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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  January 19, 2011 1:00pm-2:00pm EST

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more successful and the world is more just when the rights and responsibilities of all nations and all people are upheld, including the univcral rights of every human being. >> with that gentle reminder. good day. i'm andrea mitchell live in washington. we begin at the white house where president obama and china's president hu are meeting with business leaders. there will be a news conference. they are with the business leaders exploring concerns about market access to china and currency and exchange rules. the two men are due to have a press conference. david gregory, you have seen the choreography of the state visits.
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the importance of this visit of the ruffles, the flourishes, the marching bands, the five and drum corps and the private dinner last night. that is a first. a small dinner in the old family dining room, vice president biden going to andrews air force base. what message is the president trying to send? >> that china matters. the relationship is important to what it can bring to this economy and in china and where china can help on issues like north korea and iran. how tense the relationship is. we see the press pool coming. it underscores the importance of currents in the economy and the chinese military rebuffing the united states. it is a delicate dance. it gets into your area of
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diplomacy and stage craft. this gives the chinese the platform, the importance, so a lot of the bids can be done. hillary clinton, the secretary of state speech at the state department last week, it was a tough speech about democracy and human rights, china not living up to its full potential. we are going to hear more of that delicately put in the course of his remarks today. that is on the table in this relationship in a robust way. that is how this president is drying to define that relationship to push on democracy and human rights to resolve defense and economic issues. >> the interesting balancing act is president bush gave president hu just a lunch, not a full state dinner, not a full state visit largely because of the human rights question. this president is trying to do it with the panoply of the state
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visit the chinese really wanted. it is very, very important to them. apeterspearances count. >> right. >> but still have hillary clinton raise these issues but not enough to address the issues. ileana ros-lehtinen referred to him as the new emperor. very critical of human rights saying how can this president who is a nobel laureate welcome this president of china when this year's laureate, the 2010 laureate was not permitted to leave china and go to norway to receive his prize. >> secretary of state clinton addressed it in her speech at the state department. president bush is not a state dinner kind of guy. he had very few.
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that doesn't take away from your point. this administration wants to elevate and give a platform to hu to extract concessions on key issues, currency manipulation and the extent to which there may be an arms race going on. hu will leave power, he will have a great deal of influence about who his successor will be. having these meetings and pageantry to underscore the importance of china to the united states provides all of our debt, in other words they are buying our debt and being an important player. worth noting china is still in so many ways a developing country. we sometimes lose sight of dha. is heavily dependent on the united states as well. this is one of those moments,
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andrea, you look at the u.s. president on the world stage because the eyes of the world are watching this visit. they are watching the dynamics between the united states and china. the reverberations around the world are very, very important. >> indeed. you are looking at domestic implications. you will have eric cantor on "meet the press" on sunday. we look forward to that. >> right. >> the people who have been invited to the state dinner and are not coming, savannah gooutry is in the east room. the speaker of the house was invited, he is not coming, neither mcconnell or reid. boehner is not a state dinner kind of guy and they are meeting with president hu on the hill tomorrow. it is being perceived as a snub. >> reporter: and reflects the
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political realities with this china visit. the president addressed it somewhat saying we have to get past stereotypes with regard to china in this country. the chinese are gobbling up manufacturing jobs that would otherwise be in the u.s. the president is speaking to that real issue domestically and trying to emphasize this relationship has enormous economic potential. bids leaders talking to the president and president to president hu about access to chinese markets. there are a host of other issues about theft of intellectual property and u.s. businesses wanting a level playing field. i think they are a little behind schedule but we do expect them momentarily. >> they have been meeting with the business leaders.
