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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  January 18, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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tucson. i'm richard louis. the house resumes regular business for the first time since the tragic events in tucson. we may learn quickly whether they have changed the political tone in washington or not. let's go to the man on the hill, nbc's luke russert joins us live. clang or no change? what's the indication? >> reporter: the indication so far is there will be a change in the tone of the debate up here on capitol hill in regards to the health care issue. as you know, this is one of the most contentious issues that has ever come through washington with both sides employing a lot of heated rhetoric, back in march there was a lot of killing and death analogies for the legislation, republicans saying grandma would have to go before a death panel and democrats saying republican solution to health care was let patients die. there is a real move to go away from that type of language in light of what happened in arizona. much more shall we say about the substance and merit to the debate. minority whip steny hoyer said the following, quote, my hope is they'll deal with the issues on
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the merits with respect to those with contrary views. essentially, real respectful tone going forward and that's what we expect to hear on capitol hill. that being said, richard, remember there are 435 members, there is 7 hours of debate scheduled. so there is always a chance that somebody will get too excited and say things that are sort of off the mark, if you will, not part of usual parliamentary respectful debate. that is the big fear that leaders on both sides have. they don't want their side to be the first one to say something inflammatory on an issue which is deviivisive and has polarizeo much. >> as we start to see some live pictures here from the house floor as they begin what you described, seven hours, at some point of debate, one of the possibilities here that you have noted in the past is they may not be able to repeal the president's health care bill but they could chip away at it. how might the gop chip away at it? >> reporter: what this will be is a repeal of the bill passed
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through the house of representatives. that will, without doubt, pass because in the house the party in power has the ability to put what they want on the floor, and if their members stay together they can pass it out, and republicans will do that, they're adhering to the pledge to america. after this is passed there is a real effort by republicans to clip away at certain pieces of legislation they can deal with patrolling levers of appropriation, meaning how things are needed to care forth through the health care law, they are going to carry out ways of trying to take away funding that is done through a certain possibility of not funding additional irs resources needed to collect extra taxes for health care. there is certain things looking exactly how much money does it cost in terms of doing a specific thing within the bill, could it be done for cheaper? if it can, we're going to go out in the open. daryl issa, a republican, has said that is one of his main goals. that will be the real gop drip
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by drip process of trying to delay the implementation of this law which ultimately doesn't come into full effect until 2014. >> a lot of eyes on issa. as the floor gets going, you're going to be very busy for the next seven hours. >> thank you. msnbc coverage of the health care fight on capitol hill. s tomorrow on "jansing & company." joined by nancy-ann deparle at 11:00 a.m. eastern. president obama's preparing for a chinese visit from president hu jintao. it will begin with a private dinner with president obserama the white house and highlighted with a formal state dinner tomorrow night. joining me now, john harwood. this is a very important relationship. put that in perspective for us. >> reporter: absolutely, it's an important relationship. the united states exports $100
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billion worth of goods to china, anticipates that that pace or that volume will double over the next four or five years. of course, china is a major purchaser of u.s. debt and a major importer of products into the united states, which has kept costs low for american consumers but stirred controversy about jobs. what the white house is doing is playing down expectations for concrete developments here. first of all, they're going to try, richard to avoid ember rasmentes that occurred the last time the chinese leader visited with president bush, you had a protester yelling during the meeting, other protocol breaches embarrassing to the chinese. they're trying to make it go smoothly. looking to accelerate pace of developments that the administration argues are going in their favor, in terms of gradual chinese appreciation of their currency against the dollar which is good for u.s. business but was we'll see whether the progress continues and whether it gets faster as
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the united states wants to happen. one of the concerns that the united states might have over china's dominance economically and militarily. what's the foundation to that? >> reporter: well, the chinese economy is growing very rapidly, more rapidly than ours. it's probably sometime in the century going to over take the united states as the largest economy in the world. but right now our economy still triple the size of china. but china's growing in forcefulness around the world. it's a growing military power. the obama administration's trying to deepen military-to-military context. secretary gates was embarrassed when there was a stealtest of a stealth fighter jet while visiting there. we want chinese cooperation on the iran yan aian and north kor. that's the one that will get the most attention from this visit. >> john harwood, thank you.
