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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  November 19, 2010 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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gecko: um...maybe that one. ♪ dance music boss: ok, let's keep rolling. we're on motorcycle insurance. vo: take fifteen minutes to see how much you can save on motorcycle, rv, and camper insurance. right now, can "news nation" is following developing news from portugal. any minute now president obama is expected to make a statement from lisbon about the war effort in afghanistan. and the president landed in lisbon earlier today for a two-day summit. we will bring you mr. obama's comments right here on "news nation." i'm tamron hall. the "news nation" is also following a push to ditch the tsa in favor of private security firms to screen airline passengers. an airport official in florida is now requesting that switch. meanwhile, john micah is urging
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the nation's 100 busiest airports to ditch the tsa. >> tsa has overstepped its bounds. i have no problems with using the body advance imaging or pat downs, but it shouldn't be done for primary screening. it should be targeted people who pose a threat. who set off some alarm or are on a watch list. >> and larry dale is president of the sanford airport authority in orlando. he joins me now over the phone. thanks for joining "news nation" tod today. >> thank you. >> where do you stand? where does your airport stand regard getting rid of the tsa and going for a private company? >> well, it's not getting rid of the tsa. aviation and transportation security act of 2001 was originally written partially by john michael to be private screeners. >> right. >> the senate, if you remember, overwrote that. so what they did is federalized it, but they put in a program for five airports to have a
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pilot screening by private companies. >> right. and right now san francisco is the largest airport that has opted to have a private company. not getting rid of tsa, because they would still hire and oversee the workers. but what is the difference from the tsa being over the security agents and if you use a private security firm? what's the big difference? >> the difference is airports are so specific with all the infrastructure and facilities and makeup and the type of airlines that one size doesn't fit all. so when you have a private screening company that is obtained through competition, a competitive bid, and they have to earn -- i mean, their very job is at stake when they're doing this. the board has done a lot of research since about february on this. my staff has been intricately involved in the background. and here's what they've
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determined. while safety is uppermost in all of our minds. we want to create a positive experience. >> but the heart of my question is if you have a private security firm, we're looking at the pat downs people have to go through if they don't go through the body scanner. would that private firm still be required to follow guidelines of the tsa that include the pat down we're looking at? >> we don't have advanced image technology screeners at this point. if they have a metal plate in their head and a screw or a bone or a pacemaker and can't go through the metal detector, they're going to be subjected to the pat down. if that's still the standard operating procedure for tsa, they will have to do it. >> so what would change? the heart of what angered so many people right now is the level of this pat down. some people say it is an
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invasion of their personal space. it crosses the line. so if you have a private company or a private security firm in place, that doesn't change, it seems, the major complaint from people which is the new patdown procedure. >> it changes farce compassion. i've had bad experiences at the airports. most everybody i talked to has a bad oex peerns. >> but it doesn't change the patdown procedure. >> does not. but these companies have to earn their very jobs at stake. tsa's are not. and while most of them do a good job, i know too many people that have had experiences, even before this pat down came along. now i have confidence in our congress. i have confidence in our constitution that congress is going to fix this. i'm a police officer. i'm the commander of our police department. i can't do that type of intrusive search unless i have probable cause.
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>> but back to my whole point, it would not change because the tsa guidelines would have to be followed. >> wouldn't change them doing it. i have confidence congress will. it will change the compassion. their jobs are at stake. >> larry dale, thank you for joining us. let's bring in nationally syndicated radio talk show host, michael smerconish. the bottom line is, private or not, the tsa' guidelines, if those are the guidelines, they have to be complied. >> you asked the entirely appropriate question. we brought in private contractors. nothing changes. and the issue here -- i feel like these folks are demonized. what a horrible job. tamron, when i fly with my family, i saw when we were airborne. i hate the check-in process. it's stressful. imagine being on the receiving end, meaning those folks putting you through the drill. i'm sure there's bad seeds. but these folks are demonized by
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internet lure, which will cause a backlog next wednesday. >> when people see this picture, you'll have a reaction. that's a photograph on the denver post. i have this note in my hand. tsa says airline pilots will be allowed to skip some security air checks. pilots are complaining about being held up. pilots traveling in uniform will see immediate changes in their screening. it does not talk about the full body scans. you have two lawsuits filed by two pilots who say the exposure of radiation is a concern to some of the pilots as well. at least there's some movement from the tsa regarding pilots, but not to passengers. >> that's common sense. i'm really concerned about how this industry will be brought to its knees next wednesday, the biggest travel of the day of the
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year because this is a self perpetuating circumstance. i say suck it up. blame al qaeda. don't blame these folk who is have a tough job to do. >> what do we play of this congressman who we played. he's from the florida area. his district includes the orlando airport. apparently he's received $81,000 in campaign donations from political action committees and executives connected to private contractors who would be in charge of the airport security if this were to go through. >> it will not alter one iota of the criticisms an complaints of the folks whose images you're showing. >> michael will again fill in for chris matthews on "hardball." he's been doing a great job this week here on msnbc. >> thank you. >> should all airport security be privatized? even though they still have to follow tsa guidelines. text one for yes, two for no.
