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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  October 22, 2010 8:00pm-8:59pm EST

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which seemed to mr. martin to be lighted by 100 lamps. what's after you, she said? you're jumpy as a goat. he found he was unable to speak. his heart was wheezing in his throat. yes, he finally brought out. she was jabbering and laughing as she started to help him off with his coat. no, no, i'll put it here. he took it off and put on it a chair near door. the hat and gloves, too, she said. you're in a lady's house. he put his hat on top of the coast. he he kept his gloves. on part two of the cat bird seat. we'll resume with part three next week. that's "countdown." good night and good luck. and now with the story of president obama who is now up in the polls, disapproval from 48-56 to 54-40 in three weeks. the aggressive push in the last days of the mid-term campaign. ladies and gentlemen, here is rachel maddow. 54-40 or fight. >> i think at this point, every
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republican wanted to run against obama and at this point, if the democrats got to decide if that could happen, they would say yes. >> yes, indeed. >> thanks. have a great weekend. >> thanks to you at home for staying with us for the next hour. the whole cure the gays thing has come up again in yet another republican u.s. senate campaign. it turns out that christine o'donnell is not alone on that very strange issue. chairman steele and the republican party have chosen a weird, weird place to spend some of that party's desperately needed cash less than two weeks before the elections. that's coming up. and a scary return in north carolina of something that he have one thought was very illegal now. that's the subject of the interview on tonight's show. we have lots to come. we begin with president obama on the campaign trail. at this hour, dropping in on the highest profile senate race in the country. any moment now, mr. obama will take the stage in las vegas, nevada, where he is headlining a rally with the man you see
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there. majority leader harry reid. the highest profile democrat in the country. mr. obama is putting himself right in the center of this year's elections. heading into the last ten days of campaigning, president obama is in the midst of a four-day, five-state xin swing. it is his most aggressive campaigning of this election season so far. on wednesday night, the president traveled to oregon to campaign for that state's democratic gubernatorial candidate. exgovernor john. last night, mr. obama traveled to washington state to stump for democratic senator patty murray. both of those events, drawing large crowds. but nothing like the crowd that greeted president obama today in california. before a crowd officially estimated at more than 37,000 people, president obama today campaigned for barbara boxer as that race gets close to the
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finish line. >> the journey we began together was not just about putting a president in the white house. it was about building a movement for change. it was about realizing the promise of the united states of america. and understanding if we're willing to work for it, there is nothing we cannot achieve. so i need you to keep on believing. i need to you keep hoping. and if you knock on some doors and make some phone calls and keep marching and keep organizing, we won't just win this election. we are going to restore the american dream for not just some but for every, every, everybody in this great land. >> before a crowd officially estimated at more than 37,000 people in los angeles. the president speaking today. after that, los angeles event, the president headed straight to nevada where he is tonight. you see harry reid there
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tonight. that is a live image. president obama scheduled to wrap up his campaign with a trip to minnesota tomorrow. as many of the top tier races in this year's election starts to tighten, in some cases, unexpectedly so, they have decided to put president obama front and center. the president's appearance in nevada is a high stakes appearance in what has become highest senate profile race in the country. certainly the most expensive race in the country with the senate majority leader fighting to hold on to his job. harry reid was seen as having little or no chance of holding on. he trailed his likely republican opponents by double digits in some cases. then the republican primary actually happened and in a surprise, the republican establishment candidate lost to a contrarian state legislator with a record widely thought to make her unelectable to any significant statewide, let alone national office. after that primary,he poll number in the race showed a rise
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and harry reid's likelihood of holing on instead of being down double digits, he pulled ahead. since then, the republican establishment has gotten over its discomfort with their party's candidate work sharron angle. they have dumped a huge amount of money into the race. this race is now essentially neck in neck. also up to its own neck in spending. the president's decision to campaign in nevada is a high stakes one for this reason. the white house does not want to be seen fighting battles that it is not wenting. in white house political conversations, there is some political capital in being seen the fight but lose battles in the legislative process. but in electoral politics, in elections, no. in electoral politics if you're the white house, you want to show that you accept the thing you cannot change. you have the courage to change the things you can and you have the wisdom to know the difference. the republicans there rolled out
