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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  January 16, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EST

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prelude of fear, new revelations. we have the latest live here next on "msnbc sunday." plus a zoo strategy. an elephant's misstep leads to a fatal mishap. dozens stranded on a ski
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lift. i obviously didn't go far enough, so this year i am going to go out all guns blazing. >> excellent. we're going to talk with golden globe's emcee's ricky gervais. good morning, everyone. i'm alex witt. welcome to "msnbc sunday." let's get to what's happening right now for you. new details from tucson just this past hour about surveillance video taken outside the safeway the day of the shooting. the video reportedly showing the attack as it happened. here's what the washington a post david name a more rah told me just a short while ago. >> this videotape very clearly shows the incident, almost too clearly. almost grizzly. it's something you never want to see. the f bii has custody of the tape. meanwhile "the new york times" is revealing new details about the shooting suspect. tellers at a bank he visited
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were so unfomable with him they would feel for the alarm button when he walked in. that is telling. miguel almaguer is live. good morning to you. he's look at the safeway. it's been open almost 24 hours, since it's been closed for a week from the day of the shooting. what's it like there? >> reporter: it's relatively quiet. the vigil has certainly been growing at least in the last 24 hours. as you know, this is the backdrop of all the bloodshed that became a symbol of tragedy and on a one-week anniversary there was a symbolic gesture to move forward. >> reporter: no longer a crime scene but still a place of sorrow. at 10:10 a.m., only sons broke the silence. many here witnessed the bloodshed saturday. they prayed for the dead. >> everybody was touched. everybody.
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>> reporter: as tucson remembers the victims, we know more about the suspects. this is believed to be the voice of jared lee loughner, a ram bling tirade recorded at pima community college months before the shooting. the youtube clip is part of that galkterred by the investigators. november 30th, they say loughner bought a glock 9 millimeter handgun. january 7th, a role of film is dropped off at a tucson walgreens. the day of the chuting just after midnight loughner checks into a motel. on facebook he writes good-bye friends. a bag and a gun bought at walma walmart. then before 10:00 a.m. he takes a cab to safeway. 19 people would be shot at the suburban strip mall, six killed. >> all i saw was chaos, lots of people moving around, people on the ground. i'll admit right now when i got
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up there, my mind went a little blank for a while. >> reporter: for the first time first responders spoke out with a message for the families and those they lost. >> i want people to know we did everything in our power that we could. >> reporter: across town where hundreds gathered saturday, jim tucker was dils charged. two were in good condition. continuationman gabrielle giffords is now off a ventilator but remains in critical condition. the memorial grows each day. >> we have to come together and stand with each other and show love. >> reporter: a few miles away a smaller tribute, but for some a closer connection. this is where lives were lost and where a community tries to move on. there will be funerals for two more of the victims later this afternoon and a march for peace that will end at congresswoman
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giffor giffords' office. one of 9-year-old christina taylor-green's organs went to a little girl in boston. the family called the family friday to tell them the donation already saved the life of a child on the east coast. two big stories out of washington this week. president obama prepares for an important state visit from china's leader as congress takes up its repeal of the health care law. right now 40% of voters support the health care law. 41% oppose it. strong opposition to the law is at 30%, close to the lowest level in more than a year. nbc's mike viqueira is live. what can we expect? >> reporter: it's called a state visit. it's the third one. it involves survival ceremonies on the south line, fife and drum
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core, things of that nature. there are very serious issues that are going to be on the table when president hu jintao will arrive on tuesday. it will start with a private dinner and two of his closest advisers, hillary clinton, secretary of state and the national security adviser, tom don't. and then wednesday the conference will begin. there's l be a conference and a state dinner. the united states has a lot of beefs with china, on the economic side. they want china to make their currency stroenger. there is a longing trade deficit with that country. we're doubling our exports there. the united states over the course of the next five years and there are security issues to be taken care of. chief among them, alex, is north korea. >> okay.
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let's talk with the health care repeal. public opposition considerably. what about in congress though? >> well, you know, after the events of last week when congress and the president put off a lot of -- a lot of what they had planned to do, including a vote in the house of representatives with their new republican majority, that is going to be taken up this week. house republicans plan two days of debate beginning tuesday afternoon with a vote on wednesday. clearly, though, public opposition has diminished somewhat according to the latest ap poll that you cited. there are votes in the house of representatives to repeal the president's health care law. in the senate it's not likely to see the light of day. if it did obviously the president would be vetoing it. but the republicans underthis. they're moving through committees to try to take it apart piece by piece, at least the part they feel are most egregious. al alex. >> thank you. be sure to watch a special edition of ""hardball" with chris matthews.
