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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  January 15, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EST

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accused gunman in the shooting rampage there. an arizona official says jared loughner took pictures of himself posing with the gun in a g-string hours before the attack. the los angeles times posted youtube video on its website reportedly taken by loughner at his former community college in tucson. in the video, loughner calls pima community college a, quote, genocide school. nbc news has not confirmed the tape's authenticity. investigators are releasing more details about loughner's activity it is night before the shooting. they say he checked into a hotel, bought ammo and posted good-bye messages on his myspace page. miguel almaguer is live in tucson. good morning to you. let's go through the new developments. you have more of the video reportedly taken by loughner, right? let's take a look at that. >> reporter: i certainly do. actually, if you wouldn't mind i have a live picture of the safeway store. it just re-opened and some customers are going inside the store.
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just a few minutes ago, employees took down the temporarily closed signs and opened the doors to the public. this is the first time the store has re-opened since. back to the images released by the los angeles times, alex. the video of jared lee loughner apparently a youtube clip taken down by the wednesday and confiscated by federal officials, the fbi, who was looking into it during this nearly four-minute video clip loughner roams around the school yelling things out. we are examining the torture of students. he says during one of the clips, i'm in a terrible place. it's a school i go to. this is a genocide school where i'm going to be homeless because of this school. alex, he actually walks around the school at one point, has a communication with what appears to be aunt sto student. >> this is pima community college one of the biggest scams
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in america. the students are so illiterate that it affects their daily lives. >> alex, that clip goes on for about three minutes and 52 seconds. it is our first insight into hearing loughner's voice. nbc news has not confirmed the authenticity of the tape. the los angeles times received the tape from pima community college where he attended school. it was made in september, just before he was kicked out of the school. >> miguel, how about -- i have to say you were talking about the store being opened. i don't know why i got chills when i heard people were stepping in again. there is something about people tryi in ing to move forward. the timeline of events, anything but normal leading up to the events on saturday. what do you know about it? >> the events are laid out by the sheriff's department. they start on january 7th. i want to show you what we are talking about.
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at 11:35 p.m. on january 7th, jared lee loughner apparently drops off film at a local walgreens. an hour later he checks into a local motel. the morning of the shooting, saturday, january 8 at 2:19 in the morning, loughner picks up the film. a few hours later at 4:12 a.m. he posts a good-bye message on his myspace page. at 7:27 in the morning he buys bullets and a bag at a local walmart. some two hours later he has a confrontation with his father outside his home. at 9:41 he take as cab to the safeway and at 10:10 a.m., gunshots ring out here. >> do we have any indication what was on the film? who drops off film before they potentially will be going into a gun battle with police? >> we do not know at this point. investigators have the film. they are analyzing it. we have been told though that jared lee loughner apparently took a picture of himself wearing a g-string, holding the
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glock .9 millimeter weapon used in the shooting. that's what was believed to have happened. certainly chilling pieces of foet graphs and the chilling youtube video that was released. >> miguel, thank you so much. after an emotional tribute in tucson, president obama is bringing a message of unity to washington where a health care debate looms over capitol hill. in his weekly address this morning he called on both parties to come together. >> the shrill and discordant as politics can be there was a moment that reminded us of who we are and how much we depend on one another. >> nbc's mike viqueira is live at the white house for us. good morning. >> good morning. >> how about republicans? how are they addressing the where i shall? >> much has been made of the tone in washington, the incivility of the political discourse in this town. you heard the president talk about the need to tone it down. the fact that people can
