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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  January 19, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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exchanges and develop tourism. we are going to use a variety of means to further increase people to people exchanges. i would like to particularly stress here that the young people hold the future of this relationship. it is extremely important to increase the exchanges between the young people in our two countries. through such exchanges, i hope that our friendship can be furthered, and i also hope that they in the future can serve as ambassadors of good will for our two countries and they can make even more positive contribution to the development of a cooperative partner ship based on mutual respect and mutual benefit. . >> let me respond briefly to your question. i absolutely believe that china's peaceful rise is good for the world and it's good for america.
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>> first of all, it's good for humanitarian reasons. the united states has an interest in seeing hundreds of millions of people lifted out of poverty. we believe part of justice and part of human rights is people being able to make a living and having enough to eat and having shelter and having electricity and the development of china has brought unprecedented economic growth to more people, more quickly than just about anytime
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in history, and that's a positive good for the world and it's something that the united states very much appreciates and respects. we also think that china's rise offers enormous economic opportunity. we want to sell you all kinds of stuff. we want to sell you planes, we
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want to sell you cars. we want to sell su software, and as president hu and his government refocuses theze[ñ as standards of living rise, they have more purchasing power. it's something i think we have to remind ourselves is that the united states is' economy is
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still three times larger than china's despite having one-quarter of the population. so per capita income is still very different between the two countries. and as china's per capita income rises, that offers an opportunity for increased trade and commercial ties that benefit both countries. finally china's rise is potentially good for the world. to the extent that china is functioning as a responsible actor on the world stage, to the extent that we have a partner in
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insuring that weapons of mass destruction don't fall into the hands of terrorists or rogue states, to the extent that we have a partner in dealing with regional hot spots, to the extent that we have a partner in addressing issues like climate change or pandemic, to the extent that we have a partner who is helping poor ter countries in asia or in africa further develop so that they, too, can be part of the world economy, that is something that can help create stability and order and prosperity around the world and and that's the kind of a partnership that we'd like to see. and it's more likely to come if china feels secure and itself is doing well economically. they're more likely to be an effective partner with us on the world stage.
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>> hans nickles from bloomberg.
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>> reporter: thank you, mr. president. president obama, are your respect and permission, because of the translation questions, could i direct one first to president hu? >> of couse. >> thank you. president hu, first off, my colleague asked you a question about human rights which you did not answer. i was wondering if we could get an answer to that question. and then also on capitol hill, senate majority leader harry reid, house speaker john bane remember not attending tonight's state dinner. many on capitol hill see china as an economic threat. what can you do to allay their fears?
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>> reporter: because of the technical translation, i need -- i did not hear the question about the human rights. what i know was that he was asking a question directed at president obama. >> translator: as you raised this question and i heard the question properly, certainly i'm in a position to answer that questio
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question. >> translator: president obama and i are already met for eight times. each time we met, we had an in-depth exchange of views in a candid manner on issues of shared interest and our issues to each other's concern. and on the issues, we covered, we also discussed human rights. china is always committed to the protection and promotion of human rights. and in the course of human rights, china has also made enormous progress recognized widely in the world.
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china recognizes and also respects the universality of human rights and at the same time, we do believe that we also need to take into account the different national circumstances when it comes to the universal value of human rights. china is a developing country with a huge population and also a developing country in a crucial stage of reform. their context, china still faces many challenges in economic and social development. and a lot still needs to be done
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in china in terms of human rights. we will continue our efforts to improve the lives of the chinese people and we will continue our efforts to promote democracy and the rule of law in our country. at the same time, we are also willing to continue to have exchanges and die log with other countries in terms of human rights and we are also going to -- we are also willing to learn from each other in terms of the good practice
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as president obama rightly put it just now, though there are disagreements between china and the united states on the issue of human rights, china is willing to engage in dialogue and exchanges with the united states on the basis of mutual respect and the principle of noninterference in each other's internal fairs. in this way, we will be able to further increase our mutual understanding, reduce our disagreements and expand our common ground. as for the latter question about the attendance at the state dinner by some congress people, who will attend and who not attend and for what reasons i think president obama is
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certainly in a better position to answer that question. >> is that the question you want to pose to me, hans? you get one. >> reporter: you've just spoken about the importance of exports, your own goal of doubling exports. at the same time, you said there needs to be further adjustment in the exchange rate and the rmd is undervalued. to what extent does china's depressing of its currency affect your ability to grow jobs in this country and lower the unemployment rate? >> well, i think that it is important for us to look at the entire economic relationship and the currency issue is one part of it. the first time i met president hu was in april of 2009. and this was the first g-20
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summit that i attended when we were in the midst of the worst financial crisis that we had experienced since the 1930s. and even as we were trying to stabilize the financial system, what was absolutely clear was
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that we couldn't go back to a system in which the united states was borrowing massively, consuming massively, but not producing and selling to the rest of the world, creating these huge balances that helped contribute to the crisis. and that's why we pushed and why the g-20 adopted a framework that called for rebalancing the world economy,
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now, that gives us some responsibilities. we've got to save more in this country. we've got to cut back on these huge levels of debt both in the private sector, but also in the public sector. it also means that there's structural reforms that we have to undergo to make ourselves more competitive in the world economy, so making sure that we have the best education system in the world, that we're producing more engineers than lawyers, making sure that we have a handle on our fiscal problems, making sure that we've got a world class infrastructure. those are all important parts of us being competitive and being able to export.