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he ooh going to take a look at the president's first two years in office. only here on msnbc. first war secrets. now wicky leaks may be targeting tax evasion. they're expected to collect a massive cache of documents from banks. there's a whistle blower about to stand trial on charges of forgery. papers say the leak could expose companies from around the globe and even some politicians. dozens of skiers were left dangling in ohio yesterday afternoon and it happened when the lift system at the alpine ski resort suddenly came to a halt leaving about 85 skiers and snowboarders stuck right there in their chairs. rescue crews used ropes to get them down. one stranded skier had nothing but praise for her rescuers. >> i don't think they could have done a better job. they were very quick. we saw them from all over the area. they all came very quickly. and you could see that they
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really were trying to help us get down as fast as possible. >> the resort managers say they're working right now to repair that lift. now to the death of a trainer killed by an el familiarity. stephanie james was taken to the hospital after she was injured by the animal. she died a short time later. nbc's john yang join us more on what happened. what happened here? >> well, alex, they say the elephant was not acting aggressively when it killed its 32-year-old keeper. but experts say this is just a reminder what can go wrong when you ee dealing with animals. i should warn folks there is some disturbing video in this report. stephanie james loved her job as an elephant keeper but she also knew the risks. >> she was so well aware of the safety of what she needed to do and the dangers -- potential dangers. >> james died of ip term
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injuries when a 26-year-old female elephant pushed her into the law. as zoo policy requires, another keeper was present. >> her fellow keeper commanded the elephant to move back. the elephant evaded the command. >> it's very possible she could have been wedged between the elephant and the wall and would have literally been crushed to death possibly without the elephant even knowing. >> reporter: nbc science and environment director jeff corman knows the power of an elephant. once an elephant grabbed him with his trunk and grabbed him and shook him violently. >> he reached out to me and shook me. i remember thinking i had about 15 seconds and if someone didn't do something in 15 seconds i was going to come apart like a rag doll. >> the recovery was seconds but the recovery took a year. the knoxville incident appears
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to be have dint from the last one. in orlando the trainer died when a killer whale pulled her under fire. >> this whale intentionally leaped out of the aquarium and grabbed onto the trainer, dragging her to her death. >> reporter: they have one poignant thing in common, a father's grief. >> she was such a devoted daughter. she'd call us at least once a week, and the conversations always ended with "i love you." >> and there has been another incident at a nebraska zoo when a chimpanzee bit off the two fingers of a zookeeper. as officials say the zookeeper was petting the 40-year-old trainer. she screamed and the second chimpanzee attacked. >> those are questions being
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raised. those are wild animals. it is what it is. let's go from there now to the weather. this image seems like a long, long way for most americans. look at that. you can actually gaze. anyway, temperatures remain in the single digits in the upper midwesting below freezing for the northwest, but there you see los angeles where the mercury hit 82. more hot dry weather is expected in the region today. for a complete fras let's go to alex wallace. oh, alex. louisia l.a. looks beautiful. yes, indeed, southern cal is the place to be. we have another area in the northwest where we have a little bit of rain and also sliding away into texas and moving into louisiana some rain as well. let's get you in closer to the great lakes where we have most of the snow confined to. some of that trying to work itself way eastbound. totals here around the lakes could get up into the three- to
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five-inch range before it's all said and done. much of louisiana, this will eventually work its way toward new orleans and then the wet weather we're dealing with in the northwest, it is a soggy time here. seattle down toward portland right along the 5 is going to be a pretty, pretty well sunday for you, getting out to some of the church services, dealing with that. portland to california. that will continue into the afternoon and evening hours. some of the higher terrain will be finding some snow. otherwise it's all rain confined the pacific northwest. alex? >> okay, alex. thank you for that. we're hearing grocery prices have gone up and will be going up've higher. we're going to see what's putting a bite on your food budg budget. and the days of the dumb blond jokes may be over. pretty and smart. ahead on "msnbc sunday."
