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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  November 17, 2010 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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moves to stop the sale of alcoholic drinks containing caffeine. some of them linked to dozens of college students being rushed to the hospital after drinking them. and wild weather across the northeast. winds so strong planes have been flipped over. thousands are without power right now. the latest on the storm live. plus, how will the royal couple tie the knot and what influence will the memory of princess diana have on their plans? plus, late news of a hollywood power couple calling it quits. i'm tamron hall. we're following the high drama on capitol hill as house democrats meet to elect their leadership for the next congress. the meeting comes amid increasingly public rising tensions over current house speaker nancy pelosi's bid to become minority leader. luke russert joins us now live from capitol hill where democrats have been meeting for several hours now. luke, what are you hearing? >> well, tamron, there was recently a vote that the members within the democratic caucus offered up to delay the leadership elections until december. as one of those members who
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offered up this amendment said to me, we've got to figure out where the heck we are. that amendment was voted down 129-68, but it tells us that 68 members of the democratic caucus, a third of those who are left, have a problem with electing nancy pelosi as the leader this quickly. they really wanted time for the democratic caucus to sort of regroup, if you will, and figure out the best way moving forward. what we can report, the democratic caucus chairman going into the next congress will be john larsen of connecticut. he has been reelected. he is currently presiding over the elections for leader. that is the next race. nancy pelosi faces heath schuler from north carolina whose race is really just symbolic, if anything. there's not a real chance of him being able to win. if anything, he'll try to garner protest votes. that being said, the big story on capitol hill so far, you have 68 democrats that are said to agree to nancy pelosi. they say, let's slow down, figure out where we're going,
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what our message is going to go moving forward. we're not all in this together to reelect you right away. she will be the democratic minority leader going forward. how quickly it will come, probably you'll hear by the end of the day. >> that's big news. thank you, luke, for the latest on what's happening with the leadership battle. there are conflicting reports today following news that president obama's bipartisan meeting to talk about tax cuts and other issues has been postponed. why was the president unable to meet with the new or soon-to-be house majority? well, that depends on who you talk to. officially the white house says mitch mcconnell and john boehner had a scheduling conflict, but other voices on the hill say the delay may have been an intentional snub. mike viqueira joins me live from the white house. mike, throw in the fact that the republicans were concerned they would be ambushed by the president. what are you hearing there? what happened? >> well, i think, you know, if you look at the past, the president during the health care debate has called republicans up
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here. republicans k s didn't really l the way it looked, the optics of it. they resented the fact that the president was summoning them. they stand, they raise -- when they and a question, they have to raise their hand to be recognized by the president. you know, having said all of that, tamronuric thi, i think wo take him at face value. the official line out of the republicans was that the white house never confirmed with them before announcing it. the president said a couple of times in asia that he had invited leaders over here to the white house for a meeting tomorrow night. not only a meeting but a very unusual trip up to the residence for a dinner where they would all sit down and break bread and presumably talk not only about the lame duck and that tax fight, but the way congress is going to unfold over the next three, six months with republicans in control of the house. for their part here at the white house, they are going out of their way, tamron, to play down any conflict between themselves and republicans.