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disagree without the level of vitriol that has disturbed so many people in this country and bothered so many especially in the aftermath of the events of a week ago in tucson. representative jeff flake is an arizona republican who is very familiar with gabrielle giffords. travels back and forth to arizona on the weekends off and on the same plane, catching the same flights. in his response and the gop response to the president's address, he struck a similar theme. >> while he may not agree on everything, members of congress are bound together by a sacred oath to support and defend the constitution. as speaker boehner has said, an attack on one of uts is an attack on all who serve. an attack on representative democracy itself. >> now for their part, alex, republicans will resume business in washington. the question is will it be business as usual? the president with a full slate of activities. official business starting next week. republicans will resume
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thoughtful consideration of repealing the president's health care law he signed -- the bill signed into law last april. the president, for his part, will have a bilateral meeting, a state visit with the pomp and circumstance that surrounds it. for the chinese leader hu jin o jintao, that's on wednesday. on friday he travels for an economic event in new york. alex? >> mike viqueira at the white house. we'll see you again. the new republican party chairman is playing down suggestion that is the gop faces serious internal divisions. reince priebus is concerned that they will come together. >> i'm part of the grassroots movement. one of the things i said is our party is part of the conservative movement in this country. we are not in competition with it. we're going to do it right. we're going to do it together and win in 2012. >> he replaces michael steele whose tenure was marked by verbal gaffes and financial troubles. steele abandoned his re-election bid midway through the voting
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process. former president ronald reagan would turn 100 next month. as his family prepares to mark the milestone there are new disclosures about his battle with alzheimer's. >> so help me god. >> reporter: ronald reagan was the oldest president ever, 69 when he took office. he was diagnosed with alzheimer's disease five years after leaving the white house, but in a new book,s son ron reagan writes as early as three year into his first term i was feeling the first shivers of concern that something beyond mellowing was affecting his farther. he was alarmed by the first campaign debate against mondale. >> the system is still where it was with regard to -- um -- the -- with regard to the progressivity as i said. >> my heart sank as he floundered through responses, fumbling with his notes, lost for words. he looked tired and bewildered.
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at the time aids said he was overcoached. his age was an issue until the second debate. >> i will not make age an issue of this campaign. i am not going to exploit for political purposes my opponent's youth and inexperience. [ laughter ] >> just when reagan's alzheimer's was evident has been a hot topic of debate. his personal physician said clear signs didn't show up until 1993. >> to really change our knowledge of ronald reagan you have to go back into the presidency and find a case where one of his doctors said, i see signs of alzheimer's that are disturbing. i don't think that evidence exists. >> reporter: the book make as startling claim that when reagan fell off a horse six months after leaving office doctors found signs of alzheimer's. ron reagan says he has no signs anyone was aware of alzheimer's while his father was president and if he was diagnosed in
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office he believes he would have stepped down. john yang, nbc news, new york. >> new this morning the main train station in the capital of tunisia has been burned to the ground. the north american nation is a u.s. anti-terror ally in a state of emergency. protesters have been demanding that the president of 23 years step down because of corruption in the country. the head of the constitutional council is calling the be-delaware par temperature of the president permanent. tragedy in india. over 100 people were killed friday after a stampede at one of the most popular festivals. thousands were caught in the commotion after a jeep drove into a crowd. dozens were injured during the incident. record quarterly profits for one of wall street's biggest players. new details on 2010's holiday spending surge, a spike in mortgage meltdowns for the new year and a potential scare at the grocery store for all of us. we have all this and more in
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today's top economic headlines. i'm joined by msnbc analyst vera givens. good morning. >> good morning. >> starting at new multi year highs. do you think that's sustainable? >> it's nice to see. this is the 7th straight week of gains. jpmorgan had good numbers. they have had to slash over the course of the financial crisis. so the gains were spread across the market. there certainly wasn't good economic news to propel the data. in large part it was about the bajs. whether it is sustainable is a question mark given the gains we have seen, you know, this is when you typically see a pull-back. that correction is inevitable. >> how about holiday spending? all the headlines say it turned out to not be as good as originally thought. >> there is some fuzzy math going on here. we had a good holiday. $462 billion. that was better than the 2007