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the welcome mat with a anti-obama ad titled, welcome to nevada, mr. president. when they say welcome, they really, really really do not mean it. the election in nevada like in many states has actually already started. early voting has already gb in nevada. that's expected to be one of the things president obama is highlighting. election officials in nevada have special early voting polling locations where any voter can vote early. so far early voting statistics show a strong turnout for both republicans and democrats with a slight edge 5ifavoring the republicans. this race is fascinating on its own terms. the fact that this is such a rough and tumble, hard fought no holds barred race makes it particularly fascinating that the white house has chosen to put the president in the middle of it. as we await his speech in just
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moments, we go to mike 56 aira. he is live at that event. thanks so much for joining us. what can you tell us about the white house decision to send president obama into this place the nevada? >> i think it is the confluence of two imperatives. these two phrases, fire wall and the enthusiasm gap. if you look at where president obama has been, who he's been talking to, he's been talking to base democrats in areas where normally democrats have no problems. washington state, oregon, and california. now, be that as it may in california, the president was also there raising money. almost $2.5 million in the last 24 hours alone. but he has to win those. if do you the math, you carry the one. if he wins washington, boerk, and murray. if he pulls out what you correctly identify as a bruising
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race, then senate stays in democratic hands. so the president is here doing that. hard harry reid for his part has said, we will speak for any democrat who wants us there. and he has made the calculation that he has to get his vote out here. you mentioned early voting. a lot of people have said there is a polling place by the jcpenney a block away. it is open until 9:00. get yourself there tonight if you're really motivated. so he has made the calculation that he has to turn out his base. he is tremendously unpopular here. ironically enough, he has the endorsement in the last few days leading up to it of a couple of statewide republicans in the legislate you are and the politicians toward arena who say that harry reid is the only thing stands in the way of having a 19th century mining law reappealed. so parochial politics at play. that is sort of insider status.
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there is working against harry reid. he told our friend, for me there would be a worldwide depression. he has been ridiculed for that saying if you could stop a world wide depression, why is the unemployment the highest in the nation? the foreclosure and bankruptcy also the highest in the nation. so the political winds blowing very strong against harry reid. his manhood being called into question by sharron angle. and he told another friend of ourds, he's never had miss manhood called into question. that sharron angle is an embarrassment to the state of nevada. no holds barred for the former boxer. >> live tonight from nevada at this harry reid/president obama event. thanks for being there. thanks for your time. >> we'll be back in just a moment. we are expecting president obama to be speaking live at this event today in nevada. again, an interesting decision by the white house to put
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president obama in the middle of what is not just the most expensive senate race in the country. not just the highest profile race in the country. what has been a brutal, bruising senate race here. let's than two weeks out, he expected to appear before a large crowd in las vegas, nevada. reid is addressing the crowd right now. we'll have the president live here on msnbc.
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still more ahead from president obama's big foot presence on the campaign trail tonight. he is smack dab in the presidential middle of the most expensive hardest fought, highest election. we will have the speech in las vegas, nevada. we do have one curious note for you from the other side of the aisle. as republican leaning outside groups continue to swap democratic leaning outside groups in terms of campaign funding, it is the republican party itself that continues to
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struggle in terms of money. today the rnc announced that it ended september. look at this. 3.4 million cash on hand. but with $4.6 million in debts and obligations. so 3.4 million minus $4.6 million, that's not good. that's underwater. plus they tack out a $2.5 million loan. you can stuff that in your election year fiscal responsibility message and smoke it. if there is one truly weird detail about the republican spending and debt news today, it is this. with the rnc swimming in red ink, totally broke heading into the elections, michael steele has dug deep in the midst of the rnc's financial crisis. and michael steele has found 15,000 rnc dollars that he is sending to guam. guam again? yes, guam again. where michael steele himself went at rnc expense at the start of the mid-term campaign season
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right after labor day. guam, where no one is electing any voting representatives to congress in these elections that are less than two weeks away. the rnc is totally broke. they are worse than broke. and chairman michael steele just sent $15,000 rnc dollars to guam. what is one michael steele and guam? seriously. and why do republicans keep letting him do there? that's not really my style honey. weird, i can't find it. ♪ [ female announcer ] new tide with...acti-lift technology helps remove...many dry stains as if they were fresh. hey! you found it. yeah, it must have been hiding in my closet. [ female announcer ] new tide with acti-lift. style is an option. clean is not. get acti-lift in these tide detergents.