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robert gibbs saying today, hey, bipartisanship has happened. we've agreed to meet on november 30th. that's the new date now when they come back from thanksgiving next week. he says of the white house, we're very flexible. we're willing to meet with them anytime. it's all about cooperation. the only question is why the cooperation was denied at this point. >> it's not always reality, taking them at their word. here you have the president saying that this meeting, we and other news agencies reported while the president was overseas in asia that this meeting would happen. why now, a day before, 24 hours, are we hearing that it's been postponed? you would think that -- you're talking about a meeting, the first big meeting since the midterm, that we, the media, the president or someone would have told the public before today that this thing was postponed. doesn't that sound a little shady to you? >> well, without stipulated to the shadiness or non-shadiness of it, there is the obvious
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question. you're right. this is, after all, the place where the president of the united states resides. he did, after all, make a very public invitation to these leaders of congress, republican and democrat. the justification that they gave via the white house was that they had organizational meetings and conflicts. if the president calls you up here and you're talking about orientation for new members or whatever it is, it does cast doubt on their motivations for not coming. having said that, we don't have any other information that would lead us not to take them at face value. >> okay, mike. don't cancel on me 24 hours out for anything i invite you to because i'll call you shady. >> all right. >> thank you. developing now, the fda is clamping down on what's being called blackout in a can. it's announcing a strong warning concerning these alcoholic drinks that contain caffeine including the controversial four loko. thomas roberts is here with new developments. we've talked a lot about this after the kids in washington
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state were sickened from these drinks. >> it is a big development today. this is what we're talking about. four loko, this is what it looks like. as tamron was saying, it's popular with kids, especially college kids. they've nicknamed it blackout in a can. a short time ago, the fda announced that caffeine is an unsafe additive to alcoholic drinks, a move which deems these products not meeting fda standards. however, it doesn't say that this is a ban. however, washington state is already passing a law banning four loko and other energy drinks just like it. that law is going to go into effect tomorrow. lawmakers there were reacting to what we were talking about, the situation where nine central washington university students were taken to the hospital suffering from alcohol poisoning. one student had a blood alcohol level of .35. that can be fatal. the company that makes four loko, fuphusion projects, says that it plans to
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one cup of coffee in those cans. many stores are reporting it just being sold out of this drink. also, the fda is going as far as saying we're issuing a stern warning, not so much as saying we're issuing a ban. it's only going to entice people to go out and get this. >> a lot of people never heard of these drinks before it was discussed in the media. thank you, thomas. joining me now to talk more about this, michael smerconish. michael, you heard thomas say it's not a ban, it's a strong warning. they've got 15 days to clean up
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their fact. that's the fda saying to these makers. >> the states are the primary regulators of booze all across the country. so plms regardless of what the fda does -- the fda has a limited ability to make sure it gets pulled off the shelves. it's going to require state-by-state action. as you've discussed with thomas, it seems counterintuitive. we know the problems associated with alcohol to a limited extent with caffeine. it's counterintuitive to think there could be such problems when you blend the two together, but it creates these wide-awake drunks and then you're left intoxicated and could blackout. it's a real problem. >> i want to read something about why it should not be banned. banning four loko might prevent some college students from hurting themselves or others, but it does nothing to improve other people's judgment or empower them to protect themselves. you could add a red bull and vodka together and that could be
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dangerous. are we stepping too far -- it's a popular conversation now about nanny states and us policing too much. >> i don't think so. you will never stop one's ability to mix their own concoction at home. but i don't think that's the same issue as stopping a manufacturer from putting them together when we know that there are perils associated with it. i remember a far different time when we were worried about whippe whippets. this makes whippets look tame by comparison. >> whippets? >> i'm too old for you. >> what are whippets? >> okay. for a different day maybe. >> okay. thank you very much. i'll google it. >> shouldn't have brought it up. >> thank you, michael. michael is filling in for chris matthews on "hardball" today at 5:00 and 7:00 eastern on msnbc. thank you, michael. >> thank you. what do you think of this fda warning about alcoholic energy drinks? should they be banned? texas us at 633639. message and data rates apply. thomas roberts will be later in
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the "news nation" to bring us the results of what you have to say. also developing now, a reality tv producer accused of killing his wife is due in court any minute now. federal authorities took bruce beresford-redman into custody yesterday on behalf of the mexican government. seven months after monica beresford-redman's body was found in a sewer tank in cancun. the arrest report claims beresford-redman killed his wife by suffocating her while on a family vacation. blood stains were found in their hotel room. two teenagers said they were awakened by screams, crying for help and extremely loud banging from the room above. miguel is covering the story. >> tamron, good afternoon. bruce beresford-redman was taken into custody last night at his los angeles home by u.s. marshals and the fbi. this is the first time he's ever been arrested. the question now is how long will he be in custody? this afternoon, he'll be in the federal building behind me to
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hear extradition charges. the first time he's ever been in court here in the united states. he could, again, be facing a court hearing in mexico if extradited. as you know, mexican officials have said he murdered his wife, monica beresford-redman, back in april. after waiting in that country for several weeks after that murder happened, bruce beresford-redman eventually fled the country and made his way back to the united states. shortly after arriving back here in los angeles several months ago, he was charged with murder in mexico. now, american authorities are looking to extradite beresford-redman back to that country. he'll be in court this afternoon. his defense attorney will be there. he says he will fight these charges. legal experts say this whole extradition process could take several weeks, even months, if it goes through. tamron, back to you. >> thank you. coming up, the tsa says it is not backing down when it comes to controversial body scanners and patdowns at airports across our country. and just one day after
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government will see its stake in gm reduced to as low as 33%. the government is expected to recover more than $13 billion of the 50 billion in taxpayer funds used to bail out gm last year. and it's been just one day since prince william and kate middleton announced their royal engagement, but there is already global buzz surrounding the affair. kate snow joins me here in the studio. i learned today, i think we're supposed to start calling her catherine. >> yes, she wants to be catherine now. for a long time, she was known as weighty katy. not anymore. people are familiar with kate middleton's name, but you may not know that much about her. tonight on "dateline," we'll show you rare video of their college years when their relationship blossoms. it's official. prince william has chosen his bride. kate middleton. >> the timing is right now.