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previous record. but the naysayers say, you have to read between the lines here. the numbers don't take into account inflation. granted inflation has been low. but you have to consider that and it doesn't take into consideration the growing population. 8 million more people are out there in the economy since the previous record. so while it was a good season, to call it record-breaking, a lot of people say it's fuzzy math. >> what about the rising gas prices? the rising food prices and some are fearful there may be food riots. there have been in places. >> there have been a couple years ago in haiti, kenya, somalia. there is growing concern and it's a good article on that the global food chain is stretched. demand is up, supplies are down. we have had all the weather conditions to deal with. the crops are taking a hit. couple it with the fact that oil prices are up. you have higher prices for corn, soybeans, farm products. pretty much across the board
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there. it is making its way to the grocery stores. different parts of the world are feeling the impact in varying degrees and more so in less developed countries. >> how about the bank repossessions. repossessed more than a million homes. >> yeah. realty track says banks repossessed a million homes last year but 1.2 million homes could be repossessed by the banks this year. this would be the peak. these are estimates from realty track. this means, you know, it's a bad sign for communities, for fannie mae and freddie mac. brace yourself for more foreclosures, sorry to say. >> vera gibbons, thank you. >> 600 million members and growing, but there is a prediction that facebook's days may be numbered. really? that's ahead. also, mother nature a crime fighter? we'll see how the weather helped cops nab a fleeing suspect. and before the break of dawn a bridge suddenly appears. it is saturday morning on msnbc.
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construction crews in kansas city, missouri, imploded a bridge this morning. the george brett bridge is near two major sports venues that house the kansas city chiefs and the royals. the bridge the worn down. crews are working to build a new bridge to ease traffic in the area. a west virginia man tried to slip away from police but was foiled by the snow. an officer tried to pull a sedan over after the driver sped out of a gas station. the suspect blew through several icy intersections until he finally lost traction right there an slid into the ditch. police say the car may have been stolen. the driver was arrested. a new survey name it is 25 most influential african-american leaders in u.s. history.
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president obama made the top 10 as the only living leader to do so. the survey evaluated 170 mechanics-makers by their influence, legacy of change and continued relevance. melissa harris perry designed the survey. she's a political science professor at princeton, university. welcome to smbs saturday. >> absolutely. good morning. >> i'm curious about this. before the details i want to find out what was the most interesting finding to you. surprising or just interesting. >> oh, i think there are incredible findings. i'm not at liberty to talk about all of them until monday on the king holiday. but you did mention one of them which is that president obama is the only living leader to make the top 10. there are other living leaders in the top 25, but it is fascinating to me that our current president, despite being profoundly em battle and having a tough couple of years was seen by this panel of experts as
9:18 am
being worthy of inclusion as one of the top 10 most impactful african-american leaders in our history. >> i also understand there are four women included in the top 10 as well. i'm curious about the findings and the role that women have played in the struggle for civil rights. >> i think this is part of what i find very important about this top 10 part of the survey. you know, there is no doubt in my mind that even 20 years ago despite the fact that these are women who made their contributions more than 20 years ago that they may not have made the list. it's an indication that we have been much more honest about the fact that our political leaders who we see out front making the speeches, often the men in the community are, in fact, undergirded by the work of so many women. women who we often didn't know their names and whom we often don't teach in our grade schools. i'm hoping this list of 25 and top 10 will encourage grade schools to ask who are we
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teaching in black history month and make sure women's voices are included. >> how about those not included. notably, clarence thomas, second ever african-american supreme court judge, not there among the top 25. why not? >> it turns out clarence thomas -- he was certainly on the list of 170 to be considered. he didn't make the list of the top 25 most influential black leaders. i have had thoughts about this. we had a panel of experts who did this. it is my sense that perhaps this panel does not feel that justice thomas, despite being ground-breaking and that he's the second african-american on the court and the first conservative african-american on the court, that his decisions, his lack of asking questions from the bench, the ways in which he's been relatively quiet in terms of opposition to civil rights means he hasn't made the type of impact they judge other leaders as having made. >> retired general colin powell made the list.