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we've got president obama. this is a live image there. president obama starting to address the crowd at a harry received receive reelection event in nevada. in the middle of a multiday, multistate campaign swing. >> it is good to be back in nevada. >> the white house having made a decision to put him in the middle of the hardest fought senate race in the country. let's go now live to president obama in las vegas. >> there are a couple folks i want to make mention of. first of all, congresswoman shelly berkeley is in the house. an outstanding freshman congresswoman, dina titus is here. senate majority leader stephen hartsford is in the house. >> you hear president obama
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saying the thanks tonight. we have john ralston, the dean of political reporters standing by with us in las vegas. he will be joining us right after we get out of the president's speech here to talk about the importance of this presidential appearance in this hard-fought race. of course, it would be a titanic event for the democrats to lose their majority leader in these elections. not an unprecedented event. >> i am happy to see all of you. i have to say for some reason whenever i'm coming to vegas, suddenly a whole bunch of folks on my staff want to come with me. i don't know. suddenly there are no seats on air force one. it is all crowded. so i've already told them they have to behave themselves a little bit while they're here.
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but the main reason i'm here, the main reason i need you fired up, is because in just 11 days, you have the chance to set the direction of this state and this country, not just for the next five years, not just for the next ten years, but for the next several decades. and if i'm going to be able to help middle class families all across this country, live out their dreams, then i want to have a partner in the united states senate named harry reid. you know, harry is not the flashiest guy.
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let's face it. you know, harry kind of speaks in a very soft voice. he doesn't move real quick. he doesn't get up and make big stem winding speeches. but harry reid does the right thing. harry reid has never forgotten what it is like to grow up in search light, nevada. we have a search light folk here. he knows what it is like to be here. he know it is what like the work hard. he knows what it's like sometimes to hit some bumps in the road, to hit some obstacles. to have to overcome some stuff.
9:20 pm
that thing don't always work out perfectly. but because of that, because he remembers where he came from, it means that he thinks he have single day about how am i going to give the folks in nevada a better shot at life? and so i want everybody here to understand what is at stake. i appreciate everybody saying, oh but i want everybody to say harry! harry! harry! harry! that's right. i need partners like harry and i need partners like dina titus. and i need partners like shelly
9:21 pm
berkeley. look, but it all depends on you. just like you did in 2008, you can defy the conventional wisdom. the wisdom that said you can't overcome cynicism in politics. the wisdom that says the special interests always win. the wisdom that says somehow the folks with the big money who are running the most negative ads, somehow they're always going to be successful. the wisdom that says we can't tackle big challenges in america anymore. in 11 days, you can say to them, you may think no we can't. we think yes, we can. yes, we can.