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the business communities have real concern to trade issues and piracy. they know how much is being pirated by the chinese and they, unlike some of the manufactures, have greater concerns than other sectors. >> reporter: i'm sorry. andrea, i had to put my earpiece out. if you want to try it again. i will take a crack at it. >> we will try to repeat that. the bids meeting is very interesting it has gone beyond schedule. this summit is not as tightly formatted or choreographed. the bids leaders know president hu very, very well. our parent company, lloyd
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blankfein from gold man saks. this is the president at that meeting with the bids leaders. >> stronger proponents of u.s./china relations than the business sector. so i'm very pleased we have some of america's top businesses here. many have a long standing relationship with china. have been selling american goods, promoting american services in china and they, i think, can testify to the benefits the united states obtains from strong relations with china. we have chinese business leaders here who i know are already doing business in the united states, making investments in the united states, engaging in joint ventures in the united states and helping grow the economy here in the united states.
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i know they are interested in finding ways to expand their activities in the united states. i think our goal here today was to make sure that we break out of the old stereotypes that somehow china is simply taking manufacturing jobs and taking advantage of low wages. the u.s. is importing cheap goods and thereby having cheaper products but also putting straining on our employment base. the relationship is more complex than that and it has much more potential than that. china is one of the top markets for american exports. we are now exporting more than $100 billion a year in goods and services to china. that supports about half a million american jobs from
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manufacturing to agriculture. in fact, our exports to china are growing nearly twice as fast as our exports to the rest of the world. of course, here in the united states we have one of the most open economies in the world. that makes us a top destination for chinese exports but also chinese investment. it is important, i think, to note that even with china's enormous population, the united states still does more trade with europe than it does with china. that i think gives an indication of the amount of progress that can be made if we are consulting with each other, if we are hearing specifically from bidses in te from businesses in how we can ease friction in our trading relationship. my hope is in the brief time we have we can hear some concrete
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ideas about how we make sure that trade is fair, that there is a level playing field, how can we protect intellectual property, promote innovation, how can both of our governments remove barriers to trade and barriers to jop creation. with china's growing middle class i believe we can double our exports to china and create more jobs in the united states. i'm sure chinese business leaders see more opportunities here as well. i would like to turn it over to president pu and maybe we can hear from some of the leaders around the table. >> as we watch, this is a fascinating revealing moment of a meeting among the bids leaders and president obama and president hu. leabds blum miller has covered the white house and state department and knows china well.
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you were with robert gates on that visit last week in beijing. a fascinating visit. jim mann, author of "the china fantasy." elizabeth, you were with robert gates. there are concerns that president hu's power is more diffuse than party leaders of the communist party. usually we are used to a monolithic power, but in this case he seemed unwitting of the recent advances. the military seemed to have more power than he. >> there was a lot of confusion on the ground in beijing last week. while we were there the chinese did a des flight of their new stealth fighter jet which was seen as a direct affront to bob gates while he was there. the reports were filtering out right before he met with
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president hu at the great hall of the people and asked president hu directly, is this true you just did this test flight, this show of military might. according to the pentagon president hu said he wasn't aware of it. which floored everybody in the defense department because it indicated the chinese military had done this without the consent of the president. there was some pushback. some people said perhaps president hu wouldn't have known. it was a great embarrassment. bob gates said it raised questions in his mind of who is in charge of the military. the military has become increasingly boisterous and bold. >> this was after a previous trip that gates was to take because was canceled. jim mann, we saw a piece of what the president was saying.
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we look at the panoply of executives. general electric, coca-cola, dow, intel, the carlisle group, hsbc, cargill, every sector of the american economy and differing interests and different relationships. your book "the china fantasy" you challenge that as china becomes more capitalist and breaks down barriers where joint ventures have to be constructed democracy will follow. >> right. two things on that. in the first place, it is important to point out not all sectors of the american economy are there. there are no labor leaders there as far as i know. when you look in the long term that is quite a change when the united states and china normalized relations, the
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ambassador was a labor leader. hard to imagine that relationship being the same today. so all in all it is quite a change. >> stay with us. we are watching, waiting for the bids meeting to break up, for the two leaders to come in the east room. we will have live coverage of president obama and president hu jintao's joint press conference next. [ female announcer ] experience dual-action power, with listerine® whitening plus restoring rinse. it's the only listerine® that gets teeth two shades whiter and makes tooth enamel two times stronger. get dual-action listerine® whitening rinse. building whiter, stronger teeth. get dual-action listerine® whitening rinse. the smell of warm maple syrup. honeysuckle and rosemary.
