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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  October 19, 2010 1:00pm-2:00pm EST

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plus -- >> some of you look a little more -- to me. >> what did she say? what could she have meant by it. reaction to hispanic students. also, foreclosure, sign of warning from the white house as major banks announce they are lifting the freeze on foreclosure. and making a deal. a flight attendant whose sensational flee left him popular. and a lot of women are angry about a video that has gone viral. it is our gut check question of the day. good day to you. i'm tamron hall. the "news nation" is following another frantic day on the campaign trail with midterms two weeks ago. right now vice president biden is headed out west to campaign in washington and california. former president bill clinton was alongside kendrick meek in florida. meek is set to square off in a debate with republican marco rubio and governor charlie crist
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who is running as an independent. there was already a heated debate today earlier between the senate candidate. chris coons and christine o'donnell question whether constitution guarantees the separation of church and state. >> where in the constitution is separation of church and state? >> the first amendment. the first amendment establishes the separation, the fact that the federal government shall -- over many, many decades. >> the first one? >> so joining us now, nbc news white house correspondent and political director chuck todd. you have the audio of that. you can hear the laughter in the room after christine o'donnell's comments. we bring this up because it's another example of the highlight reel that these midterm debates have turned into. >> some of them have. >> well, the good ones. >> delaware, there's a reason why nobody has it on the playing
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field. because she has proven herself to basically not be able to do civics 101 when it comes to government. frankly i think it matters to voters. do the debates have an impact? on the margins they do. and particularly, though, it can have an impact on whether they view, say, an outsider candidate as credible or not credible. they can really have a huge impact for christine o'donnell, who the media is saying this isn't a credible candidate. sh goes off and dose something like that. it only adds to that. it can be an opportunity for her to gain credibility. for candidates who are trailing, debates do matter. kendrick meek needs a huge performance. >> he was strong in the last debate. >> he was strong in the last one. both of them need. marco rubio looks like he has a solid lead. both of them need a big moment at a debate. debates can still have an impact at this late date. we are getting to that point
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where most of the campaigns are in gaff patrol. they're afraid of making that gaffe. >> in first read you talk about this, and we touched upon this yesterday. this could be a change election. if people are looking for that change and whatever it is. i go back to these debalts. they know where these people stand. is it just how is he or she going to handle himself or herself? >> it is. in the last two weeks you heard the cliche it's about turnout. that's what we're seeing at the margins here. we know the fundamentals of this election. it will be a changing election. they're not happy with the economy. they're not happy with a lot of things. is it going to be 65 republican seat gain? a 25 republican seat gain? well, that's where you start get to turnout and the hand to hand campaigning that's going on. >> what do you think of the reports of early voting already? some states reporting a possible high number of people coming out early. >> folks need to realize that early voting is becoming a way of life.
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what that means is, i was just going to say, some of the increase is just natural. in 2008 we estimated there was nationally about one-third of the country voted early. my guess this time it will be about 35%. it's not a phenomenon. as it happens every year. this is now the third election cycle they've allowed it in florida. we're up to the sixth straight election cycle in texas. it's just getting used to it and more campaigns spend more time trying to bank votes and get their folks into early voting. this is a natural phenomenon. it's now election month. >> everyone is so desperate to look for understanding here. >> i think simply the enthusiasm levels. this is for african-american
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communities, hispanic communities and young voters. >> we'll see if it's that change election. >> you got it. >> well, do debates really matter in the final two weeks of the campaign midterm season? we heard from some new york voter who is watched last night's very interesting debate with the candidates for governor. here's what they said. >> i actually thought that i was a little bit worried it wasn't serious enough for the position that's going to be filled. >> the debate last night was a joke. there's lots of clown there is. >> i find it interesting there seems to be so many contenders out there. with not much anything new or different to say. >> joining me now, professor greg david of the city university of new york's graduate school of journalism. are those typical reactions from anywhere in the country? >> i don't know about anywhere, but certainly in new york. you have a candidate, carl paladino who looked like he may
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present a challenge. now he doesn't. you had candidates on the stage with nothing to say or were there as a joke. a self-admitted joke. that debate didn't help anyone in new york decide what the issues were or what they should do about voting. >> what about chuck todd's comments about avoiding gaffes at this time. we're two weeks away. do you believe that's the marching order, or at least that's what in the back of their minds? >> it was certainly andrew cuomo's marching orders. the debate wasn't completely without substance. cuomo made one statement about education. clearly put him on the side of reformers against the teachers unions in new york with a further extension of his standing on that issue. not all debates are bad. i participated in a debate between the two candidates in new york. it was followed by a reporter's panel. people who watch that had debate did learn something. it affected their votes.