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there is no doubt this will be a difficult election. that's because we've been through an incredibly difficult time as a nation. and nobody has hit harder than nevada. but keep in mind, things were tough even before the financial crisis hit. between 2001 and 2009, average middle class families in america lost 5% of income. when the republicans were in charge. we had the slowest job growth since world war ii when the republicans were in charge. you saw your health care costs go up. you saw the cost of a college education go up. too many jobs being shipped overseas. too many folks working two, three jobs, and still barely making ends meet. and all this culminated in the
9:23 pm
worst financial crisis since the great depression. so we know the results of the republican philosophy when it comes to the economy. it's no secret. basically, their theory was, you cut tax for millionaires and billionaires. you cut regulations for wall street and other special interests. and then you cut middle class families loose to fend for themselves. >> president obama speaking right now live in las vegas, nevada. joining us on the phone, the colonel. ist for the las vegas sun. the host of face to face. how big of a deal is that it president obama is there tonight? >> he is the first person i've ever heard who could get a crowd to chant harry reid! you know why he is there. he is there because harry reid needs the base to turn out. it is not that so many democrats aren't enthused about this
9:24 pm
election. they're not enthesed about harry reid. he has negatives even among democrats. so i think obama is talking to them about the greater picture. that's what he has been doing across the country. saying this is my agenda. we can't let my agenda fail. harry reid is my partner. you've heard him use that word. what i've heard is that obama has a real connection to reid and has a lot of gratitude for him carrying through very important pieces of legislation. >> the reid campaign is hamper in the some sense by the political skills of the campaigning skills of its candidate. what does reid need to do to pull this out? >> you have such a gift for understatement. listen, harry reid was never going to win this by being the most charismatic politician in the world. he had tremendously high negatives. he had to do two things. he had to essentially illuminate
9:25 pm
all the things throughout about sharron ang people you're well aware of. then he had to get the base to turn out. republicans are outnumbered in registration, especially in las vegas where barack obama is now. he needs a high turnout. as you mentioned, early voting has already started here. there is no sign of any great republican surge. >> host of face to face with john ralston. thanks for being here. alaska's tea party candidate joe miller has reportedly hired a consultant to run something called hope for homosexuals. we've had a very strange time learning what it is he is hoping for for the homosexuals. that's coming up.
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out of all the issues in politics, out of all the issues in the country, out of all the issues in the world, i could not have imagined before it happened that this issue would have a significant role in this year's elections. >> i was angry at my mother so i started saying, mom! mom, mom! mom, why did you do that to me? >> it's nonsexual. it establishes like parent-child relationship. so he didn't experience this growing up with his dad. >> and of course that was a man named richard cohen. a ghost this program last
9:30 pm
december. he believes that he can cure the gay. that he can cure homosexuality through a complicated combination of beating pillows with tennis rackets, cuddling, if you're a man, with him. and religion. and if you just send away for one of his books or overpriced dvds, no checks, he can cure you. it is not just guys like richard cohen seeking to knit their own ragged souls back together and to profit from your gull built and shame. it is not just the sad sack richard cohens of the world. it is also now two republican candidates for the united states senate. two. we already knew that delaware candidate christine o'donnell's rise promoting the idea of curing the gay. she toured the country with a young man named wade richards who is now gay again. he put out a youtube video when she won the republican primary for senate. he seems very nice and happy and
9:31 pm
said he is still very much still gay. at one point in her career she toured hill around the country showing him off as cured. now, this is to david corn's reporting at mother jones magazine, we know that alaska's joe miller is also linked to the cure the gays racket. he has on his campaign pay roll a man who runs hope for you know, what you're hoping for for homosexuals i'm sure is very different depending on who is asking. for this particular guy, joe miller's guy, terry mof it, his hope for homosexuals is that they will be homosexuals no longer. as david corn reports, flew an airplane towing a banner over disney world's annual gay days event. it said jesus christ:www if you visit that website, you will find the usual cure the gays malarkey. it is the result of trauma.
9:32 pm
it is the result of choice. i don't know how those two things are together. being gay kills you. boo. david corn points out the more interesting thing about this, which joe miller should probably be asked about, the most interesting thing here is that the anti-gay organization run by this man on the joe miller campaign pay roll explains its anti-gay advocacy by saying it is a healthy fear of god's judgment that would otherwise be brut on individuals who reject god's laws and our nation for turning a blind eye. and our nation. god's judgment on the nation if a blind eye is turned to homosexuality. so the whole reason that joe miller's campaign consultant is trying to cure the gays is to save the country from god's wrath may be? america, land of the free, home of the straight or else? do you remember when jerry falwell said that 9/11 happened because of the gays?