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message and data rates apply. we will read your responses later in the show. and the associated press says more than 10,000 ground zero workers have settled lawsuits against new york city for $625 million. the suits stem from the exposure to toxic dust at the world trade center site. that means an end to moegs litigation over the city's failure to provide protective equipment. and president obama is in lisbon now for a two-day nato summit where he's nationi imaking the an exit strategy from afghanistan. chuck todd is in lisbon with the president. he's got a lot on his plate. obviously, as i mentioned, afghanistan and the b continued support from nato allies. >> that's right. in 35 hours two of the biggest foreign policy tests he faces as president, both short term and
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long term are on the agenda. getting nato to sign off on this transition. a transition from nato and u.s. forces providing a majority of the security in afghanistan to afghan security forces. president karzai of afghanistan is also here in lisbon to present in front of these nato neighs. and the question is, when does this all begin? u.s. is going to lay out a plan that it begins in 2011 but as we heard from vice president biden on "morning joe", 2014 is the real drop date when it comes to the long term amount of american forces on the ground in a war zone in afghanistan. then the other issue has to do with the star treaty and the president's inable to get it ratified by the united states senate yet. that's what we expect to hear from the president when he
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speaks. you'll hear the remarks in 10 or 15 minutes. but mostly where he's going to talk about nato nations and key allies including poland really want this treaty ratified. and ratified sooner rather than later, and do it with a lame duck setting. >> chuck todd, thank you very much. white the president and nato allies talk strategy concerning afghanistan, the actual fight is intensifying. nbc news richard engel is live in afghanistan. the report now is that the pentagon is confirming it is sending heavily armored tanks into battle for the first time. what does that mean? >> well, it won't change the direction of the war, and, tamron, i am right on the flight line here. the military is sending in a company of tanks. they'll be going to southern afghanistan, to helman province.
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that is not a division of tanks. it is not going to alter the way the war is being fought. but it is a sign that instead of counter insurgency operations, hearts and minds operations, they intend to carry this much more aggressively. >> richard, what about the reports that as the u.s. and nato allies look at the strategy that the taliban is escalating in its intensity and aggression as well. >> and it's really important to keep this all in context with that very important announcement that the end of combat operations will come toward the end of 2014. right now american and nato troops are operating at a surge capacity. there are roughly 100,000 american troops here in
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afghanistan right now. in july of 2011, that number will start to go down very slightly, we're told. and then gradually get lower and lower until you reach the end of 2014. the taliban is watching that. it's not as immediate as they thought. this is a slower draw down than many taliban fighters had been expecting. the u.s. wants to convince them it is better to make a deal now and not wait out the fight. >> nbc's richard engel is live outside of bagram airfield in afghanistan. and the details of prince williams' upcoming wedding is top secret. it's causing a lot of rumors and also a lot of panic and fear among british brides. brides to be. plus what excerpts of sarah
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new details emerging about the murder of a popular hollywood publicist. they reportedly have a working theory of what happened. initially they thought it was a case of road rage, then a car jacking gone wrong. now police sources tell the hollywood reporter they think the killing may have been planned in advance. lindsay power joins ne now. thank you for joining us. why do police believe she was
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targeted or this may have been planned in advance? >> well, police believe because of the way that the shooter came around, they pulled around to the passenger side and shot five bullets through the window which shattered the glass and deployed the air bag. because of the angle of the shooting. >> tell me more about ronni chasen's background, and does it have anything to do with the investigation. she was hugely popular in hollywood. >> she had just a decade spanning career in hollywood. she was well known. she was well liked, and to attest to that, "the hollywood reporter" is reporting the six major studios are putting together a memorial for her this weekend. it's a rare coming together to celebrate her life. >> are police talking to former, i guess, clients? where is this investigation as far as trying to track down the person or persons responsibility for this? >> police are reviewing footage