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it does also mean, though, that we have a level playing field when it comes to our trading partners. and so with respect to china, what president hu and myself and our delegations have discussed
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is, how do we make sure that, in fact, our trading relationship is fair and a win-win situation as opposed to a win-lose situation. some of that has to do with issues completely unrelated to currency. for example, we're making progress on making sure that the government procurement process in china is open and fair to american businesses. and we've made progress as a consequence of this state visit.
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some of it has to do with intellectual property protection. so we were just in a meeting with business leaders and steve ballmer of microsoft pointed out that their estimate is that only one customer in every ten of their products is actually paying for it in china. and so, can we get better enforcement since that is an area where america excels intellectual property and high value added products and services.
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and the chinese government has, to its credit, taken steps to better enforce intellectual property. we've got further agreement as a consequence of this state visit, and i think president hu would acknowledge that more needs to be done. but the currency issue is a part of the problem, the rmb is undervalued. the chinese government has intervened very forcely in the currency markets. they've spent $200 billion just recently, and that's an indication of the degree to which it's still undervalued. president hu has indicated he's committed towards moving towards
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a market-based system and there has been movement, but it's not as fast as we want. and what i've said to president hu and i firmly believe this is, not only will you -- u.s. businesses be able to export more to china if we have a market-based currency, but it will also be good for china and president hu's agenda of expanding domestic demand because if the rmb is worth more, that means they can buy more products and services, and that will contribute to china having greater purchasing power and a higher standard of living. so this is something that can be a win-win. president hu's concern understandably about how rapid this transition takes and the disruptions that may occur in its export sector, but i'm confident that it's the right thing to do, and my hope and expectation is that president hu's resolve will lead to a fully market-based currency
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program that will allow more effective trade between our two countries.
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>> translator: i'm from chinoise news agency. because of the on and off interpretation from the simultaneous booths so i would like to ask the chinese interpreter tore interpret my two questions correctly and accurately. xinhu xinhua. >> translator: my first question for president obama, many people do believe that the biggest problem in this relationship is the lack of strategic mutual trust. do you agree with this view? and how do you think that the two sides should enhance their
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strategic mutual trust, and how do you think that the two sides should appropriate lit manage their differences and expand their common interests? my second question is for president hu jintao. we've noted both chinese leaders and american leaders have stressed the fact that influence and significance of the china/u.s. voip far -- gone far beyond the bilateral dimension,
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and china and the united states share broad common interests and shoulder important common responsibilities in addressing a variety of regional and global issues. so my question is that how do you think that the china and united states can step up. the increasing number of it global issues? >> well, certainly the more that we can build a baseline of trust, as you called it strategic mutual trust, the more likely we are able to solve the friction or irritants that exist in a relationship between any two countries in a more constructive way.
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which is why i think it's so important that not only governments but people in both countries understand the challenges that each country faces. and not view every issue through the lens of rivalry. for example, i know that in china, many believe that somehow the united states is interested
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in containing china's rights. as i indicated in the answer that i gave a previous questioner, we welcome china's rights. we just want to make sure that that rise is done -- that rise occurs in a way that reinforces international norms and international rules and enhances security and peace as opposed to it being a source of conflict either in the region or around the world.
