got held up on the way to school. you're going to school that typically has no mental health services to help you get over the trauma. and no way of helping teachers figure out these gang crises going on around the school. it's a bigger problem than the action. if you think about the ramifications after the action, those are enormous in terms of the impact on the educational experience of a child. some may say that some children don't have a choice but to become involved with the groups,
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or they may face other violence for not being a member. >> yeah. well i think it's our responsibility as adults to give them a choice. i mean, at the urban league, for example. we've created safety zones around schools that have been eliminating these violence incidents. there's a lot of intervention activities you have to take into consideration. for one thing, if you keep kids busy. if you keep them busy, engaged in activities. spor sports is a great activity. we have summer night lights with the mayor in a mark that keeps the kids engage ed over the weekends. if you give them things to do in the hours after school, that 3:00 to 6:00 p.m., you can usually keep them on the straight path. that's when the trouble is starting. the other thing is get communities involved. if you're around a school, water your lawn when kids are walking to and from the school.
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if folks just come out of their houses and pay attention to the school, you'll end up making those kids and that walk a lot safer than it would be otherwise. >> you brought up something very important in all these situations. that's how communities come together to assist in the 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. time period. that's one of the solutions. earlier this month there was a gang-related shooting, i understand, outside of crenshaw high school, and you became involved in this. >> that's right. we have almost a rapid response scenario around crenshaw high school. we work on crenshaw high school with the university of southern california's roster of education, with the bradley foundation. we have a governorance structure around the school. within the model we focus not just on education, but employment, safety, housing. the safety element is incredibly important. with coordinate with lapd, the sheriff's deeptpartment, the ci attorney, so anything that
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happens around the school, there's an immediate response. it was off the campus. it was immediately handled by the sheriff's department. >> help me push forward on this, blair? i was exposed to ha lot of gang activity as well. are things looking better going forward, you think? >> if we don't pay attention to it, in the areas where we're not paying attention it's worse. the gangs are recruiting young kids in the 6th and 7th and 8th grade. >> wow. >> that is horrific. that is something our nation should be shaken awake by. it's unacceptable. it's bad enough to recruit high school kids. when it gets down to the middle school, that is extremely troubling. so i think there are steps we can take, recognizing you can't really have effective educational systems if the schools aren't safe, and the surrounding areas aren't safe. >> high school, we somewhat understand. we've seen that throughout the times. to see 6th, 7th, and 8th grade,
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that's a shocking revelation. >> we appreciate that. we run on the campuses of 6th, 7th and 8th grades with lapd. >> you can see the problem there. thank you so much. really good stuff. thank you. coming up later in the show. we'll talk to the president of the university of phoenix about the hurdles that america's college students are facing. be sure to check out education nation at you can send us your thoughts plus look up your child's school to find out how it is doing. we have the latest pictures for you from a fire fight between u.s. marines and taliban ins insurgents in afghanistan on sunday. the soldiers were forced to take cover as they came under fire from at least three locations. they fought back with rocks and machine gunfire. that battle occurred in the southern afghan town widely considered part of the taliban heart land. no casualties were reported in
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that. back to grass roots. president obama taps young and midwestern voters hoping for a midterm victory. is it too little, too late? or perfect timing? stay down. stay down. >> calm under fire. a plane's equipment fails, but the captain doesn't. ♪ i throw my hands up in the air sometimes ♪ plus, one jump is certainly bad enough, but not for this bungee jumper who plunges into the record books. that and more next on msnbc. replant a forest? maybe you want to rebuild homes for those in need? or, maybe you want to help improve our schools? whatever you want to do, members project from american express can help you take the first step.
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president obama heads to the heart land to reignite young voters and independents, critical to getting him elected back in '08. tomorrow he'll head to the university of wisconsin where he hopes to draw the same big crowds that were roaring when he was a candidate. look at this to see how the mood of the country changed. a new poll from gallup. just 19% of young adults said they are even paying attention to the midterms, compared to 75% who were focused on the 2008 presidential election. among older adults, just 42% are engaged compared to 87% a few years ago. sofia nelson is contributor to the "washington post" joanne reid is a political columnist for the miami editor. thank you both for joining us this afternoon. joanne, is the president
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starting this effort a little bit too late? we take a look at the calendar and we have a month until midterm. >> the numbers you put up before compare ad 2008 electorate to a 2010 electorate and 2008 electorate. midterm elections tend to be less geared towards young voters. president obama needs to get the nontraditional voters out. yorn necessarily if it's too latd. people weren't necessarily paying as much attention this summer. better late than never. he's got to get out voters who don't turn out for midterms. >> the white house has gotten many things done here by what some will say, such as passing the health care bill, the financial reform issue, as well as a huge stimulus bill, and now a small business bill. yet, we have this enthusiasm gap that we've been hearing about. is it apathy?