2:18 pm
from some of the swanky homes in the area. >> and as we've put up, someone has offered a sizable reward for any information leading to the people responsible for this. >> right the palm springs international film festival is offering $100,000 for more information. all kinds of funds are being set up the to get more details. >> is she just the person everyone loved? >> everyone loved her. they said she was so dedicated to her craft. they all said it was a shocking thing to have happened. i mean, she was with one of her clients at the bulrlesque. the 112th congress, how much change will this new group bring. plus, log on the to facebook and and it may ruin your marriage. is that true? in today's gut check, a pastor
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welcome back. we all know they're getting married. but what about when and where? joining us live from london is royal watcher neil sean to talk more about the speculation and all that is going on. neil, thanks for joining us. >> pleasure. >> so what is the prince's press office saying about when we may hear the announcement. >> we're all disappointed today. we thought today was the day we found out about westminster abby. the rumors are that it could be now monday lunchtime before we find this out.
2:23 pm
earlier today camill and prince charles flew into buckingham palace in their own private helicopter. there's some activity going on there. >> why is it takes so long? they were engaged in october. we only learned about it this week. why is this process being dragged out? how much places do they really have to choose from? >> it's not like your average wedding, you know. we have a few palaces. >> surely they say where might we be married one day. >> you're such a girl. i know what you mean. you wasted how how many years? get a move on. they're caught in a corner here. if they go for a big wedding which is what we all want, great. but over here in england, people are thinking do we have to pay for this? it's a double-sided coin for
2:24 pm
this. world leaders want to come to westminster abby. you have to coordinate all of this. you mentioned the cost. i saw a report that it may be split between the royal family and british citizens. how is that working out? >> well, we don't like to spend our money, but we love our royal family. i have to tell you an interesting thing here. if you want to make money yourself or anybody out there watching yourself, we're looking for katherine middleton lookalikes. it could be you. >> i also read that the internet has been flooded with people looking for replica rings like that beautiful sapphire that was once princess diana's. and so many people certainly
2:25 pm
want a ring like that. but other bride-to-bes are dreading their wedding date may fall on the same date. >> who would want to get married? everybody is going to compare you. everybody is going to be sneaking off to watch the tv. everybody wants that ring. also here in england, you know the blue dress she got engaged in. we have a replica out for about $20 in your money. it's already out in a store. and everybody is buying these dresses. i'll buy you one and send you one. you'll look great. >> nothing like a good knockoff. i appreciate the offer for the dress. brian williams sits down for an exclusive interview with prince charles. be sure to watch the hour long date line special. the man who will be king. that is tonight at 9:00 eastern
2:26 pm
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welcome back to "news nation." the faces of the freshman class of the 112th congress. the gop is promgsing change, but will it be the same old, same old? >> plus, excerpts from sarah palin's new book raising eyebrows over her comments on the president and the first lady. what palin said about michelle obama coming up. plus, today's gut check. why one pastor says facebook will ruin your marriage. and we are talking to chris jenkins in honor of green week on msnbc. what he is going to make sure our air is a little cleaner. and democrats in the lame duck congress are in a race to get as much done as possible
2:30 pm
before the new gop congress is sworn in. today they posed for the traditional freshman class picture on the steps of the capitol. they also took part in a lottery to assign office space. likely the only thing happening on the hill. there's a lot going on. luke russert is live on capitol hill. run it down for us. >> well, there's a lot of things the democrats would like to accomplish, but the two important ones have to do with money. number one, unemployment benefit ls. currently 2 million americans have unemployment benefits set to expire on november 30th. a bill brought up in the house to cost $12.5 billion would have extended those benefits for another three months. speaker pelosi said she will