2:17 pm
i'm very, very happy. >> reporter: tonight, intimate details about the couple's courtship. they met at st. andrew's university. at a student fashion show, kate modeled a slinky see-through dress. >> she got up there and flaunted her stuff and looked fantastic. >> reporter: they quietly started dating, but once the relationship went public, the spotlight on kate grew white hot. at 25 years old, kate was facing the same pressure from the paparazzi that diana did at the age of 19. to make matters worse, william had been spotted out at night clubs without kate. >> kate basically got fed up and she didn't want to be made a fool of. she pushed him into a corner and said, william, you can have this fun. you can go and dance at night clubs and meet girls, but you can't have me at the same time. >> reporter: in 2007 came a shocking announcement. prince william and kate middleton were splitting up. >> he said i think we need a break and she gave him that
2:18 pm
break. >> reporter: but it was short-lived. less than three months later, they were back together. then william whisked kate away to a private island where he made a pledge. >> william said to kate you are the one. this is going to happen. i want to make you my wife. but at the moment, my focus has to be my military career. so will you wait? >> reporter: she waited. and now she has a very special ring. that ring, of course, from princess diana. it was a perfect fit. in an interview, kate said she wished she could have met diana. she called her an inspirational woman. >> my producers are telling me that this wedding will give a $1 billion boost to the economy in london. >> not surprising. this is -- this is a big deal. they had said they might want to keep it small, but everything we're hearing now is a large affair. how can they not invite all of the family and friends? and possibly at wiestminster abbey or at st. paul's where
2:19 pm
diana and charles were wed. >> watch "dateline wednesday" tonight at 8:00. coming up, the vote count is winding down in alaska. lisa murkowski could claim victory as soon as tonight. and developing news out of hollywood. eva longoria filed for divorce from her husband, tony parker. we've got details in "the scoop." and later, vincent hearthisser joins me live and tells me why he stopped using his car and even though he's super successful only relies on public transportation. yeah, right now during sign then drive, you can take home a volkswagen for just your signature. really? that's great. yeah. plus, it includes scheduled carefree maintenance. huh. light's green. there you go. oh, you need a pen. i had one here just a second ago. who would take my pen?? [ male announcer ] it's amazing what you can do with a pen. sign then drive is back.
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welcome back to "news nation." a new report shows a startling increase in teen drug use. it says 1 in 10 kids age 12 to 17 have used drugs in the last month. the study digs deeper and finds the problem hits minorities
2:23 pm
especially hard. among african-american teen girls, drug use is up 43%. among hispanic teen boys, it's up 39%. joining me live now is gale, head of the committee on national drug control policy. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> what is behind this increase, particularly black girls and hispanic boys? >> well, it's hard to know because we've seen the increase, but a couple of things have occurred. one is that generally when we saw this increase in youth use, we also saw a decrease in their perception of risk or harm caused by drugs, and that usually tells us drug use will increase. well, unfortunately, you know, from the numbers that you just read out that it has. >> gill, i just watched a documentary debating this war on drugs. i was a kid of the '80s and we'd see campaigns roll out. these numbers, is it proof that perhaps the war on drugs, at
2:24 pm
least, as not been successful or it's not fought in an effective way to reach these young people? >> well, i think that what we tried to do when i took this job in may of last year was to end the phrase "the war on drugs" and not talk about as a war. for too long we've looked at it as a criminal justice problem. we really need to understand that it is also a public health problem and an education problem. >> what about the casual nature, at least the drugs that have become a part of our pop culture? you've got -- out in california there was a vote up to decide if you could have a legal portion of marijuana. you hear people say it's not a big deal. it's just a small amount of pot. are we too casual, perhaps, with the way we handle and discuss drugs these days do you think? >> very much so. if we keep associating marijuana and medicine and associating it as something for patients, that really sends young people the absolute wrong message. and they've told me that very
2:25 pm