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is it come plplacency? >> no, it's called midterms. less people vote. it tends to be be a more caucasian audience. less diverse. less people of color. i think all that is on target. i think whether or not it's too late is really not the right question. i think the right question is what the democrats have done and what the president has done in relation to what the american people wanted. if you look at the polls going into health care and before it was passed, it wuntd something the majority of americans wanted. if you fake the tea party and this movement. i know the democrats and others have moved to classify them as they've been called racist. they've been called anti-american, all kinds of things. i think a lot of regular americans who are nurses, teachers, construction workers take offense to the fact that people aren't hearing they're
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frustrated about the lack of jobs. i think the president finds himself in a difficult economic mess. and the midterms, usually the incumbent president pays for that. >> party of the tea party movement is certainly the issue of trust. joanne. let's take a look at this poll from plolitico. i guess the question at the moechlt is how can the president turn that around? >> right. well the same poll also showed that the majority of people trusted democrats over congressional republicans. both to create jobs and on the economy. so it's a little bit more muddled. also polls have showed most people don't think this is a referendum on obama, at least for themselves. i think what the other guests talked about health care. i think the problem with health care for democrats was not the components. people like the idea of not being thrown off their insurance when they get sick. people like the idea of young people being able to stay on their insurance. the problem is it took a year. over that year the democratic base frankly became demoralized
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by the process and by watching democrats give away so much to republicans. so when you're in a base election and midterms are base elections, the base wants to see you fight the other side. the tea party movement is giving that to the republican base. democrats have to find a way to give that to the democratic base. that's what get people to turn out. they want to see their candidates fighting the opposition. that's what democrats have lacked for the last two years. >> okay. we have to leave it there. sofia nelson and joe-ann reed. thank you for joining me on this monday. >> thank you. aircraft worth tens of millions dumped in a lake. two navy pilots and their flying privileges are now in the cross hairs. and their home away from home gets a new shall we say hotel like services like ice cream delivery. we're talking about the trapped chilean miners. plus a 120-year-old levy
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here are stories making news across the united states. in wisconsin a lawyer for the district attorney who acknowledged sending sexually harassing text messages said his client is planning to resign. a total of five women have accused the prosecutor of miscondu misconduct. meanwhile, it is back to business for the florida bank that was the scene of a dramatic heist on friday. the bank reopened as three suspects remain on the loose in connection with friday's robbery. this weekend police found the red ford mustang used as a getaway car a few blocks from the crime scene. then officials are scheduled to debate a new law to ban toy giveaways. the proposal would make it
3:24 pm
illegal for kids meals to come with toys if they exceed limits on calories, fat, sugar and salt. it would also require meals with toy giveaways to include a helping of fruits and vegetables as well. federal officials with seeking to pull in the virtual reigns on the internet. they say their ability to drop is compromised by communicating electron click instead of picking up a phone. they are planning to submit a bill calling for all communication services, including your blackberry, skype and facebook to be technically able to comply with wired tap orders. pete williams joins me from d.c. the first question might be what is the problem this is aimed to
3:25 pm
solve? >> here's the problem. in the old days in the 1930s or '40s if the fbi wanted to listen in to some organized crime fighter's call. they'll find the copper wires and take some alligator clips and clip onto his line and listen to it. then when the telephone companies went to electronic switching, congress passed a bill in the 1990s that said you still have to give the fbi and other law enforcement agencies to ability to listen in. nowadays every time you pick up the phone, it could be routed to the central office in a dozen different ways. that problem was solved. now people are using skype to communicate by voice. companies like vonage, or entirely texting in ways that completely bypass the telephone company. not just e-mail, but things like blackberry devices that don't use the telephone company at all. so the problem is these companies say they're willing to help, this is when law enforcement knocks at the door and says we have a judge's
3:26 pm
order, a judge has said we could wiretap this person's communications. give us that tap. the company often says, well, we would like to help, but we don't know how to do that. so this is a bill that would require any communications provider to have the ability to give that access to law enforcement. now, it's one thing to just listen in. it's another thing to decode communications that are often decrypted. so the companies also have to figure out how to decode the messages so the fbi can monitor them when they have a judge's order allowing them to do it. >> they may concern some in terms of privacy. i want to go to an fbi official and what he said to "the new york times". he said we're talking about lawfully authorized intercepts here. we're not talking expanding authority. we're talking about preserving our ability to execute our existing authority in order to protect the public safety and national security. but in order to accomplish this, when we're thinking of this