9:33 pm
i think this might be the same idea. joe miller famously has said he will not answer any questions about his past. not going to do it. wouldn't be prudent. joe miller's cure the gays advise o. however srg his present, not his past. this is happening now. mr. miller, do you care to comment? yellowbook has always been crucial to your business,
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but now, to get it really cooking, you need a little website development. some transparent reporting, so you know it's working. online ads and 1-on-1 marketing consultation. yellowbook's got all that. yellowbook360 has a whole spectrum of tools. the perfect recipe for success. visit and go beyond yellow.
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and we get to name it. sethasauraus. really. your points from chase sapphire preferred are worth 25% more on travel? means better vacations. that's incredible. believe it...with chase sapphire preferred your points are worth 25% more on travel when booked through ultimate rewards. we reported exclusively this week on these wanted posters that have turn up in charlotte, north carolina. we have blurred out the photos and exact name and addresses of the doctors who were targeted by these posters but i can assure you having seen the originals, the information is very specific. three of the four doctors in question are pictured on these wanted posters. their exact office addresses are listed. in one case, a doctor's home address is given as well. the emergence have these posters has sent a shock wave through abortion rights world. this hasn't happen for a long time. it used to happen a lot before
9:37 pm
dr. david gunn was murdered, there was a wanted poster for him. dr. george tiller was murdered last year but before he was shot the first time in 1993, it is believed this wanted poster was targeting him. it was being circulated. in the mid 1990s this poster was distribute nationwide by a group calling it self-american coalition for life activists. it contained names and in most cases, addresses for 13 doctors who were providing abortions around the country at the time. you'll notice that dr. george tiller is on the list along with his home address. the information from that poster and others like it was also listed on an extremist anti-abortion website titled, the nuremberg trials. the contention that any doctor performing abortions was a nazi war criminal. you can still find shadow versions of it online today. the site listed as the this version still does names of doctors who provide abortions. and in some cases, much more
9:38 pm
detailed information about how to find them. the name of doctors who were murdered had a line drawn through them on the website. murdered doctors were crossed out. the name of doctors injured or maimed by anti-abortion extremists. their name appeared in gray. like they were almost dead. on their way. some of the doctors targeted by that website in that wanted poster decided to fight back in court contending the pattern of violent attacks and assassinations of abortion providers in this country meant that putting them on wanted posters constituted a threat under the, at the time, new freedom of access to clinic entrances law. that argument is not exactly a leap of logic, right? when the doctors won the case and their victory was upheld, it was seen as a landmark decision. when the anti-abortion activists appealed further, the supreme court justices decline to their case of a after the doctors being targeted, it daim became
9:39 pm
clear legal press dpent this kind of tactic was legally off limits. the extreme anti-abortion forces in this country would no longer be able to do stuff like this. yet we are told by the folk at the feminist majority foundation who have been tracking this, these wanted posters started appearing in north carolina almost immediately after george tiller was murdered last year. joining us now for the interview is dr. elizabeth newhall. she was one of the doctors targeted by the so-called deadly dozen posters. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. i'm a big fan. >> let me ask you what's going to there. this wanted poster tactic being used by abortion providers, the sail thing that was used to threaten you in the '90s. >> threatening physicians for providing health care is illegal, immoral, unethical, all of the above. i confess i wasn't really aware of the new posters until i heard
9:40 pm
about them today from the feminist majority and of course, realizing that this is ongoing and that there are in fact connections between murderers. it is shirt unsettling, to stay least. >> when the deadly dozen poster first came out, did you immediately see your name being on that poster as a threat, a physical threat to you? >> yes, ma'am. i will tell you the day before we heard that this tactic was going to be proposed, and a dear friend of mine was very much harassed by operation rescue. and we had a service at the unitarian church the day before to commemorate dr. gunn and other providers that had been killed. and i'm thinking, don't let it be sue, don't let it be sue, the next night the fbi called me up is how i found out and offered to send a federal marshal to my house. and could they send the police to put in silent alarms. so on and so forth will that's
9:41 pm
how i found out. >> did you accept that protection? how did being on that poster change your life? >> i was living with my three children at that time. all of whom were teenagersful we had silent police alarms in our house. as i say, a little unsettling, nonetheless. i didn't have a federal marshal. i didn't want that kind of intrusion, really. not an intrusion but i wore disguises. friends gave me different cars. i never park in underground parking lots. we had to put in bullet proof glass. we were in the middle of doing medical abortion studies at the time. and we were doing our research while they were putting in bullet proof glass and steel gauge doors. the doctors arriving in a disguise with a bullet-proof vest. it was a little unreal, surreal to stay least.