directly. so it isn't a benign substance and we know that people that pick up a phone, call a hotline and say, look, i have a drug problem and i need help. guess what. the number one call is for marijuana. >> i want to play a little bit of this psa you're running now as part of your campaign. it's called above the influence. let's play it. ♪ >> if you're not in control, who is? >> so tell me the thought process behind this ad. >> well, the thought process was that we looked at our earlier commercials from a few years ago. you know what, we didn't really see them resonating with young people. we brought a whole group of experts in, including lots of young voices and young people. they worked with some terrific firms that did the -- the effort in a pro bono way. and we know because we've tested these commercials that kids who
2:26 pm
are exposed to them actually are more resistant to drug use in the future. >> that's interesting. >> even though you might not have gotten that commercial, the kids did. >> i'm over the age that it's targeted to. thankfully so. thank you so much, gil. it's a very interesting study. we hope your message resonates with the kids. thank you. still ahead, details on a hollywood murder mystery. who gunned down a powerful publicist to the stars on her way back from a big premier? and it's possible you haven't seen the last of that infamous mission accomplished banner. going to tell you where it could show up next. exchange traded funds. some firms offer them "commission free." problem is they limit the choice of etfs to what makes financial sense to them.
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we have breaking news in to us. house democrats have reelected nancy pelosi as their leader in the next congress. pelosi won the position 150-43. luke russert was on earlier today saying that there was a group of about 68 democrats who
2:30 pm
actually wanted to postpone the vote. the leadership vote. but obviously that did not happen. house minority leader nancy pelosi will lead the democrats in the next session of congress. and wild weather is causing problems today in the mid-atlantic region and here in the northeast. 55-mile-an-hour winds flipped over small planes parked at the trenton mercer airport. look at this video. this is just outside of trenton, new jersey. in maryland, thunderstorms damaged at least 200 homes in baltimore city and baltimore county. the roof of that building just splintered. the national weather service is investigating whether a tornado actually touched down there and throughout the region. more than 80,000 customers lost power. fortunately, despite all of that damage, we've not gotten any reports of injuries at this time. mike seidel joins us live now from the weather channel headquarters in atlanta. mike, where is the storm now? >> well, the storm is now moving into canada, but we still have a
2:31 pm
lot of wind on the backside. let me take you back to last night. the remarkable thing about this system is the time of the day that it hit. and also the time of the year, mid-november. we had warnings out from after midnight until early this morning. the thunderstorm warning ran until about 5:00 a.m. this morning. this is 24 hours out, the big spin in the atmosphere. you can see how quickly the storm goes right up west of the mountains. so it brought in warm air. no snow with this particular system. there's the squall line going through baltimore, new york and what's left of the rain, way up there in maine. we're done with the rain and the storm. but we still have a lot of wind out there. we're talking wind gusts around the metro new york city area running from 40 to 45 miles an hour. those gusts are causing problems as we roll on through today and tonight. airport delays now at newark were averaging about 75 minutes. laguardia, about 50 minutes. windy through this evening. much better tomorrow, tamron. right now the weekend before thanksgiving is going to be mild, dry, and rather calm for
2:32 pm
you up there in the northeast. >> all right. that's good news, mike. thank you. lisa murkowski could claim victory as early as tonight in alaska's ongoing senate race. she is topping republican and tea party favorite joe miller by more than 10,000 votes. she's invited supporters to an event tonight in anchorage. if she wins, she would be the first u.s. senate candidate to win with write-in votes since 1954. miller is not done fighting. he's demanding the entire vote be recounted by hand. the tsa took more heat today over the enhanced screening that airline passengers face at 70 airports nationwide. at a senate hearing, florida republican george lemieux was among several senators asking the head of the tsa about traveler concerns over full-body scans and those new body pat-downs. >> i wouldn't want my wife to be touched in the way these folks are being touched. i wouldn't want to be touched that way.
