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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  November 2, 2010 1:00pm-2:00pm EST

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nation." >> i'm tamron hall. in four hours the first polls close in parts of indiana and kentucky. republicans need a net gain of 39 seats to regain control of the house. to win control of the senate, the magic number is ten, and dozens of gubernatorial races are being held today as are scores of state and local contests. joining me to talk about the big races we are keeping an eye on mark whitaker. some say six key races here. add on a few more depending on where you are. but what are you looking for at this point and as we move ahead? >> let's take the house first. right now we expect the republicans to win, but let me give you a couple of early races to look at. there was a conservative democrat named baron hill, who was a high school basketball star. you know how big basketball is in indiana. remember the hall of fame there. conservative blue dog.
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if he loses, that's an early indication it will be a very big night for the republicans. i'll give you another one which is georgia. jim marshall voted against the health care bill, has said he wouldn't support nancy pelosi for speaker again. one-third of his district is african-american. if he loses, another big indication of a big night. >> on the senate side we're hearing people say keep an eye first on west virginia. joe manchin in a tough race speaking of democrats who align themselveses with the president. he's done just that. what else is significant about the race sf. >> joe manchin is an incredibly popular governor. we remember him from the mine disaster, how impressive he was there. running against john raese who some people consider almost a carpet bagger because he spends so much time in florida. yet, he runs a very tight race. if the democrat wins, if manchin wins, democrats across the country will breathe a sigh of
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relief. then the path becomes difficult for them to get the ten senate seats to take back the senate. if, however, he loses, then it's all going to come down to the west coast, to california and washington. >> and before we get to the west coast, let's tackle the midwest. illinois, alexi giannoulias is down. mark kirk ahead a least a couple of points. >> absolutely. go back to ronl reagan and when he suffered the big midterm setback two years into his presidency. he still carried the candidates out in california over the line. that was a point of pride. the president has gone to illinois, as you know, you're a chicago girl -- >> first lady there as well. >> if they lose the state and also a very tight governor's race there, i think it's going to be a really vote of confidence. >> let me give you a hint at nevada and colorado. senate majority leader harry reid. some people can't believe he's in this situation. >> yeah, particularly against
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sharron angle who has been a very strange and extreme candidate in very different ways. but the economy is terrible out there. if he's going to win, it's going to require all the turnout operation that the democrats can muster. i think in colorado, that's very hard to call, independents hold so much way there. independents, nobody owns, neither the democrats own or the republicans own the independents. they only rent them from cycle to cycle. >> thank you very much, mark. well, we have team coverage right now. peter alexander is in seattle, washington, a state that could hold a change when it comes to the power in the senate. tom costello is in denver, colorado, the scene, as we mentioned over and over as one of the most competitive senate races in our country. let's start with peter. what are you hearing and seeing on the ground? >> reporter: tamron, good day to you. this is important to state the eyes of the country will be watching washington state really to see how big this gop surge is over the course of this day. it is the three-time incumbent,
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patty murray, the democrat against dino rossi who is a former legislator and a two-time gubernatorial candidate. this is a state that president obama won by roughly 17 percentage points two years ago. this state is a relative toss-up at this point. patty murray who came into office as the mom in tennis shoes is hoping to regain that support across the state. her opponent dino rossi says he's trying to get federal spending urn control. what's important to watch is the fact that most of this state votes by mail, which means hundreds of thousands of votes will not arrive until after today. that means there may be a recount similar to one in 2004. that vote with dino rossi losing the governor's race settled by 1 # 33 votes out of 130 million. >> reporter: they believe two
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out of every three voters in colorado has already cast his or her vote. the key here is going to be how did they vote? the republicans have about a 61,000 vote advantage. for that reason ken buck, the republican, and his people believe that he has the advantage in the senate race against michael bennet, the incumbent who was appointed to take over from ken salazar, who then became interior secretary. but will they go down to the wire? democrats tell me they have 3,000 people knocking on doors statewide. they will have knocked on 300,000 doors over three days to get the vote out. this is an independent state that votes independent. we'll see how the vote goes. there's also a critical governor's race under way today. the very popular mayor is expected to win as the democrat taking over the governor's seat. however, he's up against a republican whose virtually imploded. in his place, a man by the name of tom tancredo, the former congressman, running on an anti-immigration platform has
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gotten tremendous support in his american constitution party. will he be a spoiler? he he cut into hickenlooper's edge? >> it snowed earlier today in anchorage, alaska, but things couldn't get anymore heated than this three-way senate race. the one time front-runner tea party favorite sarah palin-backed candidate joe miller now struggling in his bid to unseat the incumbent lisa murkowski. he beat her during the gop primary, and she decided to run as a write-in candidate. her biggest challenge today, this, the 160 other people who are registered as write-in candidates. about four pages long. now most of these people are joe miller supporters. people trying to confuse voters. the democrat in this race, scott mcadams is hoping all this confusion over on the republican side will help him to get more independent votes.