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>> obviously everyone is hoping for substance to come out of the debates. the clock is ticking. you have two weeks left in this. hasn't the substance, at least where the candidates stand, been already put on the table? maybe in the case of christine o'donnell she reveals what she thinks about the constitution and separation of church and state. isn't it on the table? >> i don't think everybody is as politically obsessed about what's coming on. a lot of people come to the last few weeks of the race wanting to hear for themselves. we know voters don't trust the media. they don't trust what they read. >> where did you read that? i'm kidding. yes, you're right. i think it would be useful that the media made sure the debates were as substantive as they could make them. >> professor, thank you for your time. >> the white house is charges
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banks of unlawful mortgage practices today. bank of america says it will reopen more than 100,000 foreclosures across 23 states after finding no significant problems with the way it seizes homes. and gmac mortgage has followed suit, pushing ahead with foreclosures despite accusations that thousands of foreclosure documents were signed without verification. let's get more with diana olick. she joins me from d.c. this story continues to be popular. it frientrends online. what will happen next? >> all the t's crosses and the i's dots. a lot of people will lose their homes. that's what we've been saying from the beginning. whether or not there were troubles behind the processes. the robo signing, one person sitting in a room signing thousands of documents. most of the foreclosures are are on people who have not paid mortgage in 18 months.
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they were going through anyway. are there some that were invalid? yes. we'll find out about those as well. these properties do have to be cleared through the system. and hud secretary shaun donovan said any national foreclosure moratorium would do more harm than good. there are people who cannot afford the homes. they need to be worked through the process and get the homes to people who can afford them. >> what about the white house warning to the banks about unlawful practices. >> you have to wonder whether part of that is political. there have been investigations going on at the fha and the mortgage fraud investigation team looking into these. several investigations. the sec as well looking at the foreclosure practices. so the administration gets out there and say the banks better be doing what's right. do they have any jurisdiction? no, it's by the states. they have to say they're looking over everything.
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this is as much politics as it is in some sense. you have a lot of people facing losing their homes. you have a lot of other folks paying their mortgages and saying why should they be able to sit there without paying their mortgages? >> greatly appreciate you joining us. thank you. some developing news out of washington, d.c. where defense officials are trying to figure out who fired shots at the pentagon today. police temporarily locked down some road and pedestrian entrances to the building. after a man reported he heard gunfire. a federal judge is expected to rule on a government request to delay her order blocking the military from enforcing don't ask, don't tell. the u.s. district judge virginia phillips told justice department attorneys she would likely deny the request. phillips said the government has not proven the order would harm troops if she rejects the request. the obama administration is expected to appeal it. the flight attendant whose
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over the top departure made headlines. he cut a deal to keep him out of jail. steven slater cut a deal that drops felon charges against him. he was arrested back in august after cursing at passengers and opening the plane's emergency chute and sliding down with a couple beers. jeff rossen is live in new york city. we heard he was possibly going to get a deal. what more details can you tell me about what he needs to do to stay out of jail? >> reporter: yeah. right. they've been working on the deal for a couple weeks now. what they ended up doing is having steven slater plead guilty, which he did today in queens, new york, to attempted criminal mischief. that's a carry that carries a one to three year prison sentence. instead of going to jail, by pleading guilty, prosecutors have said, here's what we'll let you do. he will now go to a one-year treatment program for mental health plus alcohol and substance abuse. the d.a. said he believes
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alcohol was involved in the incident when he exploded on the plane and then opened the chute and went down with a couple of beers. plus steven slater has to pay jetblue to replace the chute he deployed. that will come with a price tag of $10,000. a one-year treatment program, plus $10,000 back to jetblue. and even if he completes that treatment program well, then he goes onto a one-year probation. he spoke to reporters just outside the courthouse here as soon as it was all over. >> at the end of the day, am a grown adult, and must accept responsibility for my actions. therefore, i'm looking forward to continuing on moving forward with my life. >> reporter: he's temporarily unem ploimed, tamron. as you remember a couple months ago jetblue fired him. he's an unem ploimed flight attendant. he says he loves it. wants to get back into id.