2:33 pm
i think we have to be focused on safety, but there's a balance. >> to me, it comes down to that balance, as you say, and the fact that everybody wants to be secure on that flight knowing that you've been screened, i've been screened, everybody has been screened properly and we have a high level of confidence. and yet we want to ensure the best possible privacy. >> the tsa administrator has announced people will not be able to avoid full-body scans or pat-downed based on religious reasons. tonight, on "hardball" we'll talk to john pistole. the murder of a high-powered beverly hills publicist tops our headlines today. ronni chasen was gunned down tuesday after attending a premier for "burlesque." the 64-year-old publicist to hollywood's a-listers was shot in the chest several times. police are looking for aing to why she was targeted. and two armed robbers led
2:34 pm
police on a wild chase through the streets of miami. the chase started after police noticed a robbery in progress. 20 minutes later, the car rear-ended a tanker truck, crashing in the front end of that suv. two suspects were taken into custody. and look at this one. speaking of cars and brazen drivers, a suspected drunk driver was arrested in southern california after slamming his car into a police cruiser. police pulled over the driver. when the man got out of the car, he left it in reverse, hitting the cruiser. the man climbed back in, putting the car in drive instead of park. the car learned forward, slamming then into a pole. quite a story. well, we've waited, you've waited. come on, admit it. years for prince williams to pop the question to kate middleton. but now that the royal proposal has officially been accepted, the real frenzy has just started around the world as they're looking for any detail possible. i'm joined by msnbc's martin
2:35 pm
brashear. it's good to see you in the "news nation." >> it's great to be here. thank you for having me. >> we just read a report that they're expecting a $1 billion economic boost in england from this wedding. >> they need it. >> they certainly do. >> unemployment in the uk is currently 7.7%. and the government is approaching the economic downturn in the opposite way to president obama. so instead of stimulus, it's all about austerity and cuts. so the population are extremely depressed in many ways about what's happening. this is something that many people feel will be important. >> what are the latest developments? >> yesterday it was the fact of the engagement. today, when and where. i just spoke too officials who tell me that prince william and his fiance gave them a series of dates this morning. and they are reflecting on possibilities. now, the book-makers in london are saying it's most likely to
2:36 pm
be july. the reason for that is because in may, there are some scottish parliamentary elections that take place. in june, the house of commons goes into recess. and i think the british government would prefer for all political business to be off the table by the time this election takes place. then where will it take place? there are two major locations. given the number of people who have to attend. westminster abbey or st. paul's cathedral. st. paul's cathedral is where prince william's mother and prince charles married, but it's deemed to be too ostentatious for these times. it's deemed to be west minister abbey. that's where princess diana's funeral service took place. in london they're saying july and west minister abbey. >> i want to ask you about how kate middleton handled herself and the reporters. you interviewed princess diana and knew her very well. are you struck by how composed -- maybe the years of
2:37 pm
waiting and that she's older than diana was at the time of her engagement, has helped this young woman with the transition? >> i dhithing you're right. in 1981, lady diana was 20 years old when she married prince charles. she had study archeology, ant o anthropology and history and he was settling into a career with the royal navy. the princess of whales, diana, was working part-time in a nursery. she'd never been to college. she had no experience of what was to come. what was worse, was her adolescent years were marked by trauma. she developed a series of psychiatric illnesses, bulimia, anorexia, depression. she'd also been through the divorce of her own parents. compare that with kate and william. they're both 28 at the moment. they'll be 29 when they get married. they've both been to the same university. they both actually studied on the same degree course, art
2:38 pm
history. they're coming into this marriage with a kind of shared experience, both intellectual and social, that sets her up really, really well for the challenges that are ahead. >> thank you very much, martin. >> thank you for having me. >> welcome to the family. >> it's great to be here. thank you. now an update on the real-life version of a night at the museum. 29 days ago, kate mcgordy entered chicago's museum of science and sindustry. she's been living in the museum since we spoke with her. she joins us now via skype. this will be your last night, ka kate. you look good for a woman who's been living in a museum. how do you feel? >> oh, well, thank you. >> how is it going? how did it go? >> better than i ever could have imagined. this has been the best month of my life. >> the best month of your life? in what way? you don't have to deal with many people? the isolation gave you time to know yourself?