9:42 pm
>> do you still feel like you're a target? when we called you today to talk to you about doing this interview, we had no idea whether you would feel comfortable being on television. whether would you feel comfortable being identified. do you still feel like you're under threat? >> i think we're all under threat every day. anyone who provides abortion services. as i've that before, i'm much more frightened by a world where women don't have reproductive freedom than i am personally. i really believe that this is excellent medicine. this is mandatory for public health and for women's health and all of our health. children's health. women have abortions because they care about motherhood. i don't think people really realize that. and so i suppose yes, freightened. and yes, determined to continue to provide women health care. >> do you see a future in america in which doctors aren't
9:43 pm
at risk for getting shot at and threatened and conceivably murdered anymore? can you imagine a future in which this gets better? >> yes, i absolutely can. and thank you for the question. because i believe that as long as we marginalize abortion care and it is provided slowly in clinics where everybody knows your business there, then targets are easily made. if we incorporated abortion care into general gynecology, if you went to your gynecologist for surgery or a medical abortion instead of to a clinic, we wouldn't have this problem at all. services would be invisible. so i call upon my colleagues to provide the service. that's what the problem is. we have allowed, we were so happy to have abortion made available in the early '70s and the clinics were original lay feminist boone. but when the violence started, when the targeting started, i
9:44 pm
believe the correct answer is for physicians to provide services everywhere and for this to be a private issue between a woman and her physician in a place where nobody knows what she is there for. >> it shouldn't be inconceivable. it shouldn't at all. thank you for joining us tonight. i know it is not an easy decision to speak out at time like this. >> i appreciate you too, rachel. taking an unblinking look into the environment that dr. newhall just described, msnbc has produced a new documentary called the assassination of dr. tiller. it explores how and why the murder of wichita's dr. tiller happened last year. the anti-abortion people are already very mad at us about this film, even though they have not seen it yet. we think it is fair. and frankly we think it is fascinating. i am the not that i rememberator of the film. we'll give you one last preview in just a moment. [ male announcer ] the next big thing from lexus is not a car.
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mop night is the premier of our new documentary, the assassination of dr. tiller. the documentary explain how dr. george tiller's murder at his church in wichita, kansas, was planned. it details the environment of fear and intimidation in which dr. tiller and his colleagues lived their life and did their work for years before the assassination. it also by necessity shows the kind of human resilience and
9:49 pm
determination it takes to keep going in that kind of environment. that's a side of the story that has not really been will on the national stage before. tonight a short preview. >> a growing sense of anxiety and paranoia surrounds dr. tiller and his clinic. and for very good reason. the anti-abortion group operation rescue embarks on a relentless campaign to shudder his clinic for good. >> the approach is to wear him down. to peck at him from he have angle. from harassing him personally at his home to harassing vendors, or whoever else might be doing business with the clinic. >> we release ad list of people that we called collaborators. those that would clab wrat the abortion industry. if there was any businesses that would have regular association with mr. tiller. would it list that. >> our plumber, our electrician, people that hauled our trash.
9:50 pm
>> wichita is a pretty big town. three cab companies. two of them refused to bring patients from the airport to our clinic. >> fed-ex said that they wouldn't deliver their packages to us anymore. and would it be okay if we just drop them off some other place? >> that wasn't fed yeks as a policy. it was our driver. the driver has the they don't feel safe in a certain location. >> it's like we had become pariahs and no one wanted to deal with us. >> reporter: and it isn't just the businesses in wichita. it is also his employees who are targeted. >> operation rescue had a website just dedicated to all of us and all of our pictures and names and they knew more about us than we knew about ourselves. >> they started finding out where we all lived.