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breaking news right now, we are hearing right now that the fcc has approved the comcast/nbc universal deal. delayed from last year at the end. nbc, owning msnbc, and now comcast now owning the nbc universal deal, that's been approved by the fcc that we are hearing now. the weather-beaten northeast shouldering another dose of frej is weather. sleet, snow, freezing rain after enduring two major snowstorms. now being layered with ice and slush, forcing school closings and slowing commuter traffic. the weather channel's mike seidel has more from hartford, connecticut, for us. >> reporter: good afternoon. here in hartford, it's freezing rain. temperature, 26 degrees. we started off early before sunrise with a couple of inches of snow it went to sleet, now freezing rain. that's basically what we have across upstate new york, lower hudson valley, poughkeepsie,
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albany, hartforhartford, worces. new york city safely above freezing, but 40s at kennedy. damage is done. it's raining at all three new york airports. delay as the newark and laguardia over 90 minutes. logan and boston delays 3 1/2 hours plus because of the snow and the wet snow. not only you've got the weather but figure in the massive amounts of time it takes for the de-ice icing because they've got to get planes through, restock the de-icing equipment. hartford, roads slushy. o look at this, it's like dirty slush. you need a fresh layer of snow to freshen things up. interstate 84, you can see traffic's moving slowly. there's the capital, hartford. good visibility now. freezing rain will continue through later this afternoon. we don't expect significant power outages in the northeast for this because it is moving in
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and moving out. on the i-95 stretch, it's rain, not freezing rain. that helps us out in a highly densely populated area. tonight, richard, another storm in the pipeline friday, we think it's going to be a quick mover. we're not thinking it's going to be a major snowstorm but there will be enough we think to shovel and plow on friday in the philadelphia/new york, boston setup. what i want to know, from you, do we get free cable? do we get free cable out of the deal? >> now that the deal's approved, we are all hoping for that. mike seidel, appreciate it. she's in the icu, you know, gone through this traumatic injury, spent ten minutes giving me a neck massage. >> mark kelly opens up about his wife's recovery. learning more when congresswoman giffords may be released from the hospital. also ahead -- >> rahm's not even six feet
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back with details on congresswoman gabrielle giffords amazing recovery. her hub, mark kelly, speaking publicly for the first time about what he's seeing at her bedside. kelly says he's seen a smile, and he's sure she recognizes him. >> she'll play with my wedding
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ring and she'll move it up and down my finger, take it off like this, she'll put it on her own finger, she'll move it to her thumb, and then she can put it back on my finger. the reason i know that that means she recognizes me is because she's done that before. >> great news. nbc's kristin welke joins me live. what are we hearing about the congresswoman leaving the hospital soon? that is possible? >> reporter: well, it is, richard. doctors are saying she could leave within a matter of days or weeks, but we do want to stress that once she leaves, she will go directly to a rehabilitation program and likely be there for months. but her progress has just been remarkable. they recently upgraded her condition from critical to serious, after they performed minor surgery, including taking out bone fragments from her right eye socket.