3:27 pm
issue, that goal here, don't you have to change the fundamental structures of the way the internet is working now? >> well, the fbi, and this is not just an fbi issue, this is a big deal for local law enforcement, too. well over 5 half of the wiretaps in america every year are doene at the local level. people looking for kidnaps and bank robbers, and all the usual crimes for which you could get a wiretap. they say, no, the fundamental structure of the internet wouldn't change, but some would argue that there's a reason people go to the different areas for communication because they do want to bypass the phone company. some people who do that do it because they want to evade detection and what the law enforcement community is confirmed about is do you want safe havens to plot crimes and potentially terror attacks and the government would never know it? >> pete williams, thank you. >> you bet. the u.s. military has
3:28 pm
launched an investigation after a tourist captured this video on a cell phone. we are seeing right here on your screens are two navy mh 60 romeo helicopters. each worth more than $30 million. and they're hovering over lake tahoe. they clearly misjudged the altitude the helicopters are at, causing them to this dip into the water for a few seconds before recovering and flying away. certainly shocking to the people who took this video. u.s. navy officials say the crews were trying to fake photos of each other's helicopters. the incident occurred two weeks ago. a aircrafts sustained damage costing over $50,000, but the kpa exact amount is not known at the moment. parts of the health care reform have gone into effect. do you know what's in the legislation? then the shocking results from a justice department investigation. are fbi agents cheating on
3:29 pm
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to six months. they'll delay reporting late payments for also up to six months. and research in motion, the maker of the blackberry is looking to compete with apple's popular ipad. they will unveil details about the new tablet computer today. it will have a seven-inch touch-screen and one built-in camera. it from cnbc first in business worldwide. >> more choice for us, my friend. here's a look at your top stories on this monday. an fbi test scandal has erupted. a justice department investigation found widespread cheating by agents on a test covering the bureau's guidelines for conducting surveillance on americans. the justice department inspector general is calling on the fbi to discipline agents involved in that. hyundai is recalling about 140,000 sedans sold in the u.s. because of potential steering wheel problems. the recall involves 2011
3:34 pm
sonatas. the company says no accidents have been reported. segway owner was killed after accidently driving one of the two-wheel vehicles off a 30-fit cliff and into a river on his estate in england. vehicles remain upright and are controlled by the direction the rider leans when used. he was one of britain's richest people. he was 62 years old. massive flooding and a failed levee forcing hundreds of people in a wisconsin town to make a critical decision here, get out quickly or be stranded. after heavy rounds the town's 120-year-old sand levee began to give way last night. the only road in and out of portage is under water at the moment. officials having urged the people to leave their homes, but some simply refusing to go. meteorologist chris warren from
3:35 pm
the weather channel is joining me now. it's made of sand. that may be a problem. >> right. you would think so. also you get too much water, too fast. how far away from average we are in this area as far as rainfall goes. we're looking at six to seven inches in southern wisconsin into southern minnesota into central wisconsin. typically they get three inches nor the entire month. last week some areas got 8 to 12 inches of rain. that was just lack week. so we're looking at a situation where you have just way too much water for these areas. not expecting more rain any time soon. if we get some, it won't be much. you can see the forecast as we move into tuesday will look like mostly sunny skies with temperatures into the mid-60s. we should be below major flood stage by the middle of this week. richard? >> another point that i know you watch here is saturation points. not only when you take a look at the wisconsin river and how high
3:36 pm
it is. >> well, yeah. these areas have just had a lot of rain this year. the storm track is right over and over it. the good news is it's bringing the drought for the area to an early release. it's way too much rain in too short amount of time. >> yeah, and how well the ground can absorb all that. chris warren from the weather channel. thank you very much. we hope our best for the friends in the midwest. two years after president obama swept the midwest, democrats in some of the states hard ers hit by the economy are worried about losing impatient voters waiting for results. this is what is at stake at the moment. members of congress, governors and mayors from states like iowa, wisconsin and ohio are all fighting high unemployment, anti-incumbent fever and a republican wave on the horizon as well. ben smith is national political reporter for politico. ben, thanks for being here. the midwest certainly leads the nation when we talk about unemployment. is this simply about jobs? >> the midwest is a place where there was tremendous
