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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  January 19, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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but in the next hour with top business leaders who will have a chance to take their complaints about the u.s./china trade relationship right to the top. the president discussed that relationship just about an hour ago. >> the previous 30 years had been a time of estrangement for our two countries. the 30 years since have been a time of growing exchanges and understanding. and with this visit, we can lay the foundation for the next 30 years. >> that was ceremony, but last night the two presidents had a working dinner together, and tonight there will be a state dinner controversial given china's human rights record. dramatic video of a gas main explosion in northeast philadelphia. that blast killed one utility company employee and injured six others, including a firefighter. fire crews were called to the scene minutes before the
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explosion. they had already evacuated the neighborhood. it's unclear exactly what sparked that explosion. right now on capitol hill, debate is resuming in the house on the republican's effort to repeal the health care reform act. votes are expected later in the afternoon, probably between 5:30 and 6:30. democrats essentially saying this vote is a waste of time because repeal doesn't stand a chance in the senate and anyway president obama would veto it. but this is only the first wave of the gop assault on the new health law. msnbc's richard lui is here with more on the republican's battle strategy. >> hey there, chris. lots behind that. any gop bill passed in the house would most likely be stopped in the democratically-controlled senate. that will only be the start of the gop strategy to chip away at this bill. >> congress can do better in terms of replacing obama care with common sense reforms that will bring down the cost of
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health insurance and expand access for more americans. >> the speaker from this morning. now, in an interesting article i found in politico, the gop repeal strategy could come across in a series of smaller bills. right here, strategy number one, slash funding and cut off the money that keeps the bill alive. we have heard that one. in the short term, there will be a stopgap funding bill that will need to be passed in march. the house could put in language to stop any monies for the health care reform bill. longer term, language could be put in during the appropriations process to stop money for the bill there. then there's strategy number two, end the requirement to have insurance for pay a tax. according to politico, the republicans could get both republicans and democrats to support such an idea. at risk for democrats, basically what is the guts of the bill? the theory here being by making all get insurance, costs will be spread out, lowering the prices. strategy number three, a gop option. they have said a return to the
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way things were isn't good enough and they are interested in more than just repealing the current bill. so today the house here, chris, is expected to order four committees to come up with some ideas on health care, but there's no deadline for those options to be turned into. and, of course, going through the full enchilada repeal vote all over again, that's possible in the summer. >> richard, thank you very much. joining me now, california democratic congresswoman loretta sanchez. good to see you. good morning. >> good morning, chris. >> i saw you speaking on the house floor yesterday giving a very impassioned speech. i want to play a very small part of it. >> i said, well, this is what the reform is about, this is what health care reform is about. if this was your daughter, you would not repeal this health care reform. >> tell us the story that precipitated you to talk about that on the floor of the house. >> yes. well, there's this local real estate agent. as you know, housing has been very difficult in california. she's been holding on, she's got
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a couple of kids. she's managed to continue to pay for her health care in a family plan. her daughter had an epileptic attack. of course, scared her to death. now, she gets rescinded. her plan says you can have health care but your daughter can't be on it. so she came to me and she says, it's costing me $1,700 a month. i don't know what to do. and i said to her, well, in the fall the new law will kick in that portion, and you will have your daughter covered. for her it's a godsend because she -- she didn't do anything. her daughter's going to continue to have these attacks, and now she has no way to go and to help her. it's coming all out of pocket. so, of course, for her this is an important issue, as with many in our country. this pre-existing condition, especially for our children that we saw kick in recently. >> you know, democrats held a hearing yesterday, and we heard