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they also took out her breathing tube from her mouth and performed a tracheotomy, which freed her from a ventilator. as you mentioned, her husband, mark kelly, has been constantly by her side, holding her hand, supporting her through this process and he saysed, based on the signs he sees so far, he is incredibly optimistic. take a listen. >> she's in the icu, you know, gone through this traumatic injury and spent ten minutes give me a neck massage. i'm sure she wouldn't do that for somebody else and looking me in the eye. it's typical of her, no matter how bad the situation might be for her, she's looking out for her people. >> reporter: really just amazing. we're also learning today that the youngest victim, 9-year-old christina taylor green, her corneas have been donated to two other young children, her father saying this has only made him
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more proud of his daughter. the hospital, by the way, is telling us there are still two shooting victims here, both in good condition, one, george morris, expected to be released later today. his wife was killed in that shooting. the other victim in good condition, expected to be released in the next several days. >> good news there. thank you very. discouraging news on state of the nation's undergraduates. they may have professors scrambling to revamp their lesson plans after hearing this. 45% of undergraduates show no significant improvement in critical thinking. ouch. in writing, or complex reasoning by the end of their sophomore years. joining me now, michael smerconish, also an nbc contributor. as you look at numbers right here what do you think? >> i think "animal house." all over again. >> spending 51% of their time
2:16 pm
socializing and, look, i remember those years well. i spent a lot of time socializing but it wasn't 51%, and little in the classroom and little in the lab, and i think, richard what was frightening is that hethese are students doing well. >> look at this graph right here, 7% and 9% of time spent by students for studying and attending class or lab. that's only 16%. do you have too much to do at school? is there too much distraction? >> i think what they're able to do is mail it in. i mean i think that attendance isn't taken and consequencely students aren't there. i bet you technology is playing a role in all of this, that perhaps one individual who is present is taking notes and the rest are all rely ant on that individual but it's not the same as being there. i also think there was, at least for me, no substitute for reading. what i was taken with is the fact that a full third of individuals never took a class during college curriculum where
2:17 pm
they had to read more than 40 pages a week. i had one professor as an undergraduate, the reading list was five books per semester. i learned more from him than anybody else. dave, i'll give him a shoutout. this wouldn't sit well with him. >> what about instructors? it's also been said they're not committing enough time to class, so it's not just the students here. >> i read that criticism, and the kcriticism seems to be they're spending more time on administrative responsibilities or maybe on responsibilities that help them get published and grow their own profile. if that's the case, that's obviously a part of the problem as well. too much time tapping the keg, probably too much time online, not enough time in the classroom and not enough time reading. >> you hit it possibly right there. thank you very much. breaking news. we're hearing this from police what they're saying that is a shooting happening on campus at the high school in that area at
2:18 pm
approximately 1:45 eastern time. so we're looking at possibly about 45 minutes ago, 30 minutes ago, three injured on campus at gardena high school, southern california, unknown ages or genders or conditions of victims. no officers involved in the shooting. as we get some of the pictures from a chopper cam from one of the local stations there. police are looking in the area right now for the shooting as they are over the sign for gardena high school right there. catch u campus on lockdown. a shooting on the campus of garde in. a high school in southern california. we'll be watching that for you. steve jobs taking another medical leave of absence, raising questions whether apple will continue to prosper without its iconic leader. plus -- >> i think he'll be a one-term president. >> a dick cheney exclusive.
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remember when the mcmansions were the rage a few years back? generation-y kids are saying no thanks to that. 88% prefer living in the city instead of suburb. realtors say gen-yers want smaller rooms but amenities like a gym and party room. not looking for outdoor space. they don't want to mow the lawn. the national association of home builds are might want to take a cue from the pieces of information we just had and build smaller. today the association released its builder sentiment index and it shows that builders are not hopeful for the market to turn around any time soon. but there's one builder out there that is scoffing at the fact that the housing market is in the tank and making megamansions, that's its
2:23 pm
specialty. diana olick joins us in front of a massive home being built in potomac, maryland. doesn't seem right. >> reporter: no, it doesn't seem right at all, and that's why it's our story today, richard. home builders are downsizing. their confidence is low but the builder of this home has no problem with confidence. take a look at this megamansion. 32,000 square feet of cement and steel. he says it's the most solid home you're ever going to find. when you say your home is your castle, this is what he's talking about. it's on six acres and it will have the highest of the high end luxury features lists at 16 million and the builder has interest in the property. take a listen to his view of today's housing market. >> the market is improving, people having more money, people like to spend, there's, as you know, the housing has bottomed