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he's hoping to get a victory out of all of this. lisa murkowski is saying if she wins she will caucus with the republicans despite having defied them and run as a write-in candidate. tamron? >> all right, kristen. thank you to peter, thank you to tom as well. we want to hear from you in this campaign. do you think voters are most disappointed in, one, president obama, two, congress, three, nancy pelosi. you can text, one, two, or three to the number 622639. message and data rates may apply. and president obama is staying at the white house today, he's been conducting radio interviews in the last minute effort to get the democratic vote, including an interview with ryan seacrest. >> i want to make sure that everybody listening understands we need the same enthusiasm on the part of young people in 2010. the issues of war and peace. the issues of the economy, making sure we have good
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opportunity for young people. that they can afford to go to college. that they can find good jobs. those issues are still on the table. we're going to make sure we keep making progress in the years to come. >> the president also had interviews with radio stations in chicago, jacksonville, florida as well as las vegas, nevada. so what will the gop do if they pull off this huge victory so many people have predicted? the gop has promised to honor the pledge to america by cutting spending, creating new jobs, and sending president obama's health care law back to the operating table. joining me now, nationally syndicated radio talk show host michael smerconish who is also an msnbc contribute tor. good to see you. the crew on morning joe were talking about this and others have pointed out the republicans have not been very specific. perhaps as a strategy, to prevent the situation of voters saying this is what you promised or this is what you said, now make it happen. >> well, that's true. and i think the mantra of the
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republican party generally has been they will rain in spending. the difficulty they will face if the election goes the way it's anticipated to go is a constituency is voting them into office that wants no compromise. they are saying put the brakes on the obama administration. is that going to be enough to show achievement two years down the road when re-election of the individuals becomes a factor? >> you know, it's interesting, the reign in spending argument, michael. and you and i conduct a lot of interviews, we watch a lot of interviews, and you don't see many specifics when republicans are put on the spot and they're asked what program specifically will you cut, it's one of my favorite moments on "hardball" when chris matthews does the interviews and he asks the same questions and you never get specifics on what are you willing to cut. >> right. so the generic answer has been the plan for america they put forth to drive it back to
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pre-2009 spending. that may help in the short term. it's not going to surmount the problem we have with the budget deficit in this country. there's going to have to be something done. the question tomorrow will be who will blink first? the white house, the republicans? otherwise we could be facing gridlock for two years. i hope that's not the outcome. >> i have to throw in another factor. the tea party, whether the candidates come out on top or not put the media on notice so you have this adversarial perhaps situation between the white house and the republicans that could be brewing but there's also one potentially between the tea party conservatives and the gop if we see the same out of control spending we saw the last time republicans were in control of congres
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congress. >> all that has to get sorted out. i think it's going to be tough to keep everybody happy on the right side of the aisle. >> it's going to be probably impossible to keep everybody happy. but we'll see what happens tonight. thank you very much, michael. greatly appreciate it. >> okay, tamron. >> and you can join our conversation by logging onto you can join the latest tweets from other candidates, chat with viewers and share your own personal story. next we are live for one of the hottest senate races in the country. then we're going to go live to senator harry reid's headquarters in las vegas. a tea party favorite oust the majority leader? that's one of the big questions. >> plus -- >> regular people asking basic questions. that's what congressman david price is afraid of. >> this ad has a north carolina congressional candidate apologizing to actor morgan freeman. calm down. i know that it is not your job.