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other stories like the one you just told giving examples of how they, regular folks, have been positively impacted by this legislation. does this suggest that the democrats still think that the problems with this bill are not about the law itself, but about messaging? >> well, you know, i always told people the law is not as bad as the republicans say and it's not a godsend as some democrats would say. it's really going to depend on these 2 1/2 years that are left to really put it in, to implement it. will there be clinics in my area? will there really be access for the people i represent? what are we really going to do respect to keeping health care down? how are we going to incentivize people to take personal responsibility to actually use their health care so we get them early if they've got something wrong with them rather than later when we're paying so much and all of us are taking on that cost when they have no insurance
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and show up to the emergency room at the hospital? all of this is going to take 2 1/2 years to talk to people, to put in those clinics, to train the doctors, and so we all need to work at it. there are pieces that are good. there are pieces that are not so good. i want to work on it, but starting over again, getting rid of this, there have already been good pieces put in for people. these kids who are coming out of college and can't find a job, now they can be on their parents' plan. this is important because even though you're young and strong at 22, 26, you think, you know, nothing is going to happen to you, the fact of the matter is you can get in a car accident and all of a sudden you have major, major health care issues. >> congresswoman sanchez, thank you so much. you have made a very impassioned argument for your side and we thank you for coming on. >> thank you, chris. thank you so much. >> let's bring in our company, public policy analyst donna o'donnell, political columnist and news editor at
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steve and guy benson. guy, what do you think about what you just heard from the comingwoman? >> well, i appreciate how strongly she feels about these issues. of course, i disagree with many of the points that she's making. i don't think that the vote that we're going to see later tonight in any way is a waste of time or mere theater or symbolic. i think it's an important first step to -- >> so what is it? >> pardon me? >> what is it then? >> it's a very important first step to repealing the health care bill. look, it's also a fulfillment of a campaign promise of a lot of members of the house. people voted in many cases to repeal health care, and if the republicans simply let that slide, i think there would be a lot of outrage across the country. >> let me play a clip from nancy pelosi from rachel maddow's show last night. >> those stories about health and economic well-being are what we have to drive home to the american people if the republicans try to sabotage the
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bill. >> there is a consistency, donna, to their approach on this and it is real stories, real people, real positive impact. are they going about it the right way? >> i think that anytime you get to tell a story and mbuild a narrative, you have the opportunity persuade and i that i th-- think that matters. i find it's fascinating that this debate is not a new debate. the underpinnings go back to the earliest incarnations of our country where policymakers and government officials grappled with how do we take care of folks who need our help. and so i think that on the republican side they're going to have to create a consistent narrative and i think that would be hard to do in part because approval for this health care reform is increasing. so i think what remains to be seen is who captures the narrative? who holds onto the narrative? who is most persuasive from that
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point of view? >> and i wonder if, steve, maybe democrats are underestimating the republicans? steve king said yesterday that funding -- cutting off funding is basically as good as repeal as far as he's concerned. >> yeah, that's what i find interesting about this, and to sort of play that a few moves if you think what richard was just talking about, the next step. if you accept this is symbolic, it's an easy vote for republicans, their base wants it, they can do it, there's no consequence. whaeps what happens in a few months when they go the funding route. the funding for health care is tied up with the funding for everything else in government. you could reach a point where you have people like steve king who says the bottom line is defunding health care. i will not sign off on a budget unless we defund obama care. if it seems the republicans are holding the whole budget hostage like that, there will be enormous pressure on john boehner or more moderate members to cut a deal. i think that's when you will have serious divisions in the republican party. do you want to hold the entire
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budget hostage to health care or do you want to cut a deal? if you cut the deal are you selling out the ba ise? >> steve and donna, you will stick with us. thank you very much. new york jets fans enthusiastic bunch to say the least and no doubt a little pumped up ahead of this weekend's afc championship game, but the fans aren't the only ones with jets fever. the players themselves are flying in circles. >> tower advises that it is lit up. you're flying one niner zero, visual approach. >> the team's charter flight back from defeating the new england patriots asked air-traffic control if they could fly by the grown and white empire state building. the air tower operators obviously jets fans agreed, and brought the team in for a closer look. there's no snow forecast in pittsburgh for the big game on sunday, but the northeast,