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and these security and economic dialogues that we've established are precisely designed to lessen suspicions, to enhance mutual understanding. the more we understand each other's challenges, the more we can take advantage of opportunities.
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>> translator: as the journalist who raised that question said that in today's world, mankind faces more and more global challenges. and i would like to stress here that no country can remain unscathed in face of so many global challenges. and no country can single-handedly tackle global challenges. for example, in the field of fighting terrorism, upholding the security of humanity or in tackling the international financial crisis, promoting the growth of the world economy in addressing regional hot spots, fighting transnational crimes, fighting piracy and preventing and treating communicable diseases, in all these areas,
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countries need to work together to meet the challenge. china is the biggest developing country and the united states biggest developed country. in this contempt, it is necessary for china and the united states to strengthen their cooperation to meet such challenges. then how can china and the u.s. do a better job in working together to meet global challenges? i think there are three points i would like to make. and these three points deserve our serious attention and consideration. number one, that our two sides have acted in the spirit of cooperation as if we were in the same boat that we should row in the same direction. when we tackled previous international challenges, and i think we need to keep up the spirit in future as we tackle challenges. number two, we need to increase
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our communication and coordination. and number three, we need to respect and accommodate each other's interests and concerns. i am convinced that as long as our two sides continue to act in this spirit and as long as we continue to work together with other countries concerned, we will be able to engage in cooperation in an even broader range of areas to the benefit of world peace and development. >> all right, everybody. thank you so much for your patience. due to the technical difficulties, president hu, once again, we appreciate your visit. we appreciate the dialogue, and we are looking forward to having dinner with you later this evening.
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>> a host of topics addressed at this joint news conference held by president obama and china's president hu jintao. perhaps one of the biggest headlines is president hue taking a question on china's human rights record. andrea mitchell saying it's unprecedented he would take the answer and his answer was incredible saying "china still has a lot to do to improve its human rights record," and went on to say it is a growing and developing country facing challenges both with the economic situation and human situation. with me is dylan rhadigan. i start the out with the human rights aspect of this. but we also know this is about the economy. you've been on fire since early in the morning on "morning joe" about the relationship the united states has with china and this perception we are owned, if you will by china. >> which is a myth. if you look at the debt myth, again, 7.5% of our national debt is in china's hands.
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a vast majority of it sits inside our own federal reserve. people say oh, my god, we borrow all our money from china, that's not true. second is, china is completely dependent opt united states' market for its trade surplus. if you took away the u.s. market, china would be running a massive trade deficit. how does that happen in the currency rigging they addressed. the tariffs. >> but only mildly. the president brought it up in private and at this the news conference but the situation is unchanged. >> completely unchanged. the president's rhetoric was perfect in that he acknowledged the currency issue and acknowledged lack of reciprocity and he acknowledged the intellectual property theft issue, the steve ballmer reference to the fact that only one out of ten microsoft software products was purchased. however, it is unclear whether the president will use the leverage that he does have by being china's biggest market to actually demand change. rhetoric at a podium is one
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thing. actual policy to counter the rigging that we already -- everybody acknowledges they exist, people say you're going to start a trade war. china started a trade war. it's the reason they have 4% unemployment and we have nearly 19% unploupt because they're using these mechanisms to basically maintain social control in china. if i keep the fact that remember, 43% of the chinese population is under is the age of 29, the vast majority of those people are young men. there's a great concern for social unrest in china because of the incredible inequality in that population and the incredibly large number of young men. easiest way to solve that problem, keep those young men working even if they're making 40 cents an hour. >> population 1.3 billion but 700 million are poor. so they have a poor population and an aging population. i believe the number is 400 million will be considered elderly. the white house announced today china has agreed to purchase 45
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billion in u.s. exports including a $19 billion deal for 200 boeing planes. how do we factor that into what we saw today? >> it is typical chinese diplomacy. while they're there, they'll make a purchase from airbus. when they come to america, he they make a purchase from boeing. germany, daimler-benz. this is more a diplomatic pr purchase than any shift in policy. the only real benefit is i do believe increasingly the american politicians and american people are becoming more acutely aware of how explicitly rigged the trade rip is which should continue to provide more political pressure on the president to actually address it. can i mention one last thing in the biggest challenge i think for this president actually is not going to be dealing with china. it's going to be dealing with major u.s. corporations like apple, like caterpillar. >> some of the business people he met with. >> precisely, who have invested