2:39 pm
>> it's the opposite. i dealt with many people every day. i mean, i don't know when i'm going to be able to pack so many amazing things in such a short period of time. i've walked on airplane wings, i have watched the sun rise from the roof, i've done -- >> okay. >> you had breakfast with jim lovell. >> if yyou did? >> it was pretty cool. >> do you miss your own apartment, you know, being able to walk around perhaps your own neighborhood at all? >> i do miss my friends. and my cell phone. >> but it was worth it because you walked away -- this was a contest and you won a $10,000 prize. you're completely certain that it was worth it. >> oh, yes. i'm also walking away with some of the best stories i'll have for my whole life. >> give me one lasting memory besides the two you just named, especially with jim lovell. that's pretty cool. >> you know, it's -- i don't
2:40 pm
think another time in my life it will happen that i just walk around and people know who i am. like just, you know, an hour ago i was at an event and all of these little 8-year-old school girls came up and wanted to talk about the experience and about the month. it was really fun. >> what's next for you? did you get a job? did you land a job? you're there 29 days. surely you made some contacts. >> well, i'm pretty hard to contact right now. so if there are any job offers, i don't know about them. the first thing on my schedule is a nap. >> a nap. it seems that you'd have plenty of time to sleep. as you pointed out, you were all over the place. it's a pretty cool story. we're happy that we were able to follow up with you. best of luck with what you pursue after this. thank you, kate. >> thank you. coming up, eva longoria and tony parker, they call it quits after three years of marriage. we'll have the details on what happened. first, there's a lot going on today. here are some things we thought we should know. the mission accomplished banner has got a new home.
2:41 pm
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its dual-action formula delivers extra strength pain relief, plus it fights fatigue. so get up and get going with new bayer am, the morning pain reliever. welcome back. time now for the results of our texas survey about the controversial energy alcohol drink four loko. some other brands are made out there. thomas roberts is back with what you are saying on this one. >> it's pretty interesting what
2:45 pm
everybody thinks about this. can you take a guess? >> i thought 99% of the people would be for the ban because it's supposed to be dangerous, right? >> it is supposed to be. listen to this. 44% said yes and 56% said no. mike from syracuse wrote in, the fda should not control what we drink. you can still mix your own drinks at home and go to the bar and still have the same result. and then ben from kansas writes, they've been serving vodka and red bull for almost a decade at bars. it's no different. make sickeracigarettes illegal four loko. it's the same thing that phusion projects said. bars serve irish coffee, which is booze inside a coffee cup. >> i love our audience. they're so open minded. >> they're out there trying to get four loko before it's off the shelves. >> thank you, thomas. in honor of nbc's green is universal week, we are highlighting some of our
2:46 pm
nation's most prominent green warriors fighting on the front lines of sustainability to help the environment. today we are speaking to a minimalist celebrity who lives a car-free lifestyle in l.a. a town notorious for its traffic and flashy vehicles. actor vincent kartheiser is on the hugely popular show "madmen." vincent, thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> so i don't know your salary, but i imagine you're paid handsomely for your great performance and your hard work. you've got people out there saying why wouldn't you just buy a car? but this is really about, as we said, going green. when did you make the decision to go car-free? >> my car flooded about four years ago, and waiting for insurance to kind of come through with the money i took the bus and the train. and i found that it enriched my life. it actually made my life better to slow down a little bit and walk through this city and interact with people that i
2:47 pm
usually kind of speed by on the freeway. and it's actually -- it does a lot for me other than just save me money. >> that's interesting. i have to be honest y d, i didn expect that answer that it enriches your life, but it makes sense. did you move forward at that point and look for other ways to go green and to live -- what we all should be doing, more responsibly? >> well, i've been a vegetarian for four years. and, you know, i have chosen not to have children also, which are both green choices in my life. i also zeroscaped my lawn. but, you know, what i've done isn't miraculous. it's nothing that anyone out there couldn't do. i think that there's lots of things i do in my life that aren't green. and so if there's a couple of things in your own life that you can do to change and to make them more kind of sustainable,
2:48 pm
that's -- i think that's the route to go. it doesn't mean that everyone is going to be able to get rid of their car. if you have children or if you work in construction, obviously you'll need a vehicle. but if there's some way you can give up meat or give up your car on the weekends or something small like that, i think every little difference in our own lives makes a big difference when done by the masses. >> well, you know, i can't let you go without asking you about "madmen." you have fans all around. will sterling cooper survive? can you give us any little glimpse into the future? >> i can't. i can't give you even the tiniest little glimpse. >> i will start taking the bus everywhere, i will go car-free. which, by the way, i don't own a car so that would not be hard for me to do. >> well, congratulations. you know, if you're on the bus in los angeles, you can try to read over my shoulder if i'm reading a script. that's the best i can do. >> all right. things to do, lean over vincent's shoulder on a bus in