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how did it break down in terms of conservatives and liberals? >> there aren't many conservatives on the list of the top 25. colin powell is among the top 25 leaders judged by this group. but there aren't a lot. there are a couple more across time. again, colin powell didn't make the top 10. that said, i will also say, however, that the list certainly in drawing from those who have made major impact in civil rights tends to be a more liberal, progressive list. but because the list goes back to the period of slavery it's not democrats versus republicans. it's a different way of thinking about a conservative and liberal. >> all right. princeton professor melissa harris perry, i can't wait to get the details. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> we can look for the full reports of the survey on in a moment in today's tech watch moment something may disappear from the iphone that we have come to rely on. also ahead, seeing stars.
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♪ [ male announcer ] at&t. the nation's fastest mobile broadband network is getting faster with 4g. in tech watch, the website boy genius reports a dramatic change in store for iphone and ipad. apple reportedly is doing away with the home button on the face of the devices. instead you may have to use a certain gesture on the touchscreen to get back to the main screen. the home button elimination allows apple to enlarge the screen size for the iphone and ipad. well, the next time someone asks you what's your sign you may have to take a second to think it over. the zodiac isn't what it used to
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be. kerry sanders tells us about the shift amongst the stars. >> reporter: first birds inexplicably fell from the sky. then the magnetic north pole shifted causing airports in tampa to -- at first no one knew what the new tilt may mean. now a change in the zodiac. ♪ this is the dawning ♪ of the age of aquarius >> reporter: an adjustment to the signs. >> because of the change in the earth's tilt, now the earth is really over here in effect and the sun is in a different constellation. >> reporter: thanks to the new pitch of the earth, the signs are changing which means lee smallridge, born on november 27 was a sagittarius.
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jovial and good humored. now is a scorpio, determined and forceful. >> no, no. there were 12 signs and now there are 13. welcome the snake or the snake charmer. how do you see it? >> o-pee -- i don't know. >> oph-two -- i don't know. >> how do you say it? >> ophiuchus. ophiuchus. >> oh! ophiuchus. if you believe in this, this is controversial stuff. most newspapers are yet to legitimize this by putting it in the daily horoscope. then there is the other dilemma. if you were born between november 29 and december 17, old math you were sagittarius. new math, you're ophiuchus which makes the answer to the dated pick-up line sound like mold on
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two-month-old bread. >> what's your sign? >> gemini. >> reporter: i was a libra in balance and harmonious. now i'm a virgo. shy. yeah, right. kerry sanders, nbc news, ft. lauderdale. >> well, it is not at all what people in parts of flooded australia want to see. it is ahead for you on msnbc saturday. six crunchy triscuit crackers
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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the 100% electric nissan leaf. ♪ innovation for the planet, innovation for all. it is msnbc saturday. i'm alex witt. at half past the hour here are the fast five headlines. violence in tunisia where the main train station in the capital city has been burned to the ground and shops looted after the president fled the country. in australia, more heavy rain and new flood warning as five rivers in victoria are on the rise. flooding killed at least 26 people since late november. in lakewood, new jersey, there is a manhunt for a person who shot and killed a police officer
9:31 am
during a routine stop. authorities describe the shooting as an execution-style killing. a military advisory panel on diversity recommend it is pentagon lift the ban on women serving in combat roles. in a new report the committee say it is military needs to provide a level playing field for all qualified service members. and in a new book one of ronald reagan's sons suggests his father was suffering from early stages of alzheimer's when he was president. ron reagan thinks his father would have left office had he been diagnosed with the disease. those are the fast five headlines. investigators are painting a picture of a busy and bizarre jared loughner in the hours before the tucson shooting a week ago. a timeline shows the suspect posed for photos in a g-string with his gun, checked into a motel, bought ammunition and posted good-bye messages on myspace. joining me live from tucson, david nokomura and michael isakott live in washington. good morning.