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heavily in china and just as china benefits tremendously because of their game rigging, because companies like caterpillar are so heavily invested in china, they are also benefiting from that. there's a huge profit engine again, apple employing near slave labor to make iphones, caterpillar doing a huge percentage of manufacturing in china. we talking about relanesing that trade relationship whether it's reciprocity or currency, that is a threat to the profitability of major american corporations who have developed investments in china. and they have a big voice with this president >> he this visit from the chinese president, the state dinner later tonight, some say this was not about china but it is about the business community that has in some ways demonized this administration saying it's anti-business, and this is an effort to reach out to them, as well. but the president said that china's peaceful rise is good for the world and it is good for america. we'll see the reaction to some
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of the things he had to say. >> and the educational curve here that's being driven by this sort of thing is fantastic. >> thank you very much for sticking around. watch dylan's show weekdays at 4:00 p.m. on msnbc. with more reaction on the president's joint news conference. in three hours, house members will vote to repeal the new health care reform law. members are now in their fourth hour of what's been an emotional debate on both sides. republicans say they are making good on their pledge to america to repeal the law, which they say destroys jobs. democratic congressman george miller was joe upset over their argument the bill adds more bureaucracy saying insurers are the biggest bureaucrats. >> when you send in your premium, they tell you you sent it the wrong place. when you send in your bill, you sent it to the wrong person. when you send it to the right person, they say that person's left their job. when you say i went to the doctor, they say you should have called us first. when i say i had emergency
2:41 pm
surgery, you should have you called us first. everybody has been run around the block by their insurance companies. >> and a new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll shows numbers showing that 35% strongly favor a repeal while 34% strongly oppose it. nbc's kelly o'donnell joins me live from capitol hill. so kelly, it's interesting our first read noted on any other day this would have been the big story here. but you've got the visit from china's president and the aftermath of the tucson shooting. and now this story. and quite honestly, the belief that this won't go past the house that, this won't move further. here have you it. >> in the small world that is capitol hill, this is a very big deal. certainly representatives on both parties are really trying to argue passionately, many of them are trying to be more civil as we've heard them say they would do. that's been frayed here and there, as well.
2:42 pm
republicans say they're making good on a promise from the campaign season to repeal this. they're talking much more now about what they would do to replace it, which is a new piece we had not heard quite as much about. plans to come up with their own version that would keep some of the best ideas and change some things. of course, democrats say that is not the way to go. and so it has been passionate and it's the kind of thing that while it may not go forward as you indicated in the senate, it's going to stop there, the president would use his veto pen, republicans think they're able to make their case and in some ways get some leverage to do some tweaking, which a number of democrats are saying there can be some fixes. they see progress. >> you've got a majority leader eric cantor attacking, even challenging senator harry reid to schedule a vote on then repeal, and that does not, as i pointed out, seem to be something that is going to happen. i've got to ask you about something that came up. you've got mitch mcconnell, speaker boehner as well as harry reid not planning to attend the
2:43 pm
state dinner tonight, despite being invited. what do we know about this? >> it's hard to imagine for civilians that this wouldn't be the greatest ticket ever to be able to taken a white house event of this significance. it certainly is. but these three members of congress say they are not going to be able to make it, in part because they have their own meetings planned. boehner has his own meeting planned with the president of china. that's where you get into the idea of two branches of government wanting to see the president on capitol hill turf. with reid and mcconnell, the senate's not in session. they're back in home states. so it seems kind of unusual but they all say it's not a snub. they have other things they've got to get done. >> kelly o'donnell, thank you. "news nation" will be back in just three minutes. [ male announcer ] in the event of a collision, the smartest thing you could do is cut the fuel supply... ♪ ...unlock the doors,