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it will be curious what he does to pay the $10,000. money i'm not sure he has. >> there was a talk about him having a reality show. we'll see. desperate times call for desperate measures. in these tough economic times cities and towns across our country are struggling to find new ways to raise money. what have they come up with, how about charging you, if you're involved in an accident, even if it's not your fault? 71-year-old kerry feldman learned after being hit from behind while riding his scooter through illinois. no one was hurt, but a fire truck came and feldman was hit with an accident tax. a $200 bill to cover the cost of the emergency response, which he paid under protest. he talked to kevin tibbles. >> many people call it a crash tax. what do you call it? a rip off and a scam. >> joining me now, friend of our
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show, nationally indicated talk show host michael smerconish. what do you call it? >> same thing he called it. i think i draw the line on government charging for police, fire, rescue services. you don't want somebody to have to factor in the cost before they decide if they should call 911 when there are lives at stake. and there's a lot of this going on as you made reference to. if they pass your car and saw your door was unlocked they would charge you $25. there was a cry from people who said, that's an overreach. and the community police department was saying, well, we're trying to protect you against theft. we're trying to keep druggies out of the community and we're trying to keep your taxes down. >> this is the time of the year you start visiting relatives for the holidays. how stunning would that be? you're in an accident and they
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give you a fine. >> some prey on individuals who are not from the community. in other words, if you reside in the community, there's going to be one rate. if you're from outside that community, you're going to pay at a different rate, which i think sets off a tit for tat kind of thing between neighboring communities that we don't want either. >> kerry feldman paid his fine. the 71-year-old we just showed. might we see litigation? people suing the small towns and municipalities when they get a fine and say i'm not going to stand for this? >> yeah, in the same way that often times speed traps get set up that seem to prey on individuals who are leaving a municipality or leaving a particular state or just coming in from across the lines. i think it sets off a domino effect that we have to think through before we go down the road. they're all suffering because budgets were cut back so far. hey, look at the guy whose house burned down in thend. the firefighters came out to respond to the neighbor.
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that's the peril of what we're talking about. >> he didn't pay a $ 75 fee and lost his home. awful story. still ahead, recreating disaster. could your home stand up to mother nature's fury? a brand new weather lab is trying to find out that answer. plus moonlight meteors. get ready for a beautiful show in the sky. details next on "news nation."
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time for today's money minute. stocks are down across the board as investors focus on disappointing news and the earning results. all of the major s&p 500 sectors fell. the dow is down 186 points. in the meantime, get ready for a
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show in the sky. a scream of meteors thought to be small bits of space dust are expected to be on full display this week, peaking on thursday. it is a smaller version of the meteor shower you see here and could produce 20 to 30 meteors per hour. cheaf astronomer from the franklin institute joins me from philadelphia. good to see you again. >> good afternoon, tamron. >> i'm ready for thursday. when should we go? >> you need to go where the sky is clear and dark, away from city lights. look for bright streaks zipping across the sky. you'll see several per minute. and they should look pretty bright and pretty quick. >> how impressive of a show? i hate when we build something up and you go out there and don't see anything? >> well, the truth of the matter it's not going to look as if millions of stars are falling off the sky at any time.