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we're waiting a live joint press conference. you see the east room waiting for the president of china and the president of the united states to come from their meeting with business leaders. we'll have that as soon as it begins. with republicans in control of the house, the republicans are
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expected to vote to repeal health care. tonight the repeal effort will not gain traction in the senate. house republicans are working to dismantle the law piece by piece. let's bring in luke russert. luke, we know that the vote is expected. it is going to be probably pro forma along part lines. what are the republican leaders tells you about alternative plans? what are they going to do when repeal fails. >> reporter: on that point i think you will see a few democrats join with the republicans. not many. it will be mainly along party lines. in terms of what the process is going forward, this ree peel has no chance in the senate and will be vetoed by president obama. what republicans are going to do a drip by drip strategy, piece by poos to dismantle the funding to implement this law in the next coming years. they are in charge of the house
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appropriations committee, the most important lever of congress because that dictates where money goes. we are going to see a few things. in order to carry out this law, the irs would have to hire new tax agents. they are going to try to stop the funding on that. chairman of the house government oversight committee darryl issa will have a powerful subpoena pow ir. he is going to bring administration officials in front of the house. why do you need this much money for this much said program. if the official has trouble answering the question or issa doesn't necessarily believe the official republicans will probably go forward saying we had hearings and it looks like we can do it this much cheaper or cut off funding for this specific program. a wholesale repeal is impocket, but there is really some damage
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that can be done in terms of trying to stop the funding. that is why you saw many of the most popular provisions go into effect before this year. >> when we talk to the public, luke, about how they feel about health care. we are ready to reveal the results of the nbc news/wall street journal poll. 39% thought health care was a good idea. 39% thought it was not a good idea in terms of opposing repeal. 46% oppose ree peel. 45% favor appeal. the american people are down the middle. >> they are. that is why members from both sides feel they have the high ground. a lot of republicans will tell you along with the economy, especially the confusion about this health care law was one of
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the reasons they won over 60 seats. democrats said we did a terrible job explaining what the law was. once people feel the good parts of the law, they will enjoy it. how good of a sell job can congressional democrats and president obama do on this health care bill and will people eventually find out they like a lot of it, andrea. >> luke, that vote is coming up later today, tonight, i guess, on capitol hill. we will have full coverage. >> 6 p.m. take care. >> be there. >> live coverage of president obama and hu jintao's press conference continuing after this. you are watching "andrea mitchell report" on msnbc. [ male announcer ] 100 crisps in every can.
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as we look at live pictures from the white house of officials coming in from the meeting of the business leaders. members of the delegation are arriving.
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ambassador huntsman, tom donald is being shown to his seat. tom donald in the national security adviser who -- jeanne cummings, you have watched these summits as well from different perspectives and know the economic issues at stake. they are emerging from a meeting with the business community. what is at stake? >> reporter: well, there are many sectors who have a lot of problems with the policies with china from terrorists to the theft of intellectual property. i have had ceos tell me when they go to visit facilities in china when they get off the airplane they see they own products being sold although they haven't been made by their own company. they have a lot of complaints about that.
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the meeting between the business leaders would have been the most interesting to be a fly on the wall for the american ceos and chinese executives probably had some pretty raw talk going on in there. >> in fact, the administration can use the business executives to make the points and perhaps sugar coat it coming from the business sector rather the administration itself. >> absolutely. these business leaders can speak their minds without the ramifications -- >> jeanne, i'm going to interrupt both of us. >> good afternoon. it is my pleasure to welcome president hu to the white house and return the hospitality he showed when i visited china last
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year. this is our eighth meeting. together we have shown that the united states and china when we cooperate can receive substantial benefits. the positive constructive, cooperative u.s./china relationship is good for the united states. we just had a very good meeting with the business leaders from both of our countries. they pointed out china is one of the top markets for american exports. we are exporting $100 billion a year in goods and services to china which supports more than 500,000 american jobs. our exports to china are growing nearly twice as fast as our exports to the rest of the world making it a key part of my goal to doubling american exports and keeping america competitive in the 21st century. cooperation between our countries is good for china.