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in the week ahead, wall street will be watching earnings reports for some high-profile companies. that includes apple, thanks in large part to big-time sales of i pads and iphones during the holiday season. google will be releasing its earnings report. it's expected to see a 20% rise in profits. and we'll get a read on sales of existing homes. experts say things are about
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to get pretty expensive on the food front in this country. believe it or not, bad weather around the world is partly to blame for it. what else, is it seriously enough to make you recore what goes on your grocery list? joining me to talk about this is expert carla wong. we've got a lot of impending inflation here. what's this about? >> a lot, a usda says in 2011 we're going to see a raise in beef and pork, 5% in dairy. in 2010 we saw butter go up 20%. there's a lot of food and price increases. it's supply, demand, and oil. in terms of supply, we've had some rt bad crop output. flooding in australia. they supply the world with lot of wheat. soy beans out of argentina supplies the world with soy beans. they've had a drought, lots of droughts. ukraine, russia, canada, very
9:20 am
bad output this year. all that pressure combined with developing countries. we want developing countries to develop, of course, but that adds the pressure to demand, for all of this too. oil. oil and gas prices, those are going up. transportation costs go up. it trickles down to food. and our biofuel. a third of the corn goes to ethanol and that puts higher prices on corn as well. >> the basic global thinking if grain goes up, everything else goes up? >> well, it affects a lot of things. grain goes up, it's going to affect the dairy output because that's what they eat. gas prices affect everything. the reason the u.s. wasn't as affected as the rest of the world, we spent only 15% of our income on shopping for food. a lot of the emerging countries, about 50%. and we eat more processed food and that's why we're seeing increases around 5% rather than 50%. >> let's say you have to curb
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your costs. are coupons the way to go? >> oh, yes. you're looking at someone who can't stand the process even though i want you to save money. the old-fashioned sunday clipping coupons in the newspaper, do it the modern way too. because you can go online to the sites and type in the brand and exactly what you want and a coupon gets spit out., and organic food. is a spot you can go to for coupons. always do that first and spend two bucks on an energy bar and eat it before you go to the grocery store and you'll save 20 bucks, i swear. i swear. it really, really affects you. you buy with your eyes, not your stomach. >> you know what eyeballs do, using the brand names if the store. if you have a store card, you can go in there and get great deals. >> they're so much more competitive. this is not like the no-name
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here's some good news for
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all the beautiful people that proves life really is unfair. it turns out that good looks and razor sharp intelligence go hand in hand. a study shows handsome men tend to be smarter, with average iqs 14 points above the norm. our very, very intelligent kear kier is in london. >> can you believe they studied it? it's not a two-bit study. this is by the london school of economics. very prestigious college. they looked at 17,400 people since birth and 5,000 young americans and this is what they found. physically attractive men are 13.6 iq points above the norm and women, 11 points above the norm. you can forget your dumb blond
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theory. that's out the window. there are 164 iq points in the scale, so 13 points is not a massive jump. you can't now, you know, look at someone and say, right, i can see that person's intelligence. i mean i have to say i would have thought good-looking people spend so much time looking in the mirror they wouldn't have time to be intelligent but clearly wrong about that now. looking at you, alex, i can see that you are very, very intelligent. >> i'm blushing. well, you know what? i have to say -- you know when you're a blond you sort of get typecast. my line is, hey, i'm brighter than i look. i'm not assuming the other but i'm saying because of the blond thing. >> it's gone it's gone. thank you so much, keir simmons. this is a fun thing for them to talk about, no doubt. thank you. a couple of teenaged girls are in big trouble for making up a phony facebook page and what i
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i'm alexwit at half past the hour. here are your five fast headlines. the national debt has reached a record high $14 trillion. the death toll from flooding and mud slides in brazil has river to more than 610 and rain is in the forecast for today. there's calm in tunisia. soldiers and tanks are on guard in the capital city's main square. the lead spacewalk astronaut for next month's scuttle mission
9:32 am
is recovering from a bike accident yesterday in florida. his injuries are not life-threatening but his status for the mission is being evaluated. north of tennessee, police raid add home and found bags and bags of marijuana totally more than 250 pounds. officers also confiscated five pounds of hasish. the first medics to arrive at the deadly scene in tucson are now sharing their story with the public. they describe a horrific scene of panic and fear as they raced to save those injured in the attack. >> reporter: it was station 33, less than three miles from that safeway that got the call first. >> 911, what's your merge? >> there was a shooting at safeway. >> reporter: this paramedic was just two hours into his shift. >> all i saw was chaos, lots of people moving around, people on the ground. i'll admit right now. when i got up there, my mind went a little blank for a while.