2:21 pm
but some of them will be quite bright. some will be bright and persistent. we have to compete with the moonlight because it's full moon on thursday night. so it's better to do it, you know f you start early in the evening when the sky is still dark, that may be a good way to get a hedge on the moon. >> is there a particular part of the country that will have a better line of sight? >> yes, that would be the dark part of the country where you'll get a better view. no. >> the dark part of the country. >> wherever the sun has set. this shower is viz able all night long. just go out and take a look, see what you can see. enjoy a nice fall evening. >> we should warn people. don't call the local police thinking aliens are coming after us. thank you, derek. it's always a pleasure.
2:22 pm
>> thank you, tamron. >> absolutely. coming up, new york's junior senator like we've never seen her before. kristin gillibrand steps into the pages of "vogue" magazine. >> i'm a nonfornicating christian who believes in the lord and follows everything in the bible. >> this youtube video has gone viral and it's hit a nerve. we have more to show you. find out what you think about it. it's coming up. ♪ [ upbeat instrumental ] [ rattling ]
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there's sill six weeks left in the hurricane season. each year violent weather causes billions of dollars in damage. it's a new lab designed to simulate mother nature's harshest conditions. they are trying to figure out how to build a home to stand up to the condition.
2:26 pm
the weather channel east jim cantore got a look at the tests. >> it was incredibly impressive. we've seen roofs tested, windows tested, siding tested. never has a whole house been tested. that was the case through here. check this out. you can see what was a standard home built across the midwest. that's the slab. that's all that is left. on the other side of that, a fortified home. this is the way they want homes built. there's the process out there to do that. it only cost the homeowner from scratch anywhere from 3% to 5% more. people just aren't doing that for some reason. we saw a wind test here. which lasted about 50 minutes long. it simulate ad strong cat one, minimal cat two hurricane with winds that just gusted for 50 minutes over 100 miles an hour. you can see the slab was wiped clean. the thing just pushed in this laboratory and just demolished. there's no way you would survive in that. absolutely no way you or your family would survive in that. we see this wind in 80% of all
2:27 pm
tornadoes that happen in this country and 60% of all hurricanes. if you think about what crash testing did for automobiles, and how much better our automobiles are these days, that's what this lab hopes to do with homes. they want to build a better mouse trap wchlt the stuff out there and testing like this, to see a home blow away with 100 miles an hour winds, we should be able to survive our home if it makes up 80% of all the tornadoes and 60% of hurricanes. >> you talk about it and we see it there in the video. why aren't we seeing homes built with the standard? >> reporter: "a", people don't really know it exists. if you think of what happened with automobiles. the automaker said, let's just put it in there. this is going to be another, you know, bang to lure the consumer in to buy the vehicle. and it has been. that's a huge reason. >> but we know there's some
2:28 pm
safety requirements also. >> reporter: right. that's what they need to do with homes. hey, you live in tornado alley. i have a home that will withstand 80% of the tornadoes here. would you buy this one or this? this event a true test given the fact that no debris has hit the house. this is straight wind coming at a home. it just shoved it off here. it was awesome to watch. >> absolutely. jim kan tore with a great report out there. thank you, jim. we want to bring you some scenes for the white house. the president signed an executive order on education and hispanics. the white house focusing on
2:29 pm
educational excellence for hispanics to better serve communities across the country by engaging students. this came after a summit. this was part of the effort to improve the quality of education for all students, but in this case, hispanic students which represents one of every five students in the nation. just a short time ago. a change in the lineup? [ female announcer ] one bottle of ultra dawn has the grease-cleaning power of two of this competing brand. [ sponge ] way to go, kid. [ female announcer ] dawn does more... [ sponge ] so it's not a chore. at the walmart in marinette, wisconsin. that first job launched my career. since i've been with the company, i've been promoted ten times over the span of 11 years. today, i'm a divisional learning and development manager. we can actually help people develop in their own careers.