3:37 pm
dissatisfaction with george w. bush over a poor economy. this was before the latest recession, but it's a place, i think they very quickly lost patience. it's where the downturn has been felt very hard there. a lot of the same forces sweeping the country are particularly concentrated there. in places like wisconsin where russ feingold was seen as a safe incumbent who is finally fighting for his life. even in places like michigan if you ask the administration they poured huge amounted of money into a bailout of the auto company. they kept the companies afloat. getting zero credit for that. they see that as the national trend. and the republican candidate for gov no, rick nooider is way ahead of his opponent. >> describe that environment for us, bern. this could be described as the bee's next once we move to the midterms. is the president kind of going for the three pointers when he should be going for layups? it's difficult upon what you describe dd midwest to be. are there easier wins for him
3:38 pm
out there? >> the math keeps broadening for democrats. it also keeps changing. and republicans are fielded a number of strong candidates in the midwest where in states like nevada where a strong republican would have had maybe an easier time against harry reid. in the midwest there are a lot of strong republican candidates. the democrats are defending their home turf. >> i want to read this to you from stanley crouch who wrote this this in the new york daily news. obama has two problems. he that has to battle an opposition sold out to the extremes to regain power. integrity be damned. the second problem is cowardess on the other side of the aisle. so do you agree with that? how do democrats deal with the dynamic right now there was a telling moment. it was promising to really tighten nafta to prevent jobs for going overseas.
3:39 pm
one of the advisers said to the canadia canadians, don't worry. he doesn't really mean it. it turned out to be true. they did not really mean it. i think obama never intended to radically change it. >> all right. the midwest, all eyes on the midwest as the president makes his way that way. ben smith, thank you so much. federal officials are investigating why a delta airlines flight was forced to make an emergency landing at jfk with one-third of its landing gear. take a look at this. >> heads down. stay down. stay down. heads down. stay down. heads down. stay down. >> frightening audio and video. home video there showing what it was like on board that plane when the landing gear just simply would not come down. and the pilot had to improvise. the plane was coming into jfk airport in new york from atlanta. all 60 passengers on board are okay. some are hailing the captain as the next sully. sully sullenberger.
3:40 pm
the pilot who you may remember safely landed a plane on the hudson river. a larger one. no one was injured, and no fire was on board the plane we were showing you video of. less than two hours, held and human services secretary kathleen sebelius will play cheerleader for president obama's health care initiative. she'll discuss the impact of that legislation in in nevada as part of the democrat's strategy to promote the reform bill ahead of the november returns. just last week the first batch of consumer protections took effect. a new poll shows 53% of americans are still confused about this bill. a separate a.p. poll tells a different story. about 40% say the bill does not do enough. mi mike, are we seeing here basically in the situation where they're stuck between a rock and a hard place? >> well, it's a little bit of that. part of it is you reed the poll
3:41 pm
numbers. the interpretation of the number depends on who is looking at them now. 75%. three in four of those polled says the there has to be substantial change. one presumes it would be in favor of at least some elements of the new health care bill. that was signed by the president last march 23rd. let's look at the elements of the bill in play right now. the adult children can be covered on their parents' policies through the age of 26. no lifetime coverage limits. that's to say that if you have a stroke, for example, that the insurance company can't say after a million or $2 million recovered that even though your disability remains the same, your coverage comes to an end. you can want be dropped because you get sick. that was a key part of the debate. the children can't be denied coverage because they have preexisting conditions. those are skom of the elements
3:42 pm
in effect right now. as the months and years go by, the rest of it will happen. this year there is free preventive services. no copay, no deductible. part of the emphasis that animate this is bill to try to get feel to take preventive steps to keep from getting sicker, more expensively later. a lot of that is happening in other smaller, less important issues. you can call it the snooki rule. a 10% tax on indoor tanning services taking effect right now. maybe not good for the tanning outfits. maybe good for people's skin. >> you had to g there, didn't you? all right, there's more progress to report in the effort to rescue 33 miners trapped in chile. engineers revealed the cage specially designed to pull them to safety. until then, workers are trying
3:43 pm
to make the men comfortable, including laundry service, tv, video conferencing. they even have ice cream for dessert. they've got a full life underneath the surface there. >> a the actress who played in "titanic" has died. she earned an academy award nomination for hr role in the 1997 film. she was diagnosed with lung cancer five years ago. she died in her sleep last night. she was 100 years old. hey, did you ever finish last month's invoices?