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mid-atlantic and midwest could get hit with another winter storm before then. bill karins is tracking the weather for us. are you a jets fan? >> i am a huge jets fan. i wish we had pictures of 200 large men all on one side of the plane. the plane must have been tipping upside down. we'll see what happens sunday. but in pittsburgh it will be cold. that's guaranteed. 16 degrees for the game, but they're going to get some snow before the game hits. we have winter storm warnings around kansas city. snow is going to break out this afternoon. kansas city to st. louis, you can expect anywhere from 4 to 6 inches in much of missouri. st. louis, cincinnati, in that white coating goes from pittsburgh up into new york, boston, and hartford. those areas have had such a bad winter, but this is a mini storm. only 2 to 4 inches. the wednesday/thursday time frame, we're only talking 2 to 4 from indy to pittsburgh. maybe an inch in areas in the deep south, oklahoma, arkansas, and tennessee could get just a coating. what's more significant is there's a huge blast of cold air behind this storm and that's what will affect the game in chicago and the game in pittsburgh this upcoming
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the victims include diane sawyer, new york city michael ploom berg and former white house chief of staff rahm emanuel. two xcomputer hackers are facin federal charges they stole e-mail addresses and personal information from more than 10 o 100,000 apple ipad users. prosecutors say the computer geniuses were not doing this to steal information but more a game of can you top this? well, they're not laughing now. as you know, if you fly using ipads, ipods, cell phones and other electronic devices it's taboo on takeoffs and landings. maybe the character toby zeigler
11:16 am
on tv's "the west wing" summed up a common frustration among passengers. >> we're flying in an l-1011. carries a sim 5 transponder tracking system. are you telling me i can still flummox think thing with something i bought at radio shack. >> short answer to that question is apparently question yes. i'm joined by "new york times" aviation writer christina groney. i see people breaking this rule all the time. my producer was listening to his ipod on takeoff. so should i be worried? >> well, i think you should be worried. i think everyone should be worried when people don't follow those rules. not for the reason we talked about on the break, which is everybody should follow the rules, but because the rults are there for a reason. >> what is the reason? are we going to crash and burn if a bunch of people start listening to their ipods on takeoff? >> if you're in a car and you're driving through the street and you drive through a stop sign
11:17 am
and you careen through the stop sign and you pull into your drive, was that safe drive? there's a world of difference between not crashing an airplane and having a safe flight. >> without getting too wonky, what can it do? can it interfere with the navigation system? >> there's no question it can. there are documented cases in which it has. when the committees that were advising the faa on how to make the rules concerning personal portable electronic devices, when they were first looking into this, they went back and they looked through all the pilot reports, voluntary pilot reports, and they found ten of them in which they said, you know, there was something wrong. we told the flight attendant, go back, see who is using what, and they told people to turn off devices and the problems on the flight deck went away. >> wow. are these older planes or newer planes? i had one pilot suggest to me it was a much more serious problem previously. some of the newer planes not so much. >> everyone i spoke to told me the same thing.
11:18 am
do you know how old the airplane is when you get on? >> i have no idea. >> i don't think most passengers do. so who is rolling the dice there? >> the people who are on the plane. so is there any indication that airlines are doing more? i fly a reasonable amount. it seems to depend on the flight attendan attendants. >> i don't think they want to be there. . i don't think they want to be cops. flight atep dants have a difficult job and now you're going to start telling people, no kindle, no ipod, no phone. >> and people get sometimes pretty testy about it. >> yes, they do. fairly recent case in which a very well-known woman did get very testy with a flight attendant and you don't want -- flight attendants don't want to be there. it's not too difficult to ask passengers to just do what they're told. >> 10 or 15 minutes, not that big a deal. bring a magazine, the old-fashioned kind. >> i blogged about that this morning. i said never has air safety been in the passengers' hands as it
11:19 am
is with hand held devices. >> word to the wise. great stuff. thank you so much. the philadelphia strangler, new details on what police knew about this man before his arrest. did people die because of a dna backlog? could the murder have been prevented? "jansing & co." will return next. ooh, a brainteaser. how can expedia now save me even more on my hotel? well, hotels know they can't fill every room every day.