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welcome back to news nation. sharron angle ignites a fire storm with her comments to hispanic school kids. we'll play you the comments that have us saying "what?" and was the octo-mom's doctor negligent? he may soon lose his medical license. plus black marriage negotiations. the viral clip that has a lot of people talking. some women are not happy. it is today's gut check question for you. in decision 2010 today, what's become an extremely tight senate
2:33 pm
race? california. barbara boxer is facing a stiff challenge from carly fiorina. joining me now is mark murray. the polls showboxer barely in the lead here. some people wonder how she got in this situation. >> well, it's being in the situation all democrats are facing now. in california or north dakota. this is the question is whether democrats will come out to vote. republicans are fired up. the tea party has them mobilized. carly fiorina could this win contest if we see republicans older and wider voters go to the polls. that's why we're seeing today joe biden go to california as well as washington state. it all comes down to turnout. that will really decide whether or not barbara boxer gets
2:34 pm
another turn. >> barbara boxer is the most bitterly partisan, most anti defense senator in the united states senate today. i know that because i've had the unpleasant experience of having -- >> now, mark, people are stunned by the remarks made by senator mccain. what else can you tell us about his feel sng hez made clear his feelings. but why go with this approach? >> that raised our eyebrows. in first read this morning we wrote about the comment that he gave. all polls show barbara boxer has a slight edge. there's a good chance barbara boxer is reelected. if so, it's going to be hard to see how john mccain is going to win re-election and a barbara boxer who may win, work together and really try to solve the country's problems. john mccain earned a reputation from about 2001 to 2006, 2007 as
2:35 pm
someone who was interested in bipartisanship. civility in american politics, and boy, that was a very, very tough hit we heard from senator mccain. >> they will have an interesting relationship if she's successful. thank you very much, mark. >> thank you. yet another controversial comment from nevada gop senate candidate, sharron angle, who is engaged in a tight race with senator harry reid. take a listen to what she said to a room full of hispanic high school students. >> i don't know that all of you are latino. some of you look a little more asian to me. i don't know that. my grandchildren are evidence of that. i'm evidence of that. i've been called the first asian legislator in our nevada state assembly. >> with me now is maria theresa kumar. thanks for joining us again. >> congratulations on the new show. >> absolutely. >> sharron angle was responding
2:36 pm
to a student asking her to explain a recent ad she was running attacking the opponent where she showed shadowy figures that were supposed to be illegal immigrants. what do you make of her going off about asians? what do you make of this? >> wow, i mean, that's the first thing that comes to mind. it demonstrations the latino community is so unknown by the majority of mainstream america. it's the importance of having, you know, communications and dialogue and really trying to get to the nuts and bolts of it. >> what do you mean by unknown? >> that's what i was going to say. it's striking. close to 10% of nevada is hispan hispanic. she doesn't understand what a latino looks like, or that we're so diverse, is a little concerning, especially when you're trying to legislate for them in the future. not understanding her constituency and the second largest population in the u.s. >> she went onto say, some of
2:37 pm
you look a little more asian to me. i think they would -- the students would know their background. >> right. well not only that. if you look at any latino, some people do look asian. some are peruvian. they feel hispanic, and they are hispanic. she can't differentiate or understand the sensitivities around that, how can you going to legislate when it comes to legislation, job growth, so forth? >> does this kind of situation, and i don't want you to speak as a representative for the entire hispanic community, but when you hear something like this, does this fire folks up and say, i got to get out there and vote? >> first you chuckle. then wow, we need individual who is represent our interests. if you can't talk to issues that we care about, which is education, talking about job growth, american issues. how do i keep my house? then you're not going to be able
2:38 pm
to understand the solutions to the problems. >> and we showed video short time ago signing this executive order aimed at improving education. it's one in five of the nation's schools. some are asking about the timing. two weeks until the midterms. are you curious about the time sng. >> not at all. this is political. anything in the next two weeks is political. yes, it's political but also substantive is a step in the right direction. we need the federal government to look at local solutions. parents come to the able and educators come to the table to figure out the education gap that we find in the workforce. that is the latino community. it's a great opportunity for substance and real policy solutions. we feed it today. >> great to have you on again. we'll see you soon. >> facebook privacy concerns top our stories around the news nation. ed markey and markman sent the facebook ceo a letter asking for more details about the way the