2:24 pm
out as it can be and this i great investment. it goes back to location, location, location. you're not going to find too many golden horseshoes in p potomac area. >> reporter: now what he's talking about the golden horseshoe is this area here in potomac, maryland, outside of d.c. it's not a closed in suburb, it's farther out, 40 minutes from downtown, but it's an area that is filled with very large mansions from the old mcmansion era. a lot of those are on the market now at reduced prices but he's not concerned about that. he says his buyers are looking for brand new, they don't want to remodel. they have cash to put into the homes and they're not a part of the housing downturn because they are so ultraluxury high end. i have to say, i've seen stories in greenwich in hamptons, out west, where they're dropping prices on homes like these, even in upwards of $30 million, $40 million range. >> we've got the mcmansions in
2:25 pm
the $1 million, $2 million but the superhigh ones, still selling well, for the one builder. but i scratch my head here, despite him saying, and you saying, he is able to sell these, where are they getting money? there is no eight lot of cash. liquidity is low. >> reporter: he's not going to the banks. he claim his could get money from the banks but all of his money to bill homes comes from private equity. but he's got all cash buyers. the person buying $16 million home is not going for a 30-year fix. they've got cash on hand, not worried about the mortgage market or rates. in the end, he say there's are ultrarich buyers out there. we're in the d.c. area, there's a lot of international interest and that's where you're seeing inflow of cash to real estate, especially areas of new york city and california. >> cash buyers coming in from asia and other countries just slurping them up, i guess, quickly. when are you moving into that
2:26 pm
one behind you? of course i'm joking. >> reporter: i have to get a decorator. >> looks like a nice one. thank you so much. coming up, mascot for the boston blazes are gets lap dances during halftime. parents are outraged over the sexy show. our gut check coming up. there is a time that, you know, everything must come to an end for certain people on camera, especially certain, old people. >> all right. tv icon saying he is ready to retire. we've got that scoop. developing news from capitol hill, hearing at the moment, keeping an eye on the house floor, where lawmakers are debating republican repeal to the health care reform law. a vote on the issue expected tomorrow. ♪ spread a little love today
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former vice president dick cheney in his first interview since heart surgery what he has to say about president obama and sarah palin. back on the trail, bill clinton returns to chicago to stump for his former senior adviser. a lot of limbo. there's a controversy brewing over who will share that megamillions jackpot. ready to retire after nearly three decades, reegis philbin i leaving his morning show. who will take over? breaking news out of haiti. police have escorted the nation's former dictator known as baby doc out of the hotel where he's been staying and taken him to the courthouse there. human rights activists have been demanding his arrest since he areich in haiti sunday, after living in exile in france for the last 25 years. thousands of people died or disappeared under jean-claude duvalier's 15-year reign that ended when his government was overthrown in 1986. also accused of pilfering millions from the treasury. you can see some of what was
2:31 pm
happening as he was arriving. apple stock is staying strong today, despite news that steve jobs is going on medical leave. the stock hit a low of $325 this morning but it's back up around $340 at the moment. no doubt here that jobs leaving is going to impact the company. the question is, how much? cnbc's jane wells joins me live from cupertino, california. the question, what is the sickness that you're hearing that he has? >> reporter: we don't know, that is the point. it's huge news, not just wall street, but here in apple's hometown. the news, jobs ill, out again. he won't say and apple won't say. unlike past e-mails when he said he would return in 2004, he said hee he'd be back in september. this time he hopes to be back as soon as i can. "the new york times" the only one who has been able to get any new information claiming a source says job is suffering
2:32 pm
from the ups and downs of an immune system, issues not uncommon with liver transplant recipients and he has looks, quote, increasingly emaciates the last couple of weeks and coming in the office a couple days a week. jobs and apple not confirming that. even that is broad. we don't know if that is something minor or could be something serious. >> jane, when we look at what is happening at the moment, steve jobs is famous for putting his mits all over each and every product that comes out from the company. what does this mean going forward? a lot of investors worried the next product may fall short, then. >> reporter: i think the stock market, richard, is telling you the answer today. yeah, the stock is down but not as much as it was when he took a leave of absence january 2009. back then the stock fell 10%. after six-month leave, it had risen 60%. tim cook, the coo took over at that time.