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available only from liberty mutual. it's a better policy that gets you a better car. call -- or visit one of our local offices today, and we'll provide the coverage you need at the right price. liberty mutual auto insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? philadelphia police say they're a step closer to closing the kensington strangler case after a major break through. they say 22-year-old suspect antonio rodriguez confessed to three murders after he was arrested on monday. dna, they say, linked him to the killings, although police won't officially charge him until a second dna swab result is in. clint van zandt is former fbi profiler and an nbc news analyst. here is what's catching a lot of people's attention. i have a time line for you, clint. on october 25th rodriguez, who
11:23 am
had been in jail on a drug related charge, provided a dna sample. then november 3rd, elaine goldberg is murdered. november 13th, nicole piacentini is murdered. it wasn't until after those two murders that they got the results of the sample that was submitted almost a month earlier. there's a backlog in pennsylvania of almost 5,000 cases. probably no surprise to you, but are these kinds of backlogs potentially deadly? >> well, they are, chris. we know by one recent study that there are at least 350,000 dna samples that were taken in rape and murder cases that are yet to be dealt with. >> right now, 350,000? >> 350,000 across the country, and the fbi has a backlog of thousands of cases themselves of dna that, chris, if the fbi
11:24 am
stopped receiving dna today, and, of course, they get it every day, if they stopped today, one report says it would take at least two years for them to catch up. >> so what are we going to do about it? especially given the current budgetary environment? i mean, everything i hear is that police departments, csi labs, they're all getting their budgets cut. >> laboratory are being cut, patrol officers are being taken off the street. somehow we need to find the money that if we can take your ten fingerprints and we can put those in a file when we arrest you, we ought to be taking dna because if we did, just like fingerprints, if we could process that fast enough, we could save lives and we're not doing it right now. >> let's talk about this case and antonio rodriguez. i saw some reports calling him quiet. they said he was calm, that he didn't set out to kill. what are you learning about him? >> well, we know that he's said to be a homeless person. he's been arrested on drug charges a couple of times.
11:25 am
his picture was shown finally when the dna was identified and a witness called in to the police department, said, hey, i see a guy like that wandering around in the kensington area. that witness is going to get $37,000 for coming forward. but i think the reality is, number one, this guy probably didn't act with anybody else. he acted alone, and, chris, what i have seen in cases like this and it's scary, when we say, well, what's the motive? is he a ted bundy serial killer? it could be something as simple as he simply didn't want to pay the women for their services and, therefore, he killed them. >> clint van zandt, thank you for your expertise. >> thank you, chris. despite a $250 million-plus deficit, the city of berkeley, california, is considering paying for some unusual additional benefits. gender reassignment surgery. a sex change operation. the procedure is not covered by the city's health insurers so the city council will vote next month whether to set aside
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welcome back to "jansing & co." here are stories making headlines today. the fbi is investigating racism as a possible motive behind a bomb on a martin luther king day parade in spokane, washington. it was powerful enough to cause multiple casualties. the fbi is offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. flash flooding in southeastern brazil left several people stranded in rising waters on major roadways. dozens had to be rescued from the hoods of their cars by helicopters. more than 700 people have been killed in these heavy rains. brazil's worst natural disaster on record. alabama's new governor has only been in office one day. already he's creating controversy. he told a crowd on martin luther king jr. day that people who don't accept jesus christ aren't
11:30 am
his brothers and sisters. the feds say they've solved operation spider-man. really? i have to see this? a german man will plead guilty to smuggling hundreds of tarantulas into the united states, into los angeles. 37-year-old sven copler could spend 20 years in federal prison. congresswoman gabrielle giffords' husband reports after hearing incorrect reports he thought his wife was dead for about 20 minutes. >> we had the tv on, and they reported that she had died. the kids start crying, my mother starts -- i think she almost screamed, and i just walked into the bathroom and, you know, broke down. >> meantime, sources say surveillance video from the shooting shows judge john roll threw his body over that of a staffer for congresswoman giffords in a last heroic act.