2:31 pm
introduce it under new rules. then democrats will need one or two republicans to come over and vote with them. it happened last time in july. there's no clear end in sight of whether or not it will go forward because it's not on the senate calendar as of now. the other thing is the bush tax cuts. there are a few things on the table. the possibility of a two-year extension for all the bush tax cuts. however, steny hoyer said the week they get back from thanksgiving, he will offer a vote on extending only the middle class tax cuts. democrats try to put republicans on the record with tax cuts for the middle class if the wealthy do not get them. you mentioned the room selection lottery, the big news up here today. in the nfl if you're the last pick in the draft, you're mr. irrelevant. the last is bob hurt of
2:32 pm
virginia. he gets the last office available, the worst one is rumored to be on the top floor. it's divided up by a bathroom. not the place you want to be if you're a new member of congress, tamron. >> well, the luck of the draw, luke. the luck of the draw. thank you very much. have a great weekend. >> be well. >> sarah palin starts her new book tour next week while a new excerpt that's leaked out is causing a new controversy today. in the excerpt from america by my heart, reflections on family, faith and flag. palin takes a jab at the first lady. norah o'donnell is with me. msnbc's chief washington correspondent. oh, boy. this is a hot one on the internet today. people are certainly reacting to the excerpt. i'm not sure if it's going to help palin, or if she needs help, but what is this? >> well, palin criticized michelle obama before, but she seems to take it up again. in the book she suggests
2:33 pm
president obama and the first lady perceive the u.s. as racially unjust. she has a chapter called we the people. she references that gaffe by mrs. obama in 2008. she said for the first time in my adult lifetime i am really proud of my country. this is what palin writes of her new book. certainly his wife expressed this view when she said during the 2008 campaign that she had never felt proud of her country until her husband starting winning elections. in retrospect, i guess this shouldn't surprise us since both of them spent almost two decades in the pews of the reverend jer maya wright's church listening to his rants against america and white people. so clearly she's engaging in the culture war. she zuz a lot of it in the book, whether talking about reality contestants on "american idol," even though her daughter is a reality tv contestant.
2:34 pm
remember an unwed mother when dan quayle was in political hot water. she's ginning up controversy, whether it's her opinion or because she's trying to sell books. one interesting thing, tamron. this book is not scheduled to be released until tuesday. there's some leaks coming out. she's unhappy about the leaks. thursday night she tweeted this, quote, the publishing world is leaking out of context excerpts from my book without my permission. isn't that illegal? so there you go. she start this is book tour next week. she also has a big interview with barbara walters. she said she believes she could beat president obama. vice president joe biden was on "morning joe" this morning. i want to play you his response of what palin had to say. i don't think so we have it yet, norah. nonetheless -- now we have it. let's play it. >> if you ran for president, could you beat barack obama?
2:35 pm
>> i believe so. >> well -- look -- you're going to get me in trouble. i don't think she could beat president obama, but she's always underestimated. so i think -- i think i shouldn't say any more. >> well, there you have it for once. >> joe biden had to stand across from sarah palin. >> can i call you joe? and as we learned in game change, in that book, the reason she called him joe in the debate press she kept screwing up and calling him joe o'biden. i went back and tried to
2:36 pm
research and find any kplamexamf a first lady criticized like this by someone who wants to be a candidate for president. and we could not find an instance. this is a rare if not unprecedent that had someone would attack the first lady of the united states in this way. >> certainly other first ladies garnered criticism. nan nancy reagan was called draconian. it's rare to do that. >> it made me think of during the presidential campaign so many times people who supported then governor palin would say they're picking on her because of her gender. she came out saying women are demonized. political women are often -- people take swipes at them. here she is a strong female politician who is taking a swipe at the first lady. i can't call her a politician.