9:32 am
>> good morning. >> hi. >> michael, i'm curious about the new details we are learning from the timeline of events officials released. how do you interpret it all? >> it shows how methodical loughner was in planning this shooting which is going to be key, by the way, to his prosecution. the prosecutors will try to show how premeditated the shooting was. that's going to be key to undercutting an insanity defense. you pointed out how busy he was checking into the hotel, dropping the pictures off, posting this good-bye on myspace and then getting -- going back with the black bag that leads to the confrontation with his father. all this leading up to the shooting. all this clearly evidence that he was planning this for some time, going back to the timeline starts november 30 when he buys the gun and also the extended
9:33 am
magazine and the box of ammunition. >> okay. that's the before. let's get to the after with you, david. officials released new audio recordings of the 9-1-1 calls made after the shooting. let's listen to it. here it is. >> what kind of new details, dave, are you learning in the moments following the shooting? what was the scene like and the chaos that ensued? >> well, as you can imagine, there was a number of people calling right after the incident, i think up to 20 calls. dispatchers got. as you heard there gabby giffords, it was her event and she was well known. people knew right away she was among the victims. what the police timeline now shows us is that the first police officer on the scene got there only four, five minutes after the shooting began. by then, the bystanders tackled
9:34 am
the suspect and restrained him. the officer immediately took him under control, put him in handcuffs. we also found from the timeline that an ambulance got there within 15 minutes and had gabrielle giffords to the hospital half an hour later. >> yeah. michael, with regard to the photos that jared loughner developed hours before he went on this shooting spree, the pictures show him in a red g-string posing with his gun. what are you learning about this? >> they haven't released the photo. clearly i think because it is the kind of evidence and photo they don't want out here, probably as much for the sensitivity of the families and the victims as anything else. but, again, clearly evidence of his off mental state which is -- and also, again, evidence of just how focused he was on carrying out this attack.
9:35 am
>> what about the latest on congresswoman giffords' condition and the other victims still in the hospital. what do you know on that? >> well t doctors seem ebb encouraged. they -- encouraged. they had a news conference saying 11 victims were released. three were in good condition, still in the hospital and congresswoman giffords was making progress. opening her eyes more frequently and responding to commands and making spontaneous movements. they said there is positive news on that front. they hope over the weekend she continue that is way. >> okay. michael, this new video posted on the l.a. times, nbc news has yet to confirm its authenticity, but it allegedly shows jared loughner going through the pima community college. what do you make of the video and its significance? >> this is the video that led to his suspension from the college. you listen to some of the things he says on there. this is a genocide school, the war we're fighting is illegal
9:36 am
under the constitution. and then the reason it's illegal is because of the currency showing his focus on the bizarre obsessions he had. i think this is probably evidence that would be helpful to some extent to his defense for an insanity defense. on the other hand, you listen to it. it's pretty chilling. he doesn't sound deranged as he spews forth these bizarre ideas about what a genocidal school pima county is. i think it's going to be gripping evidence at trial. >> okay. david nakammura, michael issakoff, thank you. gun sales climbed in the days after the tragedy. but an official familiar with the numbers reveals there was no significant increase in gun sales during this past week in arizona compared to the same week last year. let's go now to the criminal case against loughner. one criminal expert says although the case appears to be
9:37 am
straightforward it's also complicated. let's bring in our legal panel on that. karen deso to and pete sullivan. it struck me as i was speaking with these guys, i said that this was the shooter as he was making his way. am i supposed to use the word alleged or can we do away with alleged? >> i think we can do away with the word alleged. this is an individual literally caught red-handed with a smoking gun. he was tackled with weapon in hand, seen by multiple witnesses. i think it is fair to say alleged because he hasn't been convicted of anything, but for purposes of our discussion, he is the shooter. there is no question. the defense is not going to try to allege he's not the shooter. they will try to allege he was mentally insane and cannot be held liable for his actions. >> in terms of conviction, karen, you're looking to save his life if you are the defense attorney? >> no.