11:31 am
nbc's noel walker joins me from tucson with the latest developments. one story after another of heroism, of selflessness. it's absolutely unbelievable. what's the latest from there? >> reporter: it is. investigators are an myselfialy videos from out the store. they say the videos show in chilling detail the events of that shooting rampage a week ago saturday. we have some animation that shows you the gunman walks out of the safeway, walks around a table and shoots the congresswoman in the head from two feet away. he then turns to the right and shoots indiscriminately. first he hates staffer ron barber. then the video shows judge roll throwing barber to the ground and throwing his body on top of him. the gunman shoots judge roll in the back killing him. and, chris, in a chillingly prophetic statement, the comingwoman's husband said she often feared that something like
11:32 am
this would happen, that someone would walk up to her at an event like this with a gun. to fear it and have it happen, two entirely different things. >> and noelle with are we hearing now about when the congresswoman might be transferred? she would not go obviously home but to a rehab facility? >> reporter: she would. she would be going from the hospital to a rehab facility. reporters are hearing that her mother has sent out this exuberant e-mail to friends and family saying that that date is going to be friday. we have to say that we don't know that from doctors or from her staff yet, kind of every day is a moving target. doctors have said this will really be up to the congresswoman and her progress, that she is the one that is setting the tone, setting the stage, and setting the time line for when that will happen. but her mother is optimistic that that day will come on friday. >> that would be so great. noelle, thank you. right now there's a face-off between the leaders of the world's two greatest economic powers, the u.s. and chip. an expanded bilateral meeting
11:33 am
between barack obama and hu jintao is under way. house republicans are pushing forward with their plan to repeal the health care law. earlier reporters asked speaker boehner if he passed up a good opportunity to represent the opposition against, quote, a regime that jails its political opponents. >> well, without accepting most of that question, the president of china is coming to the hill on thursday. we're going to meet with him in a bipartisan fashion, and i look forward to the meeting. >> that, of course, was talking about him not wanting to go to the state dinner tonight. nbc white house correspondent mike viqueira is with us. mike, lay out the president's meeting schedule today. less than an hour, a lot of big names going to be come to the white house. >> reporter: it is no small thing to have a state dinner. we have seen state visits from india and from mexico. and now today from president hu
11:34 am
jintao of china. lots of pomp and ceremony on the south lawn of the white house. fife and drum corpses. speeches, mostly laudatory from both leaders today. they immediately go into the oval office, have the first of their two bilateral meetings as you mentioned, an expanded bilateral now with more aides, cabinet members, and so forth from both sides. after this, chris, what many are calling the centerpiece from the meeting at least from the u.s. side and the administration really trying to emphasize the economic nature of the meetings. you mentioned the ceos from general electric which for the time being owns our company, from microsoft, from other companies, titans of american industry, and today the white house after really being coy about whether there are going to be any economic gremenagreement out of this meeting, announcing an agreement for as much as $45 billion in american exports to
11:35 am
china, including 200 boeing airplanes delivered another the next couple years worth $19 billion. ed administration certainly crowing about that. later today there's a luncheon at the state department and then president hu is back here at the white house for the formal state dinner with the president and the first lady, chris. >> mike viqueira, always good to see you. thank you. so he's got major talks with china, the big vote on health care today, and president obama also got high marks both from republicans and democrats for how he handled the tucson tragedy. so we're at the two-year point in his presidency. what kind of leader has he been and who will he be moving in forward. let's bring in donna, steve, and guy benson. let's look at the poll numbers. they have been getting much better, abc news/"washington post" poll. 54%, cnn, 53%. he seems to be bouncing back. what is he doing right?
11:36 am
>> he's recalibrating. i think thee matically that's what we're observing. everything from "the wall street journal" editorial written by the president in which he's committed to a series of issues that portend a different kind of orientation for business which i think has been reflected in this conversation about the state visit with china. i think recalibration is the order of the day. >> well, you know, some people would say he's pivoting. some people say he's balancing. let's look at his record if we can, guy. he passed health care. he compromised on the bush tax cuts. he signed the repeal of don't ask, don't tell, but he hasn't closed guantanamo bay yet. is he showing, in fact, he's more moderate than republicans would like to charge? he is a pragmatist? what's your read? >> i think that president obama is clearly a man of the left, which does not make that a mutually exclusive statement from being a pragmatist. i think he's pragmatic in the sense that he will do what is necessary to advance a leftward
11:37 am