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welcome back to "news nation" on election day. we focus now on another senate race that's getting a lot of attention nationally. the bitter three-way battle in florida. nbc's ron mott joins us live from coral gables, florida. a beautiful day, but this race has been ugly. what's the latest, ron? >> hey, tamron. it is a beautiful day for voting. there's a polling station across the street. very busy there. they have three candidates to consider. the front-runner is tea party-backed republican marco rubio who was out to cast a vote. we think he voted for marco rubio. the second-place contender, the man he beat in the republican primary, governor charlie crist,
2:16 pm
he was polling in the poll at 31%. he also went out to vote today. we presume again that he voted for charlie crist. kendrick meek apparently took part in early voting. he campaigned last night with president clinton. i can tell you about the turnout here. the record was 1994. they think they may come close to approaching that number in terms of turnout of registered voters. both sides want to turn out as many voters as they can. >> outside of the senate race you have the race for governor. another exciting race. and one that the republicans hope they can pick up. >> absolutely. it's a nail biter if you look at the polls by alex sink. the republican is rick scott who has poured more than $70 million in the race as a republican nominee. it will be interesting to see
2:17 pm
how this race goes. we had an awkward moment in a debate last week. it didn't seem to hurt the democrat who committed the gaffe. but we have a lot of politics ahead in florida. it's going to be a long night here, tamron. now let's bring in joy-ann reid. let's start off with marco rubio. you have him clearly in front in this race, could pull out a victory. that would be at least one victory for the tea party, but he's in a tough situation if he runs. >> that guy is really more of a tea party than rubio set himself out to be. if he wins he becomes a national star. he's hispanic. he's republican. there's a lot of talk he could be on a ticket in 2012 or '16. >> but what is his conflict with the party? early on it was something he embraced, but where is he now? >> he started as a tea party
2:18 pm
candidate, then he moved away when he realized he needed to be in the center. then when charlie crist got out in the primary, he started to really soften his positions. he was for privatizing social security in february. now he's not. >> is he worried he could end up like a scott brown where the tea party backs him in the beginning and then he becomes the target of the tea party as is the case with scott brown? >> yeah, i think that may be one of his problems. he's trying to move so far to the center to be appealing nationally. there are already people in the tea party who don't trust him. >> i don't want to forget charlie crist and kendrick meek. he's depending on african-american voters. early voting has been strong. i believe it's the huffington post saying you may see a surge of democrats coming out to vote to counter all this the talk we've had about republicans and
2:19 pm
their enthusiasm. >> the governor's race is driving high turnout among democrats to defeat the gubernatorial candidate. it's not benefitting kendrick meek because democrats are still torn. they're split down the middle. >> joy-ann reid, we'll see you throughout the night. thank you. well, next up, dry run. how the terrorist mind the foil cargo plane bomb tested our system. then we're back on the campaign trail battleground pennsylvania. where democrat joe sestak is in a dead heat with pat toomey. polls close in just five hours. here's a look at other states where polls close at 8:00 p.m. eastern. ♪ ♪ [ growls ] ♪
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right now, the al qaeda bomb maker suspected of trapping the explosives found in two packages headed for the united states last week. the hunt for the bomb expert born in saudi arabia is spanning now two provinces in yemen. he's also suspected of designing the device used by the so-called underwear bomber aboard a plane last christmas. evan coleman, there's evidence there may have been a so-called dry run back in september. what else can you tell us that. >> well, this was a well-planned operation. it was complex. it was sophisticated, and it involved a number of different people. these guys had an idea. they waited. and they tried their best in order to make sure it was successful. >> what do intelligence officials know about him? >> well, he's fairly young. he's actually 28 years old. but he has a lot of experience. over the past two years he's built a number of fairly
2:24 pm
sophisticated devices including bombs hidden in picture frames, in vhs cassette desks. he sent his brother out on a suicide mission to assassinate the deputy interior minister of saudi arabia with a bomb hidden inside his underwear. it was the precursor to what we saw last christmas. this is someone who have very violent and who has no problem sending his brother on a suicide mission. >> he is very capable in the bomb making. and he's trying to develop a bomb that will not be detected by our system. >> he's trying to develop a petn device that won't be detected by a security scanning system. what's frightening about this is he's also being aided by people who have a long history in al qaeda. the guy being blamed as the super master find of the plot he
2:25 pm
was trained way back in the day. this plot and the pedigree behind it goes back pretty far. >> one more question for you again as i said, they're searching two prove sinces in yemen. there's talk about what the united states will do new in aiding yemen. >> it's easier said than done kind of task. the real problem is everything we do comes at a cost. we fire missiles from drones, there's a political cost. we put troops on the ground, there's there's a political cost. every time we get more and more involved in trying to hunt down terrorist cellses we generate negative political reaction. the trick is trying to balance those two, getting rid of al qaeda leaders, but not turning the yemen population against the united states. very, very sensitive issue. >> evan, thank you for the latest on the continued investigation into the latest terror plot. well, it may be election
2:26 pm
day, but in nevada 65% of ballots were cast. listen to this, by the end of last week. what does it mean for senate majority leader harry reid? we are live in las vegas. then onto kentucky where voters say they have seen more negative and mud slinging than they have in years in the race between rand paul and jack conway. and we want to hear about your experience at the polls. share your thoughts by e-mailing us at election day at you can also log onto election or tweet us. oughtt hit by a bus, but not a heart. my doctor put me on an aspirin regimen to help protect my life. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. check with your doctor because it can happen to anybody. you don't love me anymore do you billy? what? i didn't buy this cereal to sweet talk your taste buds it's for my heart health. good speech dad. [ whimper ] [ male announcer ] honey nut cheerios tastes great and its whole grain oats can help lower cholesterol.