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with the u.s. economy still ailing, there's been a sharper focus on higher education, and one of the options out there certainly is online course work from schools like the university of phoenix. joining us now is one of the sponsors of education nation, president of the university of phoenix with more on what they have been doing. tell us, what is the university
3:47 pm
of phoenix's involvement in this drive we're doing here on education nation? >> well, richard, education nation is all about a national problem. university of phoenix is a national university, they have the largest private university in the united states. as such it seems natural for us to partner with the other sponsors who are national in scope to bring this issue to the attention of the nation in this wonderful partnership with nbc and msnbc. >> i was looking at a statistic as we were getting ready to speak. 7 in 10 students as nontraditional. >> that's exactly correct. it means only a quarter of undergraduate students in the country are experiencing that traditional university experience where they come directly from high school and go and live on a campus and take their courses.
3:48 pm
the other 73% are a little older. most of them are working. they have family obligations. many of them are the first person in their family who has ever gone to school. or to college at least. and they really need a different kind of access to higher education so it fits their lives better. >> president obama said he would like the united states to lead in education by 2020. as an educator, how do you think we're going to get there. >> it has to work in collaboration so that we can offer a wide variety of options for students to get access to higher education. and institutions like university of phoenix represent one of those alternatives. >> but online, william, i think because you're in phoenix you want to be there. you have a great tan all year round. why online? can you do that online, too? >> well, unfortunately i can don't do that online.
3:49 pm
i get the tan playing with my grandchildren. but online is what sets us apart you can access the classroom any time of the day or night. >> thank you very much. stay with nbc and msnbc all weekend long for education nation. and check out rockefeller plaza, by the way, has been transformed in an amazing way into what we are calling learning plaza. you can experience it virtually here at the site. this is what it looks like in real life. a little rain today, but still covered in quite an experience. plus, look up your child's school to find out how it is performing. get involved. the fastest three minutes of news is next for you. why gloria stephan made this great escape. plus, one british man plunges into the record books again and again. you won't believe how much bungee jumps this guy braved the
3:50 pm
to get there. replant a forest? maybe you want to rebuild homes for those in need? or, maybe you want to help improve our schools? whatever you want to do, members project from american express can help you take the first step. vote, volunteer or donate for the causes you believe in at take charge of making a difference. host: could switching to geico did the little piggy cry wee wee wee all the way home? piggy: weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeee weeeeeeee. mom: max. ...maxwell!
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that time of the day. we go down to the wire with an extreme dream. french fry pfanatics and pig fired trucks. katy perry's next post "sesame street" appearance, she signed on to lend her voice to the simpsons. the california girl's song stress will play herself in a spoof. gloria estefan's escape from a suite at the pens game. the door of the private box getting stuck. after security, a firefighter and a lock smith failed to open it, she took things into her own hands and jumped through the third level window to the box
3:54 pm
below. david beckum is suing in tough weekly. the suit also names the former call girl who was quoted saying she had sexual relationship with be be beckham. talk about endurance swimmer getting ready for an extreme dream. she will take on the treacherous 100-mile route from key west, florida, to cuba. now, she first tried that at age 28. hasn now at the age of 61. young age. she said she is once again ready for this challenge. you get dizzy just thinking about this once. not him. a british man jumping his way into the record books. james fields, his name. he set a new world record for the most bungee jumps done by one person in one hour. he did it 42 time inss in a
3:55 pm
60-minute time span. pink is the color of the day in sarah soto, florida. it's a national campaign for breast cancer awareness. 46 cities in 74 days. in maryland, the state's first casino opened today. you can play shots or video gambling. just the first of five planned locations allowed by 2008 constitutional amendment there. ben and jerry's is dropping all natural claims on some of its products. they removed the label from all product that is contained high dronlguated soybean oil and
3:56 pm
other products that are not natural. that includes 48 of their flavors. too many folks across the country still answer yes to this question. do you want fries with that? only 26% of the nation's adults eat vegetables three or more times a day. we couldn't resist this video. four white tiger cubs adopted by dogs in china. they were abandoned by their mother. that brings us down to the water. that's our show for this monday next. ♪ [ male announcer ] we touch a lot of things throughout the day. so it's nice that clorox disinfecting products help kill the germs that can live on surfaces for up to 48 hours. ♪ feels sweet when i can touch you ♪ but my allergies put me in a fog. so now, i'm claritin clear!
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good afternoon. today, a lesson for america. save our schools. we need better school, teachers, more engaged


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