lurch of the country and he's done so pretty effectively, i have to say, while i have strenuously opposed those policies, most of those you just mentioned, he's done a good job of advancing them. if you look at the poll you just cited from "the washington post," first of all, it only surveyed adults, not necessarily likely voters, and although his numbers have gone up, there's no doubt about that, he's still under water on crucial issues like the economy and health care and the deficit. i think that now that republicans have taken over the house, there's now a sense in the country that there's a check. maybe a brake on this left wing agenda, and people do like the president. his personal fafability ratings are always higher than his job approval. people might be thinking about giving him a second shot now that there's a balance in washington. >> and they were clearly moved by what they heard from him in tucson. people thought he did an extraordinary job there. let me read what peter baker wrote. obama plans to use the state of
11:38 am
the union to present himself as a if fiscal conservative, but it will be a delicate balance for someone who believes government spending helped turn around the economy. steve, what do you expect to hear from the president in the state of the union? >> i really think that the tone of the next two years and really the next year of the obama presidency is going to sort of be one of almost defensiveness but sort inform a proactive way. defense of what he's accomplished and achieved in the last two years, and the republicans are going to give him an opportunity. we talked about this with health care earlier, where if it's this full frontal assault on health care first with the repeal vote today and defunding it, maybe it's defunding wall street reform, another major achie achievement from last year, if the republicans really target these items and really go after them and really try to strangle them financially, it gives obama an opportunity to go out there and say, hey, wait a minute, i know that slogans may sound appealing, but, look, wall street reform does this, this, this. health care reform, pre-existing conditions, all these positive things. when you take it from that
11:39 am
angle, it could be a much easier message to sell. >> guy, is there a danger, frankly, for the republicans when it seems like what they're trying to do is always pull back, pull bark, pull bark, and not move forward? >> no. i don't think there's a danger, particularly on health care. look, this -- >> well, maisch not wiybe not w base, but when you look at the broader picture, the country is split. when you look at some of the individual provisions of the health care law, you know, it's sort of -- i always liken it to people say we need to cut spending but when you ask what spending you want them to cut, they don't want spending cut. so it seems to be a lot like that with health care. overall i think the republican message has been effective, but when you get down to brass tacks, people don't want to repeal a big portion of this law. >> well, rasmussen's poll out yesterday showed 55% of the country does want to repeal it. and the idea that democrats can somehow corral the messaging and harness that type of, you know, personal anecdotes and sob stories, they did that for an
11:40 am
entire year and the bill never got -- >> oh, ouch. sob stories, that makes me feel a little uncomfortable i have to say. people having health care problems. guy benson, thank you. donna o'donnell, steve, thanks to everybody. betty white, we love her, right? celebrating her 89th birthday this week and here she was visiting "the late show with david letterman." the comic legend showing dave she still knows how to have a good time. >> what do you like to do in your free time? >> oh, i like to do most anything, play with animals mostly. and vodka is kind of a hobby. >> we love betty white. happy birthday, betty. [ female announcer ] choose vegas excitement one minute...
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when you order every american to buy health insurance whether they want we're just hours away from a vote to repeal the health care reform law, and the debate continuing even as you see it right now on the floor of the house. i'm joined now by nancy, director of the white house office of health reform. good morning. so let me let you give it your best shot. we have listened to a number of republicans this morning, including john boehner and eric cantor. what do you want to say to the american people because clearly they're still split on this. >> well, the law that the republicans are trying to repeal today will help the americanlow costs substantially over the next few years. it helps to get everyone covered, and really importantly it ends a lot of the worst insurance company practices and abuses, and i was listening to your show earlier and someone referred to it as a bunch of sob
11:45 am
stories. i think, as you know, these practices like telling a child that they can't get coverage because of pre-existing conditions, those affect families and families like mine and yours, and so that's what we're focused on is getting the benefits of this law delivered for the american people. >> there's no doubt when you hear some of the stories, yesterday nancy pelosi held a hearing, there was some impassioned speeches on the floor of the house yesterday about constituents in democrats' district, and they are absolutely heart rending, but you also know what eric cantor and a lot of the republicans are saying. he said these reforms without a doubt are going to drive up premiums. what do we know about that to this point, and what's your argument going forward about the impact on premiums? >> it's exactly the opposite. with all respect to leader cantor. in fact, the congressional budget office, which is a n nonpartisan group that analyzed this law, has analyzed it a number of times as recently as a week ago and said it does reduce
11:46 am
premiums. they put out information that shows that in 2014 in the individual market for a family of four, if you are making around $55,000, so a typical family, their premiums would be around $5,000 as a result of the exchanges we're establishing, the new marketplaces, and as a result of other things we're doing to lower costs. whereas without reform, so if the republicans are successful in repealing this law, the cost to a typical family like that would be $11,000 in premiums. that right there is evidence of the fact that this law lowers premiums for families and businesses. the business round table did a report on this as well showing large employers could stand to reduce their costs by $3,000 per employee when the bill gets fully implemented. the evidence is clear on that. >> well, fully implemented is a key phrase. there's an old saying, what have you done for me lately? when you look at the way this is