9:38 am
well, if i was his defense attorney i would go for not guilty but insane. >> in arizona you can't do that. >> federal law is different from arizona. if he's going to be in a hospital or prison, as a defense attorney really, tomato/tomahto. he may be tried in both. he may have federal charges, state charges because she was a government employee. we'll be under federal a lot of times what will happen -- >> we're talking about the judge that was killed. >> right. state and federal just for not having two trials and not wasting money you will have one trial in federal court and bring in the state charges in there. the insanity defense is usually what upsets most of the victims' families. you want to give them their day in court. >> the piures of him posing in a red g-string holding the gun, are those conditions to you, if you are his defense attorney, of a guy who's just a nutjob or a
9:39 am
guy who is cruelly calculating and mocking that which he intends to do. >> the defense will undoubtedly latch onto the evidence to show insanity. as michael pointed out, it could also go to show methodical planning. i find he went on facebook, twitter or whatever it was and said good-bye to his friends. seemed to indicate that he understood he was never going to -- >> the severity of what he was doing. >> he was never going to be in their company again in free society. that's chilling evidence that cuts in favor of the prosecution here. >> your thoughts on the new evidence? >> my thought is this. a lot of times people have a hard time understanding insanity. if they were methodical therefore they were not insane. however, andrea yates, john hinckley. if you were planning something out but your dog or satan told you to do it that falls under insanity. it's hard for jurors to understand the law and actually apply it. my rule is unless you're barking
9:40 am
and drooling you won't get your client off on insanity. especially as sensitive as this. a 9-year-old killed, a judge killed. his mug shot says it all. maybe they won't kill him. >> i think they will undoubtedly ask for the death penalty. when you're dealing with public servants, a 9-year-old girl. >> grandparents as well. >> he'll be put away whether it is in a hospital or jail cell. he won't see the light of day. >> thank you. these massive flames are from 14 nato tankers. the fires were set by insurgents near a roadside restaurant in pack stab. it is the latest attack by militants trying to cut off supplies to troops fighting in afghanistan. one marine was killed fried when an assault vehicle sank near oceanside, california. the accident took place during a training exercise. five other men were rescued from the water.
9:41 am
the victim was pulled from the submerged vehicle two hours after the incident. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the vehicle to sink. all the marines are from nearby camp pendleton. two of the most powerful figures on the world stage will sit down to discuss national interests this week. president obama and hu jintao will look to strengthen relations. nbc military analyst, good morning, colonel jack. what do you expect to come from the meeting between hu jintao and president obama? >> let me tell you what we'd like to see but won't get. a joint communique that would indicate lots of agreement on the subjects that are difficult to resolve like korea and the currency and the military expansion. but we won't get that. we'll get platitudes from the men and a public exortation to work to iron out differences and that we have the same
9:42 am
objectives. i will be astounded to get anything of substance which is too bad. we need substance. >> you think it will be more about china's currency and opening up trade and that kind of thing. >> yeah. that's one of the things we want to happen. you heard the secretary of the treasury, i think just yesterday, talking about how important it was for china to devalue its currency to have a level trading playing field. that's not going to happen. china has been resistent to that. it would be nice if we had something like that. we're trying very, very hard to work with china on the economic front, but i think it's not a level playing field. >> okay. this week secretary clinton talked about cooperation with china in the years ahead. from a military standpoint, what's the future of the relationship? what role does north korea play in this? >> you got it in one. i think it will be lucky. we depend on china to try to corral north korea. there's been fighting between
9:43 am
north korea and south korea. we have asked china to try to intervene. they're not going to do it. they are worried about squeezing north korea even more because if there were sanctions and china agrees to them, you're going to probably see a collapse of the north korean government. then millions of refugees streaming across the river into china. china doesn't want that. you've got military expansion. the people's liberation army in china has been not so quietly expanding its influence inside china. they are about ready to launch their first aircraft carrier. everybody in east asia is worried about chinese military expansion. we won't get agreement on that either, i'm afraid. >> we'll watch closely. colonel jack jacobs, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> today is the 82nd birthday of martin luther king, jr. the national holiday is, of course, monday. in a moment we reflect on dr. king's legacy in a conversation with the reverend jesse jackson. for so many it's an obsession. we have new numbers about the
9:44 am
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thousands of kids will have to celebrate the martin luther king holiday this year in the classroom. superintendents in several southern states, including the carolinas and georgia, have chosen to keep schools open on the holiday to make up a snow day. in south carolina alone, more than 17,000 students will be in school on monday. the president of the naacp chapter in charlotte called it disrespectful. >> we are appalled that of all the days that they could choose, the board of education of charlotte would choose to use martin luther king's birthday as a makeup day for snow.