2:39 pm
applications use user information. a "wall street journal" report showed networks on the facebooking site were sending special info to advertising and web tracking companies. in a couple hours san francisco will decide whether to ban toys in mcdonald's happy meals and other children's food unless the meals meet certain nutritional guidelines. san francisco's mayor has vowed to veto the measure. supporters say it's a way to curb childhood obesity. the pastor of a church in florida is sending a message to the thief who stole the church a.c. he says to whoever stole my air-conditioning, you're going to need it where you're going. wow, that's direct. up next, new details on when prince william and his long-time girlfriend may finally walk down the aisle. they say it's not another rumor. reportedly it's a fact now. first, there's a lot going on today. here are some things we thought you should know. former president george w. bush is not done with politics. he donated $1,000 to arizona
2:40 pm
congressional candidate ben quayle's campaign. the son of dan quayle, former vice president under bush. one poll is showing quayle may have a tougher time in the race than some expected. he's trailing his opponent for the seat that a congressman held for the last 16 years. and new york's junior senator is gracing the pages of vogue magazine. kristin gillibrand is featured in the november issue in a six-page spread. she's seen with her beautiful children. the writer says he was surprised how much he liked her saying she had a certain ease about her. those are a few things we thought you should know. [ tator ] lindsey vonn! she stays tough!
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reports are rolling in of the supposed wedding plans. the couple is considering three dates for their nuptials in july or august of next year. there's still no official announcement that the two are engaged. jenny joins me live from london. thanks for joining us. why are we supposed to believe this story this time? we've heard it a bazillion times they're getting married. >> reporter: good afternoon, tamron. you're right. we have heard this lots before. these are starting to gather pace now.
2:45 pm
this latest article that emerged, it does suggest it has come from inside the royal household. they often all say the same thing there. but it comes off of the back of another article over the weekend in the dal mail that talks about the royal mint already preparing a commemorative coin for the occasion as well. if you put all of that together and you take into account the fact that this couple have been going out for eight years since they met at college up in scotland, and you put that together with the fact that prince william has always said he wanted to get married between the ages of 28 and 30. next year he's going to be 29. that would be smack bang in the middle of all this. and also, we would say the royal household has said they're not going to say anything about this at the moment. but the plans are only known to kate and william nemss. >> so this is not enough to make me buy a dress to prepare for this wedding. this sounds like the same
2:46 pm
rumors. since you're there, i have to ask you, what is your gut feeling? tell the "news nation." what is your gut feeling about this one? >> well, personally, my gut feeling is we probably are going to expect an engagement fairly soon. that's what all of the royal commentators are saying as well. if you look at next year in particular, 2012 has been talked about already. that year, the calendar is really looking very full. we have the here in london that year and the queen's diamond jubilee. if you look at 2011, perhaps it would be a good year. we're about ready for it. they've been going out eight, nearly nine years now. >> i love you say we're about ready. forget if he's ready. we are ready. thank you, great pleasure having you on. one of the most beloved tv dads has passed away. we just got news that tom bosley who played on the hit series "happy days" passed away. let's get more from courtney hazlett. one of my favorite shows growing
2:47 pm
up my entire life. i watched every episode of "happy days." >> you're not alone. his career began in stock theater in illinois. he moved to new york and won a tony award before he became famous for his role on "happy days." his agent said he died of heart failure at 4:00 a.m. this morning. he was also battling lung cancer. members of the bosley family haven't issued a statement yet. but henry winkler had this to say. since day one of happy days, we as a cast have remained so wonderfully connected. he will be sorely missed and our most positive thoughts go out to the family. he was 83 years old. if you look on twitter or facebook or any big social communities, everybody is really talking about how missed he will be. on to a much, much, much lighter note. another thing the internet is buzzing about today is little willow smith. she's the daughter of will smith making a big splash with her new video, whip my hair.