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just say, you know, i don't think i'm getting the real deal with sharron angle here. i may not like harry, but harry has done some good stuff. and maybe this isn't the change we're looking for. >> that was a moment from "the ed show." ed getting awfully close to tea party favorite sharron angle who has refused to talk to the national media. ed will be reporting live from las vegas all night as part of our special prime time election coverage. you never know where ed will pop up. now we turn to senate majority leader harry reed versus sharron angle in trying to defend his title against tea party favorite, senator reid is also looking to dodge a historic defeat. a senate majority leader has not lost in the general election in 58 years. an approval rating has him hitting the roads. john yang is live from las
2:31 pm
vegas. john, as we mentioned before we went to the break, 65% of voters already cast their ballot by the end of last week, by the end of last week. >> reporter: that's right. early vote ended last week. they had 380,000 nevadans cast their ballot in early voting. that's about 65% of what nay expect. and, of course, the clip from "the ed show" raising doubts about sharron angle, that's what the harry reid campaign has been trying to do. suggest that she's extreme, that she's too extreme for congress, and one thing they're counting on in nevada, on every statewide race there's a line, none of the above. none of these candidates. they're hoping that if people don't like harry reid, that they cause enough doubts about sharron angle that it will make them not willing to take that next step. they can't vote for reid. they can't vote for angle. the way they look at it is every
2:32 pm
vote for none of the above is going to be a vote for reid, tamron. >> wow. thank you very much, john. and latinos could be a huge determining factor in nevada. with as many expected to hit the polls, their vote may tip the scales in several tight races around the country. maria theresa kumar is also an msnbc crib tor. what are you hearing from people regarding the turnout in the community? >> folks are really excited. they're pumped. we are starting to hear about voter intimidation not just in nevada, but also in arizona. that's a big concern. so we're encouraging people to contact the election community and really start, you know, moving the forward but also talking about issues. >> we working to confirm any allegations of voter intimidation, if they exist we will certainly report and bring
2:33 pm
that information to you. it's one thing to say they're not enthusiastic already. who is showing up? >> there's an increase of early voting since 2006. one race folks are starting to look at closely is colorado. colorado is neck to neck. >> already looking? it's game day. >> they're starting to look at it on a historical context. colorado is one-third democratic, one-third republican, and one-third independent. i bet you that's what the rest of the country is going to look at. when we look at colorado, latinos are dissatisfied right now because they have among the highest foreclosure rates. they're also dissatisfied with unemployment. and they are specifically saying why should we turn out? >> and there was that very controversial ad that actually said don't vote.
2:34 pm
but if voters are dissatisfied, the polling -- or at least early polling shows the dissatisfied voters were leaning towards the republican party. is that's what is happening? >> the reason is because the latinos feel they aren't getting what they need from the republican party. that means unfortunately have divisive language. it really breeds hate. latinos are really looking for solutions. for example, voter latino this last week, we knocked on over so,000 doors in florida, in nevada, in arizona, in california. we know that it's voter to voter contact that at the end of the day will turn the election out. >> thank you very much. good to see you. tracking the hottest races throughout the country. ron allen is near allentown, pennsylvania, where the senate race is in a dead heat.