9:48 am
>> joining me is reverend jesse jackson from the rainbow push coalition. good to see you. thanks for joining us. >> good morning. happy martin luther king's birthday. >> indeed it is. how do you feel about the holiday as we observe it nationwide being used as a makeup day by schools. >> some never honored dr. king in the first place. the legacy is a sacred trust that should not be violated. he is the break between slavery and segregation, the key to the new south. you would not have the charlotte panthers or the bobcats in charlotte were it not for his making that brick. you would not have the falcons and the hawks in atlanta were not for that brick. you would not have cam newton playing in the big game last night. you would not have had the olympics in atlanta were it not for that. i hope parents, students, and teachers would violate such an act on the mind -- the bridge
9:49 am
that connects the new and the old america. >> there's a guy who knows his sports. to that end, also, reverend, today dr. king's 82nd birthday. you were with him on his last birthday and the day he was assassinated. can you talk about your relationship with him? >> what's exciting about his last birthday, he had breakfast around 8:00 that morning with his family. came to church in his blue jeans and windbreaker jacket. some african-americans from the deep south, jewish allies from new york and latino and native americans. a broad-based coalition to go to washington to fight for jobs, justice or health care for every american. he felt that the war on poverty were going to the war in vietnam and that should be a human right for americans to have a job. he got a cake and said, you
9:50 am
forgot your breakfast, doc. then there was a lecture on how to end the war in vietnam. he spent his last birthday in church organizing a coalition demanding jobs. today with the americans without health insurance, fees are rising, 49 million americans impoverished today. 41 million on welfare. the we give the richest americans huge extended tax cuts and keep extending wars of choice in iraq and afghanistan. he would be excited about the new social relationship but be very perturbed about our choices, leaving so many people poor. >> indeed. how about the holiday overall? a national day of service. are you satisfied with the way the country not only celebrates but remembers dr. king? >> well, too many trivialize the fact. this should be the big week of registration, given what's
9:51 am
happened in tucson last week and 31,000 that were killed alone last year from violence. you honor dr. king's legacy because he saw nonviolence. so in the wake of 31,000 dying a year, a million people have died from guns in america since he was killed. a million have been killed in america. this is not is some foreign war at home. we've become much too violent, much too indifferent to the poor. we bail out the bank, not let them lending to reinvestments. cutting down bus service and laying off workers and cutting off service and raising fares. we have three americas, it seems, there's the wall street and the main street and there's a back street. and there must be some commitment to economic security. five words you won't hear, poverty, economic justice, racial justice, urban policy and peace. that's the martin luther king
9:52 am
language or agenda. >> what needs to be done the bridge the gap. nearly double that among whites. 15.8% compared to 8.5%. what can be done to bridge it? >> well, there's patterns of race discrimination. that should be the price that one pays. they find these banks widely black, latino foreclosure. whites make 50,000 in the prime high cost loans. guess what? low penalty. those banks got bailed out. the robbers got bailed out. there's been no price to be paid for reverse redlining, there's no price to be paid for retail -- for estate tax based. so you have two school systems, one high and one low. this is a great moment to assess
9:53 am
the authentic king message. why we do so well on the football field? the rules are even, the goals are public, the referee is fair. that must apply to education and health care and access to jobs in much the same way. that will make us a more perfect union. that's the american dream. >> we appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us. the reverend jesse jackson. thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> keeping in touch for so many is as easy as logging on to facebook. [ female announcer ] splenda® no calorie sweetener is sweet...
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