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china's's extraordinary economic growth has lifted hundreds of millions of people out of poverty this is a tribute to the chinese people. it is thanks to decades of stability in asia made possible by america's forward presence in the region, strong trade with america and an open, international economic system championed by the united states of america. cooperation between our countries is also good for the world. along with our g-20 partners, we've moved from the brink of catastrophe to the beginning of global economic recovery. with our security council partners we passed and are enforcing the strongest sanctions to date against iran over its nuclear program. we worked together to reduce tensions on the korean peninsula and welcome china's support in southern sudan. as we look to the future, what
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is needed, i believe, is a spirit of cooperation that is also friendly competition. in areas like those i have just mentioned we will cooperate, forging partnerships and making progress that neither nation can achieve alone. in other areas, we'll compete a. healthy competition that spurs both countries to innovate and become more competitive. that is the kind of relationship i see for the united states and china for the 21st century and the kind of relationship we advanced today. i'm very pleased we completed dozens of deals that will increase u.s. exports by $45 billion and increase china's investment in the united states by several billion. from machinery to software, to aviation and agriculture, these deals will support 235,000 american jobs.
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and that includes many manufacturing jobs so this is great news for america's workers. i expressed to president hu that trade has to be fair. i welcomed his commitment that american companies will not be discriminated against when they compete for chinese government procurement contracts. i appreciate his willingness to take new steps to combat the theft of intellectual property. we are renewing our long runs cooperation in science and technology. we are moving ahead with our u.s. sls china clean energy research center, smart grids and cleaner coal. i believe dthat the united stats and china have a responsibility to combat climate change by
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building on the progress at copenhagen and cancun and showing the way to a clean energy future. president hu indicated he agrees with me. we discussed progress toward a more market orients economy in china and a balanced economic global economy. this means boosting economic demand in china. i told president hu we welcome chinese's increasing flexibility of the currency. that it remains undervalued and there needs to be further adjustment in the exchange race. this could be a powerful tool. we'll continue to look for the value of china's currency to be increasingly driven by the market to ensure no nation has an undue economic advantage. we are expanding and deepening
1:33 pm
dialogue between our militaries which increases trust and reduces misunderstandings. with regard to regional stability i stress td the united states has an sbes of unimpeded commerce, respect for international law and the resolution of peaceful differences. we hope this progress continues because it is in the interest of both sides, the region and the united states. indeed, i reaffirmed our commitment to a one china policy based on the three china communiques and the taiwan act. we appreciate the reduction of tensions on the korean peninsula and north korea must avoid further provocations. north korea's nuclear and
1:34 pm
ballistic missile program is increasingly a direct threat to the united states and our allies. we agreed the paramount goal must be complete denukelization of the peninsula. in that regard the international community must continue to state clearly that north korea's uranium enrichment program is in violation of korea's commitments and international onbligations. china is establishing a center of excellence to secure the world's vulnerable nuclear materials. we agreed iran must uphold obligations and sanctions must be fully enforced. along with our p-5 plus one partners we will offer iran the
1:35 pm
ability for i log, but only if it meets its obligations. i reaffirmed america's fundamental commitment to the universal rts of all people. that includes basic human rights, freedom of speech, the press, assembly, association and demonstration and religion, recognized in the chinese constitution. the united states speaks up for the dignity of every human being not only because it is part of who we are as americans. we do so because we believe that by upholding these universal rights, all nations including china will be more prosperous and successful. today we agreed to move ahead with formal dialogue on human rights, to advance the rule of lou. as the united states recognize tibet as part of the people's
1:36 pm
republic of china, the united states suggests dialogue between china and the dalai lama to resolve differences in preserving the religious identity of the tibetan people. we continue to expand partnerships between our people especially our young people. today my wife michelle is highlights ow efforts to increase the number of students studying in china to 100,000. i'm very pleased president hu will be visiting my hometown of chicago. mr. president, you are brave to visit chicago in the middle of winter. i warned him the weather may not be as pleasant as it is here today. i know the students and bids people you meet you will see the extraordinary possibilities of partner ship between our citizens. again i believe we have helped to lay the foundation for cooperation between the united states and china for decades to
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come. michelle and i look forward to hosting president hu for a state dinner to celebrate the deep ties of our people as well as our shared hopes for the future. president hu. >> translator: friends from the press, ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon. first of all, i want to express sincere appreciation to president obama and the government and people of the united states for the warm welcome accorded to me and my colleagues. just now i have had talks with president obama in a candid, pragmatic and constructive atmosphere. we had in depth exchange of views and reached important agreement on china/u.s. relations and major international and regional issues of shared interest. we reviewed the chinau.s.