2:49 pm
l.a. vincent, congratulations on what you're doing to go green. thank you. >> thank you, tamron. eva longoria and her husband are really headed for divorce, despite what you've heard. and the palin sisters are making news for their own reasons. and bruce springsteen whips his hair. let's get the latest from courtney hazlett. >> let's start with eva longoria and tony parker. all of the publicists have gotten their stories straight. the story is that they are getting divorced. yesterday we heard reports that tony filed for divorce in texas, which is where they both live most of the year. her rep told me that's 100% not true. >> you spoke to her rep. >> multiple times. all they kept saying is not true. now at this point in the day they're saying we would not like to comment. long story short, they're getting divorced. it's over. >> the palin sisters. >> this is a big story. first of all, bristol palin has survived to the final two on "dancing with the stars." this had one man so angered he
2:50 pm
took his loaded shotgun and put a bullet in his television. then later pointed the gun on his wife and he had to be coaxed out by a s.w.a.t. team. but moving on, this is really enraging a lot of people that she's made it this far. it's a push by her mother's political campaign. she can't dance. she's in the very bottom almost every single week. it's her -- let me rephrase that. it is obviously her mother's fans who are rallying behind bristol palin. let me be very clear on that. her sister, willow, on sunday night -- >> who is 16. >> 15, i believe, during the premier of "sarah palin's alaska" on tlc, she was on facebook. someone said the show wasn't good. the quote was, sarah palin's alaska is failing so hard. she got enraged about that and then used a series of gay slurs against this person who had said that. causing a huge controversy as it
2:51 pm
should. she has gone on -- bristol went on to apologize. she said my sister and i shouldn't have done that when we -- there's the statement right there. we apologize. it's just showing -- this is -- this is incomprehensible to me because they know they're in the spotlight. they should know better on so many different levels. there's zero excuse for willow to do this sort of thing. and saying that they're a kid and it's hard to be an adolescent on facebook and in the public eye is just ridiculous to me. >> i'm curious if sarah palin will tweet about her daughter using that gay slur and tell her side and say that she really gave them a good talking to. all right. thank you, courtney. >> you got it. >> for the latest news, log on to or be a fan on the scoop on facebook. house republicans have elected john boehner to serve as speaker of the house of representatives when they take control in january. the republicans met behind closed doors today to select
2:52 pm
leaders after winning control of the house from democrats in the november 2nd elections. we will be right back. [ rattling ] [ gasps ] [ rattling ] [ laughing ] [ announcer ] close enough just isn't good enough. - if your car is in an accident, - [ laughing continues ] make sure it's repaired with the right replacement parts. take the scary out of life with travelers. call or click now for an agent or quote. [ malhis day starts thwith his arthritis pain.. that's breakfast with two pills. the morning is over, it's time for two more pills. the day marches on, back to more pills. and when he's finally home... but hang on; just two aleve can keep arthritis pain away all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is steven, who chose aleve and 2 pills for a day free of pain. and get the all day pain relief of aleve in liquid gels.
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welcome back. time for today's "news nation" gut check. pop sensation superstar beyonce is known for burning up the charts. but in a new ad promoting her perfume heat, the songstress may burn bridges with advertising authorities in the uk. in this british ad, beyonce is wearing a short red dress and touching herself seductively while singing the song "fever." he her dress starts to slip away. the advertising watchdog says the ad is sexually provocative and unsuitable to be seen by young children. the asa says it received several complaints about the -- after the ad aired in the middle of the day. the agency is ordering the msh not to be aired before 7:30.
2:56 pm
the perfume company says it was, quote, not overtly graphic or sexual. and that it was meant to showcase beyonce's personal sexy style. but are critics right to be all hot under the collar on this one? what does your gut tell you? we showed you just a little clip of it. is beyonce's new heat ad too hot for some tvs? that does it for this edition of the "news nation." tomorrow on "news nation," actor and activist ed begley jr. and barney frank will join me live. , innovative technology, and inspired design. and now, they want to give as much as they can to as many as possible. your chevy dealer is giving back to the community. come see how chevy is giving more: right now, chevy's giving you no monthly payments till spring plus 0% apr financing.
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hello, everyone. we've got a fired-up show for you today. let's get right to it. we start with the republican obstruction again today. republican senator jon kyl of arizona announces


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