9:33 am
>> reporter: it was shocking. he counted four dead right off the bat. he had two priorities, first, congresswoman giffords. >> we all know where she was shot and she was the only one with that kind of an injury that was alive. >> reporter: at her side, intern daniel hernandez told paramedic colt jackson he refused to leave. >> it's okay if you're going to stay. i'm going to put you to work. >> reporter: attention turned to 9-year-old christina taylor-green. cpr was under way, but her condition, tony feared was -- >> not good. >> reporter: refusing to give up he dispatching two other paramedics to christina's side who found themselves fighting thoughts of their own children back home. >> it just makes you sorry for the family and it makes you realize what you have. >> reporter: within minutes the victims were on their way to the trauma center, but for those paramedics, their day didn't end there. >> we were up three times after midnight that night running other cars.
9:34 am
>> reporter: amid all of that, tony says his heart was all the way back to that safeway parking lot. not only with those they knew who they did help but also with the families of those who they could not. >> but i want them to know we did everything in our power to do what we could. >> reporter: gabrielle giffords' recovery is testament to that. >> one of the survivors who was shot in the tucson tragedy was arrested. police took james eric fuller into custody yell after disorderly conduct. this is yesterday. during the taping of a tv program this weekend, police say fuller threatened the tea party spokesman and said, quote, you're dead. he will now undergo a mental evaluation. for the very latest on the shooting including a new detailed litime of events you c log on to a series of key issues on the table this week as president obama hosts chinese president hu jintao in washington may be the
9:35 am
most critical issue, how to restore the eroding trust between u.s. and china after continuing disputing over trade barriers, nuclear proliferation and north korea. thank you so much for joining us here in studio, gordon. do both sides feel the need to improve relationships? do you get that? >> we certainly do. that's why there'll be a lot of pomp and circumstance on wednesday because that's a signal of cooperation. chinese side, not quite so clear. last week, secretary of defense robert gibbs had a very tense meeting in beijing as the chinese went out of their way to give him a hard time. that's not a good sign. we've got to remember the chinese leadership is in a transition. as the fourth leader gave away to the fifth, hu jintao is a hardliner and nobody can really sort of compromise in that kind of situation. >> what's your expectation from the talks this week? >> really not very much. on friday at the white house
9:36 am
briefi briefing, national security adviser tom donilon did not say anything. this is not going to be a very substantial one. >> i talked about a few things that are pretty important, eroding trust between the countries, dispute policies, trade barriers, nuclear proliferation of north korea as well. of all of the issues, what do you see as being the most important on the table. >> it's like saying which one of your children do you love the most. i think it's really difficult. i think the economic issues are going to be at the forefront of president obama who does have a domestic focus and obviously after the midterm elections he gets it. >> that relationship, how important is it because china -- isn't china america's greatest debt holder? >> yeah, but we've got to remember the chinese have an economy which is geared to selling things to us, which
9:37 am
means they need to recycle their sales proceeds into debt. last year when the numbers come in, about 140% of china's overall trade surplus will relate to sales. that's a completely astounding number and shows china's dependence on the u.s. >> how about china's military might? can you categorize that for us? >> it's a little bit of concern because in february chinese flag sawyers and senior colonels talked about waging war in the united states. that's not a good sign and clearly this is going to be very troublesome going forward. >> let's take a listen, in fact, to what secretary of state hillary clinton said last week. let's listen to this, everybody. >> some in the region and some here at home see china's growth as a threat that will lead to either cold war-style conflict or american decline. we reject those views. >> what do you think about that? >> well, nobody want a cold war, but, you know, it's up to us,
9:38 am
to, you know, look at what's going on. china's doing certain things that are incompatible with the community like transferring nuclear power to iran. the united states needs to be very clear about these things. >> okay. gordon chang, very clear with us on your thoughts. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> people across the nation are honoring martin king luther by lending a helping hand in yornd. volunteers helped at an elementary school by landscaping. in new york city they painted a community center. service events are also planned for the holiday itself which is tomorrow. we're learning a bit more about the fatal accident at the tennessee zoo. an 8,000-pound elephant crushed # 3-year-old stephanie james against the wall of a barn and she died of her internal injuries. officials at the zoo say the elephant was not acting maliciously nor aggressively.