1:38 pm
relations in the last two years. we positively assessed the progress we made in dialogue, coordination and cooperation in various areas. the chinese side appreciates president obama's commitment to a positive and constructive china policy and to stable and growing china/u.s. relations since he took office. both president obama and i agree that as mankind enters the second decade of the 21st century, the international situation continues to undergo profound and complex changes and there is a growing number of global challenges. china and the united states share expanding common interests and show increasing common responsibilities. china/u.s. corporation has great significance for our countries
1:39 pm
and the world. the two sides should firmly adhere to the right direction of our relationship, respect each other's sovereignty, territorial integrity and abudgetment interests. promote the long-term stdy growth of china/u.s. relations and make greater contributions to promoting world peace and development. we both agree to further push forward the china/u.s. relationship and commit to work together to build a china/u.s. partnersh
1:40 pm
partnership. energy and the environment, science and technology, infrastructure construction. culture and education. counterterrorism, nonproliferation, law enforcement and other areas to achieve mutual benefit. during my current visit to the united states, the relevant departments, institutions and enterprises of the two countries have signed a number of cooperation agreements and reached agreement on a series of new cooperation projects. these will inject fresh momentum into bilateral cooperation and create a great many job opportunities for both countries. we discussed agreements and we will continue to appropriately resolve these according to the principal of much respect and consultation on equal footing. the president and i agree that china and the united states need
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to establish a pattern of high level exchanges featuring in depth communication and candid dialogue. president obama and i will stay in close contact through meetings, telephone calls and letters. the two sides believe that the expansion of exchanges and cooperation between our militaries contribute to deepening mutual trust between our countries and the growth of our overall relationship. we also agree to encourage all sectors of our society to carry out various forms of exchange activities. in particular we have high hopes on the young people hoping that they will better understand each other's country and be more deeply involved in the people to people exchanges between our two countries. president obama and i exchanged our views on the international economic situation.
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we believe the world economy is slowly recovering from the international financial crisis but there is still a fair amount of unstable factors and uncertainties. both sides agree to strengthen microeconomic policy coordination and actively pursue opportunities for greater cooperation in this process. the two sides support the g-20 playing a bigger role in international, economic and financial affairs. we agree to push forward the reform of the financial system and improve global economic governance and hope the doha round of negotiations can make early and substantive progress. president obama and i exchanged views on major international and regional issues including the situation on the korean
1:43 pm
peninsula, the iranian nuclear issue, climate change and others. we agree to coordinate on major issues concerning peace and development in the asia pacific region and in the world. china and the united states will enhance cooperation and work with rl vanity parties to maintain peace and stability on the peninsula, and achieve lasts peace and security in northeast asia. we will work with united states and other country to effectively address global challenges such as meeting the climate challenge, terrorism, transnational crime, energy and resource security, public health security and serious natural disasters to forge a bright future for the world. i stated to the president that china is firmly committed to the path of peaceful development and a win-win strategy of opening
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up. china is a friend and partner of all countries and china's development is an opportunity for the world. that's all. thank you. >> ben feller with the associated press. >> thank you very much. i'd like to address both leaders, if i may. president obama, you covered the broad scope of this relationship. i would like to follow up on your comments on human rights. can you explain how the united states can be so allied with a country known for treating its people so poorly, using censorship and force to repress its people do you have confidence as a result of this visit that will change and if i may on an unrelated topic, i would like to speculate on whether hunts man will run against you in 2012.