9:51 pm
>> so our neighbors got these barrage of postcardsing some quite graphic, outing us. did you know that your neighbor shelly is an abortionist? >> did you know your neighbor worked for dr. tiller? >> do you know kathy reva is using blood money to pay for her house? >> mostly it would make me angry and certainly cemented my feelings about why i was working there. >> reporter: but no one is targeted as intensely or tenaciously as dr. tiller and his family. for them, real violence always looms. >> he purchased a bulletproof jeep and wore a bulletproof vest. >> he had the federal marshalls living with him for something like 30 months in his house. >> there's no way i can imagine what his family went through. it's impossible for me to comprehend that. i don't think they could ever wake up a day and feel secure in
9:52 pm
knowledge that nothing was going to happen. >> scenes from "the assassination of dr. tiller" premiere here on this show on monday night, 9:00 eastern. we hope you'll watch. how are those flat rate boxes working out? fabulous! they gave me this great idea. yea? we mail documents all over the country, so, what if there were priority mail flat rate... envelopes? yes! you could ship to any state... for a low flat rate? yes! a really low flat rate. like $4.90? yes! and it could look like a flat rate box... only flatter? like this? genius. priority mail flat rate envelopes. just $4.90. only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship.
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9:56 pm
walked into the furnaces believing that the people would do right. i'm submitting to you tonight that that's where america is right now. we're believing that they will do right. they will not do right! adrian said it best, they are our enemies. and we must resist them. >> so, hey, that guy's running for congress. that's stephen broden, 30th district, not a supersecret exclusive tape of mr. broden saying america is like nazi germany being marched into the ovens right now. that was at a tea party rally in ft. worth last year. we got that off the you tube. that is on the record, on the permanent internet record. despite that the national republican party is behind the guy's candidacy, chairman michael steele drove his giant red fire nancy pelosi bus all twit mr. broden's district to campaign with him. >> whether talking about a nicky
9:57 pm
haley in south carolina, a tim scott, pastor broden here, there's a huge opportunity for us to show the other side of who we are and what we believe. >> now, thanks to wfaa in dallas, we know a little bit more about that who we are and what we believe thing. >> broden said june 2009, there is a solution -- >> we have a constitutional remedy here, and the framer says, if that don't work, revolution. >> broden says revolution, first means at ballot box but a violent overthrow is an option. >> nation was founded on violence. >> 2010 you would urge that as an option? >> the option is on the table. i don't think we should ever remove anything from the table, as it relates to our liberties and our freedoms. >> should be clear the thing he's saying that is on the table that will not be removed from the table is the violent
9:58 pm
overthrow of the u.s. government. not a metaphor. that's what he means. we've been talking a lot about extremism in politics, the connection between extreme politics and just extremism. extreme politics are being extremely excited about politics, it's not just something that we tolerate in america, it is something we, and the royal we meaning me, actually celebrated. it is one of great things of having the freedom it fight it out amongst ourselves, fighting it out. in order to comfortably per size fighting it out, we're not fighting violently. there isn't somebody with a gun to anybody else's head. there needs to be an assumption everybody at the table fighting about stuff is there to talk. we occasionally have this discussion in american politics about people using extreme language. i would say that when stephen broden claimed we're like nazi germany marched off to the ovens ease using an over extreme sim
9:59 pm
millie. is it something to soberly and deliberately threaten violence as a way to achieve your political goals. >> our nation was founded on violence. >> 2010 you urge that as an option. >> the option is on the table. >> broden is a candidate who most people in the united states have not heard of before but he's a major party candidate for congress. and the national republican party is fully endorses him and the republican party chairman did an event with him. it should be noted the party's highest profile senate candidate made substantively this same threat over and over and over again. >> you know, our founding fathers, they put that second amendment in there for a good reason and that was for the people to protect themselves against a tyranny cal government. and you know thomas jefferson said it's good for a country to have a revolution every 20 years. i hope that's not where we're


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