2:35 pm
kevin tibbles is in bowling green, kentucky. both waged uber expensive campaigns. let's talk with ron allen. what are you seeing and hearing on the ground? >> reporter: well, it's a beautiful day here, tamron. that's significant. that means the turnout will be very strong. that's what everybody is trying to guess now and measure what is turnout. the senate race between pat toomey the republican and joe sestak on the republican side has come down to the wire. both candidates were voting in their respective hometowns. we're out in lee high valley, which is pat toomey territory. we're outside the banquet hall where he will have his, hopefully for him, his victory party tonight. they're trying to blow up balloons and get things going. they really expect to win. around the state there's been n
2:36 pm
anecdotal evidence that voter turnout is high for a midterm election. they are saying poll workers are shocked by the amount of voters turning up so early in the morning in an off year election. it's a long day. the polls are open until 8:00 tonight. so a lot of time yet before the story of turnout will be told. but again joe sestak needs a strong turnout. pat toomey on the republican part of the state has been running a more oiled, disciplined machine. his voters will come out. there's some question about that on the democratic side. that's the situation here in pennsylvania. kevin tibbles is standing by in bowling green, kentucky, with the race there. how is it looking? >> reporter: too little too late is how rand paul describes his opponent des moines jack conway's visit by former
2:37 pm
president bill clinton tonight. clinton flew into kentucky for the section time to bolster kon conway's struggling campaign. along the way he's fallen behind rand paul by seven points. but he seemed very confident. he says he's looking forward to meeting with like minded winners by the end of the week with regards to this election. i'm standing just outside the convention center here in downtown bowling green where he plans to have some form of election victory party tonight. there has been a lot said about the mud slinging that's gone on in this campaign. the fact that mr. paul was accused of anti-christian behavior during his college years. then when an organizer from fell down and was stepped on her head, these incidents are shown to have
2:38 pm
helped him in the polls. now we're going to send you out to california. >> good afternoon. we've had our own nasty and expensive gubernatorial race in california. as the current attorney general up against former ceo of ebay, meg whitman who is a billionaire. she spent more than $140 million of her own money in this campaign and adding another 20 million raised by her campaign. $160 million to fight the former governor here in california. it's been a nasty campaign that hit the airwaves early. the democrat jerry brown has a ten-point advantage going into the election day. we also have a very tight senate race. you have barbara boxer who is the three-time incumbent running against carly fiorina, who is an unknown political adversary but
2:39 pm
has her own deep pockets and spending money on her campaign aggressively. this said to be a bit closer race. about an eight-point advantage for the democrat. this race is being watched closely across the nation. it's one of the seat that republicans hope to take over here in the senate race. it's going to be a close election. many expecting this to be a very long night here in california. tamron, back to you. >> miguel, thank you very much. up next, the power of the tea party. they ran against the gop establishment. so what's going to happen if tea party candidates actually do win? but first there's a lot going on today. here are things we thought you should know. actor morgan freeman says it is not his voice in a campaign ad for tea party candidate in florida. >> regular people asking basic questions. that's what congressman david price is afraid of. at first bj lawson said it was morgan freeman.
2:40 pm
now his camp is apologizing saying it was duped by the agency that produced the ad. the agency said it was clear to the campaign that a voice double would be doing that ad. and jimmy mcmillen, the leader of the rent is too damn high party, has endorsed a new campaign at an online auction site. >> on november 2nd, election day, we are introduce the pay your rent for pennies option. so log on after you feed the children breakfast, lunch and dinner. >> they allow people to bid against each other to win a month's rent for $1,200. they will run the option once a week all months. and president obama revealed what his children wore for halloween. she said malea was a sour patch girl and sasha was a turkey. [ coughing ]
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welcome back to "news nation." we just got in video from delaware. it showed tea party backed republican senate candidate christine o'donnell still campaigning in the last hour, greeting voters outside a school in delaware. polls show her opponent with a solid lead in the race. janet shamlian joins us live now from dover. janet, what are you seeing and hearing there? >> well, a steady stream of voters out here today. and we're hearing that's true all over delaware. nobody is saying that it's a heavy turnout. but it's been steady throughout the day. you know, this campaign has d drama, it seems, from the very start. and the latest chapter is that christine o'donnell had these television ads that were supposed to air. then they didn't. then they finally did last night. it seems at every turn in this delaware race there has been a slice of drama. christine o'donnell left here a short time ago. she probably spent 30 minutes
2:45 pm
greeting voters. she's been doing that throughout the day. both cast their ballots very early this morning. vice president biden probably set a speed record for voting. he was in and out of there in something like a minute. i don't know, do you think he vote ad straight ticket? >> yeah, he probably had his mind made up. that's my suspicion. very good. thank you for your report, janet. and here's another big question being floated out there. what is the impact the tea party movement could have on today's election? and on the republican party moving the forward? joining me, democratic strategist and msnbc contributor karen finney and msnbc political analyst joe watkins. i'll start with you, joe, because you are the republican strategist. i don't want to give it too easy to karen finney here. you have marco rubio who in the