2:37 pm
she's not in any elected office. i'm not sure what category. but she's a voice for her party and the mama grizzlies. it will be interesting. >> it is very rare certainly to criticize a sitting first lady of the united states. i don't think we'll hear a response from the white house on this one. federal reserve chairman ben bernanke on the defensive. he's in germany responding to the central bank's efforts to boost the economy. they include purchasing $600 billion in treasury bills. he says congress has to help support the fed's program with more stimulus aid or higher unemployment will go on for years. and thousands of fans waited in long lines for the seventh harry potter movie. is it living up to the hype? we have the scoop next. but first, there's a lot going on today. here are things we thought you should know. republican joe mil is asking for an injunction to stop officials from certifying the u.s. senate race in alaska. write-in candidate lisa
2:38 pm
murkowski is leading miller by more than 10,000 votes. the republican party of alaska is asking miller to accept the fact that murkowski is in fact the winner. and a conservative group is demanding florida's governor dump stock he owns in a website that has ties to playboy. rick scott owns two million shares in the social networking site. according to the christian coalition, that site has a partnership for playboy. the group says the future governor should not benefit from pornography. and former president george w. bush made an appearance on jay leno to push his book. he had a snappy retort when asked how he felt about comedians making fun of him in office. >> i hate to tell you, i don't want to hurt your feelings, but i was asleep. >> well, at least i didn't put you to sleep. with the capital one venture card
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get a lyric in your life. we are back with a look at our nation's most dedicated green crusaders in honor of green is universal week. our guest is a member of the new york jets. defensive lineman is helping educate new york city's youth about the importance of planting trees. it's great to have a new york jet in our studio. i'm a big fan of the jets. big fan of yours mostly. tell me about your passion for going green and what you're doing. >> well, honestly, it was a huge opportunity that was presented in front of me just to be able to help the community and one of the things that i really do like is breathing fresh air. and being in the city was something that took time to get
2:43 pm
used to. just all the bricks around. when there was an opportunity to do that with mayor bloomberg, i jumped all over it. >> the campaign is called million trees new york. the movement is to plant one million trees in the next decade. you're big enough to plant a million trees on your own. >> yes, i am, but unfortunately i can't do it by myself. so anybody that's listening, take your time, do your part, and we would appreciate it. >> you're busy with your football schedule. i'm sure people are pulling you in a until directions. but you really wanted to take this cause up. we all want to breathe fresh air. i grew up in the south. i didn't grow up in a big city. you learn to appreciate nature in a different way. then you move to a big city with buildings all around and so few trees. >> i totally agree with you. i think trees are a vital part of every day life. as far as just survival in itself. you need it. and i understand. i was in charlotte, north carolina, before i came up here. i understand the value of just
2:44 pm
having them around. >> you have a psa. i think we have a little bit of that to show. let's play it. >> what are you kids doing? >> planting trees. >> why you doing that? >> trees help us survive. >> trees purify our water. >> trees reduce energy costs. >> trees provide oxygen. >> so how much do you need to plant? >> a million. >> looks like you guys are going to need some help. >> now, you're dancing to your own commercial. you had a good time with that. how many takes? >> a lot. i enjoyed the kids a lot. they were great to work with. >> how is your team doing? >> right now we're tied for first as far as the record in all of the nfl. i'm sorry, i know you like the cowboys, unfortunately, but we're doing good. >> and yur recovering from an injury in how you feeling? >> i feel okay.