9:39 am
here with me now, jeff corwin. good morning, jeff. >> good morning, alex. >> stephanie was a trained trainer what do you think happened here? >> boy, alex, it's really hard to say. we're hoping there are some tapes. a lot of times in enclosures like this they'll have video systems set up to monitor these animals for their own safety and the safety of the public, but it's really hard to say. she was an skpern exert. she was trained. this is an aza zool, which is the official organization that recognizes zoos and aquariums throughout the country and the world. i think was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. elephants are incredibly powerful. you said at the top this creature wasn't -- it appears displaying any acts of aggression. but keep in mind you said to yourself this is an animal
9:40 am
weighing nearly 9,000 pounds. the zookeeper, she probably ways 150 pounds. there's no match there. >> no, no match. you know, jeff, i was actually very surprised. i'm sure you saw nbc's john yang with his report. in all the years we watched you globe trotting, i did not know you yourself suffered a pretty nasty injury from an elephant. what happened? >> i can tell you, alex, i did not watch it. our friends report this morning. i cannot actually hi watch it. >> then don't look. >> sorry. it's right there. >> did you hear my voice because they told me they weren't going to show me screaming and squealing. >> no, we don't hear your voice. you've got some dignity. everyone would understand. my gosh. >> alex, i've worked with animals my entire life. i was in cambodia at the time
9:41 am
doing a documentary on an endangered species yes, sir. we were bathing with these elephants. this creature had never shown any signs of aggression before, and it was really sort of a powerful but yet light moment talking about the beauty and majestic nature of the elephants. the elephant was behind me. i remember feeling this trunk coming forward and brushing it off and speaking to the other pre center and then all of a sudden i felt myself being lifted in the air. it with us very quick, alex. it lasted maybe 15 seconds. but i remember about 13 seconds into that being shaken like that. i remember saying to mooifrs, my goodness, if someone doesn't do something right now, this is going to end very badly. the elephant -- >> what happened? what did you do? was it your elbow that got busted up? >> the elephant actually grabbed me by the arm and actually twisted my elbow into its mouth and bit my elbow.
9:42 am
and i suffered what was called a compression injury which means that all the muscles and tendons were just squished but they were kept in place, so it took a while to heal. but for me, the power of that moment really -- what it does is it sobers us and reminds us that these creatures are complex, they are powerful, and they warrant a tremendous amount of respect. and i have no doubt that this was an incredibly well trained trainer, an elephant keeper, and wildlife biologist. but it only takes that one moment. this elephant could live 60 years and have literally 350 days of good days, but it needs to only have one bad moment, and you're dead. >> yeah. pretty sobering. and, again, a first-hand experience, jeff corwin. thanks for coming on. good to see you, my friend. >> thanks, alex. in a moment the go-to guy ricky gervais tells us what
9:43 am
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call 1-877-904-afib today. >> the carpet's down, the limos are out. actor, comedian, and writer ricky gervais will take the stage for emcee for the second straight year. after last year he said he really didn't think he'd get a chance to do it again. so i asked him, why? >> i always assume that with any job i get offered when a director offers me a lead in a movie, i go, really? so i'm always surprised that i'm ever invitedener. and i'm alwa always assume i wo invited back. that saves disappointment. and i always think a comedian and me in particular always has got two voices in hids head. go on, say it. don't say it.