11:47 am
going to be rolled out, and understanding why it's been put in place that way, do you worry at all that people will not be feeling the impact at the point when we're in the heart of this debate, that it will be years for some people before they actually feel it in their own families or in their neighbor's families? >> i don't because i think they are beginning to feel the impact. when you see state insurance commissioners starting to review rate increases that insurance companies are proposing, and that hasn't happened in some states before, and some states the insurance xhiscommissionerse wanted to do that but they haven't had the authority or resources. when you see requirements that the insurance companies spend a minimum amount of dollars on your health care, those have gone into effect. when you see a child who can now get coverage with their family. when you see a 25-year-old who can stay on their parents' plan. all those are benefits that this
11:48 am
law has already delivered to the american people. so i actually think it's touching a lot of people and you're going to be hearing from more of them. >> nancy-ann, thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us. >> thank you. msnbc's special coverage of the health care fight on capitol hill will continue with agriculture secretary tom will sack tomorrow -- tom vilsack tomorrow at 12:30. could it be the end of a system that favors boys. all this before prince william and his fiancee kate are married, let alone having a baby. ♪ ♪ you look like an angel ♪ look like an angel [ laughs ] ♪ walk like an angel ♪ walk like an angel
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here's a very 21st century question, britain, isn't it time to let successors to the throne
11:52 am
a woman? neil shawn is our royal watcher. you brits love your traditions. this new couple is modern. they are living together, heaven forbid. you have had a very powerful women prime minister. is there a feeling it might be time for a change? >> i'm glad you asked this wonderful question, chris. yes. a lot of people think that over here, but, you know, let me tell you, you can debate all you want in this 300-year-old tradition while the queen is still in power and prince charles is knocking around this won't change. those two people are very much sticking to the rules. once prince william gets into power, it will be looked at. whatever child they do or are lucky enough to be blessed with, if it is a girl, they are going
11:53 am
to be waiting in line. >> here is queen elizabeth. she is a strong figure for decades now. how could you suggest a woman couldn't be queen? >> you girl dos rule the world. >> only if it were true. >> queen elizabeth has done a fantastic job. she has been there, made a strong commitment. if you look back in years gone by, her family for instance. so i do agree with you. we live in a fantastically modern world, 100 days to the wedding, it is a brave new world in some ways it is stuck in the middle ages. kate middleton may find things
11:54 am
are tougher to do. >> what is going on with the royal wedding plans. >> as you know, everybody is getting excited that kate's mom and sister went to see bruce oldfield. the press were ticked off. that is why i'm not quite believing he is the main guy to design. wonderful designer, nonetheless, but not right for somebody edgy, super slim as kate. i get the feeling she is looking for something more modern and up to date. i have some breaking news for you, chris. >> yes. >> you are going to like this. >> do tell. >> prince harry has yet to decide whether he wants to take a date to the wedding. he must let them know by the end of this week. >> wait. wait. chelsea davy might not go to the wedding? i thought they were back? >> well, obviously, sometimes
11:55 am
they are back. i put your name forward so obviously you are going to get the call. it is interesting. i get the impression with prince harry, whoever he takes to the wedding, they are going to be scrutiniz scrutinized. maybe he thinks if he goes alone it remains the big day of kate and william. >> i'm up to it, i think. what is all that laughing for back there? neal sean, thank you. look forward to seeing you at the wedding in april. >> get your hat. >> that's right. thanks for watching. i'm chris jansing. see you tomorrow and every weekday at 10:00 eastern. alex witt, why are you laughing? >> you make such a cute couple. >> already, to some serious stuff. the president says he is going to veto it so why spend so much time trying to repeal the health care law? steve king is leading the
11:56 am
charge. he will join me to talk about that. pete williams more on the backpack bomb found at a washington mlk day march. senator joe lieberman is expected to announce his plans for 2012. do electronic devices left on in flights cause problems for planes? there is a yes to that. there is a no to that. we will sort it out for you. stay with us. our doctor was great, but with so many tough decisions i felt lost. unitedhealthcare offered us a specially trained rn who helped us weigh and understand all our options. for me cancer was as scary as a fastball is to some of these kids. but my coach had hit that pitch before. turning data into useful answers. we're 78,000 people looking out for 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. how can expedia now save me even more on my hotel? well, hotels know they can't fill every room every day.
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good day. i'm alex witt filling in for contessa brewer. the big story we are covering today, the republican led plan to repeal the health care law goes to the house floor for an up-or-down vote. on the floor of the house, republicans argue the health care law will ruin the fragile economic recovery. >> this new law is a fiscal house of cards and it is a health care house of cards. it does not make our health care


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