2:33 pm
will be taking over day-to-day operations again. an lifts believe there is enough product in the pipeline with steve jobs' mits all over it apple will be fine for the next year or two. some point, steve jobs will leave, whether that is sooner or late, some point there will be an apple without steve jobs and long term what kind of vision will that company have? >> thank you. the latest on steve jobs coming out of cupertino. former vice president dick cheney speaking out in an exclusive interview. the man considered to be the most controversial and powerful vice president in u.s. history. he sat down with national correspondent jamie gangle. >> the former prp lovice presid looks different, lost a lot of weight after surgery but has strong opinions, is writing a book and talked to us about everything from president obama, sarah palin, his relationship with former president bush and what he thinks of those who call
2:34 pm
him darth vader. we started talking about the heart pump that saved his life. >> i wear it on a vest and there's a control element here, and then two batteries, one on each side, good for 12 hours each. and then there's a core that runs inside my chest to the pump on the inside and that's what powers it and keeps it functioning. initially, obviously, it's awkward to walk around. but all of this gear, you quickly get to the point where you've adapted where it's second nature to you. >> are you thinking about a heart transplant? >> i haven't made a decision yet. >> you said you thought president obama was going to be a one-term president. do you still? >> i do. >> because? >> well, because i think he embarked upon a course of action when he became president that did not have as much support as he thought it did. that once he got into the business, for example, health care reform, expanding the size
2:35 pm
of government, expanding the deficit, those are all weaknesses, as i look at barack obama. and i think he'll be a one-term president. >> talk about the tragic shooting in tucson. >> well, i first heard the news i was shocked, i think like everybody else. i thought, i thought the president handled it well. i'm not an obama supporter by nature, but i thought this was one of his better efforts. >> we don't know what motivated this young man, but immediately there was an uproar about contentious political rhetoric being responsible. >> i think we have to be a little bit careful here about a rush to judgment, about assuming that somehow the rest of the society or the political class bears the responsibility for what happened here when it was the act of a derange, crazes individual. >> reporter: cheney side stepped
2:36 pm
getting into the political fray over the best gop candidate in 2012, especially when it came to his opinion of sarah palin. >> i'm interested in governor palin, like a lot of people are. i've met her. i thought she's -- she's got an interesting political career established. she's clearly a factor within the republican party, has a strong following. also a lot of critics. >> do you think she's qualified to be president? >> i'm not going to get into the business of saying this one is, this one isn't. >> reporter: these daze the former vice president is spending most of him time writing memoirs with daughter liz. wore is it will be candid, blunt, and some scores will be settled. >> well, i have a bit of the sense that i'm going to get the last word. >> will you write about differences you had with the president? >> i will, sure.
2:37 pm
we had policy differences, and i'll be forth right with my comments on those. >> his book will be coming out later this year and expect there to be much more about his relationship with president bush. back to you, richard. >> catch more of tinterview wit dick cheney. breaking news out of southern california. this in at gardena high school. what we're hearing from the l.a. times, three have been shot at that high school. gunman is still at large. we're getting live pictures coming from a chopper cam from one of the local stations there. this, as we can see, some of the law enforcement. it looks to be preparing or undergoing some sort of pat-down, perhaps. we are getting information as we speak. the school is on lockdown, shooting occurring at 10:30 a.m. local time. so that is about one hour ago that we're into this. gardena high school, again in southern california, close to the los angeles metropolitan area. what we're hearing from the
2:38 pm
lieutenant, steve pendergast from gardena police, they believe the gunman is a student and still on campus. so we could be watching, as they're trying to apprehend and determine where the suspect is, again, the suspect believes to be a student. that is involved in the shooting of three at the gardena high school in southern california. it is unclear whether the victims or the suspects or rather whether the victims were students. again, just learning from gardena police that they believe the suspect is a student there. but still at large. we're watching these pictures. police h helicopters searching for the suspect who fled the high school on foot in the area. watching live pictures coming out of southern california where local time there around 11:38. this incident happening an hour ago.