9:47 am
go on, it will be all right. so this one usually wins. i'm surprised i got invited back. the reason i said yes is i think i can do a better job this year. i obviously didn't go far enough, so this year i am going to go out all guns blazing. so, yeah. >> god help us all. so you think you're not going to listen to that little inner voice that says hang on, hold back here. you're gong to just let it rip. >> i'm going to see what happ s happens. that's what i hike doing really. i like the jeopardy of this as well because this is shown in 160 countries. >> right. >> so there's nowhere to hide after this. there's nowhere i can go. >> do you -- ricky, do you ever worry about that, seriously? do you ever think, oh, god. i mean every once in a while that i have this thing that all i'm going to do is get on the air and say curse words one in particular and then walk off the set and say, see you, i'm done. does it ever worry you you are
9:48 am
going to go too far? >> no, i don't think i go too far. people often ask me, you know, is there anything you should. joke about? there's nothing you shouldn't joke about. it depends what the joke is. comedy comes from a good or bad place, and i think people know. i could justify everything i do. i'm not one of these meade kmooedians that thinks comedy is your conscience taking a day off. i can justify the jokes and stand toe to toe with the person and say why it's okay comedically. i think it's too easy to shock. it's also too easy to be safe and an oh dine. i think adjust because someone's offended doesn't mean they're right. i think i can justify it, and it's coming from a good place, and i think the people at home are going to enjoy it, and i hope the people in the room know that, you know, i respect them. that's a room full of the most talented people in the industry. they know -- you know, also as a
9:49 am
comedian you euro sort of an outsider. if i go up and do jokes with my friends, that's nauseating. i represent the people watching at home, you know? you get a shot of a hollywood a-lister and then -- >> who do you want to go after or who do you want to meet, both, for sunday? >> they're probably one in the same. i don't go there to hang out and meet people. you know, i've never been like -- you know, i've never been star struck. i've never been interested in fame myself. so i like people that i respect really. you know, i -- their fame doesn't impress me. if they've done something of worth, you know. most of my heroes, you wouldn't know what they look like, you know. a lot of them are writers and philosophers and scientists. but, you know, i do respect a lot of people in that room
9:50 am
because they -- you know, they a've cha cheeved something great in the arts. >> so who's going to win the hardware? you can tune in and find out. the golden globes broadcast begins at 8:00 p.m. eastern. facebook makes it really easy for you to make friends and fauxes. right now police are trying to figure out if these two girls you're going to see are going t see if these two girls are enemies. you'll find out what they're accused of doing next on msnbc sunday. [ sneezes ] client's here. whoa! that achy cold needs alka-seltzer plus!
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police say it is a case of mean girls online. two florida teens are now charged with a felony after they created a fake fas book page for a fellow classmate. nare accused of posing as classmates and posting pictures and comments so offensive about her we can't show them on television. let's bring in our legal panel to weigh in on this. good morning, the two you. these are specifically charged
9:54 am
with felony aggravated stalking. where's their line between an internet prank and criminal act? >> cyber crimes are not one size fits all. sometimes we have crimes on the internet that cause sufficient a tragedy we can't do enough. sometimes we're swatting flies with sledgehammers. this crime falls into the latter category. these girls took the bathroom wall and sent it out into cyberspace. it's not that they did anything that led to, say, the tragedies we've seen in the past where children kill themselves because they're so bullied. >> not yet. are you saying probably because of timing, if you look at the past. you can't predict the future. >> i say that because this crime was really a booef vis and but het move. it wasn't that terrible for lack of a better word. >> david, the facebook page of shut down. they attack this girl again and
9:55 am
create a second page to do so. in terms of defending girls like this, there's a propensity to go after the classmate. >> it was shut down one time and opened up a new page. this is an epidemic. this cyber bullying is an epidemic in this country. we need a zero tolerance policy to govern these actions because they have a disproportionate effect on the victim. they're not regular bullying cases anymore. it goes out to thousands of people. >> you can't stop it. do you think a lot of reasons we don't have concrete laws at this point is because of the new nature of the internet and what we're saying and exploring? is the legal system not yet caught up to what they're facing? what do you think? >> certainly it talz takes a while when there's new technology for the law to catch
9:56 am
nupt area. the regulatory scheme needs to catch up on the civil side, administrative side and on the criminal side. we need to take a big look at this internet, and we need to govern it especially in cyber bullyi bullying. >> it won't catch up fast enough. we need to be even keel here and not overreact. >> the disproportionate effects are more important. >> she says these exposed to teasing and taunting attacks on her all the time, and these girls add and pile on. what does that do in terms of playing into testimony in this case? >> it's not going to do much unless the girls are found guilty and the victim has to testify of the effect it had on her. it might go toward the wrong-doers intent, that they intended to harass and humiliate this person. it's bad and punishable, but it's not felony conduct. >> i think it is felony conduct. >> do you think to suggest what's out there right now, that the internet is the wild, wild west? >> it's the old wild west.
9:57 am
most state vs laws to govrnlg cyber bullying, and we need to do a lot more in regulating this. we need a lot more education in the schools. he we need a lot more cyber bullying. >> we need more parental oversight. >> you can't count on parents all the time. the schools have got to get more involved. the law needs to go there. >> we're going to talk more about this. thank you. president obama and john mccain are patching things up. you'll fintd out why ahead on "msnbc sunday." the smartest thing you could do is cut the fuel supply... ♪ ...unlock the doors, and turn on the hazard lights. or better yet, get a car that automatically does it for you. ♪ ♪
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