2:46 pm
early stages embraced the tea party as the race moved forward he realized he had to become more appealing to win a statewide election. what happens to the tea party candidates if they are victories you tonight? >> they have captured the imagination and the will of a lot of americans when you consider that so many americans are dissatisfied with the direction of the country. many of them are, of course, tea party sympathizers. they aren't active members of the tea party. these candidates have captured the imagination of a lot of voters. they realize it's going to be hard work going forward. they have to work with other senators to get legislation passed. >> you said capture the imagination twice. i got that part of the story line. what happens -- you've got my imagination. you've got the attention. what is the strategy moving ahead, and i need real talk here. are they prepared to make the cuts that some of these
2:47 pm
conservatives say they want to see? >> yes, they're going to work actively within the party and the whole body to bring about some measure of fiscal reform. that's been their mandate from the people to put us back on track fiscally. they're going to look to make budget cuts. they're looking to scale back the programs recently voted upon, like what's been called obama care. they'll be looking at the tax cuts. >> obama care, otherwise known as the health care law. let me bring you in on this, karen, how does the tea party if the candidates, in fact, win, it looks like perhaps rand paul will win. what happens if they move to washington? >> one, it helps sarah palin's star. she's been the person who helped to keep the tea party active. >> so many people said nothing is going to get done? >> so it means it moves the
2:48 pm
republican party potentially more right. a lot of tea party candidates are going to have pressure on scott brown to get along, make things happen but stay true to the tea party principals. i was told by one insider in washington that some of the tea party groups will do their own orientation before the gop establishment gets their hands on it. >> so here are you marching orders. >> and if you do what we want you to do, we'll support you next time. if you don't, you're on your own. >> karen finney, joe watkins, thank you very much. coming up, the results of our election day survey, plus, lawrence o'donnell joins us to give shall we say the last word. i think that's a copyright issue. and does he think democrats will beat the polls and hold onto the house. latest tonight voters have until 1:00 a.m. eastern time to cast their ballot ls.
2:49 pm
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welcome back to "news nation." here are the results of the text survey. earlier we asked the news nation in the campaign do you think voters are most disappointed in president obama, congress or nancy pelosi. 19% of you said the president. 76% of you said congress. 6% of you say speaker pelosi. for weeks we've been bombarded by pundits and polling numbers trying to make up the numbers. election day has finally arrived. no matter how you look at it democrats are in a bad spot. but can they control the bleeding? i'm joined by lawrence o'donnell, host of the last word here on msnbc who gets the last word with the news nation. i've stolen the name of your show. i've been looking at the blogs.
2:53 pm
you have a number of people saying that's incredible, the turnout. >> we know roughly half of registers voters aren't going to show up. that's the way we vote in the country. >> the tragedy of it all. >> i'm not sure how tragic it is. the people who do show up. we find out they are generally a perfect representative sample of the people who stay at home. if everybody showed up, you would still end up with roughly the same results. the country is not ad invested in the outcome we pretend they are here in the news business. >> you've just taken the wind out of me. >> people feel like it's important and it's yes or no and there's going to be a red state and a blue state and america doesn't feel that way about it. they feel about it as a chance mostly to say no.
2:54 pm
the vote in 2008 was a no to the presidency of george w. bush after eight years. it was much more of a no than it was a yes to barack obama and whatever he wants to do. the vote based on all the polling information we're looking at now. the vote we are likely to get tonight is going to be largely a no to what the democratic congress is doing. the only way you inhibit republicans is by voting for democrats. swing voters go back and forth. >> we're hearing more and more people asking does this mean nothing has been done? >> yeah, definitely means that. >> all governing is over until the next presidential election is complete. mitch mcconnell said his number
2:55 pm
one priority -- you know, the only difference about him and everyone else in his position is he said it out loud. every single majority leader has always believed their job is to take out the incumbent president if the president is in the other party. i don't see anything they can reach compromise on except for the top tax rates where the obama administration may be willing to extend them. what they would call temporarily. republicans will say, no, we need them extended forever. they'll probably end up with a two-year extension. nothing else. >> that is the last word on "news nation." we get it from the great lawrence o'donnell. >> i met to say it with a smile so the country would feel good about it. it's what it is. >> be sure to wast "last word" at 10:00 p.m. watch prime time coverage featuring lawrence o'donnell.
2:56 pm
>> i don't have eight hours of material. >> you better think of something. that is the "news nation." david gregory picks up our coverage after the break. he will continue our election coverage with tom brokaw. and prime time coverage kicks off at 6:00 p.m. eastern time led by keith olbermann, chris matthews, rachel maddow and ed schultz. my guests include michael steele, ryan grimm and you're watching msnbc the place for politics. ♪ ♪ [ growls ] ♪ ♪
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