1:45 pm
mr. hu, i would like to give you a chance to respond on the issue of human rights. >> let me say, i think ambassador huntsman has done an outstanding job as ambassador for the united states to china. he is a mandarin speaker. he has brought enormous skill, dedication and talent to the job. and the fact that he comes from a different party i think is a strength not a weakness because it indicates the degree to which both he and i believe partisanship ends at the water's edge and we work together to advocate on behalf of our country. i couldn't be happier with the ambassador's service and i'm sure he will be very successful in whatever endeavors he chooses in the future. and i'm sure him having worked so well with me will be a great
1:46 pm
asset in any republican primary. let me address the other issue and a very serious issue. china has a different political system than we do. china is at a different stage of development than we are. we come from very different cultures and with very different histories. but as i've said before and i repeated to president hu, we had some core views as americans about the universe alty of certain rights, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly that we
1:47 pm
think are very important and transcend cultures. i have been very candid with president hu about these issues. occasionally they are a source of tension between our two governments, but what i believed is the same thing that seven previous presidents believed which is that we can engage and discuss these issues in a frank and candid way, focus on the areas where we agree, while acknowledging there are going to be areas where we disagree. i want to suggest that there has been an evolution in china over the last 30 years since the first normalization of relations between the united states and china and my expectation is that 30 years from now we will have
1:48 pm
seen further evolution and further change. and so what my approach will continue to be is to celebrate the incredible accomplishments of the chinese people, their extraordinary civilization, the multiple areas in which we have to cooperate not only for the sakes of our countries, but for the sakes of the world, to acknowledge we are going to have certain differences and to be honest as i think any partner needs to be honest when it comes to how we view many of these issues. and so that frank and candid assessment on our part will continue. that doesn't prevent us from cooperating in these other critical areas.
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[ translation ] >> translator: the translator is translating the question back into chinese. [ translation ]brz.
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[ speaking chinese ]
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[ speaking chinese ] >> i apologize. i thought we had simultaneous translation there. i would have broken up the answer into smaller bites. >> i'm sorry. i'm getting it in chinese. >> i'm from china central televisio television. >> there is an old saying in
1:53 pm
china that a good relationship between the two peoples holds the key to a sound relationship between states. >> translator: we know that for this -- public support for the development of this relationship is also very important to the
1:54 pm
sustained sound and steady growth of our relations. so president hu jintao i would like to ask you the question, what do you think that the two countries need to do to further increase the friendship and mutual understanding between the chinese and american peoples. at the same time, we have also noted that the u.s. side has been saying that the united states is willing to see a stronger and more prosperous china. so i would like to ask president obama that deep in your hearts, do you really think that you can live comfortably with a constantly growing china? and also, this question, that what do you think that china's development really mean to the united states,
1:55 pm
1:56 pm
1:57 pm
>> translator: i would like to taking this question from the lady journalist. i think that to the exchanges between our two peoples represent the basis and the driving force behind the growth of our relationship. ever since the establishment of
1:58 pm
diplomatic rees between our two countries we have seen more robust exchanges between our two peoples. and such exchanges have also helped promote the steady growth of our relationship. the statistics i have show that each year, we have about 3 million people traveling between our two countries. in other words, every single day about 7,000 to 8,000 people will be traveling between china and the united states. this is something that hardly conceivable 32 years ago when we first established a diplomatic ties. in addition, we have also seen very broad ranging development of the exchanges at a national level. so far our two countries have already established sister relationships between 36 provinces and states and we have also developed 161 pairs of
1:59 pm
sister cities between our two countries. the chinese government is supportive of the friendly exchanges between our two peoples. and we have been creating all kinds of conditions to expand the friendly exchanges between the american and the chinese peoples. during this visit, president obama and i reached an agreement that both sides will take positive steps to further increase the people to people exchanges. on the one hand, we will encourage the young people in our two countries to go to each other's countries to pursue further education and to learn more about each other and at the same time, we have also decided to put in place a dialogue and exchange mechanisms between different chinese and american provinces and states. besides, we are also going to further


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