2:39 pm
now these structures do look like they are part of some sort of school, unable to tell. earlier pictures we had seen were focused on the front of gardena high school. let's go to clint van zandt also watching this for us. what do you know about this? >> so far, use know, we've got looks like one student, one male student who came into the school armed with at least one handgun. some type of confrontation took place, we're told anywhere from one to three students have been injured, one for sure shot possibly, the other two. there are various reports of whether the suspect is still on campus and, as you can see, this is a very large campus. so whether he's still within the confines of these building or not, and we know that law enforcement has recovers at least one gun. but of course that done necessarily mean that was earth unused in the shoot organize the shooter could have more than one
2:40 pm
weapon. so we've got one more teshlg scenario where a shooting takes place inside a school and law enforcement right now has the responsibility of both finding the shooter as well as assuring the safety of the other children in that school. and that's a big school. so to evacuate that school, they're going to have to go from room to room, hall to hall, and escort students out, get them off campus, as they maintain a strong perimeter around the school looking for the assumed shooter. >> as we've seen more and more shootings at schools, which is unfortunate, what are some procedures that have bubbled up as a result of the violence that we've seen in the past at schools, whether high schools in the situation, or colleges? what have you seen? >> yeah. this appears to be different that what seen in the past. this isn't a columbine, colorado type of shooting. that is an active shooting.
2:41 pm
the lesson from columbine, we don't have the luxury of staging law enforcement and making the decision when to go in. when you have an active shooter in a school or workplace you take an law enforcement officer, you move in, and your whole objective is to keep moving until you encounter the shooter and stop him from shooting, even if you mifind injured people yo have to keep moving beyond. it appears this was a limited scenario, though one to three people shot is a bad situation. but it appears that this moment that the shooting has stopped and the question, we have got a fugitive investigation going on, trying to fine a shooter who is perhaps within the confines of the school. and what we have got going again, richard, one, we may have the shooter's weapon, and number two, if this was a fellow student or someone known to fellow students, law enforcement will have his identity. they'll know what they're looking for.
2:42 pm
what could the motive be? many times it could be gang related, it could be a number of different reasons. but for someone to bring a gun inside of a school, whoever that shooter was, he knew who he was after and he knew where he could find them. >> live pictures from chopper cam outside gardena high school in that area of southern california in the los angeles metropolitan area. clint van zandt, thank you. stick around as we continue to watch breaking news. if you're just joining us, three shot at a high school. gardena high school in southern california. we are hearing from the police down there in gardena that they believe the gunman, the suspect, is a student and still on campus, unsure whether the three shot were students. president obama's former white house chief of staff, rahm emanuel, got high powered help in his race to become mayor of chicago. former president bill clinton coming to town to campaign for
2:43 pm
emmanuel who served as senior advisor in the clin white houcl. all this come as chicagoans set to go to the polls february. lynn sweet, columnist with is the former president risking a bit of his popular standing with the african-american community by backing emmanuel instead of african-american candidate? >> that the charge when danny davis made in the race. picked up by senator carol moseley brown, who is the leading african-american candidate. it remains to be seen what the impact will be in the vote turnout. often in chicago elections is along racial lines. >> look at this number here, the polls, how emanuel is doing, a lead 42%, braun, 26%. the issue is if not one of the
2:44 pm
candidates gets 50%, they'll have a run-off. >> right. so that poll done for the teamsters is pretty good for the second place person right now who is senator braun. the clinton visit, though, did have a bit of a potential to backfire, both gary chico, one of the four major candidates and the city clerk, one of the other four majors, both opened fire on emanuel for his tenure at freddie mac, the financial entity that he was appointed to by president clinton and made a lot of money being on the board. so while he had the national spotlight on him for clinton coming in, the bigger story his rivals have been given a sense of freedom to attack him for his tenure on the freddie mac board. on the celebrities coming in for rahm emanuel, last week jennifer hudson from "saturday night
2:45 pm