2:45 pm
i'm taking it a day at the time. i hope to get back on the field. >> and then you smile with sincerity. we wish you the best, and i wanted to show you my picture with tony romo, the kwb of the dallas cowboys. if you stick around, i want to take a picture with you. >> romo may be made at you. >> i might start to like the jets. >> jets. >> green high five. oh, forget it. go away. i got better things to do. midnight madness for folks wild about harry potter. wesley snipes ordered to go to jail, and "dancing with the stars" voting system under scrutiny. let's get the scoop from courtney hazlett. we have no room for you. >> i know. but i will high five you later, tamron. harry potter fans across the country lined up for the
2:46 pm
midnight showings. it earned $24 million. that's the third biggest midnight debut of any film. the twilight films are one and two. it's the best for any of the harry potter franchises. looking at maybe $128 million this weekend. not too shabby. in much -- a little bit more serious news. wesley snipes, we've been talking about him on and off for the last year or so. she's been ordered to surrender and serve his 36-month sentence. when you're a celebrity, you should really think about filing your taxes because they will come and find you. then finally "dancing with the stars." we'll be talking about this all week. one, bristol palin is still on the show. people are saying it's possible there's been strange voting things going on. one conservative website has bloggers writing, tamron, and they said they voted up wards of
2:47 pm
300 times. these voting systems for reality shows, they know when the same computer has voted over and over and over again. that said, the producers are saying, listen, we understand people are really angry about this voting, and allegedly there's one person on the set who is not revealing their name, but they have spoken out to the press saying the producers are looking at weighing the judge's votes more than the public's votes. >> but they can't change the rules mid season, can they? >> no. >> if you change and bristol loses, then her fans are saying they rigged it against her. back to harry potter. is this the last one or the second to the last one? >> they broke the last -- >> people are saying it's darker. you hear that every time a new harry potter film comes out. >> it's definitely darker. but that's sort of the way the series goes. harry, you can't have all happy hogwarts all the time. he's got big grownup problems
2:48 pm
for better or for worse in the last film. but that's not going to keep fans away. it may have kept the fans away ad midnight. harry potter fans tend to be younger than twilight fans. i don't think their parents want them staying up until after midnight and missing school to go. nonetheless, it will be a huge success. interesting point as well. this film was supposed to come out in 3d originally. and the studio decides they weren't ready for it. so it made a midnight showing for any of the films in the franchise. imagine what it would have done in 3d. it will be a wild success. >> i think you're right about that. for the latest entertainment news, log onto up next, should you stay away from facebook if you're married? one pastor thinks you should. and it is today's "news nation" gut check. ♪
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it's true. you never forget your first subaru.
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welcome back to "news nation." earlier in the hour we talked about the push by some to move towards privatizing security at airports after complaints over the new tsa pat down procedures. we asked you what you thought. here are the results from our text survey. should all airport security be privatized. 15% of you say yes. 85% of you say no. adam from minneapolis says i think you run a risk if you make all airport security private. and dana from st. petersburg says mass corruption will occur if we privatize the tsa. not to mention infiltration of all the crazies, both foreign and domestics. thank you for squojoining us. we have interesting tweets about kris jenkins from the new york jets. it says could you be any more
2:53 pm
obvious with your flirting with kris jenkins. i don't like the jets. join the "news nation." e-mail us at i know now that my executive producer just fainted by what i said. time for today's "news nation" gut check. a new jersey pastor is warning his congregation against the temps of facebook. rempd miller says it's a gateway to sin, making it too easy for old flames to rekindle relationships and reck marriages along the way. he's seen 20 couples split up after one partner reconnects with an ex. he's seeching resignation of any church employee who does not delete their facebook account.
2:54 pm
he's asking members of his congregation to do the same. though he's not forcing them. is this pastor going too far? wasn't there cheating before facebook? what does your zbut tell you in should a pastor be able to force his church members to delete their facebook accounts. go to is beyonc's heat ad to hot for tv? 48% of you say yes. 52% of you say no. and kris jenkins just left screaming go jets. that's the first time that happened in my career. and it will be the last. we're going to deal with that problem. that does it for the "news nation." i'm tamron hall. please join us the "news nation" monday and each weekday. you can reach us via twitter or facebook. we love to hear from you. you can join the "news nation." we read all your e-mails and try
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to respond to as many as possible and put as many as possible up on our show. cenk uygur is picking up the coverage right after the break. host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? is a bird in the hand worth 2 in the bush? appraiser: well you rarely see them in this good of shape. appraiser: for example the fingers are perfect. appraiser: the bird is in mint condition. appraiser: and i would say if this were to go to auction today, appraiser: conservatively it would be worth 2 in the bush.
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hello, everyone. i'm cenk uygur from the young turks. pbs apologizes to tina fey. and democrats start an internal war. and one for thing for fun, i have a special message to the first lady later in the program. let's get started. the president welcomed members of his own party to the white house on thursday, but it was not a friendly get together. by all accounts the marathon three-hour meeting quickly turned into a venting session where mild-mannered bill nelson of florida let the president have it on issues ranging from the bush tax cuts to the start treaty. according to politico. one senate veteran


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