2:48 pm
♪ i whip my hair back and forth ♪ >> and there's a dance that goes along with it. >> it's autotune within an inch of the life. is 9 years old too young to enter into a music career? we talked about this when the announcement for a single was first made. now we have what a 9-year-old looks like becoming famous. >> how much does she look like her dad? >> they're like twins. >> exactly. >> she's a mini me. >> will smith starts whipping his hair i'm going to be upset. last night on "dancing with the stars," bristol palin may not be there for long. i'm going to let you take a look at what people are talking about. >> bold move with the monkey suit. why did you decide to go with the monkey suit? >> i just wanted to have fun with the jive. wasn't very good at it. so the monkey suit made it fun for me. >> i like you in the monkey suit. they were good fun.
2:49 pm
>> when in doubt of your dancing skills, put on a monkey suit to distract the public. >> i don't understand. >> none of it makes much sense, tamron. she thought it would be funny if they were wearing monkey suits for this. >> did she get a good score? >> i think this is the last time we'll see bristol palin on "dancing with the stars." >> for the latest entertainment news, log onto or be a fan on facebook. well, the fertility doctor for nadya suleman disregarded national standards by implanting her with a dozen embryos that resulted in the octuplets. that's according to testimony at a licensing hearing for dr. michael camrava. he should have referred her to a mental health specialist when she made requests for the embryos. up next, black marriage negotiations. a viral video that's got a lot of people talking. is it funny or insulting?
2:50 pm
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time for the gut check. the controversial video that's gone viral on the internet shows a cartoon of an african-american woman in a boardroom meeting demanding what she wants in a husband. >> what are you looking for? >> i want a man who earns six figures. >> that's me. >> a man with integrity, good character, loves his mom. >> me, me, and me. hi, mom. >> a man who will pay all the bills, yet recognize i'm an independent woman. >> what? how can you be independent when someone else pays your bills? >> a man who can take charge, lead and direct his household, at least until i disagree with his direction.
2:54 pm
>> well, you drive a hard bargain. >> joining me now is rhonda, who writes about the video. there's a lot more to show you, but what are you hearing about this from people? >> well, of course, tamron, a lot of black women are really, really angry. and a lot of men that i speak to are like, this is accurate. so that's disturbing. >> what are women finding offensive? what hit the nerve? >> well, first of all, we just feel that this year and the last year have been an assault on black women in that, what you're hearing is that she is not, you know, able to find a mate. that she is not suitable to be a mate. that she has a list of demands that are just unreasonable. the pool in which she's playing with. >> and some of the men think
2:55 pm
this is an accurate portrayal of african-american women? when you look at the numbers, african-american women are getting married in fewer numbers when you look at particularly white women of a certain age. what are the guys saying, rhonda? >> well, the guys say they are coming across women making such demands, presenting them with a list of superficial qualities. . they are not looking deeper at the person they are and admiring the qualities that they bring to the table. >> interesting. we'll see what our news nation audience thinks about this. we greatly appreciate it. what does your gut tell you. is this video, at least what we showed you, insulting or not? go to newsnation.msnbc to vote. yesterday we showed you the story of a man who was "too disabled" to fly.
2:56 pm
24% of you said yes, an airline should distinguish if a passenger is too disabled to fly. 76% of you said no, you should not. this set off an argument between my neighbor and her husband. that does it for me in this tuesday edition of news nation. [ crunch ] look! [ helicopter noise ] [ grunting ] [ male announcer ] introducing new wheat thins crunch stix.
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terror attacks. where did the intelligence break down? and your vote. who is getting it and why? and safety first, should you let your children put on the pads and take to the football field? also injustice. more than 4,500 rape kits in los angeles are finally sent for dna testing. what took so long? hi, everybody. i'm thomas roberts. election day is two weeks from today. here's o


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