live," andy sandburg, who played him on the show. >> that's funny. he'll thereby stumping for him at the same time. lynn sweet, thank you very much. watching with what's happening with rahm emanuel in chicago. breaking news out of gardena, california, squafouthe california, the latest on three shot. [ coughs ]
2:46 pm
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straight to the breaking news. watching pictures that came out to us a second ago while breaking, we see students with hands over their head, students at gardena high school in that area, after we got the news in last 30 minutes of a shooting at gardena high school. this is in the los angeles metropolitan area. this whole incident is about an hour and a half old. it happened an hour and a half ago. what we understand from local police is that they have confirmed that a suspect is at least one of the victims and that one of them were students. we've also learned the gunman, a
2:49 pm
suspect, is a student and still on campus. live pictures right now. it appears weave got some law enforcement that are sitting as they refocus the chopper cam down into the area there. it's unclear whether those are students or law enforcement. it does appear to be law enforcement from this perspective. but the chopper cam, again, from local station there, zooming in, showing us a little bit of what's happen, trying to evacuate, if that is a student or teacher running away from the building. again, three shot at this high school. the gunman, believed according to local police, as we see more students leaving here, two be a student as well. but at large. now, one of the benefits that could be that this is a student they may know what this person looks like, the background, and other pieces of information because the suspect is a student. so, as we watch law enforcement here attempt to evacuate the high school in gardena, california, again, in the
2:50 pm
los angeles metropolitan area, as we're looking about this situation about an hour and a half old, and three people being shot. it's unclear at the moment whether the victims, again, are students. but the suspect, it is believed, from local police, is a student. we're going to watch pictures. coming from the chopper cam as they try to evacuate the high school. ♪
2:51 pm
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still watching breaking news coming out of gardena, california. students leaving gardena high school in the los angeles metropolitan area with hands over their head, video coming in to us at msnbc within the last 20, 25 minutes. the incident an hour and a half hour. the concern three shot according to what we're hearing. the suspect and one of the victims were students. the suspect, the gunman, is still at large. as we're watching live pictures now coming from a chopper cam,
2:54 pm
as you see some officials there perhaps regrouping, rehuddling. just moments ago evacuating students from one of the rooms. it is unclear whether the other two victimser the other two shot, whether students or not. this high school, believed to have an enrollment roughly of 3,000 and grades 9 to 12. at the moment, coming close to noon local time. earlier, some of the footage, we did see there were police cars and fire engines lined up in front of the school. looks like they're moving a person away. what we are hearing it's an accidental shooting at the moment. details coming in to us. there are two students wounded in an accidental shooting. and that a student in this case brought a gun to this campus in his backpack, therefore an accidental shooting. when he dropped it, the backpack
2:55 pm
and/or the gun, it went off. that is the latest information we just got within the last 15 seconds. as we watch as they continue to evacuate and move people around from the campus, information we had three shot and the suspect originally at large, now hearing it's a student, an accidental shooting, the student bringing the gun to school in his backpack in this los angeles metropolitan area high school. it's around lunchtime local time, getting close to noon. six minutes to noon in gardena, california. a high school that has roughly about 3,000 students with four grades in the high school in the los angeles unified school district. earlier, watching both police cars and fire engines lined up as they also were taking one of the victims being taken out to a waiting ambulance. we are hearing that one of the victims is in serious condition, and one is in critical condition. this, after we are just learning
2:56 pm
a student brought a firearm to this high school in his backpack, dropped it, and then dentally, so we're hearing at moment it went off and shooting three people. all right. we're going to stay on top of this story coming up in gardena, california on msnbc at gardena ao high school. i'm richard lui in for tamron hall. thomas roberts picks up things next. ♪ i'm not just someone who's quitting
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back to business. the goals of the new republican-led house of representatives and how the white house plans to push its own agenda. education nation, is the all powerful school board quickly becoming a relic of days gone by? and easy living, we're going to tell you ten cities where you are going to get the most bang for your buck. hi, everybody, good afternoon. i'm thomas roberts. we're goin


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