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out of washington where people are on edge and police tell us more about a bomb found in a backpack along a parade route. for martin luther king day parade. investigators are now saying that the bomb was unusually sophisticated and equipped with a remote device and had the ability to cause "multiple casualties." the fbi is offering a $20,000 reward for information on who may have planted this bomb and just a short time ago, a suspicious suitcase was found on a sidewalk in spokane rattling nerves before authorities determined that that suitcase was not a threat. justice correspondent pete williams joins us from washington, d.c. pete, one official described this tas a case of domestic terrorism. what else can you tell us about the investigation? >> i think they say that because of the obvious placement of this on the route of the martin luther king parade on monday. the parade was rerouted after three city workers found it and called police and were able to get people away from it. now, fbi folks have released
2:48 pm
pictures. you saw the backpack being held by the robot when it was being disabled. they've released photographs of the backpack it was in and also two t-shirts. this one that says stevens county relay for life. this is the backpack, a swiss arm brand and the other t-shirt says treasure island spring 2009. these t-shirts were found inside the backpack that also held the bomb. and they're hoping that if people see these things, they might think they know someone who had the brand backpack or those t-shirts so they hope that that plus the $20,000 reward will lead to more information about who placed this device. they say they have no suspects at this point. they're looking at talking to witnesses. they're looking at surveillance tapes and photographs made in the area and asking people who were around the intersection where this was found if they had taken any pictures that morning, the police think and the fbi think that the device was placed, the backpack was put on
2:49 pm
the ground there sometime between 8:00 and 9:309 monday morning and asking for anybody who might have been in the area to come forward. obviously, they believe the target was the parade. >> all right. pete, thank you very much. a gas explosion rocks a philadelphia neighborhood. it tops our look at stories around the "news nation." unbelievable video. witnesses say that fireball was 50 feet high. the explosion killed one gas company employee, injured five others and forced dozens of residents from their homes in philadelphia. crews were investigating reports of a gas leak. it is not clear what sparked the explosion. and security procedures at a los angeles high school are being scrutinized after a gunman or a gun in a student's backpack accidentally fired tuesday wounding two classmates. the school searches students randomly using a metal detector. a 17-year-old boy was arrested.
2:50 pm
one boy remains in critical condition. the other upgrade to good condition. a man pleaded guilty to smuggling tarantulas into the hosting a luncheon for chinese president hu jintao who just completed that joint news conference was president obama. "news nation" will be right back. and made it less intense. ♪ now people everywhere are getting a deep clean and fresher mouth without the intensity that kept them away.
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time now for the "news nation" gut check.
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a city council member in southern california wants to shame drunk drivers into so bright. he's spearheading a proposal that would require repeat offenders to have their mugshots posted on facebook page of the huntington beach police department. the measure, though, was voted down late last night. i'm joined by huntington beach city council member devin dwyer behind the proposal. thank you so much, councilman, for joining me. >> thanks for having me on. >> give me an idea of how disappointed you are. huntington beach has the most alcohol-related traffic deaths in california per capita. >> yeah, i was sadat the outcome. i thought i worked hard to pull this off. the council members that didn't agree with me all had different valid points. a couple of them didn't like the idea of shaming, that maybe it would hurt family members. one of them i think was speak up for the businesses that had contacted him and another one didn't want the negative press for huntington beach.
2:55 pm
>> but you believed in this because you obviously felt in some way this would keep people from driving drunk. but you have others who say listen, alcoholism, this is a disease and these people need treatment, not shame. how do you balance that argument with, again, your desire to try to do something about this problem? >> well, again, i only feel that this is one tool in the toolbox. there's lots of other ways to help in this situation, as well, with education. >> yeah. >> what i was looking for is the habitual drunk driver we're probably not going to keep from behind the wheel. if we get the information out, maybe a family member, a friend, will step in and keep this guy from getting behind the wheel. >> are you giving up? are you going to try for something similar? >> no, i haven't given up. i think the next time there's a fatality in huntington beach, i bet this is gog tinbe a number one issue again. so no, i will continue to fight and try and make our streets
2:56 pm
safer. >> councilman, we'll see what happens next. we'll be talk about it again i'm sure. should habitual drunk drivers have their mugshot posted on facebook? the scarlet letter method? go to "news nation." that does it for this limited edition of "news nation." i'm tamron hall. richard louis will pick up our coverage after a quick break. uh, i'm a little sick. sick?! you gonna let a sore throat beat you? you're fearless! ahhhhhhhhh! atta boy! [ male announcer ] halls. a pep talk in every drop. i knew for years before i quit that i needed to quit
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at the table, china's leader comes to the white house for an official state visit. trade and a struggling economy here in the u.s. are sure to be on the agenda throughout this visit. and then of the people, by the people. will your representative in washington remain the same? after the districts are redrawn? why you need to know. how about living longer? scientists turn back time for mice. but are humans next?


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